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Francesca Flinstone

Vice President, Communications
33 S. Loujuan Ln.
Champaign, IL, 60001


CampusRecycle Opens for Service to Champaign Neighborhoods

CampusRecycle, a community recycling program which offers its services
in neighborhoods which are located on college campuses, has recently opened
in Champaign, Illinois. The company will provide a recycling center for the
Champaign-Urbana community and the University of Illinois.
CampusRecycle, started in August of 2006, is a company that aims to
educate, encourage and assist students and faculty of universities across the
country. The company provides an affordable way for students and community
members to recycle. There are also many community-building services provided
by the company, and there are plenty of volunteer opportunities. The company
also hopes to educate the local community on the importance of energy
conservation and encourage individual involvement in various recycling
Located conveniently on Loujuan Lane in downtown Champaign,
CampusRecycle offers its services to all community members of both Champaign
and Urbana. In order to receive pick-up service at your home or office, you may
fill out a form located on the CampusRecycle website. Drop-off service is also
available for those who do not want a scheduled pick-up membership.
CampusRecycle is an affordable way to recycle locally. Monthly and weekly plans
are available.
“CampusRecycle is a company devoted to working with the community
and encouraging people to get involved with energy conservation by offering
affordable recycling prices,” explains CampusRecycle President, Nicolette
Lachay. “We work with the community, providing a way for students and other
residents to get involved in our recycling movement. Here at CampusRecycle, we
are not just about recycling and protecting the environment. We are about a
bigger movement to involve the entire community in our cause.”
For any questions regarding the opening of the new CampusRecycle
center in Champaign, or for general information regarding CampusRecycle and
its services, please contact Francesca Flinstone, Vice President of
Communications at 234-555-0978 during normal business hours (Weekdays
from 9am – 6pm and Saturdays from 10am – 4pm). She can also be contacted
via email at