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The Merciad, April 28, 1988

The Merciad, April 28, 1988

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The Merciad, April 28, 1988
The Merciad, April 28, 1988

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VOL. 61 NO. 23



Dukakis brings education message to Hurst
The next president must be our nation's versiues. Dukakis also wants to ask businesses to number one spokesman for educational opHe said he would also try to create field encourage selected employees to accept midportunity and for goodfschools," he said. centers of teaching and learning for veteran career placements in the teaching profession Michael Dukakis brought his campaign ' 'Notjust for some, but for everyone. Notjust teachers. According to Dukakis, this would for three tofiveyears of service. He also wants for the Democratic nomination to Mercyhurst during election years, but every year, every enable teachers to take sabbaticals to do re- to develop a national network ofretired teachApril 21, promising to put an end to federal month, and every day." search in theirfields,share ideas, etc. ers willing to return to the classroom to prospending cuts on education. vide specialized instruction, especially in "The annual assault on Pell grants and math and science. r loans must stop - and I will stop it,'' Dukakis told a packed audience of about 500 at Zurn ^ Finally, Dukakis wants to establish naRecital Hall. f $ tional standards of teacher competence, trainDukakis said that before the Reagan ing and currency "that are as rigorous and administration took office, the Erie school demanding as the standards we set for doctors district received about $4 million a year from and our other top professions." f the federal government and that that figure has dropped to $2.5 million. i "Our partnership will invest in good Dukakis sees "college opportunity" as teachers," he said. "It will invest* in the another key issue in the realm of educational teaching profession. excellence in America. t i "No* youngster who completes high "It will help make certain that our chilschool, is qualified to do college work, and is dren are given the learning and the knowledge admitted to college should ever be denied that they'll need to enter the 21st century with 21st opportunity because of financial need." century skills. That will be the single most important goal of our partnership for educaDukakis said he has a plan that will allow tional excellence.'' for the funding necessary to see that economically disadvantaged young people can go to After his address in Zurn Recital Hall and a press conference, Dukakis spoke to the ' 'No issue, no concern, no institution has college. meant more to me or to my family than students of Mercyhurst at a small, outside rally. The governor's message was geared * Til put team of the smartest investment toward education. Photo by Matthew Clark. * education." m bankers and college administrators in AmerDukakis said that the next president willica, to work helpin^jatesi(vcreate ^college have to• foe us first on the most important § opportunity funds* that will allow families to educational "-priorities. "And I'believe the set aside enough today? to meet the cost of most important priority is teaching,"he said. I college tuition in the future, he said.'* "We've got to take teaching an honored And how would these funds get the fi- and valued profession once again." nancing? i Dukakis said that, as president, he would "We can develop an approach based on work with Congress to create a National die same principles as Social Security that will Teaching Excellence Fund which would be keep faith with the next generation as well," dedicated to good teaching, with afirstyear Director. he said. "A program that would provide investment of a quarter of a billion dollars. By Chris Kovski college loans to students who need them; to be | | The other two English core courses are to Merciad Managing Editor According to Dukakis, the fund would repaid by those students through payroll provide college scholarships and loan forbe taken after the Composition course and in withholding in future years. In an effort to improve writing skills the following order Western Classics, folgiveness for young people willing to make a "An 'Education Security Fund* that, once commitment to teaching after they get their. among students, % the Mercyhurst English lowedlby either Major British Writers or established, would be simple, self-supporting degrees. He would also launch a new national Department has announced some major re- Major American Writers. | and self-financing, and would guarantee the teacher corps,' 'a domestic peace corps for structuring of its offerings for the 1988-89 see 'English/ pg. 2 financial integrity of our college loan pro- teaching that can inspire a new generation of academic year. gram at die same time." In order to identify entering freshman teachers directly out of our colleges and uniwith poor writing skills, the department plans to use the Test of Standard Written English ] y j C F C V h u r S t S t i m O U I l C C S which all students normally take as part of the . " # SATtests.All students who score below 40on 1 9 8 8 - 8 9 « I S S l S t 2 t I l t S h l p S r this test will be required to take Basic Writing, formerly called Developmental Writing, which receives-three credits, but does not By Matthew J. Clark count toward graduation. Merciad Editor i Only when students have reached a sufficient level of proficiency as determined by an Mercyhurst has announced the continuexit exam, may these students register during ation of the Student Teaching Assistantship the next term for Composition which is the Program for the 1988-89 academic year. next course following Basic Writing. The program was designed to aid Mer: Students who have successfully com- cyhurst upperclassmen in meeting the inpleted Basic Writing or students who score 40 creasing costs of education. or above on the TSWE test will take CompoCurrently, there are over 60 student assissition. This course will introduce the student tantship positions in 35 different areas of the to the various kinds of essay and provide an college. Each position carries with it a reducintroduction to library research and the retion of tuition costs in return for a specified search paper, skills previously treated in number of work hours, intended for students Research and Analysis, a course which will who do not qualify for work study or who are no longer be required. needed for more hours than provided for in The department feels < that £ with betterwork study. The student assistant positions prepared students in the Composition class, pay $3.35 per hour, the same as work study, The presence of the press was felt by those who attended the Dukakis address and sufficient time can be devoted to these impor- but students may earn up to $1,000 as assistant ratty. Reporters from all three major networks were at Mercyhurst - to cover the story. tools for college success in that course, see 'Assist,' pg. 2 said For a reporter's personal reflections on the event, see pg. 4. Photo by Matthew Clark. Vivetta Petronio, English Department By Matthew J. Clark Merciad Editor ^

English departmentlrestructures offerings to improve writing skills


The Merciad

APRIL 28,1988
? from pg. 1

Quartet makes first Erie appearance

Student assistantship offerings
Admissions liucatlon Administration *-*"""**•"A3UI€

3upTvl«or position* hour*,; 3 valu« %»
A. Roth

English (Changes

1000 tants. I 5" ""~80§ o7"BuJcowiicI 2 The following guidelines must Athletic OffIcs f•1/2 1500 J. Leliirlng 800 8 E. Mauth« 1 be met in order to qualify for an Art Department Biology 8 800 L. Lutton 8 E. wlnlarciyk 1 800 assistantship. | % | Business 5*pt. 1000 Carter Services 10 1 Moors ?• Moors Students must be full-time up- Career ServIcei^Std Gvt 10 1000 I 8 800 CheilstrY J. wllllass 1 perclassmen with at leasta2.0 QPA. Communications D. Ragan H I ^88 Anyone interested can apply for any Computer Center 10 2000 M. "BSii g 800 j 8 T. wise position in which they are interested Corry Center Crew l 12 1200 M. Purcer or feel qualified. Students may not Criminal Justice , 800 P. Benekos l 8 10 i 1553 Cunualngs Gallery R. Clark hold both a work study and an assis- Dance Department 8 800 J. Baler l P. wleser 1000 l 10 tantship position if the*combined Dean's Of?Ice §3ucatIon 8 1600 ,T. Kallszak 2 total exceeds $ 1,500. Tuition reduc- EnglIsh/Mod.Language G. Myers 6 6000 10 External Affairs Daly 8 800 1 tion will not be grantedmntil the Film Series 0. Garrelts 1 500 3 c. Crawford 15 1500 2 Financial, Aid term following employment Football 7 J. Lelsering 2 750 m R. Buyce 2 6- 8 6-800 Final selection, based on a bal- Geology Hockey 1 8 80S anced review of the student's ability HRM K. Filigkowski 2 10 1000 C. Glisgy 1 4 400 both to perform the task on financialHuman Ecology L. Ruggel 1 10 1000 Intramurals Library 0. Pinto 4 1000 10 need, will be determined by the Maintenance office H. George 1 IS £500 department director or supervisor. Media Services 7- 1/2 2 750 S. slico Men's Basketball J. Lelsering 1 10 1000 Students may pick up applica- Poetry The JulUard String Quartet, which will perform A. Elston 1 5 500 B. Rail 1 10 1000 * tions from the department director/ Registrar Memorial as part of the D'Angelo Concert Serk B. Dever Security 2 6 600 supervisor or from Dorothy Kirk. Soccer 7 R. Burns 1 750 15j 1500 concert is the cost Unfortunately, The deadline for submitting appli- Sgort s "Medicine ~~ ~ " ~~~ ""J. "Price"-"* ^ ~2 By Danielle Reynolds 4" ""455 " according to i Rotman, S * the cations is Fri., May 6,1988. Student Union L. Kozlowskl 2 12 1200 Merciad staff reporter W. Dalsley Swimming 1 7- 1/2 750 President's Card does not cover the Switchboard sr . Damlen 1 10 1000 Theatre Z. Stalsky 2 9 900 On May 1st, the Julliard String cost of this event'' A ticket for the Women's Basketball LuiI e Ruggel c 1 7- 1/2 .335 Women's T«nni» J. Price 1 8- 10 800-1000 Quartet will make its first appear- event, if available, is $5, and can be ance in Erie. According to Sam purchased the day of the concert One factor that makes this a Rotman, the director of the D'Angelo School of Music, "it spectacular price is the fact that the took three months of negotiations to Julliard String Quartet "played in get them into the Mercy hurst Col- New York last year, and the tickets year suspension. The penalty for false identification for minors will lege series.*' The Quartet has made went for $40 apiece," according to By Laura Jannot any similar conviction after the be charged $ 1,000 for a first offense Merciad staff reporter vp | over ISO recordings on the CBS Rotman. v second will be a two-year suspen- and $2,500 for any offenses followThe concert is at Tech Memorial Masterworks label. Drug and alcohol laws are be- sion. This law will be imposed even ing1 ^ t at 2:30 p.m. ^ I ^ "The May 1 concert is one of If interested, call 825-0394 be- coming tougher in Pennsylvania. though the violation may not have the biggest concerts in Erie hisGovernor Robert P. Casey recently anything to do with^driving. fore Sundayi;to reserve tickets for Another section of the law will tory," Rotman said. signed a law. that will make the bfe going into effect July 1. This the concert I The outstanding element of the This law, which goes into effect section will require a one-year penalties and fines stiffer than ever before. i M May 24, will also require underage mandatory prison sentence for anyMinors who are caught lying drinkers to pay fines of up to $500. one convicted of selling drugs to a about their age in order to buy alco- Anyone falsely claiming that a minor., An additional two years will hol, will have their driver's license minor is of legal drinking age will be be imposed if the sale takes place j frompg 1 suspended for three months. The charged a fine, of $300. Anyone within 1,000 feet of a school or ii I second offense will result in a one- who knowingly provides alcohol or college. {Finally, the department will These courses will required us< of the skills gained in the Composi institute the Senior Writing Proficiency Exam which will determine Panel discussion tion course. They will be writing intensive, requiring the students tc whether or not Seniors can write a write papers and answer essay ques good essay. "We will not be asking them to dons on exams. write? professional level essays," By Jill Chiccarino best measures of a society is its sor, Dr. Robert Rhodes. Petronio said. "We will be asking Merciad staff reporter Susa discussed an economics ability to provide for the unfortuThe next step in the restructur- them to write grammar, adequate % % J I I 1 view of the arms race, * 'Guns vs. nate." ing plan for improving writing development, and coherence.'' Jeannerat stressed the need for On April 13, four speakers of- Butter." Susa said that we are a skills will involve the entire MerThe test will be scheduled four fered their views on \ world peace consumer-driven society. As we are strong support services?and skill cyhurst faculty in helping make times a year and students who fail consumed with our stereos, VCRs building programs for the unfortustudents better writers of the Eng- will have the opportunity to retake and why America hasn't done and cars, 30 million of our citizens nate of society. enough toward it at a panel discuslish language. The faculty will be it 8*5 I ii } I sion on Social Service Spending vs. live in poverty, our highways are in ^ 1 We need to be more keen in asked to incorporate writing assignDefense Spending here at Mer- need of repair, and so are our supporting these mentally ill perments: into their courses: papers, sons," he said. "They have abilibridges, Susa said. cyhursL book reports, precis, and essay test ties, beyond painting Easter eggs, questions to ensure that the students Ronald Reagan spent over $2 that can and need to be developed." f'A Step Toward Peace in will not lose the writing skills they Vallone, a caseworker who 1988' * was the theme of the discus- trillion on the military program have acquired in their English sion which was held in Zum Recital since 1980. "We can't afford our works with children who have been classes. Hall. The Academic Enrichment human needs, because our monies sexually and physically abused and are diverted to other spending - neglected, talked about dealing with Grant sponsored the seminar. military and consumer/' Susa said. limited resources. Although there are services throughout Erie ^The speakers were Gannon ounty, getting the children into the * Economics I Professor, the Rev. * Jeannerat was concerned with COMMENCEMENT Robert S usa, Program Specialist for the homeless and the mentally re- services is difficult There is usually a minimum wait Adult Programs and the Homeless tarded. Homelessness is a very seriANNOUNCMENTS of Erie County, David Jeartnerat, ous problem, as no one is excluded, of 8 to 12 weeks. Government fundGeneral Protective Service Winter, Jeannerat said. Jeannerat quoted ing limits the number of employees. NOW AVAILABLE! Harrisburg More are usually needed. TTiere is a Cyndra Vallone, and Edinboro Martha Nisley, a University Political Science Profes- "higher-up," who said "one of the yearly struggle for money. Rhodes said he didn't vote for President Reagan because his miliANNOUNCEMENTS OF THE SDOETH tary budget of $291 million was too COMMENCEMENT OF MERCYHURST large. Rhodes defined the • lit young females and heads of houseCOLLEGE CAN BE PURCHASED IN THE holds with children. Some 22 perBOOKSTORE BY MEMBERS OF TOE} College students welcome cent of the poor are under age 16, while 17 5 percent are between 16 ,00 starting] 1988 GRADUATING CLASS. and21.| 1 I f ^ I ^ Corporate scholarships available Social programs are sent to [Car necessary Congress in a political structure. CENTS Interview now. start after exams Once the politics are fflfafrd, die BUY YOURS 1:1 : • [and unfortunate get their aid,
, - - - .





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%m 1500


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New drinking law tough on minors
? /1

U.S. not promoting world peace










APRIL 28,1988

The Merciad


MSG vice president suggests MSGfrep. refutes newspaper staff elections editorial statements
Letter to the Editor Mr. Kovski, As you said in your column dated 4/21/88:".. .what do these people Anyone can make ignorant comments about Mercyhurst Student Government It is especially easy for one do with this money? They spend it on activities, and nothing more. I who sits behind a desk and writes opinions about anyone and anything. One who passes judgment without being see no lasting impact of these expenditures." The sole purpose of fully educated on the present issues, causes one to look foolish. i portion of MSG, the SAC, is to hold weekly activities on campus. Mr. The Merciad has a well-known reputation for being a joke. Obviously, you are carrying on the tradition. If Kovski, the definition of S AC is: Student Activities Committee. Thereyou would care to be re-educated on the many positive things MSG has done, I will be happy to meet with you fore, the "lasting impact of these expenditures," cannot always be surmised by tangible objects; an enjoyable evening can be equally anytime. justified. j£\ \ « Furthermore, I do not feel it is just for you to make stipulations on the outcome dealing with next year's In a paragraph addressed to Ms. Holzhaeusser, the idea she presented officers. I am very happy with the results of the elections, and I am confident they will do a fine job. I can only tig a space in The Merciad each week was hope The Merciad will be there to support them 100 percent, unlike in the past ?'. discussed. The reason given for the denial of this request was that the MSG offices are elected positions, unlike the positions held on The Merciad staff. I think we should hold space is valuable for the advertising dollars it brings to the paper. This elections for the school paper; let's see who wins that! point is well understood. However, why is it necessary to have two weekly columns by yourself and Mr. Clank which usually encompasses Sincerely, more than one page? f Another suggestion offered was to run some polls to get an idea of what activities the students would like to see on campus. Each student, Joseph A. Arcadi* commuters included, had a survey put in her or his mailbox last spring Vice President of MSG for that reason. We received less than 20 completed surveys. P.S. Chris K., why don't you run for a position on student government? Kathy C. Kunkel P.S.S. If this article is not published in its entirety in The Merciad, I will disperse copies to the entire Mercyhurst community! Managing Editor's Reply: Mr. Arcadi: The Merciad staff positions are open to anyone on campus. There was a half-page ad in The Merciad for over three weeks, announcing when letters of intent were due. The positions are not elected, that is true, but the selections are made based on the journalistic skill ofthe applicants, I win not run for a student government position as long as I work for the newspaper. I can see definite grounds for accusations of conflict-of-interest.

Maiden makes it big
Mercyhurst's own Brian Maiden of WMCY fame will be DJing downstairs at PAP'S AM from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. on Friday nights. So don't wait until Saturday to go to PAP'S, because | Brian will be playing the best inrockand heavy metal.


The Merciad

APRIL 28,1988



Dukakis visit provides lesson for young reporter
the big boys arrived, shoving their weight around. 1 '• I felt sorry for the local T V crews w h o had been mere for almost half an hour as I watched them being almost systematically moved aside. The big network cameramen looked like true veterans as they immediately took charge. After Dukakis finished his speech, it was announced that there would be a press conference across the hall and that Dukakis would answer questions from the press mere. After Erie Mayor Louis J. Tullio wrapped things up, I saw a wave of reporters making their way toward the exits o f Zurn Recital Hall. ! I was at the back of the room, as I had received a dp hours earlier from Brian Sheridan, a Dukakis campaign worker and former editor of T h e Merciad, about the press conference. S o there I was, a little fish in this sea o f veteran network reporters, with my steno pad in hand and* my Pentax strapped to m y shoulder. Even though I had to act fast, I had an advantage. Yes, even a relatively ^inexperienced college reporter such as myself had an advantage over veteran reporters because the situation was right I knew the turf and they didn't A s they rushed toward the exits o f Zurn Recital Hall, they knew they had to g o across the hall, but they didn't know the best means o f getting there. S o I \ * seized the opportunity .and joined in with the stampede of professionals. I maneuvered across the hall, getting to the doorway o f the conference room quickly. When I got there, I strategically spread my elb o w s out, which temporarily blocked the entrance. Then I saw i t A frontSrow center seat and I knew I had to have i t I raced toward the seat, beating several reporters there by only seconds. But I had i t A seat directly in front o f the governor. With that good of a seat, I knew I had more than a fair chance o f getting the governor's attention. And I did get his attention. He took only about five quesdons from the press and I was lucky enough to ask one o f them. If nothing else, I can say that being at Mercyhurst for three years helped m e to ge^that good seat and ask that question. But that wasn't the end o f my lesson. After the press conference, Dukakis held a small rally outside of Zurn for the students at Mercyhurst who couldn't b e lucky enough to find a seat inside ^for his formal address* . | * The press made their presence known at the outdoor rally as well. Once again, they pushed their way in front o f the crowd, flexing their network muscle. I packed myself into the middle of all those network boys and managed to get very close to the governor once again. A overheard a student shout, " I thought this rally was for the students, not the press!" I can see the student's point H i e press had the best vantage point outside, while the students had to stand back, trying to catch a glimpse o f the presidential hopeful. The press may have been somewhat forceful,!that day, but think where America would be without i t Think o f Tass, Pravda, Izvestiga and Radio Moscow, the Soviet "press,"!'and be thankful * for the American press. The Dukakis visit was a great experience for those w h o attended and it certainly was a great learning experience for this young reporter on the hill.

Kovski Korner
A flash-free world
B y Chris Kovski | Merciad Managing Editor

See, I told you it wasn't loaded. ft Stop being s o paranoid. t* Hey, you never know. One o f m& mm these days, that thing could be loaded, rd ,/". • F g&szmm and then you'll really be in trouble." | M y brother got married a couple of weeks ago. During the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and the reception, people were pointing dangerous items at one another — cameras.*: * I I'm the second-least photogenic person in the entire world, right after Sean Penn f Therefore, I can't stand it when someone tries to take my picture. I start acting strange when someone points a camera at me. Take, for example, this sample dialogue between one of the wedding photographers and myself. f 44 Okay, smile and say 'cheese'." ^ Sfi I 44 Why do w e have to smile and say cheese? I really don't want t o . " 44 Because I have a camera pointed at y o u . " J \ ^ 44 Sure, force m e to do things at camera-point" Someone has to do something about these nuts. There should be a camera-control lobby, made up of anyone w h o has had a rotten picture taken for their driver's license. I know, you're probably saying, "When cameras are outlawed, only outlaws will have cameias." But how many more bad pictures are w e going to allow? jtVy. t At a wedding, w e have pictures o f . . . The groom eating. The bride eating. ^ ^ r ? W * ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ * The bride and groom cutting the wedding cake. The flower girl and the ring bearer dancing (Oh, aren't they cute?). I'm sick of it I like the old firing line photos, wfoere everyone is lined up and posed, showing their best side (not their back side). As I sat eating a piece of chicken in a manner that would have made a barbarian look like an absolute gentleman, the photographer moved up to take a picture. I then warned him that his lens would be a permanent part of his anatomy, which might pain him in a number of ways when he sat down. | What I am trying to say is we need some kind of legislation making it illegal to remove a lens cap and take pictures ofpeople in embarrassing situations. i I, personally, love the idea. I can see it now -- the police break in on a photographer about to get cutesy pictures of some little kids playing in McDonaldland. j "All right, buddy. Drop the camera and no one will get hurt" 44 Watch it Chief! He's got an auto winder!'' \ 44 He got me! I was hugging one of the kids, and it was so cute he took a picture!" * ; ?$ % I 44 I think he's a serial photographer! Look out! He's going for a stopaction series." | MI How can you help? Take the camera awayfromUncle Fred. Even more important, make sure he can't get his video camera. There's a growing movement to stop these abuses of power. I support this movement, and you should, too. : p*b> There is a great man who has volunteered to lead thisfightfor a flashfree world. Contact him today for a new vision. 4 ' Please, stop this before it's too late. Call The Society for the Advancement of Cruelty to Photographers, chaired by Sean Perm, at 5BA-DA77. i !







By M a t t h e w J . Clark Merciad Editor I came to Mercy h urst College to study journalism, but I think I got a real lesson o n being a reporter at Governor Michael Dukakis' address to Mercyhurst last week. Trying to b e the responsible young journalist, I arrived for the address an hour early - to avoid the rush. I really wasn't surprised to see that hardly anyone was there. After all, it was 10:30 and the address wasn't to start until 11:30. The first part of my lesson is that presidential candidates! don't always perform o n time, i Dukakis didn't deliver his address until after 12:00. But what was even more interesting to m e w a s seeing how the network n e w s teams worked. The local television reporters were on the scene at about 11:15 and the network crews were still n o where to b e found. Finally at about 11:40," ten minutes after Dukakis was to have delivered his speech,

Vol 61 No. 23

The Merciad

April 28,1988

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by Joe Martin

APRIL 28,1988 The Merciad





|> At Seligson Lincoln Mercury Merkur, your degree is worth a lot. If you've graduated, or will graduate, 1 with a Bachelor's or advanced degree between October 1,1987 and January 31,1989, you may qualify for $400 from Ford Motor Credit Company. To qualify for pre-approved credit, you need: (1) verifiable employment beginning within 1 120 days after your vehicle purchase; (2) a salary sufficient to cover normal living expenses plus a car payment; and (3) if you have a credit

^ S £ P*C°

record, it must indicate payment made as agreed. The $400fromFord is yours whether youfinanceor not. Keep it or apply it to the purchase or lease of an eligible Ford or Mercury vehicle. For all the details, contact us or call Program Headquarters, toll free, at 1-800-321-1536. But hurry. This limited time offer is only available between Marchf1 and December 31,1988. Take advantage of the Ford/Mercury College Graduate Purchase Program now. I





The Merciad

APRIL 28,1988

Hogan likes 'Johnny Hates Jazz
By BDI Hogan [ WMCY Music Director Well, I'm back with three new bands to review and like last week, there seems to be no shortage of music to keep you going through Activities Weekend and Finals. a band worth listening to. Times Two are a super pop duo that are climbing the charts with their first single, "Strange But True. " | They have a good new wave sound that is easily acceptable for Top 40 and college radio.


At Wit End
By Steve Rush

r Johnny Hates Jazz is a fantastic Times Two have good use of newcomer to America. The trio's first album, "Turn Back The synthesizers and drums to make you 0 Clock, is a good mixture of new dance all night long. Times Two's waveand pop. The trio's first single, "Shattered Dreams," is booming up the charts and getting wide air play around the nation. Clark Datchler has a great melodical pop voice that gives this album a nice, refreshing sound. ; I Drummer/keyboardist Hayes keeps a steady up throughout the album. Producer Mike Nocito has engineered such groups as The Cure, Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, and Pink Floyd. Nocito keeps everything together in a nice, neat package.

ter Tears,' is an excellent song. It is fast paced and has the staying power of INXS' "The One Thing."

The Venetians have gotten away from the synthesized electrisound of their first album and have moved back to the basics. The next single to look out for is I 'Little Change." The Venetians are very good and their second album, Amazing World," could be the one to establish them in America. debut album, "X2" is a good effort That's it for now. See you next and worth giving a chance. If you week. get a chance, listen to them. It's worth your while.

The group has had three top 5 hits already in England. "Turn The Venetians' "Amazing Back The Clock" is a great album World'' is their second album to be and one of the better albums to come released in the states. This time, they out this spring. Johnny Hates Jazz is got it right Theirfirstsingle,' 'Bit-

. 4 ^

apples* • ^


„ _ JfeaT'iAfc


^ He* men*«^^^^rtfip|

County i S f t f i L ^



* •**

SAC NEWS Anyone interested has any ideas would like considered are asked inBaldcontact Janet Holzhaeusser in Ba win 233, or simply leavea message jn Box 271.





^^Sotbringittoom Meroad,Dox^ Iterosmust JBOO in Bj£» » " ^ for bettcewed by 3 j » £ edition.


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»w>ctnn ruw *
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ext 431 o f


.. - «'

*«*•*> •*??

APRIL 28,1988

The Merciad



o r


19 2 1

# • D I V E R S I F I E D C O U R S E S . 1 . % • [ : ; . | ' | ' j § % j \ %

•From accounting to computer! systems to English^to mathematics inatural a n d social sciences, a n d "French in A c t i o n " telecourse.
*. * *'•-'"

TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS -Downtown Pittsburgh Center . I -Suburban Moon Township JCampus.
t-9 • % ft ^
































-Day classes begin at 8:15 a.m., 110:00 a.m., 12:15 |p.m. and 2:00 pirn. -Evening classes ibegin>at 6:00 p.m;i I ?

CONVENIENT! SCHEDULES , | j •Sixjweek session May 23rd through June 30th •Sixjweek session July 11th through August 19thJ U •Twelve week session May 23rd through ^August 19th!
M I D - S U M M E R B R E A K J U L Y 4th T H R O U G H

J U L Y ]

For an Application, course schedule andi | registration^ packet Call the Office of Admission (412) 262-8404 Or write: Office of Admission I I Robert Morris College Narrows Run Road 15108-1189 Coraopolis,


The Merciad

APRIL 28.1988

Lakers continue swee SUCCeSS


Dilallotops '891 recruits
The Lady Lakers Basketball team announced the recruits for next year. They include four area high school players, a college transfer and two junior college transfers.

Baseball splits with Gannon

Cheryl Tomczak of St Ben's Academy, Veronica Sansom mid Tracy Kader of Mercyhurst Prep, and Becky Schmidt of Cambridge A Lady Laker fouls off a pitch from a Thiel foe. The green & blue continued Springs High School. Chris Kintheir winning ways last week upping their record to 16-7. (Photo by Jean dlin is the college transfer|from Deegan) %$ % £J? Carlow College in Pittsburgh. The Julie Kemling, who ripped a two- junior college transfers are Nancy By Jean Deegan £ run homer. Lips contributed two Dilallo and Kelly Sullivan j from Merciad Sports Editor hits and three RBI for the 10-0 Allegheny Community College % also in Pittsburgh. The sofiball team was in action victory. this week against Thiel, Slippery Rock and Gannon. The week began In die second game Kara Karwith a road trip to Thiel where the linchak brought in three runs in the Lady Lakers swept them in two night cap for the Laker loss by the games by the scores 20-0 and 14-0. score 8-7. j 1 Sherrie Mishrell was] on the The Lady Lakers returned to mound twice for the 'Hurst as they take on Gannon, j For the second extended their unbeaten streak to time this season the 'Hurst got out Saturday the Men's Tennis team seven games, Mishrell came in to the broom and swept the Knights by relieve Debbie Bonninger in the the scores 7-1 and 7-4. In the first defeated Millersville University 7first game. They combined for a game the bats were cracking. Kim 2. In action in the singles'matches two-hitter, while in the second game Pethtel and Angie Foster were the Gord Quinton and Raul Raymondo Mishrell handled the pitching alone. players that stood ouL Pethtel had won their matches by the scores 6She turned in a one-hit outing. three hits and two RBIs and Foster 3, 7-6; and 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 respecDanielle Lips belted four hits went three-for-three with ^ two tively. Also adding victories were and collected four RBI in the open- triples, a double and three RBIs J Tom Pakulski, who beat his oppoing game for the Lakers. Rene' On the mound for the 'Hurst nent 6-1 and 6-1, and Donnough Johnson also added her strong bat to was leading pitcher, Bonniger. She Shaffery won by the scores 6-3 and the list She blasted in three runs in only gave up three hits in the first 6-1. K H ? m die first game and four in the sec- game. ond. Also adding three runs was In doubles, Brian Demuth and Chris Densmore. In the second game Pethtel was Quinton defeated their opponents Thursday the'Hurst was at Slip- again die leader going three-for6-4 in both matches. Raymondo pery Rock. In the first game, the four with two RBIs. Lips was the and Tom Conrad won their matches lightning arm of Debbie Bonninger winning pitcher.in the night cap. by the scores 6-2, 3-6 and 6-2. held the Rockets to just two hits. The 'Hurst is now: 16-7 for the Pakulski' and Shaffrey completed The Offensive attack was led bv season. their match winning by the score 64 in both matches.

A Laker batter lines one into left field Tuesday. (Photo by Jean Deegan)

Tennis defeats Millersvillef


The Lakers took on the Golden Knights of Gannon this past Tuesday and defeated them 9-2 in the first game. Mark Williams homered, tripled and had five RBI. Scott Gorring, Phil Sorenson, and Pat Carmichael contributed to the Laker victory by adding two hits apiece. In the second meeting, the Knights

stopped the green and blue's four game winning streak by defeating the 'Hurst 12-6. On Thursday, 16th ranked Slippery Rock handed the Lakers another disappointment The Rock shutout the 'Hurst despite efforts from Keith Parry with four hits and Pat Carmichael's three. The Mercyhurst men are now 12-15.

Laker golf places 9th
Oni April 20th the Golf team participated in the Indiana Tourney. Mercyhurst finished ninth behind the efforts of Derry Kiely and Kevin
xOO>M<*V«*" * * * * * * V»

Keating both with 84s. The other members of the team were Tom Keenan with 90, Kyle Foust with 91 and John Deasy with 94. %%' \


Dunkin' with Deegan




For this week's edition I was really stumped when it came to this article. I thought about it for a good two hours. I first thought about doing it on football because of the draft Thai I thought about doing it on baseball since last week I devoted my column to the Softball team. Then I thought about the other teams, but when it came down to it I still IfV'l could not decidi Then an ideafinallycame through. It was a great idea. I was mad that it had taken me so long to think of something so basic. If you haven't guessed by now I won't keep you in suspense any longer. The idea was SPORTS. After all, what page does this article appear on, none other than the SPORTS page. So without further delay I will proceed. f K Sports have always been a part of my life. My parents have early childhood pictures of me holding a basketball in my hands.\Since then I have not limited myself to just one sport, but I have grown and spread myself out to try a number of different sports. \ I The reasons to get involved in athletics or sports are numerous, but I'll mention a few that are very important to me as well as others. Thefirstwould have to be the team. You spend a good portion of your time with these people so you had better get along with them. Some of my closest and dearestfriendsare those people in which, I shared the field of competition. The second reason is to stay active and physically fit I feel useless when I'm not doing anything but sitting infrontof the TV or resting in bed. I want to be doing something that keeps my blood coursing through my veins. I I The last reason is the love of the individual sport I guess if we didn't like what we were doing we would stop doing it ? So whatever the reasons are I hope you find something thatfitsyou whether it is participating in it of watching it on TV. Just remember to try and stay a part of it Sports are something that can be participated in at all ages and at any point in one s life.

Crew powerhouses defeat 'Hurst
By Karen Sampson Merciad staff reporter After almost a four-and-a-half hour delay, the crew team had a disappointing performance against the Ithaca and Marietta crews on our home waters at Presque Isle Bay on Saturday. The race was originally scheduled for Findley Lake, but weather conditions * delayed! and finally canceled the regatta, j The college crews then packed up and moved the Mercyhurst home waters. Although all the Mercyhurst crews gave admirable efforts, it just wasn't enough to defeat the powerful Ithaca and Marietta crews. 4 'Everyone rowed hard, but getting up at 5:30 am. and sitting around for hours did not help our strength or morale/'said Kelly Sasala, a novice rower on the women's team. Saturday, the team takes on ( sius and Duquesne at home in Presque Isle Bay.


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