Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: If you or one of your friends is a figure skater, you may wish to find a nice

piece of music for your/his/her skating practice. The "Golden Bell Concerto" is my new single album music that I had used multi-bells' sounds but in Waltz, which I expected that its solemnly but delightful melody will become a popularly accepted music piece for figure skating. That music track plays 4:12. You can listen to its preview at the following site. The track can be downloaded at $0.79, which is cheaper than regular price of $0.99. In case you want to design your own time frame of the melody for your special performance which is longer than the existing track, I can help you. Best wishes. Johnson Gao The composer 尊敬的女士們,先生們: 如果你或你的一個朋友是一個花樣滑冰運動員,你可能希望找到一個不錯的音樂作 滑冰實踐。'金鐘協奏曲'是我的新單曲專輯的音樂,我用了多鐘'聲音的華爾茲,我 預計其莊嚴而歡快的曲調將成為人們普遍接受的花樣滑冰音樂作品。那音樂曲目播 放 4:12。你可以在下列網站聽其預覽。 下載 0.79 美元,這是價格比 / iTunes 的正常價格 0.99 美元便見。 如果你想為您的空間表設計你自己的長於現有軌道時間框架的旋律,我可以幫助你。 最良好的祝愿。 約翰遜高 作曲家

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