Change ran rampant in the lives of the Postells when Mama and Daddy died.

The human vultures came first. Then the black hearse to remove the bodies, and immediately thereafter the health providers came, stripping everything from disposable diapers to the pink plastic bowl with a name scrubbed off and another over it. One man did it all, explaining these movements this to an increas of otther postells. When some arrived it appeared that that part of the family.arriving first were those who owned and ived in the old Judsn Wilkes house which set on the corner of East 3rd Street and Gordon Street. On East Third and Hutchinson Ave was the Wiseman Funeral Home. Thad Wiseman has successfullybeaten well-made plans for the twn, and Thad Wiseman had more business than he knew what to do with, but She was adamant. “Our objective after expiration of the patient is to keep it quick and quiet,” he continued breaking the bed down where the mortician edged his way to the front of the bed. Showtime. He grabbed up the bed with a quick jerk pulled it to entrance of the hearsh. There. That’s it. As far as my mother knew, she woud be in “prepared” in one of the nicer Nashville homes, telling Daddy, “Don’t hurt yourself, and remember, Don’t let Thad bury me.”

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