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Stories of the Prophets

Stories of the Prophets

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Published by: Aicpbh Asocijacija Bosna on May 27, 2011
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At that point, God made Jesus speak. Baby Jesus
said, “I am the slave of God. God will reveal a Book to
me and make me a Prophet. There are blessings
wherever I am. God will order me with prayers and
Zakah as long as I am alive.”

The first thing that Prophet Jesus uttered was his
declaration that he was the slave of God. This is a strong
proof that Jesus is not God, nor is he the Son of God.
Mary’s people wanted to punish her when they first saw
the child with her, because they thought that she had
committed fornication. However, after baby Jesus spoke,
the people refrained from punishing her, and left her

After that, Jesus did not speak until he reached the age
when children normally speak. Mary took Jesus to
Egypt. They stayed there for a period of time. Then
Mary and Jesus went back to the land of ash-Sham, to a
city known as Nazerith (an-Nasirah), in Palestine. Jesus’
followers were called Nasara, in reference to that city
(according to one of two sayings).

It is not reported by trustworthy sources that Mary
married her cousin Joseph. This is the story of the
Christians, and is not reliable. The reliable report is that
Mary never married until her death. Some scholars say
that she will be married to a Prophet in Paradise. Mary
was the best of all the Muslim women. It is blasphemy to
say that she is the “mother of God”, as some Christians
say. God does not have a mother or a father.

The Honorable Prophets of God


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