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PYP5 English 2011
Reflection Term 3 Positive  Differentiated groups in spelling and reading allowed students to focus on their learning goals / instruction was split between teachers Positive  Big focus on thinking skills – Hats, Thinkers Keys, Multiple Intelligences and Blooms taxonomy Positive  Book Study - Where the Wild Things Are (first for me) was engaging  allowed for the use of graphic organisers e.g. venn diagram, mapping Neutral  Introduced the idea of quality – what constitutes quality work! Should have done it beginning year Positive  Enviro-groups during ‘Sharing the Planet’ were fun and built on class work and provided the opportunity for more discussion re: global issues. I question how much this unit impacts on student and teacher behaviour once this unit is completed. My observation is that they are all consumed during the unit and then dismiss learning soon after! Negative  Didn’t get to respond to Literature through Bloom’s taxonomy – disappointing – can help kids to understand the fundamentals of this strategy Reflection Term 4 Negative  Time taken for student digital portfolios is always more than anticipated and eats into the program Positive  Poetry program – run intensely over one week – covered 8 poetry structures starting easy to more complex and ending in free verse  much more successful than the previous year when I was pulling my hair out with Haiku. Scaffolding rhyme and syllabification was beneficial! Positive  Figurative language (not rotational this year / not two teachers to assist)  reviewing what was learnt in grade 4 to consolidate and introducing some new concepts – students beginning to recognize figurative language (such metaphor / simile / alliteration and onomatopoeia) in everyday texts Positive  Collaborative tasks which require rotation of roles initiated in term 3 allowed students to focus primarily on the leadership role, skills and processes during UOI “How We Organise Ourselves’ topic Leadership Positive  Dr. Seuss study not so explicit but children inspired nevertheless (me too) Neutral  Children sharing books was a positive experience but more supervision of book choice needs to be given Negative  Report writing – not the quality I expected, Students need the opportunity to produce a second report and work from the feedback given. Need examples. Bibliography rushed / but hard copy of information with examples ensured success Negative  Didn’t get to some of the sentence conventions; Spelling, Phonemes, prefixes / suffixes etc. like I wanted to  could be a little bit about how much these topics interest me (poor kids). I wanted to review verb tense and adverbs as well, still time! Positive  Decided to give the students free choice for their final drama lesson of the year – wow, it doesn’t take much to be the greatest teacher of all time! 

My gaols changed over the semester as the need arose for student learning • • • • • Differentiated Curriculum Assessment strategies English curriculum - ESL Strategies Quality Learning Thinking Skills


What was and didn’t happen! 1. IB Profiles (neglected - less focus on this and more on thinking about thinking) 2. ICT (continued) 3. Parent participation (not as applicable in this setting)