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Best English Grammar

Best English Grammar

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Published by Lauritz
Mejor guía para aprender gramática inglesa
Mejor guía para aprender gramática inglesa

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Published by: Lauritz on May 27, 2011
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There are, however, two other expressions that look almost the same as used to +

be used to + noun / -ing verb (gerund)

get used to + noun / -ing verb

be used to + noun / (-ing) verb

When a form of be comes before used to, the meaning and grammar change. The
expression be used to means 'be accustomed to' or 'be comfortable with':

She's used to London. / She's used to living in London.

(She's accustomed to London /living in London; she's comfortable with living

John's used to smoke. / John's used to smoking.


(John's accustomed to smoke /smoking. It doesn't bother him.)

They're used to fast food. / They're used to eating fast food.

(They're accustomed to fast food /eating fast food. They're comfortable
with fast food; it doesn't bother them.)

III.2.3.Get used to + noun / -ing verb

When get is before used to, a noun or -ing verb also follows (as with be used to).
The meaning and grammar are very similar to the meaning and grammar of be
used to
, but here, get means become, not be:

She got used to London. / living in London.

(At first, she wasn't accustomed to London or living there, but that changed: now
she is accustomed to it.)

John got used to smoke / smoking.

(John wasn't always accustomed to smoke / smoking, but it doesn't bother him

They got used to fast food. / eating fast food.

(In the past, they weren't accustomed to fast food / eating fast food, but they are

Special Notes

Become can also be used with used to. The meaning is exactly the same as
get used to:

She became used to London. / living in London = She got used to
London/living in London.

John became used to smoke / smoking =John got used to

Remember that used to, be used to and get (become) used to have
different meanings and grammar.

Exercises on page 212.



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