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The Merciad, Jan. 12, 1989

The Merciad, Jan. 12, 1989

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The Merciad, Jan. 12, 1989
The Merciad, Jan. 12, 1989

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VOL. 62 NO.




Radio tower installed on top of Baldwin
mat WMCY is switching from the typical hodgepodge of music normally associated with college radio to classic rock. According After almostfiveyears of problems, plan- to McAndrew, the classic rock format will ning, and disappointment, Mercyhurst's comprise 75 percent of the airwaves, while the WMCY has finally been granted their FM other 25% of the time current hits will be license and broadcasts are planned for some- played. ]£« %^ time this month, according to Brian McAnThe format on Sunday will be made up of drew,a senior Communications major and the easy listening music and community related WMCY Station Manager, j* news. Broadway music, classical music per; In order to accommodate the new station, formed by the students from the D'Angek) several changes have been made to the School of Music, and ethnic music will all be WMCY studio. Over the Christmas break, a played. . 90 foot Studio Transmitter Link was erected Unfortunately, this leaves certain types of atop Baldwin Hall. The Link tower has a music out of the program.' 'We've tried new microwave dish attached which allows sig- music. Everyone who has called up says nals to be sent to the transmitting antenna. The 'What is this? We don't want to hear this.' If antenna shares it's transmitting tower with we're going to be a classic rock station, we Erie's Classy 100. " \\ have to stick to that There's more people who Physical changes include the addition of want to hear classic rock," McAndrew said. Compact Disk (CD) players, cassette decks, "As far as the new wave, we've had a bad and turn tables. A new * 'board,'' or command response," he added. "Gannon, I think, has center allows the station to improve the pro- recently switched to new wave, or underduction studio (for the creation of commer- ground. I think they're doing ok, but why cials and promotions) by using the old board. would we then want to start playing new The second studio is also used for training wave-- playing die same thing. We'd sound new DJs. \ % I justlike Gannon. We have a market for classic ' 'We've got three CD players all together, rock, people want to hear i t " two brand new cassette decks, which we The "new" WMCY has generated much utilize a lot, and two brand new turn tables, interest and could? serve as a catalyst for which were much, much needed," McAn- attracting new Communication majors. drew said. The station is still keeping their old According to Richard Ragan, CommuniAM frequency and using that for campus cations Director, the main benefit of the stabroadcasts. This gives the station a total of tion is it will serve the community and showthree studios. " | case the college's involvement within the Rom what I've heard, we have the best community. For example, the Sunday before facilities (as compared to other college radio the Academic Celebration, the station has stations in the area). This will be high tech invited guests who will be participating in the Two MEN WORK on installing the WMCY stuff," McAndrew said.' He added, "We Celebration to give a preview of their proradio tower that brings with it some changes have for the station. The tower was erected during just as much (equipment) as any com- grams, Ragan said. This will serve as a way mercial station would have except for har- to encourage the community to join in the the Christmas break in windy and snowing weather. This tower will broadcast the monizers and the special sound effect things Academic Celebration, and allow the school to "give something back" to its neighbors. WMCY signal to Classy 100* s tower, where it they have." that The forming of a new station takes a lot of will be broadcast to the Erie area. Station changes also include a new forBy Karen Sampson Merciad staff editor work both on the part of students and faculty. To accommodate, WMCY's staff has been increased to almost 30 people, McAndrew said. It also takes a lot of funding. Bill Hogan, WMCY's Program Director, is in the process of creating a brochure about the station to be presented to local businesses. The students hope to attract community businesses to advertise as a way to fund the station. "We hope by going out into the community, with a clear and concise brochure of the station and school, we can show the Erie business community that we are indeed worth backing and that WMCY will be a very good investment for them," Hogan said. f Though the new frequency will reach most of the Erie area and even into parts of Canada, the station relies primarily on listeners for within die Mercyhurst community. The newfrequencywill make the station more accessible to radios on campus. WMCY is also planning contests and' 'give aways*' to attract listeners. > ' Tor five years now, we've been trying (to get an FM license), because who just wants to be heard around the campus? I have trouble getting it in my office and it's right here,'' McAndrew said. * * We think we have the right staff, and the desire, and we think that we have the best music." Hogan added, "We think it's a can't miss."

'No Smoking signs posted |
Robi Taylor Merciad staff writer


Validity of SIR evalution form questioned
By Theresa Kloecker Merciad staff reporter The last week of classes every student does it at least once. .* Get the No.2 pencils, if you do not have one, it will be provided by the teacher. Fill in the circles fully, but onlyfillin those relevant to the class. These evaluations are the Student Instructional Reports,or SIR's. Recently the validity and usefulness of the SIR'S has been questioned. A "The purpose of the SIR form is to evaluate a teacher's performance in a given class in many different areas with a range of different questions," academic dean Michael McQuillen said. The SIR'S are one of the pieces of information used to determine tenure and ranking. j A committee was to be formed last year to evaluate the usefulness and validity of the SIR's. The committee was to include a representative from every division at the college, but the committee never met ^ One area of validity being questioned is that the reports are mechanically scored. Classes with less than seven people are not considered statistically valid and the teachers do not even receive printouts. Classes with tenor less students are given a printout, but the reports are highlighted with an asterisk to indicate that the results should be interpreted with caution, according to a spokesperson for the Educational Testing Service, who distributes and tabulates the reports. There is also the possibility that one student may answer a question that is not relevant to the course, which could lead to negative results. Circles that are not filled in completely or that are filled in with something other than No.2 pencil will also be ignored. The usefulness of the reports is also being questioned. "Hie main weakness is that there is no way of using the SIR and discriminating see 'SIR\ pg. 3 * r
StuoCMr ImrrnucnoMAL

Mercyhurst students and faculty who smoke returned after holiday break to find $800 worth of new "No Smoking" signs posted throughout the campus making it a lot harder to "grab a smoke" between classes. I The signs are part of the college's compliance with the City of Erie smoking ordinance which bans smoking;in most public areas. Hallways, classrooms, and most areas where people gather are the main targets. Smoking in school offices, dorms and apartments is left up to the discretion of the occupants. "Efforts are being made to house smokers and nonsmokers in separate rooms to cutdown on possible problems in the future," said Roberta Bukowski, Administrative Assistant for Personnel If there is a smoking complaintfiledbetween the occupants of an apartment or office, the school'.would then post the area as no smoking to solve the problem. Violators will face cityfinesranging from $25 to $100 for each offense, in addition to paying anyfinesbrought against the school because of the violation. The violator would also face disciplinary action for an internal school offense such as, "Creating unsafe or unsanitary conditions," which carries a punishment tanging from receiving a reprimand to dismissal, according to the Student Handbook. see 'Smoking', pg. 3


The Merciad

JANUARY 12,1988

Part Three in a Series

Gain. control of the What-If s
• .•_ • *_•
L * - «


9th Annual

• • • • • • •

• •

• 9

• 91


• • •r»

i W

• • .• •


.•-* * • • •

« • .• • • •»..» « L*_» . • « •• • • • • .•_•


•ILV • •

• •

More young people experience pain than older people
Source: Nuprin Pain Report

Phon-A-Thon getting underway

• • i • * • •
.•_» •_• .ft ft


• ftj

• •

• •.

.•_•:•_•. • ^.» • • * ».ft. i » • •!• » • ft, TO* • .•. * • • • * • •_• • •_•. •.*. .•r»^"
.•jf .»_•]



62% 31%

.•!•" .•re •_•'
, • ••





? At

.« •.
Im^< • .ft

« • *

• • •


Age 18-24


> ft ft ft ft !•_•.I ft * ft ft • • • • • • •

I ft V

• • •
V F f . t • t_I ft ft ft • » • • ft ft ft ft ft ft ft i . a • • • ft I ft ft ft ft ft ft IT*

• •.
« " j



D Age 65 +


•.•-•.•-•_*. .•-ft. rt_*_*ji ¥X*J&A9M% ft ft ft ft ft

' f t ft ft ft ft • • ( • • • • •^.•^•-

• _».


By Robert J. Kreigel, Ph J) Merciad Stress Series Worrying is the negative national pastime. Everybody does it and!very few find it is positive experience. You don't think clearly or perform well when you worry. Your main focus is the worry, the fear of "What might happen if...." which overwhelms you, makes you feel depressed, reduces your energy, and prevents you from getting your work done. j& £•• w College students are big worriers. That worry leads to stress and college students are very big on stress. In fact, the Nuprin Pain Report, the first national study on pain in America, documented that more people 18-24 are likely to suffer stress and pain than any older age group. Most of what we worry about is out of our control. You can't control other people's responses, a grade a prof will give us, whether

someone will agree with us, what they think of us, the weather, traffic, roommates, money, how we look, grades, the future. The more we worry about things we can' t control, the worse everything gets. Remember this rule of thumb: You can't control other people or external situations. But you can control how well you prepare for and respond to them. ?ln other words, you can control you information, attitude and actions. Worrying is made up of two words: what if. \ 'What if...they say n o ^ J donrget thflnoney, Tithe professor assigns, ...the traffic... The key to beating the worries is to change the "what i f s " to "if then's." "If they say no...then I will...'' "If I don't get the money then I will..." Always change the worry to anticipation. Concentrating your energy on what you can change, rather than dwelling on things you can't control increases your confidence and prepares you for any situation.

a This strategy was used by President John F. Kennedy. Before his press conferences Kennedy and his aides anticipated any possible question or situation that might arise and developed answers for them. Whether a reporter asked about the Viet Nam War, the economy or civil rights, Kennedy was prepared. Likewise, tin a job interview, instead of worrying whether or not the potential employer will ask about your grades, anticipate that he or she will. Then mentally list wins, accomplishments and qualifications that your course grades might not reflect Get into the habit of anticipating prior to any pressure situation, whether it's an exam, an interview, a date or a tennis serve. Make a "worry list" then change each worry (what if) to an anticipation (if...then). Leaving your worries behind by focusing on what you can control enables you to concentrate your energy and perform at peak levels.!

alumni, along with some members of Mercyhurst's faculty and staff By Tina Fielding work the phones. After that, student Merciad staff reporter teams will take over. : Do you enjoy talking on the M Last year, the goal was $55,000 phone? How would you like to and this year it has been raised to receive prizes and cash for doing $60,000. Callers inform the alumni they call of this goal The money just that? I |g •The 9th Annual Phone-a-Thon raised goes to annual scholarships will be taking place Feb. 5-9 and for Mercyhurst students. The Phone-a-Thon will once Feb. 12-16. There will be sessions from 6:30-9:30 p.m. every day, as again be in the Blue Room. The well as a session from 5-9 p.m. each calling will be in thefirstroom and the computer system in * the back Sunday. , > Bonnie Clark, Director of room. Clark encourages students to Alumni Relations is organizing the event"^\ 'I've been working on it sign up to help with the Phone-asince August?when I started this Thon. 10-15 callers are needed each job," shesaid. This year's chairper- night Everyone who participates son is Vance Lavric, who is a 1983 will get a prize, and cash awards will be given to the top pledge-getters Mercyhurst graduate. I 'Teams ofstudents get together for the highest amount per night There will also be a party at the and! call Mercyhurst alumni for pledges," Clark stated. "They are end of the Phone-a-Thon to wrap given a specific sample conversa- everything up. J tion to practice and (questions) to * Students can sign up for this. ask the people they call" event at the Alumni office in 220 The first Sunday, a' team of Old Main. tf.J







S T a o e N T UNION

OF STUDENT Services, William Kennedy addressing a senate meeting on Tuesday in which he renounced a proposal aired by a student representative. Rod Powersfor a set policy on handling violence on campus.Kennedysaidthalvblentactssuchasfightsinvo^

Contact for appointment:


Photo by Kevin McHugh

Uffldyto D onor g

JANUARY 12,1989

The Merciad




She lives as at copycat

Smoking, from


SIR Reports

A co n tin ued from pg. 1

Every area that isn t posted, would be presumed to be a smoking area,'' said Tom B illingsley, Director of Administration. The only present exception to this is \ the Cupper's Cove, which has not yet been posted. The smoking area is limited to the twelve seats directly in front of the mirrored wall. Smoking is also banned in the Student Union but not because of the ordinance. Instead it is posted as protection for the carpet that was installed over summer vacation. The lounge areas in Old Main are the only areas in the building where smoking is permitted. The DONNA MALZEWSKI IS the busy, but happy, manager of Mercyhurst's only exception to this is the lobby Copy Center located in the basement of Old Main. Photo by Liz Richards where Sister Damien works. Smoking is completely banned there Around 9 a.m., the faculty whether it is posted or not By Holly Fulmer members add to the crowd. J The school is going to rely on Merciad staff reporter Every syllabus, hand-out, and complaints to find any violators. test passes through the Copy Cen v * 'We have got to either catch someIf Donna Malzewski had a copy ter, as well as any forms, announce- body in the act or a complaint has to of herself, her days might not be so ments, invitations, etc. be filed against them before any Stationery that requires a letter- action, can be taken. In other hectic. As manager of the Copy Center, head is done on the printing press. words," B illingsley said, "we're A large machine sits off to the not in a position?to know all the which is run by Qwik ji Print, Malzewski sometimes sees as many left of the room, which is used for violations that occur." All comas 20 people in an hour on an aver- enlargement Single machines are plaints must be made in writing to age, some of them returning two and used for walk-ins and forms for the the Personnel Office. administration. Because most of the rules have three times. Times do get tough, however, been around unofficially for years, Rush hour lasts all day at the when the machines are down, most people will not notice * any Copy Center, but Malzewski says Malzewski admits. "Occasionally difference. Opinions about the ordishe likes the fast pace. "I'd rather they can back up a bit,'' she says. nance are usually positive with the be busy," she says.; But it's not just the machines smokers in the school there are Sighing, she hurries over to the that demand Malzewski's time. some strong negative feelings conphone to make a quick arrangement Someone interrupts, asking for cerning the issue. A cigar-smoking her assistance in yet another direc- employee said that he feels' 'If they j [Mercyhurst] ban smoking, then Malzewski has been working at tion, By 5 p.m., Malzewski knows I'm going to find another place to the Copy Center for two years. "I i was looking for a full-time job," she has completed a part of her busy work." she says, explaining that her previ- day, which continues at home with ous job required her to work on the her two teenagers. A workaholic? "Not at all," she weekends and holidays. Here, Malzewski follows the administra- says, laughing. Malzewski says tion office's schedule, which begins she enjoys the people and interacting with the students. every morning at 8 am.

or distinguishing between informed In spite of the problems with the student opinion and uninformed program, there are some benefits to student opinion," said Dr. Tom it Correlated with its weaknesses, Donahue, Humanities Division open-ended forms are incredibly representative to the SIR commit- difficult to use, it is incredibly diffitee. ' cult to find a way to use essays in Donahue further explained that comparison to other essays, accordP' all the computer sees and tabulates ing to Brown. are the dots that arefilledin. There I "It gives students an opportuis no way of knowing whether a nity to evaluate the instruction they person filled out that form with received from a given faculty good reason for the answers they member," McQuillen said. It also gave on that form. There is also no gives the Rank and Tenure Comway of distinguishing between re- mittee a; way to identify the sponses of students who attended strengths and weaknesses of a facand participated in class and those ulty member as an instructor, acwho did not attend or did not partici- cording to McQuillen. / pate in class. * The SIR also serves as a com"SIR forms tend to distort mon form across the campus, so all things a bit by failing to reflect the faculty members are evaluated by differences among courses," said the same terms. The SIR responses Dr. Ludlow Brown, Humanities are also given a percentage ranking Chairperson. The forms are also not and a standard deviation based upon relevant to all classes, for example, national samples, according to Studio Art or dance classes. <| McQuillen, these make national Teachers that do not have tenure comparisons possible.? are required to distribute the SIR in McQuillen said, the SIR'S have all courses every semester. Tenured been used since winter 1979. From teachers are only required to give winter 1979 to fall 1983, the college the SIR to one class per semester. SIR form was called the IDEA Brown, McQuillen, and Do- form, an evaluation that included nahue all noted that the questions on more open-ended questions. the SIR were* not open-ended. Alternative forms are available Open-ended questions would allow for teachers who want to go beyond for more student feedback, for ex- the SIR's. They can get them from ample, why a particular answer was Jean Lavin in the Faculty Developgiven. y ment Office. 1
, « J * S > 0 • *-, «-. ;•.«




>«ti --'..*- •:-•.-:<•-.'*.-z

« ct*.

Financial Aid Forms due
By Margaret Coffey Merciad staff reporter It's that time of year again when students must file forfinancialaid. This process, though relatively painless, causes problems for many students. The process can be made easier by remembering a few simple guidelines. All students who receive any money from the school mustfile.Even if a student receives scholarships, for example, for being valedictorian or salutatorian, you still must file. The school cannot give you any money if you don't file. Students must file the Mercyhurst application as well as the Pennsylvania application, even if you don't live in Pennsylvania. This form is used to determine the Federal Pell Grants as well as any state aid Pennsylvania students are eligible for.

Catherine Crawford, director of the Financial Aid office, said the school uses this form because it is less expensive to students than the FAF form used by other schools. TlieFAF form carries a fee of $8.25, THE SEARCH I S NOW ON! ,Q The chairperson for this year's while the Pennsylvania form has no ^ « PENNSYLVANIA USA® PAGEANT ^ B y A n d y p c n h o I I o w dance is Marcie McKim. McKim fee. NO PERFORMING TALENT REQUIRED ]p» Merciad staff reporter has already given a lot of time planu are an -• ^^^p^i^iBSHBjfi^^^pW 'f y° applicant who qualifies and aretf Besidesfilingthese two applicaning the event; and she is anticipat^ ^ i f t i i a ^ ^ ^ W i i i M l l between the ages of 17 and under 25 by February | » I On sat., Jan. 14, me Hotel Sales awn i ^— i, , 1, 1990, never married and at least a six month .(In - - J \M*wi,**iw*f A u a A«uwtiiiiwui **f »kA ing a fun and exciting evening for all tions, students must also submit a 1 1 1 copy of their parents tax return and M H t t f l B M t f B H I rodent of Pennsylvania, thus college dorm!; " J ™ * S ^ S who attended the dance. students are eligible, you could be Pennsylvania's <fi\ HRIM department will be holding a Admission to "Kokomo" will their tax return. The forms as well repreicntative at the CBS-nationaiiy televised ,5*3 winter dance. The theme fof this be $2 per student, and faculty as the tax returns must befiledby ^ PHHHNI iffl Miss USA* Pageant In Feb., 1990 to compete for ^ "Kokomo • so vftfl _ dsincp> e k dan mo May 1. The Mercyhurst application Mfe i m i a ^ i over $250,000 In cash and prizes. The Miss Perm- # ?*** .. f • *°«> » SO members may attend for free. _ _ _ f i_ _ _ _ _ lisyivania (JSA« Pageant for 1990 will b e ^ Hawaiian dress is encouraged. The Thedance will be in honor of the and the tax forms are to be returned S f ™* ™^^ presented in the Grand Ballroom In the Howard 4jJ/ dance will be held in the Egan Hall returning John Wolper, and the to the Financial Aid office and the h H 0tel V Pe y h nla ^ ^^mmmma^l^mMi? P M March 10,11iand:,oT£a ™ newM? . Perm* W) cafeteria,and * -z- -u u p.m.^ i departure of Daryl Georger. John Pennsylvania application must be T?« i ? *M wiUbegin at9 . L a;t ^ ^^^^ili^WW 12,1989. The Miss *.., ^ M nM | 5 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ M t0 sykania USA? along wjth her expense paid trip «« until 1 a.m, MllSIC Will be provided Wolper, HRIM director, returns to mailed to Harrisburg. By this time all students should l^^^^^^^^fc™ compete In the Miss USA* Pageant* will (W) by Mercyhurst's very own DJ, Rick Mercyhurst after' obtaining his ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ g ^ M f e B receive over $2,000 in cash in addition to her r3» YaTOSZ M.B.A. from the University of have received their financial aid D«-"EPP. . KtfMS.'tSSSSafttl L a s l K f many may remem- Massachusetts. .-> forms in the mail. If a student did Miss Pennsylvania (ISA* b|ogMphy, and ,*,„, numbtr to: d& ber, the HRIM department put On a Georger served as HRIM direc- not receive them, they are available wu m ^" * ™ " ^ , 3 r '50sdancefeaturingmanyconiests, tor to one year. He will be depart- in the Financial Aid office. PeriodiMiss Pennsylvania USA® Pageant ^ food, prizes, and excitement. Most cally, the Financial Aid office will — j-l-State Headquarters • Dept. CA, Sfe everv ime who attended had a areat ing at the end of January to study for 347 Locust Avenue, Washington, PA 15301 M every™* wno auenaea naa •great his Masters degreefromthe Univer- contact students telling them what forms they are missing and must file " ^ Trl-State Headquarter* Phone Is 412/223-5343 S | i tune, and the dance was considered sity of Massachusetts. 1 t Application Deadline la January 23, 1989. § ? " * ? * , J^^T. ^ S So to some relief from the Erie to be considered forfinancialaid. If V "A Carvm Production" r%. Layerty ami DoimaYurtov work winter blues this weekend, grab a student is having difficulty with I f fr T '\L dihgenUy to ensure that every thing your shades and your Coppertone, the forms they may contact the / ^ / ^ ^ ^ i ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ r i f v i '.im. was done professionally and acFinancial Aid office for assistance, and head down to Kokomo. J l l l l l l l l l l l 1 1 cording to plan.

HRIM has winter Dance



The Merciad

JANUARY 12,1989

Smoking policy lacks planning
"You'll put that out now, mister!" Anyone who has seen the Police Academy movies recognizes the infamous line used by Officer Tackleberry to tell a man to put out his cigar --rightbefore he shoots it with a crossbow. >;• It is not only cigars but all smoking that is banned at Mercyhurst The fines for violation of the City of Erie's smoking ordinance are fairly steep - from $25 to $100 for each offense. In addition, if any fines are levied against Mercyhurst for a student or employee breaking the ordinance, the offender I have to pay those fines as well. The ordinance bans smokinj most public areas. AtMercyhu the areas affected are hall wa classrooms, and most areas wh people gather. because they did something wrong. Also, there would be the additional possibility of retaliation by the person who was reported. Asa safeguard against that, the person filing the report could be granted anonymity. That option, ihowever, would take away the right of a person to face their accuser — which is guaranteed in the Constitution. Now what is the course of action? Do we believe anyone willing to sign their name to a piece of paper andfinesomeone based on that? Or expect people tc nee of their own accord? Perhaps the best course of action would be to post?the areas, then allow peer pressure to do its work. If smokers are in a minority and are asked,politely or impolitely, to stop smoking in an area, they probably will. | ) i If smokers are in the majority, maybe they should be allowed to smoke in that area. *§ That makes it tougher on nonsmokers at times, but it actually evens things out As the ordinance standsrightnow, smokers will have to search out places to smoke. Some estimates have placed the number of smokers On campus at three percent It is probably closer to 40 percent We should have enough public areas listed as smoking areas to accommodate all smokers.

Kovski's Kor ner
Standardized reports lack necessary checks, special ratings necessary

It sounds like the nonsmokers have finally won a .victory. But they haven't. Anyone can level accusations.
It sounds like the nonsmokers havefinallyhad a major victory in the city. But they haven't, really. For one, the person breaking the ordinance mustfirst be caught This in itselfis difficult, because there are not enough people willing to make a complaint t In addition, there is also the option for someone to file a complaint in writing to the Personnel Office. There's an awful lot ofroom for someone to file a complaint against someone just because they don't like them — not necessarily

By Christopher J. Kovski Merciad Editor



The Merciad
Vol. 62 No. 12 Christopher J. Kovski Michelle Bush Karen Sampson Matthew J. Clark Patty Coneglio Liz Richards Alexa Potter Pat Stcckman Kerry Rimdzius Steve Rush Mara Sweterlitsch John Kupetz Reporters Amy Lynn Austin Jill Chiccarino Margaret Coffey Brian DiPlacido Tina Fielding Holly Fulmer * Bill Hogan Maria Kelly


>" - '. f

' JW

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January 12,1989 Editor Editorial Board Sports Editor Business Manager Photo Editor Circulation Manager Photographer Cartoonists Faculty Adviser

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The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College, Box 161,501 E. 38th St. Erie, PA 16546. Phone: 8250376. Material for publication must be submitted bv noon on the Monday before publication. The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must be signed, but the writer's name can be withheld by request

Now lis your chance for sweet revenge, to getridof that teacher who put people to sleep with boring lectures, gave tests which made unreasonable demands of the students, and didn't listen to useful comments from people who really wanted to learn the ^^ material. Today that teacher handed out SIR evaluation forms and No. 2 icils. You are given time tofillout that form, which asks you to give IT assessment of the class, the teacher, and how much you thought I'd learned. ? * §!-.-* W :; Unfortunately, after youfillout the form, you might as well throw way. The Educational Testing Service suggests that the form only used sparingly, as students "can get bored and may respond haphazardly, if at all." . • | So while you are making an honest assessment of the course and the instructor, your classmates may be turning the paper sideways and drawing a pirate ship or making a pattern down the page. ''^^ ^ How statistically valid can a test be if it is repeated so much that the subjects are bored with it or don't care? Singe the committee that was supposed to be formed to evaluate SIR for usefulness and validity never met, there can't be too much of a commitment tofindout the answer to that question. * Granting accusers anoIf that committee were to meet, it would obviouslyfindthat the tests good indication of a teacher's ability. Teachers that teach nymity would take away aren't a very or very small upper-level classes are at a disadvantage. core courses smokers' rights. £ In a core course, there are bound to be a number of students who dislike die teacher for a number of personal reasons, perhaps because they didn't like die subject, which they only took because it was a The placement on campus of requirement J it some of the signs is confusing. Upper-level classes in the smaller majors are/too small to be There are some on walls that say considered statistically valid. Yet aren't those classes die truest test of "No Smoking Beyond This a teacher's ability? \ Point" So you can walk up to there Almost anyone can teach someone a little bit, or can get diem through with a cigarette in your mouth, then an introductory course with enough information to get by. Itis the good you have to put it out there. Never teachers who can make students realize the impetus behind the courses, mind the face that die smoke will who can show them how to apply their book knowledge in a useful way drift beyond that point in a career. In I the basements! of Baldwin But die system is weighted against these teachers, especially in die Hall, on the door housing die fire seminar classes and the discussion classes. They are not rewarded for hose, there is a sign saying, "No having die initiative to draw on a great deal of personal experience, or Smoking Beyond This Door." The to initiate full-blown discussions and use them to take the. place of a area beyond that door is about three textbook that doesn't require students to arrive at answers themselves. cubic feet It is impossible to do The majors that really get hit under this point are ones that require anything, let alone smoke, beyond a great deal of personal decisions in a short period of time, such as that door. * criminal justice or communications. Shou Id I shoot this person who has If I could smoke, or do any thing, made a threatening gesture toward me? Should I run this story, or would behind that door, I'd pay a $25 fine. it bring a libel suit on my station or newspaper? > That is, of course, unless you Instead of relying on a textbook to give answers, students are interpret that as meaning beyond die expected to learn the basics, then reason door in the larger sense. That means on their own. 1 ^ there would be no smoking south of These classes require more thinking than rote memorization. Therethat door, including behind the fore, they are very valuable in the "real" world. They are the classes building.] that determine a student's chance of future employment If the intent was to make it so What is die alternative? Perhaps each department should determine people wouldn't smoke on the a fair and accurate way to evaluate each course taught in the department, lower level of Baldwin Hall, it whether it be an introductory course or an advanced one. That way, there should have * been placed on the would be guidelines to follow in judging each class. outside door. Certainly, this would take time. But if die alternative to an This policy for the city has been expenditure of time and effort is to leave an unfair and inaccurate system discussed since October or so. It in place, then it is obviously necessary to undertake a major revamping. shouldn't have caught anyone by It is better to spend some time and talent now and be fair and accurate surprise. These areas should have n to wait untd the tests are abused any more. Now anew test been decided on earlier, and signs taken a little more seriously. In the future, it may be too late worded and placed appropriately, so there could be no confusion.

JANUARY 12.1989

The Merciad


New Year's resolutions for some of the Hurst
these good kids deserve a break painted with psychedelic colors, I,jBud Brown,vresolve not to I, Richard Kubiak, resolve to once in a while. f $^$ rather than thedull colors that we* ve make my {students wonder what completefilminganother video like I,Phyllis Aiello, pledge to make been using. People get sick of tan, would happen to them if everyone "Shifting Sands" without calling Just when you thought it, was sure all the rooms on campus are blue, and mint green. m else in the world would close their the people from the EPA a bunch of safe to go out into the world, the eyes at once. Would they cease to "no-good, backstabbing New Year comes outfromunder its exist, because they aren't perrock and makes life difficult ceived? Or is it enough that they | I, Bob Powell, hereby resolve to Every day for a week or more think--if they do? I * I read The Merciad every week — you get pestered! by people who I, John Kupetz, hereby resolve cover to cover. Twice. want to know your New Year's to give all Communications majors I, Barry Copeland, promise to resolutions. These people are unsaan A — and to continue disliking all field a basketball team next fall. tisfied $ until you make up somestudents equally. I also resolve to I, John Washington, Cafeteria thing, such as "I resolve not to make sure that the thing that stu- Manager, promise to serve food. torture small animals with sharp dents remember most about my I, Chris Mohr, resolve to point objects/' For some reason, it makes class is not' 'the sound of one hand out to students that the proposed people happy to hear that, and they clapping." pavilion on campus will be an ope: don'tstay around for very long after I, Bonnie Hall, resolve to make building — which is useless for sb that sure that the graduating class has an out of the nine months of the aca To help people along in the New aggregate 3.8 average. demic year. | Year, I have here a list of possible I, John i Leisering, hereby reI, Matthew J. Clark, promise not resolutions for people on campus. solve to be*'nice to the Merciad to bring the roof (down on the I,;William P. Garvey, hereby sports staff, because no one else is. Campus Center - at least not until resolve to stop teaching evening I, Bob Pagni, promise to work after graduation in May. history classes. It's hard enough for with admissions to decrease admisI, Christopher J. Kovski, firmly most students to stay awake during sions standards, to give some of the resolve to show more "school the day. { / lower end of the grade spectrum a spirit," making myself more visible chance to look good for once. I, Michael McQuillen, resolve at campus events, including those to give ^everyone incmy Nuclear I, Andy Roth, pledge to get the sponsoredby SAC and MSG. I also womeos' soccer Seam some £ dry resolve to take! one step back, Weapons class an A. 1 1 fields to play on, so they don't look breathe deeply, and.; count to ten I, E. William Kennedy, hereby ROBERT LIPTON FRENCH, noted scholar in manyfields,philanthropist,like mud wrestlers by the end of before jumping all over anyone for resolve to work to convince the Photo by R.L. French their home games. board to lower tuition. After all, and all-around nice guy. making a mistake. * f
# @ * &

By Robert Lipton French Merciad staff writer







; *

SENIOR MAKE-UP PHOTOS Senior make-up pictures, as well as faculty and administration make-ups, will be done in the Student Union on Jan. 20 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sign-up sheets are available at the Union desk. Please note that anyone who had their picture taken at another studio will not be able to bring in a proof for the yearbook unless it is 3 1/2 by 23/4 inches. If you do not have a proper sized proof, have your picture taken so it will be in the yearbook. Sitting feeis$5.30. * t: I'i MATH CLINIC , Do you need help with your math? Do you need to review for a math test? Why not corfie to the Math Walk-in Clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in Main 207 for some assistance? See your math professor now, or just walk in. CIRCLE K Come join Circle K. Meetings on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. in Main 205. *

OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS Applications for-the following scholarships are available in the Financial Aid Office: v AAUW Scholarships (deadline 1/27/89) - Erie County women in full or part-time four year degree program. Must have 3.5 Q.P.A. PA Federation of Democratic Women (deadline 4/15/89) - PA woman, junior, who is interested in a career in politics or government or planning on teaching government, economics, or history. Must possess a Democratic family background ot be an active participant in Democratic Party activities. I SYNODiOF THE TRINITY APPALACHIAN Scholarship (deadline 5/26/89) - Presbyterian students from PA, WVA and certain areas of OH. SYNOD OF THE TRINITY MINORITY Scholarship (deadline 5/26/89) - Minority students from PA, WVA and certain areas of OH.

ATTENTION SENIORS jj Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society will be awarding graduate and undergraduate scholarships and awards to selected members of Phi Eta Sigma. Any eligible senior member of Phi Eta Sigma may apply for one of the graduate scholarships. For the undergraduate award, a sophomore or junior must be nominated by the local chapter. For applications or more information, contact the chapter adviser, Dr. Bud Brown, in room 223 of Preston Hall. The local deadline is r Feb. 3.1989. * * NY CITY TRIP The theater department and director Paul Iddings are offering a three-credit course titled Introduction to Professional Theater. The class will include a trip to New York City, where the students will enjoy nine Broadway shows, comedy clubs, and walking tours. The van will be leaving Feb. 23 and returning Mar. 2 . ' If you are interested please contact Paul Iddings ASAP at 825-0253 or 825-0255.

Grandview Laundromat will Wash, Dry, and Fold your laundry I Convenient - Affordable Friendly Service Drop off between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Pick up next day Pine Ave. at Crandview Across from K-Mart 1

Services for the busy student Call: Debbie--456-9571 (New Customer Offer: 25% offfirst10 pages)

SAC EVENTS FOR THE WEEK CAN COLLECTION Sat. Jan. 14 The women' s soccer team needs Bowling Tournament at help. In order to buy new uniforms, Eastland Bowl. Vans leave Bald- warm-ups, and to help subsidize win Hall at 2:30 p.m. Cost is $2 a traveling costs, the team is staging person for two games, but you get an aluminum can collection. If you 50 cents for each strike. There are are interested in donating, the team also additional cash prizes for win- will even pick up the cans at your home. So get in touch with Andy ners. Mbn.. Jan. 16 Roth in the Admissions Office at Video game contest 7 p.m. to 9 extension 240, and start saving the cans. p.m. in the Union. -Wed.. Jan. 181 j* Blood Bank in the Student Un- FILM FOR DISCUSSION On Wed., Jan. 18, the film Soreion from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Free lunch for all donors. The Erie kara, 9 story of a young and college getting the highest percent- wealthy Japanese who falls in love age of students to donate gets a with his best friend's wife will be shown at 8 p.m. in Zurn Hall. The trophy. discussion will be led by Keiko LITERARY MAGAZINE Miller of Fairview High School. Submissions are now being There is no admission for Meraccepted for the 1989 edition of cyhurst students, faculty,? adminiOutlook, the Mercy hurst literary stration, or staff. magazine. Submit your poetry, prose, or critical work to Outlook, Box 807, Mercyhurst College. BALLOONS Campus Ministry is selling bal- BULLETIN BOARD If you have an! announcement loons for all occasions to raise funds for the Bulletin Board, submit it to for charity. There are two types of j Box 161, campus mail, or hand- balloons on sale, Latex for 50 cents, deliver it to The Merciad office, Mylar for $2. This sale will con8IB, Baldwin Hall. Typewritten tinue throughout the year. material is appreciated. Items must be received by noon on the Monday before publication. Any items after that time will be given consideration only if space permits. Wanted: Spring Break Representative for Natl Tour Company Great Benefits Call Today (612) 784-2287

Beginner's course in Russian at Gannon Call Irina Azar f 725-5553 for more information


The Merciad

JANUARY 12,1989







&' * •

*' t#*


Hoffman, Cruise combine as '/£ain Man* brothers k in sickness and in health
concept of the value of money he can perform advanced math problems, in his head, as fast as any i I usually don' t make predictions computer. He can also instantly about the Academy Awards, but memorize any that he sees or hears. this year is going to be an exception. The only problem with Raymond is I believe that Rain Man will take that he lives in his own self-inevery Oscar that it is nominated for volved world and wants nothing to and will also take the Best Picture/ do with the outside. Actor/Director awards at the Hoffman played the role as Golden Globes. close to true as possible, but he was Dustin Hoffman plays a man very careful not to make fun of the who is suffering from a condition problems of the mentally handicalled Autistic Savant Syndrome. capped. There were funny parts but Because of this he spent most of his they were done in good taste and did life locked in a shelter-type hospital, not seem silly or stupid. For exkept T H I S MOVIE STARS (from right) Dustin Hoffman as a man who is sufferingfromAutistic Savant Syndrome away from a brother he could ample, any change in Raymond's r schedule would send him off either hardly remember.. 1 and Tom Cruise as his healthy brother. Even though Hoffman's char- into fits, or rambling on about acter, Raymond Babbitt, has no Abbott and Costello's Who's On First radio routine. Missing the People's Court or wearing a strange pair of underwear are the kinds of things that had a tendency to set Raymond off. These scenes have to be seen to be believed. • Tom Cruise plays Raymond's going to be plentiful for this film even comedians can do serious This i movie does have some work too. J redeeming qualities. First, the little much younger brother, Charlie. when Oscar time comes around. By Robi Taylor The character is a kind of work- boy that had the lead role. He had to This has got to be the most challengMerciad staff writer 2. Who Framed Roger RabETU * bit- A''very uhtqueTahiilyjnovie ing class Rambo. That helped make be the best thing this movie had ing role that Cruise has ever had. 1988 gave us 179 new movies, that even teens and adults of every this movie so popular with a 6 going. The other thing was that it left Becoming Charlie Babbitt required some of them good, some great, but age can watch without feeling silly. month run in Erie alone. town very quickly, making room some real acting ability and not just the good looks that have been a 4. The Unbearable Lightness for some entertaining movies. also some that the word trash would Roger Rabbit became the "in" 3. Rambo ID- Sly Stallone major part of Cruise's career up be too good for. movie to seen watching with your Of Being- This movie willf most likely be named as Best Foreign must consider 'himself a great until now. A tradition has built up among date. f Charlie is^a real low-life; the writer. That could be the only reacritics to list the best and worst that i The animation used in this film Film for 1988. Hollywood had to offer. Fm not one brought the art to new levels of It is a very accurate depiction of son that anyone would use basically kind of person who would do anythe same script three "times. The thing for money. He even sinks to to fight any tradition so I sat down reality. Let's hope that the quality of life in the Czechoslovakia and made up my list which I'm the work continues at this level from of the 1960's and 70's. News- thing is that even with the same kidnaping his brother from his now on. going to call the Mercyhurst 10. reel footage of the actual Czech riots script each Rambo movie is worse hospital room to get half of a $3 million inheritance that was left to To start with here's the best 3. Die Hard- Bruce Willis added new insights into the lives of than the one before. ^ $ 1 We can only hope that Stallone Raymond by their father. •; movies of the last twelve months. showed an entirely new side to his the characters, and more depth to the acting ability, a complete turn story. However, by the end of the 1 ^ ^ ^ can write something good for 1989. 1. Rain Man- Dustin Hoffman around from Moonlighting's movie, Charlie becomes more of a 5. Dead Ringers- Hitchcock His fans deserve better. has his best role since The Gradu- David Addison. Willis shines in his must be jumping for joy that a - 4. Aria-This is one foreign film brother as he realizes that this ate as an autistic savant Awards are first dramatic role showing that movie of this quality was made in that promised a lot and doesn't do strange little man is the only family anything to back it up. he has left This change is 'very the style that he made the standard I redly do not mind a little cul- gradual and that only makes it so for all great suspense/horror films. David Cronenberg took a simple ture in my movies, and that's ex- much more believable. It is this storyline and made it into an hyp- actly what I got with Aria, as little as change of attitude that is the central notic experience that is almost possible. The vignettes were too plot of Rain Man and it also makes impossible to forget This film^is long and the songs the director this movie as good as it is. ingham. : ByBillHogan chose did not match the action on Up until now movies like this what horror was meant to be. He left the group after making WMCY Program Director the screen. This made the film hard have always ended with the main . Those were the best, now here's their last album, Tango In The to follow and sometimes quite bor- character getting hit on the head and a look at the movies that didn't quite &. Hi gang, I hope everyone paring. Actually this movie was a great suddenly becoming * 'normal". The next group is the new LA- have the stuff to be called anything way to relax...it put the audience to tied as hard as I did during the Barry Levinson (Good Morning, but the five worst holidays. Well, it's time to look at based quartet, Information Socisleep. | Vietnam) directed Rain Man in some more rock-n-roll. The two ety. Their album Information 5. The Naked Gun- Old, bad such a way that everyone underjl. The Last Temptation Of albums reviewed this week are Society is for all of you top 40 TV shows should be left to die in stood that Raymond was the way he Christ- The only reason this movie I Fleetwood Mac's Greatest, and dance maniacs. quiet seclusion instead of being was and nothing was going to ^ The group recorded the album made any money was that a few the Information Society. made into a movie so people can pay change on his part It's great to see people with some very strong opinFleetwood Mac has come out in Minnesota to !get that funketo watch what they didn't want for a director do a story without a with yet another greatest hits al- dance sound with influences from ions not to see it. So, in the true free. The writers not only watched "happily ever after" ending to it, bum, but this one is a studio LP Prince, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, American spirit, everybody went to old Police Squad shows but also instead showing life as it is probsee it and Morris* Day, who all came instead of a live album. I got ideas from the Three Stooges. lems and all. i The Last Temptation ; was This album has allof the favor- from Minnesota. The whole movie is arip-offof the With the subject Rain Man slow, boring, and lacked the decent ites like "Dreams," "Ltalelies" ^ The album really moves and is slapstick of fifty years ago. Maybe covered, it could have been very acting that makes a movie at least and "Go Your Own Way," plus filled with energy. Their first someday those writers will come up depressing, but it was warm, sensibearable. If there hadn't been so two new studio tracks that include single "I Want To Know What with a new joke, but let's not hold tive, and fun. Top it off with a pizza much publicity it would have died a the new smash hit "As Long As You're Thinking," made the top our breath. and a couple hours of Nintendo and quick death instead of making us 40 and their new hit "Walking You Follow"* L There may be other movies that the evening would be the most fun suffer. "'" If you love Fleetwood Mac, or Away" is at number 34 on the should be put on either list, but there you could have without a hangover ; 2. Child's Play- Chucky made just like them, this is a great album charts. . * is only so much room to pick the the next day. the horror film that Freddy Krueger This album has some political to have in your collection. You best and worst If your favorite should cut to pieces with those finovertones, but basically is just a might want to get this album bedidn't make the list, I'm sorry. fun album to dance to, so have fun gernails of his. This movie was the Maybe it will make it next year. cause their next one will be made My rating- 99MOO most unbelievable thing made since without long-time guitarist, with the Information Society. Some nudity, adult situations Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes. singer, and writer Lindsey Buck- See you next week. By Robi Taylor Merciad staff writer
f\* *

Robi rates best and worst movies of 11988

A great album from an old favorite








JANUARY 12,1989

The Merciad


Slippery futures off ice won haunt Bowles and Burfoot
recalls * 'Everyone (in Canada) plays [hockey wlien they're younger... All my friends played. When fans cheer hockey play- It's just natural." f^ ers on, it's usually for their talents Bowles comes from Elliot Lake, on the ice, but Mercyhurst has sev- Ontario - a uranium mining town eral players on its hockey team that about seven hours north of Toronto. are scoring points off the ice as well He wanted to play hockey in Ameri pP Freshman center Scott Burfoot ica, ^"With the new program (at and sophomore goaltender Gary Bowles have performed well since Mercyhurst) I can playrightaway coming to Mercyhurst Both are as a sophomore rattier than sit out for a year," Bowles explains. above-average student athletes. Even with NHL scouts watchBowles' sharp play in goal recently captured the attention of ing him, Bowles seems even more some talent scouts from the Na- excited about the growth of the tional Hockey League's New Jersey Lakers' hockey program. "We're coming along," he Devils. Head coach Rick Gotkin 4< explained that the Devils were says. We lost a lot at the start of the impressed by Bowies' stature and season, but we've adjusted to each we going to be watching him for the other and we're playing really well again." } next few weeks. Bowles says this is the best league he's ever played in and that the* Hurst has high goals and expectations. Both he and Burfoot, along with the rest of their teammates, are gunning for a national championship in the next two years. J "We have allot of talent," Burfoot says. "I think we have a good shot at the national championship." 3 ^^"1 think we'll be in the playoffs next year," Bowles adds. "And by my senior year, we'll be in a national GARY BOWLES championship." Born in Winnepeg, Manitoba, t Bowles, who has been playing hockey for 17 of his 20 years says Burfoot, 21, has been playing he's played goalie as long as he can years. Like Bow remember. i t him interested ' 'My dad played goalie too,'' he hockey. By Matthew J. Clark Merciad Sports Editor



Last year, he played for the Estevan Saskatchewan Bruins, a junior team that used to be a farm club for the NHL's Boston Bruins so there's no doubt about Burfoot's By Matthew J. Clark ability. Merciad Sports Editor Like Bowles, Burfoot came to Mercyhurst because he knew he'd This can be a great time of year if be getting more playing time and your football team is going to Super because he "wanted to go to school Bowl XXIII. Our music reviewer, and play hockey." William J. Hogan III, is in his glory. m First of all, Bill was given his new Burfoot plans on going to Euyear's present when his Fighting Irish rope after he graduates to play in the European League. He knows the ^ ^ ^ _ __ °f Notre Dame won the -national championship. Hogan came back to Mercyhurst chanting f 'Irish,'' and odds are tough. waving his indexfingerin the face of all those Miami Hurricane fans, (all five of them). f \\ « '% Jimmy Johnson was more colorful On the sidelines - that's putting it mildly - but Lou Holtz took the prize. I % Now, Hogan's Cincinnati Bengals are going to the biggest football game in the world. Once again, Bill was chanting, only this time it was cc ^^^^^ t, assuring us that he was confident about the big one on Jan. 22. j % i I'm happy for Hogan. I'm also a bit envious. YouseeJ'maChicago Bears fan. Neither Hogan nor I are "bandwagon" fans. Bill's been following Cincinnati for years and I can still remember watching Walter Pay ton in his rookie season stumbling around as the Bears went 4-10

Niners should win Super Bowl XXIII

"(European teams) are only allowed two 'imports* on each team." Burfoot realizes that he must improve his game during his playing days at Mercyhurst if he's to achieve his dream of playing in Europe. "I have to work on my defense," he says. "I get burnt too easily on Dower olav defense." see 'Slippery,' pg. 8

Cafeteria Menu, January
Friday, Jan.13

Tuesday, Jan. 17
Footlong Hot Dogs Chinese Chicken Casserole Iinguini with Red Clam Sauce Ground Cheddar Beef Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Lunch Dinner

Chili Dogs Shrimp Foo Yung Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Batter Fried Haddock Buttermilk Pancakes?

Saturday, Jan.14 Lunch
Dinner Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich Shepard's Pie New York Strip Steak Breaded Shrimp Half Pound Hamburgers

Wednesday, Jan.18
Chili Con Carne Grilled Cheese Sandwich Pork Cubed Steak Shells in Meat Sauce Quarter Pound Hamburgers

Sunday, Jan.15


Thursday, Jan.19
Escalloped Apples and Sausage Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza p Southern Fried Chicken Hungarian Goulash Baked Potato Bar with Assorted Toppings

Scrambled Eggs | Sausage Links- Home Fries Soup and Sandwich Bar Baked Taverne Ham Rotini in Meat Sauce French Dip Waffles


Monday, Jan.16
Lunch Hamburgers Spinach Cheese Casserole Turkey Pan Pie Meadoaf with Tomatoe Sauce Western Sandwich


Bill is happy. I can't say that for myself. « Last Sunday, I watched in stunned silence as my Bears were totally dominated in every phase of the game from the opening gun. As the game wore on, I knew that I'd have to watch two teams whom I could really care less about going at it in the Super Bowl. | iv t I knew the game was over in the first quarter, when Jerry Rice broke a 62-yard touchdown pass. Of course, it wasn't until there were about 12 minutes left in the game before I would actually admit it to myself. The Bills,just like Cleveland the past two years, teased local football fans. They flirted with success, but choked - or should I say, punched themselves out - in the end. I $* But now that I've wrung-out my cry towel, I have a few observations about the two teams playing in this year's Super Bowl. i At season's end, I didn't give San Francisco any chance of getting past theirfirstopponent in the playoffs. Obviously, I was wrong. What San Francisco did for these past two playoff games was play the best football I've seen any team play in the past three years in the NFL. They dominated both the Vikings and the Bears, outscoring them 62-12 in cruising to the world championship game. And they got there by winning on the road. ^ San Francisco, as CBS analyst John Madden commented, has arrived as the best team in football - and at the perfect time. . * Unfortunately for the Bengals, the same cannot be said for them. Quarterback Boomer Esiason has played two consecutive sub-par games. As a matter of fact, I'd say they were bordering on horrendous. Ickey Woods shuffled through the playoffs and the defense has played tough - or have they simply played two teams with belowaverage offenses? Even loyal Bills fans will admit that the offense was terrible for all but four games this season. It was their defense that took them to the AFC championship. The San Francisco 49ers have the most complex and feared offense in football, certainly much stronger than the two playoff opponents Cincinnati has faced this year. Cincinnati's defense, although statistically dominating its opponents in the playoffs, has yet to face any stiff offensive competition. That will change when they face the master. Bill Walsh and his red and gold machine from the West What this means, of course, is that the Cincinnati Bengalis are likely to give up a lot more points against San Francisco than they did against Seattle and Buffalo. 1 That means that the Cincinnati offense is going to call. The only problem is that the team's catalyst, Esiason, isn't playing the kind of football that can guidea team pasta49er squad that's playing textbook football. So here's my prediction. The 49ers are going to attack Cincinnati and attack again for 60 minutes. Boomer and Ickey will be pressured to answer that attack - again and again. j£ '. ", I They won't be able to. The 49ers will wear them down and the Bengals, like every other AFC team in the 80's (besides the Oakland and L A Raiders) will lose the Super Bowl. 1 As a matter of fact, the result of the game could be clear by as early as halftime. •; i « And my friend Bill may just have to suffer the agonizing reality that his team, like my team, teased him by making it to the dance and then fell asleep.

back in 1975.

| g 1 T§.



The Merciad

JANUARY 12,1989

Surprising Lakers leave the Wolves


Copeland gave credit to Constantino saying * 'Everybody knows Dave is our best shooter." He also praised Franos and Filipkowski. "Eric Franos played a smart game for us against their inside people. Tom Filipkowski gives 100 percent effort whether he plays tree minutes or30. ; ' The Lakers were playing without the top scoring Vinnie DiMella who has been kicked off the team for discipline reasons. DiMella, who had a scoring average of 17.4, played for the college for the last time against Pitt-Bradford. "We are not trying to set an example but we do have expectations both on and off the court,"said Copeland of the dismissal. § • FRESHMAN D A V E CONSTANTINO looks to work the ball c This explanation does a little to Cheyney defence. Constantino later scored the winning basket answer the question "Hey coach overtime Photo by Kevin McHugh where's DiMella," yelled by a ERIC FRANOS GOES upfor a shot under close attentionfroma Cheyney defender. Photo by Kevin McHugh supporter during half-time in the net," said Constantino after the r By Kevin McH ugh game against Cheyney on Monday game. . ) | ^k JLd night DiMella was among the supMerciad Staff Reporter Eric Franos had a chance to win porters that night the game in the last second of play The Lakers were also victorious but his attempted tip didn't drop and on Saturday night, defeating Pace from pg. 7 \ What could the Lakers do after 9 so the teams went to the sideline to 69-66. Franos led the scoring with their time-out, when the score was prepare for overtime. Bowles says that if NHL oppor- says. | 16 points. tied, the ball was to be played from tunity knocks, he'll answer - even if These two outstanding hockey The Ave minutes of overtime were However, their trip to Philadel- it means leaving college early. under their own basket and there players speak highly of their coach, played very defensively by \ 4 was only two seconds of the over- both teams and up until the last phia led to a defeat of 80-56 by a 'I'd probably try playing pro,'' who is trying to build a national Di v. time period left? After the time-out, second each team had only scored strong Textile team that currently he says. "If it doesn't work out Ill hockey power from scratch. the Lafcer'S ChHi Kfih^hf thitw' a three points. StJr&j^y i v * Z$L sports a 10-1 game record. there's always school to go back to. I* 'Rick is a really great coach*'' The Lakers host Edinboro on An opportunity to play in the full court pass that was caught by a NHL Bowles says. "He's enthusiastic^ j The Hurst was on top through- Wednesday night in an early season Cheyney player, Mike Mills as he out regular play, returning to the comes once in a lifetime." and really emotional," Burfoot rematch. Edinboro defeated the ran over his own base-line and out That's not to say that Bowles has adds. "This is the best system of court after half-time with a lead of Lakers in December, 72-59. They of bounds. Tom Filipkowski was 32-27. Constantino was instrumenno other plans about college. "I'd hockey I've learned yet 44 44 nominated to intake the ball with tal in gaining that lead by complet- play Adelphi on Friday in the last of like to get my degree and finish For Burf" and Bubba" their one second left on the clock. He ing a four point play. He was fouled its four game stretch at home. The playing hockey here and hopefully day begins at 6:30 a.m. and they're picked out the team's best shooter on a three point shot and was given Lakers are currently on a record of win a national championship," he on the ice by 7:30 a.m. to practice i; 6-7. M *: ' Dave Constantino who, despite afreethrow, earning four points. until 9 a.m., then they go to classes. close attention by a Cheyney deDuring the season, they find Eric Franos played consistently fender managed to launch an awktime to study for those classes well throughout the game scoring ward shot whenever they can. Bowles says he 18 points and pulling down nine The three point shot landed in rebounds* studies on the team bus after games. I the basket as the buzzer sounded 4 \ After classes, they may do some * The kids have won the last two and the crowd erupted. The score "dryland" conditioning - running was 62-59 and so Constantino won games after making a commitment three times a week and weig ht trainto be the best they can be. I thought the game. ing three times a week. we had to {day above ourselves to be 44 The play was designed to go to And after the season in over in in the game tonight and had to me and if I wasn't open the ball was February, they'll continue to condicontrol the tempo defensively. WE to go inside. I got a pickfromRich tion during the Spring term and over the defense Lipscomb, but the shot was kind of wanted to pack in v the summer - as they're expected to off-balanced. It was a great feeling against their (inside play9"said report in good shape for Fall when I -saw8 it go through the Copeland. ' ' 'It's hard,'' Bowles says, perhaps understating the situation. "You don't always feel like running and lifting, especially over the summer/ * And what >about life after hockey for these two exemplary icers? "I'll probably play in an oldtimer's league," Burfoot projects. Bowles isn't sure if he'll get involved in coaching, but hopes to stay involved with hockey in some way. v- One thing's for certain. People like Bowles and Burfoot add an extra dimension to any sports program - the scholastic dimension. These student-athletes are strongly committed to their academics. Perhaps there's one more thing for certain. Whatever Bowles and Burfoot choose to do in life, that IN ACTION, JUNIOR Lisa Maxon, who now has 1,021 points in her same commitment they offer to their collegiate career, needs just three points to become the second leading studies will undoubtedly assist them scorer in Mercyhurst women's basketball history. The Mercyhurst throughout life. Life after hockey women's basketball team's eight-game winning streak was ended on may not seem so threatening to January 4 after a 69-62 defeat by Philadelphia Textile. these remarkable icers.

Bowles, Burfoot won't slip in the future


Women's Basketball (8-3) L - Phil J Textile 69-62

Men's Basketball (6-7) L -jPhil. Textile 80-56 W - Pace 69-66 W - Cheyney 62-59

IcefHockey (7-12) W - Stl Bonaventure 6-3

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