DHL Malaysia Rank-Up Program – The DHL Customer Lifecycle

5 Grow Customers (Revenue Growth) 1 Welcome New Customers
DHL Orient Express DHL Import Express
Acquisition Gap Suspect

DHL Welcome Kit & First Time Buyer Mailer

See Exhibit D


Downtrader Biao Ju Mailer, Uptrader Postcard, Sticker, Button Badge

Import Express Inbound & Outbound Direct Mailer, Postcard, Sticker

At ti




areness Gap Aw &

Welcome Kit

First Time Buyer Mailer

2 Manage Customers
DHL Love You/Miss You Mailers


Bonded Customer

5 1
Sales Gap
Uptrader Love You Mailer & Puzzle Coasters

DHL Fast Forward

See Exhibit E

Downtrader Miss You Mailer & Puzzle Coasters

Retention Gap
Fast Forward VIP Mailer, Postcard, Sticker, Button Badge Fast Forward Stuck Mailer (Mid Value) & Box (High Value) Brochure & Express Pallet Memopad

Lapsed Customer


4 Grow Customers (Loyalty)
DHL Anniversary Tea Mailer DHL Plays Santa
See Exhibit C

3 Rescue Lapsed Customers
DHL Lapsed Mailers

DHL Plays Santa Mailers (High & Low Value)

Anniversary Tea Box

Anniversary Tea Pack

Lapsed 30 days Lapsed 90 days Lapsed 180 days Mailer Mailer Mailer

Lapsed 1 Year Mailer

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