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!lr.ponn'o", of ,h. Tr",,,,'J !JUOOli1.1 -RWIIR\J:~ Smvit.-It

~'"'"024 1





Section 501 (a)

of Exemption
¥ ....

.mpl ':l-l:aIlJ~



Ib~~~." wI~ 00 DO'" illr pui:olJ['; H'ospeetloo..

R.ead me InSLru<:tiQIlS for e ach Pari t:afefully_ A User Fee must

be attached

to this apptlcatlun.

II the required infor l11<1tioJl LInd Jppropfiate documents are nor submitted along with form 071Q (with payrnen~ of the appropnete user ree), rIle opplication friiJy be returned to the orqaruzeuon, Complete the Procedural Checklist an page 6 of the lnstructlons, Pan: I. td€l1tificatlon of Appllr.ant (MuSt be completed by a~applic:imts: (llso complet~ apprcprtare scneoole.l
Suormt only the schedule lhllt ae~jes


00 not submit blank


Check the oPProfYlille oox P~low 10 hlOiClllll tilE'< !I!!Clion under .... jch (he ofgatliZatiOl1ls applying: ~ a b c d e 9

0 0

n Section

Ilofdjng corl)OrorJortS (Scllcd'lJlC' A. P~9<t 7) llncluding ce{'taitl war Vel"'jJnso,gllnl"";nn~,).


Se~[jon !XJl(c)("I-CMC 1 ~9uas, soclal 'Nella", O(9anrza~on. .... """"oyee-e. (Schp.dule D. PIlge S) S~ctlon 501(c)(5)-Labor. $'~c\lO" SIl1(cj(l)-::>oc!"1 5e(:I"lIl 501Ic)I~~rfalllfndJ SectIon 501rc)~9) agncull~r"l. Sec non SOl!C)16)-BUSlne5S lenguc$, chllmor;:s; "r C~i,.n",,,C, ctubs (SChedute 0, pDge III

I,,~"I 11',"0' I~h",\~. or

or homcullufal orgllnlza(iofl~ (SGlleduleoC. p~!l.e
"tc, (Scnadule



c. pa9~


b~nenciary societies. etc .. p"ovid~19 ~f~, !;i"k, al;pnenl. nr other DanenlS 1£1 rnemcsrs (Schedule E, page 1Jl


:J Secuon

lI.olunr"ry employees' beneflcrory

(purl'S i UlrolJ':jh IV and



page 14J

SOI (c)PO)-Oome:;tic IhItelnal socieues, croers, osc., not -ptoviding Me, srdt, accroenr, DPOlilel iJCI'lI:'fit5(5L~eduli: E, page lJ)
co"'p~Jliils_ mu(ual Qr cnnpecatlve [elephant 15) {Schedule I, pagl!' III

J k m


SectlOO :50Jlc}('l2)~Benevolent sre tosurence n=~I>Ons, h",tu~l aAch or {"'galion companies. 01 like o'glln;zutlons (Si;hed~I" G. n~ge )5) Sertion 501 (d(13J~·CCfTlC!~rlcs, crematona. and lilte corporauons {SCnedulI: H, ""ge Sec.nnn SOll"JllSJ~MuluaJ insural\l:e companies or essoctadons, S~llo~ 501{G){11)-TI1J5!.5~rO\'jOil9 {or the pa~ ,Seclion2q1lcI12S)-lLHe 1'0101119 cafporat~~_


OElier than lile or rnarjne

0< supptfflleflOOI umnploymenl
o~{rusts (Schedule

CO(llpen~a(iOncnefit3 (P-6f~ I II~GUytl IV and S<:1u!~ule pig. leI b J.



Secl«ln SD~l<}(19}-A P'~, "'~aQizalion. amifiaJ)' uN. etc, <l( ~a5l or pr"SCIl! fJ!I!nileis nlille l\Imed F(lrces oJ the Unileo Slates !ScIleaureiI. page 19) A. p~ge 7) : 2 tmplay-:, ,~;"'[joo number IEIM III none. eel! SpeCific lns!:ruclton" on pag~ 2) 27 : 1222815 3 Name ~nd lel~-:p~~l{)!j-e ~r,lJ-m--::b-t-' o--:(-pe-rs-O~'" bt: 10 Gontac(cd If I,IddlUonnl;nf""p,ol"'fl io ,.,,,,~"--J


Finl n,""C of (}(r;ar.iz~ tion las sllOWil fll org~"'lzing <lor.UlT1l:T(J)


Centr','-::I.~l-,"__-,' C


GIO Nom" (If

Virgrnia I"


Ac.lllfEtSS[!'llJmber and sueeu



57Ss-.F Bu\i<,· C..ntre Parkway
1<1 Ci,y. lown or pO~1 oJr;~". sta!e, and ZIP ... 4 In:lolrUClJons Jor P~rr J. page '2 Burke, VA2201S 1e Web sitl: nddrcs~

SUite 302


Cle-ta Mltcf>I)II,

Poley & Lardner!


If ~ou hn..m ~ forsgn ~r1dl-ess. see Sp(lciriG


a 1."<9

Month the anllo,,1 ,;ccQunlil1g cerlod ends OGc.ember 01 e.cmption , [



Daie' incoq)Or~~-'-ted--:-~or-~:-07-m-ed-;----~
NClIIembef 6,2009





(M lI'!e ofQalJ123l10n PltII'ously <lpjJly tur r~gniliOfl -.... '~_auach an ~)(plan<llion. ~-~.

unckr tlit:; Code sec('lill Of under a[l~ oLh"r :;eU!On of u", Code'?

0 Ves 0 No

Hao the orqernzauon mad FOO()I~IincomQ tax relW"5 nr e~empt o(garri~alioll informatton fotums7 Ir ··YC5. slam the form numbers. :;reors (:led. and lntl'ml~1 Re\leniR! office ,vIrerc liIed. -


--------------~.-- .-...._------.---~~----H CllllCk ,Ile OD;( 101 the lype of Ofgs.nizaUon_ ATIACH A CONFORM£O COPY OF' fH(

CORRESPOIliDING lind restutemcms) ~ignalules

(JRGANILIIIIG I)O(:UMEN I" fO SMwing ~nd dale> nppio~~1 by tbe


AJ.lach ~ copy 01 !he Ar1!cICSof lnr;mpO!~lion ~ndudln9 amendment' a!=,propnat~ still~ offid~l: ~tso ~ua<;h a copy ot ltle hytaws,

" QJ



0 0

0 copy [II [ne Tru~1 Inden\urc <Jr Agleemem,

Auaell a mpy or IDe Articles or Msr.cmLioI1, Cons(iuJ[jon, or 1J1(,e( t:lelJllng documsml. WIth ~ oeclaratlon ~e irr;lfucUOn~1rx a{~~J evidence. (na( tne orgnntz;;l\iu,' I~I.... d by .dOpI;"" of Ule dOCUOXln! rnoro IMn one person. I'll"" Inci"oB a copy e by Dr l~G l)y;~W'>. ~5S0ClaUOn tIlat roDSryo;.~M"rfetl hXJ3W", (,ill1~k lle{e .. _~ .



all .ppIOprl~le

II (;'lIS 15 a ccrporsuou 01 an i:ni1lcolpurated PLEASE

I ~lar. ,,"(ltr ~~ P>'olalUe'or p,,*,ry Ihnl I am "i.lIhoIiJl" I 10 SllJillh'S a~(IIi<;aHon n bI:hQI( Co! rh~ nO[J\lt "i!J"nil~liOil. d"lJ 11-.1,I;""" ~"""J,~,eQ o tJt~ ~II"". in<iud"'g ~."'II~g :<cnCIlrJl~~.)no Ul\il"h",,,,,,,,, .~d to lIP: ~>< of my k""_.dj]~ n i< Ini •• CDIT""L and to"';>le'ff.



······0 -_ .._.




<lIIme nod WI"


alJ'.M'lI~ Or 'lig""c]

... _.
NII_ l~:J4::rt(

\ ~.~_':\l.a9.tD.
. iQ;(et

For Pa~e~ol'k

Am Nodce, see page. 5 01 the, (n$\ruc\io<'s,




It. Actlvltles

il11.-1 Operational



(Mu~l rx: completed by.aU appucarus)

r'((Il;tdC aamaJI~d nil'r;;!i'/c <Je~r\,.,tJ(ln .11 rhe ij,-jiVlf!CSor the Ot!l"mla\lO't· ", past. fJf"Ser.[,2nt:l plar.n~(j 11~ nil! ITndy ,,·h'r I" ;J. repeat [h~ ~~n~'~g~ In the orgQniz~t/on05 1I0CIIfl)errL USl6<ld' .,.!ivi',)' ~ep"/I.l~'Y 111 .,rder nllmpO!1olflCC 1Mi' ba5l!d Or: ',II() rl!ldllV'o usne dl'O O[fu;} r,,~u\!l~~~ ue'JO[W \0 the 3ct"',<y Inaj~fltc me [l(!rCRm~!lnor dm~ ror eacn w,;liVlly. E~~h oJl<~lli]Jl.io" :.houiu "'<,!tide. H, H m,mmllrll t"r j,')lIOW1P.g· (al a [!ffi.~!led dAscr1pli\JIl {hI! a~tiv;ly Im:llld~~J pLlrpo~~ anO !'low eacn ~ctr~~y lurthc;~ 'jour ~)r(;mp[ !lurpo~e: !bl W1cn it>. p!t:' .'U..i:li·/lly I,""Jd:, t".'j l·,n:U -01:' i:ull~l~; an(j {e, 'Ilhi':fr. J1r1N oy Whom [he i:)ctw,T'! wjil tllJ. t.u:idl!t.te:u_



Sec ottac he d.


""In the large", source firsl Gentrol, Inc. hi 31l1JlJort.. d by personal fjnanclal contrlbufions. P~r.5ona.1 financial contributions are $olicitact by the Pfesident of Liberty Central, Inc baSed on her personal connections to and outreach efforts with a network of co')seru~t.ve donors. In thfl ruture, Liberty Centr<11, may obtain thl! services of consutrants to assist the [n(:. or!J~nization with obtaining small financIal contributions and ortline subacriptions to the orgetnl1atlon's wl!osite. Any sourc.ES of fin<:mcial support will be tn furtherance of the orgal,l:t<ltion's exempt PUfPO$JlS. l,~~ Ihe "rg~nj~a[iorf~ pr<:~cr.[ "nd fl.i(ure sources or frn.nci~~ S<JPPOtLbeginning Liberty


~''''''fI 'O~~ \:;_f.I_.":_q_-S::....'.::.J_-

-_~ I Information

. (continued)



Plm ll. Actlvltlos

and Operation"








-------------------T------------~ See attach ed,

n Annuill (":Qmpcn~n!'OIl

If (he o'gaoit"lio<> is 1/1" (lllrg'o,vth or conuncauon o( a~y form of pre<ieC!!ssor. sIal", lhp. 113me0' each preoccessor, It.e penoo dUnng 'Nrucr. It wa-s In (};xi:H.ence. anu thE! reasons for rl5 rerrninarion. Sl.Jbli1j"lcopies of o~,papers ay v.;luch "ijny l:"iJf1S.f-e1 c! as.s.ots wa~ e{j~r:~cd
[>.lot "ppijeOlb1e.

- - -- __ .



It It)e appl<eam Ofgam,<lllo[l15 now. or plans 10 be. connacted ln any way ",_.U) ny o;hel or9~rut~l~n. dcscnbc ;ne otner Olgili"ll~~~Or a aM e'p's,n (he ,ela\;on,h,p le.g iTnnncial 91Jppor< on" conunVIt19 c asrs: sharen fac'l,ljes Of =mp~oyeI!:S; same orncers. d,rec{or~. Ol uusrce s)
Not applit,able.

_. __ .6

-- ..-


I! me Cl"92nlz;lllfll1. ila, <.:aplIsJ51(]~k ISSl:ed anti otlt~ltlndj"9, S[alo:: (1) Cla5;) or classes or I~O $!o.:;K; (1:) num llc-t and par oa'U" Q[ (he ~IM'~S: (~) cons'derauon ro' Mie,", \'ley were iswed; and (4) if a'"l}' dividends hove been o~ld Of wllCl~eL 'lour l~t9amzatlorr~ oeol!og InS~[Ume"ll .a1!:noHces (n.,~:::C'nQ ~yllefi(s on ~~y C'iJ.::s.~r cnpuol :::lQC~. o

Nol <lpplic~ble

.• Liberty

Centro I, Inc. will not issue, "tack.

-----------~ --------------.-----~-------Stat~ Ule q\:a~iical!ons r.e(eS511'Y 10' <n(',mbr:fShip IlllilC orjjaniz<lll!)n: the classes of me"noe,st~i~ (with lhe !ltimber oj members In eacn c(~.~J; an<l (Ii" ~oli"g nghls o.w p.t","eg~" le~~ivetl. If ""Y grO'J;:> cress of persons is ,<tqHil?d to JOin cl"5C(lb~me fr?Qurr~rnenl na or a
c;.e;pl,::IIr1 {h~ reladQ{"S"UD

Ul'}l·~"\IC-":-n l.tioSiJ rnemhe-s .af10 ~emQ=rs: whOjoil1 'JQl.J.in~;;.rEy. SUOI:ll~ cop.as Of an_~-i (il(""r-u:Je1'SI-lfI .5(iIICH~t~Cil ff:utcd.(t'\. "amDle ccpies ul <111 :'.Ipes 01 membership Ci?-~J"cn:e~;,;suCd. liberty Central, In".'!i Board of Directors is authorizcrd to (lI;tabHsh classes of rnornoer shtp in LIberty GentlE!!, ine., and


re"pons'bltities and amounts dUEl to 00 pald ataach level ot mernbersntp. Uberty Central, Inc.'~ Board of Directors have established such requirements far membership pursuant to a resolution of the BOilld Directors of Llbc rty C"~tr,,j. Inc. atia<:hed hef<:.tO.

to der<>rmine the rif]hts.



t~plal" 11(;W yOU! olqan,,;,J(]O'"''


",ill ht:

dls:t'lluICd on ill~~OiU!lon

._ ~----- -----~ ..

Upon Ub~rty Central, lnc.'s dissolution and ofter poylfljJ or j.lrovitJing Ior payment ot Its debts by m;)jorlty vote, thi! Bo,m;! of Dir~ctors will dlstributu Uberty Central, Inc,'s remarn;ng assets to 'lily or~i1l1iz<Jtion or organlz~ttoll§ whit;h has or have been crcruco for 1111, same or similar purpose of Liberty CentmJ, inc .• provided that the r-ci:ipiem organilO((on(s) IS an e s; erupt orqanrzatron under the prcvisrons or Section 501(c)(S) or 501(c:)(4) ot tile lotema}
Rev.. nue Code. as arnended,


Part Jl. Actlvitie

.. (Inn Oprmnlonal

In(otm<lt[Qrl (contJnueC!}

M8, ih'l !)"lani-Jali'''1
tw?m~IE!f$~1 .

f!W"'~ m «')J)s it pial] 10 make ,my distributlQi\ or ItS property or surplus rund~ ;0 shar()hoIClc(5 or

[J 't es. {Z)
c11~ltiblJ[ea or 10 tic


!r --Yt~ stare 11j~ r~1I (1(;(Jilh;_ iflcludiJ'lg: (1) umountsor value: (2) sourc e ol Jund' ;x nrnperty ostnblllt'c' ",,,tI Pl h" .. " ,,! on(] !lfltharlly Inr r:lf~lriuuli(l(' Or p!.3lV'''t:! di~l/iOU~"





;lnr par:


9·Al~ 1',)J'-g ..mlrdLIOIl'S


repf-e~n~ i;dyrn~lIl~

for· -len"C:'!:5









>r "Y.eS,··~,a:~ In delilil \he; amouor m;::eivc(j and dw ~t>~!act,.,... of lr..e 5efVices performed 0, 10 D~ f)i::ri()(m("Od Uberty Central, lnc, may choos e to s"J\ subscriptions via its website to certain of Its newsletters imo prog~ams in the future. To the extant that Uberty Central. lnc.is receipt of payments for such subscriptions are payments for services . oerfcrmeo. the ability to subscribe to its, newsfet\"rs and programs will be made availahre to all lIserS of as website and will b~ offered 10 such Wiers in turlherance of the organization's exempt purposes. org"ni"iiltion will hoe operated primarily to promote soclat welfare <lnd not prim<1rily for thfi benefit of its subscribers, which subscribers iW~ ~nlicl].lat",d to b" a !OfP,,;1 portion of tha overall users of its websit>l by the gen"ral ~"bJi<:,


O{ -..vijl


Has the OI'9t1t'1rl<)1 ion m~d'C). Or d-oes. iI pJiJn to maka, eny payments Of :C oe per!ormc(J; •
,I "-Vss," 'i:.1:ate In

1('] rnernbors

or s-hiln::holrl~rs.. {Oi !i.crv!.t;fl-~ ~lCr;c>rrned "Yes
t-hq p3ymii:n:~



dS~o~1Ir.E- arr'OI.lnl

pare. \111J cl"1a:r1JC[e-! of tha &QNfc(lS . .<'-no re whtJrn

h~\Je beer.

De. made






a:IY -.j'r':j(lgernE:nt

(0 provide- ~r-asl.Jranc:::e (or lT~c.r[ll!eJ~, ir~e~( Q.~pel1~~"""L-tj. r -other:]: {:1C~lI:d~Og c .._j ves
cL"Py or
l.'l;';C~) pf~ul fJnt;,..um\Wl

pr!J"""OJ1~ (o( Ih~ pay""'1H

01Sll':~ or deaeh bcnenrs. pe(!Srops. or ~!1ntnl(e,;)? ,
(ule!> .lnd 'iH\och a sampl-c dl10



!I .....!!:.-. - Ue:!:i... ( .HOc .ant} eX..,.j.oniH oI.hJ.!rlfrilPger"cnr~ chglb,lrt'l



pohc~ 1S5U!:'O



rs tile or g;!1114a(iQn UnO<:ll uie supervrsory J,mSOlclion

01any pubnc r<lgUlat<.1'Y bo<lY, such as a sDGlSI welrafl~agency.
lh.~ ~~9p.rv~";_J,!;·1 (I::'

D~0~ Cl

"res ' __ ~dppUCijllOr,$



if. rc~

.;It1rn.msH~ti\'GcrOU1~C"!. ccen d~SlGIlS; rt!gIHdillg or __ IO_'_Ic.h_e_O-,piL.-.-n_iDt1_._5_0f_o_e_t_·IS~!O_I1_"'

'-'Ie:' a~ coore-, ot



Ooes (he arganizaliGn 00·-'/ Ip.o~~or ooas ~ plan!o lea5e.any propertY', II "Yes." exp\(lln In "Clillr, Include me amount 01 re'1(, ~ descsim\on ot nic property. nod OilY lclm~on~~~p between lI1D "PP~'-81Il orgar.i:wllon ano l~e olh", pany. A!<;o, ~U"c.h a cony Dr any rental or Ie<lse agreemel1{ [ff the orgaJ\lraIJo'l js
~_~ a; fc5SCl', to 111ul{]ple IC135C5 0" rental ~~P(~_s~nt~ti~·l:': i;J.j~y pt a-;(' it:!c~esJ .a pany.



real prop~n~

~=--.(ler .5MnUa=rtease iJgreemerHs.

p-fe-4J'r;~ auac»





-- -----~.---. -----[Z; Y,,~

!1-asIh" or gani•• l'oJ1 spe'" or (Joe:; it pla(! (0 spe,," .n)' mooey .uemp!.""! to In~uenc. iI\8 s"I~l!on, nomlnauon, elecuon. Df oppOIn<m""t or 3ny pcrsen ;o any ~~{leJal.state, 0' iocai PlJOIIC orroe.:- or 10 011 omc~ tn a flohnC~1n:9anl'~Ii<"'? ~t -Yes.. p~plc-Iri:1'1 c.I?:j:;II~~HC t.st l~!~ ~OUfl~S spent Ci to be S-per,t -in ea(;h CZlS-C.



See atlac h!i!<:I_


DoU!; :J:l! urgaJ~L.liOn ff
"'1(>0:.. -.

putJI111l pmfihICl~.

o(ccllUJes. J1ew>rl!\\~I~.)OJ.I(flaI5,cr ~'mUM PIII1[CCImareillli"f


.:r Icc-en! t:..o~.l· 01 '1'ilCIl


Cut '"


O~.([Icc 1.901

P''i'' 5

Part Ill, FlflanClalDat.a [Mu.stbe_~':nplcl£Orl))~II.~ql~~~nt5J ::!"Hr1f'I.~!r! II/lMCIiII scaremen.s n)1 [lib' W"M}f( Y"</ m,) (i)f !>2ch of the .1 ynr; JIIlmN1wINy :11(;
~1j;>,ElI1I!?1~~for ""c/l

_-._ .. ~ it. If 10 umwnr.r. Jess (t;aJJ 4 ye"J~, ~ClI:ljJl~!e th~ .,...-_




If In eXIstence Ic~ than 1 ;tv(}(. {lIsa pro!l{dll pr{>pD';l!d budgets tot chi?Z JG"ar:; tcf/{>Vd'tg /he cummt yellf.



A. StatBman~t~o!...f~R~8:::.v.::::en~u'!.~e~a:!;nd~£:!:)(:t:p.::e:!;ns::::e::.:s:.__ I;l! ~:!'~ J~x_y~ 31-'<"'1 I 03 y~.,~ ?1'l!lQl;~~ 1300gat [or """x, ~ , .. ,,' 01
~from : To







I :~.:.;:'..~."



l~) T<!'UJ

3 GI()~5 arllow~I'" {/Im'.feo lrom acUv,ues related to me 1)'9aflizallon'S exempt \JU'pD~~ ("t<~ch schedull21 (rn;;lude ,e<al.6 cost oJ s"llls on line 0.) 4 GrOSSd<,'Il\.,1:SUomUIJlela!t!I uP,i"e)i!t'.l;"j!i"-l
Gt!!.n frol":1 s...a-~.e of



\ -i,J1'5,()~_f6Q4-'OOO-+




c:.;cludlJ1.g invcntflry

(all~ch 5<;;nef1u1el 6 1

lr\v:tS1.Il\~nt iocorne {sec

p:o:Jgc- :;: 0; the ''i1stnJ:clioJ)~l

OIM, ravenue laU~d\ scheoulel.
Tol~j .~t:nue Exu!!n,es lade! lines ! through 71 •

t__ 2,014,000

----i --~

2 3i6,000 :



Expenses awibul.ble

to activ,«"s relaled to




bpart"e$ ;lU!bul;lb~ [0 unrei.leo b~sin~s" j


CO{1{nb[,..tKms. girts. 9"drtl.s, an(J sirnfhu aroounts P(l.i<l(;mach .chedule).
OI!llu'se.r.~.JS to 0,








tI rA/I'm. ,jtearo.


~n:.cn5Chodu'.e1 :~


1_,_,Q_7_7..!.,O_O_O-+__ 1_:,_1B_S-,,_Dll_O_J 1,304,000

i __


oiner ,,,Iarie:s anO \"Illges,

60,0110. 66,000 ! 97,<J(lO' !~--~~~~--~~~----~~~--~-

~27~s~,O~O~O~.~ __ ~3~04~,~oo~o~. ~







1J 111

l..I\:"preCialion ant.! dep.I""QI>

Other e~IJCIlSGS (<t<lach ~chcd"lc) Imal expenses (add (i1lCl~ !hrotJgh 18) 9


.,..---'_ --~
• t..:.JfTC!1} Ta...I.-

Ca~" . ACCOunts recei~l1b·~. !'iel . ("'''enIO''e:, .

os 01 • .1.?!~.11.19. .-.!1 554,OOO



non<1~ ~Ild notes reC!25Vabk!. (illl~CII s;;Mdlllsj
CO'POtnIU SIOCl<.s'<><18<:1> ,chedule). Mort<;~ge I~ns


5C~()duIC) • ~SS-1!'"rauac~ sched",la)


O(her 'll"~"\mC<1I'("lInch ~<lleflule)
Doprecrablc lilnd. Olher assets (ana,II S<;heoule} T"t~1 assets ",,0. depletable

L7_' __~_~

12 Account. P3Y'J.lJle_ (:::>f1(flbbtlon5, glf1.S,gnml5. ~tc" payable I~UI \91.lYv-:o I3Ind nO{GO p~)'cbl..:; {p-n,.:,-C~I;.cr.cdl~Jl"" _ t

i- llf·__554,aoo



55-.<1,ll 00 18!

Other haoi~ues



TOldl Hj!lbjlitl"~.

Fund RaJance:s or Net Assets

1~ ~


b~lanc'es 01 111<1 dS~"~I.~ baianclIs or 11;11 8S5~1.5 (add line 16 anI:! Hne 17)

L :!l.. t "

. TO~r li<lbillllCS am.! fvod

II \hl~Il.! 1m:, iJ!lca ally substqntl~1 cnenqe In ~'"'Y aspect [Ill) Ofg:Jni.alllln·s financial ~cUvii,es Slfl~~ lI>~ enc o( t1~ r('1'IO<1 shown iJDnvC. ~!lecl< ttle ho. ~M aMen a dalllilcd ~xp!anatiarl. ,, . , • . . • • . . • • . . . . • . . . . • . .~




Orqanizatfons _____

De~cribcd in Section 501(c}(4) (Civic Je-!lglles, social welfare crqarttzations (im:;luding posts, councils, etc; of veterans' organizations not qualifying or applying for 501 (oj{19))

e~:x_e~,m~'E!!.~rl u_::J.dc: :,cction

focal a5$OC[<J.tjoT1s of emplaycc~_)

_. _. _.


H;;~ lila hlll'(',al Rr.!11"",," Se"Jic<: previolJ:;!)! isnuco 0 ruJing Of 1l1!tDrmI!1aUCll t~!1er racoqrJ[.ting til" appli':.:II1( o(g"m.'~(;'ln (01 any JY.C!{)e~p"or orgnni'd[ion usrcc In qU!lc:iuon 4, fDa II at the. applicalion) to 00 <.:xcmpt under ~!lon SOl (;-)(3) ann 1~(C"r (ovoked lM[ :ecagnitlon of Ifxem !Jt,,,,, 0" the b~s,~ lh~\ It>e ~ppliuml organlla!lon (or iLSpredc\':cssm] ',va~ caHl'ing all ;JrcpagO(l()ii [Jf orncr ....se J{,,,mpling to Iflnu~n~e t legi5!<i.lion or 00 ~n~ b~"b [hOI fl engaged' 111 cUllen! aCli'Jily'?, p • If "Yes,' ;n~k~te (he aDOOCS! yOij( lor wh'~h ll'!;ognitlon loX ~RS[l!5!f;Cl oHk;e tha{ ~c reuocarion.



0 No


ofax!JmplJon under :$>!cuon ~Ol(c'(J} "'DS revoked and [he


uccs the Of9M!2<!UO" perta"." ur plar- 10 ~rf= (let rnijJl\oers, 3Il~renoIQers. O( DIners) services. suet: .5 l71~rntaJ'l",g 111"cornrron .... ." of" corcornrnrum: bvyinq rood or olller iterY\$ on ~ cooesrauve nasts: 0: providing /ecrealfau~! facibti es C
Of ~tfll1:;;p()rt:.flLio'l ~~CO$.JOb


or 01.l10r sim~~r






tr·y.s," c:<~I;>i;iln~acnvlues ill detail, includloll iocorna realized ano expenses UlcU(",d. A:so, cl<rna",'n delall tne nature 0' tI,,~D'enefi(S10 the general pubfic frOfl1 !he"" .crivi~ES. Of Ule answer (0 tnis ques,i"n is p-xpfainec in P~(l 'I of uro ZPpllCiltiofl (page5 2. 3, ano 4). eorer the page ano item number here.f

If 01

rho o1g:UliJ.:taliOn rs d;m'n;lng eX<::!lnp:t.j(}f\ mamram> rt,:HtJ(:llf4 in any Wi:I"!i-;J' _ explain


a hnmrowM(s'

ds~ciat]on. ~:s: access to any propt'-!fly



it own!J





,r "Yes,"


If lho 0I"53ni.a,(cro is cla,mOnS'",crr.plioff "" ~ local associ~aon or flrnployees. ~T"le tile n~m" d'1(.oS~ Of each "mplcYN WIlOSll emnjoycc~ ate cl'9iblc forll'emt:p.rsn,p Ifi The l!:;:.~.:rl!jilUO'1. t(~mployee:; or more thiln one plant ar Offi~8 of the same employer alp. eligible br m~rtlberSh1p. 9'nI{_J the dddre-S's of eacn PUlhl Of office. Not apptlcable.

,,,,.1 ..





Liberty Central, Inc.
5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, Suite 302 Burke, Virgini.'l21015

EIN: 27·1222875
Part II, QuestionI - Activities of the Grganization Uberty Central, Inc. is a national non-profit tax-exempt public policy and educational Institution created (0 provide citizens with opportunities to engage In civic education online, civic activism and community building around core founding principles (If America. . Liberty Central, Inc, 's three main objectives are as follows: (i) to educate the American people on founding principles and their foundations; (ii) to inspire and motivate the American people to participate in civic activism by providing them with online information regarding key public policy or cultural issues, solutions to current issues, and recent developments in public activism; and (iii) to acrivate the American people to participate in online. activism by promoting ccrtam causes and directing online renders to specific opportunities to participere in activism activities, Liberty Central, Inc. is a national non-partisan membership members of all political parties who share the group's mission. organization that is open to

Liberty Central, Inc. has created a website available at www.Ilbertyccntral.org which serves as the online platform to provide the American people with opportunities to become educated, motivated, and to participate in online activism in furtherance of Liberty Central, Inc. 's three main objectives. The website wi II allow readers 'to engage in the following online activi ti cs: Read information concerning public policy or cultural issues being debated at the
national, state, and local levels;

Review an online library of descriptions of America's foundations and practical applications; .. Read issue bri efs on current issues;

founding ideals,

Read case studies and personal profiles, watch videos, listen to music or artistic impressions, and study art or writings associated with America's core founding principles; and
Search an online catalog of issues, organizations and resources that readers can use as resources to engage in their own civic activism. Liberty Central. Inc. seeks to further its goals. by several means, including, Developing its website to allow online readers LO sign petitions and write to their elected representatives regarding core foundingissues and [heir perceived threats to those principles: SVQn::;Qnngconfcrcncce, evcnta, programs, a-newsletters and other imtiatives (] focus on citizen participation in their government am] culture; and Distributing an online newsletter containing discussions of issues relating:o with core

founding principles.

WASJ1_ GU8551 Z j

f rberry Cenlral, In!;.
'i 705· F Burke Centre Parkway, SHIre 3G2 Burke, Virginia )2015 F.JN' 2.7-1222375


Part 11, Question J(a) - Names, Addresses and Titles of Officers & Directors

Drann Huber 5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, Suite 302 Burke, VirginHI22015 Leonara Leo 5765- F Burke Cen tre Parkwa Burke, Virginia 22015

v, Sui te .3 02

Tracy Price 5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, Suite 302 Burke, Virginia 22015
Bob Russell

5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, Suite 302 Burke, Virginia 22015 Matt Schlapp 5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, Suite 302 Burke, Virginia 2201 5 V irgini a Tho mas 5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, Suite 302 Burke, Virginia 220) 5

Virginia Thomas, President and Chief Executive Officer 5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, Suite 302 Burke, Virginia 220 IS Tracy Price, Treasurer 5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, Suite 302 Burke, Virginia 220 [5 Sue Hamblen, Secretary and National Ccordinator S765"F Burke Centre Purkway, Suite ]02 Burke, V H-gll1ia 22():.5


Liberty Central, Inc. ')7()'), 1'" Burke Centre P;:u:1."VIay. Suire 302 Burke, Virginia 22015 EIN: 27-1222875

IRS FOR.ly{1024

Pad II, QRcstion 3{b) - Annual Compensarton of Officer!> & Directors Liberty Central, Inc, 's directors are not compcnsuted Corporal ion. fo! their services as directors of lhe

virginia Thomas serves as Galli President and Chief Executive Officer 0 f the Corporation, In her capacity as President of the Corporation, Ms. Thomas is compensated for her services provided to the Corporation. The compensation of the President is a commercielly reasonable amount in compliance with the policies of the Corporation related to Executive Compensation and other applicable provisions of law related to governance of not-for-profit organizations. Ms. Thomas' compensation as President of the Corporation has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation in the amount 0[$150,000 por year. Sue Hamblen serves as {he Secretary and National Coordinator of the Corporation. In her capacity 3$ National Coordinator of the Corporation, Ms. Hamblen is compensated for her Services provided to the Corporation. The compensation of the National Coordinator is ~I cormnercially reasonable amount in compliance with the POliC1BS of the Corporation related to Executive Compensation and other applicable provisions of law related to governance of no 1- forpro fi! organizari ens. Ms. B arnb 1en's cornpensario n as National Coo rdi nator of the Corporation has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation ill the amount 0[$85,000 per

Tracy Price serves as the Treasurer of the Corporation. 1.0his capacity as Treasurer of the Corporation, Mr. Price is compensated for his services provided zo the Corporation. The compensation of the Treasurer is 11 commercinlly reasonable amount in eompl lance with the policies of the Corporation related to Executive Compensation flnd other applicable provisions of Jaw related to governance of not- for-prof 11 organizations. Mr. Price's compensation as Trcesurer of the Corporation bas been approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation in the amount
of$24,OOO per Y'::al'.

WASH_ocBSS12. t

p. 11



UbeJ.""[YCenlrnl, 1!1C. 5765-f Burke Centre: Purkwny, Suile 301.. Burke, Virginia 22015 . Em: 27-12.22875 Part II, Question 1 (Qualiflcarlon for Membership in the Organlzatlon) The rcsoluliun of the Board of Directors of Liberty Central, Inc. establishing the requirements for membership in the organization is attached hereto.

WASh' ..668551 2".1

p ~ 12

ATT ACHM:ENT TO IRS FOR.M [014 Libcrry Central, lne.
5765-F Burkn Centre Parkway, Suite 302

Burke, Virginia 22015
UN: 2'}-122.2fl7:;

Part IT,Question IS - Plaus to Spend Funds to Attempt to Influence the Selection, Nomination, Election or Appointment of Certain Offic.ials The majority of Liberty Centra], Inc.'s expenditures will be for public education, community development and other activities appropriate for a social welfare organization. In the event that the organization determines to support or oppose candidates through office (only to the extent that the organization VIiI] publish candidate voting records on positions regarding various issues fa help inform the electorate On core issues before the elecinrate votes On these issues, all in accordance with local, state and federal jaw), such expenditures wil! be a minority of the O"rgauiz3tion.'s total expenditures and will be duly reported to the IRS on a Form lI20-POL Tax Return for Certain Political Organizations,

WASH_ 6685512, ~


ATTACHMENT Liberty Central, Inc.
5765·f Burke Centre Parkway, Suite 302 Durke, Virginia n(] l ~ ErN; 27-1222&75 Puzt


In, Quesrion 1):;- Statamcnt uf Revenues and Expensc.~',Other Expenses

Amounts identified tor "Compensation of Officers and Directors" on LIne] 3 of me Fmancral Data schedule reflect amounts to he paid to each of the following individuals in each of the following amounts: Name i 2010 $150,000



Virginia Thomas, President~;

1--=-$-::-]6-=-5=--,(,,-,)(::-::)0-----'------11 S UW,anD

! Sue

Hamblen, Secretary


, $90,000


i $100,000

Tracy Price, Treasurer

~ .'1:24,000

i $24.000
I •

Amounts identified for "Other Expenses" on Line 18 of the Financial Data schedule reflect amounts budgeted for current and projected legal, accounting and insurance ex.penses_

WASH _6f1855< 2.1

p. 14

A Delaware Nonpr-ofit Corporation

ARTlCLE r Nnme, 0 fflces
'I'he ruun e of the Corporation,
u;,; staled

in the Corti ficaie nf Incorporation,

is Liberty

Central, Inc. (the "Corporation"). The principal office of the Corporation shall be locnted in the State of Delaware. The Corporation may also have offices at such other places within or without the State as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine. The initial registered office is at Corporation Sen ice Company, Corporation Service: Company, 27] 1 Centerville Road, Suire 400, Wilmington, Delaware 19808.



Certain Restrictions,

Secncn 2.1. PurRSEi~. The: Corporation is organized and shall he operated exdu~ivl!ly for the purpose of promotion of soda! welfare within [he meaning of section 501(c)(4) of the lnternai Revenue Code of 1986 {the "Code"). Notwithstanding any other provision of the Certificate of Incorporation, these Bylaws, or any other provision of law, the Corporation shall not h3\"C the power to carryon any activities which would cause it to fail to qualify, or to fail to conunuc to qualify, as an organization exempt from federal income tax under section SOl (c){4) of the Code (or the corresponding section of any future federal tux code). Section 2 2. No Q!lJfCrnenL No part ofthe earnings of the Corporation shall inure to the "benefit of or be distributable to any private individual or person; provided, huwever, that the Corporation may pay reasonable compensation for services rendered tu It and reimbursement of expenses reasonably incurred on its behalf Section 1.3, Distribution ot; Assets upon Dissolution. Upon the dissolution or liquidation of the Corporation, after payment of liabilities, the assets of the Corporation shall be transferred solely to one or more organizations recognized A.'> exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) Or 501(c)(4) of the Code (or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code) , .

Mernbe rship The Corporation shall havc members. 111c Board of Directors shall. by resoluuon, establish the classes of membership and the dues and other requirements of membership in the Corporation.

· .-



p. 15

ARTICLE IV Board of Dtrecturs Section 41. GovenJinz An!p_9rity. The affairs and business of the Corporation shall be managco by or under U]t;'direction of the Board of Directors. The number of directors shal: be 11(\t lc:,;<: than three .cr more than eight, as may be determined from lime to tirue by the Board of Dn'ectors. Directors shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors at the regulur unnual meeting of the Board of Directors. Except as specified in this section. each director shall hold off ce until his or he-r SUCCe~:::or elected and qualified, or until his or her earlier resignation Or is removal. Section 4.1. Board Members. Members of the Board of Directors shall be persons over· the age of J 8 years who have I:iJ1 interest in and commitment to the purposes and activities of the Corporation. Section -l.J. Annual and Regul<!J;_l..-leetin,g~.Thcre shall be an annual meeting of directors, which shall be held On such clay. and at such place, as shall be designate .. ill the notice '1i of such meeting, for the purpose of electing directors, and fOT the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting. The Board of Directors may provide, by resolution, the lime and place for the holding of additional regular meetmgs wuhout other notice than such reso luti on. Section 4.--+. SQedaJ :vleeti.ng~. Special meetmgs of the Board of DJ recto rs may be called by the President or by any two directors to be held at such time and place as shall be designated In the notice of the meetings. Section 4.5. l\..oti_f<;,_lIp.durpose of lylec.t\Q.g3.. l\otice (If rho lime ami place of any P rnccriug of the Board of Directors shall be given at least three days in advance thereof hy written notice delivered personally or sent by overnight courier, mall, or facsimile 10 each drrectur al Ius Or her address or facsimile number as shown on the records of the Corporurion, If deposited w;Ih an overnight courier, such notice shall he deemed 10 be delivered when deposited 'with UH: overnight courier, If mailed, such notice. shall be deemed ttl be delivered when deposited in the United Stales mail in a sealed envelope so addressee, with postage prepaid. If giVt:ll b:facsimile, such notice shall be deemed delivered when the sending facsimile machine indicates successful transmission. Any director may waive notice of any meeting, The attendance of a director at any meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice thereof, except where 11director attends <1 meeting for the express purpose of objecting to the transaction of any business because the meeting is not lawfully called Or convened. Neither the bUSiJlcSS to be transacted at, nor the purpose ot~ an y regular Dr specinl meeting of the Board of Directors need be specifi ed in the notice or waiver of notice of such meeting, except that the purpose of u special meeting to consider removal of it director must be stated in the notice of meetiug. Se..;tiOI14.6. Quorum. A quorum tor the transaction of business Board nf Directors shall consist oJ a majority Oft11C direcIOf:; then 1)1 office Hum her of directors, or one-half of the number directors if there then directors ill 0 ffit:e, except thaI if less than a majority of the directors then at any meeting of IhL; if there then is an odd is ali even number of in office is present at


WAS", G88,1978.1


:in)' such meeting, a majority without further notice.

ur the directors

present may adjourn the meeting n-om


to Limo:

<:ectloll 4.7. TGlgJ_hQDieMecting:s, Directors may participate in and act at any meeting nf the Board of Directors through the use of u conferencetelephone or otlier communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meetsng can communicnre WIth each other, Panicipation in such meeting shall constitute attendance and presence in person at the meeting orthe person or persons so participating. Section 4.!:'l, ~anner of Acting. The: act of the majority of the directors present at <l meeting a( Whl ch a quorum is present shall be the act 0 I' the Board of Directors. Any action of the directors may be taken without a meeting if a unanimous consent in \,TiCing (setting forth the action so taken) shall be signed by all the directors entitled to vote with respect to the subject matter thereof Section 4.9. Removal and Resigl}E):ions. Directors may be removed from office by a

vote of two-thirds of all directors then in office, Such action may be taken at a regular meeting
of the Board of Directors or at a special meeting called for such purpose, provrded [hat nonce of the proposed removal shall be sent to all directors at least 20 day; prior [0 the special meeting. Any director may resign from the Board of Directors at any time by giving written notice to lhe Buard of Directors, or to the President or Secretary of the Corporation, and, unless otherwise specified therein, the acceptance of such resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective but such resignation shall be effective when notice is delivered. Section 4.10, Vacancic'i. Any vacancy occurring in the Board 01' Directors and any directorship to be filled by reason of an increase inthe number of directors shall be filled by thc Board of Directors. A director elected to fill a vacancy shall be elected tor the unexpired term ,l[ his or her predecessor ill office Section 4.11. Procc9.!!I£. The Board of Directors may adopt its which shall not be inconsistent with these Bylaws,

rules of procedure

Section 4.] 2. O,)DUniltec.s ..!ill<oLbdvisory BQ!,I.ir::_:>. Board of Directors may from time The L'nL: or more committees and one or more advisory bodies. Each committee shall have t wo or more directors, and all committee members shall serve at the pleasure the: Beard of Directors
f() time establish


ARTICLi<:V Officers Section 5 1. xumber and Tenure of Officers, There shall be a President. Executive Director, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Corporation, and there also may be such Vice Presidents, Assistant Treasurers and Assistant Secretaries as the Board of Directors may elect from time tu tiruc. Any two offices may be held by one person, except that the same person shall not hold the offices of President and Secretary. The officers shall he selected by the Board of Uirectors in such Hl ..Uillt'l ~I" rhe directors shnll determine, and. ~1l<l11 holn office til the pleasure of the Board "ot" Directors. I .nless [he Board of Directors shall determine otherwise ;1\ it... sole


p. 18

· Section 6.+. gift~. The Board of Directors may accept on behalf of the Corporation any contribution, gift, bequest or devise for the general purposes OT for any special purpose of the Corporation. ARTIC.LE



Section 7.1 .Books and Minutes. The Corporation shall keep correct and complete books records of account am! shaH also keep minutes of the meetings of i!s Board of DirC(.1.0f$.

Section 7.2, Fi~U{lI'y ear.. The fiscal December in each year.

of the Corporation shall


on the last day of

Section 7.3. Wmver ufNolice, Whenever any notice whatsoever is required to be given under the provisions of the Delaware General Corporation Act, or any successor thereto.ior under the provisions or The Certificate of Incorporation Or these 13ylaws, a waiver thereof in writing signed by the persons entitled to such notice, whether before.or after the lime stated therein, shall be deemed equivalent to. the gj ving of such notice. Attendance at any rneeting shall consntut e waiver of notice thereof unless the person at the meeting objects to the holding of' the meeting because proper notice was not given. Section 7.4_ . Indemnification of Directors. Officers, EIill2Jovee::i and Aaenrs. The Corporation shall indemnify all of its present and former directors, officers, employees and agents to the full extent permitted by the Delaware General Corporation Act or tiny Successor thereto, the relevant indemnification provisions of which Act, or incorporated ill such At:L are hereby incorporated herein by reference. Tu the extent determined from time to time hy the Board of Directors of (he Corporation, the Corporation shall abo cause to be purchased insurance for such indenuu ficarion of its officers and directors. ARTICLE Vn1 Amendment to Bylaws These Bylaws may he altered, amended or repealed and new Bylaws may be adopted by u. majority of the directors present at any regular meeting. of the Board of Directors at which a quorum is present or at any special meeting of the Board of Directors at which a quorum is

'iJASH_ 668~97a.l

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