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The Merciad, Oct. 27, 1999

The Merciad, Oct. 27, 1999

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The Merciad, Oct. 27, 1999
The Merciad, Oct. 27, 1999

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Vol 73 No. 5




By Dave Hermenau Features editor

S tudents work at aw ard-winnin archaeological site
12,000 years ago. Artifact bearing levels at Meadowcroft date to well before that mark and present stone tools that are :. different from those produced by the Clovis Culture. Though the veracity of the Meadowcroft evidence is questioned by some, Adovasio's meticulous excavation procedures convince many in the archaeological community that Meadowcroft is for real. Of rivaling importance in j Meadowcroft's claim to fame is the roll the site has played in the development of archaeology. * Adovasio's work at Meadowcroft is internationally known as state-of-the-art for closed sites, i.e., caves and rockshelters. I Furthermore, the location is known for boasting the longest record of repeated occupation at one site in this area of the world. [Mercyhurst opportunity to experience a site-' such as Meadowcroft is simply?*! invaluable.^ v ? " "Because of the complexity of File photo the deposits at the site, and the extreme length of time that we' ve been able to work at this about the people who first set location and because we've been foot on the continent. Strong, able to develop new methodolothough controversial, evidence gies to match almost every new has been found that pushes the development in the field, the dates for the initial colonization students have the opportunity to, of the New World further back quite literally, be on the cutting than had been previously edge of a closed site excavation. imagined. For years the Clovis Meadowcroft is one of the most theory had been the paradigm complicated cave and rockshelter that dominated the field. The Clovis theory argued that sites on the planet This is not an experience they can get anyhumans first arrived on the where else," Adovasio said. continent between 11,000 and
-M l

The United States has archaeological sites from coast to coast. Though each is K important in its own right and makes invaluable contributions to what we know about our past, few sites elucidate the human past as Meadowcroft Rockshelter, Avella, Pa, has been able to do. Last week, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission designated the site as the 1999 Commonwealth $ Treasure. The Commonwealth Treasure program annually recognizes a site, structure, artifact or record of extraordinary historic value to the state or nation. ^ •SfcDraJames Adovasio, director. if the Mercyhurst Archaeoiogi- , cal Institute (MAI), said, "The 3 award essentially affirms both the roll of Meadowcroft in prehistory and the roll of Meadowcroft in the history of the development of the field of archaeology." 1 Though the lay community may not be familiar with the site, in the scientific world, Meadowcroft Rockshelter is internationally renowned. Adovasio has pioneered research there since 1973, when full-scale archaeological excavation began at the site. At that ti me, Adovasio was with the University of Pittsburgh. The most involved

* *

Students work at Meadowcroft Rockshelter in Avella, Pa. period of excavation took place needed to be cleaned and from the summer of 1973 to the maintained, allowing students to fall of 1978. Work was also done work at the site, y at the site in 1982,1983 and i g "Not only have our students 1987. When Adovasio came to spent varying amounts of time Mercyhurst in 1990 and formed there, but students from all over MAI, archaeologists and students the country, as well as outside continued research at the site. the country, have worked there Mercyhurst's most extensive previously," Adovasio said. periods of excavation took place Meadowcroft Rockshelter isj in 1994,1995 and again in 1999. of significant importance for When active excavation wasn' t many reasons, not the least of conducted, Meadowcroft still which is what the site tells us
ft "^

Annual job and career fair to be held next week
By Mandy Fies Merciad writer With the growths of the j ob market and the Mercyhurst College student population, the Mercyhurst Athletic Center should be a busy place during the eighth annual Career/Job Fair. Over 100 employers will be on-hand in the MAC Thursday, Nov. 4 from 1 to 4 p.m Representatives will be prepared to answer questions regarding full and part time employment, education requirements, career options and internship opportunities. • "As students look to go through their liberal arts education and are thinking of choosing a major, there is no one better to help them than people who are already in that field and have firsthand knowledge of the education requirements and career options," said Robert Hvezda, director of career services. Hvezda said, "We strongly encourage everyone, freshmen through senior, to attend. Everyone can benefit from this exposure to career option and j ob opportunities." Seniors should bring resumes to distribute to the companies that will be hiring and dress professionally Past students have been offered full-time jobs on the spot at the fair. Dolores Stockman, coordinator of the Career/Job Fair, said, "This is thefinest,most diverse | selection of companies and organizations that we've ever assembled. We hope that all students will see this as a golden opportunity to explore within their respective fields." The 1999 Career/Job Fair is the biggest in the area and is sponsored by the Brie College Career Cooperative (ECCC). The ECCC consists of Mercyhurst, Allegheny College, Gannon University, Perm State-Behrend and Edinboro University. Students and facultyfromall five schools are invited to attend. Last year, over 600 people attended. Organizers hope that more students will attend this year. This year, in an effort to publicize the event more, the radio station, 102.3 FM, the Point, will broadcast from the MAC during the fair. > ;, . Faculty members are encouraged to bring their classes to the fair or to encourage their advisees to attend. Some of the more notable local, regional and national companies that will be present include American Golf, Community Integration, Inc., Erie County Office of Children ~ Youth. Federal Bureau of


Investigation, Hyatt Hotels Corp., Lockheed Martin, Lord Corp., Mellon Bank, Pittsburgh Technology Council* ServiceMaster, State Farm Insurance Companies, U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Steel. These companies represent the diversity of majors to which the fair will appeal. I* For more information, visit the Career/Job Fai r website at www.mercyhurst.edu/pages/ ss_fair.html or call the Office of Career Services at Ext 2426. The Office of Career Services is open to all suggestions for possible future Career/Job Fair participants and on-campus recruiters.

PAGf 2


OCTOBER 27,1999

the city with the 250 watt transmitter, but it leaves our college campus silent Now 1 f you haven't heard it before, Mercyhurst, too, can listen to its you can sure hear it now. own station. Mercy hurst* s radio station WMCE can only simulcast WMCE, 88.5and 104.9FMis? programming from 88.5 on 104.9 making improvements in every using 6 watts of power, just area. enough to be heard on One of the greatest strides Mercyhurst* s campus. WMCE has made in years took If you were around this place last spring with the summer, you might have heard installation of a translator. an Erie Seawol ves game being Formerly, listeners could only broadcast Mercyhurst attained "attempt" to tune into 88.5 FM to the rights to broadcast every hear their fellow students taking Seawolves game as their flagship station, with Kale Beers on play a turn at DJ-ing. The translator, which is located by play. at the top of Baldwin Hall, picks Along with new equipment up the signal used on 88.5 and came new broadcasting hours*. transmits it to 104.9 FM. The Previously WMCE went off the terrain of the Erie area lets 883 air at midnight, but with the new be heard in various spots around By Jen Harwell News editor

It's all good at "all classics ... WMCE"
technology, it can now be programmed to play music right up until dawn. The station is student operated from 6 am. until midnight, when computer automation takes over the night

Jforum planned
Mercyhurst students are given an opportunity to address their questions and concerns with members of the administration | each year at the student forum. The first forum of the 1999-2000 school year will be held Thursday, Nov. 4, at 8 p.m. in the* Mercy Heritage Room. The panel of adminstrators available for questioning will include: Dr. William P. Garvey, president; Thomas Billingsley, executive vice president of administration; Dr. Joseph Gower, vice president of academic affairs; Laura Zirkle,£ dean of resident life; Ken Sidun, chief of police and safety; Tyrone Moore, director of housing and maintenance; and Kathy Noce, assistant to the president for technology. Students are asked to write their questions on the 3x5 index cards which will be provided. The cards are read aloud and the questions addressed by the 1 appropriate administrator. ; "Fbnims are usually very crowded and a lot of great issues are brought up," Colleen Nardi, president of student government, said. This is perhaps the best opportunity students have to voice their concerns. I hope everyone will attend.** According to Nardi, the forum will be an opportunity for students to meet ZirkJe, who was recently appointed dean of resident life..



When it comes to Mercyhurst^ athletics, you can hear all home and away football, basketball and ice hockey (women* s and men* s varsity and club) games. Several new programs have * I / been gaining listeners as well, such as Paul Brown* s" Two 1 Cents Worth," "Arts Showcase" and the "Italian Hour." The format of WMCE has been a highly debated topic. A few years ago, every student who worked an air shift brought in the music they wanted to play. I

While this may seem like a great idea, it was highly irregular and annoying to the listener who wanted dependability. In fall of 1997, classical music during the day and classic rock at night was the new programming that took over. The format again took yet another change this summer, with classical music all daylong. Since 1997, the number of people listening has done nothing butrise.In the spring of 1998, the listening audience was 2,500 which expanded to 9,200 in spring 1999. r Check out WMCE yourself on 88.5 or 104.9 FM. If you are near a TV you can also hear the 9 station through Mercyhurst s TV channel on 62 or 19B.

Mercyhurst to participate in ending Debt Crisis
By Jen Harwell News editor On November 3, Mercyhurst students will have the chance to participate in a 24-hour juiceonly fast to end the global debt The Fast to End the Debt Crisis is part of a 100-day rolling fast taking place around the nation. It began on September 21, and will continue until the last day of 1999. For those students who are not ready to make the jump into a 100-day fast, the 24-hour juiceonly fast is an alternative. The fast is intended to raise awareness around campus and the Erie community regarding the growing problems of poverty in Latin America, Asian and; African countries.

Events on campus:
Wednesday, 10/27/99:
Ophelia Project meeting at 9 p.m. in Student Gov't Chambers.

Thursday, 10/28/99:


Pumpkin Throwing Tourney. Meet in the union at 7 p.m. Prizes Awarded I I Lumen meeting at 8 p.m. at Warde Townhouse 6 (the townhouses next to Zurn).

Friday, 10/29/99: Saturday, 10/30/99: Monday, 11/1/99: Tuesday, 11/2/99: i i (

i | S * | j

Trip to Mason Farms. Meet in the union at 7 p.m.* Halloween Party! Prizes for best costume in the Laker Inn, 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. !S SAC Tournaments Committee Meeting at 8 p.m. in the SAC office. SAC General Meeting at 8:30 p.m. in the student government*. chambers. ^ Movie: Blair Witch Project at 9 p.m. in the Great Room|

Wednesday, 11/3/99:


SAC Weekends Committee Meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the SAC office. Coffeehouse: Musician Jamie Notarthomas in the Laker Inn from 911p.m. ________

{These third-world countries were loaned large amounts of money for their economic needs. When theirfloatinginterest rates rose over 20 percent in the early 1980s, their debts quickly became impossible to pay. Since then, debts have done nothing but increase. The international funds which are intended to pay for health care and education within the third-£ world countries, are mostly spent on debt services. These overwhelming and unpayable debts are owed mostly torichcountries in developed nations. Tens of thousands of children and adults sacrifice their physical Tarbell well being every day to starvation and illness. Most of these 3 7 0 4 Pine Ave. individuals are not responsible (walking distance from cami foi the debt, or have not ben(814)452-0032 efited from the loans in the first Ity Coffees & Distin place. Hopefully, with enough attention, debt cancellation will become an issue on the national We're open: peaturi n e: Mon, Wed, Thurs. *Chaitea agenda. 6:30 am.-6 p.m. * St Johnsbury For those students interested in Tues&Fri: Candles I participating, there will be juice * Northsound music 6:30 a.nt-7 p.m. * Christian t-shirts Saturday: and inspirational speakers at 8 a.m.-3 p.m. and sweatshirts meal times (11:30 to 1 p.m. and 4:30 to 6 p.m.) in the SAC room 10% DISCOUNT WITH MERCYHURST STUDENT ID in the Union. I $5.00 OFF Buy-five coffees , get o n e free!! A Any purchase of $20.00 a # # # # # IFree # # # # # l F r e e | or more # # # # # lFrce # # # # # l F r c e I at Coffee Etc.

Millennium F *Ball:

I Dec|l0

at Sabella's Union Station


Coupons expire Nov. 5,1999. Not valid with any other discounts. Limit one per visit


OCTOBER 27,1999




What's n e w in the Hurst E r i e A r t M u s e u m e x h i b i t s The Erie A it Museum, located in 1997 and 1999. "% sia, How The Grinch Stole is animated Dance Department 'I \ at 411 State St,verycurrently alsoArt of theexhibit untilfilm will Christmas, The Jetsons, The showing three interesting be on Oct 31. Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Tom

By Charon HHibar Contributing writer As the 1999-2000 school year begins, many fresh and exciting changes have taken place in the Mercyhurst Dance Department If you are passing through the department, you will probably notice a few new faces circulat-. ing, and I am not merely speaking of this year's freshmen. Two of these individuals are our returning professional scholars Gina and Jordi Ribera. While they are assuming positions with Lake Erie Ballet, they are also attending Mercyhurst as part of the Returning Professional Program. To introduce you to these two extremely talented individuals, Gina Ribera is a native of the Napa Valley, although he has ?j since taken up a wide range of residencies to pursue her dancing

career. Gina has performed with dance companies such as Oakland Ballet, National Ballet of Norway and Cleveland Ballet Jordi Ribera, originally from Sweden, has worked in companies such as the Norwegian National Ballet, Cullberg Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet and the Cleveland ballet Both Gina and Jordi are dance scholarship recipients at Mercyhurst With spectacular repertoires behind them, we look forward to seeing Gina and Jordi Ribera perform with both the Mercyhurst College Dance Department and Lake Erie Ballet In fact, if you have a chance, Gina and Jordi will be performing in the Mercyhurst Dance Department* s 25th Anniversary Spectacular Nov. 6 at 8 p.m., and[ Nov. 7 at 2:30 p.m. at the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center.

art exhibits in its gallery. "A Woman's Touch," the latest Erie A rt Museum Frame Shop gal 1 ery exhibit, features Monica Schwegman' s newest acrylic paintings and installation work, on display until Oct 31. The body of work in this exhibit represents Schwegman* s personal experi-3 ences as a mother, a daughter, a wife and an individual. In her work, she journeys through a woman's relationships with * herself and with others. Schwegman, a student from Kansas City Art Institute,: currently resides in Erie, and has displayed her work in group and solo exhibitions in Pennsylvania, Texas and Kansas City, including the Erie Art Museum's Annual Spring Show

This show features classic American animation with animation cells, drawings and model sheets of many well-known and beloved characters The works in this exhibition were selected from the extensive collection of ani mator George * Nicholas (1910-1996), whose half-century career involved working with almost every major animation studio including Walt Disney, Walter Lantz, MGM and Hanna-Barbara. The artwork on display is drawn from the beginning of classic animated featurefilmsand made-for-television animation of the early 1930s up through the revival of full-length animation in the mid 1970s. Thefilmsand television shows represented include Sleeping Beauty, Fanta-

and Jerry, Dumbo, Pinocchio and Lady and the Tramp, along with shorts featuring Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck and Goofy. Poetry in Clay, showcases the beautiful sculptural tiles designed by Arthur Osborne (1855-1942), whose creative abilities led him through a spectrum of subjects and style variation. fcj Osborne has designed hundreds of stunning individual and sets tiles, which decorated the interiors of both residences and businesses as framed art pieces. Today, Osborne's tiles, with their elaborate sculptural designs, are highly sought by ceramictile collectors. This exhibit goes until March 5,2000.

Howard Stern divorces
My God,'* will appear on the soundtrack to Arnold^ Schwarzenneger's newest film, End of Days'' on Nov. 2. The band Ken Fronczek has lost all original members except Rose, but "Oh My God" will feature guitarist Dave Navarro from The king of all media, the Jane's Addiction/the Red Hot Chili fouled-mouthed madman of FM radio for the past twenty years, is Peppers, as well as Nine Inch Nails finally getting a divorce from his guitarist, Robin Fink. Memo to wife. Howard Stem, the celebrity fans: its success will either parallel that of "You Could Be Mine" from badboy of talk radio, after 21* years of marriage has decided to the movie •Terminator 2," or fall down the trail of oblivion like call it quits with his college sweetheart, Allison. The couple j "Sympathy for the Devil" did for "I nterview With a Vampire." Take just recently stated that after the past few years of turmoil, they ^ your pick. will separate on good terms and Any last words for Elvis? The remain equal custodians of their king is leaving for Europe for three three children. Look out ladies. months to work on a new movie Big news for Guns n' Roses starring Jim Carey, Regis Philbun fans. The band that once stood and new-found pal, Ron Jeremy. atop the music industry, is ready The story, so far, is centered around to debut its first single release aliens who land on trampol i nes and since the band's cover of the i spend their lives continually Rolling Stones* "Sympathy for bouncing. Elvis plays an overthe Devil" over five years ago. weight, washed-up rock star who They are led by Axl Rose, i) hasrisenfrom the dead tofightfor perhaps the most outrageous and the freedom of Graceland. Director epitomizing rock n' roll frontQuenti n Taranti no is making his man since Jim Morrison. The usual appearance, this time as one new song, choicely titled "Oh of the troublesome aliens.

Halloween, a time for giving
the other day. Thanks to my girlfriend's mother's talented tailoring skill, I will be the darkest, most gothic Hollywood What, Halloween a time for version of Vlad Dracul Tepes to giving? Why yes, dear ever stumble drunk down Briggs readers, a time for giving Avenue and across Erie. Why yourself a new look drawn from some inner subconscious Vladimir The Impaler, Son of the calling. Without getting overly Dragon, Turkish Warlord King? I think because we have so much Freudian, Halloween is the number one day in America, if in common, in terms of style. I not the world, in which people have not yet taken his form on a Halloween night, although 1 have literally claim a different/ multiple personality and act it dressed very closely to him many a time. (See, I told you people out This is invoked through get carried away tyi their costume choice. So what does this leave you? I What should I be for Halloween, you ask yourself? suggest if you have the money and a great idea, go for it! It is Well, how the hell should I know? All I know is that I just worth blowin' some coin on a got my custom-made costume crazy costume, even if HallowBy Ken Fronczek A & E editor een is for only one night If spending money is not your bag, baby, empty beer cases are always a clever idea to string J together for a costume. Dressing as a "beer warrior" is always a kick, not to mention it* s fun getting the costume together, chug-a-lug. Another idea, one a J friend had last yean fill a large, clear garbage bag with grass clippings, hang it from yourself using tape to hold it up, and go as a "fat, green sack." Anyway, the key is to be creative, if not, be the best at what you' re dressing as. If all else fails, write the word "tool" on a t-shirt and hide your head in shame, but do not come to die king of all Halloween parties party. BOO!

On the DL


Roshomon "The Gates of Truths
At the Taylor Little Weber Theatre Nov. 4,5,6, and 7 at 8 pmj Free admission
be a book/film discussion Thurs., Oct. Hammermill 21 and




. • . ' . -



OCTOBER 27,1999

The buzz around campus:
Hist,'have you been in the Laker Inn or downstairs in the union lately? Did you notice that when you left the union, you didn't smell like you took a bath in grease? The quality of the food in the Laker Inn seems to have improved. Perhaps the food isn' t as greasy any- « more. Whatever the case may be, if s nice to not smell like grease. Second, although we may not always agree with the prices of books and sweatshirts in the bookstore, the personalities of the two ladies, Ruth and Jean, who work at the registers make a trip to the bookstore worthwhile. You are always greeted with a hello and a smile.

"Randall demons' GeopoUticsfl — I was forced to become • knowledgeable in current events and shown a new way to think about the intricate relationship between states." - Tim Byrs, Junior "Peace and Justice with Dr. Snyder because she really i challenged me to think critically and question myself." - Amy Pieczynski, Senior

What was your favorite class at Mercyhurst?
going to preschool all over again." - Jenni Kutrufis, Senior

[ E S T*E O N J



Temperature regulation — not a practice at Mercyhurst — is once again out of control. You can never predict the temperature of a classroom. In Zurn, either the air conditioning is on full blast and it is freezing, or it is stuck off, and very stuffy. All it takes in Old Main is one window left open at night and the cold Erie air haunts the hallways in the early morning for the victims of 8 a.m. classes, J j

Human Resource Management with Bev DiCarlo because we "It was Mild Mental Retardation only had a little bit of homework because the professor is out in and it was a very hands-on type "Drugs and Human Behavior — the teaching profession and she of class." We covered all drugs in depth knows what is happening in - Owen Jones, Junior from caffeine to cocaine and education. Plus, the professor discussed governmental and was very energetic and had a lot Human Communications with behavioral issues that correspond of good ideas." Mr. Glenn because it was to each. Nothing was more - Kate Reavey, Junior interesting and fun." fascinating than trading war - Scott Michel, Senior stories in good old Zurn 213." "Creative Activities for Young • Chris Waychoff, Senior Children because it was like


- .


Too expensive to take extra classes
.> <tuiwM)

Next time you walk down the hall on the secondfloorof Old Main, 'M check out the wiring about 3/4 of the way up the wal 1 and on the * ceilings. These uncovered wires are very attractive, as is the very nice (can you sense the sarcasm) furniture at the west end of the hall.?

Dave Hermenau The cost of college today is quite sobering to say the least It is often times one of the biggest purchases a person will make. Mercyhurst is certainly no exception. For many of us, the years after graduation will be financially dismal. The days of eating Mac and Cheese and Ramen Noodles, days that we were certain would end once we graduated, will continue as we struggle to pay off monstrous student loans. Such is the price one pays for a decent education. While Mercyhurst's price tag may cause you to squirm, relative to

Once upon a time there was a game room in the student union. The Pacman video game seemed to have a magnetic pull every time I entered the union. Then the game room moved to the Rec Center. Then, it disappeared. Anyone seen Pacman anywhere? Why is there no more CI ub Hurst in the union on the weekends. Remember the activities, DJs and comedians brought in for alternative-to-alcohol events from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.7 Where is Club Hurst?

It's almost a given that if you have more than 25 people in your class, the class will be held in a small crowded room in Old Main. But in the class of only 8 or 12, the spacious Zurn 114 will be the meeting place. Why are small classes in big rooms and big classes i n smal 1 rooms?
THE BORN LOSER® by Art & Chip Sansom

N\ t K proCPK>HKKTO&




schools of similar caliber, students here are getting a pretty good deal. This is a private school, on a beautiful campus with high profile faculty members and strong programs. Not too bad for under $20,000 a year. As good a deal as Mercyhurst may be, there is still room for ''• improvement Tuition procedures at this school seem to be discordant with the college's mission statement There seems to be some disparity in a liberal arts college running tuition as is done here. j The quality of education one gets at Mercyhurst is well worth the price we pay. The problem is that it seems quite backward that the college charges its students full price if they wish to take even one extra class. As al I students know, the normal class load is 10 a year. If students wish to register for an 11th class, a blood red $1,200 shows up under their name in student accounts. While students should be able to finish their degree in four years with 10 classes a year, for many students it is impossible. If a student is forced to take an extra class in the course of their time at Mercyhurst because they failed it in the past or because they decided to switch majors well into their time at Mercyhurst, paying a full $ 1,200 is a bit easier to swallow. The i nj u sti ce occurs when a student wishes to double-major!


or simply pick up a minor that requires courses beyond the 10a-year limit- It seems even morel ridiculous when a student simply wants to take an extra course forj* the intrinsic benefit offered by learning. One would think that a liberal arts school would understand a < student's need to learn and explore their i nterests. One would expect Mercyhurst to be; compassionate of students who actually want to be here and want to be learning about as many different things as they possibly can. Unless you are wealthy, tuition policies at Mercyhurst may hinder this from happening. At many other institutions this is not the case. Many schools charge their students for a standard amount of credits, but allow them to take a certain number of classes over that amount Put simply, students at other schools have the option of taking a class, purely because it interests them, and not getting charged extra. ^ Perhaps the administration doesn' t even realize that our system prohibits the independent! acquisition of knowledge. I do not suggest a free-for-all on classes, but simply a re-evaluation of the system presently in place, perhaps resulting in a compromise that doesn't financially punish students who feel the need to learn about their world.

OCTOBER 27,1999



Homosexuality: what it isn't
oughly understand though, the Tricia Six delicate balance of genetic or inborn hormonal factors and Tim McNichol early childhood sociological development to explain any The American Psychological sexual orientation. Association defines sexual Homosexuality is not abnorM orientation as ... one of the four mal. The term abnormality, in components of sexuality... % reference to behavior, is defined distinguished by an enduring by the following criteria: 1. emotional, romantic, sexual or Distress: the damage to oneself affectionate attraction to indiand others, 2. Dysfunction: viduals of a particular gender." disruption of daily routine or The homosexual orientation then, function because of that damage, is an individual's attraction to 3. Danger identified by carelessmembers of his/her own gender. ness, hostility or poor judgment As sexuality is so complicated, of an individual, resulting from homosexuality is best understood damage. Unrelated to the criteria by stating what it is not. defining of abnormality, homoHomosexuality is not a sexuality is recognized Sby voluntary self-concept Based on the American Psychological years of research, scientists know Association as one of the three that sexual orientation is inherent main orientations including within an individual, it is not a bisexuality (attraction to memchoice. Research cannot thorbers of both genders) and heterosexual ity. 4 According to the APA, %.. homosexuality is not an illness, mental disorder or emotional problem. "All mental-health workers are urged to dispel the myth that homosexuality is a mental disorder as it was removed in 1973 from the American Psychological Association's official manual of emotional amd social disorders. Homosexuality is a recognized sexual orientation defined by an attraction to one's own gender. It is not a choice or an abnormality. It is not an illness, nor a social or emotional problem. The question 'what is homosexuality?' is answered to bring awareness, putting to rest the myths and stereotypes that surroumd our fellow human beings. -,

Feel free to speak up
On an average, The Merciad receives three letters to the editor each week. These letters are an opportunity for students, faculty or administration to express their feelings and opinions on things going on around Mercyworid, be it good, bad or indifferent. One common misconception people here seem to have is that the opinions printed in a letter to the editor in are supported by The Merciad staff. On the contrary, letters to the editor, denoted as "Mail Bag," are independent opinions; only edited to comply with the AP Style Book. The next ^ time that a letter to the editor strikes your interest or offends you, whatever the case may be, exercise your freedom of speech and respond to it. Perhaps an even better way for students to be heard is to attend the student forum that MSG sponsors next Thursday, Nov. 4. Forums seem to be productive, but only if students bring a decent amount of respect with their comments. When students act mature, they tend to get further in life. In the past, forums have been an opportunity for students to verbally bash the administration in front of their fellow students. Instead of bashing administration, we need to bring issues to their attention in a respectable way, and they will act on them. —Carrie TaDDe. Editor-in-Chief

How to feed your soul
for indrndual-spirituaHiwec*— many forms and has now been tion so that one may talk to proven scientifically to have a positive effect on our well being. another experienced person In the hectic pace of college life, about their own fai th journey. Rev. Jim Piszkar Praying for others can bring spiritual feeding becomes a spiritual growth and developnecessity. At Mercyhurst, we h ment We have brought back have ample opportunities for We take the time as human beings to feed our bodies and our communal and individual prayer the "Book of Intercessions" located at the entrance to Christ _ Sunday Masses and our minds, usually out of necessity. the King Chapel where anyone But how often do we think about weekday Masses (Monday & Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.) and the may write their prayer petitions feeding that spiritual part of and we will remember them at intercessory prayer group that ourselves? i Sunday and weekday Masses. meets on Sunday evenings at 8 Prayer is at the heart of that We have retreat opportunip.m. There are also opportunities feeding process. Prayer can take ties coming up in the near future. There is a college student-retreat experience Feb. 4,2000 at Loyola House in Guelph, Ontario, and our highly successful "Busy Person's Retreat" will be Editor-in-Chief Carrie Tappe offered from Jan. 23-27,2000. News Editor Jen Harwell Bible Study has been expanded Sports Editor to two evenings a week Scott Koskoski Features Editor Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 Dave Hermenau p.m. in Campus Ministry. A&E Editor Ken Fronczek Photography The opportunity for euchaGerrit Shuffstall Copy Editor ristic exposition and adoration Jennifer Kelley (part of Catholic tradition) is Advertising Carrie Tappe jj also a possibility. If you are The Cony Journal Publisher interested in eucharistic adoration, please contact me. The Merclad is the student-produced newspaper of The opportunity to experience Mercyhurst College. It is published weeldy * ° £ " J * the fullness of human existence year with the exception of mid-term and finals weeks Opmcomes only via a connection to L s expressed in the Merciad do not n e c e s s a r i l y £ £ « • the God who created us and sustains us in this life. The opinions of The Merciad staff or administration of the college. more we make that connection, The Memad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must the more fulfilled and centered bVsianed but your name can be withheld on request under we are going to be which will allow us to accomplish all of t4 be signed,. ou y Monday before our goals in life. certain conditions. Leners < c u publication and should be no longertiian 500 words. All letters should iv submitted to Box 485. _ _

Crossword 101
Who Dunnit ?
i -»

By Ed Canty
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OCTOBER 27,1999

New prof brings experience in art
By David Hermenau v Features Editor Peruse Dr. Richard Hamwi * s curriculum vitae and his love of art is quite apparent I n addition3 to bringing this love to Mercy- A] hurst, Hamwi also brings an extensive list of both solo and group shows, a good amount of teaching experience and three post-graduate degrees. Hamwi has work in several permanent collections, including the National Museum of American Art at the Smithsonian'+ Institution, the American Public Power Collection in Washington, D.C. and the Italian Permanent Mission to die United Nations, to name a few. i He was hired this spring to replace Dr. Joseph Pizzat, professor emeritus of art, who retired at the end of the 1998-99 academic year. Previously, Hamwi had been teaching at Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pa. ? According to Hamwi, "I was looking for a position with more long-term professional growth than I thought I could have atf Mansfield and I was also attracted to the mission of Mercyhurst College." Hamwi was born and raised in California, Santa Barbara and | earned another master's degree'* in painting. u Four years later, in 1978, Hamwi earned his doctorate from the Pennsylvania State University. There he majored in art \. education. . Hamwi, whose main focus at Mercyhurst will be in art education, is also teaching courses i n drawing, art appreciation and, in the spring, will teach a course i n water-color painting. At Mercyhurst, Hamwi said that he "hopes to enhance the current offerings and provide students with more practical experience in art education." Hamwi always knew that art was what he wanted to do with his life. £ "It was the one thing I was naturally good at," he said. f Aside from a supportive family, he said that some of his most important influences have been teachers he has had. When teaching, Hamwi still uses the tools his teachers helped him to develop. ? "I still take a lot of what I was taught as an undergraduate into the classroom when I teach," Hamwi noted.

College says goodbye to Mauthe
On June 1,1999, Mercyhurst lost a valuable teacher, colleague and friend. Last Wednesday, the college community said goodbye to Ernest Mauthe with a memorial service held in the Cummings Art Gallery. Mauthe came to Mercyhurst in 1969 as an art instructor, later i becoming an art professor. He also served Mercyhurst as director of the art department and chair of the creative arts division. He earned his bachelor s of arts degree in art education from Edinboro University and his * master s of fine arts degree from Allegheny College. * Mauthe was by all accounts a dedicated and caring man. To those who knew him, he was much more than an art teacher. Evident in the tearful remembrances offered during the V service, Mr. Mauthe touched the lives of his family, friends, colleagues and students. He had the unique ability to bring out the best in his students with his compassionate and gentle way. He allowed students to pursue knowledge on their own terms. ~^ "There were times of my distress," said Lita Tirak, one of Mauthe's students, "that I would approach him. Mr. Mauthe wouldn't hold my hand, but he |j would listen and give me reasons to keep struggling and striving for something better than myself, "f Mauthe was a man who always had the ability to brighten % up your day. "He always made me smile and that's how I remember him still," said Casey Cline, another of Mauthe's students. One of the last projects Mauthe worked on was a trip to Europe. Unfortunately, his time passed before he could see his < work come to fruition. "He spent a whole year planning for the trip to Europe he and his wife were going to take our art students on," said Tom Hubert, associate professor of art. "Ernie wanted to revive the tradition of making the trip that was started by Sister Angelica Cummings years ago." Surrounded by some of his artwork, in a crowded Cummings Art Gallery, the Mercyhurst. community proved that Mauthe will stay in the college's memory for years to come.

Gerrit Shuffstall/Merdad photographer

Dr. Richard Hamwi

Brooklyn, N.Y. and graduated from Queens College, part of the City University of New York, with an art major and an art education minor. Certified to teach in New York public schools, he then taught art and English at the seventh grade level. -3 After teaching for a year, Hamwi went to New Mexico and earned a master's degree in drawing, with a minor in art" history from the University of New Mexico. Not stopping there, he went to the University of £

N e w c o m e r s i n res-life, three n e w assistant directors join d e p a r t m e n t
By Dave Hermenau Features Editor Laura Zirkle, dean of resident life, isn't the only newcomer to the department this year. Three out of four assistant directors in resident life are new to Mercyhurst and have been working with the resident assistants < and the housing office since midAugust. This summer Jeff VanderHeijden, Brian Knar and Chester Moffett joined the Mercyhurst community. Assistant directors work closely with both the RAs and Zirkle and play an important roll in running the resident life department^ VanderHeijden is responsible for East Briggs and Mercy Apartments and brings a positive attitude to Mercyhurst's residence life staff. "I think that with all our efforts put together, we can really make res-life a respected department at Mercyhurst," said VanderHeijden. Originally from Lancaster, Pa., VanderHeijden earned his bachelor's degree from St. Vincent College where he majored in history with a religious studies minor. VanderHeijden has a year of resident life ^ experience at St Vincent in addition to being a dorm coordinator this summer at Creator Lake in Oregon. ** ; What he lacks in experience, VanderHeijden makes up in enthusiasm for the job. "I was originally interested in education," said VanderHeijden, "but I pulled out of that because I was looking at other aspects of teaching, outside the classroom, so I started getting involved in residence life." New in the South Briggs and Townhouse area is Dubois, Pa. native Brian Knarr. Like fk VanderHeijden, Knarr's background isn' t necessarily in resident-life work, however, Knarr hopes that because of his non-academic work experience be can bring a fresh perspective & j to the department "F m more used to a businessprofessional approach," said Knarr who hopes to bring a common-sense approach to residence life. jj Knarr earned his bachelor's degree from Penn State-Behrend in communications with a minor in history. After his undergraduate work, Knarr worked as a district manager at a daily 2 newspaper for three years before going to the I ndiana University of Pennsylvania for graduate work. Knarr earned his master's degree in student affairs and higher education. ! While attending I UP, Knarr lived in Pittsburgh and worked as a graduate assistant with Carnegie Mellon University's student life office. While there, Knarr worked closely with community service organizations throughout the Pittsburgh area. While at CMU, Knarr also had the opportunity to do some work in experiential education. Moffett, who was born and raised in Erie, is in charge of Baldwin, Egan and McAuley Halls. Moffett earned his bachelor's degree from IUP where he studied psychology and sociology. After a few years in the Army, Moffett returned to IUP to earn his master's degree in sociology. I S For the past five years ^ ^ ^ Moffett has been at Gannon University, working in student organizations and leadership development While there, Moffett also worked in Gannon's office of multi-cultural affairs. His road to Mercyhurst is interesting. A basketball player his senior year of high school, Dr. Garvey gave a motivational speech to Moffett's high school team. Garvey and Moffett met again last year at an awards dinner and Garvey still remembered meeting Moffett years ago. According to Moffett, a few days later he was offered the job at Mercyhurst "I really enjoyed my job at Gannon, I was just intrigued by the challenge of Mercyhurst," Moffett said. | i VanderHeijden, Knarr and Moffett join veteran assistant director, Larry Kozlowski, to round out housing's management for the 1999-2000 academic year.
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1 °

OCTOBER 27,1999



McGahee after the loss, which | dropped Mercyhurst to 4-4 (3-4 OLIAC). T h e score is decepSaturday's game at rainy tive, because except for a couple Ashland University can be plays, (Ashland) didn't really described as one of comparisons. [day all that great offensively." If the cold, persistent downThe big guy has a point. Half pour which surely sent many of of the Eagles* 26 second-half the 3,000 fans at Community points came from interception Stadium home sick was bad, then returns for touchdowns by Mercyhurst* s offensive display Ashland reserve defensive back, was worse. And if the Laker making a rare start in the i I offense was worse, then the secondary. Two touchdown runs officiating was... well, downby backup RB Paul Bockmore right ugly. ^ accounted for the Eagles' In a game marked by several remaining output after halftime. controversial calls and a nearStill, Ashland quarterback heroic Mercyhurst defensive Jeff Leopold completed just 16 effort, Great Lakes Intercolleof 31 passes for a paltry 96 giate Athletic Conference yards, no touchdowns, one (OLIAC) co-leader Ashland interception, and led the Eagles scored 26 unanswered secondon only two significant drives all half points and crushed the afternoon. In other words, the Lakers 32-7. || Ashland offense, even though Make that a close 32-7 final they won, came away from this score. Had it not been for a: game with as many problems as second straight week of bad Mercyhurst did. officiating that victimized the The Laker defense, indeed, Hurst and two big Ashland held the Eagles in check for as offensive plays after halftime, long as they could, sacking this game could have gone either Leopold five times and forcing way. * an interception and two fumbles. But it didn* t, and the Lakers? The Hurst offense couldn' t smell the hint and also rise to the returned home not only with occasion, though. * their fourth road loss in as many tries in 1999, but with an offense After holding Ashland to just that needs to regroup before this two first-half field goals 04,19 week's final home game against yards) courtesy of kicker Matt Saginaw Valley State. Pifer, Mercyhurst scored its only "We thought we played points of the day on the Lakers' excellent defensively,*' said only impressive drive of the day Laker junior defensive tackle Bill to take a 7-6 hal ftime advantage.

By Scott Kokoski Sports editor ^ ^ 1

fiZZl6S aS AsMand



S PO RTS Mercyhurst



Gerrlt Shuffstall/Merciad photographer

The Laker defense hasrisento the occasion in the last two games. Here, Tom Palmer (22), Steve Hill (11), Brock Lindsey (88) and the boys rough up an Indianapolis running back. stayed dry. This particular Laker drive more), who will compete for the had all the ingredients: a balance Instead, fans saw the • II starting job next year, replaced of running and passing, third and "Bockmore and Papst".show .* Kissell to try to ignite the 1 fourth-down conversions, and! after hal fti me. Each Eagle scored Lakers' fire late in the game. a quarterback Matt Kissell once in each of the final two Except Mercyhurst learned spreading the ball around. The quarters (Bockmore offensively, one lesson: it's tough to fire the 12-play, 68 yard march was Papst defensively) to seal the sparks when everything's^ cappednoff by KisselP s 14*yard-* Lakers' 32-7 fate. ** soaked. TD strike to junior wideout | For the second strai ght * i Leading Saturday's impresSaturday, Laker QB Matt Kissell sive Laker defensive effort was Justin Siemon on a fourth-andhad un-Kissell-like numbers. The junior linebacker Scott Platz, goal from Ashland's six-yard Garrettsville, Ohio senior line midway through the second who picked up 13 tackles (12 completed just 13 of 38 attempts solo), two tackles for loss, and quarter. I for 152 yards, one TD, and three sacked Ashland's QB Leopold If Mercyhurst fans at the picks. Kissell was also sacked six twice. Platz now has 90 tackles game were blessed with ESP, this season and leads Mercyhurst most of them would have headed times. In short, rough day at the in that category for the second home right then. After all, there office; Backups Mac McArdle (RSF) and Scott Farison (Sopho- year in a row. would be no more Laker highlights, and they would have

Post Saturday in New York City, By Scott Koskoski then salvaged the Big Apple trip Sports editor with a 2-1 win over New York Tech Sunday. These are the kind of situations "The loss to Post was a real die makers of Valium prayed for. heartbreaker, but we kept our As the saying goes, win and heads up and battled hard you're in (the NCAA D-II Sunday and really dominated playoffs, that is), lose and you're (N.Y. Tech)," said junior | done. Surely coach John £ midfielder Nick Potter earlier Melody's boys must be feeling this week. "We're right where; the heat, i > we want to be, back on track and *^r*Not so fast. This is the same ready to take care of Concord." team that just a season ago Meanwhile, Melody's Lady played through pressure-packed Lakers areridingthe same boat: games and stormed all the way to a win over Ferris State Saturday the D-II Final Four. To these afternoon might push Mercyboys, pressure means that the hurst from third to second in the playoffs are in reach. Great Lakes region. A loss might fThe Lakers (12-5-1. GU AC push Mercyhurst into playoff 6-0} have one game remaining to extinction. prove that they' re postseason The Lady Lakers (14-5, material. If Mercyhurst pulls out GU AC 8-1) kept their a victory Saturday at Concord, postseason hopes alive with a they might jump from third to dominating 4-0 win over Findlay second in the all-important D-II last Wednesday and a 1-0 victory Great Lakes regional poll. The at Shippensburg. The weekend's top two teams from the region sore spot came Sunday as inearn playoff spots. $[ i state rival Bloomsburg UniverThe must-win game comes sity routed Mercyhurst 9-1. after the Laker men lost a 2-1 Kfletnftr had the Ladv Laker goal. overtime heartbreaker to C. w. I

L a k e r s o c c e r : this is it

away, eventually tying the game at three nine minutes into the second period, but the goaltenders took over. Mercyhurst! s For the first time in school Stevens stopped 13 third period history, the Mercyhurst Laker and overtime shots, while hockey team played to a staleAlabama's Steve Brierestopped mate on two successive nights. 11 in the same period. \i After Mercyhurst (1-1-2) On Saturday night, it was jumped out to early leads in both sophomore tender Peter Aubry's games, the University of Alabama-Huntsville battled back time to shine for Mercyhurst The Laker netminder stopped 40 of to forge two 3-3 ties last week43 shots to earn the second end in Huntsville. Tremendous Laker goal tending prevailed both straight tie for the Hurst Both teams scored once per nights. a* period in Saturday* s back-andOn Friday night, senior i forth affair. Junior Jeff Gould, goaltender Ashley Stevens plagued by injury for much of his stopped 43 of 46 Charger shots career, notched his first goal of en route to the overtime tie. the season in the first period, j The Lakers got on the board early as sophomore Louis Goulet Laker juniors Eric Ellis and Scott Kehoe also scored for Mercytallied just 22 seconds into the I game. After Alabama-Huntsville hurst^ As was the case the night tied the score at one, the Lakers before, goal tending proved the found the back of the net twice story during overtime Saturday. in three minutes to take a 3-1 Aubry denied 17 of 18 Charger advantage as senior Aaron shots in the third and overtime Morrison (3) and rookie P.J. sessions while Alabama's Mark Hiscock (1) tallied. Byrne stopped 10 of 11. The Chargers would chip Mercyhurst* s road adventure By David Leiserlng Sports writer

T w o s t r a i g h t h o c k e y t i e s l b r e a k Lcontinuesrwith ar New c England ake e ord

swing this weekend. The Lakers take on Bentley College Friday night and travel to Holy Cross Saturday afternoon. The games 1 mark Mercyhurst's first league contests as a first-year member of the D-I Metro Atlantic . Athletic Conference (MAAC) Hockey League.



Laker volleyball sophomore Sarah Antionette (Pittsburgh) was a key part of the Hurst's first G LI AC win of 1999, a four-set win over Ashland.
I < » I
* •




» . *




OCTOBER 27,1999

The combined GLIAC record of the three schools that the Laker football team has beat so far in 1999 conference games.


Some tricks, some treats



The combined GLIAC record of the four schools that have beaten the Laker football team this season.

Number of touchdowns the Laker football team scored in the first four games of 1999.


Number of touchdowns Mercyhurst has scored during the past four games this season.

Combined height, in inches, of the 1999-00 Mercyhurst men's basketball team (12 players).

Combined height, in inches, of the 1999-00 Mercyhurst women's basketball team (14 players).

The Week Ahead
Friday 10/29 Men's hockey at Bentley, 7:30 : Saturday 10/30 * Women's volleyball at Wayne State, 1 p.m. Football vs. Saginaw Valley State, 1:30 p.m., Tullio Field " Men's soccer at Concord, 2 p.m. Men's hockey at Holy Cross Women's ice hockey vs. Findlay, 7p.m„ MIC Rowing at Wile E. Chase Regatta (Rochester, N.Y.) Sunday 10/31 Women's soccer vs. Ferris State. 12 p.m.. Family First Women's volleyball at Hillsdale, 1 p.m. Sports on the Radio Saturday 10/30: Football vs. Saginaw Valley, 'Countdown to KickofP 1 p.m., Women's ice hockey vs. Findlay, "Countdown to Faceoff 6:45,88.5 and 1019 WMCE-FM Mercyhurst Radio

Mercyhurst If this isn't the case due to whatever reason, it deserves to be looked at. •Another reason why Mercyhurst athletics shouldn't leave the Scott Koskoski GLIAC for another conference (potentially the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference): the A little bit of this, a little bit of quality of football teams, | that during this slow-paced week regardless of record in 1999. in Laker sports: Laker grid coaches have consis•With just one regular-season tently said that there aren' t any game remaining for both teams, pushovers in this conference, and we'll see if the Mercyhurst % from top to bottom, any team is men's or women's soccer squads capable of beating anybody any will be able to squeeze their way given Saturday. Even this into the NCAA D-Il playoffs. season's football cellar-dwellers, Right now, both sides are ranked Wayne State, Saginaw Valley third in the D-II Great Lakes ? State, and Findlay and Region, and the region's top two Westminster, have their share of teams advance to postseason • star players and went 2-2 against play. With a victory over Ferris Mercyhurst last year. It's the State Saturday afternoon at same way during basketball Family First, coach John season; even the GLIACs worst Melody's women could potenteams would be another tially win the Great Lakes conference's best teams. Here's Intercollegiate Athletic Conferhoping the proposed GLIAC ence (GLIAC), but this still j Southern Division idea works doesn't get a team into the out and the Lakers stay where playoffs. Just ask Melody's men. they belong (for now). . Despite claiming a fifth-straight •Speaking of basketball , season, and it's not too early to g . conference championship in do so, this season should be the 1999, the Lakers could be shut out of the playoffs for the second most exciting Mercyhurst fans have seen in years. Not only do time in three years. Why the Karl Fogel's men and Jim NCAA doesn't grant the winner Webb's women return die bulk of each conference an automatic of their rosters (in fact, Coach bid to the postseason (a la college basketball) is beyond me. Webb loses no 1998-99 starters and gets several stars back from This whole regional thing is screwy, especially since so many injury), the teams look sharp in preseason practice and will likely deserving teams miss the turn last year's disappointing playoffs eveiy year. records into distant memories. In I *The rumors I'm hearing about the Laker rowing teams are addition, fans now have a 4< brand-new" Mercyhurst troubling. Apparently* coach Athletic Center to root on the Adrian Spracklen' s roster has Lakers. New seating was been dwindling by the day, and installed earlier this fall and the I'm told the overall morale and place looks 10 times better. The enthusiasm among those rowers men's team hosts the seasonwho remain isn't the greatest opening Knobloch Tournament With a lot of good equipment * and the chance to row in some of November 19-20 while the Lady Lakers travel to Daemen for the nation' s most prestigious tournament play the same regattas, members of the teams should feel privileged to row for weekend

Laker cross-country senic , ... _ paced Mercyhurst Saturday at the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) Championships held at Northwood University. Standfest led the Lady Lakers to a 10th place finish of 13 teams, finishing 39th of 132 runners with 24:37.9. Tarbox, a senior from Buffalo, N.Y., bested Mercyhurst's men with a 27:40.9finish,good for 52nd place of 131 runners. The Laker men finished 1 lth of 12 teams at Northwood under coaches Michael Fraley and Kathy NobleFraley. Tarbox and Standfest will lead qualifying members of Mercyhurst cross country into regional action Nov. 5 and 6 in Boston. The number 13 may be unlucky for most, but it just may be what sparked the Lady Laker volleyball team to itsfirstGLIAC victory of the season. After picking up their 13th setback last Wednesday night at Gannon University's Hammermill Center against the Knights (1115,8-15,13-15), Mercyhurst broke its conference winless skid at home against Ashland University Friday afternoon 13-15,16-14,1513,15-10. In the Lady Lakers' second match Friday, Roberts Wesleyan became Mercyhurst's next victim as the Lady Lakers prevailed 15-3,15*2,15-12. The University of Findlay spoiled Mercyhurst's bid for a perfect weekend with a three-set win over the Lady Lakers Sunday at the MAC. Mercyhurst (7-19, GLIAC 1-14) takes on Wayne State and Hillsdale in road contests this weekend.

country championships

Finally! V-balKgains first GLIAC win

Sienkiewicz, field hockey nears .500
Behind the dominating play of sophomore sensation Laurie >jSienkiewicz, the Mercyhurst Collegefieldhockey team finished its season near the .500 mark (8-9) after hosting its own tournament at Tullio Held over the weekend Sienkiewicz notched three goals and added an assist as the Lady Lakers tossed aside Merrimack College 41 in Saturday's tournament-opener. In the nightcap, freshman Sarah D' Emilio's second goal of the game three minutes into extra time was the difference as Mercyhurst defeated C.W. Post 2-1. Although the Lady Lakers won both of their tournament games, Mansfield University received the trophy due to goal differential. Sienkiewicz earned all-tournament honors?Their overallrecordmay not show it, but Mercyhurst's women's hockey team has shown marked improvement since the start of the season three weeks ago. In weekend play at the Ice Center, St Lawrence handed the Lady leers 4-0 and 3-0 setbacks despite brilliant play from Mercyhurst freshman goaltender Tiffany Ribble (Redford, Mich.). Ribble stopped 35 of 39 St. Lawrence shots in Friday night's 4-0 loss, in which the Lady leers held St Lawrence to only one goal until the third period. The rookie goaltender again stood on her head Saturday, turning aside 47 of 50 St Lawrence shots in a 3-0 loss. The Lady leers' defensive effort was more consistent Saturday as St. Lawrence scored one goal per period for the victory. Mercyhurst (14) entertains the University of Findlay Friday night at the Ice Center.

Goalies lead much-improved Lady leers

GLIAC Football standings (10/19/99)
Team Ashland Ferris State Hillsdale Northwood N. Mich. Mich. Tech

6 5 5 4 4

L 1 1 1 1 2 3

Team Indianapolis Grand Valley Mercyhurst Findlay ' Saginaw Valley Westminster Wayne State

W 4 3 3 2 2 1 0

L 3 3 4 5 5 7 8

NCAA D-II Regional Soccer Ranking
Great Lakes Region Menj 1. Charleston 2. West Virginia Wesleyan 3. Mercyhurst Great Lakes Region Women 1. Ashland 2. Wheeling Jesuit 3. Mercyhurst

Even the pickup of ex-Dolphin RB Karim Abdul-Jabbar couldn' t help our Brownies Sunday Buffalo (4-3) against a too-tough Rams team. The loss to the suddenly-surging This week: Cleveland travels to Seahawks on the road pushes the the House of Ditka to battle the not-so-tough Saints. Then again, Bills to 0-3 this season against teams not in the Eastern time everything's been tough for the zone. Coincidence? Definitely. Browns. Prediction: New Orleans 20, Cleveland 10. This Week: Buffalo invades PSINet Stadium for Sunday's Pittsburgh (4-3) test against the Ravens. No need to worry about a Bills breakdown So the Steelers finally win at this week. Prediction: Bills 41, home in a tougher than expected Ravens 21. f

Cleveland: (0-7) |

NFL Notes: area capsules

Monday night matchup with those pesky Falcons. This Week: bye.

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