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The Merciad, Feb. 4, 2004

The Merciad, Feb. 4, 2004

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The Merciad, Feb. 4, 2004
The Merciad, Feb. 4, 2004

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Mercyhiijrst College 50tjE.-38ttfc St. Erie Pa; 16546

Suicide bombing in Iraq brings death toll

By Jonelle Davis Contributing writer ercyhurst College is looking to once again expand the institution as long as the right elements fall into place. According to the Erie Times-News, west Erie County officials havewelcorned the idea to start a new brandi campus of Mercyhurst in the west county area. Mercyhurst officials are interested in the idea as long as a proper site is found, the community supports the new institution, and financial funding is sufficient [Mercyhurst College President Dr. William P. Garvey discussed many issues about the possible new branch. When asked about the site, Garvey said, "We are interested in a site if we can find therightplace. We told (West County officials) if they have any ideas, let us know. If the right thing comes along, we will do it." To date, Garvey and staff members havetouredpossible sites such as the vacant Copes-Vulcan plant in Lake City and the former Divine Word Seminary off Route 20 in Girard Township. According to Garvey, the Copes plant is too large and the cost to build on the seminary property is too high. Garvey went on to say, "Nothing in reality has happened. Nothing has moved to the point of fruition, but we're interested. We need some indication or community support Not just money, but in terms of, do they want this? Broad-based citizen support is important." When the North East branch of Mercyhurst was started in 1991, the North East community helped open the campus by raising $500,000, which was put toward property improvements. | Since its opening, Mercyhurst North East has increased enrollment to 840. With plans for a $5 million expansion in the spring, the campus will be able to accommodate up to 1,500 students. According to Garvey, however, only 6 percent of the Mercyhurst North East students come from the west county. "We found that the distance was a problem for them. They wanted some kind of site in the FairviewGirard area. In our strategic vision, we agreed to look at a site out there to at some future point establish a west county branch." Damon Homich, director of the Girard Area Industrial Development Authority and member of the Girard Lake City Chamber of Commerce also commented about the new camIftflHJ u

can't really see the down side of it." Many people may benefit from a new branch campus ofMercyhurst, but how would new campus effect students at main campus? When questioned about the issue, Garvey said that there would not be any effect on students at main campus. Students will not interact with other students at the new campus and tuition will not go up. With that in mind, Mercyhurst student John Konzier, a business major, was asked how he felt about a new branch campus ofMercyhurst. "I feel that as long as tuition remains the same, then ifs a good benefit towards the students in that area, and the entire community in general," said Konzier. * It is not certain whether or not a new branch campus will exist any time in the future; however, the idea is included in Mercyhurst's strategic plan, and officials from west county communities are starting to campaign for the project.

to 100.


Senior Lori Keeney falls in love with a future in interior design after interning at Ethan A lien Home Interiors.


Madam Maiarky and the X-factor of blind dates.


He said the discussions of the Mercyhurst branch are preliminary. "The industries in the west county are smaller and economic times are a little bit harder than when North East did it. I think the business community should be behind this. The kids in the west county have a lot to gain and the employers have a lot to gain. I

Les Violons Du Roy performed at the PAC on Sunday,

Soccer, baseball teams to have home field advantage
By Dan Wagner Contributing writer Colleges have long prided themselves on athletics. Collegiate athletics have given birth to the meaning of school spirit, as a foreground for students tb come together in support of their schoolmates and hatred for the opposition. Don't think this applies to Mercyhurst? | Then apparently you were not at the MAC Jan. 26 as the Mercyhurst basketball team defeated Gannon in front of more than 1,900 fans. The bottom line is college athletics provide schools with identities and reputations. Likewise colleges and universities strive to put the best accommodations and facilities together for their student athletes. Mercyhurst is not different. According to Mercyhurst Athletic Director Pete Russo, "Facilities are key, we owe it to our teams to have the best ones we can." Mercyhurst started to dig up the natural grass of the soccerfieldand replacing it with a $700,000 artificial surface called Astro Play, along with the addition of a sophisticated drainage system. Astro Play is rubber based. Rubber blades of grass sit atop a surface of rubber beads. "Astro Play is the newest and most modem technology in college athletics," said Russo. a Why the change? The Mercyhurst soccer team has made the NCAA Tournament the last two years with the opportunity of hosting the opening rounds. Unfortunately, The Laker's field was not up to NCAA standards, and they




Men's hockey team in position for a run at 1st place.

Upcoming Campus Events
Film: Lost in Translation Mary D' Angelo Performing Arts Center Wednesday, Feb. 4, at 2 and 8 p.m Dance: Raw Edges Mary D' Angelo Performing Arts Center Saturday, Feb. 7, at 2 and 7 p.m. and on Sunday, Feb. 8, at 2 p.m. Sports: Last men's basketball game at home Mercyhurst Athletic Center Thursday, Feb. 5 8:00 p.m. MSG Lecture: Michael Dyson Mary D' Angelo Performing Arts Thursday, Feb. 12 8:30 p.m.

The soccer team often plays in horrible field conditions. One of the worst came during this game versus Gannon last year. become almost impossible to work were forced to move to an alternate cancelled on a game day. site. Mercyhurst soccer has had it bad, around them," said Spano. Another problem Spano has enbut not as bad as the Mercyhurst That's the tip of the iceberg. countered is the schedules of his stuMen's and women's soccer were baseball team. They have never even had a home dent athletes. Keeping students from forced to practice at three different locations throughout the year, and game or practice. Hie baseball team missing classes and meals is a priority play half of their home games at has been sharing afieldwith Mercy- with Spano. But this has proved extremely chalhurst North East. Mercyhurst North East. Head coach Joe Spano said, "I lenging with the different schedules Head soccer coach Keith Cammidge said, "It was almost impossi- can't remember one practice in the his student athletes keep. A big part of this problem is that ble for us to find a natural grass sur last seven years that the whole team has been at." the baseball team does its own field face to play on that drained propei Working around North East base- maintenance. They have to prepare theirfieldbefore games and practicThe games that were played at ball has been a problem for Spano. North East plays in a league of its es; that can take hours. Mercyhurst were more of a mud wrestling match than a soccer game. own. They have their own home Please see Field on Page 3. The women's team had one match games and practice needs. "It has

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R/IAP program will see more growth with $300,000
By Jen Allen I Contributing writer The R/IAP program at Mercyhurst will be growing, thanks to a $300,000 grant that the program recently received from the federal government. The grant, announced by Congressman Phil English, is part of over $ 1 million in funding English announced would go to Erie. "I am pleased that the appropriators recognized the importance of these projects for northwestern Pennsylvania," English said. "Two of the top higher education institutions in Erie also got a big boost as they are better pc >sitioned to make sure that our patients and community at large are safe," English said of the grant given to the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine as well as the Mercyhurst College R/IAP program. R/IAP, which stands for Resea rd v'lntel 1 igence Analyst Program, is a program very unique to Mercyhurst College and thefirstof its kind in the country. The program, which was started by Robert Heibel in 1992 with only 14 students, has been erowine ever since and in need of money to improve the program. Heibel, who formerly worked with the FBI, decided to start the program upon his retirement to Erie. "We were trying tofindanalysts and could notfindwhat we were looking for," Heibel said He then approached Dr. William Garvey about starting the program and the rest is history.
McAdan is/PJtolo editor

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Please see R/IAP on Page 3. Students in the R/IAP program will soon have new labs for their
work as analysts.



!*y •





7b contact: newsmerciad@mercyhurst.edu


N e w M e r c y h u r s t Institute for Intelligence Research a n d Analysis
Continued from Page 1. The R/IAP program has over 130 graduates now, most of whom have gone on to receive their master's degree. In the program now, are approximately 190 students from 14 different states, Canada, and Europe. ,»-. The program is split with 50 percent of the students being male and 50 percent female. Heibel said that the program has a 98 percent placementratewith students' salaries starting at $35,000 to $50,000 per year. Heibel hopes that the numbers will be even greater with the additions from the grant.* The money will go into a new institute for the program called the Mercyhurst Institute for Intelligence Research and Analysis. Heibel said, "The mission of that institute will be to strive for a legitimacy of intelligence studies." "It will benefit our students for a number of reasons," Heibel said Some of these reasons include, creating an Association of Intelligence Educators to bring together those with common interests and goals in thefield,identifying training and product needs "We have been working with of intelligence managers, re- Congressman English for over search new tools and techniques two years now," Heibel said and applicable to the intelligence pro- now the college has finally recess, develop distance learning ceived the funds to create a betintelligence related courses, and ter learning facility to the growmuch more. ing number of students within "We see the institute as not the program. £ only benefiting our students," J.P. Ratajczak is a 2002 gradHeibel said uate of the R/IAP program at The program, he explained, Mercyhurst and is now working will benefit the government to obtain his master's in organiwhich is looking for students in zational leadership. the area of intelligence and othHe is currently working with er colleges that might be look- the program as a graduate reing to start similar courses. search associate but said, Til be Some of these schools include going hopefully into the private West Virginia University, Mexi- sector to work with business inco State University, Wright State telligence." University, Drexel University, Although he has already been and Temple University. through the program, he is very "Traditional colleges can pro- optimistic about the grant they duce graduates who are very are now receiving. hire-able," Heibel said. "What "I think it will be good for evis being taught in our program eryone," he said. "It is money here is really a liberal arts edu- that we did not have before that will increase the program." cation." ttit; M With the grant, and the 1 ^gin- Ratajczak said that with the ning of the Mercyhurst Institute money the program should be for Intelligence Research and able to purchase new equipment Analysis, Heibel hopes many and possibly hire new staff good things will happen. "The members to enhance a program center has always been in the that is already very experienced and knowledgeable. back of our minds," he said. I had actually never heard of the program," Ratajczak said but added, "I came to school and fell in love with it." "It was the first undergraduate program of its type in the nation," he mentioned and said that it is very deserving of the grant given to it Erin Cunningham is a senior from Ohio who is one of the many females in the program. She has been given many opportunities through the program, including an internship at the United Nations. "I have had about six job offers and just accepted one," Cunningham also said. "Places that come to interview us are just blown away." Cunningham did not come into Mercyhurst as a R/IAP major, though, she declared a communications major but switched her sophomore year. "I took the Intro to R/IAP class and decided this is what I wanted to do." She does feel that the grant will be very helpful to the program even though she has had great success. "The problem with the program is that we have so many projects going on. It would be nice to have a center we could go to do our research." "It is going to be nice to have a huge R/IAP lab," Cunningham said Cunningham said that the program here is by far the best. She mentioned that the students and professors are great and have a lot of experience as well. "The professors here have a wide variety of knowledge and experience," she said She also loves the small classes and many opportunities that she has been allowed that will be even greater with the addition of the Institute. "We have the ability to do anything in intelligence," she said "With this grant, Mercyhurst could take on more students in the program and give the students more opportunities," Cunningham said Nick Proy is a sophomore in the program and hopes that over the next two years the grant will be a great deal of help to the program. > "It is much needed and will improve the facilities and the major greatly," he said. Proy feels that the program is unique and deserves the grant localise Mercyhurst is the only college in the nation that trains intelligence people for national security. "I mink that it is good because more analysts will he trained," he added. Proy, who would like to attend law school eventually, feels that R/IAP will be a good base. He said of the program, "It teaches you how to deal with many kinds of information." "When I was looking for a major I found out that R/IAP dealt with computers and analyzing information and it would help me achieve my goal of going to law school," Proy said. He hopes that the grant will add to the prestige of the program as well. "I think that it will in the long run, not immediately, but will eventually help us to become more nationally known." For more information about the program, the $300,000 grant, and the new Mercyhurst Institute for Intelligence Research and Analysis, visit riap.mercyhurst.edu.

N e w field for SOCCer, b a s e b a l l Death toll in Iraqi blasts climbs above loo
By Tom Las seter Knight Ridder Newspapers IRBIL, Iraq The death toll from a pair of suicide bombings in the offices of two Kurdish political parties rose to at least 110 on Monday as politicians began to debate whether the violence would further unravel U.S. plans for a unified Iraq. M workers washed blood and body partsfromthe floors and ceilings of the rooms where the explosions occurred in the middle of holiday receptions Sunday with dozens of Kurdish politicalfiguresand their followers. Interviews with administrators at three of the city's five hospitals indicated that 110 people were confirmed dead and more than 200 were injured. Standing outside the regional governor's office, a spokesman said there were no local senior officials to interview. They all died in the blasts, he said. The explosions, almost certainly the deadliest in postwar Iraq, came as Iraqi and U.S. officials in Baghdad are trying to meet a Feb. 28 deadline to hammer out a law to guide the formation of an interim government. A key sticking point has been the amount of autonomy to be granted to the Kurdish territory in northern Iraq. Leaders of the two parties whose offices were hit by the blasts, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), released statements saying they were resolved to work together for the future of Iraq. But Peter Galbraith, the former U.S. ambassador to Croatia who's been in the region consulting withjalal Talabani, the head of the PUK, and Massoud Barzani, of the KDP, said the blasts provided powerful incentives for the groups to isolate themselves from a central Iraq authority. Galbraith said the Kurds have expressed fears to him since the fall of Baghdad that the "Iraq disease" of chaos and violence would follow to the Kurdish areas. "Now it has," he said. The bombings came on the Muslim holiday Eid al Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice, which commemorates Abraham's willingness to obey God by sacrificing his son.

Courtesy of Pete Russo

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The blueprint from the new soccer and baseball field shows that it will boost both the soccer and baseball programs at Mercyhurst. The baseball team is just hapweather condition. Continued from Page 1. "It's a done deal, all we need py to have a place to call its own. This means more distraction to do is sign the contract," said "When I think about it, I can't even sleep," said Spano. Locker and less instruction for the play- Russo. This is a tremendous boost rooms, practices, and fans will ers, all be welcomed. Russo has been monitoring for both soccer and baseball "The thing I look forward to Mercyhurst soccer hopes to the situation for a long time. Russo met with President Dr. host the next round of NCAA most is the opportunity to once William Garvey and laid out a playoffs at home for the first again focus on, and teach baseball, which is what I am here for plan for a new field after months time in two years. of research. Garvey, adminis"This commitment of a qual- and love to do," said Spano. tration, and the Board of Trust- ity playing surface acknowledgSoccer and baseball will have ees approved the plan. es that Mercyhurst needs pre- a place to call their own next Russo said, "Astro Play is the mium practice and playing facil- year; a place where they are the future of college athletics." It ities, to go along with the national only ones with homefieldadvanrequires practically no mainte- recognition we have achieved," tage. nance, and can be used in any said Cammidee.

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FEBRUARY 4, 2004

To contact: featuremerciad@mercyhurst.edu


K e e n e y falls in love w i t h f u t u r e
ByJenHelbig Contributing writer "I was brought to Mercyhurst because of their Interior Design program," Keeney said. Keeney is a senior interior design major. This past summer she had an internship with Ethan Allen Home Interiors in Vestal,


• ' ' -


I live on a farm in Sugar Run, 1 Pennsylvania, * Keeney said. "The drive to Vestal was about an hour and a half long." The internship is a requirement for interior design majors. At Ethan Allen, Keeney said she helped with residential interior design. "I was not allowed to have my own clients," she said, "because they did not want someone to get Katie McAdams/Photo editor attached to me before I came This is one example of Keeney s room design she drew for Ethan Allen clients. The back to Mercyhurst." Internship taught her how to interact with people in a public setting. However she was still able to design, but for her co-workers' son she wanted me was because room, and even some of her world is about common sense, clients. and you can only learn from exI was so persistent" own personal artwork." Keeney was the only intern at Keeney went through a fiveThat particular design was ac- perience," she said. Ethan Allen, and she said that week training program before tually manufactured and sold to "I was respectful and a bit timEthan Allen did not offer intern- she started as an intern. She the woman. Ethan Allen provides id when I met with people for ship opportunities in die summer. learned how to consult, which is a unique personalization feature thefirsttime," Keeney said. "And I am usually more relaxed after "I was shopping in Vestal," a service Ethan Allen provides to their customers. "The customer chooses the I get to know a person. This inKeeney said. "And I stopped in free to its customers. Keeney drew a variety of piece of furniture," Keeney said. ternship helped me learn to inEthan Allen to talk with the manager. We ended up exchanging sketches for consultations. "And then they can have any type teract with people in real situa%1 information, and she became Many were for unique layouts of fabric in a wide price range." tions." I Keeney's internship gave her a I The internship also brought a interested in having me as an in- or situations. tern." "One woman was an artist, and customized learning experience. new-found direction to Keeney's v Keeney did not receive income she had a long, narrow room," She felt her skills developed at future. "I was having mixed feelings for the internship, but she said Keeney said. "It was the most Ethan Allen she was excited for the job. difficult project I did, but we fit "My classes taught me tech- about interior design prior to the 'The manager told me the rea- her desired elements into the nique, but I think that the real internship," Keeney said. "I was

Katie McAtJams/Photo ednor

Senior interior design major Lori Keeney stands In front of work done by fellow majors in the Briggs Annex. overwhelmed about which direction to go because interior design encompasses a lot of jobs." Keeney said that she doesn'tj feel that her full potential is reached through furniture design. Her real interest is in theater scenery design. Keeney has had a long history of interaction with design, from) steadily working at a gift shop, to helping on about seven sets in her high school and community theatre. ' "I hope that this su mmer after graduation I can find a job," Keeney said. "I would like to work on set design for television as a career." If television does not work out, she said that she would enjoy working with hospitality or entertainment design. "I loved the internship," Keeney said. "My co-workers were like a second family to me, and I learned a lot from them. Now I feel like I have gained direction for my career, and an experience to help start my future."

K &Kp r e p a r e for t h e i r f u t u r e i n e d u c a t i o n
"I love the fact that I get to Katie spends much of her By Brian Cellone show students how awesome time as a member of the MerContributing writer Mercyhurst is." cyhurst cheerleading squad. Another love of Kristy's is "Cheering is so much fun. I teaching. She currently teaches J love hearing the enthusiasm When looking at Kristy and Xat^e .Kivqhendorfer, one can preschool and last term^taught |i-c&me^from-t-htt' fans duwnc a V 1 fr-*C see an instant resemblance.. third grade. "My kids give me'a * game*.' new challenge each day, never These sisters are natives of Katie loves being a part of the ceasing to surprise me." Westlake, Ohio, and came to squad and has gained a good Mercyhurst College because of Her love of children will help group of friends. their love for the small campus her be a successful teacher when She is also looking forward to setting. she graduates from Mercyhurst the cheerleader's upcoming comKristy is a junior and has a douin the spring of 2005. petition, thefirstfor the squad. ble major in elementary and earKatie Kirchendorfer is a soph"I like having Kristy on camly education. omore at Mercyhurst, and a pure pus. She gives me advice about mathematics/math education education classes. She is someShe decided to attend Mercymajor. She also plans to eventu- one I can count on,." said Katie. hurst because of the people and I ally complete a minor in comthe fact that she fell in love with The Kirchendorfers also work puter systems management. the campus on herfirstvisit together in the admissions office. "Since I love kids and math it Another factor in her decision "Even when we are very busy, seemed obvious to me to be- working in admissions gives us a to come here was the small class Katie McAdams/Photo editor come a math teacher," Katie chance to see one another," said sizes and the superb education Kristy and Katie Kirchendorfer are education majors at Mercyhurst College. Both young said. department. Katie. women are excited about teaching and can t wait to put their knowledge to use in a Katie chose Mercyhurst be"I loved every minute that I The sisters continue to support cause of the small campus at- one another so they enter the fuwas on campus. I had the op- classroom. portunity to stay overnight twice better experience," Kristy said. Ambassador. She loves being an teraction with prospective stu- mosphere and the location of the • ture successfully. school in relation to home. and could not have asked for a Kristy decided to become an Ambassador because of the in- dents.

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Letter to the editor:
Why is The Mtaraad against thepresident?
The opinion page of TheMerciadhas been turned into antiBush rhetoric as of lately defeating the purpose of The Merciodifthere is any. Reading The Merciod\his academic year, one would not be surprised to find out that it is the MoveOn.org and the billionaire George Soros who are behind the opinion articles on TheMerdod Merciod opinion pages look nothing than negative political advertisement found on the array of left-winger's posters financed by Soros' millions of J dollars. Without Madam Maflarky, what would one really [enjoy reading in TheMerciod? Mercyhurst sports' results and statistics! $" Ghee. Anyway, what is the Bush bashing is all about? Is it a response to the State of the Union Address? 1 do not think so, because this Bush-bashing has been going on way back and has more to do with Bush being the honorable president than to do with anything else. In fact, the Bush's points in the State of the Union Address did not turn "even the most stable, sensible mind into throbbing, pounding mass of confusion" as the negative political poster in the Merciod claims. Instead, the Bush's points address the very issues that the marriage phobia and those like-minded encounter. Therefore, Bush, issued measures protecting the sanctity of marriage. Marriage phobia should not undermine the traditional values of 'institution of marriage' and nor should it be used as a justification for gay marriage.? If marriage is the fundamental social institution that is deeply rooted in all societies, then anything short of it such as gay marriage must be understood as hostile to all societies, not just those who want to graduate from college, dress themselves up, or those who want to marry the person of their own choices. It is the values that the traditional marriage provides, which will be threatened not the simple things we do for our satisfactions as the negative advertisement in Merciadsuggpste. The values that the traditional marriage provides are undoubtedly under serious assaults from multiple directions, that is why President Bush is promoting healthy marriage initiatives and encouraging faith-based institutions to protect the sanctity of marriage. President Bush understands that strengthening marriages will lead into healthy families, which in turn will build better societies. However, it is sad that his initiatives and effort to promote healthy marriages are being attacked by those who gave up societal responsibilities including TheMerciad It is also unfortunate to note that the religious institutions, which are the cornerstones of societies, are being thrashed by the same like-minded individuals who attack President Bush on every issue. It is President Bush again who encourages the faith-based initiatives knowing that religious faith stabilizes and satisfies the status of marriage. Without religious faith which encourages the sanctity of marriage, our society will be called the morbid society. I hope the marriage phobia should not drive us to the state of confusion and impair our judgments from understanding President Bush and his initiatives to promote a healthier and better society. I am optimistic and still have faith in Merciod, especially with Madam Malarky being present, that 7heMerc(advri\i be turned around from its negative political posters into something that provides substances for intellectual discourse and learning. Remember, Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts who usually naps or nods in the State of the Union Addresses as a signal of expressing disagreement in a most childish way, had worked with President Bush on education initiative known as ?No Child Left Behind." So, one will expect TheMerciad to work with Bush in some other issues, if it is extremely anti-traditional marriage and pro-gay marriage. -Steve Paterno, senior R/IAP


Why blind dates are usually X-men
If you think about it, I'm sure you've probably had one of those moments when you've thought that two of your friends should hook up. I think it's safe to say that it's happened to everyone. M Sometimes we just don't think hard enough about it Say for example, that you have a friend you've known since kindergarten. A friend that used to DearMadamMalarky, I Wry is it that blind dates alwayseat paste with you and play Ninja suck?Imean, theso-calkd "friends" Turtles with you out on the playground Back men you were thathookyou itparesupposedto be both mutants. looktngoutforyou, right? Then whydotheyhookyou upwtihEveryone in elementary school is. themostmotvnic mutantsto tualkthe It is the nature of the pasteearth? I mean can t they tell if the eating beast. Nobody noticed anybody else's "mutanthood." perscn1syourl)perTheyshouMknow It was one big happy mutant youwsQenoagh. Oris it that theyjust want to see community filled with boogers and skid marks. •) yousquirm? \jt NeuerLeaving the House Again Times change. Unfortunately, sometimes friends don't You probably grew Dear Never Leaving, \%: Ahhh, blind dates. Nature's way up, went through the psychotic of reminding us that perhaps phase in junior high, went through the "too deep for evwe're not so bad after all. Quite honestly, I don't think I eryone'' phase in high school, and have ever heard of a blind date came to college and became northat went well. I don't think any- mal. (Hey, I can pretend if you one has. So why is it that we feel can) compelled to do it? All the while, you've stayed For once, I'm not quite sure, close with your elementary but lets ponder this phenomenon schoolfriendandfriendshiptran\ Take a look at your friends. scends all logic. Friends are great. We all gotta You probably haven't even nohave.'em. They support us ticed that your friend still eats through the rough times, and paste ... that he looks like he laugh with us during the good never hit puberty... that he still times. shouts "no gimmies!" at random They make sure we don't times. choke on our own vomit when You hueihisfriendand because we're drunk. They humor us you've known him for so long, when we gripe about things that you don't even notice that he's a bit... strange. don't matter. They're great, and we can't live You think he's great, and you'd without'em. However, we must jump at the chance to set him remember that they are human up with one of the bombshell and because they are human, femalefriendsyou have here up at school. they can make mistakes. You just can't seem to underMore importantly they can turn into raging control freaks stand why he never gets dates and try to play God or even for himself. worse -cupid. Youfigurehe's just shy. This is where problems start. So it's entirely possible that whoever set you up on this date has no idea that your date is a mutant. Maybe you should break the news to the matchmaker gently. Or you can just forget about it and hope the mutant doesn't get set up on any more dates... for the date's sa ke. My advice to you is that you should probably just avoid blind dates. Clearly they're not working out for you, so try to pick up your own dates? Why do you feel the need ro go on blind dates anyway? Are you having difficulty getting dates the traditional way? Still got skid marks? Keep me posted. Or don't. Whatever. MadamMcilaiky "Changmgtheivoiidonednitihen mistake at a timeSend your questions to Madam Malarky@yahoo.com or add "Madam Malarky" to your AOL buddy list and IM me with your questions. Or just read my away message, 'cause that's prohably what you'll do anyway. Don't forget to make suggestions for the extra-special Valentine's addition' P.S It has been brought to my attention that some readers are upset at the lack of a "Lifetime Original Movie" reference in the last article. I'm sorry to cause such an uproar. Lifetime sucks. How's that? < £ P.P.S.'To that kid 1 mCt'STa party a couple weeks ago and who said my article is gay - (I forget your name... I think it was Brian or something) Was this week heterosexual enough?

A' tradition qf 'bird' courses
By Ashley DuBose Contributing Writer Because it is registration week, I thought this would be a good time to talk about classes. I know that by the time this article is printed, nearly everyone will be registered, but that is OK. If somehow I manage to write something that deeply moves you, just go see the Registrar. However, I'm not gonna hold my breath. We all want to take the easy classes. We warn to find that magical class where the professor will let us daydream every day, where we never have to take notes, the only homework is naptime, and the final is made up of one question: What is your name? So before any students become shocked that I would openly admit that where a professor might read it, I must remind you that they were once college students too. They know where we are coming from. We've all had that discussion, class itself. Or you might end up the one where you sit down with having such a fun time writing your pals and say, "So what are messages to each other in your you taking?" Or better yet, notebooks, you forget to pay at"Have you taken [fill in class tention to the professor. : here] before?" Oops. K Most of the time, we are talkWhat happens if the person ing about the Core. Why should giving you advice secretly hates we take a bunch of classes that ^fyour guts because they thought have nothing to do with our you were hitting on their girl/ major and are tough as well? So boyfriend? I don't even want to we ask each other: What classes think about that one. are fun? Which professor doesn't I know, you're rolling your care about attendance? And so eyes at me, thinking that if the on and so forth. class is so bad, you can just drop What we have to remember it. However, if you don't add is that all of that is subjective. another one, you are out big bucks and if you do add anothIt's all opinion Don't take a class just because er one, well, you've already someone said it was easy. What missed at least one class, and happens when you get to class who's to say that the new one and find out that you have two will be any better? papers due before midterms? So, why not skip the whole You should have known that class-switching thing. Grab the your friend was a freak of na- class catalogue and the big gray ture that loved writing research list, and start figuring out which papers every day. classes will be the least torturDon't take a class just l^ecause ous. Remember, the only thing a friend is taking it. Sure, you you have to fear is work. have a built-in study partner, but Oh, and clowns, 'cause those that won't help you not hate the guys are creepy.




Wouu>Be FUW*BU~T\...
...FIRST we



CooLlNG CWSlSt .








Campus question: "His/her most attractive feature is..."
"... his manner because class "... a truthful smile and honis always sexy." est personality; there are a lot of -Michelle Brewer, pretty girls out there, but those Freshman two factors single them out." p£-Dan Schuler, "... personality because even Freshman the best looking guy can be a jerk." iS W"... nice, strong man hands be-Jermani Hickman, cause they have so much potenv A Freshman tial* 7p&. j -Madam Malarky, & "... eyes; I can see what he's B Senior really thinking If it contradicts what comes out of his "... booty because I'm from mouth." the hood, and that's how we lay -Lindsay Stickney, it down back home. It's not your Sophomore beauty; it's your booty!" -Jesus Lepe, Junior "... eyes and smile because it is the first thing I notice, and "... smile; it gives me a sense sometimes it invites me to talk of confidence to approach and t.ilk to hci " to them." -Allison Perry, -Mike Daddario, Freshman Sophomore "...boobs because I don't have them." - Chris Clark, Grad Student ". j". personality because in 40 years, that will still be the same.'* -Andy Greathouse, Sophomore "... the male swimmer's muscle, aka: the 'Ken doll' stomach muscle- it's freakin' hot!" A: i | -Sarah Benvenuti, Senior "... the lips; there's nothing better than a good make-out session." Tamara Snyder, Senior "... a good laugh." -Zach Smith j Junior

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The Merciad Is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College. It is published throughout the school year, with the exception of midterms week and finals week. Our office is in the Hirt Center, room LL1l£0ur telephone number Is 624-2376. The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed and names will be included with the letters. Although we will not edit the letters for content, we reserve therightto trim letters to fit. Letters are due the Thursday before publication and may not be longer than 300 words. Submit letters to box PH 485. I 0 I i I



FEBRUARY 4, 2004

FEB. 16. Howie Day, Stereophonies. Agora Theater, Cleveland. FEB. 20. Peter Case; Amy Bf* Rigby, Jeff Klein. Beach; Ballroom, Cleveland. FEB. 21. Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Phantasy Theatre. Lakewood, Ohio. On sale Jan. 24 at Tlcketmaster. . 21. Little Steven's Underground Garace live with the Romantics, Chesterfield Kings, Reigning Sound, Fondas, Cobra Verde, hosted in person by Little Steven Van Zandt. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, FEB. 22. Pennywise, Guttermouth, Stretch Armstrong. Agora Theater, Qeveland. FEB. 25. Chris Whitley, Ieitur. Beachland Tavern, Qeveland. FEB. 27. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Beachland Ballroom, Qeveland. |. 28. Punchline, Don't Look Down. Club Laga, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan. 24 at Ticketmaster. MARCH 6. Ziccy Marley, Michael Franti and Spearhead. Mr. Small's Theater, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan. 24 at noon at Ticketmaster. MARCH 8. Von BondiesS Tough and Lovely, Beachland Tavern,Cleveland. MARCH 9. Bette Midler. HSBC Arena, Buffalo. On sale Jan. 26 at 9 a.m. at Tops Friendly Markets, by phone at (888) 223-6000, onlineatwww.tickets.com MARCH 22. Proclaimers. Rosebud, Pittsburgh. On* sale Jan. 23 at Ticketmaster. MARCH 23. Dream Theater. Palace Theater, Monroeville. On sale Jan. 23 at Ticketmaster. MARCH 24. Proclaimersjfj Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland. APRIL 6. Sleepy Jackson. Rosebud, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan. 23 at Ticketmaster. APRIL 8. Larry the Cable Guy. Warner Theatre, Erie. $27.75. On sale Feb. 7 at Tullio Arena box office, Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 452-4857 or 4567070, online at www.tickeunaster.com. Notes, Date moved from March 11? APRIL 19,20. Comedy. Jackie Mason. Jr's Last Laugh, Erie. On-sale date TBA..; APRIL 30. Alan Jackson, Martina McBride. Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan. 24 at Ticketmaster. APRIL 29. MUSICAL "Sound of Music." An Erie Broadway Senes event. Warner Theatre, Erie. $47.75, $35.75, $25.75. On sale at Tullio Arena box office, Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 452-4857 or 456-7070, online at www.ticketmaster.com. APRIL 30. Alan Jackson, Martina McBride. Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh. On sale v date TBA J *& University oi Buffalo M i instage Theater, Buffalo.

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Monty Python comes to the PAC
By AJana Lisiecki Contributing writer Need a break from all the homework piled up on your desk? Come on over to the PAC for an exciting movie! "Shattered Glass,* a drama directed by Bilty Ray is showing on Feb. 11 at 2 p.m.and 8 p m This true-life story of Stephen Glass played by Hayden Christensen, documents the life of a young writer who works his way up in the world as a journalist in Washington, D.C. Glass wanted nothing more than to be famous and in order to reach his goal he constructed false stories, sources, and quotes in at least 27 of his 41 articles.' However, the deceitful staff member of "The New Republic" goes from famous to notorious. What will happen to everything that he worked so hard for? Owen Gleiberman from Entertainment Weekly called it, "A devious and entertaining journalistic suspense story." Come and find out the fate of Stephen Glass on Wednesday, Feb. 11. For more information about the film, visit this Website: www.sriatteredgJassniovie.com/ Before you get serious and settle down with your books to study for finals it's essential that you set some time aside to come and see one of the runniest movies ever made. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," an adventurous comedy directed by Terry Gilliam and TerryJones, will be playing in the PAC on Feb. 18 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. The re-mastered version released in 2001 is sure to provide sidesplitting laughter. The group faces many problems during their quest for the Holy Grail, including a threeheaded giant, the dangerous Castle Anthrax, a killer rabbit, a house of virgins, and a handful of rude Frenchmen. Critic James Berardinelli describes it as a "brilliant comic writing.'' ? So grab your friends and head over to the PAC to catch these two great movies. Admission to both of these films is free for Mercyhurst students. O t h e r upcoming.,A&E events: G • On Feb. 7 at 8 p.m. and Feb. 8 at 2 p.m., "Raw Edges IV will be performing at the PAC. The show is an innovative program ofcutting edge new works by emerging choreographers, phis an intermission chat with the choreographers. Admission is $1forMercyhurst students. I • On Saturday, Feb. 14 at 8 p.m., QuinTango "ValenTango" will be performing at the PAC. Sf | One hundred years ago, the tango was banned by many communities as immoral and suggestive — which makes QuinTango a perfect entertainment for Valentine's Day. Thisfive-memberensemble will be joined by a pair of award-winning dancers. We call this special event ValenTango, the most memorable way you can spend the year's most romantic evening. If you're planning on one special night this coming year, circle the date for ValenTango... in red. 4* For more information, visit www.quintango.com. Tickets for this event are $22.50 for adults, $20 for seniors, $17.50 with the President's Card, $12.50 for youth under 15, and $12.50 for Mercyhurst students.?


TV on the Radios newest album, Young Liars EP, was released in July 2003.

TV on the Radio

and beyond any music I have ByJulie Segner heard thus far. If I could mereContributing writer ly convince you of their wonderfulness just by saying, Take Band: TV on the Radio my word, this band rocks!" I Album: Young Liars EP would do so a thousand times Released: July 8, 2003 { * over. Label: Touch & Go Records But the cynic and music critic is at the heart of us all, and if I Let me just start by saying that really want you to hear this I must this is where music should be become a music predator and going! This EPfroma NYU film mangle my prey with ostentagraduate, turned singer/song-1 tious descriptions. Even then, I writer Tunde Adebimpe, blew doubt any of you readers will go me awayfromthe start I eager- out and purchase said musical ly welcomed this change of revolution. musical pace because it was, and So here goes: Adebimpe does is, so new, original, and complete- 99 percent of the vocals on ly unexpected. Young Liars, which is incredible, Although the voice of Tu nde not only because of the a ca pelAdebimpe may be unfamiliar to la version of the Pixies song Mr. those who are outside of the Grieves, but because his voice tight knit New York rock scene, does not follow the screeching his partner in crime and produc- off-key trademark of indy rocktion/keyboardist/sound manip- ers today. ulator, David Andrew Sitek as This guy can actually sing, not! Sitek, having recently which is a rarity nowadays! Adedipped his hands into some of bimpe's voice is a boundless today's groundbreaking indy mediator between soul, African rock - Yeah Yeah Yeah's and roots and electronic "art rock," The Liars, became involved with the latter being the base element Adebimpe when they both were of the songs themselves (think neighbors in Brooklyn. Soon multi-layered harmony with sonenough they found themselves ic youth guitars.) TVs EP (with making music together, as well the Sitek's help of course) is as being fellow artists and film- awash with opulent synthesizers, makers. whining guitars and Adebimpe's Sitek's brother Jason began haunting vocals all behind sim playing drums and other instru- pie and direct lyrics. ments with the pair during their All of this is so original I still recording sessions, which result- can't stop playing it over and ed in a self-titled, 24-track CD over, and yet it lacks ALL prereleased by the Brooklyn Milk tension of the NYU music imprint. Jason later rejoined the scene! This was not a whimsical group to release the EP Young musical endeavor meant to imLiars in the summer of 2003 to press people and win friends. much acclaim and embarking These songs were carefully on what is 2003's most promis- sculpted, without effort it seems, ing band with a mere EP that and is purely the result of two has already gone beyond most great music mind's coming tofull length albums by established gether. These guys are touring artists. with their closefriendsthe Yeah After the EP was completed, Yeah Yeah's and will be playing TV on the Radio added guitar- in Cleveland on Feb. 28 at the ist/vocalist Kyp Malone to be- Beachland Ballroom to promote gin recording the full length due their second release, the full out this March - "Desperate length "Desperate Youth, Blood Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes." Thirsty Babes" that comes out I don't even want to tarnish in March. this beautiful EP by categorizII you desire/enjoy "pushing ing it "indy rock" and plaguing the musical envelope" without it with the usual off-putting and getting too obscure, please buy superfluous descriptions used to this CD or come to the show depict the "underground" mu- because it's worth the money! sic scene. This EP goes above

Photo courtesy of www.googie.oam.

On Feb. 1, Les Violons du Roy performed at the Mercyhurst Performing Arts Center.

Les Violons du Roy gives performance
By Jenn Camodeca Contributing writer It is clear that the Super Bowl is much more intriguing than a classical concert. This is apparent and disappointing as the attendance of Les Violons du Roy this past weekend was minimal. Only 271 of the 800 seats in the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center werefilledon Sunday, Feb. 1 at 2:30 p.m. Les Violons du Roy originates from Quebec City and is well know throughout Canada for its wonderful concerts and recordings. The group was brought together in 1984 by artistic director Bernard Labadie. Labadie is a highly accomplished director and specialist in the Baroque and Classical repertoire. This ensemble specializes in a vast repertoire of music for the chamber orchestra. Each musical number is performed in the stylistic manner appropriate to each specific time period. The ensemble performs pieces from the Baroque and Classical periods and is highly influh ,h enced by the 17 and 18 centuries. While perfonning this repertoire, the orchestra uses Baroque bows and bowing techniques, which are very difficult and ftnitev 'i Les Violons du Roy is also very proud of the fact mat they are known for their exceptional energy, brilliance, and vitality of their performances. t The growth of this orchestra is apparent since 1988, because they have appeared in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, England, Norway, Austria, Morocco, Ecuador, Canada, and the United States. In 1992j.Les Violons du Roy signed a contract with Dorian Recording. This collaboration has resulted in 11 CD recordings to date. Five of the compact discs have been nominated for Juno Awards and two won the Juno award for Best Classical Album, Choral or Vocal Performance. This was a wonderful classical musical performance. It is sad that the audience was not very large; however, those who attended found the music of Mozart, Schubert, and others played to perfection. As of now, we are uncertain if Les Violons du Roy will return for an encore performance. We can only hope.

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To contact: 8portsmerciad@mercyhurst.edu

Women basketball beaten 64-45
BylizWHlJams Contributing Writer Mercyhurst played against Hillsdale on Thursday, Jan. 29. The Lakers were defeated 6445. Hillsdale now holds a 7-11 overall record with a 3-5 mark in the GLIAC. Tnis was the Chargersfirstwin after afive-gamelosing streak. After a recent first win of the season over Gannon, the Lakers overall dropped to 1-17 and 1-10, • At intermission the score was 30-27.; This was an effort by Mercyhurst to get ahead, but still trailing behind The Lakers once again had only seven players dressed, and in the second half they ran out of gas. The Chargers took an early lead in the second half, leaving the score at 53-32. Mercyhurst had a slow start: They earned 13 points in the last five minutes of the game. Sophomore Cassie Seth ended with a total of 15 points for the Lakers. Hillsdale out-rebounded Mercyhurst 45-28. Nikki Wustman led her team by earning a dozen Mercyhurst lost three of their startersfromlast season. Nine players returned to the team that had an overall 6-21 and 3-14 in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC). f fOn average, the team this year is very youngs It features one junior, eight sophomores, and two freshmen Sophomore guard Cassie Seth is 5-11, and is the returning lead scorer for the Lakers. Last season she only missed one game. She also started in 24 out of





Seth totaled 212 points and had 36 steals. She was ranked third on the team in scoring. This Thursday, Feb. 5, the Lakers match up against Wayne State for a home game. Recently, the Warriors had three straight wins. They beat Central State, Ashland, and Northwood. Senior guard Jodi Young of Wayne State poured in a game-

Sophomore guard Cassie Seth advances on Hillsdale. Seth ended the day with 15 points. high 24 points and grabbed a game last Saturday. When asked about the rest of A positiveoutlook will help the career-best 11 rebounds to help Mercyhurst has 8 games left the season, Cassie Seth was con- Lakers playup to their potential Wayne State (8-10) past Central in the GLIAC and still have a fident that mere could be a turn- at their nextgame against Wayne around State (73-63) in a non-conference chance to get a few wins. State.

Kate McAdam&'Pholo Editor

Wrestling coach puts team on right track
"We've done good things. It By MattJackson could be better but we still have Contributing Writer the opportunity to make this season a great one. Right now I'm It was expected before the pleased but not satisfied." start of this year's season that One goal of the Lakers each the Mercyhurst mens wrestling season is to beat its crosstown team would improvefromtheir rival. Gannon University.! mediocrefirsttwo seasons, and ffi Thisls evident by the fact (hev^have i^xdisa^^jnte^^^^ tot. a sheet of pa per coi mting Head Coach Tony OpoJJone -vjdown the days to the Gannon put even more pressure on his match has been located on the team by scheduling nineDivi- wrestling room wall all season. The Lakers accomplished this sion I opponents and at least goal for thefirsttime this seasix top 20 Division II teams. The team has responded well son in dominant fashion, deby compiling a 9-4 record and feating the Knights 29-11. I a No. 13 national ranking up "Gannon is always one of the to this point in arguably their goals of our season. I've told toughest schedule in the team's the guys we will wrestle some tli ree seasons. teams better than them, but it It is this tough schedule that was still a big win," said CipolQpoUone hopes will prepare his lone. team for the post season. The Lakers now have three "Competition is going to help remaining matches before they us. Wrestling in the West Vir- set their minds on the post seaginia open and against Division son. I teams like Findlay, Slippery "Our goal right now is to Rock University, and UPJ is qualify all ten wrestlers to nagood competition. At this point tionals, and I think there is a we feel like we can compete good possibility we can do it" with anybody," said Coach Ci- The Lakers will next compete pollone. on Feb. 7, when they host As for the improvement this Muskingum, the Division III season Coach Cipollone is not school that Cipollone last content as of yet. coached at.

Men's basketballjrolls Hillsdale
Record improves to 9-2 in conference, 15-6 overall
ByKristaRoss Contributing Writer The Mercyhurst men's basketball team edged GLIAC rival Hillsdale 63-52 Jan. 29 to improve its overall record to 15-6 and 9-2 in the league. The Lakers came out'Strong in thefirsthalf, leading 13-5 with eight minutes off the clock, but the Hillsdale Chargers were not going to just hand Mercyhurst a victory and would come within a point, 23-22, with just under two minutes left in the first half. The Lakers lead at intermission, 28-22, and would carry the lead through the second half. Senior forward Josh Helm had an impressive 26 points and 8 rebounds to lead the Lakers in

Justin Shouse

File Photo

scoring. Senior guard Justin Shouse also added 13 and had 9 assists. The Lakers shot 43 percent Kate McAdams/Photo Editor from behind the arc including Senior Forward Josh Helm works the bal under the net. three that came from sopho- rebounded the Chargers 32-29 Thursday, Feb. 5 against the more guard Tony Mitchell. and shot 52 percent on me night Wayne State Warriors at the The Mercyhurst men also out- The Lakers will resume play on MAC 8 p.m.

Randazzo eyes national birth; again
By Daniel Wagner Contributing Writer cently handed Tony Iovine of Ashland University his first loss on the season So what's his secret? Prior to the 2004 season Randazzo changed his diet and off-season training to improve his strength and technique. Randazzo lost weight gradually in order to maintain the muscle he put on over the summer. Randazzo has also welcomed the addition of two training partners. Randazzo said, "J.J. Zanetta and Ryan Finn bring out the best in me every day, every practice is like a match." •Randazzo believes his confidence plays a key role in his suc"I used to watch out for other wrestlers, now I think I am someone they should watch out for," Randazzo said. Randazzo is enjoying his season, but he's not content, i "My goal is to get to nationals and be an Ail-American. Winning tournaments is nice, but it doesn't matter unless I get to nationals," Randazzo said. Currently, Randazzo is ranked fourth in the East region and predicted to go to I lie National Championships} in Mankato, Minnesota U Randazzo aims to be the fifth wrestler from Mercyhurst to qualify for nationals, adding his name to an elite list of wrestlers, all of whom are still at Mercyhurst today. Randazzo puts it most simply saying, "I want to compete with the best, and against the best"

\ Mercyhurst's young wrestling program is quickly becoming one of the top programs in the NCAA East Region. While Mercyhurst has only had a wrestling team for the last two and a half years, the program has enjoyed considerable success. . • As one of the college's most successful programs, Mercyhurst can boast four national qualifiers and two Al 1-Americans, and most recently a national th ranking of 13 by the latest Division II Wrestling Coaches Association Junior Ricky Randazzo wants to add his name to the list of national qualifiers and All-Americans, while helping the Lakers receive further national attention Flte Photo Coach Cipollone watches a match intently. * A native of Parma, Ohio, Randazzo spent his freshman year of college at nearby Cuyahoga Community College where he wrestled at 125 pounds. RanJoin America's #1 Student few Operatordazzo had a 19-17 record while CANCUH wrestling mostly Division I and H opponents. The competition paid ofI JAMAICA Randazzo took third in the BAHAMAS New York Region, qualifying him for the Junior College National FLORIDA Championships in Rochester, Minnesota. Although Randazzo missed out on All-Americ in by one match, Sell Trips, tarn Cash, STUDENT he did record two wins and a Go Free! How Hiring TRAWL hunger to return,? ww«.»lllr*val.t«m SERVICES Coll far group discount* But Randazzo's wrestling would take him elsewhere.


Junior wrestler Ricky .Randazzo While competing in the Mid- of aforus on the team." west Classic Wrestling Tourna- Though Randazzo's season ment his freshman year, was stopped short in the East Randazzo met Mercyhurst Regional Championships in a heartbreaking 3-2 loss at the Coach Tony QpoUone. Cipollone arranged for hands of Doug Curnes ( West Randazzo to visit Mercyhurst in Liberty), he did mount a 19-12 hopes of filling the vacant 125- record on the year. pound spot But his desire to again comRandazzo liked what he saw, pete at i lie national level would and enrolled at Mercyhurst for have to wait another year. The 2004 season is now half his sophomore year. "Mercyhurst was the right fit, over and Randazzo is off* to an academically and athletically," he impressive start. said. He is both the National CathMercyhurst was a change for olic Duels (Duquesne Universithe better. I* g ty ) and Midwest Invitational ( Randazzo said "Practices and Indianapolis Indiana ) champion matches are closer and more Randazzo avenged his regioncompetitive, and there is more al loss to Doug Curnes and re-

R e Photo



FEBRUARY 4, 2004

SPORTS M e n ' s h o c k e y goes l-o-i against
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M e r c y h u r s t offense
By Ryan Palm Contributing Writer The offense of the Mercyhurst men's hockey team continued to be onfire,scoring nine goals in the two game weekend series against visiting Quinnipiac University. The teams squared off first on Friday night, and to the surprise of the nearly 700 fans at the Ice Center, the teams played to a scoreless first period. The Lakers entered the game with the best offense in Atlantic Hockey, averaging just over four goals a game. [ On the flip side, the Quinnipiac defense is the toughest in the conference, averaging just fewer than two goals allowed per game. The Lakers were able to break through just over four minutes into the second period, when sophomoreforwardScott Reynolds scored his eighth goal of the season. The two-on-one goal was assisted by sophomores Erik Johnson and Dave Borrelli. The goal also broke the scoreless steak or Quinnipiac goalie Jamie Holden, who hadn't allowed a goal in 191:45. The Bobcats would even the score, as junior forward Chris White beat the glove of Mercyhurst goalie sophomore Andy Franck. The goal tied the game at 1-1, but little did Quinnipiac know that it would be their last tally of the night. % * Mercyhurst came back to

n e t s 9goals , F r a n c k h o l d s Q u i n n i p i a c t o 5

ahead 2-1. Mercyhurst added another tally just over six minutes into the third period when Borelli was fed on a breakaway by Reynolds and senior defenseman Nolan Brown. \ Just over a minute later junior David Wrigley found freshman Scott Champagne wide open in front of the Quinnipiac goal. Champagne's fifth goal of the season put the Lakers ahead 4Thefinalscore would involve all freshman, as Mike Pochatek fedJon Asselstine off a rebound, and Asseltine put it past Holden, giving the Lakers a 5-1 lead. That is the way it would end, as the Laker defense held off some strong attacks by the Bobcats during the final minutes. The two teams were at it again Saturday, with a much different result in the end. The game opened with two straight goals by Quinnipiac, the first coming off the stick of sophomore forward Ty Deinema. f 'Deinema's second goal of the season came 5:43 into the game and gave the Bobcats a quick 1Olead. .jt> j , t Quinnipiac scored again four minutes later, when Troy Maleyko scored his first goal of the season, putting the Bobcats up by two. Mercyhurst finally bounced back with one of their own with under a minute to play in the first, when senior Mike Carter scored his tenth goal of the season, and was assisted by freshman Jamie Hunt The Lakers scoredfirstin the second period, as Tackaberry slapped a rebound past Holden, evening the game at 2-2. The goals continued to come in pairs, as Quinnipiac scored the next two, one during the second period and one in the third.





Sophomore forward Scott Reynolds wins the draw back to Erik Johnson. The pair each had

two points on the weekend.



J c

score when junior deienseman TJ. Kemp scored his fourth goal of the season, with assists credited to junior Rich Hansen and senior Adam Tackaberry. The power-play goal came with over 17:00 left in the second period, and put the Lakers

Facing a 4-2 deficit, the Lakers rallied with a goal early in the third, when Pochatek scored his first goal of the season off a rebound from Kyle Gourgon. Ten minutes later senior Peter Rynshoven continued his great play of late, as he tied the game

with his eighth goal of the year, assists given to Carter and Kemp. ^Neither team could break the tie in regulation, and the teams headed into the sudden-death five minute overtime. Despite some great chances, the teams could not put the puck

in the net, and the game ended as a 4-4 tie. ~ -The Lakers record now stands at 14-9-2 overall, while still in second place in Atlantic Hockey with a 11-3-1 record The team will hit the road next weekend, traveling to take on

Sacred Heart University for a pair of crucial Atlantic Hockey games. Sacred Heart currently sits in fourth place, behind Mercyhurst by eight points.

Men's volleyball falls to Loyola of Chicago
By Liz Williams

Women's hockey downs OSU
By Ryan Palm Contributing writer The No. 7 ranked women's hockey team hosted the Ohio State University on Jan. 31. The Buckeyes got on the board early, with a goal by Erin O'Grady at 7:55. Grady's seventh goal of the season was assisted by Krysta Skarda and Amber Bowman. Mercyhurst held off the Buckeye offense for the rest of the game, as junior goaltender Desi Clark stopped 20 of the 21 shots she faced, r The Lakers got on the board at 13:48 in the second period, when sophomore Samantha Shirth ley scored her team-leading 12 goal of the season. Shirley's goal was on a rebound from Marchese-Del Monte and assisted by Danielle Lansing. Mercyhurst got the game-winner from junior Chrissy Yule, whose eighth goal of the season was assisted by Sarah Kurili. The goal came following a 2on-1 breakaway, when Ohio State net minder Melissa Glasen stopped Yule'sfirsteffort, but could not stop the second shot, as the goal put Mercyhurst up for good. j Glasen played a spectacular game despite the loss, as she stopped 34 of the 36 shots taken by Mercyhurst, good enough to earn her the game's second star. it Mercyhurst now leads the alltime series 2-0, as they won by an identical score last year in Columbus, Ohio/ The team will resume College Hockey America (CHA) play next weekend when they travel to Wayne State for a pair of day games on Saturday and Sunday. The Lakers defeated Wayne State 1-0 and 5-1 earlier this season at the Ice Center. E Mercyhurst now leads the cong ference with a 6-0-0 mark, and is 18-4-4 overall. Jim Fetter coaches Wayne State. He is the former assistant women's coach for Mercyhurst. "They have a new coach we are familiar with and he is hard working. We need to pay attention to the little things when we face Wayne State. If we play the

Contributing Writer Loyola of Chicago defeated Mercyhurst 3-0 on Saturday, Jan. 31, at Loyola College. Mercyhurst fell to 0-2 in the Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (MVA). The loss dropped the Lakers record to 4-4 overall. Conversely, the record for Loyola improved to 4-2 and 10. The scores were 32-30,3017, and 30-26. Dan Kick of the Lakers had 28 assists. Justin Waas led the team by having eleven kills, and Austin Siewert finished the game will) ten. On Friday January 30, Mercyhurst dropped theirfirstconference match 3-0. The Lakers' record fell to a 4-3 overall. . They faced the defending National Champions at Lewis University. Their record had improved to 3-5 and 1-1. £ ^ *] The scores were 30-22, 3023, and 30-23. i T Dan Kickfinishedwith 23 assists. Austin Siewert made 10 kills. Justin Waas and Dave Schmidt both added 7 for the Lakers. Mercyhurst defeated Medaille College 3-0 last Wednesday on January 28. Trie record for the Lakers improved to 4-2 on the season. Dan Kickfinishedwith 25 assists and Tom Roberts had 10. Justin Waas added 12 kills, while Austin Siewert had earned an even higher of 16. The scores of that game were 30-27,30-15, and 30-22. f The Lakers had their most

Justin Waas

Rte Photo


prolific year statistically last season. | Luckily, this season at least eight key players came back from the 2003 campaign. Sophomore Justin Waas led the Lakers in kills and aces last season. Also, sophomore Nate Keegan earned All-Tournament honors at the 2003 Mercyhurst Invitational. The team has many promising young athletes, and the coaches are sizing up their potential, j Last season senior Nate Sample and junior Bill VanCise proved their selves to the team. \t The coaches noticed their hard work, and mentioned more permanent spots for the men The coaching staff urges the team to start the games strong, andfinisheven stronger. There is a motivating force that will help Mercyhurst get back on track after their two straight losses. Mercyhurst will attempt to straighten out their play next Friday at the University of Findlay in the Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (MIVA). S

Katie McAdama/Photo

Junior Chrissy Yule avoids an OSU defender.

gameright,we will come out on top" Samantha Shirley said. Several Lakers were given awards Jan. 27 from College Hockey America Weekly. Shirley picked up the offensive

player of I he week award, while freshman Ashley Pendleton picked up the defensive award and fellow freshman Jackie Jarrell picked up thefreshmanof the week award

Club hockey wins[tourney in Annapolis
By MattJackson Contributing Writer Freshman goaltender Dan Larue was named MVP of the Crab Pot tournament in Annapolis, Md., this past weekend as he led the Mercyhurst Club Hockey team to a 2-0 record and a first place finish. Larue let up onlyfivegoals in two games, both against nationally ranked teams. Senior P.J. Mastyiak took MVP honors in the first game as he scored one of the Lakers five goals in the their 5-3 victory over No.llTowson. Whitney Gibbs, Chris Danna, Shane ReUhan, and Brent Klimt > all chipped in with one goal w apiece. Navy beat Villanova University on the other side of the bracket to set up the finals contest between Mercyhurst and Navy. The Lakers found themselves trailing after one and made changes going into the second period I The Lakers erased the deficit in the second period with goals by Danna and sophomore forward Matt Rusilko Lame would let up his final goal of the tournament in that period to make it a 2-2 tie after two periods of play. The score would stay at 2-2 with only four minutes to play in the game when Chad Klimow scored the go-ahead goal. Just minutes later Brent Klimow put the Lakers up by two with a goal of his own. In a last attempt to make a comeback, the Navy team pulled their goalie. The plan backfired, however, as junior Justin Robertson scored an empty netter to make the final score 5-2. Chris Danna was named MVP of the second game. The next list of national rankings will be put out on Thursday, and after this weekend's tournament it is almost certain that the Lakers will be ranked nationally. Mercyhurst will next compete when they play a home game against Syracuse University on Feb. 7.

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