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Introduction to the topic
Plastic cards, or what is described as plastic money, happen to be the best-known method of payment in this day and age. Most of us did not grasp how quickly that little piece of plastic took its place in our lives. Credit cards online will continue to be used for the multiple advantages they offer us. We realize all too well that online credit cards work as an expedient payment option to pay for our many purchases. Imagine stashing money in all your pockets as against merely a little plastic rectangle. Additionally, at present going around with a large quantity of cash on you is not a wise choice in terms of safety. The safety issue assumes even greater significance when you are visiting someplace far. Money is easy to spot and pick-pockets and thieves are able to use nicked money equally easily because these funds are not traceable. Online credit card dealings however, are detectable and carry an audit trial as well. There has been a growth on electronic payment due to the shift in technology, growing access to internet among the customers and convenient modes of delivery and payment. Plastic money also known as Plastic cards acts as a vital tool for every day transaction of people today.

The various Plastic cards include ATM cards,Debit Card,ATM cum Debit Card,Credit Cards, Smart Card, Charge Cards, Co-branded cards, add on cards and so on.

ATM Cards
Automated Teller machine (ATM) cards is capable of doing variety of functions.It can perform both cash and non-cash transactions in secured environment.

-ATM Cash Transactions includes deposits and withdrawals -Non cash transactions incude * Providing Mini Statement of last five transactions.In some banks upto last ten transactions * Balance enquiry * Stop Payment instructions * Transfer of funds between acounts * Requisition of Cheque books,drafts etc. * Bill payments ( electricity bills,Telephone bills etc)

Debit Card:
The bank issues debit card only if the person has an account in the bank.This card is useful to make payment from Member Establishments (ME) who have arrangements with the card issuing bank or agency.They check the balance and deduct the amount from the bank balance online. When a debit card is issued to make the payment,the total amount charged is instantly reduced from the bank balance of the account holder.

All credit and debit cards are affiliated to two major issuers-VISA and Master Card.Master Card and VISA are global non-profit organizations who promote the growth of the card business throughout the world.They have built vast network of Member Establishments so that customers can use the cards worldwide for their debit and credit purchases.

the client is not declared as a defaulter if he misses to pay by due date.a late fee is levied in the next billing statements of the credit card holder.If it is failed to be done.a limit of the credit will be fixed by the bank for the amount of purchases to be made by the customer based on the net worth of the customer. Otherwise late payment fee is levied in the next billing statement. Normally. These cards are not acceptable at many outlets..But.The same debit card can be used to draw cash from the ATM and also make payment to the shops for purchases. Charge Cards: A Charge card has all features of credit card.In such case.then the client is likely to be considered as a defaulter and he has to pay a steep late payment charges.This is two in one card. after using the charge card the entire payments of the bills has to be made by the due date. .The credit card holder has to make payment for the dues before the due date. AMEX (American Express) and Diners Club card are well known branded charge cards. But in case of Credit cards.They have their own merchant establishments and tie ups and does not depend on the network of Master card or VISA. But wide variety of special privileges are enjoyed by the AMEX card holders and Diners Club Cardholders.Debit Cum ATM Card: This is most common nowadays. Credit Cards: This card enables the client to obtain goods or services from the various shops having arrangement with the issuing agency even if there is no balance in his/her savings or current account.The bank assumes that the loan will be repaid by the customers at later date. These care are typically meant for the high income group categories and companies.

this product is available in very developed countries like US.When a card is used. In many cases. Global Card: Global cards can be used as credit cards instead of cash and traveler cheques while traveling abroad to foreign countries for business or personal reasons. Photo Card: When a Photo is imprinted on the card. All expenses incurred on add on card are billed to the primary card holder. No identification. Children or other family members of the original card holder. parents.signature or payment authorization is required for using this card.Photo card can also be used as identity card.it helps to identify the user of the credit card and is considered to be safer.Smart Cards: A smart Card contains an electronic chip which is used to store Cash.Currently. Affinity Card: The card issuer has a tie up with popular organizations and institutions which are often nonprofit organizations like Stanchart Cricket Cards or City WWF card. This is most useful to pay for small purchases for example in Fairs. a certain percentage is contributed to the organization or institution by the card issuer. an issuing bank permits two add on cards per credit card. Normally. Add On Cards: It is a privilege offered to the spouse.coffee shops etc. . The exact amount of purchase is deducted from smart card during payment.

when they pay for the fuel using petro card.Petro Card: Some Petroleum companies allow customers to pay for the fuel through electronic medium. the Indian mode of payment has shifted from currency to electronic mode. It offers a scheme of gifting the points to the customers. It is convenient. Co-branded credit cards like IOC-Citi bank and HPCL-ICICI bank are the co-branded petro cards available in the market.. The new electronic payment and settlement act should follow the strict norms for banks and merchants to make secure payments and prevent money laundering as the transactions through plastic money will be increasing and increasing in the near future. Today. secured and speedy mode of transaction. . This is due to the high money valued transactions and more risk involvement.

likely. the task of issuing new cards will be underpaid relatively to the task of acquiring new merchants. to the extent that increased cardholders’ fees do not offset the fall in MIFs revenue. Indeed. Transaction services will also suffer the consequences that the TDC precludes pricing them in variable terms.arrunada@upf. Moreover. but it will however lead to higher cardholders’ fees and. the payment guarantee and the free funding period will tend to be removed from the package of services currently provided. new prices for point of sale terminals.LITE RATURE REVIEW • Price regulation of plastic money: A critical assessment of Spanish rules Benito Arruñada ( benito. delaying the development of the immature Spanish card market. Also. causing an imbalance between the two sides of the networks. by issuers for a separate fee. especially to smaller and medium-sized merchants. the pricing scheme arising from the decisions will cause unbundling and under provision of those services whose costs are excluded. • DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS By Richard Willsher . to be either provided by third parties. because of uncompetitive retailing.edu) Abstract Recent decisions by the Spanish national competition authority (TDC) mandate payment systems to include only two costs when setting their domestic multilateral interchange fees (MIF): a fixed processing cost and a variable cost for the risk of fraud. or not provided at all. This artificial lowering of MIFs will not lower consumer prices.

The answer then is to use a credit card if you are disciplined enough to pay off your monthly bills and avoid wasting money on interest. You present your card at the till and the people you are paying either swipe it through a special telephone terminal or issue you with a paper voucher. car hire companies. garages. airlines. The two debit cards used in this country are Switch and Visa Delta. When you buy things the process is the same. Credit cards however work in a very similar way but while they give you more spending power they can be a lot more difficult to keep under control. You remain in control. Although both debit cards and credit cards can be used to pay for goods in shops there are some important differences between the two. But instead of debiting your bank account the money you've spent is noted by the credit card issuer who have put a credit limit in place for you. Although they are the issuers what it means is that they join one of the big card systems such as Visa or Mastercard. Not only is a debit card a convenient way to pay but it makes sure you can't spend more than you've got in your bank account. Otherwise stick to a debit card where it is easier to stay in control. Once you have signed the money is them paid on your behalf within a day or two. You sign the credit card receipt at the retail outlet or fill out the on-screen form with the card details if you are making an Internet purchase. hotels and many other places. theatres.The great thing about paying with plastic is that it's convenient and secure but which sort of card to use? Both debit and credit cards are issued by banks and building societies. They then send you a statement once a month which shows how much you have spent. How much of a limit they grant you depends on how much they think you are likely to be able to repay. That way the plastic will always be your convenient and flexible friend.The Indian Experience . You then pay against this statement by the due date given on the statement. You have to be 16 to have one issued to you. You can spend up to this limit which could be as little as a few hundred pounds or as much as many thousands. Plastic Money . They are accepted at thousands of shops. That is why they are so convenient.

• To study reasons for opting plastic money. It explores in detail the security of card transactions and the technologies being adopted by companies to ensure the same. The case also discusses the basic steps involved in plastic money transactions. . • To study the purpose of using plastic money. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY • To study the awareness of the plastic money.Abstract: The case examines the reasons for the increasing popularity of debit cards in the Indian plastic money market.

.• To study the perception of the consumers regarding plastic money.

step-by-step methods are followed to solve a particular problem. RESEARCH DESIGN The research is design is the conceptual structure within which research is conducted. In fact. Research Design can be further categorized into three categories as follows: TYPES OF RESEARCH DESIGN EXPLORAT ORY RESEARCH DESIGN DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DESIGN EXPERIMEN TAL RESEARCH DESIGN SAMPLING AND DATA COLLECTION DATA COLLECTION . In it. The search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solution to a problem is a research. measurement and analysis of the data. Redmen and Mory defines “Research as a systematized effort to gain new knowledge”. research is an art of scientific investigation. it constitutes the blue print of the collection. Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. A research design is the arrangement of the conditions for the collections and analysis of the data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. It can also be defined as scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research refers to a search for knowledge. A research design includes an outline of what the researcher will do from writing the hypothesis and its operational implication to the final analysis of data.

There are various sources of data collection which are as follows: • • PRIMARY DATA SECONDARY DATA Primary sources are those sources of information which are explored for the first time by the researcher. Newspapers and Magazines etc. The process of selecting the desired sample from the universe to solve the research problem is called sampling. It is the first hand information which has not been used in the past. Data is very essential to reach at any conclusion. As the name implies.After formulating the research design comes the need to collect data. Unpublished Sources such as Company Internal reports prepared for analysis and investigation purposes. Government Reports. Company’s official websites or other websites on the internet like yahoo or Google etc. It includes: • • Published Sources such as Journals. it is the second hand information. Sampling technique can be categorized into two broad categories namely: • • PROBABILITY SAMPLING NON-PROBABILITY SAMPLING DATA PROCESSING . This group is known as sample. • SAMPLING It is not possible for any researcher to include each and every member of the universe in his research process so he has to select small portions of the universe which is its true representative. Secondary data includes the information which has been already used by the researcher. It includes: • • • Personal Investigation Observation Method Information from correspondents.

Once the data has been collected then comes the stage of data processing. A A SIS PA N LY TTER N Bar-diagrams. Interview Secondary data: Com pany record files. .Survey. C ontent A nalysis. tabulations and coding & editing of data collected through different sources. Raw data is of no use if it is not processed properly using any statistical tool. Pie charts and Tables. sites and articles. RESEARCH DESIGN Research type Source of Data Collection Research Instrument Exploratory Research Primary & Secondary Questionnaire SAMPLE PLAN Sampling Technique Probabilistic using convenient sampling COLLECTION OF DATA The study is based on primary and secondary data Primary data: . Q uestionnaire Analysis. It includes calculations. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY USED IN THE PRESENT STUDY COVERAGE OF THE STUDY The universe of the present study is Bank customers in the area of Chandigarh & Mohali.

NEED OF THE STUDY • The importance of the study and analysis of the training practices in India is emphasized by the fact that the training system is going to decide the employee performance and job satisfaction up to large extent. • This training practice shows the impact of the employee’s performance on the organization success in today’s competitive era. . • Therefore the present study aims at finding out the impact of training practices on the employee performance. job satisfaction and on overall impact of training programmes on company’s performance.

The Bank Customers hesitate disclosing the true facts of plastic money in order to secure their income. 5. 6. The study can’t cover whole of the region due to shortage of resources and human limitation. 4. The information is collected through primary and secondary data. 2. There is no measure to check out whether the information provided by the Bank Customers is correct or not . 3.LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY There are certain limitations in the present study which are follows: 1. The samples of Bank Customers are not representative of the total workforce. the limitation of the reliability and shortcoming of secondary data may affect the result. The information provided by the Bank Customers is not definitely true. Hence.

com/fe_full_story.cms ● http://www.cinechance.indiatimes.php?id=13001073&vsv=432 http://www.asp?id=7267 http://www.icfai.wikipedia.icmr.php?content_id=80188 http://economictimes.financialexpress.com/finance/loans/fullstory.com/24775/ http://en.org/casestudies/catalogue/IT%20and %20Systems/Money.com/view.financialexpress.sitagita.onprepaidcard.php?content_id=159577 ● http://www.htm A PROJECT SYNOPSIS .html ● http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/fe_full_story.htm ● ● ● http://sify.BIBLIOGRAPHY WEBSITE ● ● ● ● www.curpg2.org/wiki/Money http://www.com/canvas/2002/01/19/stories/200201190 0080400.com/Money_Matters/Credit_Cards/News/Pl astic_money_use_gains_pace_in_India/articleshow/msid-1268620.com/a/how-to-get-best-out-of-your-plasticmoney.


com : A-1/1.COM (HONOURS)-DU M. ROHINI.com CURRICULUM VITAE OF PROJECT GUIDE NAME QUALIFICATION : : Ch. SECTOR-16. Email Correspondence Address : Finance : : vermajeetu1@gmail.Name of programme : (42) Post Graduate Diploma in Management Specialization Contact No. Samaresh Chhotray B.COM (DU) CA . SAMARESH CHHOTRAY : Faculty : 9717219922 : cssrc1974@gmail. E mail : Ch. DELHI-110089 Title of the Project : The title of the Project is an analytical study on “FACTORS AFFECTING INVESTORS PREFERENCE FOR MUTUAL FUNDS IN INDIA” AT MAHINDRA FINANCE PROJECT GUIDE Name Designation Contact no.

FOREX EXCHANGE MGMT. Worked with Titan industries as Assistant Manager between 2004 to 2006. Contact no:.MBA (finance.IGNOU) EXPERIENCES : AIMA faculty for MBA/PGDM since 2002 Visiting faculty with VIAS for MKU-MBA Visiting faculty for IIPM (Accounts & fin.) Visiting faculty with HIMS (Gauhati Univ regular industry integrated) Visiting faculty with UEI Global WORK EXPERIENCE : Worked with MSIL as Assistant Manager (Finance) for 2 years. SUBJECTS TAUGHT : FINANCIAL /CORPORATE ACCOUNTS COST /MGMT ACCOUNTING FINANCE MGMT OPERATION RESEARCH Quantitative tech/ STATS International finance Mgmt SECURITY ANALYSIS & PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS. HOBBIES : READING & WRITING TRAVELLING MOTIVATING YOUNG PEOPLE LISTENING MUSIC WATCHING ALL KIND OF SPORTS.com ABOUT ME .9717219922 Email:cssrc1974@gmail.

I never turn away student queries. I will bring at least twelve years of street smart teaching experience. Strengths My ability to understand each student separately and address their problems separately. Oriya and Bengali Married : EXTREME HARD WORK & DETERMINATION MOTTO ADDRESS First Floor. Rawat villa Ward no 2. I was into coaching students of CA/CS/CWA/B.COM/M. Hindi. Promise .110030 Materials My teaching methods are primarily power point Slides and subject notes in Ms Word in subjects like Accounting/ finance/IFM/SAPM/stats/QT/Research and Strategy.Commerce Students) which will help students pursuing BBA/MBA and M. Apart from that I am in process to write a book tentatively called (Accounting for Non.Sex Nationality Religion Language known Marital status Male Indian Hinduism English.COM/MBA/MFC/ACCA & CPA Very early right from 1996-97 and thus has greater understanding of the needs of students and their problems.COM.Mehrauli New Delhi.

I will work to the best of my ability and help you and your institution find and accomplish better standards in education. I believe in HARD WORK and working with Professional efficiency and Dignity”. With Regards Samaresh Chhotray . I believe in the notion “nothing precedes hard work.. success only comes by…. Given an opportunity.I believe in finishing projects in time and ethically come what may. The great philosopher Karl Marx once said “Labour changes APE to MAN” and this inspires me.

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