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Implementing Strategy


Difficulties in Implementing

Reactions of Rivals


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¦ `eadquarter: Unilever N.V. in Rotterdam, & Netherlands and
Unilever PLC in London, United Kingdom

¦ Founded in 

¦ rands: Food, `ome care, Personal care, Nutrition, `ealth &


¦ Revenue: ¼44, billion (

¦ Net income: ¼4,ë billion (

ebsite: http:

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¦ Related diversification through acquisitions & strategic

¦ Strategic fits exist in the value chain of

Supply chain activities

Sales & marketing activities

Manufacturing & distribution activities

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-Strong global position . billion euro

-uild strong portfolio -`istory of growth in cash; assumption
   of net debt
revenues and earning
-Strengthen Unilever's - he leading ice cream
position as the world's company in Russia
number one ice cream
  - Strong brand and product
business An undisclosed
    portfolio with clear market
-Strengthen Unilever's amount
portfolio and competitive
position in Russia, one of its - An extensive supply chain
priority countries network
- he global professional

uild strong position of hair hair product business
    ¼4.ë million
care products - urnover in  was

  Complementary Unilever¶s Manufactures, distributes

 !"# existing portfolio of iconic and markets leading hair -$. billion cash
 brand (Dove, Pond¶s«
care brands
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rings the brand, world-class

  knowledge of tea

Its research and development
capability to the product


 xtensive bottling
  Distribution network with strong
customer relations

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¦ Financial achievements
 , Inmarko: a turnover in  of approximately ¼ë million

, IGI: turnover of the business worldwide in  was around US

$ë million.

, acquired Sara Lee Corporation & Albert Culver: turnover 44.
billion uro; profit . billion uro

¦ Strategic achievements
th largest U>S based food products company

he global professional hair product business

Increasing market share: from emerging markets is ë (

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¦ Advertising and promotional  

¦ Switching capacity between 
formats would be difficult 

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- Rapid change in organization structure

- liminating overlap product lines

P: Unilever and Alberto Culver have a lot of common

product such as personal care product categories
(haircare, hairstyling, skin cleaning«

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!) %*+ related diversified company in the consumer goods industry

¦ 0     &+

- Fabric and `ome Care: ide, Cascade

- aby, Feminine and Family Care: ounty
- eauty Care: Cover Girl, `ead & Shoulders
- `ealth Care: Crest
- Food and everage: Folgers Coffee

¦   & leading brands: ide, Ariel and Pampers oglobal


& customers in North America, Latin and
penetrating Asia, Central and astern urope and China.

ë ë  4
: Yohji Yamamoto, Parfums Lacoste, Parfums Jean Patou.

: `air Care Company:


ë : the razor and battery maker Gillette Co. at $ë billion, o create
revenues > $ billiono surpass Unilever (rev:ëbil 

 :Natural Pet Products- pet food business

¦ %  #+
al-Mart, Carrefour, esco and Metro.

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) &  ,%  : American diversified Multinational

¦ 0

ral care: Colgate total toothpaste, Colgate max fresh

Personal care: soft soap, speed stick

`ome care: Palmolive, Murphy oil soap

Pet nutrition: `ill¶s Diet

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4: GAA `olding AG- uropean oral care company at$ mil

o Ĺ the uropean toothpaste market to  percent.

, acquired Sanex From Unilever at $ 4mil

¦ à &
  # :



he Pan American `ealth rganization (

ë ) *+
à &# º 
- Recognized as global brand - Decreasing sale and revenue
- Strong brand portfolio - Competition among brands
- Diversified management - `igh cost of product
structure across the globe
- Supply chain excellent

¦ `igh lever of competitions
¦ Globalization and urbanization
¦ New entrants
¦ Liberalizations of economizes
and trade agreements ¦ Foreign currency exchange
¦ Good grow potential in the
`ealth and eauty segment ¦ Potential failure of internal
grow initiative
¦ Internal grow initiative
¦ e loyal to its diversification strategy

¦ Aggressively pursue acquisitions

-> to consolidate markets and enhance its market position.

¦ xploit and expand its global presence

¦ Focus more on recruiting talent people

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¦Seek to reduce cost of production through

Move productions to developing countries

Seek opportunities to outsource

New technology to increase the efficiency of productions

Use bargaining power to obtain materials at lower price

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