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Female To Female: The Ultimate Guide To Lesbian Sex

By Amy Birdsong
Copyright 2006 The Borderland Blues Network All Rights Reserved. (You are entitled only to your own purchased copy of this book. Reproduction and Sharing of this Material is Prohibited by Law.)

Table of Contents
INTRO: Introduction by Author CHAPTER 1: Finding the Ideal Mate CHAPTER 2: Female Anatomy CHAPTER 3: Masturbation Revealed CHAPTER 4: Fantastic Foreplay CHAPTER 5: Cunnilingus Creativity CHAPTER 6: Satisfying Vaginas CHAPTER 7: Amazing Anal CHAPTER 8: The Big "O" CHAPTER 9: Sex Toys for Lesbians CHAPTER 10: Finger Lickin' Good Fantasies CHAPTER 11: Welcome to BDSM CHAPTER 12: Have Safe Sex CHAPTER 13: Your First Time CHAPTER 14: Keep Your Lesbian Bed Alive BONUS SECTION: Lesbian Erotica


Female To Female: The Ultimate Guide To Lesbian Sex
By Amy Birdsong Copyright 2006 The Borderland Blues Network All Rights Reserved. You are entitled only to your own purchased copy of this book. Reproduction and Sharing of this Material is Prohibited by Law. Introduction by the Author I remember the first time I ever came close to having sex with another woman; it was the most frightening and nerve-wracking experience of my life. I didn't have a clue where to start or what to do. I was so naive that I didn't even know what lesbian sex involved; for all I knew it was just kissing and cuddling, and maybe a bit of breast fondling every now and again. While caressing another woman's breasts can be incredibly arousing, there's so much more to lesbian sex than meets the eye, as I found out through years of practice. This knowledge took decades to uncover. From being totally underprepared for my first time to blossoming into a deeply fulfilled lesbian partner today has taken years of research, patient, loving partners; and trying out every single position, method and sex toy under the sun! Many years ago, no little literature, advice, or guidance existed on the taboo subject of lesbian sex. While heterosexual partners benefited from sex book after sex book and the Kama Sutra, lesbians were almost a non-existent group in society. It was still very much frowned upon to have female-female relationships, and was much more of a hush-hush niche in society than it is today. It's no wonder that I didn't know what to do the first time I was intimate with another woman. Lesbian sex techniques were more word of mouth than spelled out in a book for all to see. Lesbians in today's society are incredibly lucky. As well as being able to feel much more liberated and free to express their sexuality, there is an everincreasing armory of lesbian sex books available. This doesn't mean that every single lesbian should be well versed in sex techniques before they enter into relationships. Firstly, these books are not widely available. They aren't stocked in nearby libraries or local bookstores. Secondly they are expensive; it seems that many publishing houses want to cash in on what's known as the "pink pound" and charge inflated prices just because the books have a smaller target audience than heterosexual ones!


Thirdly, and more importantly, many of them are written in the wrong way. They are either incredibly complicated and manage to scare the reader more than they already were in the first place, or they are written in a harsh and abrasive manner, much like a sex story in a man's porn magazine. This doesn't work when discussing the subject of female sexual relations. I find them jarring and appalling and end up trashing most of them or selling them at my neighborhood yard sales. While I love to see the expressions on my neighbors faces' when they read the front cover, it disturbs me to think that not one person out there can write a decent, easy to read, empathetic and endearing lesbian sex guide. That's why Female to Female exists; it's a lesbian sex book written by a lesbian, for lesbians. Whether you are just "coming out" as a lesbian or you have been in a successful relationship for the last fifteen years, this book will have a great deal to offer you. It starts at the basics such as the female anatomy and masturbation, and works upwards into a crescendo of sex toys, BDSM and fantasies. It also covers varying and interesting topics such as safe sex and how to spice up your relationship. It's for the woman who knows nothing about lesbian sex, but it's also for the woman who thinks she knows it all. I have designed this book so that you don't have to read it from cover to cover just so that you can begin to fathom out what you need to do or what you would like to try. The chapters cover one subject at a time so you can dip into it at your leisure and read the areas most appropriate to you. Before you begin your sexual journey through this book, remember this: you shouldn't expect to be "perfect" right from the start. You may have the same anatomy as your sexual partners, but different things turn different women on; you just have to try things out and see what does. Lesbian sex is an exploration of the female body.


a few flings. you must have a partner. If you need emotional support. most of the methods and positions take two people! Yes. you can read this book and dream about all the things you would do to your lover if you had one. take her upstairs and try out what you want! For those of you who are less fortunate and are single at the moment. Your perfect partner could be right in front of your eyes and you have just been too blind or too shy to do anything about it. Whether it's your first taste of lesbian sex you are looking for.Chapter 1 . then you must go. then grab her by the hand. or an end to months of celibacy after a tough breakup. so now's the time to take the bullet between the teeth and make lesbian sex a reality rather than a fantasy. While some of the masturbation techniques and sex toys explored in this book can be tried alone. there are certain places you can hang out and certain things you should be looking out for. if so. admit to yourself that you can't hide your sexual identity or wallow in self-pity forever. You have to get out there and strut your stuff! You may not like the sound of this but what this essentially means is that you will never find a partner unless you can be seen! You need to have the confidence to stop clinging to dark corners in bars or being a pretty wallflower at friends' parties! Some of the places that you should frequent to find your perfect mate are as follows: Bars and Clubs If you are lucky enough to have gay and lesbian bars and clubs in your town. For any lesbian sex guide to be useful. stop fantasizing and get out there and find a new mate! Whether you're looking for a one-night stand. read a few chapters that interest you.Finding the Ideal Mate Let's start at the very beginning. or a monogamous relationship that will last your lifetime. if you don't have any of those then take some straight ones! Mingle with more than the potted plants too! Either seat yourself at the bar or be ever present on the dance floor so that you are visible enough to get noticed and have the chance to notice other people. a "fuck" partner. A few drinks may help to calm your nerves or give you some Dutch courage but too many may result in you making a fool of yourself or waking up with a troll that you would never have slept with in a 4 . but it's not the same as having a partner to get hot and sweaty with! You may have been in a stable relationship for years and years. One important factor is to not get too drunk. take some of your lesbian friends with you.

million years if you had been sober! You want to be able to talk to potential mates without slurring your words or draping yourself over them before they have a chance to speak. You should also dress for the occasion so that you can make a lasting first impression. This doesn't mean that all butch or androgynous women should rush to their local boutique for stilettos and skirts that skim their knickers! Just wear something in your wardrobe that's smart yet casual and comfortable enough to help you feel confident in yourself. If a new haircut or new set of makeup will give you an extra boost, then go for it! The key thing is to be prepared. Have some witty or interesting conversation topics up your sleeve that you can whip out at a moment's notice. If you want to make the first move, then some interesting opening lines could be useful, too; you'd be surprised how many corny ones you can get away with! If you want someone to make a move on you then be ready to make plenty of eye contact and be flirtatious. If it's not in your nature, then you will just have to push yourself, unless you want a relationship with the floors or walls you may find yourself staring at otherwise! Practice on your friends, in the mirror, around your home and even in your local supermarket! Leslie and Maggie first met one night ten years ago at a club. Leslie had come with friends and Maggie had come alone. It was Maggie's first time to ever go to a lesbian club, and she was terribly nervous, but had determined in her mind that she had to go. Leslie noticed Maggie sitting alone with her drink and had a hunch that Maggie was not only new to lesbian clubs, she was also unsure about her sexuality. Leslie approached Maggie and they ended up talking until almost dawn. A solid friendship formed, which later became more serious. Ten years later, Leslie and Maggie are still together. Lesbian Social Groups If bars and clubs are really not your scene or you just don't think you will find what you are looking for, then you should try joining or attending some lesbian social groups in your area. These are a great way to meet new friends while searching for potential partners at the same time. Many social groups have a particular theme, for example there could be local Dykes on Bikes clubs which is perfect if you have a Harley under dust sheets in your garage, or there could be a local walking or camping group which would be wonderful if you love the great outdoors. Just make sure you pick a group or activity that suits you; there's nothing worse than listening to someone droning on for hours and hours when the subject matter bores you to death! As with going to a bar or a club, it takes confidence to attend a group for the first


time, but as everyone there will have a mutual interest it will be easy to strike up conversations, introducing yourself to people in the group and start becoming one of the crowd. Particular attention is normally paid to "newbies" to make them feel welcome and help them to settle in, so this could give you an ideal chance to check out the talent and decide if there is anyone there who could be for you. Of course, it's not always love at first sight, so persevere with the group. You may be surprised by who becomes the object of your desire after a while! Through Friends Your close friends know dozens of people that you don't yet know. Therefore the next time they invite you to dinner or throw a party, don't stay at home on the couch in your comfy pajamas; get polished up, buy a bottle of wine or a few beers and take the plunge. Meeting new people with the comfort of friends around you can provide you with a newfound confidence. Having your friends around you can mean that they will act as the go-between. If you spy someone who tickles your fancy, they will either know all of the information you need to know (if she's single or not being of paramount importance) or they will ask for you. Just make sure they don't make it too obvious, or it could end up looking like a stupid schoolgirl stunt. Subtlety and caution are needed at all times. If there is someone there who catches your eye, make a point of looking at her frequently to try and catch her gaze. If you are feeling brassy enough, dive straight in and talk to her. Make sure you are sitting next to her at the dinner table; a bit of changing around of place names never did any harm! Of course it could just be that someone at the party actually takes a fancy to you and starts making eye contact or talking to you. Don't assume that they are being kind or start looking behind you because you think they are looking right through you at someone else. Be flattered by their interest and smile back or make it obvious that you are willing for them to approach. If they are not your cup of tea at all, just look away or avoid them and they will soon get the message! At Work One place that many lesbians forget to look for a potential partner is at work. Of course, if you are not "out" at work this could be a little tricky, but a little secrecy could certainly add a little spice to the relationship or one-night stand. Standing in the office flirting with each other while everyone around you is totally oblivious can be hilarious fun! As you should be concentrating on your day job, it can be difficult to pick up the signs that there is another lesbian in your midst, but you should always keep your "gaydar" switched on just in case! If you have a sneaking suspicion that someone


at work is a lesbian but you are too shy to ask or don't want to embarrass her, then Christmas parties and other social events are often great ways of socializing with people that you wouldn't normally, and digging that bit deeper into their personal lives. Be warned though that emotional attachments with work colleagues can prove to be very tricky. One minute you just think you are shagging the secretary on the fourth floor; the next thing she is declaring her undying love for you and outing you to the rest of the office! You need to be clear from the start where the boundaries are, and make it obvious what you are looking for. If you are searching for the "one" and she is too, that's great. But if you just want a casual fling make sure she totally understands! You should also be wary of fake lipstick lesbians who are just after you because of your status. If you hold a high power position at work, or show the potential to go far, then many women can switch their heterosexual allegiances just to get their hands on your status and your cash. You need to be 100% certain that they are only interested in you for you before you enter into any kind of sexual liaison with them! Personals Ads and Online If all else fails and you are scared to death by the thought of flirting with someone or chatting them up face to face, then the personal ads or online chat rooms are your best friends! Many lesbian magazines contain a "personals" section with women looking for women for "friendship and possibly more." If someone's description catches your eye, what have you got to lose by sending them a letter or leaving a message? Just go into it with your eyes open and know that many people lie about themselves. Someone who's 5 feet 4 inches with blonde hair and blue eyes could also weigh 650 pounds and be housebound! If she answers your reply, she's obviously interested to find out more. Just be prepared to ask endless questions and find out who she really is before agreeing to meet with her. There are plenty of unbalanced people out there just dying to trap a poor lost soul, so don't let that end up being you! The same can be said for some of the women (and men) who frequent online lesbian chat rooms. Your computer is a perfect way to achieve anonymity as you hide your face behind the screen and just start typing. If you are shy, then this could prove to be an invaluable way to gain confidence, but just bear in mind that some strange and misguided people use chat rooms. Many women in there will be perfectly ordinary lovely people who may be perfect for you, but some can be absolutely off their rocker! Take time to chat with them in the room and only let them Instant Message (IM) you when you are ready. If anything develops, then make sure that you know everything you can before giving away your address or phone number or arranging to meet them. If you do take any online relationships you have developed offline, meet them in a busy crowded place where you don't


you can even have friends lurking in the background just in case! All of these suggestions are great places to start looking for a partner.leave yourself exposed to any danger. Just be alert and try to look your best at all times.m. and you're just heading out for some milk! 8 . even if it is three a. This list is by no means exhaustive and you may stumble upon the woman of your dreams in a store or at the gas station.

If you push these apart slightly with two fingers. Labia Again. These tend to be hairless and will become quite slippery with vaginal juices during sex. the cunt. which is more commonly called the pussy. getting to know your own genitalia and preparing yourself for the next chapter in this book.Chapter 2 . without touching you will also be able to see the outer lips of your vulva. You may not even know what your own vulva looks like. You may find it easier to ignore what's down there than to understand it! This attitude has to be overcome if you want to pleasure your partner and ensure that she pleasures you in the right way. then the best way to get yourself in touch with women's genitalia is to look at your own. so how are you supposed to know what is where on another woman? Lock yourself away in a quiet and private room where you won't be disturbed. because they are not quite sure which bits are where! It may save you weeks of fumbling and jaw ache if you know just where the clitoris is and how to find the G-spot! Even though every female genitalia will be different in shape and size they all have commonality in the anatomy. with this book in one hand while your other is identifying parts of her vulva. you will now be able to see the labia minora or the inner lips. too. Make sure you sit or stand comfortably in an area that has good lighting. If you don't want to spend hours with your head between her legs. Throughout this experience you should never feel embarrassed or stupid. depending upon whether you like a shaven haven or not. The female genitalia as a whole that you can see without touching anything is called the vulva. you are educating yourself. masturbation! We'll start from the outside and work our way in. don't panic as this is perfectly normal! Vagina 9 . which are called the labia majora. Maybe the whole reason why so many of us are scared to death by female genitalia is because science has labeled the intricate and private parts of our bodies with so many complicated and confusing names. or vulgarly.The Female Anatomy If you want to have fantastic lesbian sex you need to get to grips with the female anatomy. The labia come in all shapes and sizes and your labia minora may protrude beyond your labia majora. Place a hand mirror between your legs and follow the step-by-step guide below. Too many lesbians who are just starting out are frightened by the thought of masturbating their partner or going down on them. These are normally covered in hair.

this is simply because it contains the most nerve endings. welcome to your vagina! Your vagina is comprised of very elasticized tissue of which expands and contracts during sex. look downwards slightly and you will see an opening at the bottom of the labia minora. or dildos to stimulate your vagina. it's not a magic spot or nodule inside the vagina that you press to help your partner achieve amazing orgasms. Anus 10 . G-Spot The G-spot can be found inside your vagina and is probably the most mystical and confused aspect of the female genitalia. It's made up of a v shaped hood. It is a slightly rougher area of tissue on the vaginal wall. the glans. licked. her whole fist. sucked and lightly nibbled by their partner. If you trace your finger upwards very slowly from the opening of your vagina towards you. Most women can achieve orgasm through their clitoris being stroked. During sex. If you stand up and then insert your finger inside your vagina with your palm facing outward and start gently stroking the vaginal wall you will soon come across it! Some women will have an orgasm just with G-spot stimulus alone! Clitoris Now you need to take your finger out of your vagina as you are on the way to discovering your clitoris. depending on what you like. which are hidden underneath this. Just like the labia.Keeping your fingers in place. but you should also take a quick peek at some other areas of your anatomy which can give you great pleasure during sex while you are down there! Perineum Your perineum is just below the labia and before your anus. it's just a stretchy area of tissue that many women enjoy pressure on during penetration or like being licked or nibbled during cunnilingus. the clitoris can come in all manner of shapes and sizes. you will pass the urethral opening (where your urine comes out) and come to the top of the labia minora where your clitoris is. thanks to all the men out there who have no idea where it is! Let's get it straight here. If you place a finger inside your vagina you will find that the most sensitive area is the first third. from the size of a tiny pea to the size of the end of your thumb! You may feel that the female genitalia end there. It's not a hole or a distinct part of your anatomy. A thrusting motion will help to arouse the deeper two-thirds of the vagina. your partner could use her fingers. and the shaft. The glans are the most sensitive area of the clitoris and are very receptive to being touched and caressed.

You or your partner may love the feeling of a butt plug. Just the thought of it may repulse you and it's really down to personal preference whether you want to try anal sex or not. it's actually very responsive to sexual arousal because it's rich in nerve endings and blood vessels. 11 . finger or fist inside your anus. no matter what. Even if you have had a partner for many years or have had plenty of lesbian sex. with the help of a therapist. and this would send Carla into her shell. you've probably learned some things by following this voyage of genital discovery. Things are still not ideal. Congratulations! You have just successfully completed your introduction to the female genitalia and the sexual organs of the female anatomy. As a child. several books. she'd been sexually abused for years by a relative. but Carla had a painful past.If you look just below your perineum you will be able to see your anus. Marianne wanted to enjoy lovemaking and try many things. Marianne urged Carla to explore these issues together. She was hypersensitive to touch and very uncomfortable with her body. Marianne and Carla loved each other deeply. and this commitment has made all the difference for Carla. only comes out of it. Carla knows that Marianne is committed to her. but Carla and Marianne are now closer than ever. With much love and patience. Although many women like to think that nothing ever goes up their anus. Now when you find your head or hand between a partner's legs you know exactly where things are and can get down to business with newfound confidence. and lots of long talks interspersed with lots of tears. Just remember that the tissue of the anus and rectum that follows on from it are very easy to tear. dildo. And RELAX. so you have to be careful and use plenty of lubrication.

The truth is that the huge majority of us do masturbate regularly.The Female Anatomy. when you're building up to a heated moment with a woman. It will never be truly satisfying unless you know what turns you on and can show her or tell her what does. but if you don't understand what makes you orgasm or where and how you like to be touched. It does not mean that your partner is sexually inadequate (so never let them feel that way) or that you are a nymphomaniac. There is nothing wrong with masturbation at all. you will want to pleasure your partner just as much as she does you. if you translated this into a lesbian sexual relationship. you would only know one way to turn yourself on. However. It's simply another form of expressing yourself sexually.Masturbation Revealed If you have just followed the exercise in Chapter Two . just imagine how much time you would save initially if you knew. then how will you be able to direct your partner? Unless you develop with a relationship with a stone butch who doesn't like to be touched. lesbian sexual encounters involve mutual sexual satisfaction. how and when you like to be touched and what sex toys work well for you. for example. An experienced and patient partner may be able to rescue the situation by trying out different things and testing your response. or those who are sex addicts and never seem to be able to get enough. It's also a private moment where you can discover what makes you orgasm. Then. albeit in secret and denying the fact when friends ask whether we do or not during "truth or dare" games or on drunken nights out. It's all very well to be worried that you can't turn another woman on. that you hated anal sex or the best way to make you orgasm was to hold a vibrator against your clitoris while your partner strokes your G-spot? Ways To Spice Up Masturbation 12 . instead of leaving her struggling for hours or trying out things that actually succeed in turning you off! Masturbation has developed a bad name for itself over the past few decades. Many people have been programmed into thinking that masturbation is reserved for people with barren sex lives. then masturbation seems like the logical next step in this guide to lesbian sex.Chapter 3 . so it would soon become very repetitive. While sexual experimentation is applauded. your hands can guide her to where you know hits the right spot! Masturbation For You Have you ever thought about how boring your masturbation technique is? You probably discovered your way of masturbating back when you were a teenager and have been doing things the same way ever since.

it's entirely up to you. without the embarrassment of your lover hovering over you looking for any sign that you might like it. Revel In Yourself All too often we spend too much time setting the scene for sex with our partners. Here are a few ways to liven up your masturbation. not stick to what you know. This will enable you to experience optimum enjoyment. and whether that's gently stroking it with one finger. whatever you think will help you to relax and get in the mood for pleasuring yourself. You should also pay particular attention to your breasts and nipples of which can heighten your sexual pleasure when tweaked or caressed. but if you're feeling a little uncomfortable you may need to help yourself along a little. The objective is to find out what works best for you. Light candles. even rubbing yourself against furniture or your soft cotton sheets could do the trick! Vaginal Penetration Many women can achieve powerful orgasms just though vaginal penetration and if you've never really tried it alone then you should because then you can begin to understand where you want your partner to go. and why not when women can get such intense pleasure from it? You will find a method that suits you. is by masturbating. have a bath. or you want her to drive two or three hard and deep inside you can only be determined by you. then you may not need to arouse yourself. Try caressing your stomach and thighs. Anal Penetration 13 . Foreplay If you can feel you're really up for it. but the same attention to detail should be levied on masturbating too. You should also experiment with a dildo to ascertain whether you think you would like for your lover to strap it on and thrust it inside you so you can enjoy the deep thrusting and banging on your cervix. circling it with two or reaching orgasm by resting a vibrator against it. so be willing to give anything a go. play your favorite music. Whether you want her to gently rub your G-Spot with curled fingers. If your bosoms are large enough you may even be able to lick your own nipples! Clitoral Stimulation It's automatically assumed that masturbation should focus on the clitoris.The only way you are going to find out in private.

Every woman is unique. The chapter on anal sex in this book gives an in-depth insight into techniques. so you'd do well to invest in a butt plug or a dildo and plenty of lube! Just take your time and allow the muscles around your anus to relax before you try inserting anything or you could cause yourself permanent damage. You may be surprised at the heightened results you get! As you can see. your sex life will be so much more fulfilling. what you should use and when you should do it. Your Body position If you've been sitting in a chair for years while you rub your clitoris or lying on your back with your legs in the air while you use a dildo. While some women get off on watching porn while they've got their hands down their pants. It all depends what you enjoy and how your body responds. lying on your back. You would have to be a bit of a contortionist to be able to fully experiment with your fingers. others would feel appalled by this. which means that you will be satisfied sexually in different ways than other women. then how about trying out new positions during masturbation too? Try standing up. masturbation is a totally personal experience. you are also identifying sexual positions and techniques that you can try on other women. By determining for yourself what these are. just as sex is. hovering over your hand or dildo. Even if you don't like it. lying on your front.You will never know whether you will like the sensation of anal sex or not until you give it a go. Straddle your legs over your bath or keep your legs together. Don't think that masturbation is an entirely selfish pursuit. you just need the courage to tell your partner what you want. While you are using your own body parts or sex toys to help you reach orgasm. it might make the next women between your sheets come again and again! 14 . There is no textbook that can define how you should masturbate.

Flirt with her and turn on the charm. Foreplay is the one of the secrets of showing a woman that you adore her. the truth is. then there's one thing that should be at the forefront of your mind. One of the most delightful things about foreplay is that it can be arousing for both the giver and receiver.they skip the foreplay entirely. Far too many women act like men .don't ever let your love life get boring. it's easy to skip any kind of foreplay whatsoever and head straight for the clitoris or vagina. This can all be achieved by partaking in delicious foreplay. it just depends what your lover 15 . However if it's you diving down there and she's not ready. It literally helps to prepare the mind and body for sex. tease her. This chapter focuses on what happens when a woman gets turned on and some ways of which you can get your partner all hot under the collar! How Can You Turn Her On? The burning question that every first-timer asks is "How do I turn a woman on?" Well. make your lovemaking an event every time. you are both so sexually charged that you just can't wait any longer. and in return gaining her everlasting devotion. or you're ready to hit the bars and pick up someone hot. you can start to shift your attention to a sexual relationship with another woman. In the heat of the moment or in an act of pure laziness. You can also give each other foreplay at the same time. prolonged and uncomfortable fumbling session as it will take her much longer to reach an orgasm. and before you know it. Woo her. or you want to spice up your sex life with your long-standing partner. meaning you will both be ready to rock and roll together. Women love to be aroused and teased by their partner to an extent where they can't take it any more and their lust for sex overtakes their entire being. Have fun .Chapter 4 . if she gets there at all. and tantalize her with your hands and lips. and go straight for an orgasm. there are thousands and thousands of different ways to turn women on. Hearing your woman moan while you kiss her neck is an automatic turn-on for you. it will only end up being an embarrassing. and what makes you orgasm. If you've grown physically attracted to someone recently and feel that you may end up sleeping together. Before anything else you need to turn your woman on and get her into the mood by lavishing her with lots and lots of foreplay. They want you to get them into such an aroused state that they are practically begging you to put them out of their misery.Fantastic Foreplay Now you are armed with a good understanding of what's "down below." what turns you on. as more experienced lesbians know. or give it just a cursory nod. To become the woman she can't live without.

as does her blood pressure. Ways to Turn a Woman On You should always remember that there are two categories of foreplay: psychological foreplay and physical foreplay. 16 . such as talking dirty. As the female mind has such an overpowering influence on our physical reactions. The blood in her body starts to rush to her bosoms and vagina. her heart rate automatically begins to increase. A cocktail of chemicals also begins to rush throughout your partner's body. although you shouldn't necessarily take this as the sign that she is ready for sex. kissing. psychological foreplay is essential. You may even notice her skin getting flushed or warmer to the touch. With the right balance of these two aspects of foreplay. engorging them and making them sensitive. caressing. Her skin will become hypersensitive to every touch and caress. she will soon be eating out of the palm of your hand and begging you for more! Psychological Foreplay Psychological foreplay. both verbally and physically. can help to fill her mind with passion and desire. There are. then this can be used as your physical foreplay forte again and again without fail. and you can figure out pretty fast what she does or doesn't like by her reaction. fondling or teasing. a few foreplay favorites that most women love and these are explored in detail below. Internally she will begin to experience muscular tension in the pelvic region of which will increase and increase until she has an orgasm. since some women's vaginas are naturally moister than others. You are both women and if you know what you like and where you like to be touched then tell her. Communication Women have such creative and responsive imaginations that just talking about sex is enough to get her grabbing your head and shoving it between her legs with a wanton desire to be satisfied there and then! The key to great physiological foreplay and the sex that follows is being brave enough to tell each other what you like by actually communicating with each other. Her vagina will also start to become wet. How is she ever to know that you love your toes being sucked if you don't let the words spurt from your mouth? If she lets you in on a little secret that she loves for her nipples to be pinched while you kiss her neck. whether that's by talking dirty. of course.likes and what ways work! It can often be trial and error. What Happens When a Woman Gets Turned On? When you begin to stimulate your partner.

17 . and if she moans seductively every time you lick her earlobe then you know that she loves it and wants more! The same is true for body language as a form of communication. but practice makes perfect. If either of you is too shy to blurt it all out and lay bare your most explicit fantasies. Create intensity by showing her how much she matters to you . and you'll be richly rewarded with the same. First and foremost is determining whether or not she actually likes it. This could be anything from whispering in her ear to barking orders at her! Letting your partner know what you want to do to her in explicit and graphic detail. If she begins to writhe when you run your fingers down her spine. If you're getting a bit frisky on the couch one night. This is where you have to stop yourself from calling her vagina a "flower" and her breasts "pillows" and delve into the dark depths of sexual explicitness. do it again and again until it drives her wild! Never forget that women are romantic by nature . Talking Dirty The next step up from communicating your physical desires is actually talking dirty to her to turn her on. Give her the romantic intensity that she craves. then stop. Practice in the shower. If you feel uncomfortable saying "I want to lick your wet pussy" or "I want to shove my face in your cunt" then maybe talking dirty isn't for you. even if you have been together for years and years. Pursuit is the greatest compliment you can give your lover . Moans and gasps are forms of communication.with your looks and your words and actions.and love to be pursued. whisper in her ear something like "I really want to make you wet tonight" and she how she reacts. if she looks about to heave. then you need to look out for other forms of communication while taking part in physical foreplay. Be a lover like no other: never underestimate the power of intensity in your relationship.let her see the desire in your eyes. in the mirror or whenever you have a moment alone and you'll soon find that the words become less shocking and easier to say! Then all you have to do is to find the right moment to start talking dirty to your partner. but if a smile spreads across her face then you know to carry on! There are loads of uses for talking dirty to really add spice to any form of sexual relationship including: • • Telling your partner exactly what you want her to do to you in graphic detail to get her mind in a spin.You'll be surprised just how much of a turn-on talking about what you like being done to you is.

especially when it's done sensually and erotically. If you take it slowly and kiss her and caress her while unbuttoning her blouse or pulling down her trousers. If you've never talked about whether she likes watching it before. Getting her mind ready before her body has a chance to react to physical foreplay can really heighten sexual arousal. but there are a growing number of porn movies developed for lesbian audiences. but your partner may love getting turned on by watching lesbian porn movies. will probably be a great springboard to action! Physical Foreplay Undressing Her Undressing should always be considered as an act of physical foreplay. then reading a hot and steamy short story.• • • • • Make the mere thought of sex raunchy and naughty and yummy! You can give a narrative to your partner during foreplay and sex. She'll be running home on her lunch break if you get it just right! Whisper dirty thoughts in your partner's ear before she heads of to the mall or to work in the morning. she may even be ready without the need for anything else! Kissing There's nothing more erotic or sensual than kissing your lover. How about using your hands and teeth to undress her? It gives you a chance to get in close and personal while exposing her delicious body for your eyes. you can let her know by talking dirty about it! Moans. You may never get to the end of the movie before you start kissing and fondling each other but if watching two women making love to one another helps to heat things up. It will occupy her mind for the entire day and she'll be more than ready for you by the time she comes home! Watch Porn or Read Erotic Fiction to Her It totally depends on the individual. There's also a huge range of lesbian erotic fiction available from online stores or bookstores that are good enough to stock lesbian books. then there's nothing wrong with it. maybe now's the time. Let your tongues explore each other's mouths and use it as a hint of just what your tongue will get up to on her clitoris later. If what your woman is doing to you feels great. cuddled up in bed together. gasps and swearing will all be welcome! Send dirty emails or leave messages on her cell phone. telling her what you are going to do step by step. Start off soft and slow and gradually increase the pace and hardness of the kiss. If you both have active imaginations. It will soon leave her gasping for air! 18 . Most of the run of the mill girl-on-girl action has been developed with male fantasies in mind.

Some women can achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. Brush your hands over her bra until you can feel her nipples becoming erect. This should be particularly easy. Caress Her Skin As increased arousal in a woman makes her skin hypersensitive. others find them too sensitive to be touched! Once again. and buttocks. Running objects such as feathers across your partner's nipples could be all they need to stand up to attention! 5. but as men love nipple play just as much as women. When she is naked. 4. as once you start to expose her flesh. caressing her body with your hands will be just as effective as kissing. the back of her knees. 3. Lick them. they are highly sensitive areas of the body that deserve particular attention during foreplay. or even bite them softly if she likes it. don't forget that the undersides of breast can be just as sensitive to licks and kisses and nibbles as the nipples themselves. it's all down to the luck of the draw and exploring what works for her. When her breasts are bare. Differences in temperature on the nipples can be arousing. There are many erogenous zones on a woman's body such as her inner thighs. home in on her nipples.The great thing about kissing is that it isn't just for the lips alone! As her skin becomes more and more sensitive to the touch. the wrists. If your partner is Butch. Then lightly lick. Kissing. nuzzling her neck with your lips or feathering soft kisses over her belly and thighs could start to make her moan with delight. You will soon find out which of the erogenous zones are her real hot spots that you should pay homage to! Playing With Her Breasts As blood rushes to a woman's breasts when she becomes sexually aroused. you may be able to convince her to go for it! There are endless ways to fondle a woman's breasts. lightly sucking or nibbling any of these areas will start her breathing heavily and wanting more. Tease her breasts through her clothes. nibble and pinch them until she starts ripping off her clothes for skin-to-skin contact! 2. but here are a few hints and tips for starters! 1. you won't be able to keep your hands off her anyway! Just as with kissing her body. she may not be attached to her breasts in the same way as you are. suck them lightly. Circle them with your tongue. you should try and pay particular attention to her erogenous zones such as the nape of her neck and her 19 . especially if you drip hot candle wax on them or rub ice cubes over them then blow warm air across them.

Whispering rude thoughts in her ear while stroking her nipples is very easy to achieve. You don't need to do one thing at a time. If you lightly run your hands between her legs. particularly if she likes analingus or anal penetration. Tease Her Vagina Without reaching full sex such as vaginal penetration or cunnilingus. so experiment until her body and mind are content! 20 . and that's the whole fun of foreplay. rub your thigh between her legs or even run a finger across her labia this can still be considered as foreplay. If you save teasing her vagina till last then the natural next step is to have sex with her. her labia become engorged with blood. legs and chest really sets the scene for an extra special evening where all the focus of your attention is on her. how much. after all you are in the area so why not? If this introduction to foreplay has got you all wound up just by reading it then you are probably dying to try it out! Just remember that a combination of many of the psychological and physical aspects of foreplay will unlock the key to her sexual arousal and readiness for sex. her vagina open and moisten. One surefire way to get her whole body tingling with delight is to massage her. All of the acts of physical foreplay already discussed can have this desired effect without even touching her vagina but the ultimate tease is to actually touch it. how often and for how long. You just have to find out what. Lighting candles and buying some aromatherapy oils for you to massage gently into her back.ass. you can tease her vagina to make her clitoris erect.

or hide their natural smell by douching or using fragranced products. They will not make fun at you or laugh at your lopsided labia minora. Also. or any form of sexual relationship.Chapter 5 . The truth is that highly fragranced products or douching can harm you as it disrupts the natural cleaning process of the vagina and can cause bacterial infections. there are no steadfast rules or instructions that you must follow. leaving you tingling with delight and entirely satisfied! One of the many reasons why women get so leery of allowing their partner to go down on them is because it feels like they are losing control of their bodies. Before we start to focus on things that you can do to your partner. let's spend a couple of minutes focusing on your clitoris! Snatch Hang-Ups So many women that are entering into the arena of lesbian sex. women are so concerned about the way they smell and taste during cunnilingus that they would rather go without. a clean. As they are letting their partner in between their legs to stare at their vagina and clitoris it makes them feel nervous. embarrassed and on edge. if you know what you are doing and get it right! As always. as each woman's clitoris needs to be treated in different ways. they will revel in the way it looks. Most women in porn magazines or movies have perfect vaginas with equal. pink 21 . (otherwise known as going down on her. which seems entirely appropriate when it's dedicated to cunnilingus. smells and tastes. However. are frightened to death by the thought of cunnilingus. the musky smell that the vagina emits when a female is sexually aroused is actually a huge turn on for your partner. many women are worried about what their vagina and clitoris looks like. rug munching or muff diving) is where you use your tongue to stimulate your lover's clitoris to help her to achieve a clitoral orgasm. You may not want to let your partner go down on you." and as a result. so going "au naturel" is the best thing to do! Of course. Hopefully this chapter will help to unveil some of the techniques that you can use on your lover and there may even be a few new ones in here that you never even thought of trying. neatly trimmed or shaven snatch is expected.Cunnilingus Creativity The title of this chapter is a tongue twister in itself. The vagina and clitoris is a thing of beauty that lesbians worship. licking her out. Being allowed to stimulate this with their tongue is a great honor! Another great hang-up is the smell and taste itself. It is one of the most enjoyable and orgasmic facets of lesbian sex. but you need to understand what you would be missing if you don't! Orgasms achieved through clitoral stimulation by your lover's tongue can be absolutely mind-blowing and rock your whole body. There is such a stigma attached to the vulva as being "fishy. you should remember that lesbians love women's bodies and they will delight in being allowed to have intimacy with your clitoris. but there's no need to make it smell like a bed of roses! Finally. Cunnilingus.

but if she grabs your head and pushes it down there. or if she lets you slowly kiss down the entire length of her body across her belly and finally finish on her inner thighs. and use some of the following ideas (and any more that you might think of while you are down there): 1. as the clitoris is directly above this will give it indirect 22 . fun and frolics. Although the clitoris does become erect during sex. especially through cunnilingus or clitoral sex. Lick her labia minora. Women are also lucky in the respect that they can come much harder and for much longer than men. Women's vulvas come in all shapes and sizes and every one is unique. If you spent some time exploring your own vulva and genitalia using the suggestions in Chapter Three Masturbation Revealed. lightly and easily. she will take it at your pace anyway. your lover will be evidently ready for hot lesbian sex. it needs to be treated with sensitivity and care. whether that is through clitoral. and you will have grown to like your own vagina. Take it slowly. in the least. vaginal or G-Spot orgasm. It's said that the longest female orgasm on record is 43 seconds but there are probably plenty of women out there who have gone on for much longer than that! We are also much more likely to have multiple orgasms. but with a little gentle persuasion it will quickly come out to play again in most cases! Getting the Clit Going After plenty of foreplay.labia and tiny cute peas of clitorises. You may not know whether she wants you to go down there. You need to be proud of it and at one with it so that you feel relaxed enough to let her down there. Rushing in there straight away may make her jolt. then you know exactly what your partner will see. as it is an incredibly sensitive organ. There is nothing to be ashamed or worried about. The Clitoris Women are lucky. or. and that's the clitoris itself. it can reduce to its normal size in as little as fifteen seconds! It may still be extremely sensitive to touching or licking. On the outside the clitoris looks like a little nub underneath a v-shaped hood but it is actually a complex structure of organs that are rich in nerve endings and expand way below the surface. this is a sure sign that she's willing to let you in! Although you may think that this is it and you can go for it. you still need to give the clitoris indirect stimulation. If she is a sensitive and caring partner. However these have been so airbrushed and digitally manipulated that the actual image of what you see on the screen or in the photograph isn't what their vulva looks like at all. they have the only organ in the human body that has been specifically designed for sexual stimulation. The clitoris has four times as many nerve endings as the penis and as a result. make her feel uneasy. The clitoris is sensitive. no matter whether you think you have given her all the foreplay she needs.

Lightly kiss just above the hood of the clitoris again and again.stimulation and the labia themselves can be incredibly sensitive anyway. "Tongue fucking" is a sure fire way to get her wild with desire and wanting your mouth on her clit. moaning. She may love nibbling or light sucking of the labia too! 5. then kissing and gently nibbling this can be a source of indirect stimulation. 7. 6. Focus on the Clitoris When (and only when) she is writhing with pleasure. If your tongue gets tired then your lips are just as good! If you place your lips over the hood and moan (have no doubt that giving your partner cunnilingus will 23 . Gently suck her clitoris into your mouth and. 4. 3. Again. Your tongue is a powerful muscle and using it to drive it into her wet vagina will help to arouse her even more. 6. 3. If she likes her perineum being stimulated. breathing hard or praying that you lick her clitoris soon should you give the clitoris direct stimulation. begin to flick your tongue over her clitoris again and again. Stimulate both her vagina and clitoris by "tongue fucking" her vagina and using your nose to rub gently over and around the clitoris. there are a variety of ways you can do this. 2. 4. Circle your tongue lightly around the hood and then lightly begin to lick it with an up and down motion or a sideways motion. 2. whatever seems to work best for her is what you should be looking and listening for. pleading you to lick it! Lick the clitoris directly or circle it with your tongue again and again. Use your tongue to lick up and down her labia so that it pushes them open and you can begin to taste her wetness. keeping it there. 5. Use wet fingers to slowly lift up the hood and as you have given her so much foreplay and indirect stimulation the clitoris should pop forward. Taste her wetness and use it to keep the clitoris moist with your tongue. Bury your face in her vulva so that you can savor the wetness of her. some of which are highlighted below to help you on your way: 1. Some women may just find that their clitoris is way too sensitive for this really direct stimulation so if she winces or recoils you may have to abandon this. Use your tongue to circle the labia again and again.

Teasing by stopping for a few second may heighten or intensify her orgasm.turn you on. too). how fast and how long will differ with every single woman. She may tell you that she wants it harder or if she is continually pushing her vagina towards your face or thrusting her hips. Some women find it incredibly hard to reach an orgasm. it also has a lot to do with the position too! The easiest way to start out is with your lover lying on her back with your head between her legs but changing or trying out new positions when you are giving your partner cunnilingus can help to add a little spice to sex and create different sensations that she will enjoy. try. others incredibly easy. This position also makes it easy for you to pinch or caress her nipples at the same time as stimulating her clitoris. However. the key to excellent cunnilingus is rhythm. you may think that anything else would be difficult to cope with at this point. the vibrations can actually be enough to stimulate the clitoris towards orgasm. Several positions that she may love are listed below but if you want some more contortionist approaches. If she is feeling brave and thinks her legs are up to it. and what made her come last time may need to be changed totally next time! Be prepared to be inventive and experimental. Don't change tactics or slow down half way through as this will disappoint her and mean that you have to start from scratch. If she doesn't have an orgasm this does not signify failure. then this is telling you the same thing! How hard. body spasms and breathing will give you great hints) then you need to stick with it. she can stand up with you between her legs. Watching her legs buckle with orgasmic 24 . this will prove to be disastrous. Patience and perseverance are good virtues when it comes to cunnilingus. try again! Creative Positions Cunnilingus Creativity doesn't just start and end with the way you lick and tease and suck her clitoris. move your entire head and keep your tongue still or use your nose instead! She may even enjoy a continual increase in pace to allow her to explode into orgasm. However. You need to keep a continual rhythm going and if your tongue hurts. Once you have found a method that she is obviously enjoying (her moans. Find the Rhythm With so many variations on the theme of cunnilingus for you to try and the distractions that your own arousal will cause. then you should take a look at the Lesbian Kama Sutra! In a Chair If you get your lover to sit in a chair with her legs spread then you can kneel between them and have direct access to her vagina and clitoris. if you completely stop because of tongue ache or lockjaw. If at first you don't succeed.

They actually worked together for two years without knowing each other were lesbians. it will all come together but at first you may want her to give you vaginal penetration while you focus on her clitoris and then when she has had a clitoral orgasm. If one of you lies on your back and the other one gets on all fours on top so that both of your faces are in each other's vulvas then you have direct access to her vagina and clitoris. If she rests on her knees and shins. If there's a wall behind your head. where she gets on all fours and you kneel behind her. Just because your last partner liked you licking her out while she was bent over the kitchen table. Straddle Your Face An amazing position. this doesn't mean that your new partner will. the more likely you are to find a position and a method that she will love. and how hard you lick her. and one that gives your partner more control. you can lick and circle her clitoris while she controls the intensity. or vaginal penetration of which we are about to delve into next! Remember that any of the methods outlined in this chapter can be done by hand as well. she can lean her hands on it and this will give her more balance. you can swap! This position offers plenty of variety for you to try! Doggy Style One final position that has its merits is doggy style. as it may take her one minute and you three. If she arches her back slightly. how much contact you have. Please bear in mind that cunnilingus can be even more delightful if combined with any of the psychological or physical foreplay methods outlined in the previous chapter. All you have to do is put your head between her legs and find a rhythm and a way of stimulating her clitoris in this position that makes her squeal with delight. This brief outline of cunnilingus and the positions that you can try is by no means exhaustive. this will give you easier access to her clitoris. Every partner that you have will like different things. Good Old 69 The most amazing thing is that you can actually give each other cunnilingus at the same time using the good old "69" position. The more willing you are to try things. is for her to straddle your face.delight is sensational. Your hands can be just as creative as your tongue! Megan and Annie began their relationship at work. The hardest thing about a 69 is training each other to come at the same time. With practice and time. They found this out by 25 .

" Not long after that. A lasting.accident when the subject of homosexuality came up in a casual conversation at work where several people were present. Then they ran into each other one day when Annie joined Megan's gym. Annie didn't have to wait forever. At the mention of the subject. for reasons they can't quite explain. without ever mentioning their sexuality. Megan and Annie both.in fact. their friendship moved to flirtation. After that moment. intense relationship began and still exists to this day. looked at each other at exactly the same time. They have not yet moved in together . Megan didn't make it easy for Annie . slow build-up of their relationship which has been full of events they consider personal milestones. a warmth developed between them which became a work-time friendship. 26 . They attribute this to the long. though. they "knew that they knew. she rather enjoyed torturing her and driving her crazy with wonder as to whether the growing passion was returned. Ever so slowly.but their desire for each other is the most profound that each has ever known.

Again. which is at the end of the vagina. it's time to add something else into the mix and that's satisfying her vagina! Even if you've been practicing lesbian sex for longer than you can remember. after all. you are the recipient your partner's fingers or entire hand are inside you with the ultimate aim of arousing you and making you orgasm.Satisfying Vaginas Now that you understand how to turn her on and satisfy her clitoris. and the cervix. The deeper two-thirds of the vagina can be stimulated by deep thrusting. Whatever your reason for reading this chapter. the most sensitive part of the vagina is the first third. is sensitive. It's an incredibly huge turn-on for the giver. You can even indirectly stimulate the clitoris through the walls of the vagina too! Why Do We Love Vaginal Penetration So Much? The vagina is part of the female genitalia and although it's where babies come from. There are a huge variety of sensations that women can experience ranging from sexual pleasure at being "filled" to vaginal and G-Spot orgasms. Some women love to be pounded during vaginal penetration. maybe you haven't tried fisting your partner or putting on a strap-on and pumping away. but if you love the feeling of your partner's hand inside you or the thrusting motion you 27 . it's just as important a sexual organ as the clitoris. be prepared for plenty of ideas and new ways of vaginal penetration for you to try out! The Vagina As we've already discussed in Chapter 2 . It's a massive privilege to be allowed inside your partner and it can often generate a feeling of ultimate togetherness and you and her "becoming one. others hate it.Chapter 6 . the vagina is made of stretchable tissue that expands and contracts during sex. and there are those who can't. too. as this has the most nerve endings. which can best be described as a rougher area of tissue in comparison to the rest of the vagina. You can also locate the G-Spot in this first third on the outer vaginal wall. One overriding factor why lesbians love vaginal penetration so much is because it is the ultimate form of sexual contact.The Female Anatomy. as you can feel the contractions of the vagina and the pulsation as your lover reaches orgasm." A Vaginal Orgasm Doesn't Always Happen! There are many fortunate women out there who can orgasm just from vaginal penetration alone. There's nothing abnormal about the fact that that you don't have orgasms through vaginal penetration.

then you need to stop right now. the vagina shouldn't be the place where only a penis goes. including parts of your body and some sex toys that will help to blow your lover's mind! Just remember that not all women will like everything mentioned here so before you get all gung-ho and try something that she hates. if you have them. 2. try circling it and flicking your tongue across the opening to find out what turns her on. a dildo or a strapon inside you doesn't mean that you secretly want a man! It just means that you like having your vagina stimulated and enjoy vaginal orgasms. it's a lesbian cock that lesbians use to stimulate their partners vaginally. you are probably starting to panic. there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't still savor it! Your partner can help you to achieve orgasm by stimulating your clitoris or anus at the same time anyway! Is Vaginal Penetration Just For Heterosexuals? Many lesbians shy away from discussing vaginal penetration or even trying it out. as they think its far too close to having sex with a man. and just because you want to feel your partner's fingers. The tongue is a powerful and strong muscle and using the tongue to penetrate the first third of her vagina can be just as effective as your fingers! 1. as your tongue does actually penetrate your lover's vagina. it has a rightful place in the world of vaginal penetration. 28 . don't: this book unveils the mysteries that shroud what goes on in lesbian sex and provide you with all the knowledge you need.can feel when she grinds her strap-on inside. With Your Tongue Although "tongue fucking" has been described as a method of cunnilingus in this book. Well. You will find that the remainder of the chapter will explore the tools you have available for vaginal penetration. How to Satisfy Vaginas It's all very well talking about vaginal orgasms or strap-ons and thrusting. but if you are new to lesbianism or there are some aspects of vaginal penetration that you haven't explored yet. She will need to be aroused to enable you to penetrate her vagina with your tongue so plenty of foreplay is required before hand. Use your tongue to lightly lick her inner labia in an up-and-down motion until they open up for you. too. If you feel that way. A dildo is not a substitute for a dick. ask her or watch for her reactions. Run your tongue around the opening of her vagina. 3.

This will enable you to find all the sensitive spots that you can lightly touch and caress. There is an art to fisting and is often thought to be one of the most difficult forms of lesbian sex as it requires patience. caress the opening of her vagina. You can actually use your finger. As she becomes more and more aroused. lots of lube. or maybe two or three fingers. the end 29 . and slowly insert it in her vagina and out again. your nose becomes a very useful clitoral stimulant which is particularly useful if she doesn't have vaginal orgasms. This is the ideal opportunity to stimulate her G-Spot. and this doesn't mean clenching your hand into a fist-like shape and trying to shove it inside her with all your might as this would be virtually impossible and incredibly painful. If you slowly increase the pace until you reach the optimum rhythm that she is obviously enjoying. The ways in which your fingers can be used to reach the parts that others can't are as follows: 1. and complete and utter trust. However. Not all women have orgasms through stimulation of the G-Spot. If you bury your face in her while using your tongue to penetrate. Tense your tongue so that it becomes a hard muscle.4. With your palm facing towards you use your finger to search for the rougher area of tissue on the outer vaginal wall and begin to stroke it in a beckoning motion. Nothing can match the speed of your hand when it comes to thrusting and for women who can reach vaginal orgasm. so don't feel like a failure if she doesn't have one. you may be able to make her achieve an orgasm. 3. so remember that each woman is different here. 5. Some don't like it as it literally makes them feel like they have to pee. 2. They can also reach all the nooks and crannies of a vagina such as the G-Spot. Just remember to leave yourself room to breathe without losing the rhythm. Obviously you will not get as deep a penetration as a strap-on would. Once your partner is fully aroused. Repeat this again and again and increase the pace and ferocity as she asks or desires. to thrust inside her vagina and reach deeper. but you will be able to pump in and out faster with your hand than you can with your hips. You can also match this rhythm on her clit using your tongue or a vibrator for a double whammy! Your Whole Hand Inserting your whole hand inside your partner's vagina is more commonly known as fisting. you will find it easy to gently insert one finger inside her. Your fingers are one of the most dexterous parts of your body and can transmit very light sensations that many other parts of your body can't. willingness from each other. and don't use too much pressure! With Your Fingers The next essential body parts are your fingers. this sensation will be absolutely amazing.

then fisting is the ultimate satisfier. She may open up so much that you can thrust your entire hand in and out of her vagina. The sensations she will be experiencing will be huge so you need to take things easy. amazingly deep penetration and earth shattering orgasms are well worth it. not all hands will fit inside all vaginas so you should always. You should now proceed very slowly and gently insert your hand millimeters at a time. Take your time and indulge her in plenty of foreplay and maybe even tongue fucking. She will probably let you know how hard and fast she wants it! 4. Continually apply lubricant to your hand as needed. All she needs to do is relax enough and be aroused enough so that her vagina expands. Then you can begin to insert your hand into her vagina until it reaches its widest point then stop. Always have plenty of lube handy and lube up your hand before you start. You should never rush things when it comes to fisting. At this point you need to make sure that your palm is facing you. It may be best to get her to achieve a clitoral orgasm before even attempting fisting. As she gets more and more turned on and used to the sensations. no matter how naturally wet she may be. 3. How To Fist 1. rest for a while and treat her to gentle thrusting with all four fingers. 5. The intensity for the recipient is amazing and the vaginal orgasms that can be achieved are out of this world. always proceed with caution. Tuck your thumb onto your palm so that your hand looks like a funnel and is as skinny as possible. You can either rotate your hand from the wrist or make minute thrusting movements back and forward. Once you reach four. Now that your whole hand is inside her you can clench it into a fist-like shape and begin to make small movements.results of utter connectivity with one another. you can begin to thrust more rapidly and harder. 30 . 2. clitoral stimulation. or finger thrusting beforehand. 6. All of a sudden her vagina will literally swallow your hand and you will hear an audible popping sound. Fisting should always start off by being finger thrusting and gradually inserting more and more fingers to start to open up and expand her vaginal opening. If you know that your lover adores deep penetration. then you can get your hand inside and she can let you do the rest! One word of warning though. With your entire hand inside her you can really reach the final two thirds of the vagina and stimulate it by thrusting.

but there are two that are perfect for vaginal penetration and these are dildos and strap-ons. Tease her by doing it gently and slowly until she's gagging for you to go harder and faster. That way you can get used to how it looks! The ways to use a dildo or a strap-on during penetrative vaginal sex are as follows: 1. Dildos and Strap-ons Sex toys are discussed in much more detail in Chapter 9 . Insert one finger inside her. then three to open her up. You should always insert the dildo slowly. then two.Sex Toys for Lesbians. lots of fantastic foreplay is needed to get your partner ready for action. You need to feel comfortable and almost as though the strap-on is part of your body before you are ready. Some are designed to specifically stimulate the G-spot. model. others for deep penetration and some for both. as could the mere action of putting it on yourself ready to penetrate your partner. The most important thing at first is to overcome any embarrassment you may have at wearing it or seeing your partner wearing it. When you can feel her vagina opening up even more and she's really wet. begin to rotate your hips or hand. As usual. Using a dildo or strap-on in this way can also give indirect stimulation to the clitoris. Then. you need to be just as cautious as when you inserted it. and color you choose! Just the thought of your partner wearing a strap-on may be enough to make you orgasm. If you are going to be the recipient your partner should spend time wearing it around you before trying to penetrate you. It's up to you and your partner to decide which make. Start off slow and soft and gradually increase the pace and strength until she starts moaning and writhing with pleasure. arouse it and make it start to expand. don't yank out your hand. When she has had an orgasm or wants you to stop. Use your fingers first to explore her vagina. You could use a vibrator on her clitoris at the same time if she's up for it! 31 . 5. 4.7. resulting in both vaginal and clitoral orgasms. 3. 2. Either use a corkscrew like motion to produce a turning or twisting sensation or start thrusting your hand in and out of her vagina. If you are going to be the giver you should practice putting it on and wearing it alone before facing your partner with it. it's time to replace your fingers with the dildo or the dildo attached to your harness. or thrust in and out. depending upon what she likes best. size. Dildos are literally hand-held versions of strap-ons that come in all manner of shapes and sizes.

nipples and clitoris. Your other hand will be free to pinch her nipples or stimulate her clitoris. Your hands can also be kept free to caress her body. where your partner lays on her back with her legs open and you lay inbetween them with your hips against hers and your face above hers. The most common positions that lesbians use are discussed below. You could also try sitting in a chair while she climbs on top. is ideal for penetration. Her On Top If you want to give your partner control of how deep. practically any heterosexual positions can be tried. as your stance gives you plenty of room and you can really pump hard and fast this way! Side by side 32 . Doggy Style Your partner on all fours can be used for cunnilingus and vaginal penetration. You are able to maintain eye contact and watch her get aroused. You could even lie with your head in between her legs so that you can give cunnilingus while penetrating her vagina. then it may sound boring. This position is ideal for finger thrusting. You need to make sure she is highly aroused before she does this. as a lesbian wielding a cock is better than a man with a penis! Kneel Between Her Legs If you get your partner to lie on her back with her legs spread apart slightly you can kneel in-between them. With strap-ons. You can hold onto her hips while she bucks on thrusts on the strap-on. too. using a dildo or fisting. You could even suck her nipples while thrusting or allow her to reach in-between your legs. If you kneel behind her and in between her legs with her ass facing you. It's also ideal for fisting or finger thrusting too. and you can rock your hips in time to her motion to get as deep as you can. this should give you the perfect angle to insert a strap-on or dildo inside her. You can rest on your hands to give you plenty of thrusting power. then you should lie on your back and she should straddle you and be facing you. how hard and how fast the strap-on thrusts or grinds inside her. The closeness of contact allows for a multitude of variations on the theme. Missionary If you are wearing a strap-on.Vagina Positions There are a huge variety of positions that you can try for vaginal penetration. This delicious combination is bound to make her toes curl. but the missionary position.

Armed with your new knowledge of foreplay.To get as much body contact as possible during penetration you can lie side by side. it does exist) then you need to read on feverishly! The more you know. Watching her legs tremor when she reaches orgasm is amazing. This only works really well if you are of equal height when you want to use a strap-on on her. cunnilingus and penetration you are probably itching to try it all out and who wouldn't be. However. Now understand the basic concepts of lesbian vaginal penetration too. Another alternative is to use this position for finger fucking each other at the same time. if you want to use a dildo or your fingers you can kneel down in between her legs or bend down slightly so that you have plenty of elbow room for thrusting and corkscrewing. However. Just reading about sex is a turn on for lesbians and if your partner is close by. the better you will become and women just won't be able to get enough of you! Knowledge is lesbian sex power! 33 . you may want to take a short breather from this book now. Standing A great position is to get your partner to stand up. if you love the thought of anal sex or want to find out more about sex toys and female ejaculation (yes. If you face each other and she puts one of her legs over your hips you should be able to insert your strap-on inside her quite easily.

can also open up and balloon when sexually aroused. and how to give analingus. does not have any natural lubrication. Anal Penetration If you or your partner want anal penetration but don't know where to begin. whether that's penetrative or analingus. dirty. which is connected to the anus by the anal canal.Amazing Anal It's a probability that many lesbians who read this book will skip this chapter completely. The first thing is lube. The anus. However. Just a touch of a fingertip on your anus or the feel of a fingertip inside an anus is enough to drive anyone wild! If you or your partner are relaxed enough. plenty of lesbians partake in anal sex who are extremely fascinated by it and drawn to it. As well as offering this natural body function an escape route. it is also an opening of your body that is packed with nerve endings and is incredibly sensitive to the touch.Chapter 7 . so you need to use lots of water-based lube to enable entry. perverted and reserved for gay men because they've got nowhere else to shove their dicks. the vagina and the labia. dildos and even entire fists to be inserted. lube. This is because humans have been conditioned into thinking that our anus is only the place where waste comes out and nothing. many women never reveal the fact that one of their most erotic fantasies is to get their partner to penetrate them with a dildo in the anus or feel their lover's fingers inside their anus as they lick their clitoris at the same time. absolutely nothing goes up it. unlike the vagina. how you can have anal sex. and lube. Just like the clitoris. The Anus The anus is an opening just below your perineum where your rectum pushes out your feces. The giver needs to take things slowly and 34 . are only letting themselves do something that's painful. If you have been brave enough to read these pages without allowing society to dictate to you what good sex is and what's bad. more of them would try it. then well done! You have found a book of which explains why the anus is so sensitive. This is unfortunate because if more and more women understood the intense pleasure that can be obtained from anal sex. the anus can become engorged with blood when aroused and the rectum. butt plugs. The second thing is relaxation. the anus can actually open up enough for several fingers. As it's such a taboo subject though. Don't use oil-based lubricants as this may drip onto the vagina and cause infections. We have been told that people who practice anal sex. there are three key things to remember before you even think about going anywhere near her ass.

Its natural reaction when anything gets close is to clamp down and stop entry. which means that she will not be able to control it. and do only what she can cope with. Lube up your finger. as they will not be afraid to express their true feelings or abandon anal sex altogether if they don't like it. what she wants more of and what she doesn't want to do again. tease her anus with the movement she likes most. Toys As well as lube. She may have experienced anal sex with another partner but never with you. The recipient needs to remain relaxed to have any chance of anal penetration at all. the more lube the better and then either lightly rub your finger over her anus. what hurts. You may not ever be able to. Anal sex is probably best suited to lovers who have been together for a while. listen to her every need. If you need more lube keep adding it! 35 . You will not be able to get your nice fat strap-on dildo inside her the first time you try anal sex as it just won't open up enough. it will literally be afraid! With training and relaxation it can be conditioned to like entry. The internal sphincter muscle is involuntary. start off small and work your way up until her anus is used to accepting larger objects. so be gentle. Your fingers can be used to arouse the anus and insert inside the anal canal. and you may have to buy specific dildos which are thinner that will be just big enough for her anus. She should always be sexually aroused before you attempt anal penetration. You. If you want to add sex toys into anal sex. You need to communicate with each other at all times. If your rush you will only end up hurting your partner and that's the last thing you want to do. How to Penetrate Her Anus As this is a beginner's guide to analingus. this guide will focus on using a finger to penetrate your partner's anus. These are butt plugs. Don't be worried that anal penetration will make you or your partner incontinent as it will actually help to strengthen your sphincter muscles. dildos and anal vibrators. Your partner needs to tell you what feels good. 2. although the steps must be followed no matter what you use. caress it or circle it and ask her to tell you what she likes best. and take it one step at a time. The third thing is communication. as the giver. which are specifically designed for the anus and have a flared end to stop them from disappearing. need to listen carefully and read her body language continually to ensure that you take things at the right pace. 1.smoothly. there are some other things that you can take into the anal sex arena too. Once you have found this out. There are a few sex toys that your partner may enjoy being inserted into her anus too.

Once your finger is in all the way and there is still plenty of lubricant. This should be done centimeter by centimeter. She may not want more than you are giving her already so it's best to check. but if your partner wants to be filled on all counts then what a turn-on that will be! Anal Fisting Believe it or not. Now you can attempt to slip your fingertip inside. Try circling the walls of the rectum or pushing against the wall to give indirect vaginal or clitoral stimulation. please see Chapter 6 . always stopping and letting her relax before continuing. anal sex can be conducted in many of the same positions that vaginal sex can. Stop and wait for her to relax. anal fisting can also take place if your partner is relaxed enough. Anal Penetration Positions Once again. need clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration as well as anal to be able to come. depending on what feels best for her. It's widely practiced by gay men.Satisfying Vaginas as the vaginal fisting technique is just the same as anal fisting. you need to proceed very slowly and carefully. flutter your fingertip or move your fingertip slowly in and out. Many women will. If you sit between her legs or behind her you will be able to see her anus start to open up as it becomes aroused. If she is ready. To understand the steps required for fisting. rather than repeat several types of positions. Analingus Analingus is more commonly known as rimming. slide your finger in a little more and conduct the step above again. When she gives the command. If you or your partner enjoys the 36 . You could even attempt minute thrusting. 4. it's just a different hole that requires lots and lots of lube and probably even more patience and receptivity than the vagina. You will be able to feel when your partner is fully aroused as the rectum will balloon slightly and the anus will be relaxed enough to allow for harder and deeper thrusting. You should never poke or you run the risk of tears or the sphincter muscles clamping down. start to move your finger incredibly slowly. 6.3. anal penetration can lead to mind blowing orgasms. 7. As the anus is so sensitive. but should never be left just for them. Just as with vaginal fisting. 5. "slip" being the operative word. Refer to the section on positions in Chapter 6 of this book.

if you do not feel comfortable putting your face near her anus or putting your tongue anywhere near it. If she doesn't mind being the giver but doesn't want the recipient then don't in any way try to make her. This should always be conducted with caution and sensitivity. As the giver. If you can see that her anus is opening and responsive you could try tongue fucking her anus. tickle the hairs of her anus with your tongue. Another method is to lick up and down her butt crack. then here's how. Open communication is the key to anything anal and if you don't want to do it. So there you have it. Slowly begin to circle her anus with your tongue. feathering your tongue over her anus as you go back and forth. First. If you are still up for the idea of anal penetration.sensation of your fingers on the anus or just inside it. Alternatively you could lay your tongue flat against her anus and rub it lightly. Start off by giving your lover plenty of foreplay so that she is sexually aroused. • • • • • • • Never think that an orgasm as a result of analingus will be quick. then you will have to tell her. 37 . because you will be too sensitive and tense. Anal sex is an acquired taste and something that lesbians have to be mentally prepared for before it can take place. discuss it with your partner and see what she thinks. If she recoils you must stop. Just remember not to force her into anything. a brief but comprehensive guide to the art of anal sex. It normally has a long slow build-up and often has to be combined with vaginal or clitoral stimulation to help your partner achieve an orgasm. as you will only end up getting hurt if you try. You should maintain body caressing with things like nipple pinching and caressing with your fingers while giving her analingus. then imagine how good it would feel with a warm wet tongue and mouth on it or just inside the anal canal! Licking the anus with your tongue can be highly pleasurable because of the sensitivity of the opening. At all times you must make sure that she enjoys the sensation. The same is true if your partner informs you that she wants to rim you and you do not like idea. don't. The Art of Rimming If your partner enjoys rimming or has been considering it and wants to give it a go.

is the pinnacle to lesbian sex when all of the muscular tension and sexual excitement that has been built up in your body (or your partner's) is released. Your clitoris becomes erect and your vagina balloons. It gives a fabulous feeling that rushes throughout your body. have been bugging you for a while. Your breathing quickens.The Big "O" As you will have seen throughout most chapters in this book. if you have had an orgasm before. you know now! Ways to Make Your Woman Orgasm If you really want to satisfy your partner when you are in bed with her there are several ways that she can achieve an orgasm: 38 . After several second or minutes. so if you ever wondered why you buck like a bronco when you come. all of this tension that has been built up suddenly reaches its climax and is released. women can reach orgasm from a variety of different stimulations. This can also occur in your limbs such as your arms and legs. and your burning desire to know whether female ejaculation exists. depending on how your body reacts. The Big O. you know the physical sensations that you feel but do you know why this happens? When you are being sexually stimulated. but they never really tell you what happens when you do have an orgasm. then this chapter will gratify your curious mind! What Happens When A Woman Orgasms? Most lesbian sex books you come across emphasize the importance of an orgasm and how satisfying it is to achieve one or help your partner to have one.Chapter 8 . why does it occur and how do you make your partner orgasm? If these questions. clitoris and pelvic organs. This is an orgasm and usually takes the physical form of your body stiffening. you become very excited and aroused. Obviously. blood rushes to your bosoms (often making your nipples erect) and to your vagina. labia. But just what is an orgasm. and one that we all love to try and achieve. followed by involuntary muscle spasms and contractions in the vagina and even in your uterus. or orgasm as it's commonly known. You skin can often take on a flushed appearance and you can start to glow or sweat. The giver often feels a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at making her partner come. as does your heart rate and your blood pressure. and the recipient is truly grateful. As you get more and more excited.

Clitoral stimulation using cunnilingus, your hand and vibrators (see Chapter 5 - Cunnilingus Creativity). This is the most common way for women to achieve an orgasm. Vaginal penetration using fingers, fisting and dildos (see Chapter 6 Satisfying Vaginas). Many women can have orgasms through vaginal penetration, but this is slightly less common than when you are exciting the clitoris. Clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration combined. Many women state that the most intense orgasms they have ever had has been when both their clitoris and vagina are being sexually satisfied. It's quite easy to lick your partner out while thrusting a dildo inside her! Nipple stimulation alone can often be enough to make some women orgasm. Obviously it totally depends whether your partner has very sensitive nipples and if she can get highly excited by having them licked, sucked, and teased. Fantasy stimulation can be enough of a turn-on to help her come without even touching her. If you help her to act out her most profound fantasies (see Chapter 10 - Finger Lickin' Good Fantasies) or she fantasizes while you are giving her sexual stimulation this can help her to achieve intense orgasms. Also, don't forget to read together our lesbian erotica that is included later on in this book! Mental stimulation is another way that some women can achieve an orgasm. Just watching a porn movie, reading an erotic book, or seeing their lover in a strap-on is enough to make some women tip themselves over the edge into orgasm. This is like coming on demand! If your partner enjoys SM play (see Chapter 11 - Welcome to BDSM) then caning her or whipping her or doing anything that causes intense pain can make her have an orgasm too.

Obviously not every single thing mentioned will help your partner to achieve an orgasm. The stimulants that will make her come will be entirely unique to her. While one woman needs her nipples flicked as you go down on her, another will want you to fist her and another may just want to look at you naked and that will be enough to tip her over the edge. How soft or hard she likes to be touched, for how long and how fast will also be entirely personal. Therefore you can't expect one technique that worked really well on one partner to work for all others. You need to determine just exactly what works for her and what doesn't. Strip out the things that don't from your foreplay and sex, and she will be able to reach an orgasm far more readily. Get Her There Again and Again Some (not all women) have the ability to achieve multiple orgasms. While most of us collapse in a heap after a mind-blowing orgasm, sweaty and exhausted, there are some lucky devils out there that can have orgasm after orgasm. Some


women simply don't know if they can or not because they've never tried it; others just simply can't. If your partner knows that she can have multiple orgasms, she will let you know the best way to get her there again and again. If she doesn't know and you would like to try and find out, you should try the following: 1. Help your partner to achieve a clitoral orgasm and then start stimulating and penetrating her vagina using your hand, a dildo, or a strap-on. As you have not let her start to relax after her initial orgasm, another one could follow soon after. 2. Swap this round and help your partner to achieve a vaginal orgasm first and then move onto her clitoris afterwards. It all depends what works best for her but there's no harm in trying both! 3. Focus on the clitoris. After she has achieved one clitoral orgasm back off slightly but continue to lightly touch and caress her clitoris with your tongue or finger. If she finds it too sensitive you may have to stop but if she can overcome this another orgasm could soon be on its way! 4. Focus on the vagina. After she has had an orgasm from vaginal penetration, keep your fingers, fist, or dildo inside her and make small, minute movements. Give her time to catch her breath a little then start to thrust away again and let the next orgasm roll in! Orgasm Isn't Everything While it's great talking about orgasms and multiple orgasms, it is important to stress that making your partner achieve an orgasm isn't the "be all and end all." You don't have to keep licking and licking for hour after hour or pumping and thrusting for what seems like eternity. Many women just enjoy the pleasure of intimate contact and don't care if they have an orgasm or not. Some women find it incredibly hard to achieve an orgasm at all. This can be due to a multitude of factors including depression, stress, or past physical or mental abuse. While months of patience and a caring and nurturing partner may help them to overcome their barriers to orgasm, some may never reach it at all. There are others who love sex purely because they want an orgasm and they know they can have one or more every time they have sex. Some can come in ten seconds with the first touch of a tongue or tip of a finger; others take thirty minutes or more. If you have a partner who finds it easy to have an orgasm when the right buttons are pushed, then lucky for you; but if your partner rarely achieves an orgasm this does not mean that you are a failure. If she finds it difficult to achieve an orgasm you cannot blame yourself or feel totally inadequate as she has probably experienced this with every single partner she


has ever been with. If it does really bother you then you could try spicing things up a bit by asking her what different things she would like to try or surprising her with sex toys or new positions to see if this helps her on her way. There is one cardinal sin that you should never make, and that's trying to get a Stone Butch to lie on her back and let you go down on her if this just isn't in her nature. For many Butch women, their whole sex life revolves around satisfying their partner and riding the wave of her orgasms, and they would be mortally offended if you tried to change that. They don't care if they don't have an orgasm as they often express a feeling of detachment from their genitalia. If you ever meet a woman who tells you this you should accept her decision and if you can handle being the only recipient you can have the time of your life under their expert orgasmic guidance! Female Ejaculation Most women laugh when they read this, but it is true: women can ejaculate just the same as men can when they get sexually excited and reach the point of orgasm. If you have ever been with a partner who seemed to flood the bed after G-Spot stimulation then this was her ejaculating, this was not her wetting the bed with excitement! While the liquid itself does contain traces of urine, its main ingredients are vaginal lubrication, cervical mucus, and fluid from the uterus. Many women stumble across the fact that they can ejaculate when they have sex. It can often be excruciatingly embarrassing as so little is known about female ejaculation that most women think they have literally pissed themselves in the heat of the moment. However, although ejaculation is not that common among women, it can happen, so you should never be afraid or embarrassed if it does. For some women it can be a real turn-on if you ejaculate; others hate the thought of it, so if you are a natural ejaculator then you should probably broach the subject before you flood all over her face! If your partner doesn't ejaculate and you would love it if she did, you can try and see if she will (You can even try out this method on yourself in the privacy of your own home). She will either have no reaction at all, flood, or her ejaculation will spurt like a fountain in the air!

The most common cause of ejaculation is G-Spot stimulation, so stimulate her G-spot with a beckoning motion either using a curved dildo or your finger You can also try pushing down on her pelvis, just above the pubic bone. If she feels like she needs to pee and is reaching orgasm she should push out. This can cause ejaculation in women who don't do it naturally.


when you can take it or leave it if someone does not return your call or your affection. you seem to have forgotten one essential thing and that's the fact that you can masturbate. This puts you in a position of strength and makes you far more attractive to other women . you have your dexterous fingers as your aids and there are plenty of sex toys out there to help you reach the parts that your arms can't! Just read Chapter 3 .with someone. hints.but welcome to the real world! Lesbians can be "play games" with the best of them. you may think you are out of luck at present if you don't have a partner. you have to keep your wits about you. Some women seem to have studied books on attraction from the het male camp.and more likely to get what you want in a relationship. When you're falling in love . The first rule is to never. 42 . If you want to be in the game. and tips. This is the surest way to drive someone away .or to get mixed up with the kind of partner you don't want. Often lesbians pride themselves on being different and not playing games in their relationships . However. Obviously. you need to know the rules. she hasn't called you when she said she would? Feeling insecure and dying to call her? Do a self-check before you make that call. I think! What does this mean? It means that love is a game. The strongest relationships start out when you are secure in yourself . So. You can stimulate your clitoris and vagina all by yourself without the need for a partner at all. ever appear needy. you'll be so glad you did. the intensity of the orgasm and the sensations that you experience can be incredibly different but if you are ever feeling the need.You Can DIY Orgasms As sexual stimulation is the key to achieving most orgasms.Masturbation Revealed for more information.or in lust . Later.

feverish and lustful you probably won't have much time to open your bedside drawer anyway. then there is nothing to stop you. it's easy to get embarrassed and worried about what's going to happen. they are useful additions to your sex repertoire that will prove to be a real turn on for you and your partner. Drop the Embarrassment One key thing you need to overcome when using sex toys. help is at hand! This chapter reveals the different types of sex toys available. if she tells you there and then that she wants you to penetrate her with a strapon. how to introduce them into your relationship and where you can buy them. or you simply haven't got a clue where to start. either you on her or her on you. is the initial embarrassment. in her vagina and in her anus. They can add so many different sensations and possibilities to your sexual routines that the idea that your sex life is becoming boring will soon be shoved to the back of your mind for a long time to come. However. this is probably due to fear of the unknown. If you have used sex toys before. If you have a long-term relationship at present. You know what sensations your lover likes from your fingers and tongue and what turns her on and these are easy to translate into the use of sex toys. However if you take things slowly and gently and introduce one thing at a time you'll soon get used to them and wondered how you ever managed without them before! How to Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship If you're having lots of casual flings or one-night stands then these probably aren't the best types of relationships to drag out your dildo or vibrator! Of course. then you know what to use and how to use it. but as the sex is often heated.Sex Toys for Lesbians Throughout this book several different types of sex toys have been discussed as ways to stimulate your partner on her clitoris. When you initially come into contact with sex toys.Chapter 9 . there's nothing to stop you! You'll be able to have great fun choosing what you want to buy together and as you have both made a mutual decision they'll be no shock factor when you get it home! 43 . If you are both toying with the idea of introducing a couple of sex toys into your love fests. then you will both feel relaxed with each other sexually and mentally. if you have never introduced sex toys into your relationship before but would like to try. Sex toys such as vibrators or dildos should never be seen as just toys for self-masturbation.

you just need to take things one step at a time. There are literally vibrators so small that they can be attached to your tongue or finger and 44 . Maybe you should just get the sex toys that you have purchased out of the wrappers and try them on without the pressure of thinking that you have to use them that night. 1. There are several different types of vibrators including: • • • • Traditional shaped vibrators that are cylindrical and cone shaped at the end. It does take time to get it right and use them in the right way and if you can laugh lots while in practice mode. Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. Once you have worked out what they do. They can either be used in masturbation or held and controlled by you or your partner. it's far easier to get over the initial embarrassment of wearing a strap-on or wielding a butt plug because you both know one another inside out and trust each other. they vibrate! These provide vaginal stimulation. are discussed in brief detail in the following few pages.Also. Of course there are a variety of strap-ons and dildos that have been produced specifically with the lesbian in mind. The main types of sex toys that you might want to consider buying. depending upon which model you opt for. depending on how small or large you want them to be and what you want them to do. once you hit the right spot you won't look back! Lesbian Sex Toy Choices When it comes to sex toys for lesbians. If you're feeling a bit frisky but need to go shopping simply strap-one on and away you go! Finger or tongue vibrators are great ways to get you or your partner really involved in using sex toys to stimulate your relationship. Vibrators Vibrators literally do what they are called. You literally strap them onto yourself over your vaginal lips (inserting the G-Spot vibrator into your vagina if this is what you have bought) and choose how fast and how hard you want the vibration setting to be. whether it be for masturbation or with your partner. Dildo shaped vibrators take on the guise of an erect penis and although they are not the prettiest things in the world they sure do the business! Strap-on clitoral/G-Spot vibrators are great for those "home alone" moments. you'll be surprised just how much choice there is available! Many of them have been produced for the heterosexual market but if you don't mind the pictures on the packaging then there's no reason why you shouldn't buy them. where they go and seen each other holding them you won't laugh out loud when she switches on the magic wand another night! You shouldn't feel stupid when you use them for the first time either. and what you are looking to stimulate. These are so discreet that you can use them anytime and anywhere. G-Spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation.

2. they do not necessarily stimulate you sexually but they heighten the arousal. You don't want a man. most of them describe dildos as plastic or rubber substitutes for an erect penis. colors.you can play with them on their nipples and clitoris to help them get aroused and achieve clitoral orgasms. they don't have to be strapped to just your waist either. Dildos If you look through dictionaries or look up definitions of the word dildo. it's all down to personal preference. Strap-Ons Strap-ons enable your partner to control the speed and depth that a dildo enters and exits your vagina by literally strapping it onto her own waist or using a harness so that it hovers just over her crotch area. Nipple Clamps and Teasers If you or your partner has particularly sensitive nipples that you love to be fondled and touched while you are making love. You can buy just the harness if you already have a dildo. sizes. there are strap-ons for your wrist and even your ankle which will certainly add to your library of sexual positions! 4. so why should you be forced into thinking that a dildo is a substitute for a man? Dildos come in a range of shapes. Of course. This 45 . they should not be associated with the male genitalia at all. there are a few things that can be categorized as extra-curricular toys that add to the enjoyment or arousal of the moment. ones with suction cups to enable better thrusting and even strap-ons that have an inner plug so that the woman wearing the strap-on can get pleasure as well as her partner. or you can buy them together as a set. 3. and materials. then how about getting a sex toy that will do it so that you or your partner have free hands to do other things? There is a range of so-called nipple clamps available that stimulate the nipples and even nipple suction devices that simulate someone actually sucking on your nipple! They are a must-have for any lesbian who gets turned on when her nipples are played with! 5. Of course. lesbians call them lesbian cocks or pleasure objects for the places where your fingers can't quite reach. Extra Curricular Toys Finally and a bit more tamely. A great way to ensure that both you and your partner get vaginal stimulation simultaneously is to buy double-headed dildos that are widely available from lesbian sex toy specialists. You will be amazed by the huge variety there is available and the number of functions that a strap-on has! You can buy vibrating ones that stimulate the clitoris as well.

you don't get the chance to pick up the items or touch them so it is a bit of a gamble. many of the heterosexual sex toys can be used by lesbians. buy it and run out. you can buy online from the anonymity and privacy of the very computer that you are reading this book on! If you use any search engine and type in "lesbian sex toys. or you may find it incredible fun! It all depends on how confident you are and whether you feel ready to be out and proud about it. You might find it a little embarrassing discussing which one to buy in a store that's full of het couples or odd-looking men. you may be able to find a lesbian store that stocks a whole range of lesbian sex toys that you can choose from. You should never rush purchases so don't just run in." you'll be surprised just how many options there are available. so if you are feeling brave enough and comfortable enough you can go to a local sex toy store. Once you have bought your sex toy or toys from an online store.includes such simple things as ice or fruit. pick up anything. they normally arrive in discreet. As you know that the store has been specifically developed with women in mind. or other 'props' such as handcuffs. If you are lucky enough to live in a city or town with a large gay and lesbian population. and purely lesbian stores. The one major advantage of buying online is that you can spend as much time as you like reading through the descriptions and comparing and contrasting each type of strap-on. you won't feel inhibited by the seedy men that frequent heterosexual sex shops! You can take your time and even feel far more relaxed about asking questions or asking for help if you just can't find what you are looking for. take deep breaths and choose what you want with pride! If the mere thought of buying in public gives you palpitations and the sweats. masks. dildo or vibrator available. so relax. or slurps at the delicious juices of a fruity-ice-cube as it melts out of your vagina! Where Can You Buy These Toys? As has been stated previously. Once you get past the myriad of online porn sites offering you pictures of "hot lesbian strap-on sex" you will find a plentiful selection of sex toy websites. There are two main variations: general sites that offer sex toys for heterosexual. Of course. especially when you don't know where she is going next. and blindfolds. The store exists for lesbians and there are plenty of other women that have bought from there. plain packaging so that not even your local mailman can figure out what they are! Whichever place or way you to choose to buy sex toys from as soon as you get them home or they arrive you'll be able to have lots and lots of fun trying them out! 46 . There's nothing more erotic than being blindfolded as your partner traces her tongue over every inch of your body. gay and lesbian couples. You may have to search quite a bit for the toys that you need.

Many women love the idea of being whisked away for a dirty weekend of long. are the object of many lesbian fantasies. This list is by no means exhaustive as some of the ultimate desires that we have are kept under lock and key and are never shared. others can be simple yet arousing. woods. beaches (especially a black sand fantasy).and also love the fear of being caught by an unsuspecting passer-by. Healthy sexual imaginations are not wrong and your ability to create scenarios that arouse you only results in an increased libido and need to satisfy yourself and your partner. bisexual or lesbian. It can often be the most bizarre things that make you wet or make your heart race so much that you have to rush home and drag out your vibrator right there and then. People People. Fantasy Range There are several main categories of fantasies that lesbians have when it comes to sex. feverish and fast. especially famous people. Fantasies are often expressions of your true desires of what you would really like to happen to you sexually. The sex they fantasize about is often hot.Chapter 10 . They relish the exhibitionism of the act. Even the thought of a dirty night in a shabby hotel can be enough to make some women moist.Finger Lickin' Good Fantasies Every woman in the world has a range of sexual fantasies no matter whether they are straight. Many lesbians dream about spending a night with powerful lesbians such as Melissa Etheridge or sexually charged characters from programs such as Shane from The L Word. so if your true desire is not categorized here. Places Many women incessantly dream or fantasize about having sex in openly public places such as cars. There are a huge range of fantasies that lesbians have and this chapter has tried to categorize them for you and discuss the implications of sharing fantasies with your lover. don't think that you are abnormal or perverted. slow and pleasurable sex in a fabulous hotel in cities of romance such as Paris and Vienna. One of the ultimate turn-ons is imagining that you manage to have sex with a beautiful but straight film star such as Nicole Kidman or 47 . Lusting after famous women isn't necessarily restricted to lesbian women either. Some may be sickeningly seductive and downright rude. Creativity in regard to places is fantasized about too. especially if they are shy about openly expressing themselves sexually in public . or even in public toilets.

a famous person or someone you know who would look great in it! Jobs can also turn people on. You may fantasize about your partner in a uniform. unless she spots your distant faraway look and begins to question your commitment to your lovemaking session. If she never finds out there's no harm in it. sailors and even nurses can make lesbian women's heads turn in the street if they saunter by. The truth is that every lesbian out there has fantasized about something. Or you may get flushed and feel your clitoris throb when you contemplate group sex or a huge lesbian orgy. or someone. Even though you would never want to stray from your partner in reality. There's no harm in fantasizing about Jennifer Aniston going down on you as you masturbate though! It isn't just restricted to people in the spotlight either. not only would they probably never look twice at you but they are also straight. during sex with a lover at some point in their lives.successful singer such as Kylie Minogue. You may have a secretly sordid fantasy about having sex with your partner's best friend or the woman down the road who is always scantily dressed. If you find that sometimes you fantasize about other women or being in a crowded place while your lover is teasing your clitoris just to help you get there a bit quicker there is nothing wrong. in fact it's amazing just what some women think about! Is It Wrong To Fantasize During Sex? There's not really any wrong or right answer to this question. female soldiers. Planning just how you would take that uniform off and ravish the body underneath can occupy your sexual world of desire for months. If it helps you 48 . If you lust after butch women what's more orgasmic than dreaming about a greasy car mechanic or a strong female body builder climbing on top of you after a hard day's work? Occupations such as masseuses or any that involve women being good with their hands can also work well. Such people are the untouchables. you could find that your ultimate secret turn-on is thinking about one woman penetrating you vagina and licking your clitoris while the other shafts you up the anus with a strap-on. Although you may have a fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner. your fantasy world can be as sordid and erotic as you like! Jobs or Uniforms Sometimes just the job that some women do or the uniforms that they wear can be enough to make your vagina start tingling with desire and you locking yourself in the bathroom for a bit of Magic Wand before your lover gets home. then sometimes you just can't stop her from popping into your head! Another people-orientated fantasy is threesomes or group sex. Women in uniform such as policewomen with guns and handcuffs. The female body is a huge turnon and if there's a woman who lives near you who looks hot.

then you should be able to achieve that quite easily and with little objection from your more-thanwilling mate. If you carefully choose which fantasies you want to share with your partner. If you want her to get dressed up in stockings and suspenders and strip for you she may even jump at the chance of that too! It's when it comes to the more daring. If it's something simple like having sex on a beach or her giving you a hand job in your car. Who needs to know that you needed a little bit of help to get you there on that day? Only you! Should You Share Your Fantasies? This is a difficult subject and the question of whether you should share your fantasies with your partner in the hope that she will help you to act them out or fulfill them is one that you should broach with caution. You may be surprised just how many similar fantasies she shares or how many different ones she has that you never even dreamed of but would love to try out for real. They help keep your mind active. They can add new dimensions to your bedroom antics. your vagina moist and your self-masturbation interesting. If you know that your partner would look at you with revulsion if you told her that you wanted to be gagged while she fucked you with a dildo from behind then its best not to go there! There are some fantasies that should be kept just as that. Sharing your innermost desires with your loved one can help to enrich your sex life with her. you know your luck has come in! 49 . maybe even slightly perverted fantasies that you should think twice.to achieve a fantastic orgasm in her hands she will lie next to you and caress you with a warm feeling of accomplishment and you will be truly sexually gratified. fantasies. When she walks into the room wearing an all-white sailor's outfit. it can be arousing just talking about them. They are your little secrets to keep hidden away from others that you can bring out to play with on your own whenever you feel like it.

It's best to break BDSM down into its respective counterparts. The person who is tied up can also be subject to mental or physical discipline such as spanking. sex deprivation or hitting with BDSM toys such as whips and canes.What Is It? BDSM is an umbrella term that has attempted to group all kinds of kinky sex together. It deserves a place within the pages of this book and this chapter acts as a brief introduction to what's more commonly known as kinky sex and attempts to explain the aspects of BDSM and its eroticism to some women. and drawing blood. caning. Bondage and Discipline Many lesbians enjoy the sensation of being tied up with ropes and chains or actually being the one that ties other people up. BDSM is more commonly called kinky sex and it's this idea of kinkiness. Why Do Women Love It? There is a certain thrill factor attached to BDSM that attracts many lesbians to trying it. One lesbian can inflict pain on another by paddling. While the majority of lesbians are vanilla (meaning they are not into BDSM at all). If they do not follow commands they may be inflicted with pain from whips. In this role play the dominator has complete power over the other who literally becomes the sex slave and surrenders total control to them. Dominance and Submission This is where women literally swap roles or exchange power and a naturally dominant lesbian exchanges power with a normally submissive lesbian. etc. whipping. Dominance and Submission and S and M (Sadism and Masochism). 50 .Chapter 11 . such as pain or punishment. S&M (Sadism and Masochism) This is practiced by lesbians who love the feelings of strong sensations. from bondage to inflicting pain. The submissive lesbian may be tied up or chained and has to act on every command of the other. there are many that are intrigued by its principles and many that practice it on a regular basis. biting. BDSM . BDSM is a general umbrella term that stands for Bondage and Discipline.Welcome to BDSM One area that is often forgotten about when it comes to lesbian sex is what's thought by many to be the seedy underworld of BDSM.

stripped and tied to a rack in a dungeon) releases a rush of endorphins and gives you an high that helps you to ride the waves of pain of fear that you may be experiencing.something that's out of the norm and a taboo in society that thrills some women. so seeking the advice of an expert or a BDSM community is a good place to start. Another factor is that experiencing pain or fear (imagine how much fear you would feel if you were blindfolded. A lot of lesbians swear by the fact that they experience much more intense orgasms after having participated in S&M or bondage. They want to experience something totally different and find a different way to turn them on and make them horny. how to use some of the toys and may even offer free demonstrations. They will be able to tell you how to set up sessions. It can actually enable many lesbians to act out their ultimate fantasies and strip away the drudgeries of everyday life and the place in society that they hold. The key is to know what you are doing and how to do it safely before you embark on tying up your lover and whipping her! 51 . If both you and a partner want to try aspects of BDSM you can actually hire a professional who offers workshops and private classes. How Do You Go About It? If you want to try any aspects of BDSM you need to practice it safely.

52 . Symptoms .Antibiotics. Hepatitis C can cause chronic liver failure. How Transmitted .Either no symptoms. After all there is no risk of contracting STD's through female-female sex. Although lesbians are at less risk of contracting HIV and other STD's.Antibiotics. abdominal pain. Symptoms . How Transmitted .Unprotected rimming or cunnilingus during menstruation. Gonorrhea Gonorrhea is another bacterial infection of the cervix. Symptoms . nausea. B and C cause inflammation of the liver and for many women it can be a lifelong illness that they contract.Either no symptoms. Cure .Have Safe Sex You are probably wondering why there is a section in this book dedicated to safe sex. vaginal itchiness and a bad odor. What You Can Catch Bacterial Vaginosis Bacterial Vaginosis is not necessarily an STD but it is an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina and although there is little evidence that suggests it can be transmitted.Chapter 12 . you need to protect yourself against infection with every single woman that you sleep with. If you don't and you end up with HIV then you will only have yourself to blame. or discharge and irregular bleeding. How Transmitted . Cure .Vaginal penetration using hands or dildos.Yellow discharge.Antibiotics.Vaginal penetration using hands or dildos.Vaginal penetration using hands or dildos. right? WRONG. Symptoms . In fact you couldn't be more wrong. or a yellow discharge. As a result.There are many including fatigue. You cannot afford to be blasé about your sexual precautions as you can still be exposed to nasty things such as Herpes or Hepatitis and although little evidence exists yet that lesbians can catch STD's. Hepatitis Hepatitis A. this does not mean they are at no risk at all. Cure . you still need to be cautious. depression and diarrhea. Chlamydia Chlamydia is a bacterial infection of the cervix. How Transmitted . painful urination or irregular bleeding. there are a number of cases coming to the surface to suggest that there is risk and a very real and frightening one.

during cunnilingus and hand to vulva and anus contact. How Transmitted .Severe itching tingling and breakouts of blisters and sores. breast milk (of infected pregnant partners). you need to get it straight in your mind what you need protection for. Warts can be removed and cervical abnormalities can be treated but you have to catch them at early stages and this can only be done by having regular pap smears. HIV HIV is a contagious virus that can lead to full blown AIDS and death. particularly if you have open cuts or sores on your hand that would make it easy for you to get infected.None for many years. Symptoms .No Cure but there are creams and medicines available to help alleviate the outbreak. or on your hands and body. vaginal fluids. cunnilingus and blood traces on shared sex toys. anus.No Cure. When to Use Latex and What to Use Masturbating Your Partner If you want to masturbate your partner you should use a latex glove. Cure . How Transmitted . there are two strains. How Transmitted . Symptoms .Skin-to-skin contact or hand-to-vulva and anus contact Cure . 53 . Hepatitis C: No Cure. Symptoms . Cure .You can have no symptoms at all or warts on genitals or in anus. body rubbing and nipple and breast stimulation (as long as she isn't lactating). You should also use a glove if you want to fist your partner or insert fingers into her vagina.No Cure HPV .Cure .Hepatitis A and B: Vaccinations. This includes low-risk actions such as kissing.Through blood. giving your partner an erotic massage.Human Papillomavirus HPV is a virus that can cause genital and anal warts and is the cause of 99% of cervical cancer. Not All of It Needs Latex! Before you begin to discover the different methods of lesbian protection. You don't have to get yourself latexed up to the eyeballs just so that you can touch another woman as there are many aspects of lesbian foreplay that you can enjoy without worrying about the need for protection. Herpes Herpes is a very contagious viral STD. oral herpes and genital herpes. vagina. lacerations or sores in your mouth.Through skin-to-skin contact.

Monogamy Isn't a Form of Protection If you are sitting there thinking. then think again! You may not know all of the sexual history of your current partner and she may not be as trustworthy on the old one-partner-at-a-time front either.Conducting Cunnilingus You place yourself at risk of contracting STD's if you give cunnilingus to your sexual partner without a barrier as you are actually putting your mouth and tongue into direct contact with vaginal fluids. Cut open the glove on the opposite side to the thumb and rinse off the talc. The only time that two women in a monogamous relationship should have unprotected sex is after six months of being together when they have been using latex barriers and they have both been tested for STD's. The only thing is that either she or you need to do is hold it in place. use a cut open condom or even plastic wrap (or cling film as it's known in the UK). You should always have dental dams handy. there are quite a few different types of latex and plastic that we lesbians have to use to protect ourselves. You should also wash your hands with antibacterial soap and your sex toys too. which is a harness that holds a dental dam in place. Dental dams are not widely available on the market. It doesn't just end there! You should always turn gloves or condoms inside out and dispose of them safely. Put water-based lubricant on the outside of the glove and place this on your partner's vulva. Simply cut off the fingers and leave the thumb. Use your tongue to stimulate your partner and slip your tongue inside the thumb for extra pleasure! Using Sex Toys Some of us love to spice up our sex life by using sex toys but these have their risks too! You should never share a sex toy such as a dildo or vibrator with your lesbian lover without using a condom. buy a Dammit. which are squares of latex that you lube up with KY Jelly. If you or someone else picked it up and they were unprotected they could catch an STD too. Disposing of Latex As you can see. The condom should be changed if you use it on your lover and she then wants to use it on you. just for precaution. place over your lover's vulva and give them oral stimulation through the latex. If worse comes to worse you can create a makeshift dental dam using a latex glove. Only 54 . I am in a monogamous relationship or I am a serial monogamist therefore I don't need any form of protection. If you find this gets tricky. including HIV. you can find them online but if you don't have any when the urge takes you.

condoms and antibacterial soap. KY Jelly. latex gloves. You don't want to be blamed for a new outbreak of HIV among the lesbian population.when both of your results come back clear and you are sure that you can trust your partner 100% not to stray should you have unprotected sex. so be safe! 55 . you need to invest in dental dams. For the rest of you. This is a very real and apparent threat that you should take seriously.

frightening first-time antics. You know what time it takes to arouse a woman. There is no textbook or step-by-step guide that you can keep with you at all times that tells you what to do in minute one. This chapter is dedicated to all those women out there who are reading this book but are still absolutely petrified about their first lesbian sexual encounter. just because you are a woman this doesn't automatically make you a lesbian stud who knows every intricate detail about how to turn women on.Chapter 13 . If you translate your knowledge of how you like to be treated into the way that you treat a potential sexual partner then you are taking huge steps in the right direction.Your First Time This book has been written for lesbians with varying degrees of sexual experience. from those that have been participating in sumptuous sex sessions for years to those who are just starting on the road to lesbian self-discovery and haven't even tried it yet. how to make them orgasm and every single position that you can have sex in. especially if you have applied Chapter Three . but you should never feel that you should know exactly what to do as soon as you kiss her. reading and devouring the chapters in this book will give you a helping hand. Women Who Love Women One thing that all lesbians remember about their first female-female sexual encounter is absolute fear and dread at not being able to satisfy their partner! First things first. Of course. Lesbian lovemaking is a feast of exploration and discovery that you should savor and as every woman is unique they will each have their own sexual preferences and desires. Most accomplished lesbians who have been relaxed about their sexuality for years and either have a steady flow of girlfriends or one special woman in their lives never forget one thing and that's their fumbling. not in an instant. Know Your Body and What You Like The first thing you need to understand before you make love to a woman is your 56 . and how she loves to be caressed and nurtured towards sexual arousal and orgasm. minute ten and hour three.Masturbation Revealed. There is something that's to your advantage. However there are some things that you can bear in mind for when you meet the first woman who you will offer your lesbian virginity to: 1. It has been designed as guide to help you relax and enjoy your first experience with a woman. and that's the fact that you are a woman! You understand the sensitivity and care that's required when it comes to getting a woman between the sheets. She will need to explore you just as much as you her and if you let her take the lead first time there's nothing wrong with that! You will learn to satisfy women over time.

and the more breathtaking the sex will be! 4. don't make it complicated. Plenty of Foreplay Lesbian sex is like a voyage of discovery. the more sexually aroused you will become. If your partner is more sexually experienced than you on the lesbian front then she will probably direct you but don't be afraid to have to confidence to talk! You also need to tell her what you like too. ma'am. if you don't want to actually say the words then soft moaning or gasps will do the trick! 5. get to know the entirety of her body and give you breathing space to relax. There would be nothing worse than finding the room spinning and the toilet beckoning. it's a complete turn-off for her and a missed opportunity for you! You are entitled to have a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of beers beforehand to settle your nerves and give you Dutch courage. Don't be Afraid to Communicate There's no point in lying there like a meek mouse too afraid to communicate. Whatever situation you may face.own body. every single woman is different and has different fantasies and needs but having some idea of where to touch a woman and how hard or soft is a good starting point! Also. this does refer to masturbation! If you can identify what turns you on and where you like to be touched then you may be able to translate that to her body. When the ship sets sail you don't automatically turn into a muff-diving fanatic! Foreplay is the key to sexual arousal with women and the more foreplay you have the better the sex will be! For your first time. it will also give you the opportunity to touch your partner. Of course. Never Get Drunk Heterosexual sex is like "wham bam. Keep it Simple Wherever your first lesbian sexual encounter takes place. Don't come armed with dildos and vibrators or spend hours memorizing the Lesbian Kama Sutra. it's always think it's important to stay sober. it will just get so complex and cumbersome that the event probably won't even take place. and yes." whereas lesbian sex can take place over the course of a few frantic minutes or a few lust-filled hours. being inventive with sexual positions or introducing sex toys into your sex life will come with time and there's no need to rush! 57 . You should keep it simple for your first time and take pleasure in each other and your bodies. Sex will come naturally and the more foreplay you give each other. Ask her what she likes. but anything more than that is asking for trouble! 3. understanding what you like will prove to be useful when your partner wants to know what you want her to do! 2. thank you. ask her where she wants to be touched and find out what she wants you to do.

so enjoy every moment. you can't expect miracles all in the same night. It takes time to understand the intricacies and delights of female-female sex. relax. and take everything slowly and in your stride. Orgasms will come soon enough! 58 .No Orgasm Doesn't Equal Failure The final thing that you need to remember is that if your partner does not have a vaginal orgasm or clitoral orgasm the first time you have sex with her then this doesn't equal failure. Many women find it very difficult to achieve an orgasm at the best of times and as you have just seen each other's bodies for the first time and are experiencing your first time with each other. You will probably both need to relax more and get to know each other more before this happens. Practice will make you perfect.

Chapter 14 .Your First Time has been dedicated to all lesbians who are waiting for their first lesbian lover to knock on their vaginal door.Keep Your Lesbian Bed Alive Phew! You've reached the final chapter of Female To Female. no matter how old you are! Ways To Rekindle Your Sexual Flame 59 . that were full of lust. They concluded that long-term lesbian partners have the least sex out of heterosexual. the cats. but there is one huge gaping hole that needs to be filled before this book can say goodbye and that's a chapter dedicated to women in monogamous relationships who have been together for years and years. then think back to when you first met and the initial months. they all seem to take up so much of your time that by the end of the day you are absolutely exhausted. arousal and orgasm. If you haven't already tried many of the techniques outlined throughout the pages. The term Lesbian Bed Death Syndrome was first coined in the mid 1980's when a book called American Couples by Philip Blumstein and Pepper Schwartz was published. the shopping. or lesbian couples and your shared bed is used for nothing but sleeping! Why Does Sex Diminish? With the grind of everyday life and the comfortableness in your relationship taking over your honeymoon period. tips and ideas to make the lesbian sex you have full of fun. the cleaning. and what a rollercoaster ride it has been! I hope this book has enlightened you and provided you with many interesting and fascinating hints. or do you seem to be stuck in a rut where you hardly ever have sex (and concentrate far more on everyday activities than you do each other's bodies)? If this sounds like your relationship. it may be cozy and comfortable but where's the fire and desire and fervor that us women are renowned for? You shouldn't be friends who happen to share a bed together. If that's you. you will certainly have fun when you do! Chapter 13 . the dogs. you should be a sexually active loving couple. Does this still happen today. or maybe years. then many psychologists would say that you are suffering from Lesbian Bed Death Syndrome. it can be all too easy to put sex on the back burner as other things always seem to take priority. passion and plenty of rolling between the sheets and making each other orgasm again and again. The bills. gay. However. no doubt a tingle of excitement or arousal will coarse through your veins! The truth is that you need to make time to rekindle the passion in your relationship. if you stop to think for one second just how good it was when you last had sex with your partner. fire.

or reminders to pay bills. maybe now is the time to try it. Sexual Fantasies If you have sexual fantasies that you have kept closeted for years. Even the very fact that you have shared them with each other may be enough to send you both running to the bedroom! 4. either. now is the time to talk about them! Share them with your partner and let her tell hers to you. You can spend hours online choosing which one is right for you both and have plenty of fun and laughter at the same time too. and security will enable sexual passion to arise! 3.If you feel that your relationship lacks a little passion then there are plenty of ways you can rekindle it! Here are a few ways to help you on your journey to sexual regeneration! 1. Romance and Loving Gestures It shouldn't be about pouncing on each other. or a single rose on her pillow at night? If this has been overtaken by shopping lists. Introducing sex toys into your sex life can be embarrassing and a little uncomfortable but as you know each other so well. Make Time The first and most important thing to do is make time for intimate moments with each other. massage each other. Then just see how long you can keep your hands off each other before you want her to strap that dildo on again! 60 . As well as rekindling your sex life. Whether that's having sex on a beach or in the rain is entirely up to you but don't be afraid to try them. love. Where have the days gone when you used to leave her little notes on the fridge telling her how much you loved her. you will probably need to bring some romance back into your lives too. you should be prepared to give it a try. You may find several fantasies in common with each other that you will both want to act out. A feeling of warmth. Sex Toys If you have never tried using a dildo or a vibrator before. It doesn't mean that you have to have a sex calendar where sex with partner is penciled in at 6:45 pm! It just means that perhaps two or three nights a week the ironing and washing can wait. and you and your partner can spend time together. Surprise her and spend time telling her how much she means to you. or treat your partner to a candlelit dinner. This way you are giving yourselves more of an opportunity for sex to happen. a massage is normally very arousing! 2. then you need to stop and change. watch a film. You could go on romantic walks. When your orgasms reach new heights you'll wonder why you never tried them before.

in fact they couldn't be more perfect if they tried! If the one thing that people feel that they can hurt us with is the fact that women in long-term relationships have less sex than people in gay or heterosexual ones. be daring and hold her hand every now and again.5. and you should show her physically as well as verbally. You love your partner intensely. In fact you can put the nails in the coffin and bury it if you like so grab your partner by the hand and drag her upstairs now! 61 . If you always refrain from holding hands or showing affection in public. Be Adventurous! You shouldn't be afraid to try new things either. All of the tips contained right here will help you to rekindle the spice and desire in your life but there are probably much more personal things that only you as partners understand that you can do as well. it will make interesting bedtime fodder for you both. You can help to put Lesbian Bed Death Syndrome to bed once and for all. pop it in your shopping basket. so show some pride in your partner! In fact whenever the mood for sex overtakes you. We are always fighting for gay and lesbian rights. then you need to prove them wrong. and if you feel horny while out shopping head for your car or a quiet alleyway. caring and nurturing. If you spot the Lesbian Kama Sutra in a gay book store. you should take advantage of it. even if it means you both feigning toothache and rushing off to the "dentist" for an hour or two from work! Put Lesbian Bed Death Syndrome to Bed Lesbian couples are loving.

"Remember what you told me before about that spark? About the way you feel about me?" Violet slowly nodded." Violet gazed at Sarah in adoration. I've never really had it with anyone. "I called it off. me and him just don't have it. Of course. There was so much she wanted to say to Sarah at that point. and it was there that Sarah broke her heart. Their 'secret forest' was strictly reserved for lifechanging events. Sarah was engaged to a person with a penis. Violet opened her mouth to speak. How can I feel that spark. I might add." Shocked. but they were all impossible. Sarah looked up from her seat on the playground bench. it was broken in the kindest way possible. Long abandoned by most people. she was 62 . She wished for a lot of things. I can't get married.BONUS SECTION: LESBIAN EROTICA Finding the Spark "She's beautiful. She wished she could run her fingers through Sarah's auburn curls. or that she could caress her suntanned skin. they sat on the old tree stump that housed many of their conversations. as she often did when she was nervous. but that did not make things much easier on Violet. For the first time ever though. leading her down the deserted trail they had followed many times over their four-year friendship. on a Sunday. All hope was lost. She wished she could taste Sarah's sweet vanilla scent that made her drunk with lust. the small woodsy area at the end of the trail had become their secret spot. As always. It was there that Violet told Sarah of her romantic feelings." Violet teased with a smile. Sarah continued. wishing for what could never be. "Well. but was immediately hushed. Sarah took a deep breath and looked at her friend. When the two arrived at their destination. and enthusiastically waved to her friend. "So. what was so important that we had to meet in person? At 9 a. Sarah laughed and took her friend by the arm.m. her heart beat a little faster when Sarah arrived at their meeting spot. The truth is. Violet bit her lip. Violet?" Sarah's voice cracked with emotion while she looked at Violet imploringly. Violet leaned against a tall oak while she waited for Sarah to walk to her.

"You're even more beautiful than I ever dreamt. That was the only word to describe what they were feeling. It happened quickly. Both women trembled with 63 . not wanting to miss a single detail of her beauty. and she ran her hand from her cheek down a tantalizingly slow path to her navel. without warning. Sarah was the first to make a move towards the quest for sex. wordlessly imploring Violet to continue. Keeping eye contact. Her fingertips swept over Sarah's flesh. making her mewl in pleasure. Sarah took her hand and kissed her back. pulling her closer. it was a kiss of passion. She covered every visible inch of Sarah's body with kisses. she slowly ran her hand up the path she had made. electricity crackling between the two of them. Out of all the things she felt. On the contrary. A whimper of want escaped Sarah's lips. Hands explored and heartbeats raced. she couldn't articulate a single one of them into words. her face. She needed more. So she kissed her. Her whimper changed to an encouraging murmur as Violet caressed her mounds and stroked her thumbs over her lover's hardening nipples. and was soon pressing kisses to her neck. not sweet. alternating between soft and rough. leaving all the more to be desired. and let her lips slam into hers. as Violet briefly pulled away to breathe. Violet's eyes widened and a lust-filled smile curled at her lips. Heaven. and the other traced soft circles down the undersides of her arms.speechless. Their lips nearly bruised each other with their ferocity. With fluid movements. Violet immediately feared she had made the wrong decision. She bent down to remove her sandals. A whimper escaped Sarah's lips. of need. Their lips softly brushed together. One hand tangled itself in her hair. She eyed Sarah reverently. tongues darting out to taste one another. The sweet taste of Sarah's coconut lip-gloss assaulted Violet's taste buds. but then the unthinkable happened." Violet's arm reached out to tentatively touch her. staring into Sarah's eyes all the while. as she lightly tugged on Violet's shirt. She wasted no time though. and when stood back up her eyes were greeted by the very beautiful sight of Sarah's naked body. moaning slightly as she did so. and didn't stop as she lightly roved over the brunette's breasts. her throat. Taking a step closer to her. Their kiss was not gentle. she removed her own clothing. The golden blonde pulled the object of her affection into her arms.

gently stroking the 64 . her thighs. her hands roaming everywhere all at once. letting their nipples rub together with a delicious friction. aware of the effect her blatant desire held on Sarah. Sarah ran her hands down her golden goddess' back. and birds chirped in the distance. Violet decided that worshipping could wait. tickling her with her feather light touch. Sarah cupped her hand to Violet's neck and pulled her head down to her with a shy smile. and pulled her down to the ground. She lightly grazed over a rosy nipple with her teeth and Sarah let in a sharp intake of breath.need. Violet nibbled and licked. she squirmed above Sarah. driving her wild with an unknown anticipation. When Sarah let out the most heavenly whimper. Sarah trailed her hands along Violet's inner thighs. Autumn leaves crinkled beneath them. sucking one into her mouth while she caressed the other breast with her hand. "Yes. The tip of her tongue circled over Sarah's nipple. She stared hungrily at the sight before her. With an understanding smile. Resting her weight on her arms. Violet pulled Sarah down to her mouth and kissed her so lightly that their lips barely touched. Violet luxuriously parted Sarah's voluptuous nether lips. escaping her body in the form of a moan. while she watched her dampening pussy glimmer in the sunlight. and laid her on her back. she asked. Shivering inwardly. She kissed her exposed flesh as she did so. Her hands pulled Violet closer while her sex wept with desire. Her hips." Violet's heart sang in delight and she lowered herself on top of her lover. Sarah's tongue tentatively licked at her partner's before she moved it into her mouth. "Are you sure you want this?" Sarah's voice was barely audible as she exhaled a needful. Violet lovingly pulled Sarah down into the grass. she slowly slid down the length of her body. Her inexperienced fingers danced around the soft curls between her lover's thighs. In a husky voice. With her thighs straddling one of Sarah's beautifully tanned legs. and lightly nipped at Sarah's inner thigh. She gently lifted Violet's leg. Violet kissed her breasts. Violet responded by pushing her lover's thighs to her sides. Even if only for that moment. melding in with their moans. her mouth warm against the chill of the blowing wind. massaging from calf to thigh. Everywhere. the curve of her buttocks. Sarah was there for her to worship and that's what she intended on doing. A jolt of electrified passion surged through Sarah.

wanting to feel more of Violet with every beat of her heart. eagerly drinking in her auburn beauty's tangy juices. side to side.sensitive flesh. her muscles clenched. making her drunk with arousal. Sarah propped herself on one elbow and pulled Violet up the length of her body. Violet continued her relentless assault. Violet inserted her middle and index fingers deep within her partner's orifice. her tongue exploring the wonders of Sarah at the same time. Sarah moved her hand in a brutally slow path from Violet's neck down to her chest. Sarah ran her fingers through Violet's hair while she writhed on the ground in pleasure. She massaged her mentor's breast. Her fingers fluttered in circles. and her moans rang out through the forest. Keeping one hand firmly planted on Sarah's belly. The feel of Violet's warm breath on her nearly sent Sarah into shock. whimpering at the sensations. The musky smell of sex assaulted Sarah's taste buds. Slightly dazed. She felt like their bodies and souls were connected in a nearly spiritual way. Her body trembled. pushing forward and stroking back in strong. consuming her entire body with its intensity. It was enough. Violet murmured her encouragement. softly pinching at her erect nipple. moaning quietly while both sets of fingers teased at her 65 . Before Sarah could protest to her newfound emptiness. Violet rimmed her entrance with a finger. and Violet finally pushed into her hot passage. She pumped her hand between Sarah's thighs. She wrapped her hand around the back of Violet's neck and pulled her in for a luxurious kiss. deeper. Violet slowly slid out her slippery hand and licked her three moist fingers. Violet's fingers moved quickly. She gently guided Sarah's hand down to the needful juncture between her own thighs. As Sarah's moans grew louder and her body wriggled more ferociously. rapid darts. She wiggled her fingers in a 'come hither' motion and gently sucked Sarah's clitoris into her mouth. Her magical fingers sunk further into Sarah. Violet shimmied further down her body and replaced her thumb with her mouth. Her tongue alternated between long. and placed her fingertips on top of Sarah's wandering hand. She was in pure ecstasy. slow licks and short. And she wanted more. Her breathing grew heavy. Sarah's hips pushed forward in a tiny seeking motion. Sarah's hips heaved and she groaned. and her nerves were on fire. Sarah's orgasm hit her. slow motions. She moved her hand increasingly faster. rubbing up and down. Sarah's head lolled to the side. too much. rolling her thumb over her swollen nub as she did so. Her feelings were so intense that she felt as if her body was consuming the very essence of Violet. teasing her with her torturous delay.

following Violet's lead. Violet moaned in pleasure and wound her fingers through Sarah's auburn hair. Violet's heart raced and her breath came out in shallow gasps. "I promised I wouldn't say that I told you so. Sarah laid her head in Violet's lap. Sarah timidly explored the area. Thinking back on the technique Violet had used on her. She playfully responded. "Oh God! Just like that.. Her right hand continued to caress Violet. The vibration of her moan sent electric shivers through Violet. Her back arched. Sarah moved her body down so that she could see what she was doing. pink treasure before her and held her new favorite set of lips open with her left hand. Sarah continued her assault on Violet's body. She felt Violet's body tense and added just a bit more pressure. her toes curled. alternating between gentle tickles and brutal strokes. pulling her deeper and deeper into her erotic oblivion. They laid there in silence." Sarah continued her movements. and the only thing that existed was the two of them. Sarah quietly moaned in excitement. pushing Sarah's mouth even deeper into her." Violet laughed in delight. fully exhausted and satisfied. and a heavenly cry escaped her lips. With a triumphant smile. you better not make it sound like you were the one who planned all of this. Violet's hips jerked and she breathed. she extended her hand out to Violet." 66 . but. Her fingers slowly danced in circular motions. Her sex pulsed and throbbed for what seemed like an eternity. Her head lolled from side to side and her lips curled into an amazed smile. tickling her belly with her long hair. She could not have been happier. "When you tell this story. Sarah cleared her throat and quietly broke the silence. Tearing her gaze from the pleasure on Violet's face. When she mastered the tempo. "I think it's safe to say that I finally found that spark. drawing Violet into her hypnotic pattern. Shaking her head in awe. gently licking and sucking Violet's clitoris while she moved her fingers in and out of her opening." Her voice trailed off while she smiled. Sarah licked a trail that extended from the opening her fingers played with to Violet's small knot of pleasure. She tilted her head up to look at Violet's face and said. With her face burrowed between Violet's thighs. violently sending her over the edge. still in disbelief. She stared at the swollen. Violet gently stroked Sarah's cheek. the world fell away.swollen clitoris. Sarah giggled and raised herself to her feet.. Time stopped. Violet let go of her hand and caressed her own breasts.

"As long as we're going home together. "You are so going to get it when we get home. "Yeah. Sarah let out a mock gasp of shock and swatted Violet's ass with her shirt." Violet went up behind Sarah and wrapped her arms around her waist." Sarah turned her head and lightly kissed Violet on the lips. "That's not fair! I was the one who called you here to begin with! I was about to kiss you but you beat me to the punch. well you always were a little slow. "I wouldn't have it any other way. She nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear." she pointed out with a cocky grin. "Well. 67 ." Smiling. it's a deal." she teased. She cupped Violet's cheek in her hand and said." Violet laughed out loud while she pulled her pants on. Sarah playfully tossed Violet her pants while she gathered their clothes from their heap on the ground.Violet clasped Sarah's hand in her own while she was pulled to her feet. I did kiss you first. Sarah and Violet walked home hand in hand.

but again. I immediately developed a tingling in my stomach when a powerful realization occurred to me. They were all extremely excited because a man named John had apparently won a significant amount of money. I was already seduced by the bright lights and cheerful sounds. The rest of my group would not be arriving until the following morning. decided that everybody at the bar could use a few free shots. so we were all happy to be there. Six sets of bare breasts. at least it was for me. I could have done without the penises.Getting Lucky Last Saturday. but I'll give those guys points for effort. Mandy decided that we should play a little game." I thought bitterly. so I had the night to myself. but that was our next destination. After I checked into my hotel and got myself cleaned up. Or. John. At the time. I stumbled over to the nearest bar and took a seat. I was only there for about five minutes when a group of people who were both more drunk and more rich than I walked in and sat down next to me. 68 . and six friends later. My mood quickly changed when my former arch nemesis. not counting my own. Her room was also stocked with a deck of cards that turned out to be more profitable than any other deck in Vegas. I was going to get lucky in Vegas. One hour. With two men and four women in our group. Aware that I am usually better at walking. John. I was on top of the world. I decided to wander down to the slot machines. four shots. I just didn't know how lucky I would get. I had no need to complain. the seven of us were extremely drunk and in various states of undress. I'm not quite sure how we ended up moving from the bar to a girl named Mandy's hotel room. Her room was stocked with enough alcohol to open a bar of her own. made me feel like a kid in a candy store. Not one to complain. The second I stepped off the plane. it seemed most logical that we should play a game of strip poker. I had the pleasure of flying to Las Vegas for the first time in my life. I spent some time praying for lucky sevens and gave up when I no longer had the change to leave a tip for my umpteenth complimentary drink. At some point during the night. "It's good to be you. I'm still not sure of whose logic that actually was. I happily complied. As the night wore on.

Mandy turned the tables on me and 69 . I watched as a small river of clear liquid drizzled out of her mouth and down her chest. "It's empty. "I think it's time to recycle the goods. while I licked the rest of the liquor off of her. Our tongues mingled together. I simultaneously become more and more hypnotized by the rhythmic rise and fall of Mandy's succulent breasts. myself. If I were going to make a move. and I took that moment to swirl my tongue around her hardening nipple. Lady Luck was on my side that night. avoiding her nipples for the sake of sweet torture." she slurred.While I continued to get drunker by the minute. The taste of lemon. tickling her with my gentleness. Mandy wiped off her lips and shrugged her shoulders at me.. Mandy picked up a nearly empty bottle of liquor and raised it to her lips. and then closed briefly. there was nobody left except for Mandy. I lowered myself so that my face was level with Mandy's breasts. Her luminous blue eyes grew wider. it would have to be soon. I ran my hands up and down her sides. I dipped my finger into the droplets of Bacardi that shone on her breasts. I took that as a sign and moved close enough for my breath to tickle her face. she bent her head down to my finger and gently sucked off the remaining liquid. A small whimper escaped Mandy's lips. desperately aiming for her King sized bed. I kissed a trail from her breasts to her mouth. dancing the most erotic dance of my life. Our lips slammed into each other with pent up passion as our guide. As the night wore on. people began to leave the party. and emptied wallets joined empty pants in a heap on the floor. Without a moment of hesitation. I whispered in her ear. My hands hungrily grabbed at her back and her ass. After a while. I gently eased her backwards. Tilting her head upwards. Her upturned nipples seemed to challenge me to a staring match. With each throaty laugh that escaped her mouth. and what could only be described as purely Mandy assaulted my senses. taunting me with their very existence. they heaved in my general direction. the rest of the group became no more than a distant memory from a time before I knew of the wonders previously hidden beneath Mandy's silk shirt. I needed more. Before we reached my intended destination. I gathered up my courage and took a step closer to the beautiful nymph I desperately craved. liquor. Before I knew it." Our eyes met and my tongue subconsciously darted out to moisten my lips. and raised my digit to her mouth. My tongue roamed over her. and her mesmerizing tits.

Her breath was warm. burning me with its intensity. My hips thrust in tiny beseeching movements. My fingers tangled into her hair and my body exploded. She sucked my clit into her mouth. When she lavished my nipples with her wet. always keeping me there but never giving me that final push. Smiling at me. Wave after wave of delicious orgasm consumed my entire body. wiggly tongue. Mandy lowered her hand to the needful juncture of my thighs and slowly inserted a finger. She dipped her tongue inside it while her fingers continued strumming at my extremely sensitive nipples." A slow smile spread across my lips and I pulled her down to me. caressing and pinching at the same time. She crawled on top of me so she was straddling my hips. Her tits crashed into mine. She looked at me so intensely that I almost came right then and there. my goose bumps turned to shivers. side to side. Slithering her body downwards. Mandy released my wrists and kissed a trail down my neck. "Gentle later. Wasting no time. still stroking my inner walls with an animalistic ferocity. covering my stomach and thighs with the wetness from her needful pussy. Mandy grabbed me by the wrists and pinned me against the couch. making me whimper in need. Her nails lightly raked down my sides. The sensations were so intense. her tongue on fire. Mandy positioned herself on her knees in front of me. I eagerly grasped at her tits. When the hard convulsions gradually changed to low tremors. I pulled away and moaned. and licking all the while. gently nipping at the hollow of my throat before she moved on. she kept me on the brink of ecstasy. she continued licking a trail until she got to me bellybutton. She moved her hips in light circles. She grabbed onto my shoulders and spoke in a raspy voice. Mandy licked around my swollen clit.pushed me onto the couch. "Your game. She added a second and then a third finger. moving her mouth and her hand at an equal rhythm. 70 ." I moved my mouth to her neck. here now. almost too intense. she buried her tongue inside of me. giving me goose bumps. I forcefully tugged Mandy back up the length of my body. For what seemed like forever. while she continued to work her magic on me. She spread open my glimmering lips and her eyes roved over my most intimate parts. sucking. your rules. nibbling. The length of her digit moved in and out. plundering her mouth with my tongue once again. and my nipples tingled with desire.

making sensational nursing sounds as I did. my juices spilling out all over her. sweet ambrosia. 71 . lovingly and gently sucking on it. Her hands gripped my hair tightly. squeezing and unsqueezing it as I did. slow and hard. Mandy's moans grew louder and she raided her hips in small. as Mandy's moans turned to gasps and her hips began to move faster. My fingers pounded into her while my warm tongue made a path from her opening to her throbbing clit. leisurely pattern. I brought my tongue down to a rosy nipple and swirled my tongue around it in a slow. I pushed on it gently. I softly lapped long sweeping slurps at her clit with my soft. I then replaced where my thumb had been just moments earlier with my mouth. Keeping her spread far apart. which forced my fingers to lodge even deeper into her. I inserted my finger just ever so slightly. throbbing pokes at her exposed clit. nursing on it. Spreading her apart even further. exposing her pulsating clit to my eyes. before I pulled it almost completely out again. leaving my finger there at the entrance to tease. velvety skin. Placing my other hand on her perfect mound I lifted it up tight and spread her wide open at the same time. I felt myself getting drunk all over again from the intoxicating taste of her tangy juices as I lay there and nursed upon her. with my thumb rubbing soft circles over her swollen clit. bringing me closer and closer to spilling my cum on her soft. My hand slowly danced down her belly and briefly tickled at her thick nest of curls before moving lower.I was ready to play my way. Finding her hole. I lowered my hand until I felt her moist. tantalizing both her and I. I moved to the side and laid Mandy out on the couch. I softly tickled her mound and feathered at her hair. I added a second finger and pushed them both inside of her. grinding at my face. moist tongue. My tongue was on fire as I drank in her delicious juices. Mandy let out the most heavenly gasp when she felt me finally insert my entire finger in her in one quick. bringing my other hand down. pulling me closer and closer. but still held back at the entrance. I moved my body lower. creating enough pressure to make my finger and her vagina beg for a complete and deep thrusting capture. I could feel myself cumming. I teasingly kept my suckling soft and then gave a real good vacuuming up. I then slowed it down. moving up and down in circular patterns. deep thrust. The taste of her as I nursed on her clit was arousing in me a passion unlike that I had ever felt before. With my mind still clouded by booze and sex. questing motions. I then hardened my tongue up just a little and gave short. almost as if I were to finally give her the length of it. I rubbed my drenching clit on her ankle. I stopped tonguing her and softly suckled her clit until I had it fully in my moist mouth. curling my tongue up in a stroke just a little bit as I finished each poke. just barely inside her soft moist vagina. My fingers kept pumping into her and my tongue and mouth kept working its magic on both of us.

Spent. her moans turned to cries. I remembered that my friends would be arriving soon. deep into my hungry throat. As I walked down the corridor towards the elevator. She was still the most gorgeous woman I had ever laid my eyes on. I knew my luck was just beginning." I gave Mandy a final kiss on the lips and walked out the door. Satiated as I spilled out again on her ankle. I was about to do the same with my panties when I turned my head to Mandy's naked form. I passed her my discarded thong. Things are never over in the city that doesn't sleep. I tasted her cum juices squirt into my mouth. Her body shook. I decided to just stick my bra in my pocket. and then I released her clit and gave her whole area a good lapping up from top to bottom as she trembled uncontrollably. as much as I wanted to stay. 72 . "Hold onto these. If you want to give them back. Her pink cheeks were still flushed and her lips were still swollen. I thought back on Mandy and smiled. gazing at the faint light that was beginning to shine through the window. And. Taking her hand in mine. She gave me a light kiss on the lips and made an absolutely adorable purring sound.Mandy's head thrashed back and forth. She flashed me a sleepy smile. until she trembled from head to toe. Somewhere in the back of my mind. Giving Mandy another small kiss. Inwardly smiling. We sat there in silence. I pulled on my pants. I did not turn back for a final glance on my way out. still feeling slightly discombobulated from my night of drinking. I knew I had to leave. I raised myself to sit next to Mandy on the couch. Stumbling slightly. And then she lay still. and she panted my name in a chorus of moans. that was simply not an option. still looking content and sated. I stood up and began to gather my clothes. I continued moving my fingers in and out. I brushed her hair off her face and whispered in her ear. suckling on her clit. With a new day would come a brand-new set of adventures. I picked up my panties and walked back over to Mandy. unmoving. you can find me in room 314.

Then. I was impressed! During breaks. and we discovered we had a lot in common. I groaned. Scarlett was very nice to me. we started kissing. The funny thing is neither of us bothered to order food. I met Scarlett's body double. "Mmmm… beautiful. I simply can't help it. In fact.at least not sexually. I've seen enough of them without makeup to know that many of them are simply naturally beautiful. Well. I don't require that the love of my life be glamorous. I felt them tighten and stretch as if they were searching for her tongue. Darla pulled my shirt over my head to find me bare underneath. She had a kittenish look. and my chest began to heave. Not only did she look like Scarlett in the face. Darla was given a trailer of her own during the shoot so that we could have some alone time. squeezing my breasts. but soon. She licked all around my nipples but not directly on them. I could easily see how Darla got the job. I was beside myself with excitement because I would finally be meeting the woman I considered to be the ultimate beauty. A few weeks ago. though. In fact." she said as she bent down. Some friends even think I'm superficial and have bought into the propaganda of a male-dominated society. Darla and I spent a lot of time talking. When she finally flicked her tongue on one of my nipples. It's difficult to keep from being swept away by all of the extraordinary women of the screen. but it was quite clear she had no interest in me or probably any woman . Maybe it's because I work as a production assistant in the film industry. but she had the very same curves. I'm constantly teased that I have a man's taste in women . My fantasy didn't exactly meet up with reality.the voluptuous. I was very excited when she invited me to have a private lunch with her. As soon as we closed the door of the trailer. Her lips were so full and plump that I couldn't get enough.Body Double All of my friends know I have the hots for actress Scarlett Johansson. a dream came true when I was offered a job on … you guessed it … a Scarlett Johansson film. 73 . she told me she was studying pre-med on the way to becoming a cardiologist. Needless to say. but all it took was one conversation with her to discover that she was far from ditzy. Marilyn Monroe types. Luckily. I could have kissed her for the full hour. but I do find it sexy.

I reached for her. she put one finger. I wanted to know her most intimate place. The sight of them pointing at me made me so wet that my vagina contracted. but this was Darla . which she swore were real. The hair and makeup artist spotted us as we stepped out of the trailer. and her body was making so much juice that it felt like I had my fingers in the ocean. "So. feeling her nipple harden as soon as I touched it. I took the cue to do the same. She looked a lot like Scarlet. She recovered quickly. "Lucky me!" I thought. Suddenly. squeezing her round bottom and reaching down between her cheeks to run my finger along her slit. My thigh was between her legs. I wanted to gaze at her for awhile.a woman I had come to know and love for who she was. "Darla. I just stroked her along the length of her labia." I said. At the same time. you're a mess! What have you two been up to in there?" He raised his eyebrows 74 . When we were naked. though. but her nipples were very large. When Darla started to remove her pants. Her hips met my rhythm until her cunt opened and took my middle finger inside. First. this is what perfect breasts feel like. and I could feel her wetness on my skin. as I pulled her to me. gradually squeezing. She had simply been blessed by God.I was dying to see her beautiful full breasts. and pumping my tongue inside her. We smiled at each other hungrily as we took off the rest of our clothes. She wore one of those lacy underwrite demi bras that lifted her breasts high so that they almost spilled out the top. I could tell that she hadn't lied about them being real. I just felt the softness of her skin. Her hips began to pump faster and faster against me. She reached out and pulled my ass toward her. opening her labia. I lowered my thigh and replaced it with my finger. Darla pulled the cups down exposing the round flesh. then two fingers inside me. and I felt juice ooze out of my cunt. She began to rub her clit on my thigh while I kissed her neck and caressed her ear. I teased both of us by running my finger just under the top of the lace. her tongue was sucking my clit. So. Not only were they perfectly shaped. First. It was just this amazing bonus that she was also absolutely gorgeous. and I heard myself gasp. Darla came with a force and intensity unlike anything I had ever experienced. and flipped so that her feet were facing towards my head end and my feet were at hers. We continued sucking and finger fucking each other until we had at least three orgasms each during our lunchtime. But I wanted to feel her. Between her moans and the juicy sounds from between her legs. and the next thing I knew. I thought I was going to come without being touched. I added my forefinger while I curved my middle finger to reach her g-spot. I reluctantly pulled away from her and unbuttoned her blouse. We moved to the bed and lay down on our sides facing each other.

and said. but we just looked at him. smiling. "Nothing! What are you talking about?" 75 .at us.

There was simply 76 . we have a full toy box. She continued to smile at me devilishly. I guess the waiter just thought something was very wrong with me. Monica waited until the waiter came by again to turn up the volume on the vibration. She just laughed. and while we sometimes like to make love without any toys at all.Remote Control My girlfriend. honey. I was wearing the vibrator. and we stay up on the latest inventions when it comes to dildos and vibrators. so I was the one who got to have the orgasm. Then. We've been together for ten years now. The remote had a scale from barely buzzing to intense drumming vibrations. It had a bullet to insert inside and a vibrating mechanism that fit within a thong to buzz against my clit and labia. nor did I know how high she would turn up the heat. "How's it feeling in there?" Monica asked. I had no idea how I was going to keep us from getting arrested because it was becoming increasingly difficult to sit still and be quiet. licking my lips. but it wasn't enough to make me come. though. I felt a small buzz between my thighs. when the waiter came to our table to ask if all was okay. and my breath caught in my throat. "How about a little more?" Monica turned the vibration up a little higher. Monica. This time. In fact. suddenly. and I was squirming a little in my seat. "Ooh! You are evil!" I said to Monica. was with a wireless vibrator. I had no idea when Monica would turn it … er me … on. I could feel the vibrations deep inside me this time. This was going to be a fun night! She left the vibrator on at a low buzz until my body got used to it. as she put her hand on my thigh under the table. and I knew she didn't even have it turned up halfway yet. It was pleasurable." I answered. We decided to try the experiment in a restaurant in Sausalito. and Monica was carrying the remote. My eyes grew wide as I held my breath. The most fun we ever had. and I have always been experimental. our extensive collection certainly keeps us from ever getting bored. My breathing was getting faster and harder. Monica is less into vibration and more into control than me. keeping me guessing while we ordered drinks and appetizers. and the waiter looked at me funny. I grunted audibly. "Pretty damn good.

and that was it for me. I knew I could come with her. She was already naked from the waist down. Monica just smiled. "Oh. Our orgasms started and finished almost at exactly the same time. and then circling together in a sensuous dance. She grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. We kissed and rubbed our clits hard against each other. I could feel my nipples pushing through the fabric of my top. God. laughing. keeping the rhythm and staying in sync. "Ready?" I smiled. side to side. Sweating and breathless. We looked around to see if anyone had noticed what we were up to. The sensations made me close my eyes tightly and grit my teeth. I had to brace myself against the back of my chair and dig my heels into the floor. she pulled my pants down. I heard her breath catch. "God. up and down. as I bit my lip to keep from crying out. Monica looked at me and said. we fell into each other's arms. I whispered." she said. I held onto Monica's hand until I thought I would cut off her circulation. We gazed into each other's eyes. my love. I squeezed her breasts in my hands and said. I knew Monica was going to come soon. and she grabbed my hand tightly. I was still recovering. Monica had a look of desire on her face like I'd never seen before. Luckily. I felt our juices mingling as her velvet labia rubbed against mine." and Monica laughed. turning the vibration up all the way for a few seconds. you're hot!" "Right back at you. After we had paid the check and were simply lingering at our table. the pounding in my temples matching the rhythm of my pulsating clit. I felt the vibration increase until it was at full blast. and the minute I got inside. and because I was still buzzing from the vibrator. but I counted to ten and met Monica in the bathroom. and neither of us worried if anyone outside the door could hear us.nothing I could do to prevent it. my chair was against a wall or I would surely have fallen backward. The orgasm started with a contraction high in my stomach and then moved down. but everyone was involved in their own worlds. We both began to moan. turning my clit inside out until I could actually feel my labia pulsing out juice in a fast rhythm. Slowly." she said urgently and got up from her chair. Whoever said you can't have the best sex of your relationship after ten years? 77 . "Meet me in the ladies' room in ten seconds.

For the first couple of weeks." "You've been wanting to talk to me?" "Yeah. but Chris had me guessing. I've been wanting to ask you out. She touched me a lot while we talked. I'm just gonna say it. The discomfort I felt before became the discomfort of not wanting to scare her away by being too aggressive. the day came when we found ourselves side by side at the sinks in the bathroom. I just grabbed my coat and bag and followed her out the door. Yet. I had a better time talking and laughing with Chris than I'd had with anyone in a long time. We made plans to go out for drinks after work. avoiding her eyes.The New Girl I can usually tell right away if a woman is straight. Hmmm… that could be a sign.and no thanks! Every time Chris said hello to me. and she didn't join in when the other women talked about men. "Hi. I found myself avoiding her at the same time that I was drawn to her. and press her body against me. Her first day at the office. but I wasn't confident enough to engage her in conversation. kiss her passionately. Just when I thought I wouldn't be able to control myself anymore. I felt awkward. but the last thing I wanted was to fall for a straight girl. I was instantly attracted. "Hi." After laughing hysterically for at least two minutes. my attraction to her was so strong that I practically trembled in her presence. I'm grateful that Chris lived nearby because the thick silence 78 . I kept my ears open whenever she talked with co-workers. and it quietly drove me crazy." she said. but where that sexuality pointed was a mystery. leaned in close to my face. "but you've been hard to pin down. Chris wrapped her hand over the top of my thigh. She was very sexy. Been there." she said. I explained to Chris that I was hesitant for exactly the same reasons. As a result. She never mentioned a boyfriend. but I couldn't tell for sure if you were straight or what. But the truth is that I just wanted to grab her. "I've been wanting to talk to you." I said. and said. done that . well … okay. Then. "Wanna get out of here?" I don't think I even answered.

Chris and I were feeling the same way. She broke away from me and jumped onto the bed spread eagle. Chris reached into a drawer behind her and removed a vibrating dildo with a curved end to reach her g-spot and another appendage for her clit. I wanted to relish every moment as the fabric of her clothing exposed more of her luminous skin. and it was as if she opened and took it in without my having to push 79 . Once again. I couldn't tell you who kissed who first. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I flicked my tongue against her clit and reached for the dildo. smiling at me and holding out the dildo. It was so much faster than I was accustomed to coming that it not only took Chris by surprise. The hard little kernels tilted slightly upward on perfect half moons. it took me by surprise. Usually. I felt myself thrust my pelvis toward her hand until she began to rub me harder through my clothes. pressing our bodies against each other. but first. and I thought I would hyperventilate from the passion I was feeling. Pulling her labia open. but I still wasn't 100% sure. It was my turn to give her pleasure. Now. I'm pretty assertive. As soon as we stepped into her apartment. "Wow! You are delicious. putting the dildo down so that I could press her thighs farther apart. I had to taste her. When we were both naked. "I want you so much." she whispered in my ear. My knees became weak. I pressed the tip to her opening. we came together. Chris had the same idea. our lips joined as if some centrifugal force pulled us together. but Chris had me so off balance that she became the aggressor. I pressed my tongue inside her until her hips reached toward me and her breath caught in short little exhales. Luckily. She turned me around until I faced the door to her apartment. I could barely feel the tickle through the fabric of my slacks. and she kissed my neck as she wrapped her arms around my waist. I felt like my clit was growing to an enormous size when a sound burst from my mouth as the orgasm struck. too." I answered. where I wanted her touch the most. Her other hand swept down over my stomach to the top of my thigh and then … finally. and apparently. Her fingers were teasing at first. I took the dildo from her. And I didn't know if I could handle the frustration if I had to go home alone.between us as we walked was unbearable. I crawled between her legs. so she held on my feet as one of her hands reached up to cup my breast. I didn't have to. I gasped when her pink nipples came into view. each running our hands all over the other. we slowed down a little. Her skin felt like a baby's. so smooth that my hands simply glided over it. She was certainly acting like she wanted to be alone with me. turning around and pushing her toward the center of her apartment.

"Fuck me hard!" she commanded. Then. She was so wet that it slipped inside her effortlessly. I watched her labia pulse and contract as her orgasm struck. and I pushed the dildo in and out of her. as I watched her pussy become wetter and wetter. In fact. our best friends at work now know all about us.at all. 80 . We slept in each other's arms that night and many nights since. When people ask us how we got together. I was so fascinated with the show between her legs that she had to pull me back toward her face to give her a kiss. we grin and say it was over the sinks in the office ladies' room.

and they enjoy the reaction when men learn they only have eyes for each other. She worked her way down to the small of Jamie's back and squeezed some more sunscreen onto Jamie's thighs. in the south of France. Often. they are models and have grown accustomed to being on display. She carefully massaged the sunscreen into the back of Jamie's legs. Jamie and Marcia finally got hired for the same job. it isn't so much about turning the men on. it has become a game they play to get each other excited. their relationship keeps each of them sane in the crazy world of fashion. making sure they give each other enough attention to maintain their connection. turning men on has become a bit of an aphrodisiac for them.who stopped to watch the action on the beach. Jamie and Marcia took the opportunity to put on their own show. moving her fingers up over the curves of Jamie's ass.Show on the Beach Jamie and Marcia are catalog and runway models who have been a couple for a long time. too.both separate and together . Jamie 81 . Actually. Of course. Both Jamie and Marcia have a flare for the dramatic and are a bit exhibitionistic. It makes them laugh to see the guys salivate even further at the thought of the two of them together. Even though they're only in their early twenties. giving Marcia her cue. rubbing the sunscreen into her tan skin. they positioned themselves a few yards away from where the other models were being photographed. There were at least three men who turned their eyes from the photo shoot long enough to notice where the real action was taking place. They would be modeling bathing suits on the beach and would have plenty of time for play while the other girls on the shoot worked. After having been together for more than a year. They're accustomed to attention from men . Still. In fact. their photo shoots take them in different directions.both locals and tourists . lots of men try to talk them into a threesome. Marcia began to sensuously massage Jamie's back. They both discreetly looked around to see if anyone was watching. sending emails. Neither of them wants to lose that. but they aren't at all interested. Wearing the tiniest bikinis they could find. Marcia took the sunscreen out of her bag and untied Jamie's bikini bra. It was a great job. Jamie plopped face down on a towel. On their first day off. Of course. It's about turning each other on. which was framed by a bright orange thong. and they sometimes go for long periods of time without seeing each other. The photo shoot in France attracted a lot of men . This makes it necessary to spend lots of time on the phone.

" Marcia said. several men were watching from a distance. By now. "I know this is France.both male and female . all eyes on the beach . The friction caused the tiny bra cups of Marcia's bikini top to slip off until her hard nipples were exposed. 82 . she did something that surprised Jamie. Jamie turned over and smiled at her shameless friend. Then. "Mmmm… as much as I hate to stop you. She lifted Jamie's upper body slightly and slid her hands underneath to cup Jamie's breasts." Jamie moaned as she received a back massage with Marcia's breasts. They hugged each other. bringing her hands back up to Jamie's shoulder blades.moaned as Marcia kneaded the mounds of flesh. "I'm going to take you to our hotel room and do ungodly things to you. She leaned forward and took one of Marcia's nipples into her mouth. I'm going to rub my breasts over your back.were fixed on Jamie and Marcia as they put on their bikini tops once again and strolled back to the hotel with their arms around each other. both of them now topless. and Marcia chuckled in Jamie's ear. I think we'd better get some privacy before I ravish you right here. Marcia continued to massage Jamie's flesh more and more urgently. trying not to be too obvious as they stared. we'd better be careful. Their breath quickened simultaneously. their breasts flattening together as Jamie kissed Marcia's neck and reached down to squeeze her bottom. "But first. but we could still get into trouble." she whispered to Jamie. But Jamie and Marcia were already too involved with their own pleasure to care. as Marcia's head tilted backward in pleasure." By now.

We would talk briefly and then discover our mutual attraction for each other. and I found myself holding my breath." The truth is that I was so disconnected from my sexual feelings that I didn't even know why I kept stopping him. but I didn't even really care. He was becoming frustrated with me but just assumed I was a "good girl. Scott and the family decided to go on a trip. Amanda was two years older than me. And fantasize about her I did . Amanda had decided 83 . I assumed Amanda was straight.day in and day out. and Scott's little brother. In an instant. Amanda and I became friends. and I made out with him but refused to go further. and I thoroughly enjoyed my crush. I noticed one dimple on her right cheek. I imagined going to Scott's house on the pretense of visiting him. I sat at the dining table with Scott. while for me. David. I was so happy to discover my passion and have someone to fantasize about. She was all of 19 and already in college. After Scott and I had dated for a couple of months. But everyone started to eat as if nothing had happened. into the room walked Scott's sister.The Sister It wasn't until high school that I finally came to terms with the fact that men just weren't going to do it for me. Then. I felt elated and frightened at the same time. he invited me over to his house for dinner. the bangs framing enormous blue eyes with thick eyelashes. find lots of excuses to visit Scott. My whole body tingled. I don't think I even hoped for it because it seemed much too remote. I found it difficult to keep my eyes off of her during dinner. It never occurred to me that it was possible for the fantasy to come true. however. and he never seemed to notice that I paid a lot of attention to Amanda during my visits. When she smiled and extended her hand to me. his parents. even if it was unrequited. I was so entranced that I felt transparent. but I knew I needed to be discreet. I did. I was sure that everyone could tell exactly what I was feeling and thinking. I had never seen a more beautiful creature in my life. it was the moment that changed my life forever. but that's exactly what it was like for me as Amanda took her seat beside me. I was dating a guy named Scott during my senior year. One weekend. He loved it. finding Amanda alone in the house. I understood so much about myself that had been confusing to me since puberty. I had always thought those slow motion scenes in films were silly. Her hair was dark blonde and bounced against her shoulders as she walked.

" I answered nervously. faced me. "Your hair is so shiny. By 11:00. I tried to steady my hands as I reached underneath to bring her hair toward me as I brushed. He also told me that Amanda wanted me to be invited. I had hope that my fantasy could indeed come true. but I had never given myself that label. Does it make you uncomfortable?" "No. but suddenly. I think I am. I must have changed clothes 25 times. Entering Amanda's bedroom was like entering a throne room to me. "I think the party can go on without me for awhile. "I've always felt I was bisexual." I told her. "Okay. not even in my head. Scott told me this in confidence since their parents had forbidden Amanda to have the party. "I … well … I'm just starting to figure out that … yeah. her 84 . It was a huge party. I heard myself boldly say. and leaned in to kiss me. Then. The only problem was that most of her guests were older. "I'm exhausted!" she said. and. Her kiss was gentler than Scott's until she reached her arms around my waist. "Thanks. I was flabbergasted! When the night came for the party. I spent a lot of time in the corner alone just watching Amanda flit through the crowd like a gorgeous butterfly. Uh … can I … uh … can I ask you a blunt question?" she said. and I experienced all of those usual "cloud 9" feelings. "Are you a lesbian?" I wasn't entirely shocked by the question. I had never been in love before. and I tasted a hint of lip-gloss. I like men and women both." she said. I felt myself sigh as her soft lips touched mine. Amanda reached for her hairbrush. She sat down while I brushed her silky hair. "May I?" She turned to me and smiled such a knowing smile that I thought perhaps she knew of my feelings. I had never worried about my looks so much. she stood up. a lot of the guests were drunk. and Amanda came out of nowhere to sit down beside me. and I wasn't at all surprised to discover Amanda's immense popularity." Then.not to go and instead was having a party in her parents' absence. Want to come upstairs and keep me company while I rest a bit?" "Uh … sure!" I answered. having already had a couple of beers. pulling me to her. and I felt out of place.

Amanda turned me over and began to undress me next. then a finger probing inside while she began to flick her tongue back and forth over my clit. We wrote to each other for a while but eventually lost touch. we both became tired. and I didn't want it to end. I wanted to touch and taste them so badly that I couldn't contain myself. and then I was on her. But of course. I felt her fingers opening my labia. I had never felt anything near this kind of passion in my life. I stopped to look at the soft hair growing around what looked like a pink flower. I was set to go to college out of town the next year. so we split up amicably. and the sounds she made when she came drove me out of my mind. and I gingerly removed her blouse and bra. I found myself ravenous the moment I saw her white breasts. taste its wetness. a month doesn't go by that I still don't fantasize about my Amanda. and it was overtaking me in an overwhelmingly delicious way. She walked me to the bed.tongue searched deeper into my mouth until I stumbled and started to fall. I had only ever fantasized about such a thing. I mimicked the technique she had used on me. I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest at the thought of her mouth between my legs. Despite many loves since then. I wanted to see her vagina. I had never experienced anything so wonderful. and now the person I most wanted in the world was within inches of touching my clit. Her mouth closed over it first and sucked it gently. She immediately began to kiss down my body as her hands reached up to squeeze my breasts and flick my nipples with her fingers. and she needed to return to her party. I turned her over. pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties down as fast as I could manage it. 85 . She had all of my clothes off so fast that it took my breath away. I couldn't wait to do the same for her. Her hips bucked up and down. That was the first of many lovemaking sessions with Amanda. It didn't take me long to have the first orgasm of my life. feel its softness.

The woman that was their partner did the same. Jody smiled at the compliance. Toys were brought out and soon. Jody chuckled quietly. 86 . Liz moaned as their mouths followed their hands and their hands traversed down her torso. and Sara. Co-ed occurrences wait until the next class. As she bathed Liz's frame. this is usually all done in one day. Everyone turned toward her. Jody chuckled quietly as reaction shuddered through Liz. Everyone was wide eyed at the action. So we'll teach you one step at a time. Liz turned to Jody." Jody lifted a small bowl and began bathing Liz's body. until Liz filled her as well. Liz's eyes were dark as she looked at Jody. take 'em off. The woman that joined the two began mimicking Jody's actions. In traditional Kama Sutra. Two new faces entered the room. worked to send her other partner over the edge as well. They worked for a few moments around the room. Jody smiled at the reaction of the others. Jody smiled as she stripped out of her clothes. how are we to discuss the in's and out's of the Kama Sutra with clothes on? Come on. She shook with reaction. This is Jasmine. The other woman was wide eyed. Another woman was equally surprised as she was pulled out of the group. Liz. the women were crying out as the toys slid into their depths. without considering more than pleasure. "I am certain you have heard of lesbianism. one of the three gets to be bathed for the ceremony of orgy. Because we need groups of three and we only have thirteen women. The women gasped." Liz had no problems stripping out of her clothes. Jody gasped as Liz worked until sending Jody over the edge. it is easier to have extra people well-trained in Kama Sutra. The rest divided into threes. Jody smiled at the unconscious reaction. Jody began caressing her breasts. "Well ladies. "Next step. Jody spoke once more. did so without comment.nobody but us will be here for the time being. She thought instantly of a movie she had seen once.Kama Sutra Class Jody had taken the twelve women to a huge shower room with shower jets on every wall and what looked like a sitting area in the center. The others watched as Jody sank to the bench. in which the Kama Sutra had been explained. Don't worry . but we don't have the luxury of time. You two are with me. Liz arched an eyebrow at the sight. Jody cleared her throat once more as she started the jets of the shower and the pool in the center filled." Liz was surprised when she was pulled toward Jody. That is. There are many different steps for men and for women in Kama Sutra.

but I am if that was any indication." Liz said quietly. Meg watched Liz move her around and bent between her legs." "There are other methods. just stay with the moment Liz." Jody said with a smile. It only gets better. Liz was surprised as they began the process yet again." "I have been learning without practicing for years. Liz. "Don't stop. She turned to Liz and the entire group moved toward Liz at one time. Liz touched and tasted and manipulated Meg's pussy until she cried out." Jody said." "Let's go. The two women shuddered with reaction. "My name is Meg. "I can try. "You learn very well. aren't there?" "Yes. Jody slid two of the toys into Liz's depths and watched as she fell into oblivion at the action. "One I'm certain many have seen in movies men always watch." "And I would assume you watch these movies?" "Any movies that involve some form of Kama Sutra. "The next class should be very interesting. are you willing to do more than one series in one class?" "I don't know about Liz." "It is another aspect of lesbianism. Jody was crying out release. Within moments."I had no idea you knew one thing about Kama Sutra. She worked with the slightest of touches and slid the toys one at a time into Jody's depths." "Then we'll let you demonstrate if you are willing. "Oh yeah." Liz said quietly." Liz leaned Jody against the bench and began touching and tasting Jody's frame. yes. this time each of the women touched and tasted and manipulated her until she moaned. Jody chuckled quietly." the second woman said. I never knew women could do this as well or 87 ." Liz moaned. The others mimicked Liz's actions until sinking into sated exhaustion. even without practice. let's see how much Liz can come in one day. Jody gasped when Liz found her ass and slid a toy inside." Jody said chuckling. if you're willing." "Oh God. "Ladies keep going.

"Excellent." Liz murmured. "This is almost an orgy. "We can get it to that point if the ladies really want to. Liz had tools in both hands as she slid them into both Jasmine and Jody's depths while Meg touched and tasted their frames.better than the man I married three years ago." Liz said with a moan. Another woman was manipulating Liz's pussy as she slid fingers and her tongue inside her." Jody said." "Who better to know a woman's body other than another woman? If they know what they like and can translate it to another. All the women finally fell into a sated exhaustion almost an hour later. "Almost. They touched and tasted until they were again crying out. "You ladies get a perfect score for the first day." Jody sighed as she shuddered with release. why not share the idea?" Jody asked. 88 . Jody laughed as they worked together until all the women were repeating the process of bathing each other. you know. how do you feel about this insanity?" "I think this class has to be the best investment my husband and I ever made." "No arguments here just get over here." Jasmine said with a grin. Now.

It has just been so hard getting over him. you have been such a downer. Samantha danced closer to the girl. anyone trying to catch a glimpse of her fantastic tits might get a little sneak peak down the front. Not tonight. she whirled around to see an attractive young girl who looked barely old enough to be in the club. Tanya. "You always know how to make me laugh. As soon as Samantha saw her. glistening lips puckered ever so slightly and her perfect nipples were clearly visible through her sheer top. but there was something about this girl that Samantha found irresistible. They danced back and forth in unison. Ever since Todd broke up with you. Sammy. Tanya started dancing next to Samantha and bumping hips with her. someone would bump into Samantha.The Bar Samantha was beginning to get bored. She had never been with a woman. there eyes never parting. "Come on. get out on the dance floor with me and shake that sweet ass!" Tanya grabbed a hold of Samantha and. she was out on the dance floor. Usually. before she had a chance to say no. Samantha was face to face with her. The girl 89 . she was speechless. Even though she was 30 years old. Slowly. Prepared to go off on somebody. she just wasn't in the mood. Sammy. This one was her favorite. "I know. anyway?" She asked her friend. they were still quite firm and large. I'm sorry. She looked at Samantha with her head slightly tilted with the most seductive gaze Samantha had ever seen. Samantha started getting into the rhythm of the music. She didn't think anything of it until the third time. "I thought you should get out of the house. She alternated from side to side until Samantha couldn't help but to smile. when she finally turned around. Slowly to the sway of the music. black hair hung loosely around her soft face." Tanya replied with a slight look of annoyance on her face. She started to play nervously with the zipper on her white sweater. The club was packed and the smell of booze and cigarette smoke was heavy in the air. "Why did we come to this club. That way. Every now and then. Her long." said Samantha. Her full. girl. she liked wearing the zipper partway unzipped. though. pelvises grinding to the rhythm." Samantha said. Before she new it. It clung to her body in a way she knew showed off her greatest asset: her breasts.

"What am I doing?" But. the girl started kissing her between her breasts. It made Samantha burst with pleasure as more juices flowed outward. Samantha longed for her to move that hand up front. By this time. both nipples were fully erect and aching for the girl to place her big soft lips on them and make them hers. but it seemed as if it had been abandoned for a long time. It was set up as a game room. the seductress moved her hand down to hold Samantha's firm ass. Then. The girl led Samantha to a pool table. and long flowing hair that made it impossible to resist. As they wound their way through the maze of people. slowly making her way down her belly. she cradled one of Samantha's breasts. where she grabbed her suddenly and began kissing her. The girl began kissing Samantha's neck as she rubbed her breasts some more. round nipples were exposed. pouty full lips. Samantha now realized that the girl hadn't been bumping into her on accident. Suddenly. She gently slipped the sweater off Samantha's shoulders one at a time. She slipped her hand down the back of Samantha's skirt and began foundling the surface of her vaginal hole from behind. She felt her crotch moisten as the girl's pelvis rubbed against hers. she pulled it and her underwear down 90 . When she reached Samantha's skirt. She slowly unzipped Samantha's sweater until only her breasts. Slowly. too. She gestured to Samantha to follow her. The girl continued rubbing Samantha's bottom and caressing her breast as they danced closer and closer to the beat of the music. They continued like this for several minutes. the girl grabbed Samantha with force and brought her toward her. covered by a black lacy bra. completely oblivious to the other people in the club. they made their way to a back room Samantha had never seen. Then. Samantha could see Tanya across the club dance floor looking at her with a puzzled look on her face. Finally. running her hands down Samantha's arms as she did it. Samantha leaned against the pool table and soaked in the pleasure. She cupped one in her hand as she teased the nipple with her lips. the girl removed her hand from Samantha's skirt and breast and gently grabbed one of her hands. She did the same with her bra straps until her perfect. She held a long stare with Samantha and licked her lips seductively. Samantha started to ask herself. supple breasts. She wanted this girl and she had to have her. were exposed.placed one hand on Samantha's shoulder and continued to eye her in a comehither manner. With her other hand. The girl wanted her and she wanted her. there was something about this girl. with her perfect round ass. She didn't care. The powerful thrust combined with her already yearning desires made her pussy throb and ache for attention. but the girl teased her by rubbing only her cheeks and her crack.

with a slight grin on her face. When Samantha had finally ridden through her entire orgasm. Moving her fingers in and out as she continued to tease Samantha's love button. the girl turned around and walked away without saying a word. She licked and sucked her clit as she slid two fingers inside Samantha's hole. Samantha felt her knees go weak and thought she wouldn't be able to stand much longer.as she continued kissing her body all the way down her legs. Samantha felt her excitement grow. and licked each of her fingers clean. 91 . As she worked her way back up her body. Once Samantha was on the table. The girl gobbled up all of Samantha's love juice. Samantha felt pressure rapidly building up until finally she burst with pleasure. She started slowly at first. she began moving her fingers around feverishly. When the girl made it to her mound. creaming all over the girls perfect face. the girl stood up and looked at Samantha with the same look she gave her while they were on the dance floor. She wiped her mouth off slowly. she gently pulled her vaginal lips apart and started licking Samantha's clit. so she pulled herself up onto the edge of the pool table. the girl spread her legs apart and continued her magic. Then. making her orgasm continue for several seconds. As Samantha lay on the pool table looking at her. pumping her fingers in and out. licking and sucking.

She wore black stiletto thigh-high boots and a tight little black skirt." she said. Tiffany felt herself moisten. When she opened the door. you need to know. She had never seen Cindy look so. This was her fifth date with Cindy and she was ready to go all the way with her. but she was hoping she sounded convincing enough. The top two buttons of her white button up shirt were undone and the bottom of the shirt was tied in a knot that hung directly over her tight belly. "Now. we're going to do it my way. She wanted to make sure tonight would be the night. "Tonight." Tiffany said. "What's in the bag?" Cindy asked. I am going to make you mine. "Why don't you come help me look for them?" "It would be my pleasure. you'll find out later. Suddenly. Tonight she wasn't even going to wear panties. In the middle of her primping she heard the doorbell ring. well. And. really. She wanted easy access all the way and she also wanted to send a clear signal to Cindy that she wanted her. "I'll be there in a minute!" Tiffany shouted as she finished pulling on her skirt. Tiffany didn't even know she had one! Her knees buckled slightly at the sight. "Oh. damn if it didn't make her hot." said Tiffany. Her long blond hair fell in waves around her face." Cindy said in almost a purr as she lowered her face and gazed at Tiffany from upturned eyes. slutty before. "Damn! I left my keys in my bedroom. she made sure to shave her legs and to freshen up all over.." "O. So. 92 . She couldn't wait until she got a hold of this girl. Once the two entered the bedroom. in preparation for their big date. She didn't." said Cindy as she followed Tiffany upstairs while still carrying the bag. The shirt perfectly accented the belly button ring that she wore. Cindy grabbed Tiffany's shoulder and whirled her around until they were face to face. she was taken aback by Tiffany.OK.Spank Tiffany felt nervous. "But. I like it rough. feeling her excitement grow. nodding toward the large duffel bag Cindy held in her right hand. And I sometimes like to be in control.

"Oh yeah. but she couldn't. "Get down on the bed. Cin. Cindy then walked back to the bag and pulled out two more bandanas. um. Tiffany lay on the bed spread eagle. Returning to the bed. bitch. I get. "That's fine with me. Tiffany looked up toward her and scooted herself back on the bed. She wanted to badly to tear off Cindy's shirt. making her large supple breasts move rhythmically. Cindy stood at the foot of the bed and stared at Tiffany with a satisfied look on her face. She liked it rough. "Lift your ass. just say 'broccoli. At the same time. Cindy pulled her skirt up to her waste revealing her bare mound. yet still fully clothed. At the same time. I will know I need to stop. Tiffany's chest heaved up and down with exhilaration." Tiffany replied. As Tiffany raised her behind into the air. She was Cindy's love slave and she would have to wait until Cindy gave her permission. Cindy leaned forward on the bed and began slowly crawling toward Tiffany from between her legs. carried away sometimes. huh. Give me those pretty little hands. "Broccoli? What do you…" "Shut up. "A shaved beaver and no panties. bitch!" shouted Tiffany. she tied each of Tiffany's ankles to a bedpost.OK?" Cindy said. With that. bitch? You are such as slut! Were you planning to have your way with me tonight? Huh. You're my bitch tonight. but could still catch only a glimpse of her perfect cleavage. bitch!" Cindy demanded. 93 .' alright? That way. The thought of waiting was agonizing yet thrilling at the same time. Tiffany knew what Cindy meant." Like a pro. but was having a difficult time controlling herself. She tried to stay calm and seductive." Cindy said as she got closer to Tiffany's pussy. because she liked a woman who took control and made her feel dirty. Cindy grabbed her by the hair and threw her down on the bed. whatever you want. That was fine with Tiffany. She looped the second bandana through the first and tied Tiffany's hands to the head of the bed so she could still easily twist into different positions. Her entire body trembled with anticipation as she watched Cindy walk toward her bag and unzip it. When she came back. Cindy tied Tiffany's hands together with one bandana. you dirty slut?" Cindy shouted. "Make me." said Cindy. Now!" Suddenly. "If I go to far. she was carrying two silk bandanas. Tiffany could see perfectly down Cindy's shirt. I'm all yours. she liked to fight back a little herself.

your turn. you sure are wet. "Good girl. Suddenly. Then. "Did I say you could jiz all over my face." Cindy said. began kissing Tiffany around her belly button and moved her way down to her pussy. you dirty whore. Cindy. she grabbed Tiffany's nipples and began squeezing them as she continued to fuck her from behind. but she couldn't see what she got this time. screaming in pleasure. She came again as her pussy throbbed and pulsated with satisfaction. When her orgasm was over. Do you got it?" Cindy demanded. she felt her ass being whipped from behind with at Cat of Nine Tails. For that. the whipping stopped and Tiffany felt Cindy climb onto the bed. Cin." As Tiffany rolled over to her knees. "You need to be punished. That was all Tiffany could take. She spread her pussy lips apart and began tonguing her hole. though she ached with anticipation. Would you like that?" Tiffany didn't say a word. she could hear Cindy return to her bag of tricks. Then. You don't do anything without my permission. you get a little lickie-suckie. Tiffany looked back at her without a word." she 94 . Then. she dove into Tiffany's crotch and began gobbling it up ferociously. "You are a bad girl and you need to be punished. bitch. causing waves of both pain and pleasure to tear through Tiffany's body." she demanded."No. She pumped harder and harder with the huge strap-on dick. Got it? Speak. you stupid whore! You're a bad girl" Cindy then untied the bandanas around Tiffany's ankles. bitch!" "Yes. Cindy untied Tiffany's arms. Then. With that. Cindy. "My. "OK. she stood up suddenly and shouted. It stung just enough to feel good. Cindy continued eating away at her until she had ridden out her entire orgasm. She felt like she going to cream already. I. I…" "Shut up! You don't speak unless I tell you to speak. Tiffany felt the pressure building and building until finally she squirted all over Cindy's face. She grabbed her tight little waste and suddenly she was fucking her feverishly from behind. "Get on your knees. yes!" Tiffany shouted.

said as she handed the bandanas and the whip over to Tiffany. 95 . Tiffany smiled as she got off the bed and walked over toward the bag.

but it's not half as beautiful as you. "I guess we need to get you cleaned off and cooled down. "Why don't we check out that waterfall a bit closer?" suggested Nancy. they discovered a spectacular waterfall was feeding additional water to the sparkling stream. Sarah was working up quite a sweat and it only served to make her that much more sexy. honey. Sarah's eyes widened as she gasped in amazement." Nancy said as she eyed Sarah from top to bottom. It was driving Nancy crazy with desire. "It's magnificent!" she said in a breathless tone. "Oh. And the thought of getting her inside the stream and covered in water was more than she could take. it looks like there is a stream up ahead. The stains on the t-shirt from where Sarah had periodically wiped her dirty hands during the hike only added to the allure ." Bringing Sarah closer to her. Her white t-shirt clung tightly to her perfectly round breasts." replied Nancy with a sexy sideways glance. Nancy began kissing her passionately.Waterfall "This park is simply gorgeous. yet dirty and bad all at the same time." Nancy said as she came closer to Sarah and cupped her hips with her hands. As they got passed the clearing. Her khaki shorts had also become moistened during the hike. There was no need for Sarah to thank Nancy." replied Sarah. "Yes. brown ringlets. thanks. Even her hair was moist and hung around her face in long." Nancy gently picked up Sarah's hand and began leading her in the direction of the stream. "You're crazy. "Oh. which made her excitement grow more. But. it is. "It sure is. sweaty girl alright. you're a dirty. Just the site of her was driving her mad with desire. providing just a hint of the perky nipples beneath. You're sweet. Let's go get you cleaned off. causing them to form a tighter fit around Sarah's sweet ass and making her labial lips clearly visible from the front.making her look fresh and innocent. It was true. "Come on." said Sarah with a hint of disgust in her voice. "We can 96 . stop it! I look like shit right now and you know it! All this hiking has got me working up a sweat. She could feel Sarah's breasts rubbing against into her own." said Sarah with a sense of wonder and awe.

" she grabbed Sarah's hand gently and placed it on her own crotch." she said as she began kissing her. she began rubbing Sarah in return and leaned in close. too." With that. After the shorts had been removed. Nancy felt herself moisten with excitement as Sarah gave into her advances. If they could have a hot piece of ass like you. "Feel that. trickling down her perfectly flat stomach and running in beads down her breasts and dripping from her nipples." she stammered. Nancy suddenly grabbed Sarah from behind and whirled her around. With that. we could get in trouble. they'd want it." Nancy said breathlessly. Sarah played with Nancy's nipple rings. "This is a public park. let me have you. C'mon. I want you Sarah. The cool water fell over Sarah's body. "All I want is you. In one fluid movement. "That's right. It was no problem for either one of them to make it across. She began feverishly pulling off Nancy's jean shorts while Nancy pulled off hers to discover a beautifully trimmed mound. Sarah could no longer resist. She knew how much this 97 .walk over these boulders and actually get underneath the waterfall. Once across and behind the waterfall. Sarah's entire body glistened from the water and shined in the sun. Suddenly. Nancy began licking Sarah's clit in a circular motion and gently pulling on her clit ring with her lips. which caused waves of pleasure to rush throughout Nancy's body. She slipped her hand in under her shorts and panties from behind and started squeezing her bottom. "Nancy." "What a great idea!" shouted Sarah anxiously. "I can tell that you want it just as much as I do. and I have to have you now. Sarah. we can't do this here. That's what I want. I want to touch you and have you touch me. Nancy lifted Sarah and placed her on top of a boulder beneath the waterfall. We might be seen. she had her turned facing her and was kissing her once more. people are coming and going through her all the time. Can you feel how wet and hot I am for you. Sarah pulled away. girl? See what you do to me?" Nancy guided Sarah's hand up and down on her own pussy and began moaning in delight. I want to pleasure you and taste your sweet juices. both women pulled off their own shirts to reveal their perky and sumptuous breasts. Their athletic bodies combined with their high levels of stamina made it a simple task. "Let's go!" The two women began maneuvering gracefully over the boulders. Nancy knelt down in front of Sarah and Sarah immediately wrapped her long slender legs around Nancy's neck. I mean. you know?" "Who cares about other people. Suddenly.

Within moments. first just teasing her with the tip of her tongue. Alternating between the love button and the valley. "Now that's what I call getting closer to nature. Sarah joined her in the natural shower as both women cleaned each other's bodies and touched and fondled each other's breasts a little more before getting dressed. You are so wet for me baby. including: • • • • • • • • Man to Man: The Ultimate Guide to Gay Sex How to Have a Successful Same-Sex Relationship Everything You Need to Know About the Gay Dating Scene Everything You Need to Know About the Gay Lesbian Scene Same-Sex Astrological Compatibility Reports The Big Book of Gay and Lesbian Poetry The Giant eBook of Gay and Lesbian Erotica The Ultimate Guide to Gay & Lesbian Weddings 98 . then licking it full on with the entire surface. Nancy could feel Sarah's entire body begin to shake. baby. I can't take it any longer. Sarah gently pulled her pussy lips apart and began tonguing her hole as she stuck a finger up her ass hole. Nancy knelt over her with the waterfall splashing on her back. suddenly oblivious to concerns of passersby. She knew how much it drove Nancy crazy to have her tongue inside her while she played with her ass. and then went back to licking and finger-banging Sarah." Sarah shouted. It only took a few pumps with her fingers before Nancy could feel Sarah's pussy begin to throb and her juices start to gush forward. The. She gobbled up every bit before she climbed up on the boulder on which Nancy was sitting. Nancy was creaming all over her face and screaming with pleasure. Oh." she said. "Finger me. "Ooo.drove Sarah crazy. Nancy. she licked the area between Sarah's hole and clit. God. Nancy stood up and let the waterfall over her body. please. Nancy let the tension build up a little more before sticking two fingers inside Sarah's wet tunnel. it's my turn now." said Sarah as they began crossing back across the stream. "OK. After riding out her orgasm. bringing her face back out the other side of the waterfall. Please give it to me. Thank you for reading our eBook! We have a complete line of same-sex relationship advice and same-sex interest ebooks at our website." Sarah lay down on the boulder.

our books.• Female To Female: The Ultimate Guide To Lesbian Sex Visit us. and our many lesbian and gay related websites at http://borderlandblues.com Copyright 2006 The Borderland Blues Network All Rights Reserved. 99 .

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