Jim Rohn Cultivating an Unshakable Character CD1 Courage Integrity and Honesty CD2 Perseverance A goal is only a powerful

motivator only if there’s a powerful reason behind it Create a lot of objectives that can be accomplished in a month -create many short term objectives to have many things to celebrate -can be confidence builders -opposite of perseverance is procrastination -procrastination means never getting started, or never finishing -a perfectionist, everything has to be perfect before starting -a perfectionist, nothing is ever done until it is perfect -procrastination is also a fear of failure, paralyzed by fear -turning procrastination into perseverance -break it down, focus on what you can accomplish at this moment -write it down, keep a diary of your activities, see how much time you waste -make an entry once every 30 minutes for a week -a process of making yourself aware how you spend your time -What do you want to do, be, see, have, where you want to go, also with whom do you want to share -reasons outside yourself, who is depending on you, who will benefit/suffer -you must find reasons outside yourself to persevere to keep going when the going gets tough -need others to help you persevere beyond the material wants Wisdom -Hungry for wealth, power, love, causing fear -no such thing as enough, can’t be satisfied -mysterious commodity called wisdom -there will always be more to know and learn -acquisition of wisdom is not a zero sum game, don’t have to give up something for others to have, everyone can have it -wisdom requires no giving or taking, only sharing -wisdom is something a wise man feels e needs more of -King Solomon was the wisest and richest man in the world, a wife from every nation, and no divorces -Solomon asked God to grant him wisdom -Difference is Solomon asked God for wisdom, we have to look for it everywhere around us -Socrates – philosopher means “lover of wisdom” -didn’t have much answers, but asked many questions -great wisdom is no guarantee of anything, but to those who know it, wisdom is the reward -Socrates’s moto – know thyself -what conclusions you should draw if you’re not wealthy by 50 or 60, result of poor management

and they’ll either lose or gain respect for it -I didn’t mean to excuses. but fools get it sooner -wisdom is wealth of the heart. becoming someone others can depend on . foolish people are always jumping to conclusions -like success.-part of wisdom is knowing what you lack and looking for it and asking for it -part of wisdom is knowing there are no final answers. not a destination -rich compared to whom. start asking some different questions -a fool is always reaching their intellectual destination. was the outcome of the action what you intended it to be. wisdom is a process. would you still take responsibility -intention vs negligence -excuses are always there waiting to be used. there’s always more to know -wisdom provide a sense of life’s value. mind. I woke and saw that life was duty -making a conscious decision to grow up. experience is something you gain if you live long enough -opposite of a wise person is a fool. I wasn’t myself excuses -SAD – seasonal affective disorder -there’s a relationship between responsibility and leadership -I slept and dreamed that life was beauty. and if not. poor compared to whom -if you reach a point in life where you feel you got all the answers. and soul. and they’ll get treated like a fool sooner or later -the meaning of life is “what” -what makes a wise person different is knowing they’re all the same -wise people are interested in questions. but nobody really believes them. even if they’re good -people will know if you use excuses or not. looking to yourself as the source of everything that happens to you. a fulfilled life requires meaning and substance -wisdom is the fruit of experience. you assume command regardless of hardships that happened to you early in life -role played by intention. and yours forever once you possess it CD3 Responsibility -responsibility is what we expect from someone else -sometimes it is even a good idea to accept responsibility of others -accepting responsibility is the highest form of human maturity -Churchill – responsibility is the price of greatness -accepting the consequences of your actions. a wise man always asks how much is there to go -wicked people and fools get what they deserve eventually.

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