Gabriel Naganuma

My five dimensions of health

Mental/intellectual 80% emotional 95% physical 88% social 89% spiritual 91%

For the mental/intellectual category I gave myself an 80% because sometimes I can stress, but I usually get sleep and have a good attitude. I could improve on this aspect of my health by stressing less and maybe sleeping a little more. For the emotional health I gave myself a 95% because I am very in tune with my feelings and can communicate them very well. I could improve my emotion health by communicating them more frequently. I gave myself an 88% for being physically fit because I exercise around four or five times a week but sometimes I eat a lot of sugar. To improve on being physically fit I could work on eating healthier and possibly getting a little more exercise. For being socially healthy I gave myself 89% because I communicate well, have friends, but sometimes I argue. To improve on the category I could argue less and listen more. For being spiritually healthy I gave myself a 90% because I feel I have lots of integrity and I have a strong set of morals.. To improve on this aspect of being healthy I could make sure I consider everybody s feeling before I act or say something.