Bernie Farber Campaign Kickoff Remarks by Chief (Ret) Armand P. La Barge O.O.M.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 -Thank you very much for that kind introduction -I am very proud to be here this afternoon to lend my voice of support to Thornhill¶s next member of Provincial Parliament ± my good friend ± your good friend - Bernie Farber -As you have heard, I was privileged to spent more than 37 years of my life in service to this community as a police officer, the last 8 years as your Chief of Police -Because I was a police officer, for the past 37 years, I have been able to publicly support ANY candidate in ANY election -Now that my wife Denise, who was a police officer for over 32 years, and I have retired from active policing, we are both proud to be part of Bernie¶s team -Like Bernie Farber, I was privileged throughout my career to have lived and worked right here in Thornhill -This is a community I know very well and this is a community that Bernie Farber knows very well because this is Bernie¶s home -Thornhill is a community that Bernie Farber has lived in, it¶s a community that he has worked in, it¶s a community that he has raised his family in and it¶s a community that will send him to Queen¶s Park on October 6th -I was my good fortune to have met Bernie Farber early on in my career -Long before I became your Chief of Police, Bernie was a friend and a mentor and he was an invaluable resource to me in his capacity as the Executive Director and President of the Canadian Jewish Congress -Bernie and I and Community Safety Minister Monte Kwinter co-lead an Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police mission to Israel 6 years ago

-And I was proud to sponsor Bernie for Associate Membership in the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police -Bernie is recognized in this province and in this country as one of the foremost experts on issues such hate crime and anti-Semitism -I often called upon Bernie as did other Chiefs of Police across Ontario to lecture to our criminal investigators, and to our front line officers and to our senior managers about hate crime and anti-Semitism

-Bernie¶s ground-breaking work in this area has not endeared him with White Supremists, Islamaphobesand anti-Semitic groups here in Canada and across the United States -Bernie Farber has nonetheless stood tall in the face of threats and others forms of intimidation from these and other hate filled groups -As my grandfather used to say, the tallest tree catches the wind -Bernie Farber has stood tall because Bernie Farber is a passionate defender of human rights and he is a passionate defender of those values that have made Ontario the envy of Canada and Canada the envy of the world -Values such as honesty, integrity, community, inclusion and family -Those values are important to Bernie Farber, they are important to me, they are important to you and most importantly, those values are important to your children and to your grandchildren and to the future of this country -When you wake up on October 7th with Bernie Farber as your Member Elect of Provincial Parliament, you will have one of the hardest working and the most dedicated MPP¶s that this or any riding has ever sent to Queen¶s Park -Regardless of the issue, regardless of where in this riding you live, regardless of how long you have lived in this riding, regardless of whether you are a home owner or business owner, regardless of whether you greet people with Privet, Namaste, AssalamAlakum, Nay Ho, Nee How, Ma Boo Hi, Vannakum, Ciao or Shalom, Bernie Farber will represent you with the same passion and the same

dogged determination that he demonstrated every day at the Canadian Jewish Congress -Bernie Farber cares about this community, he cares about the people in this community and he care very much about the future of this province and the future of this country so let¶s do everything we can to send Bernie Farber to Queen¶s Park on October the 6th Thank You


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