ANNA UNIVERSITY Chennai-25. Syllabus for B.E.

(Full Time) Civil Engineering
CM125 Chemistry I 1. CHEMICAL THERMODYNAMICS 3 0 0 100 9

Definition of free energy and spontaneity - Maxwell relations - Gibbs-Helmholtz equation - Van't hoff equations - Stoichiometry and energy balances in Chemical reactions. 2. DYNAMICS OF CHEMICAL PROCESSES 10

Basic concepts - composite reactions (opposing, parallel and consecutive reactions) - Collision theory Thermodynamic formulation of reaction rates - unimolecular reactions - Chain reactions (Stationary and nonstationary) - Enzyme Kinetics - Michaelis - Menten Equation. 3. ELECTRODICS 8 Types of electrodes and cells - Nernst Equation - emf measurement and its applications - Principles of chemical and electrochemical corrosion - corrosion control (Sacrificial anode and impressed current methods). 4. WATER 8

Water quality parameters - Definition and expression - Estimation of hardness (EDTA method) - Alkalinity (Titrimetry) - Water softening (zeolite) - Demineralisation (Ion- exchangers) and desalination (RO) - Domestic water treatment. 5. POLYMERS 10 Monomer - Functionality - Degree of polymerisation - Classification based on source and applications - Addition, Condensation and copolymerisation - Mechanism of free -radical polymerisation - Thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics - Processing of plastics - Injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion processes. Total No of periods: 45

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CM125 Chemistry I Text Books: 1. Alkins P.W., " Physical Chemistry ", ELBS, IV Edition, 1998, London. References:





1. Balasubramanian M.R., Krishnamoorthy S. and Murugesan V., " Engineering Chemistry ", Allied Publisher Limited., Chennai, 1993. 2. Karunanidhi M., Ayyaswamy N., Ramachandran T and Venkatraman H., " Applied Chemistry ", Anuradha Agencies, Kumbakonam , 1994. 3. Sadasivam V., " Modern Engineering Chemistry - A Simplified Approach ", Kamakya Publications, Chennai , 1999. 4. Kuriakose, J.C. and Rajaram J., " Chemistry in Engineering and Technology ", Vol. I and II, Tata McGraw-Hill Publications Co.Ltd, New Delhi ,1996. 5. Jain P.C. and Monica J., " Engineering Chemistry ", Dhanpat Rai Publications Co.,(P) Ltd., New Delhi, 1998.

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GE131 Engineering Mechanics 1. BASICS




100 5

Introduction - Units and Dimensions - Laws of Mechanics - Vectors - Vectorial representation of forces and moments - Vector operations. 2. STATICS OF PARTICLES 8

Coplanar Forces - Resolution and Composition of forces - Equilibrium of a particle - Forces in space Equilibrium of a particle in space - Equivalent systems of forces - Principle of transmissibility - single equivalent force. 3. EQUILIBRIUM OF RIGID BODIES 7 Free body diagram - Types of supports and their reactions - requirements of stable equilibrium - Equilibrium of Rigid bodies in two dimensions - Equilibrium of rigid bodies in three dimensions. 4. PROPERTIES OF SURFACES AND SOLIDS 12

Determination of Areas and Volumes - First moment of area and the centroid - second and product moments of plane area - Parallel axis theorems and perpendicular axis theorems - Polar moment of inertia - Principal moments of inertia of plane areas - Principal axes of inertia - Mass moment of inertia - relation to area moments of inertia. 5. FRICTION 4 Frictional Force - Laws of Coloumb friction - Simple Contact friction - Rolling Resistance - Belt Friction.




Displacement, Velocity and acceleration their relationship - Relative motion - Curvilinear motion - Newton's Law - Work Energy Equation of particles - Impulse and Momentum - Impact of elastic bodies. 7. ELEMENTS OF RIGID BODY DYNAMICS 8

Translation and Rotation of Rigid Bodies - Velocity and acceleration - General Plane motion - Moment of Momentum Equations - Rotation of rigid Body - Work energy equation. Total No of periods: 60

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GE131 Engineering Mechanics Text Books:





1. Beer and Johnson, " Vector Mechanics for Engineers ", Vol. 1 " Statics " and Vol. 2 " Dynamics ", McGraw Hill International Edition, 1995. 2. Merriam, " Engineering Mechanics ", Vol.1 " Statics " and Vol.2 " Dynamics 2/e ", Wiley International, 1988. References: 1. Rajasekaran S. and Sankara Subramanian, G., " Engineering Mechanics - Statics and Dynamics ". 2. Irving, H., Shames, " Engineering Mechanics - Statics and Dynamics ", Thrid Edition, Prentice-Hall of India Pvt.Ltd., 1993. 3. Mokoshi, V.S., " Engineering Mechanics ", Vol.1 " Statics " and Vol.2 " Dynamics ", Tata McGraw Hill Books, 1996. 4. Timoshenko and Young, " Engineering Mechanics ", 4/e, McGraw Hill, 1995. 5. McLean, " Engineering Mechancis ", 3/e, SCHAUM Series, 1995.

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MA131 Mathematics I .





(Revised Syllabus For B.E. / B.Tech. Programmes - Effective From June 2002)




Characteristic equation - Eigen values and eigen vectors of a real matrix. Some properties of eigen values, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, Orthogonal reduction of a symmetric matrix to diagonal form - Orthogonal matrices Reduction of quadratic form to canonical form by orthogonal transformation. 2. THREE DIMENSIONAL ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY 9 Direction cosines and ratios - Angle between two lines - Equation of a plane - Equation of a straight line - Coplaner lines - Shortest distance between skew lines - Sphere - Tangent plane - Plane section of a sphere orthogonal spheres. 3. GEOMETRICAL APPLICATIONS OF DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS 9 Curvature - cartesian and polar coordinates - Circle of curvature - Involutes and Evolutes - Envelopes properties of envelopes - Evolute as envelope of normals. 4. FUNCTIONS OF SEVERAL VARIABLES 9

Functions of two variables - Partial derivatives - Total differential - Differentiation of implicit functions - Taylor's expansion - Maxima and Minima - Constrained Maxima and Minima by Lagrangean Multiplier method Jacobians - differentian under integral sign. 5. ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 9 Simultaneous first order linear equations with constant coefficients - Linear equations of second order with constant and variable coefficients - Homogeneous equation of Euler type - equations reducible to homogeneous form - Method of reduction of order - Method of variation of parameters. 6. TUTORIAL 15

Total No of periods:


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K.. 2..S. Veerarajan. " Engineering Mathematics ".MA131 Mathematics I Text Books: 3 1 0 100 1. S. 3. S. Thilagavathy. " Higher Engineering Mathematics " (35th Edition). NewDelhi. 2001 2.. Volume I (4th Revised Edition). 2000. Narayanan. G. and Gunavathy. Singapore. 1992.. E. 4. 2000. T. Viswanathan (Printers & Publishers)..K. New Delhi. Grewal. M.K. Ramanaiah. " Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students ". References: 1. Page 6 ... S. Delhi . Kreyszig. 1999.. Chennai (2nd Edition). T. Khanna Publishers. Kandasamy. " Engineering Mathematics ". B.. 2000. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. John Wiley and Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd. Manicavachagom Pillay...First year " National Publishing Company. P. " Engineering Mathematics . Chand & Co. " Advanced Engineering Mathematics " (8th Edition).. Venkataraman. K. VolumeI (2nd Edition).

PROPERTIES OF MATTER 9 Elasticity . Total No of periods: 45 Page 7 .PH125 Physics I .stress-strain diagram-factors affecting elasticity .Twisting couple on a wire-Shafts-Torsion pendulum-Depression of a cantilever. CO2 and semiconductor lasers-propagation of light through optical fibers-types of optical fibre-Applications of optical fibres as optical waveguides and sensors. 3. LASER AND FIBRE OPTICS 9 Principle of lasers-laser characteristics-Ruby-NdYAG. 3 0 0 100 1. HEAT AND THERMODYNAMICS 9 Thermal conductivity-Forbe's and Lee's Disc methods-Radial flow of heat-Thermal conductivity of rubber and glass-Thermal insulation in buildings-Laws of thermodynamics-Carnot's cycle as heat engine and refrigeratorCarnot's theorem-Ideal Otto and Diesel engines-Concept of entropy-Entropy Temperature diagram of carnot's cycle. He-Ne. ACOUSTICS 9 Acoustics of buildings-Absorption coefficient-Intensity-Loudness-Reverberation time-Sabine's formula-Noise pollution-Noise control in a machine-Ultrasonics-production-Magnetostriction and Piezoelectric methodsApplications of ultrasonics in Engineering and Medicine. 5. 4. OPTICS 9 Photometry-Lummer Brodhum photometer-Flicker Photometer-Antireflection coating-Air wedge-Testing of flat surfaces-Michelson's Interferometer and its applications-Photoelasticity and its applications-SextantMetallurgical microscope-Scanning electron microscope.Young's modulus by cantilever-Uniform and Non Uniform bending-I shape girders-Production and measurement of high vacuum-Rotary pump-Diffusion pump-Pirani GaugePenning gauge-Viscosity-Oswald Viscometer-Comparision of viscosities. 2.

" Engineering Physics ". Anuradha Publications.L. Page 8 . " Physics ". " Advanced Level Physics ". and Parker. References: 1.. 1998. and Halliday D. " Engineering Physics ". 5. Wiley Eastern. Mathur.. " Modern Engineering Physics ". and Gupta.K. R. 1986. Dhanpat Rai and Sons. S. 3. 4. 1998. 1986.S. Arumugam.. Chand and Co.. 2.S.Chand & Co. 3 0 0 100 Resnik R. " Elements of properties of Matter ". 1989. S. Nelkon M...M. Gaur. Arnald-Heinemann. 1988. Vasudeva A.. D..P..PH125 Physics I Text Books: 1. S.

Corrosion experiments: * Corrosion rate measurements * Inhibition efficiency. 1.Winkler's method. 3.Spectrophotometric method. 10.CM126 Chemistry Lab . Determination of total dissolved solids in water. Estimation of sodium in water . 5.Flame Photometric method Determination of molecular weight of polymers-Viscometric method. 7. Electrochemistry experiments: * Determination of emf. 4. Estimation of hardness of water by EDTA method Estimation of different types and amounts of alkalinity in water . * Single electrode potential * Potentiometric and conductometric titration Total No of periods: 30 Page 9 . 9. 2. Estimation of iron in water . 0 0 2 100 30 Preparation of standard solutions.Indicator method Determination of dissolved oxygen . 6. 8.

Chattopadhyay and Sarkar. Tata McGraw Hill. Taxali. 1 0 3 100 4 FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTERS AND OPERATING SYSTEMS Evolution of Computers .GE132 Computer Practice I 1. 1999. 1999. Prentice Hall of India. Nelson. Tata McGraw Hill. 60 Page 10 . " PC Software for Windows Made Simple ". a) b) c) d) 3. 2.Organization of Modern Digital Computers-Single user Operating SystemMultitasking OS-GUI 2. " Computers and Computation .A Beginner's Guide ". Microsoft Office 97. OFFICE AUTOMATION Word Processing Data Base Management System Spread Sheet Package Presentation Software PRACTICALS 45 11 Total No of periods: Text Books: 1. 1999. References: 1. Ghosh Dastidar.

SHEET METAL 0 0 4 100 10 Tools and Equipments . Demonstration of gas welding. FITTING 10 Tools and Equipments. Filling. Tee fillet etc. 6. with sheet metal 2.Demonstration for making simple parts like keys. gear V. SMITHY 10 Tools and Equipments .Practice in Chipping. Total No of periods: 60 Page 11 ..Arc Welding of butt joint.Fabrication of tray. bolts etc. cone. square and dove tail joints. etc.making Vee joints. Tap Joint. 4.GE133 Workshop Practice 1. WELDING 10 Tools and Equipemts . FOUNDRY 10 Tools and Equipments Preparation of moulds of simple objects like flange. 3. CARPENTRY 10 Tools and Equipments-Planning Practice-making halving joint and dove tail joint models. 5.grooved pulley etc. Drilling ..

2. Venkatachalapathy V. " Manual on Workshop Practice Scitech Publications ". Chennai..and Narayana K. " First Year Engineering Workshop Practice ". 1999. Kanaiah P..S. Madurai. 1999. Raamalinga Publications.GE133 Workshop Practice References: 0 0 4 100 1.C. Page 12 .

Thickness of wire by Air wedge. Wavelength determination using grating by Spectrometer. Rigidity modulus and moment of inertia using Torsion Pendulum Viscosity of a liquid by Poiseuille's method. 4.PH126 Physics Lab 1. Thermo emf measurement by potentiometer. 0 0 2 100 30 Total No of periods: 30 Page 13 . PRACTICALS Young's modulus by non uniform bending. 2. 5. 7. 8. 3. 6. 1. Particle size determination by Laser Thermal conductivity by Lees' disc.

Gniess and Schist. 4. Sedimentatary and Metamorphic rocks. Dolerite and Basalt Sedimentary rocks of structures . Tunnels. Decription occurence. Lad slides . Conglomerate and breccia. PETROLOGY 9 Classification of rocks . wind and sea and their engineering importance .Earth Structure and composition . Buildings.Earthquake belts in India. 2. Hornblende. Metamorphic rocks. Feldpar family.Elementary knowledge on continental drift and plate of the following rock forming minerals . Slate.Branches of geology . Groundwater .Their bearing on engineering Construction. 3.physical properties of minerals . behaviour and engineering significance of clay minerals Fundamentals of process of formation of ore minerals . Road cuttings.Their origin and occurence in India. Syenite. Garnet .Granite. Diorite.Weathering .prospecting importance in civil engineering. GENERAL GEOLOGY 3 0 0 100 9 Geology in Civil Engineering . STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY AND GEOPHYSICAL METHOD 9 Attitude of beds .Interpretation for Civil Engineering Projects . Biotite. of air photos and satellite images . Marble.Quartz family. engineering properties and distribution of following rocks. Quartzite. Igneous rocks .Coal and Petroleum .properties.Mode of occurence .causes and preventions. Gabbro. 5. GEOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING 9 Remote sensing techniques . Pegmatite.Work of rivers.Outcrops .Folds. Limestone. Seismic and Electrical methods for Civil Engineering investigations.Geological maps . Earth processes . Shale Conglo. Sea erosion and coastal Protection. Total No of periods: 45 Page 14 . MINERALOGY 9 Elementary knowledge on symmetry elements of important crystallographic systems .AG151 Engineering Geology 1. Augite. Thyllite.Distinction between Igneous. Muscovite.Geological conditions necessary for construction of Dams. Faults and points .

McGraw Hill Book Company. 1995. " Engineering Geology and Geotechniques ". Page 15 . 1987. Parbin Singh.AG151 Engineering Geology Text Books: 3 0 0 100 1. ELBS. " Engineering and General Geology ". 1998. 1990. Krynine and Judd. Blyth. McGraw Hill Book Company. " Geology for Engineers ". Katson Publication House. References: 1. 2. " Geology and Engineering ". Legeet. 2.

uses .Polymers in Civil Engineering. 4.Industrial timber .Fibre glass reinforced plastic .Market forms .mats and pads for earth reinforcement .Aggregates .Sealants for joints .Curved shell units .Distempers.Fire bricks .Types of aggregates . MORTAR .Mechanical treatment .Slump Test .Application of stone in buildings .Sheets for pitched roof coverings .Compacting factor test Types of Concrete.Artificial stones.Light weight concrete blocks.Applications of laminar composites . 2.Deterioration and preservation of stone work . BRICKS AND BUILDING BLOCKS 10 Manufacture of bricks .Fibre textiles .CEMENT . MATERIALS FOR BUILDINGS SERVICES 10 Timber .Properties of fresh concrete .Requirement and testing of stones .CONCRETE 10 Classification of mortar .building blocks types and uses joist and filter blocks .Steel Composition .Vanishes .Qualities .Market forms . 3.Preparation .Admixtures .Selection of mortar .Composite materials .CE131 Building Science I 1.Characteristics .Basic Characteristics .Refractories .Flow test .Vebe test . STONES 3 0 0 100 5 Classification .Properties of hardened concrete .Manufacture of cement .Panels of laminates . SPECIAL MATERIALS 10 Glass .Tests for mortars .classification .Types of cement . Total No of periods: 45 Page 16 .Test on Bricks .Thermocole .Clay products .Ceramics .Types .Recycling of Industrial waste as building material . 5.Selection .Paints .Plywood Veneer .

S. Page 17 . 2. Rangwala. 2.CE131 Building Science I Text Books : 3 0 0 100 1. National Building Code of India.. New Delhi. 1996. " Engineering Materials ". 1997. Anand. References: 1. " Building Materials ". " Civil Engineering Materials ". Surendra Singh. Charotar Publishing House. Vikas Publishing Company. Part V. 1983. " Building Materials ".C. Neil Jackson and Ravindrakumar Dhir.

UJT.Votage Regulators .CB.VI characteristics of junction and Zener diodes.Simple treatment of characteristics and biasing. TRANSISTORS 6 Bipolar Junction Transistor . Integrator. DIGITAL ELECTRONICS 7 Binary number system . Extrinsic semiconductors . OR. SEMICONDUCTORS 2 0 0 100 6 Classification of solids as conductors and semiconductors . BASIC ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS 6 Rectifiers .Principle of Digital Computer. NOR circuits . CC-Configurations . 5.Zener diode . NAND. Total No of periods: 30 Page 18 . 4.Adder.EC151 Electronics Engineering 1. CC amplifer circuits .Junction diode .P type and N type semiconductors .half and Full Address .Intrinsic.Principal of register and counter . Elementary treatment of FET. 2.Qualitive treatment of A/D and D/A conversion . CE. DIAC and TRIAC.Zener effect . Multiplier. NOT.SCR circuit and one application .Operational Amplifier . 3.CB. LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS 5 Multivibrators . MOSFET. Differentiator and Filters. CE.Principle of feedback and sinusoidal oscillators.AND.

Malvino & Leach. 1979. 2. Page 19 . 1994.K. S. Milman & Halkias.Chand and Company Limited.EC151 Electronics Engineering Text Books : 2 0 0 100 1. McGraw Hill. Mehta V. " Principle of Electronics ".. McGraw Hill. " Integrated Electronics ". 1986. References: 1. " Digital Principal and Applications ".

References: 1. Del Toro. New Delhi. Jimmie J.EE151 Electrical Engineering 1.power and power factor. Mittle. Ltd. 1990. 60 Page 20 . Prentice Hall of India Pvt.Wheeler and Co. single phase and 3 phase balanced circuits. principles). V.1987. " Electrical Machines " A. McGraw Hill Book Co. PRACTICAL 30 Total No of periods: Text Books: 1. " Basic Electrical Engineering ". N.Kirchoff's Laws . 3.(op.Waveforms and RMS value . " Basic Electrical Engineering ".Introduction to AC circuits . S. 2. TMH Edition. principles).3 Phase and single phase Induction motors . Second Edition. 1994. ELECTRICAL MACHINES 15 Principles of operation and characteristics of DC machines.A. 2.N.. " Electrical Engineering Fundamentals ". ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS 2 0 0 100 9 Ohms Law . 2.Ltd.V... Deshpande.Cathey and Nasar. ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS 6 Moving coil and moving iron instruments (Ammeter and Voltmeter) Dynamometer type watt meters and energy meters (op. 4.steady state solution of DC circuits . Transformers (single phase and three phase) Synchronous Machines . Schaurn outline series in Engineering..A. New Delhi. New Delhi..

VECTOR CALCULUS 9 Curvilinear coordinates .Classification .Taylor's and Laurent's expansions . / B. Programmes . Curl .Lines of regression .Conformal mappings : Mappings w = z +a. for means and difference of means . Total No of periods: 45 Page 21 .Gamma and Beta functions.Change of variables . z2 and bilinear transformation.Determination of harmonic conjugate . 2.Coefficient of correlation .Triple integration in Cartesian coordinates .MilneThomson's method . surface & volume integrals .Circular and semi Circular contours (excluding poles on real axis). 3 1 0 100 (Revised Syllabus For B.Properties of analytic functions . Gauss divergence and Stokes' theorems . COMPLEX INTEGRATION 9 Cauchy's theorem .Area as a double integral .Effective From June 2002) 1.Gradient.Verification and applications.Chi Square test for goodness of fit. 4. STATISTICS 9 Moments .MA132 Mathematics II .E.Cauchy's residue theorem .Statement and application of Cauchy's integral formulae .Tests based on Normal and t distributions.Residues .Singularities . 1/z.Tech. 5.Statements of Green's. az.Line. ANALYTIC FUNCTIONS 9 Cauchy Riemann equations . 3.Contour integration .Change of order of integration . Divergence. MULTIPLE INTEGRALS 9 Double integration in Cartesian and polar coordinates .

Kandasamy. John Wiley and Sons.Singapore..). Chand & Co. 1992. Chennai. T. 2. Pvt. M. and Gunavathy.A ". Khanna Publishers. (13th Edition). Manicavachagom Pillay. S. " Engineering Mathematics ". E.. Grewal.. Thilagavathy. P.S. Venkataraman. Ltd..K. Ramanaiah.. 2. Narayanan. K. " Higher Engineering Mathematics " (36th Edition).MA132 Mathematics II Text Books: 3 1 0 100 1.. Volumes I & II (2ndEdition). 2000. Delhi 2001 References: 1... Page 22 . National Publishing Company. 3. S. B. Volumes I & II (4th Revised Edition). Kreyszig.K. " Engineering Mathematics III . " Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students ". New Delhi. G. S. K. " Advanced Engineering Mathematics " (8th Edition).. 2001.Viswanathan (Printers & Publishers. 1998.. (Asia) Pte Ltd.

Envirnomental concerns .thermal .hydro .melting furnaces . 2. Trouble shooting and maintenance procedures.ozone depletion . 5. SIMPLE MACHINES 2 0 0 100 5 Lifting machines .auto engine .global warming . FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY 5 Moulding process .criteria for sustainable development. Study of typical sand mould. Electricity generation .nuclear.submerged drilling . Environment friendly systems . Total No of periods: 30 Page 23 .automatic forklifts.AC & DC welding equipments -TIG .tools and equipments power plants layout and principle of operation.availability . METAL FORMING 5 Hot and cold of a machine .diesel engine.methods of moulding .Principle of operation .Cranes .ME151 Mechanical Engineering 1. Welding processes .different methods . ENERGY RESOURCES 5 Conventional and non-conventional energy resources .energy of moulding sand .principle of taping. Drilling machines .different types .environment labeling .defects in casting . Brazing and soldering.Thermal welding.arc & gas welding . 4. ENERGY SYSTEMS 10 Principle of Internal and external combustion engines . 3.inspection of casting.rock drilling .Cupola .oil drilling.MIG Submerged arc . Casting .

2.N. New Delhi.... Tata McGraw Hill.D. " A Text Book of Thermal Engineering (Mechanical Technology) " . S. References: 1.Chand &Co..& Gupta J.Inc. 1999.S. " Manufacturing Technology " . Tata McGraw Hill Inc. New Delhi. 2nd Edition. New Delhi. 2. Campbell J. Page 24 .K. 14th Edition.. New Delhi.ME151 Mechanical Engineering Text Books: 2 0 0 100 1. Rai G. Rao P.S. 1995... Khanna Publishers. 1996. " Principles of Manufacturing Materials and Processes " . Khurmi R. " Energy Sources " .

" Engineering Graphics ". 2.Conic sections. Narayanan.Introduction to drafting software. " Principles of Computer Graphics ".Sproul. P. Eastern Economy Edition.GE134 Engineering Graphics 1.. ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTIONS 28 Projections of points. Ltd.. McGraw Hill. and Vaishwanar. Neumann and Robert F. 1992. New Delhi.' Perspectives '. Private Publication. COMPUTER GRAPHICS 8 Hardware . Duff. Madras. 1995. " A Text Book of Engineering Drawing ". and Kannaiah. William M.Representation of three dimensional objects . 4. Luzzadder and John M. PRINCIPLES OF GRAPHICS 1 0 3 100 16 Two dimensional geometrical construction .Principles of projections . Tata McGraw-Hill Publishers Co.Software . Mathur. 4. Warren J. 1989.L.' Auxiliary projections '. 2.. Total No of periods: Text Books: 1.standard codes of principles.Display technology .V. " Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing ". 1990.L.S. Prentice-Hall of India Private Ltd.Projection and sectioning of solids Intersection of surfaces . R.Development of surfaces. involutes and cycloids . " Engineering Drawing and Graphics ". straight line and planes . 60 Page 25 . M.Free hand sketching.. Natarajan K. References: 1... 1993.. Jain Brothers. 3. PICTORIAL PROJECTIONS 8 Isometric projections . 3. K.

6.unions .pointer .piping . Kernighan and Ritchie. " C and UNIX Programming: A Conceptual Perspective ". Bach. " Programming in ANSI C ". Prentice Hall of India. 7. 8.Uses of Internet. " Computer Networking Concepts ".GE135 Computer Practice II 1. Tata McGraw Hill.file handling . Kochen & Patrick H. 2. 4.Variables . 1999. 1999. 3. FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING 3 Working on a networked environment .shell scripts.Accessing different machines from one node .structures . Maurice J.Vi editor . 1999. 3. 1999. Eric Nagler. " The design of UNIX Operating Systems ". Ramos. 60 Page 26 . " The C Programming Language ". 1999.Expressions ..Basic Commands . studies. " Programming with C ". 1999. Gottfried. Kutti. 1999. MULTIUSER OPERATING SYSTEM 1 0 3 100 4 Unix: Introduction . Prentice Hall International. Jaico Publishing Co.Input/output statements . " Exploring the UNIX System ". Techmedia. M/s. TUTORIAL 45 Total No of periods: Text Books and References: 1.control statements function arrays . Tata McGraw Hill. Wood. Tata McGraw Hill. 5. 1998-99. Prentice Hall of India. Balagurusamy.Input/output redirection . 2.concept of E-mail .transfer of data between devices .Operator . HIGH LEVEL LANGUAGE PROGRAMMING 8 C Language: Introduction .filters . Stephan J. " Learning C++ ".

ANALYSIS OF STATES OF STRESS (TWO DIMENSIONAL) 7 Biaxial state of stress . strength and stiffness . 7. 8.Deflection of springs .Leaf springs Flitched bearms .Types and transverse loading on beams . 6.Stresses on inclined planes .shear flow.Macaulay's method .Principal stresses and principal planes .Method of sections.CE231 Mechanics of Solids 1.Design of buffer springs.Shear force and bending moment in beams . TRANSVERSE LOADING ON BEAMS 6 Beams .types of trusses .Cantilevers Simply supported beams and over-hanging beams. DEFLECTION OF BEAMS 7 Double integration method .Elastic Constants.Thermal Stresses .Load carrying capacity . 3. compression and shear stresses Deformation of simple and compund bars .Method of joints .Conjugate beam method.Area moment theorems for computation of slopes and deflections in beams . 5. TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 27 .analysis of stresses .Stresses in helical springs .Deformation of thin Cylinders and shells .Stepped shafts .Proportioning sections .Mohr's circle of stress.analysis of forces in truss members . STRAIN AND DEFORMATION OF SOLIDS 3 1 0 100 6 Rigid bodies and deformable solids .Stability. 4.tension. TORSION 7 Stresses and deformation in circular and hollow shafts .Thin cylinders and shells .Method of tension coefficients . STRESS.shafts fixed at the both ends .Stresses at a point Stress as tensor .Shear stress distribution . ANALYSIS OF PLANE TRUSSES 6 Stability and equilibrium of plane frames .perfect frames . 2. STRESSES IN BEAMS 6 Theory of simple bending .

. " Engineering Mechanics of Solids ". 1997. Tata McGrawHill Publishing Company. McGraw Hill International Editions. India. Nash. 5.A. popov. Egor P.N. Anna University. " Mechanics of Structures ". 21st Edition. " Thinmavisaiyiyal (Mechanics of solids in Tamil) ". Prentice Hall of India.B. New Delhi. Page 28 . New Delhi. " Advanced Mechanics of Solids ". Srinath L. Laudner T. 1991.CE231 Mechanics of Solids Text Books: 3 1 0 100 1.R. New Delhi..J. Schaum's Outline Series. " Mechanics of Solids in Introduction". Chennai. Kazimi S. William A.. Anand. and Archer R.M. 1995. McGrawHill International Editions. Charotar Publishing House. " Theory and Problems of Strength of Materials". 3. Elangovan A. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.. 2. 2. Junarkar S. References: 1. Third Edition. 1994.. 1. Vol. 1994. " Solid Mechanics ". 4. 1995..

Types Handling Capacity.Fire Protection.Composite masonry Load bearing walls .Constructional Practices . PREFABRICATION 5 Principles .Reinforced Brick masonry.Drainage . Escalators.Advantages and disadvantages .Ramps. 3.Basic.Planning regulations and bye-laws .Cranes merits and demerits. 5.Excavations and Timbering .Tolerances .Cavity Walls . ROOFS 5 Types of roofs -Types of Pitched roof . Total No of periods: 45 Page 29 .Methods of Improving bearing capacity Shallow Foundation . nominal and actual dimensions . FOUNDATION 6 Bearing capacity of soils . BUILDING SERVICES 5 Water Supply .Soil investigations .Shell roofs .Plate load Test .Types of prefabricates . Lifts.Deep Foundations . 8.suspended flooring .Winter building . PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION 3 0 0 100 9 Principles of Planning .Ventilation . FLOORING 5 Ground floors .Electrictiy Lighting on Building sites .Erection . 2. 4.Types .Transportation .Sub soil drainage . 7.Damp proofing .Standardization .Thermal Insulation Termite Proofing .Site works and setting out .Components .Types .Types of staircase calculation for geometry .Preparation of layout Site Plan .Roof covering details.Upper floors .CE232 Building Science II 1. STAIRCASES 5 Requirement of a good staircase .Folded Plate roofs .Acoustiv Treatment .Joints Production . SUPER STRUCTURE 5 Stone and Brick masonry .Orientation of buildings.Partition walls . 6.Methods of laying.Machine Foundations.

Vol. 1997.R.VII and IX.P. Arun Kumar Jain.3.1. Punmia B. Chudley. 1997..4. Parts III. Dhanpat Rai and Sons.CE232 Building Science II Text Books: 3 0 0 100 1. and Bindra S.2.P.Ltd.. New Delhi. New Delhi. Ashok Kumar Jain. Page 30 . 1983.. ELBS Publisher. " Building Construction Planning Techniques and method of Construction " .. 2. 1997. Laxmi Publications Pvt. " Building Construction ".IV. Arora S. " Construction Technology ". 2. References: 1.C. " National Building Code of India ".

TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 31 .Forces on plane and curved surfaces .Application of Bernoulli's equation . 2.Momentum Principle .Darcy Weisbach formula Moody diagram .CE233 Fluid Mechanics 1.Continum . DEFINITIONS AND FLUID PROPERTIES 3 1 0 100 5 Definitions .Continuity equation .Thickness and classification . FLUID DYNAMICS 10 Euler and Bernoulli's equations .Major and minor losses of flow in pipes . SIMILITUDE AND MODEL STUDY 6 Dimensional analysis .Impact of jets on plane and curved plates.Dimensions and units .similitude and models .Fluid and Fluid Mechanics .Hagen Poiseuille equation .Velocity measurement.Buckingham P -Theorem . 6.Displacement and momentum thicknesses Development of Laminar and Turbulent flows in circular pipes . streak and path lines .Scale effect and distorted models.Laminar flows through pipes and between plates .Buoyancy .Stream and potential functions Flow nets . BOUNDARY LAYER AND FLOW THROUGH PIPES 10 Definition of boundary layer .Pressure measurement. 3.Pipes in series and in parellel . FLUID KINEMATICS 6 Stream.Classification of flows . 5.Rayleigh's method .Fluid properties . FLUID STATISTICS 8 Pascal's law and Hydrostatic equation . 7.Discharge measurement .Pipe network.Concept of system and control volume. 4.Turbulent flow .

Fox. 1995. Natarajan M.K. Benjamin E. Victor L. Eurasia Publishing House (P) Ltd. 2.. Streeter. " Principles of Fluids Mechanics ". Anuradha Agencies. 1998. Alan T. Robert W. Kumar K. References: 1. " Engineering Fluid Mechanics ". New Delhi.. 1995..CE233 Fluid Mechanics Text Books: 3 1 0 100 1. McGraw-Hill Ltd. John Willey & Sons. and McDonald.. Vidayal Karuppur. 1995.. and Wylie. Kumbakonam. " Fluid Mechanics ".L. " Introduction to Fluid Mechanics ". 2.. Page 32 .

Mine Surveying .Levels and Staves .setting with chain and tapes. Preliminary and location surveys for engineering projects .Description and uses .Vernier and microptic .Intersection . 5.Contouring .Compound and reverse curves .Bearing .Conventional signs .Functions and requirements . THEODOLITE SURVEYING 8 Theodolite . tangential angles by theodolite.Resection . their care and adjustment .Systems and conversions .Route Surveys for highways.Scales .Vertical curves .Transistion curves .Temporary and permanent adjustments .Traversing .Dip .Surveyor's compass .Reciprocal ranging .Traversing .Enlarging and Reducing figures.Setting perpendiculars well-conditioned trainagles .Vertical angles .Shafts Adits.Horizontal angles .Magnetic declination .Booking .Classification . railways and waterways .Setting out by offsets and angles .Tunnels .Methods Characteristics and uses of contours .Traversing . COMPASS SURVEYING AND PLANE TABLE SURVEYING 7 Prismatic compass .Radiation .adjustment of error .Plane table instruments and accessories .Plotting .Instruments . ENGINEERING SURVEYS 10 Reconnaissance. 3.Simple Curves . double theodolite .Capacity of reserviors. LEVELLING AND APPLICATIONS 12 Level line .Longitudinal and cross sections .Sight distances .Sensitiveness .Horizontal and vertical curves .Setting out works .Horizontal line .Methods .Plotting .Heights and Distances .Local attraction . INTRODUCTION AND CHAIN SURVEYING 3 0 0 100 8 Definition .Correlation of underground and surface surveys .Curvature and Refraction .Traversing.CE234 Surveying I 1.Plotting .Closing error and distribution Gales's tables .Layout .Calculation of areas and volumes .Survey instruments.temporary and permanent adjustments of vernier transit .Ranging and chaining .Merits and demerits .reduction .Bench marks .Sprit level .Fly and Check levelling .Curve ranging . 2.Fields and office work .Plotting .Principles . Total No of periods: 45 Page 33 . 4.Omitted measurements.Earth work volume .reciprocal levelling .

Sixth Edition. I and II. Clark D. " Surveying and Levelling ". 2. I and II. Mikhail.P. and Raymond S. Anderson and Edward M. Vols. C. Sixth Edition. " Introduction to Surveying ". 1999.. II and III. ELBS. Vols. 2. 1995. McGraw Hill Book Company. Walter de Gruyter. " Surveying ".. 4. " Surveying ". James M. " Surveying ". I . References: 1. Heribert Kahmen and Wolfgang Faig.S. Punmia B. Publishers and Distributors.CE234 Surveying I Text Books: 3 0 0 100 1. Vols. Page 34 . Laxmi Publications. Kanetkar T. Pune. 1992.C. Bannister A. United Book Corporation. 1994. 1995.. 1991. New Delhi. 3. " Plane and Geodetic Surveying "..B.

ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN 10 Urban reneual . ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN 3 0 0 100 6 Architectural design .Urban planning standards .Site analysis .Development control . Total No of periods: 45 Page 35 .Planning concepts .Building rules and regulations .Layout design concepts.Design for various climate types .Zoning regulations .Conservation .Characterestics of climate types . 4. 3.Safety standards . commercial and Industrial .Introduction to basic elements and principles of design.Layout regulations .Passive and active energy controls. analysis .Case studies.Principles of Landscape design . SITE PLANNING 10 Surveys . 2. 5.Integration of building services.CE235 Architecture 1. BUILDING TYPES 12 Residential.Interelationships of functions .Application of anthropometry and space standards . CLIMATE RESPONSIVE DESIGN 7 Factors that determine climate .Integration of function and aesthetics .

Gallian B. " The Urban Pattern . Applied Science.. " An Introduction to Town Planning Planning Techniques ". " Man Climate and Architecture ". Mills.City Planning and Design ". Page 36 . " Architecture: Form. N. London. Edward D. Affiliated Press Pvt. 1995. Givoni B. VNR. 1999. 1990. Margaret Roberts.. Ltd. 1982. 1995. Ching. Butterworth London.Y. Francis D. New Delhi. " Planning the Architects Handbook ".CE235 Architecture References: 3 0 0 100 1. 5. 2. Barking ESSEX. Arthur and Simon Eisner. 3.. Hutchinson.K. Space and Order ". 4.

Harmonic Analysis.General Fourier series . FOURIER SERIES 8 Dirichlet's conditions . one-dimensional heat equation . 3.Parseval's identity.Lagrange's Linear equation .Properties .Effective From June 2002) 1.Solutions of one .Convolution theorem .Convolution theorem .Fourier Sine and Cosine transforms .Transforms of derivatives and integrals . 5.Applications of Laplace transforms for solving linear ordinary differential equations upto second order with constant coefficients and simultaneous equations of first order with constant coefficients. Programmes .Steady state solution of two-dimensional heat equation . BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS 9 Classification of second order linear partial differential equations .MA231 Mathematics III .E.Inverse transforms . PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 9 Formation .Half-range Sine and Cosine series .Solutions of standard types of first order equations .Parseval's identity . LAPLACE TRANSFORMS 9 Transforms of simple functions .Initial and final value theorems .Fourier transform pairs .Transforms of simple functions . FOURIER TRANSFORMS 10 Statement of Fourier integral theorem .Basic operational properties .Fourier series solutions in Cartesian coordinates.dimensional wave equation.Tech. 3 1 0 100 (Revised Syllabus For B. / B. 2. Total No of periods: 45 Page 37 . 4.Linear partial differential equations of second and higher order with constant coefficients.Periodic functions .

.htm Page 38 . Narayanan. (Asia) Pte Ltd. Venkataraman.. K. Chand & Co. 2. Kandasamy.. References: 3 1 0 100 1.K. Shanmugam. : http://www. Chennai... T. Ltd. 2000. Volumes II & III (2ndEdition). and Gunavathy.K.. S.) 1992..annauniv..Singapore. Manicavachagom Pillay. S. Kreyszig. Thilagavathy. S.. 4.Viswanathan (Printers & Publishers. M. " Engineering Mathematics ". Khanna Publishers. 2.MA231 Mathematics III Text Books: 1. New Delhi.A & B. " Engineering Mathematics " Volumes III . " Advanced Engineering Mathematics " (8th Edition). Ramanaiah. P.N. " Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students ". John Wiley and Sons. Volumes II & III (4th Revised Edition). 1998. " Higher Engineering Mathematics " (35th Edition). Pvt. Delhi 2000. B. 3.. T.S. G. Grewal. 13th Edition National Publishing Company. K. E.

strain energy and distortion energy theories . shear. flexure and torsion .Stress Concentration .Critical loads for prismatic columns with different end conditions Rankine Gordon Formula eccentrically loaded long columns.Maxwell's reciprocal theorem .Dilatation and distortion . 5. shear stress.Principal stress. 6.slopes and deflections in fixed beams .application in analysis of stress. ENERGY PRINCIPLES 3 0 0 100 10 Strain energy and strain energy density . and B. COLUMNS 6 Eccentrically loaded short columns middle third rule .Castigliano's and Engessor's energy theorems .Determination of Principal stresses and principle planes Volumetric strains .M. principal strain.curved beams . diagrams for continuous beams.Winkler Bach Formula -Shear centre.Interaction problems and interaction curves. 2. STATE OF STRESS IN THREE DIMENSIONS 8 Spherical and deviatric components of stress tensor .Continuous beams .Principle of virtual work .Thick Cylinders .Columns of unsymmetrical sections euler's theory of long columns . 3.Fatigue and Fracture .Fixed end moments and Reactions for standard cases of loading . Total No of periods: 45 Page 39 .Analysis of continuous beams .Compound Cylinders. INDETERMINATE BEAMS 9 Propped Cantilever and Fixed Beams .Strain energy in traction.Williot Mohr diagrams. 4.CE236 Strength of Materials 1.F.Theorem of three moments .theories of failure .S. load carrying capacity and design of members . ADVANCED TOPICS IN BENDING OF BEAMS 6 Unsymmetrical bending of beams of symmetrical and unsymmetrical sections .core of section . SPECIAL TOPICS 6 Residual Stresses .application of energy theorems for computing deflections in beams and trusses .

J. Elangovan A. " Thinmavisaiyiyal (Mechanics of solids in Tamil) ".B. Anna University.CE236 Strength of Materials Text Books: 3 0 0 100 1. 3. Vol. " Engineering Mechancis of Solids ".S. New Delhi. " Strength of Materials.. Popov. 1995. 1995. Third Edition.R. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company. " Solid Mechanics ". Prakash Rao B. 1997. Madras. 2. 1994. a Practical Approach ". 1991. Schaum's Outline Series. 4. Kazimi S. 3. Prentice Hall of India. McGraw Hill International Editions.. Laudner T.M. " Advanced Mechanics of Solid ". Srinath N. 1994. 1999. Junarkar S. New Delhi. 1994. 2. References: 1. Egor P. " Mechanics of Structures ".A..1.Nash. Anand.. New Delhi. and Archer R. " Theory and Problems of Strength of Materials ". 21st Edition. McGraw Hill International Editions. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company. Charotar Publishing House. University Press (India) Ltd. Page 40 . 5. " Mechanical of Solids in Introduction ".. William A. India.

Launching girders bridge decks.CE237 Concrete and Construction Technology 1.testing of fresh and hardened Concrete .stone masonry Concrete .scaffoldings .Movement and expansion joints .Dewatering .Mix design as per IS and other methods of mix design.flooring.Concrete chemicals and application.Damp proof courses construction joints .Basements .centering and shuttering sheet piles . CONCRETE MIX DESIGN 4 Concepts of mix design . SITE PREPARATION AND TEMPORARY STRUCTURES 6 Specifications. 7. 3.Building foundations .pipe lines .Deshuttering forms .slip and moving forms . . details and sequence of activity and construction co-ordination . concreting.special forms for shells. 4. 5. Accosting and fire protection.Masonry .Marking Earthwork .Temporary shed .Non destructive testing . offshore platforms etc. CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT 4 Selection of equipment for earth work.Statistical quality control of concerte .Dewatering and Pumping equipment. PRACTICAL 30 Total No of periods: 60 Page 41 .Concrete hollow block masonry .High strength Concrete . CONCRETE AND CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY 2 0 2 100 6 High grade cements .Frames .Precast Pavements .Braced domes .assessment of materials and methods of repair and restoration. SUPER STRUCTURE 6 Fabrication and erection of steel trusses . 6.Advances in manufacture of cements .weather and water proof roof finishing. Air conditioning. REPAIR AND REHABILITATION WORKS 4 Study on causes for building damage and deterioration .Laying brick .shoring .site clearance . 2. Material handling and erection of structures .

K. Pewifoy R. " Concrete Technology ". " Formwork for Concrete Structures ". 1993.S. S. Arora S. and Bindra S.. Jha J and Sinha S.P. Page 42 .Chand and Company. 4. McGraw Hill Book Co.. 3. " Building Construction. Khanna Publishers. Shetty M. 1992. Planning Techniques and Methods of construction ".L.P. Dhanpat Rai and sons.CE237 Concrete and Construction Technology Text Books: 2 0 2 100 1. " Construction and Foundation Engineering ".... 1997. 1999. 2.

types and regime of flow . 3.characteristics of flow profiles . UNIFORM FLOW 8 Uniform flow . 2.types .similarity laws . HYDRAULIC JUMPS 6 Hydraulic jump .assumptions . direct step.graphical integration. VARIED FLOW 8 Dynamic equation of gradually varied flow .multistage pumps.Manning's and Chezy's formula .flow seperation conditions .determination of roughness coefficients .centrifugal pump . POSTIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMPS 7 Positive displacement pumps .energy dissipation .radial flow turbines .profile determination . TUTORIAL 15 Total No of periods: 60 Page 43 . 4.wide open channel specific energy .negative slip .surges . TURBO MACHINES 8 Turbomachines .reciprocating pump .classification .air vessels indicator diagram and its variation .turbines .rotary pumps.draft tube and cavitation .axial flow turbines performance of turbines .Velocity measurement . 5.most economical sections .surge through channel transitions.savings in work done . standard step method.minimum permissible velocity determination . OPEN CHANNEL FLOW 3 1 0 100 8 Open channel flow . 7.Velocity distribution in open channel . 6.drawdown and backwater curves .determination of normal depth and velocity .non-erodible channels.CE238 Applied Hydraulic Engineering 1.critical flow and its computation.minimum speed to start the pump .

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechines ". Subramanya K. Roberson. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company.. John A. 1996.. 8th edition.. Dhanpat Rai & Sons. McGraw . Kumar K. Delhi. Khanna Publishers. Jain A. 1995. Jaico Publishing House.. 2. Ven Te Chow. " Fluid Mechanics (including Hydraulic Machines) ". 1994. Eurasia Publishing House (P) Ltd. 2. " Flow in Open channels ". 3. 1998. References: 1.L.CE238 Applied Hydraulic Engineering Text Books: 3 1 0 100 1. 1998.H:Q Book company. 1995. " Open-Channel Hydraulics ". " Hydraulic Engineering ". " Engineering Fluid Mechanics ". (7th Edition). Page 44 ..K. 3. Ramamirtham S. " Fluid Mechanics. New Delhi.

Corrections . stadia and subtense methods .Stadia constants .Principles .Three point problem .Nautical almanac .Definition .Terrestial and aerial Photographs .Cadastral surveying .Classification of errors .Normal equation . Total No of periods: 45 Page 45 .Location of soundings and methods .Hydrographic Surveying .Different time systems .Cartography Cartographic concepts and techniques .Satellite station . 3.Horizontal and vertical control methods .Correlates Level nets .River surveys .Stadia systems .True and most probable values weighted observations .Tides .Principle of least squares .Stereoscopy -Parallax .Tangential.Carrier waves .Base line Instruments and accessores . SURVEY ADJUSTMENTS 8 Errors .Instruments .Strength of fix Sextants and station pointer .Uses .MSL .Anallactic lens .Trilateration .Horizontal and inclined sights .Legal values -Scales and accuracies.Adjustment of simple triangulation networks.Motion of sun and stars .Sources.CE239 Surveying II 1.Vertical and normal staffing . ASTRONOMICAL SURVEYING 11 Celestial sphere .Astronomical terms and definitions .Modern trends.Electromagnetic distance measurement .Star constellations Practical astronomy .Subtense bar. 5.Method of Equal shifts .Celestial co-ordinate systems . CONTROL SURVEYING 8 Working from whole to part .Introduction . TACHEOMETRIC SURVEYING 3 0 0 100 6 Tacheometric systems . MISCELLANY 12 Photogrammetry .Single and reciprocal observations . 4. precautions and corrections .Trignometric levelling .Signals . 2.Triangulation .Sounding and methods .Fixed and movable hairs .Field observations and calculations for azimuth.Apparent altitude and corrections .Reduction to centre .Measurement of current and discharge .

References: 1.L. 2. Vols. Mikhail. United Book Corporation. Publishers and Distributors. C. McGraw Hill Book Company. Punmia B. 3. Fifth Edition.C. " Introduction to Surveying ". " Surveying " . " Surveying ". Morrison J. " Surveying and Levelling " . Clark D. 4. " Elements of Photogrammetry". 1995. Robinson A. 1994.CE239 Surveying II Text Books: 3 0 0 100 1. I and II. James M. 1986.. Delhi. Wolf P..R. Bannister A. Heribert Kahmen and Wolfgang Faig. 1999. " Surverying " . Sale R. 1992. Page 46 . I and II.and Muehrche P. II and III.B. 1971.. Sixth Edition. 2..D. Vols.C. 1985. " Elements of Cartography ". Kanetkar T.P. ELBS. Anderson and Edward M. Walter de Gruyter. 1984.. Vols..H. " Plane and Geodetic Surveying " . 3. I. and Raymond S. John Wiley and Sons. Pune. Laxmi Publications. New York. McGraw Hill Book Company. Second Edition. sixth Edition.S. 4.

Use of stablity number .Permeability measurement in the laboratory and field .Triaxial compression. SHEAR STRENGTH 9 Shear strength of cohesive and cohesionless soils .Soil description and classification for engineering purposes . 5.Ground improvement by compaction.Mohr . SLOPE STABILITY 9 Slope failure mechanisms . INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 100 10 Nature of soil .Immediate and consolidation settlement . direct shear .static pressure in water .CE240 Soil Mechanics 1.Use of influence charts .Components of settlement .Simple problems. 4.Soil compaction .Types .Phase relationships .Seepage Introduction to flow nets . Total No of periods: 45 Page 47 .friction circle method .Stress distribution in soil media . UCC and Vane shear tests .saturated soil mass Measurement of shear strength.Infinte slopes .Terzaghi's one dimensional consolidation theory.IS Classification system .Pore pressure parameters. 3.Theory. SOIL WATER AND WATER FLOW 7 Soil water . 2.Coulomb failure theory .Total stress analysis for saturated clay Method of slicese . comparison of laboratory and field compaction methods . STRESS DISTRIBUTION AND SETTLEMENT 10 Effective stress concepts in solids .Finite slopes .Slope protection measures.

..D.F.. Sutten B. Prentice-Hall.. Laximi Publications Pvt.R. " A text book of Geotechnical Engineering ". Page 48 . 3. 2.. 1997. Prentice-Hall. New Delhi (India). Longman Group Scientific and Technical. 1997. 4. " Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering ". " Essentials of Soil Mechanics and Foundations ". Arora K. New Delhi. U.R. 3. " Basic and applied soil mechanics ". 1995.D.. Ltd.H. References: 1. Prentice Hall of India.K. New Delhi.H. Standard Publishers and Distributors..S. Punmia P. Holtz R.. Wiley Eastern Ltd. " Solving Problems in Soil Mechanics". Khan I. " Soil Mechanics and Foundations ".CE240 Soil Mechanics Text Books: 3 0 0 100 1. Gopal Ranjan and Rao A. and Kovacs W. England.C.. McCarthy D. 1995. 1999. " Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering ". New Delhi.C. 1994. 2. 1997.

Finite difference solution for one dimensional heat equation (both implicit and explicit). central difference. SOLUTION OF EQUATIONS AND EIGEN VALUE PROBLEMS 3 1 0 100 10 Method of false position. 2. Numerical integration by Trapezoidal and Simpson's (both 1/3 rd and 3/8 th) rules. NUMERICAL DIFFERENTIATION AND INTEGRATION 9 Numerical differentiation with interpolation polynomials. TUTORIAL 15 5. INITIAL VALUE PROBLEMS FOR ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 8 Single Step Methods . Iterative method. Euler and Modified Euler.Milne and Adam's-Bashforth predictor and corrector methods. 3.MA038 Numerical Methods 1. 6. Jacobian and GaussSeidel methods. INTERPOLATION AND APPROXIMATION 8 Interpolation with Newton's divided differences. Gauss-Jordan. 4. Rombergs rule Two and Three point Gaussian quadrature formula. Lagrange's polynomial. Multistep Methods . Eigen value of a matrix by Power and Jacobi Methods. Double integrals using Trapezoidal and Simpson's rule. Newton-Raphson method for single variable and for simultaneous equations with two variables. Solutions of a linear system by Gaussian. One dimensional wave equation and two dimensional Laplace and Poisson equations. Inverse of a matrix by Gauss-Jordan method. Runge-Kutta method of fourth order first and second order differential equations. Total No of periods: 60 Page 49 . Newton forward and backward differences.Taylor Series. Least square polynomial approximations. BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS FOR ORDINARY AND PARTIAL 10 DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Finite difference solution for the second order ordinary differential equations.

4. Singapore. " Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students .O. S.. New Delhi. Iyengar.S. 2. S... 1987.T. Grewal. K. 1999. 1987. " Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science ".Viswanathan Pvt. 1998. New Delhi. R. 1998. Chand & Co. Narayanan. " Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis (Third Edition) ". and Ramanaiah.Volume-III ". New Delhi. and Wheatley. Printice Hall of India. 5.S.. Page 50 .K. References: 1. S.. Manicavachagam Pillai...R. and Grewal. Khanna Publishers.K. J.K. G. New Delhi.. S. and Jain... P. " Applied Numerical Analysis (Fifth Edition) ". 3. and Gunavathy. Ltd. P.. Jain M. Gerald. Sastry. K. Kandasamy. " Numerical Methods ". Wiley Eastern Ltd. Addison Wesley. " Numerical Methods for Engineering Scientific and computations (Third Edition) ". S.MA038 Numerical Methods Text Books: 3 1 0 100 1.S. 1998. B..F. C..K. Thilakavathy.

2 Lambe T. 1996. Chennai. Grainsize distribution .Sieve analysis 2. 3 " I. Published by the Engineering College Co-operatiave Society. John Wiley and Sons.Density relationship using standard proctor.Code of Practice (2720) Relevant Parts ". Permeability determination (constant head and falling head methods) 6. as amended from time to time.. Determination of moisture . Grainsize distribution .W.S.CE243 Soil Engineering Laboratory . 1990. 5. New York. 0 0 2 100 30 1. a) Direct shear test on cohesionless soil b) Unconfined compression test in cohesive soil c) Triaxial compression test on cohesionless soil 7. Determination of shear strength parameters. One dimensional consolidation test (Determination of co-efficient of consolidation only) Total No of periods: References: 1 " Soil Engineering Laboratory Instruction Manual ". " Soil Testing for Engineers ". 30 Page 51 .Hydrometer analysis 3. Atterberg limits test 4.

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