Ren 1 Cause and Effect diagram for the women’s rights movements

Cult of Domesticity (18th century)

Seneca Falls Convention (1848)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Declaration of Sentiments (1848)

Better health Care for women Increase of life conditions

Elizabeth Blackwell Opened 1st infirmary for Women (1849) Beginning of women’s Rights movements

National Women Rights Convention (1849)

National Women Suffrage Association (1869)

Speeches regarding Marriage, women’s property and job/education

oppose 15th amendment National American women Suffrage Association (1890)

National women Right Convention and National Women Suffrage Convention Working together Colorado was the 1st state to establish Amendment for women’s rights to vote (1893) State and State campaign to Gain support for women Suffrage Susan B.Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton Drafted the federal woman suffrage amendment And sent it to congress

States ratified the 19th amendment (1920)

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