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Personal Asset and Liability Statement Template

Personal Asset and Liability Statement Template

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Published by: carolinera on May 26, 2011
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Assets and Liabilities

As of: ________________

Assets and Liabilities Statement
As of: ____________________, 20___________ Value/Balance Asset Primary Residence Auto #1 Auto #2 Other Autos Business Interest Rental Real Estate Personal Checking Acct. Savings Acct. Bonds Royalty Interest Other Income Producing Property Mutual Funds Life Insurance Cash Value Employer Pension Fund Balance IRA Other Retirement Accounts Other Assets Total Asset Value Liability Mortgage Principal Residence Other Mortgages (Total) Automobile Loan (Car #1) Automobile Loan (Car #2) Credit Card Debt (Total) Loans Other Debt (Total) Total Liability Balance (TLB) NET ASSET VALUE $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

-----------------------------------------Average Total Monthly Net Income (ATMNI) (From NMI Spreadsheet) TLB/ATMNI Months To Pay In Full = Years To Pay In Full =



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