Comet Elenin – Planet X. A Search For Clues To The Future.

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Comet Elenin And “Planet X”
Brace Yourself. We're following up on our previous articles in Family Survival News that said something like “get ready for Planet X to pay a visit – like a bull in a china shop.” We straddled the fence a bit back then, doing our best to give you both sides of the debate, with those on the “pro” side saying Planet X has been here before and caused widespread earthquakes, while on the other side, we quoted NASA as saying it was all an Internet hoax. Then we left you to think it over, and hopefully keep an eye on what was happening around the world in terms of strange weather, volcanic eruptions and, most of all, earthquakes. But we made it clear that we felt that officialdom (NASA in particular) was doing everything it could to keep us ignorant of the existence of this wandering Artist's impression of Planet X trajectory through our solar system. planet – even though it was NASA which said back in 1983 that it had detected something they said at the time was “Planet X.” Well, stories do change over time, and that's what NASA has done, to the extent that we're now supposed to take their word for it that there is no such monster out there – just an innocuous insignificant little NEO (Near Earth Object) that will pass us by over the next few months with absolutely no effect on our planet whatsoever. To be blunt about it, our ongoing research and monitoring of the situation tells us very clearly that NASA (aka “Never A Straight Answer”) has been playing a double game. They've done this by totally denying the existence of “Planet X” while at the same time making a big feature out of a space object they have dubbed C/2010.X1 (elenin). Our conclusion is that NASA has deliberately created confusion about this issue, at least in the minds of most people, yet at the same time, it has been dropping clues in plain sight for those willing to think and see for themselves. Why would they do that? Let's take it that they do not want to create panic among the vast numbers of people who would react in

keeps most of us ignorant. what are the chances that Elinin either impacts us. On one of many sites that you'll find pondering what's up with this Comet Elenin. let's look at a post on the Internet by a NASA mouthpiece who is styled as an astrobiologist who answers people's questions. and it is not a threat to Earth. if you dig deep enough. so the only way to be sure of their actual dimensions is to visit with a spacecraft. Instead. 2011. the movement of the South Island of New Zealand eight inches closer to Australia during another earthquake. Here's the answer. Everyone seems to be freaking out about it.” But it isn't. Does this comet pose a threat and what is its size and nature? AND I have read about comet Elenin and how some nasa people want to keep it a secret. “Part of the Internet chatter concerns its size. is back with a vengeance and there's nothing any government can do to stop it ravaging its way through the solar system. Comets are exceedingly small and enveloped in a tenuous cloud of gas and dust.” “2012 hoax” “major catastrophe.” and that final call to trust the reply by using the words “please be honest. what are the chances of it coming to earth and what threat does it bring with it. and the subsidence of Japan by as much as 20 meters to “Natural Causes. (Note that this “question” was written and answered on March 1 2011. you'll find this one on which “Ask An Astrobiologist” says this (starting with a comprehensive question that he may well have written himself). the shifting of the earth on its axis by a few inches during the Chile earthquake. And some people at NASA do know the full story. and has this comet got anything to do with 2012 hoax? AND Elinin is only . and allows the world to go on playing war games and watching propaganda and political theater on television as if everything is quite “normal.117 au from earth on mar 11. From march 8 to mar 15. Question: So what the deal with comet elenin. It is crafted in such a way that it provides a perfect opportunity for the astrobiologist to cover several points that are made in the “question” which includes “hot” or feargenerating words such as “freaking out.” This placates the majority. there does not seem to be too much credible information. To illustrate what we see as the smoke and mirrors aspect. . which are amplified by people who seem to think this comet is highly unusual. or gets close enough to cause a major catastrophy. they deny its existence and attribute all the major earthquakes and tsunamis. It is not unusual. but on analysis have major but subtle flaws. which is why. and there is no way of being absolutely certain that any individual is being completely truthful. Remember too that the art of deception is to mix truth and falsehoods together. go along with us in our awareness that there is a lot of deliberate deception out there. Many of them refer to the outrageous lies on some conspiracy theory websites.” It's a perfect set-up for molding gullible public opinion). but no one even knows how big it is. Please be honest. “I have been receiving many questions about Comet Elenin.2011. or to bamboozle your reader with semi-truths and red herrings that seem on the surface to be straight talk. you'll be able to separate the truth from the BS. In doing so.” “threat.absolute fear if they were told that “The Destroyer. creating global havoc on its way by. in abbreviated form. or at least be able to see a slightly different picture or vision of the future once you fight your way through the smoke and mirrors to find that they've actually been taking this “comet” very seriously indeed.” as it was known in ancient times.

. It is hard to imagine anyone would take this seriously. the comet will pass within about 0. or cause tides.000. with a twinge of fear or apprehension tugging at our abs? NASA claims that “Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is a long-period comet discovered by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10. Japan slumped 20 meters. or interact with our magnetic field. which is what the writer goes on to claim it is).A.” March 1 this year. And then recall that within a matter of months after Christchurch New Zealand was hit by a major 'quake and thousands of aftershocks..23 AU (34. got hit by a tsunami.S.4824 AU.very close to that March 15 date that was predicted by some who are convinced this is Planet X – not just a bunch of ice and dust. lost thousands of people. Such claims are pure fiction. or disturb our orbit. note the date this was written by this NASA “expert. 2011 Again. “One of the worst examples is a video that someone posted on the NASAbuzzroom website that claims that the magnetic field of the comet will cause a large shift in the rotation axis of the Earth and produce mega-earthquakes on March 15.0M earthquake right on its coast on March 11.Half a dozen comets have been the target of spacecraft missions. But a gullible person would accept this sleight of hand as fact. 2011. There is no reason to think Elenin is any different.” David Morrison Astrobiology Senior Scientist March 1... Are we connecting dots yet? And are we separating truth dots from false dots? Or are we just feeling uncomfortable. 2010 at the International Scientific Optical Network‘s robotic observatory near Mayhill.. and all of them (even Comet Halley) are less than 10 km in diameter. New Mexico. and is now battling the lethal radiation from several damaged nuclear reactors – because there was an unprecedented 9. “In spite of these simple facts.[3] On 16 October 2011. . (NB: If you're an astute person who can read between the lies (lines) you'll be asking how NASA can assume there is “no difference” between this comet and others.000 km. some websites (such as godlikeproductions) are making wild claims that Elenin will hit the Earth. U. when it has NOT sent a space craft to check it out. “C/2010 X1 will come to perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) on 10 September 2011 at a distance of 0.

we don't expect you to accept the way we interpret this issue as “the truth” . if they're so convinced that this “comet” is no threat to Earth. Therefore. .for you.000 mi) of the Earth at a relative velocity of 86.000. for many months to come? And during its trip through our planetary system. and NASA/JPL is letting you know that there's much more to this story than meets the eye – or than they are willing or able to say openly.” The next question is. and another raft of clues available to the sensible? Sensible being people who think for themselves. Looking ahead . it is going to follow a trajectory that will have it pass right through our spinning planets as they constantly change their relationship to each other. day in and day out.21. They may even be hoping that you will see through the BS. But it might be very close. that it is going to be with much more can we expect in the way of disasters in coming months? And are we ready? What a person is prepared to accept as truth varies from one individual to another. if it is going to have no effect on us at all? Again – how about there is one story for the gullible. We say there is a relationship between the presence of Comet Elenin (Planet X). and the sun.000 km/hr. Why would they give us a perfect illustration of how close it will get to Earth. and the increase in earthquake and volcanic activity down here. why would NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory go to such lengths to show those of us who care to do the searching.

and this USGS map shows us that the US West Coast is definitely under stress.. and he can say categorically that NOTHING untoward is going to happen while Comet Elenin traverses our solar system and flies by earth. Hopefully. many of whom are paid to do so. it’s not Nibiru. are saying. Discovery Science says that (its) trajectory places it at about 21 million miles from Earth (more than 80 times farther away than the moon) at it’s closest pass and considering the minuscule size of the object it will have the equivalent effect on earth as a mosquito would if it hit head on with a ocean cruiser. was proven absolutely wrong. what's next? The Ring of Fire continues to be very active. you're smarter than that. They'll likely scoff or laugh it off as if you're some sort of nutter because you think it's a good idea to have your own independent supplies of water and food and medical kits – because you know that without them. it’s not the fulfillment of a Mayan prophecy. it won’t have ANY effect on Earth.” Doesn't that make you feel better? Whoever that writer is. Even the closest fly-by’s of other comets haven’t created natural disasters historically and this one will be much farther away than many have been. it’s not inhabited. On the other hand. he's obviously up with the play on cosmic events.. and stresses are on the increase. It has a way of shutting down our minds. when the fit hits the shan you can either be part of the problem – or you already have the solution. In case you didn’t catch that.However. the tectonic plates are constantly in motion. Smart enough to remember that the NASA astrobiologist who said there would be nothing untoward happening on Earth around March 15.. . Which is why the naysayers. none of that. that fear and apprehension we mentioned. So on a planet riddled with fault lines. That's exactly what you see happening with those you try and talk to about preparedness and survival planning. Obviously. has to be considered. the implications of this “comet” actually being Planet X are pretty hard to get your head around. It’s not going to slam into us. “For instance. He probably also believes there is no connection between the gravity tugging and pulling between the earth and the moon and the sun and the planets. or instantly putting us into denial mode.

And when you look at this animated applet (above . There might also be some really major earthquakes in June.Have you noticed that there's a Magnitude 6. when you study the position of the planets in relation to this “comet. Play with it. when Comet X (Elenin) is much closer than it has been so far. we could go so far as to say it is likely to happen next required. Learn from it. Replay it. you'll have to be asking yourself.0 'quake almost every day now? Do you recall us saying we expect another Big One to hit Japan? Now that we have found a well-hidden JPL animation of the course this comet/planet is on.” just what might happen in mid June. . and you may have to click on the “show/hide orbital diagram” link when you get there) that JPL has hidden on its web site. and then in August and September through to October as this little ball of “ice and dust” makes its closest approach to Terra.

nasa. PS: Before we went to press... very clearly. and to those in NASA who hid these clues in plain sight. we also received the following email. . NASA have released a trajectory model for the comet and its pattern of flight please take the time to see it here: http://ssd. This year that same comet comes in between the sun and us here on earth at a very close range with potentially devastating consequences. much debris) Please understand that the effects on Japan and Christchurch when the planets aligned with this comet were when it was still so far away. (Which FSN foresaw..It's a remarkable animation really.a late entry.cgi?sstr=C %2F2010%20X1. I do not normally send out these type of emails but it is important for you to know what potential lays ahead of us this year. Click here to watch the animated Java applet of the Elenin orbit And here to read NASA's explanation of it as a comet. do not expect to see all about this in your main stream media sources because that may cause a panic. so to speak. because you can clearly see how this comet/planet will sail through our solar system. Yet we are thankful to science. But we're not And. We’re common sense folk who have figured out that Nature does things that scientists are still learning about – or denying.cov=0.and new data shows region is under more strain. each time it has aligned with the earth and sun over the last 18 months it has caused massive earthquakes and that's before its in our system of planets. as the comet gets closer the trajectories get more accurate)      June 15th (comet enters our system) August 23rd September 23rd (rough) October 17th (crisis point very large gravitational effects on the sun and earth) November 5th (crossing the tail of the comet. There is a comet heading for a very close fly-by earth.log=0. You'll see how the earth was hanging out by itself in space on March 11.orb=1. open to a long-distance interaction that we say (advisedly) is the real cause of recent volcanic activity and highmagnitude earthquakes. Hello All. NASA and other agencies are now putting the information out in the fringe media and on their own sites.cad=1#orb (the comet is on the BLUE line..jpl..Japanese superquake moved ocean floor 79 feet sideways and 10 feet up . the date is on the bottom right of the screen. in previous issues). you will have to learn how to control the forward and backward functions) The important date regions are: (approximate.

It will be Upon Earth http://www. no water coming out of the taps. So much ash was blasted into the sky that it blocked out the sun and covered nearby villages and farms. Calendars have been known to change such as the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. Read this however you will and know that it simply comes from Love and please pass this email onto all of your friends and family. hand tools.P. rather than have to prepare when everyone is doing the same. began erupting late on Saturday.. the Mayan calendar was off by a year. Put up enough food.cgi?sstr=C%2F2010%20X1. its better to have knowledge. Ash could reach northern Scotland by Tuesday and parts of Britain. France and Spain by Thursday or Friday if the eruption continues at the same rate. seeds etc to ride these changes should they occur and if possible do as nature and get underground if this triggers the catastrophic changes. Nothing is set in concrete except a sidewalk. 2011 .cad=1#orb YouTube .Comet Elenin . water.log=0.nasa. huge solar flares which stop all electrical devices.Oct.cov=). airlines were warned on Sunday.Path and Information . the Earth may well take large tumbles and rolling around to deal with the changes in gravity. Remember. World Watch Iceland Volcano Erupts Grimsvoetn. What if this year is 2012??? It is something to think about.S. Iceland’s most active volcano at the heart of its biggest glacier. . remove disabling and then it can ‘ http://ssd. sending a plume of smoke and ash 12miles high. Here are 2 great videos from You Tube: Look for the words ‘Orbit – Elenin. What IF. P. no deliveries of food to your local shops.orb=1. prepare before panic sets in and not have to use your supplies because it did not YouTube .Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) Orbit Illustration http://www.Prepare for the I know I have heard much about the Mayan Calendar and 2012.

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