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How Hrm Motivate and Maintain Their Employees in Nestle

How Hrm Motivate and Maintain Their Employees in Nestle

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Published by: aleezashiek on May 26, 2011
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HR is dedicated to their employees, and ensures that they have all the right people with the right skills, in the right places at the right time.

Here we discuss how they motivate and maintain their employees;

Rewards and Benefits in Nestle:

o ‘Passion to Win’ awards- These quarterly awards have been institutionalized to reward those who over-achieve their targets. Longservice Awards- To recognize employees who have been with the company for more than 30 years. • Nestle Idea Award’- It was found from the correspondent that the company institutes Nestle Idea Award every quarter to recognize and award employees who come up with relevant and innovative ideas which have the potential of being implemented at Nestlé. For all aspects of Reward Nestle apply the fundamental principles outlined below. Reward Principles. Performance Driven - The level of your Reward is linked to your performance, hence the highest performers will see the greatest Reward. There is also a direct link between the performance of the business and the Reward we're able to offer.


• PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: A performance appraisal. so quality achieved by the Nestle on the bases their employees performance. Conveyance Reimbursement Scheme. In Nestle.• • Competitive . Conveyance Reimbursement Scheme. Inclusive . So if employees are on right track so company gives incentives to their employees. and retain a workforce of top performers.quantity . and time) typically by the corresponding manager or supervisor.We benchmark all aspects of Reward to ensure we offer all our employees a competitive Reward package. There can be 2 . motivate.       Leave-Personal & Medical Children Education Assistance Scheme Provident Fund Group Insurance & Accidental Insurance Scheme. COMPENSATION & BENEFITS: Compensation is a key part of Nestlé Real Rewards package and helps to attract. Flexible-We have made it our top priority to allow you to tailor the Reward you receive from circumstance. short and long-term incentives and benefits. Maintenance: Nestle provides a very healthy working environment which is one of the reasons why Nestlé’s employees state their commitment level to be very high. employee appraisal. including base pay. or (career) development discussion is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated (generally in terms of quality . whenever possible or practical. Nestle give importance to their employees at their work place because Nestle totally depend on their quality. management dealing with people is respect and trust. performance review. Our philosophy is to provide and maintain disciplined compensation programs which value long-term relationships with employees while recognizing individual performance.cost.Our Reward programmed is designed to reflect the valuable contribution which every employee makes. Nestlé is also committed to offering compensation packages. that are competitive in today’s market The following benefits are also provided to all employees. not just senior managers. with no discrimination.

harassment or discrimination of any kind as they are the expression of an elementary lack of respect. It is also to listen and to engage in dialogue. our company emphasizes the need for safe working environments. This principle suffers no exception and is to be applied at all levels and under all circumstances. 3 . contractors and visitors and we are vigilant in continuing to implement Health and Safety practices and programs at all our sites. such transparency is the only solid basis for boosting continuous improvement.no room for intolerance. Identifying. as illustrated in the Nestle Human Resource Policy document. • • • Valuing our people by providing a safe place to work. In every country where we operate. SAFETY & HEALTH MEASURES: Nestlé regards its people as its most valuable asset and places the highest priority on protecting them. Every employee has the right to an open conversation with superiors or colleagues. Consulting with employees and other stakeholders on Health and Safety • • Work/Life Balance: • • Work/Life balance is given importance. To communicate is not only to inform. Encouraging a similar Health and Safety commitment from our suppliers and contractors. contractors and visitors. which must meet our strict global corporate standards. We are determined to provide a safe working environment for all our employees. Providing information. Nestle Family’ annual events are organized by their HR department whereby employees along with their families are invited. Effective communication: Nestle management has work simplicity and honest in dealing with people for efficient communication. Based on facts and on a sincere dialogue. training and supervision to employees and contractors to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities in eliminating or minimizing the risk of workplace injury or illness. assessing and reducing risk and preventing injury or illness to our employees.

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