fscanf() and fprintf() AUTHOR: JATIN RAJPAL */ # include <conio.h> # include <stdio.h> # include <alloc.h> # include <string.h> struct node { int num; char name[15]; struct node *next; }; struct node *list; //global start pointer FILE *fp; // Global file pointer struct node *getrecord() { struct node *temp,e; temp=(struct node*)malloc(sizeof(struct node)); printf(" Reached till here..."); getch(); fflush(stdin); // fscanf(fp,"%d %s ",&temp->num,temp->name); fread(&temp,sizeof(temp),1,fp); printf("%d %s",temp->num,temp->name); // // temp->num=e.num; strcpy(temp->name,; getch(); temp->next = NULL; return temp;


struct node *getnode() { struct node *temp; temp = (struct node*)malloc(sizeof(struct node)); printf(" Enter the person's phone number--->"); scanf("%d",&temp->num); printf(" Enter the person's Name--->"); scanf("%s",&temp->name); temp->next = NULL; return temp; } struct node *search(int id,int *flag) { struct node *cur,*prev; *flag=0; if (list==NULL) return NULL; for(prev=NULL,cur=list; (cur); prev=cur,cur=cur->next) if(cur->num == id) { *flag = 1; break; } return prev; } int insert(struct node *new1) { struct node *prev; int flag; prev = search(new1->num,&flag); if(list==NULL)

{ list = new1; return; } if(flag==1) return -1; else { new1->next = prev->next; prev->next = new1; // insert in the middle or end } return 0; } void display() { struct node *cur; auto int n=0; if(list==NULL) { printf(" List empty !"); return; } printf(" The phone records are---> "); cur=list; for(cur=list;(cur);cur=cur->next) { printf(" Record no. %d---> ",n+1); printf(" Record phone no.:%d",cur->num); printf(" person Name:%s ",cur->name); n++; //first node in list

} } int delnode(int id) { struct node *prev,*temp; int flag=0; if(list==NULL) return -1; prev=search(id,&flag); if(flag==0) return -1; if(prev==NULL) { temp=list; list=list->next; free(temp); } else { temp=prev->next; prev->next=temp->next; free(temp); } return 0; } struct node *query(int id,char *flag,int toggle) { struct node *cur,*prev; int x=0; if(list==NULL) return NULL; if(toggle) { for(prev=NULL,cur=list; (cur); prev=cur,cur=cur->next) if(cur->num == id) {

x=1; break; } } else { for(prev=NULL,cur=list; (cur); prev=cur,cur=cur->next) if(!strcmp(cur->name,flag)) { x=1; break; } } if(x==0) { printf(" The number doesnt exist !"); return NULL; } return cur; } void CopyToFile() { FILE *fp; struct node *cur; fp=fopen("phone.txt","w"); cur=list; if(cur==NULL) { printf(" The list is empty, nothing to write back..."); return; } for(cur=list;(cur);cur=cur->next) fprintf(fp,"%d %s ",cur->num,cur->name); //writing back to file fclose(fp); }

void main() { int ch=0,ans=0; int val=0; char str[15]; struct node *new1,*new2; clrscr(); /* initialization of list with the existing records */ fp=fopen("phone.txt","r"); if(fp==NULL) { printf(" File cant be opened !"); getch(); exit(1); } while(!feof(fp)) { new1=getrecord(); if(insert(new1)==-1) printf(" Cant insert record ! Error..."); else printf(" Record entered..."); } getch(); fclose(fp);

do { clrscr();

printf(" Menu"); printf(" 1. Add a New phone record."); printf(" 2. Delete an existing Record."); printf(" 3. show all Records."); printf(" 4. Modify a particular Record."); printf(" 5. Exit."); printf(" Enter your choice--->"); scanf("%d",&ch); switch(ch) { case 1: new1 = getnode(); val = insert(new1); if(val==-1) printf(" Employee id already exists ! try again..."); else printf(" Employee details successfully stored"); break; case 2: printf(" Enter the phone wish to delete--->"); scanf("%d",&val); ans=delnode(val); if(ans==-1) printf(" Record doesnt exist ! Try again..."); if(ans==0) printf(" Record deleted !"); break; case 3:

display(); break; case 4: printf(" Search by phone no. or Name ? (1/2)--->"); scanf("%d",&ch); if(ch==1) { printf(" Enter the phone no. you wish to search for--->"); scanf("%d",&val); new2=query(val,&str,1); } else { printf(" Enter the name of the person you wish to search for--->"); scanf("%s",&str); new2=query(val,&str,0); } if(new2) { printf(" Enter the New name of the person--->"); scanf("%s",&new2->name); printf(" Enter new phone no. of the person--->"); scanf("%d",&new2->num); printf(" Record modified successfully !"); } break;

case 5: printf(" Leaving Database,writing back to file..."); CopyToFile(); getch(); free(list); exit(1); break; }

getch(); }while(1); }

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