These children are

at English. (good)

2. Your brother

works at all. (hard)

3. Ann

had an accident last Sunday. (near)

4. Have you been to the cinema

. (late)

5. Mary always dresses

. (beautiful)

6. Yes, it was raining

for two hours. (heavy)

7. He has painted it

. (nice)

8. What a

worker he is! (quick)

9. He is always very

. (polite)

10. He is often

. (nervous)

11. Arthur

rode back to the inn. (quick)

12. They saw a

butterfly on a rose. (beautiful)

13. When the teacher heard about the missing book he said

:"You should be more

he was ." (angry) 14. When he told him the truth. (bad) . "This wound looks ". (quiet) 15. the doctor said.careful.