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INV COGS Account Generator

INV COGS Account Generator

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Published by: samchou940 on May 28, 2011
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Inventory COGS Account Generator

John Peters

short name WSHINTERFACE 1/23/02 John Peters. Inc.‡ I am covering the Inventory COGS Account Generator ± Item Type = INVFLXWF ± Display Name = µInventory Cost of Goods Sold Account¶ ± Run by the concurrent program µCreate Intercompany AP Invoices¶. short name INCIAP ‡ This is not the OM COGS Account Generator ± Item Type = OECOGS ± Display Name = µOM : Generate Cost of Goods Sold Account¶ ± Run by the concurrent program µInterface Trip Stop¶. 2 . JRPJR.

3 . Inc.Typical Error Situation ‡ Run the concurrent program µCreate Intercompany AP Invoices¶ which completes with error. JRPJR. ‡ In the log file you will find something like the following: 1/23/02 John Peters.

Message Dictionary Error...... 12902 sellOrgId ....g.call_generate_cogs l_gl_ccid is 73928 Message Dictionary couldn't open the ORA-20002: 3136: Item 'INVFLXWF/1765269' cannot be accessed while synchronous process in progress. Inc.. 729052 soLineId .lineType is 1 shipOrgId is 2 sellOrgId is 335 newAccountingFlag = 0 trxFlowHeaderId is 88 Getting the Sales Order Information global-> soOrderType . JRPJR. 1498805 soCustId .. This error often indicates that the Application Basepath (e...Processing invoice line... application message file.A file pathname could not be constructed for the application ORA-20002: 3136: Item 'INVFLXWF/1765269' cannot be accessed while synchronous process in progress. FND_TOP) or Subdirectory (APPLMSG) environment variables do not have a valid value.... ID = 1658510 Get if OM is installed ap. 335 itemId ... 1192 soHdrId .... Warning: Invoice creation aborted End of Processing Invoice Line ID: 1658510 Invoice Line ID: 1658510 Status: FAILURE 1/23/02 John Peters..... 13543 Call inv_workflow. 4 .... .

1/23/02 John Peters. JRPJR. 5 . Inc.Basic Summary of the Problem ‡ The Inventory COGS Account Generator does not pre-populate most of the item attributes in the workflow.

‡ Optionally ± Account Generator:Run in Debug Mode = Yes This generates Account Generator messages which usually dump to the log file of the program running it. Inc. JRPJR.How to Debug This Error ‡ Change the following profile options: ± Account Generator:Purge Runtime Data = No This keeps the Account Generator data around in the OraApps tables after a process has run. 6 . 1/23/02 John Peters. This can by itself cause problems at times so don¶t initially turn this on.

Query up the Account Generator Process 1/23/02 John Peters. 7 . Inc. JRPJR.

JRPJR.1/23/02 John Peters. Inc. 8 .

JRPJR. 9 . Inc.1/23/02 John Peters.

com ‡ Additional reference papers can be found at: http://www.norcaloaug.jrpjr. 10 . JRPJR.com http://www.com 1/23/02 John Peters.jrpjr. Inc.peters@jrpjr.‡ My contact information: John Peters john.org http://www.

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