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Attend the

The state of Illinois has
changed a lot since the last
Census in 2000. Our population
only grew 3%, and we will lose April 21, 2011
a Congressional seat. The City District 10 Police Station
of Chicago lost over 200,000 3315 West Ogden, Chicago, IL
residents. Every West Side 6:00 pm-8:00 pm
State legislative district has lost
population except one, and we
want to protect the Voting
Rights Act.
The Rules of Engagement:
Understanding the Redistricting Process

 Overview of issues that impact the remapping process from

a community perspective
 Review of Census data for current West Side and West
What does the 
Suburban legislative districts
Review current maps of legislative districts
redistricting  Understand the relationship between Census data and the
remapping process
process mean 

Overview of current laws that govern the process
Review the schedule for developing new districts
for Chicago’s
West Side and Who Should Attend

Western 

Community residents
Leaders of nonprofit organizations
Suburbs? 

Elected officials

Workshop Sponsors
We need you to
 Lawndale Alliance
come out, learn the  Empowered Citizens of North Lawndale (ECONL)
process and get  Open Door Foundation
 North Lawndale Community News
involved!!  Illinois Campaign for Accountable Redistricting (ICAR)
 Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct
Organization (IVI-IPO)
 State Representative Arthur Turner, Jr.
 State Representative LaShawn Ford
 Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele

This workshop is nonpartisan. For further information, contact

Valerie F. Leonard, at 773-521-3137 or