Management of ear disease

Conservative Surgerical

extended . Combined. Endaural and Permeatal approach.Surgical aproaches to eare diseases     Post auriculer.

preserve hearing prevent reinfection and discharge allow swimming.Aim of the treatment-     improve hearing. .

Conservative2.Tubotympanic    1. .eradicatioon of source of infection 3.-with or without mastoidectomy.myringoplasty.

Atticoantral ±  Surgery .

Aim of treatment     Prevent complications and associated mortality ±to save life not the ear-to make the ear safe. Restore hearing Preserve hearing Not to make the ear normal-morbidity is there. .

With complications. Extracranial MRM.intracranial radical mastoidectomy.modified radical mastiodectomy with or without tympanoplasty.Atticoantral ±    Without complications. / combined approach mastiodectomy. .

indications. extent of surgery Modified radical mastoidectomy. extent of surgery Radical mastoidectomy indications.Mastoidectomy    Cortical ±indications. extent of surgery .

.Cortical mastoidectomy    Acute mastoiditis Mastoid reservoer Mastoidectomy with tympanoplasty  Exenterate all mastoid air cells and remove pockets of pus.

Csom with extracranial complication.Modified radical mastoidectomy   CSOM with cholesteatoma.     Cholesteatoma removal Exenteration of mastoid air cell system Removal of bridge and facial ridge Removal of diseased ossicles preserving the footplate of stapes .

preserving the stapes footplate Ramnents of tympanic membrane removed .Radical mastoidectomy   CSOM+ cholesteatoma+ intracranial complicatrion Middle ear malignancy    Modified Ossicles plus stapes superstructure ±removed.

TORP.Tympanoplasty &OssiculoplastyMYRINGOPLASTY.PORP .Tympanoplasty 5 types.

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