[1.4 Objectives 1.4.

1 The objectives for the service are:] • To offer a contract term for the service of 6 years; and, • To ensure that the maximum annual amount of subsidy to be made available for the support of the service is based on the most economically advantageous , tender. 1.5.2 The Department may consider a longer term contract extending up to a maximum of 12 years if it was deemed necessary to allow an Operator to commit to capital investment for a new vessel. 1.6 Role of Moyle District Council 1.6.1 While the Rathlin Island Ferry service subsidy is currently managed by the Department the management of this contract will pass to Moyle District Council (MDC) in 2009 under the Review of Public Administration. Where this tender refers to the Department this should be read as Moyle District Council, or its successor, from 2009 onwards. 2.6.3 The Department has analysed a number of the main risks associated with the tender exercise and has allocated the way in which these would be expected to fall between the operator and the Department. Table 1 below lists some of the risks and the Department's indicative analysis of their allocation. However, this table does not represent a commitment by the Department to accept certain risks. Table 1 ALLOCATION OF SOME KEY RISKS including: Capital expenditure - Vessels - The operator Capital expenditure - ports - Moyle DC Financial Guarantee 3.4.4 The Department will require a Financial Guarantee which indemnifies the Department and offsets the cost of re-tendering in the event the operator becomes incapable of fulfilling the contract. This will be to a maximum of £50,000. 6.2 [Evaluation - tender assessment will cover but not be limited to] • general understanding of the requirements, i.e. provision of a ferry service between Ballycastle and Rathlin Island; • status of the tender, including analysis of financial viability and technical ability; • operation of proposals with particular emphasis on quality and performance measurements; • staffing proposals; • Operators safety record; • Depth of experience of key staff; • Suitability of vessels proposed; • Assessment of proposals against the minimum standard; 6.3 [Costed Bid scoring table] financial guarantee and insurance [marks redistributed] safety of operations ie safety management plan

responsible for provision of vessels

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