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He's a Senior and I'm the Freshman Chapters 16 - 19

He's a Senior and I'm the Freshman Chapters 16 - 19

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Published by: Taylor on May 26, 2011
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Tyler walked me down to the detention room and tried to give me a kiss good-bye.

I pushed him away and walked into the classroom. Dr. Clark gave me a fake smiled and motioned me to a seat in the front. I sighed and sat down. I took out my Ipod and my homework. Moments later, Dr. Clark pulled out my ear bud and put a pick slip on my desk. I looked at it and it was two more weeks of detention. Underneath it were the wo rds, ‘Get laid’. I guess she heard that. I rolled my eyes and put away my Ipod and finished my homework. An hour later we were all dismissed. I headed out to the football field, I could already hear the cheerleaders and th eir stupid cheers. “We’re number one, not number two so we’re gonna win! Win! Win! Win!” Ugh. I mentally sighed as I reached the field. The football team were doing drills on the field as their coach yelled at them. The cheerleaders did their little cheers in there short skirts. I took a seat on the bleachers and watched the guys run around. The guys walked over to the bench to get a quick drink. One of the players looked over at another and pointed to me. The other guy took off his helmet and looked up at me. He smiled at me and I ble w him a kiss. The guys high fived him as Tyler winked at me. He walked over to me and I stood up and walked over to him. “Hey handsome,”. “Hey sexy lady,”. “Is practice over?” “Yup, I need to get changed first,”. “Hurry up,”. “Yeah, yeah,” he said before he kissed me. The rest of the players cheered and Tyler chuckled. I blushed. “Get ready,”. Tyler laughed and hurried down to the field. Chelsea walked up to me with that fake smile on her face. “What?” “A kiss? Since when?” she asked. “Since lunch,”. Chelsea raised her eyebrow at me. “Tyler with explain it later,” I sighed. “Whatever, I just don’t want you two getting to close to each other,”. I laughed. I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes. “What’s so funny ladies?” Tyler said skipping up to us. “She thought…that I…you….,” I laughed. Tyler looked from Chelsea to me. I slowly stopped laughing and sighed. “Funny stuff. Ready to go?” I asked. “Let’s go,” he said linking arms with me. Tyler and I walked to his car together and drove to my house. As Tyler pulled into the drive I saw my dad’s car. I smiled and hopped out of the car. I ran to the door and opened it. “Dad!” “Hey princess,” he smiled. I gave him a hug and he kissed my forehead. Tyler came in after me with Chelsea. “Dad,” Chelsea said hugging him. “What took you guys so long to get here?” he asked. “Some got in trouble,” Chelsea said. I glared at her and dad gave me ‘the look’. “Ryan, we talked about this,”

“I know but she deserved it and the principle hates me so naturally I’ll get a deten tion,” I said. “She didn’t get just one…” Chelsea said. “Can you stop?” I glared. “Ryan,” my dad rolled his eyes. “Sorry…” “Tell me all about it,” he said wrapping his arm around me. I smiled and sat down with my father and talked. Tyler’s Point Of View Chelsea and I headed to her room and hung out in there for a while. “Do not kiss my sister,” she said. “I have to, the guys will think something is up,” I said. “I don’t care,” Chelsea said. “She’s my sister and I know you. I don’t want her to be like he others,”. “Trust me, Ryan has no feels for me,” I sighed. Chelsea walked out of her bathroom and gave me a look. “Please tell me you don’t lik e my sister,”. I sighed. “I don’t like-” “Don’t lie to me!” I ran my hand through my hair and sighed. “I’ve liked her since the fifth grade,” I ad mitted. “Break up with her. Do it now! You can’t like her and she can’t fall for you,” “She won’t! All she cares about is Leo,” I said sadly. Chelsea sat next to me and wrapped her arm around me. “I’m sorry, but she’s my sister,” “I know, it’s whatever. Oh, I didn’t tell you did I?” Ryan’s Point Of View “Tell Chelsea I said bye,” my dad said. “I will. Love you,”’ “You too, princess,” he said before getting into his car and driving away. I walked back inside and Chelsea and Tyler walked down stairs. “We have a problem,” Chelsea said. “What?” “You have to sleep with me,” Tyler said. “There is no way I’m losing my virginity to you!” I yelled. “Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen,” Chelsea said. “Then what is?” Tyler and I walked through the crowd halls hand in hand, fooling everyone with o ur fake smiles. It seems like everyone was talking about David’s party. My sister told me that he is known for having wild and crazy parties. Tyler and I will be sure to show up. He was planning on going anyway and he was going to need his favorite arm candy. Me. The days passed by and it wad finally Friday. Tyler and I were on our way to Subway for lunch. He’s been taking me out to lunch a lot. I don’t mind it. “So, ready to get your party on?” Tyler asked. “Nope,” “Come on, you’ll have fun,” he said wiggling his eyebrows. I knew what he meant. “No!” He laughed. “You’re missing out,” “On the world’s smallest penis, I don’t think so,”

“More like the biggest,” “Sure,” “Don’t believe me,” “Yup,” “Want to see to check it out?” “No thanks,” “Come on, baby, you get me so excited,” “Gross! I’m eating,” “The wrong meatball sub,” he winked. I gagged and put down my meatball sub. “Are you done?” He laughed and putted up his turkey sub and took a bite. I rolled my eyes and tried to eat the rest of my food. Only one and a half more weeks, I thought. Tyler and I finished eating, in peace, and went back to school. Nothing important happened. I went to my detention then hung out by the football field. Tyler then took me home and I spent the rest of the night with Leo. Chelsea drove me to his house and my mom let me stay the night. We mostly talked and watched movies in his room. Somewhere around one o’clock is when we fell asleep. The night morning his mom made us breakfast and my mom picked me up. I was lucky enough to help her run her errands. After noon we came home. I took a nap and started my homework. I looked out my window and saw Tyler walk into his room in a towel. I forced myself to look away and distracted myself with the internet. Hours later, Chelsea ran into my room. “Okay, let’s check out your clothes,” “What are you doing?” I asked annoyed. “You have to look sexy at this party. This is you’re first high school party,” “So?” “Ugh, I pray one day that you will understand. But till then, put this on,” I rolled my eyes and pulled on the skinny jeans. “I like it! I have the perfect top for it too,” she said smiling. She ran off and minutes later she was back with a low cute shirt. I pulled it on and frowned. “Don’t you think it’s a bit reveling?” “Nope. I have to get ready, but you need to curl your hair and do your eye make up ,” “Whatever,” I said as she left. I did as I was told and shortly after the doorbell rang. I pulled on the boots Chelsea left for me and headed down stairs. I opened the door to see a very sexy Tyler standing by the doorway. His eyes grew wide and scanned over my body. “Damn girl…what happened?” he said eyeing my chest. I rolled my eyes. “Try eye contact,” “I am, with your boobs,” I punched his shoulder and walked away. “Nice butt…” “What did you say?” I said glaring at him. “Nice punch, for a girl,” “Thought so,” “I’m here!” Chelsea said. “The fun has arrived. Bye mom, don’t wait up,” “Be safe,” she called as we walked out the door. Tyler drove us to the party and we walked into the crowded house. The smell of beer and sweat over took me as we walked in. “Fun…” I said. “Relax,” Chelsea said walking away. I rolled my eyes and looked at Tyler. He took my hand and pulled me to the kitchen.

“Okay, sexy, hold this,” “What is it?” “A cup, I’m going to put root beer in it and you’re going to pretend it’s beer,” “Okay?” “The best way to have sex is to be drunk, so hold it,” he said grabbing a red cup. “What’s in yours?” I asked he fill my cup with root beer. “Beer,” “You drink?” “Only at parties,” “You’re not driving me home,” “I’m getting wasted, I’m having fun. Lets go,” Tyler took me into the middle of the living room and started to dance. I stared at him and frowned. “Come on! Lighten up,” I rolled my eyes. “No,” “Then I’ll kiss you,” he said pulling me close to him. He planted a little kisses on my lips. “Okay, enough! I’ll dance!” I started to move to the rhyme and Tyler grinned at me. After a while I started to have fun. Tyler started to dance a little too close to me but I couldn’t do anything. It was a tight space. After a while Tyler took my hand and led me up stairs. We walked into a random room and he grinned. I put the red cup down. “Ready?” “Let’s do it,” “Oh God, baby! Do it again!” I said “That’s right baby, scream for more” Tyler said. We got on the bed and jumped around. “This is ridiculous,” Tyler muttered. “Why don’t you cry about?” “I will. I shouldn’t have to fake sex with my girlfriend,” “You’re fake girlfriend. Now shut up and moan!” Tyler rolled his eyes and continued to make sex noises. Moments later we stopped and messed up our hair just a little. We grabbed our cups and took each others hands. I opened the door with a goofy smile on my face and Tyler walked down stairs. For the looks of the people around us, they seemed to buy it. Tyler led me to where Chelsea and Logan were. “We’re leaving, see you later,” “Were are you guys going,” “To my bed room,” Tyler winked and I grinned. We quickly left the house and got in his car. “Never again,” I said fixing my hair. “Yup,” he said driving off. Tyler and I were in the living room watching Scrubs. Tyler refused to leave after he dropped me off so I gave up on forcing him out t he house. He ordered a pizza and we hung out in the living room. Tyler sang along to the theme song as I took another slice of pizza. “I don’t see why we couldn’t have done it. I would have rocked your world or you would have rocked mine,” I gave him a look. “Unlike you, I don’t just have sex for the sake of it. I’m saving m yself for marriage for someone I really truly love,” “You’re one of those people?” “Yes,” Tyler rolled his eyes and looked back to the T.V. he put his arm around me and s miled. I ignored him and watched the show.

Tyler poked my shoulder over and over again. I glared at the T.V. and tried to i gnore him. I finally snapped and turned my head to yell at him but his lips landed on mine. Tyler pulled me closer to him and I kissed back. Butterflies filled my stomach and Goosebumps on my arms. Tyler leaned back on the sofa as I played with his soft hair. Tyler’s hands went up and down my arms giving me a chill. A smirk went on his lips . I’m guessing he felt the Goosebumps. Leo popped into my head and I pulled away. “Weirdo,” I said walking away. “You liked it,” he called after me. “No,” I called back. I opened the fridge and grabbed the milk. I purred myself a glass and quickly finished it. Tyler walked into the kitchen and smiled. “You can’t escape me,” “Wasn’t trying to,” I muttered. “What’s up?” he asked. “Nothing,” “You seem…distant,” “No I don’t,” “Was it the kiss?” “No…yes…maybe,” He chuckled. “We are dating,” “Fake dating,” “Dating it still dating,” I rolled my eyes. “Whatever you say,” **** Monday morning came around and Blake and I were at his locker. He was telling me all about his weekend with Mitch. “Are you guys dating yet or what?” “Not yet…we haven’t talk about that part yet,” “Why not?” “Because I just like being with him,” “I get it…I guess,” “What about you and Tyler?” “What about us?” “I heard you guys did it,” “It was fake,” “So…it was like Easy A?” “Yeah,” I laughed. “I forgot about that…” “Good plan. Does Leo know?” “Yeah, I texted him about it on Sunday,” “Good,” I smiled. “Yup,” “How’s detention?” “Not terrible, I just do homework and listen to music,” “Sounds like fun,” “Then you can take my spot,” “No thanks! I have a date,” “With Mitch?” “Yup, we’re hanging out at the park,” “Aw,” “Shut up,” he blushed. “Hey handsome,” Mitch said as he walked by. Blake smiled and watched him walk away. “Go after your lover,” I said. “Thanks,” he said running down the hallway. I laughed and walked to Tyler’s locker. On my way there I saw Leo and Anna kissing.

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