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Marine Sport Center - is

the place to visit when you

want to go on any kind of
marine activity. Your visit is
not complete without trying
at least one of our available
marine sports. At the Marine
Sports Center, you can
borrow snorkeling and scuba

• Farming is the main source of livelihood,
Chinese word taitai means "wife" and it is
although only about 24% of the land is
theorized that the place once housed the wife of
cultivated. During the southeastern monsoon,
one of the big Chinese traders.
people fish to augment their income. Squid
season is from February to May. Taytay is bounded on the north by El
Nido's Barangay Bagong Bayan, on the south by
• Since Taytay is rich in raw materials, many San Vicente and Dumaran, on the east by Taytay
of the residents engage in cottage industries such Bay or the Sulu Sea, and on the west by the
as mat weaving, bamboo craft, and shellcraft South China Sea.
among others.
With a total land area of 139,050
• Every May 4, Taytay celebrates its town hectares, representing 9.33 % of the total land
fiesta in honor of the Miraculous Lady of Sta. area of Palawan, Taytay is considered the
Monica. biggest municipality of the province, and was
• Public Statements were issued by the once, in fact, the capital of Palawan. Taytay has
Mayor of Taytay, the Governor of Palawan, the 15 waterfalls, 17 navigable rivers and one lake.
Commander of the Western Command of the It has 31 barangays, 38 schools (elementary,
Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the primary and secondary), 2 postal offices, and a
Secretary of Tourism regarding the security hospital.
situation of Palawan and Club Noah-Isabelle.
They share our belief that more-than-adequate CLUB NOAH ISABELLE
measures are in place which now makes the APULIT ISLAND RESORT. TAYTAY BAY, PALAWAN
resort the safest place to be in the world. (Club PHILIPPINES
Noah's security system now serves as a model in NESTIE BRYAL C. VILLAVIRAY
the Philippine tourism industry.) IV-FAITH

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