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M/s.3A CORPORATION 84-B, Commercial Area, Mohammad Ali Housing Society, Tel: 4540693, 4549551 Fax: 92-21-4525699 E.Mail asif@pobox.

com Mr. Asif Ali Khan. Exporter:Software Importer:High Tech. Equipment, Systems, Metrological Equipments, Chemical for Commercial Explosives, Ground Station. Services:Indentor, Commission Agent M/s.A SAADAT & CO. 4th Floor, Hamid Chamber, Zaibun Nisa Street, Tel: 5670439, 5670444 Fax: 92-21-5670448 E.Mail ascohvac@super.net.pk Mr. Anwar Saadat M/s.A TO Z LEATHER GIFT CENTRE 174-175, 1st Floor, Zainab Market, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 35674338 Fax: 92-21-5674338 E.Mail atozleather_afridi@yahoo.com Mr. Muhammad Younus Khan Exporter:Leathr Garments M/s.A TO ZEE ENGINEERING SERVICES Zee House, R-321, Anwar-eIbrahim, Jamia Milia Road, Malir City,Karaci Tel: 6014561-2, 4507633 Fax: 92-21-4511299 E.Mail atozee_2000pk@yahoo.com Mr. Jawed Zaman Khan M/s.A-ONE INTERNATIONAL A-87, Sector 11-A, North Karachi, Tel: 36951678 Syed Zahid Ahmed M/s.A-ONE MACHINERY STORE Shop No.3, Mashallah Squre, Near Ramswami Tower, Nishter Road,Karaci Tel: 2259464 E.Mail a1machinerystore@mail.com Mr. Mehmood Ahmed. M/s.A-ONE TECHNIQUES (PVT) LTD. 37/9, Sector-15, Korangi Industrial Area, Tel: 35050101-02 Fax: 35060263 E.Mail info@aonetechniques.com Mr. Muhammad Athar Khan M/s.A-ONE TEXTILE & TOWEL INDUSTRIES F-1733, Bismillah Colony, O/T Sector-4-F, Tel: 6652743 Fax: 92-21-6653254 Mr. Ashraf Dad Khan Exporter:Terry Bath Robs & towels M/s.A-ONE TRADERS Shop No.1, Shams Chamber, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Tel: 2423734 E.Mail a1_traders@hotmail.com

Mr. Faisal Mehmood M/s.A. & A. ENTERPRISES Flat No.C-17, Sumaira Avenue, Block-16, Gulistan-e-Jouhar,Karaci Tel: 8125626 Fax: 92-21-7733289 E.Mail a_aenterprises2001@yahoo.com Mr. Muhammad Umer Haji Muhammad. M/s.A. & A. INTERNATIONAL Shop No.2, 733/C, Commercial Area, PECHS, Block-2,Karaci Tel: 34540319 Fax: 4390321 E.Mail farooqui43@hotmail.com Mrs. Muna Anis M/s.A. & A. METAL INDUSTRIES (PVT)LTD 309/3, Deh Landhi, 15th Miles National Highway, Landhi,Karaci Tel: 5022912 Fax: 92-21-5013390 E.Mail solnki15@hotmail.com Syed Muhammad Arif. Importer:General M/s.A. & A. SERVICE (PVT) LIMITED House # 29, Khayaban-e-Bahria, Phase-5, Defence Housing Authority,Karaci Tel: 5344105 Fax: 92-21-5345861 Mr. Adnan Ahmed Sarfraz Exporter:Rice, Wheat Importer:Sugar, Oil , Petrochemicals M/s.A. & A. SERVICES 402, Al-Farid Center, M.T. Khan Road, Tel: 5688583/8589 Fax: 5680069/5682680 E.Mail adnan@sarfrazgroup.com Mr. Aizaz Sarfraz. Exporter:Rice, Cotton, Pulses, Vegetable Ghee, Vegetables Importer:Oil Lubricants, Wheat, Coal M/s.A. & B. FOOD INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD E-18, S.I.T.E., Tel: 2562396, 2562394 Fax: 92-21-2562395 E.Mail abfood@cyber.net.pk Mr. Anwar Yahya. Exporter:Confectionery Products Importer:Raw Materials, Packaging Materials for Confectionery Products. Manuf:Confectionery Finished Products M/s.A. & I. ENTERPRISES Office No.204, Frere Centre, Frere Road,Karaci Tel: 5403775 Fax: 92-21-4556390 E.Mail akbarammar_0609@hotmail.com Mr. Imran Ali M/s.A. & J. APPAREL (PVT) LIMITED LA-6/A, Block-22, Federal 'B' Industrial Area, Tel: 6342521, 6362041 Fax: 92-21-6313684

E.Mail aitazaz@ajapparel.com Mr. Jawed Sultan Japanwala. Exporter:Readymade Garments M/s.A. & M. ENTERPRISES Suite # 17, 4th Floor, Irshad Centre, Plot No.RB-6/118, Arambagh,Karaci Mr. Altaf Hussain M/s.A. & R. ASSOCIATES Suite No.4, 3rd Floor, Plot 6-C 34th Commercial Street, Tauheed Commercial DHA,Karaci Tel: 38492222 E.Mail info@aandrassociartes.net. Mr. Rasool Bux Bhutto M/s.A. & S. OIL INDUSTRIES Plot No.4/82, Sector-21, Korangi Industrial Area, Tel: 5022623-25 E.Mail a&soil1@gmail.com Mr. Wazir Ali. Importer:RBD Palm Olein Manuf:V.P. Ghee and Cooking Oil M/s.A. & Z. AGRO INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD A-26, S.I.T.E., Tel: 2562280, 2562281 Fax: 92-21-2561803 E.Mail fazalahmeds@yahoo.com Sheikh Fazal Ahmed. M/s.A. & Z. ORIENTAL Shaheen View, A-18, Block 6, PECHS, Shahrah-e-Faisal,Karaci Tel: 34543060-65 Fax: 92-21-3454655 Mrs. Afsara Asif Ali. M/s.A. ALI BENGLORIA & CO. Room No.30, 4th Floor, Trade Avenue, Hasrat Mohani Road,Karaci Tel: 2415866, 2416950 Fax: 92-21-2416950 Mr. Abba Ali. M/s.A. ASGHAR CO. Shop No.9, Nadia Terrace, Opp: Risala Police Station, Nishter Road,Karaci Tel: 2742915 Fax: 2732563 E.Mail merchant443@gmail.com Ms. Fatima Zehra M/s.A. AZIZ & SONS Central Hotel Building, Abdullah Haroon Road, Tel: 5682374 Fax: 92-21-5684619 E.Mail aazizsons@hotmail.com Malik Mohammad Faraz Khan Exporter:Hand Knitted Garments M/s.A. AZIZ AKHAI & SONS 304-305, Business Arcade, SC-15, Chandni Chowk, Main University Road,Karaci Tel: 4941782-83 Fax: 92-21-4936868

Mr. Abdul Aziz Akhai. Exporter:Import and Export of Pharmaceutical M/s.A. DEALING CENTER 1st Floor, Niazi Manzil, Murad Khan Road, Tel: 2442614, 2435387 Fax: 92-21-2417011 Mr. Suhail Afzal Shamsi. M/s.A. ESSAK AND SONS 24/1, Sector 6-A, North Karchi, Tel: 6974878-9 Fax: 92-21-6908625 E.Mail aes@khi.compol.com Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Ismail Exporter:Textile mae ups M/s.A. GAFFAR ADAMJEE Shop No.19, Kutiyana Market Kharadhar, Tel: 2431313, 2432323 Mr. A. Gaffar Adamjee. M/s.A. GRADE RAGS 203, Hoor Centre, North Napier Road, Tel: 32774749 Fax: 92-21-32733327 Mr. Shoaib Sikander Exporter:Cotton Hosiery Rags Importer:Second Hand Clothings M/s.A. HALIM BROTHERS 13/14, Al-Abbas Centre, Paper Market, Tel: 2639248 Fax: 92-21-2639248 Mr. S.A. Haleem. Importer:Paper M/s.A. HAMEED & SONS MARBLE Shop No.258, Bader Market, Pak Colony, Tel: 32568594 Fax: 32568594 E.Mail ahsmarble@hotmail.com Mr. Akhtar Hussain M/s.A. KAMRUDDIN & CO. 64/4, Murad Khan Road, Khori Garden, Tel: 2435017, 2436132 Fax: 92-21-2435495 E.Mail kamruddinpk@yahoo.com Mr. Taufiq A. Merchant. Importer:Consumer Goods and whole Seler of House Hold Plastic Goods. M/s.A. KARIM & SONS ENGINEERING (PVT) LIMITED, A-7, 4th Floor, Al-Hayat Chamber, KCHSU, Sultan Ahmed Shah Rd.Off:Sharea Faisal,Karaci Tel: 4545380, 4535793 Fax: 92-21-4529630 E.Mail akseng@super.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Riaz Sajid M/s.A. MAJEED & SONS D-264, KDA Scheme# 1, Behind Times Medicos, Stadium Road,Karaci Tel: 4860600-02, 4126666 Fax: 92-21-4122222 E.Mail a_majeed@cyber.net.pk

Mr. Altaf Majeed S.T. Exporter:GarmentsHosiery Knitted Fabric Importer:Dyes & Chemical Manuf:Dyed Fabrics M/s.A. MANZOOR AHMED & CO. 49, Badri Building, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Tel: 2411731 Fax: 92-21-2419308 Mr. Mohammad Safdar. Exporter:Export Agents of Raw Wool, Goath Hair M/s.A. ONE ENTERPRISES Shop No.3, Naz Chamber, Shahrah-e-Liauat, Tel: 2423220-2423255 Mr. Mohsin M/s.A. ONE MARBLE K-22, Johar Colony, Manghopir Road, Tel: 32576456 Fax: 92-21-32582774 E.Mail gulfam.mdlaw@gmail.com Mr. Arshad Majeed. Exporter:Marble and Granite Importer:Marble and Granite Manuf:Marble and Granite M/s.A. ONE SEWING MACHINE CO. 235, Madina Market, Garden Road, Tel: 2778315-2750134 Fax: 2726142 E.Mail mstco@hotmail.com Mr. S.M. Aamir Shafique Importer:Industrial Sewing machines and nidl M/s.A. QADIR & COMPANY 206, Business Arcade, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Shahrah-e-Faisal,Karaci Tel: 4315163-65 Fax: 92-21-4314731 E.Mail aq-memon@cyber.net.pk Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon. M/s.A. QAYYUM & SONS 511/616, 2nd Floor, Qasr-e-Zeba, Ali Akber Street Jodia Bazar,Karaci Tel: 32435617-18 Fax: 32437055 E.Mail map@cyber.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Tariq Paracha M/s.A. RAZZAQ & SONS EXPROTS 4/16-C, Shahbaz Lane-1, Phase-VI, Defence Housing Authority,Karaci Tel: 5404877 Fax: 92-21-5349190 E.Mail info@ars_exports.com.pk Mr. Abdul Razzaq Rana M/s.A. REGALIA (PVT) LTD. Plot # 30/2, Sector 23, Korangi Industrial Area, Tel: 5866339, 5068871-74 Fax: 5873069,5068916 E.Mail yaqoob@aregalia.com Mr. Yaqub Pechi. Exporter:Garments

Importer:Fabrics and Garments related Accessories Manuf:Garments

M/s.A. REHMAN INTERNATIONAL Plot No.231, Muno Goth, Old Sabzi Mandi No.2, Tel: 4947181,0300-2105697 Fax: 92-21-4941571 E.Mail a.rehmanint215@hotmail.com Mr. Abdul Rehman M/s.A. REHMAN TRADERS O.T.3/41, Gau Gali, Mithadar,Karaci Tel: 2439097, 2442552 Fax: 92-21-2424885 Mr. Abdul Rasheed. M/s.A. SATTAR & COMPANY Nawab Estate, Denso Hall, M.A. Jinnah Road, Tel: 2432587, 2438107 Fax: 92-21-2432609 Mr. Abdul Sattar. Importer:Journal Items

M/s.A.A. AGENCY 259, Garden East, Tel: 7637171 E.Mail fazaseyani@hotmail.com Mr. Anver Ali Exporter:Second Hand Clothings Importer:Second hand Clothings M/s.A.A. ASSOCIATES 245-2-Y, Block-6, PECHS, Off: Sharea Faisal, Tel: 4539884-88 Fax: 92-21-4545287 E.Mail info@aa_associates.com Mr. Abdul Nabi Pathan M/s.A.A. BRIGHT PROFILE 85/1, 10th Commercial Street, Phase-IV, Defence H.Authority, Tel: 5891979 Fax: 5898258 E.Mail aabrightprofile@hotmail.com Mrs. Emrana Maqsood M/s.A.A. COTTON MILLS LIMITED BR-1/61, G-1 & 2, Soorti Mansion New Neham Road, Kharadhar,Karaci Tel: 111-313-131 Fax: 92-21-2311313 E.Mail aa-cotton@hotmail.com Mr. Abdul Aleem. M/s.A.A. ELECTRONICS G-54, G-61, Odean Centre, Near Regal Chowk, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 2752640 Fax: 92-21-2741119 Mr. Mohammed Imran M/s.A.A. ENTERPRISES 101, First Floor, Fortune Centre, Shahrah-e-Faisal,Karaci

Tel: 4386567 Fax: 92-21-4549669 E.Mail fimco@cyber.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Usman. Services:Builders and Developers M/s.A.A. ENTERPRISES MR 5/104, Shop # 03, Zulekha Palace, Virjee Street, Jodia Bazar,Karaci Tel: 2441584, 2442104 Fax: 92-21-2431537 E.Mail aaenterp@cyber.net.pk Mr. Muhammed Asif. Importer:Chemicals and Commodities M/s.A.A. ENTERPRISES 1st Floor, DP-5, Sector-12-D, North Karachi Industrial Area, Tel: 6922132 Fax: 92-21-6922135 Mrs. Halima Arshad Exporter:bigenpak@cyber.net.pk

M/s.A.A. ENTERPRISES # 814, Jillani Tower, M.A. Jinnah Road, Tel: 2439803, 2432102 Fax: 92-21-2477355 E.Mail aaent924@yahoo.com Mr. Aoun Mohammad Choudhary M/s.A.A. ENTERPRISES H.No.59/2, 12th Street, Off: Khayaban-e-Badban, Phase-V, Defence Housing Authority,Karaci Tel: 5846094 Fax: 92-21-5842866 E.Mail akhtaruislam@live.com Mrs. Nasreen Akhter M/s.A.A. ENTERPRISES Suite#171, 1st Floor, Hashmi Electronic Centre, Abdullah Haroon Road,Karaci Tel: 32751040 Fax: 021-32750393 E.Mail irshad_aaenterprises@hotmail.com Mr. Arshad Importer:Electronics Items M/s.A.A. ENTERPRISES Suite No.A-816, Saima Trade Tower, I.I. Chundrigar Road,Karaci Tel: 32275143-5 Fax: 92-21-32275146 E.Mail a.a_biz@yahoo.com Mr. Mohammad Abid Importer:Pulses & agriculture products etc. M/s.A.A. EXPORT Plot No.R-144 & 145, Gabol Goth, Sector 16/B, Industrial Area, North Karachi,Karaci Tel: 36963601 E.Mail info@aaexport.biz Mr. Muhammad Aslam Pervaiz Exporter:Garments M/s.A.A. EXPORTS Flat No.A-6, 2nd Floor, Bldg. Islamic Plaza,Block-13-B KDA Scheme-24, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,Karaci

Tel: 4822494 Fax: 92-21-4824886 E.Mail kibra_7@hotmail.com Mrs. Shazia Ahmed M/s.A.A. GARMENTS 202, 202-A, Ghadyali Building, 2nd Floor, OppL Empress Market, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 5662149 Mr. Muhammad Ilyas Manuf:Garments M/s.A.A. GEMS Shop No.14, Sunar Centre, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 5655926, 0300-2219970 Mr. Muhammad Atif M/s.A.A. GHAFFAR AND CO. Office No-645, 6th Floor, Mustafa Cloth Market, M.A. Jinnah Road,Karaci Tel: 2464623 Fax: 92-21-2464654 E.Mail aag.co_6@hotmail.com Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Shakoor M/s.A.A. GOLDEN PAIR B-53, 1st Floor, Karim Centre, Zaibun Nisa Street, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 5674480 Fax: 92-21-5214004 E.Mail aagp@cyber.net.pk Mr. Ilyas Dahi. Exporter:Ladies suits, Immitation Jewellery M/s.A.A. INDUSTRIES D-218, Street # 2, Haroonabad, Tel: 32432778 Fax: 92-21-32585273 Mr. Ahmar Razi Manuf:Adhesive Solution M/s.A.A. INTERNATIONAL 211-212, Chapal Plaza, Hasrat Mohani Road, Off: I.I. Chundrigar Road,Karaci Tel: 2429571-73 Fax: 92-21-2413447 E.Mail adada@mail.com Haji Amanullah Dada. Exporter:Cotton Wase. M/s.A.A. INTERNATIONAL MR-5/128, Virjee St. Arfat Chamber, 2nd Floor, Jodia Bazar,Karaci Tel: 2443369 Ms. Asma Asif M/s.A.A. KHAN IMPEX Plot # 156, Kaka Village, Manara Road, Sandspit, Tel: 32022776 Fax: 92-21E.Mail aakhanimpex@cyber.net.pk Mr. Mohammad Akram Raza Exporter:SeaFood Live Fish M/s.A.A. REHMATULLAH & CO. 107-108, Ground Floor,

Al-Rehmat Trade Centre, Dandia Bazar, Opp: City Court,Karaci Tel: 2722095, 2766723 Fax: 92-21-2731642 E.Mail aarc@paknet3.ptc.pk Mr. Amin Mohammad Rahmatullah. Exporter:Rice, Wheat, Flour Products Importer:All kind of Pulses and Commodities Manuf:Atta, Mada, Suji and Wheat Bran

M/s.A.A. SERVICES PAKISTAN C-1, Sultan Centre, 11-West Wharf Road, Tel: 2316180, 2316082 Fax: 92-21-2316082 E.Mail aasp@cyber.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Arif. Importer:UPS, M. Free Batteries, AC-DC Supply

M/s.A.A. STEEL Plot # 786-805, Block-E, Abu Hurera Road, Ittehad Town,Karaci Tel: 2820877-78 Fax: 2891996,25660 E.Mail aasieol48@yahoo.com Mr. Mohammad Hanif Jiwani Importer:Re Rollable Scrap de bar Manuf:Steel Bar M/s.A.A. STEEL CORPORATION Mattiwala Godown,Jehanabad, Pankha Hotel Wali Gali, Kbari Bazar, Shershah,Karaci Tel: 2572941 Fax: 92-21-2426350 Mr. Abdul Wahab Khan M/s.A.A. SYSTEMS A-111, PECHS, Block-2, Khalid Bin Walid Road, Tel: 4521099, 4554175 Fax: 92-21-4395001 E.Mail aasystem@super.net.pk Mr. Mohsin Hussain M/s.A.A. TRADERS M-12, Anum Palace, Opp: Custom House, Bohri Road, Kharadhar,Karaci Tel: 2201213 Mr. Altaf Hussain. Importer:Scrap

M/s.A.A. TRADERS 7-A, Asghari Market, M.A. Jinnah Road, Tel: 2423722 Fax: 92-21-2431557 Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim. Importer:Iron and Steel

M/s.A.A. TRADERS Shop No. 17, D-96\A-1, New Itehad Godown, S.I.T.E.,Karaci Tel: 32581900, 32581587 Fax: 92-21-34934263 Mr. Abdul Rehman

Importer:Generators and Engins Old and new M/s.A.A. TRADERS B-59, 1st Floor, Panorama Centre, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 5673413 Fax: 92-21-5671378 Hafiz Shahid Jamal. M/s.A.A. TRADERS 111-A, 5/4, Nazimabad, Tel: 6610684 Fax: 6648205 E.Mail calico@cyber.net.pk Mr. Nadir Patel M/s.A.A. TRADERS Plot No.D-156, Block-7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Tel: 4965550 Fax: 5206657 E.Mail asmat-d156@hotmail.com Mr. Ahsan Alam M/s.A.A. TRADERS 56, Moinabad Ext. Model Colony, Tel: 37080939 Fax: 34604013 E.Mail athar8381@yahoo.com Mr. Athar Ali M/s.A.A. TRADERS Shop No.3, Alam Cloth Market Opp: Textile Plaza, M.A. Jinnah Road,Karaci Tel: 03452893836 Mr. Muhammad Hashim M/s.A.A. TRADING CO. Office-81, 1st Floor, Gul Plaza, M.A. Jinnah Road,Karaci Tel: 32766428 Fax: 92-21-32771573 Mr. M. Arif. Importer:Crockery and Allied Items

M/s.A.A. TRADING CORPORATION G-9, Madras Hotel Building, Akhund A. Rehman Street, Jodia Bazar,Karaci Tel: 2446541, 2446701 Mr. Sohail Ahmed. Exporter:Import of plastic moulding compound M/s.A.A.A. DYEING & FINISHING Plot No.65, Sector-28, Korangi Industrial Area, Tel: 35048369 Fax: 35048360 E.Mail aaa_dying@yahoo.com Mr. Abdullah Sheikh M/s.A.A.M. TRADERS Plot#A-8, St-16/2, Bhangoria Goth, F.B. Area,Karaci Tel: 021-6324059 Mr. Abrar Ahmed Khan Manuf:Corrugated Rolls

M/s.A.A.Y. TRADERS 1301, City View Appartment & Shopping Mall, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 2790592 E.Mail tariqs_toys@yahoo.com Mr. Tariq Ahmed M/s.A.B. CORPORATION North Napier Road Tel: 2410954 Fax: 92-21-4534914 E.Mail abcorp@cyber.net.pk Mr. Abdul Waheed. Exporter:Fabrics\ Towels & Textiles Importer:Chemicals,Used Clothing, Cloth Manuf:Clothing,Yarn, Plants. Export of M/s.A.B. CORPORATION M.R.5/136, Thanai Lane, Virjee Street, Jodia Bazar,Karaci Tel: 2437775 Fax: 92-21-2426656 E.Mail bpl@cyber.net.pk Mr. Abdul Basit Haji Abdul Razzak Importer:Tea and Milk M/s.A.B. ENTERPRISE F-107, SITE, Tel: 32058160 E.Mail abdulpardesi@yahoo.com Mr. Muhammad Riaz Pardesi M/s.A.B. ENTERPRISES 120-C, Commercial Area, Phase-1, Defence Housing Authority,Karaci Tel: 5388678, 0300-2012121 Fax: 92-21-5384975 E.Mail abcenterprisesss@gmail.com Mr. Shaban Elahi Exporter:Leather goods Importer:Wall Papers M/s.A.B. INTERNATIONAL Shop No.187, Alam Market, Saleh Muhammad Street,Karaci Tel: 35440560 Mr. Zubair Hussain M/s.A.B. INTERNATIONAL AGENCY No. 9, Khubchand Building, BR 5, Chagla Street, Cloth Market,Karaci Tel: 2438836, 2439465 Fax: 92-21-2418759 E.Mail yarn2100@hotmail.com Mr. Mohammad Khalid. Importer:Synthetic Yarn

M/s.A.B. MIRZA & CO. 5-A, Pak Chambers, 7-West Wharf Road, Tel: 2311391, 2201841 Fax: 92-21-2314885 E.Mail linkerspak@hotmail.com Mrs. Sughra Begum. M/s.A.B. TRADERS (64) 11-A, Al-Noor Auto Market, Plaza Square, Preedy Street, Tel: 7727313, 7727303

Fax: 92-21-7726752 E.Mail abtraders@cyber.net.pk Mr. Mohammad Amin Sheikh. Importer:Industrial Roller Chain, Chain Block, Textile Machinery Parts

M/s.A.B. TRADING CO. 1/76, Zafri Manzil, Kutchi Gali No. 3, Jodia Bazar,Karaci Tel: 2436792, 2442589 Fax: 92-21-2425683 Mr. Mohammad Bashir. M/s.A.B.C. FISHING CORPORATION Ground Floor, Gulzar Chamber, 21, West Wharf Road, Tel: 2312615, 2312628 Mr. Shahbaz Anwer. Manuf:Fishing M/s.A.B.M. CORPORATION 1112 Chapal Plaza, Off: I.I. Chundrigar Road, Tel: 2419555 Fax: 92-21-2410994 E.Mail abm@cyber.net.pk Mr. Aamir Malik Exporter:Non Ferrous Metal Importer:Non ferrous & Ferrous metals M/s.A.B.M. INDUSTRIES LS-68, Sector-01, Qasba More, Manghopir Road, Tel: 32215754-7010499 Fax: 2215753 E.Mail tanwircma@yahoo.com Mr. Muhammad Basiruddin Haider M/s.A.B.S. ENGINEERING CORPORATION (PVT) LTD. Plot No. F-492, S.I.T.E., Tel: 2579818 Fax: 92-21-2567745 E.Mail absengg@cyber.net.pk Mr. Farhan Ahmed. Importer:Raw Material for Manufacturing of Sugar Machinery, Cement Plant, Machinery, Petrochemical Plant Machinerey Manuf:Sugar Machinery, Cement Plant Machinery, Petrochemical Plant Machinery

M/s.A.C. WORLD IMPEX Falak Mansion, 4th Floor, MR 5/109, Virjee Street, Jodia Bazar,Karaci Tel: 32751214 Fax: 92-21-3274180 E.Mail acworldimpex@cyber.net.pk Mr. Asif Chanda M/s.A.C.P. SYSTEMS 13, Naval Fleet Club, S.J. Shaheed Road, Tel: 7783726 Fax: 92-21-7783724 Shaikh Fazal Haq. M/s.A.C.T. INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. D-91, S.I.T.E., Tel: 02570144-46 Mr. S.M.I. Allawala. Importer:Al. Slugs, Printing Inks, Thinner Manuf:Aluminium Classible Tubes

M/s.A.E.K. INDUSTRIES C-49, SITE, Super Highway Tel: 6881079, 6881080 Fax: 92-21-6881472 E.Mail aek@pk.netsolir.com Mr. Zill-ur-Rehman Khan. M/s.A.E.S. TOOLS 15, Alisons Chambers, Jeswani Street, Off: Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road,Karaci Tel: 2424216 Fax: 92-21-2422700 Mr. Mustafa Asgherali. Importer:Cutting Tools, Measuring Tools and Machine Tool Accessories

M/s.A.F. ADIL BHAI 4,Adil Noor Chamber, Newnaham Road, Tel: 2412868,4540092 E.Mail afadil@cyber.net.pk Mr. Mohd. Ghayur Adil (Chand Mian Exporter:General Items Importer:General Items M/s.A.F. AGENCIES Room # 3, Ghulam Rasool Building Adamjee Dawood Road, Bombay Bazar,Karaci Tel: 2412530, 2436054 Fax: 92-21-2436054 E.Mail afagencies@yahoo.com Mr. Muhammad Arif Javed. M/s.A.F. EXPORT DP-36, Sector 12-D, Industrial Area, North Karachi,Karaci Tel: 6962734-6962733 Fax: 6962735 E.Mail af-export@cyber.net.pk Mr. Faheem Akhtar M/s.A.F. TRADING COMPANY 10, Mohammadi Terrace, Tayabji Road, Gari Khata,Karaci Tel: 2623757, 2627163 Fax: 2627813,2624113 E.Mail aftc@cyber.net.pk Mr. Akhlaq Ahmed. Services:Indentors/Importer M/s.A.F.A.R. ENTERPRISE A-43, Block-9, Yaseenabad, Federal 'B' Area,Karaci Tel: 6628656, 6324648 Fax: 92-21-6675486 Mr. S. Abbas Raza Jafri. Exporter:General Order Supplier Importer:Diesel General Part M/s.A.F.U. INTERNATIONAL Office No.138, Al Rehman Trade Centre, Shahrah-e-Liaquat,Karaci Tel: 32425416 Fax: 92-21-32410650 E.Mail sohniinternational@yahoo.com Mr. Wali Mohammad

M/s.A.G. & SONS Shop 24,Bliss Shopping Centre, Zaibun Nisa Street, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 35661101, 35670657 Fax: 92-21-35670657 Mr. Muhammad Abid. Exporter:Jewellery, Gems Manuf:Jewellery Gems M/s.A.G. ENTERPRISES A-18, Saima Villas, Block 'B', North Nazimabad, Tel: 6649112,6675396 Fax: 921-21-6644985 E.Mail agbird@cyber.net.pk Mr. Abdul Ghaffar. Importer:Live Birds and Pets M/s.A.G. FISHERIES (PVT) LTD. B/5, Fish Harbour, West Wharf Road, Tel: 2200200, 2311035 Fax: 2310318,23124 E.Mail agfish77@hotmail.com Mr. Hyder Ali. Exporter:Frozen Sea Foods

M/s.A.G. STEEL Office 211, Shahbaz Market, Plot # G-10, Near Liaquat Mkt. M.A. Jinnah Road,Karaci Tel: 32424684-85 Fax: 2424686 E.Mail a.g.steel@hotmail.com Mr. Muhammad Muneer M/s.A.G. SULEMAN & SONS 34, Sindh Market, M.A. Jinnah Road, Tel: 2577598 Fax: 92-21-2577608 Mr. M. Salim Ghaffar. Importer:Commercial M/s.A.G.E. INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. 103-A, Uni Centre, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Tel: 2414065-66 Fax: 92-21-2412014 E.Mail age@cyber.net.pk Mr. Faisal Yusaf Zia. Importer:Copper, Aluminium Ingot and PVC Manuf:Wire and Power Cables

M/s.A.G.P. (PVT) LIMITED B-23, S.I.T.E., Textile Avenue, Tel: 1110247-247 Fax: 92-21-2570610 E.Mail agp@agp.com.pk Mr. Asif Gohar. Exporter:Pharmaceutical Products Importer:Pharmaceuitcal raw Material, Semi Finished and Finished Goods Manuf:Pharmaceutical Products

M/s.A.H. CONSTRUCTION (PVT) LIMITED Mezzanine Floor,Building No.6-C, Lane# 4, Sehar Commercial Area, Phase VII, Defence H. Authority,Karaci

Tel: 35241976-77 Fax: 92-21-3524197 E.Mail mail@achi.biz Mr.Abdul Halim M/s.A.H. ENTERPRISES Office No.517, 5th Floor, ST-6/A, Block-14, Mashirq Centre, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,Karaci Tel: 34142000 Fax: 34571204 E.Mail ahenterprises25@yahoo.com Mr. Ayub Hussain M/s.A.H. GARMENTS Plot No.WSA-28, Block-3, Federal 'B' Area, Tel: 6313946 Fax: 92-21-6321954 E.Mail mybawany@cyber.net.pk Mr. Mohammad Yousuf. M/s.A.H. INTERNATIONAL R-294, Block-18, F. B. Area, Tel: 6360160 E.Mail ahint1971@gmail.com Mr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman M/s.A.H. ORTHOPAEDIC E-10, Naveed Bungalows, Gulistan-e-Jauhar-17, Tel: 4623969 Fax: 92-21-4623497 Mrs. Shehla Ashfaq. Exporter:uniautos10@yahoo.com M/s.A.H. PETROLEUM Plot # B-550, Block-1, Metrovil SITE, Tel: 8285695, 0300-2881783 Mr. Abdul Hameed M/s.A.H. RIZVI & CO. G-4, Qasim Manzil, Shahra-e-Liaquat, Tel: 2626725 Mr. Abdul Rashid. M/s.A.H. SONS E-10, Naveed Banglows, Block-17, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Tel: 34623498, 34623969 Fax: 92-21-34623497 E.Mail ahsons@multi.net.pk Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed Azmi. Importer:Prosthetic, Orthotic and Medical and Surgical Equipment, Parts and Raw Material

M/s.A.H.Z. ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD. 1st Floor, Ocean Centre, 40-Talpur Road, P.O.Box-4411,Karaci Tel: 2424615 Mr. Abdul Baseer Khawaja M/s.A.I. GEMS & JEWELLERS Shop No.12-B, Ground Floor, Asif Centre, Saddar, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road,Karaci Tel: 35222476 E.Mail aigems@hotmail.com Mr. Imran Elahi Exporter:Gems and Jewellery

M/s.A.I. INTERNATIONAL Flat No.512, 5th Floor, Al Habib Pride, 5CL-8, Civil Line,Karaci Tel: 2742771-2 Fax: 92-21-2742773 Mr. Muhamamd Amin Importer:Fabrics M/s.A.I.GARMENTS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED, SC-11, Block-N, North Nazimabad, Al Falah Appartment,Karaci Tel: 6679588 Fax: 6679589 Mr. Muhammed Harris Ansari M/s.A.I.M. TRADING CONCERN A-243, Block 'C', North Nazimabad, Tel: 579034 Mr. Azizuddin Badruddin. Exporter:Dried Salted Fish M/s.A.J. & COMPANY Mandviwala Chambers, Talpur Road, Tel: 2415851, 2415641 Fax: 92-21-2424772 E.Mail ajco@fascom.com Mr. Inayatullah Khan. Importer:Pharmaceutical M/s.A.J. CONTAINERS Office# 08, 2nd Floor, Business Chamber, B-17, SITE, Tel: 25505546-7-9 Fax: 92-21-2550548 E.Mail ajc.@ajcontiners.com Mr. Touseef Ahmed M/s.A.J. ENTERPRISE Flat# 6, 3rd Floor, Plot# 37-C, 13th Commercial Street, Phase-II Ext. DHA,Karaci Tel: 35382541 Fax: 92-21-3538279 E.Mail enterprize911@yahoo.com Mr. Aamir Barkat M/s.A.J. ENTERPRISES 7/55, D.M.C.H. Society, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Tel: 2422015, 4524685 Mr. Abdul Jabbar A. Sattar. Exporter:General Merchandise

M/s.A.J. ENTERPRISES SC-13, Noor Square, Opp: Askari Park Main University Road,Karaci Tel: 4860303, 4860404 Fax: 92-21-4860202 Mr. Mehmood Shaikhani Importer:Rubber Instalation Pipes and Sheets M/s.A.J. ENTERPRISES Shop No.3, MR 4/6, Market Qtr. Old Dispensery Road, Mithadhar,Karaci Tel: 2417278 E.Mail ajabil11@hotmail.com Mr. Abdul Jalil

M/s.A.J. INDUSTRIES A-35, S.I.T.E., Tel: 2564506-7, 2571461 Fax: 92-21-2574097 E.Mail mwci@super.net.pk Mr. Abdul Jabbar M/s.A.J. KABANI & SONS R/No. 5, Ground Floor, Poonawala View, Bohri Road, Near Custom House,Karaci Tel: 32316359-58 Fax: 92-21-32316360 Mr. Siraj Kabani. M/s.A.J. MIRZA PHARMA (PVT) LIMITED 1st Floor, Shafi Court, Mereweather Road, Civil Lines,Karaci Tel: 5680236, 5680203 Fax: 92-21-5680215 E.Mail info@ajmpharma.com Mr. Adnan Hussain M/s.A.J. NAWAB & CO. A-5, Aziz Mansion, Murad Khan Road, Khori Garden,Karaci Tel: 2414539, 2414385 Fax: 92-21-2424149 E.Mail ajnawab@hotmail.com Mr. Mohammad Abdullah. M/s.A.J. SONS CI-A5, St-9/1, Sector 16-B, North Karachi, Industrial Area,Karaci Tel: 6906973 Fax: 6906973 Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Khan Exporter:Home Textile Terry Towels Importer:Home Textile Terry Towels M/s.A.J. SPORTS 5-E, 8/6, Nazimabad, Tel: 6708549, 6612563 Fax: 92-21-6619793 E.Mail ajsports@cyber.net.pk Syed Ibne Haider Exporter:sports goods garments Importer:sports goods Manuf:sports goods garments M/s.A.J. TEX D-254, Hafiz Centre, SITE, E.Mail ajtexpk@gmail.com Mr. Muhammad Jahangir M/s.A.J. TRADERS Gul Muhammad Street, Nanakwara, Tel: 7733647, 7730975 Mr. Jamil-ur-Rehman. Importer:General Merchandise M/s.A.J. TRADING COMPANY 3/H, 1/31, 1st Floor, Nazimabad No.3, Gole Market, Tel: 35463126 Fax: 2470335 E.Mail a.jtradingco@yahoo.com Mr. Naeem Umer

M/s.A.J.E. ENTERPRISES CORPORATION H.No.80/1, C Area, Liaquatabad, Near Super Market, Police Station,Karaci Tel: 2011289 Syed Shafqat Ali M/s.A.J.S. TRADERS 43-E, Block-6, PECHS, Opp:Federal Express Off: Razi Road, Sharah-e-Faisal,Karaci Tel: 4397771-72 Fax: 92-21-4397779 E.Mail ajstraders@cyber.net.pk Mr. Asif Ismail Importer:Plastic Wires Cables Manuf:Commercial Importer M/s.A.K. BROTHERS L-39, Block-22, Federal 'B' Industrial Area, Tel: 6972535, 6956697 Fax: 92-21-6971936 E.Mail akbrothers98@yahoo.com Mr. Asif Inam. Exporter:Bathrobe and Terry Towel. M/s.A.K. BROTHERS 15, 2nd Floor, Mehboob Mension, Behind Motan Das Market, M.A. Jinnah Road,Karaci Tel: 32410983 Fax: 92-21E.Mail ghulamabbas352@hotmail.com Mr. Ghulam Abbas M/s.A.K. ELECTRONICS Mezzanine Floor, Plot # 1-16/C, Lane-1, Shahbaz Commercial, Phase-VI, DHA,Karaci Tel: 32762832 E.Mail akfaraz56@yahoo.com Mr. Waqas Arshad Services:Genset maintanance services provide M/s.A.K. ENTERPRISE Suite# 06, Ground Floor, Punawala Trade Tower, Chabbi Street,Opp: City Courts,Karaci Tel: 32713479, 32713486 Fax: 92-21-3257657 E.Mail akent1@cyber.net.com Mrs. Ambreen Akbar Exporter:Knitted Garments Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s.A.K. ENTERPRISES 604, Al-Rehmat Trade Centre, Dandia Bazar, Tel: 7775669 Fax: 92-21-7774961 E.Mail marvi5@cyber.net.pk Mr. Parvesh Kumar. Exporter:Rice

M/s.A.K. ENTERPRISES Off # 14, Park View Appartment, Block-13-A, Plot No.B-30, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,Karaci Tel: 4811315 Fax: 92-21-4811316 E.Mail khanarif-75@yahoo.com Mr. Arif Ahmed Khan.

M/s.A.K. ENTERPRISES 92/3, KMCHS, Alamgir Road, Tel: 5461155 Fax: 92-21-4893100 E.Mail ak-ent@cyber.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Asif Exporter:Fresh fruits and Veg. M/s.A.K. ENTERPRISES M-1, 30-D, South Park Avenue, Phase-2 Ext., DHA,Karaci Tel: 5880185-5883645 Fax: 5884604 E.Mail khalidkeen@yahoo.com Mr. Khalid Mukhtar Keen M/s.A.K. FASHION APPAREL INDUSTRIES DP-84-85, Sector 12/C, North Karachi Industrial Area, Tel: 6950354-57 Fax: 92-21-6993429 E.Mail akfashion@cyber.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Riaz Exporter:Kintwear Garments Garments Woven Importer:Garment Manuf:Knitwear Garments M/s.A.K. GEMS Shop No.49, Jewellers Centre, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 0332-3492943 Fax: 92-21-5211814 Mr. Abdul Qadir Exporter:Gems and Jewellers Importer:Gems & Jewelelrs Manuf:All kind of Stones Polki Jewelelry M/s.A.K. INDUSTRIES Plot No.29-C, 30-C, & 32-C, Sector 32-A, Korangi No.1,Karaci Tel: 2419394, 2419033 Fax: 92-21-2417768 E.Mail aki786@cyber.net.pk Mr. Tariq Zakaria. M/s.A.K. INDUSTRIES D-227/A, Metroville, SITE,Karaci Tel: 32566024-27 Fax: 32566025 E.Mail afrozekhan58@hotmail.com Mr. Afroze Arif M/s.A.K. INDUSTRIES Plot No.1D3/1, Sector 16-B, North Karachi Industrial Area Mr. Kashif Afzal Manuf:Knitted of Crocheted M/s.A.K. INTERNATIONAL Office 301, 3rd Floor, Al-Rehmat Centre, Dandya Street,Karaci Tel: 2725961-2 Fax: 92-21-2728685 Mr. Kirpal Das. M/s.A.K. INTERNATIONAL A-5, Moona Arcade, S.M.C.SH.S.,

Tel: 2777622 Mr. Mohammad Yousuf. M/s.A.K. INTERNATIONAL Office No.703, Anum Blessings, Block-2, Plot No.7/8, KCHSU,Karaci Tel: 34387597-34520634 Fax: 34325217 E.Mail akintl@cyber.net.pk Mr.Kaleemullah Yousfani M/s.A.K. MOTOR House No.1164, Street 26/B, Mehmoodabad No.5, Tel: 7083552 E.Mail ak.motor@yahoo.com Mr. Fazal Ghani M/s.A.K. SHIPPERS 3rd Floor, Quetta Building, Opp: City Court, Tel: 2774553-55 Fax: 92-21-2774552 E.Mail a.k.shippers@cyber.net.pk Mr. Wasiq Hussain Khan. Services:Clearing and Forwarding

M/s.A.K. TRADERS 13, Rahimi Market, Cloth Market Street, Mithadar,Karaci Tel: 2437228, 2444291 Fax: 92-21-2413408 E.Mail aktrd75@yahoo.com Mrs. Irum Mohammad Hussain. Importer:Handicrafts M/s.A.K. TRADERS Shop No.13-14, Akber Market, M.A. Jinnah Road,Karaci Mr. Muhammad Akram M/s.A.K. TRADING COMPANY 405, Sharjah Trade Centre, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Altaf Hussain Road,Karaci Tel: 32431123-6 Fax: 92-21-32414979 E.Mail papmfat@cyber.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Azeem. Importer:Soap Raw materials M/s.A.K. YARN TRADERS Shop No.7, Machiara Square, Moulji Street, Kharadhar,Karaci Tel: 2471595 Fax: 92-21-2472795 Mr. Abdullah Zaki. M/s.A.K. ZAHID 2-Mian Chamber, First Floor, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Tel: 2428000, 2410682 Fax: 92-21-2427802 Syed Muhammad Zahid Naseer. Importer:Garments M/s.A.K.Y. INTERNATIONAL Flat No.B-3, 1st Floor, Rockhaven Plot No.G-13, Block-8, Clifton,Karaci

Tel: 35835504 Mr. Khurram Exporter:Gen. items Importer:Computer items M/s.A.L. GARMENTS Plot # 9, ST-13/1, Sector 6-B, North Karachi,Karaci Tel: 36973087 Fax: 92-21-36973087 Mr. Asif Ahmed. Exporter:Hosiery Garments Manuf:Hosiery Garments M/s.A.L.U. INTERNATIONAL 512, Jilani Tower, M.A. Jinnah Road, Tel: 2401503-5 Fax: 92-21-2401506 E.Mail irfan@aluintl.com Mr. Muhammad Irfan Moton. Importer:Computer and Accessories

M/s.A.M. AISA ENTERPRISE Room # 709, 7th Floor, Hussain Trde Centre, Altaf Hussain Road, New Challi,Karaci Tel: 2219898, 2219899 Fax: 92-21-2219897 Mr. Farooq Muhammad. M/s.A.M. DISTRIBUTORS B-87-88, Mohammad Ali Housing Society, Tel: 4313628-29 Fax: 92-21-4313629 E.Mail amdistbr@cyber.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Rafiq M/s.A.M. ENGINEERING WORKS Plot No.1078/A, Block-C, Street-44, Alamgir Road, Shershah,Karaci Tel: 2576888 Fax: 92-21-2577388 Mr. Ali Muhammad M/s.A.M. ENTERPRISE Plot No.8, Sector 12-A, North Karachi Industrial Area, Tel: 6951665 Fax: 6951665 E.Mail m_uzairnaniya@yahoo.com Mr. Mohammad Uzair Ahmed Maniya Exporter:Safety matches M/s.A.M. ENTERPRISES Office# 14, Ground Floor, Poonawala View, Bohri Road, Opp: Custom House,Karaci Tel: 2204157, 2204158 Fax: 92-21-2204159 E.Mail ame1370@yahoo.com Mr. Abdul Mateen. M/s.A.M. ENTERPRISES D-57, Block-06, Federal 'B' Area, Tel: 2775555, 2773887 E.Mail am_doors@cyber.net.pk Mr. Abdul Majeed. Services:Supplyer of Timber

M/s.A.M. GARMENTS INC Plot No.8-10,20-22, Sector B-V, Karachi Export Processing Zone,Karaci Tel: 5082064-66 Fax: 5082070-71 Mr. Muhammad Munaf Atara Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Raw Material & accessories Manuf:Ready made Garments M/s.A.M. GLOBAL CO. Suite No.2, 49-C, 21st Commercial Street, DHA, Phase-II,Karaci Tel: 35312035-36 E.Mail kmipk@hotmail.com Mr. Khalid Mehmood Shah M/s.A.M. INDUSTRIES F-544, S.I.T.E., Tel: 2573522 Fax: 92-21-2573523 E.Mail amindustries@cyber.net.pk Mr. Mohammad Ashfaq. Manuf:Fabric Embroidery

M/s.A.M. INTERNATIONAL Suite No.202, 2nd Floor, Al Madina Market, Near New Jama Shopping Centre,Karaci Tel: 2213196 Fax: 92-21-2213196 E.Mail am.int@hotmail.com Mr. Shahbaz Hussain Exporter:Marble Leather Textile Handicrafts Importer:Leather Wet Blue Manuf:Marble, Leather goods etc M/s.A.M. MERCHANDISING (PVT) LTD. Plot No.25, Sector 12-C, North Karachi Industrial Are,a Tel: 6951700-04 Fax: 6950945 E.Mail ksource@cyber.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Altaf M/s.A.M. SALES & SERVICES 2, Rabeel Chamber, 2nd Floor, Stadium Road, Tel: 4940600, 4943400 Fax: 92-21-4923300 Mr. Anwer Habib Dhanani M/s.A.M. TEXTILE 61/R, Block-2, PECHS, Tel: 3455250-34521845 Fax: 34387052 E.Mail amtextile58@yahoo.com Sheikh Muhammad Munir M/s.A.M. TRADERS 202, Hassan Ali Centre, Mereweather Tower, M.A. Jinnah Road,Karaci Tel: 2439708 Fax: 92-21-2436784 Mr. Abdul Sattar Ibrahim. M/s.A.M. TRADING COMPANY Suite 143, 1st Floor, Block-13-D, Gulshn-e-Iqbal, Tel: 34952361

Mr. Azhar Maqsood M/s.A.M. TRADING CORPORATION # 202, Al-Hamra Arcade, M.A. Jinnah Road, Opp: Radio Pakistan,Karaci Tel: 2730434 Fax: 92-21-2730791 Mr. Nasir Jamal M/s.A.M. TRADING CORPORATION Plot No.C-166, Sector 35-A, Korangi INo.3 !/2, Zaman Town,Karaci Tel: 4279303 Mr. Gulzar Ahmed Tabbasum M/s.A.M. YOUSUF & CO. Katchi Gali No. 1, Marriot Road, Tel: 2437374 Fax: 92-21-2437211 Mr. Yousuf Ebrahim. Importer:scissors_silk@hotmail.com

M/s.A.M.A. LEATHER INDUSTRY 331, Sector 7/A, Korangi Industrial Area, Korangi,Karaci Tel: 5054834 Fax: 92-21-4936855 Mr. Aziz Ahmed. M/s.A.M.A. TRADERS 43-E, Block-6, PECHS, Opp:Federal Express Off: Razi Road, Shahra Faisal,Karaci Tel: 4397771-72 Fax: 92-21-4397779 E.Mail amatrading@cyber.net.pk Mr. M. Shoaib Ismail M/s.A.M.F. TANNERIES 2nd Floor, Salim Centre, Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A.) Street Jodia Bazar,Karaci Tel: 2417734, 2416034 Fax: 92-21-2430048 E.Mail amftanneries@cyber.net.pk Mr. Munawar Zafar M/s.A.M.R. ENTERPRISES Qasim Shah Road, Kuchi Masjid, Keamari, Near Shahjan Medical Store,Karaci Tel: 2862007,0333-2344125 Mr. Sultan Mehmood M/s.A.M.R. TRADERS 105-B, Abdullah Square, Opp: MCB New Challi Branch, New Challi,Karaci Tel: 2414864 Fax: 92-21-2473934 E.Mail amrtraders@gmail.com Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi M/s.A.M.Z. LOGISTICS 3-E, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Shahrah-e-Faisal, Tel: 021-4300054-55 Fax: 021-4392355 E.Mail info@amzlogistics.com Mr. Shahzad Akhtar Usmani

M/s.A.N. ELIAS Fazal Chamber, Murad Khan Road, Near Khori Garden,Karaci Tel: 2432224 Fax: 92-21-2412223 E.Mail aney.versatilemart@gmail.com Mrs. Rehana Yahya M/s.A.N. ENTERPRISE 3/6, Abid Chambers, New Challi, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Tel: 2211996 Fax: 92-21-2625051 E.Mail shaf@cyber.net.pk Mr. Aqeel Husain. Exporter:Technical Consultants M/s.A.N. INTER FASHIONS C-23, Plot No.L-16, Block-22, F. B. Area,Karaci Tel: 36378119-6829978 Fax: 36378119 E.Mail anfashion@hotmail.com Sheikh Irshad Ahmed Exporter:Textile products M/s.A.N. INTERNATIONAL Shop No.7, Shan Centre, Plot 13A,Commercial Block-II, Metrovile III, Scheme-33, Gulzar-e-Hijri,Karaci Tel: 38685370 Fax: 92-21Mr. Muhammad Abid M/s.A.N. SAKHI SAIN SEHLI SARKAR ENTERPRISES, Office-2097, Astan-e-Alya, Awami Colony-01, Mills Area, Korangi,Karaci Tel: 03459602777 E.Mail a.n.enterprises40@yahoo.com Mr. Nasir Khan M/s.A.O.L. APPAREL (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.6/2, Sector-15, Korangi Industrial Area, Tel: 5070951-8520091 E.Mail aolapparel@yahoo.com Mr. Mohammad Latif Sadiq M/s.A.P. SHARIF COMBINE (PVT) LTD. 17-A, Jamaluddin Afghani Road, Tel: 34930085 E.Mail apscltd@cyber.net.pk Mr. Ahmed Sharif. M/s.A.Q. & COMPANY 10-11, Eidgah, M.A. Jinnah Road, Tel: 7766809, 7766815 Fax: 92-21-7725939 Mst. Shehla Rashid Hashmi. Manuf:Textile Goods M/s.A.Q. ENTERPRISES A-21, 2nd Floor, Malik Appartment, Malir Halt,Karaci Tel: 4594533, 4593065 Fax: 92-21-4594033 E.Mail aqenterprises@hotmail.com Mr. Abdul Qayyum.

Exporter:Livestock Animals, Animal Food Stuff Importer:Skin Leather Scrap

M/s.A.Q. RICE PROCESSING MILLS Plot No.F-22/A, SITE, Tel: 32071655 E.Mail aqrice@hotmail.com Mr. Muhammed Faisal Exporter:Rice M/s.A.Q. TRADERS Room#2, Deenar Tower, Plot#21. Survey No.w0-7, M.A.Jinnah Road, Opp: City Court,Karaci Tel: 2731564 Fax: 92-21-2760942 Mr. Abdul Qadir M/s.A.Q. ZINDANI'S GEMS & JEWELS Shop No.G/6-A, Plot Bearing Survey No.185, SB-7,Shahrah-eIraq, Opp: Murshid Bazar,Saddar,Karaci Tel: 35662630 Mr. Aijaz Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Importer:Gems nd Jewellery Manuf:Gems and Jewellery M/s.A.R. & SONS Office No-14,4th Floor, Noor Bai Hajiani Manzil, Kachi Memon Gali-2, Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2259158 Fax: 92-21-2784700 Mr. Abdul Razzaq Qureshi M/s.A.R. ABDUL SATTAR & CO. Suite# 401-402, 4th Floor, Business & Finance Centre, I.I. Chundrigar Road,Karaci Tel: 2446705/8 Fax: 92-21-2446553 Mr. Abdul Samad Gadit. Exporter:Textile Fabrics M/s.A.R. APPAREL Plot No.148/149, Sector 9-D, Saeedabad, Baldia Town, Tel: 2819565 Fax: 2819565 E.Mail ohbajwa@cyber.net.pk Mr. Riaz Ahmed Bajwa Exporter:Trading and Handicrafts Manuf:Garments, Woven knitted M/s.A.R. COMMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL Shop # 30, Waqar Centre, Mohammad Feroze Street, Jodia Bazar,Karaci Tel: 2444011 Mrs. Aisha. Manuf:Construction M/s.A.R. CORPORATION Plot No.B-116, Lease No.A-287 Khando Goth, North Nazimabad, Near Zahoor Zafrani St.Karaci Mr. S.M. Kashif Qaseemuddin M/s.A.R. ENTERPRISES 401 Arfeen Arcade, Chand Bibi Road, NanakwaraKaraci

Tel: 9215556-7 Mr. Riaz Shahid. M/s.A.R. ENTERPRISES B-207, Block-18, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Tel: 4969584 Fax: 92-21-2723718 E.Mail united_mr@hptmail.com Mr. Asif Juma Importer:Agricultural prodocts M/s.A.R. ENTERPRISES L-9, Erum Centre, Block-16, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,Karaci Tel: 4976539 Fax: 92-21-4979657 Mr. Abdul Rasheed Importer:Metal Scrap M/s.A.R. ENTERPRISES Near Eidgah and Madeena Cutt Piece, Future Colony, Landhi,Karaci Tel: 35401645 Fax: 3501516 E.Mail ar_enterprises22@yahoo.com Mr. Anwar Hussain Keeryo M/s.A.R. ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED 203, 2nd Floor, Saima Trade Tower, I.I. Chundrigar Road,Karaci Tel: 2411485 Mr. Muhammad Altaf. M/s.A.R. GARMENTS L-22, Block-21, Federal 'B' Area, Tel: 6333585 Fax: 92-21-6332244 E.Mail argarments@cyber.net.pk Mr. A. Rauf Patel. Exporter:Hosiery Knit Garments Importer:Raw Material/Accessories Manuf:Hosiery Knit Garments

M/s.A.R. HOSIERY WORKS 305, 'B' Block, Adamjee Nagar, Kathiawar Cooperative H. Society Tel: 2562953-54 Fax: 92-21-2564612 E.Mail arhwpk@fascom.com Mr. Mohammed Rafiq. Exporter:Hosiery Knitted Garment, Bed Sheets,Textile Items Importer:Chemical, Machinery Manuf:Hosiery Knitted Garments. M/s.A.R. HUSAIN & CO (PVT) LTD. Safa House, 3rd Floor, Abdullah Haroon Road, Tel: 5675556-7 Fax: 92-21-5206323 E.Mail ppel@super.net.pk Syed Absar H. Rizvi. M/s.A.R. IMPEX 202, 2nd Floor, Hasan Ali Centre, M.W. Tower, M.A. Jinnah Road,Karaci Tel: 3243784

Fax: 32436784 E.Mail anwer_abdulsattaar_04@hotmil.com Mr. Anwer Abdul Sattar M/s.A.R. INDUSTRIES F-602-A, S.I.T.E., Tel: 2570055-56 Fax: 92-21-2570058 Mr. Mohammad Muneer. Manuf:Weaving, Sizing, Warping.

M/s.A.R. KHAN & SONS (PVT) LTD. Ground Floor, 51-Timber Pond, Kemari, Tel: 2851406-7 Fax: 2851400 Syed Alay Javed Zaidi. M/s.A.R. LEATHER INDUSTRIES Plot No.227, Sector 7-A, Korangi Industrial Area, Tel: 5116487-88, 5116519 Fax: 92-21-5116520 E.Mail info@arleather.com Shaikh Muhammad Saleem M/s.A.R. LINING Haji Ilys Building, 1st Floor, O.T.9/43, Abbal Chowk, Kaghzi Bazar,Karaci Tel: 32421857 Fax: 92-21-32470241 Mr. Zakir Hanif Importer:Textile Accessories Manuf:Textile Accessories M/s.A.R. LOGISTICS 17-B, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, DHA, Phase-VI, Tel: 5240437 Ms. Ayesha Hashim M/s.A.R. PLASTIC Plot No. D-156, Shed No. 19, S.I.T.E. Avenue,Karaci Tel: 4914382 Mr. Altaf Hussain. M/s.A.R. SALEHBHAI & CO. Campbell Street, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Tel: 2633422 Fax: 92-21-2625443 E.Mail salehbhai@gmail.com Mr. Ali Masood. Exporter:Export of Heros Spices Dry Rose Importer:Flowers M/s.A.R. SUBSOIL WATER SERVICES House No.E-95, Metrovil, SITE, Tel: 2591997,0301-2226613 Mr. Siddique Ali Khan M/s.A.R. TAHIR BROTHERS 39, Saigal Market, Zaibun Nisa Street, Saddar,Karaci

Tel: 35676085, 35676683 Fax: 92-21-35682063 E.Mail a.r.tahir@attqlobal.com Mr. Abdul Razzaque Tahir Exporter:Gems & Jewellery Importer:Gemstones Rough & Cut Manuf:Gems cutting Precious & Semi Precio M/s.A.R. TRADERS 90-A, Block-A, Virjee Street, Jodia Bazar, Tel: 2439073, 2442323 Fax: 92-21-2417262 E.Mail farko@khi.compol.com Hajiani Kulsum. Exporter:Exporter of Commodity. M/s.A.R. TRADERS Shop No.2, H.No.122-1-C Road, Bihar Colony, Tel: 2537488 E.Mail gmustafajavid@yahoo.com Mr. Naeem Shahzad Importer:Paper M/s.A.R. TRADERS 101, Adam Ali Bhai Bldg., Ali Akber Street, Juna Market,Karaci Tel: 2525366 E.Mail zoaibar@gmail.com Mr. Zoaib Asghar Ali Importer:Commercial Hardware Tools etc M/s.A.R. TRADERS Z-666, Street-13, Zia ul Haq Colony, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block-1,Karaci Tel: 36021844 E.Mail ar.traders@live.com Mr. Abdul Rasheed M/s.A.R. TRADERS J.J. Centre, 103, First Floor, Daryalal Street, Jodia Bazar, Tel: 32441781 E.Mail artraders_karim@hotmail.com Mr. Abdul Karim M/s.A.R. TRADING First Floor, Sheba Centre, Chaddi Lane, Marriot Road,Karaci Tel: 2435386 Fax: 92-21-2435386 Mr. Abdul Rehman. M/s.A.R. YARN TRADING Shop No. 24, Ground Floor, Ateeq Cloth Market, Kharadhar,Karaci Tel: 2312967, 2312959 Fax: 92-21-2310577 E.Mail agartextile@yahoo.com Mr. Abdul Razzak Agar. M/s.A.R.I.I. INTERNATIONAL Room No.203, 2nd Floor, New Jillani Market, Islami Chowk, Marriot Road,Karaci Tel: 32474214 E.Mail irfan2474@yahoo.com Mr. Muhammad Irfan M/s.A.R.K. INTERIORS

29/D, Block-6, PECHS, Nursery Furniture Market, Tel: 4557692-4557696 E.Mail ark-interior@hotmail.com Mr.Muhamamd Farooq Amin M/s.A.R.O.(PVT) LIMITED Room No.12, Hotel Metropole Building, Club Road,Karaci Tel: 5660415, 5218081-5 Fax: 5672056,5682316 E.Mail aro@cyber.net.pk Mr. Feroze Jamall M/s.A.R.Y. TRADERS (PVT) LIMITED 6th Floor, SB-5, Madina City Mall, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 5657602-05 Fax: 5688206 Haji Jan Mohammad M/s.A.S. & SONS GEMS Shop No.37, New Jewellers Centre Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 35212408, 35662408 E.Mail nauman_asr@yahoo.com Mr. Muhammad Noman M/s.A.S. & SONS GEMS Shop No.G-37, New Jewellers Centre, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road, Tel: 35212408 E.Mail aamirsattar@hotmail.com Mr. Muhammad Aamir M/s.A.S. CORPORATION Flat No.4th Floor, Plot No.30, Yousuf Plaza, Near Jungle Shah, Kemari,Karaci Tel: 32316392 Fax: 32316393 E.Mail asawan13@yahoo.com Mr. Muhammad Azam M/s.A.S. ENGRVING 28-C Area, Choona Depot., Gujroo Nala, Liaquatabad,Karaci Tel: 4855862, 0300-9259160 Fax: 0300-9259160 Mr.Samiuddin M/s.A.S. ENTERPRISE Shet # 3, Plot # 39, Block-22, Federal 'B' Industrial Area, Tel: 6364360, 0300-92687 E.Mail asenterprise2005@yahoo.com Mr. Abdul Rauf. M/s.A.S. ENTERPRISES R-1322, Sector 15-A/4, North Karachi,Karaci Tel: 6997570 Mrs. Salma Arif M/s.A.S. KHALIL & CO. Suite No. 1010, 10th Floor, Kawish Crown, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal,Karaci Tel: 4384441, 4384442 Fax: 4384446,5206474

E.Mail yaallah@fascom.com Mr. A.Q. Khalil. Importer:Paper and Board M/s.A.S. NATURAL STONE Ofice No.4, 11th Floor, Sharja Trade Centre, New Challi,Karaci Tel: 2464461-62 Fax: 2464463 Mr. Abdul Sattar Qureshi Exporter:Telcum soap M/s.A.S. SOURCING R-1873, Block-14, F.B. Area, Dastagir Society, E.Mail assourcing@cyber.net.pk Mr.M. Adil Siddiqui M/s.A.S. TRADING CO. Office 323, Shams Chamber, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Tel: 2429243 E.Mail xtoahmed@hotmail.com Mr. Saleem Memon Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Garments Importer:Toys, Showpieces M/s.A.S. TRADING CO. 605, Uni Plaza, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Tel: 35487808 Fax: 34112804 E.Mail rizwan682004@yahoo.com Mr. Rizwan Ahmed M/s.A.S. TRADING CO. Suite No.712, 1st Floor, PIB Colony, Tel: 7644010 Fax: 4938725 E.Mail a.s-trading_company@yahoo.com Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq Khawaja M/s.A.S.E. TRADERS Office No.1, Golden Jewellery Centre, MR.7/48,571 Weaver Lane, Adamjee Dawood Road,Karaci Tel: 2439920, 2439921 Fax: 92-21-2446444 E.Mail ase_khatri@yahoo.com Mr. Abdul sattar Essani Importer:Textile dyes and Auxialaries M/s.A.S.F. ENTERPRISE Flat # 01, Plot # 10-C, Lane-5, Zam Zama Commercial, Phase-V, Defence Housing Authority,Karaci Tel: 5370849, 5370850 Fax: 92-21-5370801 E.Mail asfent@cyber.net.pk Mr. Shahid Jawed. Importer:Auto Parts

M/s.A.S.H. ENTERPRISES Shop No.1, Anum Classic, Opp: Duty Free Shop, Shahrah-e-Faisal,Karaci Tel: 4391664 E.Mail ashenterprise@hotmail.com Mr. Muhammad Arif. M/s.A.S.K. CORPORATION Ground Floor, Plot No.1168,

Block-3,Hussainabad, Federal B Area,Karaci Tel: 36348148 Haji Tayyab M/s.A.S.K. ENTERPRISES A- Burhan Centre, 1st Floor, Suite No.2 97 Depot Line, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 32231067 Fax: 332231067 Mr. F. Khursheed M/s.A.S.T. (PVT) LTD. Saba Square, 2-C, Phase-V Ext., Saba Commercial Street No. 3, Defence Housing Authority,Karaci Tel: 5850070, 5843261 Fax: 5850814,5850074 E.Mail astpvtltd@cyber.net.pk Mr. Shahid Majeed. Exporter:Textile Made Ups Manuf:Textile Made Ups

M/s.A.S.T. INTERNATIONAL 405, Al-Falah Market, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar,Karaci Tel: 2766360 Fax: 92-21-2776515 E.Mail astint33@yahoo.com Mr. Talib Baig M/s.A.T. TRADERS H.No.1046, Block-16, F.B. Area, Near Saghir Centre,Karaci Tel: 99241499 E.Mail asif_ahmedd@hotmail.com Mr. Asif Ahmed Exporter:Gen. items M/s.A.T.M. ASSOCIATES 3rd Floor, Quetta Building, Opp: City Court, Tel: 7774553-5 Fax: 92-21-7774552 E.Mail a.k.shippers@cyber.net.pk Mrs. Ambreen Wasiq. M/s.A.T.M. TRADING & MARKETING 3rd Floor, Quetta Building, Opp: City Court, Tel: 2774553-5 Fax: 92-21-2774552 Mrs. Ambreen Wasiq. Importer:Marine Surveyors

M/s.A.U. ANSARI & CO. B-24, Firdous Colony, Gulbahar, Main Road, No.7, Tel: 0300-7091976 Mr. Mohammad Khalid Ansari. M/s.A.U. ENTERPRISES F-276, S.I.T.E., Tel: 2580303 Fax: 92-21-2580405 Mr. Muhammad Altaf. Manuf:Weaving. M/s.A.U. FISHERIES

D-6, Fish Harbour, West Wharf Roa, Tel: 2311209 Fax: 92-21-2313777 E.Mail aufishries@hotmail.com Mr. Muhammad Farooq. Exporter:Sea foods M/s.A.U. SOAP & DETERGENT (PVT) LIMITED, 28, Hilal Chamber, 2nd Floor, Jodia Bazar, Tel: 2432578 Sh. Ali Rauf M/s.A.U. TEXTILES 72-B-II, 2nd Sunset Street, Phase-II Ext., D.H.A.,Karaci Tel: 5804741-2 Fax: 92-21-5896816 E.Mail qutext@cyber.net.pk Mr. Abdul Qadir M/s.A.U. TRADING CORPORATION 69/B, 5th Sunset Street, Defence Phase-II Extension, Tel: 5804742 Fax: 92-21-5896816 E.Mail autrading@cyber.net.pk Mrs. Tabassum A. Qadir. M/s.A.W. APPAREL Plot No.1-A, Sector 12-C, North Karachi Industrial Area, Tel: 4264261, 6963060 Mr. Muhammad Junaid Alam M/s.A.W. BILWANI 10 Irfan Terrace, Stadium Road, Tel: 4934597 Fax: 92-21-4925440 E.Mail awblwani@khi.comsnet.pk Mr. A. Wahid Bilwani Exporter:Wiping Towels Importer:Plastic Molding compound M/s.A.W. BROTHERS 17/C, Flat No.1, Zam Zama Boulivard Commercial Lane-4, DHA,Karaci Tel: 35894428-9 Fax: 35894432 E.Mail mecom2cyber.net.pk Mr. Abdul Wahid M/s.A.W. ENTERPRISES Plot# F-8/1/4, Banglow# 7, KDA Scheme# 1, Tel: 4527102, 4520706 Fax: 92-21-4527103 E.Mail awalam@cyber.net.pk Mr. Khalid Zia. Services:Buying & Sourling Agency M/s.A.W. ENTERPRISES Shop No. 31, Sunny Plaza, Hasrat Mohani Road, Tel: 2639551-2 Fax: 92-21-2635706 E.Mail awg99@hotmail.com Mr. Mohammad Athar Khan. Exporter:Textile Goods, Kitchen Towel, Bed Sheet, Gloves

M/s.A.W. TEJANI & CO. Suit#113,1st Fl.,Business Avenue Opp:Jason Trade Centre, Shahrah-e-Faisal,Block 6,PECHS,Karaci Tel: 4315092-94 Fax: 92-21-4315091 E.Mail tejani@cyberaccess.com.pk Mr. Abdul Wahid Tejani. M/s.A.W.S. ENTERPRISES L-129, Block 4/A, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Tel: 4962773 Fax: 92-21-4967773 Mr. Shahnawaz Ahmed Exporter:Textile M/s.A.Y. ELECTRIC STORE Shop No.21, Shakil Centre, Mandviwala Building, Serai Road, Tel: 32432008 Mr. Muhammad Ashraf M/s.A.Y. SERVICES (PVT) LTD. B/1, Manghopir Road, S.I.T.E., Tel: 2581482 Fax: 92-21-5684594 Mr. Khalid Firoz Arfeen. M/s.A.Y. TRADERS Office No.2, Plot No.13-C, Zamzama Commercial Lane-3, Phase-V, DHA,Karaci Tel: 35834293 Fax: 35363134 E.Mail aytraders52@gmail.com Mr. Yousuf Exporter:Garments M/s.A.Z. APPAREL (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.7-A, ST-2, North Karachi Industrial Area, Tel: 6957629 Fax: 92-21-6994526 Syed Nahid Abbas M/s.A.Z. CORPORATION 27 Altaf Market, Near NIB Bank, Bombay Bazar,Karaci Tel: 32751522 Fax: 32751523 Mr. Abdul Dawood M/s.A.Z. TRADERS 1135-36, Basment KMC Market, New Boltan Market, M.A. Jinnah Road,Karaci Tel: 2473303 E.Mail aztrader-1@hotmail.com Mr. Mohammad Qasim Exporter:Handicraft Importer:Gift items Manuf:Glass Kaba Model Quranic items M/s.A.Z. TRADING House No.c-147/1, Block 'D', North Nazimabad, Tel: 36672823 E.Mail mfaizan@hamdard.net.pk Mr. Muhammad Azam Qureshi Importer:Compressor Scrap M/s.A2M ENTERPRISES

Darul Aman Co.A2Z CREATORZ C-1.pk Mr.com Manuf:Trading M/s.Mail zohaib@a2zcreatorz.A2Z TRADERS Office No. Exporter:silvotex@cyber.co. Main Shahra-e-Faisal. Sunset Lane 3.Karaci Tel: 2413632-33.AA RICE PROCESSING MILL 6-7. 3rd Floor.A2Z TRADING COMPANY 510-511-B. Exporter:Rice M/s. 2413637 Fax: 92-21-2410631 Mr. Muhammadi House. Phase-II Ext. Tel: 35652167 Mr.com Mr.AAA ENTERPRISES 40.net. Trade Avenue.I. Mehmood Ahmed Exporter:Electronic Importer:Electronic M/s. Manzoor Hussain M/s. Mezzanine Floor.pk Importer:noorwala_pk@yahoo. 1st Floor. Defence Housing Authority. . Chundrigar Road. M. Bahadurabad.Karaci Tel: 5385205-7 Fax: 92-21-5385618 E..Mail aaircemill@hotmail.enterprise@hotmail. Off: I.Karaci Tel: 2744401 E.net. Tel: 2621045 Fax: 92-21-2639073 E.com Mr. Abdullah Haroon Road. Adam Arcade.J-2/13 Pak Jamhoria Colony. Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Near PNS Shifa Hospital.uk Syed Wajahat Ali. Saddar.Hasrat Mohani Road.Mail swali10@yahoo.com Mr. I.Karaci Tel: 2424134-135 E.Society.Chundrigar Road. Asad Amjad Farooq.AAA ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED 301. Tel: 2413632-33 Fax: 92-21-2410631 E. I.com Mr. Saima Trade Towers. Arshad Farooq.5.I. Chundrigar Road. Shahjahan Electronic Centre. Importer:Raw Material required on CKD Basis for Television Manuf:Hisense Television M/s. Bhadur Shah Zafar Road.Mail seabird@cyber. Mohammed Arshad Khaliq.Mail a2z_powercell@hotmail.H.Karaci Tel: 32762212 Fax: 2764729 E.op. Muhamamd Shahzad Pashta M/s.Mail aaa.I.Zoahib Khan M/s. M/s.AAA ENTERPRISES 424.AAEY ZEE ASSOCIATES 86.

Tel: 35830797 Mr. M/s. Imran Scher G.AAMIR CORPORATION N.Karaci Tel: 32523272-32526775 . Importer:Dr_shaheendumsule@hotmail. Kamran Ahmed M/s. Tel: 6375930 Fax: 92-21-7736632 Mrs. Jodia Bazar. Phase II. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5894101 Fax: 92-21-5888778 E.pk Mr. Gul Mohammad Street. 0320-40228 E. M/s.com Sheikh Ahmed Zamir M/s. Sarhad Ittehad Colony.Mail kamran_trader@hotmail.73.Mail aajzee@hotmail. S. Zamzama. Tel: 36686522 Mr.net.Karaci Tel: 4528209. Federal 'B' Area.com Mr.AAK KAY L-62.AAMIR AND CO M-1 No-48.S.H.AAJ TELECOM Room No.12/70. Defence Housing Authority. Tel: 7525712 Mr. Allah Dina Street. Block-2.AAMIR CORPORATION 24B/1.Ponawala Appartment Opp: Custom House. Reno Centre. Aamir.AALIZEHH ENTERPRISES 303.E. Circular Street.AAL-E-IMRAN Office No.AAMIR & CO. Moin Hyder Exporter:Textile items Manuf:Textile items M/s. Tel: 32730860 Fax: 92-21-32762251 E.P.Mail aal-e-imran@hotmail. Muhammad Bashir M/s. Tel: 32313094 Fax: 32310420 E. Avanti Park View. New Golimar. Randle Road. Allama Iqbal Road. Clifton..com Mr.C.Mail info@aalizehh. P. Mohammad Iqbal. Peerabad. 141-A. Importer:Green Energy Equipment (Wind Soler) Manuf:AEL (Allizehh Electronic Low Journal (Software) M/s.Tel: 4526696.AALI COTTON 8/10. Jodia Bazar. 4558669 Fax: 92-21-4523891 E. Aasia Pervin.7.Mail aamir-corp@cyber. Shahid Salim.com M/s.com Mr. Block-9.

Block-10-A. Ramla Mohammad Sh. Al Hamra Centre. M/s. Exporter:aghas@cyber. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s.Mail fahad.AAMIR CROCKERY CENTRE N.2.AAR AEM L-20. Mehboob Chambers. Tel: 6319810 Fax: 92-21-7736632 Miss.com Mr.pk Mr. M. 0300-2189009 Mr. Naeem Arif.AAMIR ENTERPRISES F-11.pk Mr.Mail umeraqeel@gmil. Aamir Aslam Sheikh.future@hotmail.net. 7775305 Fax: 92-21-7767145 E. Shop No.E. North KarachiKaraci E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Tel: 5375375. M/s. Muhammad Aqeel M/s.AAQIB TRADING COMPANY S.Mail aamirent@gem.Karaci Tel: 7733577.33.com Mr. Block-9.Karaci Tel: 4536424 E.net.16. Clifton.AAMIR INTERNATIONAL Room No.13/53. Aamir Shahzad.AAMIR GENERAL STORE 4/97-A.No. Plot # 78/A. Federal 'B' Area. Delhi Colony.24392 E. Baba-e-Urdu Road.net. Jinnah Road.AAN CORPORATION Flat # 302. Overseas Cooperative Housing.P. Block 7 & 8.A. M/s.pk Mr.pk Importer:Knitted and Woven Garments Manuf:Knitted and Woven Garments M/s.Mail lakha80@super. Khayaban-eShagufta. Tel: 32007654 E. Juna Market. Adamjee Dawood Road.AASAZIA ENGINEERING SERVICES A-30.AAMNA ENTERPRISES Shop # 08. 3rd Floor. 32205668 Fax: 2433046.Mail mobin@cyber. Moeen Steel Market.Karaci Tel: 32311353.com Mr.Muhammad Aamir Exporter:Spices & Kiryana M/s. Bhagnari Street.Karaci Tel: 2542566 Fax: 92-21-2210577 Shaikh Muhammad Aslam. Jodia Bazar. Fahad Ahmed M/s. 1st Floor. Tel: 34964431 Fax: 92-21-34986748 . Sector 11/H.Mail aamir89000@hotmail.net. Importer:General Products M/s. Bilal Ahmad Aamir.

Bohrapir. 421/422. Khayaban-e-Jami. Mehran Town Korangi industrial Area.Mail aashnipk@yahoo.Mail abtextile@hotmail. Aashiana Shopping Mall. SITE. Altaf Hussain Ismail M/s. 5th Floor. SITE. Muhamamd Arshad Jangda Manuf:Printers M/s.net. Abdullah M/s. Imtiaz Ali M/s. Shahzad Ali Siddiqui M/s. Tel: 2727989 Fax: 2776699 E. 2nd Floor. New Challi. Tel: 34984346. M/s.AASHAN ENTERPRISES 9/5.Maujee Street.Karaci Tel: 6952953 Fax: 92-21-6907071 E.AAY JAY COMUNICATION B-127. KarachiKaraci Tel: 35122525. Risla Police Station.com Mr.pk Syed Haider Ali Naqvi Importer:Steel Sheets Manuf:Metal Sheet Auto pats M/s.Mail aashir_altaf@hotmail. Near Metrowell.com Mr. Sector 6-F.AB ENGINEERING (PVT) LIMITED F-563.AAY AAY AEN 17. Afzal Ahmed Khan. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com Mr.CI-383/384. Tel: 2551370-75 Fax: 92-21-2551376 E. Ramzan Ali Aagria M/s.Karaci Tel: 0300-2194615 Mr. North Karachi.AASIA INTERNATIONAL D-198.AASHIR TRADERS A-1905.co. 4/314. Shafiq Plaza. Sharjah Trade Centre.AASHIR AND BILAL TRADERS R.Mail alibros@cyber.Mr.03002194259 E.Karaci Tel: 32410643 Fax: 32434606 E.AASHIANA REHMAN FABRICS Shop No.28.com Mr. Clifton Road. Workers Avenue. Altaf Hussain Road. Ranchore Line. 37774439 Fax: 92-21-2312166 E. Sector 16-B. Metroville III.Mail libritepk@hotmail. Adj. Nishter Road.Karaci Tel: 35869434 Mr. Naveed Ashraf Khan M/s.AB TEXTILES Plot No.Mail aasia07@yahoo.C.com .uk Mr. Tel: 32568597 Fax: 92-21-32580701 E.Mail abidprinters@hotmail.

H.Karaci Tel: 4535112. M/s.ABAD & ARBAZ GEMS Shop No. Virjee Street.ABBAS BUILDERS LIMITED 2nd Floor. Ground Floor. 123.U.pk Mr.ABAAD SONS Amna Villa.Mail abakafoods@cyber.Mail habibark@fascom. Opp: Police Head Office. Mujahid Abbas.I.Mail shah6465@yahoo. Gaffar A. Block-14. Mohammad Javed. Tel: 4619577 Mr.. Dry Fruits. B. I.C.net.com Mr. Importer:Industrial Sewing Machines M/s.ABAKAFOODS TRADING ESTABLISHMENT M.R. Tahir Zeb Exporter:Gems & Jewellers Importer:Gems & Jewellers Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s. Importer:Seeds. M/s. Feeds.Karaci Tel: 2411887 Fax: 92-21-2414581 E. Tel: 2428335 Fax: 2470961 Mr. Anam Pride. 48-H.Mr. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. A/22.Karaci Tel: 35211389 E. Muhammad Bilal M/s. Mohsin G. UBL Building.ABBAS ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES LTD. Sarai Road. 5/96.ABBAS CORPORATION 14.24123 E.pk Mr. Near Sindh Madarsah. Sadaf Centre.com Mr. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.SA-5.Mail abbasapp@khi. Rice. Adamjee Nagar. . Saddar. 449819 Fax: 92-21-4542332 Mr. Rashid. Shakeel Centre. Tel: 0300-3521276 Mr. Habib.ABBAS APPAREL MACHINERY CO. Spices M/s. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Block. Block 7 & 8. Exporter:Clearing & Forwarding Agents Services:Clearing and forwarding Agent M/s. 2418177 Fax: 2417371. Manuf:Grey Cloth M/s. 300. Jodia Bazar. Muhammad Imran. Old Clifton. Services:Construction M/s. Chundrigar Road. Tel: 4520601. Silver Town Korangi 1/2. Tel: 2415568.G-11-12.net. 4535125 Fax: 92-21-4535108 E. Vegetables. K.wol. Zakaria Siddique.ABASI ENTERPRISES L-412.ABBAS BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS Plot No. Dry Fish.S. Nadeem Ali.

Machinery Parts. Block-1..ABBAS MOHAMED ALI & CO.Products. M/s. 2434572 Fax: 92-21-2416817 Mr. M. Iqbal Hussain Agha M/s.ABBAS SHIPBREAKING INDUSTRIES Plot No. Exporter:Manufacturer and Exporter of Importer:Textile and Garments M/s.Mail abbastex@khi.wol.net. Tel: 7724636. Mclean Street.48.Mail rahid@cyber.Karaci Tel: 6668125 Fax: 92-21-6668125 E.E. Tel: 5046044 Mr. Ball/Roller Bearing.S. Plaza Quarters. Mezzanine Floor.Karaci Tel: 4302542-43 . Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 5870171-2 Fax: 92-21-5870708 Mr.St-1. Bailing Hoopes. Shaheed-e-Millat Road.ABBAS TEXTILE MACHINERY CO. Abdul Karim. Exporter:All kind of Kirana Item.pk Mr. Sector-18.ABBAS STEEL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD 123. MCH Society.T. Altaf Hussain Agha M/s.ABBUSYS (PVT) LIMITED Plot # 222. A/22. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 2439362. Asghar Ali Agha. Exporter:General Items Importer:Auto Parts. 4390615 Fax: 92-21-4325535 E. Ship Spares M/s. Sector 28. Metrovill.B-594.ABBASI CORPORATION Mohammad Feroz Street.ABBAS KNITS INTERNATIONAL Plot No. Tel: 35054536 Mr. Anum Pride.Produts M/s.S.ABBAS SPINNING & WEAVING MILLS Plot No.Tel: 5870171-72 Fax: 92-21-5870708 Mr. KCHSU.S. Block 7/8. Block 7&8. Mohammed Siddiq.I.pk Mr. 7724481 Fax: 92-21-7722633 E. Jodia Bazar.net. Spices Importer:All kind of Spices M/s.Billets Manuf:Wire Rod & M.pk Syed Masood Rizvi M/s. Importer:M.Billets Manuf:Wire Rod. Justice Inamullah Road. S. Ghulam Abbas.Karaci Tel: 4390613.S. Khalid Khan Importer:M. Old Clifton.Mail abbasknitsint@cyber.net.

7. Muhammad Farrukh Hanif M/s.Area.pk Mr.Mail aally@sat. Aboobaker.ABDOOLALLY MOOSABHOY & SONS Az-Zainab Court.ABC MARKETING CO C-1.Karaci Tel: 111-113-322 Fax: 92-21-4396470 E. KCHSU.pk Mr. 118. Chundrigar Road. Muhammad Ashraf.ABC ENTERPRISES JM-3/546. Bandukwala.Karaci Tel: 2628213.net Syed Inamul Haque M/s.net. 2637720 Fax: 92-21-2626025 E. C. M/s. Laxmidas Street. lst Floor. Block-K. Muhammad Arif Exporter:General Trading M/s. Tel: 36625291 E.ABC ENTERPRISES State Life Building No. Food Ingredients.ABC TRADING COMPANY 256-B.A. I. Shikarpur Colony. M/s.A.ABC TRAVELS 2. 4.ABC FOLDING 9.ABDOOLALLY MOOSABHOY & SONS (AMMUNITION) (PVT) LTD. Saifuddin H. G. M.com Mr. Tel: 2312231-3 Fax: 92-21-2312234 E.Karaci Tel: 2432782-83 Fax: 92-21-2418533 Mr.Karaci . Rashid Ahmed Tirmizi. Bandukwala Building No. Campbell Street. lst Floor. Shalamar CTR. Fragrances. Chemicals M/s. M. Latif Cloth Market. Near Mereweather Tower.Mail frankbhai@hotmail. M/s. Exporter:flavours. 2472599 Fax: 92-21-2430805 E. M. Jinnah Road.ABC LOGISTICS GROUP 204. Khad Bhai Building. Jinnah Road.net. Ground Floor.com Mr. Tower Mansion.C. Tel: 35216001 Fax: 3568278 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2438809. Jinnah Road.Mail info@abcenterprises.Mail info@abclogis. Malik M/s.A.O.Karaci Tel: 2437800 Mr. North Nazimabad. Hafeez Centre.Mail abctravl@super. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Importer:Synthic Yarn M/s.W. A.I. Box 5211.P. Block 7/8. Najam-ul-Hassan.Fax: 92-21-4302555 Mr.

5.M-49. Namoonawala Market.ABDUL ALIM TRADING COMPANY 07. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Rice Milling. Tel: 2411832 Mr. Campbell Street. Exporter:Any suitable Items Importer:Second Hand Clothing and Used Shoes M/s. Tel: 2625886.ABDUL AZIZ GEMS Shop No.ABDUL AZIZ ALI MOHAMMAD 477/3. Abdul Rehman.ABDUL AZIZ & BROTHERS Shop No. Shabbir.ABDUL AZIZ GHAFFAR & SONS 110.Mail ricetex@gmail.com Mr.ABDUL ALI GENERAL TRADERS 136/216. Tariq Road. Hanif Rehmatullah M/s. M/s. goods M/s.Mail itco@cyber.Karaci Tel: 7731650 Fax: 92-21-7731650 E. Grain Centre. Oil Mills M/s.Karaci Tel: 32546581.ABDUL BASIT ENTERPRISES Shop No. Abdul Alim.com Mr.Mail ibrahimsatarzai37@hotmail.Karaci Mr. Abdul Ali Exporter:Animals offals/products Importer:Animals offals/products M/s.ABDUL AZIZ NAWAB KHAN & CO. Kohinoor Electronic Centre. 2620694 Fax: 92-21-2628195 E.net. Designer Mall. Mezzanine Floor. Abdullah Haroon Road.19. Jewellers Centre. Zamindar Building. M/s. Exporter:Fresh Fruit. Kundan Street.0333-3202810 Mr. Abdul Basit Exporter:Mehndi and Gen.pk Mr. General Merchandise Importer:Iron & Steel Scrap. Abdul Aziz Qureshi. Abdul Aziz.Karaci Mr. Saddar. Malir Township. Vegetables.27.ABDUL GHAFFAR Shop No. Abdul Aziz M/s.com Mr. Darakshan Society. Saddar.08. Kajoor Bazar. M/s.Mail faheemahsan85@yahoo. Tel: 0300-2517569 Fax: 92-21-4407577 E. Opp: City Court. Daryalal Street. Demo-Vessels for Shipbreaking Manuf:Cotton Ginning. Feroz Electronic . 1st Floor. Tel: 37727675 Fax: 92-21-3777498 E.Tel: 232519 Mr. Jodia Bazar. Dandia Bazar.

Suparco Road.Mail agar@cyber. Garlic M/s. Abdul Ghaffar M/s.ABDUL HAMEED AGAR 501-502. Abdul Ghaffar. Importer:Plastic Moulding Compound M/s. Dry Fruits Importer:Edible Inedible Oils. Wheat. Plastic Moulding Compound. Potato.com Mr.ABDUL HAMEED & CO. Kamil Gali. Abdul Ghaffar Plasticwala. Tel: 32750465 Fax: 92-21-32768194 Mr. Importer:Ginger. Tel: 2812524 E. Near City Court. Abdul Hafeez Importer:Pulses. University Road. Tel: 2441564 & 67 Fax: 92-21-2433799 Mr. 2nd Floor.Mail ghaffar-r@yahoo. Garlic.ABDUL HAKEEM & SONS Plot No.com Mr. Jodia Bazar. Ismail Trade Centre.com Mr. Agriculture Seeds.pk Mr. REd Chillies. Rambharti Street. Tel: 2548440 E.net. Vilaka Chambers. Ginger. M/s.com Mr. M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road. Rampart Row.ABDUL GHAFFAR ABDUL REHMAN Suite # 701-703.F-12. Exporter:Dry Dates.Mail ahb_287@yahoo. Clover Seeds.ABDUL HAFEEZ & BROTHERS 19. Abdul Ghaffar. Pulses.Market. NP 3/24-25.Mail albaqch@saefty1stsafey. Betel Nuts. Spices. Altaf Hussain Road. Tel: 34940314 Fax: 92-21-4935913 E. Jodia Bazar. Abdul Hafeez Peracha. Onion. 225032 E. Extra Fancy Tallow.ABDUL GHAFFAR AHMED Amir Manzil. Chandni Chowk.ABDUL HAFEEZ Suite# 213. Gum Soap M/s. Muhammad Ashraf Qadri Exporter:Cotton Rags/Leather Gloves M/s. Pulses.Karaci Tel: 2435583-85 Fax: 92-21-2417610 E. Spices.Karaci Tel: 2400971-73 . 7th Floor. Rambharti Street.Mail ahmedgoya817@hotmail.ABDUL GHAFFAR & BROTHERS CA-14. MR-5.Karaci Tel: 35061468-69 Fax: 92-21-2731525 Mr. chickpeas Lentils M/s. Ahmed. Rice. Chemicals. Ponawala Trade Tower. Sugar. Ismail Trade Centre. Piro Vira Street. Tel: 232600.

Abdul Hameed.ABDUL JABBAR & BROTHERS 935.Mail akcarpet@cyber. Jodia Bazar. Jameela Street. A. M/s.A.Karaci Tel: 32298586 Mr. Abdul Jabbar Hashim. Latif Cloth Market. Tel: 2314036. Tel: 36871171 Fax: 92-21-4935913 E. Saddar.pk Mr.ABDUL JABBAR HASHIM 248/B.Mail jabbarbros@e-mail.A. Kharadhar. Abdul Jabbar.ABDUL KARIM & BROS. Yahya A. M. Rimpa Plaza. PIB Colony.net. Importer:PMC Pulses M/s. M/s. 2726247 Mr. Jinnah Road. 2433697 Fax: 92-21-7221639 Shaikh Imran Karim M/s. Behind allahwla Market. Abdul Karim.Karaci Tel: 7730653. Jinnahabad No. Tel: 7520638. Daryalal Street.net.G-14. M.A.Mail agar@super.ABDUL JALIL TRADING COMPANY Shop No.ABDUL KARIM & CO. Ghass Mandhi. Exporter:Hnad Knottted Oriental Carpets Manuf:Hand Knitted Oriental Carpets M/s. Tel: 2410680. Abdul Jalil M/s. 7735648 Fax: 92-21-7774403 E. 5 & 6. Garlic M/s. 155/8. New Rabi Centre. 1. Napier Road.ABDUL JABBAR DOJKY 1-2. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 2438131 Fax: 92-21-2433107 Mr.7546240 Fax: 92-21-7521982 Mr. Tel: 770836 Fax: 92-21-7721059 E. Machi Miani Market.pk Mr.com Mr. M.Mail jabbar-cac@yahoo.ABDUL KARIM ADAMJI VASAVADWALA NP/11. Karim. Hameed Agar.Fax: 92-21-2400974 E.com Mr. Manuf:Cloth Shop M/s. Exporter:Medisinal Herbs & Grudedrugs Importer:Medicinal Herbs & crude drugs chemicals . Madina Manzil. Jinnah Road. Exporter:Onion. Off: Saleh Muhammed Street.ABDUL HAMEED CLOTH Shop No. 8th Floor. Room No.45. Abdul Jabbar Dojki. Potatoes Importer:Ginger.

Hussain Trade Centre. M/s.pk Mr. Hashoo Centre. North Nazimabad.net. 10-28. Islami Chawk. Tel: 2545573. M/s. Abdul Latif. Importer:Raw Jute. 1. M/s. Tel: 2410293. New Memon Masjid. MR-3-1.net. Akram Karim Tabba.ABDUL LATIF Room 211. Tel: 7763946 Mr.ABDUL KHALIQ GUL MUHAMMAD & SONS NP 1/91. M/s. Tel: 32531181-82 Mr. Jute Products M/s. New Challi. Importer:PMC. Sarafa Bazar. Mohammad Aslam Battla.M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road. 2529426 Haji Ismail M/s. Tel: 2432004.ABDUL KARIM HASHIM SONS 15.Mail agar@super. Importer:Synthetic Textile Tafetta Fabrics. SITE.Mail qm-sons@cyber. Abdul Khaliq.2431623 Mr.A. Marriot Road. Tel: 2415412-14 Fax: 92-21-2413418 E. Abdul Khalique Jafrani.ABDUL KARIM BROTHERS Para Lane.Mail akhs@super. Tel: 2639074.ABDUL MAJEED SONS D-126. M. Chabba Gali.ABDUL MALIK F-126. Abdul Makik M/s.ABDUL KHALIQUE MOHAMMED UMAR N. Jinnah Road.pk Mr. Kutchi Gali No. Boulton Market Road.com Mr.ABDUL KHALIQUE Shop# G-28.pk Mr. Jodia Bazar. Mithadar. Muhammad Aslam Exporter:Machinery Importer:Machinery M/s. Bawany Challi.ABDUL MALIK BATTLA & BROS. Pulses M/s. G/1. 39. Tel: 6706824 Mr. Abdul Karim Haji Ebrahim. Importer:Garment Accessories . Abdul Majid Agar. 2439202 Fax: 92-21-2432004 Mr.Mail abdullatif5@hotmail. Block 'F'.P. 2581291 Fax: 92-21-2581609 E. Tel: 2433973 Fax: 92-21-2418156 E. 2625604 Fax: 92-21-2625604 E.net. Tel: 2562905.ABDUL MAJID AGAR House of Agar.

Rafa-e-Markaz. Abdul Jabbar Taher Exporter:Food stuffs Importer:Watches M/s. Zakaria Lane. Ram Bharti Street. Saddar.ABDUL QADER HAJI SOOMAR 1st Floor. Farooq Hotel Building. . Jodia Bazar. Importer:Dyes & Chemicals. Carry Road. 5210357 Fax: 92-21-5682522 Mr.ABDUL QADIR Shop No.LR-48. Adamjee Dawood Road. 4th Floor. Ghanchi Para.net. Sheldon Road. Amin Yousuf.6/26.Karaci Tel: 2434442-3 Fax: 92-21-2438183 E. M/s. Jodia Bazar.ABDUL MANAN PERACHA & CO.30. Mohammed Feroze Street. 7/3. Nazimabad.net.R. Tel: 2313667. Plot No. Abdul Qadir Importer:Laundry Raw Materials M/s. Abdul Qadir. Jodia Bazar. 2313669 Fax: 92-21-2312383 E. Abdul Manan Paracha.ABDUL QADIR ABDUL SATTAR No.Mail vistas@cyber. M.Haji Ghani Building. MR.Mail aqhs@cyber. Abdul Qader Suleman.ABDUL QADIR SULEMAN 3-F. Importer:Tea M/s.pk Haji Abdul Qader Mithani M/s.ABDUL QAYUM & COMPANY S-37.ABDUL QADIR ENTERPRISES MR. Tel: 2428698. Tel: 2417230.Karaci Tel: 5680004. 22-West Wharf Road.3.ABDUL QADER & CO. 2444662 Mr. Nazir Ahmed M/s. Abdul Qadir M/s. Memon Plaza.ABDUL QADIR NAZIR AHMED & CO ShopNo.Karaci Tel: 2434331 Fax: 92-21-5677227 Mr.ABDUL QADIR TRADERS Khatija Manzil. Sector-40-A. Exporter:Importer of Iron and Steel Products M/s.5/127. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s.com Mr. 2419280 Mr.9.Karaci Tel: 2726738 E. Blenkin Street.M/s.pk Mr. Off: Zaibun Nisa Street. Tel: 2410735 Fax: 92-21-2414425 Mr.Mail abdulqadirnazirahmadnco@gmail. 5/14. Puri House. Tel: 32733450 Mr.

New Challi. Abdul Rauf M/s. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.ABDUL RAUF ABDUL AZIZ Yusufali Alibhai Road.Mail raziz@cyber.Karaci Tel: 35655699 E.net. Behind Luxmi Building. 37-C. Altaf Hussain Road. Abdul Rashid M/s.Mail rufijee@gmail. Abdul Rauf. Exporter:Rice Pulses. Tel: 5010826 Fax: 92-21-5011056 E.Mail arabiagold@hotmail.pk Mr.130/2. Abdur Rab Abulla Exporter:Paper Craft M/s.com Mr. 0333-2100551 Fax: 92-21-5063427 Mr.ABDUL RAUF Nadia Terrace. Mehboob Square. 204. M/s.com Mr. Gul Meher Street Off: Jahangir Road.3. A-4. Landhi No. Garden West.Karaci Tel: 34913757 Fax: 92-21-34946236 Mr. Block-C.ABDUL RASHEED MARBLE WORKS 1/12 & 1/14. 1st Floor.ABDUL RAUF 201-202. Tel: 2534748 Fax: 92-21-2534544 E. Guroomandir. Spices Importer:Pulses. Shalimar Garden. Abdul Qayyum Khan. 2743230 Fax: 92-21-2767377 Mr. 2627917 Fax: 92-21-2639156 E. Marriot Road.ABDUL RAB M/II-E. Abdul Rauf. Saddar. Opp: Risala Police Station.1. Nishter Road. Abdul Rasheed Exporter:Onyx and Marble Handicrafts Manuf:Onyx and Marble Handicrafts M/s. Sarah Jewellers Centre. Food Stuff M/s. Korangi No.Mail samreen_khi@cyber. Abdul Rauf. Tel: 32568945 Fax: 32581027 Mr.ABDUL RAUF & SONS 538/12.pk Mr.ABDUL RASHID & CO.ABDUL RAUF ABDUL RAZZAK Plot No. Tel: 32432382 Fax: 32442625 E.com Mr. Abdul Rauf Tolar .net.Karaci Tel: 2626528.Karaci Tel: 5051012. M/s. M/s. Dry Fruit. Tel: 2728979.Mail info@armarbleworks.Chakra Colony. Shershah.

Mail art@super. Abdul Rehman. Tel: 2570291 Fax: 92-21-4926657 E.ABDUL RAZZAK ASSOCIATES (PVT) LTD. Suiting & Shalwar Kameez Ladies & Gents M/s.4.ABDUL RAUF SIDDIQUI Iftikhar Chambers. Abdul Rauf Siddiqi. Fortune Centre. New Challi. Exporter:Home Textile . Ground Floor.72.com Mr. Abdul Rauf.pk Mr.Rd. S. Kharadar.. Abdul Razzak Rehmatullah. Abdul Rauf. Yousuf Ali Bhai Bldg. M/s.net.Mail abdulrazzakrd@yahoo. 2205425 Fax: 92-21-2310577 E. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 2621839 Fax: 92-21-2623168 E.ABDUL RAUF TRADERS Office-14-A-1.fascom. 10th Floor. M/s.ABDUL RAUF ZARGAR NP-3/40.. Exporter:Rice all varities M/s. Muhammad Yaseen. M/s.Karaci Tel: 35831487 Mr.com Mr. M/s. 2634838 Fax: 92-21-2635007 E. Sarafa Bazar. Manuf:Shirting.S. P.Karaci Tel: 2631587.H. Hussain Centre. Mr. Bagh-e-Zehra Street.com Mr.T. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Abdul Razzak Agar. SR-6/8.Karaci Tel: 2312934. New Neham Road. Block-6. Exporter:Leather Goods M/s.Karaci Tel: 4547793-96 Fax: 92-21-4546296 Mr. Ashiana Shopping Mall. Altaf Hussain Road.ABDUL RAZZAK BROTHERS Shop No.ABDUL REHMAN CORPORATION F-502/C. Altaf H.Mail colorembordery@hotmail. Kharadhar.Karaci Tel: 2440060. 2432246 E.com Mr.ABDUL RAZZAK ENTERPRISES 60/1.G-K-7/8082.E.I. Band-e-Ali Building. New Challi.C.. Abdul Razzak Dandor. 2201949 Fax: 92-21-2313293 Mr. Plot No.Mail arsidiqi@khi.ABDUL REHMAN & SONS Shop No. 45-A. Roshan Street.Karaci Tel: 2313292.Mail agartextile@yahoo.ABDUL RAZZAK UMER Mezzanine Floor. Madina Market. Plot No.M/s. Agha Khan Road.E. Abdul Razzak. Main Clifton Road. M/s.

Room No. 7.Karaci Tel: 32729139 Mr. Exporter:Cloths wholesale M/s. Boulton Market. Abdul Rehman Exporter:Gold Jewellers M/s. Hussani Market. 4/75. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. M/s. Model Colony. 4949565 Mr. Saddar.B. Abdullah Haroon Road. Mohammad Feroz Street. Near Regal Chowk.ABDUL REHMAN ENTERPRISE R-305.ABDUL SAMAD Shop No.44. Abdul Samad M/s.T.ABDUL REHMAN GEMS & JEWELLERS Shop No. Sattar Chamber. Jodia Bazar.ABDUL SALAM & ZEESHAN TRAVELS & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED. 2418653 Fax: 92-21-2419056 Mr. 2nd Floor. Abdul Rehman Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Importer:Gems and Jewellery Manuf:Gems and Jewwellery M/s. Alamgir Society Ext. Saddar.6. Muhammad Yousuf M/s.ABDUL SAMAD AND SONS Shop # 33. Tel: 32431907 Mr.18.147 Odean Centre. Tel: 2561536. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Jan cottage. M. Trading Corpn. Laxmidas Street.A. Javed Akhtar Memon.Karaci Tel: 35220088 Mr.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2443855-2475040 Fax: 03009215173 Syed Muhammad Jawed M/s.N. Zahid Samad Paracha.ABDUL SATTAR EDHI FOUNDATION O.Importer:Machineries Manuf:Home Textiles M/s. Abdul Salam. . 2nd Floor. Saddar.Dada Chamber.ABDUL SALAM C/o.ABDUL SAMAD & SONS Room # 205. Saddar. S.ABDUL SATTAR & SONS Office No. Malir. Jinnah Road. Abdul Salam M/s.Karaci Tel: 2729203 Fax: 92-21-2729237 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2417546. Al Haroon Electronic Market.ABDUL REHMAN GOLD SMITH Room No.Karaci Tel: 35673144 Fax: 5673144 E.Karaci Tel: 6067372 Mr.Mail rahmangoldsmith@yahoo. M/s..6. New Jeweller Centre. 2.K. Cochinwala Market. Near Mehran Deport.

ABDUL SHAKOOR ISMAIL KALOODI Below Madras Hotel. Newneham Road. Tel: 2763184 Fax: 92-21-2737918 Mr.Mail awahab_enterprises@yahoo. Kaloodi. Campbell Street.ABDUL WAHID & CO. Phool Chowk. Juna Market.ABDUL WAHAB TEXTILE A-21/C. Saddar. 262 A. Mohammad Rafiq Bhagani. Abdul Wahab.Mail ism-karachi@hotmail. Exporter:Islamic items Importer:Garments M/s. Abdul Vakil.Mail awcorp@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2623187. Abdul Wahab M/s. 2424125 Fax: 92-21-2418753 Mr. Suit-6.net. Tel: 2421920.ABDUL VAKIL DARI STORE Shop No.ABDUL SATTAR NOOR MOHAMMED & CO. Abdul Sattar. Ejaz Ahmed Exporter:Garments Importer:Garments M/s. Importer:Different Marchandise M/s.com Mr. SITE.Mail asnmcnamco@hotmail.M.Mithadar. Adamjee Dawood Road.Mail ejazahmed@abdulwahabtextile.1. Near Valika Chowrangi. Tel: 35682355-35660325 Fax: 92-21E.ABDUL WAHAB CORPORATION Jamil Chambers. Pulses M/s. 7546875 Mr.ABDUL SATTAR ISMAIL Abdullah Haroon Building. Baba-e-Urdu Road. Tel: 32723841 Mr. Importer:Second Hand Clothing M/s. 2439579 Fax: 92-21-2439579 E. North Napier Road.ABDUL WAHAB ENTERPRISE 70. 2626698 Fax: 92-21-2625887 E. 2412298 Fax: 92-21-2414391 E.ABDUL WAHAB 104-Moeen Steel Market. Near New Memon Masjid.Karaci Tel: 2426037.com Mr. Tel: 4248236 E. Services:Social Welfare Service M/s. A. .pk Mr.com Mr.com Mr. Abdul Wahab M/s. Corner Arfat Market. Namco Centre. Faisal Edhi. Tel: 2433193. Tel: 7523467. M/s. Importer:Iron & Steel Scrap. 3rd Floor.

ABDUL WAHID OOMER & CO. Chemcials. Palm Oil. Memon Goth Gadap. Coconut Fatty Acid. Manuf:Knitted Garments.com Mr. Tel: 32415465 Fax: 32226840 E. Paraffin Was. Chundrigar Road.com Mr. Boot Roor Fitting Valves all kind of Sanitary Items M/s.ABDULLAH & COMPANY 49-B. Main Clifton Road. Exporter:Knitted Garments. Inedible Tallow. Rice Importer:RBD Palm Olein. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.ABDUL WAHID ABDUL MAJID (PVT) LTD.com Mr. Palm Fatty Acid.Mail awam@@cyber. Estate # 2. Abdul Majid Haji Muhammed.Mail atlies@khi. Pulses.66587 E.ABDULLAH & BROTHERS Plot No. M/s.ABDULLAH & SONS Nishter/Baba-e-Urdu Road. Mubarak Hussain Exporter:Gen. 5822710 Fax: 92-21-5871654 E. S.O. Acid Oil M/s. 32412557 Fax: 99-21-2416853 E.Mail abdula@fascom. Badri Building. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 2421414.net. Jodia Bazar. Muhammad Feroz Street. Tel: 4201976 Fax: 92-21-2145900 Mr. Palm Oil. order Importer:Gen.791.Mail export_imks@hotmail.1/23. Importer:Tailes. G. 2426469 Fax: 92-21-2424441 E.Mail awclight@cyber. Metroville.E. I. Muhammad Shabbir M/s.I. Importer:Electric Lamps M/s. Pulses. Inedible Tallow. lst & 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 5822709.T. Muhammad Ebrahim Abdullah. Acid Oil Manuf:Dall Channa Services:Indending of RBD Palm Olein. Palm Fatty Acid. Paraffin Was.pk Mr. Tel: 7775355-57 Fax: 92-21-7775358 E. Importer:Accessoris of Garments.Mail amir@abdulwahidoomer. Mohammed Jawaid Ilyas.compol.Karaci Tel: 2570568. Abdul Wajid. Block-8.. Exporter:Pulses.ABDULLA TILES 17.E-6. Exporter:Manufacturer of Industrial . Yousuf Grand Square.com Mr.I.P. 2569240-1 Fax: 2565522. Adam Building.Karaci Tel: 32414782. Box No. Mohammed Amir.net. Chemcials. Arkay Square Extension. Plot # D-196.pk Mr. Santary Items. Coconut Fatty Acid. order M/s.

Jubilee Centre. Supplier. 2nd Floor. Tel: 7525131 Fax: 92-21-7520898 Mr.ABDULLAH CORPORATION 199-A. Opp: Memon Masjid. Abdullah Square. 2nd Floor.Importer:Raw material for industrial machinerh Manuf:Industrial machinery specialised in fabrication of sugar mill machinery & equipment.Karaci Tel: 2438680. M. Tel: 4550696-98 Fax: 92-21-4550699 Mr. Manuf:ial. Farah Deeba. Plastic Moulding Comp Services:Indenter. Sole Agent. 5. Sindhi Muslim Co. Jubilee Centre. 2724471 Fax: 92-21-2736632 Mrs. 3rd Floor. Khanani Chamber.com M/s. M/s. Solvents.ABDULLAH BUTT STEEL HOUSE F-4. M/s. Tariq Haroon.H.A. Jodia Bazar. Mahjabeen.ABDULLAH BROTHERS N. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2419280 Mrs. Society.Saleem Hasan Exporter:rice M/s. Mohammad Feroze Street. Opp: Memon Masjid. Block 'A'. M. Importer:Deals in Computer Sets Manuf:www. . 2420594 Fax: 92-21-2400164 Mr. Abdullah Mohammad Shaikh.net.ABDULLAH CORPORATION Office No. Akbar Abdullah.Mail chemical@super. Jinnah Road. Stockist. Nishter Road. 0300-8250853 Fax: 92-21-2200807 E.op.mamqshipping. Importer:Glassware and Crockery M/s.ABDULLAH BUTT ENTERPRISES 3rd Floor. Opp: Risala Police Station.ABDULLAH AMMAR L-20.Karaci Tel: 2420751. Tel: 0300-3522500 Fax: 92-21-2736632 Mr. 13/21. Shahid Mahmood Butt Importer:Iron and Steel coils/sheets M/s.ABDULLAH & SONS 208. Bhagnari Street.Karaci Tel: 2732801.A. Exporter:Textiles Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s.Karaci Tel: 32429849 E. Federal 'B' Area. Juna Market.pk Mr. Jinnah Road.P. Block-9. New Challi. Suhail Ashraf.Mail info@zohrarice.com Mr.ABDULLAH ENTERPRISES Zainab Building.

ABDULLAH ESTATES 8. Tel: 36962804 Fax: 36962805 E.73-74-5 & 76. North Karachi Industrial Area.ABDULLAH FEATHER MILL 76 A/2. Area. Tel: 111650650 Fax: 35833180 E. Rashid Maqsood M/s.Mail abdind@khi.ABDULLAH EXPRESS (PVT) LTD.ABDULLAH INDUSTRIES D-25.Mail kamal@super.ABDULLAH EXPORTS 1J 51/3. Braided Rugs and Mats. Saddar.pk Mr.Mail teepo74@g. Super Highway. Main Clifton Road. Tel: 6606706 Fax: 6606706 Mr. Twines). 0300-8221511 E.ABDULLAH INDUSTRIES B-59. SITE. Tapes & Webbing. Abdullah Abdul Ghani Manuf:Terry Towels M/s. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. 0300-2168546 Mr. Manuf:Textile Brais (Ropes. 17-Hotel Metropole. Sector 12-D.I.Mail abdullahestates@yahoo.1. Tel: 2570880.Mail javedpk@cyber. Abdul Khaliq M/s. 2576512 Fax: 92-21-2578332 E. Liaquat Ali M/s. New Sabzi Mandi.ABDULLAH JAAN & SONS Shop No.com Mr. Tapes & Webbing. Tel: 6997123.mail. Muhammad Mustufa Siddiqui M/s. Shahid Ahmed M/s.T.ABDULLAH INDUSTRIES 33/1. Block-D-IV.pk Mr. Nazimabad No. S. Ground Floor. Braided Rugs and Mats. Abdullah Haroon RoadKaraci Tel: 35662231-35662232 Fax: 35683098 E. Aftab Ahmad.11. Abdullah Jaan .com Mr.E. Ibrahim Abdullah M/s. Cotton Mops. GC-1. Cords. Twines).com.ABDULLAH GEMS Shop No.net.com Mr. Jeweller Centre. M/s.M/s.Mail sorathiam@hotmail. Cotton Mops. Tel: 5462794. North Karachi Industrial Area. Exporter:Textile Brais (Ropes. Sector 12-C. Mehran Heights.Karaci Tel: 6871283-6871284 Fax: 6871758 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35671070 E.net.paknet. Block-8.pk Mr. Cords.

Karaci Tel: 35566232 Mr. M/s. Nawab Ahmed.MEMON Plot No. Muhammad Ebrahim Abdullah. Korangi Industrial Area. Cantt. Mohammed Saleem. Plot No.ABDULLAH KHAN CARPETS 45-B.P. Timber Pond. Mezzanine Floor.Karaci Tel: 2473668 Fax: 92-21-2465222 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2426784 Mr. St 2/1. M/s. SITE.Karaci Tel: 5670030 E. Abdullah Khan M/s.ABDULLAH'S Appt # 2-A. Saddar. Bukhari Masjid. Baba-e-Urdu Road. Electronic M/s.ABDULLAH TRADERS Suite# 40. M/s.ABDULLAH OIL INDUSTRIES Plot No. Keamari. Askari-2.ABDULLAH TRADERS Adnan Centre. Nishter Road.pk Mr.ABDULLAH TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LIMITED RC-1/1A.Karaci Tel: 2550353. Chamber. Off: Marriot Road.Mail abdula@fascom. S.ABDULLAH M. Exporter:Cotton Yarn Importer:Cotton Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s.13. B-9/B-1.pk Mr. Abdullah Haroon Road.net. School Road.com Mr. Farooq Nawab. Rice Importer:Plastic Compounds. Altaf Jan Mohammed. Tel: 5055058-60 Fax: 92-21-5055057 Mr. S.ABDULLAH MOTIWALA 4.Mail am_memon@cyber.M/s.Karaci Tel: 2859881-6 Fax: 92-21-2859634 E. Nadeem Abdullah. 2550354 Fax: 92-21-2568217 Mr. Amir Munir . New Naham Road. Importer:Glass Beads M/s. Exporter:Textile. Sector 25.15.Mail birdy@super.net.Karaci Tel: 7775355-57 Fax: 92-21-7775358 E. Aiwn-e-Tijarat Road. Nicol Road.

M/s.ABDUR REHMAN KHAN MOHD BALOCH & SONS. Abid Aslam.ABID CHEMICAL COMPANY 6.pk Sh. M/s.I. 4th Floor.com.net. Mohammed Feroz Street. 7513632 Fax: 92-21-4550945 E. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Exporter:Dry Fruits. 6378782 Fax: 92-21-6312060 E.kyc@cyber. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s. specially Dry Dates M/s. KCHS.P.com Mr.net. Iqbal Chamber. Chundrigar Road.ABDUR RAHMAN CORPORATION (PVT) LTD.ABID AND COMPANY Abdullah House. Abid Aziz M/s. Daryalal Street.Mail abgurt@sat.pk Mian Mujeeb-ur-Rahman.ABID AIR COMPRESSOR Shop No. Clifton.Mail abidgroup.Karaci Tel: 35482950 E. Shershah. Ghulam Qader. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 4548050-52 Fax: 92-21-4386660 E.ABID & SONS (PVT) LTD. Quality Godown Market.D-25. M/s. M/s. Block-4. Amber Estate Bld Block 7&8. I.com Mr.O.Mail arcmkt@arc. Lyari. Abdul Rahim Lassi St.ABGURT (PVT) LIMITED 408. . Baloch Colony.Karaci Tel: 6361751.Mail abdullah.96 Fax: 92-21-5874693 E.ABID CORPORATION MR-5/143. Federal 'B' Area.pk Mr. 0300-9240289 Mr. Exporter:General Goods M/s. Abid Hussain. 106-Clifton Centre.Karaci Tel: 2444976 Fax: 92-21-2419057 Mr.M/s. Jodia Bazar.Mail abidircompressor@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2436669. Ashraf A.com Mr.ABID BROTHERS Mera Naka. C-09.pk@hotmail. Near Lyari Fire Brigade Station Chakiwara.Mail a-k-baloch@hotmail. Uni Tower.KDA Scheme 5. Tel: 2412830-34 Fax: 92-21-2411721 E. Abid Abullah. Aleem Khan Baloch.Karaci Tel: 7523098. Jodia Bazar. 101-103. Near Madina Kanta. Kehkashan.Box-13856Karaci Tel: 5837395. Bhagat.

M/s.Karaci Tel: 4924371-72 Fax: 92-21-4924362 E.ABID INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION 4-A. Importer:Tea M/s.Mail m-hassan@cyber. Falaknuma Building. Abid Hussain Mesiya.pk Mr. Muhammad Qasim M/s. Block-3.Mail abidind1@cyber.ABID NISAR COPRORATION Room No.com Mr.ABID JEWELLERS Zaibun Nisa Street.ABID ENTERPRISES HC-4.ABID INDUSTRIES CA-318.net. Aslam Motiwala Terrace. Central Comm.I.Area 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 2722121 Fax: 92-21-2760956 Mr.ABID TEXTILE . Europa Centre. Importer:Spare Parts For Two & Three Wheelers .com Mr.Thanai Lane.E.. Hasrat Mohani Road. Sadar. Abid Hussain Ch M/s.Karaci Tel: 6959119. Abid Hassan. Behind HBAGZ. Abid Omer. Abid Ahmed Rishad.Mail sohaibabidjewellers@hotmail.ABID TAYYAB & CO. Tel: 2563017-8 Fax: 92-21-2560514 E. 6934220 Fax: 92-21-2412216 Mr. Abdullah Haroon Road.210. Exporter:Textile Parts Importer:Raw Material of Textile Parts Manuf:Textile Parts (Reeds) M/s. Tel: 021-2314220 Fax: 021-2203715 E. Bohri Road. Shaukat Ismail Manuf:Textile Accessories M/s. M/s.pk Mr. Tel: 35210464-35661120 E.T. S. Saddar.ABID INDUSTRIES E/43. Sector 16-B. Tel: 2623531-33 Fax: 92-21-2626343 Shaikh Abid Hussain. Opp: Custom House. Goth Shah Beg Gabol. Jodia Bazar. Vespa & Lameretta M/s.Mail abidtayyab@gmail. Mohan Road.Mail seemcopakistan@yahoo. S-04. Muhammad Abid M/s.net. Tel: 7721032 Fax: 92-21-7721032 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2436862 Fax: 92-21-2433481 E. Bahadurabad. North Karachi Industrial Area.com Mr.ABID ENTERPRISES 39/1.

Phase-II. Deedar Masion. Jeswani Street. Opp: Ex Public School. M/s. Korangi.Karaci Tel: 2465194 Fax: 92-21-2431881 Mr. Workers Avenue.ABM INDUSTRIES F-563. Anis ur Rahman M/s. ABM Terrace. M.Mail anis.Mail fishmealexports@gmail. Mohammad Hanif M/s. Defence Housing AuthorityKaraci Tel: 5881163 Fax: 92-21-5881328 E.ABIDEEN AND COMPANY Sunset Tower.Mail abidtrdg@cyber. 11th Street. Tel: 7522868. Khan Road..pk Syed Baqqar Ali Naqvi. .284. 2nd Floor. Dr.Karaci Tel: 111147147 Fax: 5681361 Mr.Mail oslopak@cyber. Gulshan-e-Faisal.pk Mr. Abid Inam Elahi. Sarfraz Ali Khan M/s. CL-7/18/16.T.ABIDA ENTERPRISES A-46-A. North Napier Road.I. 7526797 Fax: 92-21-4943065 E. Abid Ahmed M/s. Ali Asghar. Daud Pota Road.net. M/s. Amyn Akber Ali Doosa.Plot No.Karaci Tel: 5072444 E.co. Suite-200. Bath IslandKaraci Tel: 36033568 Fax: 92-21-5874771 E.ABL ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED.com Mr. M/s. Adnan Centre. S.ABID TRADING CORPORATION 37-A.net. Lalazar.T.ABM DATA SYSTEMS (PVT) LTD. Tel: 9207411-13 Fax: 9207407 E.E.ABLEMAX QUARRY SERVICES 41-B. Tel: 03218976463 Mr.Mail memonabid@hotmail.ABM INFO TECH (PVT) LIMITED Mezzanine Floor. 11-B. SITE.rahman@ablamc. Korangi Industrial Area.com Mr.uk Mr. 15-16. Nicol Road. Manuf:Fishmeal M/s. Near Ghani Chowrangi. Beaument Plaza.Mail wongkinkay@arktex. Sector 27. Imran M/s.ABID TRADERS 33.com Mr. Ground Floor. Tel: 2563158-9 Fax: 92-21-2578717 E.

Mail info@abupack.Mail bilal@designersworld.Mail abmit@abmgroup.Karaci Tel: 5654981-4 Fax: 92-21-5676514 E. Abrar Ahmed Importer:Cutch Block. Bilal Naseem M/s.com Mr. 5-Punjab Manzil. M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road. Saddar. Hasrat Mohani Road.Mail abs-prod@cyber.net. M. Round Gambier Booch and Betel Nuts M/s. Exporter:Garment Hangers Importer:Resins Manuf:Plastic Garments M/s. Tel: 6989124 Fax: 92-21-6989125 Mr. Tel: 32528117-36972607 E. Tel: 5064644. M/s.com Mr. Jodia Bazar. Sharjah Trade Centre. Korangi Induatrial Area.Karaci Tel: 5682806 Fax: 92-21-5684369 .net. Balall Yaqub. Imtiaz Ahmed Siddiqui.com.ABRAR TRADERS NP 11/35/4. 8th Floor.50. Rafiq Centre. Sector-24.ABRAR & COMPANY F-29. Federal 'B' Area.pk Mr.Mail abrar_123@hotmail.ABN PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL Suite # 235.ABRAR TEXTILE FACTORY CA-80.Karaci Tel: 2413595 Fax: 92-21-5893376 E.com Mr. PVC Plastic & Metal acces M/s. Abrar Ahmed M/s. Daryalal Street. Iqbal Centre. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 7526631 Fax: 92-21-7510869 E.ABN ENTERPRISES Room # 10.com Mr. Old Market. Services:Service Provider. Gabol Town.A. Jinnah Road. Sunny Plaza.ABS TRADE SERVICES 2/6.Beaumont Road. Tel: 32276623 Fax: 92-21-35206512 E.pk Mr.ABS PRODUCTS PAKISTAN Plot No.Mail abrar@cyber. 5064645 Fax: 92-21-5062500 E.pk Mr. Israr Ahmed Lodhi. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.ABRAR IMPEX NP-11/36. Abdul Aziz M/s. Tel: 7730349 Fax: 92-21-7750378 E. Importer:Hardware. Abrar Ahmed.Mail zbnic@hotmail.

Dandia Bazar. Bashid Ahmed M/s. Nnakwara.com Mr. Exporter:Hide & Skins Finished Importer:Raw and Wet Bluehide & Skins Manuf:Leather Finishing M/s.Mail abubilal@yahoo. Anum Empire. Pan Mandi.ABU SUFIAN IMPEX A-1. Decent Complex. M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Al Bashir Trade Centre. Muhammad Imran Manuf:Spinning M/s. Near Kalapul.Karaci Tel: 35310086-7 Fax: 32257981 E. 5060068 Fax: 92-21-5054654 E.ABSUN LUBRICANTS Shop No.pk Mr. Sir Shah Suleman Road. Afsheen Abdul Samad M/s. North Nazimabad. Ali Plaza. Phase-I. Main Allam Iqbal Road.Mail agip. Block 7&8.A-3-A. Makhanji Building. Abu Zar.pakistan@tagi. Mohammad Rouhan Fareed M/s. Tel: 5054644.net. M/s.8.Mail abuzaffar@cyber. Muzzamil Rauf Exporter:Rice Pulses and Spices M/s. Asif Arcade.ABU-GHAZALEH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED 604. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Sector 7/A. Block-14. Samiul Haq.ABU ROUHAN THE JEWELLER 1-423.ABU OBEDA & COMPANY Plot No.Karaci Tel: 4895063 Mr. Super Market. Ibrahim Jee Street.Karaci Mr. Tel: 37768514 Mrs.ABU TRADERS A-148.ABT INTERNATIONAL Office No.05. Tel: 36643605 Syed Hussain Asad Raza Naqvi M/s.Mail abt@cyber. Scheme-33. Off: Tariq Road.40 and 41. Block 'H'.Karaci Tel: 8397199 Fax: 92-21-4520999 E. Karim Plaza.net.com .Karaci Tel: 4388114 Fax: 92-21-4388115 E. DHA. Korangi Industrial Area.pk Mr.Mail rouhan@gmail.Karaci Tel: 4383739 Fax: 92-21-4389478 E.Mr.com Mr. 363.ABU TALIB MEMON & COMPANY Shop No.ABU BILAL TRADING ESTABLISHMENT Under Ground. Abu Talib Memon.

(Corner of Karsaz & Tipu Sultan Road). Muhammad Farhan Manuf:Textile Accessories M/s.com.pk Mr.com Mr. 9th Floor.A. Services:International Courier (UPS) and freight forwarders M/s. Block-7/8.Karaci Tel: 4540970-75 Fax: 92-21-4542447 E. Mashriqi Society. Furqan Ur Rehman M/s.com Mr. Tasleemuddin A. 7.H.pk Mr..ACCORD INTERNATIONAL 2. Noel Ahmed M/s. Mohammad Yusuf Shekhani.ABUDAWOOD TRADING COMPANY PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED. Zaidi. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail noelahmed@atcopk. KDA Scheme No.pk Mr. Anum Estate. Aamir Fareed Khan M/s. Amber Castle.net Mr.ACCESS SOLUTIONS C-32/2.ABUBAKER TEXTILE GS-94. Tel: 32774767.T.Karaci Tel: 4380254-4539780 Fax: 92-21-4534883 E. M.net.Mail naskanit_@yahoo. Importer:Mixtures of Odoriferous Substances M/s. Batlay.ACB (PVT) LTD.E. Gulshan-e-Hijri Road.ACCURAY SURGICALS LTD.Mail accuray@cyber.Mr. Tel: 2214036 Fax: 92-21-2223479 E. Tel: 32440227 E. Mustafa Cloth Market.Mail info@accrescent. Iqbal A.Mail imranqureshi@access. Block-6. Office No. Main Karsaz Road. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Muhamamd Shahid M/s.C.ACCRESCENT ENGINEERS Suite # 410-411.com. Lakson Square.S. Dental and Manicure Instruments .pk Mr. Importer:Computer Equipment M/s. 288-Garden East.Mail Khi@acb.Karaci Tel: 111-32-32-32 Fax: 4548500 E. Dawood Centre.5684336 E. 1st Floor. 2.ACADEMEY BOOK AGENCY R-154. Building No.net.Karaci Tel: 35205553 Fax: 35634107 E. 1. Exporter:Surgicals. M.Mail myshekhani@netscape. P. 49-DACHS.Karaci Tel: 5698000 Fax: 5683410. Jinnah Road. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Imran Qureshi. Mustafa Garden. Khan Road.03213209723 Mr.

203. Abdul Adnan Baakza. M/s. Manuf:Bioler M/s. Clifton. Muhammed Ayaz Jafri M/s.Mail kiwatradcorp@yahoo.PECHS.. SITE. Tel: 4540775-7 Fax: 92-21-4538262 E. M/s.ACL CAPITAL (PVT) LIMITED 1103-1104. Block 6.Mail info@aclcap.ACE (BOILER) SERVICE Room # 108. Janson Trade Centre.C. 115/A. Saliha Chamber Plot# B-9/C-1.Karaci Tel: 34543016-7 Fax: 92-21-3452041 E. Amir Ali. Mandviwala Building. Tel: 2621412 Fax: 92-21-2627831 Mr. Tel: 5871168-69 Fax: 92-21-5870923 Mr. SMCHS.ACME INTERNATIONAL 1st Floor. Oil Seeds M/s.ACE INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. 2578245 Fax: 92-21-2578245 Mr. M/s. Imtiaz Rehmani. Tel: 5090935 Fax: 92-21-5092635 E.com Mr. Exporter:Wheat.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail ayazi@yahoo. Mehdi Towers. Block-6. Mutaza Ali Importer:Chemicals M/s. .Karaci Tel: 4320141-3 Fax: 92-21-4320145 E. Imtiaz Hussain Kazmi.ACHHEE ENTERPRISES 1725/19.Karaci Tel: 2565328. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Deh Ebrahim Hydery Korangi Creek. Near Eastern Film Studio. Baldia Town. MCF 1-5.ACME INTERNATIONAL Plot No. Abid Naqvi.Mail mail@acmepk.F-279.ACMATEX CORPORATION LTD. Meal Importer:Fertilizer. 6652234 Fax: 92-21-6654316 E. Tel: 6651928.S. Shahrh-e-Liaquat. Jafri Street.ACE FISHERIES PAKISTAN 13-B. 2nd Floor. Dental and Manicure Instruments M/s.ACME CHEMICALS Suite No.com Mr. Khayaban-e-Iran.com Mr. lst Floor.E. P.Manuf:Surgical.H.com Mr. 10-J.Mail acmatx@fascom. Mushtaq Ahmed Diwan M/s.com.

S. 1st Floor.com Mr. Rambharti Street.I. Saddar. Progressive Plaza.Block 15. Zakaria Usman. Tel: 5049441 Fax: 92-21-5030928 E.ACRO PLAST Plot # 10.Area. Jodia Bazar.E. PECHS.I. Civil Lines. Mohammad Ahmed Siddiqui.com Mr.Mail mdawood@activalpearl.Mail activatorelectronic_50@hotmail.pk Mr.sohail@acnielscen. Mohammed Wasif. 35431353 Fax: 92-21-3631729 Mr.ACME MILLS (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 111-111-226 Fax: 92-21-5651153 E. Ehsan Ullah.net. Allama Iqbal Road.Karaci Tel: 0323-2365480 E.ACO REFRIGERATION AND ENGINEERING WORKS LS 77-78. Exporter:Readymade Garments and General Items M/s. 2.ACNIELSEN PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 716.. Sector # 28.E. Beaumont Road. S.ACTIVITY CORPORATION 72/Q/2.net Mr.T.. M/s.B. Sohail Abdul Aziz Khatri M/s. Tel: 2560415 Fax: 92-21-2581595 E. Tel: 4540022 .ACTIVE APPAREL F-636/A.com Mr. Muhammad Anis Khanani M/s. Sarmad Centre. Exporter:Grey Cloth Manuf:Textile Weaving M/s.Behind UBL CompKaraci Tel: 36317297.ACTIVATOR ELECTRONICS Shop No.Mail acroplast@gmail.Mail acme@fascom.Gulistan-eMustafa. M/s. 1st Floor.Mail acmeintl@cyber.Mail khatri.Mail ashfaqglovs@hotmail. A/3.T.F. Korangi Industrial Area. 5682516 Fax: 92-21-5688481 E. Sarmad Road. Tel: 2570427 Fax: 92-21-2576378 E.SITE. Ashfaq Ahmed Exporter:Leather goods M/s.com Mr.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5685841. Tel: 2589000-2 Fax: 92-21-2589003 E.ACTION ENTERPRISE Maqsood Manzil. Faizan Ahmad. M/s. Manghopir Road.

Ghulam Adam. Ghulam Ahmed Adam. Saddar.Fax: 92-21-4547968 E. Tel: 5868921-5834298 Fax: 5834299 Mr. M.ADAM PAKISTAN LIMITED 1st Floor. Exporter:Fabric M/s.Mail shamim@super. Tel: 5810361-363 Fax: 92-21-5810366 E. Block-1. Parts M/s.pk Mr.I.ADAM GEMS Shop No. Clifton.com Mr. Zulqurnain Din Muhammad Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Importer:Gems and Jewellery Manuf:Precious Semi Precious Stone M/s. Chundrigar Road.com Mr. New Challi.pk Mr. I. Clifton.com Mr.ADAM HOLDINGS LIMITED Haji Adam Chambers.ADAM SHIPPING (PVT) LIMITED D-39.3.ADAM TRADERS 22. Abdul Majeed Adam M/s.ACUMEN FUND PAKISTAN D-37/1. . Gold Centre. Shamim Ansari Importer:Engineering Machinery. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. 5654316 Fax: 92-21-5682037 E. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan Road.Karaci Tel: 35213600 Mr. Altaf Hussain Road.net.ADAM SECURITIES (PVT) LIMITED 36. Haji Adam Chambers.net. Imran Amir Dhamee M/s. New Challi.Mail anl@cyber.Mail info@adamsecurities. Karachi Stock Exchange. Tel: 2413580 Fax: 92-21-2437380 E.Karaci Tel: 5677596. Mohammad Younus. Aun Ali Rahman M/s. Altaf Hussain Road. Manuf:Sugar M/s. Tel: 2401139-43 Fax: 92-21-2417907 E. Ghulam Ahmed Adam.Mail adampak@cyber.Mail younusadam@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2401139-43 Fax: 92-21-2417907 E.Mail imran@adamshipping. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2417812-6 Fax: 92-21-2427560 Mr. Block-3. Exporter:Fabric M/s. Asif Centre.pk Mr.ADAM SUGAR MILLS LIMITED 2nd Floor. Haji Adam Chambers.net. Altaf Hussain Road.

New Challi. Zaheer Adamjee.Karaci Tel: 2429916-20 Fax: 2418954 E.ADAMJEE ENTERPRISE E/17-A.ADAMJEE ENGINEERING (PVT) LTD.I. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 2412623-4 Fax: 92-21-2412627 E. lst Floor.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2570398. Chundrigar Road. Lubricant oil M/s.Mail adam_weaving@yahoo..C.I. Korangi Industrial Area.net.14-A. Chundrigar Road. Tel: 2568536-39 Fax: 92-21-2562512 E. Adamjee House.ADAM WEAVING (PVT) LTD.com Mr. Adamjee House.com Mr.Mail muhammad.C. Altaf Hussain Road. Sector-20.Mail adamjee@adamjee. Haji Adam Chambers. Tel: 5031071-2 Fax: 92-21-5044227 E.compol. Exporter:Younus@cyber.com Mr. SITE.pk . Muhammad Irfan Lone M/s.ADAMJEE PHARMACEUTICALS (PVT) LTD.Mail adamjeep@cyber.Karaci Tel: 5050113.Shed No. I. Exporter:Textile Fabrics and Made Ups Manuf:Textile Fabrics and Made Ups M/s.Mail adamjeepharma@cyber. 5050121 Fax: 92-21-5060686 E. Plot# 39. Estate avenue.Mail krafi@khi.T.C.ADAMJEE INSURANCE CO.Exporter:Any Item as per L.pk Manuf:Asphalts Auto Ind. Fazal Farooq M/s.net. Near Siemens Chowrangi. Muhammad Ali Zeb Services:Underwriting of General Insurance M/s. I.pk Mr.E. Mohammad Lakhani. M/s. LTD.Karaci Tel: 2550136-37 Fax: 92-21-2550138 E. 2576175 Fax: 92-21-2568250 E. 6th Floor.net. Exporter:100% Cotton Grey Fabrics Importer:Textile Machinery Manuf:Cotton Grey Fabrics M/s. Taufiq Adam. 1 & 16.com.I. S.Mail info@adamjeeinsurance. Plots No. Sector 15.ADAMJEE PHARMA SERVICES R.ADAMJEE AUTOMOTIVE (PVT) LIMITED 4th Floor.irfan@adpower-group.com Mr.

Mail additions.Karaci Tel: 2582401. Akhtar M. Irshad A. Korangi Industrial Area.ADAMJEES IMPEX INTERNATIONAL A/5.I. I.Karaci Tel: 32624757 Fax: 92-21-2438416 E.Karaci Tel: 2203205 Fax: 2203032 Mr.229/3. Bath Robes M/s. 2nd Floor.com Mr. Tel: 2412656 Fax: 92-21-2417526 Mr. Bath Towels.Paper Mkt Near Light House Cinema.3. Abdullah Haroon Road. Victoria Centre. 2582434 Fax: 92-21-2586430 Mr.14.E.4-30/31. Shahid Adamjee.ADEEL FABRICS Office# 102.Mail apcpl@cyber. Abdul Ghaffar Adamjee M/s.pk Mr. Opp: Al-Abid Silk Mills. Manuf:Polyester fabrics & flags M/s.ADEEL HAMZA OIL INDUSTRIES Plot No. Adamjee House. Jinnah Road. Adamjee House.Mail adeelhamza2002@hotmail.ADEEL ENTERPRISES Shop No. Exporter:Kitchen Towels. I. Yellow Dusters. Tel: 5055223.net. B/1-B. Hassan Ali Afandi Road.I.ADAMJEE SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED 5th Floor. Lakhani. .international@gmail.com Sheikh Asif Saeed. Muhammad Adeel M/s. Exporter:Medicines Importer:Raw Materials. Azcom Centre. Hand Towels. Gul Court.ADAMJEE POLYMERS COMPANY (PVT) LIMITED 5th Floor.I.5066109 Fax: 92-21-5066109 E.K.5.Mr. Saddar.T.Mail viplags@gmail. Ground Floor. Muhammad Hunaid Paracha M/s. Sector No.Karaci Tel: 5651067.R. Chundrigar Road.. Packing Material of Medicines Manuf:Pharmaceuticals.A.ADDITIONS INTERNATIONAL # 215.Karaci Tel: 2414803 Fax: 92-21-2439392 E. Near Bawany Chali. Chundrigar Road. S. Dish Cloths. Farzana Terrace.ADEEL & CO Shop No. Khalid M/s. Kharadhar.com Sheikh Nisar Ahmed Perchamwala. Tel: 2417741 Mr. 6045666 Fax: 92-21-5654643 E. M. G. Adamjee Exporter:PVC Compound Importer:Raw Material of PVC Compound Manuf:PVC Compound M/s. M/s.

ADEEL INTERNATIONAL Plot# B/49. Value.ADIL ENTERPRISES Suite # 613. Civil Lines. 2437324 Fax: 92-21-2415277 E. Opp: Aisha Bawany School.Karaci Tel: 2427852.Mail aden@cubexs.M/s.pk Mr. Opp: Modern Club.ADIL AND SONS 22-K. Saleem Adil. Tel: 5693737 Fax: 92-21-5693738 E.Karaci Tel: 32567558-60. 701.I.Mail adibro@cyber. M/s. Indus Mehran Society.ADEEL TRADERS 103.ADENWALLA & SONS Shop No.Karaci Tel: 4949595 Fax: 92-21-4924323 Mr.pk Mr. Tel: 4533611-14 Fax: 92-21-4550041 Mr. Exporter:Steel Scraps Manuf:Veterinary Medicines M/s. Ayaz Exporter:Ready made Garments Manuf:Ready made Garments & Home Textiles M/s. I. Adil Chapra. 2417168 Fax: 92-21-2417169 E. Manghopir Road. Block-7/8. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail adeelint@cyber. 349450 Fax: 92-21-2561598 E.H. Forwarding & Shipping Agents. Chundrigar Road.pk Mr. Importer:Stokists of all sorts of Industrial Packing Materials M/s.pk Mr. Altaf Ibrahim. Musa Market.net. Muhammadi House. M/s. Caesars Towrs. Exporter:Clearing. Meter.net. Beaumont Plaza. 15.S. SITE. Importer:Aviation Refelling Equipment and Spares. 6th Floor. Machinery. Hoses. Beaumont Road. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Mail searoute@cyber. . Muhammad Adeel.M.C.ADIL ANIS KHAN B-3. Muhammad Jamil. Services:Indenting M/s.net. Adil Anis Khan. 157-158.ADIL BROTHERS (PVT) LTD.net.Karaci Tel: 2792952 Fax: 92-21-2792953 Mr. Exporter:Recycled plastics M/s.ADEEL PHARMACEUTICAL LINK Office # 12. Tel: 2414161. Malir.

Mansoor Building. Faraz Khurshid M/s. Importer:Polyester Yarn.Mail karachi @dawnbread. Comber Moil M/s. 206.faraz. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 5057421-2 Fax: 92-21-2439151 E. Tel: 2443263 Mr. No.Karaci Tel: 5210075.ADIL INTERNATIONAL 5/23.Progressive Plaza.ADIL FARAZ & CO. Mujahid Colony.pk Mr. New Jilani Market. Korangi Industrial Area.ADLER Plot No. Adil Feroze M/s. Importer:Paper Board and others M/s.Mail azeemalikhan@yahoo.andco@gmail.ADIL TRADING COMPANY No-7. Mohd.com Mr. Civil Lines. 2nd Floor. R. Shop No. Marriot Road. Sector-27.pk Mr. Atif Nawaz M/s. .Karaci Tel: 2439752-53 Fax: 2441905 E. Exporter:Polyester Fabrics. Stadium Road.238.net.com Mr. Exporter:Raw Cotton. Muhammad Tufail.ADIL ENTERPRISES Al-Asif Market. Sohail Naseem. Arkay Square Extension. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Karaci Tel: 5021989. M/s.ADIL TRAVELERS SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED M-1. 5211840 Fax: 92-21-5683561 E. Fasiha Arif.Mail adil@eworld. Beaumont Road. Shahrah-e-Faisal. 0334-3486001 Fax: 92-21-9044346 E.7.Mail adilferoze@hotmail.com Mr.Mail adiltravelers@yahoo. Manuf:Polyester Fabrics.net. Adnan Hussain M/s.Mail ginza@super. MR-6/31. Tel: 2446789 Fax: 2400471 E. Sidra Trade Centre. MR 4/37.ADIMS & COMPANY 280-281.ADIL MARGARINE (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.com Syed Mohammad Yusuf M/s. Tel: 32620870-3 Fax: 32631754 E. Muhammad Imran. Zakaria Lane. Feroze Street. Tel: 111-111-999 Fax: 5055384 E. Jodia Bazar.com Mr. Jodia BazarKaraci Fax: 92-21-7734104 Mrs.Mail adil. 1sts Floor. Falak Naz Plaza.

Mohammad Aslam Adam. SITE.Karaci Tel: 32524661 Mr.ADMIRAL OF NEW YORK (PVT) LTD.E. 8th Zamzama Street. Sector 23. Block-22. Diwan Mall.com Mr. Sunset Comm.Karaci Tel: 5115177-80 Fax: 92-21-5063002 E.Street-1. M/s.ADNAN APPAREL Plot L-20/C. Umer House. S.Mail aamir_janoo@hotmail.Mithadar. Box No. Adeel Mansha. Tel: 2563506 Fax: 92-21-2413001 Mrs.Mail khioff@umergroup.ADNAN ASDAR & ASSOCIATES 27-C. Manuf:maleer-enterprises@hotmail. Mohammad Saleem Manuf:Fabrics M/s.ADMA INDUSTRIES D-252. Equipment M/s. Exporter:Textile Made Ups Manuf:Textile Items M/s. Tel: 34940026-30 Fax: 92-21-7724025 E.G-6.Mail bilal2@cyber.com M/s. 10-A. M/s.M.M/s. Sarafa Bazar.ADMA TRADING HOUSE 24/2-A.pk Mr. Phase-IV. Farida Begum.2310703 Fax: 92-21-2315218 E. 23/1. Allawala. S. Korangi Industrial Area.Mail adnan_co786@hotmail. Importer:I.com Mr. Mohammad Salim. Clifton. Farooq Road.T. Defence Housing Authority. Tel: 2436345 Mr..net. Haroonabad. Tel: 2310355.ADMIRAL (PVT) LTD.Lodram Bldg.Mail adnanapparel@cyber.com Qazi Zahid Hussain. Saddar. Pak Chambers. P.ADMANI INDUSTRIES F-639. Tel: 6349842 Fax: 92-21-6349850 E.H.ADMANI JEWELLERS Shop No.O. M/s.T. Federal 'B' Area. NP 1/52. 7734.I.pk Mr. K-43.net. Maqsood Ali.Abdulla St.Karaci Tel: 5888347. Tel: 2569881-3 Fax: 92-21-2566249 E. West Wharf Road. Exporter:Apparels M/s.ADNAN AND CO. 5895418 . Imran I.

ADNAN AUTOS 6-Tibet Centre.2568144 E.I. Tel: 2562878-79 Fax: 2563168.ADNAN TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 36870811 Fax: 92-21-36870810 Mr. 2720959 E. Saddar.2563168 E. Virjee Street. M/s. Adnan Hussain Exporter:Fruits M/s.pk Mr. United (Hyder) Chamber.738. Marriot Road.Karaci Tel: 5671636 Mr. Plaza Square. New Fruit Market. Tel: 2562878-79 Fax: 2568144. 16-D Road.120.ADNAN TRADERS Shop # 4-A. Abdul Rehman Chawla.Karaci Tel: 2513275. Services:Whole Sallers M/s. Manuf:Power Generation. Shop No. Importer:Waste paper M/s. S. S. Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s.T.Mail aplower@cyber. Block-A-6-L. Zaibun-Nisa Street.ADNAN MANZOOR AND CO.E.ADNAN TRADERS Ground Floor.ADNAN ENTERPRISES 521.net. A6-6/1.Mail adnanimpex@yahoo. 1st Floor.ADNAN IMPEX Room No. Adnan Manzoor. Aziz Khan. Behar Colony. Abdul Rehman Chawla.pk Mr. 4-B. (153/6) Street #2. Jodia Bazar.Mail awaisg@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2440093. Commodities M/s.E. Haroon Centre. F-43.Fax: 92-21-5881974 Mr.T. Adnan Asdar Ali M/s. Super Highway. New Fadoo Building..ADNAN POWER (PVT) LIMITED F-43. Hussain Centre.4549242 Fax: 92-21-2442143 E.Mail yarn@cyber. M/s..com Mr. Tel: 2721508.I. Exporter:Textile & Commodities Importer:Chemicals. Khalid Farooq M/s.com Mr.06. .net. Abdul Jabbar Tabbani. Plot No. Tel: 2442360 Fax: 92-21-2423808 Mr. 1st Floor. Muhammad Nadeem Qazi.ADNAN TRADERS Room No. 2544231 Fax: 92-21-2544231 Mr.

ADROIT TRADERS 4/2.com Mr. Muhammad Hanif M/s.Mail iqbal_zaveri@abs.pk Mr. Tel: 2427201. Abdul Rahim Motiwala M/s.4.op. S. Noor House.Mail adroit@cyber. Hasrat Mohani Road. M/s. Jamshed Quarters Clayton Road.13-D-III.Mail adorntrading@gmail.A.ADORN TRADING & SHIPPING AGENCIES Suite# M-1.pk Mr.Mail accmail@cyber. Mohammad Asif Exporter:Marble items M/s. Mezza. Saima Trade Tower. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Iqbal Zaveri. Jinnah Road. Mezzanine Floor.Karaci Tel: 2415556 Fax: 92-21-2414516 E. Saddar. H. Muslimabad Co.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 32585927-32565322 E. Aqil Maniar.Mail mhtaanan@hotmail.ADNAN TRADERS Suite # 401.pk Mr.net.ADVANCE CORPORATION 1st Floor.ADVANCE CNG STATION Plot No. Muhammad Yamin M/s. M-8. I.ADVANCE COMPUTERS & COMMUNICATIONS.ADVANCE ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL L/21-D. Importer:Chemicals M/s.com Mr. Chundrigar Road.net. Tel: 5427401 Fax: 92-21-4120675 E. Plot No.net. Fax: 92-21-2413723 E. Faisal Salim. Abdullah Haroon Road.Floor Panama Centre.Industrial Tel: 36339597-36335809 .Adnan Riaz M/s. Street-01. Zakaria Lane. M.Karaci Tel: 2472290-93 Fax: 92-21-2472294 E. Tel: 2635124. Muhammad Ismail M/s.S.Karaci Tel: 2749165-70 Mr. F. Tower-I. Jodia Bazar. 4th Floor.M. SITE.com Mr.Mail advanceco@cyber.B.I.net. 2635867 Fax: 92-21-2629775 E. Tel: 0300-9373646 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4980310 Fax: 92-21-4980116 E. Block-21.Mail petrochem@adnantraders. Trade Avenue. M/s. Society. Chambers.633/2.ADVANCE BUSINESS SYSTEMS M-15.ADVANCE CORPORATION Rizwan Chambers.

Shabana Exporter:Textile Madeups .AEF AEM DEE L-62. Dr.pk Mr. Muhammad Raza M/s.ADVANCE MEDICAL SYSTEM 7-Rehman Plaza.210. S. Abdullah Haroon Road. Saddar. Ziauddin Ahmed Road.10. Abdul Mujeer M/s. Al Rehman Trade Centre.com Mr. Mohammad Anis M/s.Mail riaz69@cyber. Shaheen Complex. Techincal CNG Stations M/s.Mail advance. Federal 'B' Area Tel: 0300-9214774 Fax: 92-21-7736632 Sh.engineering@hotmail. Sattar Pidha M/s. Suite# 3.Karaci Tel: 2240655 Fax: 92-21-2240656 E. Federal 'B' Industrial Area.ADVANCE ELECTRONICS INTL. Block-9.Karaci Mr.Mail info@aei_co. Opp: Nagori Weight Bridge Hub River Road.com Mr.ADVANCED COMPUTER COMMUNICATION Shop No.Mail info@aei-co.Fax: 36339794 E. Sector 11-D. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Ellis Street.AEG TRAVEL SERVICES (PVT) LTD. Abdul Ghaffar A. Ejaz Ashraf M/s.ADVANCE ENGINEERING Room No.ADVANCE METALS INDUSTRIES Plot # 140.com Mr. Abbuzar Colony. Rashid Minhas Road. Tel: 2415644 Fax: 2624251 E. Block-21. Noor House. M/s. Depot Line Coast Guard Avenue.Karaci Tel: 6339597 Fax: 92-21-6339794 E. L-21D. Mohammad Faheem. 90/A-1.ADVANCE TELECOM 3rd Floor. Instruments M/s.Karaci Tel: 32037094 Mr. Behind Rais Lucky Hotel. New Karachi. 2nd Floor. Kharadar. Near OMI Hospital. Street No.AEHORUPH TEXTILES G-K 5/9. Block-43.Karaci Tel: 2700233-6 Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Pidha Exporter:CNG Industrial machines Services:Enginereng . Tel: 021-32200922 Fax: 021-32200917 Mrs.. Riaz Hussain Importer:Medical Equipments. Tel: 111786111 Fax: 2638898 Mr.M-50.net. Muhammad Asif Khan Exporter:Metal and Scrap M/s.

4th Floor. Zeeshan M.net. PECHS.AEM AAR L-20. Block-9.pk Mr. Federal 'B' Area.Mail info@aero-car. Anum Estate.Mail info@aerolube. Mohammad Talha.com M/s. Tel: 34391295 Fax: 34544361 E.AEM TEE AAR L-17. Tel: 6334805 Fax: 92-21-7736632 Mrs. Muhammad Faisal Ayub M/s. Block # 9. Tel: 111111265 Fax: 34547455 E.AEROCAR Suite No.M/s.net. Block-13-D/3. Exporter:riaz01@sat. Near Noman Complex Gulshan-e-Iqbal.pk M/s. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Block-4. Baloch Goth.AEROLUBE (PVT) LIMITED 46-K. Maria Shaikh. Karimi Importer:Lubricants & Greases M/s. Serai Road. Federal 'B' Area.pk Mr.Mail aerow@cyber.AEYKEYBI TRADERS SA-37.Karaci Tel: 4551773 .com Syed Akhter Hasnain Services:Kiosk and Bill payment soultions sy M/s.C. Manuf:marinebureau@cyber.A.S.206.net.E.Karaci Tel: 0300-9222601 Mr.com Mr. Block # 9. Bank Arcade. Federal 'B' Area..5.101.pk Manuf:powertechengineering@yahoo. Rashid Minhas Road. Asia Pacific Trade Centre. Opp: Sindh Madersa.Mail aeronpk@yahoo. Block-6. Plot 40-A. Mariam Rafi.com. Salman Habib Butt Exporter:Footwears M/s.com Mr. Tel: 0300-2293721 Mrs. Mohammad Saeed Akhtar Exporter:Gseneral Importer:Paper and Board M/s. K. M/s. 1st Floor.Mail shaikh_at@hotmail. Tel: 6334805 Fax: 92-21-7736632 E.AEROW ENTERPRISE Room No. Aulia Road. Tel: 342027180-82 Fax: 92-21-3402778 E.Karaci Tel: 2401607 Fax: 92-21-2401606 E.H.AEM AAR AES L-17.AET EST R-28.AERON VISTA HEALTH CARE Suite No.

Sector 6-F. Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui M/s. Kornagi. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 32722573 Fax: 92-21-3243336 E.com Mr.B. M/s.B Trust Buliding Marshal Street. Tel: 34819204 E.Karaci Tel: 5053001-2 Fax: 92-21-5378309 E. Saif-ul-Islam. 13-D.Mail ikhlaqhmd@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 5069967-68 Fax: 5069969-70 Mr.com Mr. Saddar Town Tel: 32722573 Fax: 92-21E.com Mr. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Afaq Ahmed Exporter:Dry Fruits & Spices Importer:Dry Fruits & Spices M/s.AFASU INTERNATIONAL A-93. P&T Society.AFAQ TRADERS Flat# 6. Twisting and Sezing. Adnan Gul Ahmed Importer:100% Polyestr Yarn Manuf:100% Polyester Fabric. Trust Building.AFEEF PRINTERS C-120. Manuf:Printing & Packaging M/s.Karaci Tel: 35069967-68 Fax: 35065307 E. Rashid Ahmed Saddique.Mail afetex@yahoo. M/s. Exporter:Import of Yarn and Paper Board M/s.Mail info@affariunlimited.AFETEX INDUSTRIES Plot No.Mail topzone2001@yahoo. Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui.net. Korangi.Mail afeefp@cyber. Mehran Town.AFEEF BUILDERS C-120. Tel: 5069967-68 Fax: 92-21-5069970 Mr.AFAQ TRADERS Flat # 6 . University Road. Rehman Villas. Muhammad Afaq M/s. B. Mahboob Ahmed Siddiqui .Mail afasu_international@hotmail. KDA Scheme-33.Karaci Tel: 3380614-4 Fax: 36066172 E.AFFARI UNLIMITED A-58. Ather Kamil Batla.AFEEF PACKAGES (PVT) LIMITED C-120.pk Mr. Sector 6-F.com Mr. Mehran Town. Weaving. Mehran Town. B. Korangi Industrial Area. Sector 6-F. Marshal Street.C-4.Fax: 92-21-2417145 Mr. Saddar Town. M/s.com Mr.

Rufi Heights. Tel: 4949595.net.AFN ENTERPRISES 63/II Lane-15. Keamari.Karaci Tel: 5390778.Karaci Tel: 35362606 Fax: 35206323 E. Importer:Chemicals/Raw Materials M/s. Block-8. Jinnah Road. Athar Farooq Nizami M/s.AFNAN CORPORATION Suite No.net Mr. Defence Housing Authority. Summit Enterprises.AFROZ SULTAN C/o. First Gizri Lane.Karaci Tel: 35498479. Rafiqua Absar Rizvi M/s. Ground Floor.A. Phase-VII.com Mrs. Clifton.AFQAN ENTERPRISE No.AFRAA SYNCHRON INDUSTRIAL& MINING D-14. Muhammed Jawed Afqan Importer:Man Made Fiber and Synthetic Yarn M/s. Tel: 34030048 E. Phase-4. 5386375 Fax: 92-21-5882767 E.pk Mr.A.pk Mr.net. Defence Housing Authority.com Mr.AFRIDI ENTERPRISES C-3. M.Karaci Tel: 2852151-2 Fax: 92-21-5870384 E.Karaci Tel: 021-5836561-5869895 Fax: 5870776 E. R-10. Tel: 32315495 Fax: 32310908 E. Box# 13139. Fatima Jinnah Colony Jamsed Road No. Jinnah Road.Mail afghan@afghancarpet. M. EFU House.675/373. Khaliquz Zaman Road. Abdul Aziz Muhammad M/s. 4949565 .AFG INTERNATIONAL 405.Mail afgintl@@cyber.96. Centre Fatima Jinnah Road. P. Block-17. Phase-II.Mail afnizami@cyber. Khayaban-e-Badban. Ch. Tel: 2415415 Fax: 92-21-2414860 Mr.AFGHAN CARPET D-16. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Pervaiz Hussain Exporter:Hand Knotted Wollen Carpets M/s. Adil Ikram Faridi M/s.AFFLLIATE INTERNATIONAL 9/A.net.03022819206 Fax: 35-22-2041 Mr.M/s. Rafan M/s.Mail afraaimpex@gmail. Timber Pond. Shakil Ahmed.Mail adilikram90@hotmail.3.O.Mail affillat@cyber. Saddar.pk Mr.

T. Aftab Ahmed M/s. Khalid Bin Waleed Road.AFTAB ASSOCIATES Plot No. Ali Town Society. M/s. Aftab Ali.AFSHAN FABRICS F-227.Karaci Tel: 6349001-4 Fax: 92-21-6310559 E. PECHS. Block-II. Yunus Ismail.AFSA (PVT) LIMITED 1013. Aftab Ahmed.net. P. Tel: 2562042 Fax: 92-21-2566658 Mr. Nazir Haji Usman Importer:LPG Gas M/s. 4681824 Fax: 92-21-4578994 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4534340. Box# 6839. Orangi Town.AFTAB & COMPANY 642/6.I.AFTAB & SONS # 26/183.AFSHAN TRADERS 18.A. Exporter:Terry Towel and Textile Home Made Ups Importer:Chemical and Other Printing Material Manuf:Textile Home Made Ups M/s. Faisal Cantt.AFSAR GAS COMPANY (PVT) LIMITED 150-N. Feroze Alam Lari.Karaci Tel: 4397929 Fax: 92-21-4397927 Mr. 3. LA-7/1-7. M/s. 4537618 Fax: 92-21-2424017 Mrs.D.E. Gulzar Siddiq. Uni Plaza. 10th Floor. Bazar. Nazir Appartment. Modern Housing Society. S. Scheme 7. Block-22.I. .Mail afroze@afroze. I. K. 2411290 Fax: 92-21-2412483 Mr.. Off: Shaheed-e-Millat Road. M/s. Afshan.O. Sector 11 1/2. Chandni Chowk. Block No.AFTAB AHMED SC-3.Mrs. Afroza. Federal 'B' Area. Chundrigar Road. Manuf:Textiles M/s.D-49. M/s.com Mr. Tel: 4590236. M/s.pk Mr.Mail aftabahmed@cyber.AFROZE TEXTILE INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Importer:Deal in used Auto Parts.Karaci Tel: 4948831 E.Karaci Tel: 2414800.Karaci Tel: 8384090 Mr. Shah Waliullah Nagar.

AFTAB AUTOMOBILES 2-Sabir Manzil. Aftab Elahi.A. M. Aftab Ahmed. Plaza Quarters. Jinnah Road. Importer:Rice Processing Machine.Karaci Tel: 7735786 Sh.pk Mr. Tel: 4931805 Fax: 92-21-4855923 Mr.AFTAB CORPORATION Aftab Chambers. Progressive Square. Azizabad. Manuf:mehwer@yahoo. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Lakhani Arcade.Karaci Tel: 2442187.net.AFTAB FOOD INDUSTRIES WS/5. Nishter Road. Seema Kalim M/s. Muhammad Aftab Importer:Computer Parts and Accessories .AFTAB FLOUR & ALLIED INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED 805. Muhammad Aftab. Rice & Pulses Manuf:Spices and Recipe M/s. 4521406 Fax: 92-21-4549823 Mian Khurram Aftab. Aftab Ilahi. Bahadurabad. Importer:Paints 'Raw Material' M/s. D-15. Super Highway. M/s. Picture House Street.AFTAB INTERNATIONAL TRADING # 2.Mail aftab@fascom.AFTAB ILAHI #9.Mail abcfoodco@hotmail. Muhammad Kamal Rafi M/s. Kanchwala Building. KDA Scheme-33. Tel: 6321570. Tel: 32722524 Fax: 32728988 E.com Mr.Mail kamalrf@cubexs. Jodia Bazar. Exporter:Pakistan Basmati Rice. PECHS. Rafiq Chamber. M/s. 6335571 Fax: 92-21-6339673 E.com Mr.com M/s. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4540377.AFTAB BROTHERS & CO. Abul Hassan Isphani Road. Opp: Risala Police Station. 2441954 Fax: 92-21-2410014 Mr.77725 E.Mail aftabfoods@hotmail. Mohammed Yasir.Karaci Tel: 34641714 Fax: 92-21-34643022 Mr. Block-2. Virjee Street.AFTAB IMPEX A-3. SITE.Sector-12. Tel: 7732405. Tel: 36002855 Fax: 36880551 E. Block-6. 7772501 Fax: 7736571. Marton Road. Exporter:Spices.com Mrs. Federal 'B' Area.

M/s. Gul Tower. I. 2nd Floor.A.Mail khyaal18@hotmail. The Plaza. Block-14. PECHS.2432878 E.Karaci Tel: 5071211-12 Fax: 92-21-5071213 Mr.AFTAB TRADERS (PVT) LTD. Aftab Ahmed M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Block-6. 2422403 Fax: 92-21-2410225 E. 2 Talwar.Mail aftabtradecorporation@gmail.211. Amber Medical Centre. Korangi.Mail info@aftabtech. Super Highway. Aftab Ahmed. Shahrah-e-Faisal.monlighttraders. Jinnah Road.AFTAB TEXTILE INDUSTRY 2nd Floor.com.I.Mail aftabjewellers_pk@yahoo.AFTAB JAWAID & CO.A-81. Ather Aftab. Scheme-33.com M/s. Mohammad Usman Khan Exporter:LPG Mixture M/s. Main Clifton Road.AFTAB TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. Sector 23. Sector-23.Mohammad Ahmer Afzal Khan M/s. Korangi Ind. M/s.Aiwan-e-Sanat Building Plot # ST-4/2.AFTAB JEWELLERS Show Room No-6.Karaci Tel: 5372521-5372520 E. 5071211Fax: 92-21-5071213 E. 1st Foor. Arkay Square Extention. House#2-B.AFZAL & SONS Room No. Area.M/s.com Mr.107.pk Importer:Knives & Chemicals Leaher etc . 1st Floor.Karaci . Plot 57. Tel: 38423147 Fax: 32216821 Mr.AFTAB TRADING COMPANY Suite No. Farhan-ur-Rehman. Tel: 2413742-2415416 Fax: 2414835.com Mr.AFTAB TRADE CORPORATION 201.Mail aftab@makarts. 4/2. Aiwan-e-Sanat Building. Exporter:tareenk@khi. Zahid Qamar. Manuf:Terry Towel and Allied Products M/s. Tel: 0213-4546619 Fax: 021-4521361 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2422402. Manuf:www. Shalimar Heights.AFTAB SILK INDUSTRY 108-109. Aftab Ahmed Bhatti M/s. Gulistan-e-Johar.Karaci Tel: 5057456-7. M. SITE.Karaci Tel: 6881274-76 Fax: 92-21-6881278 E.paknet.com Mr.com Mr. Chundrigar Road.com Mr. 6/20-24.

Tel: 5070513 Fax: 92-21-5054402 Mr. 4543738 Fax: 92-21-4968275 E. Manuf:Assembly of Automobiles. Keshoojee Waljee Street.net. P. Afzal Hussain Exporter:Leather Garments M/s. Muhammad Ayub Khan.H.AFZAL AUTOS G-6.net. Manuf:Absorbent Cotton. Uniform. Najmi Co. Chemicals Resin Based.Tel: 8135746 Mr.C. 10. Importer:Benzoyl Peroxides.AFZAL ENTERPRISE Opp: Bohra Jamat Khana. Sector 7/A.H.AFZAL MOTORS (PVT) LIMITED Survey# 145/147. C. Mohammad Ishaq Peracha. M/s. Afzal Abdul Karim. Jinnah Road. Deh Khanto.Karaci Tel: 7733584 Mr.O.E. Importer:Coir Products .Karaci Tel: 4102720-30 Fax: 92-21-4102501 Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.AFZAL INTERNATIONAL Plot No. Exporter:Absorbent Cotton.C. Muhammad Atif.AFZAL LEATHER GARMENTS Shop#188. Society. Agricultural. Muhammad Afzal. Importer:Paper & Paper Board M/s. Central Commercial Area. Athar Saleem. Razakabad.. Jodia Bazar.Mail waseem-1@cyber. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Gul Mohammad Street. 2629636 Fax: 92-21-2638069 E. Cotton Bandages. Naclass-102.No.AFZAL TRADING CO. P.Mail ya_abbas@cyber.49/1. District Malir National Highway. 7. Cotton Bandages. Tel: 2628327.AFZAL ENTERPRISES Ibrahim Chamber.Karaci Tel: 5867370 Fax: 92-21-5821732 E.pk Mr. Plot # 6/10.AFZAL ASLAM AND COMPANY 260/C.Op.A. Block-8. Tel: 4525289.pk Mr.S.Panorama Centre. Box 8019. Exporter:Auto Services M/s. Taj Mahal Market M.Mail afzal_ent@yahoo. many othr Textile Disposables used in Hospital M/s. Saddar. Crepe Bandages. Clifton. Tel: 021-35633634 Mr.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2527766 Fax: 92-21-2528533 Choudhry Muhammad Afzal. Trucks Bus M/s. M/s. Muhamamd Afzal M/s. Workwear. No.

Karaci Tel: 111-111-243 Fax: 92-21-4549899 E. Ovais Iqbal. Kharadar. Haji Bandeali Building.. Petro De Soza Road.Mail mistry@khipaknet. MM Yarn. 2441713 Fax: 92-21-2413418 E.24-A. G-1. Pulses. P.Mail agbustrading@yahoo.C. Textile Parts & Accessories Manuf:M. Garden East.AGARIA BUILDERS Al-Tayab Terrace. Muhammad Murtaza M/s.M/s. 233/4.606.16. Umer Building. Mohammed Haroon Agar.pk Mr. Tel: 2415412-14.Karaci Tel: 2241987-88 Mr.AG GIGI (PVT) LIMITED 105.com Mr.AGBUS TRADING (SMC-PVT) LTD.Yarn (Polyester Crylic & Viscose Yarn Services:Doubling of Yarn M/s. House of Agar.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal. M/s. Muhamamd Younus Haji Usman M/s. Plot No. Tel: 6695623 Fax: 6697313 Mr. Arambagh Road. Mohammad Ali Haji Usman. Boulton Market Road.M.AGENTA COMPUTER AM-10. Muhammad Asif Nazir Importer:Computer accessories M/s. Garden East. MR 3/1. M.AGAR INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.Mail agartextile@yahoo.com Mr. Opp: Quaid-e-Azam Birth Place. Mr.AGFA PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Agfa House. Main Burns Road. Importer:Viscose Fibre. 2438234 Fax: 92-21-2460905 E. Rimpa Plaza.AGAR TEXTILES (PVT) LIMITED 60/1. Room No.net. 1st Floor. Abdul Razzak. M.Karaci Tel: 7730887 E. RB-5/8. Chemicals M/s.com Mr.A.Karaci Tel: 2438233. Importer:PMC. Block-6.Mail agar@super. . Textile Goods.E. Ireland Road. Off: Nishtar Road. Park Avenue.gigi@com. Imperial Garden.Mail ag.AGA TRADERS Flat No.S. Exporter:Garment Accessories Importer:Raw Material Manuf:Garment Accessories M/s. Exporter:Cotton Yarn.H. Tel: 2737148-2752197 Fax: 2724020 E.AGARIA STEEL Ilyas Manzil. Jinnah Road. Abdul Jabbar Mahmood M/s.

Karaci Tel: 2627841. Muhibullah M/s. Majeed Karim. 3rd Floor. M/s.Karaci Tel: 36870958 E. 19. 7720228 Fax: 92-21-7722125 . Abdul Majid Carim Importer:X Ray Films and Equipments M/s. Tel: 32761424 E.AGHA HASSAN JUICE CENTRE Shop No.AGHA OWAIS & COMPANY Office # 1-27-28/2. Bab Centre. # 333. Agfa House. X-Ray Films. 2625667 Fax: 92-21-2214128 E. A.Mail msohailaoc@hotmail.AGFA-GEVART PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Shirin Jinnah Colony.Karaci Tel: 4389971 Agha Muhammad Ali Exporter:Textile items M/s.Mail agfapk@hotmail. Cine Films.AGHA MUHAMMAD ALI 1-1/K.Karaci Tel: 5833119-21 Fax: 92-21-5874086 Mr. Erum Appartment. Scheme-33. S # 208. M/s. Habibullah M/s. Exporter:Photo Products Imported/Local Importer:Photo Goods. Muhammad Sohail Agha Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Vegetable M/s.AGHAZ PUBLICATIONS (PVT) LTD.com Mr.AGHA'S SUPER MARKET 1-Uzma Court.Karaci Tel: 7771623 Fax: 7726647. Shahrah-e-Galib.5. Tel: 5860353 Syed Najmuddin Agha M/s. Hoor Centre. 2213810 Fax: 92-21-2214128 Mr.AGHA ENTERPRISES B-43.com Mr.AGHA RAZA JUICE CENTRE Shop No. 18.22. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Art Films.AGHA HASSAN & CO. Japan Mansion.com Mr.Mail ayubadv@yahoo. Block-8.Karaci Tel: 7721688. Arambagh Road. New Sabzi Mandi. Preedy Street. PECHS. 11. Block-2. B-1. Block-3. Pakistan Chowk. Bismillah Market.Pakistan ChowkKaraci Tel: 2627841. Block-6.7771637 Syed Hassan. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Saddar. Clifton. North Napier Road. Tel: 32763958 Mr. M/s. Farid Verani.

Tel: 6380333.Karaci Tel: 4327416-7 Fax: 92-21-4553631 E.. Super High Way. Abazer Nakhoda Exporter:Rubber and Chemicals M/s. Block-6.Karaci Tel: 4310651-52 Fax: 4547657 E. Uni Plaza. 6380222 Fax: 92-21-4811119 Mr.C. Near Duty Free Shop.Mail agm@raziki. Naveed Shahzad. Jodia Bazar.Mail rahmani@rahmani.AGLIX TECHNOLOIES (PVT) LIMITED Suite# 205. shahrah-e-Faisal.com. M/s.E. Anum Blessing. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.AGRI COMMODITIES 1012. Main Shahra-e-Faisal.com Mr.Mr.com Mr. M/s.com Mr. Tariq Centre. Block-6. Inam-ul-Ikram Rahmani.1-16.Mail info@agiassociates. 91-Hyderabad Colony. P.pk Mr.Mail agpc@super. Binyameen Yousuf. Jamaluddin M/s. Business Plaza.0300-2800522 Fax: 92-21-2430983 E.Mail info@aglixtech. Moin A. Malik M/s. Chundrigar Road. Mohammad Hanif. M/s.Mail ebrahim@cyber.AGILITY FAIRS & EVENTS LOGISTICS (PVT) LIMITED. .pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 111-436-436 Fax: 4383763-64 E. 3rd Floor. I. Room No. New Sabzi Mandi.AGILITY LOGISTICS (PVT) LTD.com Mr.Azam Nasir M/s.Karaci Tel: 34529801-32419891 Fax: 32421808 E. Office # 205-206.AGM ASSOCIATES 6.AGI ASSOCIATES Suite 3 324.1006. Tel: 4912312.6/14-15. Tel: 2442035. Progressice Centre. Software Technology.AGIRICA MDS INTERNATIONAL Shop No.pk Mr.H. 10th Floor.net. Park-II.I. 4123160 Fax: 92-21-4123090 E. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Tariq Road.R. PECHS.Mail mmalik@agilitylogistics. Anwar Farooqui.S.AGP CORPORATION M. Sabah Palace.AGN COMPUTERS AGN House. Importer:Computer parts M/s. 29/A.Karaci Tel: 2411158-9 Fax: 92-21-2411160 E.net. Virji Street. M/s.

.Mail agriato@digicom.AGRIAUTO INDUSTRIES LIMITED Siddiqsons Tower.AGRICULTURAL & TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (PVT)LTD 101/103.net. Uni Tower.90-91-A.pk Mr.net. Tel: 2254536 Fax: 92-21-2228240 E. Maripur Road. Akmal Amin Paracha. Importer:Sugar M/s.pk Mr.pk Mr. Sector-27.I.net. Exporter:Rice M/s.Karaci Tel: 5866137-9.Karaci Tel: 4541540-3 Fax: 92-21-4549284 E. Saddar. Near Kausar Masjid.Mail agriplexpak@cyber. 5821829Fax: 92-21-5830521 E. Society. Saddar. Sohail P. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Imtiaz ul Haq Khan Exporter:Agriculture Organic Importer:Fertilizes & Hibrid seeds M/s.Mail abidgroup. Kehkashan Town Houses.Karaci Tel: 2412830-34 Fax: 92-21-2411721 E. I. Opp: UBL Old Truck Stand. Exporter:Auto Part Importer:Components/Raw Material Manuf:Automotive Parts M/s.Tel: 2427789. Fax: 92-21-2427780 E.kyc@cyber.Karaci Tel: 5067373-4 Fax: 5060827 Mian Abrar Ahmad M/s. A-6. Chundrigar Road. Ahmed.Karaci Tel: 2528622 Fax: 92-21-2530043 E.pk Mr.AGRIMAC EXPORT PAKSITAN 4.AGRILINK FOOD INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED 119. Block-5 Clifton.Mail agricdgro@yahoo. 3-Jinnah Cooperative H.AGRI PLEX Plot No. Saghir Hussain Saheed Road. Importer:Pesticides Products Manuf:Pesticides Prodcuts M/s. Aziz Damji.Mail agrico786@yahoo.Mail abr@cyber. 5th Floor.com Shaikh Nasir Shahzad M/s. Korangi Industrial Area.net.AGRICO INTERNATIONAL 6-Saghir Hussain Shaheed Road.AGRICIDES LIMITED FL-2.com Mr. Abid Hussain.

AGRO COMMODITIES 4/22.com. Tel: 2225444 Fax: 92-21-2229354 E. Importer:Pulses/Grains Services:Freight Forwarding M/s. Sehar Commercial. . Exporter:Fresh Fruits Importer:E-Cartoon for Export of Fresh Fruits M/s. SITE. Akbar Iqbal Puri M/s.AGRO INTERNATIONAL C-27.Mail elahigroup@egc.pk Mr.Mail agro@khi. North Nazimabad. Saddar.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4802940-41 Fax: 92-21-4802943 Mr.AGRO OIL EXTRACTION INDUSTRIES LIMITED. Manzoor Colony. West Wharf Road. M/s. Abdul Aziz Rafiq M/s. Exporter:Recyclers Importer:Plastic Materials Manuf:Plastic Moulding Compound. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Block 'C'. Motiwala Centre. M/s.AGRO PROCESSORS & ATMOSPHERIC GASES (PVT) LIMITED.com Sheikh Aamir Shehzad. Rambharti Street.AGROCOM 21-Waqar Centre. Tel: 2312543-44 Fax: 92-21-2310472 Mr.Karaci Tel: 7781964-67 Fax: 92-21-7781631-2 E.Mail agro_007@hotmail.Mail aabtradekhi@yahoo.com.Mail info@agripak. Al Raee Avenue. DHA.pk Mr.AGRITRADE INTERNATIONAL 8. Muhammad Ismail. F-392.Karaci Tel: 2575791 Fax: 92-21-2562487 E. Tel: 5891067 Fax: 92-21-5887526 E.Mail agrico786@yahoo. Khayaban-e-Sehar. Raza Abdul Aziz Al Raee.Tel: 7224987 Fax: 92-21-7228240 E.AGRIPAK INTERNATIONAL A-263.pk Sheikh Atif Hussain M/s. Adnan Baakza M/s. Navy Fleet Club. 35242102 Fax: 92-21-3524210 E. Block-17. Sohail Ilahi.comsats.Phase VII. Iqbal Shaheed Road.com Mr.net.AGRO DEVELOPMENT 87-G.Karaci Tel: 35242101. E-3. Mezzanine Floor. Puri House.

I. Luxmidas Street. Manuf:Manufacturer of Leather Garments M/s. F.net. Phase-5. Naz Plaza. Mezzanine Floor. Hawksbay Road. 4th Floor.Karaci Tel: 4970478.com Mr. Latif Cloth Market.AHBAB ENTERPRISES M-9.Karaci Tel: 5853139.pk Ms. Shahrah-e-Faisal. items M/s.AHAD GROUP C-1/1. Tel: 5065379-80 Fax: 92-21-5061998 Syed Ammar Bukhari.E.Mail ahadgroup08@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 35033010 Fax: 92-21-35033010 Molana Al Haj Noor Alam Saify M/s. Abdul Qadir M/s.pk M/s. Suhail Abbas Hashmi M/s.AGROTOOL (PVT) LIMITED Sohana Research Farm. Tel: 4598480 Fax: 4598746 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2410990 Fax: 2416204 E. Ak KaramSquare. Mr. Khayaban-e-Janbaz.Mail nfit@cyber. Korangi Industrial Area. Block-4.AHD ENTERPRISES House No. Tel: 111-111-122 Fax: 92-21-2564589 E. Asifa Ali Dawood Exporter:Medicines & Gen. Sector-30. A-724.com Mrs. Arifa Zahid Khawaja M/s.Karaci Tel: 2443770 (5 Lines) Fax: 92-21-2413869 .B. 4994531 Fax: 92-21-4970478 E.Mail 786agro@gmail. 174.Karaci Tel: 32315584 E. S-32.Mail zehricorp@cyber.AHMAD & BROTHERS H.215..23.T.18. P. Block-3. S. Liaquatabad.AHANGAR (PVT) LTD. Landhi. Block-1. DHA. M. Muhammad Farooq Azam M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Street No. Jinnah Road. 58-A.AHMAD ADAYA & COMPANY (PVT) LTD. Box-5813.Jodia Bazar.AHAD ENTERPRISES Shop No. Fatema Futehally Exporter:Windmills Manuf:Windmills Biogas Plant M/s.No.A.AHBAB ASSOCIATES Plot No. Gul Plaza. Area.net. 5853907 Mrs.O. Sector G-36.

119.AHMED & ASGHAR CO. Textile Machinery Parts Manuf:Dyeing & Processing M/s. Jinnah Road. Main Tariq Road.T. Tel: 5685774 Fax: 92-21-5680393 Mr. Services:Textile Traders M/s.AHMAD GROUP (PVT) LTD.Mail agl@super. 6668806-7 Fax: 92-21-6993783 E.AHMAD LACE WORKS (PVT) LTD.AHMAD DIAMOND TOOLS B-53. 1st Floor.Mail ahmedtools@yahoo.E.AHMAD FABRICS 104.A. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32426321 Fax: 92-21-32419596 Mr. M/s. S.Mail aacl@cyber. Robson Road. Colony... Tel: 2771717-2772870 Fax: 2776062 Mr. D/94.Karaci Tel: 0300-3813209 Mr. Importer:Textile Yarn. Shershah Road. Sector 27.net. 2444859 Fax: 92-21-2410787 Mr. Ahmad Abdul Hai M/s. Main Estate Avenue.com Mr. Tel: 2421456. M. Muhammad Ashraf M/s.E. M. Tel: 111-405-405 Fax: 92-21-2563487 E. Ahmad Hassan M/s. . 2nd Floor. Equipments.P. Products Importer:Machinery.I.com Mr. M. Tel: 5067373.I. Ahmad Fahim Khan. Gul Plaza.net. Misc. Israr Ahmad Alvi. Tel: 2564344. Adamjee Dawood Road. Banoo Bazar. Manghopir Road.AHMAD ENTERPRISES 65. Zainab Centre. S.AHMED & AKHTAR TRADING COMPANY Shop No. Salim Adaya. Dubai Shopping Mall. Exporter:Readymade Garments. Ahmed Jan M/s. Materials M/s. 5067374 Fax: 92-21-5850549 E. Ahmad Najuib.pk Mian Abrar Ahmad.R.AHMAD MANUFACTURING CORPORATION F-5. Behind Motandas Market.pk Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.AHMAD HASSAN JIVANI Shop # 5.76. Jinnah Road.T.Mail info@ahmadlace.E.A.

AHMED & CO.Mail naveedco@gmail. Feroze Ahmed. Korangi Industrial Area. M/s.AHMED & SONS B/53. Phase-II Extension. Manghopir Road.AHMED ASSOCIATES Plot No. Naveed Ahmed Chughtai. Exporter:www. 103-104. Faiz Ahmed M/s.AHMED AUTOMOBILE CO. Gulistan-e-Johar.1402.AHMED BLOCK WORKS R. Willayatabad.Mail riaz. Tel: 32417127 Fax: 92-21-35896763 Mr. Federal 'B' Area. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Tel: 2423227. Tel: 2577026 Fax: 92-21-2572516 Mr. Block-3. 11/56.Tel: 2216988. Baber Street.No. 8123442 Fax: 92-21-8010043 Syed Akbar Ali S. Mohammad Iqbal Exporter:Tobacco Belts Importer:Yarn Manuf:Tobacco belts M/s. Sector 7-A. Federal B Area.Mail ibmoten@yahoo. Tel: 34637053 E. Block-13/C. Ahmed Nawaz. Defence Housing Authority. Tel: 6313297 Fax: 92-21-2433273 E. Block-14. Shams Chamber. Waqar Mehmood Khan Importer:Motorcycles and Part Manuf:Motor cycles and Auto Rickshaw M/s.210@cyber. Rahat Manzil.AHMED & ASSOCIATES 74-C. M/s.com Mr.net.Karaci Tel: 2736988. Siddiqabad.Karaci Tel: 4985842-4982724 Fax: 4800589 Mr.Karaci Fax: 32425003 E.com M/s. 13th Commercial Street. D-258/4. Shaes Centre. SB-25. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Muhammad Ahmed M/s.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5884539 Fax: 92-21-5880538 Mr.pk Mr. Ratan Talaw. 2773356 .globalseafoodmarketing.B. 2417074 Fax: 92-21-2423832 Syed Aiyaz Ahmed. Tirmizi. M/s. 1st Floor.58. M/s.AHMED AGENCY 425-427.AHMED ASSOCIATES H.AHMED & COMPANY Plot# 381.

Tel: 34110010. .AHMED BROTHERS INDUSTRIES R-108.Distribution Board. Importer:All sorts of Electrical Goods and Fire Extinguishers. Federal 'B' Area.2.3.T.Mail nasirali@cyber.net. Malir Colony. Block-15. Power Factor improvement. Zaman Shah.Mail ahmedblockworks@yahoo.AHMED BROTHERS Shop No. Khalid Ahmed Khan Manuf:Paper Box Board M/s. Exporter:Rice and Pulses Importer:samfatkh@yahoo. Daryalal Street.AHMED BROTHERS P.AHMED BROTHERS UF-1.net.Mail abs786@super.AHMED BUSINESS MACHINES Plot#104.pk Mr.O.pk Mr.pk Shiekh Atiq Ahmed Exporter:Electric Motor Starters. Office No. Paneland Motor Control Center. Box-5665. Opp: New Custom House. L. Cloth Market.Mail zamanshah@cyber.AHMED BUSINESS SERVICES B-450. 1st Floor. Nawab Ahmed Exporter:Garments Importer:Garments Manuf:Garments M/s. Younus Yousuf M/s. 4. Jodia Bazar. Polo shirts M/s. Salim Haji Yousuf M/s.AHMED CHEMICAL CO. Tel: 32442226. Korangi-4. Memon Palace.com M/s.Karaci Tel: 324283365 Fax: 92-21-3242228 E.Mail nawabahmed786@yahoo. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Fax: 92-21-2773469 E. 34110730 Fax: 92-21-3411073 E. Near Rabi Centre.net. Bohri Road. Sector-35-A. Ahmed Ullah M/s. Nadeem Ahmed Exporter:Terry Towel. M/s.com Mr. Tel: 6336290 Fax: 92-21-6336290 E. Bathrobes Manuf:Bathrobes.AHMED BROTHERS G/K 8/6.Karaci Mr. Zaman Town.Karaci Tel: 5068711 Fax: 92-21-5068712 E. Malir Industrial Area. 32420395 Fax: 92-21-32420395 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2310786 Fax: 92-21-2413384 Mr. 3rd Floor.com Mr. Kharadhar. Designer Shopping Mall. Laxmidas Street. Tariq Road. State Life Building No.

net. Masroor Ahmed Alvi. Maqsood Memon Bldg. Importer:Chemicals M/s.Karaci Tel: 2570601-2 Fax: 92-21-2568953 Mr. Ahmed Arif Abdullah. Textile Machinery Parts . Ziauddin Shaikh.Mail paralace@cyber. Tel: 2563520-24 Fax: 92-21-2578195 Shaikh Shafiuddin. S. Shershah Road. Exporter:Cassesete Imports Importer:Casstte Tape M/s.T. Karachi Export Processing Zone.DP 40-A/1.com.T.AHMED ENTRPRISES Room No. D-112. 2444859 Fax: 92-21-2410787 E.Karaci Tel: 2218951 Fax: 92-21-2636428 Mr. Importer:Textile Yarn. Nishter Road. 5082389 Fax: 92-21-5082039 E.. Puna Bai Street. Exporter:Hosiery Garments Manuf:Hosiery & Garments M/s.pk Mr. Ahmed Deen. Ahmed Avenue.AHMED DYEING & FINISHING MILLS D/94-A.Mail ahmadchm@cyber. S.pk Mr. Sector 12-D.AHMED DEEN ENTERPRISES Shop No.pk Mr.20. M/s.AHMED FOODS (PVT) LTD.E.Mail masstech@cyber. 2437345 Fax: 92-21-2424383 E.E. 6950838 Fax: 92-21-6954967 E.AHMED GENERAL MILLS 104.pk Mr. Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 6950857. lst Floor.I.AHMED ELECTRONICS Shop No. North Karachi. Campbell Street.com Mr. M/s. Muhammad Zubair.Mail info@ahmedenterprises. Ground Floor.AHMED FOOD INTERNATIONAL 11-24. M/s. Ahmed Azeem Alavi.Tel: 2424384-85.I. Ikhlas Ahmed.net. Masood Chamber.G-24.AHMED ENTERPRISES Plot No. M/s. Kohinoor Electronic Centre. Sector-C-111. Tel: 2421456. Tel: 2765502 Fax: 92-21-6672232 E.ent. 105. Asif Ahmed Exporter:Ready made Garments M/s.Mail ahmedelectronics@hotmail.. Tel: 5081358.Karaci Tel: 2728741 Mr. Adamjee Dawood Road.

Ahmed Saroosh..Box-17045. North Karachi.pk Mr.AHMED INDUSTRIES A-25/C. Tel: 2428175. P. Tel: 2578118 Fax: 92-21-2562703 Mr.T. Tape Lace.Mail qualitybuying@126. Mansfield Street.Karaci .. I. Block-C. Exporter:Blended Fabrics Importer:Yarn Manuf:Grey Cloth (Weaving Industries) M/s. Rice. Manuf:Embroided Fabrics M/s. Gul Tower. Tel: 2569948-49 Fax: 92-21-2569949 E.T.. Muhammad Ashraf. 17-Jabbar Plaza.Karaci Tel: 6921062 Fax: 6963424 E.H.AHMED INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENTERPRISES.S. P.E.pk Mian Ziauddin Shaikh Exporter:Food stuffs M/s.net.O. 9th Floor.AHMED IMPORT EXPORT HOUSE F-10.Karaci Tel: 5081358 Fax: 92-21-5082039 E. Chundrigar Road. Saddar.Mail shamoon@super. Sector VIII.M. Exporter:Readymade Garments. Braids and Elastics M/s.Karaci Tel: 2783126 Fax: 92-21-2786826 Mr.I. S. 113-A. Sector 16-B.AHMED INTERNATIONAL 907. General Order Importer:Machinery and Commercial Items M/s. Landhi.Manuf:Woven Lables. Abbas Asghar Bhai Bandukwala Importer:Armas & Ammunitions M/s.I.AHMED INDUSTRIES D-227/C.Mail afikepz@cyber. 2427765 Fax: 92-21-2424682 Mr.O.com Mr. Street-19.AHMED IBRAHIM OMER & CO.C.com Mr.AHMED JAFFER & COMPANY (PVT) LTD. 417.AHMED GHAFFAR PACKAGES Plot No.Mail agp_2005@hotmail.E. Box No.I.net. MuhammadSalman Abdul Ghaffar M/s. S. Gul Faraz Ahmed M/s. KEPZ. Aamir Abdullah Zaki. Tel: 35080026 E. S.C-1-201-202.7482.

S. Kernel Seeds.AHMED MUBBASHIR AND CO.AHMED OIL GHEE INDUSTRIES LTD. New Challi.45505 E. Manuf:Vegetables Ghee and Cooking Oil M/s. Exporter:Plastic Goods Importer:Plastic Moulding Compound Manuf:Plastic Goods For Domestic & Industrial Use.Karaci Tel: 5832532 Mr.AHMED ORIENTAL TEXTILE MILLS LTD. Phase-VII.AHMED PRODUCTS . Creek Lane-3.net Mr. Muhammed Feroz Street. Services:Indentors Agents M/s. 2nd Floor. Red Plam Olein. RBD Plam Oil. Kernel Seeds. L-684. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 111-667-667 Fax: 92-21-4541979 E. Tel: 2426947-50 Fax: 92-21-2411044 Mr. crude Plam Oil.Mail cynosure_1978@yahoo. Machinery & Parts Manuf:Yarn M/s..AHMED OIL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Waqar Mahmood Khan. Banglore Town.com Mr.Tel: 4556084/86/88 Fax: 4555154. Importer:Crude Soyabean Oil.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2566311-3 Fax: 92-21-2566314 Mr. Mauripur Road.khi@ajcl. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Riaz Ahmed Tata. Sector 11-E. Red Plam Olein. Crude Palm Oil. Rape Seeds.T.E. Estate Avenue. Rehman Khan M/s. Haji Adam Chambers. Crude Palm Oil.13/1. 2nd Floor. Naveena House. Ahmed Zubair M/s. Rape Seeds M/s. Adam Building.com Mr. DHA.Karaci Tel: 2413216.Mail naveena@cyber. Altaf Hussain Road. 21. RBD Plam Oil. Block 7/8. Muhammad Younus Jaka. Exporter:Yarn Importer:Raw Material.net.AHMED PLASTICRAFTS (PVT) LTD. Rape Seeds Manuf:Refining of crude Soyabean Oil. M/s. 2414782 Fax: 92-21-2416853 E.Mail awam@awamgroup.Mail ajcl. Abdul Kader Jaffer. North Karachi. Haris Mahmood. Muslim Town.AHMED KAPADIA House No. F-9.Karaci Tel: 36974261 E. Kernel Seeds Services:Indenting of Crude Soyabean Oil.I.

M. Bombay Bazar. Virjee Street.Karaci Tel: 32734544. 32779078 Fax: 92-21-32763653 Mr. Dubai Shoping Mall. Muhamamd Owais Motiwala Exporter:Textiles M/s. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2734370 Mr.Karaci Tel: 0307-2525271 Mr. Exporter:Auto Spare parts & Accessories Importer:Auto spare parts and Accessories M/s.Karaci Tel: 2474640 Mr.AHMED TARIQ CO.Mail ahmed_prod@hotmail. Marston Road. 6/4. 32020640 Mr. Uni Centre.Suite No. Nanakwada.com Mr. 2nd Floor.AHMED SHAH Shop No. Moor Mansion.I. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2442732 Fax: 92-21-2474927 E. Tel: 35846743. Ahmed Siddiq. Fazal Cloth Market. Near Chamber of CommerceKaraci Tel: 2428926 Fax: 92-21-2401861 E.AHMED SHAH & BROTHERS Shop No.AHMED SHIP BREAKING CO. Chundrigar Road.AHMED RAMZANI AND CO Shop # 29.1.R. 1st Floor. Ahmed Tariq Importer:Chemicals M/s. Main Tariq Road.1. Sector 8-F. . M/s. Ahmed Shah M/s. Godhra Gali. 12th Floor. New Jewellers Centre Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.net. Ahmed Ramzani Exporter:Cloths Manuf:Textile cloths M/s.21. Plaza.AHMED SULEMAN & SONS Office No.Mail atvohra@yahoo.Karaci Mr. Nicol Road.Mail ahmedship@cyber.2. Wazir Mansion.AHMED TEX TRADING F-441. Ground Floor. Naeem Ahmed. I. Tel: 32417140-40 Fax: 32417969 E.pk Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.3.com Mr. Waqar Mehmood Khan Importer:Shipbreaking M/s. Shop No. Ground Floor. Irfan Ahmed M/s.AHMED SIDDIQ & COMPANY C-A 14. Ahmed Shah M/s. Rahim Mnzil.AHMED RUBBER 13 Pilot House.

Mohammad Rafiq Chonoy Exporter:Sports. Textile Machinery Manuf:Textile Products (Woven Fabrics) M/s. Riaz Ahmed Exporter:Finished Fabrics. Aftab Ali Bukhari M/s.T. Rampart Row. Near M. Block-A/2. Cantt. Darul Aman Co. Mohsin Aftab. Sajjad Ahmed Exporter:Terry Towels & Cotton made ups Importer:Terry Fabrics Manuf:Terry Towels M/s.M.Mail stones@ahmedtraders. General items Importer:General Items M/s.AHMED TRADING NETWORK 1B. Exporter:Marble. New Fruit Mandi.Karaci Tel: 32439928.Mail Rchinoy1@hotmail. Cotton. Knitted Garments. Weaver Line.2564640 Fax: 92-21-2573287 E.net.. Manuf:Knitted Garments. Ground Floor.net.AHMED TEXTILE & GENERAL MILLS D/90-A.AHMED TRADERS Suite # 811.com Mr.R-7/58.A..Karaci Tel: 2472833 E.net. H. 8th Floor.. Super Highway. Mohammad Naseer. North Karachi Industrial Area.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal.op.I.pk Mr. Exporter:Readymade Garments.Mail zorropa@cyber. Onyx. Ahmed Azfar Amin. Anum Estate.Mail ameentrd@cyber.com Mr.Karaci Mr.AHMED TOWELS C-1-48 & C-1-56. Tel: 5872611-3 Fax: 92-21-5872614 E. .SITE.Karaci Tel: 6973811 Fax: 92-21-6973811 Mr.Mail diyanat@cyber. S.AHMED TRADING CO. Madrasae Islamia School Bldg. Tel: 2573586. School Road.pk Mr. Readymade Garments Importer:Polyester Yarn. Society. Tower. Silk Importer:Computer waste metal scrap M/s.AHMED TRADING COMPANY Shop No. 49. Askari-III.E.6-R. Importer:Textile Chemicals and Dyestuffs M/s. M/s.32439928 Fax: 92-21-3243590 E.AHMED TRADER'S Jilani Centre.Karaci Tel: 34392981-3 Fax: 92-21-4392984 E. S. Sector 12/C. G-147.

M.Mail ahsontextiles@ymail. Napier Road. P. Tel: 32564232 Fax: 92-21-3257843 E. Jinnah Road.AHSAN ASSOCIATES LIMITED 3rd Floor. North Karachi.AHSAN AFTAB TEXTILES WH-1/5. New Challi. Muhammad Afzal Malik.Tel: 35673322 Fax: 35673322 Mr.com Mr.pk Mr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman. PECHS.pk Mr. Tel: 2415673 Fax: 92-21-2415892 Mr.Mail hussain. SITE. . Muhammad Abdul Hadi Siddiqui M/s.AHS TEXTILE MACHINERY COMPANY 66-H.H. Tel: 2775097-2713499 Mr.net Mr. Tel: 34312737-32077227 E. Block-2.com Mr. Phase II Ext.net. Kashmir Road. E.. Estate Avenue. Haji Adam Chambers.E.Mail ahstmc@super.Karaci Tel: 35386241 Fax: 92-21-3538624 E.6341760 E. Khalid Mahmood.AHNAF TRADERS 13 Fidvi Chamber. Importer:Indentor of Textile Machinery M/s. DHA.AHMED VEGETABLE OIL AND GHEE MILLS LIMITED 2nd Floor. Manuf:Vegetables Ghee and Cooking Oil M/s.C. 3rd Floor.wol.Mail ahspak@khi. Exporter:Knitted Garments Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s.murtaza@yahoo. Aftab Hussain M/s. 4387715 Fax: 4387716. 11th Commercial Street. Exporter:Manufacture of Hina Powder M/s.S. Sector 16-B.AHMEDDIN FABRICS C-18 A.Karaci Tel: 4556038. Munir Ahmed M/s. Block-6..AHS PAKISTAN Plot# 76-C. Murtaza Hussain M/s.Mail afabrics@cyber. Hoor Centre.AHMER LOGISTICS 102-E. Hussain Khan.A.AHRAM IMPEX 134-135.Karaci Tel: 2426947-50 Fax: 92-21-2411044 Mr. Altaf Hussain Road. Waqas Ahmed Khan Exporter:Leather Garments M/s.net.

Commercial Area.AHSAN ELAHI & CO. Shams-uddullah.249. S.AHSAN HAMMAD BROTHERS .net. Jodia Bazar. Saddar. Tel: 2425096. Tel: 36603473. 1st Floor.AHSAN BROTHERS A-176-A.Mail ahsanent@yahoo. Tel: 0333-2127140 Mr.com.I.AHSAN GLOBAL TRADERS F-93. Ahsan Ajaz Magoon.pk M/s. Tel: 5066174-5 Fax: 92-21-5061416 E. Exporter:Blended Fabrics Importer:Yarn M/s.Karaci Tel: 2415501 Fax: 92-21-2412275 Mr.com Mr. Preedy Street. 18-C. M/s.AHSAN ENTERPRISES Zakaria Lane. Sehar Commercial. Landhi. M/s.Mail inayatsheikh@gmail. Sector 7/A. Rahat Waheed. Zaibun Nisa Street. Zahid Bashir. Usmania Colony. I.com Syed Muhammad Ahsan M/s.. Azima Iqbal. 6603481 Syed Asif Hussain M/s. M/s.E.AHSAN FAISAL & CO. Saddar. 2724550 Fax: 92-21-2767309 Mrs. Exporter:General Items Importer:General Items M/s. Lane-08.AHSAN ENTERPRISES No.The Cotton Exchange.Chemical. Chundrigar Road.Mail mustafa4@cyber. Korangi Industrial Area. Mansoor Ahsan Sheikh. 5218113 Fax: 92-21-5684167 Mrs.AHSAN CORPORATION F/353.02.AHSAN ENTERPRISES C-7-8-9. 2432665 Fax: 92-21-2426031 E.pk Mr. Importer:Plastic.T. Ruby Plaza. Mohammad Rafiq. 36-G.I. 4/19. Tel: 5670738.Petrochemicals M/s. Defence Housing Authority.Karaci Tel: 2767167. Tel: 2433524 Mr. Plot No. Phase-7.Karaci Tel: 0334-3713793 E. Manuf:polad@cybernet.

Aijaz Ahmad.8. Muhammed Haroon Shaikh M/s.AHSAN TRADING COMPANY Shop No.com Mr.AHSONS ENTERPRISES 37/4.net.Mail azharthanvi@hotmail.320/1. Tel: 4852067 Fax: 92-21-6999393 E.Mail sic-taxconsultants@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2700797 E. Plot No. Arkay Square. Exporter:Garments. Room No. Tel: 505004-5072533 Fax: 5072534 E. Sarafa Bazar.AHZAB Shop No. Importer:CNG Equipments M/s. Suite No. Exporter:Polyester Fabrics/Garments . Block-12.431.AHSANS TRADING Falaknaz Heights.AIJAZ AHMED Room No.AHSAN PETROLEUM CNG ST-1.24111 Mr. Dubai Shopping Mall.Karaci Tel: 32751128 Mr. Services:Commission Agent M/s.pk Mr. Tel: 2411107-8. Regal Trade Square.Mail ahsan_trading@live.com Mr. Block-16. Uni Tower Building.Karaci Tel: 2473504. Nadeem Ali Qureshi Exporter:Poultry Farms Medicines Wheat and R M/s. Jinnah Airport. 29. Aijazuddin.213.Karaci Tel: 2421901. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Mail kvohra@cyber. Gold House. 2426553 Fax: 2420219. 4th Floor. Korangi Industrial Area.Mail ahsons@email. C-320/2.I. Cloth Importer:Plastic Chemicals. 4th Floor.Mail sajid_mmz@hotmail.AHSAN TRADING CO. HMH Square. Sector 15.com Mr. Najeeb ullah M/s.510. Below.Karaci Tel: 4594243 E. Main Tariq Road. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Yarn etc M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Ahsan Aziz Memon M/s. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh. Azhar Ahsan Thanvi.1. NP 1/34.AIJAZ & CO. Chundrigar Road.com Mr. 1st Floor. Mezzanine Office No. Mithadar. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Tel: 8120145 Fax: 92-21-8115670 E. 0300-2113123 Mrs.91-A. 2420819 Fax: 92-21-2414450 E. Balquis Bano M/s.com Mr. I.

Jinnah Road.Mail aijaz27@yahoo.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 34657813 E.AIJAZ STEEL 67. Motandas Building. M/s. 3rd Floor.AIM TECHNOLOGIES & SERVICES 1/6-N.AIJAZ ENTERPRISE 28/2. 2764925 Fax: 92-21-2733188 E.pk Mr. Tel: 2733176. Mohammadi Terrace.AIM ALLIANCE ASSOCIATES No.Importer:Adhesive Tapes M/s. SMCHS.Mail aimtech@cyber. Opp: KMC Workshop. Aqeel Ahmed Importer:Auto spare parts M/s. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32417201.AIKES (PVT) LIMITED 136-B. order suppliers M/s. Muhamamd Aijaz Sarfraz Exporter:Gen. 0300-929660 Fax: 92-21-2415534 Mr.com Mr. 4519051 Fax: 92-21-2620764 E. Tel: 34383205-46 Fax: 92-21-3455613 E.com Mr. 1st Floor. Jinnah Road. Muhammad Naeemuddin Exporter:Chemical Samples Commodities Importer:Spare Parts Diesel Engines M/s. R-80. Model Colony. Pioneer Fountain.com Mr.net.Karaci Tel: 38445373 Fax: 34543871 E. 3rd Floor.AIJAZ ENTERPRISES Ground Floor. Anis Shahid Manuf:Wheat Flour Slat all sorts M/s. Tel: 2427916-17 . Muhammad Aijaz. Tel: 4514330.AIM INTERNATIONAL Office-308. Sector 16-B.A. M. Zeeshan Ashraf.Karaci Mr. Tayyabji Road. Tel: 2623531-33 Fax: 92-21-2624157 Sheikh Abid Hussain. Japan Plaza. Phase-II.khokhar@aikes. Sheet # 23.net.AIMS APPARELS Ocean Centre.Mail aamir.A. Block-6. M. M/s. PECHS.15. Al-Karim Market. Nishter Road. Scheme-33.Mail aim@cyber.Mail aijazenterprises@yahoo.AIMAN INDUSTRIES D-57. 40 Talpur Road. Muhammad Aamir Iqbal M/s.

Korangi Industrial Area.. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. M/s. Nisar M/s. Amir Abdul Aziz Madhani. H. Importer:Textile Machinery Spare Parts M/s.pk Mr. Block-16.Khayaban-e-Sehar. Cosmos Plaza. Tel: 2585307-9 Fax: 92-21-2585310 Mr. Block-1. A-25/F.Fax: 92-21-2418552 E. Opp: Acchi Qabar.AIMZ MARKETING Mezzanine Office No.AIMS ENTERPRISES 4/67.Karaci Tel: 2421956-7 Fax: 92-21-2414203 E.AIMS TRADERS A-3. Gulistan-e-Jouhar.109-110. Munir S/o.Mail ainaintrading@yahoo.AIMS MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Plot No.Mail agt@cyber.AINAIN TRADING (PVT) LIMITED 309.pk Mr. Shahbaz Lane 1. 3rd Floor.AIR GUIDE TRAVELS 12-13.E.Mail tallu@super.I.net. Federal 'B' Area. Safdar Ali M/s.net. Saddar. Muhammad Rafiq M/s.pk Mr. Razeen Blessing.Mail aircontrol@cyber.com Mr.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 35240481-83 Fax: 92-21-3524048 E. Ebrahim.Karaci Tel: 34027108 Fax: 34027109 E.3. Hussain Centre. Yawar Abbas Mamdani .Mail royal@cyber. S. Importer:Veterinary Medicines M/s. 2nd Floor. Exporter:All sorts of Garments Manuf:All sorts of Garments M/s.net.net. Tel: 6334010.com Mr. Ishtiaq Afzal Tariq.Mail infoaimsenterprises.pk Mr. Sector-15. Muhammad Arshad M/s. Tel: 32430103 Fax: 32430322 E.DHA.AIMTEX CORPORATION 11-C. 6375302 Fax: 92-21-6339642 Mr.AIR CONTROL ENGINEERING Plot No. Tel: 5065840 Fax: 92-21-5066651 E. Chamber of Commerce & Industry Building. Shehbaz Commercial Area. Khalid A. Phase 6.Mail sales@madhani.T.Karaci Tel: 5662256-57 Fax: 92-21-5217244 E. Office 33. Zaibunisa Street. Abdul Samad Gigi.

pk Mr.AIRCRAFT SALES & SERVICES (PVT) LTD. A-7. Tel: 4531608 Fax: 92-21-4543871 E. Saddar.Mail info@airsevenaviation. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Aircurtains M/s. PECHS.AIRTECH INTERNATIONAL 202. General Aviation Area. Tel: 4392205 Fax: 92-21-4396154 Mr. Tel: 2750985 Fax: 92-21-2768269 E. Ashraf Habib M/s.AIR SEVEN AVIATION (PVT) LTD. Tel: 4980308 Fax: 92-21-4821709 E. M/s. Zubeda Garden.Karaci Tel: 4543367. Muhammad Farrukh Bashir M/s. 2nd Floor.net. Awami Markaz.Karaci Tel: 38775887 Fax: 92-21-3450385 E. P.Mail airtech@super. Block-13-C. Muhammed Alli. Adj.AIR TECH 36-G.net. Shahra Faisal.AISHA ENTERPRISES .com Syed Sarwar Jamil Ahmed M/s. Services:Charter Flights M/s. A/2. Mohammad Kashif M/s. Regal Trade Square.com Mr. Block-6. Anwar Aziz.Mail sarwar@airseaalliance. Sheet#19. Consultancy M/s.H.pk Mr. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.S. C. Main Shahra-e-Faisal. Khadim Hussain. Muhammad Hanif Gohar Services:Aviation Services.Mail assl@cyber. Sayeda Chamber.E. Block 7/8.AIR SEA ALLIANCE 605. Block-6. Airport. KCHS.Mail aircon_loge@cyber. fans Airshowers. 4540215 Fax: 92-21-4386109 E.Mail ops@air-biz.AIRFLOW SPECIALISTS 311. ASSL Hamilton Hangar 301.com Mr.Services:Leather Goods M/s.Karaci Tel: 4598536-40 Fax: 92-21-4598325 E. Gohar Chamber.net.AIRBIZ AVIATION SERVICES WORLDWIDE 65/4. Importer:Engineering Products Manuf:Airfilters.AIRCON LOGISTIC INTERNATIONAL 116-N.Mail airflow_specialists@yahoo.orz Mr.C. SB-4.. Model Colony. Area.C.pk Mr. Chanesar Halt.Karaci Tel: 34325121-3 Fax: 34325124 E.

Chemicals. Liaqat Market. M/s.Mail mona_enterprises@hotmail. Khalil Bahadur Importer:Chemicals Raw materials M/s.Mail info@aisha-intl. North Karachi Industrial Area. Umais Farid Khatri.pk Mr.Mail sales@aiwanplastic. Aisha Bai.AISHA ENTERPRISES 53/3. Canned Foods.Karaci Tel: 2532449-50 Fax: 92-21-2510692 Mr. Exporter:Fresh and Dry Dates. 2nd Floor. P.I. M/s.AIWAN PLASTIC Plot # 48. 709.AIYOOB DESAI & COMPANY NP. Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 2465016.Plot No. M/s. Chundrigar Road. Boultan Market. Nimra Corner. Abdul Rashid. Muhammad Khubaib. 2444969 Fax: 92-21-2444737 E. North Karachi. 6996773 Fax: 92-21-6908390 E. Tel: 2444969. I.com Mrs. Tel: 5405853 E.com Mr. Sector 12-C. M/s. Exporter:Knitted/Woven Garments and Home Textile Importer:Fabric for Export of Garments Manuf:Knitted/Woven Garments and Home Textile M/s. Business & Finance Centre. 2528917 Fax: 92-21-2225851 E. Sector-12. New Neham Road.AISHA ENTERPRISES 92/6.11/21.AISHA STEEL MILLS LTD. Spices.Karaci Tel: 2514853.Karaci E. Al-Rehman Trade Centre.com Mr. Union Road No. .AISHA INTERNATIONAL 221. Dyes etc.O.Mail mhhashmani@yahoo. Aiyoob Ebrahim Desai.Mail aiyoob@cyber.Karaci Tel: 6996631.biz Mr. (Off:Liaquat Liberary). Ground Floor. New Challi. Opp: New Memon Masjid.15. dry Fruits.AISHA TEX 54-B.net. Muhammad Arif M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. KMCHS.ST-3. Daryana Street. Jodia Bazar. 8245533 Fax: 92-21-2465016 E. Cochinwala Market. 6741. Box No. Tel: 2474884 Fax: 92-21-2470201 Mr.Mail aisha001@wtmeca. Pulses. Muhammad Akhter Fancy Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Veg. Kitchen Utensils and Alied Products Importer:Milk Powder and other Dairy Products.net Mr.

Karaci Tel: 7531884 Fax: 92-21-7531884 E.pk M/s. Saleem Terrace. Abdullah Haroon Road. Muhammad Feroze Street. Mohammad Ajaz Saya.com Mr.AJAZ & CO. M/s. Importer:ramsons@hotmail.Mail aizaexports@gmail.A-14. Anjum Jabeen Qureshi.com Mr. Tel: 32433203 Fax: 92-21-2416925 Mr. Exporter:Rice. Garden West.Mail aqureshi93@yahoo. M/s. Mohammed Jaweed.AIZA EXPORTS S-94/A-1.AJWA INTERNATIONAL 48-M.Karaci Tel: 2312238.0334-3398755 Fax: 92-21-2731670 E.com Ms. 2444068 Fax: 92-21-2419028 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5895306 Fax: 92-21-5653166 E. PECHS. Main Commercial Avenue.com Manuf:ipsystem@paknet3. Defence Housing Authority. Hasan Chamber. Furniture Manuf:Furniture M/s. Bohri Road. Tel: 32593439-40 Fax: 32593487 E. 6th Floor. SITE.Karaci Tel: 2435337. Sobraj Chetmul Road.AJS INTERNATIONAL 80/1. Opp: Custom House.net Mr.Mail Fruits@gerrys. Saddar. Jodia Bazar.Mail ajwait2003@yahoo. Zakaria Lane. Ajaz Ahmed. Phase-IV.AJWA ENTERPRISES Flat No. Kashif Ali Shaikh M/s. 2312242 Fax: 92-21-2311465 E. Tel: 2726440.ptc. Block-2. Jodia Bazar.AJAZ ENTERPRISE MR 6/53/1.AJWA INTERNATIOANL TRADERS Suite # 503.AJWA FOODS ENTERPRISE 604. Tel: 34391730 Fax: 92-21- . M/s.Mail ms&saleem3@yahoocom Mr. Dawood Kassim Osman Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Importer:Fres Fruits and Vegetables textile M/s.Manuf:Processing and Packing of Fresh Dates M/s. Burhani Chamber. Saeed-ur-Rehman.

Near Jamia Masjid.AK ENTERPRISES Shop No.2.AKBANI TRADERS Shop No. Hina Palace.AKBAR CATERING SERVICE Shop No. Babuji Arcade. Jaffar Street.Karaci Tel: 6636530. Civil Line. . Plot No. Akbar Amir Ali. Barochi Street. Muhammad Ahmed Akbani Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Importer:Gems and Jewellery Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s. M/s. Clifton. Area.AJWA INTERNATIONAL KS-33.Opp: Uni Plaza. Khoja Compound. Liberary Building. Shershah.AJWA INTERNATIONAL Mezzanine Floor. Main Tariq Road. Jan Sher Akbar. Unit # 4. PMB Colony. 11-C. I.13. Tel: 2579350 Fax: 2579485 Mr. Muhamamd Aamir M/s. North Nazimabad. Cotton Seed M/s. Akbar Ali Exporter:Knitted/Woven Garments Towels made M/s.Raja Tariq Bashir M/s.AKBAR ALI & CO.I.. Liaquat Ali Khan M/s. Suresh Kumar Manjiani. Block 'C'.Karaci Tel: 35688558 Mr.Street # 3. Hoshang Road. Dubai Shopping Mall.AKBAR CHINA SONS Shop#61.Karaci Tel: 5804029-5383430 Fax: 5390110 Mr.B.Mail fabricsintl@hotmail. Mauripur Road Tel: 32062211 Mr. DHA.12. F. Muhamamd Nadeem Exporter:Fresh sea foods M/s. 0300-23143 Fax: 92-21-6671124 Mr.AKASH TRADERS 316.Phase-V Ext. PIB Colony. Saba Comm. Saddar. Techno City Mall. Block-C. M/s. Jinnah Road.AKBAR ALI & BROTHERS M-II-E/178.com Mr. Akbar Ali Exporter:Coton Waste. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Mr. M/s.GD-33.Karaci Tel: 4947840 Mr.Karaci Tel: 32218648 E. Ground Floor.AKBAR CONFECTIONERY WSA 25/1.Karaci Tel: 9242971 Mr.

S. 4th Floor. chocolates Importer:Cocoa powdere fats M/s.3.AKBER CHOCOLATE WS A-7.com Mr. Akbar M/s.T. Marston Road. Mereweather Road.com Mr. Derous and Non Ferous Metals. Karim Jassani.1.AKCESS LOGISTICS 403. Exporter:Textiles Importer:Iron and Steel M/s.Confectionery M/s. Abdul Malik Manuf:Foods (Biscuit.Mail amjassa@hotmail. M. Exporter:Edible Items. Muhammad Fareed Sheikh Importer:Freight Forwarder .Karaci Tel: 6310821 Fax: 92-21-6310821 E. Federal 'B' Area.pk Mr. M/s. Federal 'B' Industrial Area. Essa Masjid. Block A.com Mr. Ali Asghar.. Mujtaba Imran Maniekia Exporter:Food Stuff. North Napier Road. Abdullah. Automobiles. Tel: 4550696-98 Fax: 4550699.net. 5660318 Fax: 5684522.Karaci Tel: 2778787 Fax: 2778989 E.AKBAR FOOD L-24/1.Mail info@akcesslogistics. Services Club Ext. Hard Ware Tools Manuf:Spare Parts of Different Automobile and Aluminium Alloys M/s.Karaci Tel: 38920931 Fax: 92-21-32226640 Mr. 21st Floor. Soldier Bazar No. Tel: 2438599 Fax: 92-21-2418369 Mr. JM-208.Mail amjassa@hotmail. Amil Colony No. Cottae Industrial Area.AKBER ALI & SONS G/1.AKBAR ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED No-1. Tel: 6811839 Fax: 92-21-6811799 E. Akbar A.5675863 E. Textile Importer:Auto Parts Toys others M/s.Mail miakbar@cyber. Block-1. Block-21. Boans.C. S. International Auto Parts Market.Tel: 36826674 E.Karaci Tel: 5660317.AKBERALI & SONS 6-7. Importer:Edible Items. Jevani Garden.AKBAR INDUSTRIES 199-A. Spare Parts. Amin Muhammad Exporter:Waffears.Building.4532748 Mr.H.com Mr.M.Mail karimjassani@yahoo.

Afzal Aziz Akhai.AKHAI PHARMACEUTICALS Akhai Arcade. Block 2.Karaci Tel: 4311601-3 Fax: 92-21-4554127 Mr.Mail akhtarb@cyber.A. Phase II Ext. Near Mama Parsi School. Plot # 62-E.Karaci Tel: 4935267 Fax: 92-21-4313131 Mrs. PECHS. M/s. Fareeda Aziz.AKHAI INTERNATIONAL 303.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Quaideen. Exporter:Export &Import of Drugs & Medicines M/s.Karaci Tel: 4311601-3 Fax: 92-21-4554127 Mr. PECHS.. M/s. D.M/s.AKHTAR & HASAN (PVT) LTD. Shahrah-e-Quadeen.I.AKHLAQ ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED F-2..AKHTAR & BROTHERS Suite No. Chundrigar Road. Amina Aziz Akhai. 103-K. Shahrah-e-Quaideen.Karaci Tel: 7735318.Karaci Tel: 2411084. Mezzanine Floor. Marston Road.C. Main University Road. 1. I.AKHAI GALENIKA Akhai Arcade.Karaci Tel: 4311601-3 Fax: 92-21-4554127 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5886071 Fax: 92-21-5890179 Mr. 2nd Floor. Chandni Chowk. Fish Harbour. P.AKHAI AGENCIES Akhai Arcade. M/s. Block-2. 103-K.Karaci Tel: 4311601-3 Fax: 92-21-4554127 Mrs. 7764929 Fax: 92-21-7763300 E. St. Exporter:Deals in Pharmaceuticals Products Importer:Drugs & Medicines M/s. 103-K. Tel: 2200180. 103-K. Block 2. PECHS. Block 2. Akhtar Haji.E. 2420154 Fax: 92-21-2417810 .S.AKHAI ENTERPRISES Akhai Arcade. 4th Floor. Aslam Akhai. West Wharf Road. 11th Comm.H.206. Munir Hussain.net. 2200181 Fax: 92-21-2200216 Syed Akhlaq Hussain.H.AKHBAR-E-WATAN Monthly Akbar-e-Watan. Importer:Pharmaceutical Products M/s. M/s. 3rd Floor. Business Arcade. 2nd Floor (Annexe). Shahrah-e-Quaideen. Arif Aziz Akhai. Noman Tower. State Life Building No. M/s.

Cotton Exchange Building. Exporter:Cotton Fashion Garments. Ubaid Akhtar. Block-A. Orangi Town. Tauheed Commercial Area.E.pk Mr. Castor Cake Meal M/s.pk Mr.AKHTAR BROTHER ELECTRO ENTERPRISE No. Chundrigar Road. Saddar.Floor. Akhtar Hussain Exporter:Castor Oil. I.AKHTAR TEXTILE INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Tel: 4984652 Fax: 92-21-4992678 Mr. I.com Mr. Terry Towels. M/s. I.Karaci Tel: 2417793 .com Mr. Block-10.Mail akhasan@attglobal.com Mr. Javed Akhtar.Mail akhtarimpex@yahoo. Chundrigar Road.Mail akhtarullahshah@hotmail.AKHTAR ASSOCIATES 61-C. 206.AKHTAR IMPEX 64-A.3. Onson Tower. M/s. Jahnagir Akhtar.Karaci Tel: 35211856 E.Mail cotton@super. 206. Mezz. Leather Garments. Tel: 2417793 Fax: 92-21-2416816 E. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.Mail usal@fascom.net.AKHTAR & SONS Shop No. Authority.net Mr. Sami-ul-Hasan. Chundrigar Road.Mail cotton@super. Muhammad Akhtar ullah Shah. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.0321-7000086 Mr. Cotton Exchange Building. Defence H. Nadeem Akhtar Exporter:Electronic items Manuf:Electronics items M/s. Tel: 9298531. 24th Commercial Street. Akhtar Hussain.net.AKHTAR INDUSTRIES 206.I. New Jeweller Centre. Services:Indentor of Textile Machinery M/s. Exporter:Readymade Garments Importer:Trims M/s. Tipu Sultan Road. Textiles Importer:Machinery and Parts M/s.Karaci Tel: 5837497 Fax: 92-21-5876343 E. Adamjee Nagar.M-49.I.Karaci Tel: 2417793 Fax: 92-21-2416816 E.AKHTAR & SONS 2nd Floor. E-8. Ali Garh Bazar. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4557610 Fax: 92-21-4381080 E. Phase-V. Cotton Exchange Building.AKHTAR & SONS Shop.I.3.

7734030 Fax: 92-21-7721890 Mr.AKRAM TRADING M-11-E.AKMA PRODUCTION HOUSE R-821. Importer:Ophthalmic Medical Equipment and Medicines M/s.B.Karaci Tel: 0300-2208522 Mr. 4813647 Fax: 4973907. Fl-1. Landhi # 6.AKOKARA ASSOCIATES House No. Dhorajee Colony. Akhtar Hussain M/s.B-7.com Mr. Akram Rasheed.AKRAM BROTHERS Shop # 23-25. Tel: 4933343 Mr.Street No-1. Muhammad Imran M/s. Javed Akhtar. Tel: 32593555-32593554 Fax: 2565139 Mr. Block-19. Exporter:Readymade Garments Importer:Trims.Karaci Mr. Azam Town. 3/C & 4/C.Fax: 92-21-2416816 E.43. F. Akhtar Jamal Khan.Mail akma_traders@yahoo. Muhamamd Altaf M/s.AKHTER ENTERPRISES HP-62.pk Mr. Muhammad Akhtar Exporter:Handicrafts and Gen. Zia More.net.com Dr. Block-5. Al-Mustafa Market.AKRAM AUTOS 48.49637 E. Tel: 6805445 Fax: 6805445 E.Mail eyenet@fascom.A/3. Alamgir Road. Akhtar Mohammad M/s. Saddar. Block 7 & 8. SITE.AKKAR INTERNATIONAL F-363. Machinery Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s. Preedy Street.Karaci Tel: 4813368. Prince Centre. Tel: 03343667346 . items Importer:Garments and Textile items M/s. Mahmoodabad. Masjid-e-Ghousia Rehmania. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.AKHTAR WATCH CENTER Shop No.AKHTAR'S EYE HOSPITAL LIMITED Hospital Site Plot No. 1063 Gate No.Mail cotton@super. A-1. Preedy Street. Area. M/s. Tel: 7731166.Karaci Tel: 35030153 Syed Akram M/s.

Block-130.156.Mail ghazi@alanum.AL ASIF BEAF HOUSE Shop No.A.AKS TRADERS R. M/s. Al Ahmed Mension.com Mr.AL FAKHAR TRADERS H-9. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Gazanfer Haroon M/s. Amir Ali Dharamsey.AL ANSARI'S AND COMPANY Office No.No.Mail alfakhar@cyber.AL ANUM COMPUTERS Shop # 18. Jinnah Road.AKSTC Shop No.AL GILANI ENTERPRISE D-137/A.net.45. New Karachi. M/s.AL HAFIZ FABRICS A-21/B.Karaci Tel: 6985270-6952984 E. Phase-1. Site. Block-13-B. Gold Mark Shopping Mall.pk Mr. Tel: 2550400-2 Mkt . M-26-33. 32473983 Fax: 92-21-32438408 E.AL FATTANI TRAVEL & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED. Ismail Trade Centre. Tel: 2425962. Mezanine Floor Jillani Centre.Mail aks_traders@hotmail.W.Karaci Tel: 4986467 Fax: 4989882 E.AKSAH INTERNATIONAL 454. M/s. SITE. Muhamamd Asif M/s. Tel: 7762689 Fax: 92-21-7760576 Hafiz Mohammad Asif.Mr. 2438338 Fax: 92-21-2419772 Mr. Defence Housing Authority. Nishtar Road. Near M.com Mr. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 32431347.Karaci Tel: 2472866-67 Fax: 2472868 E.3. Khalil Ahmed.Karaci Tel: 5389856 Syed Shams-ul-Haq. 2nd Floor. State Life Building 4.Allahwali Babar Landhi No. Sector 11-F. Mohammad Fattani M/s.Mail alfattani@msn. Bara Imam Compound.com Mr.213. Tower. University Road. Tel: 2578700 Fax: 2581445 Mr. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Tel: 5026430 Mr. Qasim Moosa Lawai M/s. Muhammad Skram Qureshi M/s. M. Fakhruddin M/s. Ram Bharti Street.LG-40. M/s.

Jinnah Road. Block-B.Mail zeeshan@alkarimtextiles. Mehmood Ahmad Chaudhry Exporter:Fresh Fruits M/s.com Mr. 134 Laxmidas Street. Kathiyawar Multi Building-B. Muhammad Rafiq M/s. Adamji Nagar.42.Mail alhafizfabrics@gmail.Karaci Tel: 2440706 Fax: 2444593 E. New Challi.MR-3/37.AL MISBAH TRADERS Muhammadi Cloth Market.AL RAHMAN TRADING CO Shop No.AL HILAL PACKAGING (PVT) LIMITED 2nd Floor.Suleman Street.AL HAMDAN CONSTRUCTION CO Room # 903.AL MEHMOOD FRUIT TRADERS Shop No. Akber Cloth Mkt.A. Rools and Sheets Importer:Polythylene Bag/Raw Material Manuf:Polyethylene Bags.AL KARIM TEXTILES Shop No. Razia Hafiz Exporter:Fabrics and Garments Importer:Yarn Manuf:Grey Fabrics and Garments M/s. Kharadar. Subzi Mandi.Karaci Tel: 7705511 E. Plot No.com Mrs. Babar Market. 5/31.A-20.Karaci Tel: 5026430 Mr. Shahid Hameed Qureshi M/s. Shop No.Mail alhilal@khi.Mail me_serious@hotmail. Zeeshan Rafiq Exporter:Textile goods Food and Grains Importer:Computer and printing stuff M/s. Room-7.Karaci Tel: 32580100 E. Sector 6-E. Super High Way. Qazi Usman Road. Landhi-03.1.Karaci Tel: 6870076 Fax: 6870076 Mr. Rools and sheets M/s. Amin Market. Sharjah Centre. Block-A.AL QURESH BANARSI SUIT & SAREE CENTRE. Abdul Rahman Importer:Garments & Fabrics . Ahsen AleemBadi M/s.Fax: 2550400 E.net.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 0300-2368512 Mr. Muhammed Aleemuddin Siddiqui M/s.12. Mujahidabad Orangi Town.comsats. Muhammad Ali Exporter:Polythylene Bags.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2436532-2433035 Fax: 2436557 Mr. Near Allahwala Market. Near Yaseen Jewellers. M.Karaci Tel: 6616317 Mr.AL MADINA GAS MERCHANT Shop No.62. Near Bilal Masjid Road. 9th Floor.

Rao Zebaish.LT 225.Mail altawkkal@gmail. Exporter:All type of knited woven garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 4616612 Mrt.AL-AAMNA SPORTS Flat# 2. Irshad Ali Exporter:Marble. 149.com Sheikh Muhammad Aneel Exporter:Lubricating and Indusrial oil Importer:Lubricating and Industrial oil Manuf:Lubracting and Industrial oil M/s. Tel: 5052282. Ilyas Gaba M/s. Scheme 41. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. H R Arcade. Sports Wears and Textile Producsts for Islamic use and other all export items M/s.AL-ABBAS CARPETS AND HANDICRAFTS 710/4. 24th Commercial St. Asif. Mezzanine .Karaci Tel: 4810507 Fax: 4810508 E. North Napier Road. Block-13-C. New Urdu Bazar.AL SAFFA ENTERPRISES Suit # 7. Mohan Road.AL RIDA ENTERPRISES A-310. SB-1. Safdar Ali Zahid.com Mr. Opp: City Court. Hoor Centre.Mail alrehmanlubricants@gmail. Plot# 125-C. Exporter:Confectionery Importer:Betel Nuts M/s.AL TAWAKKAL TRADING CORPORATION 121. Crown Centre. Sector 8. Sector-23.Mail alaamir6@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 5387383 Fax: 92-21-5891984 E. Tel: 36603444 Fax: 92-21-3660344 E. Korangi Industrial Area.AL-AAMIR (PVT) LTD. 5065876 Fax: 921-21-5061238 Mr. Nasir Abbas Exporter:Wipping Rags Importer:Used Clothing M/s.com Mr.Mail ilyas_gaba@hotmail. Onyx Wooden Brass Textiles M/s. Surjani Township. Mohammad Aamir Sorathia. Plot No. Onyx Wooden Brass Textile Manuf:Marble.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2215063 Fax: 92-21-2434006 E. Block-13. Hashmi Trust Building. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Mail kahloonbro@yahoo.AL-AAMIR ENTERPRISES B-36. Phase-II Ext Defence Housing Authority. lst Floor.M/s.com Mr. Exporter:Sports Goods.AL REHMAN LUBRICANTS (PVT) LTD Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2750160 Fax: 2750160 E.

M/s.AL-ABBAS FABRICS (PVT) LTD. Tel: 5870171-2 Fax: 92-21-5870708 Mrs. G.2/1.Mail alabbasl@cyber. Tel: 2635689 Fax: 92-21-2624225 E. Muhammad Iqbal M/s.AL-ABBAS CEMENT INDUSTRIES LTD. 2nd Floor. S.Mail shunaid@aai. Abdullah Abbasi.net.16.AL-ABBAS PRINTERS Jawed Manzil. Mehmood Hussain Haji. Manghopir Road.I. Tel: 32568668 Fax: 92-21-3256860 E. . Sarafa Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2563469-70.E.E. Fatima Jinnah Colony. 123. Jinnah Road.T. Plot B/51.com Mrs. Off: Estate Avenue.AL-ABBAS SUGAR MILLS LTD. Mithadar. Tel: 2531706. M/s.Floor.Mail dilawarkirmani@yahoo.A.com. R.A. M. Opp: Textile Plaza. SITE.T. Asim Ghani Exporter:Cement Manuf:Cement M/s. Services:Booking & Passenger baggage M/s. Old Queens Road. Pardesi House.111-221-11 Fax: 92-21-2561253 E.AL-ABBAS INDUSTRIES S-19. Old Clifton.AL-ABBAS GARMENTS (PVT) LTD. New M. Servey No.Karaci Tel: 2427477.pk Syed Jawad Husayn Jafri.Karaci Tel: 4925255. Umbreen Lalljee. Tulsidas Street. Pardesi House. M/s. 6978926-28 Fax: 92-21-6978929 E. Jinnah Road. S. Area.AL-ABBAS INTERNATIONAL Office # 101. Pakistan Chowk. Hussain Haji. Mumtaz. Exporter:Knitted Fabrics M/s.I.AL-ABBAS STEELS (PVT) LTD.Y. 2545652 Mr.AL-ABBAS JEWELLERS NP 1/70. New Cloth Market.pk Mr.Mail diagcon@cyber.com Mr. M/s.. E-53. 4925552 Fax: 92-21-4914922 Syed Qamar Akhter Naqvi M/s.pk Mr.net. Allana Road.Mail aageexport@al-abbas. Tel: 2428820 Fax: 92-21-2428802 Mr. Tel: 2470220-9 Fax: 92-21-2470189 E.

Block-6.international@yahoo. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals Manuf:Quilt Cover.AL-ABOOR GENERAL TRADING EST.Mail alaboor-ske@hotmail. Manghopir SITE. Arshad Chaudhry.pk Haji Abdul Ghani. North Karachi.AL-ABID EXPORTS (PVT) LIMITED A-39.Mail mail@alabid. 27/29.C.E. Flat Sheet. Manghopir Road. Old Queens Road.AL-AHAD INDUSTRIES . Importer:Earth Moveing Equipment M/s. A/39. Tel: 4559294.pk Mr.S. Flat Sheet.E. Pillow Cover.2563639 E.T. S.. Textile Avenue. Azim Ahmed. Comforter.T.com Mr. 35676192 Fax: 92-21-3568394 E. Naseem Sattar.I. Abid Farook Sumar M/s. Molasses and Industrial Alcohol Importer:Chemcials. Central Commercial Area..Mail sugar@cyber.C.Y. Spare Parts and Plant and Machinery for Sugar and Industrial Unit.S. Pillow Cover. P. Fitted Sheet. Manuf:Sugar and Industrial Alcohol M/s.net. R. 16.E.com Mr..Mail mail@alabid.C.AL-ABID SILK MILLS LTD. Tel: 2560040-48 Fax: 2564718. Table Cover. Tel: 36971584. Exporter:Rice M/s. Abdul Karim Agha.Karaci Tel: 34532243 Fax: 92-21-34552319 E. Table Cover. Fitted Sheet.Karaci Tel: 2560040-48 Fax: 2564718.com Mr.H.E.AL-ABDULLAH CONSTRUCTORS (PVT) 19-C. 4557012 Fax: 4559293.Mail lilley.4559311 Mr. Exporter:Leather Garments Manuf:P. Tel: 32579100 E.AL-ADNAN ENTERPRISES 1633-11E. Qamar Hussain. Tariq Road. 2/1. Muslim Town. Manghopir Road. Exporter:Textile Goods M/s.H.Karaci Tel: 2470220-29 Fax: 92-21-2470090 E.Mail info@alahad.C.AL-AHAD CORPORATION A-5-B.com Mr. Comforter M/s. S.I. Exporter:Sugar. Poles M/s.Survey No. Exporter:Quilt Cover. P..2563639 E.com.

S. M/s.C. 4026407 E.I. Block-4 KDA Scheme-36.S.Karaci Tel: 4617733 Fax: 92-21-4022683 Mr. Zafar Iqbal Khan M/s. Industrial Area.H. Gulshan-e-Hadeed.AL-AHMED SEA FOODS Suite # 206. 2nd Floor. Tel: 2567495. S. Altaf Hussain Road.218.AL-AHMED ENTERPRISES Shop No.. Tel: 37075495 E. Rashid Ali Exporter:Textile M/s. Gulistan-e-Jouhar. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.T.AL-AHMAD (PVT) LIMITED Al-Ahmed Heights. Exporter:Knitted Fabrics and Garments Importer:Dyes and Machinery Manuf:Knitted Fabrics and Garments M/s.com Mr.9.AL-AIEN GROUP .AL-AHMED TEXTILE C-1-244.Karaci Tel: 4721672 Fax: 4721672 Mr. Phase-II. Room No. Good Earth Centre. P. Mohan Das M/s.Mail al-ahmedtextile@yahoo. Zafar Ahmed.AL-AHSAN CARPETS A-326.Mail alahmed_steel@yahoo. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.AL-AHMED STEEL TRADERS Office# S-3.com Mr.pk Mr. New Challi. Kaleem Ahmed Importer:Electrical equipments M/s.. Husain Trade Centre.. Gabol Town. Tel: 2561017.I. M/s.Mail alahad@cyber.T.E.Mail alahmedtextile@cyber. Sector 16-B.3. Fl-2. Muhammad Ahmed Sial M/s.E. Block-4.net. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.E. Muhammad Asad Thanvi. 2580554 Fax: 92-21-2561016 Mr. Plot No. Amber Pride. Block-2.AL-AHMAD SILK INDUSTRIES F-427.pk Mr. Block-6. Tel: 5631380 Fax: 5631312 Mr. Corner Main Commercial Market.net. Nursery.Karaci Tel: 4026406. Irfan Ashraf. Main University Road. Mohammad Asif M/s.Karaci Tel: 4387364-65 Fax: 92-21-4382264 Mr. 2567496 Fax: 92-21-2571295 E.Karaci Tel: 2275718-20 Fax: 2275721 E.F/297.AL-AHMED TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD.

I. S.Karaci Tel: 5070401. Tel: 5673616 Mr.4. S.M.AL-AMEEN ASSOCIATES 10/C. Continental Trade Centre. Muhammad Rafi.AL-AMAL MARKETING 867.AL-AMAN GOODS TRANSPORT CO.pk Khatri Muhammad Iqbal. Rawalpindiwala Building. Tel: 2411778 Fax: 92-21-2415754 Mr. Muhammad Arfeen M/s.T. Gate No.AL-AMEEN DENIM MILLS (PVT) LTD. A/4. Manuf:Embroidery Fabrics M/s. Importer:Raw Matrial for Textile Machinery Manuf:Textile Macheniries Services:Textile Machineries M/s.AL-AMEEN ENTERPRIZE Shop No. Plot No. Sector 19. Cosmopolitan Society.Karaci Tel: 4913524 Fax: 92-21-6341821 Mr. Virjee Street.. J.3. Hawks Bay Truck StandKaraci Tel: 2354092.AL-AMAN CORPORATION Kaka Chambers. 2350881-85 Mr.Mail aai@super. Korangi Industrial Area.2.AL-AMEEN SERVICES 39-B. Tel: 2578871-73 Fax: 2562450. Tel: 5055363-4 . Block-8. Amanullah. M. Sayeed Road. M/s. Muhamamd Ameen. Saddar.com Mr.M.Karaci Tel: 4923276. Importer:Plastic and Chemicals M/s. Opp: Quaid Mazar.E. 5070635-8 Fax: 92-21-5070639 E. M/s.M. Clifton.334. Woven Fabric Importer:Dyes and Chemicals Manuf:100% Cotton Yarn Dyed Denim Fabric M/s.77.AL-AMEEN INDUSTRIES Plot No. Serai Road. 4917625 Fax: 92-21-4120090 Mr.Mail alameen@fascom. Ameen Bandukda. Jodia Bazar. Exporter:100% Cotton Yarn Dyed Denim.net.2578847 E. Muhammad Hashim.494-A. Aman-ul-Mulk Khan. 28. Manghopir Road. Saddar Centre. M/s. Tel: 38378821 Fax: 35860100 Mr. New Town.416. J. Street No.

Curtain etc. 2431240 E. Shed No.AL-AMIN EXPORTS DP-31.AL-AMEERA APPAREL (PVT) LTD. M/s. Jinnah Road.Mail alamin@alamingroupe.AL-AMENA INTERNATIONAL M-205. M/s. Abdul Hameed. Serai Road. Gulistan-e-Johar. Shehzad Sheikh M/s. Tel: 4026845 Mr. M.Mail imran_ayub13@yahoo.pk Mr.com Mr. Khatri Mohammed Iqbal.AL-AMIN GROUPE Plot No. Block-20. Al Amin Manuf:Salt processig M/s. Muhammad Iqbal M/s.com Mr.05. Jilani Centre. Rawalpindiwala Building. Korangi Industrial Area. Near Noor Masjid Kagzi Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2014606.A. Khatri Mohammed Farooq.Mail mailbox@alaminexports. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals as distributor of M\S Clariant Services:Agent for Textile Machinery malccrs from Europe M/s.com .Mail alamena@hotmail. Super Highway. Muhammad Shahab Raza M/s.net. Scheme-33.Karaci Tel: 5121574-5 Fax: 92-21-5060129 E. 5064446 Fax: 92-21-5064900 Mr. Bed Sheets. Abdul Razzak.com Mr.23. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 27. Sector 7-A. SITE.AL-AMIN SALT WORKS A-31. Block-4. OT-6/37.AL-AMNAH ASSOCIATE Shop No.Mail atcl-acc@cyber. Plot No. 39-B. Tel: 6981490 Fax: 92-21-6902399 E. Sector 23.02. Bagh-e-Zehra Street.Fax: 92-21-5055625 E. M/s. Exporter:Towels.Karaci Tel: 32400227 Fax: 92-21-2400227 E. Tel: 4022739 Fax: 4030161 E.com Mr. Korangi Industrial Area. North Karachi Industrial Area.AL-AMNA ASSOCIATES D-115.111-786-0 Fax: 92-21-2568848 Mr.AL-AMEEN TRADING CORPORATION LTD. Faraz Avenue.AL-AMNA TRADERS Shop # G4-II. Tel: 6991392. Tel: 2580684-5. Tel: 5064445. Sector 12/C.Mail alamna@hotmail. Muhammed Yousuf Shaikh M/s. 6880760 Fax: 92-21-6880789 Mr.

. Amber Estate Ext. Marine Centre. Clifton. Suite No.AL-ARAFAT CARRIAGE 17. 5305793 Fax: 92-21-5860415 E. Sector 15/A/3. Opp: Dr.AL-ARAB ENTERPRISES 408.E.Mail alarabenterprises@yahoo. Ghulam Hussain Eranpurwala M/s.com Mr. Nishter Road.Progressive Centre. SA-24.AL-ARSHAD CORPORATION 306.pk M/s. North Karachi. Rafiq Ahmed Ansari M/s. KCHSKaraci Tel: 4530185 Fax: 4530187 E.AL-ANN ENTERPRISE R-394.I. Manuf:ament@cyber. Mehmood Alam M/s.Mr.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 34928590 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5389856 Syed Zia ul Haq M/s. 2nd Floor. Allah Wadhaya Tehseen M/s.AL-AQMAR STAINLESS & HARDWARE 10-Memon Manzil. Plot A-32.pk Mr.AL-ARCOM TRADING CO. Tel: 34322043 .Mail trading@arcom. Shoaib Ashraf M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. 4th Floor.net. Pan Mandi. Muhammad Shahid Mehta M/s. Ali Raza Noorani M/s.Karaci Tel: 5820195. Shehzad Centre.AL-ARHAM ASSOCIATES E/7. Sharjah Trade Centre. James Terrace Road.Mail alarhamassociates@yahoo.AL-ANSARI & CO. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Tasneem Juzar Lakdawala.Mail gherampurwala@hotmail. Shahnaz Arcade. S. E. Nanakwada.net. Tel: 8461118 Mr. Ziauddin Medical University. Imran Ayub M/s.com.T. Defence Housing Authority.403 & 404. Tel: 2574683-4 Fax: 92-21-2574685 Ms. Defence Housing Authority.AL-ANSARI'S AND COMPANY LG-40. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 32069730 Fax: 2766511 E. Tel: 32461141-43 Fax: 32464907 E.com Mr. Mark Shopping Mall.com Mr.Block-2.AL-ANWAR TEXTILE F-407-B.Mail alarfat@cyber. Block 7 & 8.

Tel: 32432852.Mail alasartraders@gmail. Muhammad Abid Khanani. M.com Mr.Mail alasif@cyber. SITE. Irri-9.com Mr. Tel: 2571971-72 Fax: 92-21-2564991 E. Arshad Hanif M/s. Exporter:All Varities of Pakistani Rice (Basmati. Rufi Lake Drive. Audio S.pk Mr. Opp: Urdu Science CollegeKaraci Tel: 34819358 Fax: 2626609 E. Plat # 15/A. Muhammad Hussain.Mail asadrice@fascom. Asif Tariq Shaikh M/s. New Neham Road.Mail aapackages@yahoo. Tape and Films M/s. Plot# 21.Karaci Tel: 2731564.Karaci Tel: 34620672 Fax: 92-21-34630434 E.com Mr.AL-ASAR TRADERS Suite # 23.pk Mr. New Challi.Mail al-asar@hotmail. Importer:HMDP. Naveed Ahmed M/s.Mail asifdeenar@cyber.A. M/s. Al Mubashir Apptt. Survey# W-0-7 Opp: City Court. Jinnah Road.net. M/s.Mail mayoon88@cyber. 6th Floor.Mail alarshad786@hotmail.Fax: 34310368 E. Rehmat Plaza.Karaci Tel: 2401151-3 Fax: 92-21-2401154 E. Mohammad Asif. 2026346 E. Iron and Steel. Asif Deenar. Street # 1. 32435079 Fax: 92-21-32435172 E. Super Basmati.com Mr. Rehman Chamber. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.AL-ASIF STEEL CO. 3rd Floor. Burns Road.pk Mr. B-402. .4. Kutiyana Barkat.net. Gulistan-e-Jouhar.Gulshan-elqbal.AL-ASIF PACKAGES Shop # 25.net. Block-18.AL-ASIF ENTERPRISES Room# 1.Karaci Tel: 2400319. Sharjah Trade Centre.com Mr.AL-ASAR ENTERPRISES 32. Methyl Bromide. Mezzanine Floor. Irri-67) Manuf:Processors and Millers of Rice M/s. 2774648 Fax: 92-21-2204398 E. Asif Riaz Exporter:Home Textile Importer:Dyes Chemicals and Accessories Manuf:Home Textile made upas M/s.AL-ASAD RICE MILLS Office # 9.AL-ASIF TRADERS Shop No.AL-ASIF TEXTILE INDUSTRIES F-88/II.

M.AL-AWWAL INTERNATIONAL 47/1. Mohammad Fareed Ahmed.Karaci Tel: 35623375 Fax: 35623382 E. Sectror 12-D.Karaci Tel: 0334-7374497 Mr.Karaci Tel: 36989740 Fax: 92-21-36989740 Mr.AL-AZHAR INDUSTRIES 44-49. Block-2.Mail nawaz_atco@hotmail.Mail alazhar@khi.com Mr. Mursaleen Ahmed.Jhat Pat Market. Ground Floor. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Room-33. Exporter:Knitted Home Textile and Garments Manuf:Home Textile and Garments M/s.net.Karaci Tel: 2429352. Tel: 32713344 Fax: 35480369 E. 4th Floor. Marium Asif Exporter:Textile made ups M/s. Textile Plaza. North Karachi Industrial Area. Ismail M/s. Lucky Mansion. Saddar.Mail farid@alawwal. Tel: 5670808 Fax: 92-21-5683636 E. .AL-AZHAR INTERNATIONAL CORPN. Blankin Street.6998098 E. Sector 5-L. Syedna Tahir Saifuddin Road. Dandia Bazar.AL-AZMAT C-1/11.AL-AYESHA TRADING COMPANY Suite No. Khawaja Abid Trade Centre. Muhammad Ahmed.AL-AWAN INTERNATIONAL TRADERS Adnan Centre. 3rd Floor. Plot SA 3 & 4. Liyari. 2419680 Fax: 92-21-2419949 E.114. Ayaz Town.pk Mr. Exporter:Textile made ups Importer:Premissible goods Manuf:Garments M/s.Mail alaswed@cyber. Nawaz Ali Exporter:Rice and Food stuff M/s.com Mr. Tel: 6950833.A. G-3. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Azhar Iqbal Khan M/s.net.pk Mrs. Exporter:Garment M/s.Karaci Tel: 2531821 Mr.wol. North Karachi.Mail alazhar@cyber.AL-ASWED INTERNATIONAL W-1/52. Chakiwara-2.AL-AZEEM ENTERPRISES Ground Mez & First Floor. ST-7.pk Haji Hanif M/s. Near Dilkusha Hotel. Jinnah Road. 6951723 Fax: 6997772.net. City Court.

Square Extension. Munir Centre. Sind Market.AL-AZMAT (PVT) LTD. Shopping Mall.AL-BADAR TRAVELS & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED. M. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.com Importer:model@japanwalagroup. App# 4.Mail affan600@gmail.pk .Mail albadarhajj@hotmail.Mail albarakahs@gmail.A.Mail azmat_nazir@hotmail.Kh.-e-Ittehad.AL-BARKAAT CORPORATION Suite No.. Mezz Floor. Maqboolabad. 8th Floor. Sector F/2.AL-BAKKA TRAVEL & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED Jinnah Complex.com Mr.M. Block-3. BR 5/6. Suite No. Jinnah Road.Mail maliktex@cyber.AL-BARAKAH INTERNATIONAL Shop No.com Mr.com Mr.pk Mr. Jinnah Rd.net. Chagla Street.St. Muhamamd Affan M/s. Exporter:Textile Cloth Manuf:Textile Cloth M/s.com Mr. Nazir Ahmed Exporter:Canvas Tarpaulins Tents Covers etc M/s.Mail albarkaat@cyber. Shop# 4G-5. R.Karaci Tel: 2819389. Hasrat Mohani Road.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 34858671-2 Fax: 92-21-34858673 E. Tel: 2577750.326. Alamgir Road.com Manuf:Import and Suppliers of Scientifc M/s.AL-BARAKAH SERVICES FOR HAJJ & UMRAH (PVT) LIMITED. Naeem Shah M/s. 3rd Floor.1.G-6/A.Karaci Mr. Shoaib Munir. Labour Colony.AL-BARKA ENTERPRISES 1821-1822.K. 13.Tel: 4960340 E.Karaci Tel: 2472390 Fax: 92-21-2472392 E.Karaci Tel: 32780209-10 Fax: 92-21-3278020 E. Saleem Ahmed M/s. 2819390 Fax: 92-21-5206102 E. Muhammad Islam M/s. Landhi.Mail albakkatravels_789@yahoo.net. New Amjeri Cloth Market.DHA.Karaci Tel: 32466726 Fax: 32466727 E. Plo No. Phase-II Ext. 2575192 Fax: 92-21-2563996 Mr. 92-C. Kharadhar.Z-111/112/113.AL-BADAR TEXTILES 33-B. Zahid Rasool Malik Exporter:ak-enterprises92@yahoo. Abdullah Rangila M/s. 11th Comm.A.Karaci Tel: 5381009 Fax: 92-21-5386514 E.

Mohammedi Bhai Abdullah Bhai Importer:Raw Material for Crown Corks. Rabia City. Hasrat Mohani Road.Mail albasittrade_3@yahoo. Saddar. Garden East.Mail naztex@cyber. Farooq Mir M/s. Muhammad Asif Mehmood M/s.AL-BASIT ENTERPRISES 1-K-23. Tel: 6707163 E. Burhani Chamber.Mail al. S. Textile Waste. Suite No.pk Mr. Sami ul Haq M/s. Altaf Hussain Road. Muhammad Hanif Ibrahim M/s.Mail alburhan@cyber.AL-BURHAN STEELS (PVT) LIMITED 102.Mail bukhsh@super. CC Area.AL-BASIT TEXTILES 1104.1.I. 2579450 Fax: 92-21-2561339 E.E.257.pk Mr.S. Exporter:Spare Parts of Washing Machine.Karaci . Chapal Plaza. Tel: 2577744.com Ms. Nazimabad No.H. 2nd Floor. Bank & Business Centre.net. Sohail. Tel: 32069368 E.AL-BASIT IMPEX 311.302. Sultan Ahmad Shah Road. Refrigerator M/s.Mr.AL-BARSHA STAR CARGO SERVICES 2/6.net. K. M/s. 6-A. 11th Floor. Air Condition. M/s..AL-BUKHSH COMMODITIES 9/10th Floor.basit@live.Karaci Tel: 5682806.net. Sharjah Trade Centre. Commercial Area. Commercial II. Manuf:Crown Corks M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road. 2413272 Fax: 92-21-2425146 E. Adam Palace.AL-BASIT TRADING COMPANY Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2425145. Exporter:Textiles Knitted Fabrics.com Mr. Tel: 2430496-97 Fax: 92-21-2437677 E.pk Mr. 5684369 Mr.T.AL-BURHAN ENTERPRISES Flat No. Nasir Ilyas. Rehana M/s. Munawar Tai.AL-BURHAN METAL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED F/166-A. New Challi. Tel: 7733793 Fax: 92-21-7772836 Mr..B1/28. Gulistan-e-Johar.C. Rafiq Centre.Karaci Tel: 2010692 Fax: 2010692 Mr.

AL-DAHRA AGRICULTURAL CO. Exporter:Textiles Goods & Leather Products M/s. and Accesoires. Spare Parts of Ve M/s.com Importer:Commission Agent and Trader M/s. Al-Haroon Electronics Market. Tower. Bakheet Ateeq Al-Rumaithi M/s.Mail aflcpk@yahoo. Mohammad Irfan.Karaci Tel: 36651928 Fax: 92-21-36654316 E.E.AL-ESSA INTERNATIONAL M-1. New Anjam Colony. Off: Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Manuf:Leather Garments.net. Westland Trade Centre.AL-FAISAL LEATHER CRAFTS 45. 17. Baldia Town.Karaci Mr. Importer:Drilling Equpt.pk . P. Block No.com Mr. Ashfaq Ibrahim Essa. 2432011 Fax: 92-21-2436024 E.Mail alburooj@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 5060887 Fax: 92-21-5060887 E.net.Mail alessa@cyber. M/s..com Mr.B. Essa M/s.pk Mr. Khayaban-e-Bahria. Saddar. Shahrah-e-Faisal. PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 67.Karaci Tel: 2432010.Mail alfaisal@sat. Tel: 4325601-3 Fax: 92-21-4325603 E.AL-DATA ELECTRONICS Shop No. M. 4545997 Fax: 4527199. Soldier Bazar.AL-FAISAL MACHINERY COMPANY S-5. Garden East.net. Near M.AL-FAISAL 408. Zainuddin Salehbhai. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Mulji Street.Karaci Tel: 5845266 Fax: 92-21-5859402 Mr. 6. Phase-V.Karaci Tel: 4521680. Faran Cooperative Housing Society.S. Exporter:Leather and Leather Goods. Kharadhar. Isuardas Street.H. Motiwala Market. Abdul Wahid M/s.AL-BUROOJ ENTERPRISE 1735/219-A.Karaci Tel: 2768786 Fax: 92-21-2725712 Mr.Mail al-faisal@cyber. Naseem. M/s.W. Faisal Gangat.pk Mr. Park Avenue.AL-ESSA ENTERPRISES 248.4547138 E.C. Abdullah Harood Road. Defence Housing Authority. Exporter:alhussain sanitary@hotmail.Tel: 4542035 Fax: 92-21-4545368 Mr.

Mail info@rice. Ghulam Hussain M/s.Sheikh Muhammad Ali Faisal. Defence Housing Authority.AL-FAKHAR TRADING HOUSE C-10.Abdullah Heights. M.Naval Colony. Phase-II Extension. Tel: 6317156 Fax: 6371548 E.AL-FAJR TRADING COMPANY 82-C. Tel: 32572479-32577845 Fax: 32574643 E. Saddar.com Mr. Muhammad Shahid Ali M/s.Mail info@alfajarent. 1th Commercial Street. Tel: 37013451-2 Fax: 92-21-3701345 E.pk Mr.M-31. HBCHS.Karaci Tel: 2424788.com Mr.Sector 4.D-285. Osma Al Bermawy Exporter:Marble Livestokc Furniture etc M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.AL-FAIZAN ENTERPRISES Shop No. Uni Plaza. Tel: 4968532 E. M/s.Mail alfaisaltrade@gmail.Karaci Tel: 35651751 Fax: 92-21Mr.Mail alfaisal@hotmail. Farooq Ahmed Sleem. Arkay Square. M/s.AL-FAISAL PACKAGES 122-A. M/s.com Mr. Pak Chamber. Area.B. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Mail avab96@gmail.Mail aft@cyber.Ground Floor. Block-2.Hub River Rd. Chundrigar Road. F.Mail alfakhart@hotmail. Muhammad Zubair Nagaria Exporter:Rice M/s.Karaci Tel: 37639736 Fax: 92-21-3281128 E. SITE.net.com Mr.AL-FAJAR ENTERPRISES Suit# 706. 10th Floor. Mohammad Umar Khan . Muhammad Younus. Rashid M/s.AL-FAIZAN CORPORATION Plot No. Street 3K Com.Karaci Tel: 5898002-3 Fax: 92-21-5880294 E.AL-FAISAL TRADERS Suite No-25-B.I. 2424877 Fax: 92-21-2427890 E. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. 2204350 Mr. Block-13-B. West Wharf Road.AL-FAISAL TRADE INTERNATIONAL Office 02. Bhangoria Town. Daulat Square. Rafiq-ur-Rehman M/s.AL-FAJER ASSOCIATES 25-A. Tel: 2310812.com Mr. 7th Floor. I.pk Mr. New Jewellers Centre.

AL-FAROOQ BUILDERS 3rd Floor. Lea Mkt. Block-6.AL-FALAH TRADING CO. 567444 Fax: 92-21-5688929 E. Muhammad Farooq M/s. RimJhim Shopping Centre. Uzma Centre.Karaci Tel: 5683112.pk Mr. Timber Mkt. Muhammad Ali Mustafa.Karaci Tel: 2438991 Fax: 2438991 E. Jinnah Road. Behind Spencer Eye Hospital. . Muhamamd Hassan Importer:Timber and Allied products M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.M/s.5/b.AL-FALAH TEXTILES R-157 & 158. Abdullah Haroon Road. Uni Plaza. Trade Tower.Karaci Tel: 4800740-41 Fax: 92-21-4984355 Mr. Tel: 32420347-48 Mr.325. I. Above Habib Metropolitan Bank. Opp: Services Club.Mail alfalahtex@cyber. Jillani Centre. Mohammad Farooq Jaffrani.AL-FATAH G-7.AL-FAROOQ IRON Syed Mahmood Shah Road. 2725626 Fax: 92-21-2741657 Mr.Mail hanifjethwa@hotmail. Sector 16-B.503. Muhammed Hanif Shaikh M/s.AL-FALAH TRADERS Office No.com Mr.AL-FALAH RICE INTERNATIONAL Suite No. North Karachi Industrial Area. Tel: 2766111.I.A. Muhammad Waqas M/s.AL-FAREED GENERAL TRADING Plot No. 7542743 Mr. Talpur Road.Karaci Tel: 2741071-72-73 Fax: 92-21-2741074 Mr.Karaci Tel: 6996391. Chundrigar Road. Ruby Centre. 6921223 Fax: 92-21-6994334 E. Gabol Town. Juna Market. M/s. Bhagnari Street. Bolton Market.AL-FALAH STEEL CORPORATION 201. Abdul Ghaffar.Mail alfalahtrading@hotmail. Behind Liaquat Market.AL-FALAH TRADING Suit # 815. Siddique Wahab Road.net. Muhamamd Ahsan Mushtaq M/s. Exporter:Metal Ware merchants M/s. M/s. Opp: City Post Office.com Mr. Kashif M/s. ZC-10. Tel: 7513218. M.Karaci Tel: 2417739 Fax: 92-21-2426283 Mr.

Saddar. Faisal Gul Ahmed Importer:100% Polyester Yarn Manuf:100% Polyester Twisting.I.Main Tariq Road. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 2564820 Fax: 92-21-2576566 Mr.I. S.T.AL-FIROZ ENTERPRISES Plot No.Karaci Tel: 5053001-2 Fax: 92-21-5378309 E. P&T Colony. Saad Shaikh. Korangi Industrial Area..Mail adnanparacha@hotmail. Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail zushi-78@hotmail. 123.E. Muhammad Adnan Paracha M/s. Mithadar. M/s. Gul Plaza.AL-FATAH TRADERS Building No.E. 5054788 Fax: 92-21-5060623 . Altaf Ibrahim M/s. Metrovill No.AL-FAZAL ELECTRONICS Shop No.E-76. # O. S.9/144-A.AL-FAZ ENTERPRISE F-413-A.AL-FATTAH TRADER Shop # 95. M/s.Karaci Tel: 7729800. M.com Mr.AL-FIRDOUS ENTERPRISES Plot No. M/s. Jinnah Road.Mohammad Siddiq. 11th Jami Commercial Street.T.AL-FATTAH TRADKO F-388.T. Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Textile Chemicals M/s..6-C/1. Sector 31-D. Amir Rafiq. 7734572 E. Sector 7-A.AL-FATEH & CO.A.com Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed M/s. Tel: 4532488 Mr.1. Tel: 32440931 Mr. Beauty House. Tel: 2564820 Fax: 92-21-2576566 Mr..17.T. 1st Floor.Mail afetex@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 32726956 Fax: 92-21-34924812 Mr. S.Karaci Tel: 35310893 Fax: 35397702 E. DHA. Manuf:Textile chemicals M/s.I. Zubaida Moosa. Tel: 2571553 Mrs. Tel: 5065475. Sizing and Weaving M/s.com Mirza Waqar Baig. Phase-VII.AL-FATTAH CHEMKO B-757-758.E.

ST-4.net. Tel: 2628123 Fax: 92-21-2639999 E. Wet Blue. Gulistan-e-Johar. Jinnahabad. Block-2.Karaci Tel: 5670742 Fax: 2774552 E. Korangi Industrial Area. Jinnah Road.No. .Karaci Tel: 2275628 Fax: 2275629 Mr. Muhammad Ismail Exporter:Waste Paper/Recycleable scrap Importer:Waste Paper/Recycleable scrap M/s.A.1377. Khurshid Firoz. Exporter:Leather Garments & Leather Importer:Raw.76. Clifton. New Challi. Jamaluddin M/s. ST-13/1. Jinnah Road. Sector No. Siddiq Wahab Road. Ground Floor.AL-GHANI EXPORTS Plot No. M/s. Tel: 3766833 E.Mail alf@cyber. Kamran Abdul Ghaffar Exporter:Home Made Textile goods M/s. lst Floor. M.Mail alghaniexports@live. 1st Floor.E. 139-F. Fax: 36829858 E.A. Abdullah Industrial Area.AL-GHANI 303-Flat # 3rd Floor.pk Mr.com Mr. Frere Town.AL-GHAZALI ELECTRONICS 206. M/s.AL-GHAITH FODDER TRADING M-26. Crost and Finish Leather.AL-GHAFFAR CORPORATION Suite # N-340. 224/1. Gul Plaza. Altaf Hussain Road. Nasir Waheed Kiyani M/s. Hussain Trade Centre. Tel: 32778467 Fax: 5654689 Mr.pk Mr. Exporter:Textile Industry M/s.A. Saeed Haroon.Mail royaltex@cyber. 39. Block-12. Bridge View Apptt. Tel: 32725834 Mr.com Mr. Manuf:Leather & Leather Garments.pk@gmail.AL-GHAZI DISTRIBUTORS (PVT) LTD.net.Karaci Tel: 6344804 Fax: 92-21-2425679 E. Muhammad Imran Exporter:Garments Manuf:Garments M/s.Mail alghani.Mail kami_1717@hotmail.AL-FUZAIL TRADING Bottle Bazar.Mail alfuzail@cyber.AL-GHAZI DISTRIBUTORS H.pk Mr. M.net. Muhammad Taufiq.com Mirza Muhammad Shariq M/s.AL-GHAFFAR ENTERPRISE Portion No.

M/s.Mail habib_waseem@yahoo. . Exporter:Knitted Fabrics Importer:Knitting Machinery Manuf:Knitting Fabric M/s.AL-GHAZI TRACTORS LIMITED 11th Floor. Shahzad Alam.R-5. 04/52.AL-HABIB ENTERPRISE 3/90. Sector 16-B. Shop No. North Karachi.Mail info@alghousia.com Mr. Fruit Market Super Highway.Karaci Tel: 5660881-85 Fax: 92-21-5689387 E.. Hussain Manzil. 6990795 Fax: 92-21-6989699 E. Liaquatabad.com Mr. Parvez Ali. 9. I. Street No. M/s. Uni Plaza. Sardar Ali. Tel: 32436563. Abbasi Shaheed Road.Mail owais@algousia. NIC Building. ST-9.E. Commercial Area.AL-HABIB MARBLE C-4/69. Manuf:Fiat Tractors Model 480-s.C.P.Mail alghazi@cyber.AL-HAAJ SYED ABDUL ALI HAJI SYED ABDUL QADEEM. Block-A-3. M/s. Muhammad Hussain. Tel: 32584972 Mr. Importer:Computer Parts and Accessories. Tel: 4918542.AL-GHAZI IMPORTS AND EXPORTS 113.0345-2413136 Mr. Kashmir Road.com Mr.Mail agtl@alghazitractors.AL-HABIB PHARMACEUTICALS 26-D. lst Floor. Manghopir Road.com Mr. Abdul Wahab. Kagzi Bazar.Karaci Tel: 6871371 Syed Abdul Qadeem Agha. Mohammad Issa Patel M/s. Asif Colony. Sindhi Muslim Housing Society.Karaci Tel: 4523406-7 Fax: 92-21-4520212 E. Muhammad Adnan Wahab.Karaci Tel: 6920700 Fax: 92-21-6989699 E. Nadeem Naseer Ghori M/s. Block-A.AL-HABIB FABRICS 07.H. Tel: 2416081 Fax: 92-21-2401076 Mr. Off: Shahrah-e-Faisal. M/s. Chundrigar Road. North Karachi.AL-GHOUSIA INDUSTRIES I-D/7.net.AL-GHOUSIA KNITTING FACTORY 1-D/7.03332209224 E. Tel: 6993127. Ghazi 640 & 640 Special M/s.S.pk Mr. Sector 16-B. M/s.I.

H/10-1. Exporter:Knitted Home Textile Items Manuf:Knitted Home Textile Item M/s.AL-HADEED TRADERS House No. Jinnah Rod. Sector 16-B. Arjumand Farooq M/s.AL-HADEED ENGINEERING WORKS Plot No.25.Mail alhadit@fascom. M. Khawaja Chamber. Hassan Ali Lane. Block 22. Nisar Akhtar Jawed M/s.net. 1st Floor. Korangi Industrial Area.com. Federal 'B' Area.pk Mr.AL-HADI TEXTILE (PVT) LTD. Fakhra Azeem.AL-HADI INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Near City Court.Karaci Tel: 4500497 Fax: 92-21-7750080 Mr. Tyre and Tubes M/s. M.pk Mr. Abdul Karim Khan M/s.AL-HABIB TRADERS SR-8/42.com Mr.AL-HADI RICE INTERNAIONAL 215. North Karachi. W.Karaci Tel: 22158946 Fax: 2215847 E. Model Colony. Tel: 2752689 Mr. Sheet # 23.com Mr.com Mr. M/s. Malir Town.export@alhadi. Tel: 6999662-4 Fax: 92-21-6999661 E. Akhtar Lakhani. Tel: 36373281-36371781 E. Bottle Bazar.Mail alhafeez@cyber. L-10/A. Home Textiles Manuf:Fitted Bed Sheets and Bath robes . Sector-14.Mail madinaautos@yahoo. Exporter:Home Textile Importer:Garment Accessories and Textile Machineries Manuf:Home Textile.Mail arjumand86@gmail. Exporter:Curtain Supplier Manuf:Agriculture Tractor.Mail athar. Garments M/s. 6369024 Fax: 92-21-6345511 E. Hafeezullah Arain Exporter:Fashion Garments. Sector 12-C.Karaci Tel: 6922382 Fax: 92-21-6922370 E. Mazhar Javed Khan. Aftab Zafar Butt.A.Tel: 4582227-8 Fax: 92-21-4535644 Mrs.44/7.AL-HAFEEZ ENTERPRISES DP # 8. North Karachi Industrial Area. Tel: 6347722.

481-482. Kanda Gali. Muhammad Farooq M/s. Jodia Bazar. Federal 'B' Area.com Mr. SITE. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 6808017 Fax: 92-21-2109502 Mr. Marine Centre.Karaci Tel: 2432578-9 Fax: 2440648 Shaikh Aly Ray M/s.Mail alhakimsons@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 0300-3361344 Fax: 92-21-5016900 Mr. 2561049 Fax: 92-21-2579885 E.114.AL-HAMD ELECTRONICS Shop No. Street # 03. 658 Block-D. Kalim Rehmani M/s. Muhammad Waseem M/s. Hashmat Rasool Khan M/s. Block-3. M/s. 2nd Floor. Opp: Yousuf Plaza. Block-17. Mezz. Tel: 6001385.AL-HAMD ACADEMY 166-E. Importer:Dealers of Garments Accessories Services:Dealers in Stock Lot of Garments M/s. Near Water Pump.AL-HAMD ENTERPRISES . B-1. Tel: 4387082-83 Fax: 4548060 Mr. Shahjahan Centre. Mr. Landhi.com Mr. SITE.Mail info@alhajgroup. Mansehra Colony.M/s.Karaci Tel: 32720034-32766242 Fax: 32770629 E. 5064658 Mr. Lal Khan. Block-2. Anis Ahmed Manuf:Baby care products feeding bottle M/s. Kehkashan. Clifton. Korangi Industrial Area. Floor.AL-HAMD EDIBLE OIL INDUSTRIES 31-Hilal Chamber.Karaci Tel: 5875606-07 Fax: 92-21-5373749 E. Taj Mohammed Afridi M/s. Saddar. Ghulam Rabbani Khan.AL-HAJ ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED Office # 15 & 7.com Mr.104.Mail mimalikco@yahoo.AL-HAJ BARAT KHAN ELECTRONICS Shop No.AL-HAMD CORPORATION F-160.Karaci Tel: 2579882.AL-HAKIM & SONS Plot # M-II-E. 1st Floor. Shershah. Sector 27.AL-HAJ BUNDOO KHAN C-13.AL-HAFIZ Plot No. PECHS.

M/s.Mail info@aictpk. Tel: 5064090 Fax: 92-21-5054607 Mr. Sector 7-A. Exporter:Textile Goods. Korangi Industrial Area. Garments.4th Floor Ruby Centre. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 2425893 Fax: 92-21-2425893 E. Importer:Computers. Opp: City Post Office. Muhammad Umer Farooq M/s. Trans Lyari Qtr. Umer Colony.Mail alhamd889@hotmail.Opp:N.com Mr. Tariq Sultan M/s.com Mr.Mail ctchrb@cyber. Behind Noor Estate Building. Waseem Yaseen. Hussain Islam M/s.Karaci Tel: 4542036. Dawood Potta Road.AL-HAMD INTERNATIONAL Plot# 38.AL-HAMD ENTERPRISES Room No-402-A. Khayyam Chamber. Boultan Market. and Textile Garments.AL-HAMD ENTERPRISES 404.AL-HAMD PRINTERS 9/12/6. Vegetables. Shangrila Garden. .com Mr.com Mr. Hawksbary Road. Chemicals and Consumers Goods M/s. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.pk Mr. Owais Aboobakar. Najma Terrace.Karaci Tel: 2432044 Fax: 92-21-2255317 Mr. Mian Chamber.Mail alhamd2000@hotmail. Shahra-e-Faisal. 0300-2019151 Fax: 92-21-2419738 E. Garden East. Sharea Liaquat. Block-2. Meat.Plot # 355.AL-HAMD JEWELS TRADERS Room No.AL-HAMD INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER TERMINAL (PVT) LIMITED Plot O&L-K-28. Rices M/s.AL-HAMD INTERNATIONAL Suit-26. Talpur Road. Tel: 2422835. Exporter:General Items . Imran Memon. Mamoon-ur-Rashid. Mohammad Rafiq.Truck StandKaraci Tel: 2352651-55 Fax: 92-21-2352947 E.AL-HAMD IMPEX Plot # 21.Mail alhamdjewes@hotmail. Importer:Textile Machinery M/s.Karaci Tel: 4536930-31 Fax: 92-21-4536931 E. 4382075 Fax: 92-21-4521964 Mr. Machinery and Medicines. Exporter:Rice.net. Noor Terrace. Importer:Hides and Skins and Leather Chemicals M/s.5.411. PECHS.Karaci Tel: 6016553 E. General Mercandise. 4th Floor.

DHAKaraci Tel: 35380539 Fax: 92-21-3538054 E.AL-HAMD TEXTILE CONNECTION Plot No. 6666380-81 Fax: 92-21-6696102 E. 4948702 Fax: 92-21-4921494 E.03009278873 Fax: 92-21-36367915 Mr.Karaci Tel: 6696101. Aullya Road.AL-HAMRA HANDICRAFTS Plot # C. Block-5. Suit # 3.AL-HAMRA TRADING CORPORATION Siddiq Wahab Road.Mail alhameed@cyber. 89-D. Metroville-1. Vegetables. Salt Products.com Mr. Sabzi Mandi. Block-4 KAECHS. Opp: Old Subzi Mandi.AL-HAMD TRADE INTERNATIONAL SA-37. Noor Square. Saima Trade Tower. Kabari Bazar. Opp: Pak P.pk Mr.Mail alhamra@cyber.I..pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2728777 Fax: 92-21-2728427 Mr.Mail alhamrabuilders@hotmail. I.G-16. Main Khayaban-e-Jami. Timber Market.Mail ahtc@cyber.net. Rahim Bux Maitlo Exporter:Fertilizer Importer:Chemicals M/s. Shershah. Furniture and General Order Suppliers M/s.AL-HAMRA BUILDERS SC-13. SITE.Karaci Tel: 2275125. Jamshed Jabbar Durrani Importer:Scrap M/s. Zamir Ahmed Shaikh M/s.AL-HAMEED ENTERPRISES C-180. Mohammed Abdullah.net.AL-HAMD TRADERS Shop No. Main University Road.net. 2275126 Fax: 92-21-2275127 Mr. . Al Mustafa Market. Exporter:Fresh Fruit. M1-M2. Nishter Basti. Tel: 4380267 Fax: 4551773 E. 3rd Floor. M/s. 7th Floor.Karaci Tel: 32582410.pk Rao Iftikhar Ahmed.W. University Road.AL-HAMD TRADERS A-708. Chundrigar Road.D.Mail matcopak@yahoo. St. Gate. Off: Chand Bibi Road.Aslam Road.3.com Mr. Abdul Hameed. Tariq Masood M/s.Karaci Tel: 4923567.Karaci Tel: 4949042-4943706 E. 12th Comm. Phase-II Ext. Abdul Aziz Exporter:Garments all kind Manuf:Garments all kind M/s. M/s.

M/s. Najmuddin Zakiuddin.Karaci Tel: 5638546-48 Fax: 92-21-5638549 E. 6920997 Fax: 92-21-6920997 Mr. 10 Civil Lines Quarters.3/3. Federal 'B' Area.AL-HAMZA TEXTILE Plot No.net. Near PIDC House. 3rd Floor. Tel: 2560602-3 Fax: 92-21-2566374 E.com Mrs.pk Mr. Room 2. S. Fazal Karim Paracha M/s.Mail alharam.C.abdulwahid3@gmail.Mail hussain@alhamzagroup.AL-HARAM JEWELLERS Pearl Centre.AL-HARAM PLASTIC 1st Floor. 3rd Floor. Behind PIDC House. Behind PIDC House. Jodia Bazar. 2nd Floor.AL-HAMZA TRADEING & SHIPBREAKING COMPANY.L (Hydrochloric Acid) Importer:Plastic and Chemicals M/s.AL-HAMZA INDUSTRIES D-10.pk Mr. Saddar.E.Tel: 7730561 Fax: 92-21-7721979 Mr. Mehmood M/s.Mail poll@super.Karaci Tel: 35675525 Fax: 92-21-35662525 E. Tel: 6622453 Fax: 92-21-4935997 E. Suite # 301.Mail alharam@hotmail. Muhammad Sharif Paracha M/s.. Sector 16-B. Exporter:Hard Board and Allied Items Importer:Timber and Ply Wood and Allied Items M/s. Virjee Street.I. Muhammad Ashraf. Gabol Town. Block-D.Karaci Tel: 5653720-9 Fax: 92-21-5654433 E.T.net.AL-HAMZA COMMODITIES 213. Progressive Plaza. Abdul Latif Piracha. Beaumont Plaza.Mail alcom@alhamzagroup. Nazimabad No.Karaci Tel: 5653727-9 Fax: 92-21-5654434 E. Saira Bano. Khalid Jaweed Dogar M/s.com .Karaci Tel: 2411778 Fax: 92-21-2415754 Mr. Beaumont Road. M/s. Beaumont Plaza.Karaci Tel: 6920777.com Mr. Beaumont Road.AL-HAMZA TRADERS Kaka Chamber.AL-HAMZA TRADING COMPANY 304.4.330-C. Shahrah-e-Iraq.com Mr. Exporter:H.Mail tanveer_ali36@yahoo.

A. West View Co. M. Block-8.Karaci Tel: 2572963. Plot No. Estate Avenue. 12/138.Karaci Tel: 2626733 Fax: 92-21-2626801 Mr.Mail info@alharam. Services:Custom Agents Clearing Forwarding & Shipping Agents M/s. Ranchore Line.C. Islam Qureshi.CC-3. S.opp. Orangi Town.AL-HASHMI BROTHERS OIL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED H-6. New Cloth Market Opp: Textile Plaza. Jinnah Road.37.AL-HARMAIN TRADING CO.I. Manuf:Oil & Ghee M/s. SITE.AL-HARIS PAINT AGENCY R. 6978926-28 Fax: 92-21-6978929 E.Karaci Tel: 34930299 Fax: 92-21-4125999 E.Karaci Tel: 2771213.com Mr. Kiran Heights. Al Abid Chamber.1-D. Kashif Polani Exporter:Textile goods Importer:Machinery for production Manuf:Textile goods M/s.pk Mr.Mr. Tel: 6650052 Fax: 92-21-6655140 Mr. Clifton.com Mr.Mail haseebtex@cyber.. 2571421 Fax: 92-21-2572161 Mr.AL-HARAM TRAVELS & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED. Sharfabad. Gali No.AL-HARMAIN ENTERPRISES 2/16.AL-HASEEB TEXTILES F-528. Muhamamd Arif Exporter:Chemicals & IT Allied items Importer:Cemicals and IT Allied items M/s. Ambaji Villa Road. M. New Challi. F-11. Mezanine Floor.Karaci Tel: 5863991-23114123-3 Fax: 2311413 E.T. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.E. Muhammad Asif M/s. Tel: 2566491-3 Fax: 2568587 E.AL-HASSAN INDUSTRIES 101. Mustafa Hussain Lakhani M/s.AL-HARMEIN INTERNATIONAL House No.Mail dilawarkirmani@yahoo. 2724217 Mr.net. 2nd Floor.Housing Society.2. Tariq Subhan. Muhammad Kashif M/s. Imran. Abdul Razzak Navtakia M/s. No.Karaci Tel: 2427477. Bahadurabad.Mail moonmtc@hotmail. M/s.AL-HASSAN TECHNOLOGY AND .pk Mr.

Jodia Bazar. Tel: 35045224 Fax: 92-21E. I. Mohammad Suleman Farooq.5. 32216570 Fax: 2215870.electronics@yahoo. Tel: 32277197 Fax: 2215870 E. Shop No.AL-HEREMAIN ELECTRONICS No. Saima Trade Tower.Block-6.AL-HIRA TRAVEL & TOURS (PVT) LTD.AL-HUDA ENGINEERING (PVT) LTD.com Mr.com.22165 Mrs. Shamsul Hassan M/s. Feroz Street.AL-HASSAN TRADE ESTABLISHMENT Mandviwalla Building.Karaci Tel: 5833752-5821478-9 Fax: 5871034 E. Muhammad Yasin Exporter:Rice M/s. Iqbal Chamber. Street-6.Mail hermain.pk Mr. Gizri Blvd. Manghopir Road.4.net.Mail al_huda@cyber. Shehnaz Anwar .AL-HUDA TRADERS Plot No. Marine Faisal Bldg. A-4. Muhammad Mohsin Raza M/s. Mandviwalla M/s. SITE. Tel: 2433204 Fax: 92-21-2435122 E.I. Chundrigar Road. Chundrigar Road.AL-HUDA TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED F-108. Mezzanine Floor.Mail amandvi@cyber.com Mr. Saima Trade Tower.I.Ali H. Tel: 32211175. Aamir Ahmed M/s. Jodia Bazar.AL-HILAL 7. Old Queens Road. DHA.Karaci Tel: 36761258 Fax: 36761258 E.5. Importer:Food Stuff Items and Chemical relating to Textiles M/s. Liberty Centre.Mail alhiratravel@hotmail. I. Muhammad Ilyas M/s. Tel: 32548697 Fax: 32548697 E.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 4548530-31 Fax: 92-21-4548532 E.NP-11/25.Landhi No.com Mr. PECHS. Suite No.6.6. Tel: 32441116-9 Fax: 32441276 E.ENGINEERING SERVICES (PVT) LTD.AL-HUDA TRAVEL & TOURS G-24. Hill Top Arcade.Phase-IV. Shahid Mehmood Anwer M/s.Mail infor@alhassan.net.com Mr.Mail alhilal@hotmail.com Mr. Mohd.Mail nsqm_@hotmail.17. 104.Mail mohammedibrahimbala@yahoo.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal.

com Mr. Textile Plaza.Mail alhusnan@sat.AL-HUNAIN INT'L TRAVEL & TOURS Show Room # 08 Mezz. Tel: 32730073.AL-HUTAIB TRADERS Office No.. Haydri Centre. 32439732 Fax: 92-21-32434942 Haji Younus. Serai Road.Mail alhunain_khi@hotmail.1.03346769808 Fax: 13-30-93 E. Bank Arcade. SITE.AL-HUTAIB INDUSTRIES F-235.11.Karaci Tel: 35850272 Mrs.AL-IMRAN 37. Rahat Commercial Lane-3. Opp: Sind Madressah.AL-IMRAN ELECTRIC STORE .A. Newnaham Road. Shahra-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 2418858 Fax: 92-21-2420550 E. M/s.pk Syed Mudassir Aqeel Exporter:Textile and Fabrics M/s. Magzine Line. Phase-VI. M/s. Atiq-ur-Rehman M/s.net.AL-HUMA DADA ENTERPRISES Shop No.AL-IMAM ENTERPRISES Office No.com Mr. Kutyana Market. 2585113 Mrs. Preedu Street. Regal Trade Square.com Syed Ali Raza M/s. North Nazimabad. Mohammad Ali Karimi M/s. Awn Ali.211. Plot # 11-C.Karaci Tel: 32470431 Fax: 92-21-32426859 E. M.com Mr. Rehana Saifuddin Exporter:Knitted Dyed Fabrics Manuf:Knitted Fabrics M/s.AL-HYDARI GARMENTS Shop#70. Jinnah Road.413. Khursheed Ahmed Khan M/s. 4th Floor.Mail careemee-52@hotmail.M/s. Tel: 2576755.Mail al_husaintrader@yahoo.AL-HUSSAIN TRADERS Room No. Caesar's Tower.Karaci Tel: 2787896-99 Fax: 92-21-2787900 E.AL-HUSNAIN FABRICS Room No.Mail al_hyderi@hotmail. Tel: 6675030 E. City Centre. Hyderi. DHA. Saddar. Regal.51. 4th Floor. Parvin Dada M/s.Karaci Tel: 32750752 Fax: 32750752 Mr. Tel: 32430408.

Aiwan-e-Tijrat road. Gold Centre.Karaci Tel: 2423434.C. 2nd Floor. Super Auto Parts Market. Opp: UBL Boulton Market Branch.E. Abdul Rauf. S. M.AL-JADID MANPOWER SERVICES Office No. Business Avenue. 5672251 Fax: 92-21-5672251 E.6 & 7. Sohrab Goth. Sector 1/A. Zaibun Nisa Street.0321-2907981 Mr. Muhammad Zafar uddin Qadri Importer:Synthetic Rubber Adhessive M/s. J. M/s.1/A. Behind Liaquat Market. 2. Block 7 & 8. 211-212.Mail info@alijadeedpackaging. Abdul Khalid M/s. Peer Rehman M/s. Manuf:Printing M/s. Packing Machine Manuf:Mackaging Material M/s. 26-A. Tel: 2401571.AL-INSAF JEWELLERS Anum Centre. Tel: 4544996 Fax: 92-21-4524196 . Jubilee Centre. Muhammad Imran M/s.com Mr.AL-IMRAN INTERNATIONAL A-4. Post Office Scheme-33. 4520960 Fax: 92-21-4520208 E. Block 6. Muhammad Shahid Importer:Strappin Machine. Tel: 2574563 Fax: 92-21-2580405 Mr.Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail aljadid@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2514537 Fax: 92-21-2516901 Mr. Saddar. Nigar Cinema Building.AL-JADEED PACKAGING Shop No.PECHS.AL-IQRA PRINTRS PAK F-276. North Napier Road. Plot No.179-180. Naw Estate.201.Shop No.T.H. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Mohammad Imran Kashif.Karaci Tel: 36364331 Mr.I.AL-IMRAN ENTERPRISES 1st Floor.AL-IMRAN JEWELLERS Room No.Karaci Tel: 2427711 Fax: 92-21-2414270 Mr. M/s.A.Karaci Tel: 4522158. Exporter:Import of Iron and Steel Products M/s. Mohammad Sabir Khan.AL-JANNAT ENTERPRISES Annexy-131. Tel: 5220181 Mr. 2411536 E. Denso Hall. Tel: 5216162.. Muhammad Kassam.com Mr.AL-IMRAN ENTERPRISE Shop No.. Room No.net.Mail alinsafjewellers@hotmail. Jinnah Road.S.pk Mr.

AL-KARAM TEXTILE D-11. Bathrobes.AL-KARAM MERCANTILE CORPORATION F/1-2. Barmops.T.Karaci Tel: 2313031-35 Fax: 92-21-2310625 Mr. Near Paper Market.e. Muhammad Imran. Wash Cloth.I. Sector 16/A.Karaci Tel: 2219406 Fax: 92-21-2219406 E.E. Clifton. Wash Cloth.. Saleem Ahmed Chandna M/s. M. 58. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s.e.com Mr.Mail muafis@super.T. Scheme 33.Mail aljannatent@hotmail. Kitchen Towels M/s.AL-JIBRA TECHNOLOGIES Plot No.Karaci Tel: 6351389-91 . Gulshan-e-Bahar.E.net.. Siraj Ali Supariwala Exporter:Food Stuff M/s. Liaquat Barracks.Karaci Tel: 6699987 Syed Muhamamd Saleem M/s.I. Anwar Haji Karim. West Wharf Road. Tel: 6351389-91 Fax: 92-21-6351387 E.Karaci Tel: 5679244. 2nd Floor. Abdullah Khalili M/s.Sh. Baba-e-Urdu Road.Karaci Tel: 35345779 Fax: 92-21-35849255 E.pk Mr. Barmops. Orangi Town.229. Exporter:Terry Towels and Allied Made Ups i. Manuf:Textile Composite Unit M/s. Sheet 3 2.AL-KARAM AGENCIES 11-Hockey Stadium Near Jinnah Hospital. Emran Akhtar Chauhan M/s. TPC Building.AL-KARAM TOWEL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED D-11. 5679245 Fax: 92-21-5679240 Mr. Super Highway. S.AL-JANNAT ENTERPRISES Suite No.com Mr.AL-JANNAT LAWN Venue # 1.. Karachi Dock Labour Board Bldg. Tel: 7760851-2 Fax: 92-21-7760853 E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. S. Block-9. Mehtabuddin Chawla.D-64. Kitchen Towels Manuf:Terry Towels and Allied Made Ups i. Suite # P-1. Scheme-33. Super Highway.Mail alkaram@alkaramtextile.Mail eac@aljibra. Block-1. 3rd Floor. Rahmeen Villas.com Mr. Bathrobes.AL-KARAM TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD. Moin Steel Market.

4th Floor. 1st Floor.com Mr. Shahjahan Centre. Muhammad Asif Ahmed M/s.com Mr. Al-Bashir Trade Centre. Javed Akhter.AL-KARIM TEXTILES 263-B. Latif Cloth Market.213.AL-KAUSAR ELECTRONICS Shop No. M. Mateen Tanvir Importer:Compter Parts and Computes M/s.I. Chundrigar Road. Qaiser Ahmed.AL-KASIB 2nd Floor. M. M.Karaci Tel: 2436373.AL-KAUSAR ELECTRONICS Shop No. Business Plaza.shipper@cyber. Tel: 2762401 Fax: 2762401 E. Textile Plaza.Mail talam51@hotmail. M/s. Bath Robes Manuf:Terry Towels. Manuf:Textile (Fabrics) M/s. Off: I.23. Abdullah Haroon Road.2nd Floor. Opp: City Court.4.Mail Wakti@alkaramtowel. RY-4. Khalid Hussain.Karaci Tel: 2762195 Fax: 92-21-2774552 E.AL-KAUSAR TRADING CO.net.Karaci Tel: 2444757 Fax: 92-21-2416264 Mr. 0300-2321008 Mr. 2412478 Fax: 92-21-2435110 E.Mail alkarim@paki.Fax: 92-21-6351387 E. Abdul Ghafoor M/s. Mumtaz Hasan Road. Bath Robes M/s.AL-KARIM ENTERPRISES Room No.Karaci Tel: 34023923 Syed Mujtaba Hassan Zaidi .8/2. 15-Noman Avenue.AL-KARIM COMPUTERS Room No. Jinnah Road.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2472709 Mr.k.Mail sadiacollection@hotmail. Abdullah Haroon Road. Hashmi Electronic Market.Karaci Tel: 32415292 Fax: 32414997 E.A. Rashid Minhas Road.pk Mr.A.Mail a. Saddar. Plot No. 275-B. Jilani Tower.Karaci Tel: 2743829. Exporter:Terry Towels.Tariq Alam M/s.AL-KARAM TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED 7. Jinnah Road.64. Services:Clearing and Forwarding M/s.com Mr.A. Johar More. Jinnah Road. Mehtab Uddin Chawla.

Mail akawm@hotmail. Machiyara Mansion. Siddique. Kauser Perveen Importer:raziuddin@sat.AL-KAUTHAR ENTERPRISES Office#405.pk Manuf:Bed Sheets M/s.com Mr. Basit Shuja M/s. M/s.com Mr.T. S.com M/s.Karaci Tel: 32414747. Tel: 5061140 Fax: 92-21-5057404 E.Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Block 'D'.com Syed Sayeed Hamid. Frere Road. 1/1 Bahaduryar Jang Road.Mail al_khair@yahoo. Khalid Shaikh .AL-KHAIR JM-932.AL-KHAIR TRADERS Soorajwla Building. Korangi Industrial Area. General Items M/s. Scheme # 33.AL-KHAIR PROCESSING D-20/A. 4th Floor. Tel: 2565067-8 Mr.enterprises@gmail.AL-KAUSER ENTERPRISE 13/27. AM-11. Muhammed Altaf M. Auto Parts.AL-KHALID AGENCIES FOR WASTE MANAGEMENT A/521.com Mrs.Karaci Tel: 4601563 Fax: 92-21-4601529 E. Gulzar-e-Hijri. North Nazimabad.net. Street # 9.Karaci Tel: 34652227. 32465313 Fax: 92-21-3246532 E.Mail alkauserenterprises@yahoo. Block-2 Gulzar Hijri. New Challi.M/s. 4910876 Fax: 92-21-2231097 Mr.03008295354 Fax: 92-21-36941137 E. Chepal Sun City. M/s.Opp:Sindh Madressa..pk Manuf:simpsons@simpsonswires. Distt. Muhammed Asim.net. Tel: 34650007 E. County Garden. Mohammed Asif M/s.AL-KHAIR ASSOCIATES Suite-86. Soldier Bazar.Mail info@alkhairassociates.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2228173. Riaz Hussain.Industrial Town Plaza.AL-KHAIR SERVICES House # A-29. Malir. Scheme 33.Mail kauthar. Exporter:Rice. Tel: 2772817 Fax: 92-21-2772817 Mr. Exporter:Allied Goods Importer:lloydsmic@sat.E.I.

Mohammad Jahangir. N. Shah Square.pk Khawja Muhammad Saleem M/s.AL-KHANDWANI INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED B-1.3/18. Habibullah Khan M/s.net. Shah Faisal.M/s.0333-34243109 E. Importer:Dyes & Chemicals M/s. Adamjee Dawood Road.Karaci . Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 32425628-32425629 Fax: 32424262 E. Near Kakri Ground. Exporter:Bed Linen and Knitted Garment Woven Importer:Garment Accessories and Machinery Manuf:Textile Piece-Goods Bed Linen and Knitted/Woven Garments M/s. 6336807-9 Fax: 6329815.Mail info@alkulsum. 29-D.Mail al-latif@cyber.pk Mr.1. Garden East. New Jewellers Centre Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.AL-KHURSHEED SHIPPERS Amir Manzil. Tel: 36871037 E. Muhammad Khalid M/s.I. Tel: 5221553. Federal 'B' Area.pk Mr. Kashif Centre.com Mr. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 0333-2103373 Fax: 92-21-2296430 E. Block-2.S.26. Metrovill No. Tel: 2435893 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5654298 Mr. Gaylan Garden. I.P. SITE. Kulsum Afzal Atara Exporter:Textile products M/s.Mail kahlid@alsafi.Mail if_u_dontmaind@live.AL-LATIF W. Chundrigar Road.net.Mail pakistan@alkhawaja. Block-131-C.AL-KHALIQ GEMS Shop No. Bloxk-3.AL-KHAWAJA & SONS 5/10.Karaci Tel: 4231194 Fax: 92-21-2531422 E. Abdul Khaliq Sheikh M/s.AL-LATIF INTERNATIONAL Suite No.AL-KHYBER ENTERPRISES D-43. Saddar. Uni Tower.Karaci Tel: 6312001-3.com Mr.AL-KULSUM CORPORATION 1106.A-10. Muhammad Siddiq Khandwani M/s. Nawab Mahabatkhanji Road.6336807 E. Azizabad. Hawa Mahal.Mail khandwani_intl@yahoo.com Mrs.AL-KHALID HAJJ & UMRAH SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED.net. 11th Floor.24.

Qasim Ali M/s. Lakhnow Market.. Muhammad Irfan Khan M/s.Tel: 4981838 Fax: 92-21-4961849 E.T.E. 2569929 Fax: 92-21-2569929 Mr.net.A. Nazimabad No. Ilyas Chamber.AL-LAZIZ INTERNATIONAL R-959. lst Floor.AL-MADINA CATTLE FARM Dumba Goth.Karaci Tel: 36315608 Mr.AL-MADINA INDUSTRIES F-61/C. Jinnah Road. M.AL-MADINA Office# 101. M. Sector 7-D/3. Services:Cloth Merchants M/s. New Neham Road. Ground Floor.. Muhammadi Plaza. Tel: 2422218 Fax: 5206406 E. Mohammad Hashim Tabba . Exporter:Leather and Leather Made Ups. Ahmed Shah.AL-MACCA CLOTH HOUSE Shop No.Karaci Tel: 2431438 Mr.pk Mr.4.I. North Karachi. M/s.AL-MADINA CLOTH HOUSE 43. Mohammad Idrees Memon.A.Mail info@1inksintl. Zahra Square. Mohammad Hanif Aziz Lakhani.AL-MADINA CATERING SERVICE 4-C/7. Saddar.213.AL-MADINA ELECTRONICS # 41. Safdar Sherwani M/s. Textile and Textile Made Ups M/s. Tel: 2569646. S. Munir Ahmed Importer:Textile job lot M/s. 5th Floor. Near Abdullah Floor Mill.Karaci Tel: 6600696 Mr. NC No. Deh khakharo.Mail almaaida@cyber. Muhammad Shoukat Tobaria Importer:Imiation Jewellery M/s. Tel: 5213283.Karaci Tel: 32734335 Mr. MR 7/59/3.Karaci Tel: 2638658 Mr. Mehboob Market.Karaci Tel: 2417078 Fax: 92-21-2419043 E. Near Phillips Co.AL-MAAIDA INTERNATIONAL Office # 523. M. Gul Plaza. Malir. Gadap Town.Mail ientpk@yahoo. Jinnah Road. Mehdi M/s.biz Mr. Jinnah Road.70.com Mr. 4192669 Mr.A.

net. F-5/A.AL-MADINAH PLASTIC (SMC-PVT) LTD.23. Main Maripur Road. Zahid Hussain Nauani Importer:PMC & Solventless Glue Manuf:Packing Material M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road..AL-MADINA TRADING COMPANY Room No.Karaci Tel: 4600313 Fax: 92-21-4600298 E. Hawksbay Road. 2203606 Fax: 92-21-2203606 Mr. Qasr-e-Sultan Building.Karaci Tel: 32711109.1. 2570321 Fax: 92-21-2565262 E. Maripur. Near Civic Centre.03022888901 Mr. Iqbal Nadeem M/s.Karaci Tel: 32433637 E.Mail amp1@super. M/s.E.Mail almadni1@yahoo.AL-MADINA TOWELS G.AL-MADNI SERVICES 28-CAA Market.AL-MADINA MINNING COMPANY Shop No.Karaci Tel: 286 Fax: 35676575 E.75.I.AL-MADNI TRAVELS 6-Mehran Residency. Muhammad Shaukat Toberia M/s. Ghulam Hussain Street.com Mr.AL-MADINA MOBILE Shop No. Karachi Airport.M/s. Sir Shah Suleman Road. Al Falah Market. Exporter:Trading Kitchen Towels items M/s. Fazal Karim Zamrani M/s.Muhammad Ali Arbi M/s.AL-MADINA INTERNATIONAL Room No. Marriot Road.I.Mail st777toberia@hotmail. Opp: Overseas EC Cantt Karachi Station.Mail almadnitravels@hotmail.K. Chundrigar Road Tel: 32621045 Fax: 32639073 Syed Tayyeb Ali Exporter:Machinery and Cehmicals M/s. Saddar. Tel: 2564033-34.T.com Mr. 4th Floor. SITE. MR 7/43. Rehmatullah Manzil.pk Mr. Opp: Terminal No. 3/41-42-43. Kharadar.5.AL-MAHD INTERNATIONAL S-52-B. Opp: Gala Resturant.com Syed Muhammad Azam Almadni. S.Karaci Tel: 2313222.Saima Trade Tower.Karaci Tel: 34856307 Fax: 4899467 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2354752-55 Fax: 92-21-2354751 . Micassa Appartment. Altaf Hussain. Main I.510-511.

Mail mahest@super. 3rd Floor.E.com Syed Mazhar Hussain Gilani. 10th Floor.Mail almahd1@hotmail. Garments M/s. Tel: 32745215 Fax: 32770152 Mr. F-713/A. 4-A. 1st Floor. Nazimabad # 2. Miswak.com Mr. Calcuta Building. Jillani Tower. Main I. . Exporter:Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Importer:Packing Material Manuf:Carton M/s.I. University Road.net. North Karachi. Opp: Mereweather Tower. Muhammad Younus M/s. Ground Floor.A. Shadman Town. Block-C. Najmuddin Street. Mithadar. Altaf Hussain Road.Mail almajeed@cyber.AL-MAKHDOOM & CO. Karar Shah Lane.AL-MAHMOOD ESTABLISHMENT C-1. Suite# 1007.net. Muhammad Saeed Patni Exporter:General Trading M/s.Karaci Tel: 2621980 Fax: 92-21-2621980 E. Aqil Ahmad Shaikh M/s.510-511.Mail almakhdoomco@gmail.AL-MAJID GARMENTS OT 3/164.Karaci Tel: 4934382. Saima Trade Tower.CM-01. Shabnam Bano M/s. Sector 14-B.net.AL-MAJEED ENTERPRISES Flat No. New Challi.AL-MAJID EXPORTS 9-B-II. jinnah Road. Babuji Centre. WO 2/54.AL-MAKKA CORPORATION Yousuf Ali Ali Bhai Building. Mahmood Rabbani.pk M/s. Khozema F Amreliwala M/s.com Mr.Karaci Fax: 4923625 E.pk Mr. M.AL-MAIMOON TRADING Shop No.Karaci Tel: 32460730 Fax: 92-21-3246072 E. Flat # 201.Mail al_makkacorp@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 03003780659 Mr. Muhammad Feroz Khan M/s. Muhammad Irfan Exporter:Heena. Importer:architrade@cyber.com Mr.G-8. 4931980 Fax: 92-21-4948493 E. Chundrigar Road Tel: 3264333 Fax: 32639073 Ms.Mail al husna22@yahoo.pk Mr. Tel: 021-2444125 Fax: 021-2543687 E. Jumani Arcade.AL-MAKKAH INTERNATIONAL Room No.AL-MALIK ENTERPRISES Ground Floor.

Karaci Tel: 5693367-8 Fax: 92-21-5693368 E.Mail almanz@khi.Mail masood-zahid@hotmail. I. M/s. Jinnah Road.I.AL-MASOOM ENTERPRISES Zainab Plaza. Muhammad Anwar Mianoor M/s. Trade Avenue. Muhammad Asif Khan M/s. M. Tel: 2570089 Fax: 92-21-2570090 Mr.AL-MASHAIR (PVT) LIMITED 16-Ground Floor.Metroville.60. 3rd Floor. Importer:HR/CR/GP Coil M/s.Karaci Tel: 35219973 Fax: 92-21-35219973 E. Tel: 34990397.Karaci Tel: 2412140 Fax: 92-21-2411783 Sh. Sohrab Goth Super Highway.com.paknet. Fancy View. Exporter:Rice M/s.A. Jewellers Centre. Tahir Hussain.com Mr. Tel: 364648871 Fax: 92-21-34648872 Syed Khan.T. Tel: 2435291 Fax: 92-21-2419909 E.I. Muhammad Faiyyaz. Trade Tower. Chundrigar Road.Mail gemswordamt@hotmail.com Mr.com Mr.11. S. Ashfaq Ahmed Importer:House Hold and Furniture . Nadir House.Mail almarium_international@gmail. Fawad Ahmed M/s.Karaci Tel: 32472959 Fax: 2465422 E. Sindh Market. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.E.Mail almasooment@hotmail.03009225498 Fax: 92-21-34827368 E.T.com Mr. 3rd Floor..AL-MARIUM INTERNATIONAL Room # 311-A.AL-MANAAL RICE PROCESSING MILLS F-61. Hasrat Mohani Road.AL-MAQBOOL TRADERS Room No. M/s. S. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. M/s. Masood Hasan Zahidi.AL-MANZOOR INTERNATIONAL 13. Abdullah Haroon Road. D-403.I.AL-MANSOOR GEMS Shop No.pk Haji Manzoor Hussain.E.AL-MASOOD AND COMPANY Office # 45.. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 8665046 Fax: 92-21-4814191 Mr. Block 17.

. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2427477. Block-16.wol.104. Rehan Eijaz M/s. Tel: 34990486 Fax: 92-21-34987393 Mr.J.AL-MEHBOOB OIL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED.A.AL-MATEEN ENTERPRISES Shop No. J.F# 48.AL-MASOOM SURGICAL B-18. Muhammad Arshad. Baitul Khayam. New Jewellers Centre. 2nd Floor.64-65. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 5832843 Fax: 92-21-5869443 Mr.AL-MEEZAN POULTRY FEED Plot Naclas-90. 1st Floor. Opp: Textile Plaza.com Mr.pk Mr.net. 2415736 Fax: 92-21-2413850 Mr. M/s.7-8.Mail moder@khi.Mail shayan_jj@hotmail.Mail flashtech@super. Defence Housing Authority. Kamran Mustafa. Centre.Mail rehan@amgarments. Hub River Road. New Cloth Market. SITE.AL-MEEZAN CORPORATION Office# E-16. Deh Khanto.M/s. Importer:Yarn Manuf:items M/s. Tel: 32566999 Fax: 32586518 E. Khayaban-e-Jami. Near Malir Jial.AL-MEHMOOD GEMS Shop No. Muhammad Hassan.Karaci Tel: 5211388 Mr.net.Karaci Tel: 2415735. SITE Near Ghani Chorangi Tel: 32581770. Haroon Saeed M/s. Mohammad Rauf. Motandas Building. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.pk Mr. M/s. Room No. Tel: 35021990-4 Fax: 35021992 Mr.com.A. 4th Floor. 6978926-28 Fax: 92-21-6978929 E. Saddar.AL-MEHRAN CHEMICALS D-180. 32579513 Fax: 92-21-3256659 E. Rizwan-ur-Rehman. Daryala Street.Karaci Tel: 2400180 Fax: 92-21-2439620 E.AL-MEHBOOB GARMENTS S.AL-MEHDI MANUFACTORY Office # 101. Muhamamd Shaharyar Exporter:Banaspati Ghee and Cooking oil Importer:R&D Palm Oil Manuf:Ghee & Cooking oil M/s. M.pk Mr. Hafiz Atif Mateen. F-2/5. M/s. Jinnah Road. Jinnah Road. M/s. M.

Jairam Street. North Central Avenue.AL-MEZAN ASSOCIATES Shop # 22. Asad Ali M/s.Mail khintl@cyber. Exporter:Glassware M/s. 1st Floor. Zia Centre.pk Mr.AL-MIGHTY ENTERPRISES 61-A. Zakaria Lane. hAIDER zAMAN M/s.Karaci Tel: 6694944. M/s. Tel: 2627133-36 Fax: 92-21-2627929 E. Siddique Mohiuddin M/s. Jodia Bazar. PAF City School. Gul Plaza.AL-MINA TRADING D-89-D.Karaci Tel: 32734338. KAECHS. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2776443 Fax: 92-21-2776443 E. Badri Manzil.AL-MERJAN INTERNATIONAL 11/A/II.AL-MERJAN ENTERPRISES H No. Jinnah Road.Mail veerpk@khipaknet.AL-MISRI ENTERPRISERS A/476. Abdul Jabbar.net. Pathan Colony.Mail almightyent@hotmail. PIB Colony. Phase-1.78. Irfan Zamir Butt M/s.pk Mr. Jamshed Town. Jinnah Road.Importer:Chemicals and Acids M/s. Ground Floor. Tel: 36829714 .com Mr.A. M. Manghopir Road.Karaci Tel: 5394518 Fax: 5394518 E.Karaci Tel: 32443389 Fax: 92-21-32443222 Mr. M.com Mr.Mail ricenrice@hotmail. Baloch Colony. Gul Plaza. Roshan Bagh Society.03002834304 Fax: 92-21-34827368 E. OppL Shahi Masjid. 2nd Floor.AL-MEHRAN ENTERPRISES Room # 2. Abdul Samad. 6664945 Fax: 92-21-6653677 Mr.Mail ami1@cyber.Karaci Tel: 34538144 mR.net. DHA. Ameer Zaib Khan Amir. Federal 'B' Area. Shahzad Ahmad Importer:House Hold M/s.pk Mr. Tel: 34942037 Fax: 92-21-3568046 E.AL-MEHWAR 7-8.AL-MOBEEN ENTERPRISE A-5/19. SITE.com.A.

PEHCS Nursery. Exporter:Knitted Garments Importer:Fabric Manuf:Garments M/s. Moiz Ahmed Khan Exporter:Leather Garments & Textiles Importer:Leather M/s.AL-MUGHNI TRADING CORPORATION 14-C.Mail almuflihenterprises@gmail. Muhammad Moosa M/s.Mail proftech@cyber. Riaz Mahmood M/s.B.Karaci Tel: 34384221 E. Defence Housing Authority. Jawed Akhtar M/s.pk Mr. 6th Zamzama Comm Lane. Defence H. Sector 7-A.Karaci Tel: 34830407-8 Fax: 92-21-34987240 E.pk Mr. Tel: 327214165 Mr.AL-MUDDASAR CLINIC R-888.AL-MOMIN EXPORTS 3-E. Off: Burns Road. Crown Centre. Yasin Yusuf Mandvia. 94-C.Mail al_mobeen@yahoo.com M/s.Fax: 92-21-36360153 E. Street. Salahuddin Zia. Shahrah-e-Faisal.AL-MUJAHID PRINTERS 1. Tel: 36329211 Mr.net. Shamsuddin Ansari. Mohsin Manzil. . Block-6. Block 13-C. North Karachi.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5380047. Asim Mughni.AL-MUFLIH ENTERPRISES Office No.AL-MUJADDID ENTERPRISES LS-30.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 6952495 Dr.2. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.AL-MOOSA ENTERPRISES Shop No. Importer:syed@aregalia.AL-MUGHNI ESTB Al-Mughni. Buffer Zone. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5801713. Area. Block-215/6-7.com Mr. Muhammad Yasir Altaf M/s.com Mr.18.net.Mail mati@cyber. Sector 16-A.Mail almminexports@yahoo. Phase-V. F.Mail amp1412@gmail.AL-MUKHTAR (PVT) LIMITED. 5380048 Fax: 92-21-5380049 E.Karaci Tel: 2629582-83 Fax: 92-21-2631412 E. Authority. Surjani Town. Flat# 1. Block-9. 5860303 Fax: 92-21-5801713 E. 11th Jami Comm. Campbell Road. M/s. Phase-VII.

AL-MUNAF No.T.I. Adamjee Dawood Road.AL-MUNAF & SONS Shop No.pk Mr. Abrar M/s.com Mr.AL-MUKHTAR ENTERPRISES Bhayani Shopping Centre.Mail munaf@almunaf. Tel: 731264. JT.net.Mail al-mukhtarenterprises2008@hotmail.I..AL-MUNAF TEXTILE AND GARMENTS 73/1. Sattar Rah. Ali Raza Importer:Vehicles and Gen.T. Street-6. Khaim Chand Street.11-12.com Mr.AL-MUNAF DENIM INC Plot No. Mehboob Hussain. DHA.304.Mail amco@cyber. North Nazimabad. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Jodia Bazar. 736836 Mr. Phase-VI. 4th Floor. Aliya Saba Mansion. Karachi Export Processing Zone. Umer Faateh Ghumman M/s. 2430316 Fax: 92-21-2432768 E. Sakhi Hasan. Garden East.Karaci Tel: 35840020 Fax: 35840020 Mr. Room No.. Exporter:Garments and Textile Made Ups Importer:Chemical.E. Muhammad Shahid . Sector B-V. M. Dyeing and Garments Accessories Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s. 6628346 Fax: 92-21-6679591 E. 23-24. Tel: 2431050. Punjab Town.Karaci Tel: 4384186 Fax: 92-21-4384161 E. NP 11/15.Karaci Tel: 5082064-66 Fax: 5082070-71 Mr. Muhammad Munaf Atara Exporter:Ready made garments Importer:Raw Materials and accessories Manuf:Ready made Garments M/s. Khayaban-e-Badr.Karaci Tel: 6679591.8/6-7.E. A-One Palace. Supplier M/s. Nursery.2. Services:Indenting House M/s. M/s. Metrovile.pk Mr. Munaf Atara. Fortune Centre.Karaci Tel: 111-112-786 Fax: 92-21-2567809 E. A. S.Karaci Tel: 2514646 Mr.430.AL-MUNAF CORPORATION F/442. S. Block-6.Mail umar@almukhar. 4.AL-MUMTAZ INTERNATIONAL 2/7.

Off: Nishter Road.Jamshed Rd-4.Karaci Tel: 4123276 Fax: 92-21-4917625 E.Mail al-musani@hotmail. Beaumont Plaza. Munir Hussain Munir Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Accessories Garments . Cl-10. Iqra Building.com Mr. & L-28/2.AL-MUSANI INTERNTIONAL (PVT) LTD. 4824950 Syed Mohammad Nasimul Huda. Manuf:Food Grains M/s.M/s. Mezzanine Floor. Muhammad Arif Musani M/s. National Complex.AL-MUSTAFA ALUMINIUM Shop B-15.Karaci Tel: 5638362-5 Fax: 5638366 E.I.Mail almurtazaent@etaxadvice. Dandia Bazar. I.Karaci Tel: 4814985. L-28/1. M.3. Office # 6.Mail almurjan@cyber.AL-MURTAZA ENTERPRISES Shop No. Binori Arcade.com Mr. Main Rashid Minhas Road Gulshan-e-Iqbal. VIP Gate. Muhammad Rizwan M/s. Ali Zaman Khan M/s. Mushtaq Ahmed.Mail rashid4rmn@gmail. Federal B Area.Karaci Tel: 2730836 E.611. Industrial Estate.Khalid Khan M/s. Tel: 34322015 E. Progressive Centre Shahrah-e-Faisal. BL/A-1.AL-MUQARAB SHIPPING & LOGISTICS AGENCY (PVT) LIMITED Suite 612.Mail mustafadevelopers@hotmail.JM-883. C-10. M/s. Abegal Road.AL-MURJAN TRADING COMPANY Suite No.Mail info@almuqeettextiles. Plot 6.pk Mr. Civil Lines. Tel: 7735511 Ch. Uni Plaza.AL-MUSTAFA DEVELOPERS JM-334.AL-MUSTAFA FASHION APPAREL Plot No.AL-MUSHTAQ AHMED & CO.L-28.net. 2410311 Fax: 92-21-7011529 E.Karaci Tel: 2410421. M/s. Chundrigar Road.com Mr. Cosmopoliton Society. Opp: City Court. Plot No. Block-22.Karaci Tel: 34860710-11 Fax: 34860712 E.Karaci Tel: 36834419 Fax: 36834421 E.com Mr. Murtaza M/s.AL-MUQEET TEXTILES (PVT) LTD.Mail info@almuqadarshipping.com Mr.com Mr. JM-883. 6th Floor. Mumtaz Ahmed.Opp: Quaid-e-Azam Mazar. Office # M-3.

Mail alnajamtrd@yahoo.Sector 7-A. 6th Floor. Sardar Muhammad. Block-4.Karaci Mr. Importer:Betal Nuts and other Items M/s. N.AL-NAJAM TRADERS 611.Karaci Tel: 34112255 Fax: 92-21-3440768 E.com Mr. Plot No. Inayat Ali.M/s. Exporter:Rice.AL-NAJAF TRADERS Flat # 312. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32546368. Korangi Industrial Area. Abdullah Haroon Road. Pulses Importer:Pulses Tea M/s. Syed Fahim Ahmed M/s. Bismillah Centre.AL-NAFAY LEATHERS 415.Karaci Tel: 5070196 Fax: 92-21-5070197 Mr.Mail amia@cyber. Hussain Trade Centre. Rasheed l.AL-MUSTAFEEZ DAR-UL-EHSAN TANNERY Plot No. S. 32524040 Fax: 92-21-32529000 E.468. 11/26.Karaci Tel: 2621644 Fax: 92-21-2621655 E. Muhammad Imran M/s. Tel: 5073431 Fax: 92-21-2724216 Syed Muhammad Wasimuddin Manuf:Leather Garments M/s.AL-NABEEL JEWELLERS 5-A. Saddar.AL-NASAR TRADING (PVT) LIMITED 20-32. 2. Darul-Noor. Abdullah Haron Road.net.M-78. Hasan. Model Colony.AL-MUSTAFA TRADING Shop No. Khalid Mustafa. Korangi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 34656710 Mr. Super Highway. M/s. Moinabad.AL-MUSTAFA INDUSTRIES Shop No.pk Mr. M. Nazimabad.com Mr.AL-MUSTAFA STATIONERS & GIFT CENTRE Shop No. 11/17. M/s.AL-NAAFY EXPORT BUREAU 1/651.2. Jodia Bazar. Pakistan Handicraft Market.P. Mohammed Hussain Nayani.Karaci Tel: 35681094 . Sector 7-A.96. Khillan Street. Shah Faisal Colony.Muhammad Nabeel Irshad M/s. Tel: 36615181 Mr.Mail almustafatraders@hotmail. Kohinoor Electronic Centre. New Challi.

Karaci Tel: 2766925. Area. M/s.AL-NOOR AGENCIES 18. Mohammed Younus Shaikh.net.AL-NAZEER ENGINEERING 8 & 9. 6368834-35 Fax: 92-21-6363809 E. Federal 'B' Area. M/s.com Mr. Karachi Export Processing Zone.com M/s.Mail al_nasir@cyber. Korangi Industrial Area. Epoxies. M. Nadikr Gul Aga . Greases.pk Mr. Importer:Components of Indus.AL-NOOR BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS Al-Noor Centre.Karaci Tel: 7776877-78 Mrs.pk Mr.pk Mr. Landhi Industrial Area. Randle Road. Tel: 5685586 Fax: 5685586 Mr. Landhi Industrial Area.AL-NASIR TRADERS Plot No. Glues. Jinnah Road.A. Glues.Mail elfy@elfy.Mail sufyanabdullah@gmail. Sector 7-A. Importer:Automotive M/s. Rafiq Centre. Safar Ahmed M/s. 35888459 Fax: 92-21-3588727 E. Abdullah Haroon Road.AL-NASR ENTERPRISES 970/8 Block.AL-NASIR GARMENTS (PVT) LIMITED L-13/5. 20 & 21. Azizabad. Tajuddin Wahab Shaikh M/s. Sealants. Handling & Lifting Equipment Manuf:Industrial Handling & Lifting Equipments. Sector-C-VI.AL-NAZEER NIPPON CHEMICALS 19. Salma Exporter:mti-pakistan@hotmail. Block 22. 2720761 Fax: 92-21-2727047 E. Greases.Karaci Tel: 35082040-45 Fax: 92-21-3508204 E. B.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 35887179. Tel: 35077705-06 Fax: 92-21-3505877 E. Opp: Taj Mahal Market.Mail ane@elfy. Exporter:Industrial Handling & Lifting Equipments.net.Mail alnasir@cyber. F. Abdullah Nasir Rehmani M/s.ST-16/1. Sealants.18.AL-NOOR CORPORATION Shop No. Sector C-VI.Fax: 34902139 E.Mail kifo@sat. PR 1/27. Importer:Chemicals. Khurram Riaz. Iqbal Market. Nasir Suleman Bilwani. Epoxies. Mohammed Younus Shaikh.com Mr. Manuf:Adhesives. Karachi Export Processing Zone. Exporter:Adhesives. Tel: 6052697 Mr. Tel: 6349519. M/s. Preedy Quarters.net.

Tel: 32275650-51 E. Riaz Ahmed M/s.Exporter:Carpetrs Handicrafts Manuf:Hand Knotted Carpets M/s.AL-NOOR CORPORATION 101.Mail nabeel87@cyberaccess.Karaci . Exporter:White refined Sugar.Karaci Tel: 2440509.Mail alnoor@fascom. 96/A. Opp: Jinnah Terminal Airport.net. Zeenat Medicine Market. 4559863 Fax: 92-21-4556675 E. Tel: 7729507. Suleman Ayoob. Muhammad Habib Sangji Exporter:Sea foods M/s.AL-NOOR ENTERPRISES Room No. M. Muhammad Ajmal. Shams Chamber. 14-17.AL-NOOR RICE INDUSTRIES Office No. New Challi. 96-A.Mail rajashahid78@yahoo. Hussain Trade Centre. Falaknaz Tower. Sindhi Muslim Housing Society.515. White Refined Sugar Raw Sugar Manuf:White Refined Sugar M/s.com. West Wharf. Sindhi Muslim Society.4556675 Mr.AL-NOOR ENTERPRISES C-3. North Napier Road. Fish Harbour. 4552974 Fax: 4553137. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Muhammad Javed M/s.972. Shershah. Exporter:Rice M/s. 2432771 Fax: 92-21-2435603 E. Plot No.pk Mr. 7729268 Fax: 92-21-7733978 E. Importer:Pharmaceutical M/s. Tel: 2315755 Mr.com Mr. Tel: 2564470 Mr.com Mr. 1st Floor.AL-NOOR RICE TRADERS Syedna Tahir Saifuddin Road.AL-PRINCE ENGINEERS M-9.AL-NOOR MODARABA MANAGEMENT (PVT) LTD. Naser Noor. Zain Ayoob. Tel: 2420586 Fax: 92-21-2421806 Mr. M/s. Tel: 4558268. Main Shahra-e-Faisal. Noor Ali.AL-NOOR SUGAR MILLS LTD. Molasses Importer:Sugar Mills Machinery and Spare Parts. Near City Court.AL-NOOR METAL INDUSTRIES M-11-E.pk Mr.Mail alnoor1@cyber. Tel: 4550161-63. M/s.

net.AL-QAISER BROTHERS Suite No.com Mr. A-31. Tel: 5683065 Fax: 92-21-5681716 Haji Farooq Ahmad. Mohamamd Ali Centre. Plot No.Tel: 4577808. Importer:Electronic Items . SB-7/248.2/3.H. Aurangzeb Khan.AL-QURESH BUILDERS A-93.185.pk Mr. 2217086 Fax: 92-21-2623952 E.com Mr. Importer:Medicines M/s.Baloch Colony. Tel: 4614758 Fax: 92-21-4010666 Mr.com Mr.AL-RAHEEM ENTERPRISES House No.Mail alrafa_ltd@yahoo. Tel: 37090213 E. Saddar.AL-QADIR GEMS & JEWELLERS Shop No. Jamil Ahmed Qureshi M/s. Garden East. Nisar Ahmed Sheikh M/s. Shahrah-e-Iraq. Cotton Yarn M/s. Muhammad Riaz Exporter:Manpower M/s.AL-RAFAH TRADERS B-60.com Mr. PECHS Union. 6th Floor.AL-RABI RICE PROCESSING MILLS 610.Mail al-raheem@cyber. Hussain Trade Centre. Cotton Waste. works M/s. Iqbal Ahmed M/s.AL-RAHEEM INTERNATIONAL 3rd Floor. 3rd Floor. Society.C. Civil & Elec.Mail info@alrabiricemills. State Life Building-3 Dr. 4599315 Fax: 92-21-4577365 E.303. Exporter:Cotton. Al-Rehman Centre.Mail alqaiserbrothers@hotmail.Shara FaisalKaraci Tel: 4391112.Karaci Tel: 2620032. Scheme-33.4. Zahid Hussain Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Importer:Gems and Jewelelry Manuf:Gems and Jewellery M/s. 4391113 Fax: 92-21-4391114 E.Karaci Tel: 221300617-2275706 Fax: 2275707 E. Punjab Town. S. Muhamad Muqeemuddin Manuf:Mechanical.Karaci Tel: 7231119 Mr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road.M. New Challi. Mehmood Hanif. Hanifjee Building. Block-IV.Karaci Tel: 0300-2145033 Mr. Saadi Town.AL-RAHIM (PVT) LIMITED 1st Floor. Altaf Hussain Road.Mail al-princeengineers@yahoo. New Challi.

M.Karaci Tel: 111-282-111 Fax: 92-21-2852181 E.AL-RASHEED TRADING COMPANY Suite No.Mail kr_hajjgroup@hotmail. Khulfa-e-Rashedin Masjid. Tel: 111-110-120 Fax: 92-21-4529602 Mr.8.S. Muhammad Rafique. Opp: City Court.E.M/s.Karaci Tel: 2424468. Tel: 2720154-5 . Defence H.Karaci Tel: 2534638 Fax: 92-21-2514321 E.AL-RASHEDIN HAJJ & UMRAH SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED No. Services:Brokerage M/s. Shehzad Rahim.Karaci Tel: 2543160 Mr.AL-RAHMAN STEEL TRADERS 114. Grain Centre. Rahim Buksh. 0333-2154724 Fax: 92-21-5343114 E. Keamari.Mail mazharmemon@hotmail. Bukhari Commercial Lane No. Phase VI. M/s.AL-RASHEED ENTERPRISES Plot # D-23. Muhammad Anas. Fahim Ahmed M/s. Keamari. Oil Installation Area. Aminabad. P/No.5.com Mr. M/s. 2425454 Fax: 92-21-2416280 Mr. Khadda. Jodia Bazar. Manuf:Textile Products M/s. 49-Oil Installation Area.net. Dandia Bazar. Importer:Chemicals. Petrochemcials & Lubricants M/s. Kashif uddin. Muhammad Anaf. Jinnah Road. Survey # 32.AL-RAHIM CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE STORAGE (PVT) LIMITED 49.AL-RASHEED STAINLESS STEEL Habib Manzil.com Mr.pk Mr.C. Tayyab Ali Alvi Road.H..Karaci Tel: 5343114. Behind Motandas Market.Karaci Tel: 0300-2828255 Mr. Mohammad Shah Street.217.AL-RAHIM AA'S TRADERS Mezzanine Floor. P.A. Jilani Centre. Tel: 111-282-111 Fax: 92-21-2852181 E. Authority. Manghopir Road. Muhammad Ibrahim M/s. 12C/II.Mail aasa-sindh@cyber. Deh Manghopir Topo.(PVT) LTD.AL-RAHIM TRADING CO.com Mr.Mail alrahimtrading@emial.AL-RAHIM TEXTILE INDUSTRIES 33-G Block-6. M/s.

pk Mr. Tel: 2466481 Fax: 92-21-2466428 E.AL-RAZZAQ ENGINEERING CO.3 1/2. Off: Creek Club. S.D-164/B. Sector 50-C.com Mr.AL-RAZZAK TEXTILE INDUSTRIES Plot No.AL-RAZAAQ COMMODITIES 312.AL-RAZZAK TRADERS Plot No.com Mr. Javed Iqbal Piracha Exporter:Plastic Scrap and Cotton Waste Importer:Plastic Scrap Manuf:Cottn Waste M/s.B. Imran Mustaqeem.T. I.W. Korangi No. Korangi Industrial Area.AL-RAYYAN ENTERPRISES R# 305. Uni Tower..Mail mail@alrazaaq. Al Rayyan M/s. Block-14.Mail fairtrade786@yahoo.Mail aarbaexporters@hotmail.A-14.AL-REHMAN ASSOCIATES Plot # 73. 5888999 Fax: 92-21-5349999 E. Khyaban-e-Nishat (Ittehad Commercial) Phase-VI.I.com Mr.com Mr. Tel: 5114231-32 Fax: 92-21-5114234 E. Tel: 0300-8293311 E.com Mr. 36-C.H. Chundrigar Road.AL-RAZZAK ASSOCIATES Shop # 3.Mail alrazzaktrader5@gmail.Karaci Tel: 2568554 Fax: 92-21-2568540 Mr. D.E. Dada Chamber. F. Sector-15. M/s. Muhammad Rafiq. Area. E-16. Muhammad Asif M/s.A. Faisal Amin Exporter:Garments Importer:Garments related Accessories Manuf:Woven Garments . Exporter:Food Stuff Importer:General Items M/s. Haroonabad. Central Avenue.net. Tel: 6321976 Fax: 6952384 E.Fax: 92-21-2720154 E. Hussain Market..Karaci Tel: 2475040-2430982 Fax: 2443855 Mr. Jinnah Road. M. M/s. Arif Ismail.Karaci Tel: 5246991-2.Mail info@globaltextile.A. Abdul Nabi Shaikh Exporter:Textile made ups Importer:Machinery Manuf:Textile Made ups M/s.Mail alrazzak@cyber.S.I.

SITE. Textile Plaza.Mail drshams68@hotmail.H. Mr. Block-3.AL-REHMAN TRADING CO.com Mr. D. Hassan Lashkari Colony.Mail infoalrahmantrading@gmail. Baitul Amin. Shamsul Haque Qureshi Exporter:Textile machine spare parts M/s.pk Mr. Siddiq Wahab Road.net. Street-6. Nazimabad No-2. Near Toll Plaza. Rice etc M/s.1. Shaikh Arif Bldg.M. Tel: 2575755. Sirajuddallah Road.Mail alrehmanricemills77@yahoo.AL-REHMAN RESTAURANT 27-28. Daryalal Street. E. SITE. Shafiq-ur-Rehman M/s.. Ataur Rehman. 2nd Floor.Mail alrehmanfood@hotmail. Block-1.Mail are.Rehman M/s.Karaci Tel: 2548816 Fax: 92-21-2529886 E.com Mr. Jinnah Road.pk Mr.AL-REHMAN WORLDWIDE CORPORATION 71.AL-REHMAT TRADING .com Mr.Mail al_rehman@go4b. Grain Centre. Muhammad Jameel Ahmed M/s. Dandia Bazar. Naveed Abdul Majeed Exporter:Meat.AL-REHMAN RICE MILLS 226.Mail alrehmanworldwide@cyber.Karaci Tel: 32467095 Fax: 92-21-32467238 E. Metroville No.AL-REHMAN ENTERPRISES 1st Floor.4 & 6.S.M/s. K.M.1.Karaci Tel: 32253431 E.pk@hotmail.web. Opp: City Court. 6028308 Fax: 92-21-6751324 E. Kanwar Mujeeb-ur. Importer:Metal Finishing materials M/s. Shamim Ahmed.com Mr.AL-REHMAN TEXTILE Suite No. Super Highway.AL-REHMAN TRADERS Plot No. M/s.AL-REHMAN INTERNATIONAL Shop No. Seventh Floor.A. M/s.AL-REHMAN INDUSTRIES F/74-E.com Mr. Fuad Qaiser Exporter:Textile Fabrics and Yarn Importer:Textile Fabrics and Yarn Manuf:Fabrics M/s. 2575766 Mr. Mohammad Amin.B-585-586. M. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2774603 Fax: 7531327 E. II-E9/5. Tel: 99238102 E.C. Tel: 6750068.

Hasrat Mohani Road. 4704. Tariq Road. Importer:Second Hand Clothings. Tel: 2430496-97 Fax: 92-21-2437677 E.O.Mail info@alriaz. New Challi. Tel: 2446310-15 Fax: 2446320-21 Mian Asad Omer Maggo M/s. .net.AL-RIAZ AGENCIES (PVT) LTD. 34529624 Mr.AL-RIAZ CHEMICALS 406-407. 4750. Muhammad Asif M/s. Chapal Plaza. Importer:Raw Material M/s.AL-ROHI TRADERS 4. Box No. Hasrat Mohani Road. 4704. P. Chapal Plaza. Haroon Tai.pk Mr. Box No.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2774991 Fax: 92-21-2414633 Mr. Box No.AL-RIAZ AGENCIES 406-407. Chapal Plaza. Textile Waste. P. 2C-11.O. Al-Hayat Auto Market. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2421191-96 Fax: 92-21-2421197-8 Mian Taher Hyatt Maggo.AL-RIAZ JEWELLERS 302.AL-RIAZ TRADING CO.AL-RIDA EXPORTS 1104. Exporter:Textiles.Karaci Tel: 2421191-96 Fax: 92-21-2446320-1 E. Tel: 32425787-7 Fax: 37012419 E. Worn Articles M/s.Mail ara@digicom. Knitted Fabrics.10/14. Tel: 34540378.com Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo Importer:Plastic Raw Materials M/s. Mohammad Shahid. Hasrat Mohani Road. P. Importer:Plastic Raw Materials. M/s. Al-Hilal Building. 11th Floor. Chapal Plaza.net. Arkay Square. Hasrat Mohani Road.O. Abdul Qadir Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Importer:Gold Silver Manuf:Gold Silver M/s. Plaza Square.AL-RIAZ GREEN SYSTEMS 406-410 Chapal Plaza. Hasrat Mohani Road.Mail asif@alrehmattrading. 406-407.Mail naztex@cyber. Muljee Street. Tel: 2421191-96 Fax: 92-21-2446320 E.pk Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo.

AL-SABAHAT ENTERPRISES Suite # 3. 133. 19-Ali Doulat Square.AL-SADAAT JEWELLERS Shop No.Karaci Tel: 03323570430 E.Mail furqan_kbr@hotmail. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Abdullah Haroon Road. Tel: 36313402 E. 1st Floor. Block-14. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 7723913 Mr. Zahid Iqbal M/s.AL-SADAT GEMS & JEWELLERS Shop No. Block-8. Muhammad Saeed Khan.26-B. Hashoo Centre.Karaci Tel: 36647658 E. Hydari. 3rd Floor.AL-SAAD TOURS (PVT) LIMITED 311. Saddar. Cuntries .Karaci Tel: 34141950-1 Fax: 34949676 E. Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal. Orangi Town..AL-SABA TEXTILES 9-D/120. 36628001 Mr. Mashriq Centre. M/s. Wazir Mansion.AL-SABAH ELECTRONICS Shop No.B-626.9 & 10. Block 'G'.AL-SAADIA TRADING & CONTRACTING EST.net.M.200. Importer:Auto Parts & 4-Stroke Petrol Engines Services:Logistic for Transhipment of Containers to M/s. Sector-4.Mail al_saad@cyber. Azizullah.F. Saddar. 32766565 Fax: 92-21-3276657 Mr.B. Hyderi.Karaci Tel: 36628000. Block 'G'. North Nazimabad.Karaci Tel: 32721400.Mail zahidasgh@yahoo. Tel: 6663970 Fax: 92-21-6654648 Mr.pk Mr. Jinnah Road.Mail s-athar@sat.pk Mr. Muhammad Furqan Abbasi Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Importer:Gems and Jewellery Afghanistan & c. Exporter:Textile Weaving & Stitching M/s.net. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.s. 1st Floor. Muhammad Hussain M/s. Animal Feeds. Area. Azhar Ahmed Exporter:Gold Jewellery Importer:Gems and Gold Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s. Exporter:Foodstuffs.A.com Mr. Noor Market. Auto Parts. Khalid Hasan Khan Exporter:Textile Goods Importer:Raw Material of Textile goods M/s. Sunar Centre. Azizabad.Karaci Tel: 2428926 Fax: 92-21-2401861 Mr. M/s. i. North Nazimabad.AL-SABA GARMENTS Plot No.com Mr. Athar Ali Khan. Bhangoria Goth.

Karaci Tel: 5656426-8 Fax: 92-21-5656429 E.C.Karaci Tel: 2314914. Kharadhar.AL-SAMAD ENTERPRISE Shop# 41. Tel: 2721635.AL-SANA ESTATE AGENCY Street 4/2.com Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah M/s. PECHS. Mehran Estates.Karaci Tel: 2761447.AL-SAQQF ENTERPRISES . M/s. A. Mohammed Sadiq Exporter:Chemicals. Suleha Chamber. MGP Road. Sector 23. B-9/C-1. Dr.Karaci Tel: 2550263-4 Fax: 2550265 E. Platinum Plaza. Mehmood Iqbal M/s. Burhani Chambers. 2765227 Fax: 92-21-2729935 E. G. Paria Street. Sector 12-D. Tariq Road. Fax: 92-21-6995885 Capt. SITE. Aiwan-e-Sanat Building. Mansoor Building.307.com Mr.Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s. Haj and Ummrah Tour Operator M/s.Karaci Tel: 111201112-4526216 Fax: 4526251 E. Daud Pota Road. DP-18-A.172-V/W. North Karachi Industrial Area. 2/30.AL-SADIQ TRADING COMPANY Suite No.com Mr.AL-SADIQ DYEING & BLEACHING WORKS Plot No.net.AL-SAFI TOURS AND TRAVELS M-2.pk Miss. Moiz Khan. 5054627 E. Puna Bhai Street.Karaci Tel: 6908330. Korangi Industrial Area.M.Mail info@alsafi. Basement. Off: Nishtar Road.AL-SAEED GROUP (PVT) LTD. Garments Importer:Cemicals Computer Accessories M/s. Cant Station. Iqbal Ahmed Shaikh M/s. Stadium.K. Office No. 3rd Floor. Abdullah Haroon Road.AL-SAFA INTERNATIONAL 411.com Mr. 0300-8221979 Mr.1. Ali Centre. Mehmood Qureshi.Mail al-saeedgroup@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 5073606. Services:Travel Agent.Mail al_sana_estate@hotmail.org. 2205821 Fax: 92-21-2314916 E. Near K. Qurat ul Ain Mushtaq Exporter:Wipping Rags/Yarn waste M/s.Mail alsaifairtravels@yahoo.pk Haji Yousuf Umar. Block-2. M/s.AL-SAIF AIR TRAVELS G-3.Mail alsafa@sat. Plot No.Mail snzuj_aste@hotmail. M.

I. Niazi Building. Near Achi Qabar. Tel: 34830407-8 Fax: 4987240 Mr. . Co.Mail sealants@super. Ghass Bandar.pk Mr.AL-SHAHEEN JEWELLERS GEM & ORNAMENTS. M/s. Ghulam Nabi Baloch M/s. 3rd Floor. Railway Colony. Mansoor Tower. 2857716 Fax: 92-21-2857717 Mr.Karaci Tel: 37775489 E.Karaci Tel: 5681079 Fax: 92-21-5683437 E. S.C-6. 93.operative Market. Tel: 0333-2134975 Mr. North Karachi. Jinnah Road.Mail kamrankhalili@alshaheer. Muhammad Shahid Khan M/s. Super Highway.Karaci Tel: 0300-2727813.A.AL-SHAIKH ENTERPRISES MR-4/28.AL-SHAIKH (PVT) LIMITED A-7. Importer:Silicone Sealants Manuf:Aluminium Collepsible Tubes M/s. Block-6.AL-SHAHID TRADERS INTERNATIONAL Shahid Store. Shah Muhamamd Khan Bozai M/s. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2067369 Fax: 5877017 E. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 6881194-96 Fax: 92-21-6881193 E.pk Mr. 13 Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Sindhh Goathabad Scheme Main Hub River Road. Gul Plaza. Scheme # 33. M/s.AL-SHAHWANI BUILDER B/32. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.net.03002131425 Fax: 92-21Mr. Imtiaz Square.com Mr. Tel: 2414305 Fax: 92-21-2414481 Shaikh Muhammad Farhan.AL-SHAHEER CORPORATION Suite # G 15/5. M/s.pk Mr.AL-SAYYED BROTHERS CORP. Mithadar.net. Shahid.. Clifton. Keamari.AL-SHAKIL ENTERPRISES 1st Floor. 1st Floor. M. Mohammad Azam Khan.E. Mach Goth. Hammad Ali. Muhammad Zafar Shaikh.10.AL-SHAHAB TRADING Office No.T.Karaci Tel: 36671507. Block-8.Mail alshahabtrading@hotmai. Kamran Ahmed Khalili M/s.net. Plot#465.Mail mazamkhan@cyber.Near Block-80/15.

Mail info@alshakoormarble. Muhamamd Arif M/s.T. I.AL-SHAYMAA (PVT) LIMITED K-187. Pervez Shakil.pk Mr. Kiran Heights.301. Manghopir Road. M-7. Nadeem Kamardin Exporter:General/Food items Importer:General goods Manuf:General goods M/s.com.com Mr. Muhammad Qasim M/s. Kamran Helal Importer:Tradker and Supply Services:Monitoring of Vehicles edu. Hill Street. Muhamamd Shahid M/s.Murad Khan Road. Tel: 4853840-41 Fax: 92-21-4914335 E.Mail alshamim@cyberaccess. Pak Colony. Tel: 111742962 Fax: 34538426 E. 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 32564660-32580736 Fax: 32578761 E.helal@al-shayaa. Tel: 5611703 Fax: 92-21-5610906 E.AL-SHIRKAT APPAREL A-64.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2550806 Fax: 2571679 E. M.AL-SHER TRADERS 15-B. 2nd Floor.AL-SHAKOOR SERVICES (PVT) LTD.software M/s. Lalazar Street No.com Mr. Shamim Ahmed.com Mr.2.Karaci Tel: 4892888-90 Fax: 92-21-4927722 E.Mail nadeemkamardin@gmail. Khan Road.Karaci Tel: 2426726-27 Fax: 2426728 E. SITE.AL-SHAMIM TRADING ESTABLISHMENT C-8.Mail a. PECHS. Kashif Abni .Mail mtsps@super. Bahadurabad.net. Mezzanine Floor.com Mr. Jumani Arcade. Tel: 2439955 Fax: 92-21-2427086 E. Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Vegetable and Food Stuff Services:Custom Clearing and Forwarding and Shipping Agent M/s. Near Noorani Masjid.pk Mr.pk Mr.AL-SHAKOOR MARBLE & GRANITE G-12. Importer:Juices and Non Alcholic Beverages M/s.AL-SHARQI REAL LOGISTICS (PVT)LTD Suite No.Mail alshakoorserices@hotmail.shirkat@cyber. Chundrigar Road. 3rd Floor Uni Tower. Block-2.net.Mail directors@asrlog.I.Mail kamran. University Road.

pk Mr. Block-13-C.AL-SYED CONSTUCTION A-4. Nazimabad No.Mail info@al-siddiq. Al-Haroon Electronic Centre. Hill Street. M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road.AL-SIDDIQ CONSOLIDATORS (PVT) LTD M-5. Danish Abni Exporter:Garments M/s. Al Madina Centre. 1/2-D. Appartment.net. Wasif A. CL 8/23.apparel@cyber. Mezz. Al Ahmed Plaza. Khalid Ghaffar M/s. 6684376 . S. Asif House. Altaf Abni. Tel: 34994524 Fax: 92-21Syed Afaq Ahmed M/s.AL-SHIRKAT GARMENT A-64. 1st Floor.2. Tel: 32564660-32578760 Fax: 32578761 E.Floor.Karaci Tel: 2564660. 1st Floor.com Mr. Tel: 4550080. SITE.AL-SYED ENTERPRISES D-6.Mail alsul1@yahoo.pk Mr.I.com. Muhammad Hashim M/s.AL-SYED APPAREL F-409. Importer:Sea Port handling Equipment and Heavy Construction Machinery. Sultan. Sohrab Goth. 2762543 Fax: 92-21-2736461 Syed Nazir Ahmed Importer:4384370 M/s.AL-SYED COMMUNICATION CENTER Shop-8.Karaci Tel: 2736461.Mail nafees@alshirkat.Karaci Tel: 4603305-4603306 Fax: 4603300 E.com Mr. Tel: 6688548. SITE.M.AL-SIKANDER INTERNATIONAL CO. Scheme-33. Oil Polution Control M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.AL-SULTAN (PVT) LTD. Sub Plot No. 2578760 Fax: 92-21-2578761 E.Karaci Tel: 03212892695 E.Mail alsikandere786@yahoo.Mail a. Shahra-e-Faisal.pk Mr. F.Mail as.AL-SHIRKAT INDUSTRIES A-64. 4551032 Fax: 92-21-4545174 E.shirkat@cyber. Civil Lines.com Mr.E. Hill Stret.Manuf:Fabrics and Garments M/s. Office # 13-14.Karaci Tel: 2008236 E.T. Shed No.2. Falak Naz Plaza..ent. Super Market. Rashid Hussain M/s.

Tel: 2427800 . Star Gate. Muhammad Naeem. M/s. M/s.AL-TAJ ENTERPRISES J.03332245510 Fax: 92-21-32440931 Mr.Mail kashif_899@yahoo. Block-2. M/s. Tel: 2474325 Fax: 92-21-2474274 E. 3rd Gizri Street. I. 9 S 38. Phase-4. Abdul Sami.com Syed Nadeem Ali M/s. Altaf Hussain Road.AL-TAJJIR & CO. Tel: 9205704-7 Fax: 92-21-5680324 Mr. Chundrigar Road.net.AL-SYED TOWEL WS-104.Karaci Tel: 0333-2202899 Fax: 92-21-2513990 E.AL-SYED TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED 15-Sidco Avenue Centre. 1301-1302. Mithadhar.pk Mr. Opp.nizam@yahoo.pk Syed Shams Ahmed Burney M/s.AL-SYED TRADERS Office No.I. Tel: 2771238 Fax: 92-21-2774552 E. Quetta Building.Mail kashifshah@al-syedi. Zaheer Ahmed. E. 9/144-A.AL-SYED TRADERS AK-13.com Syed Nizamudin M/s. Gulistan Colony.com Syed Kashif Sarwar Shah M/s. City Court.T.Syed Yasir Ali.AL-TARIQ CONSTRUCTORS (PVT) LTD.Mail asad. Tennery Road.AL-TAJJAR 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 35382576 Fax: 35889867 E.AL-SYED TRADING CO 19-A. Uni Centre.net. PECHS.Mail al_tajjar@cyber. E. Tel: 32431105. Strachen Road. North Karachi. Tel: 38337119 Fax: 8337119 Syed Muhammad Khan M/s.AL-SYEDI TIJARAH (PVT) LIMITED 1st Floor.A-2. Shahra-e-Faisal. Defence Housing Authority. Beside Masjid Khizar.Sector 16-B.Mail altajjir@cyber. M/s.Mail syed@alsyedtowel. (PVT) LIMITED 414-Haji Adam Chambers. A-40 1/1.com Syed Kashif Shahid Exporter:Food Vegetable Frits Importer:Food Fruits Vegetables M/s.

Jinnah Road.Mail superseafoods@yahoo.AL-TARIQ TRADERS 1301-1302.AL-TAYABA TRAVELS *& TOURS (PVT) LIMITED. Khalid Majeed M/s.AL-TAWAKKAL TRADERS 13/98. Mohammad Ahtesham uddin M/s.Karaci Tel: 2465771-2 Fax: 92-21-2465773 Mr.com Mr. I. M/s.com Mr.P. Shahid Exporter:Ready made Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 32202476 E.Fax: 92-21-2427784 E.Mail ubaidmoten@hotmail. Suite No.Q. Usmania Market. Uni Centre. Abdul Latif. OppL Binoria Restaurant.AL-TASEEN TRADING CO. M/s.com Mr.Karaci Mr. Gound Floor. 2nd Floor. Shop No. Green Palace.AL-TAWAKAL ENTERPRISES Plot No. Tel: 2427800 Fax: 92-21-2427784 E. Abdul Quddoos M/s.Karaci Tel: 4811098 Mr. Sindh Industrial Area. Gul Plaza.15. Bohri Bazar. SITE. Tel: 34313277 Fax: 34313279 Mr.Mail atl@atlpk. .a Amir Khusiroo Road. C.AL-TAWAKAL TRADERS Shop No. Bhagnari Street. Tel: 2584131 Fax: 2584131 E. Jinnah Road Tower. S.A.AL-TAWAKAL ASSOCIATES (PVT) LTD. 63. Raheel Qaiser M/s.AL-TAWAKKAL GIFT & VARITIES CENTRE Shop No. 31.AL-TAWAKKAL ENTERPRISES H-6/A. M. Boat Building Yard.Berar Society. M.Karaci Tel: 32766161 Mr. Juna Market. Muhammad Khurram Behra M/s. Jetpur Plaz. 9th Floor.67.Muhammad Ubaid Exporter:Communication items M/s.I. Saddar. Chundrigar Road.com Mr. Muhammad Iqbal M/s.AL-TAWAKAL COMMUNICATION Flat No.3 & 4. Karachi Port Trust. Jillani Tower. Tel: 34945484 E. Muhammad Sohail.Mail altawakkal@yahoo.Mail att@attpk.com Mr.6.913. Centre. 1st Floor.A. Motiwala Market.

Muhammad Ghayas Siddiqui.AL-TIJARAH GROUP H # A1/182. 0320-5013835 Fax: 92-21-5682163 E. Muhammad Hussain. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Near Farooqi Masjid.Karaci Tel: 2439988 Fax: 92-21-2474813 Mr.Mail altayab@hotmail.S.AL-UMER INTERNATIONAL House No. Muhammad Ashfaq.217. M/s. Block 3.com Mr. Arkay Square.Mail info@altijaiahgroup. 4592897 Fax: 92-21-4592899 E.Karaci Tel: 2420732 Fax: 2420732 Mr. Madina City Mall.A. Haroon Shopping Emporium. Hasan Adam M/s.15. New Challi.AL-UBAID ASSOCIATES 1st Floor.com Mr. 32-1-A. Umer Noor Ul Islam M/s. Fazeel Ahmad Siddiqui. Sector 15-A.Karaci Tel: 5653375-6 Fax: 92-21-5652923 Mr. Kharadhar. Khairi Market. Muhammad Saeed M/s.New Khadda Market. Suite No. M/s.Behind Liaquat Mkt M.9.C.E. North Karachi.H.com Mr.AL-WAFA INT. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Main Shahra e Faisal. . Feroz Ahmed M/s.TRAVEL & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED. Mohammad Usman M/s.AL-TIJARAH BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS (PVT) LIMITED.AL-UZMA ENTERPRISES M-04. Opp: Jinnah Terminal. Block 13-D/2. Room No.AL-TAYYAB ENTERPRISES A-198.Karaci Tel: 4397911-12 Fax: 92-21-4397913 E.com Mr. Saddar. Tel: 4528695. Block-6. 3rd Floor. Falaknaz View. M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Muhammad Tayyab M/s. P. Abdullah Harron Road. Jinnah Road..301.AL-UMMAT JEWELLERS Shop No. 7th Floor.Karaci Tel: 4592887. Tel: 4980680 Fax: 4823318 E.3. Muhammad Khan Road.Karaci Tel: 2415106 Fax: 92-21-2413370 Mr. Fax: 32316106 Mr.Mail sales@al-tijarah.Mail mzaeed@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 36989568 Mr. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.AL-TIJJAR LOGISTCS Suite No.

AL-WAHAB ASSOCIATES L-13. Muhammad Waqar M/s.Mail alwaqarcollection@yahoo. Tel: 4226718 Fax: 92-21-4975444 E.Mail arshadzabhmi@hotmail. New Fruit Market.Karaci Tel: 6310918 Fax: 92-21-6377144 E.09. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 38114330.com Mr.Mail alwaheedtraders@hotmail. Uzma Nazly Manuf:Dying and Washing of Garments M/s. Abdul Waheed Lakhani Exporter:Rice M/s. Federal 'B' Area. E. Jinnah Road. 4636938 Fax: 92-21-4635907 .AL-WARIS INDUSTRIES Plot # C-1001.Karaci Tel: 2625453 Fax: 92-21-2623569 Mr.03009234897 Syed Mohammad Naseem Ali Manuf:Deals in Electronics Coil and Transfarmar Parts. Waseem Shahzad M/s. Mohammad Arshad Kareem Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Vegetables M/s. Mohammad Yousuf A.55-56.Mail sabirahmed@tulptowers.56. Naval Colony.AL-WASI TRADING Rehman Centre.57 National Chamber. Bhangoria Town. Near Tibet Centre Plaza Square. 369.AL-WAHEED TRADERS Office 109.M/s. Dandia Bazar. Muhammad Abdul Wahab M/s. Tel: 4635906.Karaci Tel: 32734615 Fax: 327661944 Mr.AL-WAQAR COLLECTION House No. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Al Rehmat Trade Centre. Super Highway. Block-138.com Mr.AL-WAJID & SONS Shop No.com Mrs.A.com Mr. M/s. Majeed SRE. Rehman Exporter:Rice M/s. M. KESC Survey No.com Mr.Mail alwarisind@yahoo.8.Karaci Tel: 36871755 Fax: 92-21-36871756 E.AL-WAZN ESTABLISHMENT C-51.AL-WALEED ENTERPRISES Shop No. Block-15.AL-WARDA ENTERPRISES Office 55. Block-17. Blcok ACW. Arambagh Road. Near National Stadium Road. E Area.Karaci Tel: 2774579 Fax: 92-21-2774663 E. Near Hamdard Dawakhana. North Karachi.

Furniture Importer:General Items. Dubai Shopping Mall.AL-ZAHID TRAVEL & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED. Office # 118.Karaci Tel: 2560436.H.AL-YAQEEN ENTERPRISES Office # 8. Importer:Amusement Rides.AL-YASMINKA PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.AL-YOUNUS & SONS CLOTH HOUSE Shop No.E.S.AL-YOUSUF INTERNATIONAL 81-B/II. Chemicals M/s. 2577500 Fax: 92-21-2564917 E. 13-J.E. Fayyaz Ahmed Khan M/s..I.Karaci Tel: 2526898.E. Muhammad Zahid Khan M/s.I.R. Muhamamd Yousuf M/s. Daryalal Street.29. Hussain Centre. Sajid Ilyas Kushtiwala. P.Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed.Karaci Tel: 34327268 Mr. Estate Avenue.net. 1st Floor Hotel Imperial Building # 2. Block-2.Mail hanifyousuf@yahoo. Mohammad Amanullah. 2nd Floor. Defence Housing Authority.AL-YAQOOB (PVT) LIMITED 19-Bahadurabad. Manghopir Road.Mail m_zahidkhankhattak@hotmail. S.Karaci Tel: 32315508 Mr.Mail alyousuf@sat. Main Tariq Road. Games M/s. Iqbal Naqi M/s. Phase-VII.5.AL-YOUSUF TRADERS NP 12/99. Opp: Bank Al Habib. Mezzanine Floor Sutli Plaza. Exporter:Handicrafts.com Mr. S.AL-YOUSUF INDUSTRY C-6/A.AL-ZAINAB DYEING INDUSTRIES D-219-A. Muhammad Younus M/s. Tel: 5212011-15 Fax: 92-21-5682354 Mr. Muhammad Asmatullah.. M/s.com Mr.T.Karaci Tel: 35684919 Fax: 92-21-35684919 E. Queens Road. Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Vegetables M/s.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2564818 Fax: 92-21-2560921 .. Tel: 34551036 Fax: 92-21-34383499 Mr. Jodia Bazar. 2548746 Mr.C.Karaci Tel: 5392184 E. Opp: New Custom House. Khayaban-e-Badban. Q.T.

Alam Hussain.pk Mr. Kassam Court.C. 39/1-A/6. 4524305 Fax: 92-21-2512949 E. Al-Noor Chamber. Alavi. Sector 15-B.T.ALAM AGENCIES Room No. 101-108. Block 'B'.AL-ZOHAIB ENTERPRISES R-408. Manuf:Dentonic Tooth Powder and Tooth Paste.com Mr. Bath Island.Karaci Tel: 2582061-67 Fax: 92-21-2582068 E. 11th Floor.I.Mail shoukatlodhi@yahoo. Tel: 5878921-3 Fax: 92-21-5878925 E.pk Mian Shahzada Alam..H. Shaukat Ali Lodhi M/s.E. Box 2110. M. Mohammad Rafiq Sheikh M/s.Mail contact@alzamin.E.net. Exporter:Yarn Importer:Cotton Manuf:Yarn M/s.ALA CHEMICALS P.S. North Karachi.H.Mail alamcoton@wol. M/s. P. Saddar.ALAM ELECTRICAL & TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Block-5.F. S.Karaci Tel: 36954615-6 Fax: 36954613 E..C. Board Office Chowrangi.A.S.ALAM ENTERPRISES .net.pk Mr. S. Wali Muhammad Exporter:Dyeing and processing of textile M/s.Kamal A. BC-9..Mail office@alam-alam. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 32760025 Fax: 92-21-32762140 Mr. G. North Nazimabad. Clifton.Karaci Tel: 111-111-303 Fax: 92-21-5837586 E.ALAM & ALAM A-66/5. 3rd Floor.com Mr. Jhangir Alam M/s.ALAM COTTON MILLS (PVT) LIMITED Jason Trade Centre.337. Preedy Street.O. Buffer Zone.Mr. Nasir Exporter:Chemical & Allied goods Importer:Chemicals & allied goods M/s.Karaci Tel: 6006260 Fax: 92-21-6628261 Mr. Plot # F-60. B-11. Shams Plaza.Mail dentonic@cyber. Exporter:General Items Importer:General Items M/s.AL-ZAMIN MODARABA MANAGEMENT (PVT) LIMITED. Off: Hub River Road.Karaci Tel: 4554022.com.

Alam.net. . Exporter:General Merchandise M/s.net. Babul Islam Market. Faraz S.pk Mr.net Mian Shahzada Alam. Sector-7-D/3. Importer:Medicial disposable and scientific M/s.net.Karaci Tel: 2512071. Main Clifton Road.Mail ashfaqkhan@cyber.ALAM NAGINA HOUSE Shop No. Gulshan-e-Farooq North Karachi.wol.ALAM LEATHER CORPORATION Ghulam Shah Street. 7512656 Fax: 92-21-752949 E.Mail alalamdar@cyber. P. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.pk Mir Alam Khan. 4971648 Fax: 92-21-4813259 E.pk Mr. Zakaria Lane. Jodia Bazar. Napier Quarters.Mail alam2@khi.Karaci Tel: 2413364. Khoya Mandi.S.ALAM TOBACCO CO. Bashir Alam.net. Tel: 7512071.E.ALAMGIR NP/1/34.ALAM INTERNATIONAL NP-8. Manuf:Chewing Tobacco M/s.Karaci Tel: 6974515 Fax: 92-21-6974515 E. Block-III. Importer:Plastic Sheets and Artificial Leather M/s. Shah Nawaz Alam. Muhammad Ali Kara. Block-5. 2442214 Fax: 92-21-2442214 Mr. Exporter:Garments M/s. Mohammad Jamshed Alam M/s.Karaci Mr. Jodia Bazar. Allahdad Street.11-Chapal Bright Homes. M/s.Mail alam02@wtmeiw. Duryana Street.comsats. Rafiq Chambers..H.ALAM INTERNATIONAL TRADERS A-4. Tel: 4813259. Off: Ghulam Shah Street. 2526855-57 Fax: 92-21-2512949 E. Tel: 6640257.C.13.ALAM ENTERPRISES R-851. Block-7.Mail arfickhi. Juna Market. A-486. Alam Zeb Exporter:Gems & Jewellers Importer:Gems & Jewelelrs Manuf:Gold Jewellery & Nagina items M/s. Juna Maket.pk Mr. 6641012 Fax: 92-21-6627885 E. Juna Market. Tel: 5875163-73 Fax: 92-21-5869414 Mr.ALAMDAR ASSOCIATES 162-N.

Exporter:Surface Finishing Chemicals Equipments and Plants Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Surface Finishing Chemicals Equipments and Plants .com Mr. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Federal 'B' Industrial Area. Shakir Yousuf M/s.Mail alatex@cyber. Off: Hub River Road. Tel: 32572731-2 E. Alavi. Frere Town.pk Syed Saeed Alam M/s.com Mr.com Mr.com Mr. M/s. Shaikh. Phase-VI. Raja. Ch.Mail moinumre@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 0300-8221263 E. Block-22. Cliton.Tel: 2525919 Fax: 92-21-2436842 Mr. Tel: 32588499 Fax: 32582068 E.ALAMGIR A. Preedy Street. Rufi Green City.ALAVI SONS LIMITED Corner House. Block-18.ALAMGIR RAYON MILLS (PVT) LTD. Services:Insurance M/s.pk Syed Zaheeruddin Alavi M/s.ALASWED TRAVEL (PVT) LTD. Basit A.Mail saeed. 5849513 Fax: 92-21-5312550 E. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Saddar. 21-Perdesi Pride.net. Khayaban-e-Shabaz. Alamgir A.Karaci Tel: 5660270-71. Shams Chambers. Moinuddin Undre M/s. Alamgir. SHAIKH 57/III.Mail moinuundre @hotmail. Moin Undre Manuf:Cotton Textile M/s.com Mr. Services:Indenting Agents M/s.Mail alavi1@fascom.a@mobillink. SITE.ALATEX F-60. SITE. Khaliquzzaman Road. 202. Defence Housing Authority.Karaci Tel: 5312551-2. M.ALAMGIR RAYON MILLS (PVT) LIMITED A-19.ALBA RON (PK) 637/V. Tel: 6341251-52 Fax: 92-21-7732937 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5323375-81 Fax: 5623382 E.Mail jaint501@hotmail.ALAMSCO INTERNATIONAL E-110.Mail alaswad@gmail.Y. Tel: 2572731-32 E.net. Fax: 921-21-5682724 E.

Street G-3.ALEENA INDUSTRIES Room # 134.net. Phase-VI.ALEEM & CO.. Opp: Capri Cinema M. North Karachi.Karaci Tel: 2787675 Fax: 92-21-2785711 E.Karaci Tel: 4388321/23 Fax: 92-21-4388324 E. Agra Taj Colony. Tel: 845-32725364 Fax: 32725355 E.Mail alephintl@super. 303.B. Qazzafi Market.pk Mr. Naeem uddin M/s.Mail alcom@cyber. Hossain.. 2216494 Fax: 92-21-2211074 E. Plot No. Al-Amna Plaza.pk Mr.E. Exporter:Commodities/Garments/Yarn/Carpets/Jute. Exporter:Financial Consultancy M/s.C.ALEPH TYMBUI INTERNATIONAL L-155. Muhammad Asif Yaseen M/s. 5049819 Mr. Room No.pk Mr.net.I.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2628150.ALEEMUDDIN NAEEMUDDIN IRON MERCHANT # 22. Asad Aftab Randhawa Exporter:Home Textile Manuf:Home Textiles M/s.A. DHA.Mail alfaadhisec@cyber. Arshad Jummani Exporter:Communication & Navigation . Block-2. Khayaban-e-Badar.ALFA ENTERPRISES 73/1. Naptha. Opp: Jang Press Off: I.9. Shaheen Towers 23-A. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Tel: 5046366. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. 1st Floor. Jinnah Road.L/87.S. Tallat Jabeen Qureshi M/s.Mail marine@alfa. Land Mark Plaza.M/s. Marwick Road. Bitumen Importer:Petroleum Products. Muhammad Aman.N. 9.ALFA CHEMICALS INDUSTRIES Plot No. Sector 11-L.net.net. 3rd Floor. Chemicals. Street-23.com. F.Mail asadaftab@cyber.ALCOM INTERNATIONAL No. Tel: 6331376-6331378 Fax: 6331378 Mr. Mr. Afzal Ahmed M/s. lst Floor. Near Civil Hospital. Textile Machineries M/s. Block-6. Ahmed Town. M.ALFA INTERNATIONAL Tyfon Chambers.pk Mr. Solvents. Aleem M/s.H. E. Korangi No-6. P. Steel. Area.Karaci Tel: 35840182 Ms.ALFA ADHI SECURITIES (PVT) LTD.

Mail anwarkhan_2009@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 2311758-59 Fax: 92-21-2311759 E.E.H. Plot No. Block-6.ALI AND CO. Saddar. 1st Floor. 1st floor.pk Mr.net.Karaci Tel: 32064608 E.ALFARID CORPORATION 4th Floor.H. CA-105. Rex Centre. 23-A.com. P. Block-6.ALI & COMPANY 3/111. Old Haji Camp.Karaci Tel: 7731166.ALHAM INTERNATIONAL Shop No.M/s.Karaci Tel: 36956121 E.ALI INTERNATIONAL Shop No.pk Mr.546. Chilly and Spices M/s.Karaci Tel: 4534580-82.Mail alfarid@cyber. Park Avenue. Defence Housing Authority.Mail qamar@alisameer. Saba Avenue. Saeed Muhammad Shah Road. 7734030 Fax: 92-21-7721890 Mr. Nazim Husein. Shahrah-e-Faisal.1. Shorts. Shaheen Towers.com Mr.Mail alfa@digicom. Exporter:Rice. 9th Floor. Phase-V. Syed Muhammad Mehtab M/s.ALI & SAMEER INTERNATIONAL Suite # 902-903.S.. Near City Bank.ALI AKBAR GARMENTS (PVT) LTD. Shahra-e-Faisal.com Mr.Phase VI DHA.pk Syed Auqil Ali shah.Karaci Tel: 4311900-4 Fax: 92-21-4311905 E. Inamullah Khan.Mail info@aliassociates. M/s. Gali-2. 35240512 Fax: 92-21-3524051 E.Muhammad Ali M/s. M/s.ALFA MARINE SHIPPING & TRADING (PVT) LIMITED 4-A.pk Syed Ali Ahsan M/s. T-Shirts. .C.C. Pak Chamber.4546134-35 Fax: 4546152. Arif Saeed Paracha.net. Exporter:Garment Importer:Fabric and Accessory Manuf:Track Suits. Ali Aslam M/s. 20-C. North Karachi. Pants M/s.S.Karaci Tel: 35240511. West Wharf Road..Mail aliakbargamts@cyber. P.E.ALI & ASSOCIATES 6-7 & 8.net.4534583 E. Sector 16-B.114. Ext Khayaban-e-Mujahid. Main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz.

2027393 Mr. Exporter:Yarn Manuf:Yarn M/s.Mail aliamach@super. Mezzanine Floor. Mushataque Ali Rashid. 4935696 Fax: 92-21-4936218 E. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Tel: 4523618. Block-14. Masood Ahmed Siddiqui. Importer:Industrial Sewing Machines M/s.ALI BROTHERS 03.Mail aliarise@hotmil. Muhammed Ali. Tel: 32466363-32466364 Fax: 32466364 E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Rainbow Centre.pk Mr.I. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Saddar.ALI ASGHAR TEXTILE MILLS LTD.ALI AND HASNAIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ST-6/B. Trade Avenue Tower No-2. Tel: 32478021 Mr.pk Mr.Mail dnmdswear@yahoo. Muhammad Saeed M/s. Chapal Plaza.Mail alibrothers2000@hotmail.Mail aatml@cyber.C. . Uni Tower.net. Tel: 03002323177. M/s.I.com Mr.603. Tel: 2416060-62 Fax: 92-21-2416063 E. M/s. Chundrigar Road. I.ALI BROTHERS Plot No.Karaci Tel: 6989430 E. Scheme# 24. Ali Asghar Exporter:Metal and Scrap M/s. 57-A.ALI BROTHERS Plot No.com Mr. 8. Zafar Ahmed.ALI ASGHAR ENTERPRISES Office No. M/s.ALI ART PROMOTERS 711. Zaibun Nisa Street.Karaci Tel: 5224190 Fax: 92-21-7015168 E.net.Shop # M-70.Karaci Tel: 4141976-8 Fax: 92-21-4141977 Haji Amin. Nadeem Ellahi Shaikh.L-2027.621. Saddar. 306-308. Sector 11-E. Amber Estate Extension. Muslim Town.com Mr.D. 6th Floor. North Karachi. Rex Centre. Adam Arcade. Tel: 4936218. M/s. 4393823 Fax: 92-21-4393822 Mr.ALI APPAREL MACHINERY CO. Faraz Ahmed Tanoli M/s. Hasrat Mohani Road.ALI ASSOCIATES Office No.

net.ALI ENTERPRISE 5-B..33. Tel: 2220288 Fax: 92-21-2232507 Mr. Taj Paper Centre. Murtaza Ali M/s.Mail alees@cyber.ALI CORPORATION 5. Muhammad Ahmed.Mail mezan@cyber.ALI CORPORATION 316. Near Star Cinema.Karaci Tel: 32310286 Fax: 92-21-32310416 E. Zulfiqar Ahmed. Crown Centre. Port Qasim Authority.Mail mezan@cyber.Mail contrect@alibrothers.ALI COMPANY 85-Roomi Centre. Pak Chambers. Saddar. 3rd Floor.Sharkfins & Fishmans Dried Marine Products M/s. A/19.Karaci Tel: 36351729-4828554 Fax: 4828659 Syed Ali Hussain M/s.E.pk . M/s.Mail fishtrade@hotmail.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.ALI CONTAINERS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.com. M/s. Tel: 2568629-2569454 Fax: 2568628 E.Karaci Tel: 2623047 Mr. North Karachi Industrial Area. 2nd Floor. Iqbal Hussain Ali. Paper Market.com Sheikh Mehboob Ali.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 6908202 Fax: 92-21-6962377 E.pk Mr. Tel: 2561601 E.ALI ENTERPRISES A/22. Block-13-C.E-9/A. Mohan Road.net.pk Mr. Abdul Rashid Exporter:Towel and Terry Fabrics Manuf:Weaving & Towel and other textiles M/s. Tel: 4750641-42 Fax: 92-21-4750655 E. Exporter:Dried Salted Fish.Mail instasale@yahoo. Tel: 7214536.I. Mauripur Road. Muhamamd Rehna Sabir M/s. Manuf:bnbplus@aol. Muhammad Ahmed M/s.ALI BUILDERS (PVT) LIMITED Office No. Saghir Hussain Shahid Road.T.net.ALI DANYAL INDUSTRIES(PVT) LTD. S. North Western Industrial Zone.net. Exporter:Plastic Bottles.com Mr. West Wharf Road. 7224987 Fax: 7228240/6633296 E.Sector 6-B. SITE. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

ALI ENTERPRISES Plot # F-41.ALI GLASS INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.ac@gmail. Dubai Shopping Mall. Opp: Quality Godown.Mail query.com Ms. Clifton. I. Main Tariq Road.Karaci Tel: 5345247 Syed Ali Raza M/s.ALI FABRICS Shop No. Tel: 7731166. Importer:Auto spare parts M/s. Gul Ahmed Khan Exporter:Fabrics and Garments Importer:Fabrics and Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 3035558 Fax: 35823359 E.Mail bhaila@cyber. 8-B. lst Floor. Muhammad Gulzar Exporter:Towels Importer:Gen.net. Phase VI. Lane# 8. Dehli Colony.ALI ENTERPRISES Al Jannat Palace. 3rd Floor. Ali Muhammad M/s. Karachi House. Nishat Commercial Area. 2419522 Fax: 92-21-2414814 .Karaci Tel: 34537683 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2414862. Hub River Road. Muhammad Aslam. 3rd Floor. Tel: 2205119. 2nd Floor. SITE. Al Falah Market. 2435579 Fax: 92-21-2316055 E. 2nd Floor.Mail alienterprisespk@hotmail. Abdullah Haroon Road.T. Abdul Aziz Bhaila Exporter:Textile Fabrics Importer:Garments Accessories M/s.ALI ENTERPRISES Suite # 313. HBL Street. Shershah. Arambagh. items M/s. Mithadhar.103-104. Saddar. DHA. Flat# 3. Musarrat Yasmeen Exporter:Leather Garments M/s.com Mrs.M/s. O. Chundrigar Road. Tel: 2568687-8 Fax: 92-21-2585343 Mr.I.Mail htajammul@hotmail.ALI ENTERPRISES Plot# 17-C.pk Mr. Teekam Lane.ALI ENTERPRISES 111-Japan Plaza.O. SITE.ALI ENTERPRISES F-67. 7734030 Fax: 92-21-7721890 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2771416 E.com Mr.ALI ENTERPRISES A-63.209/4. P. Sarwat Khan M/s. Box# 6761. Tel: 32567148-50 Fax: 32572036 E.

2nd Floor. Sector No. Hoor Centre. Chundrigar Road. Exporter:Leather Garments M/s. M/s. Off: I. M/s. Opp: Philips Electrical CoKaraci Tel: 2563442 Fax: 92-21-2563070 Mr. Tel: 2414011-13 Fax: 92-21-2417640 Mr. Muhammad Ayub. CA-5. Muhammad Farooq.ALI GOHAR & CO. E-57.Mail shahid@alimurtaza. Gulzar Colony. Ali Husain Rajabali Bhayani.pk Mr.ALI MURTAZA ASSOCIATES (PVT) LTD.Mail ahrl@cyber.pk Mr. Abid Iqbal. Muhammad Aslam. Exporter:Plaint & Tinted Sheet Glass. (PVT) LIMITED State Life Building 1-B.ALI MUHAMMAD TRADING CO. Gulzar Ahmed Bhatti.E. Tel: 5053058.ALI INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING WORKS. Plot No. Tel: 2774718 Fax: 92-21-2774787 E. 5065649 Fax: 92-21-5053059 E. Al-Madina Appartment. Arshad Ali Gohar. Exporter:Import of Finished Drugs & Importer:Medicines Hair Care and Beauty Manuf:Products M/s. I. Hussain Trade Centre. Korangi Industrial Area. 178. 90-91.I. Office No.Karaci Tel: 34129501. M/s. Shahid Iqbal Khan. Sector 8/F. .ali@micro.Mail abid100@yahoo. Importer:Used Clothing and other worn Articles M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Chundrigar Road. Central Avenue.com Mr.619-620.Karaci Tel: 2417601-5 Fax: 92-21-2420485 E. SITE.ALI HUSAIN RAJABALI LTD. Stock Exchange Building. 23. M/s. Near Ali Public School.Karaci Tel: 5067251-2 Fax: 92-21-7513818 Mr.ALI INTERNATIONAL 207. Importer:Machinery & Spare Parts of Glass Plant Manuf:Plain & Tinted Sheet Glass.Karaci Tel: 2635681-82 Fax: 92-21-2210454 Mr.ALI MOTORS Shop No.ALI IMPEX Plot No.A. 34120523 Mr.I. Jinnah Road.com Mr.Mail qunj. 58 Muslimabad.8.net. New Challi.net. North Napier Road. New M. Mohammad Saleem M/s.

2430111 Fax: 92-21-2417264 E. Importer:Iron Stee and Tin Plate M/s. Sasi Homes. Johnny Chen Exporter:Marble M/s. Baba-e-Urdu Road. Tel: 2237651. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Fl A/12.com Mr. Rambharti Street. North Plaza.11/11. 0300-9226558 Mr. Garden West. Tel: 2752350-51-52 Fax: 92-21-2736632 Mr. Clifton.pk Mr.Mail alishah-ent@hotmail. Mateen Plaza. Muhammad Ali. Block-K.Mail alit@cyber.net.net. Al-Hamd Steel Market.ALI SHAH ENTERPRISES Suite#F-63. Khemchand Street.ALI TRADERS 302.Mail masoom@cyber. Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Vegetables M/s. Tel: 0300-8965254 Mr. Tariq Road. Block-18.8. 1st Floor. Ali Masoom. Bilal View. Muhammad Ali Zia Importer:Palm Oil & its by products M/s. Block 7/8.ALI SHAH ENTERPRISES A-13. Block 'A'.ALI OIL TRADING 16.ALI TRADING Plot G-18. Jodia Bazar. North Nazimabad.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 4384067-8 Fax: 92-21-4383151 Mr. Kehkashan. Kawish Crown Plaza. Tel: 34558211 Fax: 92-21-34522756 E.Karaci Tel: 2433683.P. and Export of Ready made Importer:Garments M/s.ALI OIL TRADERS Shop No. Tel: 36674293 Shaikh Jawaid M/s.Karaci Tel: 5373011-2 .ALI STEEL # 3. 7547106 Fax: 92-21-7729513 E. Ubaid Ullah Shah Ahrar Manuf:Men Shirts M/s. Mohammad Rafi. Muhammad Abid M/s. Bankers Lodge.Exporter:Mfg. Ismail Trade Centre. Exporter:Food Grain Rice Importer:Chemicals M/s. Tel: 7533936. North Nazimabad.ALI TRADERS N.ALI OVERSEAS TRADERS 409. Jodia Bazar.

com Mr.Sana View. Saddar. 6681241 Fax: 92-21-6615717 E.ALI'S LEATHER B-13.T.A-8.Mail morani@cyber. Bagh-e-Halar School Street. Shahzad M/s.Fax: 5878651 E. Mustafa Market.Mail imranali_a@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 6316049 Mr. Phase-V.Karaci Tel: 7237223 Mr.9-10.I. Fl-3. S.net. . INTERNATIONAL 39.Karaci Tel: 5843429 Fax: 92-21-5348124 Qazi Fahim Musarrat Ali Exporter:Home Textiles M/s. Korangi Industrial Area.pk Mr. Saddar. A-17.com Mr. Muhammad Nasir M/s. Ghulam Mustafa. 32731907 Fax: 92-21-32731507 E. Jalaluddin. Block-2. Aftab Hussain. Tel: 32767782.ALI'S CO.ALI'S COMPUTERS Shop No. Garden West. Anarkali Bazar.E. Clifton Condominium. Lower Ground Floor. Shoe Market. Clifton. North Napier Road. Sector 24.22. Block-16. A.ALI ZAIN TRADERS 21.ALI'S INTERNATIONAL 242/1. M/s. Federal 'B' Area. Muhammad Ali Balouch M/s.Karaci Tel: 2257297 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35651291 Fax: 35651291 Mr. items Manuf:Bridal suits M/s. Abdul Aziz M/s. 20th Street. Panorama Centre.. Tel: 5055670-71 Fax: 92-21-5055632 Kazi Rahat Ali. Water Pump. Imran Irshad Ali Exporter:Garments Fashion Importer:Gen. Khayaban-e-Mujahid. Tel: 0333-2131619 Mr.Mail alizaintraders@gmail. Defence Housing Authority.ALI'S PRODUCTS Plot No. Tel: 2570235.ALI TRADING ENTERPRISES Flat-224.ALI WATCH COLLECTION Shop No. M/s.ALI'S FASHION Shop No. Hoor Centre. Importer:Second Hand Clothing M/s.

Arkay Square. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.net. Estate Avenue. Supari Manuf:Sugar Coated Candis.pk Mr.Mail info@alicoindustry. Tel: 7012346.B-9/C-1.pk Syed Zafar Hussain Anjum. Tel: 34226196-7 Fax: 6762878 E.net.5.Karaci Tel: 2550236-7 Fax: 92-21-2550238 E. Tel: 2730163. Clifton.Mail zafara@cyber.A. M. Room No. Aziz Allahwala M/s. 2735519 Fax: 92-21-2760176 E.ALIA PUBLISHER PRINT & PACKAGES Shop No. Pan Masala. 3rd Floor.Mail aliaexports@cyber.D-253/B. Ghafoor Chamber. Ruby Plaza. M/s.ALIA IMPEX (PVT) LIMITED 5/42.Exporter:Sugar Coated Candis. 5872533 Fax: 92-21-5872531 Mr. M/s.pk Mr. 7012347 Fax: 92-21-7012348 E.pk Mr.pk Mr. Al-Abbas Centre. Importer:Marble M/s.ALICO INDUSTRY Plot No. Nasim Ahmed M/s. Nisar Ahmed M/s. Luqman Ahmed Rao M/s.Mail aliaint@cyber.ALICO AUTOS 15.ALIA INTERNATIONAL Plot No.Karaci Tel: 32730296 Fax: 32730296 E.ALIEL Office # 304.net. Rehan Ahmed. .106. Mohammadali Hassanali. 1st Floor. Supari M/s.com Syed Sarfraz Ali M/s.Mail ali_co@cyber. Block-9.ALICA INTERNATIONAL 3/2. Marine Point. Rehman Centre. SITE.Karaci Tel: 2637587 Fax: 92-21-2215297 Mr.Mail alielect@cyber. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. 2nd Floor. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Jinnah Road.ALIA EXPORTS (PVT) LIMITED 6/37. SITE. Abdullah Haroon Road. Arkay Square.ALIF ENGINEERING F-142. Dry Fruits. Suleha Chamber.net. Paper Market.net. Tel: 6995055 Fax: 92-21-6997914 E.Karaci Tel: 5872532. Pan Masala. Dry Fruits. Plaza Square.

Karaci Tel: 4555563. United Centre.Preedy Street. Block 7 & 8. Uni Plaza. Asad Ali Awan. Amber Estate. 5th Floor. 1st Floor.ALINA PHARMACEUTICAL (PVT) LTD. 4555563 Fax: 4546716. Tel: 4534979-4535949 Fax: 4387223 Mr.ALINE ENGINEERING WORKS D-71. Exporter:Machine Parts Importer:Second Hand Machinery Manuf:Precions Machinery Parts .Karaci Tel: 4554453.4968671 E.B. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32425013-14 Fax: 92-21-3241248 E.com Mr. Tariq Road. M/s. Shahzad Ali Khan Exporter:Gloves Suites and Trousers M/s.net. Block 21.pk Mr. Chundirgar Road. 1. S.ALIMOHAMMAD ISMAIL Room No. Abdul Qadir. Sharah-e-Faisal. Block 7 & 8. Muhammed Haseen Khan M/s.. Amber Estate.pk Mr. Abdul Rehman Memon.Mail mail@alinacombine. Importer:Pharmaceutical Products & Raw Material Manuf:Pharmaceutical & Human Vaterninary Products M/s. Tel: 0300-2161563 Syed Asif Hussain M/s.ALIKA ENTERPRISES R-552. Muhammad Ibrahim M/s. Ahmad Mahal. 4554216 Fax: 4546716/4968671 Mr.E.net.1. 2568762 Fax: 92-21-2566673 E. Tel: 2570378. Sector 15-A-2. F.ALINA COMBINE PHARMACEUTICALS (PVT) LIMITED 208.Mail aline@super. Buffer Zone.ALIKA INTERNATIONAL 504-506.pk Syed Zair Hussain Zaidi.net. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 2761182. Abdul Rehman Memon.Mail alika@cyber. Industrial Area.com Mr. Tel: 36030803-34210231 E. Saddar. 2751246 Fax: 92-21-2730346 E.Mail alifalif@cyber.ALIF ESTATE Shop No. Thattai Compound. M/s. Tel: 7722487 Fax: 92-21-7728887 Mr.I.Mail alifenterprises2006@hotmail.ALIF ENTERPRISES L-4-3/1. 208. I.T.I.

Tel: 35382389-90 Fax: 35899357 E. Services:Clearing and Forwarding . Trans Lyari. Tel: 6682049.com Mr. Clifton Road. Phase-II Ext. K-28. Perfumery. Ghulam Dastageer Khan Manuf:Jute goods M/s.Karaci Tel: 2434987. Shahrah-e-Faisal..Mail info@alishbacollection.com Ms. Jinnah Road.A.2. Kawish Crown Plaza Block 7/8. Plot # 25. Hamilton Court. Office # 409.A. Habib Ali.ALIS INTERNATIONAL D-101. 2438372 Fax: 2436302. Textile Plaza. 7th Floor.ALIYA ASSOCIATES Room No. Muhammed Imtiaz. lst Floor. Exporter:Wooden Furniture Manuf:Wooden Furniture M/s.ALISHAAN G-2. Zaibun Nisa Street. Turhan Baigmohammed. 2nd Floor. Dunolly Road.ALISONS Room No. P. 20.Karaci Tel: 4554249 Mr. South Park Avenue. M. DHA.com Haji Muhammad Ilyas. 37.Karaci Tel: 32415563 Fax: 92-21-32426174 Mr.Mail alisonscommunicate@hotmail.ALISHBA'S COLLECTION 27-C. Off: M. Exporter:Processors and Exporters of spices M/s.Box # 5365.Karaci Tel: 235-794 Fax: 91-21-5206007 E. Tel: 5861961-3 Fax: 92-21-5871380 E. Jinnah Road. Luxmi Building.Mail alishaan@cyber. Blessing Homes. Shahid Ali Exporter:Handicrafts M/s.M/s. Kainat Zaheer M/s. Main Howksbay Road.net.pk Mr. Electric Items.ALIPUR JUTE MILLS LIMITED 110. Importer:General Merchandise.Mail info@alitafruits. Bliss Shopping Centre.Karaci Tel: 4322327 Fax: 92-21-4322325 E.2424160 E.ALITA FRUITS INC. Plastic Wire M/s.ALIQSHA COMMODITIES CORPORATION ACC Ware House. 0321-8777485 Mr. Nazimabad No.com Mr. Block-7. Cosmetic. Muhammad Ali M/s.O.Mail info@aliqsha.

S.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5375071-72. Rizvia Society.E.ALIZA INTERNATIONAL R-47. North Karachi.pk Sh. Al-Amin Tower. . Ft-1..T. S. Main Clifton Road. Tel: 2587602-11 Fax: 92-21-2587612 E. Tel: 2560605 Mrs.Karaci Tel: 0300-2530451 Fax: 92-21-6615094 Mr.ALL BEST ENTERPRISE 1. Plot. Tel: 2471750 Fax: 92-21-2471760 E.E.171.net.Mail project@cyber.pk Syed Muhamamd Sarwar Exporter:Garments Importer:Accessories Manuf:Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 4986351 Fax: 92-21-4971540 E. Exporter:Textile Auxiliaries Importer:Textile Auxiliaries Manuf:Textile Auxiliaries M/s.Mail aliza_intl@cyber. Block-10.pk M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Mohsin Ali Exporter:Cotton and Allied M/s.I. M/s. Mezzanine Floor. Bismillah Masjid. Muhammad Mustaqeem Mazhar. I. Chundrigar Road.ALIZA'S FOODS (PVT) LIMITED G-4.ALIYA FAIZAN F-193. Haider Chamber.ALKA (PVT) LIMITED F-748.T.Mail aliyan@cyber. Tel: 36600062 Fax: 92-21-36600063 E.com Mr.I. manhopir Road..ALKEMY PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES (PVT) LIMITED.net.com Mr.12.M/s.ALIZA MARBLE TRADING CO. Muhammad Mujahid Manuf:Marble Onyx Handicrafts M/s. Moeen Ahmad. Aliya Faizan. Sector 15-A/2.Karaci Tel: 6962732 Fax: 92-21-6962732 E. 5834876 Fax: 92-21-5876336 Syed Shahzad Ali.Mail alka@fascom.Mail kemy_pharma@yahoo. 11-B. Plot No. U/V. Buffer Zone. Asif Colony.net.ALIYAN TRADING COMPANY B-46. Mehran Excellency.net. Nazir Ahmed Shaikh Manuf:Medicines & Drugs M/s. Cotton Exchange Building.I. 203. Manuf:naveedkc@cyber.

Tel: 5370237. 3-clifton. Korangi Industrial Area. Jinnah Road. M/s.Mail sarsons@super.Karaci Tel: 4858868.Mail allianceapparels@gmail.ALLIANCE APPARELS B-1. Zaheer Yusuf Allana Manuf:Freight Forwarder M/s. Mehtab Ahmed.com Mr. A. Sector 28.ALLAH RAKHA TRAVELS & TOURS # 79.com.net.Karaci Tel: 2763542.H. 2nd Floor. Garden View Plot 93/94.Karaci Tel: 2771722. Tariq Mahmood Khan Exporter:Knitting Garments M/s.ALLANA BROS Plot No. 36954444 Fax: 92-21-36904349 E.A.Mail allco@cyber. M/s. 5371075 Fax: 92-21-5371022 E. Sector 12-B. M. Road. St-21/2. 2775322 Fax: 92-21-2773538 Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Shaikh M/s. Block-2.ALLIANCE COMMERCIAL CORPORATION . Tel: 5033155 E.ALLAMAH BANORI HAJJ & UMRA SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED M-2. 4858869 Fax: 92-21-4133648 E. Aftabuddin. Opp: Hashoo Centre. Seema Electronic Centre. E.pk Mr. KMCH Society. Exporter:Sticker Decalcomania Importer:Adhesive Paper Ink Manuf:Sticker Transfer M/s.pk Mr. Jinnah Road. Exporter:Caps Importer:Umbrealla Frame & Electronic Items.ALL WORLD (PVT) LIMITED 221. M.40/1. Sector 16-A.Mail albanorihajj@hotmail. Tel: 2435836 Mr. Allah Rakha M/s.Mezzanine Floor.ALLCO TRANSFER PRINTERS (PVT)LTD Plot # 7.com Mr. North Karachi. North Karachi Industrial Area. Gul Plaza.A. Honey etc. Importer:General Merchandise & Electronic Goods.net. 3rd Floor. Marine Heights. Muhammad Waseem. Mohammad Younus Sandeela Exporter:Fresh Fruits & Veg.pk Mr.ALLAGRO (PVT) LIMITED 504.Mail info@allagro. 2764673 Fax: 92-21-2764974 Mr. Saddar. Tel: 36980765. Manuf:Caps.M/s.ALLAHWALA CAP HOUSE Near Denso Hall. Mezzanine Floor. M/s.

2412277 Fax: 92-21-2412225 E.net. 10th Floor.pk Mr. Plot No. Union.DHA. Bukhari Commercial-VI.Mail alliance@cyber. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 35346097-35346133 E.ALLIED ASSOCIATES 11/27.AL-Fateh Chamber K.com. M. 2218814 Fax: 92-21-2610066 E. 4th Floor.C. Block-7/8. Khurram Izhar Exporter:Industrial Mineral Mill Scale Etc Importer:Ferro Alloyas Cokf Etc M/s. 2420810 Fax: 92-21-2420810 E. Athar Jamil Qadri.com Mr. Plastic Raw Material M/s.Business & Finance Centre. Sultan Ahmed Shah Road.ALLIED ASSOCIATES Office-11. Defence Housing Authority.Mail info@allianzhost. Chundrigar Road.Mail alliance. Arkay Square Extension.A. Importer:Iron and Steel. Tel: 0333-2240546 Fax: 92-21-4327549 E. I. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. M/s.ALLIANZ HOSTING 6 & 7.com Mr.Mail aplusco@khi. 4542546 Fax: 92-21-4543604 E. M.Mail adossa@dossa.pak.com Mr.I. Mezzanine Floor. Khalid Ahmed Siddiqui. Siddiq Essa.Karaci Tel: 4529825.com Mr. Importer:sohailsdf@hotmail. Dilqusha Building. Engr.ALLIANCE PLUS CO.Mail sohail@novaris.Mail allied_intl@hotmail.rendezvous@gmail. Rahat Lane-II.12/19.Karaci Tel: 2429155-59. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Suite # 1001/1002.H. 2nd Floor. Javed Khamisani M/s.net.ALLIANCE MERCHANDISING CORPORATION (PVT) LIMITED 12-C.com Mr. Zahid Saeed.I.Karaci Tel: 35312385 Fax: 92-21-3262827 E. Rafiq Plaza.ALLIANCE CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD. Tel: 2638742. Phase-VI.ALLIANCE RENDEZVOUS Fl-10/15. Lane-3. Block 13-A.com Mr. Tel: 2424112. 19-C. Chundrigar Road.com M/s. Exporter:Consulting Engineering and Importer:Architect Services:Planning of Enginering Supervison of Building M/s. I. Shakeel Anjum. Ali Farouk Dossa Services:Indenting Agent of Garments product M/s.S.au Mr.Mail allied_steel@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 7768471-2 Fax: 92-21-7762251 E. A/3. .

I. Tel: 2623531-3 Fax: 2624157. Manzoor Illahi M/s. 22.Karaci Tel: 34553421 Fax: 34386591 E.T. 103-K.com Mr. SITE.com.ALLIED CHEMICAL CORPORATION Allied House.ALLIED ENGINEERING & SERVICES (PVT) LTD.Mail alliedcontractors@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 4315047-48 Fax: 92-21-4551510 E.com Mr.Mail asif@aesb. Near Chanesar Halt. Importer:Chemicals and Packaging Materials.ALLIED BUSINESS CO-OPERATION 7/708. Opp: Sind Madersatul Islam.E. Haroonabad. Tel: 2424112 Fax: 92-21-2420810 E. Block 2.ALLIED DISTRIBUTORS Akhai Arcade. Business Avenue. Hasrat Mohani Road.. Taqi Ebrahim. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 4311601-3 Fax: 92-21-4554127 Mr.Importer:Tyres and Tubes M/s. New Challi.pk Mr.ALLIED CONTRACTORS Suite# 379.Mail dastagirintl@cyber. E-130. Block 6.Mail sajjad@aesl. 3rd Rloor.com. Ali Akbar Services:Clearing and Forwarding M/s.pk Khawaja Asif Rahman Exporter:Generators and Accessories Importer:Generators and Accessories M/s.Shahra LiaquatKaraci Tel: 2413969 Fax: 92-21-2465065 E.pk Khawaja Asif Rahman.ALLIED AUTOMECH ENGINEERING Unit # 8. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Khalid Ahmed Siddiqui. Shahrah-e-Quadeen. Tel: 2576073-78 E.O.Mail alliedhouse@hotmail. Sector No. M/s. 21/3. PECHS.com Mr. Al-Rehman Trade. 2nd Floor.ALLIED BUSINESS CORP. M/s.26263 Mr Sohail Nisar. S. Block-6. 209. P. Box 940. M/s. Europa Centre.ALLIED COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED D-168. Exporter:Import and Export of Drugs Importer:and Medicines M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. 1st Floor. Asif Aziz Akhai.Karaci Tel: 5066901-10 Fax: 92-21-5066915 E. Ahmed Abdul Ghani Textile.Mail allied-steel@yahoo. . PECHS. PECHS.net.

ALLIED IMPEX Suite No. Mclean Street. 2430211 Fax: 92-21-2423882 Mirza Akber Baig.H. I.I. Cathodes.com.Mail latifbastaki@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2723122 Fax: 2722633 E. Virjee Street. Exporter:Chemical Metals Services:Indenting Agent M/s.ALLIED IMPEX CORPORATION (PVT) LTD. M.A. Arkay Square. Tel: 2442080 Fax: 92-21-2417876 E. 2420920 Fax: 92-21-2420791 Mr.. North Karachi. Abdullah Industrial Estate. Rehan Ahmed M/s.Karaci Tel: 2443457 Fax: 92-21-2417846 Mr.605. Box No.com Mr. Services:Indenting Agent for Industrial Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials M/s. copper Rod Manuf:Enemeld Copper Wire & Copper Rod M/s. Fortune Centre 45/A.Mail allied_engg_works@yahoo. Services:Clearing Fowarding Agency M/s. Danish Farooq M/s. . Shameem Ebrahim. 302. Kharadar. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Shahrah-e-Faisal.E. Shams Chambers.ALLIED ENGINEERING WORKS A-114.Mail alliedintl@gmail.com Mr. Tel: 2423896.ALLIED INDUSTRIES (HUB) LTD.pk Mr. Block-6. Plot No.S. Naveed Aftab. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4548201-3 Fax: 92-21-4548204 E. Copper. Shaukat Hussain. Chundrigar Road.Karaci E.Box-20060.5. P.ALLIED INTERNATIONAL 3-B.ALLIED ENTERPRISES 7-Jewel Mension. P. Al-Rahim Tower.ALLIED INTERNATIONAL Office No.Mail aicpl@allied impex. United Chambers. St-131/1.O. Tel: 2314854-2854640 Fax: 2200792 Mr.O.1. 4/1.com Mr. Rafiq Plaza.. 4310. Importer:Raw materials. Plaza Square. Abdul Majeed. P.ALLIED GLOBAL TRADING Machin Miani Road No.M/s. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2428948. Abdul Latif M/s.C.12/19. Jinnah Road.ALLIED ENTERPRISES 303-330. Sector 6-B. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.

19-Timber Pond. Kharader.Karaci Tel: 4310831-2 Fax: 92-21-4535153 E. Exporter:Manufacturing of Automotive Parts Importer:and Components. Sector 7-A. Abdullah Haroon Road.ALLIED LINK ENTERPRISES A-108. S.I.com.ALLIED PETROLEUM COMPANY Machi Miani Road No. Haroonabad. Saleem uddin Khan M/s. Sector 22. Importer:Petro Chemicals.S.pk Mirza Aamir Baig M/s. 2/G. 1st Floor. Shams Ghani M/s. Kemari. M/s.Mail www. 1st Floor. Street-4.arm. 2734717 Fax: 92-21-2751134 E.Mail allied_intl@hotmail.ALLIED PRECISION ENGINEERING PRODUCTS (PVT) LIMITED D-168.H.Mail sal_eem_kha@yahoo.ALLIED LOGISTICS SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED. Kohinoor Electronic Centre.ALLIED LOGISTIC (SMC-PVT) LTD.3 4. Tel: 2314862/54.E. Block-6.T. Mohammad Aslam M/s.com M/s.Karaci Tel: 2850154 Fax: 92-21-2850156 E. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5051964 Fax: 5051964 Shaikh Muhammad Sajid Importer:leatherclub-int@hotmail.com Mr.C.ALLIED LEATHER INTERNATIONAL Plot No.pk Mr. Mohammad Aly Amjad.Karaci Tel: 2700025.1. 2570998 Fax: 92-21-2561834 Mr.Karaci Tel: 7768471-2 Fax: 92-21-7762251 E.com Mr.com Mr. P.Opp: Mama Parsi School. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 111250250 Fax: 35066915-6 E.Mail info@allied_logistic. Exporter:General Items Importer:Tyres and Tubes M/s.Mail wfo@alliedlogistics.ALLIED RENTAL MODARABA 21/3. Hasan Shahzad Abidi. 2314947 Fax: 92-21-2200792 Mr.E. Saddar. GSA House.369.ALLIED SERVICES INTERNATIONAL . Korangi Industrial Area. Suite No.Karaci Tel: 2576071-3. Yakub Ismail. Exporter:Petro Chemicals & Petroleum Products.com.

M/s. Arkay Square.ALLIED WIRE & CABLES (PVT) LTD. Adnan Ishtiaque. Wazir Mansion.com Mr.Mail asil@fascom.ALLIED TRADING & PACKAGING COMPANY. Khanani Chamber.5.. Gizri Boul.O.Mail alliedallpacks@hotmail. P.11-13.Karaci Tel: 35674848 Fax: 92-21-35687030 E. Block-6.ALMAS EXPORTS Shop No. Plot # 4D/II. Marine Faisal. Box No. 5810378 Fax: 92-21-5810372 E. 4/1. M/s. PECHS. Shahzad Ashraf. 4310. 2425881 Fax: 92-21-2429566 E.Karaci Tel: 5810375. Copper Cathodes. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Mohammad Feroz Street. Nehal Ahmed Khan Afridi M/s.ALLIED TRADING CO.Karaci Tel: 2438680. Copper Rod and Varnish Manuf:Enamled Copper Wire and Copper Rod M/s.Karaci Tel: 4535567-4535568 Fax: 4386372 E.Karaci Tel: 35671333. Al-Kehkashan Shopping Mall. Shop No. Saddar.ALMAS COLLECTION JEWELLERS Gem Plaza. Shop No. 4371222 Fax: 92-21-4544675 Mr. PECHS.22. 10-A. 2200807 Mr. Saddar.Mail adnan-almas@hotmail. Anis Ebrahim M/s.03. Imran Aftab. PECHS. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 34551813-4 . DHA. 2. M/s.ALLIED TRADING COMPANY 701. M/s. Tel: 2429566. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. lst Floor Hill Top Arcade.com Mr. 2428948 Fax: 92-21-2420791 Mr. Block-6.Mail info@alliedtc. Importer:Raw Material. Anum Centre.com Mr. Block-2. Zaibun Nisa Street. 35689333 Fax: 92-21-35687030 E.Mail almas_collection@hotmail. 2nd Floor.ALMAS ASSOCIATES R.Karaci Tel: 4383886. 65-E. Mohammed Iqbal Samana.com Mr. 7th Floor. Nursery.(PVT) LIMITED Office # 6. Main Zaibun Nisa Street. Sajid Ali Khan.com Mr. Main Tariq Road.No. Atif Ishtiaque M/s.ALMAS JEWELLERS Shop No.Karaci Tel: 2420920.

Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Nadeem Ahmed Butt.Mail almasoom@cyber. Importer:Apparel Machinery. Block-6.ALMURTAZA MACHINERY COMPANY Shaheen View.Mail alfottextile@alfotgarments.com Ms. Tel: 4543060-65 Fax: 4546555. Almas Tariq M/s.Mail haniflakhany@gmail.Karaci Tel: 4557332 Fax: 92-21-4559270 E. M.com Mr.net. Block-6.net. M.ALMAS TARIQ G-6..ALPHA CONTAINER INDUSTRIES F-194. Hanif Lakhany.ALMASOOM (PVT) LTD. Importer:Apparel Machinery.C. 21/3.I.Karaci Tel: 5217988-89 Fax: 92-21-5870134 E. Tel: 2561536-38 Fax: 92-21-2577512 E. Exporter:Leather Products Manuf:Leathe gloves M/s. Equipment Parts and thereof M/s. M/s. P.ALOFT INTL. Sindh Cloth Market.pk Mr. Rubina Ariff Ali Exporter:info@eastern-garments. Equipment and Parts thereof M/s. Off: Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Shaheen View. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Tel: 34380303 Fax: 92-21-4385959 E. 1-A. Frere Town.com M/s. S.Karaci Tel: 454-3060-65 Fax: 4540558-4546555 Mrs. Modern Cooperative Housing Society. Exporter:Farbric M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. TRADING CO. Tel: 2438425. A-18. Union Road No. Khan. 2438356 Fax: 92-21-2418639 E.pk Mr. A-18.S.Mr. Block 6.ALOHA TEXTILE CO.H.Mail almas_tariq@hotmail. Jinnah Road.A. Asif Ali Rashid.T. PECHS. Ishtiaq Ahmed M/s.. A-18. Mohammad Suleman. Bedrock Apptt. 1. Arfan Ali Rashid.com Mr. Clifton.4540558 E. .E. PECHS. 5th Floor. Suite# 706. Wazir M.Mail alphapk@cyber.Karaci Tel: 4543060-65 Fax: 92-21-4546555 Mr.ALMURTAZA MACHINERY COMPANY LTD.ALMURTAZA GARMENT MACHINERY COMPANY Shaheen View. Crown Plaza.Mail info@almurtaza.E.com Mr.

pk Mr.614.Karaci Tel: 32413376 Fax: 32413376 E. Pulses M/s.Karaci Tel: 34537092 Fax: 34537095 E. Block-6.net. Nanakwara.ALPHA ENTERPRISES Suite No.net.I.pk Mr. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Main Shahra-e-Faisal.ALPHA MARINE SERVICES RoomNo. Afsheen Arij Iqbal M/s. Iqbal Ahmed. Tel: 4541995-7 Fax: 92-21-4558577 Mr.ALPHA CONTAINER INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED.Exporter:Aluminium Collapasible Tubes Importer:Raw Material required for manufacturing of Tubes Manuf:Aluminium Collapsible Tubes M/s.com Choudhry Muhammad Bashir . 10th Floor. Chundrigar Road.ALPHA EMBROIDERY Memon Manzil. Park Avenue.Mail alpha@cyber.Karaci Tel: 4537094 Fax: 92-21-4537095 Mrs. Tel: 2561536-8 Fax: 2577512 E. I. Abid Chamber.Mail alphapk@cyber.net.org. Clifton. Muhammad Aslam. E Market. PECHS. PECHS. Uni Centre. Block-6. PECHS. Tel: 4387098 Fax: 92-21-4310097 E. Muhammad Imran Exporter:Food grains. 1006. Tel: 7733964. 4th Floor.pk Mr. 7729688 Fax: 92-21-7729285 Mr. Park Avenue.com.1.Mail alphapenta@tep. Scheme V.30. Najmuddin Street. Shop No.ALPHA PENTA (PVT) LIMITED 1006. Block-7. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.pk Syed Aarij Iqbal Exporter:Cement Iron and Steel M/s. 24/A. Muhamamd Khawar Umer M/s. F-194. Block-6. SITE.Karaci Tel: 32426092 Fax: 32420978 E.ALPHA SAS COM. 10th Floor. Khalid Malik chawla M/s. Importer:Miscellaneous items M/s. 6th Floor. New Challi. 24/A. Manuf:Embroidery M/s.Mail alphamarinebrain.ALPHA CORP. 14-B-E.ALPHA INTERNATIONAL F-105.Mail info@alphasascom.

com Mr.. PECHS.com Mr.ALPINE MARINE SERVICES (PVT) LTD.C. Lalazar Drive.abbasi@alphatrading. Block-2. 2316901 Fax: 92-21-2316902 E.C. P.Karaci Tel: 35062501 Fax: 92-21-3505764 E. P. Korangi Industrial Area. Nazimabad No. Khan Road. 1/7-A. Tasneem Javed M/s.ALPHA TEX C1-48. Asif Ali Rashid.Mail alpinecontex@hotmail. Beach Hotel Road. Off: M. Tel: 4558334-5 Fax: 92-21-4558277 E.Mail naveed. 34-A/2. Sector 27. 188/1-A.S. Irfan Majid M/s. Kamran House.M/s.com Mr..net. Imran Khan Exporter:Fabrics M/s. North Karachi Industrial Area.Mail alpine@alpinemarine.283.Mail mail@alrashid. A-18.Mail alphatex@cyber. Shaheen View. Printers and Accessories and Software .ALPHA SCREENS (PVT) LIMITED Azeem Market. Rock Trade Centre. Naveed Ahmed M/s.pk Mr.E. Peripherals.Karaci Tel: 4390918 Fax: 92-21-4558654 E.ahmed@stork.ALRASHID MICROCOMPUTERS (PVT) LTD.biz Mrs.E.ALPHATEX Plot# 282. Tel: 34528444 Fax: 34546743 E.2.Karaci Tel: 2316067-68.Karaci Tel: 4539945-48 Fax: 92-21-4546555 E. Importer:Computers. Asim Ilyas Exporter:Textiles Manuf:Textiles M/s.A/1. Humera Centre.com Mr.H.Mail nadeem.Mail alphatenint@gmail.T. Bagh-e-Zehra. Flat No.H. Tel: 6920651 Fax: 92-21-6986211 E. Kashif Raza.ALPHA TRADING INTERNATIONAL C-1.ALPINE INTERNATIONAL A-13.Karaci Tel: 5611051-52 Fax: 92-21-5611081 E.ALPINE CONTEX Office # 406. Kharadar.com Mr. 4th Floor. Sector 6/B.S. Block-6.com Mr.Mail alpineintel2@yahoo. Services:Shipping Agent M/s. Block-6. Nida Abbasi M/s. 1st Floor.

Mail alsinds@cyber.pk Mr. S. Services:P.Mail altafmill@fascom. DC-5. Abdul Rehman Allana.compol.I. Exporter:Precision Engineering& High Tech Engineering Good Importer:Steel. M. Shell Total Parco M/s. Allana. Pigments. Aluminium. M/s.net.com Mr.Pipes. S-18.pk Mr.ALSAEED ENTERPRISES Plot No. 402. Block-7. Tel: 2413506.T. Manuf:Automotive Parts. Abdul Rehman Allana Importer:Engineering & Relevent goods M/s. Zafar Saeed. 88.Karaci Tel: 5360055 Fax: 92-21-5364404 E. Brass (Rods. Clifton. 2563811 Fax: 92-21-2563858 E. Shaheen Centre.E. Liaquat Market.I.Mail arc.com .E. A.S.M/s. Abdul Rehman Allana. Clifton. Importer:Speedometer Parts. 2416560 Fax: 92-21-2438958 E.ALSONS AUTO PARTS (PVT) LTD. Light Engineering M/s..ALSONS INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Abdul Rehman Allana M/s. Jinnah Road. Tel: 5872794-99 Fax: 92-21-5872790 E.mrkt@super. Importer:Steel. M/s. M/s.A.T. Brass (Rods/Sheets/Pipes) Manuf:Defence Products.E. 2562661-3 Fax: 92-21-2563074 E.pk Mr.Ingots Manuf:Defence Products/Light Engieering. Estate Avenue.T.ALSONS REFORM COMPOSITE 408. S. A. Tel: 2569915-16 Fax: 92-21-2569356 Mr.ALSONS CONSOLIDATED INTL. Exporter:Automotive Parts.Karaci Tel: 5360077-78 Fax: 92-21-5364404 E.Sheets.O. DC-5. Tel: 2576691-92. B-12/B.. S.net.. Block-7. DC-5.E.T.Mail abdulh@khi. S. Shaheen Centre.Mail info@alsonsgroup. Clifton.R. Aluminium.I.Mail info@alsonsgroup. Silicon Oil.com Mr. Block-7.ALSONS ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD. Exporter:Precision Eng: & Hight Tech Engineering Goods.ALTAF & CO.. Shaheen Centre.ALSONS BALLISTIC/COMPOSITE & AEROSPACE 408.com Mr.net. S-18. Tel: 2562060-62 Fax: 92-21-2563858 E. Rehman Allana..I. Tel: 2562060-62.Mail kkarim@super. S-18.

S. BB-126. F.Mail ahnso8@yahoo.Mr. Nazim F.Mail aluminum_aldecor@yahoo. Zaheer Altf M/s. Tel: 7524848 Fax: 92-21-7512774 E. Mohammed Altaf. Haji. Importer:Textile Machinery Parts Manuf:Textile Machinery Parts M/s. Tel: 2578851-52 Fax: 92-21-2561065 E. Talpur Road. Exporter:Islamic Religious Books Importer:Plastic Raw Material M/s.Mail altaftradingco@yahoo.ALUCAN (PRIVATE) LIMITED E/12.. CliftonKaraci Tel: 35810570.I.ALTAF HUSSAIN SONS 46.ALUMINIUM PROCESSING INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED D-135.. Exporter:Aluminium Collapsable and Rigid Tubes Importer:Aluminium Ingots. Ghulam Shah Street.com Mr. 4th Floor. Tel: 32425198 Fax: 32423794 E. Tel: 2433258.T. Dhorajee Colony.pk Mr. Muhammad Farooq.Karaci .ALTAF ENTERPRISES Amer Singh Street. Karimabad. Bazar-e-Faisal. 2432861 Fax: 92-21-2420754 Mr. Tel: 2525665. Area.I.ALTAF CORPORATION C-33.net.E. Altaf Hussain. Idrees Chamber.B.E.net. Main Gizri Road. Basement Grace Centre.com Mr.ALUMINIUM AL-DECOR B-38.Karaci Tel: 32444798 E. Lacquer Manuf:Aluminium Collapsible and Rigit Tubes M/s. Muahmmad Ramzan M/s. 2542662 Fax: 92-21-2546662 Mr. Roller Printing Ink.ALTAF & SONS 9/13.pk Mr. Muhammad Altaf M/s. S.T.Mail zikar@cyber.03212435698 E.ALTAF TRADING CO. Central Avenue.Mail alucan@cyber. Jodia Bazar. M/s. B-126. Ground Floor. Altaf Hussain Exporter:Cloth products Importer:Cloth products M/s.com Mr.

.com Mr.com Mr. Exporter:Aluminium Utensils of different Type Importer:Aluminium Strip/Foil Stock/Paper/Board/BOPP/ PVC/ PE/PE/PET/Plastic Film Manuf:Aluminium Foil/Aluminium Utensils.Mail apiil@cyber.Tel: 2562010-12 Fax: 92-21-2563395 E. Opp: Arkay Square.Mail alupak@cyber. F.Karaci Tel: 4324037-38 Fax: 92-21-4532530 E. Muhammad Rafiq Bhagani. area. Monitors.com Mr. Amir Abbas Importer:Walves and fittings M/s.Mail amafhh. PECHS. Namco Centre. Export Processing Zone. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 32239177 E.Mail info@amasiaexports. Muhammad Qasim M/s. Amber Castle. 3rd Floor. Machinery M/s. Haji Exporter:Aluminium collapsible Tube Importer:alluminium slug Manuf:alluminium Collapsible tubes M/s. M/s.AMAFHH ENTERPRISES 102. Zam Zam Arcade.Mail alaanent@cyber. Block-4.ALUPAK LIMITED Plot No.Karaci Mr. Landhi Industrial Area.pk Mr. 3-Byculla Mansion.net. 1st Floor. Korangi Industrial Area.AMAAN STEELS Room # 7. Abdul Majid M/s.Karaci Tel: 2439279 Fax: 92-21-2424975 Mr. Parsi Colony.ALYAAN ENTERPRISES 11-A. Sector 15. SC-5.AMAFHH GLOBAL Amafhh House. Mirza Kaleej Baig Road. Faridah Irfan Exporter:Woven & Knitted Garments Importer:Computers.B.net. A-441. Aluminiun Foil Paper Balk M/s.1 & 2.Karaci Tel: 5084820-21 Fax: 92-21-5084648 E. Block-6. Sector B-VII. 21-A.ALUTECH & CO.ST-17.. Solder Bazar #2. Campbell Street. Tel: 2211189 Fax: 92-21-2625887 E. Tel: 6020178 E.Wood.net. Plot No. JM 106.Mail snmcnamco@yahoo. Adeel Abbas Rawjani Exporter:All commodities Importer:All commodities M/s. Suleman Centre.pk Mrs. Adil N.AMAFHH ADVANCE ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CO. Muhammad Iqbal.enterprises@gmail.AM ASIA EXPORTS D-124.

I.. Kherunnisa Importer:Various Items M/s. Off: Nicol Road. Tel: 32585418.AMAFHHA ENTERPRISE 7.6/B.AMALGAMATED TEXTILES F-551/A.Karaci Tel: 4975881 Fax: 92-21-4968320 E.pk Mr. Bath Robes M/s. Nellofar Abbas M/s. SITE. Muhamamd Salman Farooqui M/s. Off: Faiz Mohammad Fateh Ali Road.pk Mr.Mail amafhh_global@yahoo. Bellasis Street.Karaci Tel: 2426997.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2742725 Fax: 92-21-2722164 E. Sadiq Ali Moosaji Street. Tel: 6963002-4 Fax: 92-21-6963000 E. Adnan Centre. Timber Market.AMAN & SONS TEXTILE MILLS D-23-B. 2432857 Fax: 92-21-2433541 .Mail amafhh@cyber. Grey Sheets. Abdus Salam Aman M/s.Karaci Tel: 2626907 Fax: 92-21-2627186 Mrs.Karaci Tel: 2416012. Mohsin Raza Rizvi.Mail amafhhtex@yahoo.e. Napkins. Fatima Nasir Exporter:Home Textile goods Manuf:Home Textile godos M/s.11/2. New Challi. 2419392 Fax: 92-21-2419095 Mrs. Exporter:Textile Made Ups i. Hakim Manzil.T.03218253782 Fax: 92-21-2584800 E.AMAN BROTHERS Room# 6. Siddiq Wahab Road. A. Bags.AMAFHH TRADERS Shop No. 1st Floor.net Mr. Abdul Rehman Street.E. Jodia Bazar.AMAFHH TEX Plot No. Tel: 5681750/60/70/80/90 Fax: 92-21-5681155 E. Aun Ali Mohammed Ali M/s. Batool Murtaza M/s.com Mrs. Aprons. Jeswani Street.Karaci Tel: 2624474 Mrs.net.Mail astm@gerrys. S. North Karachi Industrial Area.AMAFHH INTERNTIONAL Panjetani House.AMAFHH PAPER & BOARD CONVETOR 4 Tawakkal Mansion. Sector 12-C.Block-3.net. Chemical Chamber.Mail clevedongroup@cyber. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

Aisha Pervez. Manzoor Colony. Bazar Area. Tel: 2218356-2212092 Fax: 92-21-2628798 E. Tel: 34904152 Mr.net.F-59. P. Al-Yousuf Chambers.AMAN TRADERS House No.AMARA (PVT) LIMITED . Tel: 5213776 Ms.C. 4553430 Fax: 92-21-4555387 Mr..G-A/2.AMANCO 402.Mail nomanalt@hotmail.Box-8903. Cantt Bazar. Tel: 5837783 Fax: 92-21-5870578 Mrs. Block-2..AMAN TRADERS BG-04.com Mr.AMAN DEVELOPERS 128-C. Sector-B. Amanullah Ibrahim M/s.Mail namzi@cyber.Mail amanenterprises1@yahoo. Exporter:Terry Towel Importer:Chemical & Dyes. Shaheed-e-Millat Road.AMANAT TRDING COMPANY G-58/2.H. Tel: 37724887 Mr. Malir Cantt. Muhammad Saleem Malik M/s.Karaci Tel: 34924679-34928590 Fax: 4933945 E.pk Mr. Marine Point.Mail amanentp@cyber. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4902873 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4555872. Malir Cantt. 1st Floor. Exporter:Polyester Waste.AMANULLAH IBRAHIM House No. Amanullah.AMAN TRADING LINKS SA-22. Tel: 37625796 E. Amina Ashraf. Commercial Area. DHA. Rex Centre.725.E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.O. Phase-4.net.AMAN ENTERPRISES 2/11. Saddar.. Shahnaz Arcade. M/s. M/s. Irfan Khan M/s. Cotton Waste Importer:Tyres M/s. P.S. Kamran Ghauri. Muhammad Noman Saigal M/s. Clifton.com Mr. Asif Iqbal M/s. Exporter:Goat Swade Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s.pk Mr. Block-9.E. Nasir Latif.AMAN ENTERPRISES Plot No. Nisar Shaheed Road.

com Mr.AMBER GEMS Shop No.AMAZON INTERNATIONAL Suite# 916-917.AMBREEN ENTERPRISES Shop No. Services:Manufacturer's Representative & Indenting Agent . Channa Dall Importer:All kind of Pulses M/s. Asif Centre. Arman Ali Khan. Exporter:Desi Chick Peas. Phase-1. 9th Floor. Sector 15-A/5. Smber Shumail M/s. Tel: 5067231-33 Fax: 92-21-5067234 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35215856 E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Sayani.net. Mashriq Shopping Centre. New Challi. Sector 15. Bufferzone.Mail amazinglook@hotmail. 5th Floor.pk Mr. Korangi Township.AMAZING LOOK A-142.AMARANT PHARMACEUTICALS (PVT)LTD. Korangi Industrial Area. 2211053 Fax: 92-21-2211019 E. Farman Islam M/s.204.Karaci Tel: 34014877. Korangi Tel: 021-5112824 Fax: 021-5112524 E. Defence Housing Authority.AMBER SHUMAIL C-6/383. Tariq Aziz M/s. 12th East Street. 117-C. Naushad M. Aftab Ahmed Exporter:Leather Garments M/s.com Mr. Salahuddin M/s.Plot# C-117.03222022722 Mr.12-A. Tel: 5688623 Fax: 5686330 Mr.AMAZING INTERNATIONAL Suite No. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.AMCO TRADING COMPANY Plot No.Karaci Tel: 35384923-4 Syed Ahmed Iftikhar Exporter:Medicine Importer:Medicine M/s.Mail camstac@cyber. Saddar. Hussain Trade Centre.Karaci Tel: 2211002. Altaf hussain Road.com Mr.Opp Expo Centre. Sector 31/A. Saddar Co.Mail taqinn@gmail. Liaquatabad. Muhammad Salim. 0333-21531 Fax: 92-21-6802183 E. Tel: 4127702 Mrs.522. 4/1.operative Market. Exporter:Live Stock Importer:Live Stock M/s. North Karachi Tel: 6956899.Mail info@amaraleathers.

North Nazimabad. Kharadhar. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Old Queens Road.16. Box# 51.AMEEN EBRAHIM AND COMPANY 39-C.pk Mr. Block 'C'. Ground Floor.com. Muhammad Tariq Pardesi. . 0345-2126706 Fax: 92-21-6672620 E. Commercial Centre. Kulsoom Bano.AMEEN TRADING CO.O. 7/58. Food & Pharmaceutical Flavours & Colours M/s. M/s. Tel: 2424946. Allana Road. 152-E.com Mr. Madarasa-e-Islamia Bldg. Wazir Mansion.AMEEN ENTERPRISES 1st Floor. Weaver Lane. Campbell Street. Rawalpindiwala Building. 2427046 Mr. G.Mail muhammedamin@hotmail.Mail ather@amesoftwaresolution. Importer:Textile Chemicals and Mill Works (Machinery) M/s.com Mr. Tabish M.AME SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS 314-316. Tel: 4553762 Fax: 4556622 E.Mail medkraftinstrumnts@hotmail. 2421762 Fax: 92-21-2425500 Mrs.Karaci Tel: 2312181 Fax: 92-21-2310894 E.com Mr.Mail avsltd@avs. Plot 2/1. Tapal. Ameejee Chambers. Tel: 6625621.M/s. Tel: 2627547-2627596 Fax: 2638045 E. Tel: 2421703.Karaci Tel: 2432880-7 Fax: 92-21-2430452 Mr. Ather Ali Khan M/s. Importer:Industrial Safety Equipments M/s. Mohammad Ameen Qureshi.Karaci Tel: 2625492 (5 Lines) Fax: 2627817. Block-2.AMEEJEE VALLEEJEE & SONS (PVT) LTD. Importer:Chemical Services:Ghiee Stockist. Muhammad Ameen M/s.Mail habib_chem@hotmail.AMEDA INSTRUMENTS CO.com Mr. PECHS. Serai Road. P. Hasrat Mohani Road.AMECO Humera Manzil. Jawed Mesiya.AMEEN INTERNATIONAL 134. A/283. Importer:Leather Garments M/s.2621910 E.Y.AMEEN SPINNING MILLS Pardesi House. R. Anwar Mahmood M/s.

Office No. KarachiKaraci Tel: 4371241-4330127 Fax: 92-21-4371242 E.Mail ceo@ameerhamza.com Mr.2. Firdous Colony. Exporter:Cotton Yarn. Salman-ul-Arshad Khan.Mail ameerdin2001@yahoo. M/s. Tel: 4543475 Fax: 92-21-2437609 Mr. Chemicals & Raw Matrials Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s.Mail hafeezhosier@yahoo. Al-Rehman Trade Centre. B-14. M/s.Mail karachioffice@sopphire. Raheela Naseer.Karaci Tel: 111-000-100 Fax: 92-21-3416705 E. Cotton Exchange Building.Karaci Tel: 32435554 Fax: 92-21-2427904 Shaikh Zaki Ahmed. North Karachi. M/s. Ireland Road. Exporter:Import of Electro Medical Equipment Importer:Medical Equipment. Opp: Medicare Hospital Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Shop No.com Mr.AMEER DIN INSTRUMENTS Mono Garden. EOBI House Shahrah-e-Faisal. Tel: 03218282018 E. 1.com.AMEENS Shop No.AMEENSONS ENTERPRISES 205.com Mr.pk Mrs. Mohammad Abdullah. Nazimabad. Importer:Macheinery Parts.pk Mr. Timber Market.Karaci Tel: 34559673. Kamran Chamber.net. M.AMEENA ENTERPRISES Plot 5/4.com Mr.8. Tahir Ilyas M/s. Tariq Road. Nauserwanji Compound. 3. Sector 16-A.AMERICAN DOORS 1/1/12.Rampart Row. 34381615 Fax: 92-21-34525060 E. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 6688499 Fax: 92-21-6603477 E. Ameer Hamza Exporter:Textile M/s. 1st Floor. NKCHS.AMER COTTON MILLS (PVT) LTD. Chundrigar Road. I. Mansoor Amin M/s. M/s.Mail contact@acbms.AMEER-E-HAMZA IMPEX C-1-42.Mail europak@cyber. Tariq. 173-174.Karaci Tel: 2439927 Fax: 92-21-2435907 E. Yasin Centre.I.Karaci . Shahrah-e-Liaquat.AMERICAN COMMERCIAL BUILDING MANAGEMENT SERVICES (PVT) LTD.

Aasim A. Chundrigar Road. Tel: 4550696-98 Fax: 92-21-4550699 Mr. National I. Main Manghopir Road.T.I. Opp: Aisha Bawany School..AMI PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.Mail samka1@cyber. Tel: 4302830-38 Fax: 4302839 Mr.AMERICOM TECHNOLOGY 10-Banglore Town. Mumtaz Hassan Road.Park. Caesars Tower. Uni Centre. M. Kashif Riaz Exporter:Garments. Manuf:Flush doors M/s.com Mr. Jinnah Road.AMFCO INTERNATIONAL 317-318. Business Centre.AMERLIWALA MOTORS (PVT) LIMITED C-1. Tel: 2563857.E.A.pk Mr.Sindhi Muslim Co.Mail itexind@hotmail. Caesars Tower.Karaci Tel: 32791126-29 Fax: 2791132 Mr. Farook Ibrahim M/s. Exporter:Aluminium Condctor Importer:Aluminium Manuf:Aluminium Conductor . Asif Abdul Sattar. Services:For Honda Cars M/s. Ali Asghar Rajabali. Exporter:Matches and Textile Importer:Machinery M/s. 2nd Floor. Muhammad Maroof Importer:Computer related equipments M/s. Akbar Abdullah. Chemicals Importer:Machinery Textile parts used veh.AMEXCO Suite No.Mail anujr7400@yahoo.I. Textile Plaza. 2425613 Fax: 92-21-2425614 E. Fax: 92-21-2577412 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2785760 Mr. Ground Floor. M/s. I.Tel: 7775555 Fax: 92-21-7730862 E.net.78.AMIE INVESTMENTS LIMITED 199-A. 4th Floor. S. Tel: 2466548-9 Fax: 92-21-2466550 E.com Mr. Block 'A'. Block 7 & 8. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Operative Housing Society.AMICA CONSTRUCTIONS WORKS St-10. Tel: 2401207-9 Fax: 2428351 Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal.T. Muhammad Younus.Karaci Tel: 2425651.AMI (PVT) LIMITED 404. Atiq-ur-Rehman M/s. Siddiqui M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal.

4th Floor. Qadafi Chamber. Latex. Occan Centre.Karaci Tel: 4541994-96 Fax: 92-21-4541997 E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. MR. Rubber M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.. 6/40. M/s.AMIN ELECTRONICS Shop # 2 & 3. Tel: 2414778-9. Saddar. Mezzanine Floor. Tariq Anin M/s. Jodia Bazar. Rainbow Centre.net. Block-13/A.net. Exporter:Carpets M/s. Muhammad Saleem. 230473 Fax: 2419028 Mrs. Yasir Chamber. Tel: 0343-2309410 Fax: 92-21-7725161 Mr. 2424587 Fax: 92-21-2411686 E.AMIN BROTHERS Suite# 7. 5.com Mr.M/s. Regal Radio & T.AMIN BROTHER & CO. Lutfun Bai. 3rd Floor. Talpur Road. Mohammad Amin.Karaci Tel: 5686286. Mohd. Importer:Kiryana Items. 2621740 Fax: 92-21-2626656 E.pk Mr. Asif Younus M/s. Sarmad Road. Tayyab Complex. Tel: 2435337. Adeel Ahmed Allawala Importer:Electrical items and parts M/s. 2nd Floor. Jodia Bazar. K. 0300-92136 Fax: 92-21-5686284 Syed Inayat Hussain Naqvi. Al-Abid Chamber. 2780064 Mr.Mail amigo@cyber.AMIN ENTERPRISES .Mail aminfb@cyber.AMIGO INDUSTRIES JF-8. Abdul Khaliq Manuf:Jute products M/s. Mkt.AMIN CARPETS J-53. Exporter:Surgical Disposable items M/s. Korangi No.AMIN CO. M/s. lst Floor.Karaci Tel: 2437517 Fax: 92-21-2416519 Mr. Ground Floor. Area.AMIN ELECTRONICS G-97.AMIN AGENCIES (PVT) LIMITED 40. Jason Trade Centre.V.Karaci Tel: 4826973 Mr.Mail asif@sumsumbuilders. Saddar Tel: 2780180. Suite No. Feroze Street.Karaci Tel: 2623525. Mohammad Amin Nasir. Shahrah-e-Faisal.302.AMIN CORPORATION Mohammad Feroz Street.pk Mr.

Tel: 2568712. M/s. 40-Talpur Road. Noor Mohammed Lakhani. Jaffer.AMIN INDUSTRIES Suite# 37. Jodia Bazar.E. Ghazanfar Feroz. D-274/B.Mail amingarments@hotmail. Exporter:Export of Garments M/s. Faisal Palace. Calcium Carbonate.. 2581433 Fax: 92-21-2568713 E. M/s. Kharader.net. 2401418 Fax: 92-21-2421680 Mr. Opp: Cafe-de-Khan. Khaliq.AMIN INDUSTRY Plot No. Street# 3.AMIN IMPEX Karim Building.I. Spare Parts Manuf:Jute and Polyropylene Products M/s. 222958 Fax: 92-21-2425052 Mr. Manuf:Polyester Fabrics . Tel: 2428200 Fax: 92-21-2428100 Mr.pk Mr. Jute Bag Making Fabrics.Mail aminfb@khi. Sub-Sector-F.AMIN GARMENTS Semi Comm 106. 8415780 E. Exporter:Import of Iron and Steel Importer:Export of Onyx & Marble M/s.AMIN FEROZ & CO.T.Karaci Tel: 32560274 Fax: 92-21-32581671 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4391099 Sheikh Amin Iqbal. KorangiKaraci Tel: 2044588. Exporter:Jute and Polypropylene Products Importer:Raw Jute.O. 1st Floor. Moolji Street. Muhammad Amin Abu-Baker.P.I.com. Jute Yarn. Tel: 2414778-9 Fax: 92-21-2411686 E..603-Business & Finance Centre. A.Karaci Tel: 2411921. PP Granules. Square Shopping Mall. Tel: 2401479.L. Tariq Road. Cotton Exchange Bldg.paknet. P. Darus Salam Co-operative Housing Society Ltd Sector 31.Mail aminind@cyber. Ajrul Yameen.E. M/s. Chundrigar Road. L. Box-6990. H.-4. S. I. Zakaria Lane. I. Qaiser Amin. (PVT) LIMITED 310-311.pk Mr. Master Batch.AMIN GEMS G-11..AMIN FABRICS LTD.com Mr. Ocean Centre. Haroonabad Industrial Area.I. Exporter:Textile Goods Manuf:Textile Goods M/s.D. Chundrigar Road.

M/s. Campbell Street.net. 2733494 Fax: 92-21-2725635 Mr. Hashim Raza Road. Fatima Jinnah Girls School. New Challi. Plaza Square. Model Colony. Plot # L-3. Akhter Iqbal Compound.AMINA GARMENTS C-3.Karaci Tel: 5684119 Fax: 92-21-5683931 E.Mail surriya@cyber. Faisal Abdul Ghaffar M/s.Karaci Tel: 2428543.pk Mr. Exporter:Cotton Yarn Importer:Textile Machineries Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s.Karaci Tel: 2251042 Fax: 92-21-2222486 E. Namco Centre.com Mr. M/s. Advani Street. Block-22.Mail mohsin_8226671@yahoo.AMIN TRADERS 4/48. Tel: 4400833 Fax: 92-21-4400833 E.pk Mian Mohammad Rafi.Karaci Tel: 2429505-12 Fax: 92-21-2423469 E. Chundrigar Road. M/s. Karachi Stock Exchange Building. Siddiq M/s. 31. lst Floor. M.Karaci Tel: 6378892 Fax: 92-21-6378892 E.Mail amintai@cyber. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.AMINS Room# 16. Arafat Centre.net. 28. Nishtar Road. Khalid Amin Exporter:Cotton waste M/s.Mail aminagarments@gmail. Stock Exchange Road. Amin Issa Tai.Mail speedafaisal@yahoo. Rehman Court. Federal 'B' Industrial Area.A.com Mr. Tel: 2626358 Fax: 92-21-2627212 E.AMIN ISSA TAI 612-617.Mail orakzai@cyber. Saddar.8. Nadeem M. 4th Floor. Arkay Square Extension.AMIN TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD.pk Mr.AMIN MOTORS CO. Off: I.Karaci Tel: 2723096.com Mr. Arshad Amin Sheikh.net.I. Sarmad Road.AMIN OIL TRADERS Shop No.AMINA IMPEX ShopNo. Importer:Lubricanting Oil and Greases M/s. Amin. 2429134 .

Fax: 92-21-2415789 E. Muhammad Ayub Baig. Own Shopping Centre. M. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Tel: 4942997 Mr.com Mr. Opp: KMC Store.AMIR HUSSAIN ASSOCIATES . Tel: 2425265. Amir Ahmed Shaikh M/s. Phase-V Extension. M/s. 2436691 Fax: 92-21-5843011 Mr. 2219010 Fax: 92-21-2633470 E. Recordable and Blank CDs. 44 Bahadur Shah Market.pk Mr. M/s.AMIR & COMPANY Hatim Bai Building. Importer:Raw Material of Audio Cassettes and CD's. Jinnah Road.Mail amirbros@gmail.net. New Challi.com Mr.AMIR & CO. DVD and CDR M/s. CDR. Importer:Polyester Fabrics Manuf:Yarn and Machinery M/s. 1.Mail aminy786@yahoo. DVD. Abid Chamber.AMINY TRADING COMPANY 4th Floor. Mecca Market.49.Karaci Tel: 2219631.AMIR BEARING CENTRE Shop No. Amir Aslam. Samira. Room No. Tanveer Alam. 10-PIB Colony. Jabbar Motiwala.AMIR BROTHERS 43. Tel: 2636148-9 Fax: 92-21-2637942 E. Saadullah Khan.Mail amins@cyber. Defence Housing Authority.AMIR CLOTH 105.Karaci Tel: 2433335.Karaci Tel: 2720786 Fax: 92-21-2721890 Mr. Muhammad Amir Exporter:Cloth Shops M/s. Saddar. Mr.20-21.Karaci Tel: 5683774 Fax: 92-21-7760956 Mr. A.AMIR ELECTRONICS Hotel Royal City. Manuf:Audio Cassettes. Nishter Road. 3/III. M/s. Importer:Second Hand Clothing M/s. Sarmad Road. Saba Avenue. Sir Shah Suleman Road. North Napier Road. Jawaid Ahsan.A.AMIR ENTERPRISES Shop No. Importer:Metal Waste Scrap M/s. 2730544 Mrs.

Tel: 111-111-052 Fax: 2560882. Muhammad Farooq M/s. Sector 23. Tel: 2730896-2779826 Fax: 2728867 E. Monna Apartment. Civil Lines.AMIR INDUSTRIES 172-173. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 5682368. Phase-V. Building 10-C. Amir Ali Harianawala. Amir Ismail Basathia Exporter:Oils Manuf:Herbal Mdicines M/s.AMIR RICE TRADING CO.Mail amirs@cyber. Korangi Industrial Area. Amir Hussain M/s. Sports Wear. Terry Towels M/s. 107-Progressive Plaza.Suite No. Beaumont Road. Civil Lines. 13th Floor.79/1/1/5.pk Mr. Progressive Plaza. Garden East.net. Muhammad Aamir M/s.AMIR POULTRY FARM A-4. Under Wear.T. S. Markaz-e-Anwar Building.Karaci Tel: 2427436. 107.AMIRALLY AND SONS . Exporter:Nightwear.com Mr. Chundrigar Road. Zam Zama commercial Lane-2. 2428277 Fax: 92-21-2466580 E. 5067884 Fax: 92-21-5073572 E. |Beaumont Road.E. Sports Wear.AMIR INDUSTRIES D-155.Mail stepzone@ymail.1304.I. Terry Towels Manuf:Nightwear. Exporter:Rice M/s. Jamila Street. Tel: 5053193.AMIR RICE EXPORT & IMPORT CO.com Mrs. Shamshad Bano Manuf:Zippers all sorts M/s. I.com Mr. Amir Manzoor M/s.AMIR INTERNATIONAL 6-A. Masood A.net.Mail amirind@cyber. Under Wear.pk Mr.. 5688160 Fax: 92-21-5682548 Mr. DHA.2563731 E.3.Mail amirindustries@hotmail.Mail consultancysupport@hotmail.AMIR MANZOOR Shop No. Choudhary. Uni Centre.Karaci Tel: 5862659 Fax: 5378233 E.I.Karaci Tel: 2236490 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5688160-5655616 Fax: 92-21-5682548 Mr.

V. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2413204-5 Fax: 92-21-2416723 E.A. Exporter:Deals in T.AMIRUMAR INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Mansoor R. 5435111 Fax: 92-21-5077702 Mr. Sayani. Abdullah Haroon Road. Korangi Industrial Area. specially Auto Wind Shield and Door Glasses M/s.pk Mr. M. Amjad Ullah Khan. I. The Plaza. M/s. Gupta Mansion.Mail amjeaseo@khi. Saddar. Clifton. Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail khudabux@cyber. Shahida Amirally Exporter:Auto parts M/s.197. Importer:Chairs Components.comsats. Tel: 5068618-20 Fax: 92-21-5054640 E. M/s. M/s.Karaci Tel: 345369223 Fax: 92-21-3537810 Mrs. Shamsha A. Jinnah Road. Anwar Zakaria.pk Mr. Garden East. Exporter:Hardware and Software Importer:Technology M/s.AMISCO Kings Court-1.AMJAD AHSAN INFOTECH (PVT) LTD. Plot # 2/4 and 2/5. Tel: 5077701-02. Chundrigar Road.AMIWALA TRADING COMPANY L-51.AMJAD AUTO CORPORATION G-8. Cotton Exchange Building. .net. Sector 17. Waqas Anwar.net. Burney. Hashoo Centre. 32727546 Mr.44. Tel: 2252718 Ms.AMIRCO Suite # 321. Korangi Industrial Area. Plaza Square. Block 9. Britto Road.AMJAD BROTHERS Shop No.I.Karaci Tel: 32766880. 3rd Floor.AMJAD ASSOCIATES Plot # 35. Sector 23. Items. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2728454. Exporter:Raw Cotton Importer:Raw Cotton Manuf:Raw Cotton M/s. 2728477 Fax: 92-21-2728137 Mr.Karaci Tel: 32723740 Mr. Manuf:Office Chairs. G-7. Azhar Wasim Puri Importer:Automotive Parts. Amjad Rajput.

Tel: 5831171 Fax: 92-21-5831174 Mrs. Muhammad Amjad M/s.c@cyber.pk Mr. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Tel: 4816450 E.A. PECHS.AMMAR ABDULLAH Zainab Building.net. 32765863 Fax: 92-21-35835725 E. 6661246 Fax: 6656169.AMMAR FOOD INDUSTRIES 3rd Floor. Qasbah Metroville. Muhammad Younus Exporter:Second Hand clothing Importer:Second Hand clothing M/s.Mail ament. North Nazimabad.Karaci Tel: 37213818 Mr.78 & 79. M/s. Ground Floor. Nishter Road. Amjad Shoukat M/s.Mail amlanis@super.com Mr. Dharamsiwara Road.Karaci Tel: 6705376 Fax: 92-21-6704941 Mr. Opp: Risala Police Station.Street 5/5.AMMAR STEEL Zainab Building.Adil Muhammad Khan M/s.Mail adil_khan65@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 2732801.AMLANI ENTERPRISES Plot No.pk Ms. Mohammad Ammar Shaikh M/s. Tel: 6656336.net. Nishtar Road.pk Mr. Tel: 4302232 Fax: 4302235 E. M. Clifton.Gul Court Market. Marine Point. Uzma Sohail M/s. 756-C. Kaniz Fatima Exporter:Ready made Garments M/s.net.6657106 E. Rashid Aslam Khan. North Napier Road.AMJAD BROTHERS & SONS Mango Street. Block 'L'.Karaci Tel: 32428583 Mr.AMMAD INTERNATIONAL 31 Hoor Centre.Mail mehrane@cyber.AMK MANAGEMENT B-139. Iqbal Amlani Exporter:Onyx and Marble Hand Crafted M/s. 2752351 . Ismail Centre. BC-11. Opp: Risala Police Station.Karaci Tel: 2732801 Fax: 92-21-2736632 Mr. Tel: 32774946. Near Bara Imam.AMMAR ASSOCIATES 408.4. DC-1/9. Block-6. Main Nishter Road. Block-II. Jinnah Road.AMMANI TRADERS Suite No.

Muhammad Ashraf Zindani. Berar Society.com Mr.AMNA EXPORTS (PVT) LIMITED Suite # 101. Muhammad Ali Taqi.pk Mr.com Mr. Plot No. C.Karaci Tel: 4935672 Fax: 92-21-4923903 E. Skirts. Aziz Zakaria. 1st Floor.AMMARA COMMERCIAL PRINTERS (PVT) LIMITED. Shorts.I.Karaci Tel: 4561881-82 Fax: 4561884 E.AMMARAH INC. S. Wakil Saqib Exporter:Home Textiles Towels Manuf:Towel Garments M/s. Main Dumloti Road. Adj. Landmark Plaza. Memon Goth.AMNA CORPORATION Suit No. Blouses Manuf:Woven Garment.com Mr. 2573157 Fax: 92-21-2575262 E. 4th Zamzama Comm.6 & 7. Old Subzi Mandi.AMNA INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED . M/s.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 6806679 Fax: 92-21-2812798 E. Phase-V. Skirts.T.AMNA ENTERPRISES 204.I.Karaci Tel: 35837371-72 Fax: 3586917 Syed Atif Salman Hashmi Exporter:Leather Garments Manuf:Leather Garments M/s. Tel: 5053117 Fax: 92-21-4542332 E. Shorts. Exporter:Knitted Hosiery Garments Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s. Iftikhar Ashraf. DHA. I.Mail ammarabdul@yahoo. Trousers. lst Floor.AMNA APPARELS F-271. Exporter:Woven Garment.net.Mail ammarahinc@yahoo. Shirts. Blouses M/s.Fax: 92-21-2736632 E.net. Faizan-e-Madina.BS-3. Abdul Waheed Siddiqui M/s. Imran Terrace.Mail info@amnaenterprises.Karaci Tel: 34912875 Fax: 92-21-34938806 Mr. 384.AMNA GARMENTS Suite # 11. Exporter:Rice M/s.Mail amna3@cyber. Farooq Ibrahim.com Mr.E. Shirts.Mail info@commericalprinter..6-C.Mail ajju@digicom. SGM Industrial Area. Importer:Iron Steel and Tin Plate M/s. Federal 'B' Area. New Onion & Potato Market. Block-7/8.P. Block-16. University Rd. Chundrigar Road. Trousers. Building No. Lane. Tel: 2573150. 502. Malir.

Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.com Mr.AMRAT BEVERAGES INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED 17-D. Saddar.AMPARA GEMS AND JEWELLERS Shop No. North Karachi. D-89.E. New Jeweller Centre. Chundrigar Road.S.Karaci Tel: 0300-9251072 Mr.Mail amourtex@hotmail. P. West Wharf Road.E.Mail amirmoten@cyber. Business Centre. Tel: 2313031-5 Fax: 2310625 Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal. SITE. S. 58.com Mr.S.net. Products (M.3rd Floor. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.O. Farooqi M/s. Hub River Road. Block-6.Karaci Tel: 2561150-54 Fax: 92-21-2561964 E.B. Rizwan Sattar M/s. PMA Building. Mumtaz Hasan Road.I. Muhammad Aslam Rogatia Importer:Gen..59.AMNA UNANI HOSPITAL L-230.T.Mail danishnazeer@amrelisteels. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.I.AMRIQ (PVT) LIMITED Suite # 3. Muhammed Mehmood M/s.pk Syed Muhammad Saleem.D.C. I. 2579932 & 33 Fax: 92-21-2579931 E. Tel: 36979467 Hakim Mohammad Ibrahim M/s.Karaci Tel: 9221243.Karaci Tel: 111-600-000 Fax: 92-21-4540529 E.AMOUR TEXTILES (PVT) LIMITED F-119. 9812-13-14 Fax: 92-21-2439811 Mr. Box# 3218. Tel: 2563876. P. 12th Floor.510. Naseem A.Karaci Tel: 34549277-34549278 .S. Products (Specializing in Steel Bars) M/s.. Abbas Akberali.. items M/s. Bars) Importer:Rolling Mill Machinery and Spares Manuf:M. M/s. Sector 11-G. Afzal Umer Exporter:Textile products Importer:Raw Material of Textile products Manuf:Textile M/s.H.AMR ENTERPRISE 63. K. Shershah Road. PECHS. Jason Trade Centre.S. Exporter:M. Tel: 2424295 Fax: 92-21-2410459 Mr.L.AMRELI STEELS (PVT) LTD.AMPLE SHIPPING & LOGISTIC Suite No.

Duvet Covers. Defence Housing Authority. Central Commercial Area.Karaci Tel: 4380263 Fax: 92-21-4541703 E.AMZ CORPORATION Plot No. 21st Comm. Al-Rehman Trade Centre. Street.A.Mail yariq@amriq. 2nd Floor. Block-2 P. Handicrafts.com. Exporter:Bed Linen. Baldia Town.Mail amsatrade@cyber.E. Exporter:Furniture. Hoor Centre.. 32565520 Fax: 2563310.E.I. Muhammad Tariq Siddiqui M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.pk Mr. 42-C. Rock Salt Manuf:Furniture. S. . North Napier Road. Phase-II Extension.E.AMWAR AGENCIES Shop No. Sufyan Amjad Exporter:Building products M/s.AMSONS TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD. Anas Fazal M/s. Tel: 2774642 Fax: 92-21-2773979 Mr. Tower-B.net. Cotton.H.Karaci Tel: 2425680-93 Fax: 92-21-2423710 Mrs. M/s. Saima Trade Tower.Mail amsons@cyber.pk Mr.AMS & MOTHERCO 189/4.com Mr. Handicrafts. Saqib Rafiq..C.Karaci Tel: 5386599 Fax: 92-21-2639717 E.T.C. D-14/B.40.S.net. Abdul Majeed Mukaty. Importer:Textile Machinery and Spares Parts. Bano Centre.Fax: 34549477 E.pk Mr. Tel: 32572854-5. Fabrics. M/s.2563311 E. Saeedabad.S.Mail office@ams-supplies. K. M/s.AMZ TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LIMITED 19th Floor. Manghopir Road. Dyes and chemicals.Mail amzcorporation@hotmail.AMS SUPPLIES 764/A.com Mr. Arshad Mahmood. 5G 90/2.AMSA TRADING CO. Tel: 2428167 Mr. Rock Salt M/s.AMROS PHARMACEUTICALS 434-435.H. Tel: 2814374 Fax: 92-21-7730093 E.. Abdul Razzaque. Manuf:Textile Made Ups. Fatima Abdullah Exporter:Tractor parts Importer:Hardware & Machinery M/s.

Haresh Kumar M/s.Karaci Tel: 4525185-86. Saddar.ANA ENTERPRISES Plot No. North Karachi Township. 6th Floor. Preedy Street.net.ANABIA TRADE INTERNATIONAL House No. 1st Floor.E. Muhammed Shakil Ahmed Exporter:Garments M/s. Authority.pk Mr.2564580 E. Importer:Cables M/s.com Mr. Exporter:Tennis/Terry Socks M/s. Madina City Mall. Sehar Commercial Avenue.com Mr. Federal 'B' Area.pk Mr.Mail info@amzt. M/s.net. Sector 11 1/2. Nazo Parveen M/s.T.45251 Syed Zahid Mustafa Rizvi. Athar Haneef Naseem Shaikh. Saddar.. Bhojani.Karaci Tel: 2734060 .ANAM FABRICS (PVT) LIMTED F-528/B. Chundrigar Road. Orangi. 4th Floor. M/s. Defence H.WSA-9.Mail atlantichawk@cyber. S.AN NAAFAY INTERNATIONAL 405. Tel: 2565701. 2575844 Fax: 2565886.Mail anam@cyber. Tel: 38090616 Fax: 38090616 E.ANALYTICAL MEASURING SYSTEMS (PVT) LTD. Irfan Zakaria.Karaci Tel: 2219761 Fax: 92-21-2219760 E. Poonawala Trade Tower. Junaid Nagar.ANAS AGENCIES Room No. 6341594 Fax: 92-21-6802654 E.Karaci Tel: 32700951 Fax: 32700951 E.Mail anenterprises555@hotmail. 5656649-59 Fax: 92-21-5652661 Mr.Karaci Tel: 32467531-2 Fax: 32467533 E. Plot # 14-C.Karaci Tel: 5652660.I.pk Mr.Mail anaent@pak@yahoo.net. Block-L.ANAND NAWAS ENTERPRISES 608. Lane# 4 Phase-VII. 4546112 Fax: 4536406.I.com Ms. Prince Centre. Street No-6. Tel: 6360569.681. Importer:Data Communication Equipment and Hard Ware.Mail anamsock@cyber. Salim A. Abdullah Haroon Road.122. Chabba Street.ANAM ENTERPRISES Plot No. Block-12. M/s. Mohammed Iqbal.A-196.I.

I. Jinnah Road. 104.Karaci Tel: 2417081 Fax: 92-21-2435315 E.com Mr. Muhmmad Zaman Anas M/s. Anas.Mail fin@anchorlogistics. Muhammad Shah Nawaz Exporter:Used Clothing and Shoes M/s.net. Aurangzeb Market. Wallace Road.Mail bronze51@super.Karaci Tel: 2783437 Fax: 92-21-2781430 E. Muhammad Hanif.Mail raza@anchorshipping. Amin A. Saddar.Mail anus_impex@yahoo. 7721366 Fax: 92-21-7721617 E. Hoor Centre.A. Ground Floor.Mail info@globalbearingworld.ANCHOR SHIPPING & TRADING (PVT) LTD. Saima Trade Tower. M. .Karaci Tel: 7725124. Near Masjid Aqsa. 34211801 Fax: 92-21-3494157 E.Mail anastropical105@hotmail. Chundrigar Road.Fax: 92-21-2721890 Mr. 2639612 Fax: 92-21-2620827 E. M/s. Off: I.ANASCO TRADERS Shop # 21.Karaci Tel: 2417081-83 Fax: 92-21-2435315 E.com Mr.ANAS AUTOS 20/33.ANCHOR LOGISTICS (PVT) LIMITED Standard Chartered Annexy Building. Services:Shipping Agent M/s. Plot#231.pk Mr. North Napier Road. Chundrigar Road. Old Sabzi Mandi 2.EXPORT CO. Tel: 32744760 Fax: 32744760 E. Aslam Basar M/s. I. Vadhariya.ANAS TROPICAL FRU & VEG.Chundrigar Road. Adnan Ahmad.Karaci Tel: 2211413. Raza Ahmed Farooqi M/s.ANASCO SURGICALS Goan Union Building. Grindlays Bank Building.Mail anasco_surgicals@hotmail. Dilkusha Chamber & Autor Market.ANDREW AGENCY Room# A-702.com Mr. 7th Floor. Wallace Road.com Mr. Marston Road. M/s. Abdul Wasim.ANAS SHAHNAWAZ & CO. Off: I. Tel: 276469 Mr. Importer:All kinds of Ball and Taper Roller Bearings M/s.biz Mr.com Mr.I. Muno Goth. Mansfield Street.I. M.Karaci Tel: 34947181.

F.Karaci Tel: 2446925 Fax: 2270561 E.E.ANEES LEATHER GARMENTS F-76. E/29. Industrial Estate.Karaci Tel: 8538063 E. Tel: 5220741 Fax: 7011801 Mr. Tel: 2587602-11 Fax: 92-21-2587612 E. Shahani Street.26316 E.I. Fawad Mirza Exporter:Garments M/s. S.T..com Shaikh Moeen Ahmad.ANF GARMENTS L-3/A.net.Mail androshipping@hotmail.B.114. Exporter:Electronic Repair . Saddar. KMC Building.ANFAL TRADERS Shop No.ANFORD (PAKISTAN) (PVT) LTD.Mail spwunited@gmail. Imtiaz-ur-Rehman. Khalid Ahmed M/s. 31/2. Jinnah Road. Al Mustafa Homes. Spotlit Chambers. WO2/3. Gul Mohammad Street.T.Mail moeenahmad@alkachemicals. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Tel: 2631164. 1st Floor.garments@cyber.Mail anf. 2578491 Fax: 92-21-4561806 E.com Chaudhry Tahir Zaman.Repair of Electronic Circut cards M/s.ANDROS SHIPPING AGENCIES (PVT) LIMITED 3rd Floor. Tel: 2579415. M/s. 2631171 Fax: 2631680. I.Mail anecdotalent@hotmail. block-22. Area.Ground Floor.Exporter:Non-Ferous Metal Serap.Mail imranabduljabbar@gmail.ANEES CHEMICALS (PVT) LIMITED F-748. 1st Floor. Jodia Bazar. S. M.ANEES & SONS Shop No. U/V.. Exporter:Fresh Frozen Fishes Services:Shipping M/s. Muhammad Anees Exporter:Leather Garments M/s.ANECDOTAL ENTERPRISES D-507.I.com Mr. Importer:Raw Material Manuf:Tooth Paste .pk Mr. Adam Arcade. Garden East.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 32059952 E.E. Faisal Haroon M/s.com Mr. Rio Centre.Mail anfords@hotmail. Ruquia Khatoon M/s. Boulton Market.I. Tel: 36070783-36834320 Fax: 36834321 E.com Mrs.A.A-5.

Tel: 03204031681.Mail wia555@cyb. Keamari. Hamid Ali M/s.Karaci Tel: 4815062 Fax: 92-21-5887978 Mr. Phase-II Extension. Tel: 2430521 Fax: 2421212 E. Tel: 2430521-3 Fax: 92-21-2421212 E.com Mr. A-1. Zamindar Building. Gul Court.Karaci Tel: 4545912 . 2430103 Fax: 92-21-2430322 Mr.ANI CORPORATION 215-B. Haroonabad. Muhammad Fahim M/s.ern.ANIS AHMED & BROTHERS 18. Nagina Centre. Muhamamd Haroon Baig Importer:Water Treatment procucts M/s. Importer:Art Silk Yarn Manuf:Polyester Yarn M/s.P.. Jinnah Road. Jinnah Road. Chundrigar Road. 1st Floor.ANIS AHMED Plot # D-262-A. Mohammad Irshad.pk Mr. G. Box-729. Latif Cloth Market. Jinnah Rod.ANI ENTERPRISES 215-B. South Park Aveue. Asif Haroon. Latif Cloth Market.O. Sector 12/C. North Karachi Induatrial Area.I.ANIS & SONS (PVT) LIMITED DP-69.M/s.Karaci Tel: 2585151 Mr. M.ANIQA ENTERPRISES 401.com Mr. Tel: 32400738 E. Campbell Street. Tel: 2863803-2863805 Fax: 2855256 E. M. Defence Housing Authority.Mail aniion1@hotmail.T.A.Mail fahimkhi@hotmail. I. S.E.com Mr.ANGELIC OCEAN SYSTEM (PVT) LTD.ANGEL WATER TECHNOLOGIES C-26. M.I. Importer:HARDWARE M/s.A. Textile Fabrics Manuf:Grey Cloth M/s.Mail imranharoon@yahoo.net.ANGLO PAK TRADERS 214. Tel: 6058427-6906922 Fax: 6902444 Syed Saqib Zamir Kazmi M/s.A. Uni Tower. Naeem Haroon M/s. Faraz Ahmed Exporter:Cloth.

ANIS TYRE CORPORATION 105.Mail s.I.pk Mr.Ranchone Line. Nadiad Tarrace.ANIS IMPEX C-21.Karaci Tel: 7737039 E. Exporter:Textile & Fabrics Manuf:Textile and Fabric M/s.Karaci Tel: 2316505 Fax: 92-21-2316504 E.ANIS SONS 08/04.Mail anis_bros@cyber. 2nd Floor. Keamari..com Hafiz Muhammad Kamran. Muhammad Anis.T. Muhammad Anis Kapadia. Oil Installation Area.Mail anistex@super. Tel: 2567251-53 Fax: 92-21-2569177 E.Mail anis_sons@yahoo.ANIS TRADING COMPANY 49. Anis Ahmed Barry M/s. 3rd Floor. Shahid Ahmed.ANIS APPAREL F-2/E.com Mr. Sattar Chambers. Exporter:Carpets. 29-West Wharf Road. Uzma Arcade. Clifton. Wali Gali.ahmad@iscl.Mail anistex@super. Tel: 5863680-83 Fax: 5863649 . Block-7.Fax: 92-21-4545906 E.Mail anisenterprises@hotmail.E. Tel: 2438224 Fax: 92-21-2569177 E.ANIS BROS Paper Market. Tel: 2851045-6 Fax: 92-21-2852181 Mr. M/s.Karaci Tel: 0300-9294711 E. S.ANIS TEXTILE CORPORATION f-2/e. Importer:Paper & Board M/s.ANIS ENTERPRISES 19. Zeenat Medicine Market. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. 4th Floor. Near MCB Tel: 2623456-7 Fax: 92-21-2629855 E. Akhtar Memon. M/s. Exporter:Ready Made Garments. Manuf:Ready Made Garments. Hardas St.E. Mohammad Anis Memon. Importer:Chemicals and Petrochemicals Products.pk Mr. Ghafoor Hall.com Sheikh Anis Ahmed M/s. North Napier Road.tv Mr.pk Mr..I.net.net. M/s.Mail anisimpex@hotmail.T.net. Handicrafts Importer:Kitchen and Laundry Equipment M/s. S.

Karaci Tel: 5834971-2 Fax: 92-21-5830579 Mr.ANJUM ASIF & COMPANY (PVT) LTD. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.ANISONS Suite 203. Clifton Block-2.ANJ TRADERS Suite # 707.ANJUM ADIL & ASSOCIATES A-1 Hilton. Services:Indenting Agents M/s.Karaci Tel: 5890370 Mr. Tel: 5865383-4 Fax: 92-21-5865448 E.Karaci Tel: 5362772-4 Fax: 5363223 E. Marine Point. Block-4.Mail anjumchem@cyber.ANJUM BROTHERS (PVT) LTD. Abdur Rehman Anis Importer:Hotel Equipments M/s.com Syed Mahmood Jaffar M/s. 5. Arkay Square. Exporter:Export of Leather Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 2414546-8 Fax: 92-21-2417010 E. G-13. Importer:Food and Consumer Items M/s. Block-14.pk Mr.Mail anistyre@super.com Mr. D-70. Mashriq Centre. Tel: 2425569 Fax: 92-21-2417010 E.net.ANITA LEATHER House No.Mail anjtraders@hotmail. Arkay Square. Sector A. Anjum Nisar. Block-9. Gul Mohammad.Karaci Tel: 4146510 E. Clifton. Anjum Nisar. Akhtar Colony. Korangi Road. Block-9. C-155/1. Schon Circle. Kehkashan Clifton. Clifton. Room No. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. 10.Mail anisar@anjumasif.net. 4th Floor. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 5865383. KDA Scheme No.408. Street-6.Mail anjumadilassociates@gmail.net. Importer:Consumer items M/s. 5865381 Fax: 92-21-5865448-9 E. Anjum Hameed.pk Mr.pk Mr. Anjum Hameed. 7th Floor.Mail anisar@anjumasif.Mail anjumbro@cyber.ANJUM ASIF & CO. Anjum Adil M/s.ANJUM CHEMICALS STORAGE (PVT) LTD 4/10.com Mr. . Anis Charania M/s. Clifton.E.com Mr.

Taj Paper Centre. Wool Washing Area. Nazimabad No-1. Block-2.com Mr.ANMOL JEWELLERY TRADERS 2nd Floor. Abbas Ali Merchant M/s. Mohammad Anis. Anjum Mahmood. Muhamamd Shafi Muneem Exporter:Garments . Tel: 5076568 Fax: 92-21-5076569 E.. M/s. Zakaria Lane.L-440.ANNA GARMENTS Plot No.S.A. P. Sector-24.Mail ankra@cyber. Sector 11-G.Karaci Tel: 4555723-6 Fax: 92-21-4555170 Shaikh Anjum Rehmat. M/s. Near Jaweria Centre.net. Muhammad Anjum M/s.ANMOL TAAZA (PVT) LIMITED 83-A. Near Landhi Cattle Colony.ANJUM FOODER MILLS Plot No.ANJUM CORPORATION ME-5/125.K. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 32440040 Mr. Khalid Bin Waleed Road.pk Mr.ANJUM MOTORS 151-B. Tel: 7720323 E.com Mr. Shahra-e-Liaquat.ANM VENTURE B-28.Mail info@anmventure.ANM TRADING CO.Importer:Textile Chemicals M/s. Chemicals. Own Plaza. Rubber M/s. Old Police Line Street. Tel: 2212071 Mr. 2441805 Fax: 92-21-2416963 Mr. Tel: 2628604. Bibi Manzil. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Mail sameed01@hotmail. Mohammad Akram. M/s.H.14. Adnan Atif M/s. Importer:Plastic. Lyari Quarters.C.93-94. Korangi Industrial Area.ANKRA APPAREL Plot No. 393-17. New Karachi.E. 2628495 Fax: 92-21-2625348 E. M/s. Imran Shaukat. Tel: 2775823-2775916 Fax: 2744993 Mr.ANJUM MAHMOOD ADVOCATES 407. Allahdin House. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2442062. Moiz Tahir M/s. Najmi Building. 13-15.Karaci Tel: 35670786 Mr. Dr.

ANORA TRADERS 85/A. Block-13-B.ANOUD POWER GENERATION LIMITED 6th Floor. 3. 1st Floor.ANOUD GAS LIMITED 6th Floor.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4824260-4982097 Fax: 4984579 E. No.Mail anoudgroup@hotmail. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Lakson Square Bldg.Karaci Tel: 6999347 Fax: 92-21-4979510 Syed Rass Masud M/s. Sector 15-B.Mail anoudgroup@hotmail. Exporter:Cotton Yarn Importer:Industrial Machinery/Equipment. Sarwar Shaheed Road.Mail info@anoudgroup.com Mr.Importer:Garments M/s. Importer:Industrial Machinery/Equipments Manuf:Sotrage/Filling-Bottling/Marketing of LPG throughout the country M/s. Importer:Industrial Machinery/Equipments Manuf:Power Generation M/s.com Mr. Buffer Zone. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Asif Nawab M/s. Data Trade Centre.ANNEX INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD R-774. Tel: 5681084-88 Fax: 92-21-5682967 E.3. Muhammed Anwer.Mail a1nawab@anniesfood. Tel: 5681084-88 Fax: 92-21-5682967 E.ANOUD GROUP OF COMPANIES A-4.Karaci Tel: 5681084-88 Fax: 92-21-5682967 E. Phase-1. Tasveer Ahmed Jumani. Shaukat Memon. SB-07. Tel: 5384923-4 Fax: 5384925 . DHA. Tel: 32073518 E.com Mr.ANOUD TEXTILE MILLS LTD. Shah Faisal Colony. Tatheer Ahmed Jumani. Tel: 2436910 Fax: 92-21-2438096 Mr. Lakson Building No. 6th Floor.Mail anoudgroup@hotmail. North Karachi. Packing Material Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s. Raw Cotton. Muhammad Akram M/s.com Mr. Lakson Bldg. M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 3.ANOVA ENTERPRISES 117-C.ANNIES FOOD PRODUCTS H-26. Block-4. 12th East Street. Latif Cloth Market.

2560250 Fax: 92-21-2560250 E. Mohammad Azhar Nadeem Qureshi Exporter:Polyester Laces M/s. Block-G.com Mr.Mail hatuf@cyber.C1-112.Mail iqbalahmed123@hotmail. Exporter:Onyx & Marble Items Importer:Marble Stone Manuf:Marble Stone Cutting M/s. Tel: 4550335. Saddar.ANSA INTERNATIONAL 27/1-C. Imran Ahmed M/s. 2. Tel: 2565407.com Mr..A-14. North Nazimabad. Alamgir Rayon Mills.E. Federal 'B' Area.Karaci Mr. North KarachiKaraci .ANSARI TEXTILE INDUSTRIES Plot No.ANSARI & CO. Rashid Imran M/s. Sher Shah Sher Shah Colony.E.Mail bilalabid_hafeez@hotmail. Asif Saleem Importer:Medical Equipments M/s. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s.H.ANSARI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Flat # A-2.Karaci Tel: 7765983.T.Karaci Tel: 5217783 Mr. Akhlaq. Room No. Sector-6-B. Baba-e-Urdu Road. 7736987 Fax: 92-21-7724223 E.com Mr.com Syed Ammad Iftikhar M/s. Sector 15-B. 4521071 E.pk Mr. Al Imran Plaza. No. Tel: 6369988 Fax: 92-21-6800115 Mr. F-15. Mohamamd Iqbal Ahmed M/s. Mohd. Moeen Steel Market.ANSARI BROTHERS Plot No. P.31. S. M-11E 12139/C.Mail ansaribros@cyber. Block-4.Mail mustafa.ANSAB JEWELLER Room No.I. Street-51. SD. Jinnah Road.net. Murshid Sunar Tower.ansari53@gmail.pk Mr.Mail ansaexport@hotmail.506. Azmat Ali Khan M/s.net.S.Karaci Tel: 32593807 E.C. 5th Floor.ANSAR TRADING CO. 1st Floor. North Karachi Buffer Zone. Tel: 6976526 Fax: 6976526 E. Arif Ali.E.ANSARI HEALTHCARE C-11.ANSARI BROTHERS A-19.

2528307 Fax: 92-21-2546340 E. Mujahid Colony. Opp: Murshid Sunar Tower.com Ms.Tel: 6981980-6981970 Fax: 92-21-6909350 E.Mail ansaritextile@cyber. Phase-V. Textile Yarn M/s.co. Phase-VI.Karaci Tel: 4974119 Mr.ANUSHA ENTERPRISES A-489. Street No. M/s.ANUS PACKAGES Shade#B-385/2. Block-2.Mail alpine@hotmail. Hong Kong Shopping Mall.325.Mail adagency@super. Dr. Defence H.ANSARI'S GEMS & JEWELLERY 197.uk Muhammad Tahir Exporter:Paper& Board M/s.ANUSHA ENTERPRISES Plot No. Near MCB. DHA. Tel: 021-6943709 Fax: 021-6943709 E.ANWAR & SONS Shop No.Mail anuspackages@hotmail.ANWAR AHMED L-183. M/s.pk Mr. Tel: 021-3660145 E.Mail anusha_moon@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 2523847. Khayaban-e-Bukhari. National Stadium Road.Karaci Tel: 5222328 Mr. Tel: 6643979 Fax: 92-21-6648460 E. Shaukatullah Ansari Exporter:Gems and Jewellery M/s.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5082676 Fax: 92-21-5080613 E. Street-32.Karaci Mr. Mohammad Shahid Manuf:Goldsmith M/s. Muhammad Anser. Jute Products.12.ANWAR ASGHAR BROS.6. Authority. Sumbal Ali. Block 'H'.net.Mail arsons2003@yahoo.pk Mr. 6th Commercial Lane.net. Anwar Ahmed Khan Exporter:Rice. Zamzama. Saddar. Landhi. Kashifa Riaz Importer:Betelnuts M/s. Sectro 11/C-1.1. Dawood Pota Road. Cattle Colony. Anwar Iqbal. Muhammad Qasim Ansari Exporter:Mfg and Export of Textile made ups M/s.2-C. Azizabad. Bhangoria Town. Road No. Exporter:Livestock M/s.ANTIQUE GOLD COLLECTION Shop# M2-04.com Mr. 311-326 to 329.com. . North Karachi. Room No. North Nazimabad.ANSER DAIRY FARM Plot No.

com Mr. Bath Towels. Laces Importer:Polyester Yarn and Rubber Thread Manuf:Tapes.Mail anwarenterprises1997@yahoo.O. Exporter:Leather Garments M/s.I. Tel: 5865790. B/1-B. Defence Housing Authority. S.. Near Bawany Chali.Mail naveed_fareedi@hotmail.E. Exporter:Kitchen Towels. 2582434 Fax: 92-21-2586430 E. Naveed Anwar Dhillow M/s.net. Fittes Sheets & Cotton Madeups M/s. Services:Terry Towel.8-C. Ribbon. St-9/A. Opp: Risala Police Station.pk Mr. Tel: 2428411-12 Fax: 92-21-2424266 Mr.ANWAR CORPORATION Nicol/Frere Road Crossing. 2429420 Fax: 92-21-2432069 Syed Sarfraz Ahmed.. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Phase-II Ext.ANWAR CORPORATION No.Mail adamjees@cyber. Sunset Lane-9. Buffer Zone.ANWAR SOAP INDUSTRY R-14.ANWAR ENTERPRISES G-3. Hand Towels.com Mr. Opp: Al-Abid Silk Mills.T.net. Afaq Ahsan. Yellow Dusters. Box-4755. Tel: 2579525 Fax: 92-21-2562715 E.Mail anwar_enterprises@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 35881344-35448594 Fax: 35881345 E. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2423353.T. 0300-2536669 Fax: 92-21-5865790 E. Mohammad Iqbal Jan. Naveed Farooq Fareedi . Anwar M. 6950591 Fax: 92-21-6950591 E. North Karachi.E.Karaci Tel: 258241. Sector 15-B. Bath Robes etc M/s.pk Mr. Ribbon Laces M/s.com Mr.Shams Chambers. Importer:Iron & Steel Sheets/Coils of Secondary Quality M/s. Aziz-ul-Hasan. Dish Cloths.ANWAR CORPORATION A/5. 30 TL-1. Kitchen Towel.Karaci Tel: 6997563.ANWAR INDUSTRIES F-308. Near CMA School. Plot No.Mail janmills@cyber. Lakhani. Nishtar Road. Anwer Ali Jessam. 7734332 Fax: 92-21-7735147 Mr. P.I.Karaci Tel: 7734331. Upper Gizri.ANWAR ENTERPRISES 172. Exporter:Tapes. S.

9th Floor.Mail anwerhashim@yahoo. Tel: 4546902-03 Fax: 92-21-4547203 E.pk Miss. EP-11.Karaci Tel: 2724129 Fax: 92-21-2772981 Mr. General Items M/s.com Mr. M. 7222888 Fax: 92-21-7221603 E. Shevertan Street.Karaci Tel: 2413743. Achi Kabar.Mail info@anwartextiles.T. Ishrat Anwar M/s.C. Nooman Street. Exporter:Commodity Pulses. Plaza Quarters. .Mail kanwer1@yahoo.com Mr.M/s.Mail infp@anwartextiles. Seema Anwar.. North Karachi Industrial Area.Mail anwtc@cyber. Sector 12-C.ANWAR TRADING COMPANY 903.ANWAR TEXTILES EP-11.Karaci Tel: 7240245. Near Agha Khan Park. Sector 12-C.com Mr. Liaquat Market. Manzoor Square. Muhammad Omer Anwar Lari Exporter:Cotton Towels and Terry Manuf:Cotton Towels and Terry Fabrics M/s. Tel: 36955601 Fax: 36956715 E. 2413556 Fax: 92-21-2418848 E.ANWARZAIB WHITE CEMENT LIMITED F-176.H.pk Mr. Muhammad Anwar Exporter:Ready made Garmetns Importer:Vehicle Motor Parts Vearings M/s. Altaf Hussain Road. New Challi.net. Rape Seeds. M/s.ANZ ENTERPRISES O.ANWAR SONS 60. P. Shah Nizar Appartment. North Karachi Industrial Area. Rice Importer:Pulses. Muhammad Anwar. Hussain Trade Centre. 6955601 Fax: 92-21-6956715 E.Karaci Tel: 6987423.S.ANWARTEX INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Anwer Hashim. 5/47.ANWER HASHIM C-5. Jinnah Road.A. Exporter:White Cement Manuf:White Cement M/s.E.wol.Mail awcl@khi. Garden East.com Mr. Block-2. Coal. North Karachi.ANWER MILL STORE 74 & 169. Opp: New Memon Masjid. Importer:Knitting Machines and Complete Parts M/s.net.Karaci Tel: 2218531-2 Fax: 92-21-2218532 E. Mohammad Anwer Khan.

Federal 'B' Area.Mail anzico@gsmedica. Opp: Passport Office. Saddar.net.Mail anzee@cyber.AOL LOGISTICS 130-D. Tel: 6372545 Fax: 92-21-6372545 E. Commercial Area B. Preedy Street. Jawad Ur Rahman Exporter:Garments Hosiery Manuf:Garments & Hosiery M/s. North Karachi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 5886998-9 Fax: 92-21-5384622 E. 9th Floor.net. Exporter:Agro Commodities (Rice. Sector 16-B. I.com Mr.Mail anzgarments@cyber.Mail anz@cyber. Plastic Moulding Compound M/s.ANZEE INTERNATIONAL 3-Yar Mohammad Manzil. Tel: 2437695.AP FAROOQ & SONS Suite # 905.pk Mr. M/s. Mithadar.Karaci Tel: 2444600. Azmat Razi Importer:CNG Equipment Manuf:CNG for Vhicles M/s.net. Textile Terry Products Importer:Chemicals.Karaci Tel: 8225454 E. Chundrigar Road. Al-Rahim Tower.pk Mr.ANZEE ENTERPRISE OT-3/101-104/133. 5384979 Mr. 2444700 Fax: 92-21-2444636 Mrs Sabiha Jabeen M/s. Lentils. Chick Peas. 2440209 Fax: 92-21-2418341 E.com. Tel: 0300-8232184 Fax: 92-21-2562715 E.Bombay Bazar.ANZ GARMENTS WS-14.pk Mrs.2200. Phase-1. Phase-II. Amin Abdul Latif Jangda.Mail aollog@aollogistics.APEX CORPORATION WH-4. Allauddin M/s. Shazia Jan. Munawer Sardar Maseeh M/s. Saddar. Block-7. 5th East Street. Nadeem Zafar Importer:Cables M/s.pk Mr.I.ANZICO INTL 01-Paradise Chamber.Karaci Tel: 5001524-31 Fax: 92-21-5001532 Mr. . Seasame Seeds).APEX CNG 20-C. Defence Housing Authority.Karaci Tel: 5886553. Defence Housing Authority.

Aslam Zakaria M/s.net. Exporter:Textile Pieces Goods Importer:Pharma Raw Material Manuf:Textile Pieces Goods Services:Indenting of Textile Machinery M/s. Tel: 7210071-75 Mr. 29 Industrial Area West Wharf. Block # 21. Street-4.Tel: 6992974. Business Recorder Road. Arshad A. Tel: 6376715-4 Fax: 92-21-6322809 E.APEX PRINTING PRESS 531. Tel: 39693525 Fax: 36980537 E.Mail apex@apexcorporation. Sarfraz Khan Exporter:Mangoes.com Mr. M/s.APNA DISTRIBUTORS 301. Arshad Aziz Zuberi. 8368700 Fax: 92-21-2587417 E. Asad A.7211667 Fax: 92-21-7228805 Mr. . Badar Comm. M/s.APEX MARKETING SERVICES L-28-C. 18-C. Crockery Rice Mithai etc M/s. Federal 'B' Area. Zubairi.APEX PRINTRY (PVT) LIMITED 531. Suite # 323. North Karachi Industrial Area.Mail Aslam_zakaria@APL.pk Ms.APEX GARMENTS A/29-S. Business Recorder Road.com. Tabassum Yusuf M/s.Karaci Tel: 5349351 Fax: 92-21-4010987 E. Muhammad Haroon.APEX INDUSTRIES WH-4. Rajani Exporter:Fashion Garments Manuf:Fashion Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 111275275. Recorder House. DHA.pk Mr.Mail apnadistributor@cyber.pk Mr.APOLLO TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED The Forum. 2314521 Fax: 92-21-2310974 E. Tel: 2587408. Area. Industrial Area. 3rd Floor.pk Mr.net.Phase-V.Mail apex@apexindustries.net.APL LOGISTICS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Marine House. SITE. 6980537 Fax: 92-21-8140690 E.Mail apextextile@cyber. Tel: 7210071-5. G-20.Mail apex-ac@cyber. Muhammad Haseeb Exporter:HomeTextile Hosiery & Knitwear Importer:Biveb Semens M/s. Sector 16-B.com Mr.

pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5074905 E.pk Mr.Mail ampl_iqbal@yahoo. Tel: 2575214-15 Fax: 92-21-2575265 E.net.Karaci Tel: 5896031 Fax: 92-21-5888448 E.Box-75600. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Abdul Rehman Zahur Exporter:Cotton Yarn Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s.APPAREL CONNECTION Suite # 201-205.com Mr. Block-9. Defence Housing Authority. Mumtaz Hasan Road.com Mr.I.. D-1. Exporter:Woven and Knits Garments Manuf:Woven and Knits Garments M/s. Omair Mirza . Services:Textile Buying Agent M/s. Korangi Industrial Area.T.17. Asia Pacific Trade Centre.pk Mr.29. Clifton.APPAREL BUYING AGENCY Suite No. S. Off: Hub River Road.Mail info@apollotextile. Muhammad Anwer Sharif M/s.com.. Tabani.Mail grace1@cyber. Anum Trade Centre E-31/B. Block-19. Yaqoob S.Mail info@apparelconcepts. Tariq Hussain. 27-C. Tel: 021-8325274 Fax: 021-2560772 E. S. SITE.Mail apparelbuying@cyber.E. 8122860 Fax: 92-21-8120395 E.APPAREL FASHION Plot No.Karaci Tel: 5369051-52 Fax: 5369061-62 E. 2430434 Fax: 92-21-2417274 E.O.Mail kmerchant@advancedpack.Karaci Tel: 2430433. Manuf:Chemicals M/s.T.net Mrs.Mail apparelfashion09@hotmail. Stitching Unit-1.Karaci Tel: 8121703. Khurram Merchant Exporter:Self Adhesive Tape & Labels M/s. Estate Avenue.APPAREL ARTS (PVT) LIMITED 10-B/C. 2nd Commercial Street.I. Muhammad Shahid M/s.APPAREL CONCEPTS A/8.210. Phase-II Extension.Mail info@apparelconnection.APPAREL MANUFACTURER'S (PVT) LTD. P. Writers Chambers.com Mr. Rizwana.Khayaban-e-Jami.E.Karaci Tel: 32588468 Fax: 6697686 E.APP (PRIVATE) LIMITED SF Unit No. Sec-16.com Mr.net.

84.com Mr. M/s.Mail apttravel@yahoo.2784498 E.Karaci Tel: 2423058 Fax: 92-21-2415893 Mr.APPLETREE GRAPHICS Apple House. Dabirul Mulk.APT TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED Opp: KESC Transport Workshop. Near Makki Masjid. 9th Floor. Gul Tower.Mail mashraf@ams.I.com Mr. Kokan Society.O. M.comsats. Arkay Square Ext. Muhammad Abdul Qadir.APPLIED ENGINEERING Mezzanine Floor. Services:Engineering Services M/s.net.org. Nasir Jamal Khilji M/s.net. Alamgir Road. Opp: Sadabahar Lawn. Rice. M.Mail applied@khi. M/s.APPTEX PAKISTAN 13/F.pk Mr. Block-6. Box-13132. 7777498 Fax: 92-21-7776999 E.Karaci Tel: 2423205 Fax: 92-21-2419137 E.C.Karaci Tel: 2784290 Fax: 2782312. Importer:Printers.pk Mr.Mail ami@cyber.APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES INTL. Behind Taj Complex.Mail appletree@cyber. P. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 7777511.S. Tel: 2415164 Fax: 92-21-7011239 E.APPAREL MERCHANDISING SERVICES House No. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. M/s.Mail mmirza999@hotmail. Tel: 5680558. Yarns Importer:Textile Materials and other Raw Materials M/s. Computer Terminals. Muhammad Mushtaq Ashraf. Room No. Exporter:Wool.APPARELS-2000 S. Abdul Rauf Ahmed.pk Mr.A.APPAREL MERCHENDISING INDUSTRIES P.27. Zafar Ahmed Khan. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. PIDC House. Business Plaza.E. .M/s.Karaci Tel: 4853935-6 Fax: 92-21-4931944 E.net. 5681640 Fax: 92-21-5682908 E. Chundrigar Road. I.R. Tel: 4530293-4 Fax: 92-21-4536896 Mr. Garden Road. Mohammad Athar Ansari.com Mr. 5/24. 910. Mustansir Mirza Exporter:Textile made ups Manuf:Textile items M/s. ZC-20. Jinnah Road. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Dr. 912.H..

Muhammad Aqeel M/s. M.Karaci Tel: 2624983. Ibrahimjee Street. Tel: 2007620 E. Noman Azeem M/s. A-127.Karaci Tel: 2713284 Fax: 92-21-2713285 E. Grareyard Street. Pak Tameer Plaza. Sparco Road.AQMAR TRADING CO. Manghopir Road.pk Mr.net. Tel: 2201142 Fax: 92-21-2203481 Mr.M/s.AQSA INTERNATIONAL A-9. Muhammad Rafique. Exporter:Rice & other Foodstuff M/s. Orangi Town.AQIB ENTERPRISES Qasba Colony. Qadir Sakhi.AQEEL KARIM DHEDHI SECURITIES (PVT) LIMITED 533-534. Muhammedi Terrace.Karaci Tel: 36677239 E. Block-18.Mail akcl@cyber.net. Bl-14.AQNAS DEZINE R-399.AQSA TRADING CO.AQDUS CORPORATION Suite # 204.2. Hari Jethani Street. Importer:Fan M/s.AQSA TRADING CO. Mustansir Aun Ali M/s.com Mr. Adamjee Building. M/s. 18.Mail aqibenterprises@hotmail. Muhammad Aqeel Irfan M/s.F-10. Tel: 6368654 Fax: 92-21-6340007 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2446611. 2nd Floor. 2217353 Mr.A. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.AQSA PAPER MART Shop No.Karaci Tel: 32729854 Mr. Abdul Qadir Aarba. Stock Exchange Building Stock Exchange Road. Plot No. M/s. A. Nanakwada. Jinnah Road. Federal 'B' Area. Dandia Bazar. Off: Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Block 'C'. Sagheer Ahmed Qureshi M/s. Tayyebji Road.Mail aqmartraders@hotmail. Paper Market. .Karaci Tel: 2431896 Mr. Electric Centre.pk Mr. Denso Hall. Rice Trade Centre. Aqeel Karim Dhedhi. North Nazimabad.Mail aarbaintl@cyber.com Mr.AQS 16. 2436461-3 Fax: 92-21-2426429 E.

2nd Floor. Regal Chowk. West Wharf Road. Beaumont Road. Rizwan Qadeer.AQUACULTURE TECHNOLOGIES . PIA Housing Society. Regal Trade Square.Mail meritime@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2316794 Fax: 92-21-2316206 Mr. Block-9. Progressive Plaza Beaumont Plaza Tel: 5652373.pk Mr.pk Mr.com Mr. Commercial Area.Mawach Goth.03218238369 Fax: 92-21-34550700 E.com Mr.net. 26-C.AQUA ZONE WATER TECHNOLOGY A-178. Main Koangi Road.Karaci Tel: 2000101 Fax: 92-21-2812524 Ms. Services:Pharma Industry M/s. Progressive Plaza. Flake Ice.AQUA MARITIME (PVT) LIMITED Room No. Danish-ur-Rehman Khan M/s. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Saleem Nauroz Ali Exporter:Frozen sea foods M/s.Karaci Tel: 34391285.AQUA CHARTERING & SHIP MANAGEMENT Suite No 408. 408. 5684862 Fax: 92-21-5686053 E. Sector 31/F. Saddar.Mail chartering@aquagroup. Exporter:Leather Garments Manuf:Leather Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 3275010-13 Fax: 37725317 E. Manager Operator M/s.Mail info@aquamarinepk. Asadullah Khan.AQUA MARINE ENT. Zafarullah Khan. SMCHS.Mail qari@khi.net.Karaci Tel: 5689067.AQUA MARINE LOGISTICS Suite 206. Tel: 8248979-8755922 Fax: 8065677 Raja Muhammad Shehzad M/s. 5652374 Fax: 92-21-5652375 E.AQTH A-91. Services:Ship Charters.pk Mr.compol. DCHS. Muhammad Firdous M/s. Block-A.com.Mail skycargo@cyber. Fish Harbour.AQUA SEA FOOD New Fish Market.Karaci Tel: 8125888 Fax: 92-21-8117237 E. Reshma Exporter:Leather Safety products and Textile M/s.

AQUATIC SHIPPING & TRADING CO.D-150. Phase-V Extension. Main Clifton. North Nazimabad.52/III.Mail km1@aquatechpk. Textile Avenue Road. SITE. Barkat-e-Hydari.Karaci Tel: 6649443.Mail arabian_cng@hotmail.Mail ahsan19693@hotmail. Industrial Town Plaza.com M/s. Tel: 2313113. M/s.32470711 Fax: 92-21-2471127 Mr.AR RAFAY COMMODITIES Suite No. Tel: 2588784 Fax: 92-21-2588785 E. Beaumont Road. 2200415 Fax: 92-21-2310976 Mr.com Mr. M/s. Shahrha-e-Liaquat. Ahsan ur Rahman Alvi Exporter:Food Graoms Importer:Pulses M/s.No. 4th Floor. Manuf:ukc@yahoo. Phase-I. 11th East Street. 6647280 Fax: 92-21-6643299 Syed Amir Ali. Defence Housing Authority. 29th Street. Shabbir I. Zafar Ullah Khan M/s. Muhamamd Qasim .AR-RAHEEM JEWELLERS Shop # A-15.Karaci Tel: 5385196 E. Tel: 2587985 Fax: 2587986 E.ARA INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES R-34.AQUAFIN PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Steel House. Mehran Shopping Centre. Kehkashan. Khurshid Cloth Market. Tauheed Saghir Farooqi Exporter:Rice Importer:Gen.com Mr. SITE. Abdul Razzak M/s. 5684862 Fax: 92-21-5686053 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5874164. Block-8.AR-RAHEEM 7 STAR JEWELLERS 6.A-24/K.com Mr.ARA TEXTILE MILLS Plot No. items M/s. Tel: 5689067. Tel: 34286461 E. Progressive Plaza.com Mr.ARABIAN CNG FILLING STATION Plot No. 5874167 Fax: 92-21-5874174 Syed Mumtaz Ali.Karaci Tel: 0307-2222102. Suite # 408. Khalid Ahmed Memon Services:Aquaculture Consultant M/s.Mail aratextile_mills@hotmail. West Wharf Road. Millwala.404. DHA.

Federal 'B' Area. West Wharf. Hassan Mustafa M/s. Clifton. 1st Floor..2. Block-4.Karaci Tel: 32774946.Mail arabianseafoods@gmail. 2581806 Fax: 92-21-2581810 E.pk Syed Mohammed Ahmad M/s.T. West Wharf Road.net. Hoor Centre. Tel: 4945842 Fax: 92-21-4939982 E. Asim Riaz Siddiqi Exporter:Sea Food Vegetable Marble Importer:Medical Furniture M/s.M/s. Kaya Market.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5309801-8 Fax: 5309815 Mr. Fish Harbour. Manghopir Road.Mail arabianintl@netlimit.ARABIAN PRIDE 7-8. Dinar Chambers. Executive Tower.ARAFAT CORPORATION Room No.6th Floor. Block-C. Tel: 5654605 Fax: 92-21-7610522 E. Mohammad Asif Irfan. Mohammed Qasim. Level-5.Mail seafood@pk.ARABIAN TEXTILE MILLS Plot No. Dolmen City. Suite 5-B.1 & 2. 444-KCHS. Near Habib Bank. Adamjee Nager. Gulberg. S.ARABIAN SEA PRODUCTS 303-Lilly Apptt. Helmi Ghandour M/s. Tel: 6805366 E. Shop No.ARABIAN SEAFOOD C-3. Exporter:Towels. New Block Hockey Club of Pakistan.ARABIAN MARINE SERVICES (PVT) LTD Room No.Mail iskigfish@gmail.E.netsolir.Karaci Tel: 2310426 E.I.ARABTEC PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.com Mr. Cotton Rags and Working Safety Helmets M/s.ARAIN TEXTILE MILLS LTD.Mail arabian@super. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals Manuf:Printing Processing M/s. 32765863 Fax: 92-21-35835725 Mr. North Napier Road.com Mr. Mohammad Arif M/s.Mail arabiapm@hotmail. Tel: 2311773 Fax: 92-21-2311772 E.Karaci Tel: 2582306.635.ARABIAN INTERNATIONAL A/175/12. Liaquat Barracks. Moljy Street Tel: 021-111-555-456 .D-100C.com Mr.com Mr. Farooq Memon M/s.

com Mr.46. Opp: City Court.com.E. Exporter:Textiles M/s. Ahmed Chinoy. Ruby Cinema Road.C. Dndia Bazar.compol.Karaci Tel: 4389923-25 Fax: 92-21-4389926 E. Rashid Minhas Road. New M.S. Stock Exchange Building Stock Exchange Road.Mail imranarbani@yahoo. Saeedabad. Off: I. 2815119 Fax: 92-21-2810632 Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisl.net.A.ARAIN TRADERS Shop No.pk Manuf:stgbl@khi.19 to 27. Tel: 4637631 Fax: 92-21-4630173 Mr. Muslimabad.I. Jinnah Road Tel: 2573364 Fax: 2581765 E. Baldia Town. M/s. Abdul Manan M/s. Chundrigar Road.com M/s. Abdur Rehman.ARBAZ GARMENT INDUSTRIES Suite # 504.pk Mr.ARCH SONS 715-716. Mohammad Naeem Manuf:Garments M/s.Mail arco_che@gem.Karaci Tel: 2422635-36 Fax: 92-21-2423279 E. Madina Baa Apptt.Fax: 92-21-2446070 E. Mohammad Imran Exporter:Textile M/s.readyto wear. Tel: 2632771.Mail arbabenterprises05@yahoo.ARBAB ENTERPRISES Office-16.ARCO CHEMICALS 103.Karaci Tel: 2774720 E.ARBANI ENTERPRISE 306. Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Water Treatment Chemicals M/s. Asia Pacific Trade Centre. 2nd Floor Arambagh Road. Sohail Yaseen.ARAIN WEAVING Plot No.H.Mail yarn@rahimbaksh. Abdul Waheed Exporter:Yarn Importer:Textile Machinery & Raw Cotton Manuf:Yarn M/s.net. Fortune Centre. Mr. Abrar Ahmed Arain. Block-6.com Mr. Super Highway. Exporter:Ready made garments Importer:www. National Chambers. 2623301 .Karaci Tel: 2810632.com Mr.Mail archsons@cyber. Sector 4-B.ARCO INTERNATIONAL 55.pk Mr.. P. Al-Rehmat Trade Centre.

Chundrigar Road.Fax: 92-21-2621911 Mr. Atique-ur-Rehman M/s. Near Motandas Mkt M.pk Mr.Mail areeba_ent@yahoo. Zainab Centre.com Mirza Imran Baig . Atif Ashraf Khawaja M/s.Mail salmanchiko@hotmail. E. 1st Floor.R. Abdul Rehamn Khanani.AREEB ENTERPRISE 5/6. 2nd Floor. S. 4980821 Fax: 92-21-2760917 E.net. Hamid Square.ARENA IMPEX INTERNATIONAL DP-121/1. Yaqoob Exporter:Furniture M/s.ARDENT ELEVATORS Pak Baitul Qayyam.AREEBA ENTERPRISES Shop # 202-203. Golden Jewellery Centre. Phase-II Extension.M. 21st Commercial Street. Rock Court Market. Importer:Elevator's (Lifts Parts) M/s.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5884354 Fax: 92-21-5393351 Mr. Defence Housing Authority. Tel: 0321-2430096 Sh. Sector 12/D.Mail imran_baig-001@hotmail. Haqqani Chowk.Mail arefeen@cyber. Korangi Industrial Area.7/48.ARDIN PHARMACEUTICALS 56/27.Karaci Tel: 32721956.ARE TRADERS 26-27. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Shehzad ul Arefeen Importer:Industrial Equipments M/s.ARCTIC ICE 24-E. Tel: 5210436 Fax: 5214199 E.A. Off: Adamjee Dawood Road. Shafiuddin M/s. M/s. Block-3.Karaci Tel: 7095907 E. Off: I. Shahzad Haroon M/s. Room 213. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2439920-21 Fax: 92-21-2446444 E. M. Abdul Rafay Essani.M. M.A. Jinnah Road.AREFEEN ENGINEERING AND SERVICES 15-Ratan Street. North Karachi.com Mr.com Mr. 2nd Floor. Weaver Lane. Jinnah Road. Tel: 2724295. Saddar.AREEBA ENTERPRISES A-8. Yaseen. 571.I.Karaci Tel: 2631519.Mail alyousuf_international@yahoo. 2636463 Fax: 92-21-2636108 Mr. Salman M. 32750836 Mr.

com Haji Hanif.ARFAT TRADERS 104. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2434155. Tel: 111-777-888.ARFEEN CHEMICALS Katchi Gali No. Sidra Centre.Mail arfabrothers@hotmail.pk Haji Iqbal.474. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 5687001-8 Fax: 92-21-5684594 . CL 6/4. Masroor M/s.E. 1. Khursheed-ul-Arfeen. Hussain Centre. GPO Box No.13/65. 2446681 Fax: 92-21-2431655 E. Khudadad Colony.Mail madinacop-pk@cyber.ae Dr.M/s. Exporter:Cosmetics.P.ARFAT TRADING COMPANY N. Shahrah-e-Quaideen. Zia ul Arfeen Exporter:Garments M/s.ARFA BROTHERS B/172. Tel: 021-5216680 Mr.com Mr.ARFEEN ENTERPRISES 27. Marriot Road. Grain Centre. M/s. Muhammed Jamil Lakhani M/s. Juna Market.A. S. Mohammad Feroz Street.Mail arfatrice_1@yahoo.. Soaps.Mail mahmoodahmad@avencoar.O. Abdullah Haroon Road. P. Exporter:Leather Garments M/s.303.ARFEEN INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. Old Market Road. Dandia Bazar. Anum Empire.net.AREVA T&D PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED D-163.Karaci Tel: 4216496 Fax: 92-21-4949759 E. Coconut and Broom Stick M/s. Tel: 2776504. Exporter:Rice M/s. Box 10402. Tel: 2435537 Mr. 2576005 Fax: 92-21-2560449 Syed Khurshid Pervez. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Block 7/8. KCHSU.ARFAT RICE CORPORATION Office-126. S.Karaci Tel: 4325413-15 Fax: 92-21-4325416 E. Matloob Ahmed Khan. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.ARENCO PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Office No. Tel: 2526435 Mr. 2760012 E.I. Importer:General Manuf:Knitting Fabrics M/s.T.

Al Rahim Tower. I.com Syed Muhammad Mumtaz Exporter:Precious Semi precious stone Manuf:Fine Gold jewellery M/s.net. Maqsood A.Mail starlight19621@hotmail. 1st Floor. Muhammad Khalid Shaikh M/s. Services:Indentor of Chemicals.Karaci Tel: 35675795 Fax: 92-21-35675795 E.Mail info@argus.Mail nazaidi@hotmail.net.ARHAM BROTHERS INTERNATIONAL R-31. Altaf Gauhar Paracha M/s. Shahid Baig Exporter:Assorted dried sea products M/s. Main University Road. Saddar. Block 'G'.Mail qamarpk@cyber.904.com Mr. Tariq Road. Rehman Villas.ARHAM & UBAID TRADING COMPANY F-40.pk Mr. Tel: 5309921-6 Fax: 92-21-5309927 E.34. Tel: 6603601 Mr. Chundrigar Road. Haidary. Ansari.ARGUS ADVERTISING (PVT) LIMITED C11. Ebrahim Building. Uzma Centre. . Muhammad Ismail.Mail arfigems@hotmail. Tel: 32474677 E. Exporter:Advertising Agency M/s.I. Exporter:Shipping Agents M/s.com. Khalid Firoz Arfeen. Nazimabad No. Plot No.18. Tel: 0300-2834453 Fax: 92-21-4538414 E.Mail arfijewellers@hotmail.pk Mr. Azim Market.ARFI INTERNATIONAL Suite No.ARFI JEWELLERS Shop No. Muhammad Irfan.3478374101 Fax: 92-21-36645236 E.E.com Syed Shahid Ali Manuf:Machinery Spare Parts M/s.pk Dr.2.A-1. North Nazimabad.SB 28/4.Mail arfi@cyber. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. 1st Floor.ARFI GEMS Shop No. Tel: 2430242 Fax: 92-21-2431459 E.com Mr. Block 4. West Wharf Road. Parts of Inter Office Telecommunication Machinery M/s.ARHAM ENTERPRISE Flat No.ARGONAFTIS (PVT) LIMITED 7-8.Karaci Tel: 2205452 Fax: 92-21-2310265 Mr.Karaci Tel: 36645236. Clifton. Muhammad Shopping Centre.

NazimabadKaraci Tel: 6687616 E.ARIES INTERIOR & CARPETS R-167. Tel: 0300-2121092 E.Karaci Tel: 27300536 Fax: 92-21-2727857 E. Muhammad Shahid Khan M/s. Muhammad Yousuf Exporter:Fresh Fruits & Gen.Mail khan11@yahoo. Block 'A' Khayaban-e-Chishti. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. items M/s. Street # 5.Mail arifandbrothers@hotmail. Lucky Afridi Road. Plaza Quarters.Mail imakznice@yahoo.ARIF ASSOCIATE SD-16. 4th Floor. PECHS. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 35803400 Mr. N.ARIF ASSOCIATES Room No.com Mr.2. Muhammad Arif M/s. Imran Khan M/s.com Syeda Saeeda Bano M/s.com Mr.ARIF (UK/EU) TRADING 408. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 34549810-19 Fax: 4536100 E. Noman Tower. Marston Road.com Mr. Block-4.ARHAM INTERNATIONAL D-9. Opp: Rufi Corner.ARIF BARTAN STORE .com Mr.ARIF AND COMPANY House # 97. Shireen Jinnah Colony.Mail ariffruituk@901. Block-6.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 35868609 Fax: 35370122 E. Sector-I.ARIF & BROTHERS Awan Plaza. Tel: 0345-2887606 Mr.Mail saeeda_b26@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 4619152 E.ARHAM TRADERS 10/723. Block 13-D/3. Liaquatabad.M/s. Fortune Centre.ARICO ENTERPRISES R-104. items Importer:General items and old paper M/s. Muhammad Rahim Market. Tel: 5400001 Syed Askari Hassan M/s. Block-13-D-2. Near Masjid Abrar. Jabir Khan Exporter:Marble M/s. Manzoor Colony. Muhammad Arif Khan Exporter:Medicines & other General items Importer:Chemical and Gen.Mail arif-asso@hotmail. Office 1 & 18. Bilal Hussain M/s. Clifton. Flat # 3.

I.T.E.pk Mr. Opp: City Court. Mohammad Arif Mukati.ARIF SONS 11-C/13-C. Karachi Stock Exchange Building.com Mr.Mail chairmen@arifhabib. Exporter:Stainless steel utensils M/s.Mail sweetoner@hotmail. M/s. S.N. Tel: 2575611 Fax: 92-21-2431875 E.net.ARIF YUSUF & CO. Jinnah Road. Tel: 2415213-15 Fax: 92-21-2429653 E. Mr. 2420455 Fax: 92-21-2420632 E. Bombay Bazar. Mohammad Arif. Off: 16.Karaci Tel: 6930739 Mr. Arif Mohammad.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2437350 Fax: 92-21-2436045 Mr.Mail arifenterprises@live. Muhammad Tariq Exporter:Rice. 1st Floor.Mail arifyco@gerrys. Juna Market. Tauheed Commercial.ARIF MOHAMMED 17-Arfat Market. 5375406 Fax: 92-21-5820823 E.13/7.net Mr. Importer:Dye Stuff and Chemicals . Arif Balgamwala. M/s.ARIF TOWELS CA-311.Karaci Tel: 2424496 Fax: 92-21-2429860 E. Arif Moyeen. Pulses M/s. Arif Habib. Tel: 7514036 Mr. Quetta Wala Market..ARIF ENTERPRISES F-462. Exporter:Textile and Garments M/s.P. Jodia Bazar. Manuf:Terry Towels M/s.ARIF HABIB SECURITIES LIMITED 60-63. Madras Building. 608.Mail arif@arifsons.Karaci Tel: 5831861.ARIF WATCH 106. Arif Lakhani Exporter:Seafood and Genitems Importer:Food items luggage Manuf:Ladies Garments M/s. M/s. Marriot Road. Clifton View. Bhagnari Street. Adamjee Dawood Road. M. 24th Street. Defence Phase-V. Stock Exchange Road.A. Arif Quettawala.com Mr. Tel: 2571527. Gabol Town. Al Rehmat Trade Centre.ARIF TARIQ & CO. Sector 16-B. North Karachi Industrial Area.com. M.

Main University Road.Mail arik@cyber. Irfan Ahmed Zaki M/s. Qutbi Manzil.I. Young Husband Road. Near PIA Plantiorium. Tariq Hussain M/s.H. 115-A.S SNACKS FOODS B-19.Mail iumanigroup@yahoo. Importer:Industrial Sewing Machines M/s. Paras Ram Parmal Building. 303-305. II. M/s.Karaci Tel: 7723326. Chundrigar Road. Khairpur House.ARK ASSOCIATES Suite# 103.ARIQA PRINTERS GK-6/100-A. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Fax: 92-21-2561978 Mr. Trade Centre. Saddar.ARISHA ENTERPRISE (PVT) LTD.net.ARIZONA INTERNATIONAL 131.com Mr. Tel: 6881180 Fax: 92-21-4940666 Mr. I.A.ARM. Importer:Playing Cards and General Items M/s.Karaci Tel: 34974458. Mumtaz Manzil.com Syed Sabir.pk Mr. Faiz-e-Hussaini Bldg.Mail arm_bv@hotmail.201-205.Karaci .A. Jinnah Road.com Mr.Mail 786irfanaz@gmail. 5219416 Fax: 92-21-5219416 E.Mail nnagency@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 111224567 Fax: 4636415 Mr. Gulistan-e-Jauher. Kharadhar.com Mr. SITE.03003717232 Fax: 92-21E. M/s. Faisal Mubeen Jumani M/s. G-22.. Kamran Razzaq. Mohammad Rizwan M/s. Asia Palace. Gulshan. Uni Tower.ARISTON FREIGHT Suite No. Tel: 5217231. Opp: Jinnah Sports. Super Highway.Karaci Tel: 2414873 Fax: 92-21-2420879 E. M. SMCHS. Mehdi Towers.ARMAN ASSOCIATES 301-302. Block-19. Uni Shopping Centre.Karaci Tel: 5810771-5 Fax: 92-21-5810776 E. Muhammad Arif. 1st Floor.ARIK INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE TRADERS.ARM BROTHERS PLASTIC INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED. Maqbool Ahmed Kassamali. 7723524 Fax: 92-21-7720831 E. Phase IV D.M/s.. Gizri Avenue.

I. Strachen Road.pk Mr.(R) Muhammad Iftikhar Zar M/s.Karaci Tel: 9217329 Fax: 92-21-9217328 E. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Tel: 2778184 Fax: 92-21-2778182 Mr.net.Karaci Tel: 8269325 E.ARMAZ 5 Flat-5.Mail awtreslco@yahoo.AROMA AVIATION (PVT) LIMITED 15-A. Jaffer Manuf:Silver for local sales M/s.AROMA ENTERPRISES C-51. 6th Floor.net.net. Phase-VI.Mail lakhani57@hotmail. Mahboob Ellahi. Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Vegetables M/s.Mail gar@super. Chundrigar Road. Marston Road.com Mrs. 6th Floor. Sector 15-A-5. Plot No. AWT Plaza.ARMAN TRADERS Office No. Buffer Zone.S. 1st Floor.Mail zhassociates@hotmail.AROMA GARMENTS R.336. Qamar Mohammad Importer:Machinery M/s.ARMY WELFARE TRUST R.pk Syed Nawazuddin. Block-15.Mail info@aroms. Nargis K. Sidco Avenue Centre. Seena St.3. SITE.AROMA INTERNATIONAL 5-Ground Floor. Off: Khayaban-e-Muslim.Mail armansilver@gmail.06. 4636938 Fax: 92-21-4635907 Mr.Col. Tel: 4635906. M/s. Tel: 5652157 Fax: 5680324 E.Karaci Tel: 5847608 Fax: 92-21-5850744 E.Mail aromatry@cyber. Nuzrat Road.pk Mr.OFFICE Army Trust Plaza. M/s.AROMA DISTILLERS F-438. Noman Tower.com Mr. Soldier Bazar-3. Avanti Park View .Tel: 4533611-4 Fax: 92-21-4550041 E.ARNZ (PVT) LIMITED 120/2. Tel: 2571433 Fax: 92-21-2571433 E. Tel: 6959121 Fax: 92-21-6983340 E.I. 10th Street. Rehan Bandukda M/s.com Syed Shan-e-Haider.D. Moazzam Latif M/s. Abdullah M/s.com Lt.

Faisal Abbas Rizvi Exporter:Marble Onyx Handicrafts Garments Importer:Machinery Others Manuf:Marble Onyx Handicrafts Garments M/s.A-8.Mail dilip@sakhiinternational.Karaci Tel: 32257222 E.traders@gmail. 1st Floor.pk Mr. PECHS.Asma Arcade.com Mr.Chabba Gali.AROMA TRAVEL SERVICE (PVT) LTD.141-A. Sector-11-1. Tel: 5684085. Chemicals M/s.psb.Mail info@arrayunnisa.Mail aroma. Strachen Road.Opp:City CourtKaraci Tel: 32734200 Fax: 32734223 E. Amin Muhammad M/s. Exporter:Computer Parts Importer:Computer Parts M/s. Opp: Radio Pakistan. Hoor Appartment.AROMA TRADERS 5. lst Floor.com Mr. 16. 4th Floor. M/s. Garden East. Dilip Kumar M/s.com Mr. Natural Gums.ARS ENTERPRISES B-9. Sidco Avenue Centre. House No.ARRAYUNNISA INC.Mail info@arriza.ARSAL TRADERS .Dandia Bazar. Ashraf Square.com Mr. Poonawala Trade Tower. 6621829 Fax: 92-21-6621829 E. Muhammad Nadeem. Effat Un Nisa M/s. C-5. Khurram Latif M/s. Tel: 32724614 Fax: 32721930 E.Mail aroma.ARS INTERNATIONAL 1-Al Hamra Centre. Nazimabad # 4.ARROWS MARKETING SERVICES 4A-11/2. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.217.Mail aliraza_sheikh@hotmail.net. Manakjee Street. Block-20. Block-17.Mail arrows@cyber. Shujauddin.AROON COMMODITIES Office No.Karaci Tel: 4398353 Fax: 92-21-4398354 E.inti@hotmail.ARRIZA GROUP R-990.Karaci Tel: 6902741 Mr.404. Tel: 0333-2192513 E.com Ms. E. Ali Raza Sheikh M/s. Tel: 6621819. Importer:Industrial Fasteners. Block-2. 5688100 Fax: 92-21-5680324 Mr.com Mr. Allama Iqbal Road. North Karachi. Siraj Ahmed. Federal 'B' Area. Plot No.

Karaci Tel: 2751647.pk Haji Arsala Khan.ARSALSHIPPING & TRADING Suite # 618.Mail abc876@cyber. Sector 31-D.Mail arsalan_impex@yahoo. 2778522 Fax: 92-21-2742177 Mr.Mail info@arsalanengineering.Mail mmzz04@cyber.Karaci Tel: 34559292 Fax: 34559292 Mr.pk . Prince Centre.ARSALAN IMPEX 306. Tel: 7778550 Fax: 92-21-7774832 E. North Napier Road. Cochinwala Market.ARSALA SEAFOODS B-2.com Mr. Tariq Road. Nishtar Road. 1st Floor. Muhammad Hayat Shaikh M/s. Hasrat Mohani Road. Iqbal Ahmed Khan M/s. 85/3. Opp: Bagh-e-Hallar.com Mr. Hoor Centre.ARSALAN ENGINEERING WORKS Plot No.Mail arsalanalitrading@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 5120525 E. Khawaja Mudassir Iqbal M/s. Fish Harbour. 75. West Wharf. Preedy Street.Karaci Tel: 2204242-3 E.ARSALAN AND COMPANY 124.com Mr. Block-B. 1st Floor.net. M/s.12. Newneham Road. B-4.ARSALAAN TRADING CO. Arsal Naqi Importer:Industrial Items M/s. Importer:Second Hand Clothing M/s. Tel: 2762628 Fax: 92-21-2721890 Mr. 2431283 Fax: 92-21-2434208 E. Square Shopping Mall. Trade Avenue.com Mr. Rauf Ishaque. Towels. Sweet Appartment.G-4. Liaquat Ali Exporter:Ready made Garments.ARSH TRADING CO. Exporter:Sea foods M/s. Shoe Market. Hoor Centre. North Napier Road.50.Karaci Tel: 2440511.net.ARSHAD ABOOBAKAR & CO.Karaci Tel: 32775003 Fax: 92-21-32774573 E. Arsalan Akram. Korangi Industrial Area.Mail info@arsalshipping. Tel: 2477362 Fax: 92-21-2477623 E. Shop No. P&T Society. M/s. Ground Floor.

4th Floor. Tel: 2732549 Mr. S. Main Tipu Sultan Road.Mail info@arshadbrothers.Karaci Tel: 4542112-15 Fax: 4542587. 7735908 Fax: 92-21-7762264 E.ARSHAD SUALEH CORPORATION 2/26. Sir Shah Muhammad Suleman Road. Exporter:Various Items Importer:Agricultural Products. Arshad Hussain M/s. Al-Abid Chambers.533-534. Mashriq Centre.com Mr. Manuf:Tea M/s. Exporter:Rice M/s. SITE. Farooq.ARSHAD HUSSAIN & CO. Arshad Arif.com. Modern Cooperative Housing Society.ARSHAD TEXTILE MILLS Plot No. North Napier Road. M/s.Karaci Tel: 7774543. Exporter:Herbs and Crude Drugs Importer:Cotton Yarn. 2/27.Karaci Tel: 5050042. Sector-7-A. 11.ARSHAD AMJAD & ABID LTD. 1st Floor. 2620809 Fax: 92-21-2626409 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4854242 Fax: 4946457 .pk Mrs. Spices M/s. Muhamamd Arshad Exporter:Leather goods and Handicrafts M/s. Zafrana Arshad Exporter:Cloths.F-269. Dandia Bazar. Abdullah Haroon Road. Korangi Industrial Area.ARSHI BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS 401-402.Mail arshadbr@khi.ARSHAD ENTERPRISES 112-113.Karaci Tel: 35675661 Mr.H. 5063437-38 Fax: 92-21-5068999 E.ARSHAD BROTHERS Plot No. Mohammad Arshad Bhatti.M. Adnan Arshad M/s.net. Grain Centre. 118-Hoor Centre. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. G. Opp: City Court.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2620790. Tel: 2578442 E. Zainab Market.4545871 Mr. 1st Floor.ARSHAD BROS 119. Akbar. New Challi. Street-6.Mail a_t_mills@yahoo. Air Conditioners and other Electronic Products M/s.Mr. Saddar.wol.

Box-74000. North Nazimabad. Plot No. 33rd Commercial Street. M/s. Muhammad Saqib Mianoor M/s. Power House. I. .net. Kharadhar. P. Chundrigar Road.ARTICOTT TEXTILES (PVT) LTD. Exporter:Custom consultants for export Importer:related business M/s. (Mezzanine Floor) Tauheed Comm. Block-19. North Nazimabad.5. Tel: 35675050 Fax: 35675050 Mr. Importer:Industrial Machinery M/s. Phase-V. Tel: 2472204. Hassan Chambers.Mail articott@cyber. Fasih Alam Importer:Optical M/s. Opp: New Custom House.A.net.Karaci Tel: 2418166 Fax: 92-21-2418173 E. M/s.ARTIGIANI 12-C. 3rd Floor. Abdullah Haroon Road. Muhammad Ali.I. Chundrigar Road. Muhammad Rafiq Patel M/s. Gul Tower.Karaci Tel: 2310542-40 Fax: 92-21-2310540 Mr. A-1.ARTEC INTERNATIONAL 302.Karaci Tel: 5687251 Fax: 92-21-5686150 Mr.ARSLAN SEWING MACHINE AND MACHINERY.ARTISAN INTERNATIONAL C-9.I.ARTICOTT FIBRES (PVT) LIMITED 908. I.pk Mr. D.pk Mr. Block-B. Federal 'B' Area. Mushtaq Jissaom Exporter:Jewellery Gold Silver M/s. Muhammad Suleman. Abdul Rashid.ART & PARAS (PVT) LIMITED 40-41. 908.Karaci Tel: 6360072 Fax: 92-21-6324426 Mr. Block-R.Mr. Old Stock Exchange Bldg.com Mr. Bohri Road. Saddar. Area. Rafique Centre.H..Mail fasih-alam@redifmail.ARSHI CARPETS Room No. Shop # 4.O.Karaci Tel: 5833863 Fax: 92-21-5875070 E. Stock Exchange Road. 3rd Floor.ARSLAN FAIZAN BUSINESS FORUM A-47. Muhammad Qaiser M/s. Gul Tower. Tel: 2428682 Fax: 92-21-2724849 E. Muhammad Tariq Mianoor. 2418166 Fax: 92-21-2418173 Mr.Mail s-ali@cyber.

E. 39/A. Ghani Chorangi. 23-26. Chemicals and Machinery Manuf:Rope Dyed Denim Fabric M/s. Muhammad Izhar ul Islam Exporter:Furniture and Stone M/s.Karaci Tel: 111-004-004 Fax: 4547991-4556701 Mr. 39-A.ARTISTIC APPARELS (PVT) LTD.ARTISTIC TOWEL MILLS D-60.com Mr. Block-6. PECHS. Block-6. Faisal Ahmed.C.. Block-6.ARTISTIC DENIM MILLS LTD. P.finance@artisticapparel. Plot No. Exporter:Fashion Garments Manuf:Fashion Garments M/s. 37/F.Karaci Tel: 111-004-004 Fax: 92-21-4547991 E.pk Mr. Yarn.H. 39-A.com Mr.C.Tel: 36624037 Fax: 36624067 E. Muhammad Iqbal Ahmed M/s. Spare parts Chemicals Manuf:Ready made Garmetns M/s.Mail finance@articticfabricmills. PECHS. 4300682 Fax: 92-21-4532395 E.. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 111-236-236 Fax: 92-21-5054652 Mr. Exporter:Rope Dyed Denim Fabric Importer:Dyes.E.com Mr.S.H. P. 509. Block-6. Tel: 2582158 Fax: 92-21-25820906 . Javed Ahmed.ARTISTIC MILLINERS (PVT) LTD.ARTISTIC GARMENT INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Block-6. Tel: 111-004-004 Fax: 92-21-4547991 E. Tel: 4535514.S.Mail corporate@artisticmilliners. Yaqoob Ahmed.C.H.ARTISTIC SPINNING MILLS (PVT) LTD 39/A.E. P.Mail aa..com Mr.S. Muhammad Yousuf Ahmed Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Machinery.ARTISTIC FABRIC MILLS (PVT) LTD. Sector 16. Tel: 111004004 Fax: 4547991 E. Iqbal Ahmed Exporter:Cotton Yarn Importer:Raw Cotton Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s. M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. SITE Avenue. M.Mail info@artisan.Mail accounts@artisticgarment.

com Mr. Steel & Allied Items.Karaci Tel: 5212815-9 Fax: 92-21-5655700 E.C-306.Mail info@aryjewelelrs.Captain Road. 4th Floor.Karaci Tel: 5653416. 2623161 Fax: 92-21-2623162 E.ARYSTA LIFE SCEINCE PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.com Mr. Saddar. Abdullah Haroon Road. Abdul Karim..pk Haji Jan Mohammad M/s.Mail email@artsandgems.pk Mr.ARWEN TECH (PVT) LTD. P. Allahwala Chowrangi. Asad Rehman.Mail aryoop@yahoo. Office No. Korangi. M/s. Shop No.ARTS & APPAREL Plot No.19.ARYOOP (PVT) LIMITED 406.ARTS & GRAPHIC CORPORATION Haji Sir Abdullha Haroon Trust Bldg. Bath Robes. Saddar.ARY COMMUNICATIONS (PVT) LTD. Amir Trade Centre.Karaci Tel: 5064122 Fax: 92-21-5070176 E.S.. 213. Rehan Ahmed Khan. Tel: 4520281-2 Fax: 92-21-4558322 E.net. 6th Floor. Madina City Mall.pk Mr.O.5213357 Fax: 92-21-5683211 E. Zaman Town.Karaci Tel: 4390538-39. Sector 35-A. Saddar. Security Equipments.H.K.C. Importer:Computer.Box-13396.Mail sales@artistictowels.Mail artsnapparel@cyber. Netwroking Equipments.net. Exporter:Timber.E. Zaibun Nisa Street.Plot 20. Mohammad Shoaib Gandhi M/s.4392818-19 Fax: 92-21-4396221 E. Manuf:Twoels. . Ziad Bashir.pk Importer:Stationery Products M/s.Karaci Tel: 5662885. 5653478 Fax: 92-21-5688538 E.ARY JEWELLERS 233/1-A.1.net. Bliss Shopping Centre. M/s. Amna Nasir. Tariq Road. Terry Made Ups M/s. M/s. P. Block-6.com Mrs. 37-G.Mail info@arwentech. Communication Equipment. Madina City Mall.Mail aml@cyber.com..ARTS & GEMS EXPORTS Shop.E.S.R.com Mr. New Challi.SR-6. Stationery and Consumable supplying M/s.Mail info@arycomm.Karaci Tel: 2627794.

7514537 Fax: 92-21-7510901 E. Office No. Sector No.Karaci Tel: 4381405-6 Fax: 92-21-4381407 Mr. Tel: 5062727 Fax: 92-21-5064586 Mr. Wasim-uz-Zafar Quadri. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Farooqui. Tel: 7525367. Tel: 5067878.Karaci Tel: 5013223 Fax: 92-21-5017675 Mr.K.ASACOTEX Plot No. Korangi Industrial Area. Amanullah Arif. Akbar A.Mail quadri@cyber.. Tel: 4246022 Fax: 92-21-4631824 E. Mohammad Yousuf. Sector 17. 7th Floor. Nishter Road. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Anis Mohammad Umer.Karaci Tel: 2472368 Fax: 92-21-2472369 E. 111.pk Mr. Importer:Automotive Accessories & Chemicals.ASA INTERNATIONAL 14-15. Korangi Industrial Area.C.pk Mr.Mail aman@asacotex.com Mr. Exporter:Agriculturals and Chemicals Product Importer:Agro Chemcials Manuf:Agro Chemcials M/s. 26-A. North Napier Road.AS STEEL Shop No. Shoe's Materials and Hardware Items Manuf:Adhesive M/s.ASAD ENTERPRISE Sharjah Trade Centre.2nd Floor. Mohammad Anser M/s. Opp: Risala Police Station. Muhammad Ilyas Exporter:All goods .E. Chemicals. Qaudri Manzil.Mail asudentp@gmail. Exporter:Bed Linen Bags Manuf:Bed Linen Bags M/s.10/1.3.ASAD ENTERPRISES A-303.H.5. Sector 21. M/s. P. 1st Floor. Importer:Rubber.net.Mail asadent@hotmail. M/s.S. Block-15. Block-6. 27.ASAD ENTERPRISES Plot 3/7. 5057564 Fax: 92-21-5060112 E. Business Avenue.net.com Mr. Kanchwala Bldg. Muhammad Arshad M/s. Korangi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 7733784 Fax: 7734871 Mr. Bhimpura.ASAD BROTHERS Plot No.

University Rd. 0300-8294364 Fax: 92-21-2423575 Mr. M/s. Sharfabad. Sultan A.M/s.net. 5/109/2. Ram Bharti Street.ASB ENTERPRISES 18. Chawla.ASAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES C-1-41.ASAD HAYAT AIR TRAVELS & TROUS Office No. Mehran VIP Complex.S.com Mr. P. Jodia Bazar.com Mr. Habib Chambers. Asad Khan Sawati M/s. Muhammad Rafiq M/s. Muhammad Habib.Karaci Tel: 6316748 Fax: 92-21-6316748 E. 1st Floor. Block-2.ASAD IMPEX Suit# 9 & 10.Mail muhammed457@hotmail. Dr.com Mr. North Karachi. Jodia Bazar. Sir Syed Road. Block-3.com Mr. 4942592 Fax: 92-21-4948379 E.op. St-12.Karaci Tel: 4935750. MR. Tel: 5672883-4 Fax: 92-21-5672885 E.Mail asar786im@yahoo. 417238 Mr. Aslam Hayat M/s. Ashar Nasir Khan . Suleman Arcade. 2nd Floor PECHS. Tel: 4392960 Fax: 4392960 E.ASAD EXIMP 609.ASAR INTERNATIONAL MARKETING R-274.Mail waseemahmed74@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2434442 Fax: 2438183 E.Karaci Tel: 418018. H.ASAD TRADING Plot No. Mohsin A.Karaci Tel: 2444628. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4942563.Mail muhammadrafiqtai@live. Exporter:iqbal38@sat. Falak Mansion. Society.G-87.pk Importer:Courier service M/s. Mezzanine Floor. Dawood Pota Road. Ismail Trade Centre. Afsar Hussain M/s.E. Block-14.. Azmat Fatima Exporter:All products M/s. 4935342 Fax: 92-21-4942419 E.2. Sector 6-B. 11-Bihar Muslim Co. Block-9.ASAD INTERNATIONAL Office B-2. Tel: 3699954 Mr.com Ms.ASAD MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES LIMITED 166-D. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Federal 'B' Area. 2nd Floor.Mail asb_ent@sat. Dastagir Society.C.H.pk Mr.net. Sattar.Mail asadimp@gmail.. Virjee Street.

Mail aftco@gerrys. Noman Street. crude.Mail asualeh@cyber.net.pk Services:Shipping M/s. 4-A. Tel: 111-251-251 Fax: 92-21-32575141 E.ASCO INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.ahmed@yahoo.ASCOM (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 2625413. Tel: 2628601. Hassan Ali Effendi Road.net. S.ASEES ENTERPRISES Plot# 10-E/II. Khayaban-e-Ittehad.A. lst Jami Comm. Muhammad Feroze.I. M. 2311758-59 Fax: 92-21-2311759 E. M/s. Rice Seeds.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 32770343 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2424552 Fax: 92-21-2433874 E.ASGHAR ENTERPRISES 13. Exporter:Dry Fruits.net.ASFA PAPER MART 52. Manzoor Square. 2628744 Fax: 92-21-2624113 E.2/26. Pak Chambers.ASC FREIGHT SERVICES Room No.M/s. Importer:Paper M/s.net. Gul Plaza.Mail fazaldad@dsl. Spices Whole/Powder Importer:Food Stuff M/s. 1st Floor. Jinnah Road. Services:Freight Forwarding M/s. Star Market. West Wharf Road.Mail asco@cyber..ASFEENA INTERNATIONAL Shop No. Herbs.E.net Mr.Karaci Tel: 5389350 Fax: 92-21-5884795 E. Society.Karaci Tel: 2720562. Al-Abid Chambers.Mail asees. Phase-VII. Muhammad Arshad Bhatti. Defence H. Daryalal Street. Plaza Square. 2620809 Fax: 92-21-2626409 E.pk Mr. C-8. Tel: 2314177.ASFA TRADING CORPORATION 9.T. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Mushtaq Ahmed. Mohammad Farooq. Jodia Bazar. Street.pk Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Exporter:Garment Machinery Importer:Garment Machinery M/s.106. 0300-21054 Fax: 92-21-2736119 . M/s. Iqbal Shakoor.Mail asfa@cyber.pk Mr.

Tel: 7737925.Mail asgharent@sat.E.ASHAN AHMED MARBLE Plot No. Moin Steel Market.ASHFAQ AHMED Plot No. Room No.compol. 66.A.net. block-H.ASHAD INTERNATIONAL C-118/2. Gilani Centre. Asher Samir Importer:CNG Compressor.Karaci Tel: 03009243115 Fax: 92-21-35220610 .Karaci Tel: 2525030. Tel: 0300-2120624 Mr. Importer:Iron & Steel M/s. Importer:Chemical and Machineries. 7733054 Fax: 92-21-2423826 E.ASHABI TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD. Behind Liaquat Market. Exporter:Finished Cloth.pk Mr. 2432850 Fax: 92-21-2425952 E. Box-10124.Karaci Tel: 2413450.pk Mr. Pak Colony.Mail asgherco@super.pk Mr. Housing Society.Mail kumail@khi.. Naeem Ahmed M/s. D-71. CP Berar Co.A. M/s. Jinnah Road. 7729124 Fax: 92-21-7724353 Mr. 6643691 Fax: 92-21-6904351 E. North Nazimabad. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.O.ASHFAK BROTHERS 23.ASHAR RAHEEL & CO. South Avenue. Baba-e-Urdu Road. Exporter:Safety Matches Boxes M/s.I. Exporter:Marble and Onyx Handicrafts and Gift Items Importer:Textile Machinery and Accessories new and secondhand M/s. Asghar Ali Bhinderwala. Mohammed Asghar. S.333. Kits.com Mr. Muhammad Ashfak.com Mr. Jinnah Road. M.G-7/2. M/s. Cyliners Manuf:CNG Gas M/s.Mail asgharsteel@gmail.E. Importer:Iron & Steel Flat Rolled Prducts M/s. Block-14.ASGHER TRADING CO.op. Tel: 32577307-8 Fax: 92-21-32562359 E. Tel: 2431552 Fax: 92-21-2431552 Mr.net. 1st Floor.Mail orcint@cyber.ASGHAR STEEL 112. D-24. Manghopir Road. Tel: 6643215. M. Block 7 & 8.net.T. Fozail Merchant. Muhammed Afzal. Asgher Ali. P. Liaquat Market.

ASHFAQ AND SON Shop No. Mill Street. Muhammad Ashiq Ali M/s. Iqbal Trade Centre. M/s.S.ASHIQ & SONS 43/15.ASHFAQ ENTERPRISES Shop No. Lubna Tariq.Karaci Tel: 5870758 Mr.ASHRAF BROTHERS . Ashfaq Ahmed Exporter:Ready made garments Importer:Gen. Ashfaq Ahmed Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 2400782 Fax: 92-21-2400784 Mrs. M.E.Karaci Tel: 0300-2264998 Mr.ASHRAF AUTOS L/747.ASHKORA TRADERS Office-2. Jinnah Road.A. Rambharti St. Muhammad Ashraf M/s. Mliar. items Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s. PECHS.ASHFAQ AND SONS Sector 5-E-4/1.Luqman Ashfaq M/s. Main Shaheed-e-Millat ExpresswayKaraci Tel: 0321-8245789 Fax: 92-21-35427926 E. M/s. K.ASHFAQ ENTERPRISES A-396. Behind MCB Jodia BazarKaraci Tel: 2434486 Fax: 2429374 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2113866 Mr. Clifton.. M. Muhammad Ashfaq. ST-4.E. Jinnah Road. Garden West.ASHFAQ AHMED KHAN 18/216.ASHMAL TRADERS Shop No.H. Tel: 32216596 Fax: 92-21Mr. Shirin Jinnah Colony. Prince Avenue.Mail ashfaq7786@hotmail. Block 9. Gul Plaza.A. Importer:General Mercandise M/s.266. Kala Board. Block-1. Block-6. M/s. Ali Nawaz Shakhirani. Mr.com Mr. Darkhshan Society.14. items M/s. Mohammad Ashfaq.com Mr. Serai Road.19. 2nd Floor. GA1. Sadaf Centre.A.C. Plot 4/1. Ashfaq Umer Exporter:Cloth and Garments Importer:Gen. New KarachiiKaraci Mr.Mail shfaq_khi@hotmail.

Moeen Steel Market. Exporter:Importer of Iron & Steel Flat Importer:Iron Steel M/s. Mohammad Ashraf. Tel: 2578103-16 Fax: 2561050.Karaci Tel: 2437743.com Mr.ASHRAF CORPORATION 1st Floor. Hussaini Society. Shop-5. M. Mohammad Ashraf.ASHRAF ENTERPRISES 22. Importer:Chemical Raw Material M/s. Panorama Centre. Jodia Bazar.ASHRAF ELECTRONICS Madni Road. Behind Motandas Market. Nishter Road.I.B-104. Ashraf.Moosa Lane.A. S. Tel: 5678329 Fax: 92-21-5172002 E. Jillani Centre. Jinnah Road.com Mr. Opp: KMC Workshop. Ashraf Salim. Ashraf Ismail.. Zakaria Lane.ASHRAF BROTHERS Plot# 6.Karaci Tel: 2775324. Saddar.2570086 E.com Mr.Mail ashrafkk@yahoo. M/s. Tel: 2751478 Fax: 921-21-772265 Mr. Mohammed Ashraf Importer:Iron & steel M/s.Mail lmlpk@fascom. 0300-9220960 Mr. Liaquat Market.ASHRAF BROTHERS Plot No.ASHRAF ENTERPRISES A/51-A.T. Mohammed Ashraf Khan. NayabadKaraci Tel: 2460256. Asghar Yaqoob.Mail fasghar@iname.E. Baba-e-Urdu Road.LR4. Block 7/8. 2441795 Fax: 92-21-2414576 E. Exporter:Computer Games M/s. 0300-2173988 Fax: 92-21-4311859 E.Karaci Tel: 4312681. M. Importer:Aluminium Scrap and PVC Scrap M/s. 2733054 Fax: 92-21-2721268 Mr.Karaci Mr. Aisha Firdous Manzil. Hill Park.ASHRAF CORPORATION 99. Mama Building. Exporter:Leather Garments and General Merchandise Manuf:Leather and Leather Goods M/s. Exporter:Bed Sheets M/s.com Mr.Mail ashrafbros@hotmal. Pilgram Road.ASHRAF ENTERPRISES .

18. North Karachi. Qamar House. 2471538-9 Fax: 92-21-2410143 E. Jodia Bazar.com Mr. Shershah.ASHRAF IMPEX Room No.ASHRAF RIAZ (PVT) LTD.187. Ismail. 1st Floor. .Mail kimrooz@attglobal.201.A.Karaci Tel: 0300-8282008 Fax: 92-21-2593931 Mr. Ashraf Ahmed M/s.185.ASHRAF TEXTILE INDUSTRIES B-198.Mail ashrafimpex@hotmail. Importer:Chemicals M/s. Muhammad Ashraf Khandwala.2nd Floor. Mohammad Ashraf Shahzada M/s. Jinnah Road. Muhammad Ashraf M/s. Mehrun Nisa Exporter:Garments Manuf:Garments M/s. Plot No. Pona Bai Street.Karaci Tel: 2735038.com.Karaci Tel: 2588640-44-52 Fax: 92-21.Mail info@ashrafproducts. Tel: 2555033-36 Fax: 92-21-2588436 Mrs. Latif Cloth Market.2588635 E.A. 2767408 Fax: 92-21-2750184 Mr. SITE.ASHRAF PRODUCTS E-40. Room No. KMC Stadium. CP Barar Society.pk Mr. Tel: 7615459 E.ashraftextile@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2737017 Mr. SITE. General Godown.com Mr.pk Mr.ASHRAF TRADERS 32. 2nd Floor.ASHRAF IMPEX Plot No. M.Mail chi. Jinnah Road. Plot No. A. M. Muhammad Ashraf M/s. Muhammad Ashraf M/s. SITE.net Mr.ASHRAF QURESHI & SONS Shop No.C-18-A.net. Block-7 & 8.ASHRAF IMPEX 266-B. Opp: SITE Telephone Exchange. M/s. Ismail Trade Centre Rambharti Street.605. Ashraf Qureshi M/s. Tel: 2312271-74 Fax: 92-21-2310632 E. Talha Arcade. 119-120. Tel: 2442466. Quettawala Building.ASHRAF ENTERPRISES H-5-8.Karaci Tel: 2415219 Fax: 92-21-2471446 E.Mail ashrafix@cyber. Sector 11-E.

ASHRAFI ENTERPRISES D-108. Tel: 2430714. M/s.ASHRAFIA & CO. Jinnah Road. Importer:Iron.ASHRAFI INTERNATIONAL D222.com Mr. 32428722 Fax: 92-21-32428992 E. Near Babe Khyber.Mail mtfuji@super.Mail ashrafisaleem@hotmail. Federal 'B' Area. Preedy Street. Exporter:Dental Medical Jewellery M/s. Sirajuddin.ASHRAFI BROTHERS 130. Hasrat Mohani Road.ASHRAFIYA KNITWEAR .Mail mmtumbi@gmail. 7th Floor. Aluminium Waste and Scrap.721-725. Exporter:Machineries. Home Textile Products Importer:Art Silk Yarn Manuf:Fabric. Regal Trade Square. Muhammad Feroze Street.net.net.Karaci Tel: 7726100-7726313 Fax: 7725457 Mr.com Mr. 6804796 Fax: 92-21-6601352 E.ASHRAFI FOOD INDUSTRIES IV-C-2 & 3.A. Saddar. Anwar Hashim. Muhammad Younus M/s.ASHRAF TRADING COMPANY Suite No. Nazimabad. Exporter:Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 2414534. Block-5. Liaquat Ali Abbasi Ashrafi.com Mr. Exporter:Fabric. M/s. Tel: 32428780. Exporter:Rice M/s.Mail ashrafii@super. G-23.Karaci Tel: 32415800 Fax: 32441987 E. Ashraf Mohammed Latif. Wazir Mansion. Industrial and Engineering Goods. SITE. Hamiduddin Peracha. Ashraf Ali Ghauri.pk Mr.ASHRAF TRADING CORPORATION 5th Floor. Jodia Bazar. Metroville.Karaci Tel: 32593741 Fax: 92-21-3259374 E. Importer:Industrial Inputs. Tel: 2415013 Mr. 2412352 Fax: 92-21-2418951 E. Home Textile Products M/s. Textile Plaza. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. M/s. Javed Akhter. Tel: 6688282.Mail ashrafi@ashrafienterprise. M. 2443940 Fax: 92-21-2434169 Mr.Chadi Lane.pk Mr.

1st Floor. Garden East. Ansar Jawed. Shah Faisal Colony. Muhammad Ashraf Memon M/s.Mail asitrade@super. 32735083 Fax: 92-21-32734580 E. Muhammad Imran Usman.ASI TRADING CO.net. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com Mr. 2/25. Khayaban-e-Shahbaz.pk Mr. Tel: 4520015-19 Fax: 4532055 E. Tel: 32735168. Motors Manuf:Gas Apparts and Electrical Applicances M/s. Sector-21. Chemicals.com Mr. Electrical Swtiches.Mail ashrafiyatex@cyber.E. D. PECHS. Plot# 38-C. Block-6.Karaci Tel: 5243301-06 . B-47. Central Chambers. 4570545 Fax: 92-21-4571345 Mr. 405. Importer:Gas and Parts i.ASIA ESTATE & BUILDING CONTRACTOR Shop 10.ASHRAFIYA TEXTILE INDUSTRIES 327/3. Mohammad Aslam.Mail amanullahshivji@hotmail. Block-13-A. Ink and related Industires. R. Trade Centre. Industrial Area.512 Nusserwanji Road.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 4970178 Fax: 92-21-4970179 E.ASIA BOARD INDUSTRIES LTD. Tel: 2234049. University Road. North Karachi.O.Knitted & Woven Manuf:Textiles Knitted & Woven Garments M/s. Manuf:Hard Board M/s. P.Mail ashtex@cyber. Asrar Ahmed.net.ASIA IMPEX Plot No.net.H. Garden East.Mail asiaboard@yahoo. Tel: 6901260 Fax: 92-21-6909660 Mr.A.Karaci Tel: 32250786 E.T. Tel: 5010379 Fax: 92-21-5011691 Mr. Plot No. Muhammad Yameen Nara Exporter:Woven & Knitted Garments Manuf:Woven & Knitted Garments M/s.ASIA MARINE (PVT) LTD. Ireland Road. Phase VI. Raw Materials for Paint. 5th Floor.WH-7. Muhammad Yacoob Nara Exporter:Textile all sorts.ASHTEX AGENCY 40-F. Exporter:Flour Mills and Food Grains M/s. Tel: 4572654. Rahimtoola House. Box-1282..I. Ameen M/s. Importer:Pigments. K. G-517.pk Mr. Sector 16/B.e. Near Machi Bazar. 0333-3455005 E. Thermostate.ASIA GAS & ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 3/8. M/s.

ASIA TRADING 32-A. M/s.Mail asia.com Mr. Tel: 2579537-8 Fax: 92-21-2562532 E.I. Air and Fuel Filters). Air and Fuel Filters and other Auto Parts M/s.net. Services:Shipping Services M/s. CS-47. Air and Fuel Filters Manuf:Oil.Mail asiamc@paknet.ASIA PACIFIC TRADING CO.Mail seatrade@fascom.com Mr. M/s.com Mr.net. Rahimtoola.Mail info@asiatex. Faisal Wahid Shaikh. 7795. Al-Badar. F. Jinnah Road. Bed Sets Importer:Textile Machinery Manuf:Grey Fabric M/s.H. 1st Floor. Exporter:Grey and Finished Fabric.ptc. New Sabzi Mandi. Avenue. Importer:Auto Parts . 2 Karachi Market. Tel: 2560024-26 Fax: 92-21-2562532 E.Karaci Tel: 6870453-4 Fax: 92-21-4985942 E. Preedy Street.Fax: 92-21-5243307 E. Sind Industrial Trading Estate. Rafi Garden.ASIA TEXTILE MILLS D-156. Muhammad Zubair.T.Mail info@amegafoods. Naseem Ahmed.A. Super Highway. Waqar Ahmed M/s.Karaci Tel: 4921056 E.pk Mr. Saleem Varind.ASIA MEGAFOODS 13/1.E.Mail asia@asiatex. Kokan Muslim Housing Society. Muhammad Shahid Exporter:Leather Garments Importer:Used Machinery M/s.pacific_trading@hotmail. Opp:Radio Pakistan.Karaci Tel: 32743199-37686484 E. Haider Ali Road.ASIA TEX INTERNATIONAL D-156.Karaci Tel: 7724598 Fax: 92-21-7764828 E.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 7720995 Fax: 92-21-7730155 Mr.Mail aml@cyber. Exporter:Auto Parts (Oil.ASIA MOTOR CO. Malir City.O. 20. S. M.net Mr. Rubber Parts Importer:Oil. Prince Centre. P. Saira Mansion. M. Box No.ASIA TERMINALS 71.pk Choudhry Humayun Naseem.

Sikandar Nawaz Tiwana. Tel: 2316661 Fax: 92-21-2201780 E.ASIAN CONSUMER CARE PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED. Mir Ayub Khan Street. Anjum Shaikh.15-C. Gulistan-e-Johar. Ramswami. Plot No. 1st Floor.com Mst. Block-B. LIMITED D-133.Mail info@asiancommoditiescorporation.com Syed Nophil Rizvi Exporter:Pharmaceuticals Importer:Pharmaceuticals. Phase-V. Scheme# 36. Tipu Sultan Road.com M/s.arif-fruits.Karaci Tel: 23507991-3 Fax: 92-21-2350795 E. Dental Ophthal Manuf:Pharmaceuticals M/s. Exporter:www.Mail nophil-rizvi@continentalasian.Mail sikandar.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4314311-3 Fax: 92-21-4546568 E. KDA Scheme-1.Karaci Tel: 5221721 Fax: 92-21-5673605 E. Zubair Mohammad Zahoor M/s. 10th Floor. New Challi. . Civil Lines.ASIAN CONTINENTAL (PVT) LTD.Mail asianact@asianactualconstruction.com Mr. M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Services:Aviation Charter Services and Span Shipment M/s.ASIAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1st Floor.tiwana@dabur. Ebrahim Building. Arkay Square Ext. 2765911 Fax: 92-21-2765911 E. 15.ASIAN COMMODITIES CORPORATION Room No. 18/III. 6th Zamzama Lane.F-43.Karaci Tel: 2764125.Karaci Tel: 5302081 Fax: 92-21-5302028 Mr.M/s.Karaci Tel: 2634298 Fax: 92-21-2630721 Mr.ASIA WATCH & JEWELLERY COMPANY Suite No. 2nd Floor.Mail asianair@pk.com Importer:arif@arif-fruits. MCB Building. DHA.. 20-West Wharf Road.netsolir. Bleak House Road.B2. Laxmi Building. Shakeeb Sattar Exporter:Watches and Jewellery Importer:Watches and Jewellery M/s. Flench Street.ASIAN AIR SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED 15/12. Hajiani Amina.C-66.ASIAN CULTURE EMPORIUM Shop No.com Mr.ASIAN CNG STATION Plot No. Muhammad Lateef M/s.

Bhigajee Street. Naveed M/s. Amir Ali Halai. Saddar Bazar. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Karachi Export Processing Zone.com Syed Mustafa Akbar.Karaci Tel: 5215476.Mail asian@asianqa. Tel: 2205712-13 Fax: 92-21-2201780 E. Rajesh Kumar M/s.Mail info@dany1. Abdul Samad Exporter:Onyx Marlbe Importer:Ready made garments Manuf:Fabric garments . Ebrahim Building.Karaci Tel: 4527840-1 Fax: 92-21-4527842 E. Tel: 2790430-1 Fax: 92-21-2783292 E.ASIAN NUTS & SPICES E-30 Own Heights. Hotel Metropole.Karaci Tel: 5621480 Fax: 92-21-5621480 E. ZaibunNisa Street.Madina Centre.com Mr.op.ASIAN LEATHER PRODUCTS A-333. Saddar.. 20-West Wharf Road.ASIAN SOURCE PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.com Mr. Anum Empire. Tel: 34974249 Mr. Block-13-D.ASIAN TALENTS Plot No.ASIAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED Siddiq Wahab Road.Mail asim_salwage@hotmail. 250-251.com Syed Haider Ali Razavi M/s. Club Road.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail infoacemporium@yahoo.2 & 3. Leather M/s. Block 7/8. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4652329 E. Shahid Ali M/s. Exporter:Export of Confectionery products Manuf:Machinery M/s. 7732743 Fax: 92-21-7775653 Mr. Timber Market.ASIAN SALVAGING COMPANY 1st Floor. Tel: 7730674. Block-2. Zahid Hussain Tanweer Exporter:Leather Garments.Mail tofee@mayfair. M/s.Mail hassan@twpackagency.com Mr.com Mr.ASIAN INSPECTION SERVICES (PVT) LTD.171. Jawed Iqbal.ASIAN FOOD INDUSTRIES LTD. Plot No. Karachi Co. 103. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 5660360 Fax: 92-21-5687871 E.com. Sector C-VIII. Tel: 34811076 Fax: 34987756 E. Housing Society Union Ltd.Mail info@asianleatherprocuct.

M/s.ASIF & COMPANY 211. Anwar Hassanally Rammal M/s.Karaci Tel: 2428456. MR. Nawab Estate.Mail mmtpk@yahoo.O.Mail hanifasian@gmail.com Mr. Exporter:General Comodities M/s. M. 32420005-7 Fax: 92-21-32415580 Mr. Bath Island. Jinnah Road. Iqbal Chambers. Street-01. Importer:deal in home applinces M/s.com Mr. Exporter:Exporter of all kin d of Importer:Fabrics Ready made Garments M/s. Tel: 7735666 Mrs. 40-Talpur road. Shams Chambers. Chemicals M/s.pk Mr. Clifton. P.Auditer & Tax Advior . P.net.. 2419595 Fax: 92-21-2419696 E. Services:Tex Consultant. Plastics.H. Muhammad Hanif.Mail awtco@cyber.net. Spices. Jodia Bazar. Opp: Denso Hall. Ghousia Cloth Centre. Nayyar Sultana.C. 207 & 205.Mail sohailharoon@hotmail.S.E. Advani Street. Importer:General Commodities.Mail anwar. Leather Articles Importer:Electrical items goods equipments M/s.O. Mohammed Asif.ASIATIC TRADING COMPANY 11. Mohd.ASIAN TECHNOLOGY & TRADE G-17. 255-D.Karaci Tel: 32433980 Fax: 92-21-2433222 E. Mukhtar Ali.com Mr.ASIAN WORLD TRADING CO.Karaci Tel: 2419090. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.A. 7/31. Box-5331.ASIAN TRADERS Nasib Building. Box # 12722. Block-6.Karaci Tel: 32420828. P. Plaza Querters. Ocean Centre. P.Mail asiatic@cyber.Karaci Tel: 35867576-35837674 Fax: 35867103 E.pk Mr.O. Sohail Haroon Exporter:Yellow Corn Maize Salt Feed Meal M/s. Feroz Street. Kharadhar. 1st Floor.ASIAN TRADERS G-1. 2nd Floor. 4546421 Fax: 92-21-4546427 E.Karaci Tel: 34544447 Fax: 92-21-34536926 E.ASIAN TRADERS Office No. Tel: 32400718 E.com Malik Muhammad Tufail Exporter:Textile Garments. Muljee Street. 13.rammal@gmail. Box-7938. Muhammad Munir Haqqani.ASIATIC PUBLIC RELATIONS NETWORK (PVT) LIMITED A-7.

Karaci Mr. Rice Seed M/s. Sector 41-A.net. Asif Khan M/s.Mail asifabid@cyber. Manghopir Road.Karaci Tel: 5466408. Saddar. Asim Ahmed M/s. Block-7. M/s. 2410465 Fax: 92-21-2416421 E.0344-2199237 E. Noorani Masjid.9th Commercial Street.Karaci Tel: 32560803 E. Asif Nisar. Tel: 5254139 Fax: 5254139 E.com Mr.com Mr. Arif Darvesh M/s. Asif Shafique. Tel: 7548609 Fax: 92-21-7520597 Mr. Gulistan-e-Jouhar. 8.pk Mr.ASIF BROTHERS 7.ASIF ABDUL REHMAN ASSOCIATES S-B. Hasrat Mohani Colony. Chundrigar Road. Phase-IV.ASIF ENGG. Jinnah Road. Jinnah Road. Arkay Square Ext. Herbs. Ghulam Nabi Qureshi M/s. Exporter:Dry Fruits. M.ASIF AGENCIES 52-53. 5th Floor.ASIF & COMPANY Shop No. Sind Cloth Market.99 & 100.com Mr. Murshid Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2424552 Fax: 92-21-2433874 E.M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Korangi No. Importer:Chemicals M/s.ASIF ABID & CO. Crude.Mail israrind@hotmail. Importer:Second Hand Clothings and General Commodities M/s.com Mr.ASIF ENTERPRISE .A.ASIF & SONS Room # 515.ASIF AMIN TRADE INTERNATIONAL Suit No. 11th Floor.Mail ghulam_qureshi@hotmail.M. Uni Centre. M.WORKS Plot No. Murshid Garments Tower.2. Tel: 2425845. & MECH. 412.Asif Iqbal M/s. Asif.ASIF AND BROTHERS 63-E. Tel: 32419811 Fax: 32419798 Mr.2. I..I. DHA.A.35. M.Textile Plaza.Mail asifandsons72@yahoo.Mail objosh@hotmail. Sami Mustafa. New Challi. Tel: 5056277 Fax: 92-21-5060414 Mr.

Muhammad Pervaiz M/s. M/s.ASIF GIFT CENTRE # 172. 32561409 .Muhammad Asif M/s. 0300-21012 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35674830 Fax: 5654840 E.Karaci Tel: 36037111.Ali Road. 1st Floor. Sarafa Bazar.Mail afmaasif@hotmail.Room No. Al-Haroon Electronic Market No. Ground Floor.com Mr. Asif Imran M/s.A. Abdullah Haroon Road.Karaci Tel: 32258513 Mr. Asif Abdul Majeed. MR5/136. M. Behind Liaquat Market. Gul Plaza.operative Market. Empress Market Saddar.G-19.ASIF MARBLE Plot # A/3-115. Virjee Street. Asghari Market.27. Hasrat Mohani Colony. Al Burhan Centre. Asif Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 2741172 Mr. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 2533622. Muhammad Asif M/s. R. Orangzaib Market.Mail ljems@hotmail. M.Ground Floor. Co.A.Karaci Tel: 2414197 Fax: 92-21-2423901 E.com Mr. Muhammad Asif M/s. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2736164 Fax: 92-21-2721000 Mr. Saira Mansion.ASIF ENTERPRISES Haji Adam Ishaq Building. Kundan Street.Karaci Tel: 2727046. Shakeel Jewellers Centre.Karaci Tel: 5686616 Fax: 2470931 Mr. Manghopir Road.10. M.A.G.ASIF IMPEX 65/9.ASIF ENTERPRISES 1/13.com Mr. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s.Mail shahid-Lakhani@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 37070310 E. 2529428 Mr. Jinnah Road.ASIF HANDICRAFTS Show Room # 133. Saddar. Abdullah Haroon Road.ASIF ENTERPRISES Shop No. Jinnah Road. 1st Floor. Jinnah Road. Asif Abdul Ghaffar M/s. Shahid Haroon Lakhani.ASIF GEMS COLLECTION Shop No. Saddar.ASIF GOLD SMITH Madina Centre. 2.

Khudadad Colony.19. KDA Scheme No. Asif Muhammed Iqbal Bega.Mail issar.O. Asif Ashfaq Exporter:Fabrics Importer:Yarn Manuf:Fabrics M/s. Near Kashmir Road.Karaci Tel: 2416432. 2432834 Fax: 92-21-2432826 E. Textile Plaza.net. Cochinwala Market.Mail lala@cyber. M.ASIF TEXTILES Plot No. Jinnah Road.ASIF TEXTILES EST. 427-428.Fax: 92-21-32560803 E. 2426097 Fax: 92-21-2426097 Mr.BOX-6900Karaci Tel: 32413214 Fax: 92-21-32425121 E. Manuf:Tinning M/s. Sector 7-A. Mohammad Javed M/s. Tel: 2439286 Fax: 92-21-2414527 E.ASIF TEXTILE TRADING 27-B. Mohammed Asif.Karaci Tel: 2762659 Fax: 92-21-2713264 E.ASIF RAUF ENTERPRISES Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2544645 Mr.ASIF TRADERS A-82. P.pk Mr.com Mr.Mail asifricemill@yahoo.Mail lmsbegawala@hotmail.pk .ASIF TEXTILE TRADING CO.com Mr. Jodia Bazar. Mohammad Asif Dervesh Exporter:Textile goods and Garmetns Importer:Textile Machineries Manuf:Woven Fabrics M/s. Asif Ali Shaikh Exporter:Rice M/s.com Mr.ind@hotmail. Opp: City Court.Sheikhani Trade Centre Allah Bakaya Street. 22 & 23 Liaquat Market.A. Korangi Industrial Area. M. 4.6. Dandia Bazar.Mail asifdarvesh@hotmail.Mail asiftrds@cyber. Tel: 2412088. Tel: 2570825 Fax: 92-21-2585758 E.ASIF RICE MILL Al-Rehmat Trade Centre. 1st Floor.com Mr. SITE.D-232. Laxmidas Street.ASIF PANSAR STORE Shop No. Suite-403.net. Exporter:Textile & Textile Made Ups M/s. Irshad Ahmed M/s. Mohammad Asif. Jinnah road. M/s.A. Tel: 5051182 Mr.

Muhammad Kazim Khan Exporter:Leather Goods & Textiles M/s. 2572352 Fax: 92-21-2564770 Khawaja Rifat Siddique.ASIM TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED 318/319.A. Malir Township. M.ASK ENTERPRISE 9/A-423. Clifton Centre. Block 'M'. Tel: 4407158 Mr. 3rd Floor. items Manuf:Ready made Garments M/s.ASIM & COMPANY Q-35. SMCHS. 3rd Floor. Asim Ahmed. Kala Board.C.Karaci Tel: 8263676 Fax: 92-21-6649591 Mr.Area.ASK COMMUNICATION Suit#330. Jinnah Road.Mail bstra@cyber.ASIM ENTERPRISES Office No. North Napier Road. Textile Plaza. Asif Mahmood. M/s. North Nazimabad.E.Karaci Tel: 5868471-3 Fax: 92-21-5870887 E.Mail sales@national-group.Karaci Tel: 4554249 Fax: 92-21-4554197 E.net.T.com Mr. Zeba M/s. Korangi No. 2nd Floor.ASIF TRADING COMPANY No-3. M/s..Mr.Mail smasim-zaidi@hotmail. Tel: 2575790. Exporter:Plastic Goods Importer:Chemicals and Plastic Machinery Component Manuf:Plastic Goods M/s.I. Khayaban-e-Firdoosi. Mohammad Asif Importer:Gen. M/s.com Syed Muhammad Asim Zaidi M/s. S. Bhayani Shopping Centre. 27-B. Phase-I. Abid Saeed Khan Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Gen. Tel: 5052205 Mr. M/s. 2.Karaci Tel: 2429320 Fax: 92-21-2419605 Mr. C.ASIF TRADING CO. Zahid Anwar. Darakhshan Society. .ASK INTERNATONAL A-1414.1 & 2. Clifton.pk Mrs. Room# 1. Qasim Chambers. Waqar Building. Gulshan-e-Hadeed. Block-A. Tel: 4858153 Fax: 2732916 E.ASIF ZUBAIR AND COMPANY F-385.

Glass Tower. Marriot Road.ASLAM CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED.26-B. Waheed Centre. Anwaar Ahmad Khan M/s. 1st Floor. 13/4. Tel: 2530716. Nazimabad No. Korangi Industrial Area.com Mr. L. Tel: 6621894 Fax: 92-21-6621894 Mr. Mohammad Iqbal.ASLAM CHEMICAL No. Block-5.M. Fazal Chambers. M/s. 1/7. Tel: 5020973-6046544 Fax: 5022401 E. Inter Linning. Block No. Manuf:Sewing Thread. Mono Filament.ASLAM AND BROTHERS Shop No. Tel: 6367507.ASLAM BROTHERS L. Baba-e-Urdu Road.Bin Qasim.F. Zipper.Karaci Tel: 243947 Fax: 92-21-2426490 Hafiz Muhammad Aslam.ASKAR OIL SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED Office # 8.19. Zipper. Near Teen Talwar. Muhammad Aslam. Shakeel Nasim M/s.C. A-279. Clifton. Taqi.Mail wheel@pk. Exporter:100% Polyeser Zippers and No.com Mr. Mohammad Aslam. S. 22. Muhammad Aslam M/s. Sajid Hussain.Mail asksajid@yahoo. M/s. Sewing Thread and Yarn Importer:Garment Accessories. Sector-21.ASLAM BROTHERS 15-A.ASKAR TRADING INTERNATIONAL 2-K. M/s. Kasur Street.1. 6803735 Fax: 92-21-5686909 E. M/s.com Mr. Aziz Jehan Appartment Mohammed Shah Street. Lakshmi Building. Federal 'B' Area.A. Rivets.Mail aslpapermills@yahoo. 100% Polyester Zipper M/s. 2542823 Mr. 2. 2.ASL PAPER MILLS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.Karaci Tel: 4710360 Fax: 92-21-4711053 E.18.Mail farhan@askaroil.17. 1st Floor. Murad Khan Road. Tel: 32727416 Fax: 32750079 Mr. Hook & Eyes.netsolir.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2442488 Mr.Karaci Tel: 36040808 E. .ASLAM BROTHERS NP 13/74. M/s.

M/s. S. Jeweller Centre. Defence Housing Authority. Muhammad Aslam. M. M. M/s. Saddar. 9-B.ASLAM IMPEX Q-313.ASPAHTAR INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.pk Mrs. Tel: 7728948 Mr.ASLAM TRADING COMPANY 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 5214024 Mr. Abdullah Haroon Road. M/s. Beauty House.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5475612 Mr.net.ASR-E-SHEEREEN Block-13-A. Box-4097. 35-SB/4. Tel: 5894009. 5th Floor. Jinnah Road. 4821184 Fax: 92-21-4980849 E.net. 2414615 Fax: 92-21-2412605 E.43. Khadda Market. Altaf Hussain Road. Main Khayaban-e-Shamsheer Road. Mohammed Ahmed Mansion. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. M/s. Raja Ghazanfar ali Road.Mail keharr@cyber.4.F. DHA.ASLAM GEMS Shop No. Mubeen Centre. Mr.ASPEN SUPER STORE Shop No. Tel: 4981829 Fax: 92-21-4982518 . Hammad Raza Zaidi. Exporter:Import of Iron & Steel Secondary Importer:quality M/s. Muhammad Shahid M/s. Aqeel Ahmed Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 35215286 Fax: 92-21-5680777 E.Karaci Tel: 4980608.Karaci Tel: 2422540 Fax: 92-21-2420683 Mr. Osif Centre. Muhammad Aslam.com M/s. Shahbaz Market. Muhammad Aslam Saeed..A. P.pk Mr.Mail asr_enterp@yahoo.Mail acil@cyber.Gulshan-e-Iqbal.ASLAM ELECTRONICS Shop# 9.S. Exporter:bhadel@fascom. Behind Liaquat Market. Devdas Pragji Bldg.O.ASLAM TRADERS 32/25. Phase-V. Korangi-2.Karaci Tel: 2412637.com Importer:ntcomputer@hotmail. Saddar. Rifat M/s. Kulsum Abu Talib.ASR ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED 501. Salma Majeed. South Central Avenue. 5381571 Fax: 92-21-5885792 Mrs.

8th Street.Karaci Tel: 0333-2246063 Mr. Tel: 3881601 Fax: 92-21-3883992 Mr.ASSOCIATED BUILDERS (PVT) LTD.C.E.com Mr. Shahra-e-Faisal.com Mr.Mail abl_accounts@hashoogroup.Mail acl@cyber.Mail acakhi@aca-pk. 4534128 Fax: 92-21-4546679 E. Room # 412. 115-A. Jodia Bazar.C. Phase-II. Mehdi Towers.ASRA TRADERS MR-1-60.Karaci Tel: 4520351.617. P. Mohammad Ali Cooperative Housing Society.ASSOCIATED COMMERCIAL AGENCIES 64/1-B.Karaci Tel: 4530825. Cotton Exchange Building.net. M/s. 16-E. Manuf:Sweets M/s. Muhammad Sharifuddin M/s. M. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Block-6.S. Mustansir Zahir M/s.Karaci Tel: 4534568-9. Abdul Bari. I. Asif Naqvi.S.A. 4530352 Fax: 92-21-4520413 E.ASSOCIATED CONSTRUCTORS LIMITED 1103-1104.Karaci Tel: 4387837-38 Fax: 4387840 E.ASSOCIATED CONSULTING ENGINEERS ACE (PVT) LTD.Mail info@delfres.H. Chundrigar Road. M/s.com Mr.I.M.ASSABEQON Room No.Karaci Tel: 5340800 Fax: 92-21-5855722 E. S... Muhammad Khalid Memon.E. Zohra Square. Business Arcade. 6th Floor.com .co. Jinnah Road.Mail info@assemco. Kutchi Gali-3. 4558289 Fax: 92-21-4536393 Mian Assadullah Farouk. Mohammad Hanif Importer:Electrical and Steel items M/s.pk Mr. Woollen Yarn Importer:Raw Wool Manuf:Woollen/Carpet Yarn M/s.ASSADULLAH WOOLEN MILLS (PVT) LIMITED MF House.H.kr Mr. Tel: 2416351-2 Fax: 92-21-2423355 E. Exporter:Raw Wool. Rashid Minhas Street. 4th Floor. Defence Housing Authority. 5/A.ASSEMCO PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.Mail acecorp@fascom. Wan Soo Kim M/s. 106.

A-20. Muhammad Ahsan Jawad M/s.ASSOCIATED TEXTILE IV/C/3-A.ASSOCIATED PRODUCTIVITY CONSULTANTS Suite # 502.pk Mr.com Mr. Chundrigar Road.com Mr. Office Tower. Tel: 6689869. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2735734. Importer:Machinery Eqpt.net. M/s.Mail ATC. Sector 15.ASSOCIATED TEXTILE CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD. Tel: 36689869-70 Fax: 36689876 Mr. Services:Engineering Consultancy M/s.net.4545161 E.I. Jinnah Road. Majeed.pk Mrs.Nwtworking Products & Electrical Accessories.ASSOCIATED INDUSTRIES (GARMENTS) PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.ASSOCIATED GROUP 201. IV/C/3-A. Korangi Industrial Area.Mail info@aigppl. Uni Centre.A. Claremont Road.5821247 E. Civil Lines. 8th/5th Floor. Surriya Zainul Abeedin Exporter:Ready made Garments Manuf:Ready mae Garments M/s.Mr.net. Khalid Hussain Mahesar.ASTOR INTERNATIONAL 412. Importer:Computers. 6689872 Fax: 92-21-6689876 E. 5059436 Fax: 92-21-5055167 E. M.Mail apc@cyber.Mail assocgrp@super. 4970748 Fax: 92-21-4971834 E. Nazimabad. 2729361 Fax: 92-21-2736582 E.net. 12/CL-6. Nisar Ahmed Khan. I. KCHSU. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Nazimabad. Batool Arcade.ASSOCIATED INSTRUMENT DISTRIBUTORS (PVT) LTD. Tahir Plaza.ASSOCIATED HOME TEXTILES (PVT) LIMITED Plot # 36/7. SB-4. Block 13-B.Karaci Tel: 4313820-21 Fax: 4524504. Brian Disouza.Mail aidl@cyber. A. Importer:Scientific Instruments M/s.Karaci Tel: 5821241-6 Fax: 5821559. Rimpa Plaza. University Road. Jaffer Abdur Rehman.pk Mr.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5461692.Karachi@atcpak. MuhammadAhsan Jawad Exporter:Ready made Garments M/s. Tel: 2425845 Fax: 92-21-2416421 . Spare Parts & Accessories Textile M/s. M/s.Mail szaht@cyber.Karaci Tel: 4970743.

Europa Centre. Paraffin Wax Manuf:Tents. 4521837 Fax: 92-21-4322605 E. Block-2.. Fax: 92-21-2416901 Mr.com.E.O. Amir Sultana Bldg. Mohammad Suleman Chawla. Tarpaulins Kit Bags Cotton Canvas Importer:Chemicals.Karaci Tel: 4322604.Mail info@atcolab.10/16.Mail anisar@astor. M/s. Abid Nisar M/s. 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 2415433. Muneeza Saleem. 172/L Rahat-Jo-Dero. ..I.I.209.ATA CORPORATION F-193. Tel: 4930708.Mail aswadmadical@yahoo. Tel: 2627814 Fax: 92-21-7011673 E.Karaci Tel: 2528027 Fax: 92-21-2513657 Haji Shakilur Rehman Importer:Cutch & Gambier & Betel Nutts M/s. Muhammad Arif Atara.ATCO LABORATORIES LTD.ATA BROTHERS CO. Ataullah. 0300-8251200 Fax: 4949543 Mr.com Mrs. Saeed Allawala.com Mr.ASWAD MEDICAL COMPANY C-2.I.ATAM INTERNATIONAL House No.E. Faran Society. Korangi Road.S. Chundrigar Road. S. A-5/326.E. B-18.H. Exporter:Leather Garments Importer:Leather Garments Manuf:Leather Garments M/s. 1102-Uni Tower.P. Box-6356. M/s.. Akhter Colony. Tel: 2577930-33 Fax: 92-21-2563974 E.C. M/s. Jodia Bazar.ATC PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Room No. Abid Nisar.Mail mkt@atcpakistan. Exporter:Readymade Garments M/s.ATAUR REHMAN SONS N. Exporter:Tents.99-A.E.Karaci Tel: 5386467 Fax: 92-21-5886269 Mr. I. Manghopir Road.ATARA TARPAULINS & TEXTILE INDUSTRIES P. M/s.T.pk Mr. Hasrat Mohani Road. Haris Junaid Kapadia.T.. S. Manji Khetsi Street. Tel: 2560809 Mr. P. Shop-6.net Mr. Tarpaulins Kit Bags Cotton Canvas etc.

E. M.ATHAR AND SONS Shop No. Jinnah Road. Khalid Bin Waleed Road. 4558107 Fax: 92-21-4553922 Shaikh Abdul Wajid. Abdullah Haroon Road.C. Qamar House. Ghansmadni. Central Commercial Area. Saeed Allawala. Ateed Riaz. Saddar.com Mr.. Khadija Arcade.I.ATEEQ AUTO TRADERS 15. Tel: 7721604. Hashmi Electronics Market. M/s. Urdu Bazar. B-18.ATHERTON IMROZ COMPANY 119-120.Mail atech@cyber. Tel: 2577930-33 Fax: 92-21-2563974 Mr. M/s.A. 7720904 Fax: 92-21-7724264 E. 34573343 Fax: 92-21-4599018 Syed Athar Ali.Exporter:Pharmaceutical Products Importer:Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials..3. House No.ATEE & CO.ATCO PHARMA INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.com M/s. Plot-8. Importer:Finished Pharma Products M/s.E.85.pk Mr.H.Karaci Tel: 32434109.Karaci Tel: 32770827. Jinnahabad No. Exporter:modila@cyber. Room No. Block-2. Chamber of Commerce & Industry Building. Street-2.95. Pharma Products M/s.pk Manuf:balagamwala@yahoo.1.Karaci Tel: 34555467 Fax: 34321270 E.S. 32726896 Syed Masood Ali. Atif Importer:Timber and Allied Timber Products .net. M/s.ATECH No. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.T.ATIF & CO.pk Sheikh Muhammad Ateeq. P.Karaci Tel: 7730604 E. Muhammad Ayaz M/s. Importer:Fresh Fruits M/s. S.9. M.Mail almehdi@cyber. 338-C. Mohan Road.Karaci Tel: 4556531. Tel: 2312271-74 Fax: 92-21-2310632 E.ATHAR & CO.net.net.Mail kimrooz@attglobal.Mail atifco@yahoo.net Mr.

Mail atiqueagencies@cyber.ATIQA ENTERPRISE Shop No. Muhammad Atique. Importer:Chemicals & Plastic Moulding Compound M/s.com Mr. Jodia Bazar. B/76.501. Importer:Carpet and Raw Materials M/s. Naseemullah Khan M/s. M-1.Karaci Tel: 2565416 E.ATIF CORPORATION SC-13. Commercial Complex. Zakaria Lane. M/s.net.Mail atifcorporation@hotmail.pk Mr. 2412396 Fax: 92-21-2423285 Mr. Al Mustafa Market. I. Nazimabad. SITE. Tel: 6614146 Khawaja Muhammad Atiq. Zubair Atique. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.T. North Karachi.Karaci Tel: 6945508 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2436032 E. M-2.ATIQUE TRADING CO Show Room No. S. Importer:Photo State Toner & Paper M/s.ATIQ BROTHERS III/H-8/41. M/s. Badri Building. M/s. F-432. B-298. Main University Road.Mail atko_municipal@hotmail. 5th Floor.ATIQUE (PVT) LTD. Hockey Club of Pakistan.M/s.ATIYA TRADERS Jamia Masjid Sattar. State Life Building No.pk Mr.ATIF RIAZ & CO. Chambers.ATIQUE AGENCIES Office No.Mail info@atco. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Atif Masood M/s.S. Chundrigar Road.6.11. Sector 11-B.ATIQUE TRADERS 2-A. S. Estate Ave. Muhammad Hanif. Noor Square Near Chandni Cinema.I.Karaci Tel: 4976300 Fax: 92-21-5683881 Qazi Abdul Gafur. Tel: 2416109.com Mr. Tel: 2575850.4. Atif Riaz. 2442243 Fax: 92-21-2420164 Mr.com.Karaci Tel: 4949042-4943706 E.E. Rufi Centre Block-13-D/2.Mail atiqueltd@hotmail. 2575845 Fax: 92-21-2571588 E.7. Muhammad Ibrahim M/s. Tel: 2441853. Tel: 35660826 E.ATKO MUNICIPAL No.I.com .

North Nazimabad.Mail surveyors@surveyors.Karaci Tel: 32578175 Fax: 32578175 E. Tel: 2588731-3 Fax: 92-21-2588734 E.com Mr. D/181. M/s.436-A. Block 'M'. Tel: 35837595 Fax: 35838072 E. Shoaib Umer. Federation House. Exporter:Automotive Battery Importer:Raw materials for Battery Manufacturing Manuf:Automotive Battery.net. Shershah.Karaci Tel: 111-333-225 Fax: 92-21-5870543 E. Sadiq M. Central Avenue. Chundrigar Road. Weaving Fabrics Importer:Garments Weaving Fabrics M/s. Bhayani Medical Centre.com.pk Mr.Mail pil@pearlcarpets.Mr. D-92/1. Atif awed Exporter:Spare items M/s.ATLANTIC SURVEYORS (PVT) LTD. Tel: 32417529. Iftikhar H. Block-C. Main Clifton.com Mr. Aamir H. Jackson Market. Kemari.ATLANTIC CLOTHING CO.. Block-4.Karaci Tel: 2853026 Fax: 92-21-2855111 E. S. Sector 12-C. Clifton. North Karachi Industrial Area. DP-79. Shirazi M/s.V.com Mr. Abdullah Shah Ghazi Road. Rahim Buksh M/s. 1243/1.ATLANTIC SERVICES Shop No. 910.ATLAS BATTERY LTD.Mail bubbly-ashraf@hotmail.ATLANTIC ONSHORE SERVICES B.ATLAS BANK LIMITED 3rdFloor.E.I. SITE.T. Tel: 2567990-94 Fax: 92-21-2564703 Mr. Mahdi M/s. Alamgir Road. Motorcycle Battery .Mail info@atlasbank.ATLANTIC BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Suite No.Mail abc@cyber.com Mr. 32433703 Fax: 92-21-2423098 E. Muhammad Amin Exporter:Garments. Shirazi. Adnan Manzoor M/s.Karaci Tel: 6629756 Fax: 92-21-6649545 E.Mail smadhi@ks@-aos.ATLANTIC TEXTILE M-11-E. Street-20. Scheme-5.I. Ashraf Ghani Importer:Sludge oil M/s.Mail info@atlantictex. Ghaib Shah Manzil.1. Uni Plaza.pk Mr. I.com Mr.

Disposable Paper Items etc. S. Box 422Karaci Tel: 2629952. Shahrah-e-Firdousi.Mail ahl@atlasgrouppk. Block 7 & 8. M/s. Anis Barry M/s. Main Clifton.pk Mr. High Tech Galvanised Steel Wire. Aluminium Ingots. F/36. Importer:Glassware. National Highway Landhi. 1st Floor. Maqbool Cooperative Housing Society. Tel: 2575561-65 Fax: 92-21-2563758 E. Zinc Ingots.O. Textile Plaza.ATLAS CABLES (PVT) LTD. Iftikhar H. Manuf:Automotive Parts M/s. M/s. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Exporter:Radiators Importer:Brass Sheet. Ground Floor.com Mr.ATLAS ENTERPRISES 3. Die Coat.net. 2439175 Fax: 92-21-2434840 E. 9th Floor. Tel: 5016921-24 Fax: 92-21-5011709 E.T.3.Mail anisbarry@cyber. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 2434738. Muzaffar Allawala.A.Karaci Tel: 4327707 Fax: 92-21-4327698 E. Marriot Road. Copper Foil. AAC & ACSR Conductor High Tech Galvanised Steel Wire.ATLAS EQUIPMENT Offce # 708.pk Mr.ATLAS HONDA LTD.Karaci Tel: 5378806-7. M.net. Ibrahim Trade Towers.ATLAS ENGINEERING LIMITED 15-Mile. Importer:Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Glass Ware. State Avenue. Ahmed Ali.ATLAS INSURANCE LIMITED Federation House. Brass Foil. Talpur Building. G.I.net. Importer:High Carbon Steel Wire Rod. M/s.ATLAS CHEMICAL SUPPLY F-1.pk Mr.Mail agi@cyber. 2218214 Fax: 92-21-2629952 E. Near Dow Medical College. Shuja Market. Tel: 2416660-64 Fax: 92-21-2416714 E. Katchi Gali No. Shirazi. Exporter:Cable and Conductors. 5369394Fax: 92-21-5378515 .Mail atlas@cyber.P. Manuf:Aluminium Rod. Food Machine.com Mr.net.M/s. Aluminium Rod.Mail aeil@atlasgroup.E. Danish Javed.Mail ataseqpt@cyber..pk Mr. Sadaqat Ali. Exporter:Honda Motorcycles Manuf:Honda Motorcycles M/s.

ATM ENTERPRISE Office No.T.ATLAS TRADING CORPORATION Suite# 4.Karaci Tel: 6064432 E. Tel: 2416660-4 Fax: 92-21-2416714 E. Tel: 2424647.14. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Near Custom House.atlasgrouppk.pk Mr. Adeel Javed.Mail agi@cyber. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.net. S. New Challi. 3rd Floor. Mumtaz Hassan Road. 8th Floor.Cotton Waste Handicraft M/s. Muhammad Talha. 220229 Fax: 92-21-2312974 E.Karaci Tel: 2422886 Fax: 92-21-2415390 Sheikh Javaid.Karaci Tel: 2579602 Mr. Tel: 2435229 Fax: 92-21-2417274 E. Mezzanine Floor.ATS CORPORATION D-156.Mail atme-7861@yahoo.ATLAS TRADING COMPANY 911-912.Mail attaenterprises@hotmial.ATLAS TEXTILES (PVT) LIMITED 9th Floor. C-101/A.com Mr. Kharadhar. Sultan Shahid Ahmed Exporter:Wiping Rags.ATM INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED 10.com Ms.Karaci Tel: 2315536. Exporter:Garments Importer:Garments Raw Materials Manuf:Garments M/s.Mail info@atmpk.com Mr. Chaudry Compound. KDA Scheme-1. M/s. Business & Finance Centre. Services:General Insruance M/s. Shirazi. Poonawala View.E. Chapal Plaza. B/C Writers Chambers. Iftikhar H. Zaheer Allana Exporter:Plastic Products Importer:Plastic Products Manuf:Plastic Products M/s. Hasrat Mohani Road. Avenue. Karsaz.2430554 Mr. S. Arkay Square Extension.ATLAS PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Afifa Shamim M/s. Exporter:Textile goods M/s.I.811. 2430694 Fax: 2419469. Textile Plaza. Tel: 4381117-8 Fax: 4525206 Syed Niaz Husain M/s.ATTA ENTERPRISES Office No-2. I.Mail subjally@mickhi. Bohri Road.I. Shade No.Chundrigar Road.com .E.

3rd Floor. Shahzad Arshad. Tel: 34663011 E.Mr.ATTAR ENTERPRISES 452. Obaid ul Haq M/s. S. Elahi Centre. Arambagh. Suite-503-504. 2.com Mr. Regal Area. Block-9.AUDIO LINK C-95. Block-2.T. KUCHS. Naseer uddin M/s.AURA INTERNATIONAL Plot No.80/1.AUGUST BROTHERS (PVT) LIMITED S/31. Near Madina Masjid.AUDIO VIDEO CENTRE. Muhammad Siddiq.ATTIQULLAH & BROTHERS Shop No. Gulbahar # 2. Shop-41.PECHS.E.com Mr. Exporter:Electronics Importer:Electronics M/s. Habib Square. Korangi Industrial Area. Saddar.421.Mail obaidsoud@gmail. Mauripur Road.com Mr. Tel: 4325133 Fax: 92-21-4325135 E. Insurance House No. Importer:Garments Accessories M/s. 5th Floor. 2750033 Fax: 92-21-2722333 Mr. Tel: 4830523 Fax: 4830511 E. Sector 7-A.enterprises01@gmail.Mail ahsan414@hotmail. . Adnan Patel M/s.Mail aura. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 0300-2306162 Mr.AURA ENTERPRISES House no. Asif Nisar M/s. Tel: 5054659 Mr. Federal 'B' Area. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 32633913 Mr.AURA TRADERS 141-D. Atiq Ahmed M/s. Tel: 36682699 E.Mail rauf@cyber.AURANGZEB IMPEX (PVT) LTD. 400 Quarter. Kemat Rai Road.I. Mohammad Akram. Akbar Cloth Market.Karaci Tel: 2722333. M/s.12.pk Dr.com Syed Mohammad Ahsan M/s. Attiqullah M/s.Mail info@auasolutions. Block 7 & 8. Tel: 2354345 Fax: 92-21-2354346 E. Block-3.net..AUA SOLUTIONS Anum Blessings.

Karaci Tel: 2425252. Tel: 6325350. Mohd. Azizabad.M. 4392364 Fax: 92-21-4540042 E.pk Mr. Mohammad Hashim Importer:Motorcycle Parts M/s.E.AURORA INTERNATIONAL 33-A & B. Exporter:Hosiery Garments Manuf:Hosiery Garments M/s. 9th Floor.net. Clifton.T. M/s. Jinnah Road. Arkay Square Extension.net.AUTO CARE E-29. Opp: Aurangzeb Market. Main Khalid Bin Waleed Road.. Glass Tower. Executive Floor.2574652 . PECHS.A.AUTO HOUSE 9.Karaci Tel: 4521759. 4559816 Fax: 92-21-4541613 Mr.com Rana Babar Ali. Mohammad Riaz. Iqbal A. M/s. Box-6533. Exporter:Sports Goods Importer:Paper and Paper Board M/s.pk Mr. Satram Das M/s. Chaudhery Khaliq Uzaman Road.AURANGZEB MARBLE INDUSTRY 959/2.2564576 Fax: 92-21-6371734 Mrs.Karaci Tel: 35372286-35860844 Fax: 35860944 E.AUTO INDUSTRIES SF Unit No. M/s.Mail ravidawani@hotmail. Auscanz House.com Mr. Nursery Commercial Area.Mail rana@auscanz. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Mail ali@cyber. Molimabad.Karaci Tel: 5640968 Fax: 92-21-5640969 E. Gizri.AUTO INDEX 52-3.AUSCANZ 20 B-D.Karaci Tel: 2412292. Saira Mansion.A. Iqbal Dosani. Tel: 2560420-21.I. Muhammad Ahsan Anwar M/s. S.com Mr.19.Karaci Tel: 7727008-7728877 Fax: 4963738 E.Mail commerce@cyber. 2430638 Fax: 92-21-2418585 Mr. M. Tel: 4557722. Federal 'B' Area. 2426963 Fax: 92-21-2414529 E.AUTO DECOR K2/3 to K 2/6.Mail auto_decor@yahoo. P. Jinnah Road.O. Majeed Bawany. Main Clifton Road. Riffat Saeed.

lst Floor.Mail mansoorrehan@hotmail. Rahman M/s. Z/46. M.Karaci Tel: 5676534 E. 3rd Floor. 32771048 Fax: 92-21-32776754 E.AUTO TRADE House No.Fax: 92-21-2564870 E.312-313. Advani Street Plaza Square.Mail abc@cyber.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 4823136-38 Fax: 4971305 E.AUTO LINK 18-A & B-19.Mail autocity@cyber. Corner Castle Building (Harron Tyre) Bahadur Shsh Market.AUTO MOBILES BUSINESS CORPN. Importer:All Kinds of Spare Parts and other Accessories Manuf:Assembler Three Wheeler Auto Rackshaw and Fair Meter M/s. Mohammad Khalid.AUTO TRADERS 11. Shelozon Centre. Tel: 2723452.A.Karaci Tel: 0300-2317802 Mr. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Jinnah Road.A. Salim A. Yunus Dawood. 2720561 Fax: 92-21-2727758 E. Exporter:Motorcycle Parts Importer:Motorcycle Parts Manuf:Motorcycle Parts M/s.net.Karaci Tel: 6625770. National Building. Jinnah Road.com Mr.net. Memon Cooperative Housing Society. Anis Ahmed. Aurangzeb Market. Importer:Auto Parts M/s. Zakia Begum.pk Mr.com Mr. Block 7 & 8. 6625898 Fax: 92-21-6636958 Mrs.com Khawaja Sohail Mansoor.Muhammad Shoaib Shaikh M/s. 3rd Floor. Abdullah Haroon Road.Karaci Tel: 32724116 Fax: 32777768 E.Mail g02autotraders@hotmail. Importer:Plastic Moulding Compound Manuf:Plastic Goods M/s.Karaci Tel: 32764823. Rashid Minhas Road. Mehboob Chambers.Mail sohaibsheikh@hotmail.Mail shami1217@hotmail.AUTOCITY (PVT) LIMITED Room No.AUTO WORLD INTERNATIONAL (PVT)LTD A-13.AUTO ZONE 1. ABC. Block-15. Shahzad Mobeen. Saghir Centre.com Mr. M/s. . M.

North Karachi Township.Mail avanticorporation@gmail.L. Near MCB Jamshed Road Branch. Exporter:Tankers.com Mrs. SITE.6970588 Fax: 92-21-6953053 E.Mail automate@cyber. Tel: 32574028-32550162 Fax: 35206067 E.AUTOMATE INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED C-23. Importer:Raw Matrials & Machinery Manuf:Automobile Parts M/s.pk Syed Hadi Ali Rizvi. Plot No. Parts and Components of all type of Vehicles Manuf:Trailer. Owais-ul-Mustafa. Near Sardar Ali Sabri Road.AUVITRONICS LIMITED 3rd Floor. Dockyard Road.Mail aut@super. Plot#3. M/s. 34312040 Fax: 92-21-3431219 E.Jinnah Cooperat Housing Society. New M. Salim A. Semi Trctor Tanker etc.com. Khayam Husain. Muhammad Nadeem M/s. M/s. M/s.A.Karaci Tel: 8317631. Shaikh.AUTOMOTIVE SPARES AND ACCESSORIES (PVT) LTD. Shaikh. Tel: 6625770 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2205240-3. Sector 16-B.Mail acil@cyber. Siddique Sons Tower. Trailers Importer:Heavy Vehicles.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 6970573. M.com. Importer:Plastic Moulding Automotive Parts Manuf:Audio Cassettes. Al-Karam Square.net. Guslah-e-Iqbal.AUTOMOTIVE PLASTICS SC-13. 6348118 Fax: 92-21-6348119 Mr.AUTOMATION AND CONTROL ENTERPRISES A-279. West Wharf. Block 'H'. Palace. 8660808 Fax: 92-21-4912723 E. Jinnah Road. WH-10.AUTOMOBILE CORPORATION OF PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Maheen . North Nazimabad.Karaci Tel: 4992083-4 Fax: 92-21-4980849 E.pk Mr. M/s.Shahrah-e-FaisalKaraci Tel: 34312030. Gulzar A.net. Shah Baig Town.pk Mr.AUTOMEN CB-246.M/s.Mail info@pcigroup. North Karachi. Tel: 6348117. Block-# 5. Automovtive Parts.Block 7/8. 2314449 Fax: 92-21-2310629 E.pk Syed Wajahat Hussain Zaidi M/s.net.Mail contact@acpl. 14.AVANTI CORPORATION 7.

com Mr. Saddar. M. M/s. Tel: 5208081-5.T. Nauzer Commissariat.net.Karaci Tel: 2203391-2203392 Fax: 2311231 E.Mail headoffice@avari. Al-Yousuf Chambers.Mail infor@aventisintl.AVENTIS TRADECO INTERNATIONAL Room No.AVENTIS INTERNATIONAL Office-2-C.AVEZ REHMAT & COMPANY G-20. Rafiq Centre.H. Avari. Heralal Gantara Rd Tel: 32765701 E. Mohammad Baksh & Sons Bldg. Hotel Metropole Building.E.Karaci Tel: 2424661-62. M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal.AVICON AVIATION CONSULTANTS & AGENT 105-Amber Pride. West Wharf Road.com Mr. M/s. Devchand Building. 4545331 Fax: 92-21-4531613 Syed Wahabuddin.2nd Floor. Importer:News Papers\ Periodicals. Muhammad Buksh & Sons Building. Ashok Kumar Solanki. Beach Luxury Hotel. P. Khan Road. Services:Indenting Commission M/s. Room No.M/s. Xerees B. Tel: 5611031 Fax: 92-21-5610673 E.Karaci Tel: 2203391-92 Fax: 92-21-2311231 Mrs. Avari Plaza. Abdullah Haroon Road. Tel: 5677644 Fax: 92-21-5683514 Mr. Exporter:Hand Knoted Carpets . 13-A. 23-West Wharf Road.C.AVIVA ENTERPRISES 10. Mohammad Farooq Ahmed.Karaci Tel: 4531623..Mail atiba@cyber. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.2-C. 11. M/s. 46. 5660415 Fax: 92-21-5660762 Mr. Irshad Ali. 2nd Floor.S. Ground Floor.AVIATION SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED 12.Karaci Tel: 5686919 Fax: 92-21-5688629 Mr.pk Mr. Block-6.AVARI HOTELS LIMITED 3rd Floor. Eidgah Lane. Club Road.Mail awez_rehmat80@yahoo. M/s.AVIATION TRADE INTERNATIONAL 6th Floor. Tasleem Amir. 2420248 Fax: 92-21-2620831 E.com Shaikh Aamir Zafar M/s.Ashraf Ali M/s.AVARI TRAVEL AGENCIES LTD.

Karaci Tel: 2638719 Fax: 92-21-2217373 E.net. Roller and Taper Bearings. Muhammad Haroon Importer:Computer Stationers M/s. New Challi. Hasan Mension.AWACO FOODS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. Korangi Industrial Area.AVM CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES D-211-A. Dyes and Chemic Manuf:Textile Axilaries & Chemicals M/s.8. Plaza Square.net. Queens Court. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s. Tel: 2015692 Fax: 4680763 E. Humayun Izhar.Bearings and Auto parts Importer:Ball.Karaci Tel: 2736425 Fax: 92-21-2427645 E. Exporter:Hand Knotted Woollen Carpets M/s.Karaci Tel: 2212603-04 Fax: 92-21-2212670 E. Mohammad Shoaib Exporter:Textile Auxilaries & Chemicals Importer:Textile Auxilaries.AWAMI OVERSEAS TRADERS Behramshaw Manor. Altaf Hussain Road.AWAIS BROTHERS 1st Floor.pk Mr.S. Sector 31. 4th Floor.AVON FOODS Plo No.Mail avongroup@live.E-8. Awais Kamal M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Moin Steel Market.Mail awaiskamal1@hotmail.Mail awais_brothers@iname.AWAIS STEEL CORPORATION Shop # 62. Manuf:Brake and Clutch parts . Abdullah Haroon Road. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 4314860 Mr.com Mr.Mail nasimtaqi@hotmail. Baba-e-Urdu Road. SITE.Mail avon@cyber. Tel: 7727379 Fax: 92-21-7736142 Mr. Tel: 32775360 E. Sector 27. Altaf Hussain Road. Advani Street.Manuf:Hand Knoted Carpets M/s. Muhammed Munaf. Iftekhar Chamber. No.AVON STATIONERS Room # 38.com Mr. Usman Wajid Arain Manuf:Foods M/s. Mushtaq Ahmad M/s.AVON TRADING CO.Mail avm@super. Tel: 111-000-161 Fax: 92-21-2577509 E. Mohammad Nasim Taqi Exporter:Ball Roller.pk Mr. H.com Mr.com Mr. DP& T Society.68.

Juman Shah.Mail info@awantrading.AWAN TRADING CO.S-2.com. 3rd Floor.AWESOME TEXTILES INDUSTRIES Office # 303. Al Faisal Shopping Mall. M/s. D-28/II.Karaci Tel: 03009201435 . 12th Floor.AWAZTEX S # 21.AWAN TELECOM (PVT) LTD. Clifton. Eidghah Lane. Muhammad Hasan Khan M/s. M/s. Near Rabi Centre.Mail mhk@awkcommodities. Muhammad Barkat M/s.Mail rizwanzain@hotmail. Chakiwara.com Mr. Behind Liaquat Market. Siddique Awan.Mail ikhlaqhmd@yahoo.(PVT) LTD. M. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.AWAN TRADERS CO. PECHS. M-312.G-33.com Mr. LyariKaraci Tel: 7778572 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2421773-4 Fax: 92-21-2420726 E.Karaci Tel: 2426282-3 Fax: 92-21-2417739 Mr. Mohammad Rizwan. Block-18. Mohammad Shahbaz Awan.AWLIAGUL CLOTH SHOP Shop No.pk Mr. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 668767 Fax: 92-21-6675538 E. Zubair Umer Exporter:Bed Wears Importer:Grey Fabrics Manuf:Bed Wears M/s. M/s.M/s.Karaci Tel: 021-4630647-4626212 Fax: 021-4626212 Mr.AWAN INTERNATIONAL Room No. Muhammed Feroz Street. North Nazimabad.Industrial Town Plaza Shahrah-e-Liaquat. 1204-1205. Sidra Centre. Hasrat Mohani Road.6. Sunny View Apptt Block 'B'. Amar Lal M/s. Jodia Bazar.Mail waztex@yahoo. Block-1. Supreme Corner. Plot-AK-22-18.25 & 26. Exporter:Dealers Pakistan Steel Mills M/s.AWK COMMODITIES Suite# 223. Tel: 5810966-67 Fax: 5810968 E. Ikhlaq Ahmed. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2433366 Fax: 92-21-2433367 E.AWB CORPORATION 201-Jillani Centre. Near Telephone Exchange. Tel: 32426791 E.A.com Mr.com Mr.

Rock Trade Centre. Phase-1.Karaci Tel: 5088146.Karaci Tel: 3588524 Fax: 35680267 E. Jamshed Road. Mohsin Bashir M/s. Awlia Gul M/s. MR-4/49.205.AYAAN ENTERPRISES Office No. Saddar. Adamjee Dawood Road.406.AYAAN TEXTILE Room # 301. Muhamamd Noman Bhagani Manuf:Steel M/s. M/s. Mansoor Building.Mail info@ayannenterprises. Tel: 2743782. Plot No. Adam Plaza. Arfat Centre. Speedy Tower.0300-2633998 Fax: 92-21-5680611 Mr.com.Block-6.AYANN ENTERPRISES Flat No.AYAZ CORPORATION Room No.Block A-1. Tel: 35685516-35689786 Fax: 35682779 Mr. Tel: 35888719-35888729 E.pk Mr. Muhammad Yousuf M/s.pk Mr.104. PECHS. Altaf Hussain Katchi M/s.Mail yfumer@hotmail.44. 2nd Floor.com Mr.AXA INTERNATIONAL Flat No.AXA TRAVEL 1st Floor. Mohammad Irfan Taqi. Shafiq Plaza.AWZ ENTERPRISES Shop No. Muhammad Altaf M/s.Karaci Tel: 5393824-5 Fax: 5880283-4 E.129/1. Kharadhar. Jodia Bazar. Bahadurabad. DHA.307. 1st Floor. 2765955 Mr. Plot No. Tel: 4314916 Fax: 92-21-4551510 Mr.AXIOM CORPORATION 130-F. Muhammad Aamir M/s. arif Arcade. Nishter Road.AXIS ELECTRONICS 1-3.net.Mr. CL Beaumount Road.Mail ayaantextile@cyber. Chemi Centre.5. Sarwar Shaheed Rd. Sarmad Road. Muhamamd Shuja Mirza M/s.Mail info@axa. Bagh-e-Zohra Street.com Mr. Tel: 4944559 E. Progressive Plaza.Karaci Tel: 2316646 Mr.Karaci .AYAAN STEEL Suite No. Muhammad Zahid Khan Importer:Scrape & Oid and used auto parts M/s. Poona Bai Street.396.

Muhammad Munaf Allana M/s. Ayesha Arif. Off: M. M/s.Mail msohailhussain@hotmail. Main Abul Hassan Isphani Road.pk Services:Intl Freight Forwarders .JM-716/9/1. North Karachi.Mail ari.AYAZ ENTERPRISES Office No. Importer:Books Manuf:tfr@cyber. Noor Sajid Javed M/s. Drigh Colony. Rabia Petals.Karaci Mr. Muhammad Zakir Exporter:Textile Fabrics Importer:Textile Fabrics M/s. Jamshed Road. Bahadurabad.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4944051 Fax: 92-21-4924323 Mrs.AYESHA ENTERPRISES 74-A.com Mr. Muhammad Ayaz Alam.AYESHA KHALID F-193. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4133131 E.com Rana M.B-301. M/s. Mezzanine Floor. M/s. Tel: 2560605 Mrs. Sector-15-B.I.E. Amjad.net. Motiwala Appartment. 2433258 Fax: 92-21-2420754 Mr.Mail aquaphaz@hotmail. Kharadhar. Plot No. Block-D-17. Muhammad Altaf. Natha Khan Goth.Karaci Tel: 4650206 Mrs. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.AYESHA ENTERPRISES A-48-C. Block-7/8. Sector-13-A.M-4. Ayesha Khalid.Mail munafallana@gmail.A.Karaci Tel: 4384067-8 Fax: 92-21-4383151 E. Muhammad Farhan Sufi M/s. Buffer Zone. Kawish Crown Plaza. M/s.AYESHA INTERNATIONAL TRADERS 409. Ayesha Obaid.T. BYJCHS. Tel: 2440556-2426704 Fax: 2426702 E. Siraj ud Dollah Road. KDA Scheme-33.AYESHA OABID 83/3. Mr.AYESHA ENTERPRISES No.. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 2426071 E. Cochinwala Market. S.Tel: 2442179.com Mr.AYAZ MARBLE R-177.AYESHA ENTERPRISES D-10.shpgi@alatrading. New Neham Road.

AYUB INTERNATIONAL Gate No. New Jinnah Truck Stand. 8244387 Fax: 92-21-2568093 E. Exporter:House hold goods M/s.Mail irfanmehtab@gulfautotraders. Betel nuts M/s. Ghulam Sarwar. 2nd Floor.AYT TRADING 20.AYESHA TRADERS Shop No. Razi Road.AYUB INTERPRISE No.com Mr.24. Erum Chamber. Talpur Road.Mail ayubbros@hotmail. SITE. Baba-e-Urdu Road.S.C.pk Mr. Exporter:Readymade Garments Importer:Fabric and Garments Accessories Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s.4557701 E. Gul Muhammad Street. P.44-A.Mail yahya2@cyber.Mail ayubint@hotmail. Block-B.AYOOB TEX A-16. M. Muhammad Ayub Qureshi Importer:Cutch Block.com Mr. Yahya Ahmedani Exporter:Warp kintted terry made ups Manuf:All kind of textiles M/s.Karaci Tel: 2526330 Fax: 92-21-2523856 E. H.E.net.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 7761820.1st Floor. Jodia Bazar.M/s. Imran Ahmed M/s.Karaci Tel: 2421869 Fax: 92-21-2400804 E.AYUB GARMENTS INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED 44-L.Mail imran@ayhanint. Iqbal Hussain Mirkar. Block-6.AYUB BROTHERS G-8. Hawksbay Road.Karaci Tel: 2770300 Mr. Muhammad Ayub M/s. Gul Plaza. Jinnah Road.A.Mail management@joesfashion. Tel: 2582995.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4529071-75 Fax: 4558884. 7764941 Fax: 92-21-7731666 E.H. Mehersons Estate. Irfan Mehtab. Ground Floor.Karaci Tel: 2352537-2352543 Fax: 2352512 E. Tel: 7768312 . Plot No.com Mr.5. National Building.AYHAN INTERNATIONAL ONB-B-9/1. Plaza Square.. M/s. Mclean Street.199. Moeen Steel Market.

AZAM ENTERPRISES Suite No. Saddar.Mail asian_bridal@hotmail. Hub River road. Lea Market. Aiwan-e-Sanat. Sector 23. Mohammad Ayub.AZAM TEXTILES Plot No. Opp:Hashoo Centre.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2711455-56 Fax: 92-21-2768026 E.AZAM AUTOS 35.Karaci Tel: 2511866 Fax: 92-21-2547452 Mr.Mail sayani2@hotmail.A.A.Karaci Tel: 2728317 Fax: 2733552 Shaikh Irshad Ahmed M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road. Saddar. Exporter:Brass Hardware Manuf:Brass Hardware M/s. Rafique Centre. Preedy Street.C1/1.E. Saddar. Mohammad Zubair Chhaya.com Mr. 2765841 Fax: 92-21-2765629 E. Japan Plaza. Prince Centre. Shakreen M/s.net. Amir Arshad Importer:Telecommunication Equipments Manuf:UHF/VHF Accessories M/s. 0300-9212277 Fax: 92-21-2629083 Mr.) 32-Nawab Mahabat Khanji Road.Mail azam@azamelectronicpvt.Mail aml@cyber. 1st Floor.Hashmi Electronic Market. 8th Floor. Room No.AZAD LAHORE HAZARA GOOD TRANSPORT CO.AZAM HAND MADE EMBROIDERY 3rd Floor.pk Mr. Muhammad Azam Khan M/s.Korangi Indus. Tel: 5341123 Mr. Tel: 2620275. Eajazuddin Azad Exporter:Cloth Merchant M/s. M/s. Saddar.AZA IMPEX Room No.Karaci Tel: 5068666. Area.AZAD CLOTH HOUSE 45.AZAD TRADERS Nagori Weighbridge. Alahwala Market.com Mr. (Regd. Jinnah Road. . 5078666 E. 101.Mail sales_khi@azamtelesources. M.AZAM ELECTRONICS (PVT) LIMITED Suite# 271-218. Sector 6-B. Abdullah Haroon Road.Karaci Tel: 2765780.Plot# St 4/2.6.com Syed Azam Ali M/s.806. M.Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 5687251 Fax: 92-21-5686150 E. North Karachi Industrial Area. Aurangzeb Khan Jadoon M/s.

pk Mr.AZAN INTERNATIONAL Suite No.33. M/s.net.AZEE SECURITIES (PVT) LIMITED Room No.Tel: 6959611.Mail azamtex@cyber. Tel: 6976890-91.AZEEM DYEING & BLEACHING WORKS Plot No. Barucha Bldg. Muhammad Nazim.Karaci Tel: 2473513-22 Fax: 92-21-2473519 E.2.com Mr. Mohammad Sami. Ground Floor. 0300-2018961 Fax: 92-21-6320077 E.pk Mr.com Mr. Tel: 4990750 Fax: 92-21-4979492 E.Mail azee_securities@cyber. Jama Madina Masjid Trust. Block-8. Exporter:Readymade Garments M/s. Azmat Mahmood Aziz. Sector-12-B.6. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Panorama Centre 1. Karachi Stock Exchange Building.gmail.pk. KSE Road.Mail azco@cyber.Mail azcorp@engineer. Nabi Akhter Qureshi.AZEEM ENTERPRISES Suite 215. Tel: 5654525 Fax: 92-21-5654524 E.net. Arsalan Faraz.3. 2-B/6. 6995580 Fax: 6976890-91 Mr. M.com Mr. M/s. . North Nazimabad. Javed Nabi Qureshi. Tel: 366002863 Fax: 92-21-3600286 E.com Mr. Shah Waliullah Tel: 32544864 E.3 & 17. North Karachi. Zaheruddin M/s.com Mr. M/s. Tel: 5681452 Fax: 92-21-5684839 E. Block 'J'.AZEEM ENTERPRISES Lohari Mansion. Amir Zia.pk Mr.AZCO INTERNATIONAL B-116.Mail azaninternational@yahoo. Tel: 6310077. Khan Road. Zubair Faiyaz M/s. Exporter:All Textile made ups Manuf:Textile made ups M/s.Mail ahmemon.AZEEM ENGINEERING WORKS Shop No. Fatima Jinnah Road.net. Plot 1525.T. Importer:Electrical Equipment.Mail aseemsons@hotmail. Top floor.AZCORP ENGINEERING SERVICES Imperial Hotel Building. Nazimabad No. M/s.AZEEM & SONS C-47. 6976844 Fax: 92-21-6979920 E. M/s.Mail azeem91@hotmail.

5 Cl-5/2.AZEEM TRADING CO 3rd Floor. Muhammad Azeem Manuf:Precious stones M/s. Qasba Metroville.Karaci Tel: 7720772. items Services:ea food & Agriculture items M/s.Sector 4-C. St-5/5. Ranchore Lane.Mail autos@cyber. Importer:Auto Parts M/s. Orangi Town.Mail ez_1941@yahoo. Aurangzeb Market. Ratan Talao. Mereweather RoadKaraci Tel: 5686939.1. Saira Mansion. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Abida Sultana Importer:Lubricants.AZIZ & COMPANY Room No. 110. Muhammad Ayaz Qureshi M/s.AZIZ AUTOS 6. Azeem Asgher. Ocean Centre. 5680600 Fax: 92-21-5686957 E. Noor Mohammad. Azhar Touqeer M/s. Haji Ramzan Yousuf Ali Manzil.Karaci Tel: 5211856 Mr.pk Mrs.Preedy Street. Pirubudha Street.net. New Custom House. Banaras Town.AZEEM INDUSTRIES Plot No. Sector-6-L. Jinnah Road. Blot No. M/s.A. Adnan Centre. M.AZEEMI MEDICAL STORE B-17.com Mr.AZIK ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED 212 Central Hotel Building. Tel: 38266415 Fax: 36913612 Mr.Mail azik@cyber. 2nd Floor.109.1-C-6.pk Mr. Greases etc M/s. Muhamamd Azeem Sharf M/s. Tel: 021-32314576-77 Fax: 021-2314577 E.net. Tel: 32401003 Fax: 32401003 Mr. Aziz ur Rehman. Manuf:Gen. Tel: 6657992-93 Fax: 92-21-6650915 Mr. 7762280 Fax: 92-21-7726410 E.Karaci Tel: 6037523 E. 5th Floor. Mezzanine Floor. Surjani Town. M.Mail altafzone2@hotmail.com Mr.AZIZ COMPANY 5-F. .AZIZ & SONS Plot No. Saddar. 7th Floor. Muhammad Altaf Hussain M/s.AZHAR ENTERPRISES Room#1. Civil Line Qtr.Karaci Tel: 6666287 Mr.

2426187 Fax: 92-21-2437872 Mr. Tel: 2424326 Fax: 92-21-2430993 E. Chundrigar Road. Abdul Rauf.S. F. Abdul Aziz M/s.AZIZ IMPEX Office No. Tel: 36689720-36707270 Mr.AZIZ FOODS Opp: Q-433.Mail azizent@cyber.Mail rauf2011@hotmail.pk Syed Abdul Aziz M/s. 32528761 Fax: 92-21-32428771 E. Block-12. Suleman Centre.pk Haji Abdul Aziz Khilji. Aziz ur Rehman Importer:Spices M/s.2410696 Fax: 92-21-2418593 E.23. 815.net. Services:Distributors M/s. Gulberg. Muhammad Anwar Importer:Food stuffs and Chemicals M/s. Area.Mail azizengg@hotmail.Mail askhi@cyber.B.AZIZ SHAH & CO.AZIZ ENTERPRISES Shop No. Dada Mansion. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.AZIZ ENGINEERING L. Sultanabad Colony. Tel: 32584581 Mr. Jodia Bazar.net.AZIZ PRODUCTS F/4. Gulbhar. Aziz Manuf:Confectionary M/s. Rambharti Street.Mail azizshah@cyber. Tel: 32529708. 4. Tel: 36368868-36342421 Fax: 36342421 E.821-822. Embankment Road. Uni Centre. Tel: 2314994 Fax: 2314995 E.Karaci Tel: 2426185. Z-2..Aslam Motiwala Terrace. Machinery & Manuf:Spare Parts etc. Bohri Road.4. No.H. 3rd Floor.State Life Bldg. Q. M/s.AZIZ SONS .2 Main BazarKaraci Tel: 35062992. I. Exporter:Export of Cotton Waste & Raw Cotton Importer:Import of Chemicals.com Syed Muhamamd Rafiuddin Importer:HVAC Equipments Axail Fans M/s.I. Abdul Aziz Rehmatullah M/s.net.03212935317 Mr.1. Korangi No. SITE.com Mr.AZIZ ENTERPRISES 11.Karaci Tel: 2410640.AZIZ PLASTIC E-238.pk Mr.

Umar Hafeez. Main Tariq Road.net. Dubai Shopping Mall. Azmat Nawazish.Karaci Mr.Mail mariam. Block-02. Muhammad Yasin Zairy.D-21/A.15. Wajahat Hussain.AZIZ TRADING CO. Stadium Road. 4937733 Fax: 92-21-4937536 Mr. Azizullah Importer:Timber M/s. Staff Linies. 1st Floor.Mail kar_office@premiergroup. Exporter:Home Textile Manuf:Home Textile M/s. Block-5. Plot No.pk Mr.. Behind Sardar Ali Sabri Road.83.L/87. M/s.T. Tel: 4933775. Mandviwala Chambers. Street No-3. Mohammad Ali Tabba M/s. Block-5.I.E.AZIZ TRADERS Azra Square.org Mr. Talpur Road.com Mr.AZMAT MOTORS LIMITED SC-43. S. Tel: 5415480 Fax: 92-21-4538432 E. Agra Taj Colony. Federal 'B' Area. M/s. 2573581 Fax: 92-21-2574983 E. Babar Ali Khan. Tel: 03323165919 Mr.com Mr. Aziz ur Rehman M/s. Ground Floor.Karaci Tel: 4992083-4 Fax: 92-21-4980849 Mr. S.AZMATULLAH (PVT) LIMITED 240.Karaci Tel: 2428678-79 Fax: 92-21-2420996 E.AZLAK ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD.com Mr. Behind Sir Syed .AZIZ TABBA FOUNDATION ST-01.O. Garden West.AZM CHEMICAL COMPANY A-279. Chandni Chowk.343.AZIZ UR REHMAN TRADERS Plot No.razzaq@tabbaheat. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. M/s. M/s. Box-4677.Mail zairy@cyber. Tel: 2573580. Fatima Jinnah Road.Mail azmatgoc@yahoo. Tel: 32752171. Tel: 6811841-50 Fax: 92-21-6379062 E. P. House No.03002266623 Fax: 92-21-2222182 E. Shop No. Aziz Ullah M/s.THE ADVISOR Suite # A-405.Mail aziz_traders@hotmil.

Zamzama Lane-6. & B.Saddar Near Hashoo Cenre.B-TECH 852/C. Buffer Zone. Muneer Ahmed M/s.Karaci Tel: 34387235-6 Fax: 92-21-34387237 Syed Qamar Badaruddin.Karaci Tel: 5349542. Farhan Square. ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED Bunglow No.Karaci Tel: 5820460-2 Fax: 5820459 E.434.B. Hashmi Electronics Centre. Maripur.F-38/I.Karaci Tel: 32752132 Fax: 32752133 E. 4th Floor.Mail info@bnhpk.Road.pk Mr. .Mail info@theadivision.THE AWAN GOODS FORWARDING AGENCY Plot No. Commercial Area. Clifton. ELECTRONICS Office 208.Mail www. Falak Sher Awan M/s.Mail asf76@yahoo.B. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail bitech@live. DHA.Karaci Mr.com Mr. & H.Phase-5.com Mr. Tariq Road. Al Faisal Shopping Mall. Muhammad Uzair Exporter:Textile and Allied products Importer:Textile and Allied products M/s. Karachi Stock Exchange Building.3B-TRADE 17-E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com Mr. Sector15-A-5. 5349543 Fax: 92-21-5350327 E.com Mr. 2nd Floor. SECURITIES (PVT) LIMITED Room No. Karachi Stock Exchange. Block # 4.B-18. ENTERPRISES Suite No.89.THE APPAREL SOURCE Progressive Centre.Karaci Tel: 32425512 Fax: 92-21-3247339 Mr.com. Tel: 2541142-2512604 Fax: 2542932 Mr.B. Ashfan Farooq M/s. Muhammad Iqbal Services:Refrigerators parts and Decoratives M/s. Adnan Mehboob M/s.Karaci Tel: 35203539 E.408. Raheel Mahmood M/s.B. Tariq Road. & M. Suite No. & S. Abdullah Shah Ghazi Road. M/s.University . A. 4th Floor.H.T-12. 3rd Floor. & B.3b-trade. New Truck Stand. Tel: 4523110 Fax: 34523109 E. Faisal Qayyum Bux M/s.B. 1st Floor. TRADING COMPANY Shop No.

Mail anees.Mail inforice@bd-enterprises. M/s. Wakil Ahmad M/s. Tel: 5661901-03 Fax: 92-21-5688377 E.com Mr. Tel: 32776944 Fax: 32776943 E.A.net. TRADING Shop No. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Manzar Marine Fisheries.B.pk Mr. Habib Square.pk Mr. CORPORATION PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED A-3. Clifton.B. Fish Harbour.B. Block-4. SITE-109.Mail bcaga@cyber. Chawla M/s.Tel: 36984320 E.Mail b_s@hotmail.B.B.A.D. Jinnah Road. Anees Kas Importer:Pharmaceutical Disposable Equip.F.C. ENTERPRISES Office No. Tel: 32211991 Fax: 32216902 E. 1. Plot SB-4/14. M.B. Tel: 2587881 Fax: 2587882 E. Saddar. Services:Indenting Agents.A.A-43. Khayaban-e-Jami. Agha.B. Block-9. Altaf Hussain M/s. Tel: 4987262 Ms. Aewiz Murad M/s. GENERAL TRADERS Suite No. Zaibun Nisa Street. Burhani Building. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Campbell Street. Sharafat Ali M/s. MODARABA 4th Floor.com Mr.Karaci E. Namco Centre.M-2. SITE.D.F. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5810230-33 Fax: 92-21-5810228 E. Kawas B. Fazlul Haque Exporter:Pure Water Frozen Fish.Karaci Tel: 2418050-54 .1.A.kas@bbraun. APPARELS F-248. West Wharf. Kashif Centre. Chakiwara.net.Mail bfmarketing@cybber. Pardeep K.Mail aewizmurad@yahoo.B. Bliss Shopping Centre.Karaci Tel: 2311844 Fax: 92-21-2315323 Mr. BRAUN PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED The Forum. M/s.com Mr. AGA & COMPANY Suite 807.com Mr.Mail infobagt@yahoo. Mezzanine Floor.com Mr. ENTERPRISE C-29. Bank House No. Binte Fatima M/s.B.

Omar Amin Bawany.net. INTERNATIONAL No.E.Mail baburkhan65@gmail.Mail phadleg@bharbert.Karaci Tel: 35612136 Fax: 35612142 E. M/s.B.K. Model Colony. Block-7.pk Mr. Al-Karim Market M.com Mr. M/s. Tel: 5874968-69 Fax: 92-21-5874809 Mr.4. Barkat Ali.K. ENTERPRISE 120. Shams Chamber. 1st Floor. Clifton. Sector 12-C.T. 2nd Floor. Paul James Hopton Hadley M/s. M/s.B. Tel: 6959846-49 Fax: 92-21-6978326 E. 3. Babur Hanif Khan Exporter:Plastic Products Food and Beverages Importer:Machinery Raw Material M/s. Nightwerrs & Kitchen Accessories. . Muhammad Haroon. INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Jinnah Road. Survey No.Karaci Tel: 4942506.Opp:Askari Park Main University Road. Exporter:Woven Garments. Near Taj Hotel. Abdul Rasheed.B. Anwar Yahya.Mail biscuit@cyber. M/s. Malir.pk Mr.B.A.com Mr.Fax: 92-21-2421010 E. M. SAADAAN (PVT) LTD. Khayaban-e-Roomi.Mail barkat@cyber. 4 & 5. M/s. HARBERT INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED. Manuf:Woven Garments. Jaffer Bagh.03009288860 Fax: 92-21-32400696 Sh. Khan Road.Mail toobatex@cyber.Mail info@bfmodarba. Exporter:Home Textile(Terry Bathrob. B-30. Tel: 2422338 Fax: 92-21-2424471 Mrs.304. Abdul Rehman Waliany.I. Importer:Woven Garments..B.L.pk Mr.B. Bed Sheets.B.pk Mr.com. M/s. Shower Wraps. 4122148 Fax: 92-21-4947674 E. F-102/1.P. TEXTILE Plot # 25/9. Mai Kolachi.Karaci Tel: 34500526 Fax: 34500526 E.L. New TPX Area. Knitted Jersey & Terry Fitted Sheets.8. Al Hilal Society.G. Tel: 2578033-4 Fax: 92-21-2563464 E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.T. S.Karaci Tel: 32412785. TRADING Shop No.K. A-30.N. Shaheen Zaheer.ent. INTERNATIONAL 167.net. North Karachi Industrial Area.B.

3.S. Lakson Square Building No. Chabba Gali.Karaci Tel: 5035250-51 Fax: 5035252 E. Federal 'B' Industrial Area. Talpur Road.com Syed Anis Hassan M/s. 5683189 Fax: 92-21-5684239 E.com Mr. Tel: 32214011 E.119.T. Abdul Karim Ajanee.Mail choicerite@hotmail. Tel: 2410248. TRADING CO. 5th Floor. Mohammad Azhar Masood.B.net Mr.B. Sec 50C.Mail rizwan_haider17@yahoo. Jinnah Road.B.Y. .Mail haghazi@bdoebrahim. Ishaq Chamber. ENTERPRISES Flat No. PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 2nd Floor.R. Tel: 522104-9 E. Aqil M/s. Murshid Sunar Tower Saddar. M. 1. ENTERPRISE Flat No. Importer:General Items Services:Indentor M/s.Exporter:Confectionery Products Importer:Raw Materials and Packaging Materials for Confectionery Products Manuf:Confectionery finished Products M/s. M/s. Tel: 2729427 Mr.Mail bsgroup@attglobal.Mail mansoorsw@yahoo.B.T.B. Korangi 3 1/2.Near Awami Markaz Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.5 & 6. 3.Mail bsgroup@attglobal. EXPORT Office No. Block-C.B.A. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Meherson Estate. Rais Ahmd Magoon M/s. GOLDCRAFT Room No. Zubaida Garden.B.com Mr. Jodia Bazar. Manuf:Audio Cassette M/s. Abdul Karim. & BROTHERS 90-Bahadur Shah Market.com.nat Mr.Karaci Tel: 34330055-58 Fax: 34393175 E. Block-22. MAGNETIC (PVT) LIMITED LA-1/8.dcraft@hotmail.B. Coast Guard Road. Faisal Zamir Exporter:Jewellery M/s. ENGINEERING E-22.20.Y.Mail bsgp.Karaci Tel: 5683030.pk Mr.S.S.B.com Mr. 2417344 E.S. Mansoor Ali Exporter:Timber M/s. Tel: 6344020-22 Fax: 92-21-2410626 E.

Karaci Tel: 37658763-4 E. Exporter:Rice. Pulses and other Food Stuff Items Manuf:Rice Prcessors M/s.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 35211995 Fax: 35211852 Mr.Mail mfecto@fecto.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5662991.BA-WAZEER TRADING ENTERPRISE B-2/14. Dehli Colony.pk Mr. Altaf Hussain Road.Mail ftc_502@hotmail.Mail bfpl@cyber. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan Road.BAARI FALCON (PVT) LIMITED Haji Adam Chambers. Gizri Road. Soldier Bazar No. B-21. Muhammad Anees M/s. Exporter:White Refined Sugar Importer:Machinery and Spare Parts Manuf:White Refined Sugar M/s.BABA FARID GEMS & JEWELLERS Shop No.BABA CAMBRIDGE SECONDARY SCHOOL A-115.com Mr. Muhammad Kamal Exporter:Electric and Plug's Items M/s. 33. Manghopir Road. Muhammad Hussain Mansoori Exporter:Gems and Jewellery M/s.BABA ENTERPRISES Plot No. Yousuf Ali. Saddar. Humaira Bari.47. Block 'N'.Ghausia Centre.Mail babent113@hotmail. M/s.5684709 E.Karaci Tel: 7215894 E.Karaci Tel: 6629510 Fax: 92-21-6705630 Mr.BABA INTERNATIONAL .net. Street # 8. Madniabad. 1st Floor. Saddar.1. Asif Colony.BABA ENTERPRISES A-150.com Mr. Abdul Baseer. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. 6958596 Fax: 92-21-6922269 Mrs. SITE Town.Mail anisraja@hotmail. Tel: 5837341. 5682178 Fax: 5683800. New Challi. Fazal Rehman Memon. New Jewellers Centre.com. 2nd Floor. Panorama Centre. Tel: 6351256-7 Fax: 92-21-6351940 E. North Nazimabad.BABA FARID SUGAR MILLS LTD.Karaci Tel: 2414778-9 Fax: 92-21-2410592 E. M/s. Munawar Ali Fecto. Exporter:Rice M/s. Site Super Highway Scheme No.

Karaci Tel: 4583528-4589372 Fax: 4584615 E. SITE.H. Tel: 2560201 Fax: 92-21-2581718 Mr. S.shah@hotmail. Anjum.BABAR (PVT) LIMITED E-34. Diesel/Gas Genset of Cummins Power Generation.C.15.BABAR CNG STATION E-34.com Mr. Mohammad Arshad. Rafiq Centre. Sector-8. Bosch Parts and Construction Equipment of Case. Fleetguard filters. M/s. Tel: 6360621 Fax: 92-21-6360621 Syed Babar Hussain Rizvi. Saddar.12 & 13. New Jewellers Centre.BABA TRADING COMPANY R-470. Society. Abdullah Haroon Road. Wireless Gate.Mail info@babarbrothers. Ground Floor. Tel: 36980356 Mrs.BABAR BROTHERS. 38-Z. Federal 'B' Area. Mariam Bai.E.Karaci Tel: 35657765 E. Block-6. Block-22. Babar Irshad.E. Importer:Spare Parts of Cummins/Diesel/Gas Engine. Tel: 2203096 Mrs. Marriot Road. Tel: 2560201 Fax: 92-21-2581718 Mr. .BABAR ENTERPRISES Shop No.Shamsi H.Karaci Tel: 35219463 Mr. Tel: 2560201 Fax: 92-1-2581718 Mr. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan Road.I.MR 1/129.com M/s. Babar Ghulam Muhamamd. Manuf:Garments M/s. Sonar Centre. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. M/s.BABAR GEMS & JEWELLERS Shop No.Karaci Tel: 5652159 Fax: 92-21-4546369 Mrs.. Saddar.BABAR APPAREL Plot # L-3. Manuf:www.com Mr.T.BABAR BROTHERS ENGINEERING COMPANY CM-7.S.Mail babarullah. Imran Irshad M/s. Inamullah M/s. North Karachi.BABAR GEMS & TRADERS Shop No.29. Estate Avenue. Muhammad Babar Ullah Shah M/s. Mehnaz Khalid Aga. P. Saddar..dps. Valvoline Oil. M/s. Z. M/s.

Muzamil Ahmed Babi M/s. Opp: Bahadur Shah Market.Opp: New Custom House. Bohri Road. Tel: 5045648 Mr. Korangi.BABER TYRE CORPORATION 6. Tel: 2256394 . Hasan Chambers.Karaci Tel: 2312501 Fax: 92-21-2312517 E.com Mr.BABAR INDUSTRY Plot # 3 Ali Appartment.BABER & CO Shop No.Karaci Tel: 35885311 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2761062-2745191 Mr.37. Masoom Shah Colony.A.Mail bashahassociates@yahoo. Toiles & others Importer:Second had cloth & worn articles M/s. Jinnah Road. Opp: KMC Workshop.M/s. Muhammad Saleem M/s.Mail babar@babarindustry.com Mr.BABI TRADERS 20-Al Karim Market. M. Nizamabad Colony. Baber Iqbal M/s. Garden West. Farhan Irshad. SITE. Sector 50-A.BABO HANDICRAFTS Plot No..BABAR METAL INDUSTRIES E-34. North Napier Road. Ground Floor.2. Babar Irshad M/s.C-200. Babar Khan M/s.pk Mr.BABOO BEEDI INDUSTREIS Plot No.Mail anwartraders@cyber. Sardar Amir Zaman Exporter:Garments. 32726768 Fax: 77-03-8. Nishter Road. Sana Terrace.Karaci Tel: 32713217 Mr.BABAR STEEL Shop No. Tel: 2223338 Fax: 92-21-2234084 E. Estate Avenue. Chaniser Goth. Hosking Road. Mahmood Shah Bukhari Road.Karaci Tel: 32620119 Fax: 32737930 E. Jahangir Babar Manuf:Steel Furniture and Equipments M/s.Karaci Tel: 32733522. Baba-e-Urdu Road.BABAR JEWELLERS Shop No.2. Tel: 2560201 Fax: 92-21-2581718 Mr.BABAR SHAHZAIB ASSOCIATES 6th Floor.net. Ahmed Hussain M/s. Kalavanti Nivas Bldg. 613.8. M/s. Hoor Centre.273659 Mr.

Muhammad Osama M/s.205. 5069076 Fax: 92-21-5069067 E. Tariq Road.BADAR ENTERPRISES # 6. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32477551-2 Fax: 92-21-2415321 E.com Mr. 2nd Floor.BADRE ALAM TRADERS Plot# 26.BADRUL ABEEDIN G-46. New Rabi Centre. EXP & DIST.Karaci Tel: 2563819.BADAR ENGINEERING SERVICES AND TRADE Office .Karaci Tel: 4525356 Fax: 92-21-4529665 E.BABRI IMP.BABY CHARM Shop No.M.net. Ground Floor. Riaz Badar M/s.Mr. 2nd Floor.Mail info@babriimpex. Plot # 245. Importer:Chemical (Tanning) Machinery & Spare Parts. Near S.Karaci Tel: 2418735-36 Mrs. Tel: 5061221-22. Serai Road. F-483. Manuf:Bidi M/s. SITE.Mail karachi@riaztrader.32. Industrial Area.com Mr.BADAR PROCESSING INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED D-256-273. Sector 6-B. 36976996 Fax: 92-21-36962322 Mirza Badar Shah M/s. Altaf Hussain Rd. Korangi Industrial Area.Mail psken50@hotmail. Badre Alam. School. 1st Floor. Muhammad Amin M/s. Muhammadi Mansion. Fariq Ali Shah. M/s. SITE. Hakimsons Building.com Mr. New Challi. Sector 7-A. Shumaila Faisal M/s. West Wharf Road.Mail bdn@cyber. Zahid Aslam Exporter:Knitted Stitched Garments Importer:Textile printing inks Manuf:Knitted garments M/s.BADRUDDIN T-27.BADAR-E-TAUSIF ENGINEERING WORKS C-1-227. 2567489 Mr.Karaci Tel: 03008233903.net.pk Mr. New Karachi. . Dolmen Centre.pk Mr. Trade Tower. Muhammad Ilyas Butt.Karaci Tel: 2316236-37 Fax: 2315330 E.Mail ilyasb@super. Tel: 2570118 Fax: 92-21-2756309 E.

BAHRIA FOUNDATION P.I. 6th Floor.Karaci Tel: 2438895 Fax: 92-21-2434949 Mr. Chagla Street.BAIG ASSOCIATES 152/2. Jodia Bazar. Muhammad Ali.BAIRY TAX (PVT) LTD. S. Badrul Abeedin Paracha Exporter:Ready made Garments M/s. Importer:Machinery. Opp: Saudi Pak Bank Ltd.. . Tel: 5610242-264 Fax: 92-21-5610749 E.Mail i-bagasra@cyber.E.Karaci Tel: 2432692 Fax: 92-21-2443360 E. F.BAGHDAD TRADING CO.T. Virji Street. Arif Masood Baig. M/s. Block-15.. Khawaja House. M/s.BAGDAD ENTERPRISE Shop No.com Mr.BAJIAS COLLECTION R-883. Tel: 35688475 Fax: 92-21-35686756 Mr. Tel: 2566163. Waheed Naveed Chamber. S. Marriot Road.5. Imran Baig.N.BAGASRA ENTERPRISES SF Unit-85.E. 2573345 Fax: 92-21-2571504 E. Security Services and Education Institutions. M. F-477. Khan Road.B. Area. Opp: Hotel Mashriq.Karaci Tel: 2436340 Fax: 92-21-2431357 Mr.BAIG TRADER AM-21. M/s. Services:Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agency. Spares Manuf:Paints Services:Bahria Travels.com Commodore(R) Anjum Pervez.T.I.pk Mr. MR-5/137.Mail baghdad&co@yahoo.Near Jama Cloth Tel: 4984366 Mr. Muhammad Rafiq. Bahria Complex-II. Tel: 2585706 Fax: 92-21-2580021 Mr.net. Laxmidas Street.Mail finance@bahriafoundetion. Saddar. Exporter:Textile Fabrics Importer:Textile Machinery M/s. Muhamamd Arif Lakhani M/s. Exporter:Blended Fabrics Importer:Yarn Manuf:Grey Cloths M/s. Mohammed Ali Exporter:Blending Yarn M/s.T. 2nd Floor.

Tel: 36374497 E.net.BAKHT MUHAMMAD TRADING CO. Dandia Bazar. Tel: 32004763 Mr. Plot No. Block-9.Karaci Tel: 2729224.BAKHSHI ENTERPRISES Flat No. Exporter:Mfg. Hussain Trade Centre. New Challi. Zhid Hussain M/s.BAJWA INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. Near Defence Housing Authority. Area.5/87. Phase-V. Al-Rehmat Trade Centre.Mail bajias@hotmail. DHA.com Mr.BAKHT AWAR ASSOCIATES R-566.com Mr. Atique Mustafa Importer:Second Handi Garments M/s.com Mr. Badar Commercial. Khalil Ahmed Bajwa.Mail bajwaint@khi.Mail bakali@bakali. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Muhammad Saleem Bakali M/s. Street # 10. Model Colony.BAJWA BROTHERS Room No.106. .Mail bajwabrospk@hotmail.B.BAKALI COMPANY Suite No. North Napier Road. 4th Floor. 2731761 Fax: 92-21-2731856 E. Street-10.Mail qamarhazi@hotmail. Near Jinnah Terminal.BAKEXCELL ASSOCIATES 2217/8. Hoor Centre.BAK IMPEX 405. 1st Floor. Shop # 01.2835. Mr. Opp: City Court. Dastagir. 5882146 Fax: 92-21-5881588 E.com Mrs. Nadeem Ahmed M/s.Karaci Tel: 5348293 Mr. F. Tel: 4537874.BAJWA PURE FOODS Plot No. Rubina Laeeq M/s. Tel: 4406348 Fax: 4406355 Mr. Qamrul Arefin Hanfi. Azam Town. 4537647 Fax: 92-21-4538015 E. Phase-I.3. Exporter:Raw Cotton Importer:Raw Cotton M/s. Building # 15/C.Karaci Tel: 5880366. Muhammad Ameem Saeed.Karaci Tel: 2210585-6 Fax: 92-21-2275640 E.wol.Near Muqaddas Masjid. Exporter:Rice M/s. Room # 607.pk Mr. of Bakery Plant Machinery Importer:Equipments M/s. Park Avenue. 2nd Floor. 3rd Floor. Irshadullah Magsi M/s. 408.

Shop No. Abdul Sattar Balagamwala. Palm Oil.Mail tufail@balagam_int. Traders Manuf:Ready made Garments M/s. 30. Siddique Wahab Rd. Bakht Muhammad M/s.com Mr. Rambharti Road. 2441174 Fax: 92-21-2434333 Mr.Mail ngmin2@yahoo. Ireland Road.Mail director@balchemtech.Mail ajaz_bakshi@hotmail.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2041292 Fax: 92-21-2713467 E.Karaci Tel: 35401598 E. Tel: 4315645-46 Fax: 92-21-4315647 E. Saddar. Importer:Milk Powder. Jodia Bazar. 9th Floor. Cotton Seed Oil Cakes M/s. Opp: City Court. Sarya Gali. Kagzi Bazar. Tel: 021-32275761-3 Fax: 021-32275760 E. 1st Floor.0300-8220745 Fax: 92-21-2729958 E. M/s.BALAGAMWALA OIL MILLS (PVT) LTD. Near MCBKaraci Tel: 32729500. Tel: 2440395 Mr. 6th Floor. Black Tea Manuf:Cotton Seed Oil. Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail balagam_int@hotmail.Mail mr_majid84@hotmail.com Mr. Kaleem Jawed Exporter:Gen.BALAJI COMMODITIES Suite # 616. Azam Town.BALAGAM INTERNATIONAL 904. Muhammad Yaqoob. Chabba Gali. Hussain Trade Centre. Exporter:Fabrics . 9/77.Mail maglani1969@gmail.com Mr.BAKHT ZADA ASSOCIATES Suite No.908.BALI INTERNATIONAL Kasur Manzil.BALCHEM TECH (PVT) LIMITED 68-B. New Challi. Sindhi Muslim Housing Society. Uni Shopping Centre. Plastic Raw Materials.100 Feet road. Bharat Kumar Manglani M/s. Hussain Trade Centre. Aijaz Usman Bakshi M/s.com Mr.9.Karaci Tel: 5805597 E. Rabia Begum Importer:Food Grain M/s. Zia Khaleeli.com Mrs. Poonawala Trade Tower.BAKSHI BROTHERS AND CO. Tel: 32275761-2-3 Fax: 32275760 E. Condensed Milk. New Challi.com Mr.BALAGAM INTERNATIONAL 904. Tel: 2435902. Muhammad Tufail M/s.

03212905826 Fax: 92-21E. 5th Floor.BALOCH ENTERPRISES Opp: Jamia Masjid.14. 14. Tel: 32572767. Ittehad Godown.com Raja Saleem Muhamamd Khan M/s.E.BALTIC CONTROL PAKISTAN Suit# 419. Near Three Sward. . Scrap. Shafiq Manzil. Opp: Regal Trade Square.Mail amintahir@mailcity. Hasrat Mohani Road. Naryun Pura.103. 4th Floor.BALOL TRADERS Flat # 3.Mail honest65@hotmail.T. used Diesel Industrial\ Marine Engines Accessories M/s.Karaci Tel: 5837420 Mr.BALI'S ELECTRONICS Shop No. Boat View Apptt. Aslam Road. Mujahid Rahim Manuf:Ice Cream M/s.34.com Mr.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 32417854 Fax: 32418651 E. Elahi Centre. Main Clifton. Tron Steel Srap.Mail raja_khan@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 5306342 Fax: 5306343 E.BALOCHISTAN MARINE PRODUCTS Suite No.Karaci Tel: 35218401 Mr. Muhammad Amin Tahir. Lyari. M/s. Umed Ali Pechuho M/s. G-2 Building.net. Ranchore Lane.16.Karaci Tel: 2513349.I. Mohammad Dawood.Mail balol@hotmail.BALLAJ ENTERPRISES Room # 503.Mail akbardawood@cyber.32580980 Fax: 92-21-34380575 E. Importer:Aluminium Broken Parts.Karaci Tel: 32730050. 2524998 Fax: 92-21-2529401 E.M/s.com Mr. Block-5. Obaidullah Baloch M/s.com Mr. Baboo Gulab M/s. D-96/A. Saddar. Tel: 32765763 E.com Mr. Exporter:Beef and Sheep Animal Casings Manuf:Processors of Animal Casings M/s. 2nd Floor. Clifton. Chappal Plaza.BALOCH ICE CREAM Shop No. S.BALI TRADERS No. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Abdul Rehman Balol.BALOCH ICES Shop No. Rangiwara. Hamalton Court.Mail kuhda51@yahoo.

Mail banaras@cyber.BANARAS SILK HOUSE Zaibun Nisa Street. Near Main Korangi Road. I-K/2. Dr. Kalri. Sarees and Fabrics M/s. Tel: 6652676 Fax: 92-21-6696505 E.BALUCHISTAN WHEELS LIMITED lst Floor. Lyari Shah Abdul Latif Road. Plant and Machinery.net.I. Block 6. 3. Abdul Majid Ansari Manuf:Banarsi Cloths M/s. Exporter:Auto Parts Importer:Raw Materials.pk Khawaja M.pk Mr.net.. Tel: 5687502.pk Mr. Murad Jalal Bizanjo M/s.C-66.net.Mail office@balticcontrol. Tools etc.BANARAS FASHION 9D/36. Sarees and Fabrics Importer:Pure Silk Yarn Manuf:Banarsi Goods.BALUCHISTAN TRADING CORPORATION A-9. 5217976 Fax: 92-21-5682530 Mr. Exporter:Banarsi Goods. Tel: 4541960-67 Fax: 92-21-4546777 E. Iqbal Barkat Dil M/s.Mail dawoodgroup@cyber. Zubair M/s. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Tel: 32547892 Fax: 32510877 E. I.Cotton Exchange Building.C. Street-6.PO Box 9904Karaci Tel: 32441211-12 Fax: 92-21-3241022 E.BALY'S Defence View. Exporter:Automotive Steel Wheels Importer:Steel Coils/Steel Sheets/Section Material Manuf:Automotive Steel Wheels M/s.Mail bwlho@cyber. . P. 5687371 Fax: 92-21-5684003 E.Karaci Tel: 35800935 Mrs. 1st Floor.Mail balochistan@cyber. Ziauddin Ahmed Road.H. Naik Muhammad Building.pk Mr. Tel: 5218128.net. Manuf:Auto Parts M/s.S. State Life Building No. Phase-1.E. M. Muhammad Siddique Memon. Ahsanullah Ansari. Banaras Town. Yunus Dawood.BANARAS SILK INDUSTRIES Ansari Mansion.BALUCHISTAN ENGINEERING WORKS LTD 40-C.pk Mr. Consumables. 1st Floor. Orangi Town. Saddar.

A/20-B. Tariq Road. Maqbool H. I. Thanani Lane. 5/136. C. M/s. M.Karaci Tel: 6319850 Fax: 6376733 Mr.Karaci .O. Yaqoob Market.BANARAS TRADING COMPANY Flat No. 2410779 Fax: 92-21-2416567 E. Nazimabad. Ground Floor. Mohammad Haroon.5/136.DSU-18. Ahsanullah Ansari. M/s. Virjee Street.BANBHORE CERAMIC INDUSTRIES Plot No. Thanai Lane. Allarakhia. Services:All Banking Services. Rahimtoola. 111-786-110 Fax: 2419752. Nazimabad.BANTEX INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. M. M. Importer:Tea and Milk M/s. M/s.Mail alameengmt@cyber.I.com Mr.E.I.BANDENAWAZ (PVT) LIMITED C/O. Bin QasimKaraci Tel: 4750741-5 Fax: 92-21-4750746 Shaikh Pervaiz Subhani.Karaci Tel: 2415600.Karaci Tel: 6621040.. Box-4792 Standard Insurance House.2419752 E. 6682941 Fax: 92-21-6621059 Mr. 1-K-5.Mail bantvawala@cyber.I.R. Jodia Bazar.pk Haji Abdul Razak Haji Essa.net. S.R.BANAZIR GOLD G-01. M/s.pk Mr. Virjee Street. Tel: 2568541-43.BANTVAWALA (PVT) LTD.BANTVAWALA CORPORATION M.P.T.Mail saw@bankalhabib. Mahmood S. 2442262 Fax: 92-21-2426656 E. 2571441-3 Fax: 92-21-2568542 E. Services:Indenting. Exporter:Readymade Garments Importer:Pure Silk Yarn Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s. Chundrigar Road. Al Emirates Shopping Mall. 6642444 Mr. 45. Estate. Jodia Bazar.net.Mail bdnwz@cyber. Chundrigar Road. Pakistan Steel Downstream Indus. Tel: 2442235.Karaci Tel: 6682942. Consultancy and Trading M/s. Ameen Bandukda.BANK AL-HABIB LIMITED Mackinnons Building.net. Tel: 2412986. Danish M/s.pk Mr. I.Commercial Area.

P.I.I. North Karachi. S.net.Mail barkah@cyberaccess. M/s.com Mr.Mail bpl@cyber.Karaci Tel: 6996000-2007711 Fax: 6920091 E.Karaci Tel: 2425311.BARKAT BEARING CENTRE Shop No.Mail bariaslam@yahoo. 2569867-8 Fax: 92-21-2563484 E... Manghopir Road. Block-3. Importer:Auto Parts M/s.Tel: 2442235. M/s. 2423547 Fax: 92-21-2425312 Mr.BARI TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LIMITED 29/A. 4th Floor.4. Block-2. Exporter:Terry Towels and Made Ups M/s. Milk and Plastic. Noman Street. Manzoor Square. Importer:Dyes. Tel: 2566955 Fax: 92-21-2567155 Mr. Alafia Arcadde.BARI ENTERPRISES Room No. Namco Center.Mail naqi@barimills. S.com. M.C-11/A. Muhammad Shoaib.H. 1st Floor.C.com Mr. M/s. Tel: 2411685. Exporter:Rice Importer:Fertilizers and Pesticides M/s.pk Mr. Haroon Bari.58-59.E. Chemical Machinery Manuf:Fabric and Bed Linen. Compbell Street. Muhammad Hussain Importer:Tea. Ghaffar.42-44. Muhammad Aslam M/s. Bhagwan Das. Rafiq Usman.L-193-195. 2400219 Fax: 92-21-2412176 Mr.BAPCO ENTERPRISES Mezzanine Floor.BARI ENTERPRISES Plot No. Shahrah-e-Quaideen.BARAKA EXPORTS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No..BARKAH TEXTILE & PRINTING MILLS (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 4921446 Mr. Exporter:Processing & Printed Expor Textile & Bed Linen. D-14. Abdul Latif H.Karaci .T. C.BAR B Q ASSOCIATES Flat No. M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Tel: 4546095-6 Fax: 92-21-4555997 E. Sector 16-B.S.E.E.P & Berar Society.pk Mr. Arkay Square. Plaza Quarter.Karaci Tel: 2563946. 2442262 Fax: 92-21-2426656 E. Mohammad Kaleem Bari Khan.T.

Exporter:Textile Made Ups Manuf:Textile Made Ups. Bhagnari Street. items Manuf:Garments.9.net. 4935094 Fax: 92-21-6312986 E. Zafar Bldg.E. Barma.Mail desai@cyber.Mail baloch. SITE.Karaci Tel: 2528917.I.Mashriq Centre. Ghulam Shabbir Multani. Garments.O. Tel: 2470969 Fax: 92-21-2470722 E.Gulshan-Iqbal.Tel: 7724901.Karaci Tel: 4939088.com Mr. Juna Market.BARODA CORPORATION NP 11/21. Javed Suleman.BARMA & CO. Ayoob Ebrahim Desai.com Mr. Barkat Ali Manuf:Wholesaler M/s. Grain and Pulses and Allied Agricultural Products Manuf:Processing and Packing of Fresh Dates M/s.Muhammad Asif M/s.Sir Shah Sulmen Road. D-204-B. 2nd Floor..BARKAT MELAMINE STORE Shop No. Aprons M/s. P.interntional@yahoo. M/s. Tel: 32546030 Mr. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.pk Mr.939.BARKATI OPTICS 48. Plot # 12.. Salim A. Muhammad Asif Importer:Opticals & others items M/s. Importer:Sea Food. Saddar. Ferozpur Wala Market.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 34050100 Fax: 34557416 E. Daryana Street. Cotton Bags. Minerals Rice Importer:Gen. Vicent Street. Manuf:Manufacturer of Corrugated Cartons M/s.Mail barkatsons@hotmail.com Mr. Marriot Road.BARKAT SONS INTERNATIONAL SuitNo-215.net. 6551. 7767299 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2568507-08 Fax: 92-21-2565971 E. Metroville.Mail sumaiya2@super. Muhammad Rafiq Bhojani Exporter:Textiles. 2546308 Fax: 92-21-2225851 E.pk Mr. Exporter:Dry Fruits. OppL Brooke Bond Tea Co.net. S. 2575991 Fax: 92-21-2575991 E.Mail muhammadbhojani@yahoo.BARQ INITIATIVE (PVT) LIMITED 1st Floor.Block-14.BAROCH INTERNATIONAL Shop No. Gulbai. Tel: 2573139-5. Box No.T. Rice and minerals . Jodia Bazar.Mail barma@cyber. Spices.

Tel: 32416344.BARRETT HODGSON PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED F-423. Salim Basar. Millwala. New Challi. S. Marriot Road.pk Mr. Naseem Akhter M/s.M/s. Basathia.A-2 3 & 4. Mansuri.Karaci Tel: 2439111.BARRY ENTERPRISES Office No. Importer:Cosmetic M/s.2568827 E.H. Exporter:Pharmaceutical Products Importer:Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manuf:Pharmaceutical and Animal Health Products M/s.I.Mail barqensons@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2570651.BASF CHEMICALS & POLYMERS PAKISTAN (PVT) lIMITED 46-A.4.BASE WELDING COMPANY Steel House. 32426543 Fax: 92-21-32415322 E. 2nd Floor. Services:Custom House Agents M/s. 2568810-20 Fax: 2570650.Karaci Tel: 2422268 Fax: 92-21-2411741 Mr.DHA.Karaci Tel: 2216142. West Wharf Road. Jinnah Road. . M. B Commercial Are. Karachi Stock Exchange. M.Mail basarbrothers@yahoo. Shop No.net.I. Chundrigar Road. Ferozepur Wala Chamber.A. Block-6. 2202931 Fax: 92-21-2310976 E. Rambharti Street.BASAO ASSOCIATES BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS.pk Mr. Off: I. M/s. Altaf Hussain Road.E. Munir Ahmed Barry Importer:Optical goods M/s.T.net. Valika Chamber. Importer:Welding Electrods & Machines M/s..pk Mr. Haroon Jafar. M.Karaci Tel: 35880033 Fax: 35395544 E.com Mr.BARQENSONS Room # 18.Mail basathia@cyber. Tooba Appartment. Tel: 2314531.Mail esabbase@cyber.com Mr. Saeed A.Mail basaoassociates@gmail.BASAR BROTHERS. Gillani Centre.Mail bh-mmk@cyber.BASATHIA IMPEX 537-538. 2nd Floor. Fahim F. 2401119 Fax: 92-21-2433896 E. 2639637 Fax: 92-21-2216241 E.com Mr. Phase-1.net.

3.pk Mr. Haji Yusuf Building. Bilal. .BASHIR SIDDIQ LOGISTICS 3-Ground Floor. Urdu Bazar. SITE.Karaci Tel: 2427201. Building No.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2313921-23 Fax: 92-21-2310138 Sheikh Mohammad Arshad. Services:Customs Agent and Inernational Forwarders (Sea.D. Mazhar Saleem.BASHIR SIDDIQ GOODS TRASNPORT COMPANY K.BASHEER INDUSTRIES F-165-A. Marriot Road. Tel: 35874263 Mr.Mail abdul_saleemkhan@basf. Akber Market.BASHIR & COMPANY Office No. Exporter:Textile goods Importer:Textile goods M/s. Air and Land Routes) M/s. I. Ground Floor. Chaddi Lane. 58. KDLB Building. West Wharf Road.Karaci Tel: 111-550-550 Fax: 92-21-4547815 E.BASHIR AHMED & COMPANY (REGD) Uni Centre. Tel: 2419855. Manuf:Cloth Weaving M/s. West Wharf Road.PECHS. Chundrigar Road. Tel: 2579872 Fax: 92-21-2563223 E.Karaci Tel: 2566979 Mr.B. 2nd Floor. Abdul Wasey.I.BASHARA INDUSTRIES Plot No. 2412721 Fax: 92-21-2413723 E.L.BASHARAT BROTHERS. Khayaban-e-Badar. M-II. Shershah Colony.27. Importer:Chemicals M/s. Block-B.fascom.com Mr. Basheer Ahmed Sabir Exporter:Terry Towels. Jodia Bazar.net. Nazir Ahmed. M/s. 2nd Floor. Abdul Saleem Khan M/s. DHA.BASHARAT TRADING COMPANY D-54.Mail basheer@cyber.Mail baco@cyber.pk Mr. Basharat Ahmed M/s.Karaci Tel: 32465491 Mr. Zakaria Line.Mail basharat@www. Textile made ups Manuf:Terry Towels M/s. F-181. 2428775 Fax: 92-21-2410380 E.Karaci Tel: 2313921-3 Fax: 92-21-2310138 Sheikh Mohammad Arshad.net.

8th Floor. Bashir Latiwala.Mail basitlogistics@yahoo. Basharat Ali Exporter:Rice.Karaci Tel: 2423960 Fax: 92-21-2423961 Mr. KDA Officers Housing Society. Hosiery Jewellery Importer:Jewellery Gold Silver M/s.Mail bashirsons@cyber.A. Muhamamd Bashir Exporter:Hand Made carpets & Furniture M/s. Spices.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5223555 Fax: 2470931 E.Karaci Tel: 32439803 E. Rafiq Centre. Jillani Tower. Mughal Chambers.BASHIR'S CRAFTS 701. 7548373 Mr.Mail basmaassociates@yahoo.BASHIR STORE River Road. 7 Al Shabbir Corner. Block-B. Nasim Gulzar. Lentils.com Mr. Al Rehman Trade Centre.com Mr.net.com Mr. Tel: 6621859. Waheed Naveed Chamber. Imran Rasheed. Marriot Road. Vermiciles M/s.213. Tel: 03009216388 E.BASHIR SONS 3. Phase-I. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.M/s. 4th East Street.814.pk Mr.BASIT LOGISTICS SERVICES Room No.Mail karamaliuner@yahoo.Mail aslams98@super.BASRA & COMPANY C-14. 2nd Floor. Naseem Askar M/s. 7th Floor. Saddar. Juna Market. 152/2. 6989768 Fax: 92-21-6622437 Khawaja Basit M/s. Jinnah Road. Basra Aslam M/s. Defence Housing Authority. M/s.BASRA BROTHERS 3rd Floor. Abdullah Haroon Road.net.Karaci Tel: 5388762 Fax: 92-21-5388763 E. . Tel: 2435503.Karaci Tel: 7513989. Nazimabad.BASMA ACCOCIATES 1-A/a/3.BASIER & COMPANY Room No. 2440082 Fax: 92-21-2413403 E. Exporter:Food Stuff and General Items Manuf:Processing Packing and Local Distribution of Anmor Brand Rice.BASIT & CO. Opp: Turk Masjid. Importer:Chemicals M/s. Pickles. M.

Karaci Tel: 2472007 Fax: 92-21-2472200 E. Sewing Parts and Industrial/Domestic Needle Garments Materials.Mail batlapharma@yahoo. Abdullah Haroon Road. Tel: 2471166 E. Block B/D-2.1.BAUJEE TRADERS House No.Mail batlapharma@msn.com Mr.BATHGATE PERFUMERY PRODUCTS T. Kutchi Gali No.BATLA IMPEX Shop No.J. Friends Garden. Sewing Machines. Marriot Road.Karaci Tel: 32856335 Mr.O.Virjee Street.Karaci Tel: 32700037 Mr.BAVANI ENTERPRIISES Ground Floor.M.BATTERY ZONE Shop No. P.BATRA TRADING CORPORATION A-009. Shah Jahan Electronic Market. Junaid Noor Muhammad Bavani Importer:Shoes and Garments . Ikhlas Ahmed. Area. Mohammad Yunus. Muhammad Qazafi M/s. Marriot Road. Opp: Hashoo Centre.op.2.com Mr. Noor Ahmed Batla.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2439200. H. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. 2413682 Fax: 92-21-4531587 Mr. 1.Karaci Tel: 0300-8226474. Center.Mail gm_batra@hotmail. Mr. Campbell Street. Iqbal Ahmed M/s.B-119. 2572760 Fax: 92-21-2410573 Mr. 2573502 E. Parrafin Liquid.4. Architecteng Co. Spray Pumps. Fragrances Manuf:Cosmetics and Toileteries M/s. Block-8. 41. Marriot Road.com Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Batra M/s. Importer:Medicines. Petroleum Jelly. Glass Bottles. Box # 13287.BATTLA ASSOCIATES Allahwala Building. 1719/3. Medical and Surgical Equipments. Importer:Raw Materials Perfumery.Mail sbasrayahoo.40. Kutchi Gali No. Chambers.Karaci Tel: 8090293 Fax: 92-21-8090293 E. Namco Centre. M/s. Naveed M/s.BATLA PHARMA Shop No. Mohammed Rauf Basra M/s.Karaci Tel: 2434415. M/s. B. Jodia Bazar. F.Society.

com Mr. Tel: 2851911-13 Fax: 99-21-2851849 E.net.BAWANY AIR PRODUCTS LTD.I. Tel: 8262936. Korangi Industrial Area. Dada.F. Chundrigar Road. 3rd Floor. Saddar.5657080 E. Services:Offdock Terminal M/s.. Mobina A.Karaci Tel: 5311911-16 Fax: 92-21-5311917-8 E.Mail mhbawa@cyber. Uni Tower Building. Cowasjee.pk Mr. M/s. Imran Haji. Phase-VII. Off.Mail mbaweja@cyber. Nadir House.BBCL (PVT) LIMITED 26-C. Kadir. Zaheer Baweja.net.Karaci Tel: 2772888.Chundrigar Road. Siraj A.BAZI KNITWEAR S. Keamari. M/s. Tel: 2566512 Fax: 2566513.BAWANY METAL LTD.Karaci Tel: 2400440-03 Fax: 92-21-2411986 E. 5072299 Fax: 5075000.BAWA SECURITIES (PVT) LTD.E. Importer:Calcium Carbide and other Manuf:Industrial and Medical Gases M/s.I. Hashoo Centre. Chundrigar Road.Mail baywest@cowasjeegroup.I.BAY WEST (PVT) LIMITED lst Floor.2585423 Mr. 16-C. Exporter:Woven Fabrics Manuf:Polyester Yarn and Textile Machinery Services:Finished Woven Fabrics M/s. Khayaban-e-Jami.com Mr. 10th Floor.I. I.com Mr.I. S.Karaci Tel: 2416511-14. Abdullah Haroon Road. 1st Floor. Pervez Iqbal . I.pk Mr.BAWEJA AUTOMOBILE ST-3.Mail faisal@bawanyair. Karachi Stock Exchane Building. 1001. Muhammad Hussain Bawany. Unit No. Cyrus R.Mail info@bbclgroup.BAWANY ELECTRONICS Shop# 132.T. Sector-31-B. Stock Exchange Road.15.Karaci Tel: 2434008-2418253 Fax: 2410313 E. 0300-9210050 Mr. 2416584 Fax: 92-21-2475078 Mrs. Manuf:Defence Contractor M/s. Cowasjee House . Defence Housing Authority.M/s. 432-433. Muhammad Hanif Bawa M/s.

PECHS. Sumair Ahmed Khan M/s. Tel: 0321-3753036 Mr. Japan Plaza.Near Singer Chowrangi. No. Zamzama. Korangi Ind. Tel: 7764900. Tel: 35370201 Fax: 5302097 Mr.A. Stadium Road. Phase-V. Korangi SITE. Khalid Bin Waleed Road.Mail info@bbl.18. Sikandar A.BBL COMPUTRADE 708. Jinnah Road.com Mr. Area. Lalazar.2724058 E. D-65.pk Haji Irfan Ladha. Ups.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4397929 Fax: 92-21-4397927 Mr. University Road. Tel: 35611031-7 Fax: 92-21-3561162 E.com.6. Importer:Computer Accessories.M/s. Line No. Opp: Askari Park.Mail queenslandcorp@yahoo. Plot No. Exporter:General Items M/s. goods items .A.Karaci Tel: 2026909 Fax: 2628279 E.BEARING SALE CENTRE Al Shaffi Building.D-156. 2724281 Fax: 2728059. SITE Avenue.31-C. Jinnah Road. Off: M.BEENISH ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD 404. KDA Extension.Karaci Tel: 34949264 Fax: 92-21-34949264 Mr.com Mrs. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2760072.Mail beachluxury@avari. Mamoona Arshad M/s. Karim M/s. Noman Street. goods items Importer:Gen.Mail bearingsalecentre@live.BEACON TRADER Suite No. Leads. M.BEAUTE PAKISTAN INTERNATIONAL 258-D.BEACH LUXURY HOTEL LTD Moulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road.BEE EXPORTS Shad No.BEAUTIFUL QUEENSLAND PAPER CORPORATION. Abdul Razzaq Exporter:Gen. 7764881 Fax: 92-21-7737819 E. Nobel Heights. Sobia Ahmed M/s. Tel: 4919001-4 Fax: 92-21-4933578 Mrs. Maqsood Ahmed M/s.BEACH DEVELOPERS 150-N. Plaza Square. Bldg. Moeen Asif Khawaja M/s. Santosh Hari. 1-A. Block-II.204. Cable.

PECHS. Tiles and Handicrafts M/s. Khayaban-e-Bukhari.BEGUM AISHA AHMED EBRAHIM BAWANY EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE WAQF. Marine Faisal.BEHRAM TEHMURAS KAKALIA 1st Floor.BEIJING DVP SCITECH FOREIGN TRADING CO. 10-A. D-49. Behram Tehmuras Kakali. KDA Scheme-5. Nadir House.net.Mail violin@cyber.pk Mr. Tian Juan Juan. Mohammed Iqbal Bhatti. Shakil Ahmed . Chundrigar Road.BEIJING JIN LONG (PVT) LTD 30`. I.M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Shopping Mall.Karaci Tel: 5345999 Fax: 92-21-5856281 Mr.Karaci Tel: 34549766 Fax: 34549767 Mr. Services:Clearing and Forwarding Agent M/s. Jia Sen Importer:Machineries M/s. PAK BRANCH. Slabs.I.pk Mr. Block-6. Defence H. Ilyas Ebrahim Bawany.Mail belllogistic@eworld. Tel: 2419331-2414331 Fax: 92-21-2425728 Mr. Exporter:Marble/Onyx Blocks. Block ST 5/5.Mail marbela@cubexs.pk Mrs.Karaci Tel: 4386393-4395157 Fax: 4385815 Mr. Block-9.. 3rd Floor. Shamim Amin M/s. Jinnah Road. 10-A. Bank House No.net.BELL LOGISTICS Suite No. M/s. M. 4th Floor.1. Authority.BELA MARBLE Plot# 1-C-70.A. 3rd Floor. B. Block-6. 4019498 Fax: 92-21-4019498 E. Wang Qing Yun M/s. Main University Road.Karaci Tel: 8142867-8 Fax: 92-21-6693831 E. Clifton. Phase-VI. Tiles and Handicrafts Manuf:Marble Slabs.Karaci Tel: 5842461 Fax: 92-21-5842463 Mrs.Karaci Tel: 2418050-54 Fax: 92-21-2421010 E. Marine Faisal.04. Habiub Square.net. Qasba Metroville. Exporter:Islamic Literature Free of Charge M/s.B.BEIJING FLYING EAGLE INTERNATIONAL TECHNO TRADING 58/1. Shahrah-e-Faisal.BELMONT TRADERS 511.Karaci Tel: 4013759. Manghopir Road.

pk Mr. Karachi Export Processing Zone. Nabi Centre.pk Mr. Landhi. Muhammad Rashid Pervaiz Manuf:Chemicals M/s.Mail benchemicals25@yahoo. Uni Plaza.Mail belting@cyber. Sector 12-C.Karaci Tel: 6986922. Commercial Lane No. Tel: 4144581 Fax: 4144582 E. Weat Line Cement M/s.1st Floor. Tel: 2419332.7. (ST.com Mr. M/s. I.8/1-C.T. Chundrigar Road.Mail gloves@beltexcogloves.8-12 & 21-25. Javed Aziz.com Mr.M/s.I. Khayaban-e-Bukhari. Main Estate Avenue. 2425292 Fax: 92-21-2413942 E.BENLAYS CONSUMER PRODUCTS F-5. Importer:Tyre\Tube Repairing Materials and Jointing/Splicing materials ofconveyar belts M/s. Phase-VI. Defence Housing Authority. Block-13-A.net. Akbar Khan M/s.com Mr. Mustafa Kassam.BERKLEY OVERSEAS (PAKISTAN) .Mail sherkhan@hotmail. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Khayaban-e-Rahat.5).I. 8305721 Fax: 92-21-2586984 Mr.BELTING SPLICING SYSTEM 502. Ahmed Haseeb.net. 11th Street.BERI GROUP PAKISTAN 31-C.BELTEXCO LIMITED Plot No.Karaci Tel: 35241035-36 Fax: 35241037 E. Phase-4.E.BENCHMARK GROUP 113/1.com Mr. 6982761 Fax: 92-21-6986933 E.Karaci Tel: 5301982 E. North Karachi Industrial Area. Sector C-VII. Muhammad Iqbal Exporter:Knitted Hosiery Importer:Knitting Machine and Knitting Parts Manuf:Knitted Wearing Apparels M/s. Bilal Esbhani Exporter:Rice.Mail bilal@berigp.BEN CHEMICALS 303. Exporter:Safety Gloves Importer:Raw Material of Safety Goods Manuf:Safety Gloves M/s. Tel: 2586981-3..Karaci Tel: 5083577 Fax: 92-21-5083651 E.BENZER APPARELS Plot No. 5th Floor. S.Mail benzer@cyber.

BEST WAY TECHNOLOGY . Ireland Road.Mail bbe6016@yahoo.BEST TOWEL INDUSTRIES Plot No.logistic.com Mr. Sindhi Muhallah.pk Mr.BEST WAY ENTERPRISES Plot No.1. 19-West Wharf Road.Mail besttowelind@gmail. Ismail Colony-2 Mr.danish100@gmail. Younus Zakaria Tabani M/s.Karaci Tel: 34970961 E.Karaci Tel: 5045110-11 Fax: 92-21-5045665 Mr. Yousuf Street. Amir Amin Kotahwala Exporter:Textile made ups Manuf:Textile made ups and Garments M/s. Memon Avenue. Gemini Shopping Plaza. Orangi Town. Sector-28.com. P. Sector 4-F.pk Mr.O. SB-50. Block-7. M/s. Tel: 35875849-50 Fax: 35875851 E.BEST CLOTHING Office No. Abdullah Haroon Road.BEST APPAREL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED 54-. Muhammad Tariq. Shershah Village. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Clifton. Ghulam Moinuddin.Mail bestboardindustries@yahoo.com Mr. Ground Floor. Ground Floor.Mail berk786@cyber.net. Office # 01.A-227.310.Saghir Ahmed M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Ali Raza Notta M/s. Mujahid Colony.BEST BOARD INDUSTRIES Central Chambers. Mohammad Iqbal M/s. SITE.D-29/1. Box-1282 Tel: 32735168 Fax: 92-21-32734580 E.Karaci Tel: 2201561-3 Fax: 92-21-2317049 E. Hakim Sons Building.com Mr.Mail bestenterprisesint@hotmail.BEST ENTERPRISES INT. Tel: 32734302 E. Sabwani Trust Building.Mail abid. Waqas Ahmed M/s.Mail info@best. Gari Khata.com Mr.com Mr. Block-13-B. Tassaduq Hussain M/s.Karaci Tel: 6693066-6690117 E. Street # 9.BEST LOGISTICS (PVT) LIMITED T-22. Exporter:Particle board Importer:Machinery & parts Manuf:Particle board M/s.BEST BUY EXPORT 17.Karaci Tel: 2774530 Fax: 2774787 E.

Mail bestepharma@yahoo. Ebrahim Building. Tauheed Comm. 20-West Wharf Road.BETELNUTS CORPORATION NP. DHA.BEXIMCO TRADING COMPANY (PVT) LTD Press Centre.Mail www.Karaci Tel: 4604078 Fax: 92-21-4604078 Mr. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. M-25. Sir Abdullah Haroon Road.Karaci Tel: 5211545 Fax: 92-21-5674553 E.Mail bhagwanee@cyber. PECHS. 0300-2254048 Fax: 92-21-5891911 E.BESTE PHARMA (PVT) LIMITED 129-B.Karaci Tel: 7530121.com Mr.com Mr. Chota Gate. Jalal Aslam. Victoria Centre.pk Mr. Jawaid Hamid Nagi M/s. 2nd Floor. 5th Floor. Nadeem Yunus M/s. Importer:Tea M/s. Aamir Saleem. Matiullah M/s.11/78.Karaci Tel: 32315039-40 Fax: 32315041 E.M-24. Extension. M/s. Phase-V.Karaci Tel: 5870437-8 Fax: 92-21-5831200 Mr.BESTWAY SERVICES Room# 5 & 6. Tel: 2631123. Block-2. Mohammed Asif Sheikh.13-C. Mina Avenue.Mail bti_2004@hotmial. Shahrah-e-Kamal Attaturk. .bestwaypk. Sunset Lane-01.BETAS TRADE INTERNATIONAL Suite # 06.com Mr. Shop No.8.3 Tel: 5430182 Fax: 92-21-5052575 E. Jamil Ahmed Exporter:Butterfly infusion system M/s. Korangi No.BHAGWANEE TEXTILE INTERNATIONAL Office# 502. Airport.Mail aaamir@yahoo. Rizwan Ullah Manuf:Manufacturing contractors M/s. Phase-II. Saddar. 7513304 Mr.net. 37th Commercial Street. Tel: 4396168 Fax: 92-21-4397370 E. Daryana Street. Jodia Bazar. Building # 13.Area.BEZOAT CHEMICALS L-875.net.Mail beximco@cyber.com Mr. Sector 34/2.pk Haji Muhammad Zafar. DHA.Karaci Tel: 5891911.BESTCOM TECHNOLOGIES Plot No. 2635630 Fax: 92-21-2639764 E. M/s. Mezzanine Floor.

Farooq Road. 23/1. Exporter:Yarn M/s. Tel: 6313170 E. 23/1. S.Mail khioff@umergroup.208.BHATTI CORPORATION H. Block-6. Abdul Sattar Exporter:Garments M/s.S.Karaci Tel: 2216060 Fax: 92-21-2218080 E.M.3-4. Tel: 4221909. Al Shams Plaza. Tel: 7720126. Mohammad Iqbal Bhatti.M. Korangi Industrial Area. Altaf Hussain Road. Chundrigar Road.BHATTI ENTERPRISES Suite No. Sector 23.BHASHANI SWEETS & BAKERS Shop No.Karaci Tel: 5115177-80 Fax: 92-21-5063002 E.com Mr.BHATTRA SONS 605. Importer:Part of Accessories of Automotive Vehicles M/s. Advani Street.Exporter:Ready made Garments.net Mr. Manuf:Power Generation Unit. Tel: 36963569 Fax: 92-21Mr. M/s.Mail obpl_bd@yahoo. Karimabad. Plaza Square. 7726383 Fax: 92-21-7725069 Mr. Muhammad Amin Exporter:Pulses Importer:Pulses M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. New Challi.BHESANIA ENTERPRISES Bobby House. Bed Sheets M/s.I. Maqbool Ahmed Kassamali. Adeel Shopping Centre.Karaci Tel: 34968559.BHATTI ASSOCIATES 43/1-O. Uni Tower. M/s.com Mr. I. Mohammad Salim. Umer House. Farooq Road. 6th Floor. Block-6.BHANERO ENERGY LIMITED Umer House. Gulshan Chowrangi. PECHS.com Mr. 303-305.Mail bhatti_cp@yahoo. 5890469 Fax: 92-21-5890469 Mr. S.Mail khioff@umergroup. Muhammad Sharif. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Moulimabad . Tauqeer Muhammad M/s.BHANERO TEXTILE MILLS LTD.Mail bhattrasons@yahoo. Sector 23.Karaci Tel: 5115177-80 Fax: 92-21-5063002 E. Hussain Trade Centre. Asif Saleem M/s.BHANJI VELJI (KARACHI) CO.com Mr.03002320519 Fax: 92-21-4968556 E. 3/18.

7/100. Mohammad Sohail Rafi Services:Supplies of Plastic Ware M/s.H. Siddiqabad..net.karachi@gmail. G. Importer:Plastic Ware. Household and Baby Care Accessories M/s. 2470097 Fax: 92-21-4936425 E.Society. Importer:Second Hand Clothing.pk Mr. New Challi.net. Tel: 2436394-98 Fax: 92-21-2417004 E.BHOLAWALA AGENCIES Suite 6 & 7.BHIRIYA INTERNATIONAL 806. lst Floor.A. Federal 'B' Area.K. Tel: 4944144 Fax: 4936425 E.Mail btc. 39-40.C. Talpur Road.pk Mrs. Mohammad Younus. Muhammad Younus Bhojani. Exporter:All Pakistani Permissible Products Importer:Industrial Sewing Machines. 8th Floor. Block F. Importer:Custom Clearing and Forwarding M/s.pk Mr. Abdul Hamid Bhiriya Exporter:Yarn Fabric Towels Bath Robes M/s. Yousuf Ali Bhai Building.Karaci Tel: 2470072. Tel: 2734546.Mail bstra@cyber.pk Mr. M. D. LS-26. Near UBL. Old Ralli Building.net.Karaci Tel: 2401490.Mail bobbyhouse@cyber. M. 2401491 Fax: 92-21-2401492 E.4536568 E. Qassim Chamber.Mail bholawala@cyber. M/s. Ashraf Bhesania.. M.net. Jinnah Road.S. 2735946 Fax: 92-21-2732916 E. Baby Care Accessories . Block-3.Opp: Faiz-e-Aam Hospital Khalid Bin Walid Road.net.M.Mail bhi@super. 3.pk Mr. Jilani Tower.Karaci Tel: 111-107-107 Fax: 4557342.BHOJANI TRADING CO. Tel: 6333835 Fax: 92-21-6372973 E.com Mr. Meharsons Estate.BHESANIA TRADING CO.pk Mr. Block-3.BHIM SEN 1st Floor. Electrical Items and General Items.Mail ybhojani@cyber.BHOLAWALA TRADING COMPANY 330-A. Textile Machines and Motor Cycle Spare Parts M/s. Saeed Abdul Qadir Bhombal. North Napier Road. Talpur Road. Rafat Amir.net. Shop No.Mail bhambol@digicom. Bhim Sen Exporter:Commodities Importer:Commodities M/s. Tel: 2621748 Fax: 92-21-2623597 Mr.BHOMBAL & CO.

Tel: 2560959-2575759 Mr.BHOMBAL & CO.Karaci Tel: 2767922 Mr.com Mr.e.Mail bibojee@super. M/s. F-555.A. DHA-II Ext. 39-40. M.A..3. C-28-C. Batteries. M/s.M/s. Importer:Defence requirements i.net. Thawards Building. Room No. Muhammad Saeed Bhombal. Talpur Road.pk Mr.Mail mshk19@hotmail. Waseem Reyaz Exporter:Leather Garments Manuf:Leather Garmetns M/s.09. M/s. M. Abdul Ghaffar Bhundi. Abdullah M/s. 109/2. Ahmed Kuli Khan Khattak.12. D-6.BHUNDI TRADERS 136. Tel: 34575007 Fax: 4575007 E.BIG 'W' IMPORT & EXPORT (PVT) LIMITED. . Tel: 2436398 Fax: 92-21-2417004 E.net. 5680711 Fax: 92-21-5689221 E.com Mr. M. Amjid Mehmood Awan Exporter:Fresh Fruits M/s.BIGHORN LEADS 2nd Floor. Ghandhara House.T. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 5681755. Tel: 5830251-7. Jinnah Road. SITE.301.BILAL BROAST Shop No. Imperial Hotel Building. Motandas Market. Adnan Muhammad Umer M/s.Mail bigw@cyber. UPS.BIG APPLE ENTERPRISES 26-148.pk Mr. Ground Floor.BHUTKIA ENTERPRISES Flat No. Rauf Jan Muhammad. Old Rally Bros Building.Mail bhutkia_enterprises@hotmail.net.com Mr.Mail bhambal@digicom. Tel: 2313273.BILAL & CO. Shama Plaz.Karaci Tel: 5380065 E. Opp: Aurangzeb Market. 2202290-3 Fax: 92-21-2202299 Mr. Khan Road.pk Mr. 5874122 Fax: 92-21-5831830 E. Kharadar. Mohammad Shujaat Husain Khan M/s.BILAL AUTOS Shop No. 24th Commercial Street.BIBOJEE SERVICES (PVT) LTD. Electronic Items and Drilling Exploration Equipment M/s. 3rd Floor. (PVT) LTD. Main Clifton.Mail awanamjid@yahoo. Tel: 32313537 E. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Nickel Cadmium.

Muhammad Asif M/s. Mills Street.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 32636506.BILAL BROTHERS Shop No. Muhammad Nisar. spices nimco and sweet M/s. Gul Plaza M. Marriot Road.BILAL ENTERPRISE 21. Zeba Asad Importer:Building Hardware M/s. 8654.BILAL BROTHERS 1-2.New Town Masjid. Mohammed Bilal. Muhammad Nazim M/s.BILAL ELECTRONIC # 122-A.A.BILAL ENTERPRISES R-485. Tel: 4919144 Mr. M/s. Jodia Bazar. Daryalal Street.net. Saifee Mehal.Karaci Tel: 2414972.129. Ground Floor. Tayabjee Road. 119-A. Sindhi Muslim Housing Society. Importer:Paper and Paper Board M/s.com Mr.Mail gulzar@mbsattar. Mohammad Ibrahim Hashim. Akhtar Aliman Importer:Exercise/Fitness and Health Equipment M/s. 2628987 Fax: 92-21-2624137 Mr. P.BILAL BROTHERS NP-11/54. Exporter:Flexograpic Importer:Flexograpic Polymear Plates Manuf:Flexograpic Polymear Plates M/s.Karaci Tel: 2628991. Pakistan Chowk. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 7084594. North Nazimabad. Jinnah Road. Nusrat Bhutto Colony.com Ms. Muhammad Iqbal Exporter:Food grains. Panorama Centre. 32215122 Fax: 92-21-32626372 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2710005. Rukhsana Building. Mustafabad. Pakistan Chowk. Mustafa Arcade. Near UBL. Bilal Chambers. 0300-2341195 Mr.BILAL CORPORATION 2. Tel: 38645550 Fax: 92-21-32526407 E. 2434382 Fax: 92-21-2420852 E.Mail aliman@cyber.Karaci Tel: 4531961-62 Fax: 92-21-4531963 E. Kutchi Gali-3. 7084898 . Saddar.Mail bilalbrothers2007@yahoo.O.BILAL DISTRIBUTORS Gulzar Bros. Box No.Karaci Tel: 5673413 Fax: 92-21-5671378 Mr.

Tel: 36695814 Mr. Bilal Haroon Importer:Bidi Leaves M/s. Asiya Sohail M/s. Muhammad Ashraf M/s.120-B. 2414385 Fax: 92-21-2424149 Mr. Muhammad Arman Ali M/s. Bilal Sattar Importer:Chemicals M/s. Jinnah Road.100.BILAL OVERSEAS C-3.oiltraders@gmail.Karaci Tel: 32530039 Fax: 32530123 Ms.171.Karaci Tel: 4549810-9 Fax: 4536100 Mr. 3rd Floor. 8th Floor. Sector 14/B.BILAL GIFT CENTRE Shop No. Area 5/D.BILAL FOREST CORORATION 810. Jilani Tower.Karaci Tel: 4931980. Plot No. Tel: 32710003.BILAL ENTERPRISES Plot No. Bagh-e-Zehra Street. Tel: 35878094-96 Fax: 92-21-2429016 E.com Mr. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.A. Muhammad Yaqoob Exporter:Fresh Fruits and General Trading M/s. Jodia Bazar. Main University Road. Mumtaz Hasan Road.BILAL ENTERPRISES NP 131/82.6. Muhammad Shah Street.Karaci Tel: 2513308 Mr.03002144530 Mr. M. 4934382 . Block-6. PECHS. Orangi Town.5. Tel: 2414659. Tel: 35042224-36022019 Fax: 92-21E. Block-6. Jumani Arcade.com Mr.BILAL ENTERPRISES # 408.BILAL OIL TRADERRS No. Gul Plaza.43/Q.Syed Waqar Ali Manuf:Ladies Hand bags M/s.Mail bilal@bilallogistics. Kutchi Gali No. Bilal Shahid M/s. Tel: 4315317 Mr.BILAL IMPEX MR-1/79. GK-7. PECHS. Fortune Centre.Mail bilal.BILAL LOGISTICS (PVT) LIMITED 6-Writers Chamber.2. Muhammad Shahnawaz Siddiqui M/s. Salim M/s. Landhi No. Jodia Bazar. Block-31.BILAL EXPORTS B-Plot No.

2471061 Fax: 92-21-2420538 E.pak@bilkish. Sheikh Centre.Karaci Tel: 6871753-6870876 Fax: 6870142 E. Tel: 2626285.Mail bilaltraders@wateen.504.com . Jodia Bazar.Mail saleemibm@cyber.BILAL TRADERS Office No. Cloth Market. 2626391 E. M/s. Sajjad Hussain Khan M/s. Korangi Town. Shahra-e-Faisal.BILAL TRADERS M-223.BILAL PAPER MART Shop No. Block-7/8. PECHS. Serai Road.6.Karaci Tel: 32751483 Mr. Korangi.Karaci Tel: 32524961-32536914 Fax: 32536913 E. Importer:Steel and Iron M/s. Faiz Muhammad Fateh Ali Road. Salam Manzil.Karaci Tel: 2422144. Imam Hassn Street. Area.Karaci Tel: 4576955. Muhammad Bilal M/s.45/A.Karaci Tel: 4328431-5 Fax: 92-21-4328430 E. Preedy Street. Bilal Aziz M/s. Sector 35-C. Block A-3.net. 0300-8224464 Mr.BILAL TRADERS Shop No.Mail myousuf123@gmail.net.pk Mr.Fax: 92-21-4948493 Mr.Karaci Tel: 32775435 Fax: 32730014 Ms.Mail info.pk Mr.Mail bilalsteel@cyber. Sharah-e-Faisal. Muhammad Yousuf Bilal. Afsheen M/s.pk Mr. 808-809. Muhammad Zahid. Irfan Butt Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Vegetables M/s. Super Highway.net. New Sabzi Mandi.BILAL TRADERS R-15. Near N. KCHS.BILAL STEEL Mezzanine Floor.BILAL STEEL Plot-230. Sajjad Haider M/s. Near Sindh Madarsa.BILKISH ASSOCIATES PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.BILAL TRADING COMPANY Shop# 1. Sadaf Centre. Bilal Razzak M/s. Saddar. Block-6. Fortune Centre. Ruby Plaza. Opp: Motandas Market.com Mr.8. Mezzanine Floor. Tel: 32437978 Mr. Anum Empire.

Sharif.Mail factory@bills-inc.BIN DAWOOD JEWELLERS Shop No. Plot No. Tel: 2435830 Fax: 92-21-2433404 Mr.BILL'S INC.BIN QASIM PACKAGES (PVT) LIMITED 245/2/F. Saddar.com Mr. 2nd Floor.Mail emi786@hotmail.Shabbir Haroon Bilwani Exporter:Ready made Garments Fabrics Importer:Garments Machines and Garments Manuf:Knitted and Woven Garments M/s.I.812. Sector 15.Syed Qaiser Ali M/s. Saddar. Latif Cloth Market.37/B-376.Karaci Tel: 2313461-3 Fax: 92-21-2313464 Mr.BILQUES SHIPPING COMPANY (PVT) LIMITED. Murshid Bazar. . Muhammad Irfan M/s. 0300-2429805 Fax: 92-21-270069 E. Zahid Iqbal M/s. Abdul Rauf Dakhni. Services:Social Welfare Service M/s.Karaci Tel: 2419273 Fax: 2400634 E.BILLOO TRAVEL SERVICE (PVT) LTD.BIN MUHAMMAD TEXTILES 19-A. Saddar. 2424125 Fax: 92-21-2418753 Mr.com Mr. Ghulam Hussain M/s. Manuf:Textile Fabrics M/s.BIN ALI TRADERS Office No. Waseem M/s. Saleh Muhamamd Street. Services:Contracting M/s. Tel: 5064693-94 Fax: 92-21-5064952 E. 4/75 Mithadar. Kharadhar. Korangi Industrial Area.T. Regal Trade Square. I. Abdullah Haroon Road. Room No.Karaci Tel: 2721725-2771697 Fax: 2772448 Mr. Uni Centre. Adamjee Dawood Road. Tel: 2421920.131.638. Chundrigar Road.BILWANI'S 15-Hashmi Electronic Market. GK-3/49. Faisal Edhi. Zakaria M.BILQUIS EDHI FOUNDATION O. Boulton Market. Tel: 2700658.Karaci Tel: 5687606 Fax: 5687607 Mr.Mail mv_zahid@yahoo.com Mr.

Kashif Latif Manuf:Medical Equipments M/s.Mail sumera_75@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 5847433. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Aftab Ahmed Qasmi Exporter:Rice.Mail k@kgroup.com Mrs.S. Exporter:Hosiery.com Mrs. DHA.com. Street -21. Kanta Aslam M/s. Stadium Lane No.op. Area.E.BIN YAMIN INTERNATIONAL 416. Block-7 & 8. Fl-4.Mail binyamin_international@yahoo.Mail bqtintl2010@hotmail. Plot No. Jinnah Co. Block-14.Block-6. Leena Khan.com Mr.H.pk Mr. Tel: 4312471 Fax: 92-21-4549986 E.pk Miss. Karachi Coop H.. 5-C. Riaz Hussain Shaikh.Mail arshaikh@operamail. 4533168 Fax: 92-21-4538286 E. Imran Sattar.Mail biomail@super. Shaheed-e-Millat Rd. Near Ideal Bakery. 1. Anum Pride. P. Tel: 4983597 Fax: 92-21-4983597 E. Society. Phase-V Defence Housing Authority. Clifton.C. 5841297 Fax: 92-21-5842753 E.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4397845 Fax: 92-21-4531253 E.BIO-INSTRUMENTATION TECHNOLOGY 97-1. Housing Society. Central Comm. Sumera Ali Exporter:Childern Garments Manuf:Fashion Garments M/s. Tel: 4316373 Fax: 4311448 Mr. Phase-6.BIN TALIB CORPORATION 25.Karaci Tel: 4631716 E.BINDIA HOME DRESSINGS R-122. Block 7/8.Karaci Tel: 35309018 E.BIOFAR CHEMICALS Z-67. Block-6. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Jason Centre. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 4544704. Jauhar Belle view Aptt. .BC-8. Readymade Garments etc.Muhammad Kafil Shaikh M/s. Faran Homes. A/22.com Mr. Fabric and Garments M/s.net. M/s.Mail faisallodhia@hotmail. Block-9.BIO INTERNATIONAL 201. Exporter:Medical Goods Importer:Medical Goods Manuf:Medical Goods M/s.BIN QASIM TRADING INTERNATIONAL 2nd Floor.

Karaci Tel: 4545825. Haider Karrar.Karaci Tel: 34969549 Fax: 92-21E.com Mr. Kashif Latif M/s. Nabia Square.BIOTECH PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Importer:various Items Manuf:Pharmaceutical M/s. Annexe-B. 1st Floor. Tahir Plaza.BIOTECH PAKISTAN Site No. Plot 45-A. Samreen M/s.net. Suite # 303. Qasr-e-Gul.303. Block-13-A. 4546977 Fax: 92-21-4545793 E.Mail bios@cyber.Mail bio@cyber. Hassan Square. Block 6. 201-Fortune Centre. A-31. University Road.Mail lighting@cubexs.M/s. Kamran Tahir M/s.com Mr.H.pk Mr. Block-7/8.Karaci Tel: 4312153 Fax: 4311448 Ms. C-7. KCHS. Shahra-e-Faisal.Mail arain@bionicadvt.net. . Mumtaz Yasin M/s. KCHS.BIOLOGIC MEDICAL SYSTEMS 166-E. P.net. Tel: 34524102.Karaci Tel: 4390148-49 Fax: 92-21-4559641 E. 4392799 Fax: 92-21-4550999 E. Block 7/8. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 3rd Floor. Imran Abdul Hameed. Al Rehman Centre.Mail info@biotechpakistan.BIOGENICS PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.C. (Behind Danish Motors). 3rd Floor. Sharea Faisal. Off: Khalid Bin Waleed Road. Munir Ahmed M/s.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 34927276 Fax: 92-21-32443975 E.Mail bio-med1@hotmail.102. KCHS. Tahir Plaza.Karaci Tel: 4311652-4312153 Fax: 5311448 E. 26th Street. Bihar Muslim Housing Society.net.BIRDS CHEMOTEC Mr.pk Mr.BIOS 1st Floor.Mail birdsc@cyber. KCH Society.E.Karaci Tel: 4392788. 34523028 Fax: 92-21-3454754 E.S. PECHS. M/s. Naveed Shakeel M/s.BIONIC ADVERTISEMENT Suite # 202.BIRYANI CENTRE 12-C.BIOMED Suite No. Block # 3. B1 7 & 8.pk Mr.com Mr.

. Wali Muhammad Abbasi Exporter:Sea Foods M/s.T. Suite No-41. Farooq-e-Azam Chowk. 2580142 Fax: 92-21-2564397 Mr. 4th Floor.Karaci Tel: 5881424 E.44.BISMILLAH FABRICS A/42. Saddar.E. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. West Wharf Road. M/s.com Mr.I. Waheed Ahmed Butt M/s. Tel: 34556657-58 Fax: 92-21-3438798 E. Amanullah Khan Manuf:Foods M/s.Karaci Tel: 2420932 Fax: 92-21-2422485 Mrs.BISMILLAH ELECTRIC & ELECTRONICS E-65.com. Imtiaz Ahmad M/s. Khadija Siddique.Tauheed Commercial Area.com Mr.BISMILLAH GEMS Shop No.BISMILLAH GEMS Shop No.E. Tel: 2572154. Mezzanine # M2.Mail info@bismillahelectric.T. 1st Floor. M. S. Tel: 021-6754766 Fax: 021-6754766 E. S.BISMA TEXTILE MILLS LTD. 58-C.BISMA INTERNATIONAL R-2-B.29. Saddar. Anexi. Manuf:Dyeing and Processing M/s. Chandni Centre. Jami Commercial Street # 6. C. Behind Liaquat Market. Phase-VII Defence Housing Authority.Mail cheif_executive@sirsabz_world_wide. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail bisma@bismatextile. Mohammad Sharif. Aijaz Uddin Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Importer:Gems and Jewellery Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals and Textile Machinery. Block-6.Karaci . Phase-5 Defence Housing Authority.Karaci Tel: 2201320-21 Mr. Jewellers Centre.BISMA TRADING CO.Karaci Tel: 35374648.. 35304333 Fax: 92-21-35304334 Mr.Karaci Tel: 03219941244 Mr. Jewellers Centre.I.pk Mian Mohammed Shafeeq. Metrovill No. Exporter:Ring Spun Yarn Importer:Textile Machinery Manuf:Cotton Polyester Viscost Yarn M/s.1.A. Jinnah Road. Puri House-22.BISMA TRADERS 13-B.

M/s.BISMILLAH PLASTIC WORKS Sohail Manzil-406. Near Taj Hotel.BISMILLAH LOGISTICS (PVT) LTD.BISMILLAH INTERNATIONAL Suite No.12-A. Manzoor Colony. 2423870 Fax: 92-21-2402039 E. Tel: 5883439 Malik Shahnawaz Awan Importer:PVC Chemicals Manuf:PVC Compound M/s.Mail bismillah_intre2005@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 0321-9265875 Mr. Jodia Bazar. Sector-F. Muhammad Amin Khan Exporter:Salt items . Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. M/s. Main Tower. Street-30. Gul Plaza. Railway Society. Lotia House. Jinnah Road. Main Hub River Road. M/F. Sector 131-D/2. Kombharwara.com Mr. Tel: 32772933 Fax: 92-21-32741886 Mr. Altaf Hussain Road.1731/4. Abdullah Shah Exporter:Gems and Jewellery M/s. Gulistan-e-Johar.121. Baldia Town-2. Paint House.Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Jillani Tower. M.Tel: 35670888 E.BISMILLAH GIFT CENTRE Shop No.150.BISMILLAH ROD IRON FURNITURE Shop No. Abdullah Square.BISMILLAH IMPEX C-104.Karaci Tel: 2401823-0333-2241269 Mr. Block-15.Mail abdullahshah_bakhtiar@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 2438552 Fax: 2438552 E. Radha Kirshin. Sehba Akhtar Road. Rashid Iqbal M/s. M. 11th Floor.com Mr.BISMILLAH INTERNATIONAL NP 13/81.com Mr.BISMILLAH SALT TRADERS Plot No. M/s. Mubbashir Munir. Mohammad Ahmed M/s. Jinnah Road. Boultan Market. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 2578323 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2414626.Mail myvisionent@hotmail.com Mr. Aslam Ibrahim M/s.A.Karaci Tel: 2529656 Fax: 92-21-2530672 E.Mail info@bismillahlogistics. Muhammad Junaid.A.BISMILLAH MILL STORE Shop No. Muhammad Shah Street. Tel: 4015719 Fax: 4825876 Mr.108. Muhammad Rizwan M/s.

Agra Taj Colony. M.Mail zafarkhan@yahoo.Mail bismillahtraders38@yahoo. Iqbal Road. SITE.com Mr. Gulzar Khan. Tel: 6691715 Fax: 6660134 E. Zafar Khan M/s. Saddar.Mail bt-i@cyber..BISMILLAH TRADERS A-16. Tel: 6615337 E. SITE Super Highway.BISMILLAH TRADERS 20.BIZFLO INTERNATIONAL B-10. Tel: 2734260-61-2722047 Fax: 2730728 E. Tel: 6881331-3 Fax: 6881335 E. 2nd Floor. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 2528339-2541851 Fax: 2528339 E.G-14. Muhammad Nasir Ansari M/s.com Ms.BISMILLAH TOWEL INDUSTIRES KESC Survey # 518. Street-2.C.Karaci Tel: 5682339. Scheme-33. Muhammad Kalimuddin Farooqui M/s.Mail bizline. P. Project-2-A. Bismillah Market. Touheed Commeercial Defence.Mail bozlmpclemter[roses@yahoo.A.BITA TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD.trading@gmail.H. Noorani Masjid Road. M/s.Mail bizflo@cyber. Rabi Centre.com Mr. Arshad Zaheer Khan M/s. 5684466 Fax: 92-21-5685626 E. Block-10-A.net. Sikandar Inam. Jinnah Road.pk Mr. Ghulam Sarwar M/s.Karaci Tel: 4022549 Fax: 4022549 E.R. Nadira Kausar M/s.BIZ LINKS (PVT) LIMITED 4/11-12.BISMILLAH SILK CENTRE Shop No. Khyber Colony.com Syed Ajaz Hussain Rizvi . Tariq Road.com. M/s.pk Mr.Mail info@technologylinks. Manghopir Road.S.E.Karaci Tel: 2550361-63 Fax: 2550360 E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. A-10.Mail arshad@bitatextile.BIZ KNOCK ENTERPRISES Raja Manzil.Manuf:Salt Items M/s.net. Street No.com Mr. E.BIZLINE TRADING E-22/B.53. Rimpa Plaza.Mail sarwar-industries@hotmail.pk Mr.com Mr.

.net. Tel: 5866123 Fax: 5866124 E. Farooq Road.M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 4390221-5 Fax: 92-21-4538923 E. Ahsen Idris. Tel: 2576997. Ghulamali P. EOBI House.Mail info@loomingleather. Exporter:Dried Fruits. 2567050 Fax: 92-21-2566284 Mr.BLACK STONE DEVELOPERS F-10.Mail blessed@cubexs.BLACK GOLD TRADING CORPORATION D-27/1. Mohammad Irfan Khan.com Mr. Mohammad Arif Rogatia M/s. Survey # 2/1. M/s. M. M/s.pk Mr.pk Mr.Mail irfanblosm@cyber.Mail mhg1@cyber.pk Mr. Kassam Court. Grain and Herbs .Sector 23.BLITZ ADVERTISING (PVT) LIMITED 11th Floor.16. Exporter:Raw Cotton.Karaci Tel: 5115177-80 Fax: 92-21-5063002 E. Clifton.Mail bsd273-a@yahoo.BLOOMING LEATHER (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. Exporter:Yarn and Fabrics. Tayyab Balagamwla M/s.T. Clifton.BLESSING TEXTILES F-363/B.com Mr.net. Rice M/s. Tel: 2216303-6 Fax: 2216307 Mr. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Kiyani Road.I. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail info@blackgoldtrdg.com Mr. Aqil Khurshid Ahmed. 2426068 Fax: 92-21-2422707 E. M. S. Sector 7-A. Mohammad Salim. Tel: 2567060. Seeds/Spices. Old Queens Road. M/s. Shaheen Complex. Tel: 5116570-72 Fax: 92-21-5116575 E. Block-1. Tel: 2421059. Awami Markaz. Ashar AzadAhmed M/s.BLACKWOOD (PVT) LIMITED Pardesi House. BC-9. Allana. Tel: 5837128-9 Fax: 92-21-5870967 E. Shams Chambers. Block-5.net. Korangi Industrial Area. S.BLOOSAM TRADING CORPORATION 302.Mail khioff@umergroup. RY 16. 2585412 Fax: 92-21-2561091 E.E. M/s.BLESSED ENTERPRISES 2nd Floor.M. Mohammed Saleen.R.BLESSED TEXTILES LIMITED Umer House 23/1.com Mr.

fisheries@gmail.Mail blue.pk Mr. 1st Floor.BLUE SKY EMBROIDERY & PUNCHING LS-65.BLUE SEA LOGISTICS Room# 106. Trade Tower. Humayun Khan Road. Tel: 2315582 Fax: 92-21-2310022 E. Muhammad Hanif M/s.M/s. 4600637 Fax: 92-21-4604138 . West wharf.13.Block 2. Ghazanfar Ali. M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Falah Naz Plaza.pk@gmail.Mail info@bluesea-shipping. Al-Hilal Society. Saleem Centre. Phase-II Extension. North Karachi Tel: 6980078 Fax: 6980078 Mr.BLUE MOUNTAIN TRADING 19-C. Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail bsl_pk@cyber.Karaci Tel: 34520738 Fax: 92-21-3452458 E. Muhammed Kamaluddin M/s.com Mr.BLUE MARINE SUPPLIES & SERVICES M-3. Keamari.Karaci Tel: 35693292 Fax: 92-21-3569329 E. Jinnah Road. Samiullah M/s. Fish Harbour. M. M/s.BLUE SKY INTERNATIONAL LM 2 & 3.Karaci Tel: 4604137.Karaci Tel: 2437129. Defence Housing Authority. Sector 11-I. H. 4th Floor. Main Shahra-e-Faisal.A. Almas Height.Karaci Tel: 2853889 Fax: 2858613 E. Importer:Coffee.net.com Mr.R-15.Mail bluesky. Block 4/5 KDA Scheme 7. 2212294 Fax: 92-21-2400794 Mr.BLUE & WHITE FISHERIES A-3. Ayub Plaza.BLUE PACIFIC FLAVOURS & FRAGRANCES.Karaci Tel: 4860106 Fax: 92-21-4860107 Mr. University Road.Karaci Tel: 5387359 Fax: 92-21-5387360 E.Mail bmt@cyber. 190/A-1. Mohammed Sohail M/s. Saleem Shaukat M/s. PECHS.net.BLUE SEA SHIPPING LINES Suit # 405.white.No. 22nd Commercial Street. Arif Mahmood.BLUE SKY Office No. Coffee Machine and General Items M/s. Opp: Denso Hall. Mohammad Askari Sharif.pk Mr.com Mr. Mezzanine Floor.

BMA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LTD. I. Off: I. . Block 7 & 8.net.BOBBY CREATION 23/C.com Mr.com Mr.I. Muhammad Zareef Khan.BLUESEA CARGO SERVICES 425. Services:Brokerage House M/s.Mail bobbyfur@cyber. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail bmz -tex@yahoo. Shams Chamber. C.Mail bluesky_inter@yahoo. Mohammad Iqbal Usman.BLUEWATER LOGISTICS Room # 8 & 9. Anis Bhesania. Manghopir Road.pk Mr.H. M/s. Phase-II. Qasim Latif M/s. Shade No.net.6. Snow White Commercial Complex. Sunset Boulevard. Tel: 2430532-33 Fax: 92-21-2430748 E.BMZ TEXTILE & TOWELS D-154. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Services:Interior Decorator and Furniture M/s. 801. KCHS.com Mr. Sector-6.0300252784 Fax: 92-21-32433663 E.Mail bnas_marine@hotmail.Mail asifsaeed245@yahoo.Mail akbar@bluewater.Society.Karaci Tel: 4934709 E.BOBBY EXIMP INTERNATIONAL House # CIR-156. Chundrigar Road.pk Mr.BNAS MARINE ENGINERING SERVIES 512 Business Centre. Mumtaz Hassan Road.Karaci Tel: 32593038 E. Chundrigar Road.I.op.BLUMEN INTERNATIONAL & KARACHI CARPETS.BLUTEK SYSTEM 245.E.Mail tradecom@cyber. M. Abker Ali Jiwani M/s. Iqbal Lodhi Exporter:Hand Knotted Carpets and Furniture M/s.com. Ghazi Salahuddin Road.Berar Co. Saddar.com Mr. SITE.Mail bma@bmacapital. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5880149-50. Defence Housing Authority. Tel: 2423540 Fax: 92-21-2432035 E. Asif Saeed.Karaci Tel: 4392563. Pak Handicrafts Market. 9-10.com Syed Rashid Ali M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road.Karaci Tel: 32413574. Block-7 & 8. 4392564 Fax: 92-21-4383429 E. 5386361 Fax: 92-21-5891360 E.pk Syed Shahid Ali M/s. Uni Tower.P.Karaci Tel: 5687900 Fax: 5687974 Mr.

Karaci Tel: 4930851-60 Fax: 92-21-4924990 E. Tel: 7213072 Mr. Moulimabad Society. Phase-VI.BODY 'N' SOUL CLOTHING CO..2852064 E. Khalid Bin Waleed RoadKaraci Tel: 111-107-107 Fax: 4536568.7. Babar Habib. Ather Ahmed Bhesania. M. Keamari. 107.BOLAN ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED Eastern House. Importer:All Interrior Products M/s. Machinery & Equipment Manuf:Tractors Parts & Automotive Castings. Q-Street.net.com Mr. 6989768 Fax: 92-21-6622437 Khawaja Owais M/s.Qasba Metroville. 9-Timber Pond.A. Aslam Suleman Jiwani M/s. M/s.Mail isbc4748@hotmail. Defence Housing Authority. Importer:Raw Materials.BOLAN ENTERPRISES Plot No.BOBBY FURNISHERS Bobby House.pk Mr. Behind Faiz-e-Aam Hospital.T. M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Exporter:Tractor Castings and Automotive Castings.com .BOLAN CASTINGS LIMITED.Karaci Tel: 2851945-56 Fax: 2851354.BODY FASHION 202. SMCHS.net.Mail bclho@cyber.Mail bobbyhouse@cyber. Tel: 6695361. Spares. Jinnah Road. PAKISTAN 40-B/1.Mail bobeximp@cyber. F-1.BOBBY INTERIORS Shop No. S. Tel: 34315110-11 Fax: 34395110 E.net.com Mr. Jan Centre. Hub River Road.Karaci Tel: 0333-2114644 Mr.pk Mr. Tel: 2566713 Fax: 92-21-2573558 E.Mail bobbyint@hotmail. 3/18.189/A.I. Javaid Ashraf. Exporter:Kintted Garments M/s. Sohail Latif.BOGDAN BROTHERS 7th Al Shabbir Corner. Sunnia Arcade. Britto Road.cos. Bahadurabad.4557342 E.E. 6695369 Fax: 92-21-6699167 E. M/s. Hasan Askari Kamani. Foundry M/s. 106. Nazimabad No-1.Mail bolan@easterngroup. Ajaz Ahmed Bhesania.pk Mr. Tel: 6621859.

Tel: 2411244. Sir Jehangir Kothari Bldg. M. Karim Kamal Sagani M/s.com Sh.BOLAN PROGRESSIVE DISTRIBUTORS 152/2. 2441903 Fax: 92-21-2411490 Sh. Flat No. Korangi Industrial Area. 1st Floor. Block 5. 2639109 Fax: 92-21-2628257 Mrs.BOMBAY SWEET MART GK-4/36.BOMBAY OPTICAL CO. Aquil Ahmed M/s. Virjee Street. Khan Road. Tanki No. Kehkashan KDA Scheme 5.pk Manuf:Used Clothing M/s. 2203617 .BOMBAY NIMCO CENTRE E-17. Rubber Scrap PVC M/s. 2420297 Fax: 92-21-2411490 E. 42.Mr.Mail mdawooddada@hotmail.com. Importer:lights_vision2004@yahoo. Yousuf Plaza. Ejaz Ahmed. Block-16. Waheed Naveed Chambers. North Napier Road.5. Tel: 2411244. Tel: 2203835.pk Mr.Agboatwala M/s. Tel: 2731481.zee@hotmail. 5.Mail silvtrade@yahoo.com M/s.Karaci Tel: 6346182 Fax: 92-21-2733835 E. Importer:info@sasmulti. Nasreen Sultana. Exporter:General Items.BOLAN SHIPPING (PVT) LIMITED PNSC Building.2774976 Fax: 92-21-2774976 E.com M/s.Mail communication@pnsc. Imtiaz C. Ali Ahmed. 4949565 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4571329. Sector 7-A.com Mr.T.net. 5067715 Fax: 92-21-5067718 Sh. Jodia Bazar. Exporter:Import of V Belt. Marriot Road. Federal 'B' Area. Kharadhar.Mail kay. Importer:nselectronic@cyber. Naveed Sultan Chawla M/s.BOMBAY MILLS STORE 12.BOMBAL PLASTIC INDUSTRIES MR-6/13.BOMBAL LEATHERS Plot No. Jodia Bazar. Ghulam Ahmed. Tel: 4949595. M/s.com Mr. Sea Gul Appartments. Tel: 5067712. Clifton.BOMBAL TRADERS Virjee Street. Tel: 99204031 Fax: 92-21-9920397 E. Mohammad Dawood.

Behind Liaquat Market. Abdul Qadir Shehzad M/s.com Mr. Altaf Hussain Road.Mr. Chundrigar Road. Bilal Majeed. 10.pk Mr. 813. Uni Plaza. Sector 24.119. Beaumont Road. Tel: 2429973-75 Fax: 92-21-2429976 Mr.Mail mimsteel@cyber. New Boulton Market M.BOMBAY TRADERS Suite No.I. Exporter:Readmade Garments M/s. Sector-21.BOMBI TEXTILES Plot No. Korangi Industrial Area.com Mr.5630555 Fax: 92-21-5682322 E. Muhammad Kamran. Services:Travel Agent M/s.Karaci Tel: 2429973-75 Fax: 92-21-2429976 E. Ahmed Majeed Bumbia. Tel: 111-407-007. Near Vita Chowrangi.BOMBAY WALA STEEL 201.A.Mail mail@bonanzagt. 2431041 Fax: 92-21-2437254 Syed Sadiq Hasnain Zaidi. Jinnah Road. Plot# 17/1. Exporter:Pulses.BONN PHARMA Room No. Jillani Centre. Mohd.Karaci Tel: 5071053.Karaci Tel: 2424401. . 1st Floor. New Challi.net.BONANZA GARMENT INDUSTRIES LTD. Beaumont Plaza. 8th Floor.net. Exporter:Pulses Importer:Pulses Manuf:Pulses M/s.Mail info@bondstrvel.Sharjah Trade Centre. Mahmud Ahmad.Rice And Commodity Importer:Pulses And Commodity Manuf:Pulses Services:Pulses Indentor M/s.Karaci Tel: 2426282 Fax: 92-21-2426823 E.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2424083 Mr.BONDS TRAVEL BUREAU Suite # 1 & 2.Mail bombi@cyber. M/s. 5054726 Fax: 92-21-5076471 E. Korangi Industrial Area. Arif Bilwani. M.BOMBI IMPEX 10\7. I. Muhammad Rafiq. Importer:Iron Steel M/s.A. Jinnah Road.

pk Mr.net. 1.Mail bostan@hotmail.Mail info@bosch-phamra.pk M/s. Plot No.Mail boom_international@yahoo. Usman Habib. Owais Sabri M/s. Foreign Currencies and Provided US$ to State Bank of Pakistan M/s. Block-13-C. Tel: 111-222-081 Fax: 92-21-2420722 Mr.H.com Malik Muhammad Bostan.BOSCH PHARMACEUTICALS (PVT) LTD. Nursery.Karaci Tel: 4312970.C.C. Bosch House.S. 4993334 Fax: 92-21-4961846 E.BOOM INTERNATIONAL B-220. Amir A.Karaci Tel: 4557230 Fax: 92-21-4537968 E. Housing Soceity. Mumtaz Hasan Road. Tel: 4985762-99. Mohammadi Daud. Abbassciy Manuf:Petrolium products M/s.Karaci Tel: 4548245.4543619 E.com Mr. 4534782 Fax: 92-21-4557399 E. Exporter:Misc.BRC AL-BURHAN (PVT) LTD. Bank & Business Centre.. Sultan Ahmed Shah Road. 6-A. lst Floor.BOOM OPERATIONS Office # 9. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 0300-8243718 Fax: 92-21-4985762 E. Manuf:Wire Products M/s.BOSICOR OIL PAKISTAN LIMITED 2nd Floor.S. Sector-23. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Exporter:Exploring Markets Abroad M/s. S. Block-18.E.com Mr.net.. Amber Pride. Crown Centre. 4542035 Fax: 92-21-4545368 E. P.op. Modern Co. Anwar Sabri. Tel: 4543641.net. 102-103. K.Mail bonanzapp@cyber. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail brc@cyber. 221. 13-A. Block III. M/s. CC Area. 4543649 Fax: 4545915.BOSTAN INTERNATIONAL Room No. SB-1.BOUNTI GARMENTS INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Business Plaza. 205.M.Exporter:Cement Importer:onyxart@super. Ahmed Nasib.pk Mr.com Mr. Exporter:Drugs and Medicines Importer:Pharmaceutical Raw and Packing Materials Manuf:Finished Drugs M/s. Block-6. Korangi Industrial Area.Mail boon_operations@yahoo.H.BREEZE MARKETING .

Medical Herbs & Importer:Textile Products.E. Tel: 224606 Fax: 92-21-220808 Mr. Phase-VIII. Virjee Street.pk Haji Anis M/s. Thanai Lane.Karaci Tel: 5883662. . S. 163-N. Near Lyari Gen. 1st Floor.Mail bridge@super.BRIGHT ENTERPRISES M.Mail mughalbaew@yahoo.net. Jamal Din Mughal M/s. M. Exporter:Spices. Saddar. Importer:BOPP Film and Aluminium Wire Manuf:Packages M/s.Karaci Tel: 4300021-26 Fax: 92-21-4300027 E. Hazara Masjid Road. Layari.net. Star Market. HospitalKaraci Tel: 32520831-2545009 Fax: 2626609 E. Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society.BRIGHT OFFICE EQUIPMENTS A-1.R.Karaci Tel: 2354914 Fax: 92-21-2413408 E. Abdullah Haroon Road. Behar Colony. Block-A.Mail brightind75@yahoo.pk Mr. G-3.T.Chemicals.BRIGHT LINK ELECTRONICS Shop # 3.2609.BRIGHT INDUSTRY Plot No. Defence Housing Authority.BRIGHT ASIA ENGINEERING WORKS Plot No.Mail hars@cyber. Idrees Khan M/s..com Mr. M/s. Shahid Hussain Importer:Electronic items M/s.Mail m_a@cyber. 5380735 Fax: 92-21-5883813 E. Commercial Area.I.Karaci Tel: 4131001-4 Fax: 92-21-4857493 E. Defence Housing Authority.pk Mr. 5/99.119-C. Hazara Masjid Road.net. Mauripur Road.BRIGHT ASIA TRADERS Plot K-13. Annexe Building. Faizan ul Haque M/s.BRIDGE TELECOM (PVT) LIMITED Banglow # 13-A.Karaci Tel: 32525009 Shaikh Muhammad Javed M/s.S-59.com Mr. 5/58. Sohail Usman.Karaci Tel: 2771150 Mr. ABC Nilam Gha. Jodia Bazar. Mohammad Hussain. 'B' Phase-1.BRIDGE STONE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. Plot-51-H-1.

com Mr.C. Rashid Minhas Road.Karaci Tel: 32736945 Fax: 2736945 Mr.BRILLIANT WATCHES Shop No. Block-10. Importer:Watches M/s.W. Opp: Imam Bara.Mail matrix2@cyber. Tel: 0333-2117105 Mr.S. P. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s. 50. Plot No. Saleem. Mohammad Qayyum. M. Off: I.Mail info@bright_packages. B. Asad Mehmood Importer:Metallic scrap M/s.BRIGHTLAND (PVT) LTD. Saddar. Tel: 2726988 Fax: 92-21-2771711 Mr. Baber Market. Muhammad Arshad M/s. Nishtar Road. Jinnah Road. Sector 31-A.A.BRIGHT STEEL Opp: Risala Police Station.I. Industrial Area Al-Noor Society. F. 4994978 Fax: 92-21-4979909 E.BRIGHTWAY TRADERS 59. Maymar Drive. Printing pouches M/s.H. A-1. Mansoor Ali.14. Salt Matches and Food stuffs M/s. Chundrigar Road.Mail mansoorhajiani@hotmail. S. Twin Star Chambers. Hashim Electronic Market.Block-6. Tel: 32415027 Fax: 92-21-32416669 E.E. Inks.BRIGHT STEEL CO.A. Abdullah Haroon Road.BRIGHTWAY ELECTRONICS Shop#13. Abdul Razzak Ayob Exporter:Rice. Block-17.net. Muhammad Fahim Siddiqui.Karaci Tel: 4994903.S..BRIGHT PACKAGES Plot No. Gul Court. Muhammad Ali Exporter:Printing Material Importer:Films.Karaci Tel: 36360181 Fax: 36360191 E.Karaci Tel: 2418697 Fax: 92-21-2400104 Mr. Chemicals Manuf:Wrappers. 515351 Fax: 92-21-5680091 Mr. M/s. BPL House.pk Mr.com Mr. C-120. M/s. Nursery. Nishter Road. Tel: 5683136.M. Dunolly Road. Korangi.BRIGHT TRADE & INDUSTRIES B. Mohammad Rehan M/s.BRISK INTERNATIONAL . Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 4525178 Mr. 3/1.

Rizwan Mirza M/s. Clifton. 317. 309. Moeed Aijaz Exporter:Knitted and Woven Textile Manuf:Woven Textiles M/s. Marston Road.com Mr.com Mr. Tel: 2765884-2743730 Fax: 32732000 E. Phase-IV. M. Sabir Manzil.com Mr.717. Sector 12-D.108. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32421961 Fax: 92-21-2416293 E. 1st Floor. Anwar Ali. Haider Ali M/s. Abdul Haseeb Khan.Karaci Tel: 5801096.Karaci Tel: 34527982 Fax: 34527984 E. Tel: 6999045.Mail finance@brookespharma. Al Habib Appartment.Mail bristolplastic1@yahoo. Tel: 35871007 Mr. Tel: 5066281-2. 7th Floor. Opp: New Memon Masjid. PECHS. Gulshan-e-Jamal.com Mr.BROADTEX (PVT) LIMITED A-213.BROOKES PHARMACEUTIAL LABORATORIES (PAKISTAN) LIMITED 58/15.Mail connect@rwaytrading Mr.A.BRISKING IMPORTER & EXPORTER Suite No. Exporter:Manufacturing and marketing of Importer:Medicines .BRITLITE ENGINEERING COMPANY 18th-C.Mail broadtex@cyber.Karaci Tel: 32401955 Fax: 32401955 E.com Mr. Progressive Square. 6997480 Fax: 92-21-6997480 E. Block-8. North Karachi Industrial Area.BRISTOL PLASTIC INDUSTRIES Office No. 5383768 Fax: 92-21-5396784 E.BRONX INTERNATIONAL C-401. Mohammad Din. Block-6.A-3. Tel: 2415550 Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.net. Block C.pk Mr.5063596 Fax: 92-21-5060505 E. Rashid Minhas Road.Mail bec@britlite. 4th Sunset Commercial Street. Jinnah Road. Zohra Square. Murad Khan Road. Adnan Amin Importer:Assorted Toys and Food stuffs M/s. M/s.308. Defence Housing Authority. Tahir Muhammad M/s. Muhammad Nauroz Khan M/s.Mail rana@brisking.Mail brisk_786@yahoo.BROADWAY TRADING COMPANY Suite No.BRITE TRADING AGENCY Khori Garden.

North Karachi Industrial Area.net.net. Anjum Ahmed M/s. Mohammed Junaid Nawab. Furqan Ahmed. Importer:Raw Material Manuf:Automotive Shet Metal and Machined Parts for OEM M/s.com Mr. Syed House.E. Soldier Bazar. Near TB Sanitarium.Mail brother@live.pk Mr. 10. Maymar Square.BROTHER CORPORATION 4/B. Aslam Ilyas.Karaci Tel: 4962060 Fax: 92-21-4692061 E. New Challi. 6950953 Fax: 6902908. 39. Sumaira Heights. Chundrigar Road.I.T. Opp: Aurangzeb Market.BROTHER C-105. 0333-2254975 Mr.BROTHERS ASSOCIATES Office # 03.com Mr. 4th Floor. Tel: 2561728-9 Fax: 92-21-2570833 E. Owais Yaqub. Tel: 2638881-84 Fax: 92-21-2637917 E.BROTHER INTERNATIONAL 1st Floor. Defence Housing Authority.I. M/s. 94. Britto Roa. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com Mr.Mail sanasales@sanaulla. Tel: 6934954.BROTHERS & COMPANY S-19. Sector 12/C. M. Kamran Ilyas .A. Jinnah Road. Phase IV. Importer:Office Automation.. Waseem Butt M/s. I. Commercial Street. S.BROTHERS ENTERPRISES Room No.BROTHERS COMBINE C/o Sana Industries Limited.M/s. SF-96. Saira Mansion. Scheme-33.Karaci Tel: 2626253 Mr. Block-14.pk Mr.BROTHERS ENGINEERING WORKS Plot No.6986546 E. Afshan Arcade.Mail brothers_Company@yahoo.Mail brothers@cyber. Al Yousuf Chamber. Mr. Tel: 32254000 E. Ghulam Haider Exporter:Agricultural products Importer:Agricultural products M/s. Street No.Karaci Tel: 2721234 Fax: 92-21-2770622 Mr.401.Karaci Tel: 5884926. M/s. M/s.BROTHER TRADERS Plot No. Main Universtiy Road. Yusuf Ameen M/s.I. C.Mail yaqub@cyber.

Sultan Salahuddin.BRR TRADERS B-92. Tel: 0300-8274887 . Block-H. Nishter Road.BROTHERS SYNDICATE GRW 63/1/3. Korangi Industrial Area. Federal 'B' Area.Mail bel@cyber. Ejaz Ahmed Sheikh.Mail ejaz2001s@netscap. Bahadur Yar Jang Co. Sharah-e-Faisal. Sector 23.com Mr.pk Mr.BROTHERS ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD.op.Mail brrtrader@hotmail.net. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Opp: Duty Free Shop.net.Mail dux@cyber.Karaci Tel: 4387795.Karaci Tel: 35897953 E.net.net. Arkay Square. 32421522 Fax: 92-21-32418866 E. Tel: 2429569 Fax: 92-21-2413636 E. E. Kamaluddin Importer:Stationery M/s. Defence H.BRV GROUP 33-C/2. Mohammad Ilyas Wadhawan.net.BROTHERS INDUSTRIES 190/1. Block-13. Sunset Commecial Street-1.BS FOODS B -227. Housing Society.BROTHERS TRADING CORPORATION Rooms 9-17. Exporter:School Stationery Importer:School Stationery and Raw Materials Manuf:School Stationery M/s. Anum Estate. Muhamamd Ali Shafi Exporter:Minerals M/s. 106. Phase-IV.pk Mr. Authority. Muhammad Zia ur Rehman Khan Exporter:Garments M/s.com Mr. Exporter:Miscellaneous Items M/s.Karaci Tel: 32417891. Mohammad Ahmad. 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 7214229 E.pk Mr. Exporter:Rice Importer:Chemicals Raw Material M/s.Mail bpc@cyber.Mail brothert@super. North Nazimabad. M/s. 4380784 Fax: 92-21-4382189 E.pk Mr.pk Mr. Chella Ram Comp.BROTHERS PEN COMPANY 169/3.M/s.Mail alis@brvgroup. Tel: 2424670 Fax: 92-21-2413636 E.

Sector 13-B.Mail bhepk@cyber.T.pk Mr. Tahir Buksh M/s.BUKHARI GEMS Shop # 14. Shahrah-e-Faisal. 4393623Fax: 92-21-4393343 Mr.E.. Muhammad Tehsin Malik. Super High Way. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Block-4. Plot # CA-11. Exporter:Frozen Food M/s. Shahabuddin Market.BUKHARI TRAVEL & TOURISM SERVICES Plot # 14-A. Muhammad Arif M/s. Mohammad Rafiq Khan.pk .I.net. Fancy View.Karaci Tel: 4393347-5. 2.BUCKINGHAM GRAMMAR SCHOOL B/259-J. 2562052 Fax: 92-21-2561316 E.A-104. Saddar. Sector 30.net.mail@bukshindustries.21.BUKHARI HEAVY EQUIPMENTS Shop No.com Mr.Fax: 92-21-6310034 E. Akhtar Anwar Importer:Earth Moving Machinery M/s.BUKSH INDUSTRIES Plot No. Clifton Scheme-5.Mail furqanmehfooz@hotmail.BUKSH AUTOS Murad Khan Road. S. Zahida Bano M/s. Tel: 32730486-32735724 Fax: 32250840 E.Mail bukshin@cyber. 4246815 Mrs. Housing Society. North Nazimabad.Kehkashan. Block-3. Tel: 2588731-4. Mohammad Waris Exporter:Food items Importer:Food items M/s.com Mr.38-39. Tel: 34231432 Fax: 32250840 E.Karaci Mr. 1st Floor.Mail waris25@hotmail.Mail e.Karaci Tel: 35670087 Mr.net. Manghopir Road. Street No. Exporter:Travel and Tours M/s. B-10/A. Tel: 4935933 E. Shahid Zafar Services:Deals in all kinds of sales and Ser M/s. Sea Castle # 2. New Jewellers Centre. Saddar.BUKSH INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.pk Shaikh Haroon Buksh M/s.BUKHARI TEA STORE Shop No. Korangi ndustrial Area. Opp: Zoological Garden. Kathiawar Cop.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 34642044 Fax: 34643022 E.Mail bukshautos@cyber. Scheme-33.172.BUKHSH AUTO MOBILE & WORKSHOP Flat No. Block-7/8. Tel: 6908587.

BULA & SONS COTTON WASTE Shop No. Exporter:Molasses M/s. Uni Tower. 207. OML House. Instrument.pk Mr.net.com. 51-Timber Pond.pk Mr. West Wharf Road. 2nd Floor. Tariq Haleem Exporter:Shipping Services M/s.Mail irfanhada@hotmail.BULK SHIPPING & TRADING (PVT) LIMITED. Keamari.Karaci Tel: 7545384.. Exporter:Knitted Garments Importer:Garments Accessories Manuf:Knitted Fabric.compol.Karaci Tel: 2435248.Karaci Tel: 2573551-4 Fax: 92-21-2561316 E. Rex Centre. Moal Madad.I. Exporter:Knitted Garments Importer:Garments Accessories Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s. 25. 4933659 Fax: 92-21-4945976 E.E.BULK MANAGEMENT (PAKISTAN) LTD. Exporter:Engineering Goods Importer:Dental Artificial Resin Teeth etc Manuf:Dental Equipment.Mail bula@aoil. Chundrigar Road. M/s. I. Street No. Shahwar Siddiqui. Abdul Rasheed Janmohammad.AK/14.BULENT & BULENT COMPANY Office No. 401.Mail shakoo@khi.BULK TRADING COMPANY Room No.Karaci Tel: 2851406-7 Fax: 92-21-2851400 E. Bohri Road. Exporter:Cotton Waste.Karaci Tel: 2310191 Fax: 92-21-2310191 Mrs.T. Rahim Buksh.BUKSH MANUFACTURING CORPORATION B-10/A. Opp: Custom House.ptc. Garments & lacd M/s.Mail bukshmfg@khi.com Mr. Medicines.Karaci Tel: 5215904 Mr. Tel: 2412265-66 Fax: 92-21-2416791 E.pk Mr.BULAND ENTERPRISES Shop # G-56-57. S. Chakiwara Road.Mr. Material etc. Rahim Buksh. Yarn Waste and Textile Waste M/s.I. 2411319 Fax: 92-21-2440173 E. Saddar.Mail bulk@super. Noor Mohammad.com . Ebrahim Building. Ground Floor. Zaibun Nisa Street. 2.com. Hassan Chamber. Manghopir Road. Sufyan Buland M/s.

Tarachand Road. Altaf Hussain Road. Shaheed-e-Millat Rd Bahadurabad. North Karachi. Block-7/8.com Mr. M/s. Shaban Ali Bungush Importer:Timber M/s.BUNKER LOGISTICS 1/4-H.S.BURHAN RICE INTERNATIONAL Suite# 817. Block-40.Karaci Tel: 2419484.BUNTOO'S BEAUTY PARLOUR R-453. . Irfan Iqbal Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s. Square. Karachi. M/s.Mail bumbia@khi. Shahid Abbas Khan. Block-6. Mohammad Farooque.2765824 Fax: 92-21-4145201 E.BUNGUSH WOODS 319. Sultan Arshad Khan.net. House No. Abul Kalam Siddiqui M/s. P.Mail bmspk@cyber. New Challi. Adam Arcade. 4542371 Fax: 92-21-4557753 E.Karaci Tel: 111-786-013 Fax: 92-21-4392713 Mr. M/s.pk Mr.Mail bunker@cyber. M.Karaci Tel: 4541882.Karaci Tel: 2771968.BURHAN GOLD SMITH 308. Tel: 36992271 Ms. Topra Plaza Opp: Urdu Science College University Road.BUREAU VERITAS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.Karaci Tel: 4816577. Keamari.Mail burhangold@yahoo. 4821525 Mr.BUREAU OF MULTINATIONAL SALES 210.C.Mr.Karaci Tel: 34315325 Fax: 92-21-4315339 E. 2419697 Fax: 92-21-2425421 E. Humeira Nazneen M/s. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Poonawla Trade Tower. Society. Haji Adam Chamber. Jinnah Co.H.E. Tel: 4252223 Fax: 2628299 E. 2nd Floor. Block-5.net. 8th Floor.S. Sector-8.BUNDOO KHAN FAMOUS KABAB PARATHA Ground Floor.pk Khawaja Shah Karamatullah.Mail contact@bungushwoods.operative H..43.net.pak. Services:Indenting House M/s.BUMBIA ENTERPRISES 512. R.pk Mr.M.com Mr. Ansar Iqbal M/s. PECHS.

net.Mail mdarbar@cyber.I.com Mr. Kagazwala. Shabbirabad.pk M/s. Plot 1. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Mail avariho@khi.Chabba Gali. Spices.Mail fayazattari@hotmail. Tel: 111-272-272 Fax: 7763804 Mrs. North Nazimabad.BURHANI STS INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD F/166-B. M/s.Karaci Tel: 6060462 E.net.BURHANI ASSOCIATES 9. Rice and Medicinal Herbs etc. Manuf:mfbros@set. Tel: 2422393 Fax: 92-21-2414565 E.BURHANI ENTERPRISE Kanda Gali.Mail burentp@hotmail. Tel: 6635069 Fax: 6635069 E. Opp: City Court.net. Main Shahra-e-Faisal. Off: Nishtar Road.BURHANI ENTERPRISES A-159.com Mr. Tel: 2577745-46 . Jodia Bazar. Syedna Yousuf Road. S. Moez Z. Mian Chamber. Importer:Pulses.Mail paperman@cyber.O. Saifuddin Akber Ali Exporter:Gold Jewellery Talc stone Importer:Gold Talc stone M/s. Rehana Jackwala M/s. Ibrahim Trade Towers.comsats. Seeds.net. Muhammadi Durbar. Yasmin Ismail Exporter:Agri Commodities M/s. P.BURHANI AGRI TRADING 504. Alifya Saifuddin Manuf:Hosiery M/s. Tel: 4544321. Tel: 4327575 Fax: 92-21-4327577 E.BURHANI ENTERPISES Yousuf Hakimuddin Building.Mail trading@rlp.T.Karaci Tel: 2211464 Fax: 92-21-2629362 E. Box-873. Tayebji Road.BURHANI EXPO 53-A.pk Mr.pk Mr.pk Mrs. Block-C.pk Mrs. Off: Shahrah-eLiaquat. Fayaz Aslam Exporter:Rice M/s.BURHANI STEEL COMPANY Ireland Road. Importer:Paper M/s. Tel: 2420390 Fax: 92-21-2418995 Mrs..com. 4544322 Fax: 92-21-4544323 E.E. Sakina Muhammed Shaikh Ali.

Manuf:Plastic Bottles and Caps M/s.Mail info@burki786.Mail bhepk@cyber.net. Laminated Foil. Muhammad Ansar.M.net. Super Highway. Tel: 4949595. Marriot Road.38-39.BURRAQ INTERNET CAFE Ho. Aluminum Ingots.net.pk Mr.T. Block-3. Lacquers & Thinner Manuf:Aluminum Collapsible Tubes & Rigid Container M/s. Fancy View.Mail burhani@cyber. M/s. Tariq M.Karaci Tel: 34642044 Fax: 34643022 E.Mail buroil@cyber. 152/2.. Fancy View. 13-West Wharf Road.BURQUE CORPORATION. S. Jinnahabad. Scheme-33.net. Aluminum sluge.BURHANI TUBE INDUSTRIES F-166/B. Tel: 34642044 Fax: 92-21-34643022 E. Tel: 2311365-68 Fax: 92-21-2310602 Mr.BURKI CORPORATION 40-41. Sector 13-B. Exporter:Aluminum Collapsible Tubes Importer:Raw matrial. Printing Ink. 4949565 Mr.net.BURKI HEAVY EQUIPMENTS Shop No. Akhtar Ansar M/s.BURKI HEAVY EQUIPMENT & CO. Importer:Raw matrial.No.Mail burhani@cyber.Fax: 92-21-2567166 E. Rangoonwala.pk Mr. Mohammed Bhai.E. V.com. Siddiq Wahab Road.G-21.I. Super Highway.M. Aziz Ur Rehman Burki Importer:Machinery M/s.BURMA OIL MILLS LTD V. M/s. Street # 4.pk Mr. 2311365 Fax: 92-21-2312812 E. West Wharf Road.Karaci . Manuf:Oil & Ghee M/s. Tel: 2577745-46 Fax: 92-21-2567166 E.1377.pk Mr. Shoulder Manuf:Plastic Lamiated Tubes Caps. Al-Asif Square. Opp: Super Market.Mail burai@cyber. Shop No. M/s. Najmuddin Fida Hussain.pk Mr. Ather Sultan Chawla. Muhammad Hansia.Karaci Tel: 4645786 Fax: 92-21-4647862 E. House.pk Mr. Tel: 2313234-35.BURMA SOAP & OIL INDUSTRIES LTD. Super Highway. Plaza.

Mail contact@businessbeam. Ground Floor. Block-2.Karaci Tel: 2465392 Fax: 2472567 E. Muhammad Hanif.BUSHRA GARMENTS M-201.Mail altaf-bawany@yahoo.Mail bet@cyber. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.pk Mr.net. Rufi Green City. Karimjee Building. Jinnah Road. Rimpa Plaz. Tel: 7774623 Fax: 92-21-7733734 E. Opp: HBL Napier Road Branch.M-270.Mail livewithloveglobe@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2433950 Fax: 92-21-2433951 Mr.A.BUSINESS CLUB Business Club. Ifzal Kayani M/s.pk Mr.net. Tariq Mahmood M/s. M/s. Importer:Second Hand Clothing M/s.pk M/s.ptc. B-201.Karaci Tel: 5449195 Fax: 92-21-4313595 E.Mail bbi@cyber. Block-6. Tel: 32728616 Fax: 92-21E.a M. Rex Centre. Khushal Road.BURRAQ JIBRAIL INTERNATIONAL G-227. PECHS.pk Syed Tariq Saleem M/s. 4559076 Fax: 92-21-4544956 E. Sajid Iqbal Exporter:Garments M/s. Ikram Ahmed Khan M/s.BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS . Muhammed Altaf Bawany M/s. Kharadar. Saddar.com Mr.net.BUSINESS AND ENGINEERING TRENDS 155 O/2. Tower. Jilani Centre.com Mr. Exporter:asimbutt@aknet3. Block-18.BUSINESS BUREAU INTERNATIONAL G-52. Tel: 4529028 Fax: 92-21-4529025 E. Bagh-e-Zehra Street. PECHS. Jillani Centre.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5657241-42 Fax: 92-21-5657243 Syed Anis-ur-Rehman.BUSHRA ENTERPRISE Office No.Tel: 32778467 Mr. Mohammad Altaf.Karaci Tel: 4316494.BUSHRA INTERNATIONAL 2.Mail muzamil1@super.BUSINESS BEAM (PVT) LIMITED 511-Park Avenue.

Block-C. Shahrah-e-faisal.5.net.2-B/3.com. Taj Mension. Jodia Bazar. Tel: 4313133. Block-6. Shaukat Riaz. M. Saleem Pervez Shaikh M/s.BUSINESS LINKS Room No. PECHS.Plot No.Jinnah Road. Lane. Defence Housing Authority. M/s.pk Mrs.net. Marriot Road. Muhammad Azhar Khan M/s.BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL 2nd Floor.net.Mail buziness@suer.pk Agha Abid Majeed Khan M/s.T.Mail sshaikh@kgroup.BUSINESS LINKS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED .pk Mr. Room # 96. 2440082 Fax: 92-21-2413403 Mr. # 02. 2423815 Fax: 92-21-2423786 E. Ayesha Jafar M/s.BUSINESS COORDINATORS INTERNATIONAL. Abid Chamber Tel: 2630622 Fax: 92-21-2630621 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5822021-25 Fax: 92-21-5864191 E.BUSINESS INTEGRATIONS 245/2-F. M/s. Shehzad Abid Exporter:Imitation Jewellery Importer:Pine Apple M/s. TPX Police Line. Qamar ul Islam. Tel: 2432117. Imperial Hotel Building.A.Karaci Tel: 6056258 Mr.Mail beachlux@khi.Mail iqbjawed@cyber. Kharadhar. New Cloth Market.BUSINESS LINKERS Rambharti Street.Karaci Tel: 5662116 Fax: 92-21-5215038 E.comsats. Ground Floor. Zamzama Phase-V.BUSINESS COMPUTING INTERNATIONAL 3rd Floor. M.Karaci Tel: 2425620. Nazimabad-2.Karaci Tel: 66046462 Mr. 152/2. 1st Floor.BUSINESS HOUSE 3-Wahid Navid Chamber. Khan Road.pk Mr. Jawed Iqbal Importer:Iron & Steel Sheet & Coils Scrap M/s. Commercial Area. Tel: 2439160-2437514 Fax: 2417950 Khawaja Farhan Baseer Importer:Chemicals and Food colors Dyes M/s. 4324458 Fax: 92-21-4549986 E.112-105-107.BUSINESS DOT COM House No.6C. 7th Comm.

2. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 4320585. Block-14.Mail info@bmcpk.com Mrs.BUSINESS MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL Room # 202. Hafeez Centre.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2417280 Fax: 92-21-2419476 E. KCHSU.BUSINESS NETWORK Suite # 105-106. Strachen Road.BUSINESS POINT Suite No.BUSINESS MACHINE CENTER Room No.net. Importer:everlfood@hotmail. M/s. Mashriq Centre. Lines.com M/s.2nd Floor. 4th Floor. Arkay Square.BUTLA CO.Karaci Tel: 32465875 Fax: 32465872 E. Tel: 32276975 Mr. 1st Floor. Commercial Area.pk Mr. Exporter:Sewing and Embroidery Threads of Cotton + Polyester and Readymade Garments .pk. Mohammad Nadeem. ST-29.25-A.Mail blikar@businesslinks. Abdul Rahim Batla. Abdul Rauf M/s. 34/A/7-8. Huma Affan M/s.Karaci Tel: 5688514. Tel: 6323438.Karaci Tel: 2429807 Fax: 92-21-2475437 E. Techno City. 2nd Floor.BUSINESS SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED 260.Mail butlacoy@cyber.BUSINESS MACHINES SUPPLIES GD-15-A.A. Muhamamd Taqi Jawwad M/s. Sir Shah Suleman Road. Shakil Robert M/s. Karim Plaza. Hasrat Mohani Road.Mail bmc1_2001@yahoo. 5681089 Fax: 92-21-5685592 Syed Khalid Aleem. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Karaci Tel: 4141944-5 Fax: 92-21-5206101 E. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Block-7.pk Mr. 7th Floor. Kashif Tariq Alvi M/s. Twin Star Chambers. Gulshan. 413. Near Stadium.Mail tjawwad@cyber.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4127375-4142313 Mr. 6322670 Fax: 92-21-6314417 E.Mail bmi@cyber. Nasir Ali Siddiqui. Federal 'B' Area. Mumtaz Hassan Road. R. Near Civic Centre. Shams Chamber.pk Mr.BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & CONSULTANCY.net.net. Importer:Machines and Spare Parts of Machine used in Pharma Industry M/s. 4382530 Fax: 92-21-4530798 E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.

pk Mr.BYCO CHEMICALS PAKISTAN LTD.pk Mr. Zeeshan Saeed Exporter:Textile Fabrics M/s. 33rd Street. Khurram Pervez Butt M/s.Karaci Tel: 5849373. Tel: 111-222-081 Fax: 92-21-111888081 Mr. 5842542 Fax: 92-21-7775337 E. North Karachi Industrial Area. Extension. Block-S. Phase V.net. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.BUYTEX INC A-22. Abdul Qayyum M/s. 10th Floor. Defence Housing Authority. New Challi. HC-3. M/s. Near Paracha Chowk SITE.BUYING AND SELLING AGENCIES House No. Sector 12-D.Karaci Tel: 5820460-2 Fax: 5820459 E. North Nazimabad.Manuf:Sewing and Embroidery Threads of Cotton + Polyester and Readymade Garments M/s. Amir Abbassciy Manuf:Pharmaceutical products M/s. C-35/B.7. Clifton. The Harbour Front.com Mr. 7528719 Fax: 92-21-740764 Mr. Marine Drive. Aamir Abbasi.BUTTERFLY PACKAGES (PVT) LTD. M/s.BUTT PRINTING INK INDUSTRIES Plot No. Manuf:Petrolum Products .net. Block 4.Mail info@qantaf. Dolmen City. Marine Drive. E.P. 9th Floor. 11-B. Zamzama.Mail bsasteel@aol. Khalilabad. Saeed-ur-Rehman. Shahid Mehmood Butt. Tel: 2569581-82 Khawaja Rehan Munir Segal Exporter:Plastic bags sheet rolls Importer:PMC & P.Mail buyexinc@cyber.BUTT ENGINEERING AGENCIES Shop No. Tel: 7524813. Clifton. Amir Butt M/s.Karaci Tel: 2432606 Fax: 92-21-2432606 Mr. Defence Housing Authority.BUTT GOODS TRANSPORT CO.BUXCO INTERNATIONAL 17-E. Manuf:Plastic bags sheet & rolls M/s.BYCO PETROLEUM PAKISTAN LTD. Services:Indenting. Block 4. Tel: 6950843 Mr. 38-1. 1st Floor. Lane-6.9. Sharjah Trade Centre. Phase-5.Karaci Tel: 111-888-081 Fax: 92-21-2410722 Mr. Mauripur Road Near Crown Cinema.

H. Nazir Hasan.Mail cctech@hotmail. Aiwan-e-Tijarat.CAFE STUDENTS ZC-57. Exporter:Sale of Computer Equipments/Accessories Services:Networking & Cabeling M/s. Block-18. Tipu Sultan Road. Tel: 111-810-810 Fax: 92-21-4302387 E. Clifton.net. Tel: 0300-2137072 E.C. 4th Floor. Mohammad Idrees Saigal.CALCUTTA JEWELLERS . Tel: 2411265 Fax: 92-21-2425836 E. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Katrak Road.C. Saddar.CALCUTTA DISTRIBUTING AGENCY 20. Importer:Industrial Fastners M/s. Chundrigar Road. Exporter:Leather and products M/s. M/s.com Mr. Federal 'B' Area. Mohammad Ahmed Qaiser.com Mr. PECHS.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5865281-83 Fax: 92-21-5865285 Mr.Mail bkpromoter@akunet. M/s. Tel: 5369084 Fax: 92-21-5369085 E. I. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Tel: 32411548-9 Fax: 92-21-3241653 E. Abdul Samad M/s. Marine Point Building. TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LIMITED C-25.C.Mail calcutta48@hotmail.com.pk Mr. M. Mohammed Atif Dada. Tower 'B'. Clifton. Main Khayaban-e-Roomi. World Trade Centre.A. LOGISTICS PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD 210..M/s.CADBURY PAKISTAN LTD.Mail aman@cslogistcs.S.Karaci Tel: 34559046-7 Fax: 34316382 E.I. Jacob Line.Mail dada@cyber. Muhammad Arif M/s. 30-A. Block-9. Progressive Centre. The Cotton Exchange. Block-6.S.Karaci Tel: 111-111-778 Fax: 2785456 E.C.Mail sqb@tbs-pk. Mohammad Asdaf.Mail info@studentsbiryani.com Syed Qamar Badruddin Exporter:Raw Cotton Rice and Yellow Corn Importer:Raw Cotton Synthetic Fibre M/s.THE BOOK PROMOTER R-1695.pk Mr.org Mr.CAIFCO (PVT) LIMITED 218-219.THE BEST SOURCE 303.

Karaci Tel: 2427338-39 Fax: 92-21-2416593 E. Javed Khan M/s. Allama Shibli Nomani Rd. Exporter:Fresh Dates Manuf:Fresh Dates .com Mr.E. Adamjee Road. Exporter:sindind@cyber. Hasrat Mohani Road. Butt M/s. 5876074-5 Fax: 92-21-5834783 E.Karaci Tel: 5840945 Mr. Zahid Khan M/s. Estate Avenue. Khalil Ahmed. 2nd Floor.I. Defence Housing Authority. LandhiKaraci Tel: 5019001-4 Fax: 92-21-5027770 E. Benaifer Cyrus Kakalia.Mail info@calladv.CAMBELL PUR STORE 160/118. Phase-V.pk Mr.Mail javedkhan64@hotmail. Saudabad.Mail canampak@cyber. Gulshan-e-Faisal. Park Towers.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5378881-3 Fax: 5378884 E. Shahrah-e-Firdousi. Malir Town. S.CAMBRIDGE GARMENTS INDUSTRIES B-53.I.Karaci Tel: 2411060 Fax: 92-21-2419466 E.Karaci Tel: 5837108-9.CALTEX SOURCING PAKISTAN S-2/348/D. Adil M. Tel: 7082884 Fax: 92-21-4504233 Mr.CANAMPAK DATE INDUSTRY (PVT) LTD 204-205.net.CAMS (PVT) LIMITED 109-B.com Mr. Chapal Plaza.. Industrial Area.Mail info@centuryapparels.CALL ADVERTISERS Suite # 117. I.Main Khayaban-e-Shamsheer.T. Anis Ismail. Importer:Fabrics and Accessories Manuf:Ready Made Garments. Tel: 2587531-32 & 34. Clifton. Bath Island. Mohamamd Qasim Khan Exporter:Garments Manuf:Sourcing services to europen buyers M/s.net. Office Wing. 4. Chundrigar Road.Mail cam_pk_trade@hotmail. Muhammad Kashif M/s.Mail info@cams.edu. Nadir House.pk Mr.pk M/s. Fax: 92-21-2587687 E.CAN-PAK TRADELINKS Kaikobad Pestanjee Kakalia. M/s.com Mrs. Clifton. Exporter:Ready Made Garments.

CANSTRANS Cowasjee House. Gavader Road.pk Syed Sami Haider Kazmi M/s.1. M. 4th Floor. Garden Road. Nargis Begum.Mail info@coe.SF-13. Hasrat Mohani Road.CAPRI INTERNATIONAL Shop No. Hanifa Manzil. Chapal Plaza.CAPRI CORN MINERALS 14-Am Badri Building.CAPITAL BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS Office No.pk Mr. Muhammad Yasin M/s.CAPITAL COMMERCE COMPANY 30-C. New Challi.Mail capricon@cyber.com Mr.com.com Mr. Khokhar Exporter:Food items M/s. South Park Avenue. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Mail capitaltraders@khokharpk.Mail canstrans@cowasjeegroup.M/s.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2433243 Fax: 99-21-3243324 Mrs.Karaci Tel: 2241965-66 Fax: 2241968 Mr. Muhammad Tahir M/s.I. Keamari. Phase-2 Ext. Tel: 32851911-3 Fax: 99-21-2851849 E.net. Tel: 2402073 Fax: 92-21-2410235 E. Nader Cowasjee. Javaid Akhtar. Hassan Sheraze M/s.Karaci Tel: 2465851-55 Fax: 92-21-2472091 E. Saleem A. 2nd Floor.Mail capitalsheraz@yahoo. Buyculla Mansion. Tel: 5885701-5 Fax: 5885706 E. APWA Complex.Karaci Tel: 32425933 Fax: 32425933 E.CAPITAL SHIPPING AGENCY Room No.CAPITAL ONE EQUITIES LIMITED 15th Floor. Chapal Plaza. Services:Transporter M/s.com Mr. Tel: 2473851-5 Fax: 92-21-2473881 E.413. Hasrat Mohani Road. I. Defence.CAPITAL TRADERS 8-A.CAPITAL TRADERS 9.com. Ground floor..Mail sami@csa. Chundrigar Road. Plot No. Exporter:Minerals Importer:Minerals Manuf:Minerals M/s. M/s.4-E. Old Haji Camp. . 67/A.

CAPTAIN TRAVEL & TOURS Mezzanine Floor. 5689144 Fax: 92-21-5687429 E.A.Karaci Tel: 5650157-5213693 Fax: 5762084 E. 1st Floor. Gulshan F.Karaci Tel: 5680033. Industrial Area.13th Comm.Mail atif_javaid602000@yahoo. Jinnah Road. Shabbir Hussain Dhaji Importer:Automobile M/s. Cooper.Karaci Tel: 5373960-4 Fax: 5683878 E. Mustafa M/s. Exporter:www. Malir Halt.Karaci Tel: 32201934/32312000 Fax: 92-21-3220193 E. Zubin F. Floor.com Mr.CARE AND CURE MARKETING SERVICES Al-Ameera Centre. 2200855 Fax: 92-21-2315945 E.Mail capricorntrading@gmail. Street. Main Clifton Road.com Mr.Mail ctt@cyber.pk Mr. 3-Mezz.Mail mail@captaincompanycom Mr.com Mr. Shahrah-e-Iraq. Club Road. Defence Housing Authority.pk Mr.Mail cardeals@cyber.com Mr. Shafi Chambers. Tel: 2311694. Fakhre Matri Road.pk M/s.CAPRICORN ENTERPRISES G-43.net. Behind Glaxo Smith Kline.CAPRICORN TRADING 32.euroasia.com.CAPRICORN TRADING CO. Qamar House.Mail pharma@super. Tel: 5223355 Fax: 92-21-5223359 E. M/s. Mavalvala. Block-5.Mail cicl@cyber.net. 1st Floor. West Wharf. Mereweather Road.net.net. Saddar.CAPTAIN AND COMPANY Shafi Court. Clifton. Near Passport Office. Muhammad Zaheer Alam M/s. Opp: Central Hotel.pk Mrs. .CAREWELL TRADERS 4. Muhamad Hussain Moosa M/s.CAR DEALS BC-13. Muhammad Muzammil Shafiq Importer:Packing Material M/s.Karaci Fax: 92-21-4594394 E. Phase-II Ext.Mail info@capriint. 319. 1. Malir Cantt. Cant Bazar. M. Millwala Market No.Karaci Tel: 5884123-5381386 Fax: 5383679 E. Atif Javaid Importer:Mix metal scrap used machinery M/s.

CARGILL PAKISTAN HOLDINGS (PVT) LIMITED. M/s.Mail mail@cargocare. Shara-e-Faisal. Jinnah Road. 7723667 Fax: 7722651.CARGO CARE 2-F.com Mr.H. Mohammad Nasir Silat. Muhammad Sarfaraz ul Haq Khan Exporter:Fruits Vegetable and Garments Importer:Pharmaceuticals and Machineries M/s.105. 120.Karaci Tel: 4633978.CARGO CRYSTAL (PVT) LIMITED Office# 16. Keamari.com Mr. 5th Floor.CARGO CARE CO. Rashid Minhas Road. M/s. SITE. Near SITE Police Station. M/s. P. Unit No.pk Mr.Mail sarfaraz@cargocrystal.CARGO AND COMMODITIES (PVT) LTD. 1st Floor.O.pk Syed Jawed Raza. Above Allied Bank.Karaci Tel: 7791227-7791229 Fax: 92-21-7791228 Mr. 4633979 Fax: 92-21-4633977 Mr.net.. Saleh Mohd.Tel: 7768801-2 Fax: 92-21-7768802 E.Mail cxpkhi@yahoo. Business Arcade. Block-6. Asia Pacific Trade Centre.Karaci Tel: 2571701 Fax: 92-21-2589092 Mr.CARGO CONNECTION PAKISTAN Suite No. Block 6. Sohail Bhatti M/s. Tel: 2852625 E.Karaci Tel: 2444001-5 Fax: 92-21-241010450 E.com Mr.A. Off: M. Tel: 4536434-5 Fax: 92-21-4523872 E. Box-6301. Abdullah Rangoonwala. Thattai Compound. Bashir Suleman.Karaci Tel: 34557324-25 E.7730607 E.net. Services:Custom House Agent M/s. Street. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Sadiq Hussain.pk Mr. Tariq Mehmood M/s. Ground Floor.E.Mail cargo_care@yahoo. Masood Suleman. 5-F. Seamans Hostal Building.CARGO EXPRESS Shabaz Plaza. . Garment Accessories and Textile M/s. Importer:Bonded Fiber Fabric. Block-19.com. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Technology Park.CARGO CORPORATION P.209.S.Mail carewell@cyber.Karaci Tel: 7722586.Mail cargocorp@cyber.C.

Mail airsealink@gmail. Qamar Alam. Ali Imran Zaidi M/s. Corner SMCH Socity.Mail aasims@global. Fazal-e-Umer A. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 5065239-240 Fax: 92-21-5065227 E.CARGOTEC 212. Kokan Society.3/7. Shahrah-e-Faisal.CARPET INN 1-Amber Plaza.H.Mail cargohom@cyber. 2310596 Fax: 92-21-2313599 E.pk Mr. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4520110 Fax: 92-21-4520109 Syed Rehan Iqbal Zaidi. 1st Floor. Exporter:Pakistani Hand Knotted Carpets M/s.CARPET D'ORIENT 1st Floor. Rashid Hasan Ansari. Park Avenue.CARISONS INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Mumtaz Hassan Road.Karaci Tel: 5683916 Fax: 92-21-5684688 E.net. Saddar. Tel: 2310327. Block-6.com Mr.pk Mr. 3rd Floor. Karim Godil Exporter:Packing Articles and Materials Importer:Paper & Paper Board Manuf:Packaging Article Materials M/s. Inverarity Road Corner Zaibun Nisa Street.M/s.pk Mr. Korangi.net.CARGO LINKERS 332-333. Al-Noor Chambers.pk Importer:Garments Manuf:Garments M/s.84. Motiwala Palace.net.E.net. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail cdo@cyber.CARGO HOME (PVT) LIMITED 4-5. Services:Custom House Agents and Custon Private Bonded Carrier M/s.Karaci Tel: 111889900 Fax: 4929627 Mr. Aasim Azim Siddiqui M/s. Exporter:libra-engg@cyber.No. Tel: 2477136-38 E.pk Mr.Karaci . Alamgir Road. Services:Clearing Forwarding and Shipping Agent.net.. Jawed Iqbal.C. Korangi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 34315481-5 Fax: 92-21-3431548 E. P. Preedy Street. Mandviwala Building.CARGO N CARGO H. Opp: New Custom House.S.CARGO LINK (PVT) LIMITED 2nd Floor. Business Centre. Sector 15.Mail carisons@cyber.

Noor Mansion. Zeeshan M/s.CASPER FOODS INTERNATIONAL 16-17.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2312685. M/s. 2205258 Fax: 92-21-2313288 Mr. 1. Opp: Kharadhar Plice Chowki.Mail cartelfri75@hotmail.com Mr. Imran Atique Importer:Carpets M/s.3 & 4.Karaci Tel: 35835073. Farooqi Masjid. Mohammad Ibrahim. Manuf:Grey Cloth M/s. Mehran Excellency. Korangi Industrial Area.CARVAN CORPORATION Taboot Lane No. Mezzanine Floor.Mail castle@super. Services:Clearing and Forwarding Agents M/s.net. Phase VII.Karaci Tel: 7752394 Fax: 92-21-5693379 E. Hammad Yasir M/s. Hassan Square. 35835074 Fax: 92-21-35363741 E. Jami Commercial St.CASTLE TEXTILE INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.Mail carvaneast@cyber. Hashmi Electronic Centre. Tel: 4932965 E. Tel: 4820633 Fax: 92-21-4827860 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35311933.CARVAN EAST 43-C. Near Clifton Bridge. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Tel: 32524998 Fax: 32529401 E. DHA. Saleem Raza.CASA CATERERS PIA Garden.CASH & CARRY STORE Shop No. 2nd Floor. Abdullah Haroon Road. Sabir Ali. 4540604 Fax: 92-21-4540604 Mr.com Mr.CASING CORPORATION (PVT) LIMITED Mohallah Shah Faisal.pk Mr. 35311944 Fax: 92-21-3531190 E. Block-14. .com Mr. Sector 31-C. M/s. Chakiwara Road. Kharadhar. Tel: 5067111 Fax: 92-21-5880435 Syed Zafar Hussain Zaidi.Tel: 4556405. Rui Cristiano Codea Gomes M/s.Mail casingcorporationpk@hotmail. ST-1. Yousuf Jahangir Exporter:Fabric Garments M/s.CASTLE ESTATES 3.Mail nawabnawab89@yahoo. Lyari. Main Clifton Road. Saddar.net.CARTEL TRADE INTERNATIONAL Room # 239.

Export Processing Zone.CBM PLASTICS (PVT) LTD. Iftikhar Hussain.CD BANK Shop No.A.pk Mr. Irfan Ahmed Faridi M/s. Pogressive Centre.com.C. Yousuf Valli. Mehdi Towers. Sohail M/s. Anwar Ahmed M/s. Block-6.S. Muhammed Ali Ahmed Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Fabric & Accessories Manuf:Denim Pant M/s. M/s.H. Block-6. Tel: 6346425-8.C. Super Highway. M.Karaci Tel: 6881791-95 Fax: 92-21-6881474 E.Plot # D-1.T. Saddar. 15 & 16. Exporter:Textile Made Ups and Garments Manuf:Commercial M/s.CASUAL SPORTSWEAR Plot No. Sector 16-C-4. Importer:Raw Material (HDPE) Marlex. Tel: 111718718 Fax: 4546109 Mr.Mail inf@cdbankstore. P. Tel: 111-700-123 Fax: 92-21-4548951 E.Eval.Mail info@cei.E. Block-1.com Mr.CASUALS MODE (PVT) LTD. W. Shahrah-e-Faisal.CELERA INTERNATIONAL 48-E. M/s.pk Mr. 4549915 Fax: 92-21-4549913 E. Khalid Tauqi..E. 2561651 Fax: 92-21-2561652 Mr. 28. M/s.Wads Manuf:Plastic Bottles and Containers. 405.Karaci Tel: 2571884.Ladene.E.Mail casual@fascom. 14.C. Feroze Sayeed-ud-Deane. S.H.Admer.H.CAUSEWAY INTERNATIONAL 43-10/F.S.I. 6346426 Fax: 92-21-6314849 Mr.CEI LOGISTICS (PVT) LIMITED 10-B. Tel: 32785043 Fax: 32783040 E. .Mail ferozed@castlegroup. 301-302.com Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal.com. Rainvow Centre. Dr.E.pk Mr.Mail knittech@super.S. Federal 'B' Area. Block-6. 115-A.S. P.CAVISH ASSOCIATES (PVT) LTD. Scheme-33. Sindhi Muslim Housing Society.net. Mahmood Hussain Road.Karaci Tel: 4549920-21.Karaci Tel: 5082080-2 Fax: 92-21-5082083 E. P...F-69.1-2-3.

SB-10. Zamzama Phase-V. M/s. Central Chambers.The Point. Manuf:Wooden Products. Importer:Man Made Staple Viscose Fibre Manuf:Man Made Staple Viscose Fibre M/s.T. Timber Market. Rambharti Road.CELLGENE PHARMACEUTICALS INTERNATIONAL. Park Towers. Abdul Rauf Edhi.J.Mail tanoli@cems.CELLUCOM PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 4th Floor.CENTRAL ASIAN GEMS & MINERALS Suite # 03. Saleem Khan Tanoli M/s.com.CENTRAL DYEING & PRINTING MILLS D-42-A. Clifton. Sector-12-B.. 1st Floor. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.CENTRAL FOREST PRODUCTS LTD.CENTRAL FIBRE INDUSTRIES 30.Mail celera@celera. 2354757 Fax: 2434333. Tel: 2578260 Fax: 92-21-2563936 Mr.pk Mr. Commercial Lane-8. Clifton. Abdul Aziz Haji Yaqoob. Amjad Jamil. Block-5. 2nd Floor. Tel: 2354756. Mohammad Rafiq Rangoonwala. Clifton Centre. M. Jodia Bazar. M/s. Tel: 6998729 Fax: 6934662 Mr. H. S.Mail cfplk@yahoo. Centre. . Block-13-B. North Karachi Industrial Area. Tel: 2730782-84 Fax: 92-21-2730785 E. Abul Quddus Exporter:Gems Stone M/s.I.com. Asif Akhai.pk Mr. 7-C. Abdul Sattar Balagamwala.E.Mail rafiqrangoonwal@aupola. M/s. Exporter:Manufacturer of Towels M/s.com.Karaci Tel: 34820730 Fax: 92-21-4986196 Mr.CENTEX INDUSTRIES Plot No. Importer:Wooden & Timber.Tel: 4388701-3 Fax: 92-21-4388705 E. Shahra-e-Firdousi. Ireland Road. 8.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5877976 Fax: 92-21-5877998 E.25649 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5810637-9 Fax: 92-21-5810636 E.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 35370406 Fax: 3501885 Syed Aqeel Abbas Zaidi M/s. Exporter:Wooden Products.CEMS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Office 220. DHA.

P. Jinnah Road.3. Riaz Ahmed Paracha M/s.I.Chundrigar Rd.net. Hasrat Mohani Road Opp:uni Plaza. Manuf:Gas Materials M/s. Asbestos Thread. Jodia Bazar. Pyar Ali Fida Hussain M/s.CENTRAL TRADING COMPANY Shop No. 2nd Floor.11. Hussain. 2419009 Fax: 92-21-2216183 Mr.CENTRAL INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Opp: Aram Bagh.CENTRE OF CHEMICALS Shop No. Sheikha House. Ali Akber Street.CENTRAL TRADING (PVT) LIMITED 40-C. Exporter:Manufacturer of Vials and Ampoules Importer:for pharmaceutical industry Manuf:Glass Ampoules & Vials M/s.08. Sir Jehangir Kothari Trust Building.CENTRAL IMPEX Shop No.. Aziz Merchant. 5-C. Tel: 32216253 Mr. Block-6. Tel: 5040930.I. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Katchi Gali No. St-1.Karaci Tel: 2726511 Fax: 92-21-2731550 E.com Mr.pk Mrs. Tel: 2624813 Fax: 92-21-2639570 Mr.H.1.com Shaikh Nasim Ahmed. Denso Hall. Federal 'B' Industrial Area. Campbell Street. Yunus Dawood. Importer:Thourim Nitrate.Mail centralhomoeo@cyber. 5045355 Fax: 92-21-5043575 Mr.Mail aqibikhlas@hotmail. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2410685. Nazimabad-5.6. L-9/21. Naeem Ikhlas Importer:Chemicals . Lubna Mujeeb M/s. Jodia Bazar.CENTRAL HOMOEO PHARMACY Shop No.CENTRAL TRADING CO.CENTRAL TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LTD. Techno City Office Tower.C.E. Nazimuddin S. Sikandar Mirza.S.Karaci Tel: 2400693-4 Fax: 92-21-2441008 E. 19.Mail kat270271@hotmail.A. M. Tel: 4541960-67 Fax: 92-21-4546777 Mr.CENTRAL PRODUCTS OT-204. M/s. Soomar Centre.Karaci Mr. M/s.M/s. Tel: 6617486 Fax: 92-21-6681542 E.

8th Floor.pk Mr. 801-804. 21st East Street. K. Malik. Anis Ismail Naviwala.M/s.net. Office No.CENTURY APPARELS (PVT) LTD.Mail centurycontiner@yahoo. Near Karsaz Road.CENTURY 21 SPORTSWEAR C-55. Main Karsaz Road. Ambreen Zahid. Scheme# 1. Shahid Ahmed Khan.pk Mr.Mail zrl@abconnection.CENTURY ENGINEERING INDUSTRY B-35. Importer:Decoration Items/Lamps and Furniture Manuf:Furniture M/s.A.Karaci Tel: 34312654-57 Fax: 92-21-3431265 E. Phase-I.Karaci Tel: 5656531 Mr. SITE Super Highway. Zahid Razzak.CENTURY PAPER & BOARD MILLS LTD. Business Arcade.5681163 E. M/s. M/s. Tel: 1753953-6 Fax: 92-21-6880752 E. 5698030 Fax: 5683410.CENTURY 21 TEXTILE & SPORTSWEAR (PVT) LIMITED C-55.Karaci Tel: 4392591-92 Fax: 92-21-4392593 E.net.pk Mr.CENTURY CHEMICALS (PVT) LTD.CENTURY CONTAINER 155.Mail cpbm@cyber. 2. Defence Housing Authority. Muhammad Altaf M/s. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Manuf:Paper and Paper Board M/s.D. 102.Mail info@centuryapparels. 1st Floor. Tel: 4312654-57 Fax: 92-21-4312652 Mrs. Beaumont Road. Jwed Iqbal Siddiqui M/s. Progressive Plaza. 18-C.1. Yahya Aftab Jaffri Importer:Pharmaceutical products .com Mr. S. Kokan Colony. lst Floor.Mail asad3@cyber. Baldia Town.com Mr. Lakson Square Building No.pk Mr.net.Karaci Tel: 5396808-11 Fax: 5396812.Mail cei1@cyber. Tel: 35458478 Fax: 34822524 E. KDA Scheme No.CENTURY PHARMACEUTICALS (PVT) LIMITED.5892521 E. 7-1/2.com. Shahid Y. Exporter:Readymade Garments Importer:Fabrics and Accessories Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s. Tel: 5683018. Shahrah-e-Faisal.

REHMAN 303-Gul Tower. Tel: 2421959-60 Fax: 92-21-2413242 E. Hafeez-ur-Rehman. Block-6.H. Korangi-4. Karsaz Road. Zahid Ali Raza Exporter:Handicrafts Manuf:Handicrafts M/s. Park Avenue.S.S.net. Before Defence View Project. M/s. Zaheeruddin Qureshi M/s. School.CH. Zahid Razzak. Off: Korangi Road. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 5800051-58 Fax: 92-21-5800050 E. Ginger M/s. Importer:Garlic.Karaci Tel: 4520511.Mail chadyala@yahoo.CENTURY PUBLICATIONS (PVT) LTD. Plot No. I.CH. Ghous Pak Road.Mail 2rl@abconnection. ABDUL WAHAB & SONS 869. Dost Muhammad Jinjar Goth.E.CHAIN ELECTRONICS Shop-1. Batul Aziz Dawood. Muhammad Yqboob Choudhry.com. P.CENTURY-21-TEXTILES C-55. PIB Colony. Chundrigar Road.CHADYALAL ART B-124. Gemini Shopping Plaza.CHAKWAL CHIKEN . 24/A. 4520312 Fax: 92-21-4547873 Miss.pk Mr. 1 & 2.pk Mr. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB & CO. Abdullah Haroon Road. Saddar.com Ch.pk Mr.Thanawala Manuf:Plastic Furniture. Sector 50/A. Aijaz ul Haq Manuf:Publishing House (News Papers & Magazines) M/s.632. ZAFAR ALI H. M/s.V. 5.CH.Karaci Tel: 5033654 Fax: 92-21-5391989 E.net.CHAIRMAN CHAIRS Shop No. Expressway. Behind Subzi Mandi Super Highway. Tel: 6880725 Fax: 92-21-4935913 E.Karaci Tel: 6380909 Fax: 92-21-4933649 Mr.C. Abdul Wahab. M/s.I. Exporter:Machinery Importer:Bed Sheets Garments M/s. KDA Scheme # 1.com Mr.Mail wahab-cac@yahoo. 7773344 Fax: 92-21-7774455 Mr.M/s. Opp: B. Tel: 34312654-57 Fax: 92-21-3431265 E..Mail zhr@cyber.Mail cenpub@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 7772244.

Marriot Road. Tel: 35886907 Mr. A-309.139. Sector-C.CHAMPION LACE INDUSTRY Plot No. 6973403 E.Karaci Tel: 32812459. Khayaban-e-Jami Road. Saeedabad.C-1-123. Off: Dadabhoy Town. North Karachi.com Sheikh Muhammad Mansoor Importer:Fabrics M/s. Exporter:khbros@cyber.4-5.CHAND INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. 2446064 Fax: 92-21-2446064 Mr. M/s. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. info@khanbros.CHAMAN ENTERPRISES R-166.CHAMAN CURTAIN Shop No. Gulshan-e-Waseem. Farhan Paradise. 1105. Akhtar Colony.net M/s.CHAMAN BEGUM C/o Burque Corporation. Muhammad Zareef Manuf:Poultry Traders M/s.CHAMAN BIRYANI HOUSE KITCHEN A-3. Nasim Ahmad Chand . Sector-12-C.com Syed Zafar Akhter Javed. Eid Gah Cloth Market Muhammad Bin Qasim Road.CHAKWAL POULTRY TRADERS Plot No. Chaman Shaikh M/s.CHAMAN GARMENTS INDUSTRIES B-14-15. 5687001-3 Fax: 92-21-5684594 Mr. 6/4.Mail chaman_gar@yahoo. Tel: 2561536. Block-19. Muslim Town.net.50.Shop No. Main Punjab Colony. North Karachi TownshipKaraci Tel: 2444217-2. Tel: 35435880 E. Tel: 32624786 Fax: 278184 E. 0333-32459 Mr.Mail chandint@hotmail. Buffer Zone.CHAMAN INVESTMENT (PVT) LIMITED Civil Lines. Salman Ishaq. Muhammad Irfan M/s. M/s.Karaci Tel: 6984686.com Mr. Sector-16-A. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. M/s.Mail chaman_javed@yahoo.Mail shmansoor346@gmail. Khalid Firoz Arfeen. Chaman Begum. Muhammad Usman Pardesi. M/s.Mail chakwalchicken@hotmail. Abdullah Haroon Road.Karaci Tel: 4388966 Fax: 92-21-4387516 E.com Dr. Tel: 34637188 E. 4949595 Ms. Baldia Town.pk. Tel: 5670361-2.com Mr.

Federal 'B' Industrial Area. Chemicals and Lighting Fixture M/s. 7th Floor. M.A. 2764703 Fax: 92-21-2722920 Mr. Jinnah Road. Hakim Manzil. Tel: 6363235 Fax: 92-21-6323853 E. Near Jubilee Cinema.M. Denso Hall. Waleed saleem Malik M/s. Exporter:Knitted Garments Importer:info@hasni. Shalimar Centre.CHANDNA CORPORATION LA 6-B/1. M.Mail chandnaa@cyber. Jamila Street. Altaf Hussain Road.Mail chandnas@cyber.A.CHANDA MOTORS 3. Salam Centre. Anwer Rahee Importer:Paper. Naseem. Block-22.CHANNA ENTERPRISES Room# 10. Tel: 2428195-2433202 Fax: 92-21-2434387 Mr. SMCHS. Hari Odhani Street.Karaci Tel: 32729626. 3rd Floor. Salman Centre.net.M/s. Majeed. Tel: 2428195. Gilani Building. Jinnah Road.pk Mr.net. 32726986 Fax: 92-21-32726983 Mr.Mail chandakhi@yahoo. Hussain Trade Centre. S. Ibrahim A. New Challi. 1st Floor. Exporter:Money Changer and Importer:Steel Iron M/s.CHANDI BAI TRADERS 716. Tel: 2439269.com Manuf:Travel & Tour Agent M/s. M/s.CHANDA & CO.CHANDNA ENTERPRISE 18.pk Mr. Tel: 34525185 Fax: 34525186 Mr. Muhammad Kamran Chandna.com Mr.CHANDNA TRADERS 18.CHANDA AGENCIES 3rd Floor. Kamran Ahmed Chandna M/s. Dharmi Bai.Karaci Tel: 2214875-76 Fax: 92-21-2214877 Mrs.CHANGES 16-B. . 2433202 Fax: 92-21-2434387 E. 2437960 Fax: 92-21-2431866 E. Importer:Miscl Electrical Items M/s. Nanakwada. Tel: 2721355. Mansoor Ahmed Chandna. Marriot Road. Exporter:Transport M/s.

131/11. Block-5. Muhammed Amin Chapal.Karaci Tel: 5390431 Fax: 92-21-5390437 Syed Mubashir Imam M/s. Hyder Channa.@cyber. Khalil Ahmed Nainitalwala.A.net. G.net.Karaci Tel: 4536424-8 Fax: 92-21-4557379 E.Mail blessed.O.CHANNEL PLUS COMMUNICATION 116.Mail channa60@super. 302.Karaci Tel: 34313894 Fax: 92-21-3431389 E.P.Spedy Towers. MENDOZA Mendoza Chambers.Export of Handicrafts. Muhammad Haroon Kodwavi M/s.Karaci Tel: 5837128-9 Fax: 92-21-5870967 E.Mail chapalpak@hotmail.CHARTERS INC D-43/1. Exporter:Wooden/Marble& Garmets Handicrafts Carpets Fruit Importer:Mfg. Pulses. Room No.Main Tariq Road.Karaci Tel: 2401814.Karaci Tel: 5831371-4 Fax: 92-21-5870715 E. Plot No. M/s. Wheat. 2420707 Fax: 92-21-2420760 E. Main Korangi Road.F. Speedy Towers. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Box-810. Main Korangi Road. Khayaban-e-Jami. 23.ent. 3rd Floor. Rabia Allana Exporter:Rice and Cotton M/s.Mail info@mgcpakistan.CHANNEL TEK ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED. Arambagh Road.pk Mr. Exporter:Spice. D.CHANNEL TEK No.Mail chappal@cyber. Phase-1.pk Haji Abdul Rauf.CHAPAL BUILDERS G-19/2. Clifton.CHASE INTERNATIONAL . Arkay Square Extension. Banglore Town. New Challi.net.com Mr. Plot # 131/11. Tel: 4301907-08 Fax: 4301909 Mr. M/s. Block-9. Exporter:Finished Medicine Importer:Pharmaceutical Raw Material Manuf:Medicine M/s. Rice. Clifton. M/s.. KDA Scheme-5. Phase-1. Potatoes. Phase-1. DHA.302.Karaci Tel: 111-567-111 Fax: 92-21-5390434 Syed Mubashir Imam. Kehkashan. Secheme-5.pk Mrs. Garments Manuf:Fabrics M/s. Onion.CHAPPAL TRADERS 4th Floor.CHAS A.com Mr.

. Mohamamd Khalid Nasim Exporter:Gen.6 & 7. Block-12. Tariq Road. Allana Road. 2442912 Mr.CHATRIWALA INTERNATIONAL Room # 214-A. P.Karaci Tel: 5421647 Fax: 92-21-5423918 Mr. G. 2400219 Fax: 92-21-2412176 E.C.Mail chaudhry672001@yahoo. Kharadhar. Abdul Wahid. Central Commercial Area. Sir Suleman Shah Road. 507-508. M. Near Nipa Chowrangi. Services:Cotton Yarn M/s. Mikasa Centre.Karaci Tel: 4552015 Mr. 2nd Floor.CHASE UP SHOPPING CITY E-2.CHAUDHARY TRADING COMPANY 107/3B. Block-2.Mail salman_bashir940@hotmail.com Mr.com Mr. Jillani Centre. Exporter:Fresh Fruits..T. Vegetable and Rice M/s.Mail ceochase@ymail. Mohammad Fareed Qureshi.CHAWLA INTERNATIONAL 2. Rehmatullah Rehan. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. items M/s. Khan Road. Bagh-e-Zehra Street. Vijant Kumar. Umar Iqtida Khan Importer:Chemicals M/s. 5th Floor. Al Amin Tower.Karaci Tel: 0300-2146405 Fax: 92-21-4911229 E. Al Falah Chamber Abdullah Haroon Road.Karaci Tel: 2411685.com Ch. Humera Mansion. Mazzanine Floor. M/s. Salman Bashir M/s. items Importer:Gen.H. Ex-Imperial Hotel.net Mr.E. Mohammd Yahya Chawla.Mail chawlaint@hotmail. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.S.Karaci Tel: 34983850-4820585 E.Karaci Tel: 2764913 Fax: 2772043 E.com Mr.CHAWLA TRADERS G-13. Namco Centre.Karaci Tel: 2312366-67 Fax: 92-21-2312063 E.Mail shamama@attglobal.CHASE INTERNATIONAL 503. Saddar. Exporter:Rice Importer:Fertilizers and Pesticides M/s.CHEAP FOOD AND PROVISION STORE 1-C.Karaci Tel: 2432392. Kharadar. Campbell Street.

Mohammad Yaqub Importer:Textile Chemicals Manuf:Textile Chemicals M/s.com Mr.CHEM INTERNATIONAL 311. Shahrah-e-Faisal. 2313301 Fax: 92-21-2310976 E.Karaci Tel: 5673413 Fax: 92-21-5671378 Mrs.CHEM LINK INTERNATIONAL 405. Panorama Centre. M/s. Steel House. Tel: 4979812 Fax: 92-21-6336676 E. Buland Iqbal.net. .CHELLI FOOD PRODUCTS C-50.CHEMASIA 604. Super High Way. Shahid. Old Golimar.Anum Blessings. Site-II.com Mr. Abdul Latif M/s. Al-Amin Tower.320.CHEC MILLWALA DREDGING CO.CHEENA INTERNATIONAL MR-5/69.pk Mr. Block-10. Tel: 36366007 Mr.CHEM & AUX K-4. Shahrah-e-Faisal. KCHSU. Johar Colony. West Wharf Road.Mail chemlnk@pk. Thanai Lane.Mail chemaux@cyber. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2441785.com Mr. Manghopir Road.Karaci Tel: 4549531 Fax: 92-21-4549532 Mr.com Mr. Amir Akbar M/s.Mail millwalazuzar@hotmail. (PVT) LTD. Suite No. Fakhruddin M. Muhammad Naeem M/s.Mail cheenainternational@hotmail. 2429515 Fax: 92-21-2429515 E. Block-7/8. Jodia Bazar. Annum Blessing.Mail info@linkcheme. 1st Floor. Importer:Agro Chemicals Manuf:Agro Chemicals M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.M/s. Millwala.CHEEMA ENTERPRISES B-57. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 2200419. Near Duty Free Shop.CHEM AGRO INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED. Block-6.Karaci Tel: 4530958 Fax: 4534509 E. M/s. 24-A. Park Avenue. Shehnaz Fatima Exporter:Leather and Garments Importer:Leather Manuf:Leather Garments M/s.netsolir.Karaci Tel: 2575160 E.

PMMA. PP.Karaci Tel: 7010022.CHEMI COLOUR TRADING CO. Omar Hasan.. Asdaque Sultan M/s. Tel: 2567967-68 Fax: 92-21-2440614 E. Beaumont Plaza.Mail sarwarchem@cyber. Food Stuffs Manuf:Recycled Plastics (HdPE.CHEMCENTRE INTERNATIONAL Usman Chamber. Hosiery Clippings. Off: Adamjee Dawood Road. Fancy Importer:Ind. 4559301 Fax: 92-21-4553164 Mr. Civil Lines. Leather Wastes. PET. Exporter:Textile Fashion Garments.CHEMCOS MZC-102/B.P.Mail info@chemco. Beaumont Road. GPPS. Near Jodia Bazar.Mail chemicare@cyber.Mail chemexl@cyber.CHEMI CARE LABORATORIES F-448.H.2637922 E. Sector-C.com.pk Khawaja Sarwar Ahmad M/s. Cotton Waste.C. Importer:Chemicals. Chemi Centre. Abdul Rashid Khatri. Muhammad Abdullah M/s. MR 4/49. Street # 2. Abdul Rahim Khatri M/s. Dyes.Mail chemi@cyber. SITE. Manzoor Colony.pk Mr. Exporter:Polyester Waste.CHEMEX CORPORATION F-223. Block-2.CHEMCO INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT (PVT) LIMITED. LDPE.Karaci Tel: 2437305.S. D-6/1. lst Floor. Tel: 35894045 E.Karaci Tel: 5874860. Weaver Lane. 5679011 Fax: 5869322.Karaci Tel: 4554950. M/s. 5375084 Fax: 92-21-5862477 E. Water Treatment Chemicals & Co M/s. Guar Gum Powder. Ground Floor.pk Mr. Plastic Resins. 2426511 Fax: 2410239. Textile. Amir S.com Mr. Dye Stuffs.CHEMEXL CORPORATION 513 & 514.net. Adamjee Dawood Road. Jodia Bazar. Chemcials .net.pk Mr. Tel: 2578721-2 2563801 Fax: 2561318 E. ABS. Irefan Younas Importer:Chemicals and Allied Products M/s. Central Avenue. SITE. PS.Mail mail@chemcentre.Mail chemcoskhi@hotmail. Plastic Scrap.pk Mr.5206141 E.E. Importer:Dyestuffs.net. 5th Floor.net. HIPS).Karaci Tel: 2410832-33 Fax: 92-21-2440614 E. PVC. Textile Aste.biz Mr. Clifton.

South Avenue. Yasinabad. Sir Shah Suleman Road. Knitted Sport Wear. Sindhi Muslim Housing Society.pk Mr.pk Mr.CHEMI MULTIFABRICS (PVT) LTD.net.T. Adamjee Dawood Road. .com Mr.CHEMI EXPORTS (PVT) LIMITED F-448.I. S. Tel: 2560010-3 Fax: 92-21-2564304 E.CHEMICAL MERCHANTS A-111. Laboratory Chemcials M/s.Karaci Tel: 2561840.I.Mail chemidyes@cyber.Karaci Tel: 34142350-51 Fax: 92-21-3412037 E.pk Mr.net. Zahid Hussain Qureshi. M/s.T.net.CHEMICAL SYNERGIES (PVT) LIMITED 68-B.. M/s.Manuf:Dyestuffs..CHEMI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION 4th Floor. M/s.T.mf1@cyber.. Mubarak Ahmad.E. E-5. Tel: 6371686 Fax: 92-21-6377122 E. S. 4th Floor. Txtile Fabrics.I.E. Fashion Garments. Abdul Shakoor Khatri.Mail cmerchants@cyber.Mail chemicalscentre@yahoo. Exporter:Dyes Stuff and Pigments Importer:Dye Intermediates Manuf:Dyes Stuff and Pigments for Textile and Leather Industries M/s.CHEMI DYESTUFF INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED D-4.Karaci Tel: 2410832 Fax: 92-21-2440614 E. South Avenue.Mail chemiviscoso@cyber. Tel: 2561840-41 Fax: 92-21-2562613 E. Abdul Rashid Khatri. Importer:Diagnostic Kits. Mansoor Ahmed Khatri. 2571403 Fax: 92-21-2562613 E.T. Chemi Centre.Mail chemi@cyber. Muhammad Siddiq Khatri.net. Importer:Pulp Raw Material Manuf:Viscose Staple Fibre M/s.E.CHEMI VISCOFIBRE LIMITED D-4. Block-9.Mail chemi@cyber. Block 14. S. S.pk Mr.net. Jodia Bazar. Abdul Rashid Khatri M/s. finishing. M/s.Mail chemi. Services:Indentor of Dyes & Chemcials Textile applciaiton.E. Mashriq Centre.CHEMICAL CENTRE Suite# 410. Tel: 2567967-68 Fax: 92-21-2574932 E.pk Mr.pk Mr.net.I.

pk Mr. Tel: 5214789 Fax: 92-21-5206389 E.CHEMIUM INNOVATIONS A-2. Dyes.CHEMICAL TRADING CORPORATION Adamji Dawood Road. S. 204. Marriot Road. Tel: 2414568. Rasheed Appartment.CHEMIE PAK CORPORATION 152-B.CHEMOFLOR AGENCIES Feroz Chambers.E. 2411053 Fax: 92-21-2432396 E.CHEMILINK Suite No. Shop No. Muhammad Haroon.T.pk Mr.2572227 E.Karaci Tel: 5210104 Mrs. Khori Garden.Mail pharmaton@cyber.A-5. PECHS. Jnid Soleja Manuf:Pesticides M/s. Yahya Naqi M/s. Block-13-C. Importer:Chemical.Karaci Tel: 08-2439495 Fax: 92-21-2463389 Mr. E.pk Mr.1.I.Mail zainpkgs@cyber. 145. Dr.CHEMICS INTERNATIONAL MR 1/157.net.CHEMIFAR INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. Tel: 5830625. 5838263 Fax: 92-21-5371257 Mr. Sohaib Saboor Importer:Pharmaceuticals goods M/s. Naqi Gandakwala.I. Usman Ghani.2. Rampart Row. .net. E/5.KarachiKaraci Tel: 4315645-46 Fax: 92-21-4315647 E. Marriot Road. Zia Khaleeli. Tel: 2560010-13 Fax: 2564304. Tel: 2444772 Fax: 92-21-2444835 Mr.. Baitul Furqan SB 12. Exporter:Cloth Importer:Raw Materilas. Chemicals Manuf:Textile and Printing M/s. D-9.CHEMITEX INDUSTRIES LTD.M. Olive Oils and Edible oil M/s. Saadia Chaman Exporter:Ready made Garments M/s.pk Mr. Manuf:Resin M/s.Block-II. Kutchi Gali No.Mail chemitex@cyber.Karaci Tel: 34543184-34558548 Fax: 34558548 Mr. Lines.Mail tahura@cyber. Bathisland.net. Daud Pota Road.net. S. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Farkhunda Ahmed M/s.

241-242. 2420297 Fax: 92-21-2411490 Sh. Virjee Street.CHEMPRO PAKSITAN (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.comsats. Tel: 5116303-04-05 Fax: 92-21-5116302 E.pk Mr. 2423044 Fax: 92-21-2421895 Syed Muhammad Abbas Rizvi.CHEMSALES PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED L-1/B. Khan. Sector 23.Importer:Chemicals. Rice Sugar and Foodstuffs M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Services:Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products M/s. Tel: 111-000-009.Mail chempro@khi. Block 17. M/s. Importer:Electronic Items. Block-22. Importer:Scientific Equipment/Instrumination/Chemicals and Softwares M/s. 6349227 Fax: 92-21-6312814 Miss.Karaci Tel: 2423889.Mail shahidd-amin@hotmail.net.5683566-7 Fax: 92-21-5683425 E.pk Mr. Tel: 6349226. Tanveer Ahmed Alvi. Sector 7-A.CHEMTECH INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.CHEMXS TRADING CO. Jodia Bazar.Mail chemtechint@cyber. Importer:Plastic Moulding Compound Manuf:Plastic Drums & Cans. Korangi Industrial Area. New Challi. 5th Floor. 196. Tel: 2411244. Maria Amin Khan.Plot No. Mohammad Tahir Qayuum Exporter:Leather M/s.235. Federal 'B' Industrial Area. Ali Ahmed. M/s. Emulsifiers etc.net.CHEMTIRE TRADERS MR. Khalid Adamjee. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Modern Motor House. Arkay Square Extension. Tel: 5053192 Fax: 92-21-5064311 E. Manuf:Chemical Catalyst M/s. Beaumont Road. M/s.CHERAT CEMENT COMPANY LIMITED 3rd Floor.CHEMTRADE INTERNATIONAL Room No. Sector 23.8. Akbarali Pesnani. Mahfooz H.com Mr.Mail cherat@cyber. Tel: 34803213-5 Fax: 92-21-3480321 E. Importer:Cement. Tel: 5050003-4 Fax: 92-21-5050002 E.CHEMPACK (PVT) LTD.com Mr.Mail chemxs@hotmail. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. C-13.net. 6/13.pk Mr. Plot No. Exporter:Cement Importer:Spare Parts for Cement Manufacturing Plant . Korangi Industrial Area.

Scheme No.5.Karaci Tel: 5429439 Fax: 92-21-4129336 E.E.CHHIPASONS A-1. Tel: 2582074 Fax: 92-21-2578987 E. 5671780 Fax: 92-21-5683964 E.CHERAT PAPERSACK LIMITED 3rd Floor. 7.net. Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa M/s.Mail chippacorp@cyber.Mail info@chhipa.Mail cic@cyber.Karaci Tel: 5670725.Manuf:Cement M/s. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5676810. Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Textile Dyeing Bleaching & Prcessors M/s.Mail muzaffarkukda@chippasons. Al-Hilal Cooperative Housing Society. 5676908 Fax: 92-21-5680618 Mr. Saddar.pk Mr. Muzaffar H. Textile Chemicals. 2438023 Fax: 92-21-2439569 E.Mail chotani@attglobal.CHHOTANI BROTHERS D-30. Bohra Pir.B. Faisal. Beaumont Road.org.net. Manuf:Paper Bags M/s.pk Mr.net. SB-4.CHHIPA CORPORATION D-2. Mohammad Shafi.Karaci Tel: 5683566-67 Fax: 92-21-5683425 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2440319. Textile Machinery M/s.CHHIPA WELFARE ASSOCIATION Jiwangee Building. M/s.CHHOTANI JEWEL CENTRE 6/2. Chemi Centre.pk Mr. Kukda.com Mr.T.pk Mr. Zaibun Nisa Street. Akbarali Pesnani. Block IV & V. Exporter:Woven Garment/Hosiery Garments M/s. Pigments. Aslam Road.CHHOTANI TEXTILES D-30. Al-Hilal Cooperative . Modern Motor House. Exporter:Optional Importer:Dyestuffs. Jodia Bazar.CHHOTANI JEWELLERS 25. 55. Near Old Power House.. Zaibun Nisa Street. S. S. Saddar. Adamjee Dawood Road. Textile Auxilairies. Muhammad Arshad. Tel: 111-111-136 Fax: 111-111-136 E. Abdul Sattar Abdul Kader.I.

Khayaban-e-Jami.pk Mr.com Mr.M. Block IV & V. Block-9. Fahd Abdul Sattar M/s.E. The Forum.dhamee@ccl-pk. Clifton.Mail chiltan@super. 4536864 Fax: 92-21-4558580 .pk Mr.CHIC GARMENTS L-28-D.Housing Society.CHILTAN SEA FOOD F-1. Tel: 2567946-47 Fax: 92-21-2575185 E. Fayyaz Chhotani.Mail was@gerrys. Clifton. Tel: 2316658 Fax: 92-21-2201770 E.T.net Mr.net. Exporter:Readymade Garments Importer:Fabrics. West Wharf.92. Imran A. Garments Accessories Manuf:Readymade Garments.CHIEF FABRICS (PVT) LTD.CHINA IMPORIUM Shop No. Exporter:Frozen Sea Foods M/s.I. Board Market.9-11.4. S. Amiraly Mamodaly. Siddique Khalil Siddiqui.CHHOTANIS Shop No. M/s. Tel: 5810361 Fax: 5810366 E. M/s. Tel: 6623485 Fax: 6608879 E.CHIEF ENTERPRISES 26. Manuf:Textile Weaving.Mail chic@cyber.com Mr.CHINA CONTAINER LINE D-39.. 7.CHILDREN PUBLICATIONS 14 Tariq Plaza. 1st Floor. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 111091011 Fax: 92-21-5376828 E.Mail childernpublications@hotmail.Mail chotani@attglobal. Block-1.Karaci Tel: 4555062. Mateen Centre. Tel: 2417260 Mr. Tel: 6337344-45 Fax: 92-21-6311638 E.Mail fahd@chhotani. Nzimabad No. Nicol Road.Karaci Tel: 5429439 Fax: 92-21-4129336 E. Scheme No.Mail imran. Dhamee M/s. Abdul Malik. Salma Ahmed M/s. Block-21. G-20. Nadeem Arshad. M/s. S. F-251. Tariq Road. Chemcials.net Mr. Fish Harbour.net. Federal 'B' Area.com Ms. Importer:Office Machines M/s.

M. Barmops. Tel: 2582984-7 Fax: 92-21-2567657 E. Mohammad Habib.E.com. Sector 11-B.I. Kitchen Towel.CHOHAN & COMPANY A-118.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2571268 Fax: 92-21-2576177 Mr. Tel: 4750030-32 Fax: 92-21-4750029 E. Importer:Travel Agent & Tour Operator M/s. Washcloth. Marston Road.Mail chhipa@cyber. M. Tel: 5064594 Fax: 92-21-5053696 Mrs.CHIPPA TEXTILES 8/10.com Mr. Garments and Textile Made Ups Importer:Dyes and Chemicals Manuf:Terry Towels.I. Sector-27. Exporter:Readymade Garments Importer:Garments Accessories Manuf:Readymadge Garments M/s.com Rana Mushtaq Ahmed.net. (PVT) LIMITED F-297/A. Bathrobes.41/42.T.Mail info@primegrouppk.Agboatwala M/s. Exporter:Terry Towels. Aslam Chippa.Mail chippatextiles@chippatextiles. Eros Complex. Kitchen Towel. Ibrahim.CHIRAGH SUN ENGINEERING LIMITED DSU-4. . Harris Aziz Importer:Automobile glasses M/s. Tanveen Rashid Importer:Ready made garments M/s.pk Mr. Imtiaz C. Pakistan Steel Mills. ST-5. S.Karaci Tel: 2752843 Fax: 92-21-2750966 E.50. Washcloth.Mail communication@pnsc.CHISHTI CORPORATION Office No. Barmops. S.T. Bin Qasim.. Tel: 99204031 Fax: 92-21-9920397 E.Mail asthetix1983@hotmail. Plaza Square.66714 E. 6951663 Fax: 6951721. M/s. Sector 12/C.Mr. Hameeda Bai H.CHIPPA INTERNATIONAL F-495..E. Tel: 6951720.T. Bathrobes.CHITRAL SHIPPING (PVT) LIMITED PNSC Building. Korangi Industrial Area.pk Mr.CHINA YUNCHENG PLATE MAKING CO. Liang Dong Yue M/s. Garments and Textile Made Ups M/s.CHISHTY GARMENTS Plot No. North Karachi Industrial Area. Khan Road.

net. Near Hussain Centre.CHOICE FABRICS Shop No. Abdul Wajid Chohan. Street # 14. Main Britto Road.T. Nadeem Ahmed.CHOICE ENTERPRISES D-200.A. Riaz Chottani. 182/1. Tel: 2574445 Mir Alam Khan Importer:Iron and Steel M/s. 211.com Sh.Karaci Tel: 2626924 Mr. Workers Road. S. Exporter:knitted Fabcrics Importer:Raw Materials Manuf:Knitted Made Ups .CHOHAN & COMPANY 309. Jinnah Road.Mail chohanso@super.CHOICE TRADERS Suite No. Tel: 4860125 Fax: 4860126 Mr. Shershah Village. Akber Cloth Market.Karaci Tel: 2440245 Fax: 92-21-2436021 E.17. Abdul Waheed Chohan M/s.Mail chotex@cyber. Garden East.CHOICE CENTRE Shop No. Abdul Samad Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 2442260 Fax: 2442795 E.Mail shaikhhaleemsaid@hotmail. Jawed Chohan M/s. Tel: 2568580-82 Fax: 92-21-2564407 E. Tel: 6689568 Fax: 92-21-6689568 E.E. Mushraf Khan Shinwari M/s.2. 1/14. Boulton Market. 2nd Floor. Haroonabad.CHOHAN SONS I-D. Marriot Road.CHOTTANI INDUSTRIES F-515. 2240662 Fax: 92-21-2240661 Mr.net. Bahadurabad.com Mr.9. Manuf:Artificial Immitation Jewellery M/s. New Zamindar Market. Garden Corner. Badruddin M/s.pk Mr. New Jillani Centre. Nazimabad. Importer:Electronic Items and Medical Equipment M/s.Karaci Tel: 2255878.I.North Karachi Tel: 0333-3490537 Mr.CHOICE BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS 2. M. 1st Floor.pk Mr.Mail istchoicethai@yahoo.

Shahida Bano. Defence Housing Authority.CHOUDHRY TEXTILES Plot No. KEPZ Landhi Industrial Area Ext. Kharadhar. M.CHOUDHRY FOOD INDUSTRY (PVT) LTD. Landhi Industrial Area. Block-1. Block-2. Phase-2 Extension. 31.com Choudhery Abdul Ghafoor M/s.Karaci Tel: 2205827 Fax: 92-21-2312665 Mrs. Tel: 34554645 Fax: 34552656 E. Muhammad Ashraf Zafar Exporter:Gen. 7710051 Fax: 92-21-5890050 E.108. KDA Officer Society. Allama Iqbal Road.pk Sheikh Abdul Mateen M/s. G.Allana Road. Sector B-XI.Karaci Tel: 5082060 Fax: 92-21-5084352 Mr. North Karachi Industrial Area.502.CHOUDRY IMPEX A-73.Sector A-III.Karaci Tel: 0321-3162592.com. Farrukh Shahzad Choudry. 5. GK 7/30. Karachi Export Processing Zone. Khayaban-e-Itehad. .T.CHOUDHARI INTERNATIONAL Office No.com Mr. Exporter:Asian Groceries Importer:Asian Groceries M/s.CHOUDRY INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED Plot# D-10.Karaci Tel: 5082060 Fax: 92-21-5084352 Mr. Sector 12/D. 1st Floor.Mail mickhi@gmail.Mail info@choudhery.CHOUDHARY TRADING COMPANY Room No. Lane-12. Tel: 5082184 Fax: 92-21-5082185 Mr.6. PECHS. Farrukh shahzad Choudhry M/s.CHRISTINE COLOR COSMETICS 128-Q.20/1. Queen Centre. products M/s.M/s.Mail info@christine.Karaci Tel: 5677401-4 Fax: 5677400 E. Farrukh Shahzad Choudry Exporter:Food Stuffs Importer:Foof Stuffs M/s.CHOUDHERY ENTERPRISES 23-C. Khan Road. Exporter:Garments Shop M/s. Tel: 6950832. 6975450 Fax: 92-21-6996726 Rana Mohammad Yasin. Kasam House.CHUN ON GLOBAL LOGISTICS (PVT) LTD Room No. Plot No. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Exporter:Terry Towels M/s.

Karsaz Road. Tel: 2062635 Fax: 5824626 E.com Ch. Tel: 2412343. Services:Advertisment . Sector 32-A.I. I.Mail info@cibro.Mail info@cos. Exporter:Silk Fabric Manuf:Silk Fabric M/s. Amir Ghani M/s..Chundrigar Road.CHUN ON JUBILEE INTERNATIONAL C-12/1.CHURRA SILK FACTORY 202.CIBEX (PVT) LIMITED F-405. Amir Ghani M/s.Karaci Tel: 2466573-4 Fax: 2466575 E. Tel: 2589773-4 Fax: 92-21-2589775 E. Chundrigar Road.com Mr. PECHS. Nasir Danawala.CINE MARK INTERNATIONAL A-78.I. Chundrigar Road.E.S.CHURRA & CO. Korangi. I. 202. Tel: 111248666 Fax: 92-21-3430313 E.com Mr.pk Mr. Uni Centre.H.Mail info@cglpl.CHUN SU TRADING D-20.C. Mohammad Mansha. Room No.com Mr. Mohsin Abbas Exporter:Sea Rock Salt.Mail sealink85@hotmail. 2nd Floor.T..com Mr. S. Tel: 4306000-4 Fax: 92-21-4306007-8 E. Block-2. Amin M. KDA Scheme # 01. 5th Floor. 2nd Floor.rading@gmail. Tel: 34550022-34550121 Fax: 92-21-3455687 E.Mail info@cibex. Salman Anwar Notta M/s.Mail info@cglpl. Mohammad Mansha Churra. I. Notta. 2412343 Fax: 92-21-2413001 Mr.I. 2423004 Fax: 92-21-2413001 Mr.CIBRO AGENCIES (PVT) LIMITED 241/3/B. Uni Centre. Abdul Shakoor M/s. Services:Custom Clearing M/s.I. Unit Centre. Cotton Waste M/s. Exporter:Import of Raw Material and Importer:Pharmaceutical M/s.I.Mail chunsu.Karaci Tel: 2423004.com.CHUN ON SERVICES Suite#502.cglpl. Tel: 021-2414183 Fax: 021-2466575 E. Chundrigar Road.I.com Mr.M. S.

1E.net. Tel: 5290680-3 Fax: 5821505 E.I. Korangi Industrial Area. Abul Talib Exporter:Printing Importer:Bux Board and Paper Manuf:Printing press M/s.Karaci Tel: 2560840-2588169 E. Jamshed Road.Mail cititravels@cyber.Mail citi_computer@yahoo.com Mr.pk Mrs.CITI TRAVELS (PVT) LTD. 4929025 Fax: 92-21-4920856 E.pk Mr. Chundrigar Road. Abdul Aziz Importer:Raw Material Manuf:Computer papers M/s. Datari Villas. Tel: 5687959. Exporter:Woven Garments Importer:Garment Accessories and Fabrics Manuf:Woven Garments M/s. Court Road. I. 13-A.CITIZEN IMPEX 1st Floor.CINNAMON COFFEE COMPANY (PVT) LIMITED 108.Mail info@citichem. Amin Hashwani M/s. Court View Appartment.Mail cis@cyber.2410846 Mr.net. Behind Liaquat . Room 2. Tel: 5070491-4 Fax: 5070495 Mr.Mail info@cinepax. Danny Sidhwa M/s. Jubilee Centre.Karaci Tel: 2412946-9 Fax: 2416725.net. Sector 16. 5687973 Fax: 92-21-5689109 E. 17.pk Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.CINEPAX LIMITED B-25. Tel: 4913069.CITI PACKAGES Plot No. Haroonabad Industrial Area.CITICHEM D-189-A-1/B. SITE. Anjum Ashraf Vohra Exporter:Textile Accessories Importer:Chemicals M/s. Tafseer-ul-Islam.CIS GARMENTS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.CITI COMPUTER SERVICES 715/9. Bath Island. Cyrus Kanga. Services:Travel Agents M/s. Fatima Jinnah Colony. Coitton Exchange Building. Sector-15.com Mr. Near Masjid-eKhalil. Tel: 5068396-98 Fax: 92-21-5068335 E.M/s.

CITY LINKS 221-B. Muhammad Hanif Godil. Aamer Karim. Malir Extension Colony.CITY CENTRE 1-Kannani Centre.Karaci Tel: 2472657 Fax: 2636325 E. Pervez ul Haque Siddiqui M/s.420/1.com Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim. Block-2.S. Shahzada.E. 4129123 Mr.Mail parhaq@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 2427711.H.Mail aamerkarim@yahoo.C. Jinnah Road. Baahadurabad. 4924630 Fax: 92-21-4131369 E. Tel: 34385503-4 . PECHS. Jinnah Road.CITY ARTS A-13/1. M/s. Tel: 34937515 Fax: 92-21-3414520 E.CITY ENTERPRISES GRW No. Dolman Shipping Mall.Karaci Tel: 4136566. Tel: 32724640 Fax: 92-21-32763822 E. Sabir A. Abu Baker Hanif.Market. Garden West. Tel: 4521099 Fax: 92-21-4545699 E. Triq Road. Asim Ghani.com Mr.com Mr. Mukkarram A..CITIZEN INVESTMENT CORPORATION (PVT) LIMITED 514-Jillani Tower M.CITY CENTRE Shop # 121. M/s. Block# 03.Mail gulfammdlaw@gmail. 2414270 Fax: 92-21-2414270 Mr. 5681672 Fax: 92-21-5680997 Mr.CITIZEN WATCH SERVICE CENTRE Shahzada Chambers.A. Bahadurabad. M/s. M. M/s.A.Karaci Tel: 5660024. M/s.Karaci Tel: 34390230 Fax: 92-21-3414520 Mr. Saddar. Block-3.CITY HERBAL CARE LABORATORIES 76. Exporter:Importer of Wall Clock and Importer:Timepieces M/s. Yousuf Jamal Khan M/s.CITY CHANNEL 184-K.Mail cityhans@hotmail. Tel: 4130094. 1st Floor. Nishter Road. Block-2.com Mr. Zaibun Nisa Street.com Mr. P.Mail info@cityherbal. Majeed M/s.

Mail cleraj@hotmail.CIVIC ENTERPRISES A-8/D. Ground Floor. Shahzad Anwer.Mail classic3@cyber.612-B. Importer:T. 4312102-3 Fax: 92-21-4546895 Mrs.Karaci Tel: 32721993.CLASSIC APPAREL MACHINERY A-58.net. M.CLASSIC BEAUTY CORNER Shop No.com Syed Najam-ul-Hassan M/s. Iqbal Shaheed Road. F.V. Opp: Jama Cloth Market. Sheet No.Mail citylink@cyber.pk Mr. DHA-II.CLASSIC CREATION 12. Tel: 2572688.I. West Point Town. Area. Importer:Furniture Accessories Manuf:Textile goods M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Mail classicbkp@hotmail. Tulsi Das Street. Farzana Firoz.pk Mr. 4384959 Fax: 92-21-4384299 Mr.Karaci Mr. Basit Karim Importer:CC Tv products M/s.E. 1st Floor.C.CLASSIC ENTERPRISES Shop No.CLASSIC CLEANING SERVICES 38. S. Block-19.B. Fax: 35387666 E.E.Fax: 92-21-34537992 E.CLASSIC ENTERPRISES Flat No.com Mr. Mohammad Pervaiz M/s.S.Karaci Tel: 2215662 Syed Abbas M/s. Manuf:All kind of Knitted Fabrics M/s. Nadeem Alam M/s. P. Tel: 4526334-6. Tel: 6340160 Fax: 6345921 E.CLASSIC CORPORATION (PVT) LTD.53.net. 268-B. Pakistan Navy Fleet Club.A.. Arshad Bilal Exporter:Industrial Iron Aluminium Hanger Importer:Sewing Machiery and parts M/s.CITY SCHOOLS (PVT) LIMITED E-31 Miran Muhammad Shah Road. Block-6.Mail sami_bwp1976@yahoo. Tel: 4384299. Jinnah Road.28.com . Tel: 32213250 Fax: 92-21-32400941 E. Saify Mehal. Assembly Factory M/s..03332128093 E. Model Colony.6. Marium Market.T. Muhammad Ali Housing Society.H. 6613434 Fax: 92-21-6613008 Syed Kashif Ali.

Mr. Tel: 32434704-32418897 Fax: 2419113 E.Mail saadbh76@yahoo.Mail classicgmts@cyber. Tel: 4947838 E. Gold Centre. Saad Bin Haroon M/s.pk Mr. Absar Hussain. S. Rabia Arcade. Abdul Rehman Akbani Exporter:Rice M/s. Malir Halt.Mail classicrice@hotmail.08.CLASSIC FARM 41-Faran Cooperative H. Muhammad Rafiq M/s. Imdadia Masjid.T.com. .CLASSIC SEAFOODS A-4.com Mr. Opp: City Court.Society.Mail classicgemspk@yahoo. JT 9/210.E.CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL E-40. Dandia Bazar.Mail internationalclassic@yahoo.com Mr. Orangi Town.CLASSIC FABRICS 123/2. Off: Luxmidas Street.Karaci Tel: 2767819. Block-3.com Mr. Shahspal M/s. Union Road No. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.Mail classiclace@hotmail. Saddar.CLASSIC JEWELLERS Shop No.com Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Exporter:Gold Jewellery M/s.CLASSIC RICE TRADERS 304. Exporter:All types of Readymade Garments and Textile Made Ups Manuf:All types of Readymade Garments and Textile Made Ups M/s.Karaci Tel: 35662244 E. Kagzi Bazar.Karaci Tel: 0300-9210440 Mr.CLASSIC GARMENTS A-25/K. Tel: 4591954 Fax: 92-21-4992529 E. Muhammad Aslam M/s. Alfalah Housing Project.net. Tel: 2574551-5 Fax: 92-21-2578926 E.CLASSIC GEM'S Shop G-51.Mail ashrafwala@unitedmobile. M/s. Bangla Bazar.pk Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Manuf:Textile Fabircs M/s.com Mr. Chagla Street. TowerKaraci Tel: 2431703-04-11 Fax: 92-21-2430762 E. Fish Harbour. Sector 15-C. Muhammad Shahid.I. Khawaja Chamber.1. 2725122 Fax: 92-21-2725019 E..2.CLASSIC LACE Shop No.

Hussain M/s.CLEAR AIDS 29th PMA Building. 6371511 Fax: 92-21-6906671 E. Imran Javed.CLIMAX TRADERS 14. New Challi.CLIMATECH INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD 1st Floor.CLASSIC TRADING COMPANY Suite # 207. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Chundrigar Road.net.CLEANTOUCH SOFTWARE CORP 330.. 3rd Floor. Hanifa Manzil. Main Shaheed-eMillat Road. Shahid Arif M/s.com Mr.com Mr. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.Karaci Tel: 6905172.CLASSIC TRAVELS 3 ST.Mail cliftonsw@global. Importer:BOPP Film. Ayub Yusuf Dyer M/s.M. Asifullah Exporter:Sea Foods M/s.CLIFTON SPORTSWEAR Suite 5.CLASSY TRADES 15-C.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 34120731-2 Fax: 92-21-3491691 E. Federal 'B' Area.Karaci Tel: 32470942 E.Mail clearaids127@hotmail.pk Mr. 5/10.Mail classictrvls@yahoo. Al Rehman Tade Centre.Mail imrangentleman@yahoo. Abdul Hameed. Ahmad Rizwan M/s.West Wharf. Chemical. Tel: 2204607-9 Mr. Dyes. Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Fabric. Accessories Manuf:REadymade Garments M/s.com Mr. . Manuf:Yarn Dyeing of Yarn Dyed Fabric M/s. Ismail's Court View Building.Karaci Tel: 2631694. Block-1. 2631695 Fax: 92-21-2631547 E.Karaci Tel: 7725782. I.I. 30-C. Helmets (Commercial Importer) M/s. 18.com Mr. Auto Complex. Royal Hotel Building. Tel: 5885701 Fax: 5885706 E. 7760316 Fax: 92-21-7770841 E. 2nd Floor. Shamim Anwar. A. BS-7. The Esquire.com Mr. DHA.Mail rizwan30c@yahoo. Tel: 2411981-2425445 Fax: 2422309 E.Mail shamim_anwar@hotmail. Phase-II Ext. Tajmahal Market. South Park Ave.Mail cleantouch@yahoo. A.

Masooma Lotia M/s.Tel: 7721231-2 E. Pervez H.Mail yasin@breeze. Tel: 34300661-34987635 Fax: 34300663 E.2. Korangi Industrial Area. Yasin Altaf M/s.CLIPPER FREDIGHT SERVICES Suite No.pk Mr.pk Mr. Khalid Waheed. Allahdad Street. Clifton.net.Mail clounltd@cyber.net.net. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 2523456 .Mail clothes@cyber.CLOUD BPO (PVT) LIMITED F-73/4. PECHS. Tasleemuddin Ahmed Batlay.com Mr.CLOVER PAKISTAN LIMITED Lakson Square Building No. Phase-IV.com. Block-6.Mail clipsal@cyber. Sector 15. Block-2.Mail climxint@super.1.Mail info@clipperfreight.Karaci Tel: 5897953 Fax: 92-21-5897955 E. GSA House 19-Timber Pond.com Mr.net. Abdul Shakoor Shaikh M/s. Ejaz-ur-Rehman Exporter:Textile Garments M/s.pk Mrs. Business Avenue. Madraswala. Importer:Motor Cycle Spaer Parts M/s. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Tel: 35867116-35865605 Fax: 35824178 E.Karaci Tel: 2859375 Fax: 92-21-2850156 E.CLOTHING UNLIMITED 307. Defence Housing Authority. Keamari.ae Mr. 101-102. Sunset Commercial St.CLOTHING VENTURE 82-C. Tel: 5067278-79 Fax: 92-21-5063369 E.com. Importer:Raw Material.CLYDE CHEMICALS 1-Kakul Building. Packing Material and Trading Goods Manuf:Tang Brand M/s.pk Mr. Tel: 5698000 Fax: 92-21-5685489 E. Importer:Electrical Accessories M/s.Karaci Tel: 4392001-3 Fax: 92-21-4392004 E.pk Mr. Ali Akbar Shirazi M/s.4. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Juna Market.Mail ejaz@clothingventure.Mail clover@clover.CLOTHESLINE (PVT) LIMITED 33-C/2.CLIPSAL PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. PECHS. Block-4. 3rd Floor.

Karaci Tel: 111-946-873 Fax: 92-21-5688713 E. Tel: 2565054-5 Fax: 92-21-2565056 Mrs. Phase-V Extension. Manghopir Road.CMB INTERNATIONAL Suite# 102.CNW PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. 8th Badar Comm. 103. 5854466 Fax: 92-21-5873433 E. Virani Exporter:Rice Importer:Tissue paper etc M/s.I.. R.Mail kar. 2nd Floor. Front Side.pk Mr. 4401798 Fax: 92-21-4504317 E. Aseela Lamiya Asghar Ali.C.C.Lane. G. M/s.S. Importer:Spare Parts of Machineries and Raw Materials for reexport . SITE.Karaci Tel: 4310008. M/s.Mail hasanaskari14@gmail.E. Exporter:Knitted Socks. Malir. A.Karaci Tel: 32201516.ftareen@cma_cgm.net. Tel: 2578785-2570415 Fax: 2579367 E.com Mr.E.com Syed Ali Hasan Askari M/s.S. West Wharf Road. M/s. S.CMDS FOIL (PVT) LIMITED D-225. Ground Floor.Mail cmds@cmdsfoil. Ghulam Farooq Khan Tareen M/s.E. Ebrahim Building. 264..CMA CGM PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Office 32. P. Nadeemuddin M/s.Karaci Tel: 4541960-67 Fax: 92-21-45467777 Mr.Mail c_m_s@hotmail. Block-6.T. Amber Pride.Mail cmb_intl@cyber..Mail cnwsocks@super. Malir Industrial Area.Fax: 92-21-2546853 Mr.CMS INTERNATIONAL 20-21.net.pk Mr.H. 49-C.CNG EQUIPMENT & SERVICES CO. P.32315535 Fax: 92-21-3231046 E.CNPS ASSOCIATES (PVT) LIMITED 40-C. Muhammad Bashir. Lines.H. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Defence Housing Authority. Block-6. Sidco Centre. Tel: 4400408.CM ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES C-1.Karaci Tel: 5852020. Yunus Dawood.com Mr. Won Ik Hnang. 4383040 Fax: 92-21-4538536 E. Nadeem Asrar M/s.com Mr.A.

Dime Centre.Mail a. Tel: 5652373.COASTAL CONVERTERS (PVT) LIMITED Suite No. Block-20. Chhapra. 7th Floor. West Wharf.Manuf:Socks M/s.Mail custom@fascom. Tel: 2412652.COASTAL SYNTHETICS (PVT) LTD. Ziauddin Ahmed Road.Mail coastal@khi.Karaci Tel: 2312511. Beaumont Road. Suite No.a. Block-9.Mail jint27@yahoo.net. BC-4.pk Mr.102.pk Mr. Asadullah Khan M/s. 2200500 Fax: 92-21-2310318 Mir Waheed Asgher. Khalid Adamjee.comsats. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. West Wharf Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 5688677. Progressive Plaza.COASTAL ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD.net.com.I. Federal 'B' Area. M/s. Tel: 2631123. Shahrah-e-Kamal Attaturk Road. Mushtaq K. Akif Aslam Ali . Chhapra.Mail coastals@cyber. Dr. 2631070 Fax: 92-21-2610037 E. Clifton Tel: 5834371-72 Fax: 92-21-5834373 E.COACT TRADERS R-1172. Dr. Ateeq-ur-Rehman M/s. Opp: Karachi Club. Exporter:Frozen Sea Foods M/s. 5652374 Fax: 92-21-5652375 E.Karaci Tel: 5834371. I. Block-9. Road No. BC-4.5688355 Fax: 92-21-5685871 E. Mushtaq K. M/s.COASTLINE TRADING COMPANY 35-Press Centre.Mail agency@aquagroup. Tel: 6808668. 102.COAL & COMMODITY INTERNATIONAL Suite # 408.com Syed Samar Haider.pk Mr.COASTAL SEAFOODS 33.com Mr. Adamjee House.net.ali@cyber.0300-9262194 Fax: 92-21-6990034 E. Exporter:Chrome Ore M/s. Clifton.COASTALS PACKERS & MOVERS 13. 2427281 Fax: 92-21-2417029 E. 1. Dime Centre.pk Mr. Chundrigar Road. Exporter:Manufacturers Polyster & Fabrics Manuf:Regenerated Polyester Staple Fibre M/s. 5834372 Fax: 92-21-5834373 Mr.

net. Askari-1.COLGATE-PALMOLIVE (PAKISTAN) LTD. 12-B. Tasleemuddin A. Rameez Sattar.com M/s.Karaci Tel: 5856353 Fax: 92-21-5876882 E. Unit No. Choudhry Khaliq Uz Zaman Road.COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.I.I. Above Bank of Oman.pk Mr. Off: Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 2638072 Fax: 92-21-2637466 Mr. Exporter:Collapsible Aluminium Tubes Printed Manuf:Collapsible Aluminium Tubes Printed. Executive Tower. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Tel: 2561096-97 Fax: 92-21-2560559 E. 22C.com Mr. 1.COLLATERAL SERVICES LIMITED 213. Clifton. M/s. Iqbal Mirza Nazar. Phase-V. RSM Square. Karachi Cantt.Mail ctc@cyber. Block-4. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Variawa Building. Exporter:Leather Goods Importer:Export of Handicraft (Brass & Onyx) Manuf:admexports@artisticdenim..COLLAPSIBLE TUBE COMPANY (PVT) LTD. Haji. Laxon Square Building No.COLLECTIBLES Shop No. Dolmen City. Mohammed Ilyas Haji Osman. Maine Drive.COLONEL SEAFOOD (PVT) LIMITED 9-B.Karaci . Batlay.Mail raomak_csl@hotmail. M/s. S. 1st Floor. Aliuddin Ansari M/s. Defence Housing Authority.com Rao Musharraf Ali Khan Services:Human Resource & other service prov M/s. 6th Zamzama Comm.Karaci Tel: 34325623-34381644 Fax: 34312794 E.8-C.pk Mr.T. Off: Hub River Road. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. S.COFCOT TEXTILES (PVT) LTD.E.Mail ali. Defence Housing Authority. 2.1 Phase 5.Mail coating@cyber.net. 16. Lane.Karaci Tel: 5290101-06 Fax: 92-21-5290110 E..F. Plot No. Tel: 5688703 Fax: 92-21-5684712 Mr. Level-12.ansari@colliers.COATING ENGINEERS (PVT) LTD. I. Maqbool F. Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s. Saba Commercial Street No. Importer:Paints & Machinery M/s.M/s.Karaci Tel: 5831380 Fax: 92-21-5831383 Mr.

COLUMBIA INFORMATION TECH. Muhamamd Sajid M/s. Variawa Building.Mail orainub@gmail. Orainub Qureshi Exporter:Garments M/s.(PVT) LIMITED. Jinnah Road.Mail oskirg50@hotmail. P-Street.COMBINE PLASTIC & ENGINEERING ST-22.pk Mr. Muhammad Abid Majeed Soleja M/s. Chundrigar Road. M/s.ali@bagroup.com Mr.Mail ahsan.A. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Tel: 6701658 E.Mail hilton-shs@sat. Progressive Centre. Near Madni Masjid. M/s.Karaci Tel: 43854189 Fax: 92-21-4386168 E. Muhammad Ameen Nathani. Tomato paste and Pakage Manuf:Canning and Frozen Seafood plant M/s. M. Opp:Lakhani Centre. Mohammed Yaqoob. Off: I. Opp: Capri Cinema.(R) Zahid Iqbal Exporter:Canned and Frozen Seafood Importer:Empty Cans. I.Karaci Tel: 2634078 Fax: 92-21-2634078 Mr.Mail zahid27c@hotmail.pk Mr.I. 30-A. PECHS. Azizabad Industrial Area.Tel: 5652237 Fax: 92-21-5652628 E. karachiKaraci Tel: 34638075 E.net.Karaci Tel: 6336466 Fax: 92-21-6339072 E. Chundirgar Road.COMBINED ENGINEERS Suit# 131. Block-7.com. Mohammad Sadiq.Mail abid. Jethanand Building Khushaldas Street.COMBINE MARKETING & CONTINENTAL LINKERS House No. Block-5.Karaci Tel: 2785647 Ch.Ahmed M/s.COLORTONE GRAPHICS Ground Floor. Al-Amna Plaza.soleja@gmail. Services:General Trading.VI.I.com Ms.COLUMBIA ENTERPRISE 1st Floor.Mail info@cpe.DHAKaraci Tel: 32064152 Fax: 34548996 E. M/s. Off: Khy-e-Sehr. Ground Floor.com Mr.com Lt.COMBINATIONS A-87. 2nd Floor. Shahrah-e-Faisal.4. . Behram K. Mohammad Nadeem.Karaci Tel: 2638071-72 Fax: 92-21-2637466 E.biz Mr.7.COMBINE AND COMPANY 4-F. 1/1. Suite 201 & 202. Federal 'B' Area. Nazimabad No.Col.

. Mohammad Hanif Ayoob. AM-18. Korangi Industrial Area.COMMANDER LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL 6-7. S. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5885851-53 Fax: 92-21-5885852 E.S. Sector 15.Mail comintra@cyber.COMBINED TRADING CORPORATION 58/15. M/s.com Mr.I.Mail comet@cyber. 1st Floor. Tel: 5063596.C. P.Mail agharnuph@cyber. Abdul Haseeb Khan.E. 2853501 Fax: 92-21-2855699 E.COMBINED FREIGHT (PVT) LTD. G/2-A. Binoria Chowk. West Wharf Road. Exporter:Textile and Made Ups M/s. Timber Pond.Mail htawakkal@hotmail. Phase-II Extension.Mail y. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 32315868 Fax: 32200976 E.pk Syed Hasnain Raza Zaidi.50600 Mr. Rizwan Ahmad Jalali.M/s. Exporter:General Items Importer:Machineries and General Items M/s. Tel: 2584081-85 Fax: 92-21-2567889 E.ansari@commanderlogistics.COMINTRA (PVT) LIMITED 59.58.pk Syed Mohammad Ali Mehdi Exporter:Footwear Lugage and garments Importer:Luggage and Promotional items M/s. 1/2-Q.net.E.T. 8 & 9. 2nd Floor.H. Ground Floor.pk Mr. 111-000-303 Fax: 4542666.net. Ratan Talaoo. Tel: 5063596 Fax: 92-21-5305517 Mr.4549343 E. M/s. Sunset Lane-6.Mail kashif_pasha@hotmail. (R) Rashid Pasha. Keamari.Karaci Tel: 4542662. Treatment and Mainenance Chemicals. General Items M/s. 5053240 Fax: 5060505.com .Karaci Tel: 2751248 Fax: 92-21-2751253 E. Block-6.com Lt.COMBINED INDUSTRIES A/15.COMBINED TRADING COMPANY Plot No. Cdr.net.COMET COMPAIGNS Suite No. Korangi Industrial Area. Ebrahim Building.5.. Terrace De Temple. Tariq Haleem Exporter:General Trading Items Importer:Corrosion Preventive Coatings.COMMANDER ESTATE 17-E. Defence Housing Authority. Tel: 2855688.

1st Floor.pk Mr. M/s. Tel: 2419879 Fax: 92-21-2424625 Mr. Importer:Watches and Watch Spare Parts M/s. Jinnah Road.pk .Karaci Tel: 5682978-5693301 Fax: 92-21-5689196 Mr.net. North Nazimabad. Mian Chambers. Muhammad Faheem Modi. Hanif Centre. M/s.Mail clinks@cyber. 5th Floor. Tel: 4941940 Mr. Chillies and Fabric M/s.COMMERCE WAY INTERNATIONAL Room No. Lotia House.COMMERCIAL FIRE SERVICES Shop No.COMMERCIAL LINKS 41-A. Passport Office Saddar. Consultants M/s.net. Usman. Block-9.Mail comaidrs@cyber. M. 2470083 Fax: 92-21-2418222 E. M. Agents. 25/A (1).Mail cotco@cyber. Shoaib Rafiq. 1. Tel: 2575031. Near Teen Hatti. Hasan Homes. 2582687 Fax: 92-21-5682083 E. Shershah.COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL 4. M.COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL F-17. Kehkashan-5. Rice. Block 'B'. Services:Indentor.92.Karaci Tel: 2470040.Karaci Tel: 5878464. 2632297 Mr.COMMERCIAL LINKS 602-Paradise Chambers. Sunny Plaza. Clifton. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Nazim Khan M/s. M-II-E-A. Clifton.Karaci Tel: 2636196.com Mr. Hasrat Mohani Road. Iqbal Colony.A. Exporter:Pulses. Plot. Rizwan Sarwar Importer:Audio Visual office equipments M/s.pk Mr. SF-10.146.Mr.net. Tel: 6677441-3 Fax: 92-21-6677440 E. Tel: 5870661 Fax: 92-21-5654119 Mr. Adj. Khalid Ziauddin Keen. Yasir Najam Ansari M/s.COMMERCE WATCH CO. Babar Saeed M/s.COMMERCIAL OIL TRADING CO.Mail kzkeen@hotmail.COMMERCE AIDS & EQUIPMENT (PVT) LIMITED A-5. Block-C. Mohammad Hussain Khatri. 5832136 Fax: 92-21-5831588 E.149.

Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Karimabad. Khawaja Abid Centre. Jodia Bazar.pk Mr. Opp: City Court. Cobalt Offgrade Importer:Wide range of Commodities including Pulses. 9th Floor. M/s. Tel: 021-35851261-62 Fax: 021-35851263 E.com Mr.COMMODITIES TRADE LINK Suit# 916-917. Abdul Aziz.Mail comodity@cyber.net. Borax. Services:Indentor M/s.COMMODITIES TRADING (PVT) LTD. I.pk Mr. 10.Karaci Tel: 4288179 Fax: 92-21-6135652 Mr. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Adam lehri Mkt.Mail mailus@commodex. Arshad Manzoor M/s. Muhammad Lateef. I.Karaci Tel: 2420974. from Turkey M/s. Tel: 2415692-93 Fax: 92-21-2417029 Exporter:Readymade garments.A.COMMODITIES TRADE & MARKETING 8/33-A. Mitha Court.. New Challi. Tel: 2200148 Fax: 2310157 E.net. Hussain Trade Centre.COMMODITY LINKS INTERNATIONAL BC-7. 2211053 Fax: 92-21-2211019 Mrs. 6th Floor. Chundrigar Road. M/s. Muhammad Waleed Majid Exporter:Commodities M/s. Afzal Hussain M/s. Room# 312.. Block-9.H.I. New Challi. Muhammad Ali M/s. Chundrigar Road.COMMODITY INSPECTION SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED 910-Uni Plaza.. 11th Floor.COMMODITIES TRADING COMPANY Room No. 32424380 Fax: 92-21-32423098 E.pk Mr. Mohammad Zahid M/s.Karaci Tel: 32424994. D. 10th Central Street.com. Adamjee House. Phase-2.COMMODITIES EXPORT & TRADING CO. Building. . Farah Salim. Block-3.COMMODEX (PVT) LIMITED 25/11/B.Ch.B5 10/3. Suite-2.Mail info@ciscoltd. Sharjah Trade Centre.COMMODITIES EXPORTS Plot No. Arkay Square Ext.I. 2426690 Fax: 92-21-2420978 E.Karaci Tel: 6336276 Mr. Kehkashan. 3rd Floor. Altaf hussain Road. Federal 'B' Area.Mail ctm@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2211002. Suite B/8.

Gari Khata. Abdul Karim Paracha Services:Freight Forwarding\ Shipping Agents M/s.03212123190 Fax: 92-21-34546016 Mr. Off:26th Street. Trade Avenue. Readymde Garment. Milk. Exporter:Rice.comsats.com.2-C.D. 2nd Floor. Electronic Equip.Clifton. Peas.com Mr. .12th Badar Commer. Tel: 34315575 Syed Qmamar Ahmad M/s. Annexe Regent Plaza.COMPO SYSTEM Mazzanine Floor. Al Sehat Centre.Mail commoncommodities@gmail.COM Shop No. Iqbal Ahmed.Karaci Tel: 5842984-86.COMPAGNIE INTERNATIONAL MARITIMOS 413-414.Mail muazzam@comnet. Business Centre. (All Commodities) Importer:Pulses. Sing Board etc M/s.com Mrs.Mail cli@khi. M/s. Al Kausar Apptt Block-2. Tel: 32443114-6 Fax: 32441177 E.com Mr. Beans.Karaci Tel: 2417120 Fax: 92-21-2419151 E.A.T. Rafiqui Shaheed Road.Karaci Tel: 5836038-9.COMPONENT CITY 11-Arfat Centre.net. Sugar.pk Haji Abdul Majid.COMNET ENTERPRISES 529.Mail cst186@yahoo.Mail office@cmc-pk.A.5848612 Fax: 92-21-5848611 E.Karaci Tel: 5211744-5 Fax: 5655406 E. Sarmad Road.pk Mr. Exporter:Readymade Gaments Hosiery Manuf:Hosiery.Karaci Tel: 2623765 Fax: 92-21-2621305 E.F-93.Mail info@cimshipping. Jinnah Road. Ahmed Naseem Shamsi Importer:Electrical.COMPANY. Sharifa Yousuf Memon M/s. PECHS.COMMONSEAS TRADE INTERNATIONAL 14-Muhammad Building. Hurmusji Street. Muazzam Ali Khan Importer:I. Imran Ali Khan M/s. Tel: 34551164.. Wheat.H. Manuf:Rice Processing.PhaseV. Mateen Centre. Machi M/s.com Mr. Tariq Road. Equipments M/s. Fabrication of Poles. Hasrat Mohani Road.COMMUNICATIONS & MACHINERY CORPORATION (PVT) LIMITED 1st Floor. Mumtaz Hasan Road. M. 1st Floor. 5831894 Fax: 92-21-5870320 E.COMMON COMMODITIES HOUSE 206.

440. Saddar. Bahadurabad. 9/127. 27-Central Commercial Area. Atiq Rehman M/s. Regal Trade Square.COMPUTER CITY Shop No. 2736447 Fax: 92-21-2768093 E. 10-Banglore Town.25. Importer:Paper and boards M/s. Hashmi Electronic Market.net.Karaci Tel: 32765699 Fax: 92-21-32744975 E. Muhammed Rehan M/s.Karaci Tel: 4302830-8 Fax: 4302839 Mr. Ground Floor. Hasrat Mohani Road.Saddar. Tel: 2737390.COMPTEL Room No. 315.Mail complink@super. Ahmed Jamal Shamsi. Muhammad Javed M/s.COMPUTER CENTRE 27-Central Commercial Area. Block-2. Tel: 3493369 Fax: 92-21-4934289 E.com Mr. Sabir Manzil.COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS GB-07. Importer:Electrical & Electronics Items & Computers M/s.COMPUCITY D-2. Tel: 32770760 Mr.net.Karaci Tel: 7012398 .COMPUTER CORNER Shop No. Asad Ali Khawaja Exporter:Software Developmen data entry Importer:Computer Hardware Accessories M/s. 3rd Floor. Level 4th. Techno City. Israr Aleem Importer:Industrial Equipments M/s.Saddar.Karaci Tel: 4932419.5. Bahadurabad.COMPUTER NETWORK CABLE TECHNOLOGIES. Tel: 5837462 Fax: 92-21-5836634 Mr. Tel: 2626777 Fax: 92-21-4522305 Mr.pk Mr.pk Mr.R.Mail comptel@dellmail. Rafiq Noor. Preedy Street. Clifton.4.COMPULINK SERVICES Suite No. Block-7 & 8. Haqani Chowk. Shop No. Tel: 35652514 Mr. Absaruddin Sheikh M/s. 4931895 Fax: 92-21-4933669 Mr. Belasis Street.COMPUTER AID & MANUFACTURERS S.Muhammad Naveed Amin M/s.Mail compcent@cyber. Marston Road. Shahrah-e-Faisal.

12th Floor. Opp:State Bank. Importer:Computer products M/s.I. National IT Park. Aftab K.Printers. ST-10. 2270742 Fax: 92-21-4937389 Mr. S. Box# 4043. 9th Floor. Exporter:Computers.2422270 Fax: 92-21-2422220 E.M.com Mr. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 2436562. Tel: 4930693.Mail khi@crpl.O. Box-4884. Yamin. and Accessories Services:Computers. Tel: 2442025 Fax: 92-21-2410971 Mrs.pk Mrs.Chundrigar RdKaraci Tel: 2422230. Office # 1218.COMTRAD Suit# 916-917. M.32.I. Chandni Chowk.COMPUTRONICS CA/13-C. Clocks. Monitors M/s.COMRADE WATCH CO.Mail computerprofessional@hotmail. Importer:Watches.com Mr. Taj Complex.32790721 Fax: 92-21-2790725 E. Exporter:Dry fruits and Marble goods . Mohsin Mohammad Hussain M/s. Block-18. Lakshmi Building.A. Block-C-1. Punjab National Building. Sheikh. Jinnah Road. Hussain Trade Centre.Karaci Tel: 111-27-27-27. Rafiqa Ahmad Jaffer.COMPUTER XPERTS Shop No. Maimoona Bai. P.Mail pakcomputerworld@hotmail.O. Jodia Bazar. M/s. M/s. Altaf Hussain Road.Printers.Mail aftabksheikh@hotmail. M. Muhammad Atif Afzal M/s.com Mr.com Syed Imran Ali Exporter:Computer Importer:Computer M/s.Monitors.Karaci Tel: 32791176 E. New Challi.Mail camstac@cyber. Caesars Tower. 1-3. Off: University Road. Gulistan-e-Johar.COMPUTER WORLD 202. Tel: 34624251 E.COMRADE IMPEX Thanai Lane.Karaci Tel: 2211002.Mail computerexperts_khi@hotmail. 2211053 Fax: 92-21-2416218 E.COMPUTER RESEARCH (PVT) LTD. Anis Kasim Mysoorwala. 2436509 Mr. Khalid Jamil Shamsi.Fax: 7012395 E.A.net. Jinnah Road. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Rufi Paradise.com Mr.COMPUTERS & PERIPHERALS UNITED P. Alarm Clock and Parts thereof M/s.

Lalazar. Asim Saeed. Amir Abbas. Tel: 35611001-5 Fax: 92-21-3561076 Mr..Mail constructive2008@live.C.Mail iftikhar. Shahrah-e-Faisal.CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES 3rd Floor.COMWAY 60-A.H.Mail consulsox@lycos.C. Business Arcade. D-257/A. 403.net. P.S. SITE Area. Business Arcade. Shahid Shafiq..CONSOLIDATED LOGISTICS CORP. Importer:Electronics Items M/s.pk Mr. 5407668 Fax: 92-21-5376301 E.T. Beach Hotel Road. Clifton. M/s. Progressive Plaza Civil Lines.M/s.T. 3rd Floor. Block-6.Karaci Tel: 6033704-5.Mail skhan@comwaysolutions. Tel: 5679901-5 Fax: 5679909-10 E. Masood Alam M/s. Block-6. M/s. Phase-VI Defence Housing Authority. P.I. Tel: 111-727-747 Fax: 021-4539778 E.Karaci Tel: 4380954-56 Fax: 92-21-4389300 E. Rizwan Sadiq M/s.Karaci Tel: 4380960-61 Fax: 92-21-4389200 E. Queen's Centre.CONSOLIDATED SHIPPING LINES PAKISTAN.Karaci Tel: 5657703-5 Fax: 92-21-5657706 Mr.CONSTRUCTIVE DESIGN &CONSTRUCTION Mezzanine Floor.E.H. 34-A/5. Iftikhar Alam M/s. Exporter:Grey Fabrics Manuf:Grey Fabrics M/s. Salman Mohamamd Khan M/s. Block-7.E. Block-6.S.E. Mezzanine Floor.com. Sasi Arcade. Matrovel. M.CONCORD LOGISTIC INTERNATIONAL 17-F.C. Amir Shafiq.com Mr. 9-C.pk Mr.alam@concord_logistic..CONNECT FREIGHT SERVICES M-1.Mail consolidated@cyber. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 36016867-3206483 Fax: 35240148 E.com Mr. Khan Road.Mail info@consolidatedlogistics. Nishat Lane-1.CONSUL SOX (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.H.E. Beaumont Road. S..Mail masood@connectfreight.com.com Mr. Tel: 5871914 Fax: 5871914 E.CONSOLIDATED MARINE SERVICES LTD.com .S. P.pk Mr.

Mohammad Moazzam. 19-C. Noman Akhtar Manuf:Food products M/s. Ferozepurwala Chamber. Block-1. Dr. Khan M/s.C. Twin Star Chambers.CONTINENTAL BEVERAGES (PVT) LTD. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 5360916 Fax: 92-21-5360917 Mr. M.pk Mr. D-210.CONTINENTAL EXPORTS Room No. Khayaban-e-Jami. M/s. West Wharf. G-20.Mail consumer_marketing@yahoo. Suite# 115.Karaci Tel: 111-771-771 Fax: 92-21-5683378 E. 7.com Mr. Tel: 32411701 Fax: 32412427 E.com.Karaci Tel: 2201626 Mr. Exporter:Sock's Manuf:Sock's M/s. Tel: 4559294.D. Importer:Electrical Goods M/s. PECHS. Arshad Chaudhry Exporter:Marble Handicraft M/s. SITE.CONSUMER MARKETING D-28. Mansurali Hasham.Mail info@cbl. Fish Harbour. House.CONTINENTAL CANNER (PVT) LTD.net Mr. Boat Building Yard. 14.Mail ssh_pakistan@hotmail. Abrar Ahmed.Mr. Block-9.Mail ahkhan@attglobal.Karaci Tel: 2577000 Fax: 92-21-2577002 E. 4557012 Fax: 92-21-4559293 E.A.CONTINENTAL BISCUITS LTD. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. Tel: 34542526-34541750 Fax: 34384425 E.CONTINENTAL AGENCIES 50.CONTINENTAL BUSINESS (PVT) LTD.Mail recolacbl. Exporter:Biscuits Importer:Raw Materials/Packing Material & Machinery Manuf:Biscuits (Brand 'LU') M/s.CONSUMERS ELECTRIC CORPORATION (PVT) LTD. Nadir H. 1st Floor. The Forum. . First Floor. Adj.I. P. Block-6. Estate Avenue. Hasan Ali Khan.com Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan M/s. KAECHS.com Mr. Clifton.

Karaci Tel: 5062651. Sector-24. (PVT) LIMITED. Javed Rasheed Kidwai.4920856 E. Sector 30. TPX Yard.pk Mr. 4913069 Fax: 5073487. Tel: 0333-3015918 Mr. Korangi Industrial Area. Main E Street.Mail conexpo1@cyber. Exporter:Cotton Waste. Haroon Zia Malik M/s.C-31.pk Mr. 5686218 Fax: 92-21-5688044 E. Sector 8-F.Mail conship@cyber. Muhammad Ghulam Qadir M/s. Plot No. Sector 26.net.com Mr.net. Block-4.Mumtaz Hassan Road.Karaci Tel: 32416240.CONTINENTAL RAGS 1-D-22 & 23.Karaci Tel: 5838133-5838171 Fax: 5838423 E.pk Mr. Rice.Mail asaintl@hotmail. Clifton. Abdul Samad M/s.18.CONTINENTAL PLASTIC INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED. Hasrat Mohani Road. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 5070785. Yousuf Khan Exporter:Used Rags M/s.CONTINENTAL PAPER PRODUCTS Plot No. Opp: Habib Public School.Mail continental. Importer:Chemicals.5.Mail ychinoy@super. Chinoy.com Mr. Exporter:All types of Wooden Furniture Importer:All types of Wooden Furniture Manuf:All types of Wooden Furniture M/s. Off: M.KDA Scheme-5.32420903 Fax: 92-21-3243360 E. Tel: 35113486-87 Fax: 35113488 E. Perfum Bottles.Karaci Tel: 5685547.T. Omer Akhtar. Rasheed Y.CONTINENTAL STEEL . Nail Polish Bottles. Lacauers Waxes M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Korangi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 5050106-7 Fax: 5050104 Mr.rags@gmail.net. 40. M/s. Trade Avenue Road.CONTINENTAL FURNISHING CO.CONTINENTAL FOOTWEAR INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.CONTINENTAL MARKETING Room# 807.CONTINENTAL SHIPPING AGENCIES Plot No. Abul Hassan. Salt M/s. 5055638 Fax: 92-21-5055637 Mr. Khan road. KPT Gate # 11.

Mail continental54@yahoo.com Mr. Main Sher Shah Road.S.Mail eswcwtc@fascom. Box 5134. 7512071 Fax: 92-21-7512949 E. Amber Estate.CONVENIENCE FOOD INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.net Mr.CONTINENTAL WORLDWIDE TRADING CO. Block-6. Chundrigar Road.Mail carriers@cyber. 4543458 Fax: 4547769.Karaci Tel: 4390472-75 Fax: 4390476. Muhammad Faiq Wasim.. Tel: 2316142 Fax: 92-21-2310444 E. 17-H/II.CONTINENTAL TEXTILES (PVT) LTD. Salim Adaya M/s.CONTRAK (PVT) LIMITED Gulzar Chamber. 21.CONTINENTAL TRADING COMPANY 58-A. Tel: 2443770 Fax: 92-21-2413869 E. 2410896 Fax: 92-21-2413088 E.CONTINENTAL TRADING CORPORATION No. Kashif Younus M/s.com Mr. Arshad Alam.C.G-4.net. Latif Cloth Market. Juna Market. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Exporter:Semi Trailers Importer:Machinery M/s. Tel: 7512656.I.E. Plot No. West Wharf Road.4522827 E.917-B. Tel: 2572413 Fax: 92-21-2586676 Mr. P. D-160.net. Importer:Plastic Sheets and Artifical Leather M/s.45368 E. Tel: 2429909. Pickles and Allied Food Products .pk Mr. Exporter:Terry Towels. Exporter:Marble Chips Chalk Powder Importer:Computer & Accessories M/s. Tel: 4542984. Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan. Ashraf Majeed. Rashid Salam. Bathrobes & Bedsheet Manuf:Terry Towels. 202-203.com Mr.Mail aacl@cyber. City P. Sector-23.5053256 E. M/s.Mail info@lazizfoods.net.CONTINENTAL TRADERS Ghulam Shah Street. Exporter:Laziza Brand Sweet Mixes.Mail ctl@cyber. M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Shamim-ul-Haq. 2nd Floor.O. Tel: 5062881-83 Fax: 5060389.Mail alam02@wtmeca.pk Mr.pk Mr. Bathrobes and Bedhseets. Uni Plaza. 3.H. Laxmidas Street. Spice Mixes. M. I.

M/s.CONWELL TRADING CO.S. Central Commercial Area.pk Mr. 26-A. Manuf:Shoes . P. Chudrigar Road. M. M/s. Business Avenue.COPPER KETTLE (PVT) LIMITED Mall Square..M. BOPP Films.319. 58..CONWILL PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 110.Karaci Tel: 2312068-69. Mezzanine Floor.E.Mail coral-int-naeem@hotmail. Pickles and Allied Food Products M/s.com Chaudhry Naeem Nazir.H.CORAL INTERNATIONAL 36.COOPER & CO. Jinnah Road.Mail ckettle@go4b.Karaci Tel: 35444586. Defence Housing Authority. Ingredients and Flavours Manuf:Spice Mixes. Phase-V.Mail poll@super.C. (PVT) LTD.Mail traffic@conwill.net. Uni Plaza. Jinnah Road. Block-2.5060588 E. Laminated Bages.I.A.pk Mr. Services:Shipping Agents M/s.COOPER INDUSTRIES CANVAS (PVT)LTD No.Importer:Milk Powder.Mail cooper@cyber. Food Chemicals. Ebrahim Sobani. Importer:General Merchandise Items.E.03062111680 Fax: 92-21-35847413 E.C.S. Cooper. Ground Floor.com. 8 & 9.Mail boss@coopercanvas. S. Tel: 2311694. Opp: City Station I. 5061836 Fax: 2315945.com Mrs.Karaci Tel: 2413128 Fax: 92-21-2411967 Mr. Zamzama Lane-1.H. Tel: 4558107.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4313171-3 Fax: 92-21-4313174 E.A. Fali T. Exporter:Cotton Textiles and Leathers Gloves Manuf:Cotton Textiles and Leathers Gloves M/s. Safder Hussain Mehkri Exporter:Rice M/s.Karaci Tel: 5878886-7 Fax: 92-21-5378521 E. P. Ground Floor EFU House. Nilofer Saeed. Mereweather Road.COOL CORPORATION 338-C. Block-6. Hotel Metropole. Khalid. M. 2313915 Fax: 92-21-2310494 E.net. M/s. 4556937 Fax: 92-21-4553922 E.pk Shaikh Abdul Wajid. Qamar House.

Tel: 2429750 Fax: 92-21-429783 E.CORROSION ANALYSIS & REMEDIAL ENGINEERING SERVICES.I. Chemical. I. Refrectories.M/s. Tel: 4392595-7 Fax: 92-21-4383683 E.CORONET PAINTS & CHEMICALS (PVT) LIMITED C-3/B.S-08.com Mr.com Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.Mail coronet-paints@hotmail.pk Exporter:Boro Slicate Neutral Glass Tubing Importer:Neutral Glass Tubing.CORONET FOODS (PVT) LTD. 9/43 Arkay Square. Chundrigar Road. Marriot Road. Progressive Centre. Irfan Ahmed. Carbonate. New Challi. Port Carbonate. Salman Heights.CORONA ENTERPRISE Ismailji Alibhoy Building.T. Muhammad Imran ul Haque Exporter:Gen. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 32421076 .E. 2571816 Fax: 92-21-2576198 E.Karaci Tel: 6609612..Karaci Tel: 2570883. P.Mail compak@global.CORPORITS 505.net. Al Hydrate. Nazimabad.CORPORATE TRADING CORPORATION Suite No.Mail cordial-pk@yahoo. Glass Ampules and Vials M/s. Tel: 5063131-37 Fax: 92-21-5060825 Mrs. Gul Tower.com Haji Abubakar Exporter:Fish Meal & Fishes product & Allied Manuf:Fishmeal M/s. Plot No.Mail miuhaq@gmail. Bar.O. Tel: 2420861 Fax: 92-21-2410184 Mrs. 5045351 Fax: 5043575. Shoaib Nizami. M/s. Manghopir Road. Ground Floor. items M/s.Karaci Tel: 5040534. 6609240 Fax: 92-21-6701476 E. Firdous Colony. Borax.com Mr. 1-4. Sector-23. Shahrah-e-Faisal. M/s. Naima Jamil.CORDIAL TRADING CORPORATION 404.73313 E. M/s. Darul Uloom. S. Manuf:Paints and Varnishes M/s. Sector-20.I. Printing Ink Manuf:Borosilicate Neutral Glass Tubing.Mail info@corporits. Saadia Naveed.CORNPAK LIMITED Plots 11 & 26.

M/s. Noman Habib Vohra.Karaci Tel: 35310040 Fax: 35310041 E. Fouad Saeed Importer:Cosmetics M/s. Masjid-e-Quba Market.Mail ctcn@cyber.Opp:Jang Press .COSMIC TEXTILES (PVT) LTD.com Syed Muhammad Saqib M/s.net. Clifton.cp@gmail. Abdul Waheed.Mail corrobox_pk@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 2000654 Fax: 92-21-2814715 E. 15/C. 18/2 & 1. Phase-1. 609. Tel: 6900028.net. Sector 12-D. 6th Floor. Main University Road. Exporter:100% Cotton Terry Towel & Textile Madeup Manuf:100% Cotton Terry Towel & Textile Madeup M/s.T.Mail cosmic@cyber. M.com Mr. North Karachi Industrial Area. Abdul Ghani Sodagar M/s. Sector-27. Haroon Bahria Co.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5838896-7 Fax: 5838898 E. Sector-IV.Phase-V. Business Arcade.pk Mr.pk Capt.COSMO ENTERPRISES F-294/A.Mail cosmochem@cyber. 4th North Street. Naveed Ahmed Khan M/s.DHA. DHA.net. Tel: 5878324-25 Fax: 5878847 Mr.CORRU BOX Plot No. M.7. Asad Iqbal Gill Exporter:Shipping Agent M/s.COSMO GROUP F-39/2-A. Tel: 4853081-82 Mr. Block-4.Lane. Hub River Road. Ayoob Lodge House # 5-A/2.. S.Mail care.Mail carrytech@gmail.COSMIC TRANSPORTATION & CHARTERING NETWORK (PVT) LIMITED Suite # 3.COSMETICS TRADING COMPANY(PVT)LTD C/o. Landmark Plaza.COSMED PHARMA Suite # 308. Korangi Industrial Area. Farhan Junaid Ahmed Importer:Cosmetic items M/s.Mail ctc_accounts@cyber.E. 2nd Floor. Tel: 35053769 Fax: 35053770 E.op. 2nd Zamzama Comm.CORRY'S ELECTRONIC TECHNOLGOY Shop No.I.com Mr.6970347 Fax: 92-21-6979007 E.net.96. Tel: 6683904 E.COSMOPOLITAN ENTERPRISES Room No.pk Mr. Housing Society. Qamar uz Zaman M/s.Fax: 37011759 E.

pk Mr.pk Mr.Mail salman@unicongroup. 184-C. Sir Shah Suleman Road.Mail cosmos4usa@hotmail. Writers Chamber.com.Mail cosmoss@aol.Mail mrmnaeem@hotmail. Near Civic Centre. 1st Floor. M/s. 2624560 Fax: 92-21-2420814 E. Hussain Trade Centre.com Mr. Mohammed Kashif M/s.Poultry Medicines. .COSMOPOLITAN TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LIMITED.Mail hussain4@super.com Mr.I.COSMOS IMPEX 14.Mail cosmos-intnl@yahoo. 4th Floor. Habib Ur Rehman Exporter:REady made Garments M/s.net. Mohammad Naeem.com Mr. Tel: 6621996 E.pk Hafiz Muhammad Saleem. Exporter:Import of Ophthalmic Lences/Tyre & Importer:Tubes. PECHS. Mohammad Hussain Khan.COSMOS ENTERPRISES Suite # 406.Karaci Tel: 2593112-6008780 Fax: 2579161 Dr. Exporter:Leather Garments M/s. Muhammad Faisal Exporter:Hosiery Chips M/s.COSMOS INTERNATIONAL 4-G 8/7.Karaci Tel: 2620294. Campbel Street.com.COSMOS TRADERS 326. Tel: 34750992 Fax: 34750992 Mr. Block-2. I. Mohammad Mustafa Junaid. Namco Centre. Zahid Abid Exporter:Knitted Garments M/s. Tel: 2426912 Fax: 92-21-2434696 E. Plot No.H-3. Tel: 6930308 E. SITE. Tel: 5050110-112 Fax: 92-21-5067918 E.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 34916644 Fax: 92-21-34968149 E.COSMOS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. M/s.Mail xapowo@yahoo. Nazimabad No. HMH Square. New Challi. Ali Haider M/s.4.COSMOS ENGINEERING D-223/C. Korangi Industrial Area. 34. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Tel: 34532252-55 Fax: 34551943 E. Chundrigar Road.Building. Behind Valika Hospital.Auto Parts. 3rd Floor.COSMOS SHIPMENT SERVICES Room No.

.O.COSMOS TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED 18-19.Karaci Tel: 32210911-12 Fax: 92-21-3221754 Mr. Tel: 2417451 Fax: 92-21-2425970 E.com Mr.COSMOS TRADING CORPORATION Room No. Tel: 5219956.com. I.Mail cosmostravels@hotmail. Munaf Riaz M/s.Mail contact@cotoimpex. M/s. Dandia Bazar. 5681724 Fax: 92-21-5683936 Mr.net.I.213. Ghulam Rasool Exporter:Rice.6. Importer:Bicycles .Mail mizan@cyber. Chundrigar Road.pk Mr.net. Badri Building. Commerce Centre. 2nd Floor.com Services:union@paklibya.Mail cosmicstaracyber.I.E. Near City Court.COTO IMPEX F-345.I. Victoria Chamber# 2.COSMOS TRADING DEVELOPMENT Room No.I. Chundrigar Road.com Mr. Hotel Metropole. 1. 5219971 Fax: 92-21-5219940 E.T.pk M/s.COT LINK INTERNATIONAL 213.Mail info@cotlinkintl.com Mr. Fareed Chamber. Club Road. I. Exporter:spin@super.pk Syed Muhammad Junaid. P.M/s. I. Manuf:spotlit@cyber. Tel: 2733261 Fax: 92-21-2733261 E.pk M/s. Chundrigar Road. Abdullah Haroon Road.Karaci Tel: 5686802.COTTCARE ENTERPRISES 3rd Floor. Box 6488.net.pk Importer:causeway@fascom. S.COTPAK INTERNATIONAL 4th Floor. Sami-ur-Rehman. State Life Bldg.Karaci Tel: 2412121. Sangeet Kumar Exporter:Raw Cotton Cotton Yar Rice Importer:Raw Cotton M/s.net. Mohammad Suleman M/s. Tel: 2567771-2 Fax: 92-21-2575768 E. 2416000 Fax: 92-21-2410222 Khawaja Tahir Mahmood.COTLAB SERVICES 358-359. Tel: 2415422 Fax: 92-21-2417914 E. Uni Tower. Muhammad Abdullah. Hasrat Mohani Road. Saddar. Pulses M/s.

Bilal Ahmed. lst Floor.Mail amkorp@cyber. Tel: 2631082. Trade Chember.COTTON CLOTH HOUSE Shop No. DHA.net. Designer Mall. North Karachi Industrial Area. Kasur Steet. 2631202 Fax: 92-21-2633181 Mr. 2nd Floor. 24-25. 2423057 Fax: 92-21-2418221 E.Karaci Tel: 34535845 Fax: 92-21Mr. Shed No.I. Main Tariq Road. Plot No. Mr. . yarn and Textile M/s.craft@cyber. Mohsin Bashir Exporter:Textile made ups M/s.COTTON & SILK Bungalow C-12. Zulmay Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 5393824-25 Fax: 5880283-4 Mr.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 4991924 Fax: 92-21-4991924 E.T. Main Rashid Minhas Road.Mail c.net Mr. Feroz Ahmed. Shamim Ahmed M/s. Exporter:Raw Cotton. Tariq Road. WH-09. Tel: 2570751 Mr. Sector 12-D.I. Mohammad Aslam Hashmi.M/s.COTTON KNITS (EXPORTS) Plot No. Chundrigar Road. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2442935.302. Sector 16-B. Marriot Road. I. Exporter:Miscellenous Items Importer:Miscellenous Items M/s.2.14. Speedy Tower. 2nd Floor.E.COTTON CREST 2/26.COTTON CLOTH HOUSE Shop no.COTTON KING Plot No. Block-02. Shahzada. Sector-27. Korangi Industrial Area. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Rabi Centre. 1st Floor. Tel: 6984889-6960647 Fax: 6956537 E. M/s.COTTON CRAFT 8/1.M-12. S. Rice.Mail crest@wt_mea. Phase-1. North Karachi Industrial Area.COTTON CARE Suite No. 10th Floor. Khurram Inam M/s.COTTON & DESIGNS INDUSTRIES D/254.. Aqil Munawar Manuf:Garments M/s. Trade Centre.129/II.net.COTTEX TRADERS 1002. Tel: 34537683 Mr.pk Mr.

pk Mr. Shahibzada Ijaz Mahmood. Block-15.pk Syed Salman Hasan Exporter:Knited and Woven garments Manuf:Denim Jens .Karaci Tel: 5844914.Mail cowasjee@cowasjeegroup. Shiraz Asim M/s.com Mr.COTTON SMITH 1st Floor.16. Off: Shahrah-e-Faisal. of Garments and Ties M/s. Exporter:Kintwear and Readymade Garments M/s.COVERALL IMPORT EXPORT C-16. 5845772 E.COTTON TREND (PVT) LIMITED D9 & 10. Saima Trade Towers.Mail nargissaadat@hotmail. I. Scheme No. Muhammad Amin.B.net. Plot No. Block-21.net. Block 'S'. Industrial Area.L-13. M/s. Exporter:Mfg.I. Block Printing M/s. Suite # A-205.Tel: 5063232 Fax: 92-21-5060511 Mr. Tel: 2851911-13.Mail coverall@super. Phase-V. North Karachi Industrial Area. North Nazimabad.COTTON TEX 1377. Tel: 6310331 Fax: 6318729 Major (R) Tahir Ali Khan M/s. Block-21.Karaci Tel: 4582245. Keamari.Mail ctrend@cyber.com Mrs. Hasan Feroz.2850908 E.COUTURE COLLECTION 3-Khayaban-e-Beharia. 4582246 Fax: 92-21-4582248 E. Moria Khan Society.COTTONELLE TEXTILE Plot No. Dastagir Society. Defence Housing Authority. Nargis Saadat Manuf:Hand Printed. Tel: 7081255 E. Tel: 021-6000365 Mr.Karaci Tel: 6376196 Mr. Abdul Karim Memon M/s.Mail courtesy888@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 32271956 Fax: 92-21-32216050 E. Knitted Garments M/s. Federal 'B' Area.com . Chundrigar Road.Mail Cottonelletextile@yahoo. Star Gate.COURTESY PR CONSULTANCY & EVENT MANAGEMENT. 2850900 Fax: 2851849.COWASJEE & SONS (1961) Cowasjee House. Zaibun Nisa Begum M/s.com Mrs. Air Port.COUGAR RIMS (PVT) LIMITED L-5/1/3. Tel: 6631103 Fax: 92-21-6631103 E.DP-54. F. Sector 12/C.

Mail craftconcepts2000@yahoo. Scheme-33. Karachi Export Processing Zone.CRAFTS CREATION LIMITED Plot No.CREATIVE CONCEPTS F-8. Mohammad Ali Rashid.O.6 & 17. Sector 15-C. main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz. Fahad Square. Nazimabad-1.Mail sales@coxandkings.COX & KINGS P. 3/7. Landhi.Karaci Tel: 6689805.Karaci .Karaci Tel: 5346137 E. 1st Floor.Mail smimran@hotmail. Sector C-II. DHA. Clifton. Enquiry Office.Karaci Tel: 5082240-1 Fax: 92-21-5082239 Mr.COZY APPAREL 1-C-6-1. M/s. Block-5.Mr. Tel: 35879261 Fax: 92-21-36605510 Mr. Services:Stevedores M/s. Jawed Habib. M/s.CRAFTERS INTERNATIONAL 302.Box-4761. M/s.CRAZE ENTERTAINER 4F. Exporter:Textile Fabric and Garments. Near KMC Market. Sindhi Muslim Co.Mail crafters@cyber. M/s.com Mr. Phase VI. 16-B. Tel: 4528891 Fax: 92-21-4534083 E. 4529224-5 Fax: 92-21-4525186 E. Mohammad Rahil Khan Exporter:Sea food and Garments Accessories Manuf:Sea foods M/s.T.Karaci Tel: 4525185. Fl-19. Khan Road.biz Mr.A.com Sheikh Mohammed Imran M/s. Plot# 23-C. Waleed Salim Malik. Bhitai Avenue. Wu Chuan Chan. M.operative Housing Society. Kamal Ahmed Khan M/s.pk Mr. Nazimabad.net. Ardeshirr Cowasjee. Queens Road.CRAFT CONCEPTS INTERNATIONAL Suit# 1. Progressive Square. Nursery Shahrah-e-Faisal.CREATIVE BUILDERS 3QR9. 4064310 Fax: 92-21-2242583 Mr. Manuf:Textile Fabric and Garments. Khalid Nomani (Retd) M/s.CREATIVE CIRCLE (PVT) LIMITED S-18.Karaci Tel: 5650592-93 Fax: 92-21-5650594 Major M. Tel: 111247253 Fax: 92-21-4646424 E.

Tel: 5075152 Fax: 92-21-5076823 E. Jinnah Road..com Mr.Mail cacbearing@mailcity.H. Yousuf Ali Bhai Building.CRESCENT AUTOS Shop No. New Challi. Korangi Industrial Area. Beaumont Road.CREATIVE SYSTEMS & SERVICES 503. Sector 7A. Tanveer Ishaque M/s. Inam Ellahi.com Mr.84.Mail creadit@cyber.Mail credyna@super.com Mr.C.Mail crscent@cyber.E. Aurangzeb Market. Japan Plaza.CREATIVE KNITS Plot No. Abdul Sattar M/s. Plaza Square.Karaci Tel: 32623597-32621748 Fax: 32623597 E.CREATIVE LEATHER INDUSTRIES Plot# 529. Abu Baker Karim.Mail creativeknits@yahoo. Muhammad Ashraf Exporter:Leather Garments M/s. Sector 24. Progressive Plaza. Tel: 32772807 Fax: 32722985 E.kb@hotmail. M/s. Azeem Anwer Manuf:Industrial Automotive systems M/s. Tel: 021-5115300 Mr. M. Dagli Centre. M. Akif Abbas Ashary M/s. Tel: 2772173 Mr.pk Mr. Tel: 2721158 Fax: 92-21-2729038 E.net.A.com Mr.CREEK IMPEX Office 101. lst Floor. Mohammad Feroz Street. Jinnah Road.S.CREATIVE DYNAMICS ENGINEERING 66/1-M-6. P. Importer:Chemicals .62.pk Mr.CRESCENT AUTO CORPORATION Mclean Street.Tel: 5860794-5 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5676992 Fax: 92-21-5676982 E. Abbas Lakdawala M/s.A. Korangi Industrial Area. Ravi Bhimsen M/s. 415. Tel: 2435727. 1st Floor.Mail rabi. M/s. Abdul Malik Gandhakwala.CREDIT & COMMERCE CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD.net.Mail tanveer@creativepk. 2414201 Fax: 92-21-2413353 E. Tel: 4314895 Fax: 92-21-4380750 E.pk Mr. Civil Lines.net.CRESCENT CHEMICAL CO.

Tel: 4076187 Fax: 92-21-4319451 Mr. Nasir Javed M/s. Jodia Bazar. Ground Floor. .com Mr. Tel: 5682073-4.CRESCENT IMPEX Shop No. Muhammad Usman Paracha. Tel: 6607616. M/s. 6606165 Fax: 92-21-6682233 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35868642-3 Fax: 92-21-3537833 E.11.Polyester Cotton Yarn Importer:Textile Machinery & Parts.Mail crescent302001@yahoo.Phase-V Defence Housing Authrority. 25th Street. Korangi Industrial Area.com Mr. Mohammad Farooq Azam. Gushan-e-Iqbal. Chundrigar Road. Brass Street. Raw Cotton & Chemicals.Mail crescentfurnishes@hotmail.I.com Mr. 5683605 Fax: 92-21-5686168 Mr. Tauheed Comm. 1.CRESCENT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY B-35. Tel: 5386635 E.CRESCENT ENTERPRISES Plot # 227. Rashid Ahmed.CRESCENT HANDICRAFT 1136/2. Lakson Square No. Afsar Saeed Khan. Gulbahar No. Keyani Shaheed Road. Abdul Ghani Akhund Manuf:Furnishers interior decorator M/s. Importer:Tea M/s.M/s. Exporter:100 Cotton Canvas Bags and Promotional Textile Importer:Accessories for re-export purpose Manuf:100 Cotton Canvas Bags and Promotional Textile M/s. Soomar Center.J. Tel: 5078296-97 Fax: 92-21-5078298 E. Sector # 24. Shaheen Usman M/s.Mail crescent@fascom. Behind ABL.Karaci Tel: 2428734 Mr.CRESCENT COMPUTER 32/A. Near IBA Garden Road. Exporter:Cotton Yarn. Uni Centre.CRESCENT ESTATE 52-C. Exporter:Brass Handicrafts Manuf:Brass Hanidcrafts M/s. Ali Akbar Street.com Mr. Noor Mohammad.CRESCENT JEWELLERS Bliss Shopping Centre. Manuf:Carded & Combed Knitting & Weaving Yarn M/s.CRESCENT FIBRES LIMITED 7th Floor.Mail shaheenusman@hotmail. Block 16.Karaci Tel: 7012398 Fax: 7012398 E. I.3 Sarwar Shaheed Road.CRESCENT FURNISHERS 12 S.

CRESCENT STEEL & ALLIED PRODUCTS LTD. Saleem. Garden East. Sidco Avenue Centre.Bliss Shopping Centre. Plot 12-C. Tel: 32221112 Mr. 9th Floor. Phase-V. Lines.CREST CORPORATION 708-710.Karaci Tel: 5662785 Fax: 5684422 E. M/s.pk Mr. Esmail Allahrakha Exporter:Gems and Jewellery M/s. M/s.CRESTAR INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.M. Tel: 2426768. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail ivs@crestarnet Mr.CRESCENT TELECOM Suite# M-35.com Mr. Chapal Plaza.Mail Mail@crescent.31-34. Authority. Hasrat Mohani Road. Clifton. Zamzama Lane-3. Zaibun Nisa Street. Falak Naz Plaza. House. Defence H.Karaci Tel: 5301937 Fax: 5301989 E.Zaibun Nissa Street.com Mr. Pakistan Defence O. Nishter Road. Hasnat Munir.Mail crescent_jewel@hotmail. G. Muhammad Rizwan Khan M/s. Bano Plaza.AuthorityKaraci Tel: 5861715.A. Saddar. 5876767 Fax: 92-21-5861716 E.CRESCENT TRADE LINKS C-21.pk Mr.CRESCENT JEWELLERS Shop No. R. Mustafa Fakhruddin . Salman Mubeen.Karaci Tel: 5211453 Fax: 5684422 E.Karaci Tel: 5674881-5 Fax: 92-21-5680476 E. Lane-1.com. 2421079 Fax: 92-21-2427255 Mr. Zamzama Comm. Zamzama Link Road. Mohammed Asif Iqbal Qureshi M/s.203. Navy Housing Scheme.com Mr. M/s.Mail must68@gmail. Mustafa Haider M/s.Karaci Tel: 38045710 Fax: 92-21-3460478 E.CRETE N CRETE (PVT) LIMITED Suite No.Karaci Tel: 5054396 Fax: 92-21-5054395 Mr.CRESCENT TRADERS D-164. Mezzanine Floor.H. Ahsan M.net. Saddar.Mail crescent_jewel@hotmail. Phase-V. Elyas Allarakha Exporter:Gems and Jewellery M/s.Mail info@ctc. 264. 9-C.

Importer:Motor Cycle & Spare Parts thereof M/s.Karaci Tel: 5830409 Fax: 92-21-5830409 Mr. Tel: 35488797 Fax: 34381407 E.Lines .2721480 Fax: 27-86-6.net.Mail rahmani@super. Block-15. Muhamamd Mahmood Hussain Exporter:Dental and Medical M/s. Sector 6-A. Opp: Radio Pakistan.CROWN APPAREL Plot # 23/2. M.pk Mr.58745 E. Subway & Hobnob DHA.CROWN PACKAGES TRAVEL & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED.pk Mr.CRISIS MANAGEMENT (PVT) LIMITED C-1.A. Abdulrab Babar M/s. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.net.Mail crisism@cyber. Main Zamzama-V. Saleem. Preedy Saddar. Court View Appartment. M. Tel: 6962365.M. Polishes M/s.Mail s. Importer:Motorcycle and Spare parts M/s. Opp: Preedy Police Station. Farhan Hanif. Importer:Automotive Test & Seervice Equipment.A. 6962368 Fax: 92-21-6962368 Mr. Jinnah Road. S. Manghopir Road.Mail ysf@cyber. Automotive Paint and Ancilaries.I.M/s. Commercial Street.CROWN CORPORATION 8.. Sindh Market. S. Phase-5.net. 3rd Floor. Saira Mansion.T.Karaci Mr.CROWN CHEMICAL & MOTOR CO. Jinnah Road. M/s.A.amir.pk Mr.ali@crownlogistics. Kharaban-e-Badban.Karaci Tel: 2765541.pk Mr.pk Mr. R.Mail crown@cyber.E. North Karachi Industrial Area.com.CROWN BOUND A-27.CROWN COLLECTION 16-C.Karaci Tel: 2722189 Fax: 92-21-2726033 E. Amjad Khan Exporter:Knitted garments M/s. G-1/B. M. Tel: 2565054-55 Fax: 92-21-2565056 E. Tel: 32477741-42 Fax: 32426285 E. Fazal Hussain Services:Services M/s. 20th Street.net. Jehangir Saleem.CROWN LOGISTICS & RELOCATIONS Office No. Defence Housing Authority.29. Abrasives. Compressors.CRLF COMPANY 57/1. Ali Asghar Rajabali.

Baba-e-Urdu Road. 2nd Floor.80. P. Abdul Majeed Ghaziani.CROXX LINC INTERNATIONAL 79-G. Nasir Alliani M/s. Tel: 7722790 Fax: 92-21-7720273 E.CRYSTAL COMMODITIES 203.Karaci Tel: 5694130-34 Fax: 92-21-5694133 Mr. 7th Floor. M/s.O.Mail nadeemaziz@crowntex. Babar Sharif. 7774947 Fax: 92-21-7768913 E.com.Karaci .Karaci Tel: 7775140. 4th Floor.Mail zafarkhokhar110@yahoo.CROWN TRADING COMPANY Hussain Trade Centre. Mr. Aman Ullah Jehangir M/s. Exporter:Rice M/s. Opp: Bahadur Shah Market.CRUSH & GRIND 10-Usmania Society. PECHS. Moin Steel Market.net.CROWN TRADERS Suite No. Altaf Hussain Road.com Syed Ale Raza H. Tel: 36608400-6 E. Rizvi M/s.CRYSTAL ENTERPRISE Suite# F-1 & 2. Dandia Bazar. Furqan Abdul Kader M/s.Mail nasir@cli. Habib Chamber. Box-4227.net. Heer Anand. Tel: 4554715 Fax: 92-21-4547405 E.CROWN TRADING COMPANY 4-Mohan Road.Mail smshahid@cyber. Al-Rehmat Trade Centre.Karaci Tel: 2218536 Fax: 92-21-2218535 Mr. Opp: City Court.Muhammad Nadeem Exporter:Knitted & Woven Garment Importer:Accessories M/s.Mail crushangdgrind-raza@yahoo. New Challi.pk Mr. M. M/s.pk Mr. Gulbahar-2. Nazimabad. Block-2.CROWN TEXTILE F-387/EA.Court Road. B Road. Tel: 32851321 Fax: 32851335 E. E.CROWN TRADERS K-37. University Road. Wheat and other Agro Products M/s.com Mr.714. Suite No. Exporter:Rice.Karaci Tel: 4933426 Fax: 92-21-4913746 Mr.com Mr. Mohammad Shahid. SITE.Mail info@crystalcommodties.

Muhammad Iqbal.22-C.pk Mr.pk Mr.Mail nasir@familymoversintl. West Wharf Road.cool@ibro. Phase-5. Importer:Raw Material for Plastic Industries. Tel: 2311881-886 Fax: 92-21-2310332 E. Manuf:Textile M/s. Near NIB Bank. P&T Colony.net. Muhammad Irfan.Karaci Tel: 2639827.Mail t.com Mr.R. Office No.CRYSTAL INTERNATIONAL Ebrahim Building.CRYSTAL ENTERPRISES Suite # 11.pk Mr. M. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s.CRYSTAL INTERNATIONAL Plot# C-36. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Tel: 35683629 Fax: 92-21-35682063 E.CRYSTAL GLOBAL SHIPPING 303. 20.Mail ahr@digicom. Zamzama Lane5.Mail crystal.Mail crystalint@cyber. DHA. Spices and Commodities M/s. Ghayur Tahir Exporter:Precious and Semi Precious stone Importer:Un-cut & Rough precious stone Manuf:Precious and Semi Precious stones M/s. Abid Chamber.CRYSTAL ENTERPRISES 3.I.pk Mr.CRYSTAL IMPEX M. Rambharti Street. Sector 31-D. 7th Floor. Zaibun Nisa Street. Falcon Hotel.com Mr. I. Ibrahim Yaqoob.CRYSTAL MINERALS COPRPORATION 2nd Floor. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.pk .net.Mail muafis@super. Tel: 2439141 Fax: 92-21-2417345 E.net. Muhammad Nasir Rauf M/s.net.47. Textile Plaza. Korangi Industrial Area. Saddar.net. 32438988 Fax: 92-21-32440782 E.ent@hotmail. 1/34. Importer:Iron & Steel M/s. Muhammad Ali M/s.Mail vawda@cyber.Karaci Tel: 32437306.Tel: 7760851-2 Fax: 92-21-7760853 E. Mushtaq Ahmed Rehmani.pk Mr. Plot No.Mail selat@cyber.Karaci Tel: 37010174-77 Fax: 2421063 E.net. 2018895 Fax: 92-21-2629078 E.Karaci Tel: 5295191 Fax: 5295192 E. Jodia Bazar.

SC-35. Mercantile Centre. Karachi East. Plot No.CRYSTAL PROCESSING F-175.net.com Mr. Aram Bagh.CRYSTAL TRADING & MARKETING CO.pk Mr. Tel: 32442818 Fax: 92-21-32441159 E. M/s.31-C. Muhammad Nazar. Asad Arfat gul M/s.Mail malis@cyber. A&B. DHA. Block-7 Hussain D-Sliva.com Mr.Mail iqbal38@cyber.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4933031 Fax: 92-21-4933264 E. S.Mail armahmood152001@yahoo. 4th Floor.Karaci Tel: 32423584 Fax: 32412469 E.T. Chandni Chowk.60.net. Marriot Road.CRYSTAL TRADERS Office No. Mohammed Ali Saya. Jinnah Road. Exporter:Trader M/s. Razzak A. M/s.CRYSTAL TRADING CO.Mr. Chandni Centre.D-9.Karaci Tel: 7778111. Al-Rahmat Trade Centre. Exporter:Clearing Forwarding Importer:Transporation and House Hold Manuf:Packing M/s.pk Mr. Arshad Mehmood.E.CRYSTAL MOVERS 411. 3rd Floor. Jairam. Clifton.3.CRYSTAL TRADERS Shop No. Karim Exporter:Textiles Importer:Textile Manuf:Fabrics & Textiles M/s.A. KarachiKaraci Tel: 2059378 E.. Danishgah.Mail asadagul@yahoo.CRYSTALS Super Centre. Nasir Iqbal . Opp: City Court. Room No. Phase-V. Suit # 22/4. 6th Zamzama Commercial Lane.Mail ziss.Karaci Tel: 35302881 E.ziss@gmail. Tahir Saifuddin Road. Tel: 2585516 Fax: 92-21-2574226 Mr. Dandia Market.Mail ctm_pk@hotmail. Mohammad Arif Siddiqui M/s. 7773991-2 Fax: 92-21-2773993 Mr. Motands Building. 4th Floor.A. Khayaban-e-Jami.I. Imran Hassan Awan M/s. M.CRYSTAL TRADING CORPORATION Ground Floor. Stadium Road.Karaci Tel: 5871308-5833413 Fax: 5833412 E.com Mr.

2. 5th Floor. Chaudhry Importer:Generator. Sharjah Trade Centre.com.Karaci Tel: 2420974-7 Fax: 92-21-2420978 E.CUMMINS SALES & SERVICE (PAKISTAN) LTD. Baasima N. Muhammad Rafiq Rangoonwala M/s.Mail rafiqrangoonwala. Sharjah Trade Centre.Karaci Tel: 5877976 .11th Floor. Altaf Hussain M/s.com Ms. Sector-27.CUPOLA FOOD SERVICES (PVT) LTD The Point.net. Korangi Industrial Area. Clifton.pk Mr. Tel: 5067373-4 Fax: 92-21-5060827 E.CUPOLA CONSTRUCTION (PVT) LTD.pk Mian Taimur Arbab Manuf:Military Prdocuts M/s. Shahrah-e-Firdousi. Shahrah-e-Firdousi.CTC CABLE &TRADING COMPANY Room No.M/s. Commercial Area.com. Banglore Town.pk Mr. Old Sunset Boulevard. Tel: 5822038-39 Fax: 92-21-5821670 Mr.CTC HERB & TRADING COMPANY Room No. Shhrah-e-Liaquat. Park Towers. 119.net. Tel: 5877976-95 Fax: 92-21-5877998 E. Clifton.pk Mr.CUCKOO INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.Mail cuckoo@super. M.CSM PAKISTAN GURANTEE LIMITED 21-C. Muhamamd Arsalan Saleem M/s.Karaci Tel: 2420974-7 Fax: 92-21-2420978 Malka Mehr Bano M/s.CUPOLA PAKISTAN LIMITED The Point.03. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Mushtaq Ahmed M/s. Engine Parts M/s. New Challi. Services:Retailors M/s. Shahrah-e-Firdousi.Mail css@cumminspakistan. 11th Floor. DHAm Phase-IIKaraci Tel: 111-538-538 Fax: 5803262 Mr. Rafiq Rangoonwala.Mail rafqrangoonwala.Mail comodity@cyber.Karaci Tel: 5877976 Fax: 92-21-5877998 E.CTL LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL C-19/A. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.03. Clifton. Block-4.Karaci Tel: 4539603-5 Fax: 92-21-4532519 E. Clifton.

Tel: 5877976-95 Fax: 92-21-5877998 E.CYRUS ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD. 5th Floor. Metrovill-III. Plot No.A. Ibrahim Trade Tower. Room No. R. Sarwar Shaheed Road.3. Exporter:Import Frenchise. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.pk@gmail. Machines. Rafiq Rangoonwala. Tel: 4535530-31 E.Karaci Tel: 4025610 Fax: 5689481 E.8. Clifton.co. University Road. Main Shahra-e-Faisal. Al-Burhan Centre.Mail cyrus_enterprises@yahoo. 264. Main Nursery Signal.pk Mr. M/s. Stretchen Road. Scheme-33. Block-1.com.THE CONSTRUCTORS A-1.Mail curepharma.net.Karaci Tel: 5698601 Fax: 92-21-5683410 E.Mail info@cyber.CYBER INTERNET SERVICES PVT LTD.net. M.THE CRESCENT TEXTILE MILLS LTD. Saddar.Mail rafiqrangoonwala. Shahid Ahmed Khan M/s.CURE PHARMA H # 4167.Karaci Tel: 4992670. Lines. Sidco Avenue Centre.com Mr. 111-105-10 Fax: 92-21-5683662 Mr.uk Mr. Block-13-B. Kaleem-uz-Zaman.Karaci Tel: 4327553. Ghulam Muhammed.Fax: 92-21-5877998 E. 97-Depot Lines.THE CLOTHING COMPANY Suite # 507. Better Appartment.3-D TECHNOLOGIES . Muhammad Hussain Jaffery M/s. John Augustine Wilson M/s.pk Mr. M. Dawood Appartments. Tariq Shafi.CURTAIN CORNER Shop No. Zia uddin M/s.pk Mr.pk Mr.CUPOLA PERFUMERS (PVT) LIMITED The Point. A-904.Food Importer:items M/s.Karaci Tel: 5685231.net. Block-7&8. Rafiq Rangoonwala. 4327554 Fax: 92-21-4327555 E. 8th Floor. Shahrah-e-Firdousi.1. Sector 14-A. Exporter:Any Items Suitable M/s. M/s.Karaci Tel: 34520890 Fax: 34520890 E. 4985117 Mr.Mail info@thepoint.com. Lakson Square Building No.Mail curtcorn@cyber.5.pk Mr. M/s. 9th Floor.Mail tcco@cyber.

pk Mr. ZINE APPAREL WSA-6. Main Tariq Road. Jamaluddin Afghani Rd Near Sharfabad School.B-01. F.Karaci Tel: 4130037-38 Fax: 92-21-4130056 E. 1st Floor. Tel: 5347487 Ms. B. Phase-7.Pearl Luxury Apptt.D. BUILDERS Suit# 9-10. G.D. INTERNATIONAL Office 11. 7 & 8 Commercial Area. Muhammad Arif M/s. North Karachi. Sehar Lane-9. Mahmood Zaman Exporter:Textile materials Importer:Food Stuff. COMMUNICATION Shop No.D. Allana Road.Karaci Mr. Tel: 6999069 Syed Muhammad Danish. Area.D.Mail famh768@yahoo.A. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. 2nd Floor.Mail dulasa_associates@hotmail.D.S.1st Floor. House Hold Materials M/s.Mail hsdopti@hotmail. Tel: 4381952 E.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4533265 Mr.H.7.C. Nasir Rahim M/s. Muhammad Farooq M/s.com Mr.D. Umer Haider M/s. MARINE AVIAC (PVT) LIMITED 38-F.32 DIRECTIONS Shop No. Ambreen Saba Exporter:General items Importer:General items M/s. DHA. MYTS 5A/2. Apple Garden Bldg. Hasan Akhtar Zaidi M/s.16. Al Nafeesa Market. M/s. & A. Block-7. Tel: 8307329 E. Ayesha Chamber. Abdullah Hroon Road. Haris Saeed Dehlawi Importer:Opthalmic lenses M/s. Block-6. PECHS.28-C.D. BROTHERS Suite No.com Mr.West Lane Trade Centre.Mail info@demacoy.Karaci Tel: 2205530-31-32 Fax: 92-21-2205529 E.Karaci Tel: 34325716 Fax: 34521552 Mr.M. State Life Building No. TEXTILE Room No.B.D.D. Saddar.net.27. Shaheed-e-Millat Road.D.Mail d_zine@cyber.6/A. NKCHS.com . Kehkashan Shopping Mall. Tel: 4312050 Fax: 92-21-4312059 E..

D. Defence Housing Authority. INTERNATIONAL Suite # 1.com Mr.Mail keymer@cyber. Dilawar Khan M/s. KEYMER (PVT) LIMITED Mandviwalla Chambers. Ground Floor.D. Plot # 12. SHIPBREAKERS A-501.J.A-257-258. Tel: 2851311-3 Fax: 92-21-2851429 E.D. CONSULTANCY Suite No. Chundrigar Road. CORPORATION Hamza House No. Ali Mohammad Goath.Mail dlnash@dinash. Tel: 2625901-4 Fax: 92-21-2628587 Mr. Timber Pond. Importer:Fertilizer.D.K. Talpur Road.com Mr. Tel: 2416194.K. Shahra-e-Faisal. Garments & other Made Ups Manuf:Bedlinen. Wheat. Khayaban-e-Muhafiz.D. Salim Dada.M.11-C. M/s.D.D. KCHS. Phase-VI.109. Sector 11-E. Noor Ahmed M/s.com Mr. Rahim Buksh Qasmani Memon . 68. Sugar. Wajid A.J. Block-7/8.K.Karaci Tel: 7729139 Mr.A.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 4211062 Fax: 92-21-4125768 E.I.Karaci Tel: 221895. Hyderabad Colony Main Jail Road. I.03218200292 Mr.Mr. Exporter:Bedlinen.D. North KarachiKaraci Tel: 36985683. Abdullah Haroon Road. Anum Blessing.net. lst Street.6/7. Coal and Pulses M/s. Garments & other Made Ups M/s. NASH (PVT) LIMITED 11. Al-Haroon Market-2.H. EVENT MANAGEMENT Plot No.Mail rbq@dmkhr. Shabbir Ahmed. 3rd Saba Commercial Street.D.D. Mirza M/s. Keamari Road. Mezzanine Floor.Karaci Tel: 35247744 Mr. Muhammad Aslam. PLASTIC WORKS Plot No.Mail dhainternational@yahoo.L. 466059 Mr. Mohamamd Shabbir M/s. M/s. Dawood Usman Jakhura. 2416195 Fax: 92-21-2411592 E. Saima Trade Tower. Muhammad Danish Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 34325354 Fax: 34520278 E. TRADING Shop No.D.

Muhammad Sadique Desai. APPAREL Plot No. PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED II/6-10. Bath Mats Manuf:Knitted Fabrics.M/s. Terry Towers.D.pk Mr. Sector-16.D.Mail dsigroup@cyberaccess. M/s. Korangi Industrial Zone. Tel: 111-374-374 Fax: 5054496.50604 E.com. HAZRAT BILAL COLONY.Mail hr@dts. Hosiery and Garments M/s.S.Mail dsigroup@cyberaccess. Hosiery and Garments Importer:Dyes and Chemicals.S.50604 E.S.S.D. Jan Muhammad Adam.pk Mr.D. Zarina Colony.T. 11/6-10.DAATA INTERNATIONAL PLOT NO A-54. Nightwear. Shabbir Ahmed Dsai. Sector-16. Sector-16.I. Sir Shah Suleman Road.Karaci Tel: 111-374-374 Fax: 92-21-5054496 E. IMPEX 191. Korangi Industrial Zone. CORPORATION (PVT) LTD. 2624268 Fax: 92-21-2625616 Mr.Mail danlyalm@hotmail. Exporter:Rice Manuf:Wheat Flour. Altaf Hussain Road. Bed Sheets.SECTOR 8-A. Mashrique Centre. Tel: 4142298 Fax: 92-21-4142134 E. M/s. New Challi Road.com. Korangi Industrial Area. Bed Sheets. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Karaci Tel: 32275757 E. INTERNATIONAL 32-33. Terry Towers. 11/1. Exporter:Knitted Fabric.D.I.Karaci Tel: 2625611-14.KIA KARACHI Tel: 5075608 MR.D. HOUSEHOLD LINEN (PVT) LTD.com. New Challi. Tel: 111-374-374 Fax: 5054496.D.pk Mr.pk Mr.S. Shama Naz M/s.S.com.MANZOOR ALI Exporter:MANUFACTURER OF LEATHER . Machines Manuf:Knitted Fabric.313. Exporter:Knitted Fabrics. Tayyabi Centre. North KarachiKaraci Tel: 35064202 Mrs. Bath Mats M/s. Nightwear. Muhammad Amin Desai. PAKISTAN Suite No.I. Muhammad Irfan Siddiqui M/s.A/8. Daniyal Hanif M/s. Sector 1-A/2.Mail desigroup@cyberaccess. INC. Mohammad Dawood.com Mr.N.

Karachi Dock Labour Board Bldg.DADA COTTON CORPORATION LTD.DADA ENTERPRISES 1/4.net. Abdul Rauf Baig.Cola Gowdan. Anjum Riaz. Chundrigar Road. Tel: 2437361.I..Mail zahidaslam-14@yahoo. Importer:Sulp. 506. Zeeshan Baig M/s.DACO INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT (PVT) LIMITED Puri House.DACCA TRADE AGENCY 15-16.DABHEJI SALT WORKS (PVT) LTD.DACO MARINE SERVICES (PVT) LTD. Plot # 14. Tel: 32543928 Fax: 32543928 E.Mail dytex@cyber. 22-West WharfKaraci Tel: 32311445-47 Fax: 92-21-3231699 E. Chemical Chambers. Adamjee Dawood Road.pk Mr. Tel: 2313031. M/s. 5th Floor. Acid. Tel: 2427796-97 Fax: 92-21-2422437 E. Fazal Fayyaz Importer:Dyestuff Chemical and Textiles M/s.net. Amir Manzil. I. Adamjee Dawood Road.35 Fax: 92-21-2310625 Mr. Chemicals M/s. 1st Floor.DACCA CORPORATION 1st Floor.net. 3rd Floor. Haroon Haji Karim.Karaci Tel: 2429866.DADA JI TRADERS Off: P-2. 58-West Wharf Road.Karaci Tel: 2415147 Fax: 92-21-2410752 E. Hamid Nisar. 1st Floor.pk Mr.Mail doco_ink_khi@cyber. Importer:Textile/Dye Stuff.Mail dacgrp@cyber. 2439257 Fax: 92-21-2437333 E. Manuf:Food Salt M/s. Muhammad Yahya Dada. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Jodia Bazar. Uni Tower. West Wharf Road. 2431656 Fax: 92-21-2428771 Mr.com Mr. A&K Chamber. Lyari. Exporter:Raw Cotton Importer:Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Manuf:Raw Cotton/Bleached Cotton and Grey Cloth M/s.Sulphate Soda Ash M/s.pk Mr.com .pk Mr.net.M/s. Tennery Road.Mail meazan@cyber.Karaci Tel: 32201901-02 Fax: 92-21-3220190 E.Dadecyle Beenze Sod.Mail dccorp02@hotmail. Arkay Square Extension. Suite # 09.

PECHS. Tel: 2573319.I.S. Yaseen Haroon Dada Exporter:Import of Wheat. Plot No. Exporter:Textiles.com Agha Safdar Dahlawi .Karaci Tel: 4102720-10 Fax: 4102738 E..Mail farazsaspl@gmail.Karaci Tel: 4389874.Karaci Tel: 111-000-789. Mezzanine Floor. Block-2. Young Koo Nam M/s. Fibre Cementsheets. Dadex House. M/s.E.pk Haji Abdul Shakoor Dada. Main National Highway.DADA SONS (PVT) LTD. Building Pipes. 34-A/1. Arif Jan Muhammad Dagha. Sugar. Agricultural Products M/s. PVC Pressure Pipes.Mail dada@cyber. Ghulam Hussain Kassim Bhatia Manuf:Iron and Steel.DAHLAWI MANPOWER RECRUTING Suite # M-1. Polyethylene Pipes and other Allied Products. Polyethylene Pipes.A.DADEX ETERNIT LTD.145/147.Mail hanif@dadex.Mail dahlaw4uyahoo. I. Fertilizer Importer:Puses Manuf:Export of Rice. PVC Pipes. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Bed Sheets and Made Ups Importer:Agricultural Seeds and Supplies. Block 6. Nalidar Beams. 2419862 Fax: 92-21-2414959 E. Exporter:Fibre Cement Pipes. Re-Rolling Mills. Cotton Exchange Building. Importer:Plasstic Fittings Manuf:Fibre Cement Sheets. Fiber cement Presssure Pipes. Rahat Jo Dero. Sindhi Muslim C. Society Tel: 4535014-16 Fax: 92-21-4548288 Mr.DAEWOO PAK MOTORS (PVT) LIMITED. Chundrigar Road.DADACOM INTERNATIONAL 21-B. 4389884 Fax: 92-21-4389885 E.Mr. 2573276 Fax: 92-21-2584654 Mr. PPRC Pipes & Plastic Fittings. M.com.Karaci Tel: 32411548-9 Fax: 92-21-3241653 E. S. 453758 Fax: 92-21-3431572 E. Zahid Aslam Exporter:Leather and products M/s.net.com Mr.Mail daghacorp@yahoo. P.C. Opp: Masjid-eRahmnia.I. 3rd Floor.DAGHA CORPORATION 33.pk Mr.DADA STEEL MILLS (PVT) LTD. Muhammad Hanif Idrees..E. Jinnah Road.com Mr. D-178. M/s. Cotton Sugar M/s. Razzaqabad. Knitwear.H.Karaci Tel: 2425476. M/s.T.H. Room # 218-219. Textile Plaza.

M/s. M/s.I.. Exporter:Fabrics of All Kind Importer:Textile Machinery Manuf:Textile Goods. Fax: 92-21-34384266 E. Sector 5.DAILY BEOPAR 118. Marriot Road. Inam Bari Manuf:Edible oils M/s. M/s.DALAL SECURITIES (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 111132626 Fax: 34524664 E.DAMCO PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.com Mr.com Mr. SMCHS. Block-2.T. Tel: 2579683-7 Fax: 92-21-2563734 Mr. Mohammad Alam Iqbal. Muhammad Siddique.Mail dalaan@cyber.Mail ahsan.zawar@demco. I.net. Room# 3.E. Box No.com Mrs. Chundrigar Road. SITE.DALDA FOODS (PVT) LIMITED F-33. Tel: 32636442. M/s. P.E.. 2417299 Fax: 92-21-2436565 Mr. Plot 826-827 Central Commercial Area.DALAAN INTERNATIONAL TRADERS Plot No. Tel: 2413003.Karaci Tel: 36669914 Fax: 92-21-36669914 E. Near Romi Masjid.O. Shahra-e-Faisal.DAISY IMPEX Vana Medicine Centre. Usman Ghani. Aurona Hussain . Tel: 2425931 Fax: 92-21-2436565 E. Bombay Hotel. P.pk Mr. Stock Exchange Road.DAILY VATAN GUJRATI 3rd Floor. Talpur Road. Stock Exchange Road.Karaci Tel: 03002387200. Muhammad Arif.G-4.I.S. S. M/s. Karachi Stock Exchange Building. Yunus Riaz.C. 19-B. Tel: 32474276 Fax: 92-21-32441660 Mr. M/s. Park View. 3. Opp: Shabbir Hosital.Karaci Tel: 32401167-70 Fax: 92-21-32430878 Mr. 5563.H.Mail dipl@dalalindustries. Stock Exchange Building. Behro Bar Exporter:Ready made Garments M/s. 32630785 Fax: 92-21-32630784 Mr. Metroville. Hub River Road.M/s. Bombay Life Bldg.DAISY PUBLISHING & MARKETING 212-213. Mohammad Shoaib.DALAL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.Mail brawnmkt@hotmail.

Mail danishbros@cyber. Muhammad Yaqoob.O.Mail daniainternational@yahoo. Jodia Bazar.com Mr.net.Mail info@danialint.DANIA INTERNATIONAL 07.DANGCO 76.9. Tel: 2623075. G/2.B.pk Pir Muhammad Khan M/s.pk Mr. P.pk Mr. Saify Market.DANISH BROTHERS 73 & 74. Tannery Road. Najeeb Ashraf M/s. Tel: 2527175 Fax: 5206111 E. Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Cotton Woven Fabric . Area.net. Block-10.DANIAL ENTERPRISES C-74. Jamil Khaleeli Importer:Books M/s.pk Mr.com Mr. 2nd Floor.Mail raaal@super. Block-205.Karaci Tel: 2442367. Motandas Building M. PECHS. Danish Riaz.Mail danialenterprises@yahoo. 2624237 Fax: 92-21-8125189 E. Tel: 5064005. Tel: 2446503 Fax: 92-21-2416925 E. Muhammad Anis Dangra.Mail raheel@sunriseshipping. Exporter:Textile Fabrics and Its Made Ups Importer:Paints and Coating Services:Buying/Indenting Agent M/s. Tel: 4528156-7 Fax: 34314107 E.DANIAL INTERNATIONAL 3/4.A.Paper & General items Services:Customs Clearance & Consultancy M/s. Sector 33-D. 2442491 Fax: 92-21-2415687 E. Box# 5571. Block-2.DANISH & BROTHERS Room No.DANISH CORPORATION Zakaria Lane.M/s.DANESH PUBLICATIONS (PVT) LTD. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Jinnah Road. 241/1-E.Javed Iqbal M/s. 5055166 Sheikh Danish M/s. Hamilton Courts. Khawaja Street.com.Mail daneshaccount@danesh. Block-7. Importer:Stationery. Tel: 6342772 Fax: 5206685 E.Karaci Tel: 5835301-3 Fax: 92-21-5835304 E.com Mr. Mezzanine Floor. F. Clifton. Korangi.net.

Nishtar Road.DANISH INTERNATIONAL Office No.Mail NM203@Hotmail. Muhammad Munaf Jangda.Karaci Tel: 32722695 Fax: 92-21-2728247 Shaikh Ghulam Rasool M/s. Preedy Street.Karaci Tel: 2205826 Fax: 92-21-2312665 Mrs.com Mr. Tel: 32530039 Fax: 32530123 Ms.pk Mr. Muhammad Shah St. Tel: 0300-2781848 Mr. Block-9.Karaci Tel: 2472210. Tel: 4984330 Fax: 92-21-4813811 Shaikh Umar Adil M/s. North Napier Road.DANISH OIL TRADERS 63/1/4. Fahmida. Tel: 7774718. Ground Floor.com Mr. Saddar. M/s. 2574104 Fax: 92-21-2574134 E.DANISH ENTERPRISES NP-113/82. Almas Perveen M/s. Allana Road. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.DANISH INTERNATIONAL C-78. Shershah Road. Hoor Centre.Mail abid100@yahoo. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Jodia Bazar.DANISH FARMS ST-13. 2nd Floor.DANISH ELECTRONICS 8-Elahi Centre. SITE. G-K-7/30 & 31. Regal Trade Square.DANISH INTERNATIONAL Office 211. Muhammad Naveed.com Mr.Mail obaidalavi@hotmail.DANISH ENTERPRISES 301-303. I. M/s.I.Karaci Tel: 2564256. Block-5.Mail pss@super.Karaci Tel: 2250942 Fax: 92-21-2221744 E. Garden West.DANISH LABEL D-94/A. Obaidur Rahman Alavi M/s.net. Importer:Used Clothing and other Worn Artcile including Used Shoes M/s. Kassam House. Opp. Pervez Khurshid Exporter:Ready made garments M/s. Chundrigar Road. 2472284 Fax: 92-21-2472142 E. Nasir Mahmood . Near Fatima Jinnah Girls College. 4. 7731501 Fax: 92-21-7774787 E. Kharadar. G.M/s. Business & Fianance Centre.

A. Block-4. E-29. Hussain Trade Centre.DANIYAL ENTERPRISES 207.Karaci Tel: 7774775. B-36. 1stFloor.DANIYAL TRADING CO.DANIYAL TRADING CORPORATION Mezzanine 14-A.25/7. Jodia Bazar.Mail daniyattrading@cyber.DANISH TRADERS Zakaria Lane. Muhammad Ibrahim. Jinnah Road. Altaf Hussian Road. Secor 12/C. Importer:Chemicals & Plastic Moulding Compund M/s. Rubina Bano M/s. Exporter:Ready made garments M/s.M/s. .Mail raaal@super.net. New Challi. Opp: City Court.Mail daniyal_tc@hotmail. Muhammad Amin Thaplawala Exporter:Ready made Garments M/s.R-27.DANISH TRADERS AND MEGA CONSULTANCY M-01. Khursheed Alam M/s. Saeedabad Society.com Mr.net. Dandia Bazar. 7773713 Fax: 92-21-7727123 Mrs.pk Mr. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.net. Mohammed Danish Kasbati Exporter:Garments Importer:Polyester Yarn Viscose Nylon Manuf:Garments M/s. EOBI House.DANISH TEXTILE 258-B.Karaci Tel: 34265651-2 Fax: 32275823 E. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Muhammad Hussain Exporter:Rice M/s. Awami Markaz.DANIYAL ENTERPRISES Plot No.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 4390221-5 Fax: 92-21-4538923 Mr. North Nazimabad.Mail daani_1985@hotmail. Block 'B'. Khando Goth.Karaci Tel: 2436427. Tel: 2442243 Fax: 92-21-2420164 E. 2435234 Fax: 92-21-2412841 E. North Karachi Industrial Area.DANIYAL ENTERPRISES Plot No. M. Grain Centre.DANPAK FOOD INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.pk Syed Nazeer Haider Importer:Automotive locks and Engineering M/s. Tel: 38125406 E.Mail arnabcop@cyber. Latif Cloth Market. Kamran Riaz.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4028670 Fax: 92-21-4028670 Mr. Tel: 6627259 Fax: 92-21-6627259 E.

Mail danyalent@gmail.DARBAR COMPANY . Punjab Colony. Korangi Tel: 34251558 E.com Mr.com Mr. Tel: 2790430-1 Fax: 92-21-2783292 E. Aamir Sheikh M/s. Sector 35-A.com Ms.Mail atifdaar@rocketmail.Sheet SB-4.451-452. Street No-10. Fouzia Zaidi M/s.com Mr.DAR-UL-SHOA 4.DAR DENTAL ART House No. Tel: 2219154 Fax: 92-21-2621567 E.Mail darulshoa@hotmail.Sind Industrial Trading Estate. Exporter:Chewing Gum/Bubble gum Importer:Gumbase.com Mr. Clifton. Saddar. Zaman Town. Rais Ahmed.com Mr.Mail info@dany1.Mail danpak@cyber.DANY BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS Plot No. M/s. Abdul Wahid Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Onyx Marble Manuf:Fabrics Garments M/s. Trade Tower. Abdullah Haroon Road. 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 35426495 E. Namco Centre. Allana Road.81/1. Fat etc Manuf:Confectionery Products M/s. KAShershah Near Cia Centre. Atif Dar M/s.pk Mr.net. Ahsan Dawood Moorad. M.Mail ceo@danytech. 111-000-170 Fax: 2783292 E. 2576674 Fax: 92-21-2563435 E.Karaci Tel: 2790430. Tel: 5655891-5 Fax: 92-21-5655896 E.Mail daralsalampk@yahoo.DANY TECHNOLOGIES Basment Cambridge Mall Computer. Kharadhar.DANYAL ENTERPRISE Plot No.181.Mail textilez@yahoo.DAR AL SALAM TRAVELS & TOURISM Office # 02. Exporter:Textile M/s.com Mrs. bed sheets M/s. G.Karaci Tel: 2315817-9 Fax: 92-21-2312813 E. Muhammad Naeem. Naheed Bano Parveen Exporter:Leather garments. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan Road.DANT INTERNATIONAL Moorad Palace. Tel: 2577762. Campbell Street.

Karaci Tel: 5687583. 1st Floor.solir. Block-6.Karaci Tel: 2637650 Fax: 92-21-2631861 E. Amir Wali Uddin Chisihti M/s.pk Mr.net.Mail rashid@dart-global. Sarwar Shaheed Road.pk Mr.net.pk Mr.DARUL ISHA'AT Urdu Bazar. Exporter:Shipping Chartering M/s. Tel: 2620210. 8th Floor. ST-19. Khalil Ashraf Usmani M/s.DARMAN MARITIME TRADING 8-A.DARVESH PAPER MART 1-Hatim Manzil. Ghulam Dastagir.A. Tasnim Qayum Shaikh M/s. PECHS. 2nd Floor. Bank Arcade. Mujahidabad. Lines. Abdul Razzak Jaffer.com Mr.net.com Mr. Block-15. Tel: 2429553 Fax: 92-21-2400504 E.1. 2626021 E.A. Lakson Square No.Mail asifdastagir@yahoo.Mail mhcc@cyber. Shahzeb Terrace.com Mr. Tel: 7231835 Fax: 92-21-7234039 E.Karaci Tel: 2726509 Mr.Mail ishaat@pk.Karaci Tel: 2811301-6 Fax: 92-21-2811307 E. Tel: 4610271-5 Fax: 4610276 E. 41-Y. Faiz Muhammad Fateh Ali Road. 5687593 Fax: 92-21-5687581 Mr.Mail DSH@cyber. 73.DASTAGIR ENTERPRISES 5-B. Near Muqadass Masjid Urdu Bazar.21. Muhmmad Saleem M/s. Muhammad Haneef Manuf:Publisher books M/s. Importer:Iron Steel Scrap and used Auto Spare Parts . 265 R. Garden West. Jinnah Road.com Mrs.Mail darbarcopk@hotmail.Mail saleemibm@cyber. Hub Riber Road.DART GLOBAL LOGISTICS (PVT) LIMITED. Rashid Mehmood Bajwa M/s.net. M. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Sarai Road. Services:Hospital and Madarsa Services M/s. Moon Terrace.DARUL SHIFA INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED. Tayyab Ali Building. Arif Rashid Dar.DARUL HUDA Office # 8. Tel: 4538830 Fax: 4538832 E.DARUT TASNIF (PVT) LIMITED Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre.

pk Mr. . Tel: 34386590 Fax: 34386591 E.Mail shahzadkhan@datasteel. M/s. PECHS.DATANET III-C. Jamil Ahmed M/s. Al Rehmat Trade Centre.Mail dataint@yahoo. 6955418 Fax: 92-21-6804821 E.I. S. Ibrahim Building.Mail datamotor@hotmail.M/s. Tel: 2418322 Fax: 92-21-2417003 E. Business Avenue.DATA STEEL PIPE INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED. Near City Court.net. 25/15.. Chick Peas M/s.DASTAGIR TEXTILE INDUSTRIES A/1.E. Phase-VII. Al-Noor Auto Market.Mail datacheck@cyber.102. Tel: 32772055-32729042 Fax: 32729042 E.Mail daptec@hotmail.I.com Mr. Exporter:Inernational Freight Forwerders.100-B.com Mr. Shehnila.I.E. Amir Abbas Ashary.A-14. Plaza Square. Sector 12/C. Tariq Nasim Jan M/s. Jami Commercial Area. Ali Asghar Tahir M/s. Manghopir Road. Tel: 6990211. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Tel: 5388425-9 Fax: 92-21-5384023 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2313685 Fax: 92-21-2310422 E. M/s.com Mr. Tel: 32566770 Mrs.Mail dastagirint'l@cyber. Hashim Ismail. 20-West Wharf Road. M/s.T. North Karachi Industrial Area.pk Mr. I.DASTAGIR INTERNATIONAL 7/708. Dandia Bazar. Muhammad Hussain Exporter:Rice Importer:Kindy Beans.Karaci Tel: 2774673-74 Fax: 92-21-2725760 E.DATA'S ALUMINIUM CO.Karaci Tel: 2579214-5 Fax: 92-21-2579216 Haji Abdul Ghaffar. Pakistan Defence Officer Housing Authority.DATACHECK (PVT) LIMITED P&O Plaza.DASTAGIR ENTERPRISES Plot No. A/2.DATA MOTOR STORES Suite No. Sarfraz Khan M/s. S.T. Block-6.net.com Mr..DATA INTERNATIONAL Room No.

SharfabadKaraci Tel: 4935750 Fax: 92-21-4935342 E.Mail mouiuddin@dawlance. Exporter:Fabrics & Garments Manuf:Grey Cloth M/s. Importer:Chemicals for Cosmetic. Bihar Muslim Co.Karaci Tel: 5652450-59 Fax: 92-21-5674645 E. Marriot Road. Mohammad Bashir Suleman. 7/4. Washing Machine M/s. SITE. Clifton. Importer:Electrical/Electronics appliances M/s. Dawalance Centre.com.H.03204000218 Hakim Mirza Nasir Baig Manuf:Herbal products M/s. Deepfreezer.Karaci Tel: 32780177.op. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. M/s. Dr.Society Jamaluddin Afghani Rd. Tel: 32587048 Fax: 92-21-32587067 Mr.DATES & DATES C-74/1. Dr.pk Mr.Exporter:Software Manuf:Software M/s. Al-Falah Court.Mail hajiamin@datarigroup. 1. Tel: 5876063 Fax: 5374889 E. Rainbow Centre.Mail datesndates@yahoo. Food and Pharmaceutical Industries M/s.DAWAWALA CHEMICAL CORPORATION Katchi Gali No.DAWN CONVERTEC Shed # 1.I.com. 7/4. Shahar Bano M/s. Asim Iqbal M/s. I.DATARI INTERNATIONAL Mezzanine Floor. Suleman Arcade. Block-2.DATAWORKS (PVT) LIMITED 902.Mail amf@dawlance. 9-Civil Lines.com Ms. 11. Tel: 3221523/4 Fax: 92-21-3221807 Syed Abdul Mobeen. Manuf:Refrigerators. Ziauddin Ahmed Road.DAWN IMPEX .com Mr. Plot No. Chundrigar Road. 2nd Floor. 9th Civil Lines. Saddar. Tel: 2430247.pk Mr. Shakeel Ahmed. Dawlance Centre.Karaci Tel: 5652450 Fax: 92-21-5674643 E. Ground Floor.Mail dawachem@yahoo.DAWLANCE ELECTRONICS (PVT) LTD. 2434401 Fax: 92-21-2435402 E. Ikhlas Ebrahim.DAWAKHANA HAKIM MAHER BAIG G-146.com Haji Amin.A/1.DAWLANCE (PVT) LTD..

Iqbal Dawood M/s.net. Tel: 4300728-29 Fax: 92-21-4546189 E. Dawood Khan M/s. Cantt.22141 E.DAWOOD AHMED & CO. Textiles Importer:Used Construction Equipments M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Tel: 34314920-21 Fax: 35206653 E. Opp: Suparco. Rd House.75. Sourvey No. Tel: 32214141-45 Fax: 2625104. Scheme-33. . 3rd Floor.Mail contract@dawoodahmed.Karaci Tel: 0300-2113194 Fax: 92-21-4967605 E.DAWOOD CLOTH HOUSE Shop No. Sector-22-A. M/s. Dubai Shopping Mall.DAWOOD ENGINEERING Sector 1. Off: University Road. Muhammad Dawood Asad. Darul Hina Building. B-8.com Mr.Mail dawoodenterprises1@hotmail. Exporter:Henna Powder. Near SITE Super Highway. 5672858 Fax: 92-21-5672857 E.Dawood Pota Road.com Mr. Anum Estate. Mushtaq Ahmed Molai.Karaci Tel: 3367414 Mr.11.Masood Aftab Chawla M/s.Karaci Tel: 36880476 Mr.DAWOOD ENGINEERING (PVT) LIMITED 245/2-J.Mail info@dawood-engg. Dr. Shop No. Block-6.DAWOOD KHAN & CO.DAWN PRECISION ENGINEERING 32-33.com Mr. Street No. Sohni Chalet Scheme-33. Hotel Regency. Al Furqan Market. Jaffer Bagh. Model Colony. Sohail Aziz M/s.com Mr. Saddar.DAWOOD ENTERPRISES 9-B.Karaci Tel: 5217277. Paper Market.Mail info@dawnimpex. Arif Dawood M/s.408. Leather.DAWOOD LAWRENCEPUR LTD.pk Sheikh Shehzad Iqbal M/s.com Mr. Dawood Khan M/s.Mail dawnian@cyber.DAWN PAPER MART 9. PECHS. Tariq Road. Tel: 2232953 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4493201-3 Fax: 92-21-4493223 E..Suite # 306.B-3.Mail infor@dawnprecision. M.

Sector 7/A.Karaci Tel: 6326969-6318706 Fax: 6313052 E. Tel: 32774491.DECCAN JEWELLERS Plot No. Phase-II. KDA Scheme # 1.Spare Parts. 32735897 Fax: 92-21-32732707 Mr.DAWOOD PAPER CONE (PVT) LIMITED Plot # 244. 4547312 Fax: 92-21-4541745 E.309-310 Shop# 1-4.DAWOOD MEAT COMPANY (PVT) LTD.Mail aadvani@dawood-meat. P.Karaci Tel: 4538737. M/s. 382. Tel: 4547198-4750634 Fax: 4750640 E. Scheme-33. Tel: 5435937 Fax: 92-21-5054799 Mr. Nishtar Road.pk Mr.pk Mr.DEANS INTERNATIONAL R-41. Hansa Compound Bldg. Arif Dawood M/s.DEAN ZAHUR & COMPANY Bhimpura. Exporter:Cotton Yarn & Cloth Importer:Machinery.Mail dayamer@cyber.Dyes & Chemicals Services:Yarn\Cloth M/s.Mail deccan-J@gerrys.S. area.Karaci Tel: 6881019 Fax: 92-21-6881025 E. Gulbaz Manuf:Paper Cone M/s. Block-6. Muhammad Shahid Rafique Exporter:Plastic Goods M/s. Mohammad Asghar..Karaci Tel: 6880337 Fax: 92-21-6880338 Mr.DAWOOD MANUFEX & CO. Korangi Industrial Area. Block-22. PECHS. Sajajd Ali Mehkri M/s.Mail dcm@sat. Altaf Hussain Advani M/s.com Mr. Sukhia Goth.No. Plot No. F.com Mr.18-A. Opp: SITE. Area. Aijaz Ahmed.net. Tariq Road.DAWOOD RETAIL (PVT) LIMITED 245/2-J. M.C.T.Dawood Centre. Tel: 4300728-9 Fax: 4546189 Mr.Mail srafique@hotmail. Shahzad Mahmood.B. Central Comm. Azizabad. Tel: 5686001-10 Fax: 92-21-5684108 E.E. Near Chawla Centre. .Khan Road. Block-2.net.net Mr. Aziz Moon. Federal 'B' Area.H.DAYAMER PACKAGES (PVT) LIMITED ST-13/6. Manuf:Leather M/s. B-46.

M/s.DECENT FURNITURE 12-C. Gulistan-e-Johar. Tel: 2578810. 1.com Mr.DECENT EMBROIDERIES 2. ST. 2852116 Fax: 92-21-2851541 Mr.. 5/9. Sunset Boulvard. Exporter:Garments Manuf:Garment Embroidary M/s.A-6-7-8.DECENT ENTERPRISES Office No.com Malik Farooq M/s. Opp: Custom House. F-135 & F-394.A. 2nd Floor.Mail info@decent apparels.com Mr.com Mr. A. Mohammad Akram.Karaci Tel: 2852268.Mail decent_education@yahoo.DECENT APPARELS 1-F.DECENT PACKAGES LTD. 2578733 Fax: 92-21-2582734 . Mohammad Mazharullah Khan.DECENT BROTHERS Room No. Plot No. S. 1st Floor.1. Mohammad Shafi Akhund M/s. Block-15. 1-J. M/s. Phase-II.A.T.DECENT ENGINEERING SERVICES 69-A.DECENT MARBLE 42/4.Mail decentfurnitur1972@yahoo. Sharif Manzil.I. M/s.M/s.Karaci Tel: 2415809 Fax: 92-21-2418919 Mr. Keamari. Decent Tower. Tel: 6608183. Ovais Ahmed M/s. Off: Adamjee Dawood Road.E.Karaci Tel: 2202193 Fax: 2315294 E. Timber Pond.Mail ahbaabinternational@yahoo.Mail dcmalik@yahoo. M.09. Khalid Riaz.DECENT EDUCATION Office 25 to 29. Defence Housing Authority. 6604464 Fax: 92-21-6621015 Mr. Tel: 32419886 Fax: 32430322 E. Rehman Street. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 4610458 Fax: 92-21-4025704 E. Al Hafiz Centre. Muslim League Qtrs.1. Jodia Bazar. Nazimabad No. Ocean Centre. Nazimabad No. Mezz. Tel: 6603721 Fax: 92-21-6621082 E.Floor. Sohail Baloch.com Syed Munir Alam Importer:Tea M/s.Karaci Tel: 35801080-81 Fax: 92-21-3580155 E.

Khalid Aziz Exporter:Gen. Manuf:Corrusated Board Cartons and Papere and Paper Board M/s. 1st Floor. Siddiqi.DECENT SUPPLIERS A-10. 1st Floor. .com Mr. North Nazimabad. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. M. North Karachi Industrial Area. Tel: 2430136 Fax: 92-21-2417400 E.DECOR DISTIBUTORS B-8. 35312620 Fax: 92-21-3588731 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4923557-9 Fax: 4923560 E. 15th Commercial Street.net.Mail decipherservices@cyber. Phase II ExtnKaraci Tel: 35312651. M/s. Jinnah Road.2419570 Mr.com Syed Sarwar Moiz M/s.DECENT PLASTIC Plot No.Karaci Tel: 34837838 Fax: 92-21-3483783 E. items M/s.DECENT TRADING CO.Mail decent@cyber.pk Mr. Naseem Saleem Exporter:Polyester Fabrics Importer:Yarn and Machinery Manuf:Polyester Fabrics M/s. National Complex. Block 'B'.DECENT SILK FACTORY 31-A.Mail dplastic786@yahoo.R-481. A-1. M/s.DECIPHER SERVICES Plot No. Kamran M. 21-C.Mail aajika@gmail.Mail decentsupplies@Yahoo.8/2. Near Ayaz Masjid. Block-14 Main University Road. Jumani Arcade. Sector 10. Muhamamd Salim Exporter:Plastic Hose hold products Importer:InjectionMolds M/s. Textile Plaza.DECENT SOURCING ENTERPRISES Plot No.com Mr.pk Mr.net.Mail decentsilk@hotmail.com Mr. North Karachi. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.E. Plot No.DEEDAZEB ENTERPRISES SD-18. Tel: 2425973 Fax: 2628279. Block 10-A. Tel: 36951724 Fax: 36906479 E. 2nd Floor. Tel: 6967528 Fax: 6967529 E. Abdul Karim. DHA. Zafar Nazir. 20 Liaquat Market. Muhammad Imtiaz ul Haq M/s.A. items Importer:Gen. Sector 12-D.

Karaci E.Karaci Tel: 32204982 Fax: 92-21-3220372 E. Plot No. Tel: 32202277 E.DEEN MUHAMMAD & SONS Shop No. Tel: 2634616 Fax: 92-21-2635833 Mrs. 2nd Floor. 29-West Wharf Road.DEEN MUHAMMAD CORPORATION Shareef Palace. 35214700 Mr. Zainab M/s.DEEPAK PERWANI Shop No.Mail q_raza@hotmail. Buffer Zone.com Mr.com Mr. M. M/s. Razia Idrees Shaikh M/s.pk Mr.Sector 15-A/3.com .16/C. Muhammad Faisal Iftikhar Ali M/s. North Karachi. Sattar Chamber.DEEPSEA TRADING CO Room No. Tel: 2442604 Fax: 92-21-4536586 Mr.Mail nsclients@hotmail. Sughan Mension. Aqeel Ahmed. Tel: 8116702 Mrs. Tel: 7729940 Fax: 92-21-7723001 E.A. Tel: 35671817. Marriot Road.4. Mochi Gali.DEEP BLUE SEAFOODS (PVT) LIMITED 1-C. Muhammad Bin Qasim Road. Clifton. Zam Zama Commercial Lane 4.8. 1st Floor. Iqbal Centre.1.DEENS R-490. Mumtaz uddin Importer:Stationery items M/s. Mahesh Kumar Manuf:Ready made Garments.net. Sattar Chamber.Mail deensons@cyber. Outram Road.Mail info@deepakperwani. Importer:A\Leathers.com Mr. Fashion design M/s. Jinnah Road. Shaukat Ali Bhatti.pk Mr.PU-PVC Manuf:Export of Hand Knotted Woollen M/s.DEEN SONS E-41.DEEN SONS Kasur Street. Manuf:Garments Accessories M/s.Karaci Tel: 5877371 Fax: 92-21-5877372 E.net.Mail deedazeb@yahoo.Mail mfl@super.DEENIKUTUB KHANA 41. Shahid Naeem. Noor Uddin M/s.Tel: 6628736 Fax: 92-21-6628737 E. Saddar.

24.T. Syedna Tahir Saifuddin Road. Tel: 5084828-29 Fax: 92-21-5082133 E. Munsif Zaidi. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. 10062. Syedna Tahir Saifuddin Road. Tel: 2576997 Fax: 92-21-2561091 E. Dockyard Road.Mail md@dejwanishippingline. Islam Hamid Importer:Homeo Medicines M/s.pk .Mail deltakhi@cubex.I.net. Tel: 32621301-2 Fax: 92-21-32625268 E. Court Chambers.Mr.Mail mhg1@cyber.Mail deflog@cyber. Court Chambers.DEFLOG (PVT) LIMITED 11.Mail islamhamid@mail. Phase C-VI.Mail deoptipk@dehlawi.O. All Woven Garments Suits M/s. S.E.DELTA RICE MILLS 25.DELTA PHARMA Rooplal Shankarlal Road.net. Sheeraz Dejwani M/s.DEHLAWI OPTICAL INDUSTRIES Plot No. Kemari. Qasim Raza M/s.com Dr. 2730078 Fax: 92-21-2730079 E. Dr.com Mr. Textile Avenue. M.DELTA COMMODITIES 25. West Wharf. M. M/s. M/s.com Mr.DEJWANI SHIPPING LINE A-14. Majyd Aziz.DELTA APPAREL (PVT) LIMITED D/49-A.I.. Karachi Export Processing Zone. Kamran Bakali M/s. Tops.net.pk Mr. Opp: City Court. Amin Bakali Exporter:Rice & Other Agricultural Commodities etc M/s. Opp: City Court. Tel: 2315621-2 Fax: 92-21-2315620 E. Younus Dehlawi. Exporter:Garments (Woven) Importer:Fabric Manuf:Bottoms.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 111-011-011 Fax: 92-21-5687701 E. Arambagh. Nagina Centre. P. Box No.net.DELTA SHIPPING (PVT) LIMITED Seedat Chambers.Karaci Tel: 32863800 Fax: 02858317 E.Karaci Tel: 2731811 Fax: 92-21-2730079 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2731811. Near P.T. Mezzanine Floor.C.pk Mr.Mail deltacom@cyber.

7. Zubair Baig M/s.8.DENIM INTERNATIONAL Plot No. Plot No. Exporter:Ready made Garments Manuf:Ready made Garments M/s. Manuf:Calendars. Naveed Ahmed Khan. Sector 19. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 5066285.14-A.Mail danny.pk Mr.DENIM CLOTHING COMPANY SC-7.Mail duluxchemical@cyber.sheikh@stork. Tel: 35012362/ 35015804 Fax: 92-21-3501582 E.48.biz Syed Muslehuddin Rezvi Exporter:Denim Apparel M/s. Landhi. Muhammad Aminuddin.net.Mail mrezvi@hantex. Sector-28. Tel: 37802105 Mr. Sector B-VII.DENIM CLOTHING COMPANY (PVT) LTD. Brouchers etc. Korangi Industrial Area.pk Dr.Mr. Sector 30. Defence Housing Authority.2.9.Mail info@duxepkackages. Landhi Industrial Estate. Services:Shipping Agent M/s.DELTRA SCREENS (PVT) LIMITED 11-Banglore Town.com. Farhan Hanif. M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. 5056249 Fax: 92-21-5113516 E.operative Housing Society.Karaci Tel: 4558334-35 Fax: 92-21-4558277 E.Karaci Tel: 35082299-35081339 Fax: 35085308 E.Zeeshan Mustafa Shafi Siddiqui Importer:Offset Printing Machineries. Paper and Board. Cartons.6. Muhamamd Nazeef Choudhry Exporter:Veterinary medicines Importer:Pharmaceutical Raw Material Manuf:Rharmaceutical Human & Veterinary) M/s. Plot-37-C. KEPZ. Inks. Labels.DELUXE PACKAGES (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.Karaci Tel: 5070661-3 Fax: 92-21-5070683 Mr.DELTA TRADERS C-34.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 35344588-35344599 Fax: 35846262 Mr. Stadium Lane-1.DELTONS REAL ESTATE Shop No. M/s. Pakistan Machine Tool Factory. Street-1. Abdul Waheed Sheikh Importer:Textile Rotary Printing Screens M/s. . Plates etc. Survey # 149. Co. Phase-V.DELUX CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LT-26A-1.

Mail abid.com. Tel: 34544481-4 Fax: 34544480 E. Buffer Zone.DESCON ENGINEERING LIMITED 9th Floor. Tariq Khan Javed.DENVER INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. M/s.DESIGNER INN B-14. Court Road. Tel: 5046045 Fax: 92-21-5046044 Mr. Block-6.DESTINATION EUROPE Fl-6/4. Iqbal Hussain Agha.DESTINY GEM'S & JEWELS Shop No.Mail akram801@hotmail. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Sector B-VII. Phase-1. Block-6.Mail designint@cyber. Tel: 4947360. Opp: Sind Assembly Building. Korangi Industrial Area.Above NPB.com Mr. Muhammad Kamran Exporter:Rice & Garments Importer:Electronic machinery M/s. G-1.net. Tel: 35216982 Fax: 92-21E.13. Muhammad Hassan Siddiq M/s. Afshan Akram M/s. 26-A.Mail sohail_soni@hotmail. Aslam Ismail M/s.Karaci Tel: 6953808 E.Karaci Tel: 5656602. Nadeem M/s. Exporter:Denim Fabric M/s.Mail iqbal@destinations. 5689251 Fax: 92-21-5689392 E.reza@descon. Business Avenue.DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGIES Plot No. Korangi Industrial Area. Murtuza Ali M/s. Tel: 5090881-84 Fax: 5071611 E. G-6/A.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 34814627 Fax: 92-21-34814627 E. Karachi Export Processing Zone.Mail sales@developed technologies.com Mr.pk Mr. Cout View Building.Rashid Minhas Road Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Sector 23.Korangi Industrial Area.Mail info@destinationeurop.com Mrs. Plot No.Sector 15-A/5. Jewellers Centre.pk Mr.pk Mr.Mail tariquekhanjaved@hotmail. PECHS.DESIGNS INTERNATIONAL Plot # 14. 0300-9232476 Fax: 92-21-4939241 E. Sector-29.3. Nadeem Appartment. Tel: 5084205 Fax: 5083850 E. Dawood Shafi Batla Exporter:Polyester film Importer:Raw Material .com Mr.59.DESTINATIONS TRAVEL & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED.

Tel: 2572412 Fax: 92-21-2572406 E.4.DEWAN BUILDERS Office# 11.com. Beach Hotel Road.pk Mr. Bait-ul-Madni. Muhammad Iqbal. Mohammad Arif Dewan Exporter:Knitted Garmetns Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s.com. Opp: Agha Khan JamatKaraci Mr. 1st Floor. G. 5205230 Fax: 92-21-5630821 Mr.Mail dewanent@cyber. Allana Road. 3-A. Muhammad Saleem Dewan M/s. M/s. Lalazar Beach Hotel Road. Ground Floor.net. Dewan Centre.DEWAN CEMENT LIMITED Block-A.DEWAN KHALID TEXTILE MILLS LTD.Mail fsultan. C.Karaci Tel: 5205244-5205230 Fax: 92-21-5630884 E. Importer:Auto Parts M/s.dtml@dewangroup. Ayub Khalid.& Berar Society.Manuf:Polyester Glutter M/s. Finance & Trade Centre.DEWAN INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES Flat No. Lalazar.DEWAN ENTERPRISES Shop # 1. .Karaci Tel: 4921446 Mr. Yousuf Farooqui. Plot # GK-7/34. M/s. Plot# GK-1/21. Finance and Trade Centre. Garden West.Karaci Tel: 5205244. Kulsoom Mahal. Plot No. 3-A.DEWAN FAROOQUE SPINNING MILLS LIMITED. Alafia Arcade. Tel: 111-313-786 Fax: 92-21-5611301 Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 32203588 Fax: 2203587 Mr.136.DEWAN HATTAR CEMENT LIMITED Block-A. Block-3. Kharader. Tel: 2254653 E.pk Mr.pk Mr. Dewan M. Dewan Mohammad Yousuf Farooq Exporter:Cement Importer:Plant Machinery Spares Manuf:Cement M/s. 6th Floor.Mail devoncorporations@hotmail. Saad S/o.Mail tuehned@diwangroup. Muhammad Faisal M/s. Dewan Muhammad Yousaf Farooqi M/s. 2nd Floor. Khardhar. Muhammad Saleem Dewan.P. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Dewan M.DEVON CORPORATIONS 604.DEWAN ENTERPRISES B-53.com Mr. Tel: 111-364-111 Fax: 92-21-3563086 E. SITE.

Lalazar. 111-364-111 Fax: 5630862-3 E.T. Textile Machineries Manuf:Cotton and Blended Grey Yarn M/s. Zubair Ahmed Farooqui. 3-A. 6th Floor.Dewan Muhammad Yousuf Farooqui Exporter:Refine Sugar .Mail info@dewangroup.DEWAN MUSHTAQ TRADE LIMITED Finance & Trade Centre. Tel: 2412332 Fax: 2434418 Mr.C. 2312238 Fax: 92-21-2311465 E.com Mr. Acrylic.DEWAN SEAFOOD INTERNATIONAL 604. Textile Machineries Manuf:Cotton and Blended Grey Yarn M/s.pk Mr. Yousuf Farooqui Importer:Mitsubishi Vehicles M/s.pk Dewan Muhammad Yousuf Farooqui M/s. Hasan Chamber. Shahrah-e-Faisal. 8th Floor.Karaci Tel: 111-346-111 Fax: 92-21-3563086 E.Mail dewanseafood@yahoo.com.Exporter:Cotton and Blended Grey Yarn Importer:Raw Cotton. Napier Road. Acrylic.pk Mr. Block-A. Nafees ur Rehman Exporter:Sea food and Frozen Food Importer:Sea food Processing Acessories Manuf:Seafood M/s.Mail shadi@dewangroup.DEWAN MOTORS (PVT) LIMITED F. Dewan Centre.Karaci Tel: 2312242. Dewan M.DEWAN MUSHTAQ MOTORS CO (PVT) LIMITED.com.dfml@dewangroup.DEWAN SONS 155.. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail mahsan.pk Mr. Importer:Mfg.DEWAN MUSHTAQ TEXTILE MILLS LTD. of Knitting M/s. 3-A.com.com. Block-A. Dewan Centre.Mail sultan_dtml@dawngroup.DEWAN SUGAR MILLS LIMITED 2nd Floor. Beach Hotel Road. Tel: 111-364-111 Fax: 92-21-3563086 E.Mail sqasimi@dewangroup. Dewan Mohammad Yousuf Farooqu M/s. Tel: 111-313-786 Fax: 92-21-3563084 E. Exporter:Cotton and Blended Grey Yarn Importer:Raw Cotton. Lalazar Beach Hotel Road. Dewan M. Bohri Road.pk Mr. Finance & Trade Centre. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Ayub Khalid. Opp: Custom House.Karaci Tel: 111-364-111 Fax: 92-21-3563082 E. Tel: 5205244.com.

net. Nishtar Road. 6/17. Grain Centre. Muhammad Fahad Dhamia M/s.A. Gul Plaza. Tel: 111-313-786 Fax: 92-21-5610245 E.Bags Ethanol M/s. M. E. 4th Floor. Dandia Bazar. Exporter:Cotton and Blended Grey Yarn Importer:Raw Cotton. D-1.Importer:Raw Sugar Manuf:Refine Sugar P. Zohaib Exporter:Mobile Accessories M/s. Block-5. Rice M/s. Ayub Khalid.322-323. Textile Machineries Manuf:Cotton and Blended Grey Yarn M/s.DHAMYA TRADING COMPANY Office No.Mail dhartcommodities@yahoo. Tel: 021-32752882 Fax: 021-32752852 Mr.DEWAN TEXTILE MILLS LTD.pk Mr. Near City Court. Jinnah Road. Bhimpura.co2hotmail. Muhammad Jawaid Exporter:Textile made ups and Garments M/s.com Mr.A.Mail nasirdharhan@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 32741280 Fax: 92-21-2741276 Mr.com Mr. Dewan M. Shahzaib Alam Tanveer Exporter:Pulses. Saeedabad. 0300-926743 Fax: 92-21-2621655 E.Karaci Tel: 32713354-55 E. 3-A. Plot No.DEWAN TRADERS Shop # 62.pk Mr.G. M. Gul Plaza. Beach Hotel Road. F. 5874348 Fax: 92-21-5874348 E.Mail akbani@cyber.net. Mohammad Imran Dewany Exporter:Textile Garments Manuf:Garments M/s. Tel: 5379511. Akhara Bldg.Karaci Tel: 2411117 Fax: 92-21-2470206 E.Mail dhamiatra.III-F.DHARTI COMMODITIES Askari Arcade. Nasir Ali M/s.P.com Mr.Mail dewanycorporation@yahoo. Dewan Centre. Lalazar. Area. Kehkashan.DHANAK INTERNATIONAL F-26/2. Block-79/19. 1st Floor. Baldia Town.3Karaci Tel: 38295515.com . Acrylic.9. Jinnah Road.Mail sabir-p@cyber.DEWANY CORPORATION Plot No. Clifton.DEX INTERNATIONAL Suit#02.DHARAN GIFT CENTRE Shop# 64. Nazimabad No.

Mail info@dhedhibrothers.Mail sapphire@khi.DIAMOND FABRICS LIMITED 313-314.S. 126/3. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 7734402.C.DHEDHI BROTHERS Plot # 25/16. M/s. Hassan Ali Exporter:Rice/Food stuffs M/s.Mail dhirani@cyber. Shahrah-e-Faisal.DIAMOND ELECTRONICS Shop No.9. Part and Chemicals .O.S. Pulses. M/s. Sector 12/C. I.DHIRANI TRADING COMPANY 237.DHL PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 162. Off: Alamgir Road.com Mr. Tel: 111500000 Fax: 4529964 E.DHINGRA TEXTILES (PVT) LIMITED 315.Karaci Tel: 4380954-56 Fax: 92-21-4389300 Mr. Abdullah Haroon Road. Abul Hassan Isphani Road.DHELAY WALA & CO.pk Mr.pk Mr. Termeric Finges.Karaci Tel: 34945747. M/s.E. P. Exporter:Textile Goods M/s. Box-11595. Amir Shafiq.com Haji Tayub Dhedhi. Industrial Area Tel: 36963091-92 Fax: 92-21-3695449 E. M.. Shanker Lal Dhirani. Sarfraz Siddiqui M/s. North Karchi.Karaci Tel: 2410930. Bilal Abbas M/s. Block-6. Exporter:Cotton Cloth Importer:Machinery.DIAKOB INTERNATIONAL G-3. Cotton Exchange Building.com. Muhammad Hanif.Mail imranahmed@dhl.I. Exporter:Red Chilles. P. Maqboolabad. Seeds. Tel: 34640883 Mr.Mr. Business Arcade. Banglore Town.net.H. Saddar. Shahrah-e-Faisal.03008290847 Fax: 92-21-34949575 Mr. Al-Rehman Trade Centre. 7761126 Mr. Red Chilles and Spices M/s. Importer:Black Pepper. 2nd Floor. Dry Red Roses and Rice. Al Haroon Centre. Pioneer Arcade.Karaci Tel: 2443516 Fax: 92-21-2443517 E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Kasumbi. 111-000-10 Fax: 92-21-2416705 E. Mohammad Abdullah. Chundrigar Road.

Adj. M/s.I.com Mr. 5682289 Fax: 92-21-5681968 Mr. Block 2.Mail diamond@cyber. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5681968. Chemcials. Textile Machinery Manuf:Ring Spun Cotton Yarn.C. Pigments.T.I.pk Mr. Platinium Plaza. Ghulam Murtaza.. Tel: 2560095-97 Fax: 92-21-2561321 E. Muhammad Iqbal. 152-G/1.com Mr.Manuf:Cotton Cloth M/s. Behind Liaquat Market. Importer:Iron & Steel Flat Rolled Products M/s.Mail diamond-rubber@hotmail. Tel: 111-111-666 Fax: 92-21-2570955 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2410663-64 Fax: 92-21-2414396 E.DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION LIMITED 702. Colours.101.SKaraci Tel: 34534670-1 Fax: 92-21-3453467 E. S.DIAMOND JEWELLERS Pakistan Handicrafts Market.I. 1st Floor.DIAMOND INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES F-210. Asif Inam. Rubber Products. Chundrigar Road. Importer:Raw Rubber. Muzammil Ejaz.E Mauripur Road. Uni Tower.E. Jubilee Centre. Bicycle Valve and M.net. Barkat Ali Ebrahim. Fabrics Importer:Raw Cotton.Mail diamondicc@yahoo.com Mr.DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL 3-6.Mail nps@fascom.Mail dintl@super.E. Dry Battery Cells M/s. Jinnah Road. Nylon Tyre Cord Fabrics. 2430933 Fax: 92-21-2416868 E.pk Mr. M.DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL Office No. Faisal Naseem. Paria Street. Valve Manuf:Bicycle Tyres and Tubes and Motocycle Tubes. Saddar.DIAMOND IMPEX CORPORATION House Of Italic. Khalid Bin Waleed Road P.net.Karaci Tel: 2416268. Abdullah Haroon Road. I.A. Importer:Insecticides. Kharadhar.DIAMOND RUBBER MILLS S/45. Exporter:Ring Spun Cotton Yarn. Fabrics M/s. .C.T. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2203312-13 Fax: 92-21-2201369 E. S. Bilal Ejaz. Exporter:General Merchandise Items. Air Freshener.H.

Mail arbarry@haseenhabib.DIAMOND STEEL INDUSTRY D-52. Parts & Accessores M/s.M/s. S.DIGITAL APPAREL (PVT) LTD. Federal 'B' Area. SITE.pk Mrs.S. Water Pump.I.DIGITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS (PVT) LIMITED. Chundrigar Road. 4-Badri Building. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.Mail diezel@diezel. M/s. Block-16. Nuzhat Arshad.Karaci Tel: 2418773 Fax: 92-21-2422754 E.com. Products Importer:Scrap Manuf:M.Mail digapp@khi. Sohail Ahmed Importer:Office Machines. Panorama Centre-2.DIGICOM TRADING (PVT) LIMITED Gemini Plaza.DIAMOND TRADE LINKS Suite # 501-A. Tel: 2575827-28 Fax: 92-21-2564580 E. Glass Towers.Mail diamond@digicom. Products M/s. Abid Hussain. Textile Processing M/s. Agha Khan III Road. Tel: 2575273-4 Fax: 92-21-2563114 E. I.E..DIAMOND TEXTILE (PVT) LTD.E..com Mr. Zeeshan Akhtar M/s.pk Mr.com Mr. Tel: 32711105-7 Fax: 32711099 Mr. Ishtiaq Hussain Exporter:M. Exporter:100% Polyester Fabrics Importer:Dyes and Chemicals. Clifton. S. Tel: 5214517 Fax: 92-21-5214537 E.DIAMOND TRADERS WSA 14. Exporter:Cotton Readymade Garments Manuf:100% Cotton Readymade Garments M/s. Tel: 32580214 Mr.Mail diamond#dtlinks. M.net.S.Karaci Tel: 5218611 Fax: 5678611 E.DIGITAL COPYING MANAGEMENT .T. F-528/B.T. 1st Floor. M/s.DIEZEL SPARES N SERVICES 60.compol.net Mr.Saddar. 39/A. Shahid Akram Chaudhry M/s. Arshad Amin.I. Zubair Motiwala. Manghopir Road.I. Machinery.Karaci Tel: 6337382 Fax: 92-21-6812669 Mr. A/28.

net. Shahjahan Centre. 48-J/1.Karaci Tel: 2700234 Fax: 92-21-2736209 E.33-C.C.net. Block-6. Kafil Shaikh. Ground Floor.Mail digapp@digitalapparels.E. Block-6. Saddar.Mail digital@cyber. P.C. Humera Centre. Naveed M. Sector 15.E.DIGITAL DIVIDEND C-151. Tel: 36337993 Fax: 36331351 E. Business Arcade..Karaci Tel: 4544533. Textile Accessories M/s.0300820849 Fax: 92-21-4389523 Mr.H. Tel: 34973529 Mr. Imran Shahid M/s. M/s.Mail imranshah75@hotmail.. Manuf:Refined Sugar. 188/1-A. Tel: 34541195-98 Fax: 92-21-3453450 E.DIGITAL PROCESS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.H. Umair Ahmed Jalil. Korangi Industrial Area.S. M/s.DIGITEX 1. Abdullah Haroon Road.DIGITAL DYEING (PVT) LIMITED F-528/B.(PVT) LIMITED D-90.27-A. Block-2..C. PECHS.com Mr. M/s. P. 4382359 Fax: 92-21-4390410 Mr. Plot No. S.Shahrah-e-FaisalKaraci Tel: 34301271-2 Fax: 34326798 E.Mail digri@cyber. M/s. Suhail Ahmed Rana. Importer:Computer.S.pk Mr. P.DILDAR ENTERPRISES .I. Block-9.B.E.com Mr.com Syed Babar Ali Exporter:Office Equipments Machine Tools M/s.DIGITAL SYSTEMS Shop No.T. Mohammad Aslam Motiwala M/s. Tel: 5069991-4 Fax: 92-21-5055729 Mr. Block-6. Javeri. M. F.E.H.DIGRI SUGAR MILLS LTD.DIGITAL SOLUTION R-35. Area. Tel: 2575827-8 Fax: 92-21-2564580 E. Mohsin Nagaria M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Block-9. Ground Floor.62.S.DIGITAL SYSTEMS & SOLUTION 21.. Muhammad Asim.pk Mr.Mail dss_one@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 34536399.

Exporter:100% Cotton Grey Yarn.Mail dingroup@cyber.Mail dingroup@cyber. 4-C.Custom House. M. M/s. Box-4696. A-7 & A-8.com Mr. Bohri Road.O. Phase-VI. Block-6. 1st Floor.pk Mr.DIMENSIONS GENERAL TRADING (PVT) LIMITED. Raw Cotton. Lalazar Area. Opp: Beach Luxury Hotel.Karaci Tel: 2428911-3 Fax: 92-21-2432188 E. Tel: 4381525. Imran Bashir M/s. Ocean Centre. Muneer. Rehan Shoukat M/s.Karaci Tel: 2315293 Fax: 92-21-2315294 Mr. 35-A/1. Old Rally Building.net.5610455 E.43 & 44. Talpur Road. Manuf:Finish Goat Leather for Shoe and Garment Industry. 4381511 Fax: 92-21-4380735 Mr. Slub Yarn. Jinnah Road. 100% Cotton Melange Yarn.pk Mr.DIN TEXTILE MILLS LTD.DIMENSIONS TEXTILE 80-E. M/s.O. Elaspan Fibers Manuf:100% Cotton Grey Yarn. Chemicals/Dyes and Raw Skins. PECHS. 5064441 Fax: 5610009. Muneer.A-6.M.DIN LEATHER (PVT) LTD.Mail alidgtl@yahoo. Manuf:Sweet and Nimco M/s. P. Ground Floor. P.M.Karaci Tel: 111-376-376 Fax: 92-21-277705 E.Karaci Tel: 5610001-3 Fax: 5610009. Opp: Beach Luxury Hotel. Authority. Slub Yarn Importer:Textile Machinery. Exporter:Finish Goat Leather for Shoe and Garment Industry. Iqbal Centre.DIN SONS & CO. 100% Cotton Melange Yarn. Aslam Pervaiz. Core Spun Lycra Stretch Yarn.5610455 E. Importer:Tanning Machinery.Karaci Tel: 5610001-03. Opp: N.net.Mail info@dilpasandsweets.DILPASAND SWEET MART D-43. Defence H. 35-A/1. Dildar Hussain. S.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5242712-13 Fax: 92-21-5242722 E.Room No.Mail rehan@fundsmi. . S. Suite No.com Mr. Box 4696. Ali Murad Al Mandoos Exporter:Rice Importer:Use Oil M/s. Core Spun Lycra Stretch Yarn. Lalazar Area. Bukhari Commerical Lane-8.A.

Saddar. New Neham Road Quaid-e-Azam Birth Place. Saddar. Main Clifton Road.Karaci Tel: 5052390 Fax: 92-21-5060366 E.DIVINE COMMODITIES 217-Uni Tower. Block-6. Muhammad Faheem Khan M/s.DOLLAR INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.M-4. Sector-27. 14-H. Tel: 35653769 Mr. I. D-85.DOCTOR'S DAIRIES & FEEDS 248/2. 5864957 Fax: 92-21-5866109 E. lst Floor. Rizwan Abdul Razzak. Exporter:Distribution M/s. 4th Floor. BR-5/24.I.M/s. S.com Mr.Mail dittuson@cyber. Importer:Grains M/s. Cattle Colony. Altaf ur Rahman.DOLA ELECTRONICS Shop No.Karaci Mr.Rafiq Electronics Market.DMF KHAN TRADERS Shop No. Chundrigar Road. Akhund Market Masjid. Tahir Khaliq. Exporter:Export Readymade Garments M/s. China Centre. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5681069 Fax: 92-21-5693351 Mr.Mail radiwan@cyber..DIPLOCORPS Suit # 48-A. M/s.com Mr. 2439940 Fax: 92-21-2438858 E.30.Mail mail@dollar-stationery.116 & 117. Riazuddin. Tel: 32415061-2 Fax: 92-21-3241506 E.Karaci Tel: 5220196-97. Tel: 2563535-38 Fax: 92-21-2571210 E.E. Street No-7.DISTRIBUTION SERVICES (PVT) LTD. PECHS Tel: 111-555-444 Fax: 92-21-4547855 Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.I.biz Mr. Plot No. .DIWAN TRADERS Shop# 14.Mail info@divinecommodities. Abbas Ali Merchant M/s. Niaz Ahmed Janjooa. Maqbool Zaman Shamsi Exporter:Fruits Veg. Importer:House Hold Electrical/Non Electrical Appliances and Bonded Ware Houses Supplies to Diplomats M/s.T. Sohrab Katrak Road.pk Mr.KharadaKaraci Tel: 2438877. Hamza Mamdani. Glass Towers.net. 132.net. Landhi.Mail diplocorps@gmail.DITTU & SONS GARMENTS Plot No.pk Mr.

Ahmed Naeem M/s. Shalimar Centre.DONI AND COMPANY 101.I. Jinnah Road. Plot No.DOSTSONS COTTON MILLS (PVT) LTD.DOTSEVEN SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED Suite# 8. Tel: 2430152-55 Fax: 92-21-2430156 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2205435-36 Fax: 92-21-2310623 Mr.DOMITEX 5/D.com Mr. Tel: 2434308. Clifton. 19-West Wharf. City Terrace. Off:I. 2419450 Fax: 92-21-2417025 E. Faisal Lodhia. Karachi Cantt. Nasir Aftab M/s.Manuf:Stationery Items M/s.0300-2239709 E. Jilani Towers. School Road. Abdullah Haroon Road. Box 6816.A.biz Mrs. Koranfgi Creek Industrial Area. New Challi. Muhammad Arif Dossani.Mail yakoob@safthome. Muhammad Arif Doni. 222. M/s. Jubilee Insurance House. Shahnawaz Building. 4th Floor. Sadek Nissar Dossa.DOLPHIN TEXTILE MILL (PVT) LTD. Jamal Iftakhar Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s. M/s. Askari-III. 2413832 Fax: 92-21-2423721 Mr.pk Mr. M. P. 5110422 Fax: 92-21-5110423 E. Dock Yard Road. Datari Villa.Mail shehla@dotsndashes. Tel: 5110421.Karaci Tel: 2410097. M/s. Chundrigar Road.DOSSA COTTON & GENERAL TRADING (PVT) LTD. Tel: 5693059.Karaci Tel: 5650673-74-75 Fax: 92-21-5683860 Mr.Mail datarinternational@gmail.DOTSN DASHES Sd-25. Exporter:Export of Raw Cotton Waste M/s.Karaci Tel: 32211512 Fax: 92-21-3221225 E. Shehla Rahat Khan . Sector 39.O.Karaci Tel: 5872611-3 Fax: 5872614 Mr.I. Shoeb Yakoob M/s. Opp: Haqqani Chowk. I.com Mr.net. Bath Island.DONGFENG BOARD PAKISTAN 105.Mail trade@dossacotton.DOSSANI TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED 19th Hotel Metropole. Chundrigar Road. Saddar.

Karaci Tel: 2410414. C-2. Najeeb Ahmed Quidwai Exporter:Garments M/s. Muhammad Ali M/s. Mulji Street.com Mr.Mail doubleeaint@cyber.V. Motiwala Appartment. Malik Anwar Goth.Mail dr. 813. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Mezzanine Floor. BR 5/6.Mail najeebquidwai@hotmail. Salim Ahmed Importer:Homeopathic medicines M/s. Off:I.pk Syed Firoz Haider. Mohammad Afzal Rathore Exporter:Sports goods M/s. Dawood Puta Road. Aslam Baig M/s. North Karachi. ATIF"S BRAND LAB 658/C. PECHS. SALIM AHMED & CO.com Mr. Appartment-4. Hasrat Mohani Road. Abdullah Haroon Road. 310. 3rd Floor.Manuf:Gem Stone Studded designer sliver M/s.DRASTIC EMPORIUM 545 Sunny Plaza.Mail drastickhi@yahoo. Atif Ali Khan M/s. Sets M/s. Tel: 37705823 E. Delhi Muslim Cooperative .I.DR.Karaci Tel: 34819525 Fax: 4817412 Mr.com Dr. Hashoo Centre.814 8th Floor Business Centre. 809.Karaci Tel: 2466668-9 Fax: 2466670 E. Block-5. 2nd Floor.com Dr. Chundrigar Road.net. SB-4/43. Tel: 2771777.DR.DOUBLE ACE ENTERPRISES A-56.B. Main Tariq Road. Main Rasid Minhas Road Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 6986637-9 Fax: 92-21-6982466 E.atif_khan@yahoo. Library Building.DREAM ENTERPRISES Plot # 38.DOUBLE A INTERNATIONAL Room Nos. F. Manuf:Deals in T. Area. Kharadhar. Block-2. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 36323037 E. Sector 16/B. Muhammad Irfan M/s.DOW FABRICS Office # M-21.com Mr. 2770807 Fax: 92-21-2720807 E.Karaci Tel: 5214703 Fax: 5214703 Mr.DOUBLE AEY ENTERPRISES Room-5.Mail drsalim@draslim. Tel: 2633593 Fax: 92-21-2630230 E.Mail ibrothers17@hotmail.DREAM CONSULTANTS F/4-16.

S.com Mr. Exporter:General Items M/s.pk Mr. University Road.pk Chaudhry Gulzar Ahmed M/s. Arkay Square Ext.M.Karaci Tel: 7210354.Mail dsi@dsitextile.mirza@yahoo. Tel: 6364310 E. Plot No.C-30/13. Sector 12-D.Karaci Tel: 4381958-9 Fax: 92-21-4387613 E. Nishtar Road.Housing Society. Inam Ul Haq. 7225958 Fax: 92-21-7729384 E.R. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com . Faraz Mirza M/s.. Khayaban-e-Jami. Block-22. 8/29. Mohammed Iqbal Patel. Opp: Arts Council Behind Sindh Assembly Building. Block 13-A. Gulzar Ahmed.Mail ayaz. Kamran Ashger M/s.Karaci Tel: 2423622 Fax: 92-21-2428081 E. North Karachi Industrial Area. Bldg. Tel: 6994821 E. Services:Family Resort Having Water Spaits and M/s. AM-65. Korangi Industrial Zone.net.net.Mail stml@cyber.Mail mipdream@yahoo.DS ENGINEERING SERVICES 407.Karaci Tel: 4801942-4922037 Fax: 4809021 E.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 35862211 Mr.com Mr.net.2. Federal 'B' Area.com Ch. DHA. Opp: Ramswami KMC Hospital. Plot No. New Challi.DREAMWORLD LIMITED Dreamworld Tower.Mail dreamland@hotmail. Sector-16.Karaci Tel: 2219236 Fax: 92-21-2219207 E. Strachen Road. Dilawar Husain Manuf:Electrical switchgear M/s. Tel: 111-374-374 Fax: 99-21-3506046 E. Street-19.pk Mr.DRY-X (PVT) LIMITED DP-29/A.DRILL AIDS SERVICES 6/33.Mail kamran_acyber.11/10. Sajjad Ahmed Khan M/s.Mail restorts@dreamworldresort.DREAM RESORTS LIMITED LA-10.DRESS MART GARMENTS Office No. Altaf Hussain Road.DREAM LAND ENTERPRISES L. Services:Building Contractors and Planners M/s.Mail dsengs@cyber. Trade Centre.DSI TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD.

sector 5/G.Karaci Tel: 32202246 Mr.DSIZC FARMS (PVT) LIMITED Plot # 11/10. Boat Building Yard. New Challi. Aftab M/s. Dil Sher M/s.DUAA ENTERPRISES Hussain Arcade Centre. Shahrah-e-Faisal.com .DUA GEMS Shop No. Plot 100 & 101.Mail dua_traders@yahoo. 5th Floor.com Mr. Muhammad Nazir Exporter:Man Made fiber. Korangi Industrial Area.304.Karaci Tel: 2416743 Fax: 2436084 E.Karaci Tel: 32275785-86 Fax: 92-21-32275784 E. Muhammad Abid Exporter:Garments.Mail info@dsizcfarms. Hasrat Mohani Road. New Karachi.DUA SEA FOOD A-3.DUA LUGGAGE SHOP Shop No. Near KMC Office. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.com Mr. 510. Shabbir Ahmed Desai Exporter:Textile M/s. Fish Harbour. Tel: 327766541 Mr. KCHSU. Rashid Mumtaz M/s.Mail praytogod_786@msn. Block 7/8. Madina Market. Sector 16.Karaci Tel: 35224490 Mr. Tel: 5063666-5064666 Fax: 99-21-3506046 E.Karaci Tel: 2441989.DUA TRADERS Suite No. 2440287 Fax: 92-21-2441989 E. Handicrafts etc M/s. Tel: 36905651 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4320686 Fax: 92-21-4541923 E. Habib Ullah Khan M/s.Mail vally-aly@yahoo.18. Chapal Plaza.DUA ENTERPRISES Shop No.DUA ENTERPRISES Plot No. Ground Floor. A-31.11.com Mr. Al-Rehman Centre.DUA INTERNATIONAL Shop No. Jilani Market. Bohrapir Saddar.Mail contact@duaaenterprises. New Jewellers Centre. Textile machines Importer:Chemicals Machinery Digital graphic Manuf:Textiles M/s.4.16. Altaf Hussain Road.com Mr.37/6. Mohammad Zubair Chhaya M/s. Arsalan M/s.Mr. Meezanine Floor. Garden.

Exporter:Export of Rice and General items M/s. Bin Qasim. Dubai Shopping Mall. Tel: 6640709 Fax: 92-21-6643492 E. Pakistani Market. New Cloth Market.A. Fibre Cloth M/s. Toti Khan M/s. 1st Floor. 2421017 Fax: 92-21-2570007 E.T.Karaci Mr.DUBAI CENTRE Shop No.net.Karaci Tel: 5611110 Fax: 92-21-5611430 Mr. 92.Mr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Durrani M/s. Block-6. Near Tower. Shahzad M/s. Ground Floor. 3rd Floor. Khan Road.A. Tel: 6349491 Fax: 92-21-6360995 E. Tariq Durrani.DUBAI FABRIC Shop No. M. Dubai Shopping Mall. Arshad Shafiq. Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s. Mohammad Hanif M/s.DUSTER SPECIALIST C-166. Afsar Khan M/s. Gul Plaza.DUAA ENTERPRISES A-22/205. M.DUBAI SHOP Karim Centre. Block 'H'.pk Hafiz Obaidullah Durvesh. Room No. Mohammad Shakeel M/s.com Mr. Pesticides.64/A. Main Tariq Road.25.Karaci Tel: 2570008. Zaibun Nisa Street Saddar. Steel Town.DURVESH INTERNATIONAL Room # 34.Karaci Tel: 35675818 Mr. Importer:Spendin Yarn. Salim Ullah.Mail durangarments@gmail.DUPONT PAKISTAN OPERATIONS (PVT) LIMITED 2nd Floor. Federal 'B' Area.DURAN GARMENTS R-99. Main Tariq Road. Block-4. North Nazimabad. M.DUBAI SILK CENTRE Shop# G-86. Refinish Paint.com Mr.Karaci Mr.DURRANI ASSOCIATES D-25. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 7770378 Fax: 92-21-7761374 Mr. KAECHS.Karaci Tel: 0300-3716959 Mr. 89. Bahria Complex-1. Jinnah Road. Mezzanine Floor. Ground Floor. M/s.Mail dur-int@cyber.Mail durrani-associates@yahoo. .

M/s..DUTECH (PVT) LIMITED 402.3.M. SMCHS. Frere Road.com Mr.Mail finance@dutechonline.Mail dyl@cyber. 5047476 Fax: 92-21-5048651 E. Punjabi Mansion. Al Rahim Tower.Mail dusterspecialist@yahoo.DYNAMIC ASSOCIATES Room No.E. Adil S.H.pk Mr.805.net. A.Mail dynamics@cyber. I. Lim Boon Yee Importer:Herbal Food Supplements & Personal M/s.DYL MOTORCYCLES LIMITED 40-C. Block-9.net. Tel: 2638273 Fax: 92-21-2630637 E. Block-6. Imran Zaki Exporter:Dusters Dish cloths Manuf:Dusters. Chundrigar Road. 1st Floor.C. Arshad Saeed Effendi. Odean Centre. Manuf:Yamaha Brand Motor Cycle M/s.S. Mehdi Towers.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4324475-7 Fax: 92-21-]4324479 E. Tel: 4541960-69 Fax: 92-21-4546777 E. Clifton. Tel: 5046773.7783321 E.pk Mr. Near PIA Booking Office.DYNAMIC INTERNATIONAL . Strachan Road. Noor ul Amin M/s.comm Mr. Yunus Dawood. Marine Point.Tel: 4551238 Fax: 4542431.111. Saddar. P. Muhammad Naheed Abbasi Importer:Chemicals M/s. Tel: 32430313 Fax: 32473524 E. A-115.Mail dwyne786@hotmail.DXN INTERNATIONAL PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 10th Floor.com Mr. Ashraf Lakhani.DYNAMIC ENTERPRISES Suite No. Kamdar M/s.Karaci Tel: 35689501 Fax: 92-21-3568194 E. Dish cloths M/s.com Mr.I. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail dxnpakistan@dxn2u.Karaci Tel: 2727565 Mr. Saddar.Mail mnabbasi69@gmail. Exporter:Aluminium Offset Printing Plates Importer:Aluminiul Coils and Chemicals Manuf:Aluminium Offset Printing Plate M/s. Avenue Centre.DYNAMIC CORPORATION Off # 3-B.DWYNE TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED Show Room# 10.

Tahir Plaza. Nazar Abbas Exporter:Engineering goods M/s.pk Mr. 20-A.Karaci Tel: 4526551 Fax: 92-21-4616592 E.DYNATIS PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.(Pvt) Ltd. Tariq Mahmood. Trawlers Importer:Interior.Mail dynamics_nk@cyber.Building. Korangi Industrial Area.DYNAMIC RESOURCES 503. KCHSU. M/s.210. Tahir Plaza.Karaci Tel: 4385916-21 Fax: 92-21-4535338 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2411176 Fax: 2439926 Mr. Tel: 5062291-92 Fax: 92-21-5062293 E. Fish Harbour.net. Suite # 301. Block-6. PECHS.com Mr. 405/406. Shahra-e-Faisal.No. Progressive Centre. Ground Floor.DYNAMICS ENGINEERING 711. Plot No. 65. 20-A. Saeed Ismail. Progressive Square. Ghoshala Building. Shahrah-e-Faisal.DYNAMIC TEXTILE BR 5/28.Mail sales@dynamicsengineering. Sector-27.DYNAMIC LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED. Askari Sons. Amin Osman M/s. Marine Faisal.Mail dynamics-nk@cyber. Parts Machinery Manuf:Wooden (Boats) Trawlers M/s. 5th Floor. PECHS. Block-6. M/s. Muljee Street. 5th Floor.DYNAMIC SHIPPING AGENCIES (PVT) LIMITED. Safdar Rezi Exporter:Colour Ink used in Packaging machin Importer:Colour Ink used in Packaging machin M/s.3.DYNAMIC INX 503.Mail dynatis@hotmail. Shop No.net. Salma Kamal Exporter:Child Garments M/s. West Harbour.Karaci Tel: 34523193 Fax: 92-21-3454516 E. 10-A. Importer:Resins and Enzymes Manuf:Liquid Glucose . Nursery Shahrah-e-Faisal. Exporter:Liquid Glucose etc. KCHSU. 1st Floor. Irfan Ahmed Faridi.Karaci Tel: 34985463-32201020 Mr. Tel: 34523193-34523195 Fax: 34545161 E. Moezuddin Exporter:Seafood.Karaci Tel: 111-718-718 Fax: 92-21-4546109 Mr.com Mr.pk Ms.

Ghias Ahmed Peerzada.Karaci Tel: 2211988 Fax: 92-21-2211989 Mrs.net.I.THE DYER'S A-95. 4th Floor. Printing..786 ENTEERPRISES E-24. Nadeem Lari. Equipment and Machinery Manuf:w Services:Indentor M/s.DYNEA PAKISTAN LIMITED lst Floor.Mail info@thedabs.Mail dynea@dynea. Jinnah Cooperative Housing Society.pk Mr. Abdullah Haroon Road.M/s. Fareed Chamber.33/12. Siddiqsons Tower. New Challi.pk Mr. Motandas Building. Akhtar Ali M/s. Jinnah Road. S.1108. Aurangzeb Khan M/s. 2213794 Fax: 92-21-2621686 E. Nuzhat Mansoor M/s. Urea/Melamine & Moulding Compound. Hussain Trade Centre. Sardar Khan Importer:Various goods for defence forces M/s. Tel: 35672131 Mr. Arkay Square Extension. 3. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Pulp. 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 32456535-32464689 Fax: 32439633 E.com Mr. Exporter:100% Cotton Knit Garments M/s. Super Highway.Mail thedyers@cyber.Mail dynamic_services@hotmail.net.THE DYNAMIC SERVICES (PVT)LIMITED Suite No. Terje Sunde Johnsen. Importer:Paper and Paper Board.A. Najmi Building.THE DAWN ASSOCIATE Suite No.com Mr. Chapal Plaza. Packaging Materials.Melamine. Hasrat Mohani Road. Importer:Methanot. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Block 7&8.THE DOMINION TRADERS 312.E. Altaf Hussain Road.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 32416167 .Mail dynic@super.THE DABS SYNDICATE 38-A. Manuf:Formaldehyde.T.com. Adeka PPG Edenot. M.DYNIC CORPORATION 12. Waste Paper. Tel: 6881126. 2nd Floor.Cellulose.Karaci Tel: 2628541. 6881127/29 Fax: 92-21-6881319 E. 5211205 Fax: 92-21-5662570 E.Karaci Tel: 5671203. Sharea FaisalKaraci Tel: 4520132-5 Fax: 92-21-4557167 E. M/s.

MOVERS Room No. Manuf:100% Polyester Garments.pk Mr. BR-5. Importer:Iron.net. Nasir Jan Muhammad. IV-C.E.net. MOHAMMED & CO.E. West Wharf Road.Mail ersolutions@gmail.3. 140-Marriot Road.Mail emovers@cyber.E. Chagla Street. APPAREL 1st Floor. Shakir E.O. COMMERCE GATEWAY PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.F.E. Dinar Chamber.S.. 4/8. 5527. Block-5. Block-1. M/s.Mail efa@cyber.Mail info@emdadabhoy.E. Tel: 2562976. AKBERALLY & CO.A. DADABHOY SILK (PVT) LIMITED E/1-A. & O. Off: Karsaz Road. Machinery etc. 100% Cotton Garments and Jersey Sheet Sets.E. A-2/2. Zulfiqar Ali Rangwala M/s. Iqbal Rahim. 2573202 Fax: 92-21-2563812 E. & C.E. Mansoor Ahmed Shaikh M/s.pk Mr.I. Fabrics 100% Cotton Jersey Sheet Sets.E. Dyes. A-21/C. Khursheed Nizam. Raghib Ikhlas.Mobin ur Rehman M/s.9. Tel: 2312890-92 Fax: 2311110 E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. HORIZONS 2nd Floor. Clifton. 245363 Fax: 92-21-3453633 E. Dadabhoy Exporter:100% Polyester and Cotton Garments. .1.E. M/s. Razzak. P. KDA Scheme 1.Fax: 92-21-2415534 Mr. A. Tel: 4812219 Fax: 92-21-4802636 E. Box No. Shop No. SOLUTIONS 1st Floor. TEXTILE AGENCY Al Pine Home No.com Mr. Importer:Worn Clothings and other Worn Articiles M/s.R.Karaci Tel: 5832326 Mr. 100% Polyester Warp/Tricot Fabrics M/s.E.net Dr. C-17. Street-1. Niazi Manzil. M/s. Nazimabad-4. S.T.Karaci Tel: 111-222-444. 2434345 Fax: 92-21-2435264 E.com Mr. Fl-13. Tel: 6622078 Fax: 92-21-6686659 Mr.Mail info@ecgateway. Tel: 2410359.M. Tel: 2431515 Mr. M/s. 1st Floor.

Central Hotel Building. 83.Karaci Tel: 2433706.Mail eastas@cyber. Uni Centre.EAGLE STAR ESTATE AGENCY 66 C. Tel: 2212693-5 Fax: 92-21-2212696 Shaikh Fakhruddin. Iqbal Mangrani. M/s. I. M/s. Commercial Area A.EAL SYSTEMS PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.EAST ASIAN TEXTILES 15-H. Saima Trade Tower.net.Karaci Tel: 111-111-584 Fax: 35841825 E.15th Lane.H.EAST TECH INTERNATIONAL Suite # 318.43858 E. DHA.E2E SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (PVT) LIMITED.com Malik Sajjad Ahmed Exporter:Knitted and Woven Garments M/s.EAST ASIATIC COMPANY 505.EA CONSULTING (PVT) LIMITED Al-9. I. Block 6. Tel: 4248236 E. M. Tel: 4388231-6 Fax: 4388237.EAST WEST COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE 1. Tel: 5681408-9 Fax: 92-21-5683472 Mrs.57.finance@eaworld.SITE.Karaci Tel: 34302765-9 Fax: 34302770 E.Box-6249. Mashrique Centre. Fabrics and Garments M/s. Saeeda M. 2423489 Fax: 92-21-2430527 Mr.com Mr. Ahsan Azhar Siddiqui M/s. Exporter:Bedsheet sets. Zeeshan. M/s. Hussain.Mail zahid@pakrealestate. Mohammad Adnan Siddiqi.C.E. Zahid Iqbal M/s. Shaheed-e-Millat Road.pk Mr. Block 7/8.S.Mail esapparel@gmail. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 5882890-91 E. Phase-II. P.I. Glass Towers. Abdid Butt M/s. Jinnah Cooperative Society.Mail zahid.O. Sir Shah Suleman Road.Mail admin..com Mr.com Mr. Room No. . Tel: 4142134 Mr.butt@e2escm. Chundrigar Road. P.Chundrigar Road. M/s. Main Clifton Road. Khayaban-e-Hilal.I. Civil Lines. Defence Housing Authority.Karaci Syed Muhammad Sarwar. 2nd Floor. Phase-VI.EAGLE ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED B-712.

Fish Harbour. Mohammad Amin Aziz. Jinnah Road. Mohammad Mustafa Colony. Naved Yunus. Qamar House.net. M. Exporter:Home Textiles Importer:Textile Machineries Parts.op. C.Karaci Tel: 2432370 Fax: 92-21-2429340 E.Mail smali@mrcro. Mujtaba Husain Siddiqi M/s.Mail eastco@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2311773.EASTCO INTERNATIONAL 16.EAST WEST CONNECTION Shope No. Tel: 32313304-11 Fax: 92-21-32310851 E.net.Mail sales@eastwest. Manuf:Home Textiles M/s. Asif Sheikh Javaid.net. M/s.A.pk Mr.1.P.pk Mr. Block-M.EAST WEST COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE Room No. 19.Mail ewire@cyber. Rafiq Centre. M/s. & Berar Co. Mohammad Salim Habib. Ground Floor.Karaci Tel: 5685945 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2422879 Fax: 92-21-2415390 E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.EASTERN AGENCIES CORPORATION . 410. Manuf:Material Handling Equipment castor M/s. Central Hotel Building. Main Shahrah-e-Orangi. Abdullah Haroon Road.com Mr. Off: Amir Khusro Road. West Wharf Road.EAST WEST INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. Exporter:Industrial/Building Material M/s.EAST WEST ENTERPRISES Suite# 4. 2310368 Fax: 92-21-2311770 E.com Syed Iftikhar Zaidi Importer:Pharma M/s. M-965. 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 6658126 Mr. Sector 11 1/2. Arkay Square Extension. Mohammad Israrul Haque.pk Mr.Mail atcewe@cyber. Housing Society. Saddar. Block 7 & 8.EAST WEST ENGINEERING INTL.Exporter:Textile Made Ups Importer:Machinery Spares Services:Indenting M/s. Civil Lines.EAST WEST PHARMACEUTICALS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED C-3.Karaci Tel: 35681408-35681409 Fax: 35683472 E.

net. P. Exporter:Manpower and meat & Livestock M/s. Suite 4-6.O.EASTERN COMMODITIES CORPORATION 29/3-D. Eastern House 9. Block-6. Block-2.I. Manuf:Chemicals M/s.285206 Mr. Keamari. Tel: 2412265. Manghopir Road.A.Karaci . I.Karaci Tel: 4644114 Fax: 92-21-2254464 Mr.EASTERN CHEMICAL Plot No.C.pk Mr. Old Golimar.17-Aslam Motiwala Terrace. Jinnah Road.EASTERN CRAFTS ENTERPRISES H.EASTERN ENTERPRISES 10th Floor.O. Uni Tower. Tel: 2312135 Fax: 2312135 E.net Raja Mohammed Daud Janjua.274. M/s..E. Exporter:Cotton Rags Onyx M/s.EASTERN COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE Meclean Street. New Challi. Arkay Square Ext. Metrovill-3. Timber Pond. Muhammad Hafeez Khan Manuf:Onyx Marble wooden all kinds M/s.Area.com Mr. 2412266 Fax: 92-21-2416791 E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Mail rajadaud@easterncorp. 4521357 Fax: 92-21-4548169 E. Plaza Quarters. P. Wasif Shah M/s. Tel: 7724636. Mistry Khan Village. Hussain Lasanwala. Korangi Industrial Area. Abdul Qadir.Mail rahid@cyber. Ship Spares and Ball Bearing M/s. M. Aquil Ahmed Exporter:Food Grain Importer:Food Grain M/s.pp: Cu stom House.Mail shakoo@khi. Raja Manzil.H.S.Mail ece_business@hotmail. Tel: 5057407. Chundrigar Road. Nursery Comm.EASTERN CORPORATION L-2381.Karaci Tel: 2851945-6 Fax: 2851354.No. Bohri Road. Sector-27.Box 4596. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.compol.. Abdul Rashid Janmohammad. 4533815 Fax: 92-21-4381080 Mr. 7724481 Fax: 92-21-7722633 E.83.com Mr. Importer:Machinery Spars.com Mr. Muhammad Ishtiaq.Karaci Tel: 2576739 E.Mail ibadullah04@yahoo. P.Karaci Tel: 4520330.EASTERN COMMODITY TRADING (PVT) LIMITED.EASTERN CORPORATION 905.Box-4851.

Saddar. Block-II.Karaci Tel: 4522525.Mail onyx@cyber.net. Roxy Centre. 2/2. 5651706 Fax: 92-21-5221183 Mr. Shahbaz Sakarwala M/s. M.EASTERN HERITAGE 4-F.com Mr. Exporter:Onyx/Marble and its Products. Stadium. Chandni Chowk.Karachi Apptt.T. Tel: 111-704-704 Fax: 92-21-2561452 E. Rafatullah Siddiqui M/s. 8 B/5. B-58.4948547 . 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 5654725. Services:Second Hand Cloths & Aorn Articles M/s.com Mr.EASTERN LEATHER CO. Willington Street.com Mr.Mail eastrn_marketing@gmail. Mohammad Shah Street.EASTERN MARBLE 3/28.A. Mohammed Shehzad. 26/1.Karaci Tel: 4948802 Fax: 8268487 E. Lakshmi Building.EASTERN GOLD CRAFT Plot No. Zafar Arcade. Importer:Pulses M/s. Moalimabad. 2425466 Fax: 92-21-2418612 E. Mewawalla. 11. Off: Shahid-e-Millat Road. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.EASTERN MARKETING A-31.EASTERN EXPO SERVICES SC-40 EG.Tel: 2422193. Plot No.E. Mineral Manuf:Onyx/Marble Product Tiles Tops Handicraft M/s. Mohammad Waseem Vohra. Tel: 7513639 Fax: 92-21-7513182 Mr. M/s. 4558471 Fax: 4548085 E.EASTERN OPTICAL CO.Mail info@eastern-garments. Jinnah Road.I. Jamaluddin Aghani Road.Mail info@easternserv.Mail tradeast@cyber. Handicraft Marble. Mohamad Hanif. Exporter:Knitted Garments. Tel: 0300-8238006 Fax: 92-21-6621054 Sh. M/s. Muhammad Azam. Chemicals M/s. Noor Mohammed E.. Buland Akhtar. Juna Market. Tel: 03452250898 E.pk Dr.EASTERN GARMENTS (PVT) LTD.3. Tel: 2416182. Fl-20. Exporter:Textiles Importer:Plastics Raw Materials. S.net.pk Mr. Nazimabad. Manuf:Knitted Garments. 2417467 Fax: 2415269.

Park Towers.EASTERN SHIPPING COMPANY LIMITED.Karaci Tel: 5832929.Karaci Tel: 2851951-6 Fax: 92-21-2851354 Mr. Jinnah Road. 21. Kashif Centre.EASTERN PAINT AND VARNISH WORKS A. S.com Mr. Federal 'B' Area.Karaci Tel: 4580182 Fax: 92-21-4595313 Mrs. 9th Floor. West Wharf Road.H. Hasan Aamir M/s. Afaq Ahmed Khan.EASTERN OPTICAL INDUSTRIES C-42. North Nazimabad. Estate Avenue. Kehkashan Waheed M/s. Eastern House. Sarfraz M/s.Mail eastern2@super. Exporter:Cotton Textiles. Block 'B'. Keamari.EASTERN SERVICES (PVT) LTD. SITE. Tel: 2580020 Mr. Tel: 32315016-18 Fax: 92-21-3231034 E. Zaibun Nisa Afzal. I.EASTERN STONE E-102.M.Karaci Tel: 6903131 Fax: 6903131 Ms.EASTERN SEA TRANSPORT (PVT) LTD.Mail OPERATIONS@EASTERNSHIPPING. 98. Gulzar Chambers. 827 Muhammadi House.Mail east786@yahoo. Importer:Medicine M/s. M/s. Shadman -01. House Hold Linen.A. Tel: 2413915 Fax: 2411448 E. 9. M. Sector 14-B. Shahrah-e-Firdousi. Services:Shipping Agents M/s. Rashid Minhas Road. Chundrigar Road.pk Sheikh Muhammad Zulfikar Yaqub. . Aquil Ahmed.EASTERN TEXTILES (PVT) LTD. Kitchen Items M/s. Kitchen Items Manuf:Cotton Textiles. Block-2. 583792-95 Fax: 92-21-5830400 E.E.net. Importer:Pesticide and Chemicals M/s. Gulshan-e-Jamal. Ziaullah Sheikh. 205-208.Mail sales@esterntextiles. Azizabad.EASTERN TRADING CORPORATION 904.I.net.PK Mr. Tel: 6322110 Fax: 92-21-6312530 Syed Afzal Hussain M/s. Clifton. House Hold Linen. 9-Timber Pond.pk Mr.EASTERN TRADERS R-144.

Karaci Tel: 2783126 Fax: 92-21-2786826 Mrs.Karaci Tel: 2437770. Importer:Stationery items Office Machines M/s.E. KHANDWALA & CO. Mulla Jafferji Building. 5660489 Fax: 92-21-5680436 Mr. Riaz Ahmed Malik M/s.Mail tata@super. Jabbar Plaza. C-32/3. KDA Scheme No.EBRAHIM KASAM & CO. Tel: 4534488 Fax: 92-21-4393088 Mr.1. Mansfield Street. Faheem Pasha.Karaci Tel: 32581073-77 Fax: 92-21-2572385 E.com Mr.ECKO ASIAN AGENCIES Room No. Nooruddin Siraj. 17-18.Karaci Tel: 7778334.EASTLAND INDUSTRIES CORPORATION LIMITED B-60. Abdullah Haroon Road. Daryalal Street.Shahra-e-Faisal.EBRAHIM ABDOOLALLY & CO. T. 2437103 Fax: 92-21-2441866 E.T.EBRAHIM HAJI ZAKERIA 12 MR6. Khandwala. 4th Floor.J. Saddar. S. 7723158 Mr. pHASE ii.Mail bestpak@cyber. Manuf:Titanium Di Oxide M/s. Services:Indenting Agents M/s. Quaid Jauhar F. Manghopir Road. 2437778 Fax: 92-21-2416891 . 30. Near Tayyebi Dawakhana.com Mr. M/s.pk Mr. Exporter:General Items M/s.net. Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Printing Ink M/s. Tel: 35310607 E.Mail riaz. Defence View. M/s. Abdul Aziz Dhaduk. Qadeer Athar Zia.I.EBRAHIM M. Mohammed Shah Street. Fatema Abbas. Importer:Chemicals. Uni Shopping Centre.Karaci Tel: 5660471. Saddar.EASY INTERNATIONAL 3rd Floor.. Writers Chambers.Karaci Tel: 5214101 Fax: 92-21-5662626 E.malik@msn. 303. Abdul Rasheed Zakeria.EASY DEAL f-50. Mumtaz Hassan Road.Mail eastland_d60@hotmail. Tel: 2425666.net.pk Mr. Jodia Bazar.

Askari-IV. 2437770 Fax: 92-21-2416898 E. Khayaban-e-Iqbal.pk . KDA Scheme 5.Karaci Tel: 5066772-3 Fax: 92-21-5066774 E.net. Services:Custom Agents M/s. Exporter:Grey Fabric Manuf:Grey Fabric M/s.pk Mr. Writers Chambers.2FT3.Mail headoffice@accopack. Mezzanine Floor.com. Junaid Mahmood M/s. Siddiqui M/s.ECO CHEMICAL Opp: 01. Plot No. Clifton.ECONOPACK (PVT) LIMITED M-14. P&T Colony.Karaci Tel: 35477661 Fax: 35477661 Mr.Mail info@ecofriendlyfuels. Sun Set Lane-6.Mr. T-20.Mail info@econopack.Karaci Tel: 35889972-35800800 Sheikh Muhammad Asghar M/s.com.pk Mr. 19-West Wharf Road.com. Block-10-A.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2437778.Karaci Tel: 5361231-6 Fax: 92-21-5361242 E.ECKO TEXTILES (PVT) LTD. Khurram Sami M/s.Main Clifton RdKaraci Tel: 5639515. The Plaza. Haroon Farooki.pk Mr. 30. Korangi. Sector 31-A. Haroon Farooki.ECU LINE PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Al Musavir Crown Plaza. Mumtaz Hassan Road. 5639525 Fax: 92-21-5639516 E. Glass Tower.102. Fawad M. Hussain Jamil Importer:Pet Bopp Film Color Manuf:Pet Bottle M/s.Mail ecohealth@live.com. 4th Floor. Main Rashid Minhas Road. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 2nd Floor.Mail ecupak@cyber. Block 9. Phase-2. Plot# 3-C.ECOPACK LIMITED Suite# 206.ECO-FRIENDLY FUELS (PVT) LIMITED E-50. Tel: 32623221 E.Mail info@ecko.ECLAT INTERNATIONAL Office No.ECO HEALTH PRODUCTS 113-A.Karaci Tel: 2205492-7 Fax: 92-21-2204576 E.pk Sheikh Waqas Khurshid M/s. Hawmsons Building. DHA.

M/s.Mail etaq-mmhabibullah@hotmail. Exporter:Onyx. Mir Karam Ali Talpur Road. Federal 'B' Area. 5821829Fax: 92-21-5830521 E.Mail abid@edwardsupplies.com Mr. Block 7/8 J.EDGRO (PVT) LIMITED FL-2.Karaci Tel: 5866137-9. C-4. Abid Raza Exporter:Textile M/s. 36623512 Fax: 92-21-6623512 E.S.com Mr.com Syed Nadir Arsalan M/s. Suleman Plaza.. Muhammad Naeem M/s.310. Books Literature for Library Importer:Books for Library use to improve knowledge M/s. Clifton. S. Stadium Road.E. Moizuddin Habibullah.EDEN PRIME DIPLOMAT ENTERPRISE Suite No.C. Block-13-A. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. A-6. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Mail edenboypk@yahoo.I. Near Taj Company.EDWARD & SUPPLIES Osif Centre. Ahtasham Madni M/s.EDEN APPARELS lst Floor.EDUCATION ABROAD SERVICES Suite No. Block-5. Saddar. D-2. Aziz Damji.EDARA TAHAFFUZ AZMAT-E-QURAN 11/A/2/23. Kehkashan Town Houses.EDF SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED Maqbool Plaza. Nazimabad. Tel: 4946340 E. Tel: 34822403-4 Fax: 34822426 E.T. Importer:Pesticides Products Manuf:Pesticides Products M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.EFA ENGINEERING C-202.Mr.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 35673931 Mr. Al Amin Tower. 4thFloor.com Mr. Tel: 6802200 . Leather Goods.EF CORPORATION Office # 611.Mail info@edf.com Haji Mohd.khi. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 34837055 Mr. Tel: 34325140-41 Fax: 92-21-4325144 E.3. Babar Badat. Plot-6. Tel: 36601050. Muhammad Junaid. Mashriq Centre.. M/s. Block-6.Mail info@efcorporation. Faizan-e-Habib.H. 3rd Floor. Sher Afgan Malik M/s.Karaci Tel: 2582241-2 Fax: 92-21-2566633 E.Mail cdgroagri@hotmail.

com Mr. Basera Appartment.C. Chundrigar Road..Mail adilkaleem@efrotech. Block-4.pk Mr. 3rd Floor. Tel: 34974466 Fax: 34970121 E. (PVT) LTD. Tel: 7736618 Fax: 92-21-7763417 E. P. I. Services:Management Consultants M/s.net.C.compol. Muhammad Ali Importer:Machines and Tools Fitting and Acce M/s. 12-C.Mail shahid_wali25wali@yahoo.Mail efaengineering@hotmail. Clifton.Karaci Tel: 111-337-337 Fax: 92-21-4545266 E. M.A.E.H. Shamsi. Progressive Centre.EGEMI (PVT) LTD. HRH Agha Khan (III) Road.EGYPTIAN PAKISTANI TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES CO.Karaci Tel: 4389620-2 Fax: 92-21-4389623 E. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Block-2. M/s.I. P.EHAB TRADERS A-11. Nadir Khan Feroz M/s. Handicrafts Importer:Electrial & Electronics Items and Spares Parts M/s. Freed Chambers. 17.com Mr. Bambino Chamber. .EFFECTIVE ENTERPRISE 19. Tel: 5684523. Block-6.Mail efroze@efroze.com Mr. 5660905 Fax: 92-21-5683644 E.com Agha Jaffer Nusrat.EFU GENERAL INSURANCE LTD. Qamar (EFU) House.Gulshan-e-Iqbal.EFROZE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.E.S. Abdullah Haroon Road. Saifuddin N.Karaci Tel: 5360871-3 Fax: 92-21-5360874 E.S. I. Zoomkawala. Gul Tower. Muhammad Abdullah Feroz Exporter:Pharmaceutical Medicines Manuf:Pharmaceutical Medicines M/s.A.Mail vital@cyber.com Mr. Tel: 2313471-90 Fax: 92-21-2314288 E. 3rd Floor. Exporter:Textile Madeups.Mail saifuddin@efuinsurance.H.Mail shamsi@dellmail. Jinnah Road.EFROTECH SERVICES Suite# 301.com Syed Tariq Ahmed Shah Importer:Old Machinery M/s. C-33 & 34.com Mr.E. Ahmed Shawky Ahmed Osman Importer:Telecommunications Machinery & Part M/s..Mail egemi@khi.EHASAN INTERNATIONAL 609.

M/s. Jinnah Road. Near Jahanabad Police Chowki.A. Mohammad Altaf. Textile Fabrics & Made Ups.EJAZ & CO.net.W. Shershah Kabari Bazar.EHTESHAM PACKAGES (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.Mail ehsanint@cyber.com Mr. M/s. Phase-1. Allah Malik Godown.Karaci Tel: 35835871-4 Fax: 35887355 E. S. Tel: 6612091. Salahuddin M/s. Laxmidas Street.Tel: 2443577 Fax: 92-21-2432988 Mr.126. Behind Motandas Market. Marston Road.EJAZ ENTERPRISES 86-Zahra Squre.EHSAN RAHIM ENTERPRISES Room# 5-A. Nazimabad # 3. 5-B.EHSAN SONS 16-17. Mehboob Salam.39/A. Mohammadi Cloth Market. Muhammad Khalid Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 2421756 Fax: 92-21-2411756 E.Karaci Tel: 2400902-3 Mr. lst Floor. Exporter:Leather Garments. Tel: 7513266 Fax: 7513266 Mr. Aurangabad. .pk Mr. M/s. Mohammad Ejaz. M.EJAZ & COMPANY Plot No. 7760031 Fax: 92-21-7761480 Mr.Karaci Tel: 0333-2147171 Mr.2-E.Karaci Tel: 2316278 Fax: 92-21-2201829 E.EHSAN BROTHERS 21 & 26. Room No.EHSAN YOUSAF STORE River Road. M. Fayyaz Ahmed M/s. 6612907 Fax: 92-21-6612091 E. 2nd Floor.Mail ejazand-co@yahoo. Tel: 7720215.com Mr. Tower. DHA Industrial Area. M/s. Mazharul Haq.com Mr. M. Ehsan Yousuf Chohan Exporter:Textiles M/s. Dilkusha Chambers. Juna Market.Mail ehsanson@hotmail. Jinnah Road. Mehboob Mansion.A. Eijaz Khalid. West Wharf Road. M.EHSAN INTERNATIONAL GASES 40/9. Muhammad Bukhsh Sons Building. Jewellery Importer:Plastic Raw Materials M/s. Korangi road.Mail info@ehteshamprocess.

P. Uni Centre. I. Block-2.EKADA CORPORATION 173-G.pk Mr. Exporter:Broad Width Cloth Importer:Home Textiles. 7. Block-9.Mail quality_forum@hotmail. Kharadhar. Mohd.C. Ehsan Imtiazi M/s. 5831276 Fax: 92-21-5874123 E.N. M/s. Chundrigar Road.07. The Forum.Mail contact@ninaindustries.E. Ejaz Tarmohd.4525698 E. Darul Uloom.27816 . G-3/1. 2414400 Fax: 92-21-2418800 E. Manuf:al-zainab20@yahoo. Yameemuddin Sheikh. Fleet Club. G-20. M/s.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 8260112 Fax: 92-21-5042583 E. Block-8 Clifton Road.EKDATA ENTERPRISES Plot No. 8th Floor. Yunus Dada.Mail ejazent72@hotmail. Korangi Industrial Area.H.com Syed Omer Hussain Shah Importer:Electrical Appliances M/s. Sector 28. 4540614 Fax: 4545188.Tel: 2422127 Fax: 92-21-2422149 E. I.Karaci Tel: 2435625 Fax: 92-21-2430135 Mr..com M/s. Clifton Pride. Tel: 32466568 Fax: 92-21-3246656 E. Importer:Coconut and Kiryana Items M/s.S.Mail asimkhan@ebco.ELAHI ASSOCIATES Shop No.Karaci Tel: 5831275.Mail ejaztarmohd4400@hotmail.ELAHEE BUKSH & CO.com Mr.EJAZ ENTERPRISES 808-809.com Mr. 5831276 Fax: 92-21-5374123 E. Tel: 4527664. M/s. M/s.com Mr. Qasr-e-Fatima Building.com. 2781627 Fax: 2781631.ELAHEE BUKSH & CO (PVT) LIMITED 123-124. Jodia Bazar. Tel: 2783739.3.ELAHI ELECTRONICS 7 & 8. Bagh-e-Zohra Street. Muhammd Ejaz. Yameenuddin Sheikh.com Mr.EJAZ TRADERS Virjee Street.Mail ejazenterprises@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 5831275. Inam Elahi. Khayaban-e-Jami.Mail ekdata78@yahoo. Clifton. P. Iqbal Shaheed Road. Tel: 2415500.

Karaci Tel: 4817330 Fax: 4813768 E.Mail elahigroup@egc. Pulses.Mail elahi24@hotmail. Exporter:Cloth Merchant Manuf:Govet Contrectors M/s. Haji Faqirdad Garden.ELAHI SONS Room No. New Challi.ELECTRIC SPIN PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD 202-203.Sky Mark Tower Block 7/8. Block-6. Abdullah Haroon Road. Altaf Hussain Road.E.ELAHI TRADING CORPORATION Room No. Exporter:Mfg. M/s. Mohammed Aslam Shelot.3.2nd Floor.E.com.ELECTRO INTERNATIONAL 4th Floor. (PVT) LIMITED Suite # 1.Karaci Tel: 5677594 Fax: 5680712 .pk Mr. Gulzar Ahmed Exporter:Lock and Soap M/s. Assembly Repairs Servicing M/s. KCHS Union. St.ELATE C. Grains M/s. Exporter:Electrical and electronics equip. Farrukh Inam.C. Tel: 4911414.ELECTRO DYNAMIC WORKS Plot# D-5. Plot No. M.3. Exporter:Fabric Importer:Yarn M/s. M.com Mr. Abdullah Square. 3rd Floor. Grains Importer:Compressors. 2418748 Fax: 92-21-2430135 E.C.Karaci Tel: 2430133. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Mehar Terrace Mohammad Bin Qasim Road.H.2. Mr. Tel: 4325241 Fax: 92-21-4557658 Mr. Textile Plaza. Zakaria Moten.A. Abdul Baqi.com Syed Gauhar Hussain M/s. Tel: 4541960-67 Fax: 92-21-4546777 Mr. 43. Jinnah Road. Services:Eectrical Contractor M/s. Liaquatabad. 4922097 Fax: 4914313. P.Karaci Tel: 2418239 Mr. Kamran Ilahi Exporter:Pulses.4135252 Mr. Saddar.Mail info@elategroup.9. Yunus Dawood.ELECOM (PVT) LIMITED 40-C. Ground Floor. Block-3. (Burns Road)Karaci Tel: 2628590..ELECTRICAL ENTERPRISES 1. Rock Court.S.

pk Mrs. Mr. M/s. Appartments. Machinery M/s. Rock Court. 2.Karaci Tel: 6682630 Fax: 92-21-6682640 E.com Mr. Clifton Centre.ELEGANCE INTERNATIONAL G-173. Defence Officers H.ELECTROPOLYMERS (PVT) LTD.ELECTRO TRANS TOWERS A-15. Shireen Jinnah Colony.Mail elegant@cyber. Abdullah Haroon Road. Zain Ahmed Importer:Retailer of Electronics Items (Home Appliances) M/s. Commercial Area. Importer:Dyes Chemicals.com Mr. F. Exporter:Fresh Fruits. M/s. Noor Estate.net. Mohammed Saleem. Saddar. Larosh Restaurant Nazimabad No-2. Muhammad Rafique Rasal M/s.Mail eleganttt@hotmail. B-2.Karaci Tel: 5677594-5677481 Fax: 5680712 E. Kehkashan. App.Mail electroint1@gmail.Karaci Tel: 5804646-54 Fax: 92-21-5803131 E. Block-1. M/s. 79-C. Clifton. Tel: 4537855-56 Fax: 92-21-4548267 E.M. Rainbow Centre. Block-5.ELECTRO PRINTERS 2-D-1/13.Karaci Tel: 7736655. Ext II. Phase II.Mail eop@cyber. Abdullah Haroon Road. Saddar.ELECTRO INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. M/s. Subhan Bukhsh.ELEGANT ENTERPRISES 603. 5834714-15 Fax: 92-21-5871015 E.ELECTRONIC OFFICE PRODUCTS 305. 4th Floor. Handicrafts. Tel: 5873459. Nazimabad No.ELECTRO PALACE Shop # L-37. Importer:Office Equipment & Computer Products. Tel: 7771051 Fax: 7763307 Mr. Ground Floor. Clifton.net. Muhammad Rafique Rasal M/s. Naina Hassan Ali Dharani Exporter:Manufacturing of Auto Head Lights.ELEGANT ENTERPRISES 16-17. Nasimuddin Ahmed.net.Mail electrointl@gmail.pk Mr. Tel: 7787484 Mr.Mail dharani@cyber. Muhammad Tariq. Noor Muhammad M/s. Saddar. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Authority. National Highway. S.E. Hashoo Centre.pk Mr. 7761556 Mr.com .

com Mr.Mr.ELITE CORPORATION 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 34850418/34133288 Fax: 92-21-3413328 E. Altaf Hussain Road.ELEKTROTECHNIK 3.ELEGANT EXPORTS Plot No.com Mr. New Challi Altaf Hussain Road. 10 & 11. Hakim Manzil.pk Mr.com Mr. board and Importer:packing material M/s. Main Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Abid Chamber. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Mail info@elgacontrols. Marzook Mahfooz M/s. Hussain Trade Centre. Tel: 2623724 Fax: 92-21-2625115 Mr. Hasan Mansion. Tel: 2215745-46 Fax: 92-21-2633034 E. 4th Floor. Sultan Ali.ELITE CHEMICALS 601. Exporter:Import of Paper card. Exporter:Knitted Garments Importer:Dyes and Chemicals Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s.6-B. North Karachi Industrial Area. Tel: 2563598-2582541 Fax: 2564670 E. Sajid Tanvir M/s.Mail drfaisalizhar@gmail.DP/18. Shahnaz Arcade. Karimji Building. Exporter:Cotton Bags Manuf:Cotton Bags M/s. Tel: 4973214 Mr. Muhammad Tahir Punjwani. SITE. 6th Floor. D-109.ELGA CONTROLS 5/30.Karaci Tel: 2215462-3 Fax: 92-21-2215464 E. Iqrar ul Haq M/s. Mohammad Abrar.Mail elias_garments@hotmail. Exporter:Leather Goods Manuf:Leather Goods M/s.com. Faiz Muhammad Fateh Ali Road.ELI LILLY GOHAR (PVT) LTD. Sector 12-C.Mail shadabrizvi@gmail.ELIAS GARMENTS (PVT) LTD. Faisal Izhar Importer:Chemicals and Machinery M/s. North Napier Road. Muhammad Yahya. Tel: 2767040 Fax: 4321390 .ELISONS Shop No. Tel: 2210458 Fax: 92-21-2620055 Mr.

ELITE HOSIERY MILLS A/2/A.ELLAHI SONS Flat # 5. 3rd Floor.Mail eliteexporter@gmail.ELLAHI NOOR TRADERS 6. Lane# 4.I. Zahid Umar.ELITE TRADING COMPANY Suite 316.Mail Ellahisons@hotmail. Tel: 2573435-9 Fax: 92-21-2564720 E. M/s.net.E. Alflah Market. Faizan Elahi M/s. Chundrigar Road.Mail elitecarpet@cyber.pk Mr.pk Mr.T.com . Hasrt Mohani Road. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Tel: 5896116 Fax: 92-21-5896113 E.Karaci Tel: 2416390.net. I. Defence Housing Authority. 2430586 Fax: 92-21-2623147 Mr. Sehar Comm.ELITE PUBLISHERS LTD. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2776249 Mr. Near Uni Plaza.I. Saddar. Tel: 2574977 Fax: 92-21-2572844 Sheikh Nadeem Mushtaq.Mail elite_corporation@hotmail.pk M/s. Exporter:comodity@cyber. Manuf:Gems Stones M/s. Tel: 2411036.ELITE EXPORTER WH-53. Cotton Exchange Building. Owais Mirza Jamil. Phase-VII. Sanjay Kumar M/s. Kamran Jafery. Saddar. Abdullah Haroon Road. Exporter:Hardware Whoelseller M/s.Karaci Tel: 5343097 Fax: 92-21-2436636 E.ELITE ORIENTAL CARPETS 19. S.2/55. S. Kutchi Gali No.3.I.ELKOSAR ENTERPRISE MR-1/93. Nasir Alam.T.com. Plot# 10C.Karaci Tel: 35211865 Fax: 92-21-35677233 Mr.Karaci Tel: 32643066 Fax: 3227066 E..E. Adamjee Dawood Road.E. Chemical Chambers. Off: Marriot Road. Mr. Technocity.com Mr. Faisal Mukhtar. 2411477 Fax: 92-21-2426848 Mr..Mail elite@elite. Manuf:Printing and Packaging. D-118. Denso Hall. M/s.ELLAHI GEMS & JEWEL Shop No. Ali Raza Jaffer M/s. 3rd Floor. Jewellers Centre.

3. .pk Mr.pk Mr.S.EMAD TRADE HOUSE C-12/1.EMAN ENTERPRISES 106. Tel: 4539381-82 Fax: 92-21-4551808 E.Mail moledina001@hotmail. 32731536 Fax: 92-21-3273156 E. Raja & Kausar Square. Tel: 36343365.Mail msp1@cyber. Sector 15. 264-R. Emad Shabbir.pk Mrs. Block-6. Federal 'B' Area. Block-5.net. M/s. Plot No. A. 38-W. Abdullah Haroon Road. Burns Road. P.ELTRONE INTERNATIONAL A-12.Karaci Tel: 35688223-35689546 E.C. Mohammad Saleem Wakani. Saddar. Clifton Cottage.ELLIAS HAJI MOLEDINA Ground Floor.Karaci Tel: 5682481-3 Fax: 92-21-5681175 E. Muhammed Arshad M/s.Mail mrsaya@super. Aamir Mehboob.G-15/2.5-A. Processing Machinery for Food Pharmaceutical.EM-AEY ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD. 36368399 Fax: 92-21-6671126 E.H.. North Napier Road.Karaci Tel: 32732915. Mohamamd Shoaib Paracha M/s. Exporter:Terry Towelling Made Ups Manuf:Terry Towelling Made Ups M/s.Mail compucenter@cyber. Cosmetics and Dairy Industry Services:Indenting M/s.com Mr. Importer:Raw Packaging Materials. Dar Wala Chamber. Importer:Second Hand Clothings and Shoes M/s.Mail shabbir@fascom.Karaci Tel: 35837371-2 Syed Atif Salman Hashmi M/s.EMAAD ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD Town House No. Korangi Industrial Area.E. Yasmeen Carim. Sidco Avenue Centre.net. Lines.EMAD TEA TRADING D-39.Mr. Tel: 5065021-22 Fax: 92-21-5051767 E.EM EM ENTERPRISE Plot No.net. 12th Floor.com Mr. Mehboob Mahmood. Burhani Chambers.Mail emem100@hotmail.com Mr. Exporter:Leather Goods Manuf:Leather Goods M/s. Block-9.

Leather Garments. Manuf:Sewing Thread M/s. 6328903 Fax: 92-21-6311634 E.EMCON ENGINEERING 501-A.com Mr. Saddar.pk Mr. Panorama Centre-2. Importer:Gen. Mohammed Imran Exporter:Gen. Near Denso Hall.Curtains.Karaci Tel: 32577645 Fax: 32577645 E. 4538153 Fax: 92-21-4538162 Mr.EMFORE CORPORATION C-107-1. Tel: 7761335. Salim Dawood Dadabhoy.. Street-4. Chemicals. Engineering Goods. Zahid Afaq Hakim.Karaci Tel: 2737351-52. Ghafoor Chambers. 3. 2732225-6 Fax: 92-21-2766200 E. Office No.Mail info@emanfabrics.O.Mail embassy@cyber.E. Jinnah Road. Muhammad Asghar Imrani.EMBEE INTERNATIONAL 4.EMAN INTERNATIONAL B-262. Block-4. Mosquito Nets.S.net. Imran Umar M/s.Mail info@emconengg.Sofa Slipcovers.Mr. Box No. Block-7. Mosquito Nets.H.Mail emcor@cyber. Roman Blinds. Abdullah Haroon Road. M/s. Cushion Covers. Fahim Ahmed.com Engr.EMCOR (PVT) LIMITED Jahangir Kothari Building.pk Mr. P. Tel: 6326472. Bara Boad. Exporter:Garment (Buying Agency) Importer:Iron & Steel.A. 7761345 Fax: 92-21-7760176 Mr. 21-A/6. Exporter:Jacquard Upholstery Fabric.Karaci Tel: 5218611 Fax: 92-21-5678611 E.com Mr. M/s.net. Samir Anwer Oosman.12 & 13.EMAN FABRICS (PVT) LTD. Saddar. Roman Blinds.EMC SYSTEMS (PVT) LIMITED Amber Castle. Oil Gats Machinery M/s. Tel: 4534161. Federal 'B' Area. Importer:Textile Machinery . Hasrat Mohani Colony. Sofa Slipcovers. Exporter:Textile. Plastic Moulding Compounds and General Merchandise M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road. Tel: 5672271-72 Fax: 92-21-5681372 E. M. Importer:Electrical Appliances. Oosman Chambers. P.C. Manuf:Jacquard Upholstery Fabric.EMBASSY GARMENT INDUSTRIES ST-45. Cushion Covers. . M/s. Javaid Asghar M/s.Mail imranumar2008@hotmail. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.

Adnan Ahmad M/s.EMKAY CONSULTANTS Shop # 1. Mumtaz Hassan Road. 7011339 Fax: 92-21-2420631 E. 2410680 Fax: 92-21-7221639 .Mail emit8@hotmail. M/s. Trade Tower.Karaci Tel: 5896181.EMKAY SHIPPING AGENCIES 702. Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail moeenqureshi26@hotmail.EMIRATES LUBRICANTS MARKETING 6-National Auto Plaza. Tel: 35381505 E. Main Annexe.EMI (PAKISTAN) LIMITED C/28.EMINENT INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL & TOURS. Phase-II Extension. Tel: 4537693 Fax: 4547839 Mr. 9/C. Tel: 2473118.I.Mail zminaz@gmail. Munawar Hussain Sufi M/s.EMKEY SHAIKH CORPORATION 25..EMIRATES SHIPPING AGENCY PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.Karaci Tel: 2417081-84 Fax: 92-21-2435315 Mr. Business Plaza.net.EMKAY ASSOCIATES 32/2.E. Saddar. Yousuf Chamber.pk Mr.com Mr. Tel: 32257106 Fax: 32257108 Mr. Zahid Muhammad Niaz M/s.com Mr. Marston road. Estate Avenue. 3214.Karaci Tel: 35694037-35689082 Fax: 35689085 E.Mail info@emkayship. Standard Chartered Bank. Tel: 5689080-83 Fax: 92-21-5689085 Mr. Box No. Abdullah Haroon Road. Muhammad Imran Umer M/s. Jodia Bazar.Chundrigar Road.com Mr. Daryalal Street. 5th Commercial Street. Mohammad Moeen Qureshi M/s. Ahmeed Riaz Manuf:Audio Cassetes M/s. Inayat-ur-Rehman. Inayat ur Rehman M/s.Mail emipak@cyber. P. Tel: 2433697. S. Mezanine Floor.com Mr. Sunset Lane-6. Defence Housing Authority. Trade Tower.I. Phase-4. U-14-B.T. Moiyed Mahmood M/s. I.KECH Society. 5896182 Fax: 92-21-5897445 E.EMINENT TRAVELS U-15. DHA.O.Karaci Tel: 2570121-23 Fax: 92-21-2310632 E.

Old Golimar Rexcer Lane. Khurram Saleem Minhas. Tel: 111-156-156 Fax: 2214128 Mr. Tel: 322500715 Fax: 32222866 E. 0322-2263922 E. A & K Chamber. M/s. Importer:Medium Density Fibreboard & other Allied Items. Mahmood Karim Sheikh. Street # 2. Manuf:fcl@cyber.EMPIRE TRADING CO. Emmanuel Bhatti Exporter:Garments Importer:Garments M/s. Progressive Centre.Mail emmrco@cyber. Tel: 7730086.Mail maagenciesgs@yahoo. Timber Market.EMNA PAKISTGAN (PVT) LIMITED RB-5/8. Gulbahar. Recorder House.com Mr. 14-15. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32204711 Fax: 92-21-3231049 E. . Pakistan Chowk.com Mr.net. Sector A.EMMANUEL BHATTI ENTERPRISES 128. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman. Main Shara-e-Faisal.EMMACULATE 507. Tel: 5898267 E. Arambagh Road.D-95.EMMAYZED PUBLICATIONS (PVT) LTD.Mail ed.pk M/s.EMPERIAL PLASTIC Shop No. Tel: 4559612-3 Fax: 92-21-4559636 Mr. Importer:Second Hand Clothings M/s. North Karachi Industrial Area. 7764575 Mr. 531-Business Recorder Road.net. Kashmir Colony. Siddique Wahab Road. Abdul Majeed. Misri Khan Village.Karaci Tel: 6690310. Muhammad Umer M/s.pk Mrs. Waheedabad. Muhammad Ibrahim M/s. Sector 16-B.Mail empiretex1@yahoo.EMPIRE TEX Plot # WH-2.EMMR & COMPANY Room No. Shehnaz Bano.Mr. 2nd Floor.com Mr. Manghopir Road.khi@br_mail. Tel: 2069299 E.EMPIRE ART A-215. M/s. Arshad Aziz Zubeeri Importer:Newsprint paper M/s. Ghulam Sarwar.Mail ammanvelbhattienterpriss@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 6685189 Mr.com Mr. 14-West Wharf Road.

Sharea Faisal. Tel: 4383346 Fax: 92-21-4383347 E.Mail emc_construction@yahoo.com Mrs.EMRAC ENGINEERING B-08.ENGINEERING BUILDERS& CONTRACTORS Suite# 309. M/s. 2639750 Mr. Muhammad Jawed Khan M/s.com Mr. Phase-VII. 15th Lane. P.EMPRISE INTERNATIONAL Hajra Bai Building. Box 824. Muhammed Tariq Haq Importer:Power Generator equipments M/s. SITE.e. Naphtha.Karaci .ENGINEERING ASSOCIATES AL-9. Darul Aman Housing Society.com Mr.O. Khayaban-eHilal. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Mail enar@cyber.net.Karaci Tel: 5841821-24 Fax: 92-21-5841825 E. Off: Hill Park. Block-7/8.com Mr. Ground Floor. Paper Market. Tel: 4241193-94 Fax: 92-21-4965886 E. Azharul Hasan Siddiqui. Block-7 & 8. Services:Consultancy Engineer and Architecture M/s. Mill Street. LSFO. Hsd.Karaci Tel: 5062791. Faiza Suhail Importer:Refrigeration Systems M/s.Karaci Tel: 4380001-2 Fax: 4545128 E. Jamil Ahmed.com Mr.ENAR PETROTECH SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED.Mail esolutions@energysolution. Arif S.ENERGY SOLUTIONS (PVT) LIMITED 187. PRDF Building. KMCHS.Mail enginering_building@yahoo. Saidleha Chamber.ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED No. 7-B. Defence Housing Authority.pk Mr. B-9/C1.Mail info@emraceng.Area. Block-6.Karaci Tel: 2627651.M/s.ENGINEERING CONSRUCTION INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED 21-G/1. North East of NRL. 29. JP-4. 5065210 Fax: 92-21-5067522 E. Exporter:Petroleum Products (Naphtha) Importer:Chemicals required for Petroleum Refining Manuf:Petroleum Products i. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Mehmood Ali Ahmed. PECHS. Zia Manuf:Civil Construction M/s. Block-6. Korangi Ind. M. Ner Habib Bank Chowrangi. Kerosene M/s.Mail info@eaworld.Karaci Tel: 32550809 Fax: 92-21-2550809 E.

. B-75. Exporter:Biscuits and Wafers Importer:Coconut Oil.S. Sector-23.C.paknet.com Mr. Sector 23. Muhammad Rafiq Moon M/s.Tel: 4542290-94 Fax: 92-21-4545255 E. No. Flavours.Mail efi@gerrys. Khayaban-e-Hilal. Shuaib Alam M/s.Mail enggserv@enggserv.680-681/C. Plot No. Defence Housing Authority.ENGLISH FOOD INDUSTRIES Plot No. Importer:Engineering Equipments Services:Engineering Consultancy M/s.Karaci Tel: 5841638-9 Fax: 5849119. B&H House.ENGLISH BISCUIT MANUFACTURERS (PVT) LTD. Manuf:Biscuits & Wafere M/s.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4546583.H. 5068110 Fax: 92-21-5053228 E. BOPP Films. Rashid Minhas Road.Mail info@esworld.ENGINEERING SERVICES Suite # 07.com Mr. Importer:Software M/s. Shaheed-e-Millat Road.ENGINEERING SYSTEMS AL-9.ENGLISH FIBRE AND YARN (PVT) LTD. Korangi Industrial Area. Tahseen Ilyas. Korangi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 5063131-38 Fax: 92-21-5060825 Mrs.B-20. Sameer A. Chocolate Chips. Tel: 5063228. Tel: 4534571-2 Fax: 92-21-4547596 E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com. P. 1-4. Exporter:Bubble Gum.Mail info@ecil.Mail engequp@isb.pk Mr. Khalid Mirza.E. 4824368 Fax: 92-21-4824370 E. Block-11. Saeed M/s.net Mr. 4542691 Fax: 92-21-4546584 E. 130.com Mr. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.. 3rd Floor. Allama Iqbal Road.Mail info@englishfibre.ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT (PVT) LTD Amber Court.03008235281 Fax: 92-21-34618336 Mirza Mahmood Baig M/s.Karaci Tel: 4820256-7. Main University Road.Karaci Tel: 34618336. Mezanine Floor. Ahsan Azhar Siddiqui. Saadia Naveed. 15th Lane.5841825 E.ENGINEERING SERVICES House No. Phase-VII. Block-15.

Clifton. Block 'B'. Marine Drive. Muhammad Faisal Hussian M/s. Clifton. Asif Qadir M/s.Manuf:Bubble Gum.ENGR WALI MUHAMMAD RAHIMOON & CO. North Nazimabad. Marine Drive. Shabbir Ahmed Zia Exporter:Wool M/s.karachi@gmai.Mail ensemble.ENSEMBLE PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 17-A/2.Mail askhan@engro. M/s. Bahria Complex-1. Block-4. Saddar. Harbour Front Bldg. Rainbow Centre. Block-4.Khalid Siraj Subhani Importer:Fertilizer M/s.com Mr. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5296000-4 Fax: 92-21-5295962 E. North Karachi. The Harbor Front Building. Abdul Samad Khan Exporter:Rice Importer:Fertilizer M/s. 205. Naushad Iqbal. Tel: 111411411 Fax: 5611600 Mr.ENGRO POLYMER TRADING (PVT) LTD 1st Floor. Tel: 6988172 E. Khan Road. North Central Avenue.Mail shabbirzia15@hotmail.ENROUTE TRADING A-674.com Mr.com Mr. Sector 11-B.ENGRO FOODS LIMITED 6th Floor. Block 4. Defence Housing Authority.ENGLISH LEATHER GARMENTS C-32. 24 M. Frere Town. Clifton. Al Waheed Homes.Karaci Tel: 5810540 Fax: 92-21-5886053 E. Phasse-1. HC# 3. Plot# HC-3.com .Mail info@engro. Tel: 5058309. M/s.Karaci Tel: 111-211-211 Fax: 92-21-5810669 E. Harbor Front Bldg.Mail info@enroutetrading.ENGLISH MOVIES VCD & DVD F-102/103.ENGRO EXIMP (PVT) LIMITED 8th Floor.T.Mail rahimoon@gmail. 6645834 E.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2780283 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35297501-10 Fax: 35810669 Mr.Clifton.. Scheme 5.ENGRO FERTILIZERS LIMITED 7th & 8th Floor.Karaci Fax: 35655974 E. Rose Street.com Engineer Wali Muhammad Rahimoon M/s. Sarfaraz Ahmed Rehman.

Super Highway.Ms.pk Mrs. P. M.EPIC (PVT) LIMITED 1/6-F. Khayaban-e-Roomi.Mail mumtaz@epic..H. Tel: 34542213. Fabrication. M/s.ENVICRETE LTD. CL-6/5. Abdullah Haroon Road.EPHARM LABORATORIES A-40.ENTICE SHIPPING SERVICES (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 5863826 Fax: 92-21-5871863 Mr.com. Room# 205.EPIC TRADING CORPORATION 1/6-F. P. Samina Mumtaz. Services:Recruting seamen for Foreign Principals as Licensed Agent M/s. Block-5.ENVITRANS (PVT) LTD. M/s. 5867909 Fax: 92-21-5864909 E. 34543613 Fax: 92-21-3454839 E.EPLA HEALTH CARE (PVT) LIMITED .Mail trading@cpic. Zeba Shahzad Hussain Importer:Garments & Clothign material Manuf:Ready mae Garments M/s.pk Mr. Tel: 5687001-8 Fax: 92-21-5684594 Mr. North Karachi .E. Manuf:Light Engineering Works.E.net. Khalid Firoz Arfeen..com. Ahmed Arcade.com Capt. Abdullah Haroon Road.. 6/4.pk M/s.ENVICON (PVT) LTD. Clifton. Khalid Firoz Arfeen.T. Exporter:General Items Importer:General items. (Adjacent to Frere Hall) Tel: 5210015. 111-456-567 Fax: 92-21-5213044 E. Commissioning M/s. S.C. Block 6. BC-3.pk Mr. World Trade Centre. Nusrat Iqbal. Erection.Mail info@enticeshipping.C.H.E.Mail envicrete@super.Karaci Tel: 6880760 Fax: 92-21-2443784 Mr. FL/10.S. Exporter:khi@gulistangroup. Mumtaz Ahmed. Khalid Ilyas. Civil Lines. Block 6. Manuf:Concrete Blocks M/s. Tel: 34543613. Clifton-5. 34542213 Fax: 92-21-3454839 E.Karaci Tel: 5837909.I.com. Services:Construction Management M/s.S. Khalid Firoz Arfeen.

Tel: 2577724-26.EPOCH PHARMACUTICALS Plot#83-85.631.Mail epochpharma@g. Marketing and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products M/s. Tel: 2415501-3-4 Fax: 92-21-2412275 Mr. Services:Indenting of Pharmaceutical Chemicals..EQUATOR ENGINEERING SERVICES Office No. Exporter:Pharmaceutical Products Importer:Pharmaceutical Products and Chemicals for Pharmaceutical Products Manuf:Pharmaceutical Products.com Mr.I. Saleem Abubaker M/s.Karaci .Mail zahiduera@hotmail. Saleem Ullah Shaikh M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Korangi Industrial Area. Toll of Pharmaceutical Products M/s. Mohammed Yousuf Shaikh.ahmed@orange-ftgroup.EPLA LABORATORIES (PVT) LTD. Jawed Ahmed M/s..EQUANT PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Tel: 5012835. Civil Lines. 6th Floor.com Mr.Mail info@epla-labs. S.Mail magic@epoxy.T.com. Sector-15. Chundrigar Road. Zahid Bashir Exporter:Cotton Yarn Importer:Cotton Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s. 5012868 Fax: 92-21-5840308 E.com Dr.EQUITY TEXTILES LIMITED The Cotton Exchange.E.I. I.Mail healthcare@epla_labs.B. Tel: 2577724-26.D-12.Mail jawed. 102-20/2.ERA MARINE AGENCIES Suite No. D/12. 2578826 Fax: 92-21-2561092 E.T. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Main University Road.com Mr. B. Muhammad Tariq Siddiqi. Estate Avenue. Tel: 021-5050480-81 Fax: 021-5061940 E.com Mr. 2/24. Exporter:Adhesives & Sealants (Magic Brand) Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Adhesives. 2/23.mail. Beaumont Road. M/s. Trade Avenue Tower-2. 4thFloor. Shopping Mall. CL-10. Sealants & Jointing Cements etc. 2578826 Fax: 92-21-2561092 E.pk Mr.E.05.Karaci Tel: 4637849 E. 3rd Floor. Estate Avenue.EPOXY INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED 2/22.I. S. Sector-21. Mohammad Haroon Siddiqi.Karaci Tel: 5654501-03 Fax: 5685118 E.

Sector -#.pk Mr.com.102. Ashfaque Ahmad.Mail estex@live.net.com Mr.EROSE MILL STORES Nicol Road. Muhammad Hassaan M/s.ESBHANI INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Korangi Industrial Area. Zamzama Comm.com Mr. Near PIDC.EROS PHARMACEUTICALS (PVT) LTD.Mail crika.ERUM CORPORATION G-4. Tel: 2427038. Rashid Mahmood Exporter:Animal Feed Importer:Textile Chemicals M/s. Muhammad Irfan M/s. M/s.ESA ENGINEERS Room No. M/s. MR-1/12.Karaci Tel: 6600047. Tel: 2435120. Bhittai Colony.pk Mr. 2436189 Fax: 92-21-2436189 Mr. Kanda Gali. 2438383 Mr.Mail esa@cyber. Plot No. Tel: 5053234 Fax: 92-21-5073235 E. Rafiq Rehmatullah. Opp: Wazir Mansion.com Mr.Tel: 32473460-63 E. Jodia Bazar. North Karachi Industrial Area.khi@pk.ey.ERIKA INTERNATIONAL Plot No.Karaci Tel: 36952916 Fax: 36952972 E. Muhammad Aftab. Mohammad Tahir Jamal.Defence H.Mail csv@ema.Mail frsh.ERNST LYOUNG FORD RHODES SIDAT HYDER Progressive Plaza. Plot No.Mail info@erospahrma.ERUM PLASTICS II-B-43.Karaci Tel: 5650007-11 Fax: 92-21-5681965 E. 103. 1st Floor.94.31-C. Commercial Area. 6622216 Fax: 92-21-6608248 Mr.AuthorityKaraci Tel: 5824858 Fax: 92-21-5839616 E. Ebrahim Sidat M/s. M/s.E-93. Sector-23. 6th Lane.ES TEX INTERNATIONAL Plot # L-108/117.com Mr. Nazimabad. Importer:Industrial and Hardware Materials M/s. Beaumont Road. .international@gmail. Korangi Crossing Tel: 35312100 Fax: 35312099 E. Phase-V. Khalid Akhtar Importer:Pharmaceutical Raw materials Manuf:Drugs & Medicines M/s. Sector 16-B.

32435481 Mr. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.com Mr. Tel: 6950833. Near Police Station. Tel: 2437497. Nasima Yousuf Exporter:Home Textile Manuf:Home Textile M/s. 6951723 Fax: 6997772.ESMAIL TOWELS AND TEXTILES Plot No. Luxmidas Street. M/s. Aslam Jooma Esbhani.com Mr. Shabbir Safri.com Ms. 1st Floor. PMA Building.Mail esbh@hotmail. Mohammad Hussain. Tel: 2439720 Mr.ESMAIL HAJI TARMOHAMED & CO. Exporter:Kinitwear and Bedwear Manuf:Knitwear and Bedwears M/s. F-497-A. SITE. . Kehkashan. Hamida Esbhani M/s. Hoor Centre.Karaci Tel: 2561636 Fax: 92-21-5206348 E. M/s. Old PTC Hub River Road. Abdul Qadir. Exporter:Import Second Hand Cloths. SITE. Tel: 2345511.ESQUIRE PACKAGING COMPANY LIMITED.ESMAIL ABDUL SATTAR & BROS. Block-7. Murad Khan Road. Z/5. 2443489 Fax: 92-21-2417462 Mr. Importer:All Sorts of Yarn M/s.ESQUIRE GARMENTS 47/1. Clifton. North Napier Road. Lalji Laxmidas Market.Mail esmailtowel@gmail. Tel: 32439198.ESKAY TRADERS 64.com Ms. 117.Mail hamidsexbhani@yahoo. Niazi Manzil. Ismail Hasham. 2435407 Fax: 92-21-2432021 E.6998098 E. 126. Importer:Export Hosiery Waste M/s.Mail farid@alawwal.ESMAIL JAMAL & CO. North Karachi Industrial Area.F/2. Importer:Electrical Insulating Varnish and Copper Rods Manuf:Modern Brand Super Enamelled Copper Wire M/s. Saleem Ahmed. (Nicol Road)Karaci Tel: 2411962 Fax: 92-21-2411962 Mr. 3. Sector-12-D. Newnham Road. Tel: 5870224 Fax: 5870995 E.ESBHANIS COLLECTION F-55.4.

Melamine Laminated Sheets.Mail abidloo@yahoo. Exporter:Materials Importer:Chemicals Spices and Packaging Manuf:Import of Ingredients Edible Oils M/s. G. 12. Siddiq Wahab Road. Near Old Haji Camp.Karaci Tel: 2424922.Mail essanibrothers@cyber.ESSANI ENTERPRISES Room No.T.con@cyber.net.net. Tel: 2413575. Gul Centre. Parker House.I. Zaibun Nisa Street. Jairam Street. Tel: 2625622. 2422088 E.Tel: 2562980-2573186 Fax: 2582343 E. M/s.ESSATEX INDUSTRIES . Badri Manzil.pk Mr.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5673761 Fax: 92-21-5674080 E.S-19/A.E. Mansurali E.pk Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas M/s. Federal 'B' Area Tel: 6334031 Fax: 92-21-7736632 E. Importer:Textile Fabrics and Garments M/s. Importer:Timber. Sheikha. Tel: 2774530 Fax: 92-21-2774787 E. Manuf:Air Fuel & Oil Filters M/s. Mohammad Aslam Essani. M/s. Tel: 7721375 Mr. Saddar.Mail nabsons@fascom. Muhammad Farooq.ESS ESS L-62. Saleh Mohammad Street.ESSACO 23-A. Hardboard. Usman Essa Memon. Abdul Khalid M/s. 2585127 Fax: 92-21-2354190 Mr. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Irfan Essa Panjwani.Mail essani-fabric@hotmail. Mohammad Yaseen Essa. Shamim Naz. 2nd Floor. Soft Board M/s..ESSANI BROTHER'S Room # B-1. Exporter:Fabric M/s.ESSAJEE EBRAHIMJEE & CO. North Napier Road. 2625633 Fax: 92-21-2621614 Mr. Karimjee Building.com Mr. Block# 9.com Mrs.ESSA SONS 12. Allana Road. S.232.ESSA ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. 2443334-5 Fax: 92-21-2419076 Mr. 2nd Floor.Mail k.Karaci Tel: 2354187.ESSA AND CO.

2569994-8 Fax: 92-21-2567174 E.com Sheikh I. Phase-IV. DHA.Mail essentialcommodities@live. Zohra Farooqui. S.902. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Behind Fayyaz Centre. Main Commercial Avenue. 9th Floor. 1st Floor. Herbal medicine Importer:hakeem_herbal@yahoo.A..Mail etelco@cyber. DP-20.Mail essatex@cyber.com Mr. Muhammad Saleem Essa.I.ETERNAL GROUP OF INDUSTRIES 01-Amber Estate. North Karachi Industrial Area. Exporter:Toothpaste.com M/s.ESYS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Villa# A-45. Tel: 6051040 . Business Centre.T. Saddar. Pervaiz Ali Khan M/s.com Mrs.Karaci Tel: 2473463 Fax: 2473464 E.E.Mail euratrading@gmail.ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES 11/1/2.EURA TRADING Suite No.com Mr. Tel: 4550680-82 Fax: 4550690 Mr. Ext.EURASIA IMPORT AND EXPORT R-820.Karaci Tel: 111-379-754 Fax: 92-21-4313912 E. Tel: 35392362 Fax: 35392362 E. Farooqi Exporter:Textile Fabrics made ups Knitfabric M/s. Block-16. Exporter:Textile Goods. Saeed Shaikh. Mustafa Kaleem Ahmed M/s. Shahida M/s. H. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Sector 12/C.EUREKA ENTERPRISES 3rd Floor.ETILIZE (PVT) LIMITED 26-E. Block-6. Tel: 2443334-6. Muhammad Irfan M/s. Tel: 6811970 Fax: 92-21-6811970 E. Garments and Bed Linen Importer:Textile Machinery and Chemicals Manuf:Textile Goods M/s. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Importer:Computers/components M/s. PECHS. SMCHS.Karaci Tel: 5213174 Fax: 92-21-5675808 E.pk Mr.M. Tel: 4382201-2 Mr.Mail saeedsheikh@sysmail.net.EURASIA TELECOMMUNICATION & ELECTRONICS CORPORATION 307 3rd Floor. Madina City Mall. Federal 'B' Area.C-13/A.Mail eurapak@yahoo.net. Abdullah Haroon Road.pk Mrs.

com Mr.com Mr. Munir Suleman Bilwani.Mr.3. Tel: 6364611 Fax: 92-21-6363809 E. Mohammad Asif Ebrahim. Abdullah Haroon Building. M/s.EURO GOLD Shop No.EUROASIA GROUP OF COMPANIES S-39.EURO INTERNATIONAL S.EURO GULF INDUSTRIES D-60. Kharadhar. Humayun Hanif Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Importer:Gems Jewellery Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s. 61 Fatima Manzil. Near Abdullah Shah Ghazi Clifton. Furqan Iqbal Importer:Tiles and Sanatery wares M/s. Opp: Aiport Telephone Exchange.Mail homu-84-70@hotmail.1-A. 4685803 . 1-K-69. SaddarKaraci Tel: 35212890.Mail harrismunir@hotmail. Estate Avenue.Karaci Tel: 4685802. Fort Sultan Building. Federal 'B' Industrial Area. S. Tel: 2581994-5 Fax: 92-21-2564591 Mr. Tel: 36671459 Mr.Karaci Tel: 5823491-2 Fax: 92-21-5823493 E.E. SITE. Block-22. Phase-I.Robes M/s. Block 'A'. Jamshed Iftikhar Exporter:Home Textile Terry Towels Bed Linen Manuf:Terry items Bed Linen B.I. Tel: 6881602. Block-4. North Nazimabad.EURO WEAVING INTERNATIONAL LA-4/2. M/s. Main Shahra-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 2203157 Fax: 92-21-2204723 Mr.T. Muhammed Abid Qayyum. Main 26th Street.EUREKA XPRESS F-41.1..Mail ashraf@eurohehan. 6880145-6 Fax: 92-21-6881569 Mr.net. Opp: Super Highway. Muhammad Ashraf Exporter:Textile Accessories M/s. Nazimabad No. Summerset Street. Ground Floor.D-12.35671890 E.EURO TRADING CO. Ellice Street. M/s. Tel: 6602008 Fax: 6621059 E. Opp:Karachi Memon Masjid.EURO TILES & GRANITES F-40/3/A.Mail himpex@cyber.pk Mr.EURO INTERNATIONAL Shop No.com Mr. Ahsan Shaheen Sarwana Manuf:Pipes M/s. Shakeel ur Rahman M/s.

R-229.Karaci Tel: 32066553-4 Fax: 92-21-32551167 E.Karaci Tel: 34911938 E.Fax: 92-21-4525598 E.net.EVER BRIGHT TRADERS 6-Chemical Chamber. Plot No. Tel: 5310877-76 Fax: 92-21-5310878 E. M/s.01.EUROWEAVE INTERNATIONAL Suite No. Madina City Mall. Faisal Umer.5.com Mr. Mustafa Humayun Sheikh.EVER FRESH EXPORTERS Shop No.EUROSTAR IMPEX Flat No. Block-P. PREC 13/D-2 Project-7.Mail euroweave@gmail.Karaci Tel: 2527719 Mr.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2411036 Mr. M/s. Block-3.pk Mr. Fruit Market.EUROTEX Plot No.EVENT AND CONFERENCE INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.net.Mail mwajid@cyber. Noorulain Ahmed Sidiqui Exporter:Garments. Opp: Karachi Expo Centre.4. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. S-P Chamber. Abdullah Haroon Road.pk Mr.Mail eventimee@gmail. B-9/B-1. Saddar. Gulshan-eIqbal. Karachi Export Processing Zone.Mail eagoc@cyber. M/s. Block-A. Block-13-A. Tel: 36671512 E.EVENTIME ENTERPISE A-79.Mail mali277@hotmail.308-A.Muhammad Abdul Wajid Exporter:Confectionery Manuf:Confectionery M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. 3rd Floor. Khalid Ahmed M/s. Exporter:Embroidery Fabrics & Laces Manuf:Embroidery Fabric & Laces M/s. North Nazimabad. Adnan Sabri M/s.EVER FOOD INDUSTRIES C-67. Rasheed. Tel: 5082108 Fax: 92-21-5082107 Mr. Textile made ups Importer:Raw Material Scraps Ferrus & Non F. Sector C-III. SITE. M/s.Karaci . FL-11/13. 1st Floor. Adamjee Dawood Road. Super Highway.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4818177-9 Fax: 92-21-4818180 Shaikh Jamaluddin. Moazil A. Muhammad Ali M/s. Sector-6/F. Jodia Bazar.EUSUF TRADERS Shop # 99.

Maqsood Ahmed M/s. Street.Mail nasirlakhany77@yahoo. Hasrat Mohani Road.com Mr. 814. 10th Comm. Defence Housing Authority. M/s.pk Mr. Altaf Hussain Road. Muhammad Ibrahim. Hamid Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 35681005 Fax: 92-21-35681005 Mr. Tel: 2413236 Mr. Opp: City Court.EVEREST INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. Akhter Colony.com Mr. Haji Adam Chamber.Karaci Tel: 2410863.EVER GREEN TRADING CO. Tel: 2413785 Fax: 92-21-2417982 Mr. Street No-1. Kehkashan. Clifton Centre. Sunnar Centre. M/s. Suleman Iqbal. New Challi. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.EVEREST MINMETALS 85/1.EVEREST CORPORATION 2nd Floor. Tel: 5801799 Fax: 5801799 E. Sector A-40.Karaci Tel: 5873448 Fax: 5870080 E. Munawar Khan Afridi M/s.net. Altaf Hussain Road. 9th Floor.EVERGREEN GEMS Shop No. Phase-IV.Mail everest@cyber. Haji Adam Chamber.EVERGREEN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Suite # 514.04.Karaci Tel: 2216560 Fax: 92-21-2216561 Mr. Muhammad Suleman. Beamount Road.Karaci Tel: 5898258 Mr. Clifton.com Mr. Progressive Plaza.Mail munawar@edcpl. Tel: 32733878 E. Nasir Haroon M/s.EVERGREEN EXPORT Flat No. Importer:Several Products M/s. Techno City Office Tower. Exporter:Gems Stone . Naveed Nasim. 2414550 Fax: 92-21-2417982 E.30.Tel: 36871176 Fax: 36871177 Mian Dost Muhammed M/s. Lucky Mansion. M/s. 5th Floor.EVERGREEN ENTERPRISES 303. Saddar.Mail hamid_evergreen@yahoo.EVEREST EXPORTS 2nd Floor. Maqsood Ahmed. Block-5.

pk Mr. Exporter:Import of Industrial Raw Materials Importer:Natural& Synthetic Rubber. 2440071 Fax: 2435487. Kamran Wahid Khan M/s.A. R/8. Chemicals & Machineries & Parts thereof Manuf:Hosiery Goods (Garments & Fabrics) M/s.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2720690 Fax: 2745442 E.Mail nasirr@pak. Textile Made Ups.netsolir. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 021-2629036 Fax: 021-2629036 Mr.EVERGREEN TRADING COMPANY Suite No.com M/s. lst Floor. Chemical Chamber. Off: Burns Road.Mir Muhammad Balouch Recreation.Karaci Tel: 2401244-2465633 Fax: 2411435 Mr. 8th Floor.18.EVERSHINE AGENCIES Shernaz House. Nasir Hayat.M/s. 2310068 Fax: 92-21-2314161 Syed Salik Hasan Bokhari. Ground Floor M. Ist Floor.net. Abdul Rehman Street Jodia Bazar.arif-fruits.com Services:arif_fruits@hotmail. Importer:www.2563744 E. 3/5.EVERSHINE INTERNATIONAL 12. Leather and Leather Gloves/Garments Importer:Raw Skins Chemicals Manuf:Leather work Gloves and Garments M/s. Cochinwala Market. 8. Campbell Road.net. 1st Floor. West Wharf Road. Exporter:Textile. Samad Dada. Abdul Karim Exporter:General Merchandiser M/s. Exporter:Readymade Garments & Knitted Fabrics. Chamber of Commerce Building.51.Mail evershin@cyber.EVERLUCK ENTERPRISES Office No.EVERSHINE AUTOS 96-KMC Market.Mail everintl@cyber. Halima Manzil.com Mr.Mail evergreen@cyber. Nicol RoadKaraci Tel: 2414820. Tel: 2312138. Jinnah Road.net. 2440658 Fax: 92-21-2440779 E.pk Mr. Importer:Dyes.Karaci Tel: 2412739. Arkay Square.Chemicals & Industrial Raw Materials .EVERSHINE ENTERPRISES Office#2. Shahid Waseem.EVERGREEN INDUSTRIES Room# 7. 7540215 Fax: 92-21-7512893 E. Naveed Ajaz M/s. Tel: 2443783.

EXCELLENT ENTERPRISES Office # 31. Mehmood Tawab M/s.com Mr. Jinnah Road. Mansfield Street. Block-3. Tel: 32430011.com Mr.C.Mail m-tawab@hotmail.Mail info@exceltradeintl.EXCELLENT SERVICES Plot# 21-C.A.com Mr. Usman Chamber. M/s.EXCELLENT COMPUTER SERVICES No. Block-5. Marston Quarter.Mail excelcomm@exceltradeint. and General Items.Mail shafiq@evinciblesolutions.com Mr. Bahadurabad. 70.EXCELL ENTERPRISES 12. Muhammad Ashraf.EXCEL COMMUNICATION # 20.EXCELLENT IMPEX CITY B/14. Stephen Ghulam M/s. Society. Peanut.Karaci Tel: 32239703 E. Housing Society. 19. Rampart Row. Shahzad Bashir.com Mr.EXCEL CORPORATION 435. Rubber V-Belt.Mail bismilah@cyber.32434447 Fax: 9221-32440434 E.EXCEL TRADE INT'L (PVT) LIMITED B-183.com Mr. Tel: 111-767-767 Mr. Block 'A'. Shafiq ur Rehman Exporter:IT Enable services softwares M/s. Weaver Lane.Mail sttevenoon2010hotmail. Karachi Administation. Tel: 6631208 E. Ather Feroz.Mail excellentimpex@yahoo. Abdul Ghafoor. Textile Parts and Accessories.pk Mr.1048 Extension. Muhammad Rehan M/s. Sir Jehangir Kothari Bldg. North Nazimabad. Ground Floor.EVINCIBLE SOLUTIONS C-120. M/s. 1st Floor. Importer:Ball Bearing.feroz@yahoo. K. Tel: 32237602 Fax: 92-21-3223760 E. M/s. Hyderabad Colony. Main Gru Mandar Road. .Karaci Tel: 2527961 E. Muhammad Ashraf. 7734265 Fax: 92-21-7727792 E. M/s.H. Tel: 7727858. Tel: 7728323-7768201 Fax: 92-21-7768201 E. Saddar.Mail ather. M/s.E. Co. Depot Line. UBL Building. BYJ Society. Tel: 4535718 Fax: 92-21-4535717 E.net.EXCEL TRADING CO. M.M/s.com Mr.A.

com Syed Javed Arif M/s. Near Shahrah-e-Faisal.A. Plot-62. Phase II Extn. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Zaibun Nisa Street.Mail esbkhi@yahoo. Block-3.Mail excelsiorwatchco@gmail. Zafar Ali Ahmed.EXCLUSIVE 4. 7th Floor.Karaci Tel: 5660186 Fax: 92-21-5680997 E. Main Clifton Road.Mail masroor. PECHS.EXECUTIVE SERVICES BUREAU 2-K. Bohri Road. Abdul Mabud Exporter:Leather M/s.com Mr. DHA. Shara-e-Faisal. Block-6. Muhammad Shahid Imam M/s.Karaci Tel: 4932252 Fax: 92-21-4914993 Mr.Mail eswpak@gmail.Mail shahid@enihr. Imran Ajmal Shaikh. 35312650 Fax: 92-21-3588731 E. Bahadurabad.A.EXCELSIOR WATCH CO.Karaci Tel: 4600474 Fax: 92-21-4600475 E.Karaci Tel: 34611898 Fax: 34821709 E.S. M/s.Club.Mail excellents@cyber. M/s. (PVT) LTD.H.Karaci Tel: 35312651.khan@exel.com Mr. Shahzada Chambers. G.EXEL PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 705. Sabah Centre.Mail excellon@super. Hasan Chambers.EXECUTIVE SEARCH WORLDWIDE K-17. Main Shahra-e-Faisal. Uzma Arcade. Opp: Custom House. Moon Arcade.pk Mr. Tel: 4301298 Fax: 92-21-4301298 E. Near Ayaz Masjid.pk Engr. Overseas Bangalows.. Block 16-A. Near Star Gate. Business Avenue. Tel: 5373025-26 Fax: 92-21-5870058 E.15th Commercial Street.EXCELLON ENTERPRISES G-4.net.M. Mohammad Hanif M/s.com Mr. Saddar. Shahzada.net. P. Opp: C. Logistiers and Custom Clearance M/s. Services:Freight Forwarding.EXECUTIVES NETWORK INTL First Floor.EXIPROMO INTERNATIONAL 209-211.Karaci Tel: 2311202 .Karaci Tel: 4315041-5 Fax: 92-21-4315046 E.E. Block-6.com Chouadry Abdul Waheed Nasir M/s.C.

World Trade Centre. Block-9. Tel: 2314162. Tariq Irshad.EXPORT INTERNATIONAL 324. 1st Aisha ManziL Muhammad Binn Qasim Road. 2410101 Fax: 92-21-2410730 Mr. Mohammad Kamran M/s. Jaffer. Khalid Firoz Arfeen. Off: Shahra-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 2414361. Tel: 34387761-2 Fax: 34311696 E. Liakat Ali M.I. Kharadhar. Hasrat Mohani Road.EXPO PAKISTAN AGENCIES 1-Fatema Trust Building. M. Federal 'B' Area. Dastagir Colony.EXPLORATION AID SERVICES (SMC) (PVT) LTD. 2316612 Fax: 92-21-2310425 E. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s. Office Tower.EXPORT LINKS 49.net. PECHS. Zahid Razzaque Chaudhry M/s. Exporter:Bed Sheets.A. Kamal A.Karaci Tel: 2217571 Fax: 92-21-2217570 E. Pharmaceuticals.Mail expopak@cyber. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5687001-8 Fax: 92-21-5684594 Mr. Burns Road. M/s. Khayaban-e-Roomi. Block-5.Mail admin@expolankapakistan. Exporter:Raw Wool. Terry Towels Importer:Machinery and Equipment. Salim R. Aluminium Plasic and Glass Ware and All General items. Exporter:Readymade Garments.Fax: 92-21-2311476 Mr.pk Mr.Mail experience@cyber. Tel: 2415465 Fax: 92-21-2410270 Mr. (Fadoo Building) Mustafa Cloth Market. Rice.EXPO CENTERS LIMITED Fl-10. Jinnah Road. Block-6. Medical Herbs.Baxamoosa M/s. Qamar Naqvi. Clifton.EXPOLANKA PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 248-A. Licorice Root M/s.EXPERIENCE EXPRESS SERVICES Suite # 314-315. Security Equipment and Devices M/s.pk Mr. 9th Floor.EXPRESS BINDERS R-386. 3rd Floor. Techno City.net. Babar.Karaci Mr.Karaci Tel: 6811270 Fax: 92-21-2425743 . Chundrigar Road. Badri Building.com Mr. I. Kassim Street.

EYE & HEARING CARE CENTRE Inside Ibne-e-Seena Hospital Complex. 8-A/6.C. Exporter:Knitted Garments/Terry Towels Importer:Garments Accessory Manuf:Knitted Shirts.net.EXQUISITE TEXTILE INDUSTRIES 25/22. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Block-15.E.com.pk Mr.5. ST-22-B. Kh-e-Sahar.H.Karaci Tel: 4811448 Ms.C.. Sector 12-C. Shaheed-e-Millat Road.69724 E. D. University RoadKaraci Tel: 4991070 Fax: 92-21-4536410 Mr. Zubair Riaz Importer:Chemicals Glass Ceramics M/s.Mail xqzite@cyber.Mail info@eyetoeye. Authority. Osif Arcade.03053428313 Fax: 92-21-35241856 E. Nayab Uddin M/s. Sector 23.net. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 4548423.Karaci Tel: 2432481 Fax: 5206432 E. Lane # 10.com Mr.EYE TO EYE (PVT) LIMITED Mezzanine Floor. Muzaffar Ahmed Khokhar. Block-6.Mail info@express_lines. North Karachi Industrial Area.H. Mohammed Feroze Street. M/s.EYELAND 1 & 4.Karaci Tel: 35241867. M/s. Plot # 3-C. Block 6. Faryal Imran M/s. PECHS.S.EXPRESSO IMPEX INTERNATIONAL Tassawar Manzil. Defence H.EYELAND OPTIK CO.189.EXPRINT (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.EYE MART Shop No. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. M/s.Mr. Aamir Rahman. .. P. 4555710 Fax: 92-21-4548423 Mr.pk Mr.pk Syed Tahir Shah M/s.EXPRESS LINES 1/2-P. Muhammad Ilyas M/s.S. Jogging Suit M/s. Tel: 6909107/9207 Fax: 6902499.Karaci Tel: 4381855-6 Fax: 92-21-4535147 E. Shahid Quraishi. Jodia Bazar.Mail expressocare@cyber. Tel: 5064016-17 Fax: 92-21-5064078 Mr.Phase-VII. Ovais Mansoor.

Karaci Tel: 2439422. Importer:Fire Alaram and Electrical Accessories M/s. Duster Manuf:Fabric and Robes M/s. 5th Floor. 2430175 Fax: 92-21-2437430 E.com Mr. 15-A/1. 2629882 Fax: 92-21-2636313 E. Dada Terrace. Street 32-C. 34. . Exporter:Drugs and Medicines Importer:Chemicals.V.K-28. Knit Fabric. Jinnah Road.THE ENGINEERS AND CONSTRUCTORS Office # C-2.net.Ph.M.com Mr. Area.M-6. Tel: 5832540 Fax: 92-21-5863971 Mr. Tauheed Comm.Mail nqil@cyber. Sind Market.net.Karaci Tel: 6997602 Fax: 92-21-6986176 E. Sajid Javid Rana M/s. Commerce Centre. Made Ups. Clifton. 7. Phase-5.S. Commerce Court.C.Mail the_estatearts@hotmail. 3rd Floor. M/s. Plot No. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. North Nazimabad Town.1-C. Qamar-uz-Zaman. DHA. Finished Medicines. NR Latif Cloth Mkt.H. Block No. M. 507-510.Karaci Tel: 2636919.Karaci Tel: 4924960 Fax: 92-21-4944608 Mr. Abdul Majid.PECHS.203-204.pk Dr. Mazhar Faizullah. B.EZZA INTERNATIONAL Room No.EZEE SHOES Shop No. LTD. Zamzama Commercial Lane# 2.Mail ezzaint@cyber.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 111-832-832 Fax: 92-21-5370610 E.EZZI ENGINEERING 80-B. 3rd Floor. Exporter:Fabric.THE EMBLAZON DIZAYN Office No. Ground Floor. Nadeem Ahmed M/s. M/s. Importer:PVC Pipe M/s. Hasrat Mohani Road.Karaci Tel: 5363128.A. Khusro Subzwari M/s.THE EASTERN TRADE & DISTRIBUTION CO. Plot # 1-C. Mazzanine Floor. Machinery.Mail ksubzwari@yahoo.DHA.THE ESTATE ARTS Mezzanine Suite # 2. Mansoor Yusuf. 5363129 Fax: 92-21-5363129 E. Robes and Rags. Sasi Arcade. Tel: 4535313-14 Fax: 92-21-4548423 Mr. Haroon Shopping Emporium.pk Mr.Mail ezeeshoes@yahoo. Street # 3.THE EXPERT ENTERPRISES House No. Muhammad Judat Bari Khan.

Tel: 7728323.A.net. 6th Floor. RABBI & CO.net.F. S. ENTERPRISES 22.com Mr. 2419290 Fax: 92-21-2202562 E. 19.A. S. Long Life Houses. Block-17. Jinnah Road. Tel: 7728323 Mr. 19-Sir Jehangir Kotrhari Bldg. Exporter:Cotton Rags M/s. Mohammad Rafique M/s. Faisal. Office-603. BULK STORAGE (PVT) LTD. Jamshed Quarters.A.Karaci Tel: 6694987 Mr. Khalid Tawab. Mohammad BAshir Janmohammad. M. Sector 11 1/2. I.pk Mr.Mail f-syz@cyber. Amanullah. Uni Towers.Karaci Tel: 32275690-92 Fax: 92-21-3520625 E. Khalid Tawab. Hussain Trade Centre.Shamsi Colony.pk Mr. Exporter:Food Stuff and Chemicals Importer:Ykel Broom Sticks M/s. Abdul Bari. Scheme # 36.Karaci Tel: 2443169. 2222373 Fax: 92-21-2257460 E. M.F. Nadia Terrace. New Challi. Orangi Town. Mohammad Feroze Street.F. Jinnah Road. & B.A. Exporter:Molasses M/s. Jodia Bazar. M.Karaci Tel: 8110424 Fax: 92-21-8110393 Mr.F.EBSONS & CO.Karaci Tel: 7765354 . CORPORATION Room # 2. Jehangir Kothari Building. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Altaf Hussian Road. Exporter:General Itesm M/s. Aamir Aziz Ebrahim M/s. & A.pk Mr. RABBI STEEL (PVT) LTD. Nishtar Road.Karaci Tel: 2232160. Opp: Risala Police Station. Chundrigar Road. Soldier Bazar.F. Waqar Centre. SYZ INTERNATIONAL Flat-103.net. 2nd Floor.I.. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s. 7768201 Mr. M/s.Mail ebco@cyber.F.compol. ENTERPRISES A-37.Mail fac@cyber. Sonia Heights.F.Mail shakoo@khi. Tel: 2412265-66 Fax: 92-21-2416791 E. 905.

Mehran Town. 36958834 Fax: 92-21-36952880 E. Boltan Market.pk Mr.92-C.F. ENTERPRISES Suite # 305. FOOTWEAR Shop No. M/s.Mail fb-marbles@yahoo.F. Couseway.A. items Importer:Toys M/s.A. INDUSTRIES Plot # 5. Confectionery M/s. Abdul Basit Khan M/s.Mail pakhali@cyber.F.Mail mfarooq_288@yahoo.Mrs. Aslam. Near MCB Bank Marriot Road.net.F. 4th Floor.G. Anar Kali Bazar.K. Muhammad Faisal Exporter:Gen.A.Karaci Tel: 35121407-08 Fax: 35890459 .F.Mail fakt@cyber.pk Mr.55.F. Lea Market. Plot 22-E.B.Karaci Tel: 6312645 Mr. Tel: 36958832. ENTERPRISES House No.339. Plot No. Block-16. Qazi Abdul Aziz Street-3. North Karachi Industrial Area.B. 32443200 Fax: 92-21-3243902 E. Mumtaz Hassan Road.com Mr. INTERNATIONAL 64/5. Textile. Services:Buying and Sourcing of Textile Goods. Opp: State Bank Masjid.com Mr. TRADERS Suite# 102. Sector 12-D. Tel: 5059959 E. Sector-6-F. Faisal M/s.Karaci Tel: 32703869 E. Federal 'B' Area.net.F. Phase-V.B-4. M/s. Opp: Shia Masjid. Prince Centre. Muhammad Farooq M/s. Fouzia Abrar. Abdul Qayyum Khan M/s. 3rd Floor.F.F. FOODS 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 5302137-8 Fax: 92-21-5302139 E. Exporter:Fresh Fruits & Vegetable. Bombay Bazar.pk Mr. INTERNATIONAL Office No. Exporter:Textile M/s.net. Hakim Mansion. Faisal.A. Zamzama Lane # 5.Karaci Tel: 2432159 Fax: 92-21-2432159 Mr. BROTHERS 8-A. Near PSO Peetrolpump.Mail fbi@cyber. Defence Housing Authority. Tel: 32435289. Twin Star Chamber.A.Karaci Tel: 32436795 Mr. Korangi 1-1/2. Feroz Ahmed Khatri.B.

MANUFACTURER Plot No.M.H. TRADERS House # P-314.net. Hasrat Mohani Road. Dunolly Road.Karaci Tel: 32219353-56 Fax: 32219496 E.com Mr. Aamir Farooq M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Techno City Mall. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2417916.Mail fgilted_fgiltd@cyber. Khalil Yaseen Building. M/s. Korangi 2-1/2. Chundrigar Road. Jadoon Centre. . Tel: 2775194 Mr. Kamran Faiyaz. CORPORATION AGENTS (PVT)LTD 4/41.pk Mr.Mail simzainintl@cyber. New Challi.7.F.GC-15. Jungle Shah. Off: I.G.F. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Orangi Town. Ghazanfar Masood Importer:Machinery and Equipments M/s. Importer:Machinery M/s. INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTS (PVT) LIMITED.Karaci Tel: 2857515 Mr.F.Karaci Tel: 2417916 Fax: 92-21-2439259 E. Fasahat Ullah Khan.Karaci Tel: 32442949 Fax: 92-21-32442949 Mr. Tel: 2624904. Mohammad Farooq M/s. Writers Chambers. INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. Manuf:Towels and Fabrics M/s.J. 2.F.2637509 Fax: 92-21-2627903 Mr. Sector 33/A. TRADERES Office No.Mail hozefa@fedglobe. Islamia Chowk.net. Marriot Road.K. Chundrigar Road. Poonawala Importer:Tea M/s.F. 28-Writer Chamber. 28. Hafeez Ahmed. TRADER'S Shop No.E. 6690088 Fax: 92-21-6699499 E. Al-Yousuf Chambers. 2435556-7 Fax: 92-21-2439259 E.G. Sardar Ali Javed.I.pk Mr.J.F. Services:Clearing and Forwarding M/s.F. 9th Floor. 1st Floor. Altaf Hussain Road.K.com Mr. RAWAT ENTERPRISES Shop No.Mail fgiltd@cyber. Keamari. Tel: 6650055. Plot # 16. Off: I.101-A.net.R. ENTERPRISES Suite No.F. Hozefa H.H.pk Mr.I.Mail fh_enterprises@live.902. Fawad Abdul Jabbar Khan.K. Sector 3-C-1/II.F.

03028220973 Mr. Keamari. Shop No.F. Saddar. A.S.com Mr.34. Plot No. Ground Floor. New Jewellers Centre. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.S. BROTHERS Shop # C-A-2.F. M/s.Mail fssportswear@yahoo. Tel: 32793077 Fax: 32793088 E.R.F.Karaci Tel: 5673717 E. . Tel: 6606165. Muhamamd Farooq Exporter:Machinery accessories M/s. Muhamamd Saleem M/s. GARMENT Alia Mansion. Tel: 6652026 Fax: 92-21-6653016 E. Brass Street. Gulbahar No.8.pk Mr. 6607616 Fax: 92-21-6682233 E.com Mr.F.S. Mustafa Moiz Bhai Rawat M/s. 2nd Floor.com Mr. Farrukh Rashid. Faisal Qadar M/s.Karaci Tel: 2851126 Fax: 2857595 Mr.F. GEMS Shop No. H-4-1. Virjee Street. Mhammad Saleem M/s. TRADING CO. Defence View Phase-II. Karim Centre. Arkay Square Extension Shahrah-e-Liaquat.R.com Mr.45-50.com Mr.F.Karaci Tel: 7226338 Fax: 92-21-7234263 E. Tel: 7620289 E. INTERNATIONAL 208. Nicholas Street.Q. MR-6-14/15. Manuf:Garments M/s. TRADERS Office No.F.Mail cresecntexport@inbox.Tel: 7010808 Fax: 92-21-7010848 E. Mazznine Floor.R.Mail fqgem@yahoo. Rainbow Centre.Mail rawat@super. SHOES INDUSTRIES 121/24.Mail frintl@hotmail. Nishtar Road.F.Mail frs_intl@hotmail.25-26.M. Nazimabad-2.Mail mftextile@live. Saddar. TEXTILES II.com Sheikh Ajaz Ahmed Exporter:Chemicals Shoes Importer:Chemical Shoes Manuf:Shoes and Suppliers M/s.M. Rahim.Karaci Tel: 35391632.1. Mini Market. Abdul Rasheed M/s.net. Near Anwer Pump Ind.S.F. Jangal Shah. INTERNATIONAL 136/2.

F. Block 7/8. Suite 502.pk Mr. Chemical Chamber.Y. Shahra-e-Faisal. Sarah Jewellers Centre. Younus Ali Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 2442828-2442829 Fax: 2430579 E.Mail fwltkhi@yahoo. LOGISTICS TRADING Room No. Humera Mansion G. Khurshid Mansion. Korangi Industrial . Jodia Bazar. Tel: 2428511-14 Fax: 92-21-2416535 E. Mohammad Faisal Muneer. 2nd Floor. Shahid Iqbal Exporter:Eletronics goods M/s. TECHNOLOGY Plot No. KCHSU.Mail fy-int@cyber.F. Tel: 2422296 E. Kharadar. ENTERPRISES 35.W. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Ali Akbar Square. Saddar. Sector-15.Karaci Shaikh Muhammad Fahad M/s.U.Bahadur Shah Zafar RdKaraci Tel: 4932264 Fax: 4547480 Mr.U.79.F.Jodia Bazar.F. Manzoor Colony.Y. Bahadaurabad Chaurangi.F.Mail info@fybreeds. Plot No. Importer:Spray Paint M/s. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4327418-4388584 Fax: 4537598 E. Bagh-e-Zehra Street.Mail fabmarketing@yahoo.01. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. DIAGNOSTICS & SURGICAL Anum Blessing. SEIKH & BROTHERS 18/1.pk Mr.net. Muhammad Hanif Exporter:Agriculture & Textiles M/s. JEWELLERS Room No. Jilni Centre.F. Sector-E. Allana Road. INTERNATIONAL G-3.com Mr.com Mr.1st Floor. Muhammad Wasim M/s. Tel: 021-2312366 Fax: 021-2312063 E. Mezzanie Floor. Adamjee Dawood Road. Street-26.F.net. Kharadhar.FABEXP CORP.9. Faiz ullah Shaikh Exporter:Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 2441865 Mr.Mail warind@super.A. Tel: 0300-2380961 Mr.X.T. Mohammad Naeem Warind Importer:Diversi Fied items.com Mr.FAB GLOBAL MARKETING Suit#7. 1st Floor.132. Mohammad Faisal M/s.

Karaci Tel: 4984957. Javed Nasir. Area. 1st Floor. Muhammad Perwaiz. Shabbir Haroon Bilwani Exporter:Ready made Garments and Fabrics Manuf:All kinds of Woven /Knitted Garmetns M/s.paknet.pk Mr. Tel: 2562314-15 Fax: 92-21-2562075 E. Tel: 4532971 Fax: 92-21-4539194 E.A-6. Importer:Synthetic Yarn M/s. St-5. Tel: 2436460 Fax: 92-21-2431875 Mr. Alam Market. SITE.Mail shabbir@fabexp.com. Block-14. 26th Steet.Mail unipak@khi.Mail fabtex@sat.FABNOS INTERNATIONAL 26/C. S. Tauheed Comm.FABRICON (PVT) LIMITED 1st Floor.FABKNIT Plot No.net.Mail fibritex@super. 2436752 Fax: 92-21-4943217 E.Area.Mail fabnos@cyber. Siddiqui.net. Phase-V. 7th Floor. Farrukh M. New Neham Road. Saleh Mohammed Street. Qazi House. Abid Chambers. M/s.FABRITEX EXPORT CORPORATION 3/49. Burhan Banday M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.pk Mr. 19-New Memon Masjid. Asif Moten.FABTEX INTERNATIONAL F-57. Tel: 2415778.FABRIC CRAFT 1st Floor. .pk Mr.pk Mr. Exporter:Other Item of Waste M/s.pk Mr. Block-16.com Mr. Akhlaq Ali Khan. 4986142 Fax: 92-21-4984957 Mr. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.FABRICOT INTERNATIONAL 02-02.Karaci Tel: 35064693-94 Fax: 92-21-2506495 E. 1st Floor.net. Exporter:Textile Goods M/s.FACET FABRICATORS 711. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Exporter:Towels and Home Textile Importer:General Mechandise M/s. Mashriq Centre. 2633253 Fax: 92-21-2628296 E. Jason Trade Centre. Mohammad Saleem Nagaria M/s.Mail info@fabknit. Tel: 2633080. Tel: 5823812 Fax: 5823401 E.

pk Mr.com. 36341841 Fax: 92-21-3452689 E.net. D.Mail info@faco. Kawasih Crown.Karaci Tel: 021-35834914-16 Fax: 021-35863254 E.pk Syed Muhammad Haider Shah Zaidi Manuf:Mfg of Signage Pelated M/s. Off: Shahrah-e-Faisal. Mezzaine Floor.pk Syed Akhtiar Hussain.H. Queen's Centre. Khan Road.01. Office No.A. M.FACTDATE ENGINEERING LTD. 1st Floor. Phase-VI. Bank & Business Centre. Tauheed Commercial Street.DACHS.Karaci Tel: 32313676 Fax: 92-21-32313674 E. Bank and Business Centre.T.FACT (PVT) LIMITED 8C.Karaci Tel: 4385369-7-8 Fax: 92-21-4385395 E.Mail facilty@cyber. Off: Sharah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 34523096. Importer:Packaging Matrial Services:Indenting M/s.pk M/s.Karaci Tel: 34142105/34922374 Fax: 92-21-3492237 E. Defence Housing Authority.FAHAD & BROTHERS C-3-C.Mail Faco@cyber.net.com.FACO INDUSTRIES 204.shah@fact. Importer:Textile Finish Goods Manuf:lilies@cyber. Sattar Chamber.pk Mr.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4523096 Fax: 92-21-4526898 E. Feroz Ahmed Khan Exporter:Import of Sanitary/Ceremic Tiles/ Importer:metals Manuf:Export of Sanitary PVC Sole M/s.pk Mr.Gulshan-e-Iqbal.net.Block7\8 Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Aftab Ahmed Khan.1st Floor.Mail masood@fsa. Near Duty Free Shop. Masood Alam M/s. Exporter:Sanitary fittings Raw Material Importer:Import and Export M/s. 29-West Wharf Road. Khayaban-e-Nishat.Mail facet_fab@hotmail.pk Mr. 35th Street.FACO TRADING 203. Phase-V. Muhammad Jamil Khan M/s.Mail factdate@cyber.net.Mail haider. Tel: 5679901-5 Fax: 99-21-5679909 E.110. Sajid Ali Siddiqui.FACILITIES SERVICES Room No. Near Duty Free Shop...FACILITIES SHIPPING AGENCY M-1.Karaci .

net.com Mr.net. M/s. Mohammad Asghar. Pitcure Road. New Kutiyana Plaza. Importer:CDR DVDR Video Cassettee M/s. Sector 5-A. Muhammad Yousuf. Ly-7/36.Mail fahadmotor@yahoo.Mail fahadint_05@yahoo. Jinnah Road. Fahad Qureshi Exporter:Auto Parts M/s.Mail fma@cyber.FAHAD INTERNATIONAL 204.FAHAD MOTORS Show Room No. Fahad Nasir Saigal. A. Moosa Lane.Mail aftab1@cyber.A. 5899424 Fax: 92-21-5892188 Mr.FAHAD IMPEX L/274-275.B.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 4910288 Fax: 92-21-4854030 E. Manghopir Road.Tel: 5344037-8 Fax: 92-21-5852993 Mr. Wahid Mansion. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 2510242 .FAHAD CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Plot No. Arcade. Tel: 36679588 Fax: 36679589 E. Ground Floor. Taj Mahal Market. M. 2nd Floor.FAHAD INTERNATIONAL R-435. North Karachi. Chappal St. Fatima Jinnah Colony. 2762511 Fax: 92-21-4934551 Mr. Exporter:Chemicals for Paints and Textile Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Glue Chemical for paints and Tex. Shahzad Elahi Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Garments Accessories M/s.A. Mahmoodabad. Sector 11/L.FAHAD CORPORATION 22. Manzoor Colony. Mohammad Bin Qasim Road.FAHAD TRADERS Flat-17. Qasba Town. Mohammad Talib Qureshi M/s.pk Mr. Sector-A.30. M/s. Muhamamd Tariq M/s.Karaci Tel: 2733421. Aftab Afridi Exporter:Wooden Furnitures Manuf:Wooden Furniture M/s.A.Karaci Tel: 32430287 Fax: 2430747 E. Jinnah Road. M. Tel: 021-2764641 Mr.714/6/1.Karaci Tel: 5388074.FAHAD GIFT & VARIETY STORE # 62.Karaci Tel: 6691030 Fax: 92-21-6695240 E.com Mr. Kharadar. Gul Plaza. M.

Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.2.Karaci Tel: 5211535. Block-16. Dadabhoy Town. Mohammad Faheem M/s.Mail hatraders@cyber.com Mr. Tel: 2436564 Fax: 92-21-2436566 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4250585-6 Fax: 92-21-4821114 E.FAIQ ENTERRISES Zakaria Lane.shahwaizinternational@yahoo. Gulistan-e-Johar.Mail fahm100tradingintl@yahoo. Ahmed Thara M/s. Saddar.net.Karaci Tel: 34312303 E.com Mr. SB-3.G-K 8/4. Malir Halt C-27.Mail fahimafandi@cyber.Mail fahjintl@yahoo. Tel: 2239461 Mr.FAHJ INTERNATIONAL D-5. Ilaco House. Fahim Iqbal Siddiqui. 5211656 Fax: 92-21-5211634 E.FAHIM ENTERPRISES Shop No.Karaci Tel: 35499705 Mr.FAHEEM TRADERS Shamsi Society. Fahim Uddin M/s.FAHEEM ENTERPRISES B-21.FAHMIDA TRADING INTERNATIONAL Suite No. Farooq Akhter M/s. Block-13-C. Fahim M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road.F-7. Honey Palace. Alsam Motiwala TerraceKaraci Tel: 32401475 Fax: 92-21-32401476 Mr.FAHAT SHAHWAIZ INTERNATIONAL LS-5. 1st Floor. Nishter Road.FAHIM NANJI & DESOUZA 10. Kashif Centre.Gulshan-e-Iqbal Main University Road.Mr.FAHIM TRADER'S Office No.FAHIM TRADING COMPANY Shop No. Plot No. Mohammad Kamran Shafi Exporter:Towel Bed Sheets & Garments M/s.com Mr. Tel: 34978637 E. Shaheed-e-Millat Road.net. Tel: 021-32550938 Fax: 99-21-3259372 E.Mail fahat.pk Mr. Shah Faisal Colony-2. Ramzan Garden. Shoe Market.pk Mr. Ground Floor. Near Post Office. Muhammed Fahim Khan M/s.5/16. M/s.17. . Shahid Nazeer M/s. Akbar Javed Exporter:Textile Machinery M/s. Expres Way.

Karaci Tel: 2729023. Ismail Salim . 2nd Floor.FAIR BROTHERS INTERNATIONAL 24-A. Farukh Hanif.A.pk Mr. Panorama Centre II.pk Mr.FAIR BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL Mezzanine Floor. Aurangzeb Market.A. Gul Plaza.195.FAIR CORPORATION 5-8.Karaci Tel: 32241683-4 Fax: 92-21-32241680 E.Mail ismailsalim2003@yahoo. food stuffs M/s. Exporter:Custom Agent M/s.FAIR BRIGHT COMPANY Office# 511. Saddar.net. Apwa Complex. Marston Road. M/s. Jinnah Road.Mail fairbrightco@hotmail.com Mr.FAIR PLAY ENTERPRENEUR Shop No. 7724562 Fax: 92-21-7736533 Mr. Tel: 34531282 E.net Mr.com Mr. Muhammed Azeem Exporter:Rice. Javed Ahmed Vohra.Mail fairbros@super. Tariq Rpad.FAIR BUSINESS Room No. National chamber. West Wharf Road.Virjee Street. Opp: Masjid-e-Rehmania. Saira Mansion. Muhammad Aslam. Jinnah Road.Mail victor01@gerrys.net.FAIR EXPORT DEAL 301.9. Exporter:Auto Parts & General Items Services:Indenting Agents. Gari Khata. Tel: 32203482 Fax: 92-21-3231090 E.Karaci Tel: 4389884-4389874 Fax: 4389885 Agha Safdar Dahlawi M/s. Aziz Mansion. M.Karaci Tel: 2440603 Fax: 2416113 Mr. Tel: 2212601 Fax: 92-21-2212602 Mr. 5th Floor. Pak Chambers. Shahid Reza. Faisal Khalil Ahmed. Rahat Jo Dero. Block-2. 2760633 Fax: 92-21-2727047 E.FAIR DEAL CORPORATION Suit# SF-16. Services:Custom Clearing Agent M/s. Exporter:Import of Chemicals Importer:Chemicals M/s. Salim M/s. M/s. M. Tel: 7772619. Garden Road. Jodia Bazar. Tel: 2314867-8 Fax: 92-21-2315165 E.Mail fdckarachi@cyber.

S.. M/s.Mail tabani-corp@cyber.T. Pak Chambers.A.FAIRYTEX ENTERPRISES 47-E/1. Jinnah Road. 2625600 Fax: 92-21-2621614 Mr. 2722994 Fax: 92-21-2721432 Mr.M/s.pk Mr. Block-6. Cotton Made Ups Importer:Dyes and Chemicals Manuf:100% Cotton Bed Linen Blended Bed Linen.E. Defence Housing Authority. S.FAIRY INTERNATIONAL 17-A/2. Services:Automobile & Spare Parts . Pilot Auto Market.I. Tel: 2722680. Asif Abdul Razzak Exporter:Minerals M/s.25628 E.Karaci Tel: 5883671-2 Fax: 92-21-5883673 E. Services:Customs Clering and Forwarding Agent M/s.pk Mr. Tel: 2568772-5 Fax: 2561915. Retail & Whole Sale M/s. Saify Mahal.net.FAIR TRADE (PVT) LTD. Services:Trade Fairs M/s. Plaza Square. Writing/Printing Paper and Duplex Board.H. Tel: 32201215 Fax: 99-21-3220564 Mr. Tariq Mohsin. Tel: 4531937 Fax: 92-21-4549392 E. Binnoria Chowk.net.Mail asifmukaty@fairdeal. Cotton Made Ups M/s. Imran Essa. Importer:Paper and Board. Phase-1. SITE. Shop # 161. 16-18..pk Exporter:Readymade Garments Textile Items Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s.FAISAL AND CO. .com. M. Hadi Salahuddin.FAIRDEAL MINERALS RESOURCES A-15/D.pk Mr. Tel: 2563603/4 Fax: 92-21-2561915 E. Commercial Area B.C.FAIR SALE AUTOS 24. M. A-15D.E. Tayebji Road. Tel: 2623400. Binoria Chowk. P.Mail feskhi@super.com.FAIRDEAL TEXTILES (PVT) LTD. Jamiluddin Siddiqui.Mail yousufmukaty@fairdeal.FAIRS & EXHIBITION SERVICE 127-C. Yousuf Abdul Razak Mukaty. Exporter:100% Cotton Bed Linen Blended Bed Linen. West Wharf Road. Machi Miani Market.

S. Sharifa Exporter:Hosiery Garments Manuf:Hosiery Garments M/s. Tel: 4685800 Fax: 92-21-4599041 Mr.FAISAL ENTERPRISES Plot No. New Metroville Road. Phase II Extension.compol. Abdul Wahid Shaikh.FAISAL GARMENTS INTERNTIONAL 66-E.com Mr. D. Exporter:Footwear Manuf:Cotton .H.Mail faisalenterprises2000@yahoo. M. Bagh-e-Tariq Building.FAISAL ENTERPRISES 1-C. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Importer:Auto Parts M/s.Karaci Tel: 5892230 Fax: 92-21-5802807 Mr. Faliknaz Pride. Parveen Abdul Hameed. Javed Akbar M/s. Haseen Yar Khan Yousufi.3/35.C. Faisal Khurshid Siddiqui Exporter:Textile machineries M/s. Phase 6. Nishter Road.E. Kemari Town. SITE.5. UC-5.Karaci Tel: 7720995. Importer:Raw Materials M/s.. 14th Commercial Street. Muhammad Faisal Exporter:Garments and Handicrafts M/s. Faisal Exporter:Textile & General items M/s. Tel: 4524043 Fax: 92-21-4532391 Mrs. Block-6. Khayabane-e-Muhafiz.FAISAL ENTERPRISSES 19-Nadiad Terrace.Karaci Tel: 03333727242 Mr.210.com Mrs.H.. Tel: 32726798-32726609 Mr.A. Muhammadi Colony.FAISAL CORPORATION Plot# 136/2.FAISAL CORPORATION D-167. 4th Floor.Kharadar.Mail email@faisalcorpn. Defence Housing Authority. Sheraz Chow.Mail fws@khi. Near Ghafoor Hall.Karaci Tel: 2737039 Fax: 92-21-2401429 E. Near Jamia Masjid. & MACHINERY WORKS R. 7723746 Fax: 92-21-7730155 E. Hardas Street Ranchore Lane.C.FAISAL ENGG. Muhammad Hussain Mallah M/s.FAISAL ENTERPRISS Shop No. P. Tel: 2310238 Mr. Tel: 2582104-5 Fax: 92-21-2568060 E. 33rd Street.com Mr.

Exporter:Rice .com Mr. 264. M. Faisal Muhammad Hussain Exporter:Gems Jewellery M/s. Lines. Abdullah Haroon Road.FAISAL GEMS INTERNATIONAL M-20. Iqbal Khimani. Cumen Seeds Importer:Copra Coconut Battlenut M/s.com Mr.Mail mrfaisal_99@hotmail.Mail info@faisalindustries. Sidco Avenue Centre. Shop-29.205. Off: Gul Mohammad Street. 2nd Floor. Hawksbay Road.com.G-2. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan Road. R.com Mr. New Jewellers Centre.net.Mail fhoserey@cyber. Tel: 36060755-0213-5456766 Fax: 2320679 E.pk Mr. Faisal Razzak Exporter:Shoes and Cloths M/s. Tel: 2350213-4 Fax: 92-21-2350212 E.FAISAL IMPEX Madina Cloth Market. M/s.FAISAL IMPEX Plot No. K-28. 5689492 Fax: 92-21-5689491 E. Azeez A.com Mr.Mail harisur_rehman@yahoo.Mail faisal_kyani@yahoo.FAISAL HOSIERY WORKS B-30. Trans Lyari.M/s.FAISAL INDUSTRIES 205.Karaci Tel: 5654556-7 Fax: 92-21-5654766 E. Saddar. Malik. etc .FAISAL IMPEX Office No.pk Mr. North Nazimabad.com Mr. M/s.Mail info@faisalindustries. Muhammad Ramzan Exporter:Knitted Garments Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s. 11th Floor.Karaci Tel: 5682082. Saif-ur-Rehman. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 35653337 E. Al-Madina Centre Jodia Bazar. Block 'B'. Faisal M/s. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 6628979 Fax: 92-21-6642308 E.Karaci Tel: 2529502 Fax: 92-21-2521093 E. Lee Market. Madina City Mall. Khando Goth.Mail faisalrazzak@hotmail.A.FAISAL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED Suite# C-1/11. Faisal Memon.FAISAL IMPEX Manji Kheetsi Street.Karaci Tel: 7548740-2 Fax: 92-21-7548742 Mr.

15.net. 7th Floor. Mumtaz Hassan Road.FAISAL MARINE OIL SERVICES (PVT) LTD. 2421085 Fax: 92-21-2426917 E. Umer House. M.Mail khioff@umergroup. 2429030 Fax: 92-21-2418256 E. Faisal Mushtaq.Mail fjhassan@gmail.Mail snco5884@cyber. 2420138 Fax: 92-21-2310413 Mr. Exporter:POL Products Importer:POL Products M/s.Karaci Tel: 2401911-13 Fax: 92-21-2401914 E. Faisal Hasan M/s.FAISAL JAHANGIR HASSAN 8th Floor.pk Mr. Muhammad Faisal M/s.Karaci Tel: 2428038. Jilani Tower.FAISAL INTERNATIONAL APPAREL 3-B. Mohammad Salim.com Mr. Tel: 6700263 Fax: 92-21-6720067 Mr. Kutchi Gali No-3.Karaci Tel: 5115177-80 Fax: 92-21-5063002 E.FAISAL RICE INDUSTRY MR-1/58. 23/1. Nazimabad # 03.I. Chundrigar Road. Textile Plaza.A. Sikandar Shahzaza.I. Farooq Road. Jodia Bazar. Business Plaza.net Mr. Fayaz Ahmed Shaikh.Chundrigar Road. M/s. Importer:Generator/Compressors M/s. 3rd Floor. Tel: 2435345 Mr. Leather Goods and General Items Importer:Chemicals M/s.com Mr. Faisal Riaz M/s.Karaci Tel: 2852721-2. 10/8. Mian Chamber.M.FAISAL INTERNATIONAL 311-312.FAISAL SPINNING MILLS LTD. Exporter:Textiles. Mohammad Ashraf. Off: I. Off: I.FAISAL INTERNATIONAL Room No. Suite# 1. Korangi Industrial Area. GSA House. S. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Karaci Tel: 2415123.Importer:Industrial Machinery for plant requirement M/s. Opp: Sindh Madrassah Market. Kemari. Sector 23.111-901-9 Fax: 92-21-2852725 Mr.Mail bashirof@yahoo. 19-Timber Pond. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 2410164. Bagh-e-Zehra Street. .FAISAL KAMRAN ENTERPRISE 12/15.

M/s. Mohd. Clifton. Nishter Road. Mukhtar Ahmed Malik.Karaci Tel: 6982077-78 Fax: 92-21-6906602 E.Mail malik36@super.Karaci Tel: 7774504 Fax: 92-21-7776791 E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.net.Karaci Tel: 5344681 Fax: 92-21-5344684 E. 2623425 Fax: 92-21-2627811 Mr.Mail fvg@cyber. Soyabean Oil.FAISALABAD OIL REFINERY (PVT) LTD Plot No.pk Mr. Khayaban-e-Shashmeer. Exporter:Towels and Cotton Made Ups Manuf:Towels and Cotton Made Ups M/s. Meal. M/s.com Mian Muhammad Rasheed Exporter:Meal and Vegetable Ghee and Oil Importer:Rape Seed. Abdul Malik. M/s. Defence Housing Authority.pk Mr. Importer:Iron Steel. Mohammad Munir. Opp: Bilawal House. Margarine.pk Mr. Textiles. Phase-V. 2-C.Mail sidikec@brain. Soap etc. Chemcials.Mail faisal_steel_int@hotmail. Exporter:Coaltar. Sector-16-B.Karaci Tel: 32412411. Port Qasim Authorty. Al-Yousuf Chambers. Canola Seed Manuf:Vegetable Ghee and Oil.FAISAL STEEL INTERNATIONAL Shop No. Soyabean Seed. Bhimpura. Fruits & Vegetables. Rubber Sythetic & Natural . Sun Flower Oil.AM-119.FAISAL TRADERS A-1. C-1-409. Beach Blessing Centre.FAITH ASSOCIATES Room 1.net. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2623279. Faisal Shehzad.03007078206 Fax: 92-21-32435846 Mr.FAISAL VAWDA CONSTRUCTION FVG House.FAISALABAD COTTON CLASSIC Shop No.net. ET Plate.Karaci Tel: 35810352 E.com Mr.A-28/1-2.Exporter:Yarn and Fabrics. Extracted Edible Oil.Karaci Tel: 4750661-4 Fax: 92-21-4750670 E. Stadium Lane-4. 5th Floor. M/s.FAISALABAD COTTON PRODUCTS (PVT) LTD.Mail kisanghee@hotmail. Dagli Centre. L/Garment Importer:Foodstuff. Faisal Vawda. RBD. Block-2. Feroze Street. North Western Industrial Zone. Jodia Bazar. Aftab Ahmed Siddiqui M/s. palmolin. 31-32. North Karachi. Risala Shopping Centre.

H. Kharadar Tel: 2429682 Mr.FAITH ASSOCIATES Room No-5. Services:Freight Forwarder M/s. Abu Zakir. Street 31-C/1.FAIZ SALT REFINERY D-24. IT. Malir. Saddar. Abdul Razzak M/s. Faiz Ali Asghar Exporter:Sea food fresh fruits and veg.Manuf:Leather Garments. Near Madina Masjid.Karaci Tel: 2313948-9 Fax: 92-21-2313977 Mr. Near Achi Qabar.Mail faiztech@cyber. Tawwakal Centre. Opp: Geneva Mkt Sohrab Katrak Road.Karaci Tel: 4380726-9 Fax: 92-21-4380720 E.FAIZ ELECTRIC STORE 31.Mail faizcargo@cyber.FAITH TEXTILE MILLS Shop NO.T.E. Mezzanine Floor. Korangi Industrial Area. Bombay Bazar. 32443082 E.FAIZ & COMPANY O.net. Kharadhar. Shahrah-e-Faisal.S.. Gagan Palace.FAIZ CARGO (PVT) LIMITED Faiz House. Room # 8/4.C. Sutli Plaza.FAIZ JEWELS 165.Mail faiznco@super.FAIZ ALI INTERNATIONAL EST.com Mr. Sarai Road. Sattar Chamber. M/s.pk Mr.FAIZ ELECTRONICS Shop No. Tanveer Hussain M/s. Tel: 35214194 Shaikh Faisal Ahmed M/s.Karaci Tel: 5687966 E.Mail faizalintl@yahoo. Abdul Karim M/s. Young Husband Road. Tel: 32202266 Fax: 92-21-3231016 E. .Mail tanveer@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 4555229 Fax: 92-21-4520512 E.net. 29-West Wharf Road.pk Syed Fazil Hussain. Bagh-e-Zehra Street. Tel: 32401794 Mr. M/s. Faisal Mehmood M/s.2.19. Meezanine Floor. M/s.pk Khawaja Muhammad Aslam M/s.com Ch. P. Tel: 32443121. Saddar.FAIZ INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL SERVICES AND SUPPLIES Plot No. Rio Centre.RS-7. S. Noor Housing Project.5/119. 2nd Floor. Block-6. Tawakkal Centre.net.

Tel: 36667455/36652447 Fax: 92-21-3666745 E..com Mr. Phase-2.FAIZ TRADERS MC-1118. Rashid Hasan Ansari.Karaci Tel: 6658740. Exporter:Export of Textile and Leathers M/s. M. M/s. Abdul Hamid Batra.S. Farhan Tower. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.FAIZAN STEEL Shop No.H.Mail sales@faizscientific. House No.H.Tel: 32722615 Fax: 3272586 E.com Mr. D. Block-13-A. Tel: 9215556.com Mr. New Cloth Market. Tel: 2418238 Fax: 92-21-2425035 E..FAIZAN ENTERPRISES House No.A. Baba-e-Urdu Road. Green Town.A. 59.0300-8278949 Mr. Opp: Metro Cinema.Karaci Tel: 6991320 Fax: 92-21-6991320 Mr. Tel: 4592065 Fax: 92-21-4592065 Mr.Mail slkc@cyber.Jinnah Road.E. Qasba Metroville.C.Karaci Tel: 2310596 Fax: 92-21-2313599 E. Orangi Town. Moeen Steel Market.FAIZAN ENTERPRISES E-105.pk Mr. M/s. Ext. Tel: 32767764 .FAIZ SCIENTIFIC COMPANY A-12.Mail faizanmarble@hotmail. Rashid Hasan Ansari. M/s.com Syed Tahir Imam Rizvi M/s. Abdul Rehman M/s. Faiz Ahmed.Mail gm_batra@hotmail. 4th Sunset Street.81-B. Opp: Lasania Resturant. P.pk Mr.FAIZAN MARBLE iC 47/48. M/s. 6698740 Fax: 92-21-6655054 E.net. Manghopir Road. Adnan Rafique Exporter:Marble & Onyx Manuf:Marble and Onyx M/s.FAIZAN AGENCIES A-35. Faizan Faisal M/s. M.FAIZAN ELECTRONICS Abdullah Electronic Market. Tel: 34994991 Fax: 34964499 E.Mail cargohom@cyber. Block-6. 43-A/1.net.FAIZAN ENTERPRISE C/o Mr. Block-19. Ghulam Murtaza.Mail faizanagencies@hotmail. Mohammad Javed.

O.FALAK CORPORATION (PVT) LTD.FAKHR-UD DIN & CO. M/s. Moosa Market.Fax: 92-21-32775221 Mr. Muhamamd Rashid Importer:Electronics M/s.FAKHRUDDIN TRADERS 6. Tel: 2891022 Mr. B-158. SITE.1-5.com Mr.O.Mail murtazaayub@hotmail. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Metrovill S. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 2427506 Mr.FAKHRIA TANNERY Plot No.339.Karaci Tel: 32443989 E. Saddar.T. Tel: 2579575 Fax: 92-21-2579000 Haji Asif Bhagani M/s.FALAK INDUSTRIES F-466.E. Tel: 2424846 Fax: 2418153 E. P. Muhammad A. Glavanized Sheets M/s.Karaci Tel: 2745192 Fax: 92-21-2730979 Mr.FAKHURDDIN JIVAJI SHARBAT Shop No.33-34. 2439942 Fax: 92-21Mr. Jinnah Road. Fakhruddin Jivaji Sharbat Importer:Iron. Tel: 2571574.Karaci Tel: 5076265. Motendas Market. Weighing instruments M/s. M/s.Karaci Tel: 35650061 Fax: 92-21-32425121 Mr. Muhammad Nasir Importer:Glass stones. Mir Muhammad Baloch Market.D.A.FALAK NASIR TRADERS .. M.FAKHRI BROTHERS Shop No. Box-6670.Society. Sector-7-A. Sunar Centre. Nanakwada.FAIZAN STEEL B-37.Mail fakhr@cyber. James Terrace Road.A. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.net. Murtaza Ayub M/s. Irshad Ahmed. Yousuf Building.pk Mr. Ground Floor. 9th Nort St K. 5071667 Fax: 92-21-5062392 Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.FAKHR SCALES Shop No.3. Malik M/s.H. Mohammad Yousuf. Block-A. Saleem Khalique. Marriot Road. Manuf:Leather Goods and Garments M/s.I. Fakhruddin M/s.

com Mr. Opp: Preedy Police Station.T. Block-9. A. Tel: 5040015 Fax: 92-21-5048651 E. Saddar. Tel: 2435817 Fax: 92-21-2437450 E. Leather Products. Pervaiz Qurban Exporter:Animals Live M/s. Jodia Bazar. Plastic Products.pk Mr. Tel: 4977976.Mail falak_nasir@hotmail. Upper Gizri Road.FALCON INTERNATIONAL Room No.. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 402.Mail falaknaz@hotmail. Tel: 6647035 E. Chemicals.com Mr.Mail worldzoneshipping@yahoo.Mail falcon-f-trading@yahoo.H. Ghulam Mustafa Exporter:Sea foods M/s. M.. North Nazimabad. Mohammad Mehfooz Qureshi Exporter:Cotton Waste Importer:Machinery M/s.Mail mijaz@cyber.Mail admin@dutechonline. Ashraf Lakhani. Exporter:Readymade Garments. M/s. Promotional and Gift Items Importer:Aluminium Products.Karaci Tel: 253739 Fax: 92-21-2521634 E. Falak Shahroz Baig Importer:Betelnuts. 2570408 Fax: 92-21-2416548 E.FALCON INTERNATIONAL 14 Sheikh Masood Chamber.MR-5-2/110.FALCON IMPEX 216. Muhammad Ijaz.16. Sspices. Tel: 35402450 Fax: 021-5370364 E.FALAKNAZ TEXTILE MILLS A/21.com Mr. Block-M. Nasir Mujahid Qureshi. 3rd Floor.A.com Mr. Tel: 35245033 Fax: 35245044 Ms. S.Mail falcon786@yahoo.FALCON ENGINEER & CONTRACTORS 345.FALCON ABRASIVES (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 34142319 Fax: 92-21-3414230 E.com Mr. Bhayani Shopping Centre. Hassan Ali Affandi Mension. Nasir Bair Street. 524. Pharma Raw and Packing Materials M/s. Exporter:Abrasives Importer:Abrasives and Raw Materials Manuf:Abrasives M/s. Jinnah Road.I. Block-14. D.E.net. Clifton. Marine Point.FALCON FISHERIES TRADING Flat No. Mustafa Centre. Mashriq Centre. nuts M/s.com Mr. Razia Babar Exporter:Garments .

Mail nasir@familymoversintl.FALCON TRADING ESTABLISHMENT 126. Imtiaz Ahmed Farshvi.net. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Rabia House.Karaci Tel: 2442534-5 Fax: 92-21-2442537 E.FAME TRADER'S S-26. Chundrigar Road. Mohammad Aleem.Karaci Tel: 34530055 Fax: 92-21-3543005 E. Tel: 34600173 E. M/s. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.net. Ahmed Ismail.FAMCO ASSOCIATES (PVT) LTD. I.Karaci Tel: 5295191 Fax: 5295192 E.FAMOUS EMBROIDERY C-1-24.FAMILY BOOT HOUSE Shop No. Jinnah Road. Ellis Street. Falak Naz Plaza. Abbas Residency. Aftab Ahmed Khan.Karaci Tel: 5214661 Mr.FAMILY BROAST Shop No. Block-12. Muhamamd Nasir Rouf M/s. . M/s. Tel: 2623978 Fax: 92-21-2620627 Mr.com. Block-3. Rizwan Town.Mail falcontex@cyber.K.pk Mr.Karaci Mr.Karaci Tel: 4819137. Sector 16/B. 1st Floor.FAMOUS BOTTLE SUPPLY CO.4.pk Mr.SB 7/32. M/s.paknet.A.G-3.M/s.FAMILY MOVERS INTERNATIONAL 303. Javed Akhter M/s.5/9.Mail fametrads@hotmail. Plot No.Mohammad Ovais Obaidullah Khan M/s. Near NIB Bank DHA.pk Mr.FALCON TEXTILES Office# 101. Plot No.22-C.com Mr. M. Raja Ghazanfer Ali Khan Road. Kharadhar.FALCON TEXTILES G. Phase-5. Ground Floor.Mail u-s-int@khi. Gulistan-e-Jauhar. 0300-2476001 E. Bottle Gali.pk M/s.com. Exporter:eximp@cyber.Karaci Tel: 32424591 Fax: 92-21-2428310 E. State Life Building 1-A.com Mr. Adamjee Nagar. Saddar.Mail falcon7@super. M/s. Muhammad Sarwar M/s.net.pk Mrs. Maimoona Arif. Tipu Sultan Road.I. Zamzama Lane-5.Mail ceo@famco. Jauhar Chowrangi. KDA Market.

Tel: 2276999 Fax: 92-21-2276997 E. Hasrat Mohani Road. Tel: 2421191-96 Fax: 92-21-2446320-1 Mrs.Karaci Tel: 2413509. Jinnah Road.E.Mail famous@famousinternational.FAMOUS LEATHER GOODS 15-Habib Market. PTC Compound.FAMOUS INDUSTRIES 704. Farhan Asghar. Bottle Bazar. Office Chairs.North Karachi Industrial Area. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 2720195.T. Manuf:100% Cotton Grey Fbarics.Mail famousembroidery@hotmail.pk Mr. Mohammad Shakir. Parsi Gali.Mail famous@super. Corduorom. Muhammad Asim M/s.Karaci Tel: 2566930 Mr. Seema Nasir.FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL 3. Denim Importer:Zippers. Importer:Typewriters.FAMY INDUSTRIES F/2/L. Importer:Packaging Raw Material for Food Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry M/s. Iddgah.net.T. S.FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL 1st Floor. Rice. M. Jinnah Road.net. 1. Atta Muhammed Khan Importer:Luggage items M/s. Altaf Hussain Road. T/C Fabrics.Karaci Tel: 2623978 Fax: 92-21-2620627 E. Chari Parts. 1st Office Floor.Mail famsplas@cyber. Fax and Computer Accessories M/s.Shamsuddin Manuf:Embroisery items M/s.. 2765048 Fax: 92-21-2773314 E. Rice. Rochiram Building. Importer:Gen.Karaci Tel: 2620320 Mr. Uni Plaza. Corduoroy. Chundrigar Road. Suede. Tel: 34248929 E. Chapal Plaza.Mail famous1@cyber. Off: I.com Mr. Non Wovens. Mustafa Haroon. 2418744 Fax: 92-21-2426522 E. Ram Singh Building. Technocity Hasrat Mohani Road. Mushtaq Ahmed.net. M/s.FAMS ENTERPRISES O. Exporter:100% Cotton Grey Fabrics. M.I.A.pk Mr. Denim and Bleaced Fabrics M/s.FAMOUS TYPEWRITER CO. Commodites . Fastening Tapes. Ground Floor.pk Mr. Importer:paksign_advertsing_57hotmail.A.120.I.com Mr. Upper ABL Eidgah Branch.

M/s.pk Mr.FANCY VENEER & PLYWOOD INDUSTRIES Plot No. Kausar Fareed. 1st Floor. Tel: 4986351 Fax: 4971540 E.A.FANCY EXPORTS B-3/4 Maymar Court. Tel: 5684587-88. Khawaja Abid Trade Centre. Asif Nagar.FAR EAST ELECTRONICS No. Block-9. Nazir Ahmed Shaikh M/s.Mail fanamas_international@yahoo. Exporter:Misc Items Manuf:Textile Made Ups and Readymade Garments M/s. Sector-28. 4532434 Fax: 92-21-5682648 .Karaci Tel: 8115955 Fax: 8115955 E. Sattar. 68/69. Sohrab Katrak Road. Tel: 4961782 Fax: 92-21-4970979 Mrs.Mail fanar@gem. Jinnah Road.FANCY COTTON HOUSE Shop# 7. Opp: City Court. Federal 'B' Area. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Textile Plaza. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 5048839-40 Fax: 92-21-5065927 Mr.FANAR TRADING ENTERPRISES R-209.pk Mrs. 5th Floor. Rabi Centre. Tel: 32426212. Block-10. Block-13-B. Fauzia Ghauri M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Badsha Khan M/s. Muhammad Nauman Faqir M/s.com Mr. Farid A. Cantonment Building. Tariq Road. Al-Kabir Hotel. Off: Garden Road. Tel: 6371221 Fax: 92-21-6316310 E.FAR AGENCIES 42.H.FAQIR SONS Suite No. Abdul Hamid. Woods and Wooden Blocks Manuf:Plywood and Decorative Veneer M/s.net.com Mr.Mail nfaqirsons@gmail. Korangi Industrial Area.Mail fanara@cyber. 2nd Floor. Importer:M.Karaci Tel: 7210151 Fax: 92-21-7227023 E. M/s. Tel: 34529864 Mr. Opp: APWA Head Quarters.FANAMA'S INTERNATIONAL 202-Al Amin Tower.FANARA SCIENTIFIC COMPANY 3.L. 5. 32412517 Fax: 92-21-2426212 Mr. M.net.501. Muhammad Sabir M/s.

Importer:Electronics Parts & Accessories. Abdul Wahid. Block-2. Tel: 6651921. Centre. 134/B.U. Exporter:Wire & Cables Importer:Copper. PE. Exporter:Pakistani Handicrafts.pk Mr. .compol.FARAH INTERNATIONAL 453-454 State Life Bldg# 4.Mail fareast@cyber. Shabbirabad. Exporter:Terry Towel Manuf:Terry Towel M/s. Taqui Mention. Sector-6-D.FAR EAST TRADING COMPANY Plot No.DP-31/8. Shahrah-e-Faisal.com Mr. Shahid Mustafa. Wrapping Material. Food Colours.E..FAR EASTERN TRADING CO. Tel: 2424036 Fax: 92-21-2419772 Mrs.FARAH TOWEL FACTORY Plot # R-3. Fragrances Manuf:Flavours.net.Mail fareast@khi. M/s.. Central Commercial Area.Karaci Tel: 4540678.E. 4551132 Fax: 92-21-4556108 E. PVC.pk Mr. 6668377 Mr. Alfort Manuf:siddique82@hotmail.I.Mail info@fei. Food Ingredients Services:Indenting of Machinery. Noordin M. Dharamsey M/s.FAR EASTERN IMPEX (PVT) LTD. P.FAR EAST ORIENTAL TRADING COMPANY (PVT) LIMITED 239-B. Orangi Town. Mansoor Shahanshah.C. Exporter:Flavour Importer:Essence.S.C.Karaci Tel: 4554084. K. North Karachi.net. Johar Road. Near Tipu Sultan Road. Sector 6-B. 5433538 Fax: 92-21-5206757 E.Mail fetcopk@cyber. Hina K.Karaci Tel: 4520127-29 Fax: 92-21-4547323 E.H.E. Faizan Amiwala Exporter:Bedf Sheets & Quality coevers M/s. M/s.H. North Karachi Indudstrial Area.com M/s. MT. Unit-06. Food Flvours M/s. Poonawala. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Karaci Tel: 6999192 Fax: 92-21-6934657 Syed Iqbal Hussain. Block 7 & 8.FARAN CHEMICALS Room 3. F. Food Colour.pk Mr. Food Ingredient.com. G-3.S.

pk Mian Farasat Maqsood Exporter:Dates.Karaci Tel: 4381573 Fax: 92-21-4382271 E.I. Gulf Shopping Centre. 7th Floor. I. 1. Chundrigar Road.FARAZ ADVERTISING Suit # SF-16. 13530.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Karaci Tel: 2418050-54 Fax: 92-21-2421010 E. Uni Centre.Mail zakir_faram@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 2416615 Fax: 2416616 E. Clifton Road.pk Mr.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5674125-26 Fax: 92-21-5674127 E. Teen Talwar. Importer:Chemicals Services:Indentor of Chemicals M/s.com Mr.E. M/s. Dry Dates.net.Mail paran-jewellers@hotmail.com Mr. Jinnah Road. Rizwan Ahmed. I.C.FARASAT INTERNATIONAL Suite No. Clifton. M/s.FARAN JEWELLERS Shop No. M. Tel: 2400503 Fax: 92-21-2427716 E.S.net.Mail info@faranchemicals. Glass Tower. 35860556 E. 3rd Floor. Arkay Square. Chundrigar Road.net. Box No. Zakirullah Siddiqui.. 705.# 126/127.10 & 11. D Market.Karaci Tel: 35860533. Bank House No. Parts.FARASIA MARITIME AGENCIES 705. M/s. Sajid Kamal Malick. 1st Floor.pk Mr. Sajid Kamal Malick.I.Mail farasat@cyber.H. Uni Centre. Chemicals and Refined Sugar Manuf:White Refined Sugar M/s. Nursery.Karaci Tel: 2420067-8 Fax: 92-21-2416616 E.Plot# D-36/37.Mail farasia@cyber. Habib Square. Exporter:White Refinded Sugar Importer:Machinery.FARASIA MARITIME AGENCIES (PVT) LIMITED.FARAN SUGAR MILLS LTD. Spices dates M/s. P.A.O.Dry Fruits Gloves Importer:Paper & Products.Mail violin@cyber. Block 6. Block-B.net.Mail farasia@cyber. Omar Amin Bawany. Muhammad Farhan Exporter:Silver Stone Manuf:\gems & Jewellery M/s. P.FARAN ENGINEERING 1. . 7th Floor.

Plot No. 32760620 Fax: 92-21-32763171 E.S. 20th Street. Farooqui.Hashoo Centre Abdullah Haroon Road.FARAZ INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY 35-C. Le Quarter.Karaci Tel: 2745353. Faraz Aslam M/s. Tel: 34502721 Fax: 4502721 Mr.Karaci Tel: 6995061-70 Fax: 92-21-6934009 E. Mhammad Amir M/s. Sector 8-F. 2nd Floor. M. Shahnaz Arcade.C-78. Faraz Arshad M/s. Sector 16-B.net. .pk Mr.5. Rehan Hanif.FARAZ SIDDIQ & COMPANY C-A 14. Faraz Siddiq. Noman-ul-Haque M/s.net. Liaquat Market. Lane-8. Qureshi Manzil. LE-3/17.Mail farazind@cyber.pk Mr.FARAZ JEWELLERS Shop No. Dawood Pota Road. Defence Housing Authority.FARAZ ZARIK INTERNATIONAL Shop No.H. Ground Floor.com Mr. Tel: 5846743. Manuf:Printer M/s.S. Saddar. 1.Mail akfaraz56@yahoo. Malir Town.E. M.Mail ony@cyber.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5855200 Mr. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 4559988 Fax: 92-21-4559999 Mr. Defence Housing Authority.5th Floor.FARAZ JEWELLERS Flat No.Karaci Tel: 341470741 Fax: 34140743 E.Karaci Tel: 32744444. M/s.Mail farazadvertising@hotmail. Korangi Industrial Area. P. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Khursheed Baig Exporter:Gems and Jewellery M/s. Block-2.158.Mail farazjeweler@hotmail. Khayaban-e-Badban. 2020640 Mr. 2762832 Fax: 92-21-2428119 E. M/s. 70/II. Khayaban-e-Badar. Phase-V. North Karachi Industrial Area. Importer:Motorcycle spare parts M/s.C.FARAZ INDUSTRIES (SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED WH-8.FARAZ BROTHERS 57/II. Phase-6.FARAZ NAEEM & CO. Faraz Naeem.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 35651616 E..FARAZ ARSHAD L-56.

Fareed Ahmed.Karaci Tel: 37611224.net.9. Farrukh Ahmed. Gul Muhammad Lane. F-754. 58-Moinabad Extention. Gali No.FARHAN AZIZ ASSOCIATES Amna Villa 300. Nisar Ahmed. 2nd Floor. New Khajoor Bazar. Shirts. Trousers. Exporter:Import and Export of Ghee Raw Importer:RBD Palm Oil. Exporter:Readymade Garments. Muhammad Pervez Kashif M/s.com.FAREED COMMUNICATION House # 53. Tel: 4520601 Fax: 92-21-4542332 E. Blouses. Adamjee Nagar. SITE. Malir.pk Mr.com Mr.FARHAN COMPANY 14.Mail fbckhi@cyber.Qazi Abdul Aziz Street.pk Mr. Green Street. Tel: 35069521-22 Fax: 92-21-3507327 E. Lea Market.Mail faheemjafri@yahoo. Saddar. Model Colony.Karaci Tel: 2025072 E.FAREAST BUSINESS CENTRE 17-Plaza House-A. Panorama Centre. Jodia Bazar.FAREED ENGINEERING WORKS Plot No.com Mr.FARHA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.pk Mr. Aamer Reza M/s.FAREENA TEXTILES Plot # E-44. Tel: 35488060 Mr. Ground Floor. Plaza Square.Mail oilsandfats@hotmail. Skirts.Mail admin@fareedengg.com Syed Faheem ur Rehman Jafri M/s.03332188386 Fax: 92-21Mr. Importer:Dates M/s. T-Shirts.Karaci Tel: 34117558 E. Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s. . Block B. 7513452 Fax: 92-21-7532926 Mr. Tel: 32436071 Fax: 92-21-2413689 E. Farhan Zakaria Siddique. Bye Products of Palm Kernel Oil. P&T Society.Mail info@fareenatextiles. Muhammad Fareed M/s. Shorts. Muhammad Farhan M/s.FARHAN AND CO 204.32551552 Fax: 92-21-3255155 E.net. Tel: 32551551. M/s. Sector 31-D.Mail casi@gcm. Refaee Markaz.Karaci Tel: 7527107.

Karaci Tel: 2425267. 4537384 Fax: 92-21-4547857 E. 13-A. Dandia Bazar. Chemical Chambers.Karaci Tel: 6900826 Fax: 92-21-6957055 Mrs.H. Hassan Chamber. 2414938 Fax: 92-21-2425268 E. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals. Farhat Jabeen. Suresh Kumar Manglani. Sharjah Centre.pk Mr. Farid Ahmed Vawda. North Karachi. Abdul Habib Rajwani.net. M/s.E.FARHAT'S COLLECTION R-65.Mail kn22001@hotmail. M. P. M/s.Mail rtco@cyber.S. 1.com Mr.FARHAT ENTERPRISES Off# 503. Amber Pride. Jodia Bazar.H.FARID TRADERS 9. Feroz Ali M/s. Jinnah Road. Farhat Naseer.M/s.Mail vawda@cyber.301.Mail tarik_mukhtar@yahoo. Amber Medical Centre. Importer:Industrial Sewing Machines and Allied Ancillaries for Garment Industry M/s. Tel: 34530885 Fax: 92-21-3455421 E.S.FARHAN ELECTRONICS Shop No.com Mrs.FARID AHMED VAWDA & CO. Adamjee Dawood Road.Karaci Tel: 2314734 Fax: 2310320 Mr. Ebrahim Building.C.Karaci Tel: 2734795 Fax: 92-21-2766666 Mr.FARHAN TRADING CO. M/s. Tel: 2311881/86 Fax: 92-21-2310332 E.Karaci Tel: 4520111-2.E.FARID BROTHERS Office No.. P.net. Bohri Road. Sohrab Katrak Road.Mail ftraders9@hotmail. M/s. Farhat Nizam. 20. Tariq Mukhtar M/s.27.FARHAT INDUSTRIES 88-J/Block II. Tel: 2729413 . Buffer Zone.pk Mr. Block 6. Saddar.com Mst. Shahrah-e-Faisal.. Sector-15-A-1.A. Al-Rehmat Trade Centre Opp: City Court. Custom House. West Wharf Road.C.FARHAT TRADERS 13.Karaci Tel: 5682085 E. M/s.

FARIS TRADING CORPORATION ONB. 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 35837371-72 Fax: 35862917 Syed Atif Salman Hashmi Exporter:Garments and made ups Manuf:Garments and made ups M/s. Tel: 35675787. Hotel Metropole. Importer:Pharmaceutical Chemicals. Tel: 6951951 Mr. Building # 06-C. Saddar. Habib Khan. 5. Talpur Road. Sector 23.com Mr.149.foods@gmail. Muhammad Mujahid uddin Faridi M/s.FARINE FOODS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. Lane.FARKO INTERNATIONAL 369-370.Mr.FARMAISH BIDI FACTORY J-1 Area.Mail farko@khi. M. DHA.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2413394-2419512 Fax: 92-21-2413143 E. M/s.Mail farookh-co@yahoo.FARIYA ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED Suite # 102.Mail farooqncompany@hotmail. M/s. Tel: 2400706 Fax: 92-21-2400804 E. 430. Printing material Services:Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents. Farhat R. Tel: 4544339. 35653179 Fax: 92-21-35686317 E.FARMAN & COMPANY 265/C. PECHS. M/s. Korangi No. 5044295 Fax: 92-21-5044295 Mr. 2nd Floor. 5688701 Mr.FAROOKH RAZZAK TRADERS Shop No. Khan. . 4th Zamzama Comm.A. Farookh M/s.com Mr. Block 2. Korang Industrial Area. Sector 11-1.Mail ata_1990@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 32773380 E.# 42.com Syed Rashid Ali.Mail farine. Commercial Area. Near Hashoo Centre.compol.FARIDI ENTERPRISES RS-14. North Karachi Commercial Area.279. Phase-V. Abdullah Haroon Road. House No. Tel: 37065656 Fax: 92-21-2410977 E. B-9/1. Tel: 7456353. Muddassir Farooq. 1st Floor. Ali Farman. Garden Road. M/s.FAROOQ & COMPANY R. Meherson Estate. Star City Centre. Ghulam Farid. Exporter:Leather goods. Importer:Bidi Leaves M/s.com Mr. Jinnah Road. Textile Plaza. Mohammed Jawed Zakaria M/s.

FAROOQ CORPORATION (Sind Bellting Store).FAROOQ AND BROTHERS Ahmedani House.Mail ahmedani@cyber. 2430268 Fax: 92-21-5082169 Mr. rice textile Manuf:Hand Knotted Carpets M/s. Exporter:Spices & Foods Products Importer:Plastic Moulding Compound .FAROOQ CARPETS Shafiq Plaza. Feroze Ahmed. Jinnah Road.FAROOQ CORPORATION Room No. Haji Dada Building.com Mr.M/s. Mohammad Farooq M/s. 255/A. Nadeem Cloth Market. Muhammad Hanif Ahmedani. KCHSU Ltd. Farooq A.net.Mail mrmohmand@live.S.FAROOQ ENTERPRISE 02.A.pk Mr. North Napier Road. Ingle Road.C.FAROOQ CORPORATION 1st Floor.FAROOQ & SONS 413-414. Muhammad Farooq M/s.Karaci Tel: 2444164. A/2.E. Darwala Chamber.Karaci Tel: 5685484 Exporter:Hand Knitted Carpets M/s.Mail mana_steel@hotmail. Al-Hayat Chamber.Karaci Tel: 2735224-2773818 Fax: 2731410 E. Block-2. Exporter:Hand Knotted carpets. Kashmir Road. Off: Nishtar Road. Denso Hall. M. Tel: 2774633-34 Fax: 92-21-2737019 E.com Mr. P. Tel: 2411569 Fax: 92-21-2415495 E. M. 66/L. Mohammad Farooq. 4381760 Fax: 92-21-4381760 Mr. Exporter:Cotton Blended Fabrics Manuf:Ready made Garments M/s.H. Sultan Ahmed Shah Road. Denso Hall Chowk. 4th Floor. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 4543191. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Jinnah Road. 7-Jahangir Kothari Building.Karaci Tel: 2730982 Fax: 92-21-2735064 E.A. Ireland Road.Mail hajicloth@hotmail..Mail sbs_farooq@hotmail. Towels Rice M/s. Samana Exporter:Garments. Feroz Chamber..Karaci Tel: 4547082-83 Fax: 92-21-4547084 E.FAROOQ FANCY HOUSE 145.com Mr. Farooq M/s.com Mr.3. Block-7 & 8.

M/s. Plot # TL-18. Tel: 6320113 E. Plot St.FAROOQ TRADERS A-5/1. Nanakwada. 32721069 Fax: 92-21-32400471 Mr. Area. Muhammad Farooq M/s. Tel: 35380669 E. I. Farrukh Mazhar M/s.Mail muqeem@khi. Karachi Stock Exchange. Defence Housing Authority.Shakeel Corp.Karaci Tel: 5060246-5060247 Fax: 2432579 Sheikh Farooq Aslam M/s. Importer:Plastic PMC Manuf:Plastic Bags M/s. Mohammad Farooq M/s.FARROKH MAZHAR 59.Mail farooqtraders1965@yahoo.FARRUKH BROTHERS Romm No. Chand Bibi Road. Shaikh Arif Building.Karaci Tel: 2429490.Mail kan. Tel: 32725419.pk Mr.B. Saddar.2. Abdullah Haroon Road.FAROOQI & COMPANY 35/1. 4th Floor. 28-Hilal Chamber.compol.FAROOQ INTERNATIONAL Shop No. Muzna Khan Importer:Chemicals M/s. 1. Nishter Road. Mohammad Farooq. 2429711 .FAROOQ PACKAGES 1st Floor. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 32529885. 5th Commercial Street. Millwala Bldg. 10th Floor. Munir Ahmed. Khusro Nizam Ahmed Farooq M/s.1004.Karaci Mr.com Mrs. Nishtar Road.com Mr. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2745939 Mr.FAROOQ STEEL Shop # 15.Mail info@faqche.FAROOQ TRADING 122. Al-Karam Market. Al Falah Chamber. Kanda Gali. 403. F.farooqi@cyber. 32528972 Fax: 92-21-32529825 E. Business Plaza. Jodia Bazar. Flat No. Chundrigar road. Karachi. Opp: Risala Police Station. Exporter:Import of Iron and Steel business M/s. Mumtaz Hassan Rd Off: I.com Mr. Tel: 2433398 Mr. Muhammad Farooq Memon.FAROOQ INTERNATIONAL EXPORT ENTERPRISES.Karaci Tel: 2736712-2772075 Fax: 2765129 E.FAROOQ OIL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED.net.Block-1. Daryalal Street.

249/2.Karaci Tel: 35393148-9 Fax: 92-21-3588626 E.net.Mail zafar_azam_khan@hotmail. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 1-A. 4th Floor. Tel: 4938441 Fax: 92-21-4555709 Haji Nasiruddin Arif.FARRUKH TEXTILE MILLS Plot No. F. Motandas Building. Kashif Munir Saigal. Block-7.FARZAM & COMPANY (PVT) LIMITED C-6. Scheme No.5683425 E. Tel: 4833883 Fax: 92-21-4833884 E. Box No. Jinnah Road.com Manuf:Suppliers M/s. 2411729 Fax: 92-21-2410598 Khawaja M. F.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5682565-69.Karaci Tel: 2413012.FASCO AUTOGATES (PAKISTAN) 14C.A.Mail ssaigal@cybeer. Importer:Textile Machinery Secondhand M/s.O.111354111 Fax: 5682839.Block-22. M/s. P. Fayyaz Ahmed Shaikha M/s.Mail info@fashionartinternational.com Mr.A. Sunset Lane# 6. Importer:Spare Parts/Diesel Generating sets M/s.Fax: 92-21-2425983 E. Defence Housing Authority. M. Block-22.FARUQUE LIMITED 2nd Floor.FASHION ART INTERNATIONAL Plot#LA-3/1.B. Beaumont Road. Khan.FASHION & COMPANY C-168. Exporter:www. Tel: 5090212-3 Fax: 92-21-5090211 E.FASHION 'N' FASHION L-34. Muhammad Asif Exporter:Towels Manuf:Towels& Bathrobe . Modern Motors House.Mail info@fascoautogates.Mail faruque@fascom. Industrial Area. Iqbal Faruque. K.zaqsoft.com Importer:zaqsoft@yahoo.com Sayeda Lubna Ali. Phase-II Extension. Jahangir Ahmed Khan M/s.com Mr.com Mr. Muhammad Akbar Khan M/s.FARUK IMPEX CORPORATION E-35.Mail info@joharassociates. 5379. Main Korangi Creek Road. Industrial Area. Shezan Street. Tel: 6066930 Mr.D. Tel: 021-6366661-5 Fax: 021-5206737 E. M/s.B.com Mr.

Federal 'B' Industrial Area. Block-10. North Karachi. Tel: 4387098 Fax: 4310097 E.FASHION N STYLE APPAREL Plot No.com Mr. Columbus Towers.com.FASHION CHANNEL (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.36/3.Mail info@fkind.FASHION JEWELLERY Shop No. Tel: 34940910 Mr. Near Naurus Chowrangi. Secvtor No. Sector-24. Near Buffer Zone.com Mr.23. Tel: 35076886-8 Fax: 92-21-3506225 E.F-108. Block 21. Federal 'B' Area. Ashraf Machiara.M/s. S. Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s.com Ms.394.com Mr. Tel: 5430805 Malik Wajahatullah M/s.FASHION MECHANICS Plot L-1-B. Wazir Khan M/s.Mail infoalphasas_com@yahoo.T. Meh Jabeen M/s. Ashfaq Alam Khan.Karaci Tel: 32580041-4 Fax: 92-21-3258509 E. Gum M/s.FASHION KNIT INDUSTRIES Plot # C-30. Manghopir Road. Mezanine Floor.Mail fc@fashionchannel. M/s. Muhammad Zubair.185. Exporter:Garments Importer:Chemicals. Mohammad Ali Marfani Exporter:Garments Importer:Garments Accessories Manuf:Garments M/s.Mail fashionmechanics@cyber.FASHION FABRICS Shop No.. Sector-15.Haroon Shopping Imporium. Site Avenue. Korangi Industrial Area.Mail fashiongems@hotmail. Sakhi Hsaan. 91-C. Pir Ilahi Bukhsh Colony.I. Korangi Industrial Area. M. Tel: 6338779. Adeel Maqbool.FASHION FABRICS 415.pk Mr.net. . Tel: 5061007 Fax: 92-21-5062650 E.pk Mr.Mail fnsapparel@fascom.Karaci Tel: 3544500 Mr.E.FASHION JEWEL'S INTERNATIONAL C-229. Tel: 4552233 Fax: 92-21-4382666 E. 6318064 Fax: 92-21-6318071 E. Nadeem Rafiq M/s.FASHION CLOTHING 1st Floor. Korangi Industrial Area.

Mehboob Cloth Market.pk Mr. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 4802680 Fax: 4811316 E. Tel: 2579091-4 Fax: 2564672 Mr.Mail sales@geocopakistan. C-45. Shakeel Fateh. (East) Rashid Minhas Road.A. Jinnah Road.10-11-12.FASTO FILLPACK AND ENGINERING COMPANY.Mail info@fastexworld. Munawer Ali Exporter:Garments. 7614132 Fax: 92-21-4581602 E.com Mr. Muhammad Haseeb Fatani M/s.Karaci Tel: 5213393 Fax: 92-21-5211770 Mr. Hassan Ali Sheikh M/s.pk Mr. Rampart Row. New Memon Masjid.Karaci Tel: 2751153-2251422 Fax: 2726422 E. Sabir Ali. Jodia Bazar.FATEH MUHAMMAD ASHRAF & CO.FATANI IMPEX (PVT) LIMITED Plot # H-2/II. Al Falah Society. Block-10-A.net.com Mr. Saddar. M. Block 13-D. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Mehboob Chamber.FASTEX TRADE LINK C-32. Cement Scrap oil Importer:Scrap M/s.Mail tatanis@cyber.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 32433910 Fax: 92-21-3241234 E.Exporter:Knitted and Woven Garments Manuf:Knitted and Woven Garments M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. MR 7/67.FASHIONWEAR (PVT) LIMITED F-200. Iqbal Cloth Market.FATEH INTERNATIONAL Office # 7.Mail kammodkanwal@yahoo.FASHION SAREE CENTRE Shop No.Karaci Tel: 2436656 Fax: 92-21-7720624 . Near Muslim Commercial BankKaraci Tel: 4581601. Sector-5.FASHIONS CARE Office-M-23. Panama Cenre. Tel: 5113416-19 Fax: 5121434 E. M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Hamad Kanwal Ansari Exporter:Textile made ups M/s. SITE. M-98.Mail khaju@super.net. Shah Faisal Colony-3. Aamir Haider Butt M/s.

Fatima Yousuf.03007003401 Fax: 92-21-2416938 E. Opp: Sindh Madrasa.FATIMA SAFETY GLASS F-144. Al Rehman Trade Centre. Machinery.Karaci Tel: 7791561-5 Col. 2411478 Fax: 92-21-2441771 Mrs. Muhammad Khan Colony. Tel: 4313115-17 Fax: 92-21-4312908 E.fap@gmail. Rizwan Ali M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 34528707-8 Fax: 92-21-3452870 E.A. M. Fertilizer Cereals . Dadabhoy Centre.FAUJI FOUNDATION. Block 7 & 8. Readymade Garment Importer:Dyes & Chemical and Textile Machinery Manuf:Cotton Yarn. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Baldia.Karaci Tel: 2441778.net. Muhammad Ashraf Manuf:Car Glass & others M/s.net.C.Karaci Tel: 32422305.FATIMA ENTERPRISE Shop No-33. Ahmed Kamal Rana M/s.(Retd) Rai Liaquat Ali Khan. Exporter:Textile M/s. Services Club.pk Mr. S.com Mr.H.Mail Fatimaenterprises1@yahoo. Muhammad Chaudhry Road. Exporter:Computer Parts Importer:Fresh Fruits M/s. Ittehad Town. Gohar Ullah. Sachi Tower. Rahat Khan Road. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.FATIMI ENTERPRISE C-110. Mereweeather RoadKaraci Tel: 5674234 Fax: 5674233 E.pk Mr.Mail ibad. Oil. Equipments.FATHER & SONS (PVT) LIMITED 17 Maqbool Co-op. Chemicals.FATEH TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED 114-A.Hafiz Muhammad Arshad Monga. Jamshed Town. Rehan Khalil Importer:Food Grade Raw Material Manuf:Food items M/s. lst Floor. 2nd Floor. Building. Molasses.Society. Opp: Aisha Bawany Academy.H.FAUJI AKBAR PORTIA MARINE TERMINALS LIMITED 10.S. Cement.Mail ftml@go4b.M. KARACHI Mazanine Floor.Mail sjgexp@cyber. Exporter:Cotton Yarn all Count & Grey Cloth & Bed Sheet. Acid Manuf:Sugar. Exporter:Sugar and Molasses Importer:Plant.. Jinnah Road. Bedwear Set and Readymade Garments M/s.com Mr.Ext.Karaci Tel: 2811737-2817861 Mr.

.M/s. M/s.Mail fawazanqco@gmail.com Mr.FAY TRADERS Farooq Mansion. 2417126 Fax: 92-21-2417307 E. 40.FAV PLASTICO (PVT) LIMITED B/66-A. 43-7-J.pk Mr. M/s. .FAYAKUN TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD. Korangi Industrial Area. Gulstan-e-Iqbal. Block-6. Faheem Ahmed Farooqi. KDA Scheme No-1-A. D-287. Block 6.S.E. Tel: 2550099 E. Vegetables and General Items.S.S. Farid Ahmed Vawda M/s.Mail ariffruituk@hotmail. Sector 8-F.net. Jinnah Road.FAUZIA TRADERS A1-52.Karaci Tel: 34919727.Mail info@vawda.Mail naseer_vohra@hotmail.H.com Mr. Tel: 35846743.net. 32020640 Mr. Muhammed Siddiq Saya.H. Latif Cloth Market.C.FAVOURITE OVERSEAS TRADERS 408. 2420555 Fax: 2435152.com Mr. Solvents M/s. Cosmetics and Garments M/s.Mail fayakuntetile@cyber.Mail faytrade@super.R. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. M/s. Fauzia Hamayun.E. Tel: 2414704.Karaci Tel: 34549810-19 Fax: 92-21-34536100 E.pk Mr. Stadium Road. Muhammad Naseer. M/s. Fortune Centre.. SITE. Exporter:Paints.A. Oxide and Chemicals Importer:Allied Items of Paints Manuf:Plastic Pail Drums. Importer:Computer Parts. Tel: 4548830.7776222 E.E.Karaci Tel: 4989693 Mr. Tel: 2473343 Fax: 92-21-2426169 E.C. Fawad Siddiq. Marriot Road.com Mr. Importer:Plastic.FAWAD TRADERS 87-A. Chemicals. P.FAWAD SIDDIQ & COMPANY C-A 14. Exporter:Fresh Fruits. Mohammad Yousuf.H.C. 34937146 Fax: 92-21-3493719 E. P. M.FAWAZ & CO. P. Block-13-D. Fawaz Khalil Allawala..

Gulistan-e-Johar. Jewellers Centre.com Mr.6.Mail faysal@fascom.Mail fa_ent@cyer. Soneri Apptt.com Mr. 4393585 Fax: 92-21-4395532 E.FAZAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Suite # C-2. Muhammad Kamran M/s. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 32427597.com Mr. P.S.FAYAZ ELECTRIC STORE Shop No.5.E. Off: Tariq Road.40. Opp: Custom House. Faisal M/s. P.Mail graintrds@yahoo.. Tel: 6621824 Mr.C. Noman Fazal M/s. Importer:Computers. Rehman Goth.Karaci Tel: 32275792-3 Fax: 92-21-5656529 E.FAZAL & COMPANY A-96. Haji Usman Building. Block-A.FAYYAZ ENTERPRISES 254-C. Office No. Ranchore Line. B Road. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Arkay Square Extension. Muhammad Irfan Exporter:Leather Gloves M/s.Mail fayyaz@fayyazenterprise.Mail ccimaging@gmail.FAZAL & CO.Karaci Tel: 32541237 E. 32424320 Fax: 92-21-32401407 Mr. Tel: 4393584.Manuf:Spun Yarn M/s.net. Nuruddin Darbar. Karajedoo Street. Bihar Colony. Mezzanine Floor.FAYSAL ASSOCIATES 635-C. Near Lakbati Hotel.H. Muhammad Hanif.. St-18.com Syed Muhammad Tariq Ali .Printers.C. M/s. Saddar.S.Embroidery & Cutting Machines M/s. Bohri Road. Tel: 34624482 Fax: 34624483 E. Block-6.E.FAZAL AHMED ENTERPRISES Plot 171/1. 301.Karaci Tel: 2312960 Fax: 2312962 E.Karaci Tel: 32725060-32776600 Mr. Faisal Gulzar.com Mr. M/s. Tel: 34544980-2 Fax: 92-21-4547333 E. Rizwan Shaukat M/s. Block-2. North Nazimabad. Bombay Plaza.H.FAYYAZ GEMS Shop No.pk Mr.Mail fazal_co@hotmail.FAYYAZ ENTERPRISES 4/33. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan Road.

E. Wamiq Ahmed.net. D-72.Karaci Tel: 2442828. Central Avenue.O. Rashid Minhas Road. M/s. Tanveer Ahmed. 105.Mail fy-int@cyber. Exporter:Knitted Garments M/s. 12. Exporter:Food Stuff & Rice M/s.FAZAL KARIM & SONS 1st Floor. Abdul Moeen.. Plot No.Plot 20.FAZAL INTERNATIONAL FOOD CO.pk Mr. Phase II. Street 9/1. S. Mehran Excellency.T. 2442829 E..Karaci Tel: 6600278.K. M/s.Mail fazalind@cyber.Captain Road. Masood Ihsan.pk Mr.FAZAL ELLAHIE INTERNATIONAL Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon Trust Bldg.S. Zulfiqar Ali Chaudhry.SR-6. Manghopir Road.pk Mr. Quettawala Building.Mail foi@cyber.FAZAL ENTERPRISES G-3.Mail fazalfood@yahoo. S. Bagh-e-Zehra Street. Sector 16-B. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 4973402 Fax: 92-21-4973862 E. North Karachi Industrial Area.New Challi.I. Clifton. Exporter:Rice Export M/s.pk Mr.net.Mail fazalint@gem. Gulshan Complex.M/s. Tel: 2734709 Fax: 92-21-2776697 Mr.FAZAL INDUSTRIES E-39. . P.FAZAL INTERNATIOAL H-1 Ground Floor. Gulshan-eIqbal.Box-10348. Jilani Centre.R. 2623161 Fax: 92-21-2623162 Importer:Stationery Products M/s.E. Frere Town-1.I.T.com Mr. M/s.net.Karaci Tel: 2627794.FAZAL OMER INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Opp: City Court..Karaci Tel: 2561137-38 Fax: 92-21-2561311 E.pk Mr. Maqsood Hussain. Mohammad Younus.com.Karaci Tel: 2564516-21 Fax: 92-21-2564448 E.FAZAL INDUSTRIES 1 D 2 & 1 D3.Karaci Tel: 5835999 Fax: 92-21-5835888 E. 6609025 Fax: 66-21-6901112 E.net. Kharadhar. 2nd Floor.Mail mail@sfs.

Ground Floor.Mail fazalsubhanco@yahoo.com M/s. Aurangzeb Market. Aisha Complex.Mail travel@fazalerabbigroup.FAZAL-E-RABBI (PVT) LIMITED G-4. Tel: 2435238 Fax: 92-21-2410460 E. Fatima House. Court Road.T. North Karachi.net.com Manuf:astpvtlt@khi. Mohammad Sohail Tabba. Exporter:Yarn.0333-2372615 Fax: 92-21-6978785 E. M/s.FAZAL-E-RABBI ENTERPRISES 227. Sector 5-I.com Mr.pk Mr. L-A/2-B.Exporter:www.FAZAL TEXTILE MILLS LTD. Knitted Fabric Importer:Raw Material. Tel: 2579609. D-73.com Syed Muhammad Fazal-ur-Rahman M/s.A. 6322048 Fax: 92-21-6313372 E.FAZAL TRADERS 7. Khoja lane. Fazal Subhan M/s. Federal 'B' Area. Tel: 2726439 Mr. Block-47. Jinnah Road.Mail fazal@sat. Phase-I. Mohammed Dochki M/s. Tel: 111-872-835 Fax: 92-21-5685340 E.com Mr.404.C-21. Bara Board. 5800776 Mr. Hasrat Mohani Colony.com Mr. Defence Garden.Mail info@fazaltextile.7/1.Karaci Tel: 34124141 . Muhamad Riaz Exporter:Towels and other terry items Importer:Machinery and raw material for towe Manuf:Towels bath robes and terry M/s.Mail fazaldubai@yahoo.compol.FAZAL SONS No.astpvtltd. Manuf:Tent Decorative M/s. 2572851 Fax: 92-21-2573596 E. Defence Housing Authority. Tel: 6321311. Textile machinery and Spare Parts Manuf:Yarn Knitted Fabric M/s.FAZAL TRADING COMPANY Flat No. M.FAZAL SUBHAN & CO. Opp: Sindh Assembly Building. Tel: 35444477. Fazal Ellahi Sheikh. Hyderabad Colony. Block-21.FAZAL SARDAR TEXTILE MILLS O.. Jail Chowrangi. Kharadhar.Karaci Tel: 5890877.com Importer:asian-start@yahoo. Iftikhar Hussain.

M/s. Hair Oil. Henna Powder.Mail fazli@cyber. Brass Manuf:Hair Oil. SITE. M/s. Tel: 2771569.pk Mr.FAZHAB AGENCIES Room # 402.A. F-116. Suite No.Mr.FAZL-E-RABBI ENTERPRISES 77-A.FD & C (PVT) LTD. Zamzama Commercial Lane# 7. Tel: 2576053-4 Fax: 92-21-2574596 . Rice Importer:Wood.Mail fazhab@yahoo. Exporter:Henna Powder.net. Abdul Qadir. Clifton.pk Mr. Surmadani. Aamir Zakaria Fazil.Karaci Tel: 2432335 Fax: 92-21-2432335 Mr.E. Defence Housing Authority. 151. Zamzama Commercial Lane 7. Salman Hanif.net. 3.com Mr. Defence Housing Authority. etc M/s. Japan Plaza.Karaci Tel: 35877836.Mail fazlee@cyber. 2771594 Fax: 92-21-2771621 E. Hub River Road. Fazal Ahmed. Suite 3.net. Mohammad Dochki M/s. M.FAZLI INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Office-10. Cochinwala Market. etc Importer:Cosmetics.Karaci Tel: 5878801 Fax: 92-21-5851722 E.FAZIL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 9-E. 1st Floor. Muhammad Fawad Zia Exporter:Food Agriculure products M/s.pk Mr.FAZAL-E-RABBI LIMOUSINE SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED. 5878431 Fax: 92-21-5877248 Mr. Tel: 111-78--786 Fax: 92-21-4671094 Mr.FAZIL INTERNATIONAL 9-E.FAZLEESONS (PVT) LIMITED F-42.I.Mail fazilgroup@cyber. Zakaria M.Karaci Tel: 5877836. Tarique Rehman M/s. Tel: 2572210 Fax: 2571688 E. Hotel Metropole.T. Phase V. New Neham Road. Phase-V. Jinnah Road. 4th Floor. 2nd Floor.. 5878431 Fax: 92-21-5877248 E. empty Glass. Phase-V. Zamzama Boulevard. S. Exporter:Leather Garments. Kajal Tube. Fazil. Chemicals Manuf:Leather Garments M/s. Kajal Tube. Services:Indenting M/s. Mall Square.

pk Mr. Chundrigar Road.FDM CAPITAL SECURITIES (PVT) LTD.H. I.I.Karaci Tel: 4530120-22 Fax: 4530123. Exporter:White Refined Sugar Importer:Machinery and Spare Parts Manuf:White Refined Sugar M/s.S. Muhammad Raza Fecto. Block 7/8. Block 7 & 8. Shahid Ahmed.net. Darul Aman H. 5675594 Fax: 5684709.Karaci Tel: 4526637-39 Fax: 92-21-4526901 E.Mail mfecto@fecto.FECTO CO-SAIL (PVT) LIMITED 35.E.FECTO SUGAR MILLS LTD.Mail cement@cyber. Shahra-e-Faisal. Muhammad Munir M/s. Society.Karaci Tel: 4530120-22 Fax: 92-21-4530123 E. Suite No. 245/1/X.pk Mr.Mail cement@cyber. Darul Aman H.net.FECTO CEMENT LIMITED 35.FECTO TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LTD.. Mohammed Asad Feecto. Munawar Ali Fecto.. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Manuf:Spares & Equipments for oil explora M/s.E. Near Allied Bank. Mohammed Yasin Fecto.wol.118-119. Mohammad Yasin Fecto.pk Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan Road.Mail fdnc@khi.com.Mail fecto@fascom. 1st Floor. 1st Floor.Mail info@fdm.com.45464 E. P.com Mr. Tel: 4530120-22. Saima Trade Tower. Shahrah-e-Faisal.compol.FECTO PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Block 7/8.Karaci Tel: 111336336 Fax: 2216094 E. . Society.pk Mr. Exporter:Polt Land Grey Cement and Clinkers Importer:All sorts of Spare PLarts and Raw Materials for Cement Plant Manuf:Port Land Grey Cement and Clinkers M/s.5683800 E.45464 E. Panorama Centre. 35.pk Mr.C. Saddar. Importer:Automobiles Including Tractors and Parts thereof M/s. Block-6.net. 4530124 Fax: 4530123.Mail fecto@khi. Darul Aman Housing Society. Exporter:Pharma Machinery Importer:Pharma Machinery Parts Manuf:Pharma Machinery Services:Installation of the Machines M/s.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5682178.

47-48.Karaci Tel: 2859632. Wazir Mansion.FEROZ FEEDS LTD Plot No. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.Mail federal_shoes@hotmail.Mail serozcorp@cyber. S. Mezzanine # M-2. Abid Ali M/s. Shahid M/s.FEDERAL TRADING CORPORATION 202-A. Mezzanine Floor. Bombay Wala Centre. M/s.2/5. Waqas Bilwani M/s. Marriot Road. Tel: 32792653-4 Fax: 92-21-3278248 E. Hussani J.pk Services:Clearing Forwarding and Shipping Agent M/s.net.net. Main Road.uk Mr.com Mr. M/s.FEROZ FLOUR & GENERAL MILLS Office No. Defence Housing Authority.FEDGLOBE (PVT) LIMITED 78-C.Mail munawar_feroz@yahoo. Tel: 2429569.pk Mr. Sea Breeze Plaza. Korangi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 32424429-32428465 Fax: 32425670 .FEMININE FENCE 12-C.M.FEROZ ABDULLAH MEMON Plot No.M/s.R.30-31. Taufiq Road. Phase-II Extension. Liaquatabad.Karaci Tel: 111-511-511 Fax: 99-21-3589045 E.Karaci Tel: 4949415 Mr.FEDERAL FOOTWEAR S.net. Munawar Feroz. 2424743 Fax: 92-21-2413636 E. 3rd Commercial Lane. Moinuddin. Jamil Centre. Sector 16.co. Keamari Road. Tel: 38272160 E. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail mzakirefedglobe. 13. Zamzama DHA-V.net.Karaci Tel: 37729522 Fax: 37729522 E.M.Mail am-memon@cyber.com Mr.Mail mnrco@cyber. Bahadurabad.pk Mr. 13th Comm.Karaci Tel: 34914615 Fax: 92-21-36367809 E.FEEFO 10-11.FEROZ CORPORATION M.pk Syed Khurshid Alam Shah M/s. Poonawala M/s. Alamgir Road. 2853116 Fax: 92-21-2859634 E.Mail federal@cyber.Street. Timber Pond.

Shahzad Tejani Manuf:Confectionery M/s. Tel: 2413218. Feroz Ansari. Muhammad Sohaib Khan M/s.C.FEROZ K.FEROZ KHAN & SAFEULLAH TYRE SHOP. 5. P. Equipment Parts and thereof M/s. G.Chundrigar Road.FEROZ SONS MARITIME CORPORATION (PVT) LIMITED. Faramerz F.34. Tel: 32567030 Fax: 92-21-3256699 E. Akhtar Masud M/s.com Mr.4540558 Mr.pk Mr. I. New Risala Police Shopping Centre. Near Bhimpura. I. KHAMBATTA State Life Building No. 2433524 Fax: 92-21-2577801 Mr. Saddar.Khambatta.FEROZ TRADING CORPORATION 140-P. Importer:Apparel Machinery. Tel: 4543060-65 Fax: 4546555. Exporter:Blended Fabrics Importer:Yarn M/s.P. 181-Corner Chamber. Saigal Market.Karaci Mr.. Jameel Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 2735057.Karaci Tel: 5673586 Mr.H.Mail feroztin@cyber. Memon Manzil. 2414564 Fax: 2417550. Zaibun Nisa Street.Mail ftcsohab@gmail. Muhammad Feroz.Karaci Tel: 2443580. Muhammad Feroz.Mail ferozproducts@cyber.net. M/s. Importer:Iron and Steel (Tin Plate. 8345057 Fax: 92-21-2765102 E.S. Nishter Road. CRC. Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s.26.FEROZ INTERNATIONAL Shop # 25.FEROZ JEWELS 13-A.I. Block-2.E.FEROZ PRODUCTS F-150/B.E. 1-B.FEROZE IMPEX .FEROZ TRADING COMPANY Shop No..pk Mr.I.net. Feroz Ali Rashid.Hassan Square Block-13-A. Adamjee Dawood Road. SITE. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Opp: Quadri Studio. Chundrigar Road. BP) M/s. Shop No.2432599 Mr. Hub Road.Karaci Tel: 2635954-2630191 Fax: 2630191 Sh.

. Tel: 6952949. KCHS. Roomi Centre.Karaci Tel: 5476058 Mr. Defence. S.FFD INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED A-342. Shahra-e-Faisal.FEROZE SON'S MEDICAL & SURGICAL STORE. Shop No. DC Off.Mail info@fgspk.net. M/s. Gabol Town. Near Urdu Bazar. Muhammad Akram Khan M/s. M/s. Anum Empire.Karaci Tel: 2721895. Pakistan Navy School.pk Mr. Block 22.57.E. Tel: 34543242 Fax: 35342313 E. 6952980 Fax: 92-21-6953051 E. Block 7/8.1.Karaci Tel: 34381061-62 Fax: 34381061 E. Sualeha Chamber. Masood Sultan Japanwala. Phase-II.FEROZUDDIN SULTAN AHMED LA-6/A-1.T. Room No. Tel: 32550294-5 Fax: 92-21-3255029 E. Zaidi. S. Exporter:Textile Goods Manuf:Textile Goods M/s. Mohan Road. 2733181 Fax: 92-21-2781239 Mr.FEROZSONS TANKS TERMINAL (PVT) LIMITED.Mail sales@ftextile. Perwez Ahmed. Tahir Iqbal Minhas M/s.com Ms.FF'S COLLECTIONS Sultan Arcade.M. Estate Avenue Road.com Mr. Hilal Rizvi.Mail ffscollections@live.Mail wwil@cyber.net. North Nazimabad.pk Sheikh Amin Karamat Masud M/s.FEROZE TEXTILE INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED B-4/A. Block-H. Adj. Federla "B' Area. Opp:PNS Shifa Hospital.I.2. Importer:Chemical . Tel: 2567890 Fax: 92-21-2581221 E. Fareena Rizvi M/s. Opp.FIBRECARE SPECIALITIES 363.Mail hilal@cyber. Tel: 36645911-36677285 Fax: 36675134 Syed Faisl Matin Exporter:Chemicals and Dyes Importer:Chemicals and Dyes M/s. DHA-6.com Mr. Muntazir H.110. Flat No.FIBEREGLASS SERVICES Suite # 103. S. North Karachi Industrial Area. Tel: 6342519 Mr.

Arkay Square (Ext. 3.FIDA GEMS Shop No.Mail fidahajj1@hotmail. Saleem Ahmed M/s. 8th Floor.Karaci Tel: 220327.FIDA HAJJ & UMRA SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED.com M/s.FIDAI TRADING ENTERPRISE 8/3. Tel: 32421182 Fax: 92-21-3242898 E.FIBRETEX INDUSTRIES 20.). Salman Farooqi M/s. Tel: 4538128 Syed Iqbal Shah Exporter:Ready made Garments Onyx Marble M/s.FIBRETEX INDUSTRIES LIMITED Rehmat Manzil. Jodia Bazar. Pak Chambers.I.E. Anwar Jafferali. 11-SR/7. Kharadhar Square.Manuf:Textile Auxillaries M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.13. 2310286 Fax: 92-21-2310416 Exporter:Dried Salted Fish M/s.com Mr. 2nd Floor. West Wharf Road. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Tel: 2200557 Fax: 92-21-2200516 E. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2443631. M/s.H. Block-2. Room No. Tel: 7721801.net.Karaci Tel: 2202261.Karaci Tel: 5348371 Fax: 92-21-5348372 E. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Abdul Hussain. Near Bakda Hotel. M. P. 6639377 Fax: 92-21-2311415 Mr. Near Sarawan Hotel.com Mr. 441994 Mr. M/s. Muhammad Suhail Fida M/s.pk .R. 7735443 Fax: 92-21-7721979 Sheikh Najmuddin Karimi.S. Defence Housing Authority.FIELD ENGINEERS 3-Avanti Terrace.FIESAP TRADING 32-C. Phase-VI..Mail apoonawala@nwims. Kharadhar. Rahat Lane-3.Mail salman@salmanfarooqi.net. Exporter:nimratex@cyber. Kaka Street. Gems Centre. 5/10. Ali Hussain Abdul Hussain.C.pk Importer:ww. Mithadhar Chowk. Shop 12.FIDATIQASONS INTERNATIONAL TRADE C/o.apex-corporation. I. Daryalal Street. Flat No-1.Karaci Tel: 35214751 Mr. Off: Timber Market. Ali Enterprise.FIDA ALI COMPANY C/o. Badri Building.

Muhammad Haroon Bari. M/s. Ashique Ali Poonawala M/s. Federal 'B' Area.FINE COTTON TEXTILES B-237. Plugwrap. Importer:Raw Cotton.Mail cotton@fascom.Mr. Nazir Ahmed Vaid M/s. Tel: 4545095-6 Fax: 92--21-4555997 E. Manuf:Acetate Filter Rods for Cigratte Industry M/s.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4529141-42. Munir Ahmed Fazla.FIMCOTEX INDUSTRIES 101.H.FINE COTTON INDUSTRIES 29/A.com Mr. Machinery And Machinery Spares For Textile. Tel: 5091892-4 Fax: 92-21-5091891 E. Muhammad Ikhlaq Memon. Tipping Paper. Exporter:Filters Rods for Cigratte Industry Importer:Man Made Textile Fibre.Karaci Tel: 5867771-6 Fax: 5872364. Block VI. Block-22.E. 6th Floor.Mail fimco@cyber. Triacetine.C.net.pk Mr.H. Cigratte Paper. Clifton.pk Mr. Block-2. 4536202 Fax: 4549407. Murshid Sonar Tower.com Mr. Mohammad Raza Nensey. Safdar Ali Exporter:Textile made ups Manuf:Textile made ups & Terry .Cotton Yarn M/s. P.4536237 E.E. Korangi Creek. 1st Floor. Block-8.FINE AND FAIR HOSIERY L-29/A.FINE ART 424. 5211933 Fax: 92-21-2626210 E.. P.FINATRA IMPEX 202-Continental Trade Centre.Mail naqi@barimills. Tel: 4549644-7 Fax: 92-21-4549669 E.Karaci Tel: 5653089. Tel: 7644676 Mr. Saddar..Mail filpak@cyber. Muhammad Tahir Durrani M/s. Exporter:Terry Towels and Made Ups M/s.S. SITE. Jason Trade Centre.S. Fortune Centre.FILTERS PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Shahrah-e-Iraq.Mail fine1art@hotmail.net. Altaf Hussain M/s.C. 39-A/1. Shahrah-e-Faisal.5870468 Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 4212315 Mr.FINE ART SILK MILLS S-62. Ibrahim Haidery Road.

Ocean Centre.Karaci Tel: 2512061. Tel: 4110638 Fax: 92-21-4111862 Mrs. C-1-409. 0300-9294581 Mr. North Karachi. M. 2204471 Fax: 92-21-2310709 E.Karaci Tel: 6982077-78 Fax: 92-21-6906602 Mst.FINE TRADING CO. Tel: 4524523 Mr. Block-9.FINE SERVICES D 4-5. AK 7-B. Exporter:Knitted Garments Importer:General Items and Machineries Manuf:Knitted Garments . Korangi Industrial Area.FINE TRADERS House No. Khursheed Begum.FINE TRADERS 5-C.FINE ENTERPRISS Shop No. Manuf:ashrafiyatex@cyber.FINE STAR IND. Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai.NP 2/77.FINE STAR TRADING COMPANY House No. Muhammad Farooq. Services:Clearding Forwarding M/s. 8/11. Lyari. Nargis Begum M/s. Indus Mehran Society. KAECHS. Mohammad Iqbal Noomani Manuf:Auto Parts M/s. Shahzad Zahoor M/s.581/B-21. 6958191 Fax: 92-21-6997911 E. Farooqi Masjid Street. Jamal Rasheed. Sector 12-D. Opp: Custom House.pk M/s. Younus Sommro.Karaci Tel: 2310709.net.Mail fine_enterprises1@yahoo. Imran M/s. Mohammad Ghulam Qadir. Tel: 2766351 Mr. M/s.M/s. Kundan Street. Sector 16-B. Nazimabad. Exporter:Export of Rice and Garments M/s. (PVT) LTD. Malir Town. C-36.Mail ftc@finetradingco.Karaci Tel: 5050106-7 Fax: 92-21-5050104 Mr. Sector-15. Sarafa Bazar. Korangi. Tel: 6996138-39. Dp 26 & 27.com Mr. 1-B/2.Karaci Tel: 2524900 E. Eduljee Dinshaw Road.com Mr.Mail mys1534@hotmail.com Mr.FINE STEEL WORKS A-3. Opp: Noorani Masjid.FINE FABRICO Plot No. North Karachi Industrial Area.

A.S. Mohammad Iqbal. B-2. Hasrat Mohani Road. 32410410 Fax: 92-21-3241077 . B-2. (PVT) LTD.FINE VIDEO SERVICES 29. Elahi Centre. S.Mail finesaad@mail.E. Tel: 2722439 Mr.S. Opp: Central Telephone Exchange.Karaci Tel: 32412345. Mansoor Ahmed Shaikh.T. Saddar. Sarwar Shaheed Road.com Mr. 2564778 Fax: 92-21-2563326 E. CORP. Jinnah Road. Exporter:Export of Cotton Textiles M/s. Exporter:Terry Towels and Made Ups M/s.C.FIRDOUS TRADING COMPANY 612. Chapal Plaza. Muhammad Ashraf M/s. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 2423362 Fax: 92-21-2433492 E.. Block-2. 2435251 Fax: 92-21-2432109 Mr. P. Tel: 4545095-6 Fax: 92-21-4555997 E.FINE TRADING CORPORATION B-1..O. Importer:Raw Material Latex and Other Chemicals Manuf:Rubber Thread M/s. Preedy Street.pk Mr. Rambharti Street. M.Mail fmcpl@cyber.FINE WEAVING & TOWEL INDUSTRY Ground Floor. Tel: 32639583-4 Fax: 32632643 E. Plot # F-525. Covered Rubber Thread. 1st Floor. Mujahid Khan Baloch. Urdu Bazar.A.com Mr.Mail naqi@barimills.I.FINE UNIVERSAL ENTERPRISES Giddomal Lakhraj Road. Box-6783.FINTEX MFG.M/s. Anjum Tariq.Karaci Tel: 2432109.Mail fineuniversal@hotmail. 5685831 Fax: 92-21-5680393 E. Exporter:Rubber Thread.H.FINETEX 29/A. Shafeeq Plaza. Tel: 2574040. MR-1/15.E. Jodia Bazar. K. Lines. Importer:Chemicals for Ghee and Cooking Oil Industry M/s. P.com Mr. Taseem Ahmed M/s.Mail ksmujahid khan@yahoo. Latif Cloth Market. R. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5685774.net. Maqsood Manzil.com Mr. Muhammad Haroon Bari.FINETEX INDUSTRIES 280/II-B.

4552974 Fax: 4553137. Korangi Industrial Area. Usman Elahi Faruqi M/s.Mail info@firnsafety. S.pk Mr.Mail firoz-and-co@cyber. 1/1.net Mrs.E. No-1.net. Near Underpass. Tel: 111226226 Fax: 35656710 E. Nazimabad # 01.Mail firdous2@cyber.pk Mr. Aminullah. DHA. Tel: 4558268.Mail info@firpofarm.com. Exporter:Rice. Jinnah Road.Mail fam@cyber.net.com.net Mr. Aiwan-e-Sanat.FIRST FLOOR Ground Floor. Exporter:Finished Leather and Leather Garments Importer:Raw/Wet Blue Hides & Skins.4556675 E. Sindhi Mulsim Cooperative Housing Society. 2nd Floor.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5062200-01 Fax: 92-21-5062203 E. Importer:Chemcials .FIRPO FARMS Deh Shah Mureed. Tel: 36700220-36700221 Fax: 36700221 E. Gidap Town. Exporter:Allied Items M/s.FIRST AL-NOOR MODARABA 96-A. Towels and General Items Importer:General Items M/s. M.Mail info@firstcapital.pk Mr. Ameed Riaz. Phase-V. Farooq Habib M/s.FIROZ & CO. Yasmeen Bano M/s.net. 26th Street. Sohail Shamim M/s. Gulzar Firoz. Tauheed Commecial Area.M.Mail kimrooz@attglobal. Lakson Square Bldg.pk Mr. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Tel: 2312271-74 Fax: 92-21-2310632 E.FIRST CAPITAL EQUITIES LIMITED 4th Floor. Mehdi Hassan. Chemcials and Tannery Spares Manuf:Finished Leather and Leather Garments M/s.FIRST IMROOZ MODARABA 119-120. Qamar House.Mail otc@firstfloor. Plot # ST-4/2.Karaci Tel: 35304264-66 Fax: 5304268 E. Sector 23. 20-C.A. Tel: 4554547 Fax: 4320100 E.FIRE N SAFETY XPERTS 1-E.com Mr.

Jodia Bazar. Daryabad. Fida Hussain Shaikha Road. Muhammed Feroz Street. Chemicals Importer:Raw Material Chemicals M/s.E.Karaci Tel: 32471754 Fax: 2202622 Sheikh Mansoor Hanif Magoon M/s. Box-3683.com Shaikh Muddasir Rafiq Magoon M/s.FIRST LINK Shop No. Muhammad Hanif.Block-7 & 8.Karaci Tel: 7528217.T.M/s.Mail five_m_group@yahoo.KC-999.A. Asad Ahmad.Mail fivebros@cybeer. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Bohri Road.Karaci Tel: 2859651-52 Fax: 92-21-2859653 E. 2nd Floor.Mail zaheer.Karaci Tel: 2315385 Fax: 92-21-2202622 E.com Rao Abdul Ghani. New Boulton Market. KCHSU. S..Mail bwheels@khi. 0333-21170 Fax: 92-21Mr. Services:Madaraba M/s. Room-23.FISH DEEBIL PAKISTAN 3306. P. Tel: 2571598 Fax: 92-21-2563872 E. Tel: 399212237 E. .Mail tristar@sat. Street# 12. Jinnah Road. Custom House. Kemari.net.FIVE BROTHERS Al-Rehman Trade Centre.FIVE STAR FISHERIES Plot No.Karaci Tel: 32440822 Fax: 92-21-2419637 Mr.FIVE M INTERNATIONAL 11-Aslam Motiwala Terrace. M/s. Opp: Gate No. Nayyer Waseem Exporter:Garments Importer:Chemicals M/s.FIRST TRI-STAR MODARABA F/498. Exporter:Export of Fish M/s.FIT RIGHT DRAPERS 534. M.15. Punjab Colony.I.khan@fins.FIVE "M" BROTHER A-2. Tel: 35835989 Fax: 92-21-35835408 E. Hanif Palace. Zaheer Ali Kham Services:To provide Modern & Informational S M/s.net. Imran.compol.pk Mr.O.FIS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Cavish CourtA-35.com Mr.242.pk Mr. Noor Centre. Exporter:Raw Mateial. Khayaban-e-Jami Road.

Block # 8. Azizabad.Mail fixtradeinternational@yahoo. Baloch Colony. Off: I.FKN TEXTILES 38. Chundrigar Road.Mail fizzacosmetics@yahoo.FIZA GARMENTS 5th Floor.FIVE STARS MARINE Shop No. Tel: 32575810 E.com Mr. Muhammad Zahid Ameed Choudhry M/s.FIZZA INTERNATIONAL R-239.Karaci Mr. .B. Muhammed Nasir Exporter:Cotton Yarn Textile goods Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s. Bahadurabad. Mirza Adam Khan Road. Mauripur Road.Karaci Tel: 4947026 Fax: 4547480 E. Gulistan Colony.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 36320143 Fax: 92-21-3632014 E.Mail safi_fsm@yahoo. Street 16. Mumtaz Hasan Road.06. PECHS. lst Floor. Near Teen Talwar. Tel: 4393292-4537011 Fax: 4393291 E. Fish Harbour West wharf Road. Gulf Shopping Mall. Riaz Khan M/s. Clifton.Mail fivestarscorporation@hotmail.net.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5824549 E.Mail fkntextiles@cyber.I. Area.FIVE STARS CORPORATION 161-F. Al-Hilal Chamber.FIXALL INTERNATIONAL Suite-18/1.Pak Muslim Colony. Block-3. Munir Ahmed.com Mr.FIZZA'S COSMETICS Shop # 124.Mail fizzainternational@iccint. F.Karaci Tel: 2432393 Fax: 92-21-2426624 E. Exporter:Sea Foods M/s.Mail info@fixallhr.Karaci Tel: 2315610 Fax: 92-21-2200036 Mr.com Ms.com Mr. Junaid Dawood Palace.com Syeda Fizza Adnan M/s. Habiba Jamal M/s. Twin Star Chambers. Muhammad Akram M/s.10. Safiullah M/s.FIXTRADE INTERNATIONAL Room No. Main Naka. Khursheed Mansion Bahadur Shah Zafar Road. Plot # D-10.FLARE FABRICS INTERNATIONAL 78-CD. Tel: 2310069 Fax: 206363 E. Ghulam Naqi Haidari M/s.

Mail info@floraldesign. M.Karaci Tel: 2429113 Fax: 92-21-2429113 Mr.FLORAL DESIGN 6-B.FLORA LIFE SCIENCES F-20.A. Manuf:Flavour M/s. Nuzhat Majid Exporter:Gift items Importer:Dry flowers M/s.H. Tel: 4536105 Fax: 92-21-4383794 E. Business Arcade.Techno City Office Tower. 2nd Floor. S.Chundrigar Rd.pk Mr.FLAVAROME INTERNATIONAL B-158. Suleman Chawla.Nighat Kausar Importer:Veterinery medicines M/s.. 4th Floor.FLOREX INTERNATIONAL Suite No. Newneham Road.Karaci Tel: 5415865 E. M/s. 4535324 Fax: 92-21-4535324 E. Jauhar More. Block-3.net.Karaci Tel: 4537126. Block-19. Wire. Tel: 2576451 Mr. Farid Chambers.Karaci Tel: 2410685. Tariq. .A.C.S. Hafiz Chamber. Importer:Carbon Blocks.I.E. Tel: 4525700-71 Fax: 92-21-4525725 E. Suite No.FLEXI TUBES INDUSTRIES 369. Irfan-ul-Haque.S.Mail flavarome@supr. Opp: Denso Hall. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.com Mr.Hasrat mohani Road. K. Importer:Power Tools and Misc M/s. Rashid Minhas Road. Shahid Ashfaq.I.FLORACHEM PAKISTAN lst Floor.Mail florex@cyber. 2413411 Fax: 92-21-2416471 E.H. Ahmed Ali Merchant.FLECBON CORPORATION OT-204. Block-5. Block-6. M/s.M.Cochinwala Market.com.FLORIDA BUILDERS (PVT) LTD.net. 2411401 Fax: 92-21-2216183 Mr.31.Karaci Tel: 2436313. K. Opp:Uni Plaza.. Gold Foils and Spares for Pakistan Railway Manuf:Carbon Brushes. PECHS.com Ms. Seals M/s. Mohammed Imran Giga.pk Mr.C. M/s.406.pk Mrs. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Bahadurabad Road-20.Mail floralifesciences@yahoo. Jinnah Road.Mail imrangiga@hotmail. Al ShamsComplex.

FLY TIME TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED Shop No. Haji. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Importer:Valves Pipes. 172/1.com.FLUID SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED.3.net.com Sheikh Muhammad Talha M/s. (PVT) LTD.0300-8232927 Mr.Fittings.Mail flytime_travel@hotmail. Muhammad Siddique Ghani M/s. Block 7/8. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 4310205-7 Fax: 92-21-4380576 E.Karaci Tel: 4917718-19 Fax: 92-21-4914538 E. Anum Empire. Fatima Jinnah Colony.com Mr.FNZ APPAREL (PVT) LIMITED Habib Square. .com Mr. Block 'M'. Shop No. Block-2. Sher Asfandyar Khan M/s. M.A. 2nd Floor. North Nazimabad. Muhammad Akbar Importer:Pumping Machinery and Allied access M/s.Karaci Tel: 6677341-2 Fax: 92-21-6641121 E. Altaf Hussain Road.pk Mr. Khalil-ur-Rehman M/s. M/s.Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail info@fluid.FLUID TECHNOLOGY INTL.net. Suite # 104. PECHS.pk Mr.Mail apnakarachi107@cyber. Jinnah Road. 424. Tariq Road.FLOWER PALACE Rahat Jo Dero.05. KCHS.Karaci Tel: 4388765 Fax: 4382559 Mr.FM 107 (PVT) LIMITED 11th Floor.Mail flyer-int@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 25755205.Mail karachi@fsipl. M. Tel: 35214327-35218295 Fax: 99-21-3521341 E. Shafeeq Plaza. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. 1st Floor. Tel: 2791053-4 Fax: 92-21-2791052 E.com Mr. Bhayani Shopping Centre. Tel: 2631065. Valika Chamber. 1.2627638 Fax: 92-21-2631080 E.10.FLUID CONTROL AUTOMATION Shop No. 5658562 Fax: 92-21-5215580 E.Mail fluid@cyber. Waqar Ahmed Importer:Water Treatment Chemical and Plant Manuf:Water Treatment Chemical and Plant M/s. Insurance House No. Waqar Ahmed Dar M/s. Tel: 5215264.& Other Industrial Products. Abdul Aziz.A. Technology Park Shahrah-e-Faisal.FLYER INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL AGENCY (PVT) LIMITED 10-Ponawala Garden.pk Dr. Asad Ali H.Mail floridabuilders@live. 4th Floor.

West Wharf Road. I.114.Karaci Tel: 2314023-29 Fax: 2310938 E.C.Karaci Tel: 2314281 Fax: 92-21-2310938 E. Sector 14. Importer:Tele Communications Equipment Motorola Services:Shipping Agents M/s.FOOD & RAW MATERIAL COMPANY Room No. Services:Shipping Agent for Forbes Shipping Company (Private) Limited.com Mr. Ebrahim Bldg.Mail corporate@forbespak.Mail corporate@forbespak. West Wharf Road. 35051783 Fax: 92-21-5051784 E.E. M. Block-6. Aamir Trade Centre.com. Rashid Malik M/s. Mohammad Hanif Godil Exporter:Fresh meat & Food products M/s.pk Mr.FOOD LINKS 123.Mail operations@frmc.net..net.Karaci Tel: 4558218.pk Mr. M/s. P.O. Tel: 4381025 Fax: 92-21-4524469 E.pk Syed Arif Raza M/s.Mail foodex@cyber. Shalimar Pride.com.H. Korangi Industrial Area.com Mr. P. (PVT) LTD. Ebrahim Building. 4393082 Fax: 92-21-4533954 E.FORBES SHIPPING COMPANY (PVT) LTD.FOOD TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.net. Tel: 4517850 Fax: 4517884 E. Korangi Industrial Area. Model Colony. Shamim.Mail foodlks@uper. Tel: 34384779-0 Fax: 92-21-4389170 E..Mail sales@focusapparels.FORBES FORBES CAMPBELL & CO.Mail tax@foodtec. Box-4659. Tel: 35051782. .FOOD LINE INTERNATIONAL Shop # 12.pk Mr.FOODEX 259-H. Business Arcade.pk Mr. Muhammad Jaffar Khan Exporter:General goods M/s. Sector 7A.FOCUS APPARELS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. Shahrah-e-Quaideen. Jinnah Avenue. 364.Mail foodline@cyber. Tel: 5065291 E. Shahra-e-Faisal. PECHS.18. Habibullah Khan. Ghalib Javed. Muhammad Idrees Iqbal Gigi M/s.H.com Mr.M/s.S.

Street. Muhammad Farooq.FORDEES INTERNATIONAL TRADING Room No.FOREIGN TRADING COMPANY OF PAKISTAN. Rock Salt.com Rana Nadir ali M/s.FOREL INTERNATIONAL Plot No. Motorola M/s. Feroz Street. Ph-V Ext. Ebrahim Building.I. 2nd Floor. Importer:Telecommunication Equipments.pk Mr.Mail forelinternational@hotmail. Berar Society. 2422877 Fax: 92-21-2421558 E.com Mr. 2B. Lettils.Mail nadir1573@yahoo. Tel: 2254663 Fax: 92-21-2227088 E. Block-7 & 8.FORESIGHT TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LTD. House. Muhammad Irfan Choudhry.FORHAN'S (PVT) LTD.FOREIGN FASHION & AVRIL GARMENT Shop No. V. P. Abdul Aziz Arain. 21.com Mr. Spices. 44-Garden East.P.com Mr. Tel: 2422465.Karaci Tel: 4941245 Fax: 92-21-4940537 Mr. Dry Fruits. Mohd. Box No. R-203. Importer:Tea M/s.MR-6/31. 6261. Plot No.M. DHAKaraci Tel: 5304308-9 Fax: 5206780 Syed Anwar ul Haque Exporter:Marble and Onyx M/s.45-C. Exporter:All kinds of Garments Manuf:Garments M/s.M/s. Tauheed Commercial Area. 704. 1st Floor. Chundrigar Road. Sidra Trade Centre. C.Mail saad-ghouri@live. Uni Centre.Karaci Tel: 2314023-29 Fax: 92-21-2310938 E.Mail corporate@forbespak. 27th Comm.O. Hockey Stadium.Karaci Tel: 2311365 . Nuts Manuf:Rice M/s. I. Fresh Fruits.net.FORESTERS 37/38.Muhammad Saad Ghouri M/s. West Wharf Road.FORBES TELECOMMUNICATIONS (PVT) LTD.Mail fit@cyber. West Wharf Road. Wajid Mumtaz Paracha. Food Grains. Tel: 5653812 Fax: 5662984 E. Jodia BazarKaraci Tel: 7774373 Fax: 72-21-734104 E. Exporter:Rice. Al-Kibriya Shopping Centre.

Exporter:Knitted Garments Importer:Garment Accessoires Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s. S.S.Mail info@fortepak.FORTE PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 9-A. Defence Housing Authority. Importer:Flavours and Fragrances Services:Indenting Agents M/s. 10th South Street. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5892684. 8286075 Ch. Kashif Centre. Block 'L'.Mail intlab@cyber. Shershah..Karaci Tel: 5075104 Fax: 92-21-2410374 E.T. Exporter:Comm. Aga. Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Forhan's Range of Cosmetics Products. Salman Parvez Butt M/s.Mail sparekh88@yahoo. Tel: 34532881-2 Fax: 92-21-3453878 E.FORTUNE APPAREL 199/B.FORTUNE BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL F-1/A-1. .FORT TRADERS Plot 142.com Mr.14. Tel: 4387970 Fax: 92-21-2570567 Mr. Adamjee Nager. Block-C. Shahid Parekh. Sector 27.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2566994.M. Fax: 92-21-5892684 E.C.pk Mr.A.E.I. K.FORTUNE COMMERCIAL COMPANY Suite 807. Muhammad Salim.H. Shershah. Yasir Gulzar Importer:Generator Sets A/C Equipments M/s. M/s. SITE.H. Tel: 5661901-3 Fax: 92-21-5688377 Mr. Muhammad Maqsood. Phase-2. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Ground & lst Floor.Fax: 92-21-2310602 E.S. M.FORTUNE INTERNATIONAL B-267. Tel: 32570575 Fax: 92-21-3257057 Mr.. Street No. Eruch B..Mail fortuneexports@hotmail.FORTUNE EXPORTS INTERNATIONAL Plot # 188. Faisal Adam.com Mr. Block B. Main Shahrea Faisal. Saleem Muhammed Gagai. MII F.net.FORTUNE EXPORTS 2-A/2. Korangi Industrial Area. M/s. M/s.

FORTUNE SECURITIES LIMITED 3rd Floor.FORTY MAN (PVT) LIMITED B-VII/14. Block-14. 6th Floor. Beaumont Road. Mauripur Road.Karaci Tel: 5309101-9 Fax: 92-21-5309152 E.hanif@fortunesecurities. Modern Motors. Muhammad Kabeer M/s.Mail forward1261@hotmail.Mail jv@foton-pk.57 Fax: 92-21-6377598 E. 2427520 Fax: 92-21-2431439 E.Karaci Tel: 2412889.4200955. S. Muhammad Qasim Lakhani M/s.FOUNDATION ENGINEERING (PVT) LTD 101-102. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Tel: 4520231.com Mr.Mail fortyman@cyber. 3rd Floor. Clifton.FORTUNE SYNERGIES (PVT) LTD A-2/3. Block 7 & 8.2/6.Karaci Tel: 6377590. Tahir Ahmed. ST-4/D. KDA Scheme-5.Vans Trucks Tractors M/s.com Mr. Joseph Verghese Importer:Bus.Karaci Tel: 2315610 Fax: 92-21-2200036 Mr. KC-999.Mail felpvt@cyber. Tel: 5064933-5060074 Fax: 92-21-5062944 .North Nazimabad.FOTON PAK BUS CO. 2639263 Fax: 92-21-2639248 Mr.pk Mr. Exporter:Sea Foods M/s. Razi Towers. Tel: 36018787 E. Noor Ali Kassam Ali.net.com Mr. Mahmood Anwer.174. Ahmed Munir Bokhari.KCHS C.FOUR BROTHERS Plot No. Pak Muslim Colony. Federal 'B' Area.(PVT) LTD. M/s. Block-9.Mail danish. Area.FORWARD CORPORATION Room No. Tel: 2639250. Amber Estate. M/s. Sharjah Trade Centre. Importer:Paper M/s.pk Mr. Services:Clearing and Forwarding Agent M/s. Sharea Faisal.Mail info@fortunesynergies. West Land Trade Centre. Sheharbano Plaza. Sector-23 Korangi Industrial Area.FOUR SEASON GARMENT Plot No.net. Muhammad Aslam. 4520232 Fax: 92-21-4948159 E. 1st Floor.C. Shaheed-e-Milalt RoadKaraci Tel: 34390094-5 Fax: 34314443 E.com Mr. New Challi. BC-13.

T. Importer:Distributors M/s.pk Mr.net. 5th Floor.Mail climxint@super.A. Kehkashan. C-32/D. Rajendar Kumar Exporter:Pulses and Agro commodities Importer:Pulses and Agro commodities M/s. P.FRANCO FERRI & CO. Knitted Garments. 2251149 Fax: 92-21-2227067 Mr. M/s.pk Mr. Rehan Husnain Exporter:Computer and Accessories M/s. Malir Colony. Sabira W/o.FRACHT PAKISTAN 34-A/3. Jinnah Road. PAKISTAN LTD. Clifton. Alam Market. Irani.Karaci Tel: 2419883 Fax: 92-21-2415276 Mrs.A. Godrej Kandawala Building. Tel: 2441249 Fax: 92-21-2441452 E. Najmul Waheed. Jinnah Road. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Karaci Tel: 7011927. Towels/Home Linen .net. M.Karaci Tel: 5362701 Fax: 92-21-5362702 Syed Nusrat Jamil Naqvi. Suite # 101. Readymade Woven Garments.net. Defence Housing Authority.FR ENTERPRISES Suite No-2. Bleached/Dyed/Finished Fabrics. Made Ups.Karaci Tel: 5390728. Clifton Centre. Khan Road. Tariq Islam M/s. Tel: 5610313-319 Fax: 92-21-5610308 Mr. 2nd Floor.FOUR SQUARE INTERNATIONAL Suite # 15.Yousuf.Mail ffcopak@cyber. M.O. Phase II Extension. M/s. Saudabad.FRANCHISES INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED. Behind Liaquat Market.FOUZIA TRADING CORPORATION 17-F. Importer:Motor Cycle Spare Parts. 2401650 Fax: 92-21-2401228 Dr. 5390729 Fax: 92-21-5390726 E. Nariman K.H. Tajamul Hussain Rizvi Exporter:Textiles Grey Cloth.net. Services:Buying Agency M/s. M. 711(c). Sunset Lane # 1. Box-7301.Mail sklc@cyber. M/s. 219. Arkay Square Extension.Karaci Tel: 2259119. M.E. Leather Garments.T. S/2. Block-5. Lalazar Drive. Tel: 34516056-7 Fax: 34516056 E.FOUR STAR CORPORATION Asghari Market.Mail fsg2000@cyber.pk Mr.FRAN INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.pk Mr. S. Tirmizi.

Stadium Lane-1.com.Karaci Tel: 2201727 Fax: 92-21-2205065 E.205/217.FREIGHT SOLUTION SERVICES (PVT) LTD.Mail fwexport@cyber. Hakimsons Building 19th West Wharf Road. 7-C.Mail info. Shahzada Kamran Ansari M/s.Karaci Tel: 5120875-6 Fax: 92-21-5120878 E. Khayaban-e-Jami. Sector D-31. 2nd Floor. M/s.pk Mr.FREIGHT CONNECTION PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Ground Floor. Khayaban-e-Jami.Karaci Tel: 5823301 Fax: 92-21-5823311 E.com Mr. Defence. Allana Road.Importer:Machinery/Equipment/Materials for Pertrochemicals and other Industries Services:Buying Agent of Foreign Principal for Textile Electronic Card (Textiles) M/s.net. Korangi.3. Lalazar. Mansoor Ahmed M/s.FREIGHT SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED 34-A/5. Beach Hotel Road. Muhammad Faheem Anwar M/s.7. Suite# 320. Mr. Office No.Mail info@fcppl.pk Mr.com Mr. Services:Transportation/Freight Forwarder.FREEWAY EXPORTS Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2205692 Fax: 92-21-2200548 E.Mail hasan24_48@hotmail.FRENCH BAKERY Shop No. Sahil Complex. G. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Mohammad Bakar Gokal.FREIGHT EXPRESS Suite No. Block-9. Tel: 35611001-5 Fax: 92-21-3561076 Mr. Suite No.pkkhi@freightsystems.320.FREIGHT SYSTEMS CO. Clifton. Ravin Parwani M/s.Karaci Tel: 4141967-4142389 Fax: 4943626 E. The Forum. LTD.net. The Forum.E-2.Mail info.Karaci Tel: 5823301-10 Fax: 92-21-5823311 E. Ground Floor.FREIGHT SYSTEMS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.com Mr. Phase-V.Mail fss2355@cyber. Minwalla.Mail info@freightexpress. Building No.Karaci Tel: 35853204 E. Clifton. Block-9.pkkhi@freightsystems. Happy C. Shukar Ullah . G-20. Off: Kh-e-Shamshir. P&T Society.com Mr. Minoo Khurshed Minwalla M/s.3. M/s. Mashriq Centre. 3rd Floor.

0333-2292903 Mr. Mithadar.Mail info@freshmateco. 86. Tel: 2575349. M/s. Sector 7-A.Mail ftr@cyber. Saddar. Tel: 6881505 Fax: 6881504 Mr. Sohail Kamran Sheikh.FRESH N FROZEN CARE 1/7-E. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Tel: 35065037-40 Fax: 92-21-3506504 E. G. Muhammad Saleem Exporter:Fast Food M/s. M/s. 5/1.Karaci Tel: 2560708 Fax: 92-21-2562709 E. Kashmir Road. Abdul Qadir.Karaci Tel: 35677767 Fax: 92-21-35212206 E. Exporter:Finished Leather & Leather Garments Importer:Wet Blue Leather Manuf:Finished Leather and Leather Garments M/s. Asif Centre.FRIEND MARBLE B-606. Mohammad Ali Society. Frere Road. Ibrahim Hyderi. Mustafa Khan Exporter:Marble and Handicrafts M/s.FRIEND TRADERS Plot No. 2310370 Fax: 92-21-2310438 Mr.Karaci Tel: 8320001 Fax: 0300-8276878 Sheikh Perwaiz Iqbal.M/s. Allana Road. Hasrat Mohani Colony.FRIENDS APPAREL (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.FRESCO SWEET MEAT MART 1-Ground Floor.27.pk Khawaja Mukhtar Ahmed. 2733487 Mr. Tel: 2204716.FRIEND CORPORATION (PVT) LIMITED Friends Chamber.FRESHMATE CO 159. Korangi Industrial Area.218. L-1. Korangi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 2218926.FRIENDS CORPORATION JT. Manghopir Road. Shama Afroz M/s.com Mr. PECHS. Dehdih Sector 39.Mail friendsgemsandjewellrery@hotmail. Ahsan Abdul Rashid M/s.FRIEND'S GEMS Shop No. Ismail Court View. Block-3. Bombay Bazar.Karaci Tel: 5683505 .net. Importer:Pharmaceutical production M/s. 1st Floor.com Mrs.

H. Adnan Salim Manuf:Terry Towels and made ups M/s.net Mr. Tel: 32578358-9 Fax: 92-21-6661163 E. Abdul Ghaffar Jangda. Tel: 32530039 Fax: 32530123 E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Karaci Tel: 32760682. 6346082 Fax: 2428464.Karaci Tel: 2201461. 1st Floor.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 32421313 Fax: 92-21-3241813 E. Importer:Electronics M/s.Mail friendscorporation@gowab. 2nd Floor. M/s. Exporter:Manufacturer & Exporters of Importer:Terry Towels and Textile made ups M/s.4538336 E. 2715921 Mr. Tel: 2527902-2545073 Syed Ikram ul Haq M/s. 2201465 Fax: 92-21-2204336 Mr.Mail friends1@gerrys. .E. Nasir Yousuf Exporter:Cotton Knitted & Woven Garments Manuf:Cotton Knitted & Woven Garments M/s.FRIENDS ENTERPRISES 13.com Mr.FRIENDS CORPORATION NP 13/82.FRIENDS FISHERIES (PVT) LIMITED 67/1.com Mr. Old Stock Exchange Building. 29-West Wharf Road. Muhammad Imran Khan M/s. Muhammad Arif Ali M/s.87. Maripur Road.pk Mrs.com Mr. Muhammad Waheed M/s.FRIENDS FABRICS COMPANY 81.FRIENDS ELECTRONICS L-51. 2nd Floor..Mail fcp@cyber. Jodia Bazar. Mohammad Din.Mail info@friendsfabrics.FRIENDS ENTERPRISES Suite # M-06. Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail nasirali@cyber. Hashoo Centre. Saddar. Tel: 2424550.I. Saba Atique.FRIENDS COTTON PRODUCTS A/10-B.T. S.net. Tel: 36880452/55/59 Fax: 92-21-3688038 E. Sattar Chambers. Muhammad Shah St.net. Phase-4.FRIENDS EXPORTS (PVT) LIMITED E-3. Main Commercial Avenue. SITE Super Highway. New Challi.Fax: 92-21-5687313 E. Arkay Square Extension.Mail adnan@friendzexport. Textile Avenue. Truck Stand. Phase-II.FRIENDS ENTERPRISES Plot No. Stock Exchange Road.

David Compound. Sector 16-B.Mail shakir@frcpk.FRIENDS OPTICAL SERVICE Opp: Municipal Corporation. Block-4. Exporter:Plastic Film & Printers M/s.F. Muhammad Ali M/s. Kara Jadoo Street. Shoib Haji Noor Mohd. Niaz Ali Khan.FRIENDS RADIO COMMUNICATION ABM Terrace. Nadeem Azhar Siddiqui M/s. CL-7/18/16. Clifton. Safety Pride. Muhammed Saleem. J. Muhammad Imran Aziz M/s. Muhamamd Aqib Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 35214423/36/37/65 Fax: 92-21-3568136 E. Clifton. Gul Plaza. Tel: 32724312 Mr.FRIENDS PACKAGES S.Karaci Tel: 6980923. Shakir Ali Khan M/s.FRIENDSHIP TRADING COMPANY . Jinnah Road.Defence Housing Authority.Karaci Tel: 32523004 Mr.A.A. Global Town.Mail fit976@hotmail. Tel: 2579991 E. S. Ground Floor. BC-7.com Mr.pk Mr. M/s.03343175342 Fax: 92-21E.net.FRIENDS PACKAGES ST-13. Gulfway Shopping Mall. M/s.com Mr.Mail info@friendsoptical.FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL TRADERS G-10. Zaheer Ahmed Awan. Aftab Manzil. M.I. Tel: 32312475 Fax: 92-21-35877676 Mr. Daud Pota Road.Mail frip@cyber.com Mr.FRIENDS JEWELLERS G-93. Tel: 2624611-22 Fax: 92-21-2214874 E.316.Karaci Tel: 2894742.FRIENDSHIP INTERNATIONAL Shop No. Jinnah Road.FRIENDS FOOD EXPORT CO. 6930004 Fax: 92-21-6953854 Mr. Tannery Road. Ranchore Line.T.FRIENDS TRADERS A-23.Karaci Tel: 35862078 Mr. 201. North Karachi Industrial Area.. M. 5388346 Fax: 92-21-2631680 Mr.Karaci Tel: 32791616. Dr. M/s. M/s. K-12-98. Al-Ghazi Complex. Moiz Mansoor Ali.E.R. Unit 63.

Sector-B-XI. Block-6. Importer:Veterinary Medicines and Disinfectant M/s.T.FROM PAKISTAN WITH LOVE Faiz-e-aam Colony.. D-10. Harival Odhass Road.Mail aeronpk@yahoo. Exporter:Trading Unit Importer:Trading Unit M/s.H. Waq Bin Jamshed M/s.com.wol. Asia Pacific Trade Centre..E.com Mr. Exporter:Frooto Brand Fruit Juice Drink Importer:Raw Material i.I.C. Tel: 7240928 Rao Mubashir Ali M/s. 3582711 Fax: 92-21-2564568 Mr. P. 2nd Floor.FSS INTERNATIONAL 2/236-A. Sector 11.Mail management@jnm. Orangi Town. Tel: 2561393.E. Sector 25.E.C. Chemical.S. Muhammad Ayub.Karaci Tel: 6665047 E.FROOTO INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Tel: 4388035. 38th Street.e.Mail waqas.pk Mr.FRN INTERNATIONAL Plot # 48. Gul Ahmed Haji Yousuf.Plot No. Korangi Industrial Area. Importer:General Items M/s. C-1/A. Main Shahra-e-Quaideen. P. Tel: 111-123-999 Fax: 92-21-4017457 Mr. . Naseem Ali Khan. Rashid Minhas Road. M/s. Food Colour Manuf:Frooto Brand Fruit Juice Drink in Tetra Pak M/s.H.. S.pk Mr.FRR TRADING & ENGINEERING 64/7. Exporter:Bed Sheets and other Textile Made Ups. 4535193 Fax: 92-21-4558556 E.Mail fssint@khi.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4535502-05 Fax: 92-21-4548192 Syed Jameel Hussin.Karaci Tel: 34027180-82 Fax: 92-21-3402778 E.jamshed@hotmail.FRONTLINE INTERNATIONAL Suite # 206. Landhi. Usman Shahid. Garden West.Urdu Chowk. Export Processing Zone.S.FUJI FILM PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 37-D.Karaci Tel: 5081845-50 Fax: 92-21-5082837 E.net. Mohsin Ayub Mirza.

Saddar. 1st Floor. Furqan. Tel: 4529510 Fax: 92-21-4527222 E. 280/28-B.FURQAN ENTERPRISES Shop No. Zamzama. 104.com Syed Faisal Hussain Shah M/s.Mail fbrite@fascom.H.S. 2432251 Mr.FURQAN ENTERPRISES R.com Mr. Tel: 4311277-8 Fax: 4526300 Mr. PECHS.Karaci Tel: 5678471 Fax: 92-21-5682354 Mr. 6th Commercial Lane.A.com Mr. Khursheed Ahmed M/s. M. Rehan Shoukat. Central Commercial Area.C.FURQAN ENTERPRISES House # N-55. Amusement Equipments M/s. Salt and Vegetables M/s. Security Senls Manuf:Steel Tubulor Parts Services:Electrical Contractors M/s. Talpur Road.FUND MARKETING INTERNATIONAL Suite No.. 2nd Floor. chemicals. M.FULBRITE INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES Al-Kauser.FURNITURE IN THE ROUND 4/16-C.com Mr.M/s. Gaskits. Abdullah Haroon Road. Importer:Commercial Items.Karaci Tel: 2428911/13 Fax: 92-21-2432188 E. Jinnah Road. Block-6.E. S. OppL Old Subzi Mandi. E.FUN FACTORY C-18. Behind Liaquat . Tel: 5862140 Fax: 5876010 Mr. Farid Chambers. P.Mail abid@fundsmi.FURAT ENTERPRISES 01-F. Accessories. Gases. Korangi 3 1/2. Exporter:Rice. Al Hila Society. Khalid Ilyas Kushtiwala. Latif Cloth Market. M/s.No. Valves. DHA. Importer:Electrical Equipments. Naresh Kumar M/s.Mail furqanenterprise_55@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2438208.Karaci Tel: 4546094-6 Fax: 99-21-3454562 E.Mail xasan115@hotmail. Saifuddin M/s. 905/C. 43 & 44.6. Jubilee Centre. Block-2. Gohar Irfan.FUNLAND & AMUSEMENT PARKS PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Parts. Old Rally Building.

A-6/2.FUTEHALLY CHEMICALS (PVT) LTD.FURQAN IMPEX Room No.Mail furqansteel@hotmail.Mail f-tech@cyber. B. Block-4. M/s. Virjee Street. Rashid Ali.com Ms.com Mr. Ashraf Tabbani.khan@futuretech-group. PECHS. Iqbal Saeed Exporter:Raw Material & Chemicals Importer:Raw Material & Machinery M/s. Box 3613Karaci Tel: 32560424-25 Fax: 92-21-3256466 E. Central Commercial Area. Opp: Binoria Restaurant.Karaci Tel: 4311908-9 Fax: 92-21-4536571 E.Karaci Tel: 2424225. Kamran Ahmed Khan M/s. Sago Seeds and General items.Nuts.Mail ftac@cyber.Mail kamran.Karaci Tel: 2413421. M/s. Custor Seeds Importer:Copra. A. Tel: 2413385 Fax: 2411393 Mr. SITE. 2425298 Fax: 92-21-2419257 E.I. Farah Alam Leghari Manuf:Garments M/s.I.net. S. Spices.Mail fcl@fcl. Opp: Memon Masjid.THE FABRIC PROJECT 5/3/1. Textile Avenue. Muhammad Faisal Hussain.FUTURE TECHNOLOGY 311.FUTURE TECH LUBRICANTS H-6/A. Chundrigar Road.E.Market.Karaci Tel: 32055186-32584130 Fax: 32587830 E. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s.E. P. Park Avenue. 2nd Floor. Broom Sticks.pk Mr. United Chambers. ..FUTURE TECH CORPORATION C-764/1. 2443725 Fax: 92-21-2413421 Mr.FWQ ENTERPRISES (PVT) LTD.net.pk Mr. I.com Mr.T. Jodia Bazar. Clifton.FXL (PVT) LIMITED 47/D..C.S. P. Cummin Seeds.O.H.pk Mr. Mohammad Rafiq. Pulses. M/s.Mail farah@farahleghari. Rasheed Jan Muhammad M/s. Tel: 0300-8206121 E.Karaci Tel: 4381968-9 Fax: 92-21-4381970 E. Manghopir Road. D-86. 1st Floor. Exporter:Rice. Shahrah-e-Faisal.com. Uni Tower. Sector-15. 11O1. Block-6.

net. S-100. Gulshan-e-Faisal. Parsi Colony.pk Mr. Tel: 5062829.G-9 RISK MANAGEMENT (PVT) LTD. Korangi Industrial Area. Yusuf Exporter:Poultry Meat and Farming M/s. Mauripur Road.net Mr. 8227694 Fax: 92-21-2582364 E. Ghazala Afroz M/s. Erum Fatima.A.g@gmail. Pioneer Palace.Karaci Tel: 7222532 Fax: 92-21-2443227 Mrs. 2nd Floor. West Wharf Road.pk Mr. HALAL FOODS (PVT) LTD.Mail fabric@super. 11th St. ASGHAR TRADING CO. Lotia Chambers.com M/s.G. 29-West Wharf Road. CONSULTANTS House No.com Mr. 4 & 5-B. Taimur Mirza Manuf:Upholstery and Filter Fabric M/s.halalfood@gmail. 2nd Floor.Mail gb.T.G.A.A.Karaci Tel: 32437138 Fax: 32412653 E. Ground Floor.G. Soldier Bazar. S. Gulbai.Karaci Tel: 2431445 Fax: 92-21-2310165 E.B. Bath Island.Karaci Tel: 7664584 E. Importer:alkiswa@hotmail. SPORTSWEAR (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.I.47.A.com Mr. Tel: 5060469 Fax: 92-21-5057463 Mr.B. Sector-27.G. CARGO SERVICES Plot No.Mail tayyab. 7-Sattar Chambers. Tel: 2205117-2205121 Fax: 2204641 Col (R) Faiz Mukhtar Qureshi M/s. 5050036 Fax: 5060407.E. G-2.Karaci Tel: 34983875 Mrs. D-101. Zubair Usman M/s.. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. PECHS. Sattar Chamber.Korangi Industrial Area. Zubair M. Exporter:Auto Parts M/s. LILANI & CO. Muhammad Tayyab Dawood Khan .5050037 E. FASHION 317. Commercial Area.G. Vegetable M/s.G. Gora. Fresh Fruits.G.42-B. Muhammad Asghar Exporter:Seaf Food. Tel: 2574588. Clifton.G.net.G.Mail gaasgher@cyber.Mail zubair@ga-consultants. JM-100. Room # 8.

H.Mail info@dish. M.G. Importer:Raw Material Printing and Electro Planting Chemicals. 2420596 Fax: 92-21-2428015 Mr. Tel: 5114525-26 Fax: 92-21-5114527 E. Mehmoodabad. Block 'E'. ENTERPRISES Shop # 2. M/s.133. CORPORATION 18.Karaci Tel: 6625770.Mail gienterprises@cyber.M. ENTERPRISES Plot No.Mail tayyab. North Karachi. Sector 15.G. Azam Basti.G.pk Mr.(PVT) LIMITED C-3/1. 5th Floor.G.11/1.Mail ghthaver@cyber. Street-7. Sector-12-C. M/s. Korangi Industrial Area.I. CORPORATION 59 & 60.G. 6625898 Fax: 92-21-6636958 E.pk Mr. C-71. North Nazimabad.G. Tel: 2626316-317 Fax: 92-21-2626319 E.G. Al-Hamra Square.G.net. Tel: 35378517-18 Fax: 92-21-3587005 E. Gulzar Ahmed. M/s. Plot # 514. Yousuf Rasheed.I.M/s. Muhammad Tayyab Dawood Exporter:Gen. Clifton.solier.Mail chmhanfaraih@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 35385651-35890016 E.A. Namco Centre.com Mr.G.pk Mr. Tel: 2425575. GARMENTS . products Importer:Gen. Ghulam Murtaza Exporter:Ready made Garments Manuf:Ready made Garments M/s. Block-2.M.g. Tel: 2574558. Gulbai. New Cloth Market. Hanif Exporter:Jewellery Electronic and Garments M/s.net. Manuf:Automobile Parts M/s. Riaz Thaver.M._g@gmail. (PVT) LTD. Saleem Ahmed Shaikh M/s.Mail gmfashion@cyber. Jinnah Road.com. Campbell Street.G.G.net. FASHION Plot No.com Mr. THAVER & CO.com Chaudhry M.net. 2582364 Fax: 92-21-2582364 E.Mail ggcorp@pk. Mauripur Road.pk Mr.S-100.Karaci Tel: 8640394-6625770 Fax: 92-21-6636958 E. prodcuts M/s. Mohammad Yahaya.M. ENTERPRISES Plot No.

Federal 'B' Industrial Are Tel: 36321908 Fax: 92-21-3619220 E. Ghulam Mohammad. S. Asim Saeed. Sector 7-A. Tel: 5068188. Chemicals.Mail gmleather@cyber.Mail gm_steel1@yahoo.com Mr. Manuf:Ceramics M/s. Civil Lines.35.Karaci Tel: 2579578-79.Mail gm_rafiq1@yahoo. Adamjee Dawood Road. LEATHER INDUSTRIES Plot # 49/2. Ghulam Murtaza. INTERNATIONAL Office No. Chemical Chamber. Exporter:Mfg. lst Floor.T. and Exporter of Hosiery and Importer:Knitted Garments M/s.G. 2582838 Fax: 92-21-2580800 E. Sanaullah Khan M/s. RAFIQ IRON MERCHANTS Office # 2.WS-11/1.net. Exporter:Leather.pk Mr. 2434630 Fax: 92-21-2439125 E. SONS (PVT) LIMITED F-74/D.Main Shershah Road. No.Mail gmg@super.G.net.net.pk Mr.403-404. Leather Work Gloves.G.G.M. Zaibun Nisa Street. Tel: 2578393.M. Leather Work Gloves.Karaci Tel: 7015145.. STEEL WORKS & RE-ROLLING MILLS G-1-A.M.Karaci Tel: 111-403-404 Fax: 92-21-5657696 E.pk Mr.com Mr. Tel: 4580067 Fax: 92-21-4596133 . 5054127 Fax: 92-21-5057256 E. M/s. LOGISTICS (PVT) LTD.M. Importer:Mild Steel Manuf:Nylon Bailing Hoops M/s.com Haji Iqbal Haji Omer.com Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.M. 03212391602 E. SYSTEM 1/897.G. Rex Centre. Importer:Raw Material. 2578394 Fax: 92-21-2576634 E.Mail info@gmlpk. M/s.M. Block-2. Masood Ahmad.G.Mail gmg786@super.Karaci Tel: 2433926.G.I.E. Progressive Plaza.Mail gm_xprt@yahoo. Mohamed Dawood Ahmed. Saddar.M. Beaumont Road. 1st Floor. Manuf:Iron and Steel Bars M/s. Shah Faisal Colony. Manuf:Leather. SITE.

Defence Housing Authority.ney.G.N.3. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32474325 Fax: 92-21-3247427 Mr. Saddar. Imtiaz ul Haq Shaikh Exporter:Electrical items Importer:Electrocail M/s. . Haji Adam Chamber. 2nd Floor.G. Ghulam Rasool Pasha M/s. INTERNATIONAL 1. Sunny Plaza.Mail sgr786@hotmail. Abdullah Haroon Road. MIRZA & CO.Mail nasim@gnestate. Daryalal Street. M/s. Projects M/s.213. ALI MUHAMMAD BROTHERS (PVT) LIMITED.pk Mr. CORPORATION 353. Phase-II Extension. 6th Floor.R.N.Karaci Tel: 4287555-4287888 Fax: 5656695 E.com Syed Nasim Uddin.G. New Challi. NP 1/56.E. Mithadar.pk Mr. Mohammad Rizwan Iqbal.R.M. ENTERPRISES Office No. Altaf Hussain Road. Trade Tower. Ghulam Rasool Mirza.com Mr. O. TRADING ESTABLISHMENT Room No. 4/47. 1st Floor. M/s.G.T.pk Mr. South Park Avenue. Star Manzil. Tel: 32435588-32437556 Fax: 99-21-3242189 E. Ghous Muhammad Khan.R.R. Miran Muhammad Shah Road.com Mr. Jodia BazarKaraci Tel: 2512897.Mail mamafahd@cyber. GPS.Karaci Tel: 35312401-4 Fax: 92-21-3588922 E. 1.Mail gmsystem@cyber. TRADERS O. Nadeem Sarwar Exporter:Clearing & Forwarding M/s. PASHA INTERNATIONAL 414.R.G.Mail depo@Irab@hotmail. 4-C.G. Khurshid Ahmed M/s. Madina City Mall.G. Ghulam Jelani. ESTATE Office No. 613. 2542081 Fax: 92-21-4134322 E.G.G. KDA Scheme No. M/s.N. Importer:Surveying Instruments.net. Abdullah Haroon Road. D-90. Tel: 4313151-3 Fax: 92-21-4313154 E. 4/49.Mail mirza@grmirza. Hasrat Mohani Road. Tel: 021-2276628-29 Fax: 021-2211554 Mr.T.Karaci Tel: 0300-8261877 Mr.com.

pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 32414983. Tom Christer Erling.K.G.O. Urdu Manzil.net.straders@hotmail. Tel: 2726556 Fax: 92-21-2752486 E. Muhammad Haroon Gaba. 1st Floor. Importer:Textile Dyes and Chemicals M/s. M/s.B.L. Muhammad Raza M/s.Mail g.G.F-20. Shop No. 2636565 Fax: 92-21-2630606 E.S. Building. Tel: 2623617 Mr. Mehar Nawaz Building-1. Abdullah. Gulzar Khan Manuf:Garments M/s. 32441973 Fax: 92-21-32412039 E. 19A. Tel: 32560304 E. Pak Chamber. Rehman Villas. M/s.Mail gss1043@yahoo.. F.com Mr. Shahid Hussain Exporter:Electronics items Importer:Electronics items M/s. lst Floor.Karaci Tel: 2200518.GABA ENTERPRISES R-12.com Mr. Jinnah Road.1. University Road.A. Tel: 32726904 Fax: 92-21-32744397 Mr.Z.Mail gebpak@cyber. M. S.GABA EDUCATIONAL BOOKS 1/2. Urdu Bazar. P. TRADERS Flat No. 6747. TRADERS 18A.GAC PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 5th Floor.com Mr. STEEL G-10. Muhammad Farooq Importer:Iron and Steel M/s. TEXTILE TRADING Lachnow Al Jadeed.G. Rochiram Street.G.Mail okshnni@yahoo.Mail pakistan@gacworld. Box No. INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. West Wharf Road.Dr. Baba-e-Urdu Road.A.S. U. Square. West Wharf Road. E/20-A. Mohammad Shafi.S.B. K.D. Tel: 92-21-111-422-11 Fax: 92-21-2310714 E.R. 2200558 Fax: 92-21-2204826 E.Karaci Tel: 2628266. Services:Shipping Agents . Mohammad Siddiq M. Area.S.T. 58. M. Muhammad Faraz.G.I.S. Jinnah Road.net. 2576590 Fax: 92-21-2568885 Mr.pk Mr. Block-16.com Mr. Exporter:Fabrics Importer:Materials of Textile M/s.Mail grtshafi@cyber. Tel: 2576587.E.

Mail gaintent@pk.falaxy@gmail. Jinnah International Airport.pk Mr. Main Rashid Minhas Road.Karaci Tel: 111-786-555 Fax: 92-21-4382436 E. Sector-23. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Muhammad Salim.GALAXIES ENTERPRISES D-41. Tel: 5062780 Fax: 92-21-5060828 Mr. Abdul Aziz Haji Hashim Tabba Street. 6th Floor. Uni Centre.netsolir.I. Tel: 5378788-5864850 Fax: 021-5360748 Mr.Mail gadoon@cyber.GADOON TEXTILE MILLS LTD. Clifton. Exporter:Fabric Manuf:Textile Fabric M/s.M/s.Mail tekavenue@hotmail. M/s.com Mr. Tel: 111-111-459 Fax: 92-21-3241869 E.net.GALAXIES LOGISTIC INTERNATIONAL Room No. Mohammad Anwar Gagai.com Mr.Mail salman.GALAXY COMPUTERS 608.GAINT ENTERPRISES Fl-3/12. Block-8.Mail galaxieswools@yahoo.Mashriq Centre Block-14.GALAXY AVIATION (PVT) LIMITED Old CAA Transmission Building. 15. 4853388 Fax: 92-21-4940835 E. Abdul Jabbar Gajiani.1st Floor. Block-5.com Mr.com Syed Ghulam Abbas M/s. Chundrigar Road. Exporter:Gen. Suhaib Ahmed M/s. Sohail M.Mail gagai786@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 4988149 Fax: 92-21-4818499 E.21. Korangi Industrial Area. Bank Arcade. Tel: 4601291-92 Fax: 92-21-4601295 E. I. 6-A.GAGAI AGENCIES 118-119.com Mr. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Muzammil Ashraf M/s. Naveed Aslam M/s. Blended and Man Made Fiber Yarn M/s. 4th Floor.GAJIANI TEXTILE Plot No. Kehkashan Scheme# 5. Tel: 2472367 Fax: 92-21-2416960 E. Muhammad Ali Housing Society. Serai Road.Karaci Tel: 4933388. . Machinery and Spares Manuf:Various Counts of Cotton. Sir Shah Suleman Road. Yunus Tabba Exporter:Various Counts of Cotton and Blended Yarn Importer:Raw Materials.

M/s. TExtile Items Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s. Tel: 5034730-32 Fax: 92-21-5032312 E. Sector 20. Mohammad Raza Hirani. Korangi Industrial Area. Jinnah Road. Importer:Mobile accessories and Arcade Games M/s. Ajaz Mahmood.com Syed Tasawar Ali Shah M/s. Arkay Square.Mail gklsa@cyber. Tel: 32429477 Fax: 32426718 Mrs.A. Bank House No.Shah Jehan Electronics Centre. Tel: 4531937 Fax: 92-21-4549392 E.pk Mr.net. Block-6. Abdullah Haroon Road. Tel: 2720168 E. Bin QasimKaraci Tel: 4711623 Fax: 92-21-4711623 E.S.GALAXY ENTERPRISES Galaxy House A-2348.Mail tabani-copr@cyber..GALAXY KNITWEAR (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. Gulshan-e-Hadeed. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. North Nazimabad. 4th Floor. Tel: 36624379 Fax: 92-21-3667232 E.GALAXY CORPORATION 102 & 117.Karaci Tel: 2310376.23/3.net. 1.H. M/s. Habib Square. Exporter:Import of PVC Resin and Chemicals Importer:Sole Distributos of Glaco PVC Manuf:Products M/s. 2420788 Fax: 92-21-2426970 Mr.Mail galaxypk@hotmail.com Mr.GALAXY KNITWEARCOMPANY A-42. M/s. Block-I. M. 1st Floor.pk Mr.E.GALAXY CORPORATION Room No. Faraz Hussain Usmani Exporter:Knitted Garments Importer:Machies and Material . P. Aslam.Importer:Computer Parts.Karaci Tel: 2412252.Mail galaxy@super.GALAXY ENGINEERING (PVT) LIMITED 1st Floor. 2310377 Fax: 92-21-2310253 Mr.C. Phase-2. Shahzad S. West Wharf Road.net. Sattar Chamber. 1 & 2.pk Exporter:Readymade Garments.GALAXY INTERNATIONAL 2/14.GALAXY CORPORATION 47-E/1.Mail ali_shah74@hotmail. Muhammad Zain. Azra Rehana M/s.

Mail sales@galaxypharma.Mail a. 6th Floor. Jodia Bazar. Beamount Road. M.GALAXY PHARMA (PVT) LIMITED B-102. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com Mr. J. Muhammad Arif Ganatra Exporter:Spare Parts M/s.hotmail. Jsswani Street. Khalil ur Rehman Exporter:Pharmaceutical finish products M/s. Shahzad S.GALILEO PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Block-6.Karaci Tel: 5656003-04 Fax: 92-21-5655997 Mr.A. Centre.com Ms.GANATRA ENTERPRISES Shop#13. Plot # CL-10/20/2. Civil Lines.GAME SOURCE 86-Hashmi Electronic Market. Near Johar Chowrangi. C-204. STSM Foundation Building.ganatra. Importer:Oil. Sarai Road.Karaci Tel: 4020688 Chaudhry Azam Javed M/s.GAMALUX OLEOCHEMICALS (PVT) LTD. KDA Scheme No-1-A.Karaci Tel: 32723279 Fax: 92-21E.GALLARAL TRADERS 1st Floor. Gulistan-e-Johar.GALAXY SERVICES Plot No.net. Ejaz Bhatti.Karaci Tel: 2471047-9 Fax: 92-21-2471285 E. Tel: 503-4730-32 Fax: 92-21-5032312 E. Darayalal Street.23/3. Tel: 4878327.com Mr. Opp:Taj Mahal Market. Tel: 32750060 Fax: 32744214 E. Tel: 8351145 E. Sector-20.Mail gklsa@cyber. Irfanuddin Siddiqi M/s.Mail karamads2003@yahoo. Korangi Industrial Area. Ghulam Rasool Bldg.Mail gamaolco@fascom. Jinnah Road. M/s. 4818327 Fax: 92-21-4976684 E. Block-17.com Mr. Abdullah Haroon Road. Basera Shopping Mall.J. Fatty Acid) Manuf:Oleo Chemicals M/s. Fats (Palm Aoid Oil. Burhani Centre.Mail gamesource06@hotmail. Kulina Zinaida M/s. Aslam. Tel: 111434343 Fax: 4936712 . Office # 202. M/s.pk Mr.GALLANT INTERNATIONAL G-11.com Mr. Ali Naqi Taqi.GANDHARA CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD.Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s.

GANNON DUNKERLEY & CO.com Mr. Exporter:Rice.Mail ganj-shakar@yahoo. Defence Housing Authority.T. Rampart Row. Mohammad Hussain.Mail gannon@cyber. Exporter:Textile Importer:Machinery Spares and Accessories M/s. Tel: 111-427-421 Fax: 111-427-422 E. Sugar M/s.GANITEX INDUSTRIES F-368/A. Molasses. Chick Peas. Iqbal A. Shahid Mohmmed Khan M/s.com Mr.pk Mr. Tel: 2560451 Fax: 92-21-2560567 E. (PAKISTAN) (PVT) LTD.Shakoor Bilwani Exporter:Exploring Markets Abroad Importer:Chemicals. Oils.I.E.Karaci Tel: 5064333. Zaman Town.A.Mail export@garatex.Karaci Tel: 5681190 Fax: 92-21-5684840 E.Mail gtltd@khi.Mail gandharacons@yahoo.GANJ SHAKAR GHEE INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED. 574/1.Building. Korangi Industrial Area. Farooq Ahmad Abdullah Garib.GARMENTS TRADING .B-568. Tel: 2413638 Fax: 92-21-2416951 E.GARIB SONS (PVT) LIMITED C-69/71.GARATEX Plot No.com Mr. Israr ul Haq Importer:Edbile Oils and Seeds Manuf:Banaspati Ghee and Cooking oil M/s.com Shaikh Ghani ur Rehman Exporter:Woven Garments Importer:Garments Accessories Manuf:Woven Garments M/s.pk Mr.net.E. Phase-II Extension.net.I. Wheat..I. Spare Parts Manuf:Particile Boards M/s.Karaci Tel: 2203589 Fax: 92-21-2312390 E. 514 Hassan Chambers. Sector 35-A. 5065657 Fax: 92-21-5060351 E. P. Bohri Road. Mohammad Fahad Iqbal.com Mr.Mail contact@garibsons. Sesame Seeds. Exporter:Polyester Fabrics Manuf:Twisted Yarn M/s. Mohd. B. S.GANI & TAYAB LTD.compol. Opp: Custom House.Mail ganitex@super. 1-Aiwan-e-Saddar Road. Importer:Lentils.

Exporter:Food items Importer:Food items Manuf:Food items M/s. Area. Block-5.Karaci Tel: 32569414 Fax: 92-21-3258423 E. Mohammad Kalim. Badar Comm. PECHS.Mail tumair@attglobal. Tel: 2631823 Fax: 99-21-3262711 Mr.GATEWAY GASOLINE SERVICES 899-Main National Highway. Tel: 4582760.GAS ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (PVT) LTD. Jawaid Aslam Khan. Garments Importer:Medicines Chemicals electric goods Services:Petrol Pump CNG . Muhammad Khan Baloch Exporter:Fruits Veg.GATES LIMITED FL-10. Phase-V.GATEWAY (PVT) LIMITED 150-N.net Mr. Karachi Airport.Karaci Tel: 4397929 Fax: 92-21-4397927 Mr.. 38 Commercial Street.Mail shalari@khi. 18-C.net. Aslam Qasim Ali M/s.GASOLINE INN.net.pk Mr. Authority. M/s. 2nd Floor. 10th Street. Plot # 35-C. DHA Phase 5.pk Mr. Services:Consultancy for Oil and Gas Products Business Development M/s.pk Mr. Bashir Akbar Ali. Near PIA Head Office.Karaci Tel: 5687001-8 Fax: 92-21-5684594 Mr.Mail jhalai@gategourment. Tauheed Commercial. 2nd Floor.M-II-E-453. Court Road. Riaz Haji Usman M/s.Karaci Tel: 5861509-10 Fax: 92-21-5874674 E. Exporter:Marina Industry Services:Compressed Natural Gas/Petroleum Products M/s. Malir City. Khalid Bin Waleed Road.Karaci Tel: 5340193-4-2 Fax: 92-21-5340194 E. 4576542 Fax: 92-21-4582398 E. Street# 17.comsats. Clifton. Muhammad siddiq Halari Exporter:Garments & Textiles Manuf:Garments & Textile made ups M/s. Block-II. Opp: Prince Karim Agha Khan Girls School. Defence H. Shershah Colony.Mail gasoline@cyber. Khayaban-e-Roomi.com.GASOLINE TECH Mezzanine # 01. Khalid Firoz Arfeen. D-Block.Karaci Tel: 34508878-2 Mr.GATE GOURMET PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.

GATLENE INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. 4 & 5-B. Site Limited.GAZIANI BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS Plot No.pk Mr. Zakaria Bilwani. Preedy Quarters. 623.GATS APPAREL (PVT) LTD. Madina City Mall. Betel Nuts and General Merchants.pk Mr. Importer:Raw Material. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Bazanjo Chowk.Mail pmdiwear@gatron_novatex. Jinnah Road. 8th Floor. 2741900 Mr.GAYLANI ASSOCIATES No. Abdul Rahman Gora. Tel: 2417171 Fax: 92-21-2416532 E.com Mr. PR-1. Abdullah Haroon Road. Bohair Importer:Machinery.net. Desicated Coconut M/s. Importer:Spices.GATRON (INDUSTRIES) LTD.Mail infogawadar@live. M/s. 2427512 Fax: 92-21-2412653 E.Mail seabird@cyber. M/s. Masood Pervaiz Exporter:Sea foods Importer:Sea foods M/s.net. Larari.M/s. Superhighway. Cochinwala Market. Sanjrani Market. Marston Road. Exporter:Leather goods and gen.25. Luxmidas Street. 2nd Floor. M.GAWADAR SEAFOOD CORPORATION D-35. Abdul Qayyum Nathani M/s.Mail gora-l@cyber.Mail gaylanipk@yahoo. Tel: 6881913-4 Fax: 92-21-6881915 E. used Machinery Petrolium produ M/s.com Mr. Amir Mansion.GATRON CORPORATION MR-5/92.Karaci Tel: 32530877 Fax: 92-21-32532287 E.com Peer Mohammad Diwan. Scrap Services:Oil. Trims Manuf:Readymade Garments. Lotia Chambers. 2nd Floor. Mohammad Qasim .19/1.Karaci Tel: 5656108 Fax: 92-21-5652771 E.Karaci Tel: 2720935. Daryalal Street. Tinplate. 37. Cutch Gambir.Karaci Tel: 2532570-1 Fax: 92-21-7532572 Mr. Jodia Bazar.A. Near Jagiyan Hotel. Tel: 2414464. Saddar. M/s. Tel: 2440111 Fax: 92-21-2411539 Mr. Adeel-ur-Rehman. Textile Plaza.GAWADARI OIL TRADERS Shop No. Copra.

4/26. Fortune Centre. Arif Jafar Ali Rajani M/s. PECHS.T. Tel: 35061142 Fax: 92-21-3506280 E. Tel: 35213038 Mr. Mithader.GCS (PVT) LIMITED 9-A.GEM PALACE Shop No. Mohammad Ali Bogra Road. Mohammad Raza Namazi.net. Bath Island. New Fruite Market.14/L.M/s.GEM NET (PVT) LTD. Plot No. Tel: 5872941-44 Fax: 92-21-5831411 E. Mohammad Shahid Importer:Gems & Jewellery Manuf:Gems & Jewellery . Manuf:UPS (Uninterruptible Power Systems) M/s.4. 6603103 Mr. Prime Point Building.Mail gazianieng@hotmail..H. Block-8.GEE INTERNATIONAL Shop No. Jewellers Centre. DHA. Cesare Cardone Importer:IBM Computer services M/s. Mohammad Qasim. Clifton.5-C & 6-C.Karaci Tel: 0321-2248722 Mr. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Block-VI. Abdul Wahid M/s. Tikem Lane. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.GBM PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.pk Mr. O.GELCAPS (PAKISTAN) LIMITED A-9. Tel: 6607194.Mail info@gbmpak.Karaci Tel: 35676385 Fax: 92-21-34941076 Mr.S.com Mr. Saddar. Phase-VII. Super Highway.com Syed Aslam Ali. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Mail miftech@hashoogroup. Saleem Wadiwala Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s. 2nd Floor.Mail ups@cyber.230. M/s.E.GAZIANI ENGINEERING CO.Karaci Tel: 4313381-5 Fax: 92-21-4529977 E.GEM ROCK CO. Main Khayaban-e-Ittehad. Block-A-3. Sector 27.Karaci Tel: 4391083 Fax: 92-21-4391084 Mr.GAZIANI INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED C-60. Suite-601.C. 45-A. P.com Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 5316145-49 Fax: 92-21-5381273 E. Manuf:Silk M/s. Mumtaz Khan M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal.

Jodia Bazar. Saddar. Sir Shah Suleman Road.C. lst Floor.com Mr. Gems Centre.Mail general_nak@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 6688538. C-1.GEMS AND METAL Shop G-20.C.com Mr.GENERAL ADVERTISING CO. P. M/s.GENERAL AIRCONDITIONING SERVICES 14/7-IV-D.pk@gmail.S. M/s.pk Mrs.GENERAL ELECTRO MECANIQUE (PVT) LIMITED. 32426234 Fax: 2426239. Muhammad Sohail.. Adamjee Dawood Road.2430878 Mr.M/s. Off: Shaheed-e-Millat Road.Karaci Tel: 35650450.Mail smnaeem@cyber. Block-2. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road.7. Razia Appartment. Block-13-D.GENERAL DYES & CHEM. PECHS. Room # 2. (Rampart Row)Karaci Tel: 2440319. M/s.collection. 2438023 Fax: 92-21-2439569 E. Tariq Road. Windsong Place.netsolir. Nazimabad No.Karaci Tel: 4531505 Fax: 92-21-4531506 Mr. Muhammad Shahid Usman. Mohammed Amir M/s.S. Block-7 & 8. Manuf:Gems & Jewellery & Stone M/s.H. Hanifa Bano Kukda M/s..Karaci Tel: 4548592-3 Fax: 92-21-4548594 Syed Shahid Ali Rizvi.Karaci Tel: 35219736 Mr. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Panama Centre. Usman Hameed Exporter:Cotton Waste M/s. K. 0321-20333 E.Karaci Tel: 4978030 Fax: 4993414 E. TRADING CO.E. 1/7-A.GEMS INTERNATIONAL TRADING 501. C-1. 4.Karaci Tel: 32426224. A-1.GEMCAN (PVT) LIMITED 5-Motiwala Arcade.net. Saddar.com Mr. Commercial Building. Bombaylife Building. 3rd Floor.E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Mail gencoton@pk. Talpur Road. 6685075 Fax: 92-21-6606588 E. Chemi Centre. 1/7-A. Naeem Akhter Khan.Mail Gems.H.Karaci . Yousuf Ali.GENERAL COTTON WASTE COMPANY M-37. Exporter:alsul1@wtmeca Manuf:Deals in Home Appliances Items M/s.GEMS COLLECTION Shop No. Block-6. New Jewellers Centre.

Tahir Abbas.Mail gen-lock@cyber. Rangoonwala. Sajjad Ali Kazmi M/s. Al-Rehman Trade Centre. 1st Floor. M/s.pk Mr.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 111403404 Fax: 92-21-5657696 E. 2200627 Fax: 92-21-2311286 E.pk Mr. Sea View Appartment.Karaci Tel: 2524961 Fax: 92-21-2536913 E. Asif Siddiqui M/s. Glass Tower. Suite 33-34. Jodia Bazar. S. . Sheikh House.net. Near PSO House. Importer:Automotive Parts and Mirror Parts Manuf:Locks Sets of CD-70.GENERAL MARKETING COMPANY Suite # 1.GENERAL FREIGHT CORPORATION (PVT) LIMITED. Aziz Hasan Jilani Importer:Food stuffs and Gen. E-38. Block-26. North Nazimabad.Karaci Tel: 2311453.com. M/s. Hazrat Imam Hassan Street.Mail ceo@gelpak.pk Mr. Huma Nadeem M/s. DHA.net. Phase-V.Tel: 4528444-3454074-8 Fax: 92-21-4546743 E.gmc.Mail buroil@cyber.Mail gfc@cyber.M. Tel: 6627222. Asim Saeed. Ground Floor.Mail www.M. 2nd Floor. items M/s. V. Tariq M. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Exporter:Handicraft Items M/s.pk Ms.net. 6627227 Fax: 92-21-6628366 E.Mail huma@generalfreightcorp.Mail geneeralimpex@cyber. Tel: 2410023.GENERAL MARKETING SERVICES B-20.net. Civil Lines. 2410129 Fax: 92-21-2440750 E. Haroon Chawla.GENERAL IMPEX NP-11/28.GENERAL MARITIME (PVT) LIMITED 403-404. Block 'B'.GENERAL FOODS CORPORATION 305-306.com.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5876632 Fax: 5845938 E. Progressive Plaza.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 111432111 Fax: 99-21-3565840 E. S.net. CG-125 M/s.GENERAL EXPORT INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED 5th Floor. Beaumont Road.Mail info@gmlpk. West Wharf Road. M. House. Block-18. Main Clifton Rd.com Mr.GENERAL LOCKS (PVT) LTD.

1st Floor. Stadium Road. Faisal Imran.GENERAL TRADING ESTABLISHMENT 48. I. GSA House. 6th Lane. Phase-VI.Mail gsa@cyber. Machines.com. Kamran Ahmed M/s.pk Mr.Mail mm@gtel. Keamari.pk Mr.I. Chundrigar Road. Tel: 32414394. Importer:Plastic. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Building.Karaci Tel: 35848710-35341195 Fax: 35848710 .kami@yahoo. Castor Seeds. Area. Ittehad Commercial Area. Health and Consumber Imaging. Haji Adam Chambers.Mail yaqub@cyber.compol.Mail gpp@cyber.Karaci Tel: 4937333 Fax: 92-21-4123140 E. Tel: 2412781. Services:Shipping and Forwarding. Castorseed Meal Importer:Chick Peas.net. Importer:Office Automation.GENERAL TRADERS & AMMUNITION MANUFACTURERS LIMITED 265-D. M/s. (PTCL Compound)Karaci Tel: 2574181 Fax: 92-21-2569181 E. Shakir Hussain Exporter:Components Importer:Raw Material for Industry Manuf:Shotgun cartridges M/s.GENERAL SHIPPING AGENCIES (PVT) LTD. M/s.Mail gtaml@gtaml.GENERAL PRINTING & PACKAGING (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. New Challi.F-2/I. KDA Scheme-1-A. Tel: 8268864-7779919 Fax: 35834292 E.pk Mr. Al-Falah Court. SITE.pk Mr. 2412134 Fax: 92-21-2417966 E.com Mr. Tel: 2638881-84 Fax: 92-21-2637917 E. DHA.F.net. Sohail Usman Manuf:Printing & Packaging M/s. Mohammad Rajpar. 32410236 Fax: 92-21-3241702 E.net.GENERATORS HOUSE 33-C/1. Owais Yaqub. M.Mail gms.GENERAL TRADING CO.GENERAL TRADERS LTD. Exporter:Rice.Karaci Tel: 32850190-3 Fax: 92-21-3285152 E.B. 19-Timber Pond. Sesam Seed. LIMITED 4th Floor.Mail kjb@khi. Naseer Vohra. Oil Seeds Manuf:Rice M/s. Lentils. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.com Mr. Chemicals. Lubricants and All kind of Raw Material M/s.com Mr.

GEO ENTERPRISES 517. Near Amn Akbar.Karaci Tel: 5652557. Clifton. Tel: 6313445.com Mr.net. 5114270Fax: 92-21-5054564 E. Anjum Farooq Dadi.com Chaudhry Mohammad Israr Sharif Importer:Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Manuf:Pharmaceutical products M/s.GENESIS BOUTIQUE G/4. Off: I.Karaci Tel: 2270819. Tel: 2211953 Fax: 92-21-2238037 E. Phase-II. Block No. Mohammed Qamar.com Mrs. Saddar. Bridge Appartment.Mail info@genixpharma. Technocity Mall. Mohammad Sarfaraz Khan M/s. Korangi Industrial Area. Altaf Hussain Road.com Mr.pk Mr. Zaibun Nisa Street. Pakistan Chowk. lst Floor. 5030333 Fax: 92-21-5044521 E.Mail gentech@cyber.Mail javed@generatorshouse. Sector 6-A. Tel: 111-101-011 E.pk Mr. Exporter:Trader of Textile Goods Manuf:Textile Goods M/s. Hasrat Mohani Road. 6316082 Fax: 92-21-6341311 E. Plot# 7. Khalid Razzaque M/s. Tel: 2213755-57 Fax: 92-21-2213757 .Mail genevathread@hotmail.GENIX PHARMA (PVT) LIMITED 44-45 B. Muhammad Ali Moosa M/s. 2215313 Fax: 92-21-7011436 E. Federal 'B' Area.Mail genic@cyber.Karaci Tel: 5076393-4. Mehran Town. Manuf:Garments (Jean and Cotton) M/s. Korangi Creek Road. 0321-24488 Fax: 92-21-5223607 E. Chundrgar Road.Mail farooqdadi@yahoo. Clifton Road.Karaci Tel: 5678353. 7. Karim Centre.Mail geniusgarment@yahoo.GENIC ENTERPRISES FA-31.E.net. Muhammad Farooq Bilwani Importer:Computer parts and Accessories M/s.com Mr.F-1.GENTECH ENGINEERING RB-3/19.GENESIS SOLUTIONS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.com Mr. Din Muhammad Wafai Rd.GENEVA THREAD WS3. Hussain Trade Centre. Muhammad Javed M/s.Mail info@genesis_solution. 2nd Floor.I.GENIUS GARMENTS Office# 82/1-B.

Lines. Javed Jangda.Mr.GERISHON INTERNATIONAL 121-122. Clifton. . Tel: 5215936-38 Fax: 92-21-5681315 Mr. Tel: 5296881 Fax: 92-21-5296881 Mr. Exporter:Rice and Pulses M/s. Muhammad Baqir Jaffri Exporter:Oils Importer:Oils Manuf:Oil Solvent plant M/s. Fl-2. Chapal Ocean Centre. Tel: 35215936-9 Fax: 92-21-3568131 E.Mail germinshipping@hotmail. Chemicals etc.Mail ali.etc.com M/s.GERMAN PAK PROCESSORS Flat # C-204. Clifton.com Mrs.M.ok Mr. Suite No. E. Asad Suleman Hamid. Tel: 2428879 Fax: 2411835 Mrs. New Challi. Saboor. 1st Floor. Anum Palace. Kehkashan.GERMIN SHIPPING & LOGISTICS Suite# FC-30. Rukhsana Javed. Taher Gauhar.GEOFMAN TRADING (PVT) LIMITED 204. Block-4.B-13.GEOTEX MARKETING INC Bungalow No. Chundrigar Road. M/s. M/s. Exporter:Drygs and Medicines Importer:Pharmaceutical (Allopathic) Raw Materials Manuf:Drugs and Medicines M/s. Naseema Muhamamd Arif Importer:alhamdtdrohotmail.net.com Mr.D-139/2. Techo City Mall.I. E. Mohammad Younus Saeed. Abdullah Square. M/s.com Mr. Dr.Mail geofman@cyber.I.Karaci Tel: 5824620 Mr. Daudpota Road. Ramesh Kumar. Daudpota Road. Importer:Drugs and Medicines. Lines. Opp: Custom House.Mail jjangda@germinlogistics. Mezzanine Floor. Dr.GEOFMAN PHARMACEUTICALS 204. Block 4. M/s. Bohri Road.Karaci Tel: 2277005-6 Fax: 92-21-2277007 E.GERMIN SHIPPING & TRADING CO.Karaci Tel: 2310555.I.GEO OILS (PVT) LIMITED 612 Sea Breeze Heights. 2310556 Fax: 92-21-2310556 E.ashraf@geotexmarketing. Clifton. Tel: 5820492-96 Fax: 92-21-5820491 E.Hasrat Mohani Rd Off: I. Block-2. S.

Mail gerpak@webnet.com. Central Hotel Building. Joseph Girls College. Merewether Road. Clifton Centre. Zeenat Medicine Market.GERPAK TEXTILE (PVT) LIMITED Room No.Karaci Tel: 5653355-2392-6 Fax: 92-21-5652398 E. 317. 3rd Floor.Karaci Tel: 2424889 Fax: 92-21-2421764 E. 4th Floor. Mereweather Road. Kehkashan. Shazia Mateen Exporter:Fresh and Dried fruits M/s. Tel: 5872609 Fax: 92-21-5870773 E. Napier Road.M/s.Karaci Tel: 5361430 Fax: 92-21-5361431 E. 3rd Floor. Kehkashan. Suite # 412.GET FRESH 22.Mail getwelldistributors@hotmail. Near Hotel Metropole.GERRYS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 5683257 Fax: 92-21-5680071 E. Naeem Ahmed. Clifton. 2768087 Fax: 92-21-2764797 E. Mereweather Road.GERRY'S GLOBAL TRADE M-1-171. Amin Wali Mohammad M/s. Civil Lines.com Ms. Civil Lines. Central Hotel Bldg. Muhammad Salman M/s. M/s.com.GERRY'S TRAVEL AGENCY (PVT) LTD.Mail getfresh1@hotmail.net Mr. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2490430-2 Fax: 92-21-2783292 Mr. Nadeem Saeed. The Forum. Exporter:Bedlinen. Akram Wali Mohammad Exporter:Courier Services Importer:Courier Services M/s. Clifton.Mail rana@gerrys. 4th Floor.pk Mr.Mail tajani@gerrys.com Mr.Mail rana@gerrys.Karaci Tel: 5683257 Fax: 92-21-5680071 E.GERRY'S SOFTLOGIC (PVT) LTD. Denso HallKaraci Tel: 2773975.net Mr. Anis Wali Mohammad. Services:Whole Saler Drugs & Medicine .Mail akramwm@gerrys. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Cambridge Mall Apptt.net Mr.GERRY'S INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS (PVT) LIMITED.GETWELL DISTRIBUTORS G-61. Opp: St. Mian Chambers. M/s.pk Mr. Akram Ali Mohammad Exporter:Courier Services/Visa Drop Box M/s. Central Hotel Building. Becajee Street.

Manuf:Pharmaceutical Products M/s. Tel: 2571317. Software. S.Mail gets@getspharma. Jinnah Road.com Mr. Nursery.75. Importer:Auto Bulbs and Autos Eectrical M/s. 4531296 E. Lawrance Road..GHANCHI AUTOS Shop No.. Ghram Khan Street. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Rehman Centre. 2nd Floor.pk Mr. Barkat Plaza. Usman Ghanchi. Pulses. 2571373 Mr. Khalid Mahmood.Karaci Tel: 4521339. Main Tariq Road.T. P.I. Dubi Shopping Mall.GHANCHI CORPORATION B-1. Punjab Colony.GHAMGOL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.GETZ PHARMA (PVT) LTD.GHAFFAR GENERAL STORE 331.GHANCHI ENTERPRISES Shop No.H. 5057867-69 Fax: 5060141. Abdul Ghafoor M/s.A. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32773437 Fax: 92-21-32726710 E.Mail exports@ghaffar. Plot No. Exporter:Rice.18..E. S.M/s. Sector 27.E. Tel: 2571317 Fax: 92-21-2563109 Mr.S.Mail wghanchi@hotmail.Mail ghanchiautors@yahoo.com Mr. M. 30-31.I. Nishter Road. LR-1. Tel: 5063100-2. Mahmood Abdul Ghaffar.GHAFOORIA ENTERPRISES F-219. Timber Market.E. Plaza Quarter.Karaci Tel: 2760583 . Bashir Mansion.5057592 E.GHAFFAR CORPORATION 104. Street-16. F-219. M/s. Manuf:Textile Processing M/s. Tariq Haji Ghaffar. Shabbir Hussain. P/18-1/5. Tel: 38253000-35868717 Malik Abdul Ghaffar M/s. Wahid Ali Ghanchi Exporter:Knitting Stitching Importer:Machines and equipments M/s. Khayyam Chambers.GHAFOOR TRADING COMPANY Shop No. Korangi Industrial Area.24.Karaci Tel: 2234327 Fax: 92-21-2242884 E.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 34553369 Mr.com.T.C.

GHANDHARA INDUSTRIES LIMITED F/3. Tel: 576051-56 Fax: 92-21-571056 Mr. S.Karaci Tel: 32296458 Mr.GHANI'S .25600 E.. Blokc-4.Mr.G-7. Hub Chauki Road.net.Mail gilmkd@cyber.Mail msaleem@ghanchitravels.com Mr. Room No. Muhammad Saleem M/s. Nida Residency. S.E. Block-1. Tel: 8291735 Fax: 92-21-2257192 E.T. Ghulam Ali Panjwani M/s. Irfan Ahmed M/s. Siddiq Wahab Road.I.net.Mail gdi@cyber. Box No.GHANI INTERNATIONAL F-120.GHANCHI ENTERPRISES Flat No.pk Mr. Bohri Bazar.1. Manuf:Auto Parts for Truck and Buses. Zakaria Lane. Haji abubakar Haji Yousuf Building. 2706. Zia Centre. Exporter:Knitted Fabrics Manuf:Knits M/s. Near Nimco Corner.O.Karaci Tel: 2752575 Fax: 2752575 Mr. M/s. Jinnahabad-2. P. Importer:CKD for assembly of Isuzu Trucks & Buses. Clifton.E. Garden West. SaddarKaraci Tel: 5218270-71 Fax: 92-21-5218266 E.I. Mohammad Hanif Importer:Agricultural products M/s.GHANI DYEING INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED S-99.GHANCHI TRAVEL & TOURS (PVT) LTD.GHANDHARA NISSAN LTD.GHANI CORPORATION Office No.108. MR.T. M/s.Karaci Tel: 2446813 Fax: 92-21-24468133 Mr.GHANCHI RAGS ENTERPRISES 42-Mezzanine Floor. Aftab. Ahmed Kuli Khan Khattak. Arshad Ali Ghanchi M/s.pk Mr. SITE. 2nd Floor. 109/2.Mail ghgarments@cyber. M/s. Jodia Bazar.pk Mr. Aamir Ghani. 5/12.3. Metroville.Karaci Tel: 2560083-87 Fax: 2564458.net.Karaci Tel: 2577901-4 Fax: 92-21-2577905 E. Plot No. Ground Floor. Muhammad Ramzan Banka. Barkat Plaza.

Mail abc876@cyber. S.Karaci Tel: 2440511.net. Muhammad Aslam Ghauri. M/s.GHANITEX EXPORTS Plot No.Karaci Tel: 36002894 Fax: 6971751 E.com Mr. 1st Floor.com Mr.pk Syed Khadim Ali Shah Manuf:Readymade Garments . Iqbal Ahmed Exporter:Terry Towel Manuf:Terry Towel M/s. Gulshan-e-Farooq.net.T.E. Salamat ullah Khan Exporter:Decoration items M/s. Defence Housing Authority. New Neham Road.GHARIB NAWAZ ENTERPRISES 85/3. Banglore Town.GHAURI SONS Suite No. 2431283 Fax: 92-21-2434208 E. Near Hotel Metropole.C-1-7.pk Mr. Sector 6-B. 1st Floor. Cochinwala Market.pk Mr. Tipu Sultan Road.Mail fpop@cyber. Amber Arcade. Tel: 2521846 E. Trade Tower.Mail gdi@cyber.pk Mr.net.GHAZANFAR WORLD TRADE ITERNATION 8-B.9. Exporter:Knitted Garments and Bed Sheets Manuf:Knitted Garments and Bed Sheets M/s..GHAYASUDDIN AND CO Plot # 234. Aamir Ghani. M/s.S-99. 10th Central Street. Tel: 37217273 Fax: 92-21E. Abdullah Haroon Road. Kamranuddin M/s. Corner Tariq Road and Shaheed-e-Millat Road. Tel: 4385323. Haroonabad. M/s. North Karachi Industrial Area.910. 36962307 E.Karaci Tel: 5651771 Fax: 92-21-5651770 Mr.GHAZAL INTERNATIONAL IMPEX L-57. Aamir Ghani. Ghazala Humayun.GHAZALI TEXTILE INDUSTRIES Plot No. North Karachi.Mail metalscraptraders@hotmail. Tel: 4536244 Mrs. 4542650 Fax: 92-21-4527180 Mr. Exporter:Herbs and Crude Drugs M/s.I. Tel: 36962306.Mail ghazalitextile@ghazalitex.GHAZALA HUMAYUN ENTERPRISES 97. Shahzad G.net. Sector 7-D/2. Hussain. Shershah Village. Tel: 2577903-4 Fax: 92-21-2577905 E.Mail ghazal@cyber.

M/s. Grey Cloth. Hassan Ali Quettawala Court.net. Authority. Plot # 275 D'Curz Road. D-35.Mail ghazienterprises5@yahoo. Miran Mohmamd Shah road. Fish Harbour. Ground Floor. Phase-VII.GHAZI ENTERPRISES Shop No. Goathair. Sesame Seeds.Mail contact@ghazicommodities. Muhammad Kashif M/s.GHAZI TRADING COMPANY 107 Subhan Appartment. Tel: 8235252. Linters. New Challi. (PVT) LIMITED.net. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 32726481 Fax: 3261117 E.GHAZI HOTEL Boat Building Yard.pk Mr. Adj. Hassan Abbas M/s. Plot No. Chamber of Commerce & Industry Building. Tel: 2275785-86 Fax: 92-21-2275784 E.GHAZI LAND SURVEYORS (PVT) LTD.CA/26. Exporter:Raw Wool. Khayaban-e-Saadi.com Mr.com Mr. KDA Scheme #01. . Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.Karaci Tel: 32315542 Haji Khan Solangi M/s. Cotton Waste. Coaster Seeds.GHAZI COMMODITIES CORPORATION S/33-B. Bohrapir. Ranchore Road.Karaci Tel: 5296897-98 Fax: 92-21-5377990 E. Muhammad Imran M/s.Mail gstc@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2410389 Fax: 92-21-4549350 E. Chandni Chowk.com Mr. Manuf:Grey Fabrics M/s.Mail rajamaqsood@ghazipak.2/C.Karaci Tel: 111250365 E. 6038518 Fax: 92-21-4141507 E. Grey Fabrics.Karaci Tel: 35388964-5 Fax: 92-21-35388964 E.GHAZI SHIPPING & TRADING CO. Square Extension.Mail ghazisons@cyber.GHAZI BROTHERS Ghazi House.Mail mail@ghazibrothers.pk Mr. Clifton. M-7-10. Jami Commercial Street-3. West Wharf.K.GHAZI & COMPANY 69. Mohammad Rehman. Importer:Seeds. Plot No.Muhammad Irfan Ghazi M/s. Imtiaz Ahmed.pk Mr. Defence H.GHAZI SONS Sumera Terrace. Mezzanine Floor.com Mr.Mail habib@gem. R. Corniche Residence.net.5. S. Maqsood Hussain Exporter:Onyx Marble M/s. M/s.

Tel: 5620082 Fax: 2311799 E.Karaci Tel: 7778759 Mr. Gul Plaza. Tel: 4404940 E.GHOUSIA BABY CARE Shop No.4.Mail nabeel_ghouri@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 9215556-7.Karaci Tel: 32356856 E. Mushraf Colony. Block-13. Building 9-C. Plaza. M/s.GHAZI'S FASHIONS 4/6.net. M.Garden East. Orangi Town. Phase-VII. Scheme-42.Y.com .Mail fahim8819@hotmail. Talat Anjum M/s. Exporter:Textile Garments & Industrial Machinery Importer:Industrial sewing Machines & Emeroidery Machines M/s.Mail silvercorp@cyber.GHORI ELECTRONICS Shop No. 7737949 Fax: 92-21-6686178 Mr. Muhammad Ammad Ghouri M/s. Shazia Khan Exporter:Unstitched & stitched cloths M/s. Muhammad Shakeel Ghani M/s. Saddar. Chand Bibi Road.com Mr.GHOUSIA FOODS Office-2.GHOGHARI TEXTILE INDUSTRIES Plot No. Sector 9-D.Karaci Tel: 32741895 Mr.GHOURI ASSOCIATES B-113.GHORI SEWING MACHINE CO. A-4.18. Ghulam Mustafa Ghoghari Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s. Sehar Lane-3.Mail ghousia_fooods@hotmail.GHOURI ELECTRONICS Shop No. Tel: 6622710. Hawksbay Road. Abdul Quddus Ghori. 2/3.GHOSIA CORPORATION Plot# L-9/B. Jinnah Avenue. Tel: 4015689 Fax: 4638654 E. M.pk Mr. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.com Mst. Muhammad Afzal M/s.116. 2736504 Fax: 92-21-2777505 E. Model Colony.com Mrs.Karaci Tel: 35422693 Mr.238.1.Karaci Tel: 2255361 Haji Muhammad Jawad M/s. Jinnah Road.A. Muhammad Munir Ahmed. DHA. Gemni Shopping Plaza Abdullah Haroon Road. Zubair Nadeem Plaza. Nanakwara. Ground Floor.Mail ghosiacorportion@yahoo. Nazimabad No.

net. Tel: 32224667 Mr.308.Karaci Tel: 32201253 Fax: 92-21-32201253 Mr. Services:Clearing Forwarding Agent M/s.E. Panama Centre. ghulam Haidere M/s.Mail ghufiabbasi@yahoo. Mohammad Asif Polani Exporter:Food items Manuf:Vermicellis. Bahadur Yar Jang Road. Ghufran Ali Abbasi Exporter:Mechanical Equipments M/s.pk Mr. New Building-2. Jodia Bazar. Liaquat Barracks.Karaci Tel: 5671555 Fax: 92-21-5214701 E. Rice pulses spices M/s.Mr. Services:Construction and Manpower Supplier M/s. Tel: 34985939 E.net. New Custom House.I.GHULAM HAIDER & BROTHERS House No-7. S. M.T. Opp. Haroonabad.GHOUSIA SHIPPING AGENCY Ibrahim Chamber. Jinnah Road.. Bohri Road. Gulshan Iqbal. Block 13-D. Muhammad Anjum. Abdul Wahid. M/s. M/s. 3rd Floor.com Mr.GHULAM HUSSAIN MOOSAJI LOTIA Ferozpurwala Chambers. Azhar S.Mail bronze@supper.com Mr. Bait-ul-Fatimah. Ghulam Ali. Mohammad Farooq Polani Exporter:Food items Manuf:Garments M/s.Al-Falah Society Shah Faisal Colony # 2.Mail azharbandukwla@gmail.GHUGEE INTERNATIONAL Room No.Karaci Tel: 7527766 Fax: 92-21-7528533 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4589659. Shershah Village.Karaci Tel: 2567811 Fax: 92-21-2620827 E. Ghulam Fayyaz. Bandukwla . Hassan Chamber.GHULAM & COMPANY Ground Floor. 2422293 Fax: 92-21-2415389 E.pk Mr. Gul Mohammad Street. D-185/B. 0300-2467510 Fax: 92-21-4942813 E. Tel: 2416256.GHULAM FAYYAZ & FIVE STAR ENTERPRISES A-45/1.A.Mail ghulam5star@yahoo. Hockey Stadium.com Mr.Mail gwn@super.GHUFRAN ENTERPRISES M-2.GHOUSIA METAL CO.

2nd Comm. Metroville.Mail masterdyes@hotmail. Chundrigar Road. Bathrobes and Garments. Sector 24. S. Campbell Street. I. Ghulam Shabbir.GHULAM SHABBIR D-120.Karaci Tel: 2441815.net. Defence Housing Authority. Textile Machinery M/s.GHULAM MOHAMMAD & SONS 1/12. Exporter:Paper & Steel M/s. 1st Floor.GHUTHYAJEE & SONS M.GIA CORPORATION Banglow No.St. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s.705. Ghulam Muhammad M/s. Ghulam Rabbani Khilji.com Mr. 18.Karaci Tel: 6667895 Fax: 92-21-2563936 Mr. Thania Lane.GHULAM MUHAMAMD SONS No. Block-4.T. Chundrigar Road.I. 2637618-19 E. 2419735 Fax: 92-21-4977662 E. Ayaz Thaver. Salman Mahmood. Tel: 2423100 Fax: 92-21-2437135 Mr. Mohammad Sabir Chippa. Cotton Exchange Building. M/s. Tel: 5060411-13 Fax: 92-21-5054828 E.com Mr.E.pk Mr.Mail giacorp@cyber.GHULAM RABBANI & CO.Karaci Tel: 2623221 Fax: 92-21-2620255 Mr.Importer:Arms and Ammunition. Namco Centre. Exporter:Terry Towels.GIA ASSOCIATES (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 2621430.Karaci Tel: 5392509 Fax: 92-21-5392509 E. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. M/s. Hardware Tools M/s. Off: I. Hasan Abbas M/s.I. Korangi Industrial Area.R.net. Virjee Street. G-9.pk Ms. Jodia Bazar. 1st Floor. 5/103.102/1.net. Phase-IV.Mail gial@super. Room No.Mail gms@cyber.GHULAM MOHAMMED ISMAIL 7th Floor.Mail cotconsult@yahoo. Plot No. Mehnaz Memon . Tel: 32444798 Fax: 92-21-2418310 E.pk Mr. I. Exporter:Raw Cotton and Cotton Yarn Importer:Raw Cotton.. New Challi. Abid Chamber.2 & 5.

Importer:Accessories.GIGAWALA BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS Plot No. T.GIMMICK 1/B.Mail qiltex@cyber. Price Ticket. Naseer Ahmed.Karaci Tel: 4380770-1 Fax: 92-21-4546990 E.Karaci Tel: 4856657 Mr. Shahbaz Lane# 2.Mail gilana@cyber. Kashif Centre. 2723831 Fax: 92-21-2729870 E. F. Banglow No.GILANI ELECTRONICS A-14. Exporter:Knit & Woven.Shirt & Lounger.Karaci Tel: 2725761.GILLTEX PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.pk Mr.PJ Set. Tel: 111101786 Fax: 36347749 E.net.Karaci Tel: 5240400 Syed Talal Aziz M/s.Mail nasla@cyber.M/s.GILANO TRADING COMPANY Suite No. 1109. 306-307.net. Saddar. Block-6.Hang Tag.14. H. Club Road.net.Fabrics Manuf:Ready Made Garments. PECHS. Amber Estate.Mail elastics@gigi. Burhani Market.pk Mr.pk Mr. M/s. Exporter:Dates M/s. Abdul Hamid Gilani Importer:Electronic items M/s. Opp: Madina Masjid.Gown. Sheraton Hotel Shopping Arcade. Mundagar Mehrban. Exporter:Leather and Garments and Gift Accessories Importer:Leather Garments and Gift Accessories M/s.43/Q/1. Tel: 4543073. 2nd Floor. Rob. Muhammad Aslam Moosa . Abdul Rauf.pk Mr. Phase-VI.GIFTO 29 & 31. DHA. Hanif Pardesi M/s. Next to Bank Al Habib. Bahadurabad. Area.Karaci Tel: 5650760 Fax: 92-21-5682957 E. 4542978 Fax: 92-21-4545731 E. Plot No.B.com Mr. Merium Complex.GIGI INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED LA/2A.com. Block-22.GIFCO LOGISTICS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.Karaci Tel: 5633379 Fax: 92-21-5633380 Mr. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. Muhammad Imran Gigi Exporter:Garments M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Abdullah Haroon Road. Opp: BVS School. Razi Road.Labels.11-C.Mail gilani_electronics@hotmail.

Tel: 0300-2676845 Mr.GLASS WORLD Shop No. P. Manuf:Raw Cotton. Building 36-C. Sabeena Ext.GLAMOUR FASHION S. Noor uddin M/s. Busniess Plaza. M. Exporter:Marbles M/s. Rainbow Centre. Muhammad Sohail M/s. Delton. Waqar Centre. Dr.Karaci Tel: 5841307-6635191 Fax: 6635191 Mr. Gizri. 3rd Floor.GIZRI CORPORATION LTD.D. Tel: 35689759 Fax: 92-21-3568014 E. M/s. Abbas Sirajuddin Kanchwala M/s.Mail petropak@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2421073.GLITRON PRODUCTS Room No.net.pk Mr. M/s. 3rd Floor. Waheed Qadir.M/s. PIDC House.DHA. Phase-V.Mail ellahi@cyber.net.GLAMOUR INDUSTRIES F-141/C. Ahsan Elahi Shaikh. 1-A-14. Denso Hall.R. Jodia Bazar. Asad Qadir. Stadium Lane-3.pk Mr. Mohtasim Mirza. Bohrapir. Saddar.2. Mohammed Feroze St.pk Mr. SITE.net.GIZRI MARBLE Near Gizri Bus Stop. Tel: 2750924 Fax: 2722825 E. Tel: 35689759 Fax: 92-21-3568014 E.27. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. Cotton Seed Oil Explling M/s. Tel: 2415164 Fax: 92-21-7011239 Mr.Mail petropak@cyber. Mumtaz Hassan Road.GINZA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION 31-Hassan Mansion.Mail abbaskanch@gmail. Opp: PNS Haider.GLASS N GLASS Shop No.C.GLAMOUR VIDEO CENTRE G-72. House.Karaci Tel: 35832496 Mr. Tel: 2574313 Mr. Ghulam Hussain M/s. Altaf Hussain Road. Noor Mohammed. 3rd Floor. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32215273 Fax: 92-21-32218121 E.Kh-e-Shamsheer.com Mr. Aslam Road.I. 2437617 .3.GIZRI COTTON (PVT) LTD.

2-C.com Mr. Stadium Lane No.net. 7th Floor.Mail federalcorporation@yahoo.GLOBAL BRANDS DISTRIBUTORS 204. Ground Floor. B-17. General Goods.I. Importer:Meiji Milk Products M/s.GLOBAL ASSOCIATES Suite No. Chundrigar Road. Daud Pota Road. Pulses M/s. Abdul Rehman M/s. I.Fax: 92-21-2418751 Mr. Ismail Trade Centre.701.Karaci . Afzal Khan.GLITZ PRODUCTIONS F-2. E.Mail globag@cyber. Defence Housing Authority.Mail meiji@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2435583-3 Fax: 92-21-2417610 Mr.net. Jodia Bazar. Aleem Adil Sheikh Exporter:Fruits Fresh. Uzair Saboor.pk Mrs. & O.net. Daud Pota Road.Karaci Tel: 5851237 Mr. 10th Street.GLOBAL ASSOCIATES Plot No. Maize.33/C.4.pk Mr. Block-02.GLOBAL APPAREL BUYING SOURCES.Mail meiji@cyber. Tel: 32567823 Fax: 32564722 E. E. Tel: 2411700. Tajwar Sultana Siddiqui. Phase-V.Karaci Tel: 2552020-30 Fax: 2552040 Mr. Tel: 5654645. Manuf:sequens of plastics M/s. 5211080 Fax: 92-21-5654644 E. Uzair Saboor Exporter:Dry Milk Powder M/s. SITE. PECHS. DHA. Asif Aftab. Jamshed Town.GLOBAL BUSINESS ENTERPRISES FVG House. 5211080 Fax: 92-21-5654644 E.GLOBAL AGENCIES P. Suite # 5. Importer:Gift Items. E. Main State Ave. M/s. M/s. Tel: 5654645. 1st Floor.SITE. M/s. Irfan Patel.I. Lines.I. Rambharti Street./ Manuf:Promotional Gift Items and General Goods.Mail global99@cyber. Plaza. 29-C. Lines. Khayban-e-Shamsheer. Badar Commercial. Plot No. Dr.net.pk Mr. Business Chamber.pk Shaikh Khalid Shakoor M/s. Dr.GLOBAL BRANDS MARKETING 204.GLOBAL ASSOCIATES D-207/A. 2411087 Fax: 92-21-2419435 E.

Coal.Society Block 7/8.com M/s. Rampart Row. 2580867 Fax: 92-21-2562316 E.Karaci Tel: 2419072. P.Karaci Tel: 5884845 Fax: 92-21-5802457 E. Shahrah-e-Faisal. 141-A. 11-Jinnah Co. Tel: 2423759 Fax: 92-21-2423644 Mr. Pulses M/s.GLOBAL COMMODITIES D-2/SH-2. Rauf Nathani.GLOBAL COMMODITIES 2nd Floor.com Mr. Wheat.uk Mr.net. Oil Seeds.GLOBAL BUSINESS LINKERS 107-108.Mail mhg1@cyber.co. Phase-1. M/s.R. Defence Housing Authority. Exporter:Rice M/s. PECHS.Karaci Tel: 4311108. M/s. B Commercial Ara.pk Mr. Importer:Industrial Equipment and Machinery.Operative H. Avanti Park View.compol. Block 2.GLOBAL COMMODITIES (PVT) LIMITED Opp: Karachi Ship Yard & Engineering Works Limited.com Mr. 4311109 Fax: 92-21-4530045 E.Mail intlab@cyber.Tel: 5344681 Fax: 92-21-5344684 E. A. Opp: Dada Manzil.net. Mohammad Osmanullah Jung. Ground Floor. Fish Meal Importer:Fertilizer. Services:Indenting House M/s. Importer:Rice Manuf:shamasons@hotmail. 7/23.O. Abdul Samad.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 34311706 Fax: 92-21-242683 E. Muhammad Arif Khan Exporter:Garments M/s.GLOBAL CORPORATION M-9.pk .Mail globalcommodities37@hotmail.GLOBAL CHEMICALS CORPORATION M. Tayyab Rafiq Balagamwala.Mail globcorp@khi.M.net. Allama Iqbal Road. Nicol/Frere Road Corner. Tooba Shopping Arcade. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Dockyard Road.GLOBAL CORPORATION Quarter# 1.Mail kalokola@cyber. Tel: 2428304.2444830 Fax: 92-21-2425429 Sh. Shams Chamber. Bashir Ahmed. Box-10246. Exporter:Pulese. Rice. Vawda.Mail infogbe@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2311365-8 Fax: 92-21-2310602 E. Y. Riaz Mansion.

Nargis Hussain M/s. Asim Abdul Razzaq Exporter:Textile Waste and Rags M/s. Exporter:Garments.pk Mr.101. New Challi. Adnan Salim M/s.Mail g. SUPER hIGHWAY. Mezznine Floor. 9th Commercial Street. Stsm Foundation Building. Tel: 36882457 Fax: 35206509 Mr.GLOBAL E.GLOBAL DIRECT CONSUMER PRODUCTS GROUP D-40.com Mrs. M/s. Beaumont Road.net. Tel: 5656003-4 Fax: 92-21-5655997 Mr. 2215115 Fax: 92-21-2212581 E. Saddar. SITE. M/s. Home Textile M/s.8-B. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Sarmad Road. Tel: 2436930.Mail asimm76@hotmail. . Sarmad Centre. Muhammad Aly. Near Quaid-e-Azam Birth Place.GLOBAL ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED 220. Tel: 34987437. Abdul Wahid.Karaci Tel: 35686881. Civil Lines.Mr. 1st Floor. 35650569 Fax: 92-21-35650569 Mr.COMM SERVICES (PVT) LTD.ahmed@gmail.GLOBAL ENTERPRISES B-290.com Mr. Defence Housing Authority.Mail 5_tawab@cyber. SITE.Mail globalenterprises. M/s.enterprises_08@hotmail.GLOBAL ENTERPRISE H-6/A. Ahmed Sadiq Tawab M/s. Tariq Yaseen.GLOBAL EQUIPMENT Room No. Siraj-ud-Daula Road.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 0300-9237842 Fax: 92-21-5862112 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2215114. New Neham Road.GLOBAL ENTERPRISES M-17.GLOBAL ENTERPRISES 20/13. Altaf Hussain Road. Block-10. 0300-2161 E.GLOBAL ELECTRONICS Shop No. Ali Naqi Taqi M/s. Phase-IV. 202.GLOBAL ENTERPRISES 127-E. Muhamamd Yahya M/s. Hussain Trade Centre. Waseem Ahmed. Tel: 34381015-16 Fax: 34381014 E. Tel: 2589925 Fax: 92-21-2576399 E. 2436931 Fax: 92-21-2436932 Mr. DMCHS.

I. State Life Bldg. Federal 'B' Industrial Area.Mail mansoorabbas66@yahoo. Block 22.org Mr. Sunset Tower.E. L-25/C. Yousuf Ali Bhai Building. Clifton. Tel: 2311403-2316656-7 Fax: 92-21-2316656 E. Asad Sajjad M/s. Mohammad Jamshed Alam.GLOBAL EXPORTS PAKISTAN 06. Tel: 4943092 Fax: 92-21-4943092 Mr. Wallace Road.GLOBAL EXHIBITIONS & MARKETING 1st Floor.Mail asad@gemexpo.Block-1. Mansoor Abbas M/s. 2nd Floor. New Challi. Fish Harbour. Phase-2. Haider Ali Road.T. Murtaza M. Exporter:Hosiery Manuf:Gold Jewellery and Hosiery M/s.Mail info@global-exports. 32633134 Fax: 92-21-32623571 Mr.GLOBAL FASHIONS 11..com Mr.Karaci . Manuf:All kinds of Textile Items M/s.Chapal Bright Homes.Mail eximp@cyber. Altaf Hussain. Tel: 2560602-3 Fax: 92-21-2566374 E.GLOBAL FISHERIES F-1.Mail global. Ali Bhai M/s. Shahra-e-Liaquat.GLOBAL EXPORESS LOGISTICS L-596. Kaiful Huda.71.GLOBAL EXPORTS D-10. Tel: 5875163. Tel: 32416520 Fax: 32429800 E.com Syed Mehboob Shah M/s.com Mr.net. Al-Rehman Trade Centre.exp_log@gamil.Block-7 Main Clifton Road. Defence Housing Authority. Kehkashan-e-Shahra-eGhalib.pk Mr. Omar Najib Balagamwalla. M/s. Ashfaq Ghaffar.GLOBAL FOOD & SPICES Office-237.GLOBAL EXIMP 8th Floor. Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Export of Ready Made Garments M/s. Tel: 36907747 Fax: 92-21-36361240 Mr.GLOBAL FASHION & FABRIC INDUSTRIES.5875173 Fax: 92-21-5869414 Mr. S. Tel: 34298901-02 Fax: 35833596 E.2. Tel: 32639111.Karaci Tel: 5310301 Fax: 92-21-5310300 E. 1-D Sunset Boulevard. M/s.

trdg@gmail. Jodia Bazar.com Mr.18.Karaci Tel: 2437821-22 Fax: 92-21-2446675 Mr.@cyber. 3rd Floor.GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL Shop # 22. Block 13/A.Karaci Tel: 32768814 Mr.com Syed Naeem Ahmed Zaidi M/s. Abdullah Haroon Road.GLOBAL IMPEX ShopNo. Mualem Khan M/s. Seema Electronic Centre. Saddar. Jinnah Road. M/s.gen. Mohammad Iqbal. Chemicals M/s. Commercial Area. Nazimabad. Muhammad Farhan M/s. KCHS. Plot No. Ribbon M/s. Block-3.Mail gls@cyber.Mail k.Mail global.GLOBAL IMPEX Plot No.GLOBAL GRAPHIC MACHINERY 16-18.Tel: 2443516 Fax: 92-21-2443517 Ms. Jaishri Lalwani. Mahtab Ahmed M/s. Tape.pk Mr. Tel: 35546245 Fax: 32535768 E. University Rd.Mail global78690@yahoo. Yahya Haroon. Korangi Industrial Area.GLOBAL FREIGHT SERVICES Room No.GLOBAL GENERAL TRADING C-04.A.Karaci Tel: 4994767 Fax: 92-21-4989719 E.net.Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Parker House. Irfan Aslam Importer:Leather & Ind.a. Chabba Street. Exporter:Food stuffs Importer:Food stuffs Manuf:Food stuffs M/s. Plot # B-40. Good Earth Court. Exporter:Polyester Yarn and Rubber Thread Manuf:Laces. Tel: 5060753 Fax: 92-21-5065171 E. M.GLOBAL LIGHTING & SYSTEMS 402. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.177-178. 210. Saeed Mension. Jilani Tower.net. 2nd Floor. Al Fateh Market.pk Syed Sartaj Ali .GLOBAL FOODS INDUSTRY 204.Karaci Tel: 32421075 Fax: 32421075 E. Al-Rehman Centre.Karaci Tel: 6615220-0300-8252158 Fax: 92-21-6670865 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4135689 Mr.A-31. Plot-10-E. Sector 7/A.

9-Timber Pond. Jinnah Road.GLOBAL MOBILITY A-7.com Mr. items Importer:Gen. Park View Appartments.Mail info@easterngroupcos. I. items M/s.34828056 Fax: 92-21-4988551 E. Mezzanine Floor. Mohammad Ghazanfar Kazim Exporter:Leather Fabrics. Safty equipments M/s. Tawakkal Centre. Adeel Moin M/s.Karaci Tel: 2851951-6 Fax: 92-21-2851354 E. Estern House.Mail global-marketing8@hotmail. Tel: 36332354 Mr. Serai Road. Keamari. 9th Floor.Mail msg@gmtrade. Hasrat Mohani Road.6.GLOBAL MAINTENANCE SERVICES No. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. M.A. Azizabad.Karaci Tel: 2424743 Fax: 92-21-2413636 E. Muhamamd Siddiq Exporter:Gen.910.net. Sharah-e-Liaquat.I.Mail globalmobilty2000@gmail. Abdul Rahim Gilani. Tel: 4010561 E.GLOBAL MAP TRADERS 755/8. Block-04.pk Mr. Mohammad Nasir Khan Exporter:Electronic. Gulistan-e-Johar.com Mr.Opp: Sind Madersah. Aquil Ahmed. Block-8.B.GLOBAL MULTI TRADE 340/A.Karaci Tel: 2466890-95 Fax: 92-21-2466900 Mr. Sunny Plaza.107. Chundrigar Road. Business & Finance Centre. B-30. Area.3.GLOBAL MARKETING Room No.Karaci Tel: 4991324. M/s.M/s. 1st Floor.24. Jamaluddin.pk Mr.GLOBAL MARKETING GROUP Suitte No. Block-13-A. Moazzam Pervaiz Raja M/s. Tel: 2634170 Fax: 92-21-2631867 E.com Mr. Plot No. F.com Mr. Services:Shipping Agent M/s. Importer:Stationery Items .Mail gpc@super. Al Rehman Trade Centre.Mail general@super.GLOBAL PEN COMPANY Room No. Electrical chemicals Importer:Electronic electrical chemical Manuf:Customized products M/s.net.Karaci Tel: 2461991 Fax: 92-21-2461992 E.GLOBAL MARITIME (PVT) LTD.

I.Mail gsm1@super.GLOBAL SOURCING (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 5295168-69 Fax: 5295182 Mr.GLOBAL SHIPPING & LOGISTIC Plot No.Mail finance@globalseafoodmarketing. Block-6.pk Mr.GLOBAL TECH INTERNATIONAL COMPANY M-97. Zamzama Commercial Lane-8.Mail nasim@gspl. Trade Avenue. Khayaban-e-Jami. Business Centre. Farhat Hussain Qureshi Exporter:Herbal Roots M/s.Mail gsifq@globaltech.Mail haleemadilsheikh@gmail.com Mr. Tel: 34301156 Fax: 99-21-3430115 E. Salman Saghir Nadeem.GLOBAL SERVICES PAKISTAN C-33.West Wharf Road. PECHS. Salman Saghir M/s. .Karaci Tel: 2466890-5 Fax: 92-21-2466900 Mr. 3rd Floor. Mazanine Floor. Mezzanine-1.Karaci Tel: 5311753-56 Fax: 92-21-5311757 E.3-C.Shamima Shoaib Siddiqui M/s. 2nd Floor. DHA. 3rd Floor. Chundrigar Road.Mail saghir@gsl. Tel: 34302441-2 Fax: 34302446 E.GLOBAL SEAFOOD MARKETING Plot No.GLOBAL SHIPPING & MANAGEMENT F-1. 5th Floor. PECHS. Defence Housing Authority. Abdul Rahim Gilani Importer:Hybird of Seeds M/s.net. 1st Floor. Phase-VII.com Mr. Tel: 021-2474551 Fax: 021-2428397 E.com.Karaci Tel: 2472955-7 Fax: 92-21-2473021 E.pk Mrs.20-C. Phase-V. Mumtaz Hasan Road.I.Karaci Tel: 2201971 Fax: 2201973 E.GLOBAL SEEDS (PVT) LIMITED 910.M/s. Haleem Adil Sheikh M/s. 9th Floor. Services:International Freight Forwarding M/s. Block-2. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Business Finance Centre.com.pk Mr. Hasrat Mohani Road. Faisal Hasan Exporter:Fish and Fishery products M/s. Hakeem Sons Bldg.GLOBAL SHIPPING & LOGISTICS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Suite# T-14.biz Mr.GLOBAL SOURCING INTERNATIONAL 6-L. Aamir Saeed M/s.

GLOBAL TRADE LINKS 6296. Farhana Ferozuddin M/s.GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES & SERVICES 6-L.com Mr. Business & Finance Centre. Salma Lakhani. SITE. PECHS.B.GLOBAL TRADE LINK 303-New Kutiyana Plaza.GLOBAL TRADE OF METALS 603. Block-B.Jillani Tower. Tel: 4381949. Area.W. 4387265 Fax: 92-21-4312708 E. Virjee Street. F. M. Tel: 2441719.GLOBAL TRADE LINK MR-5/110. Muljee Street. Muhammed Yaseen Umer Mesia Exporter:Ready made Grments Rice Meat M/s. Tel: 2560806 Fax: 2575288 E.GLOBAL TEXTILES D-117.com Mr. I.Karaci Tel: 2437229 Fax: 99-21-2460381 E. Naeem Zakaria Moosani Exporter:Home Textile made ups Importer:Packing Material Manuf:Jersey Bedding & Terry Towels M/s. Kharadhar. M.GLOBAL TRADERS H-16.GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES B-29/11. Chundrigar Road. Jodia Bazar. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Haji Jamaluddin Road. Saqib Allem M/s.Tower. Block-6. PECHS. Nayabad.Karaci .net.biz Mrs. Mohammad Naeem Importer:Packaging coding machinery M/s.34/D/8. Khadda. Tel: 4383125 Fax: 4383135 E. Bage Zehra Street. Muhammad Obaidullah M/s.GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES Plot No. Moulvi Sadiq Road.Mail gts@globaltech. 2436363 Mr.Karaci Tel: 32587400 E. Block-6.Mail gtl@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2439805 Mr.biz Mr. M/s. Tel: 6369561 Fax: 6364876 Mr.Mail care@global_technologies. Noorani Masjid. Shershah.pk Mr.Mail globaltex@fascom.I. Industrial Area. Muhamamd Amin Shekhani M/s. Sohail M/s. Tel: 2428200 Fax: 92-21-2428100 Mrs.Mail Gtradelink-60@hotmail.

1st Floor. Muhammad Younus Mansoori M/s. Mansoor Abbas.net. Wires Components. Ally wheels.pk Mr.pk Mr.Mail peng@globalink.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2400911 Fax: 92-21-2400912 Mr.GLOBALINK SMART LOGISTICS (PVT) LIMITED.Karaci Tel: 32461972-3 Fax: 92-21-32461974 E. .pk Sheikh Nadeem Mehboob Magoon Exporter:Terry Towels.GLOBAL TRADING Suit-12. Extension-2.79-C. National Highway Phase-2.net. 601. Idris Chamber. Ghazi Salahuddin Road.Mail global. 2nd Floor.Mail bahrani@cyber.18.com Mr. Civil LineKaraci Tel: 35220694 Fax: 35693738 E. Hussain Trade Centre. 6th Floor. Adamjeenagar.pk Mr.3737@yahoo.net. Shahrah-e-Faisal.GLOBE CORPORATION Office No. Talpur Road.Tel: 2311403. Exporter:Sea Foods M/s.Mail globecorp@cyber.Mail golbal786@cyber.llc.Mail ysons@aol. Siddique Khan M/s. Importer:Betelnuts Betel leaves cutch M/s. 0320-50510 Fax: 92-21-2215933 E. Ground Floor.Mail globfizh@sat. Salim Hanif.pk Mr. Cables.GLOBAL TRADING CO. Exporter:Textile Items Importer:Second Hand Machinery M/s. automotive prod M/s.net.GLOBE ENTERPRISES Suite# 415. 2316656-57 Fax: 92-21-2316656 E. Plot No. Importer:Telecom Equipment.Karaci Tel: 5211662. 4105.Karaci Tel: 5804646-50 Fax: 92-21-5803131 E. Mohammad Feroz Street. Progressive Square. Mohammad Yousuf Memon. Altaf Hussain Road. Defence Housing Authority. Beaumont Plaza Road. New Challi. Jodia Bazar. Bath robes Terry made Importer:Herbal Medicine M/s.11-A Block-6.GLOBAL TRADING ENTERPRISES 352/B.GLOBAL TYRES Plot No. Tel: 4544522-23 Fax: 92-21-4544521 E.Karaci Tel: 4528114-5 Fax: 4528116 E. Ashraf Dharani Importer:Tyres. Mohammad Hanif. Sidra Trade Centre. 4th Floor.net.

North Karachi Industrial Area.. Services:Textile Goods M/s. M/s. Manuf:Textile Cotton Yarn. 38-C-1. Civil Lines.pk Mr.pk Mr.C. H.H. Waseem A.GLOBE METAL INDUSTRIES D-124. 105. Shahrah-e-Faisal. M/s. Ghulam Mohd.H. Tel: 2573205 Fax: 92-21-2560405 E.Karaci Tel: 34548077 Fax: 92-21-4548076 E.GLOBE MANAGEMENT (PVT) LTD. Arshad Arif.com Mr.net. Meherally Mahmud. Progressive Plaza. North Nazimabad.Mail info@globeoe. Muhammad Aslam Chughtai.Mail marble@cyber.Karaci Tel: 4548709 Fax: 92-21-4548649 E. Ibrahim Trade Tower. 10-A.C. Ali Mohammad.GLOBE MERCHANDISERS (PVT) LTD.S.net. Tanveer Riaz M/s.Mail globeind@cyber. Chughtai Exporter:Marble. Onyx Handicrafts Manuf:Marble Handicrafts.Mail globe@cyber.Karaci Tel: 4327534.. Tel: 6980922. M/s.Mail ajc@ajcontainers.GLOBE IMPEX Plot # 12. Exporter:Onyx Marble Products and Blocks Manuf:Onyx Marble Handicrafts. Exporter:All kinds of Readymade Garments. 6930034 Fax: 92-21-6995885 E. Room No.E. Bed Linen and Fabric Importer:Fabric. Block 6.5689646 Fax: 92-21-5681696 E.105. Machinery and Accessories Manuf:All kinds of Garments and Bed Linen M/s.GLOBE INDUSTRIES 401-Marine Faisal.net.com Mr.M/s. Room No. Sector 12-B.GLOBE TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED 1st Floor. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.net. Plot No.pk Mr. 412. P. Ibrahim Trade Tower.Mail qml@cyber.GLOBE PETROLEUM SERVICE Block-A. Tel: 5682280.GLOBE TEXTILE MILLS (OE) LTD. Tel: 6631710-6631490 Fax: 6631490 Mr. KDA Scheme-2.E.S. SITE. Block 6.pk Mr. P. 4327535 Fax: 92-21-4327536 E. Farhan Rehmatullah M/s. lst Floor. . Shahrah-e-Faisal.

A. M.473. Jinnah Road.GLOBE TILES AND SANITARY WARE Dr. Ovais ur Rehman M/s.com Mr. Saddar.com Mr.Mail globetiles@hotmail.com Mr. Ghulam Hussain Amir Awan M/s. Jinnah Road Tel: 32761628. Abdullah Haroon Road. Tel: 34588869 Fax: 92-21-34588870 E. 36. Exporter:macandvian@yahoo. Latif Cloth Market.Mail info@ges. Aboo Talib Importer:Toys M/s.Mail ovais@globelinkpk. Jinnah Road. Ziauddin Ahmed Road.pk M/s.GLOBELINK (PAKISTAN) (PVT) LTD.A. 2433655 Fax: 92-21-2430138 E. B-8.A.Karaci Tel: 36612287 Fax: 92-21-36610599 Syed Taqi Ahmed.GLOBE TRADERS Shop# 151-152.com Mr. Tel: 111-298-298 Fax: 32852622 E.Mail gloriafabrics@yahoo.GLOBE TRADING CO.GLORIA FABRICS 89/A. Cycle Market.GLORIAL ENGINEERING SERVICES Suite No. Tel: 2435225.net. Keamari. 1st Floor. Gul Plaza. Burhani Chamber. Younus Kushtiwala Importer:Tiles and Sanitary Wares M/s. Saleh Mohammad Street M. Sadat Colony.Shahra-e-Faisal. Importer:Polyester Filament Flat Yarn Manuf:Polyester Fabrics M/s. Latif Cloth Market.com Mr.GLOBLE INTERNATIONAL B-272. Tel: 2628850 Fax: 92-21-2214650 E. 32751242 Fax: 92-21-32736244 Mr.pk Manuf:idsc@cyber.net.GLORIOUS . Faisal Sharif Importer:Polyester Yarn Food grain chemicals M/s. Mohammad Shoaib.Mail info@globetextile. Timber Pond.com Importer:mkhcopl@cyber. Arif Habib Exporter:Cotton Yarn Importer:Machinery & Spare Parts Manuf:Cotton Yarn M/s.Karaci Tel: 2400841 Fax: 2400840 Mr.Karaci Tel: 4327534-5 Fax: 92-21-4327536 E. M.

5. M/s. C.D-156.GOGAN ENTERPRISES . Suite # 3.Karaci Tel: 2439006. 2200476 Fax: 92-21-2315576 Mrs. M-3.op.Karaci Tel: 34890971 Fax: 34890972 E. Block-6. Afroz Iqbal Godil. M/s. Nariman K. Young Husband Road.com. Kharadhar.GLORIOUS LEATHER PRODUCTS A/76.GODREJ (PVT) LTD. Reaz Ahmed Sheriff M/s. Kharadhar. Plot No. Tel: 4581836 Mr. M.Mail glorious02@hotmail. 7211119 Fax: 92-21-7227067 Mr. Importer:Plastic and Chemicals M/s.GODIL CLEARING AGENCY Suite No. Onyx Marble etc. Sumair Ahmed Kham Manuf:Hosiery Socks M/s.Mail junaid_aman@hotmail. Exporter:Handicrafts.A.Room No.GODIL ENTERPRISES Kaka Chambers. Mullha Shore Bagicha Shah Faisal Colony No. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.707. Godrej Kandawala Building.H.GODIL IMPEX Suite No. Tel: 0321-3753036 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2315390.P.Society.18.Bear Co.GODIL TRADING 207. Sutli Plaza. Mezanine Floor. Virjee Street. Importer:Clearing and Forwarding M/s.com Mr. Jodia Bazar. Shoaib Aqeel M/s. Tel: 34301773-5 Fax: 34301772 E.pk Mr.Mail reaz. Junaid Aman. Sutli Plaza. SITE. Tel: 4946589 Fax: 92-21-4145203 Mr.sheriff@glslgoistics. M/s. Muhammad Nisar Exporter:Leather Garments M/s. 2200476 Fax: 92-21-2315576 Haji Iqbal Godil.com Mr. Tel: 7211149.GLS LOGISTICS (PVT) LTD 43-H/1-A. Block 7 & 8. M-3.Mohammad Amin Godil. Mezanine Floor. Irani. Young Husband Road.GNB SOX MILL Shad No. Jinnah Road. Mashriq Centre.Karaci Tel: 2315390. PHECHS. 2432617 Fax: 92-21-2413890 E.

Chundrigar Road. Bohrapir.Mail siddiqgogan@hotmail.GOHAR TEX Plot No. Gul Tower. Importer:Polyester Yarn.Karaci Tel: 2727353. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s. Sattar. Near Duty Free Shop. M.S.608. Building No.GOHAR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY A/3. Al-Fatah Chamber. F.GOHAR AUTOS SS3 C.com Mr.C. K. Area.Area. 6th Floor. Exporter:Fabrics & Garments. Main Khayaban-e-Jami. Beach Hotel Road. Shazia Hanif.snts.S. Latif Cloth Market. Block-22. Muhammad Waseem Khan M/s. M. 32410475 Fax: 92-21-3244607 E. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 2527463 Fax: 92-21-5390363 Mr. Behind Liaquat Market. M/s..A. Gohar Inam M/s.GOHAR ASSOCIATES A/3. Opp: State Bank. Jinnah Road. C. I.Mail mbs@khi.C.GOGAN STEEL TRADERS Suite 2. M/s.B. Abdul Karim.H.GOKAL SHIPPING & TRADING CORPORATION LIMITED 34-A/5.Karaci Tel: 35611001-5 .com Mr.GOHER METAL WORKS M.B. Phase-II Extension. Block 7/8.L-3.A.Mail goganenterprises@hotmail.C. Saddiq Abdul Razzak.. 34531191 Mr.Karaci Tel: 32430948.Mail gouhattex@gmail.C.I. M/s. Hanif Gohar.com Mr. Area. C.Karaci Tel: 4533174-5 Fax: 92-21-4531191 Mrs.com.H. Asghari Mkt.Karaci Tel: 6363694 Fax: 6345877 E. K. Ground Floor.G.Karaci Tel: 4532022.Karaci Tel: 2424001 Fax: 92-21-2419842 E. Al-Fatah Chamber.Shop# 260-B. Block 7/8.Karaci Tel: 32428891 Fax: 92-21-32428892 Syed Tafzeel Ahmed Shah. Lalazar. Goher Bilal Manuf:Metal and Wire knitting M/s. Masjid Siddiqi Chona Bhatti Chowk.GOHAR AGENCIES Suite No. 1st Floor.pk Mr.net. M. Jinnah Road. M/s. 2727354 Fax: 92-21-2420852 E. Defence Housing Authority.

net. Services:Indenting Agent M/s. West Wharf. Tel: 2314694 Mr.pk Mr. KDA Scheme-33.net.GOLDEN ASSOCIATES Ground Floor. Khayaban-e-Iqbal. Off: Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Abdullah Square. Tel: 2511212. Abdul Khaliq Exporter:Frozen Seafoods M/s.01.net. Meher Alam. Tel: 2314037-38 Fax: 92-21-2311863 Mr. Export Processing Zone. Chundrigar Road.GOLD REEF COMPUTERS 54.Mail goldstar@cyber. Nadeem Aslam M/s.1. Exporter:Rice. Uni Plaza. Ebrahim Building. I. Importer:Parts and Accessoires of Computers M/s. Aisha Manzil.Mail goldstuff@hotmail.com Mr. West Wharf Road. Muhammad Usman Saeed M/s.Mail bhora@super.Mail iel@cyber. Fish Harbour.GOLDEN CIGARETTE COMPANY LIMITED Plot No.GOLD HOUSE Shop No.GOLD SEAFOODS C-6. Bed Sheets.I. Tel: 2311478 Mr. 20. Tel: 5080645-5081340 Fax: 5081341 E.pk Mr. Clifton.Fax: 92-21-3561076 Mr. West Waharf. Muhammad Ateeq.9-10. Madni Road. Bakar Gokal.GOLDEN COMMODITIES 109.GOLD STUFF R-59. Muhammad Aftab M/s. Fish Harbour. Clifton Pride. 2524810 Fax: 92-21-2524810 E.pk Mr. Block-8. Aziz .Karaci Tel: 24243563 Mr.GOLD STAR ELECTRONICS Shop No.GOLD STAR INTERNATIONAL B-1. Nawabad. Muhammed Ashraf M/s. Hanif Abdani M/s. Zuhramin Residency. Altaf Hussain Road.Karaci Tel: 5364111-5 Mr. Tel: 2401073-75 Fax: 92-21-2401076 E. University Road. Pillow Covers and T-Shirts Importer:Pumice Powder and Wood Flooring System M/s.Karaci Tel: 0333-2131804 E.

Block-6.net Mr. 13th Commercial Street.Karaci Tel: 2569951 Mr. Exporter:Manufcturing of Confectionery Importer:Prodcts M/s.Karaci Tel: 5891330 Fax: 92-21-5880538 .Karaci Tel: 2569952 Mr.GOLDEN HARVEST FOODS (PVT) LTD.T. Flat# A2.I.33.Exporter:food Grean Importer:Food Grean Manuf:Food Grean M/s.GOLDEN MINERAL ENTERPRISE Chandni Arcade. Mariaj uddin Qureshi Importer:Palmoil Manuf:Vanaspati Ghee M/s. S.F-26.Mail karachi@dawngroup.GOLDEN GATE VENTURES 43/6/H.Mail goldenoilice@hotmail.com Mr.I. Tel: 2569951-3 Fax: 92-21-2569954 Mr. Muhammad Naeem Shahzada. Plot# 5-C8. Muhammad Sarwar Shahzada. Sector-24. S. Tel: 5062981-4 Fax: 92-21-5055384 E. Tel: 34391323 Fax: 34391325 E. 5013745 Fax: 92-21-5013746 E. Defence Housing Authority.GOLDEN OIL PRODUCTS & ICE FACTORY 1-C/7.E. Estate Avenue. Ghulam Hussain. Shade-B. Korangi Industrial Area.T.E. Korangi Industrial Area. Muhammad Adnan Exporter:Chrome ore M/s. Exporter:Dawn Frozen Paratha.. Exporter:Manufacturer of Pan Masala & Importer:Sweetened Supari M/s.com Mr. Chandni Chowk. Tel: 5010357. Importer:Margarine. University Road.Mail admantharani@hotmail. Exporter:Printing Wrapper M/s. Phase-II Extension.. M/s. Sector 21. Muhammad Asif.GOLDEN PACKAGES INDUSTRIES F-26. S. Plot No.GOLDEN RESOURCES 74-C. Estate Avenue.E. Manuf:Bread & Buns. PECHS.GOLDEN FOOD INDUSTRIES F/26..GOLDEN CONFECTIONERY Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2522171 Fax: 92-21-2522171 E.Mail kamran@goldengate_vntures Sheikh Kamran Illahi M/s.I.T. Shade C&D. Estate Avenue.

M.GOLDEN SHIPPING LINES (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 2420752 Fax: 92-21-2435569 E.Mail goldentraders20@hotmail.A.GOLDEN SINDH COTTON GINNING FACTORY & OIL MILLS.GOLDEN SHIPPERS (PVT) LTD. Akhlaq Ahmed. Flat 1-2.net M/s. M/s. M.96.GOLDEN TRADERS 20. 2nd Floor. Nawab Ali M/s.Mail info@pawanent.A.GOLDEN THIRTEEN SEAFOOD COMPANY D-24.Mail asiftax2009@yahoo.Syed Saeed Akhter Rizvi. West Wharf Road.Mail gslkhi@cyber.Karaci Tel: 2270710-37010369 Fax: 92-21-2270818 E.umergroup. Ground Floor.com Mr. Services:Shipping Agents M/s. Imran. Chundrigar road. Sindh Baloch.GOLDEN TRADERS Shop No. Tel: 2772679 Mr. Cotton Seeds oil oilcak Importer:Raw Cotton and Seeds Manuf:Raw Cotton and Seeds oil and cake M/s. Gulistan-e-Johar.com Mr. Near Clifton Bridge. Mohammad Hussain Khokhar. Tel: 2443755 Fax: 92-21-2434026 E.com Mr. Room No.net.Karaci Tel: 37013782.biz Mr.GOLDEN SYNDICATE 2nd Floor. 7. Aurangzeb Market. 20-West Wharf Road. Jinnah Road. Importer:www. Meher Alam. Block-12. I. Kutiyana Market. Ebrahim Building. Jinnah Road. Farrukh Shahzad. Tel: 2424327-2410785 Fax: 2424327 . Suite No. 2314038 Fax: 92-21-2311863 Mr.212.pk Mr. Exporter:Food Stuff and Textiles Importer:Scrap and Wood M/s.I. M/s. Tel: 2314037.03212605566 Fax: 92-21-37013790 E.Karaci Tel: 2311970-73 Fax: 99-21-3231197 E. M. Services:Clearing and Forwarding Agents M/s. New Neham Road.GOLDEN TRAVEL SERVICES 5-Uni Plaza.Mail info@gsimran. Clifton. A-42. Kirshan Lal Exporter:Raw Cotton. Sattar Chambers. New Boltan Market. Prince Complex.

Quaidabad Landhi. Mithadar. PECHS. Tel: 5018584 Fax: 5206119 E.net. Sector 16-B. Sharjah Trade Centre. North Karachi Industrial Area. Tel: 2443146 Fax: 92-21-2424645 Mr. Sector 21. Mohammad Shafi. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.GOMAL ENTERPRISES Mehran Musafar Khana.com Mr. Korangi Industrial Area. Importer:Yarn M/s. Tel: 6366906 Fax: 92-21-6362553 . 6955555 Fax: 92-21-6956000 Mr. Muhammad Aslam M/s. Block-5.com Mr. Exporter:Readymade Garments Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 6907761.GOMPLAST PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED PlotNo. Tariq Mangrani M/s. Federal 'B' Area.GOOD LUCK INDUSTRIES WSA-5. Anis Muhammad Umer M/s. Hasan Kaiser Qureshi Exporter:Rubber Rollers Importer:Raw Materials Manuf:Rubber Rollers M/s.Mail goldth@fascom.E.pk Mr.Mail gts786@hotmail. Azizullah Khan M/s.GOLDWAY HYGIENE PRODUCTS (PVT)LTD Office # 9.Mail eastas@cyber. Imtiaz Ahmed Malik. Tel: 34388231-36 Fax: 34388237 E.pk Mr. 15-H.GOLDTHREAD APPAREL Plot No.Karaci Tel: 37010109 Fax: 32472369 E. National Highway.Mail info@gomplastpak. Korangi Industrial Area.com Mr. 109.GOLDSTAR RUBBER & CHEMICAL CO.4/114-115.Karaci Tel: 35016603 Mr. 5069115 Fax: 92-21-5065261 E. Tel: 5067179. 4th Floor.GOLDSOFT INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SOFTWARE HOUSE C-I. Sector-19.Mail riazrangila@goldwayhygiene. Amir Hameed.GOOD LUCK HOSIERY HOUSE Chappal Bazar. Exporter:Software Importer:Software Manuf:Software M/s. 30. Block-13.

Akhund Abdur Rehman Street. Asif Iqbal M/s. Muhammad Aslam. M/s.Mr.G-16..Karaci Tel: 2438698 Fax: 92-21-2420604 E.GOOD LUCK MUSIC HOUSE Shop No. I.81. Jodia Bazar. M/s.GOODWILL TRADERS Shop No. Gulbahar # 1.Karaci Tel: 6621458 Fax: 92-21-5869837 Mr.Mail glenterprises@cyber.GOOD LUCK MAGAZINE & NEWS PAPER DISTRIBUTION H. Paper M/s. Street-20. .GOODHOUSE CHOCOLATE & CONFECTIONARIES (PVT) LIMITED Room 114. Firdous Co. Sector-B.I. Altaf Hussain Road. Exporter:Cotton Bags and Readymade Garment Manuf:Cotton Bags and Readymade Garment Made Ups M/s.pk Mr.GOOD LUCK MOBILE Shop No.O.pk Mr.com. Malik Anwar Goth.op.Karaci Tel: 38299139 Mr. Confectionery. Tel: 38410159 Mr. Lakhani. No. Mohammad Dawood.pk Mr. Jama Masjid Firdousia.GOODLUCK ENTERPRISS A-291. Opp: JMB School. Importer:All Industrial Chemicals/Food Chemicals. Sector 16-B. Muhammad Masroor Mirza Manuf:Corrugated cartons M/s. Abdul Aziz A.GOOD LUCK TRADERS 5/M. Abdul Matin.comsats. Farzana Manzil.Karaci Tel: 32214014 Fax: 92-21Mr. Area. Abdul Aziz Rafiq M/s. 2639993 Fax: 6336503.H. Manzoor Colony. Ashraf Ali Khan Exporter:Magazine and News Papers M/s.net.Mail lakgroup@cyber.paknet. 5. Habib Market. Lakhani Centre. New Challi. North Karachi Ind. Main Nipa Chowrangi.6326597 E. Bahadurshah Market.GOODLUCK CORPORATION 6th Floor.net. Society.3.Mail ksons@khi. Mobile World.Karaci Tel: 6319156-9. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Tel: 2575791 Fax: 92-21-2560241 E. Hussain Trade Centre.GOOD LUCK TRADERS Nizamani Manzil.pk Mr. Near G.net. Muhamamd Bin Qasim Road.Mail ghouse@khi.P.Karaci Tel: 6923384-5 Fax: 6951521 E. Abdul Ghaffar M/s.

Azim Khan Goth.GRACE LEARING AND FORWARDING (PVT) LIMITED. Writers Chambers. Exporter:Knitted Garments Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s. 10-B/C.pk Ms. Tel: 5073745 Fax: 92-21-5059537 Mr. Muhammad Ghulam Qadir. Exporter:Woven Garments Manuf:Woven Garments M/s.Mail gracel@cyber. Tel: 2430433/4 Fax: 92-21-2417274 E. Writers Chambers.Mail noorani. Tel: 2635754 Fax: 92-21-2633042 E. Ejaz Ahmed Magoon. Importer:Auto parts and Garments Accessories M/s.A. 6972220 Fax: 92-21-6970433 Mr.net. Jinnah Road.grace008@gmail. Dunolly Road. Mohammad Rafique Noorani Importer:Vegetable seeds M/s. Hina Sameen M/s. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.GRACE INTERNATIONAL Room # 5.GRACE ENTERPRISES 303. Tel: 2432400 Fax: 92-21-2432400 Mr.GRACE APPARELS (PVT) LTD.201. Guru Mandir.pk Mr.Mail support@tgps-com. Tel: 34820015 Fax: 92-21-2723718 E.pk Mr. Iqbal Anjum Butt M/s. Tabani. 2nd Floor. Yacoob S. Korangi Industrial Area. Nafeesud-Din Abbasi.pk Mr. Tariq Road. Jinnah Road.A. 2nd Floor.M. Sector 7A. Tel: 2430433/4 Fax: 92-21-2417274 E. Mumtaz Hasan Road.Block-4/A. Sony Place.com Mr. M/s.Karaci Tel: 6617808. .Karaci Tel: 4949452-4941307 Fax: 4943190 E. Exporter:Secondhand cloths Importer:Secondhand cloths M/s. Kikashan Mall. Japan Plaza.GRACE FOOTWEAR 365/3.GQS COMPANY Flat No.net. Salim Tabani.Mail shanpk@cyber.GRACE KNITWEAR (PVT) LTD.GPS A-59.Mail gracel@cyber. M. 10-B/C.net.

GRACE PASSION (PVT) LIMITED A-25/C. Chundrigar Road.Mail grafknit@grafknit.GRAIN TRADE Office No. Sector 23.GRACE TEXTILE Plot No.Mail armangan@super.Mail grace2708@live. Asif Jamal M/s.com Mr. Hub Road. Ayaz Town. New Challi Altaf Hussain Road. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.. Sadia Ata Exporter:evrocomfortpl@yahoo.com Mr. Block-2.Mail graintrade@cyber.com Mr. Tel: 5068297-8 Fax: 92-21-5068296 E.Mail graintrdrs@yahoo. Hussain Trade Centre.GRAIN TRADERS 818. Abdullah Zaki Manuf:Computerised Embordired Fabrics M/s.GRAIN ASIA Suite # G 25. I. Tel: 32582772 Fax: 92-21-3256467 E.Mail grainasia@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 32218977 Fax: 92-21-2218976 E. Tayyabi Centre. Mahesh Kumar M/s. Mohammad Tariq Exporter:Pulses and Grains Importer:Pulses and Grains M/s.pk Mr.com . Hussain Trade Centre. A. Lane-1. Shahrah-e-LiaquatKaraci Tel: 32626269 Fax: 32637628 E. Tel: 2569948-9 Fax: 92-21-2569950 Mr.com Mr.pk Ms. Plo No. Korangi Industrial Area.41.com Manuf:Construction Servcies. DHA. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 32411887 Fax: 32414581 E.com Mr.Mail asifkhan167@hotmail. F-111.I.net. Muhammad Rafiq.T.GRACE MOBILES Shop No.10.I.E.3-C.4. S.GRACIOUS INTERNATIONAL A-12. Tel: 32275792-3 E. M/s. M/s. SITE.UBL Building.Mail grace-Textile@hotmail.net.GRAF KNITS AND WOVEN Plot No. Sajjad Hussain Manjee M/s. Stadium Commercial Phase-V. Muhammad Ejaz Hanif M/s. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 35832897 E. Tel: 4972200 E.

Mohammad Anis Yousuf Ghazi. Block-5. Tarpaulins. Block-6. Khayaban-e-Roomi.GRAND INDUSTRIES LTD. Plot No. Fashion and Casual Wear. Clifton.net Mr. M/s.com Mrs. World Trade Centre. Bagh-e-Zehra Street. Mustafa Kirmani. 35-B.25. M/s.Mail mustafa5@wtmeca.Karaci Tel: 2430153-55 Fax: 92-21-2432313 Mrs. Cotton Canvas.GRAINS N MINERALS Suite # 7.Karaci Tel: 7720679.GRAINS INTERNATIONAL 101-Shalimar Centre. Saddar. Altaf Hussain Road. Opp: Alam Bagh.S. Abdullah Haroon Road.GRAND ELECTRONICS Shop No. M/s. Exporter:Curtains Bed Sheets M/s. Bagh-e-Zehra Complex. GK-7/60. Farida surmawala M/s.H. Hygine Kits.Mr. P. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Saiqa Arif. Quilts. Kharadhar. Aprons. Mohan Road. Manuf:Tent. Khalid Firoz Arfeen. Queens Court. Exporter:Electronics M/s.GRAND LEISURE CORPORATION (PVT) LIMITED.Karaci Tel: 2315136 Fax: 92-21-2201543 Mr. Plastic Jerry Cans M/s.GRAND AUTO STORES Opp: Bahadurshah Market.GRAND CITY CENTER (PVT) LIMITED CL-6/5.Karaci Tel: 32217730-32211436 Fax: 32621427 E.E. Lantern Hurricane. Tel: 5687001-8 Fax: 92-21-5684594 Mr.C. Tel: 2763147 Fax: 92-21-2721538 E.. Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail luqman@grains-minerals.GRAMS INTERNATIONAL Suite 202. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Haider Ali. Importer:Auto Parts and Motorcycle Parts and Accessories M/s. Khalid Firoz Arfeen. M. 7760149 Mr. Issar Sing Building.Karaci Tel: 4310801-3 Fax: 92-21-4310800 Mr. Fl-10.Karaci Tel: 5687001-8 Fax: 92-21-5684594 Mr.GRANDSONS INDUSTRIES . New Challi. Mohammad Iqbal. Kashif Doni Importer:Pulses M/s.

GREAVES CNG (PVT) LIMITED Modern Motors House. Tel: 4598536-40 Fax: 4598325. Tel: 2621570-71 Fax: 2620826 E. Abu Huraira M/s.GRAPEX S. Tekam Lane.Karaci Tel: 35877976-95 Fax: 92-21-35877998 E. Beaumont Road.com Mr.Mail granulars@cyber.Karaci Tel: 5682565-67.GREAT SIND TRADERS R-693. Mithadar. Clifton Centre. ST-5A. Airport Post Office.111-354-111 Fax: 92-21-5682839 . 15A-3.4598331 E.Namco Centre. Ehsan ul Hassan M/s.GREAT INTERNATIONAL Plot No.Mail grapexpipe@hotmail. Tel: 5025160-5412521 Mr. Campbell Streeet. E.GRAVITY BUILDERS & CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.T.Mail adnanmanan_1980@yahoo. Clifton.GRAY MACKENZIE RESTAURANTS INT'L LIMITED The Point. Block-5. Sector 21. Aslam Faruque. Anwar Aziz. North Nazimabad Town. Post Box No.2/16.com. Buffer Zone. Beaumont Road. 3062.pk Mr.com Mr.pk Mr. Tel: 2442797.GREAVES AIRCONDITIONING (PVT) LIMITED Modern Motor House.Karaci Tel: 6996003. Shahra-e-Firdousi. Mohammad Ashraf. Muhammad Rafiq Rangoonwala.Mail rafiqrangoonwala@capula.GRANULARS (PVT) LTD.O. 6972661 Fax: 92-21-6996003 Mr. Exporter:KFC Services:Restaurant M/s. Importer:HVAC Equipment for Contracting Project M/s.4/9. Korangi Industrial Area.net. 5683111 Fax: 92-21-5682839 Mr. 4570976 Fax: 92-21-4578489 Mr.S. Shahid Hameed. Exporter:Marble Chips and Marble Items M/s. Tel: 5682565. Muhammad Shoaib Ullah Qureshi M/s. 3rd Floor. Importer:Pesticides Manuf:Formulation of Agricultural Pesticides M/s.PIPE INDSTRY (PVT) LTD 14-A. Importer:Non Woven Fabrics Polyster Yarn Manuf:Embroidery Lace Elestic etc M/s.

Alvi Building. 1st Floor. Ext. Exporter:Rice M/s. Ghulam Abbas M/s.O. Importer:Generators/Compressors M/s. 1st Floor.GREEN INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Office-406.com. Nirmal Das M/s.Mail info@greenempire.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2629805-07 Fax: 92-21-2639285 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35653416-78 Fax: 92-21-5688538 E. Malir Halt. Near Jewellers Centre.net.pk Mr.GREEN EMPIRE Plot # C-27. Mahmood Faruque. Saddar.GREEN FIELD ENTERPRISES 5/4.Karaci Tel: 5682565-9. P. Opp: Security Press.GREEN OVERSEAS 125-P.Karaci Tel: 37093040. Tel: 2629805-07.2. Naresh Kumar M/s.Mail faruque@fascom.Karaci Tel: 34603691-2. New Challi.Mail greengip@cubexs.Mail green@cyber. Biaumont Road. Modern Motors House.GREEN STAR ENTERPRISES .E. 2217622 Fax: 92-21-2639285 E.GREEN INTERNATIONAL Office No.net. Importer:CNG Equipments M/s. Tabani Heights.Karaci Tel: 5214249 Mr. Box 4908. Awaez Sharyar M/s.03002546662 Fax: 92-21-34921009 Mr. Arkay Square. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Mahmood Faruque. Mezzanine Floor.com Mr.GREEN GEMS Shop No. 111354111 Fax: 92-21-5682839 E. Nirmal Das. Alvi Building. Madina City Mall. New Challi.net. Abdul Karim. Umiversity Rd. Near Masjid-e-Quba & Time Press Old Sabzi Mandi.pk Mr. Exporter:Rice M/s. Shop # 8-10.GREEN COMMISSION AGENCY Office No.GREAVES PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD. Saddar Abdullah Haroon Road.40.pk Mr. New Challi. Abdul Rahim Moosa M/s. Ibrahim Village. Jinnah Avenue. Tel: 2432916 Mr. 4th Floor. 34680971Fax: 92-21-34680455 E.Mail greaves@cyber.. 2.

GREENLAND TRACTORS 10-Saghir Hussain Shaheed Road.Mail greensintl@cyber. Poonawala Trade Tower.219. 223216 Mr. Generators. Valves. Muhammad Yaseen Ibreyani M/s. Pumps.GREY ENGINEERING F-71.pk Mr.I.. Saddar. Ro Plants.Mail greenco@cyber. 56.Mail greenlandtravels@hotmail. Tel: 2562804-5. Hub River Road. Newneham Road.net. Tel: 2564112-3 Fax: 92-21-2561978 Mr. Coal Boilers. Hub River Road. 4646654 Fax: 92-21-4646662 E. Kashif Hussain Sheikh M/s. 19-West Wharf.net. S.pk Chadhry Muhamamd Khalid Exporter:Fruits and Vegetables M/s. Suhail Hussain. Chabba Street. Elec. Panels. Treatment Plants. Tel: 2257696 Fax: 92-21-2229354 E. Abul Hassan Isphani Road. M/s. Tel: 32312832 E.net. Lakhani Excellency. Tel: 2438049. Block 13-D-3. Plot 523.Mail gresham@cyber..pk Mr.GRESHAMS EASTERN (PVT) LTD.GREEN VALLEY TRADING CO. F-302. Muhammad Shabbir M/s.6.3.Karaci Tel: 32461831-32210993 Fax: 32625398 E. Mohammad Rehan. Rabia Flower.E.GREENLAND TRAVELS Shop No. Control Instrumentation Manuf:Boilers.Karaci Tel: 2564112-3 2561977 Fax: 2561978 . Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Dockyard Road.T.net. M/s.Karaci Tel: 5410970. 2573423Fax: 92-21-2578176 E. Commercial-1.I.Mail info@greenlandtrac. Softwear. M.com Mr.T. SITE.com Mr.GREENCO Shahnawaz Building.GREEN'S INTERNATIONAL Office No. Yunus Rehmatullah. Cochinwala Market. Water.GREY PRINTERS (PVT) LIMITED F-71. WHRBS. Importer:Steel Plates.pk Mr.E. Near City Court. M/s. 4813037 Fax: 92-21-4813038 E. Burners. Waseem Ahmed Qureshi Exporter:Ready made Garments M/s.Karaci Tel: 4813036.No. S.Mail greenstar@brain.

Saud Shafiq Piracha Exporter:Home Textile Manuf:Home Textiles M/s.com Mr.com Mrs.pk Syed Sabir Ali. Muhammad Anees . Printing in Manuf:Printing and Packaging Industry M/s. 4th Floor. Maryam Ahsan M/s. DHA. Clifton.GSN ENTERPRISES B-205.net.com Mr. Rehmatullah Mohammad Importer:Paper and Paper Boards. Mazhar Najeeb Exporter:Electrical Equipments M/s.Mail info@transasia.GRID PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED 21-C.net. Tel: 5888731-36 Fax: 5615014 E. The Forum Khayaban-e-Jami. Aamir Trade Centre.pk Mr. PECHS.pk M/s. Block-2.Mail gwp@cyber. Sohail Ansar M/s. Qassim Road. 2nd Floor.GROUP MARKETING (PVT) LIMITED State Life Building# 1 Annexe.GRIND WHEEL (PAK) LTD.com. Tel: 34556539 Fax: 34381735 E. Tel: 2419261 Fax: 92-21-2411939 E.net. Machinery and Parts thereof. 32419097 Fax: 92-21-3243075 E.Mail adnanshaikh@groupm. 2nd Floor.pk Mr.pk Mr. Exporter:Grinding Wheels Importer:Raw Materials. Karachi Chambers. 5th Floor. Importer:purichemical@cyber. Karachi Administration Society.GTS LOGISTICS (PVT) LIMITED 501.B.net. National Highway. Jamil Ahmed Zakaria. Tel: 32415300.GROUPM PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Room No. Block-3.Mail ahsaneuro@yahoo.E.Mail kaysns@cyber. M.208. Chundrigar Road.GSM TEXTILES Suite # 405. Phase-II Ext. I. Hasrat Mohani Road. Manuf:Grinding Weels and other Abrasive Products M/s.Mail greyprinters@ahoo.Mail gridpk@gridpak. Land Mark Plaza.I.Karaci Tel: 4555222 Fax: 92-21-4556563 E. Opp: Jang PressKaraci Tel: 2212050-57 Fax: 92-21-2212060 E.Karaci Tel: 111-476-876 Fax: 92-21-5301419 E.com Mr.Mail gmepk@cyber.

net. Block-1.Mail tejori@super.net. M/s. Coils. Drugs. Clifton. North Karachi. Sheets etc. Tel: 35655241-2 Fax: 92-21-3565564 E. I. 5686412 Fax: 92-21-5683593 E. G. M. Storeway Racking and Shelving System. Saddar. Tel: 35370075 . Abdullah Haroon Road. No. Digital Combination Lock. Aasbai Mansion. Steel Furniture etc. Tel: 111-005-014 Fax: 92-21-4556613 E.GUIDES CORPORATION 416. 1.Mail targuj@cyber. Exporter:Medicines Importer:Machinery.S.GUJRAT DYEING Plot No. Sector-12-A. Munawar Abbas Wazir.R.P. Services:Indenting M/s.pk Mr.GUJRAT STEEL (PVT) LTD. Tel: 6992728.18/I.pk Syed Mohammad Ather M/s.Mail quidescorp@cyber. Munawar Abbas Wazir.A. Tel: 7531181 Fax: 92-21-7531183 Mr.M/s.net. Muhammad Ismail. Off: Nishtar Road. Sheets/Coils. M/s.GUDIA (PVT) LIMITED Plot # 23-A/III.C.GUJRAT MARINE Shop No.M. Exporter:Ship Breacking items (Handicrafts) M/s. 7. A. 6970880 Fax: 92-21-6951656 Sheikh Mohammad Rasheed. Scheme # 3. Carry Road. MAMCHS. Sheets.pk Mr. Medicines M/s.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 7775632 Fax: 92-21-7730876 E. Chundrigar Road. Importer:Combination Lock. 183. Shahrah-e-Iraq.. Tel: 5681686. Madina City Mall.Mail gudia@cyber. Importer:Components Manuf:Electrical Products M/s. Abdul Khaliq Jafrani.H.GUANGZHOU INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.I.net.pk Mr.GUL AHMED & SONS C-4. Karina Steel Furniture.GUDIA CORPORATION Plot # 23-A/III. H.R.Mail gudia@cyber.M. Tel: 111-005-014 Fax: 92-21-4556613 E. Uni Centre. Manuf:Warrior Safes and Security Equipments. Kehkashan. C.net. Muhammad Sabir.

4858030 Fax: 92-21-2568518 E.pk Mr. Block-6. Iqbal Ali Mohammed M/s. M/s. Tel: 2568505.GUL AUTOS Shop No. Maqsood Younas. M. 2766925 Fax: 92-21-2727047 E. Model Colony. M/s. Saeedabad. Ghulam Ali . Main National Highway.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5015438. 5015979 Fax: 92-21-5014254 Mr.Mail kito@sat.Fax: 92-21-35868158 E. Raies Baber Masood M/s.GUL AHMED WIND POWER LIMITED 35-B. Gul Muhammad. Borhani Lodge.GUL IMPEX Shop No. Tel: 34409091 Fax: 92-21-4409190 Mr. Dhoraji Colony. Ubaid Amanullah Manuf:Power Generation M/s.net.A. Sector 5-J.Mail lali_2009@hotmail. 1st Floor. Faisal Riaz M/s.pk Mr. Tel: 4540270-73 Fax: 92-21-4540274 E. Muhamamd Yousuf M/s.Karaci Tel: 5650344 Mr.GUL CONSTRUCTORS 41-B. Jinnah Road. 2634812 Fax: 92-21-2624965 Mr.GUL CEMENTATION Suite 99-A.454.com Mr. Zaibun Nisa Street.com Mr.Mail maqsood8@gem.Mail info@gaenergy.com Mr.Mail gulahmedsons@hotmail.GUL AHMED TEXTILE MILLS LTD.1. PECHS.GUL AUTOS 6-Aurangzeb Market. Plot No. Gul Ali M/s. PECHS. Importer:Textile Machinery M/s.GUL AHMED ENERGY LIMITED 35-B. Paper Market. Block-6. Gul Centre. Tel: 32811379 Fax: 36617690 E. Tel: 4540270-73 Fax: 92-21-4540274 E.net.Mail info@gaenergy. Tayyabji Road. 82. Zain Bashir. Landhi. Baldia Town.GUL IMPEX B-11. Nishtarabad. Tel: 2761309. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2637732.

24.Mail gulf@gulfpakistan. I. Zulfiqar Hassan Siddiqui. 34256450 Mr.GUL TRADING (PVT) LIMITED Office# A-506 & A-507. Exporter:Leather Chemcials Importer:Leather Chemicals Manuf:Leather and Textile Chemicals M/s.Karaci Tel: 32235662 Mr. North Napier Road. M/s. Muhammad Nazeer M/s.GULF CONSTRUCTORS LTD. 5-A. Tel: 2441735. Abdul Gaffar M/s.314.GUL STAR ENTERPRISES Shop No.Karaci Tel: 32732913 Mr.Sarwer Shaheed Road.Importer:Paper M/s. Chundrigar Road. Lakson Square. . Asif Yasin. 2439762 Fax: 92-21-2401065 Mr. Garden West.com Mr. Tel: 5689402-5682518 Fax: 92-21-5682552 Mr.GUL IMPEX MR-5/130.net.1.I. M/s. 5074301-5 Fax: 92-21-5067193 E.GULF CHEMICALS (PVT) LTD. Shahrah-e-Faisal. M/s. Block-5. 4550265 Fax: 92-21-4556392 E. Azayan Plaza. 2427340 Mr. Sharifi Masjid.16. Ghulam Hussain Qasim Road. Jodia Bazar. 3rd Floor. 80. Saima Trade Tower. Plot No. Ajab Gul Exporter:Garments Textile Etc Manuf:Second Hand Clothing Shoes M/s. Hoor Centre. 5th Floor. Block-A.GUL TRADING Office No.Mail gulfcon@cyber. Nicol Road.pk Mr. Sector 7/A.Karaci Tel: 2212511-12 Fax: 92-21-2212514 Mr.GUL TRADING CORPORATION 4th Floor. IrfanAhmed M/s. Gul Mohammad. Fl-4/24.C-18.GULAB ENTERPRISES Flat No. Sindhi Muslim Housing Society. Office No. Bldg No.GUL TRADING CO. Korangi Industrial Area. Shehzad Riaz. Tel: 2415122.Karaci Tel: 4550264. Sana Arcade. Tel: 2427561. Gulshan-e-Iqbla. lst Floor. Zubaida Arcade. Tel: 34256451. Mohammad Zafar.

Mail tariqs06@yahoo.3rd Floor.M/s. 6606253 Fax: 92-21-2422678 E.14-C. Saeed ur Rahman Services:Estate Agency M/s.com Mr. Tel: 32571561 Fax: 32551359 E. Al Asif Plaza.com Mr. Landhi. Importer:Audio Jumbo Paneakes. Exporter:Leather. Humayun Riaz. Exporter:Blank Audio/Video Cassettes. M/s. Street-12.GULF INSPECTION INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED.GULF INTERNATIONAL C-3-4. Muhammad Farhan Agha M/s.GULF HORIZON INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED. LTD. Audio Magnetic Tape in Mini Pancakes. Super High Way.gulfpakistan.Mail fulf@tannery. Arif Mohammad Ismail. Abubakar Zakaria Exporter:Textile Importer:Yarn M/s. SITE. Audio Magnetic Tape in Mini Pancakes. Leather Garments. M/s.com Mr.T.Mail zakariaghaniwala@yahoo. Plot No.GULF ENTERPRISES F-402.Area. Karachi Export Processing Zone.GULF MARBLE INDUSTRIES . Suite No. Amin Chamber. Video Panacakes & All Audio/ Video parts and accessories. Video panckes & all Audio/Video parts and accessories. DHA.Karaci Tel: 2757067-8 Fax: 92-21-2757071 E. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com Mr.pk Mr.farhan@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 32724150 Mr.Badar Comm.GULF ESTATE AGENCY A-16.Mail gec@cubexs. Polystyrene Video Pancakes in Jumbo & Raw Material of plastic. Gadap Town. Muhammad Qasim. Tariq Hussain Siddiqui M/s. 4984418 Fax: 92-21-4968523 Mr. Ceasaris Tower (National I.Suite-6. Manuf:Blank Audio/Video Cassettes. Machinery Manuf:Leather M/s.GULF ELECTRONICS CO.80. Block-13-A.GULF LEATHER WORKS (PVT) LTD. A/3. Leather Made Ups Importer:Leather Chemicals. Tel: 5082118/5082120 Fax: 5082119 E.Mail agha. Korangi Industrial Area.Phase-5 Ext.net. Tel: 5054301-02 Fax: 92-21-5067193 E. Tel: 4980459.412. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2422676. Sector-7-A.Park) Shahra-e-Faisal.

Clifton. Muhammad Hanif.GULF TRADING CORPORATION Plot No. Waseem A.. Tel: 2419943 Fax: 92-21-2411559 E. 19. Importer:General Items M/s. Memon Plaza.Mail gmsl@super.mdlaw@gmail.net. Saddar. I.com Mr. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Sohrab Katrak Road. Finlay House.Mail gulftr@cyber. Muhammad Iftikhar Importer:Spare parts M/s. Zulfiqar Ali Jumani Exporter:Commodties Importer:Consumable Item M/s. Chundrigar Road.Block-6.GULF MARITIME SERVICES(PAKISTAN) (PVT) LIMITED.pk Mr.GULISTAN FIBRES LIMITED 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 32313087 Fax: 92-21-3231483 E. Hakimsons Building.Karaci E. Tel: 2419943 . University Road.I. Garden West. Tel: 2579545 Mr. Chundrigar Road. Muhammad Ashraf Importer:Electronic M/s.Karaci Tel: 34823378 Fax: 34823379 Mr. Jamboo Street.49. Tel: 2624731 Fax: 92-21-2634801 Mr. Rafiq Electronic Market.Mail gufam. I.GULF PROPERTIES LIMITED A-9.E.F-206. Basment Floor. Near Bismillah Hotel Manghopir Road.GULISHAN SPINNING MILLS LIMITED 2nd Floor.Mail khi@gulistan. Bath Island.pk Mr. Humayun Adil Sheikh Exporter:Marble Tiles & Slabs Importer:Marble Slabs & tiles Manuf:Marble Slabs & Tiles M/s.pk Mr.GULF MARINE INTERNATIONAL Plot No.20-21.group.26. Tel: 5872941-44 Fax: 92-21-5872986 Mr.I.Plot No.GULF TRADERS Shop No. Ajmal Khan M/s. Naseer Ahmed Exporter:Yarn Manuf:Yarn M/s. 159. West Wharf Road. Qureshi.I. Finlay House. S. Mohammad Ali Bogra Road.GULF MOTORS Shop No.T.net.com. M/s. Tel: 0300-20199639 E. 1st Floor.

Mail asiftauf@gulknit. Tel: 35010544/35022213-1 Fax: 92-21-3501054 E. I.Mail gulnarfabrics@cyber. 580-Weaver Lane.pk Mr. Chundrigar Road. Importer:Chemicals & Dyes Textile Emb. Mushtaq Irshad Manuf:Knitted Fabrics M/s. Adamjee Dawood Road.GULSHAN GLOBAL ENTERPRISES Block-19..Mail gulliverspak@hotmail.pk Mr. Exporter:Knitted Fabric and Garments Manuf:Knitted Fabric and Garments M/s. Arifuddin Ahmed M/s. Tel: 2419943.group. Chundrigar Road.com. Merewether Road. Sector-27.pk Mr. Defence Garde. Defence Housing Authority.I.group.C.84.GULKNIT (PVT) LIMITED Cavish Court. Phase-I. machi M/s.net.GULISTAN TEXTILE MILLS LIMITED 2nd Floor. Finlay House. Muhammad Farid Exporter:Flocked Velvet Fabrics.GULLIVERS TRAVELS (PVT) LTD.Mail gulshanglobalent@yahoo.com Mr.Mail gulshanc@super.GULISTAN SPINNING MILLS LIMITED 2nd Floor. Itrat Ali. Tel: 5057759-60 Fax: 92-21-5057759 E. Tel: 2419943 Fax: 92-21-2411559 E.group.net. Central Hotel Building.com.Mail khi@gulistan.Mail khi@gulistan. Tanveer Ahmed Exporter:Yarn Manuf:Yarn M/s.pak Mr. I.com. Zeeshan Exporter:Cosmatic products . 11-1200-000 Fax: 92-21-2411559 E. Naseer Ahmed Exporter:Yarn Manuf:Yarn M/s. Flat 20. Tanveer Ahmed Exporter:Yarn Manuf:Yarn M/s.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2440625.pk Mr. Korangi Induistrial Area.I.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 35380373 E.GULNAR & SONS (PVT) LTD.Mail khi@gulistan. Finlay House. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 5685370-1-2 Fax: 5682168 E.H. 4th Floor.Fax: 92-21-2411559 E. 2626713 Fax: 92-21-2628165 E.GULSHAN COLOUR STORE 10-Ilyas Chamber.S. Plot No. Ground Floor. K.

pak Mr.Mail awq69@cyber.pk Mr.16/4. Gulzar Ahmed Bilal M/s.I. Importer:Machinery and Spare Parts of Glass Plant.Mail gulzar@mbsattar.Importer:Paper Palm Oil Manuf:Henna M/s.GULSHAN SWEET MEAT MART 32-D. Tel: 2419943 Fax: 92-21-2411559 E. Manuf:Plain and Tinted Sheet Glass. Tel: 2212882-9 Fax: 2212890 E. Commercial Area. Tel: 111-485-766 34537916 Fax: 34537919 E. Saima Trade Tower. 1-1/2-P.Karaci Tel: 4310900-03 Fax: 4310954 Mr.GUNJ GLASS WORKS LTD. 1st Floor. Block-6. Fortune Centre. Muhammad Aslam. PECHS. Muhammad Yousuf Rao M/s.pk Mr. Chundrigar Road. Dr.(PVT) LIMITED G-17. Tel: 35384432 Mr.GULSONS EXPRESS (PVT) LTD Gulsons Towers. Kutchi Gali-3. 2419522 Fax: 92-21-2414814 E.Mail hnhechange@hotmail.com. Abdul Sami Khan. Exporter:Sweet Meat Mart M/s. PECHS.GULZAR BROTHERS Bilal Chambers. Karachi House. Chundrigar Road. I.GULSHAN WEAVING MILLS LIMITED 2nd Floor. P.I. . Importer:CNG Equipment M/s.O. 4939942 Fax: 92-21-5684255 E. Karim Ghulam Hussain. M/s.H-TEX INTERNATIONAL 2-H.Block-14.GULSHAN SERVICE STATION PPI . Marriot Road. Omair Kursheed Allawala M/s.Mail gulsons@gulsons.com Mr. Shahra-e-Faisal. Box# 6761. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. Munir Ahmed Paracha M/s. Tanveer Ahmed Exporter:Yarn Manuf:Yarn M/s. Gulshan Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 2414862.net.group. Finlay House.GUMCORP (PVT) LIMITED 902. Defence Society.Mail khi@gulistan. I.H & H EXCHANGE CO. Exporter:Plain and Tinted Sheet Glass.com Mr.com Mr.ali@micro. Tel: 4948269.net.Mail gunj.Karaci Tel: 2414972 Fax: 92-21-2420852 E. Block-6.

H. 28/40.Karaci Tel: 32446821. Grain Centre.net. S.H.Mail meassociates@hotmail. TRADING HOUSE 255. Opp: City Court.pk Mr. Tel: 2564646 Fax: 92-21-2576789 Shaikh Atif-ul-Haq.com Mr. LTD..Karaci Tel: 2312212. Tel: 36602020 Fax: 92-21-3637760 E. & H.H.H.Karaci Tel: 32763168 Fax: 92-21-2765972 Mr. & H.Nazimabad No.I. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. ENTERPRISE 68.Mail hti@super. 1st Floor. & H. Opp: Parco Petrol Pump.T. Near Wazir Mansion Station. & H.H.H. M. Zenobia Raza Baig Importer:Food stuffs Manuf:Food stuffs M/s.Mail info@mubaraktravels.2.Mauripur Rd. Room 1 & 2. Tel: 5641392 Fax: 92-21-5641393 E. Writers Chambers. Fancy Goods Sec. S. Abdul Wahid Exporter:Cotton Yarn Fabrics M/s. Fatima Jinnah Road. GENERAL TRADING COMPANY Suite # 141.H. 1st Floor. 129. & H.com Mr.H.320. INTERNATIONAL Room No. & H. Mahmood Hussain M/s.Mail hh_entn@yahoo. Frere Road. Ghulam Haider M/s.com Mr.com Mr. M/s. Tel: 2436571 Fax: 2434696 E. TEXTILE F-487. TRADING 34. Ubaidullah. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Tel: 4252771 Fax: 5206394 E. & B. Muhammad Rashid M/s.Mail hhmarine@live. Frere Market.E.32470985 Fax: 92-21-2470900 Mr. PMB Colony. & H. Khaliq Mehmood M/s. Nazimabad. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32721671. AKBERALI & CO. 4th Floor. MARINE PRODUCTS KS-2761.H. Al-Rehman Trade Centre. Panorama Centre.com Mrs. Saddar. TEXTILE 3-D. 0333-22179 E. 3rd Floor. Zubair M/s.Mail wahidashraf@yahoo. .0321-9294911 Fax: 99-21-32724371 E.

Muhammad Yousuf Exporter:Gems & Jewellery Importer:Gems and Jewellery Manuf:Gold Jewellery goods M/s. Mercantile Chambers. Badruddin G. and Commodities.pk Mr.pk Mr.H. M. M/s.Sadaf Centre.H. JUMA HAJI USMAN 409. 4th Floor. Near Mehboob Market.H. Shahrah-e-Iraq.Mail hganny@hganny. Serai Road.H.H. GANNY & COMPANY Suite# M-7/M-9. 9. Importer:Tailoring Material M/s. Latif Cloth Market. Block 8. BAKIR ALI & CO. 2764816 Fax: 92-21-2772750 E. Nanakwara.com Mr.Mail bakir@cyber. Nanakwara Garden. . M/s. Najmuddin Street. MOHD.H. Lakshmi Building. Tel: 2435691.pk Mr.net.Mail haltafbrothers@hotmail.A. MOHAMED DIN & CO. Rice. James Terrace Road.net. Hussain. ALTAF BROTHERS 17.Karaci Tel: 32773611 Mr. Opp: City Court. Saddar. Marriot Road. 2433304 Fax: 92-21-2419516 E.H. Importer:Textile & Electronic General Item. Sardar Ahmad.H. Al-Rehmat Centre.Mail hmd@cyber.Karaci Tel: 5875091 Fax: 92-21-5867083 E. Tel: 2438359 M/s.Karaci Tel: 2429440-2428363Fax: 99-21-2425138 E. Bakir Ali. Dry Flowers Importer:Iron and Steel M/s. Jinnah Road.net. SHAFI 105-A. Tel: 2725523. SIDDIQ MOHD. Potatoes.Karaci Tel: 0300-2400451.com Mr. MUHAMMAD HUSSAIN & SONS 21-A. Altaf Hussain. Dandia Bazar.35671696 Mr. M/s.Karaci Tel: 35217756.Mail abgh@cyber. JAMAL SONS JEWELLERS 4-Pearl Centre. Abdul Sattar Exporter:Rice M/s. 2775148 Fax: 92-21-2734280 E. Exporter:Onion. Mohammad Yousuf Ghani. Yousuf Grand Square. Memon Manzil. Clifton.

Cotton Canvas.I. HUSSAIN ASSOCIATES 16. Jinnah Road.H. Garments Woven and Knit. PVC. Tel: 32578095-98 Fax: 92-21-3256311 E.H. LPE Fabrics. Tel: 2415501-3-4 Fax: 92-21-2412275 Mian Mohd. Exporter:Tent.Mail chen-4@cyber. Chundrigar Road. Cotton Canvas. Tents and Tarpaulins M/s. Importer:R-Chargeable Light .Saleh Mohammad Street.com Mr.Mail zqurashi@yahoo. Denso Hall. Zips and Allied Items Manuf:Tents.. Zulfiqar Ahmed Qureshi Exporter:Bopp Plain Films Importer:Bopp Plain & Printed Bags M/s. Exporter:Cotton Canvas.. Medical Wear and Work Wear. Hygine Kits.H. Plot No. Tel: 2631318. Plastic Jerry Cans Importer:Dyes and Chemicals. NIZAM DIN & SONS (PVT) LTD.net. Exporter:Textile Fabrics Importer:Textile Fabrics.pk Mr. KDA Officers Housing Society. SHEIKH NOOR-UD-DIN & SONS LTD 614-616.H. Exporter:Pakistani Handicraft. RAHMAN & SONS Block-B# B-1. Mohammad Hanif. Rafi.Karaci Tel: 2438175 Mr. NAZIR TRADING CO.C/12. 4855867 Fax: 92-21-4939903 Mr. Bags M/s. Between Naurus & Siemens Chowrangi.Mail karachioffice@dinsons. Naveed Ahmed. 2631319 Fax: 92-21-2637892 E.H.Mail sales@nizamcanvas. Fashion and Casual Wear.T. Quilts.H. Tents and Tarpaulins Importer:Bamboo Poles. 2430550 Fax: 92-21-2433404 E. Muhammad Jan. M/s. Jehlum Silk Mills (Pvt) Ltd. I. Hasrat Mohani Road.Karaci Tel: 2588856 Fax: 92-21-2584956 E. Lantern Hurricane. PIR MOHAMMAD SHAMSUDDIN 3rd Floor. Tel: 2439957. Electric Centre. Habibur Rahman.I. Tarpaulins.E. Behind National Stadium.com Mr. Tarpaulins. Altf Hussain Sakhi. Commerce Centre. S.A. SITE. Yarn Manuf:Textile Fabrics M/s. D-64. M. Chemicals for Waterproofing Industry Manuf:Cotton Canvas.com Mr. Wooden/Brass/Onyx M/s. Cotton Exchange.Karaci Tel: 4939903.A. Aprons.

A. Block 7/8. 2nd Floor. Tel: 2413424.13. Plot No. & CO. Jinnah Road. 4539590 Fax: 92-21-2424017 Mr. Shibli Nomani Road. ENTERPRISES A-15. Rehman Heights. QAYUM BROTHERS TRADING Shop No.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 5863581. Suite No. sector 12-C. Abdul Rauf Godil Exporter:Cotton T Shirts Importer:Ready made Garmetns Manuf:Cotton T Shirts Sweaters etc M/s.A.H.Karaci Tel: 2628775 Fax: 2627031 E.A.A.H. Talpur Road. No. New Rabi Centre.S-43.Mail asifsherwani@hotmail. Bath Island. Asif Iqbal.Mail haa_enterprises@yahoo. Alam Market.M/s. M.H.28. Jinnah Road.A. Near Allah Wala Market. Irfan Ahmed. Old Rally Building No.H. Muhammad Sohail Hussain M/s.com Mr. KharadarKaraci Tel: 32410864. C-2/II. Clifton.0300-827396 Fax: 92-21-2439937 E.B. Exporter:Textiles M/s. RAUF & CO.Mail abdulerahim@hotmail. Tel: 35410801 Fax: 92-21-32724010 E. SATTAR MUNDIA 209. Gulshan-e-Faisal. TRADERS Suite No. Muhammad Aslam M/s.com Mr. Behind Motandas Market.A.4.2.Karaci Tel: 6951715 Fax: 92-21-6951713 E.A. Opp: Zecotex Industrial Area.H.A.Mail has@cyber. Off:Talpur Road.A.H.Karaci Tel: 2415135-45 Fax: 92-21-2425887 Mr. Aamir Ali Importer:General Items M/s. M. North Karachi. TRADERS 29. Near Saba Cinema.com Mr. Saleh Mohammad Street.H.S. Randal Road. Abdul Rahim Exporter:Textile Fabrics M/s. Karachi Memon Society. Sattar Mundia. Importer:Iron & Steel .Karaci Tel: 2424001. Services:Commission Agent M/s.H.net.A. 32414332 Mr. SHERWANI SONS H. H.B. Asghari Market. 2419929 Fax: 92-21-2419842 Mr.

ENTERPRISES Shop No. Kharadhar.85. Kanchwala Building. Suite# 405. Phase II Ext.H.H. Gulzar-e-Ibrahim Society. INTERNATIONAL M-R 5/137-138.H.1.pk Mr.com Mr. Tel: 34946762 Fax: 34946762 E. Hanif S/o. Rex Centre.Karaci Tel: 4327754-55 Fax: 4327756 E.H. KATCHI & SONS 72-B/11. Block-7/8. 27-Qazi Court. ENTERPRISES M-7.net. Huzaifa M/s. Bahadurabad.Mail hh-enterprises@hotmail.H. 2nd Floor. Younus M/s.E. ENTERPRISES Office No.Karaci Tel: 5382870 Fax: 92-21-2413879 E. Muhammad Hanif Godil Exporter:Halal Meat M/s. INTERNATIONAL L-60.Karaci Tel: 2768946. Rock Trade Centre.G.H. Sunset Street.Mail hanif@hhinernational. 2nd Floor.H.H. INTERNATIONAL 92. Street-3. Tel: 4582105 E. 1st Floor.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2316717-20 Fax: 92-21-2316720 E.Mail bnb786@yahoo.H.H.Mail katchi@cyber.H. Haroon Rashid M/s. . Jinnahabad.H. TRADERS 50. Plot No.net.com Hafiz Fahim uddin Paracha M/s.Mail hf-enterprises@hotmail.pk Haji Essa Katchi.H.M/s. Tel: 4821321 E. Rice Services:Indentor for Export of Textiles. Nishter Road. INTERNATIONAL Ibrahim Trade Tower.Mail hhi@cyber. Virjee Street.203.Mail hftraders@yahoo. 2768947 Fax: 92-21-2761267 E.H. M/s.Mail h_h-international@hotmail. Ghas Mandi. Defence Housing Authority. Saddar..com Mr.com Haji Mansoor M/s.F.F. Exporter:Textile. Tel: 35650634 Fax: 92-21-3521430 E. Main Shahra-e-Faisal.pk Mr. Bagh-e-Zehra Street.com. Malir Halt. Muhammad Faisl Ahmed Siddiqui M/s.

Sector 16.H. Bagh-e-Zehra Street. Razzaq.27. Defence Housing Authority.com Mr.Mail hkgrainspice@cyber. Street No.A. Sunset Lane-8.H. 2219429 Fax: 92-21-2219431 E.pk Mr. Manghopir Road.Mail hit@cyber.Mail iei@cyber.Mail mhhashmani@yahoo.I. M/s. H. 2436321 Fax: 92-21-2444737 E. Exporter:Rice and Spices M/s. New Challi.H. Jodia Bazar. Ghaffar. Altaf Hussain Road. Hussain Trade Centre. Hamza M/s.H. Quaid-e-Joher.H.Mail info@hhtechnofab.Karaci Tel: 5893774. B-225-226.Karaci Tel: 32434846 Fax: 92-21-3243098 E.H.I.S.H.Karaci Tel: 32311272-4 Fax: 32311277 E. INTERNATIONAL B-2. Summiya Mukaram Palace. Plot No.pk Mr.I.K. Hayat Khan.No. Mohammad Hanif A. Kharadhar. Lawrance Quarters.pk Mr. 8240530 Fax: 92-21-5892514 Mr.net. 5066346 Fax: 92-21-5060975 E. Tel: 6696655 Mr. Tel: 2444969. 11-C.H. Muhammad Imran M/s. TRADERS Suite # 9.6.Karaci Tel: 7725667 Fax: 92-21-7725824 E.com Mr.net. Korangi Industrial Area. TRADERS H. 7th Floor. Sector 19. TECHNOFAB CORPORATION C/1. New Neham Road.net.K. MPR Colony. M/s.B1 & B2. Tel: 5063504-5 Fax: 92-21-5062445 E.pk Mr. Asif Karim. Phase-II Extension. Korangi Industrial Area.H.Near Soneri Bank.H. Cochinwala Market. M/s. IMPEX 301-Rock Trade Centre. Muhamamd Ashraf Exporter:Plants/Machinery Importer:Plants Machinery Manuf:Fabricators plants & Machinery M/s. Anis Hamdani Zuberi .Mail iyaqoob@cyber. M/s.H.net. INDUSTRIES Plot No. Aj: Millwala Appartment. GRAINS & SPICES Office # 715.com Mr.Mail imran@rehmatwala.Karaci Tel: 5064818. Ground Floor. TRADERS 55-B.Karaci Tel: 2219428.

TRADERS R-2. 2441741 Fax: 92-21-2414503 Mr.H.com. M/s.pk Shaikh Sarwat Islam Exporter:General products Importer:Auto parts M/s. Hill Park. M. 4th Floor. Shoaib M.Exporter:Pumps and Engineering goods Importer:Pumps and Engineering goods M/s. TRADERS 310-B. Shalimar Centre.Karaci Tel: 5670406. M/s.Karaci Tel: 32731900.K.O.M. BROTHERS 105.K.H. New Challi.H.pk Mr. Hoor Centre. Tel: 7774647 Fax: 92-21-5849702 E. CLOTH CENTRE & SON 52-53. Manghopir Road.com Mr.Mail hkobrothers@hotmail. Importer:Plastic Moulding Compound M/s.H. 5671570 Fax: 92-21-5682605 E.K. Ground Floor. Jinnah Road. The Regency Mall.34. SHAH ENTERPRISE (PVT) LTD. Hounaid Kakal.H. Abdullah Haroon Road. A-94. Aziz Chamber.K. INDUSTRIES Room No. ABDULLAH Abdullah Dyes Market.Mail hkmindustries@gmail. Muhammad Iqbal.A. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2761103 E. Tel: 4549509 Fax: 92-21-4545094 Mr. M.Mail hktrader@cyber.com Mr. Rahim Ahmed Inamdar. Tel: 2430153-54 Fax: 92-21-2431366 Mr. Uni Shopping Centre.net.Mail info@hkshah. Pathan Colony. Abdullah. Plaza Square. Karim Centre. Pilot House. Room No. TRADING 224.M. 38260010 E.M. North Napier Road.409.Karaci . 1st Floor. Importer:Second Hand Clothing M/s. TRADING CO. Opp: City Court.H.K.H. Tel: 2441741-43. Abdullah Haroon Road.H. Justice Inamullah Road. Importer:Pulses M/s. Adamjee Dawood Road.K.H. Muhammad Raza M/s.K. Tel: 6652013 Fax: 92-21-6664168 Mr. Hakam Khan Afridi M/s.

Manuf:Rice . Silver Square. Tel: 6621263.I. Manghopir Road.com Mr. IDREES & SONS Plot # A. 117. 2413216 Fax: 92-21-2416853 E. 6th Floor.Mail hashamzain@yahoo. RICE MILL C/o. DHA.Mail hmilyas@hotmail.pk Mr. S. Raza-ul-Mustafa. Muhammad Ahmed Exporter:sesame Seed. SB-5.H.com Haji Ilyas Haji Usman M/s. Saddar.75129 E.Mail world_steel@asia.. EXPORT D/151.H.Mail aqayum@cyber.com Mr. ENGINEERING WORKS 1-E-4/3. Manghopir Road. ESMAIL & COMPANY (PVT) LTD. Jodia Bazar.M.Mail awam@awamgroup. 33rd Tauheed Commerceial Street.com Mr.M. Tel: 32593057-60 Fax: 32593058 E.M. 7736987 Fax: 92-21-7724223 E.E. Nanakwada.H.H.6-C.M.Karaci Tel: 35830235-6 Fax: 92-21-3529475 E. Abdullah Haroon Road. Tel: 2433289 Mr. Abdul Qayyum.net. 1/2. Adam Building. SITE.M.Mail hmcclothcenter@hotmail. Muhammad Feroz Street. Tel: 7526711 Fax: 7528456. Zain Hasham M/s.Tel: 35677749.M. INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED 2nd Floor. Madina City Mall. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s. Najmuddin Street.T.Mail info@hmcables. Tel: 7729688.com Haji Jan Mohammad M/s.Karaci Tel: 5657602-4 Fax: 92-21-5688206 E.M. Importer:Dyes and Chemicals M/s. 35677443 Fax: 92-21-3567753 E. Abdul Mustafa. M/s. 7733964 Fax: 92-21-7729285 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2414782. Nazimabad No.H. ILYAS TRADERS Suite# 202. Aslam Brothers.H.M. Muhammad Kashif Ansari. Laxmidas Street.com Mr. Pulses Importer:Palm Olein chemicals pulses M/s.H. Rice. 1.H. Exporter:Textile Items M/s. Muhammad Ashraf. Phase V. HANIF & CO.

Bhagnari Street.Karaci Tel: 34533651-34393656 Fax: 34533651 E.29. B-5. Exporter:Garments.Karaci Tel: 2434819 Fax: 92-21-2400917 E.M. M/s.Mail moonda@cyber.A. TRADING COMPANY N.M. Jodia Bazar.T. Hassan Majeed Pardesi M/s. TRADING CORPORATION 12-A. Juna Market.H.com Mr. M/s.M. 1st Floor.pk Mr.pk Mr. Kohinoor Electronic Centre.Mail haris-mausoor@hotmail.Mail hmtraders@gmail. Nishter Road. M. MAMCHS. STEEL No. Tel: 2437469 E.Karaci Tel: 7724159 E. Jinnah Road.A. TEXTILE 243-244-B. Kagzi Bazar.H.H.net.M/s. M. M/s.Towel. Abdul Hameed.Karaci Tel: 2436815-16 Fax: 92-21-2412964 E. TRADING CO.M.pk Mr.M. Tel: 2460356 Fax: 2460356 Mr. Textile Plaza.com Haji Mehmood Hussain. Jinnah Rod.net. 2nd Floor.net.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 35220597 Fax: 92-21-3522059 E.H. Abdullah Haroon. Al-Karim Steel Market.P. Shahrah-e-Faisal.M.H. Bed . 13/21.G-32. Saddar.Mail arshad037@yahoo.M. TRADERS Shop No.Sheets Importer:Dyes\ Chemicals.H. Latif Cloth Market.H. TRADERS O. Mohammad Waqar . Arshad Ahmed Exporter:Rice and Garments Importer:Tea M/s. WAQAR IMPEX 34. Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail mitrader@cyber. Mohd.Karaci Tel: 7545970 Fax: 92-21-7520898 Mr. Mohammad Umer Importer:Iron & Steel M/s. Miran Mohammad Shah Road. Mohammad Feroze Street. Hanif.Mail mamp@cyber. Noor Centre.H.9/32. Exporter:Import of Viscose Rayon Filament Importer:Yarn Manuf:Export of Embroidery Threads M/s. Importer:Crockery\Glass Ware. Sukhdam Lane. Opp: KMC Workshop.M.

6th Floor.net. Hasrat Mohani Road. Exporter:Raw Cotton and Waste Manuf:Cotton Ginner M/s.pk Hafiz Mudassar Javaid.pk Mr.M. Nazimabad. items M/s.Mail rehmomer@cyber.Karaci Tel: 6609277-2218792 Mr.O. Hasrat Mohani Road. 2433108 Fax: 92-21-2436659 .H.Karaci Tel: 2418530.H. ENTERPRISES B-4. Mehersons Estate. B. 2414528 Fax: 92-21-2428847 E.O. Tel: 4021390 Fax: 92-21-4021390 E. Umer Tayyab M/s.N.Karaci Tel: 2422175. ENTERPRISES Suite # E-306. Area. 2417798 Fax: 92-21-2417409 E.I. Shop # 7. Chapal Plaza.Mail hmj@cyber. items Importer:Gen.net. M/s.N. Opp: Jama Masjid Comm. Tel: 2413164.P. 2nd Floor. Parker House. B/9-E. Trade Avenue. Chundrigar Road. Uni Tower. Talpur Road.Karaci Tel: 2436119. Gulistan-e-Johar.net. Near Denso Hall. Tel: 2426492 Fax: 92-21-2425653 E. M/s. Khyzer Yousuf Dada. ENTERPRISES Room No. Jinnah Road. 3rd Floor. Importer:Computer Accessories M/s. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road.N. AND COMPANY C.H.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2421952-53 Fax: 92-21-2425284 Syed Akbar Ali.H. Box-10371. Rufi Paradise. Exporter:Garments Importer:Surgical Instruments Manuf:Garments M/s.Mail hoenterprises@cyber. Trust Building. I.A. Mansoor Elahi Exporter:Gen.K.M/s.Mail hninternational@yahoo.M. DADA INTERNATIONAL 306-307.P.net. INTERNATIONAL 507.O.H.S.H.J.com Mr. BYRAMJI & SONS 162. 6017391 Fax: 92-21-4933794 E.614. Malik Building.pk Mr. M. Shahid Sultan Elahi. Muhammad Amin.H.Mail hmsco@cyber. TRADERS 2-B-4.H.

Muhammad Haris Jamshed Exporter:Chemicals Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Chemicals and Dyes .pk Mr. Shahid Khan. M/s. Phase-I.Karaci Tel: 5893134 Fax: 92-21-5384111 E. Chundrigar Road. Byramji.Mail hrcottox@yahoo.enterprises@msn. Opp: Jamia Binnoria. Saima Trade Tower. 30. Arkay Square Extension.R. Tel: 8116096. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTORS 19-B. Main Manghopir Road. Haroon Qaiser Exporter:Cotton made ups Textile Rags Importer:Chemicals M/s. Azizulah Khan Afridi M/s. COTTON INDUSTRIES D-272. New Challi.H.H. 8117688 Mirza Abdul Hanan. 2422131 Fax: 92-21-2417397 E.H.Karaci Tel: 6957267 Fax: 92-21-6957267 E. SITE. SITE. Main Korangi Road.Mail hrinter@cyber.Mail gogo@cyber.P.S.net.net.H. SITE.R. Galent Court.Karaci Tel: 2565200-6 Fax: 99-21-2565204 E. Opp: City Court.pk Mr.R.com Mr. Survey No. Aminabad Industrial Project.Karaci Tel: 2565200-6 Fax: 99-21-2565204 E. M.H.H. & E.pk Mr.H. ENTERPRISE A-1/2.Q.S.H. TRADERS Lucky Mansion. I. Block-11.S.Mail hse@cyber. Muhammad Asif Ansari M/s. INTERNATIONAL 4/15. ENTERPRISES D-14. Exporter:Audonic Parts Importer:Safety Equipments M/s. Tel: 2733878-2729392 Mr.net.E.H. Textile Avenue.I. Tel: 32211173 Mr.Mail H. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com Mr.S. Opp: Jamia Binnoria. BUSINESSES 814-B. Rayomund J. Textile Avenue. Muhammad Adnan Ansari M/s.Karaci Tel: 2425950. COTTON EXPORTS D-272. M/s. Haroon Haji Ebrahim M/s.Mail hrcottox@yahoo.com Mr.Q. Defence Housing Authority.

Gulshan-e-Iqbal.3. 6944608 Fax: 92-21-2529825 Mr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman Exporter:General Items M/s. Abdul Majeed M/s. Akber Godown. Tel: 4633410 E. Cary Road. Gulistan-e-Johar.H.Y. Block 2. 1-A. IMPEX 17th Hajiwala Appartment. Importer:Scrap M/s. North Nazimabad.S. Shaheen Shahid M/s.Mail hsinternational-pk@hotmail. Mohammad Saleem. 5/94. Tel: 4526125 Mr. Hassan Sheraz. Botha Town. Daryalal Street. REHMAN TRADERS 119/D.H. Farida Bano. Lyari. Block N.D. INTERNATIONAL A-318. TRADERS 10/51. Zahid Ali Exporter:Onyx Marble and Handicrafts M/s.No. Landhi Palace.S.H. 3rd Street. Progressive Square. CORPORATION M. Tel: 2442017 Fax: 92-21-2414689 Mst.H.Karaci Mr.S. 1st Floor. M/s.H. GARMENTS H. Shaikh Muhammad Arif Building.Karaci Tel: 32531688 Fax: 99-21-3254333 E.H.com Mrs.T. Irum Homes. Shershah. Hina Garden. Off: Siddiq Wahab Road. .A-237. Jodia Bazar. 1st Floor.135. FISHING STORE Shop No.S.Karaci Tel: 2532129. Anwar Ahmed. New Almas Palace. Habib Alam Qureshi M/s. MARBLES P-41. M/s. TRADERS Plot No. Block-II. PECHS.H. Block-19. Jodia Bazar.S.S.H.S. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.Karaci Tel: 4380139. 4380811 Fax: 92-21-4539778 Mr.Karaci Tel: 7779836 Mr.U.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 4027685 Fax: 92-21-6983340 Mr. Darylal Street.M/s. Peoples Colony. Tayyab Ali Alvi Road. Tariq Road.Mail sidiy_pk@yahoo. GROUP 106.H.H.M.R. Tel: 32562337 Mirza Munir Ahmed Exporter:Rice M/s.

M/s.com Syed Asim Abbas M/s. Jinnah Road.H. M/s. Tel: 5069301-8 Fax: 92-21-5069303 E. I. Tel: 5083658 Fax: 92-21-5083659 E.A. G.Y. United Bank Building.H. Block-G. ENTERPRISES 27. North Nazimabad.H. Humair Zafar Miniar. Shahrah-e-Faisl. M. Mohammad Yaqoob Warind.com Mr. 5640106 Fax: 92-21-5683163 Mr. Tel: 6675930-2242428 Fax: 675930 E. Altaf Hussain. Tower.Z. Korangi Industrial Area. Kashif Centre. Muhammad Zubair M/s.com Mr.HAAFIZ ENTERPRISE 35 & 36 Motiwala Market.Karaci Tel: 2472834 Fax: 92-21-2436912 Mr.H.net. Tel: 2413283-84 .Karaci Tel: 32751522 Fax: 32751523 Mr. Kharadhar. Chundrigar Road. Exporter:Ready made Garments Importer:Fabrics M/s. MARMI E PIETRE SMC (PVT) LIMITED 10th Floor.com Mrs.Mail asimnaqvi_110@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 5652431. TRADERS 216-Gillani Towers. I-6/13.pk Mr.6. Export Processing Zone.H2O TECHNOLOGIES B-B/1.Y.Karaci Tel: 2472407. Near NIB Bank. 2nd Floor. Muhammad Asif Hashmani Exporter:Textile machinery and parts Importer:Textile machinery and parts M/s.Mail yousuf@hy-corporation. INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.HABGEN GUARGUMS LTD.Mail hafizent@yahoo. ENTERPRISES F-279.Z.K. Plot No. 2472459 Fax: 92-21-2472459 E. Farida Bano M/s. Tel: 32561829 Fax: 32573638 E. Haidry Appartments.H.7/100.Mail hasint@cyber. Manuf:Towels M/s. Tahir Saeed Paracha. Sector B-10. Sector-5.HA'S INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD. SITE.M. M/s. Opp: Farooqui Masjid. Altaf Market.I.Mail hashmaniasif@yahoo.Y. Bombay Bazar.

18.Mail info@habibconsumer.net. Shop No.I. Tel: 2414586 Mr. M. Chundrigar Road. 3rd Floor.80 ABC. M/s. New Cloth Market. Bilal B.HABIB & SONS 3rd Floor. Habib Exporter:Fish . Jinnah Road.. Ext. Habib Bank Plaza. Fruits and Vegetable M/s. Khan Road. Exporter:Material Handling System Manuf:Material Handling/Furniture M/s. . Defence Housing Authority.net. Gul Plaza Shopping Mall. 2418000 Fax: 92-21-2412255 Syed Maqbool Raza. Mohammad Bashir. Tel: 5660643. Tel: 2433056-8 Fax: 92-21-2427819 E. Tel: 5680336. 83-C. Tel: 2441546.HABIB CORPORATION 303-304 Queens Centre. I.pk Mr. 131.A.HABIB CONSUMER PRODUCTS (PVT)LTD.T. Jinnah Road.pk Mr.Mail pipline@super.com Haji Yaqoob M/s.I.Mail habgen@cyber. M/s.HABIB BANK LTD. Mezzanine Floor. Main National Highway. M. 5671619 Fax: 92-21-5680257 E. Mohammad Iqbal Lakhani.Karaci Tel: 5388725-26 Fax: 92-21-5802372 E. Tel: 111123005 Fax: 35060955 E. Club Road. 5.Fax: 92-21-2411720 E.HABIB BROTHERS (PVT) LTD. United Bank Building.pk Mr. 4th Floor. Shahid Iqbal.Mail bhadelia@cyber.HABIB & CO. I. Phase II. Korangi Industrial Area. Manuf:miqbalpanwala@yahoo M/s. Exporter:Guar Gums Manuf:Guar Gums M/s. Muhammad Iqbal Lakhani.Sector 27.Mail habibco2@yahoo. Chundrigar Road.A.HABIB & CO.com Mr. M. 5216580 Fax: 92-21-5216210 Shaikh Zahid Hassan. Plot No.net.Karaci Tel: 32770295 Fax: 92-21-32723010 Sheikh Habib-ur-Rehman. M/s.HABIB CARPETS (PVT) LIMITED Hotel Metropole.

A1-B/1.Karaci Tel: 2571633. Exporter:Herbs. Tel: 5838500 Fax: 92-21-5878911 E. Foodstuffs. Nanakwara.HABIB MARITIME LTD. lst Floor. D-309.T. Tel: 32534281 Fax: 99-21-3253429 E. UBL Building.2. Chundrigar Road. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Spices seeds Importer:Agri Commodities.L.com.Karaci Tel: 4327534. M.E. Fatehali R.Mail hdincorporation@gmail. Ibrahim Trade Tower. Amir Ali Hirani. Imperial Court. Chundrigar Road. I.pk Mr. (PVT) LTD. Trade Centre.HABIB EXECUTORS & TRUSTEES CO. 2nd Floor.HABIB IRON STORE Gul Muhammad Street. S. Exporter:Knitted Fabrics Manuf:Knitted Fabrics M/s.5060955 Mr. Soldier Bazar No.I.I.com Mr. Tara Chand Road. 7th Floor. M/s.com Mr. Miqhdad Bashir Habib. Seeds etc M/s. Room # 105.Mail info@pakola.. 4327535 Fax: 92-21-4327536 E.HABIB KHAN & BROTHERS Block-26/438.com.Karaci Tel: 2627012-16 Fax: 92-21-2637827 Mr. M/s. Opp: Nina Indudstry. 5060537 Fax: 2414581. Mahomed.Mail info@hkb.HABIB FOOD PRODUCTS (PVT) LTD. Complex. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. Altaf ur Rehman M/s. Arshad Arif. Importer:General Items M/s. Keamari.I. Tel: 2411887. . Dr. I.Mail his_lohya1@hotmail. Tel: 5680036 Fax: 92-21-5684086 Mr.M/s. 2570425 Fax: 92-21-2564970 Mr.HABIB DYEING & PRINTING MILLS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.Mohammad Yousuf Importer:Heavy used construction equipments M/s.HABIB HAJI MOHAMMAD & CO. 4th Floor. Ghulam Hasnain Habib Exporter:Food products Manuf:Food products M/s.pk Mr. Muhammad Naeem.HABIB KNIT FABRICS (PVT) LTD.HABIB DRIED INC. Tel: 2729971-3 Fax: 92-21-2732148 E.

I. I. Trade Centre. Shabana Lari M/s.United Bank Building. Chundrigar Road. Chundrigar Road. M/s. Moidul Hassan Importer:Edible oil M/s. Habib.net.HABIB OIL MILLS (PVT) LIMITED D-38.Karaci Tel: 2627012-16 Fax: 2637827 M/s. Exporter:Rice Bran Meals. 7th Floor. Chundrigar Road. UBL Building.com Mr. Haider Anverali.HABIB STEEL CORPORATION 56. . Naima Habib. Imperial Court. Tel: 36349678-83 Fax: 92-21-3634189 Dr. M/s. Tel: 6962774-8 Fax: 92-21-6984669 E. Tel: 32573605-09 Fax: 32573604 E.com Mrs. Scrap Ships M/s. Knitted Fabrics Importer:Reactive Dyes. Near Bara Imam. Tel: 7732280. I.Mail habibark@cyber.I. Tel: 2411887. Mohammad Sadiq Malik. Haider Anvarali. North Karachi Industrial Area. Chundrigar Road. SITE. Exporter:Importer of Iron & Steel. Bashir A. Nishtar Road. Habib. Tel: 32411887 Fax: 92-21-3241458 E.HABIB MICROFINE (PVT) LIMITED 2nd Floor.HABIB-ADM LIMITED 2nd Floor. Exporter:Rice Protein Concentrate Manuf:Rice Protein Concentrate M/s. Fax: 92-21-2414581 Mr.HABIB SUGAR MILLS LTD. Block-4. M/s.I. I. Ziauddin Ahmed Road. Sector 12-D.Mail habibark@fascom.HABIB SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT (PVT) LTD.HABIB PROCESSING DP-30-31. Federal 'B' Area. UBL Building.pk Mr.I. Tel: 2411887 Fax: 92-21-2414581 E.HABIB MEDICAL CENTRE BS-3. Tel: 5680036-39 Fax: 92-21-5684086 Mr. Asghar D.com Mr. Dr. 3rd Floor.Mail fahimlari@habibprocessing. 7731365 Fax: 92-21-7730667 Mr.Mail info@habiboil. I.

com Mr. Nasiruddin Khan.HABIBULLAH STONE COMPANY (PVT) LIMITED F-232.Karaci Tel: 35661417. 5685735 Fax: 92-21-5684423 E. Mohammed Samiullah. 35215142 Fax: 92-21-3568214 E. Civil Lines. Block-14. M/s.net. Hoor Centre.HABIB-UR-REHMAN & CO. Workers Road.Mail hablani@cyber. Asmatullah Khan Paracha. North Napier Road. 3rd Floor.HADEED ASSOCIATES B-214. Tayabi Centre. Tel: 2564490 Fax: 92-21-2564464 Mr. 505. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 2620115-2623367 Fax: 2620116 E. Exporter:Import Export of Stone Working M/s. rice Protein Concentrate Manuf:Strach Sugar and Allied Product M/s. Opp: City Court.I. Fructose. Manuf:Air Conditioning Equipment M/s.. dextrose.HABIBULLAH ASSOCIATES (PVT) LTD. Nacon House. S.Exporter:Entire Range of Starch Sugars and Proteins Including Liquid Glucose. Office No. S.T.com Mr. Tel: 34016645 Fax: 4016646 . Progressive Plaza.Karaci Tel: 32219880 Mr. Gulistan-e-Jauhar.Mail hel@cyber. Modified Starch. Sorbitol. Workers Road.Karaci Tel: 35661417. Habib-ur-Rehman.Mail email@habibullah. 270 MDM Wafai Road. Tel: 5685314. Beaumont Road. 35671358 Fax: 92-21-3568214 E. F/232.E. 3rd Floor.I.pk Mr. Civil Lines.HABIBULLAH INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD. Importer:Second Hand Clothing and Second Hand Worn Articles M/s. Progressive Plaza. Mohammed Kaleemullah. Maltodextrin. Haridas Hablani M/s.HABIBULLAH SONS (PVT) LTD. Maltitol. Exporter:Marble M/s. Beaumont Road.Mail email@habibullah..net.E.pk Mr.HABLANI ENTERPRISES 46.HABIBULLAH ENERGY LIMITED 1st Floor. M/s.T. Altaf Hussain Road. Asmatullah Khan.Karaci Tel: 2564490-4 Fax: 92-21-2564464 Mr.

Tel: 32435839 . M. Shirin Jinnah Colony. Tel: 5378345 E.Karaci Tel: 5899626-27 Fax: 92-21-5802656 E.65-C.Karaci Tel: 7721145. New Shoaib Centre. Ashfaq Hadfa. Rock Trade Centre. Hyderabad Colony. Bagh-e-Zehra Street. Fax: 92-21-4927873 Syed Hameeduddin. M/s.com.Mail hafeez786@cyber. Tel: 2787255 Fax: 92-21-2787686 Mr.Mail imtiaz@hadeedassociates. Opp: Central Jail.pk Sheikh Abrar Ahmed M/s.com.Mail hadeedtrader@msn. Tel: 7752270 Fax: 92-21-6628288 E.HADEED TRADING CO.HAFEEZ TABAAT GHAR 11. Moin Steel Market. Block-1. Office No. Saddar Town. Bacha Khan Chowk. Social Secutiry Mkt.HAFEEZ ABDUL AZIZ Suit # 104-105.com Mr.17. 7. Muhammad Hadi M/s.HADFA & SONS F-65.pk Mr.E.HADI TRADERS Shop No.Mail hafeez_rehman@hotmail. Green House. Muhammad Qasim M/s. Green Street.net.60.Karaci Tel: 2312028. 2312075 Fax: 92-21-2203502 E. Phase-II Extension. Tel: 4914191.HAFEEZ MOTOR STORES 2. Jinnah Road.HAFEEZ TRANSPORT COMPANY Commecial 5/3. Owais Faisal M/s.uk Hafiz Ur Rehman Manuf:Construction M/s.com Syed Imtiaz Hussain M/s. Baba-e-Urdu Road.HADEED FILLING STATION National Highway. 7771570 Fax: 92-21-7722839 E. 21st Comm. New Mereweather Tower. Banaras.HAFEEZ-UR-REHMAN Shop No. Tel: 4984330 Mr. Plaza Square. GK-7/63. Defence Housing Authority. M/s.Mail hafeezaziz@shco. New Neham Road.net. Hafeez Aziz. Exporter:Yarn Trading and commission Agent M/s.A. Weaver Lane.pk Sheikh Abdul Hafeez.Mail johar@cyber.HAFEEZ TRADING COMPANY Plot No. Street. Rainbow Centre. M/s. Mr.

2442077 Fax: 92-21-2410971 E.Brother@. Milk Powder. 2562549 Hafiz Osama Mansoor Exporter:Shoes garments Importer:Recycling materials Manuf:Plastic items M/s. Thanai Lane. Hafeez-ur-Rehman.HAFIZ BROTHERS A/521. Baitul Aziz Street. Tea.HAFIZ ABDUL AZIZ ENTERPRISES 120/3.cyber. Gem Centre.HAFIZ GEMS 7-A. Authority. Importer:Hair aeccssery M/s. Tel: 2629982 Fax: 2625920 Mr. Falah Road.Mail haaziz@cyber. Street No-18.HAFIZ IMPEX Mezzanine Floor. Bihar Colony.Fax: 92-21-3244683 E. Area-36-G. Shoaib Muhammad Iqbal M/s. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Gohar Mehmood Exporter:Leather & related Products M/s.HAFIZ BROTHERS F/45.pk Mr. Metlas Importer:Kiryana. Tel: 2581010. MR 5/145. 4th Commercial Street. Jodia Bazar.net. Kiryana Spices. Defence H.HAFIZ ABDUL QADER Virjee Street. Mehboob Elahi. Tel: 32531846 Fax: 244478 E. Near Denso Hall.Mail ababil@cybeer. Metals M/s.Karaci Tel: 35678917 Fax: 92-21-35217315 Mr.Mail R. Thanai Lane.No. Landhi. M/s. Muhammad Islam. Muhammad Rafique M/s. Saddar.HAFIZ CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 80/1.com Mr.pk Mr. Abdul Hafiz. .net.pk Hafiz Abdul Qadir. Exporter:Rice. Importer:Electrial Goods and Surgical Goods M/s. Tel: 03028253234 Mr. Spices.A. M/s. Road"A". Tea. M. Bihar Colony. Phase-VI.HAFIZ & COMPANY H. Street-2. Jinnah Road.Karaci Tel: 35047129 Fax: 92-21-35047129 Mr.net.Mail mrafique62@yahoo.930. Tel: 021-2522432-2548650 E. Tel: 2442025.HAFIZ AHSAN ELAHI 284. SITE.

New KarachiKaraci Tel: 6900449.HAFIZ TEXTILE MILLS LTD. Tel: 2752631-3 Fax: 92-21-2752634 Mr.com Mr. Exporter:Cow Finished Leather Importer:Tanning Machine and Chemicals Manuf:Leather & Leather Garments M/s.Mail hafiz@hafiztannery. Alliance Building. Tower. 2421970 Fax: 92-21-2417428 Hafiz Mohammad Zeeshan Paracha Importer:Spices and Tea M/s.D-17/A.HAFIZ RICE TRADERS Khawaja Chamber. Muhammad Saleem Exporter:Foods M/s.Karaci Tel: 2575875.HAFIZ TRADERS No. to Makro. 2nd Floor Moolji Street. Irshad Hussain Importer:Raw Material Steel Billets M/s. Dandia Bazar.HAFIZ STEEL RE-ROLLING MILL Plot No. 1. Street-9. Amanullah Aftab. Shershah. 97. M. Main Manghopir Road.Karaci Tel: 36067629 . Urdu Bazar Road.Karaci Tel: 2477364.com Mr.HAFIZ MOHD. Hafeez Khan M/s.HAFIZ TANNERY Plot No.W. Printed and Dyed Cloth) and other Textile Goods M/s. Mereweather Tower. SITE.104/6. 1st Floor. 2432896 Fax: 92-21-2440372 Mr. Spare Parts. grey Cloth.Mail hafizimpex@yahoo. Cotton Fabrics (Grey. Room # 113 114. Sector 7-A.Karaci Tel: 2440371.HAFSA ENTERPRISES Hamza Palace. Exporter:Cotton yarn. Adj. Mohammad Farooq. Tel: 5061761-63 Fax: 92-21-5060129 E. 2576869 Fax: 92-21-2589038 E.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2443816 Fax: 92-21-2443816 E. Jodia Bazar. Textile Raw Material (Dyes and Chemicals) and Polyester Staple Fibers Manuf:Cotton Yarn. Sector 11-F. 1st Floor. Printed Fabrics and other Textile Goods Importer:Textile Machinery.Jodia Bazar. Mohammad Feroze Street. Korangi Industrial Area. ZEESHAN PARACHA Dada Mansion.Mail hafizsteel@gmail. 0345-2077455 Mr. Abdul Haleem Shaikh Exporter:Rice M/s.

Karaci Tel: 32411184. Opp: City Court. M/s. Muhammad Imran M/s. Muhammadi Colony.HAIDER ENTERPRISES H. Al-Rehman Trade Centre. Aisha Nagar.Mail hafsaenterprises@yahoo.com Mr. Mustansir Lokhandwala. Daryalal Street. Al Falah Society. Arkay Square Extension.1728. 10th Floor. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.HAISONS TRADERS Suite# 28.Mail info@haisonstrader. Importer:Welding Consumable Equipment and Accessories M/s.03453863123 Fax: 92-21-34935334 E. Exporter:Dry Fruits & General Items Importer:Chemical & General Items . Shahrah-e-Liaquat.com Mr. 37011933 Fax: 92-21-3241118 E.net. Jodia Bazar.com Mr.HAIDER BROTHER'S C. Near Sindh Madressah School.HAIDERY GAS COMPANY Shop 68. Tel: 4595724 E.Mail haidery@hotmail. C1 Building.com Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Exporter:Garments Importer:Garments M/s. Rice.Muhammad Farhan Exporter:Pulses. Shershah.B.pk Mr. Muhammad Sharjeel Exporter:Food Grain M/s. Poonawala Trade Tower.pk Mr. Muhammad Siddique Ashrafi M/s.HAJI ABDUL GHAFFAR NOOR MOHAMMAD MR-6/13.Sir Shah SulemanRoad LiaquatabadKaraci Tel: 021-32420752 Fax: 021-2425784 E.Mail farhan@hafsatrading.Karaci Tel: 2411303.23.No.Mail m-ashfaq@cyber. Azim Ahmed Paracha.com. Muhalla Agra Taj Colony.Karaci Mr. Quality Godown. Chabba Street # 2.Mail haiderbrother's@yahoo. Tel: 32436864. Street No-5. Ghulam Rasool Exporter:Sea Foods M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal.HAJEE'S TRADERS E-44. 2411459 Fax: 92-21-2411673 E. 0300-2176927 Mr. Mohammad Rafiq Ghaffar. Chillies M/s.HAFSA TRADING COMPANY Office#212-213.Fax: 32589785 E.HAIQA INTERNATIONAL Suite # 613. Tel: 2584591.Karaci Tel: 2733459 Fax: 5206812 Mr.

Tel: 8251712. Zahid.HAJI ADAM SONS O.Mail harrajan@cyber. Importer:sun_light@cyber.T.Mail has. Tank No. 7730976 Fax: 92-21-7765743 Mr.HAJI ABDUL SATTAR 7-Hussain Market. Opp: Bhatkal Cloth Market.net. 3.Karaci Tel: 03002546117 Mr.HAJI ALI CARS Shop No. Dehli Cloth Market.7. 2423877 Fax: 92-21-2421627 Mr.Mail invisable4every1@hotmail. New Challi. Jinnah Road. Tel: 32438460 Fax: 92-21-32446017 Haji Abdul Sattar M/s. M/s.com Mr. Mohammad Yousuf. Mohammad Siddiq Ali Mohammad. Luxmidas Street. M/s. Bombay Bazar. Bew M. Yousuf Ali Bhai Building.pk Mr. 12-14.HAJI ALI MOHAMMAD AND SONS 199. Ahmed Ullah. Baba-e-Urdu Road.A.2. Tel: 32621240 Mr.26. Tel: 2421068. M/s. Al Madina Appartments 58. M. Importer:Pulses and other Services:Broker of Sugar . Jamil Cloth Market.pk M/s. Exporter:Textile Goods M/s. Jinnah Road. Moin Steel Market.net. Tel: 7728991.Karaci Tel: 36829841-47 Fax: 99-21-3682984 E. M. Muhammad Shoaib M/s.A.A. Importer:Yarn Manuf:Knit Fabrics M/s.HAJI ABDUL KARIM & BROS Shop No. Tel: 2764330. 2411905 Haji Abdul Karim. Tel: 2624451-54 Fax: 92-21-2624455 E. Jinnah Road. 31-New Cloth Market. 6/35.M/s. Aurangzeb Market. Muhammad Ayub.HAJI AHMEDULLAH & BROTHERS Shop No.com Mr. M.HAJI ABDUL SATTAR & CO.HAJI ABDUL REHMAN RAJAN 18. Altaf Hussain Road. Muslimabad. 2764504 Fax: 92-21-2764504 E.knits@gmail. Jinnah Road.HAJI AHMED HAJI UMERJI & CO. Iqbal. New Neham Road.A.

Pervez Adnan Butt M/s. Sector-23.Karaci Tel: 5057702-5057704 Fax: 5870820 E. Dhoraje ColonyKaraci Tel: 4946995 Fax: 92-21-2421923 Haji Aslam Moosa. Sharafat Ali. I.HAJI ESMAIL & CO.I. Chundrigar Road. M/s. Near Awami Kanta. Textile Fabrics and Made Ups Importer:Chemicals and Plastic Raw Materials M/s.operative H. Mauripur Road. 3rd Floor.HAJI AZIZ GOODS TRANSPORT CO.Overseas Co.Karaci Tel: 2528534. Mauri Pur Road. lst Floor. Adj. Manuf:Auto Parts M/s. Exporter:Rice M/s.HAJI AZAM GOODS TRANSPORT CO.pk Mr. Akhund Abdur Rehman St. Hoor Centre. Corner Plot. Muhammed Ismail Dossa M/s. Tel: 2443577 Fax: 92-21-2432988 Mr.303.HAJI BUX ELAHI & SONS 256-B. Jodia Bazar. North Napier Road. 2412558 Fax: 92-21-2417469 Mr. M.pk Mr. Latif Cloth Market.A.Opp: City Court.HAJI ENTERPRISES 609.com M/s. Muhammad Ashfaq.HAJI ASLAM MOOSA Appartment# 101. Block 7/8. Plot# 78/1. Al Rahmat Trade Centre.HAJI ALLAH RAKHA SULTAN ALI MR-7/12.Mail faroukdossa@cybe.net. 201-204.Karaci . Jinnah Road. M/s.M/s. 37-A. Exporter:Yarn Building Materials Importer:inrfang@hotmail. Gul Tower. Tel: 32513230 Mr. Mohammad Adnan.Karaci Tel: 2761971.HAJI DOOSA NATURAL GUM (PVT) LIMITED. Korangi Industrial Area. Exporter:Leather Garmnets.net. 2767994 Fax: 92-21-2767850 E.Karaci Tel: 2432783 Fax: 92-21-2418533 Sheikh Anwarul Haq. Plot-23. PSO Petrol Pump.Society. Shahid Aziz.Mail hdsco@cyber.HAJI DAWOOD & SONS Room No. Tel: 2419700. 2828535 Fax: 92-21-2545766 Mr. Truck Stand. Room No. Dandia Bazar.

3.R.Mail heco@cyber. M/s.com Haji Karimuddin. Exporter:Rice and Pulses and Food Grain Importer:Pulses and Food Grain M/s. Chundrigar Road. Tel: 7520954. Abdul Razzaq Jumma. M/s. Tiles Manuf:Marble/Onyx Handicrafts and Slabs Tiles M/s. Jodia Bazar. Ghulam Mustafa. Kutchi Gali No. M/s. 2416841 Fax: 92-21-2416723 .compol..Karaci Tel: 2434877-2400208 Fax: 92-21-2438840 E.Mail jampp@khi. Jodia Bazar.E.net. Mansoor Ikhlas M/s. Tel: 2581724-1342 Fax: 92-21-2441008 E. Cotton Exchange Bldg. Hasrat Mohani Colony.HAJI KASSAM HAJI MOHAMMED & CO. Exporter:Importer and Exporter. I. 2/5/38.T. Exporter:Cotton Wiping Rugs Importer:Second Hand Clothing M/s. D/113. 1/57.3.com Mr. Mithadar. M/s.Jodia Bazar.HAJI KARIM COMPANY Karim Chamber. M.pk Haji Yousuf. Tel: 2569801-5 Fax: 92-21-2563118 Mr.HAJI KHUDABUX AMIR UMAR 3rd Floor. 2582917 Fax: 92-21-6646055 Mr.HAJI JALALUDDIN AND SONS A-111.HAJI IKHLAS WARE HOUSE F-526. Siraj Haji Kassam. Sarafa Bazar. Tel: 2415881. M.com Mr.HAJI FAZAL HAQ & SONS MR 1/78. SITE.Mail hkc@fascom. S.Karaci Tel: 2545648 Mr. Manghopir Road.I. Katchi Gali No.I. Exporter:Marble and Onyx Handicrafts and Slabs.Mail aaatrads@yahoo. Kundan Street.Hussein Center.Tel: 32774749. Tel: 2443595 Haji Badruddin Akhtar. Zubair Janoo. Manghopir Road. 32721623 Fax: 92-21-32733327 E. Daryalal Street.Karaci Tel: 2566072.7524790 Fax: 92-21-7512966 E.HAJI GAFFAR HAJI HABIB JANOO 1st Floor.HAJI JUMA IBRAHIM NP NP/106.

Sesame Seeds & Pulses Importer:Pulses M/s.HAJI MOHAMMAD SULTAN NP-5/27. Maqbool Sadiq.com Mr. Cotton Exchange Bldg.9/169.HAJI MOHAMMAD SULTAN KHAN & CO.B Bank.Karaci Tel: 32639947-48 Fax: 92-21-32638470 E.Karaci Tel: 2526583 Haji Mohammad Sultan.pk Mr. New Fruit and Sabzi Market.Mail ltmlcm@fascom. 407.05. 1st Floor. Tel: 4544880-3 Fax: 92-21-4544470 E. Shop No.Mail khudabux@cyber.HAJI MEHBOOB HAJI ESHA o.net. Block No-4. Opp: M.E. Commerce Centre. Junaid Haji Latif.C.net. Textile Items M/s. Mohammed Amjad. Importer:Chemicals.HAJI LATIF HAJI MOHAMMED & CO.HAJI MOHAMMED ISMAIL MILLS LTD. Tel: 2413204-5 Fax: 2416723. Exporter:Raw Cotton.Mail khudabux@cyber.Mail khmco@super. Chundrigar Road. Tel: 2430143 Haji Mehboob Essa Exporter:Garments M/s. Lal Mohammad Street. Sattar Chambers. Exporter:Row Cotton.HAJI KHUDABUX AMIR UMER (PVT)LTD 3rd Floor.I.net. Tea and General items M/s. 3-4. West Wharf Road.pk Mr.Karaci Haji Muhammad Sultan Khan M/s. Lea Market. I. Exporter:Cotton Yarn Importer:Machinery and Spares Manuf:Yarn . Cotton Waste M/s. Iqbal Umer. Super Highway.pk Mr.pk Mr. Exporter:Rice.24276 E. Textile Items Services:Indentor of Raw Cotton of Various Growths and Cotton Yarn.net. Namco Centre.HAJI KHUSHI MOHAMMAD & CO. Khajoor Bazar. Importer:Dates (Khajoor) M/s. Kagzi Bazar. 1st Floor. Tel: 2638521-24 Fax: 92-21-2639843 E.t. Campbell Street. Hasrat Mohani Road. Mushtaq Ahmed Vohra.Mail hmi@cyber.

Motandas Market. Room No.HAJI MOOSA AND SONS Burhan Centre. Importer:Sugar. Opp: Sindh Madrasa. Yarn. Shop # 71/72. Jinnah Road. Rice.Karaci Tel: 32621240 Fax: 92-21-32626745 Mr. RSS 4/5 Latex IEE and Gold Tex M/s. 2nd Floor. Importer:Second Hand Clothig and Second Worn Articles M/s.HAJI NOOR MOHAMMAD AMEER & SONS R-261. Quaid-e-Azam International Truck Stand.Mail malik_asif77@hotmail. 71-72. M.23.Karaci Tel: 2422922 Fax: 92-21-2429220 E. Importer:Pipe Fittings M/s. Importer:Natural Raw Rubber. Arambagh.HAJI MUHAMMAD BASHIR & SONS 52. Tel: 32414468. Khori Garden. Mohibullah. Sector 1/A. M/s. Sohrab Goth. Jinnah Road. Tel: 2415540 Mr. Kemat Rai Road. Exporter:Molasses. Muhammad Hussain M/s. Hawksbay Road. Pulses. Cotton. M. 1st Floor.com Haji Muhammad Yousuf. Moosa Khan. Chickpeas M/s. Chickpeas.Karaci Tel: 2432050 Mr.Mail hmyc@hotmail.HAJI MUHAMMAD UMER KHAN OLD SPARE PARTS.Karaci Tel: 7511702. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.HAJI MOHIBULLAH & BROTHERS Shop No. Korangi 1-1/2.A. Room-15.A. Sugar. Post Office Society Scheme-33. Cotton. Yarn. Murad Khan Road. Akber Cloth Market.com Haji Muhamemd Younus. Pulses. Sector 32-A. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 2352624 Haji Muhammad Umer Khan.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 36364331 Mr. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 35056971 Fax: 92-21-35056971 . Daryalal Street. A-4.M/s. Liaquat Market. 7511743 Fax: 92-21-7548387 E.HAJI MUHAMMAD ENTERPRISE Mian Chamber.03452578855 Fax: 92-21-32418917 E. Abid Bashir.HAJI MUHAMMED YOUNUS Noor House. Asif M/s. Labour Colony. M/s.HAJI MUSA & CO.HAJI MUHAMMAD YOUSUF & CO.Mail naveedpirani@hotmail.

Agricultural Commodities Importer:Tea. Noor Mohammad Exporter:Dry Fish Dry Fruits and Spices M/s. Dry Dates.Mail jano@cyber.pk Mr.I.HAJI RAZAK HAJI HABIB JANOO F/61-F. Herbs and Pharmaceutical Products .pk Mr. Towels M/s.Mail chawla1@inet. 10/33-B.Mail bukhsh@super.Karaci Tel: 4536048 Mr. Exporter:Yarn Thread. etc. 2413272 Fax: 92-21-2425146 E. Gulbai.net.HAJI SHAH WALI CLOTH HOUSE Shop No. Tel: 6328412. Exporter:All kind of Fabrics.I.E. Ferozuddin Chawla. M/s. Suleman Kothari. Federal 'B' Area.pk Mr. Spices. Rice.HAJI RAFIUDDIN WALIUDDIN WSA-19/21. 2nd Floor. Main Estate Avenue. Pulses M/s.Mr. Altaf Hussain Road. Next to Masjid Al-Razak.Mail hrazak@super. Near Philips Electronic Company.HAJI PEER BUKHSH FAZAL RAHIM Room # 2.HAJI SATTAR AGAR Shop No.HAJI RAZAK JANOO (PVT) LTD. Main Tariq Road. Abdul Rahim Janoo.39.. Milk Powder.Mail hsak@fascom. Akhund Masjid Bldg. Block-1. C-84.3. Dubai Shopping Mall.net.4.com Mr. Importer:Milk Powder and Copra Manuf:Processors of Packers of Rice.HAJI SULEMAN ADAM KOTHARI & CO. New Challi.Mail agartextile@yahoo.E. 2439887 Fax: 92-21-2438233 E. 6338998 Fax: 92-21-6322929 E. 2437178 Fax: 92-21-2416803 E. New Neham Road..com Haji Sattar Agar. Sharjah Trade Centre. 8th Floor. Sohail Hanif Janoo.Karaci Tel: 2594090-92 Fax: 92-21-2570519 E.T.). Exporter:Rice and Pulses.com. Tel: 2411410. Exporter:Dry Fruits. S. Tel: 2437158. M/s. Seeds. 2. Arkay Square (Ext. S. Towels.. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.T.Karaci Tel: 2429627-29 Fax: 92-21-2429631 E.pk Mr. Nasir Ilyas Exporter:Rice & Dry Fruit (Food Stuff) M/s.net. Shah Wali. Manuf:Yarn Thread.Karaci Tel: 2425145. Exporter:Cloth Merchant M/s.

5th Floor. Korangi Industrial Area. Kausar Palace.32432026 Mr. Tel: 2316656 Fax: 92-21-2311403 Mr.HAJI YOUNUS BROS G-329.HAJRA TEXTILES P-122.T. Rafia Begum. Opp:Haji Adam Chamber. M.HAJRA INTERNATIONAL Office No. West Wharf. Mithadar. Sharjah Trade Centre. Jodia Bazar. M/s.HAJIANI OPTICAL SERVICE O. 7th Floor. Iqbal Cloth Market. Naeemuddin.HAKEEM AND CO.com Mr. Tel: 2523580 E. Bagh-e-Zehra Street.net. Jinnah Road.com Haji Younus M/s. Jilani Centre. M/s. Altaf Hussian Road.A. Shop# 5.Mail hajisuleman@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 32429973-5 Fax: 32429976 E. Mohammad Rauf.M/s. Mutaharuddin . New Challi. 2421542 Mr.HAJNA SEA FOOD F-1. Tel: 2421843.Karaci Tel: 2628678.Mail bombi@cyber. M/s. Juna Market.Karaci Tel: 2431501 E.pk Mr. Eduljee Dinshaw Road. M/s. Tel: 32432026.Karaci Tel: 32312343 Fax: 92-21-32312344 Mr. Allah Dad Street.HAJI USMAN TRADERS Yousuf Ali Bhai Building. Siddiq Khalil Siddique. Fish Harbour. Tel: 5060890 Fax: 92-21-5060921 Mrs. Tel: 7522867-7542624 Mr. 2628689 Fax: 92-21-2628689 E.HAKEEM & SONS E-4. Ocean Centre. Muhammad Ayub M/s. 1/16.Mail younus_49@hotmail. Jinnah Road. Sector 7-A. Mushtaq Ahmed.A. Allah Bachaya Street. M/s.com Haji Suleman Memon M/s. New Challi.Mail goldenkitchenware@hotmail.1. M-76. Altaf Hussain Road. Faisal Anis Bumbia Exporter:Rice M/s..HAJI SULEMAN TRADING CO.HAJI YOUNUS ARIF GLASSWALA NP 14/99. Opp: Custom House. M.

Manghopir Road.Mail hhs@cyber. James Terrace Road.I. West Wharf Road. Tel: 0213-231465-66 Fax: 0213-2312631 E. New Challi. Nadershaw D.pk Mr.com.T. Packaging and Plastic Raw Materials. Fine Chemicals.com . Zoaib F. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 2420974-7 Fax: 92-21-2420978 Raja Assermal Manglani.A.HAL TRACTORS COMPANY Room No. Medical Equipment and Disposables Services:Indentor. Finished Products. Dabbawala. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. M/s. 19.HAKIMI TRADERS 4-Noor Manzil.E. Industrial Chemicals. 2. 7734212 Fax: 92-21-7734212 Mr. Fatima Shabbir M/s.pk Mr. Nawazish Ali Hakim.com. Tel: 2625156-159 Fax: 92-21-2627985 E. Exporter:Raw Cotton Importer:Raw Cotton Services:Indenting import of Raw Cotton M/s. Zulfiqar Ali Hakim Importer:Vaccine & Blood Products M/s.HAKIMSONS (PVT) LIMITED Hakimsons House.Karaci Tel: 2314765-66 Fax: 92-21-2312631 E. Pharma Raw Materials.Karaci Tel: 7729450.HAKIMSONS (IMPEX) (PVT) LTD. Zulfiqar Ali Hakim. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Nanakwada. Food and Feed Products. M.Exporter:Herbals M/s..Mail hipl@hakimsons.HAKIMUDDIN HORMUSJI & SONS Ameejee Valeejee Building. A/56. Faiz Hussaini Trust Bldg.HAKIMI TRADERS G-42.net. Jinnah Road. Hakimsons Building. Bulk Vitamins. Exporter:sule692003@yahoo.Karaci Tel: 2721315-2722264 Fax: 2724035 Mr. Exporter:General Items Importer:Pharmaceutical Raw Materials. 19. Kabraji. S. Qutbi Manzil. West Wharf Road. Agro and Petro Chemicals M/s.pk Mr. 11th Floor Sharjah Trade Centre.Mail kipl@kimsons. Importer:Rice and Grains M/s.HAKIMSONS OVERSEAS TRADING (PVT) LIMITED Hakimsons Building. Tel: 2568284-86 Fax: 92-21-2568257 Mr.

HALAI IMPEX 26. Qasr-e-Umer. Ramdas Street. Block-16.Karaci Tel: 2310979. Raheel Iqbal Services:Food Reasearch M/s.Mail halaiimpex@yahoo. Halai. M/s. B Block. Importer:Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings M/s. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Mr. M/s. 2633195 Fax: 92-21-4520716 Mr.pk Mr. M. Iqbal Ahmed Shaikh.K-544. Streete 3. Near Ranchore Lane.net. 3.HALMA CORPORATION 14. Al Falah. No.A. Bu Amjad Raza ur Rehman Exporter:Textile Garments & Made ups Importer:Accessories Manuf:Textile Garments and made ups M/s. Tel: 32470266 Fax: 92-21-3240068 E. . Shahnaz M. Jinnah Road. Tel: 4583563. Mehboob Mansion.Mail halda@cyber. M.HALDA TRADING CO. Adnan Centre.Mail inquiry@hirepakistan. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Tel: 2639247 Fax: 92-21-2639248 Mrs. Ahmed A. Kharadar. Sind Market.pk Mr.No.HALIMA INDUSTRIES BR-1/51. Sadruddin Pirani. 1st Floor.net.M/s.HALLEJI TRADERS No. North Nazimabad.10. Mezzanine Floor. Block 'L'. Gulshan-e-Bahar.Karaci Tel: 2631257. 2310740 Fax: 92-21-2314744 Mr. Manuf:Hosiery Garmnets. Behind Motandas Market. Crown View Plaza. Sattar. Noorjahan Begum.com Mrs. M/s.HALIM ENTERPRISE B-267.HAMAAD RAZA TRADING H.Karaci Tel: 2414277 Fax: 92-21-2414200 E.HALAL INDUSTRY REASEARCH CENTRE 2-C 6.HALEEMATEX CB-1. Tel: 2436188 Fax: 92-21-2419909 Mr.Karaci Tel: 34976217 Fax: 34976343 E. Block-B. Nishtar Road. Exporter:Hosiery Garments. M/s. M/s. 4587028 Fax: 92-21-4325254 E.Mail gsa@gem. Millwala Appartment. Malir Halt. Muhammad Saleem.A.org. Jinnah Road.

Clifton. 3rd Floor.HAMDANI AGENCIES 17.1. Arshad Kamal. Salman Siddiqui Importer:Paper and Paper Board M/s. Tel: 6616001-4. Block 8.HAMDAN TRADERS A-204. Farhana Yasmin Exporter:Handicrafts M/s.HAMDAM PAPER MART 19-Hassan Ali Effendi Road.Sec.HAMDARD LABORATORIES (WAQF) PAKISTAN III/E. Muhammad Ismail Badi M/s.HAMDAM PAPER PRODUCTS (PVT) LTD. Muhammad Nadeem M/s. Tel: 2581000 Mr. Hockey Starium.Karaci Tel: 4853840-41 Fax: 92-21-4914335 E.Karaci Tel: 5871485 Fax: 92-21-5875200 E.HAMALIA PRINTERS 47-Hockey Club of Pakistan.com. Jumani Arcade.Mail info@hamdam. 6620945Fax: 92-21-6611755 E.net Mr.net Mr. SITE. Al-Habib Apartments.Mail hamdan2002pk@hotmail. Tel: 5658843 Raja Muhammad Asif M/s. 5/8. Tel: 2631016 Fax: 92-21-2633847 E. SITE.Karaci Tel: 5658843 Mr.9.47. Tel: 2311615 Syed Mujahid Hussain M/s.HAMALIA PRINT LINE Office No.Mail hamdan.trader@yahoo. Kehkashan. Hockey Club of Pakistan. Muhammad Farhan Siddiqui Exporter:Paper products Importer:Paper& Paper Products Manuf:Paper products M/s.HAMDAN TRADING ESTABLISHMENT C-8.com Mr. Nagani Chambers. Muhammad Nawaz Khan M/s. Exporter:Readymade Garments M/s.pk . Orangi Town.Karaci Tel: 35459147 Mr. Shed No. F-526/B. Tel: 2631016 Fax: 99-21-3263384 E.Mail impex@hamdard. Main Universty Road. 16. West Wharf Road. Nazimabad.Mail info@hamdam.HAMDAN TRADERS Plot # S.com Miss.

63651 . Arambagh.Karaci Tel: 32219563 Fax: 92-21-32219180 Mr. Abdul Hamid.HAMID HOLDINGS 1st Floor.HAMEED TRADING CO.HAMID TEXTILE INDUSTRIES L-34.net. Dubai Shopping Mall. 2429627 Fax: 92-21-2429631 E.Karaci Tel: 35684565 Fax: 92-21-5676611 E. Tel: 5060485.HAMEED & SONS A-50. M/s. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 34547060 Mr. Sector-7-A. Shop No. Korangi Industrial Area. 32. Tel: 6366296-98 Fax: 6346200. Navaid-ul-Zafar.Mail hamed@gem.pk Mr.HAMDULLAH & ANBIA TRADING CO.HAMDARD PACKAGES (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 2422545.HAMEED ENTERPRISES 6-Gems and Jewellery Trade Centre.net. M/s. Akber Cloth Market.HAMID LEATHER (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. Exporter:Manufacturer and Exporter of Importer:Leather M/s.Mr. Hameedullah.pk Mr.23. 5/146. Federal 'B' Industrial Area. Exporter:All Kind of Fabrics and Garments M/s. Shop No. Tel: 5882628 Fax: 5892188 Mr.87 Fax: 92-21-5073199 Mr. Anbia. Sector-23. Usman Ghani Road.5121622 Fax: 92-21-5121624 Mr. Manzoor Colony. Tel: 5121625-6. Mohammad Asghar Exporter:Plant Machinery and others Importer:Chemicals Manuf:Plants Machineries M/s. Blenken Street. Korangi Industrial Area. Main Tariq Road.Mail hrazak@super. 2nd Floor. 199. Block-22. Sohail Hanif. Exporter:Rooh Afza Syrup and Herbal Prodcuts Importer:Raw Material and Herbs Manuf:Rooh AFza Syrup and Herbal Products M/s.86. M/s. Akhtar Hameed Exporter:Gold Jewellery Importer:Gems and Jewellery Centre M/s. Saddar.45. Near Adam Masjid. Kemat Rai Road. Humayun Aslam.

5.No.880. Civil Lines Quarters. Gul Bahar No.net. Muhamamd Anwar M/s.Mail amirnisar@cyber. Tel: 32202987 Fax: 32313337 E. 3rd Floor.Mail apl2@hotmail. Sector 8F.net.pk Mr.HAMMAD LEATHER WORKS C-A 14. Sadar.Mail hammadgems@yahoo.com Mr.Mail hamidgar@cyber. Muhamamd Yamin Manuf:Gems stones M/s. M/s. Park Avenue. Amir Amin M/s. Fish Harbour. Hammad Khalid. Exporter:Readymade Fashion Garments and Denim Fabric Importer:Machineries.12.Karaci Tel: 2314619 Fax: 92-21-2310590 E. Tel: 6601915 E. Abdul Majeed Remani. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Exporter:Sea Foods M/s. West Wharf Road. Opp: Custom House.Karaci Tel: 5693737 Fax: 92-21-5693738 E.HAMNA FISHERIES E-1. M/s.com Mr.Mail demolationj@yahoo.HAMZA ASSOCIATES . Mezanine Floor.Karaci Tel: 3522226264 Fax: 35224211 E.pk Mr. Ali Basti. Ocean Centre. Zaibun Nisa Street.Mail mmzz04@cyber. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 35846743. Muhammad Jamil.com Mr.Mail anwarali@hotmail. M/s. Anum Palace.pk Mr. Gul Centre.com Mr. 32020640 Mr.HAMMAD ENTERPRISES Room No.150.E. Amir Nisar. Ground Floor.HAMMAD IMPEX Office No. M/s. Opp: Custom House.HAMMAD GEMS H.net. Hammad Siddiq.HAMSONS INDUSTRIES 401. Reaumont Plaza. 2310177 Fax: 92-21-2200600 E.Karaci Tel: 5031864-66 Fax: 92-21-5031867 Mr.HAMZA AGENCIES C-6. 4th Floor.HAMNA BATOOL TRAVEL & TOURS Shop No.Karaci Tel: 2314790.1. Chemicals Manuf:Readymade Fashion Garments and Denim Fabric M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.

HAMZA BEARINGS 12-B.HAMZA ENTERPRISE Flat No. Mohammad Ilyas Exporter:Fresh & Frozen Seafood Importer:Frozen Seafood & Meat M/s. 1.399. SITE Ltd. Exporter:Textile Goods M/s.Karaci Tel: 2418283 Fax: 92-21-2439161 Mr. Noman Street. .HAMZA INDUSTRIES Plot No.com Mr.Mail seabird@cyber. Chundrigar Road.Plot No. Plaza Quarters.Mail mym70@hotmail.com Mr.HAMZA CORPORATION Shop No. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Exporter:www. Tel: 5056255 Fax: 92-21-5050291 Mr. M/s.I.CIB-7.pk Mr. Mohammad Wasi. Korangi Industrial Area. Sector 16.Karaci Tel: 37674929.com Mr. 8th Floor.03222427077 Fax: 5884991 E. Sohail Haroon Exporter:Dry Fruits Importer:Dry Fruits M/s. Abdul Malik Ghori. Sec-A. Importer:Ball Bearings M/s.Mail hamza_associate06@yahoo. Tel: 4719039 Fax: 92-21-4813811 E. Sultan Haider M/s. Superhigh. Uni Plaza. Ambreen Imran.Karaci Tel: 2239701 E.HAMZA BROTHER'S IMPEX D-35. Muhammad Rafiq Aba Ali. Block-7.HAMZA INTERNATIONAL Flat No.Karaci Tel: 2426145 Fax: 92-21-2437245 Mrs. Data Cloth Market.1.Karaci Tel: 7774496 Fax: 92-21-7766466 E.net.HAMZA ENTERPRISES Room No. Haribai Paragjee Building. Tel: 6881913-4 Fax: 92-21-6881915 E. Akhtar Colony. Street # 10.ecplaza.10.HAMZA CNG STATION D-131. 3rd Floor. Muljee Street. I.Mail sohaildf@hotmail. 1/34. Manzoor Square. Kharadhar. Daryalal Street. MR. Faiz-e-Alvi Trust Building.com Mr.815. Mohammad Yousuf Mujahid M/s.net\sarqhonda M/s. 1st Floor.Mail hamzabearing@hotmail.

S. 2442074 Fax: 92-21-2419501 E. Technocity Mall. Ground Floor.HAMZA TOWELS CI-122-123 & 124. Tel: 6995069-6952839 .net.net.Mail irfanahmed06@gmail.G-65. Tel: 5057500-12 Fax: 92-21-5059692 E.HAMZA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR Plot # 110. Defence Housing Authority. Exporter:Rice.com Mr. Sector 7/A.Karaci Tel: 2761671 Fax: 92-21-2725673 E.Mail mezan@cyber. Hamid Saeed Khawaja. Tel: 2561101-5 Fax: 92-21-2561873 E. Gawali Lane # 02.T.Mail hashem@cyber.HAMZA TEXTILE Plot # 82.I. Items Importer:Tea M/s. 10th Commercial Street. Farooq Gaziani.HAMZA INTERNATIONAL 401. Jodia Bazar. Al-Rehmat Trade Centre. Muhammad Rafiq Exporter:Publishing Books Importer:Publishing books Manuf:Published M/s.Rambharti Street. Plot No.com Mr. Muhammad Naeem M/s.Karaci Tel: 2218324. M. Misc. Dandia Bazar. Mauripur Road.I. Phase-IV.com Mr.HAMZA SILK CENTRE Shop No.pk Sheikh Nisar Ahmed. Urdu Bazar. Muhammad Nasir M/s.com Mr. Near I. Muhammad Irfan Ghia.Mail hamzaghia@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 35804929 E. Ratan Talao. M/s.com Mr. Korangi Industrial Area. 2024790 E.pk Mr. Opp: City Court.HAMZA INTERNATIONAL GD-38. Chundrigar Road. Exporter:All kind of Readymade Garments M/s. Ground Floor.Faisal Abbas Gova M/s. Exporter:Rice M/s.E.Karaci Tel: 2767612 Fax: 92-21-2768913 Mr.HAMZA SUGAR MILLS LIMITED A/22.RB-11/28. Main Tariq Road.Mail info@hamzatextile.HAMZA INTERNATIONAL Faiza Terrace.Karaci Tel: 2413226.Mail salespk@inbox.. Dubai Shopping Mall.Mail hamzaint@gmail. Sector 16-B North Karachi.Karaci E.

Plot No.net. Shershah Colony.HAND SAFETY WORKS 11/1.net.HANA CARPETS Embassy Villa No.Agra Taj Colony.HANASKA INTERNATIONAL L-18\2.HAMZA TRADING M-II-E-453. Federal 'B' Industrial Area. D-Block.Karaci Tel: 36669511.Karaci Tel: 32569414 Fax: 92-21-2584232 E.HANAM CORPORATION 8. Badri Building. Aboobaker M/s. 2465221 Fax: 2424290. I.Karaci Tel: 2423345.comsats.pk Mr.Ground Floor St.Fax: 6931761 E. 2401958 Fax: 92-21-2419650 E.I.Karaci Tel: 5873124-25 Fax: 92-21-5872827 E.Karaci Tel: 4222439 Fax: 92-21-5350382 E. Haider Ali Hussain. Exporter:Hand Knotted Carpets M/s. Importer:Home Appliances M/s. Abul Hasan Chokshi M/s. Chundrigar Road. 36659357 Fax: 92-21-3241655 E. Jinnah Road.pk Mr.Al Ghousia Appt. M/s.Mail kashif@hamzatowels. Lyari.pk Mr.HAMZAH ENTERPRISES A-7 32 S-121 & 123. Khaliquz Zaman Road. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Tel: 2427469.106107. 3rd Floor.24232 Mr.A.Mail hana@cyber.pk Shaikh Waqar Ahmed. Exporter:Marble Blocks/Slabes/Tiles Importer:Marble Machineries Manuf:Tiles/Slabs M/s. Al Rehman Trade Centre. 1.pk Mr. Khurram Rangoonwala. New Challi. M. Irfanuddin Siddiquie M/s. 3rd Floor.net.Mail hamzahent@cyber.Mail hanam@cyber.HAMZA WAQAR ENTERPRISES 14. . Block No.HAMZA TRADERS 301-389. Farrukh Shahzadah Exporter:Leather and products Manuf:Leather gloves and products M/s. Ch.net. Street# 17.1.com Mr.Mail waqarent@cyber. Creek Lane-1.net. Basharat Ahmed Siddiqui. Tel: 6311552 Mr. 21. Textile Plaza. Block-8. Clifton.Mail shalari@khi. 1st Floor.

Laxmidas Street. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan M/s.Mail handicrafts_palace@yahoo.com Mr. North Nazimabad. Parsi Colony. Sector 15-A/3. North Karachi.Mail hanitravel@hotmail.Mail fmuneer@eistec. Afaq Ahmed M/s.59.HANIF ASSOCIATES C-308.A.com Mr.com Mr. Blended.DHA.2411109 .Mail handsafety. Muhammad Hanif Exporter:Cotton Thread M/s. Hanif Centre.HANEEF STEEL 76.HANI TRAVEL & TOURISM 49. Near Irfan Boys School. Solder Bazar. M/s. Gate-2. Manuf:Cheek and Stripe Shirting P.HANIF & SONS Shop No. Tel: 2411107-08 Fax: 2420219.Karaci Tel: 2788327 Fax: 92-21-2785973 E. Exporter:Hanidcrafts and General Items M/s.Mail handschuhe@cyber. Cochinwala Market. 0334-35597 Mr.com Mr.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2443277 Mr. Tel: 35348067 E. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal.C. Qazzafi Town. Block-B. Muhamamd Hanif. Tel: 4211621.Karaci Tel: 32231588 Fax: 92-21-3223158 E. P.V. Roza Arcade. Junaid Zakir Ali Khan M/s. Asif. Latif Cloth Market.HANEEF WEAVING Plot No.102. Humaira Appartment. Jinnah Road. Landhi. Muhammad Hanif M/s.Mail hencefarain@gmail.net. Bufferzone. 9th Floor.uk Mr. Moin Steel Market Baba-e-Urdu Road. St-16.HANDICRAFTS PALACE 207.27/11.HANDSCHUHE SAFETY INDUSTRIES Flat No. Tel: 5068224 E. Afzaish Naveed Exporter:Handicrafts and Handmade goods M/s.HANI ENTERPRISES R-619. Muhammad Javed Iqbal Exporter:Leather Garments M/s.co. and Polyester. Bihar Colony.HANDICRAFTS PAKISTAN 915. 1st Floor. M.Karaci Tel: 2521556 Fax: 5206897 E. Tel: 36704312 Fax: 36704307 E. SF-10. Saddar Town.works@gmail. Caesars Tower.

Mail moon.Karaci Tel: 2418611.HANIF KHAN & SONS B.HANIF ENTRPRISES 105. Yarn etc M/s. Nylon.Mail iba@sat.Karaci Tel: 2774718 Fax: 92-21-2774787 E. Plot. . 2419119 Fax: 92-21-2416667 E. M/s.E. Importer:Synthetic Yarn.net.Karaci Fax: 92-21-2466563 Mr.O. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh. Hanif Soomro M/s.I. M. Tel: 6648312 Fax: 92-21-6675185 E. 1st Floor. Block 'N'. Bombay Bazar. M/s. Muhammad Farooq Exporter:Textile goods M/s.com Mr.C.199 Noor Manzil Kamil Lohar Street. Exporter:Cloth. Tel: 2424890 Fax: 92-21-2004863 E. I. Box-6656.HANIF CORPORATION M. Boultan Market.Mail hanifbuilders@hotmail. Mohammad Yousaf Hanif M/s. Mithadar.HANIF ENTERPRISES Shop No.7. 6th Floor Uni Centre.com Mr.com Mr.com Mr.1. M.Mail Farooqmemon2001@yahoo. Chemicals.HANIF DHAKA & CO. Ground Floor.P.Mail aboou_ss@hotmail. Yousuf Peracha. Polyester. Garment etc Importer:Plastic.pk Mr.HANIF BROTHERS Office# 606-607 & 613. Tel: 6366931. Jinnah Road. Nizam Mansion. Jan Mohammed Moon. Office-4.A.net. Mohammad Iqbal Suleman M/s.Viscose Yarn. C.com Mr. Chundrigar Road. Moin Cloth Market.16@cyber.NP-3/112.Mail abidloo@yahoo. Tel: 2444687 Fax: 92-21-2573543 E. Bilal Road.HANIF BUILDERS B-9. Liaquat Market.Mail mazaidarhaleem@yahoo. Federal 'B' Area. Mohammad Owais Khan. Main Burns Road Corner.3. North Nazimabad. Textile Trade Centre. Abdul Hanif Khan M/s. M/s.S. Block-18. 6364564 Fax: 92-21-6367098 Mr.HANIF NIAZI TRADERS Niazi House.pk Mr.HANIF KHAN & SONS INTERNATIONAL 17-18. Tel: 2635204 Fax: 92-21-6363502 E.

Tel: 6310722 E.Karaci Tel: 0333-3480820 Fax: 92-21-32734403 Mr. Tel: 32542867 Fax: 92-21-2513292 E.com Mr. Society Appartments. F. Tel: 0300-2525670 E.Karaci Tel: 32522252 Mr. M/s. Juna Market.HANIF SONS NP 8/17. Javed Hanif Rajput.Mail hnt_seafood@hotmail. 1st Floor. Daryalal Street. M/s.No. Block-19.HANKO 8.Mail kashifhanif@quadri-group. Jodia Bazar.Karaci Mr. 1st Floor. Mohammad Hanif. Frere Road.Daryabad. Muhammad Hanif M/s. Lyari Town.HANIFA INTERNATIONAL Suite # 02.5.166/5. Muhammad Kashif Hanif Quadri M/s.com Mr.HANIF TRADING COMPANY 402. Haji Chamdas Bldg.HANNAN FOODS Plot No. Tel: 0300-8233098 Fax: 92-21-4801158 E.com Mr. Hanif Khan Niazi.HANIF READYMADE GARMENTS THREAD & COSMETICS H.Mail htc2008@gmail.HANIF RAJPUT CATERERS Office # 2 & 3.Karaci Tel: 4555402-5.B.Mail kathoverseastraders@yahoo.HANIF TRADERS 749/3. Tel: 56817833 Fax: 92-21-6318746 Mrs. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Nazimabad No.111-474-474 Fax: 92-21-4550591 E.com Mr. Exporter:Foortwear Leather goods Importer:Footwear/Leathr goods M/s.A-421. Muhammad Hanif M/s. Nasreen Hussain. Dhoraji Colony. Ghulam Shah Street.com Mr. Mustafa Arcade. Muhammad Imran . Tulsi Street. Area. Mezzanine Floor. Muhammad Hassan M/s.Mail info@hanifrajput.Mail hanifjani@hotmail. Ramswami. Kashmir Road. Saddar.com Mr. Dadi Mansion.P. Exporter:Seafood M/s.11/54. Muhammad Hanif M/s. Hussainabad. Tel: 32528650 E.HANIF SOAP STORE N.

E. Sector 31-D.HAQ ASSOCIATES 137. Dada Terrace. E Market.HAQ FAREED TRAVELS & TOURS (PVT) LIMITED. Block-6.HANSIA TEXTILE COMPANY 1-G.HAQ INDUSTRIES C-52. Umer Farooq. Mezanine Floor.Karaci Tel: 4947834 .HAQ BROTHERS INTERNATIONAL 507. Saddar.HANTEX Survey No.C. Shaheed-e-Millat Road. M/s.HAQ TRADERS M-7.S.Mail ceohbi1@gmail. 0333-2123431 Mr.147. P.Mail hansiatrading@hotmail.HAQ SONS Office No.M/s. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Korangi Industrial Area.Karaci Tel: 2762747 Fax: 92-21-2729237 Mr.H. Bin Qasin Town. Muhammad Ismail Hansia M/s. PECHS. City District.365. Naseer-ul-Haq Malik Exporter:P. BR-5/16.Karaci Tel: 4395727 Fax: 92-21-4395727 E. Nazimabad No. Kharadar. Tel: 4315506 Fax: 92-21-4300881 E.1.03002168475 Fax: 92-21-32437513 Mr.Karaci Tel: 2472805 Fax: 2413669 E.com.HANSA MANAGEMENT & MARKETING SERVICES 10-B. Muhammad Zeeshan Islam M/s.50 and 47. Sohail Yasin Suleman M/s.. Near Regal Chowk.Karaci Tel: 32438967. Deh Landhi.P. Business Plaza. Muhammed Hanif Machiyara. M/s. P&T Society.M-19. Tel: 4250661 Fax: 92-21-6682745 E. Khawar Mahmood Exporter:Textiles Importer:Construction equipments M/s.Mail haqinfor@yahoo. Odean Centre. 2nd Floor. Muljee Street.pk Mr. Wasim ul Haq Rizwan M/s.Mail sohail@wwg. 5th Floor.Karaci Tel: 5395323-4 Fax: 5395391 Mr. Block-6.com Mr. Mezzanine Floor.com Mr. Room No.Karaci Tel: 8369661. Motiwala Appartment. 10/11.com Mr.Recycle pallets Manuf:Plastic goods M/s.

Bohrapir.1. Tel: 2401112-1113 Fax: 32401113 E. Muhammad Mushtaq M/s. Progressive Plaza.com. Anwar ul Haq M/s. Adeel Shopping Centre.Mail sales@hardcastle. Beach Hotel Rd.com Mr.HARDCASTLE WAUD PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.HAQUE PRINTERS Office No. Jami Commercial Street No. Sultan Ahmed Shah Road.Mail sadiqabbas807@hotmail.com Mr. Orangi Town. Haresh Kumar Exporter:Food Grains Importer:Food Grains M/s.T. Harbour House.Karaci Tel: 03332012946 Mr. 37-A.Karaci Tel: 2315847. Sector 11 1/2. M/s. Beaumont Road. Lalazar Avenue. Khan Road.HARBOUR SERVICES (PVT) LTD.com Mr.HARDMAN ENTERPRISES 4-C.Karaci Tel: 36802736 E. Anum Blessings.Mail aakhan_52@yahoo.Fax: 92-21-4925024 E. Altaf Hussain Road. Islam Chowk. Shahid Pervez Kashmirwala M/s.Mail harourtravel@yahoo. Civil Lines. 4310231 Fax: 92-21-4527278 E.net.pk Mr.Mail mushtaq169@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 35387629-35897962 Fax: 92-21-3588727 E. Suite#2-A. Muhammad Shahzad Khan M/s..Karaci Tel: 4558186.Mail kareshagarwal83@yahoo.HARESH ENTERPRISES 106.com Mr. 2315220 Fax: 92-21-5636382 E. Muhammad Manzarul Haque M/s. Abdullah Square. Sadiq Abbas. 101. Defence Housing Authority.303/2. 2nd Floor.com Mr. Behind PIDC House. Bhawan Street.Mail msk698@yahoo.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 5654474-5 Fax: 99-21-3521170 E.pk Syed Shan-e-Alam.HARAM TRADERS RC-12/123.HARIS ASSOCIATES .Karaci Tel: 6826407-6332101 Fax: 6826407 E.M. 3rd Floor. Benazir Colony.HARBOUR TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED Suite # 31. M/s. AzimM. Haji M/s.Mail Sheikhsfruit@cyber.6 Phase-VII Extension. Karimabad. Near Duty Free Shop.HAQUE SERVICE STATION Plot No.

1-A. 2nd Floor. Momin Square. Vana Medicine Centre. Zulfiqar Ahmed. 913.C-5.net.mail.W. Block-6.com Mr. M/s. Street-31. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. G.HARIS PLASTIC FACTORY M-11-E-D-179/B. Malkani Mehal.net.HARIS INTERNATIONAL Manji Kheetsi Street.com Mr. Shabana Saif-ur-Rehman. New Challi. Tel: 2562862 Fax: 92-21-2562862 Mr.HARIS HUSSAIN BROTHERS ENTERPRISES. Importer:Cartons M/s. Javed Ahmed M/s.Mail haris_chs2000@hotmail. Importer:Medicine M/s.netsolir. Sector 7-A.Karaci Tel: 32315920-21 Fax: 92-21-3231364 E. M. Tower. Sector 6-B.HARIS INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES Room No.Mail rafiqmarfani@pk.HARIS TRADER 2.Karaci Tel: 2727887 Fax: 92-21-2760365 Mr.HARIS TRADERS Shop # 9. Block-B. Tel: 35068189 Fax: 92-21-3511666 E. 7. Mohammad Rafiq. . Kutchi Gali 1 & 2. Asif Mushtaq. Tel: 7529502 Fax: 92-21-7521093 Mrs.HARMAIN INTERNATIONAL Plot No. Hussain Trade Cenre.HARMAIN TEXTILE C-1-28. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Muhammad Musharaf Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Veg. Allana Road. No. 9th Floor. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 32400137 Fax: 92-21-32443975 E.com Mr. Altaf Hussain Road. M/s. Tel: 4811348 Fax: 92-21-4811348 E.pk Mr. Exporter:Plastics Raw Material Importer:Plastics Raw Material and Chemicals Manuf:saeedco@super.Mail harma@cyber. North Karachi Industrial Area.Mail harisint@hot. Near Frere Market. Haris Jamil.pk M/s. Marriot Road.49/2-A. State Life Bldg. Korangi Indiustrial Area.Karaci Tel: 2275624 Fax: 2275627 Mr. Umar Farooq M/s. Jodia Bazar. M/s. Shershah.

Jodia Bazar.HAROON ELECTRIC ENTERPRISE Hanifa Manzil.HAROON & CO Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2275670-71 Fax: 92-21-2635682 E.3. Opp: HBL Napier Road Br. Tel: 2625695 Fax: 92-21-2620760 Mr. F.HAROON DAWOOD ASSOCIATES G-18.T. Tel: 2442017 Fax: 92-21-2414689 Mr.Mail harmaintextile_khi@yahoo. Haroon Umar Importer:Medicine M/s.HAROON ENTERPRISES Shop No. Adam Jee Dawood Road. Tel: 2419522. P.S.Karaci Tel: 2440700-2441385 Fax: 2430781 E. Tel: 32442017 Fax: 99-21-3241468 Haji Haroon. Kharadhar. Kharadhar. Zainab Bhola Mansion. North Napier Road.HAROON BROTHERS 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 2774645 Fax: 2731498 E.HAROON ABDUL SATTAR TRADING MR 5/85.pk Mr.com Mr.Mail hunaini47@yahoo. Tel: 2314588.B. Junaid Iqbal M/s. Area. 2414862 . Haroon Dawood Importer:Pulses & Grains M/s.Mail haroon_enterprises@hotmail.Near Denso Hall.Mail haroonbros@cyber. Opp: Aram Bagh.Mail nadeembhangda@yahoo.C.Tel: 6934656-6987620 Fax: 6934656 E. Muhammad Saeed M/s. Muhammed Nadeem M/s.HAROON ABDUL SATTAR Daryalal Street.HAROON ENTERPRISES B-644. Haroon Patel M/s. Karimjee Building. Daryalal Street. Tel: 34288388 E. M/s.7/43..HAROON EXPORT (PVT) LIMITED 45-C. Hussain Trade Centre.com Mr. 6. Jodia Bazar.com Mr. BR-1/20. G-5. Altaf Hussain Road.com Mr. Muhammad Omair M/s. Importer:Kiriyana Goods M/s.O.H.net. 2316594 Fax: 92-21-2316589 Mr.E. Muhammad Ibrahim Jafrani. New Challi. Block No.. Block-13.

A. Ground Floor. Muhammad Yasir Haroon Exporter:Knitted Garments M/s. Sector 12-C.HAROON TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD.com Mr.E.16/1. Tel: 4916615 Mr. Atif Haroon M/s. Products.I.Mail html@fascom.4-C-63. Jinnah Road. II. Dockyard Road.HAROON PACKAGES Plot No. Ghulam Nizamuddin.Karaci Mr.com Mr. Haroon Amin.HAROON OILS LTD.Mail atifbalagam@gmail.Karaci Tel: 36608933 Fax: 36621957 E. D-26. The Cotton Exchange. Importer:Elect. North KarachiKaraci Tel: 37087269 Fax: 36621957 E.com Shaikh Fazal Ahmed.HAROON FABRICS Shop#G-45. 24th Commercial Street.com Mr. Tel: 2562206.T.HAROON YOUSUF & COMPANY G-17. 1st Floor.I. A-26.Mail fazalahmeds@yahoo.HAROON OPTICALS Ground Floor. 2577730 Fax: 92-21-2561803 E. M. Phase 2 Ext.Haji Rahim Building Light House Cinema.Karaci Tel: 2215302 Mr. 3-7. S. Tel: 32310998 Fax: 92-21-2310421 Mr.Mail haroonimpexpk@yahoo. .HAROON MOTORS 15.HAROON GARMENTS Plot No. Main Tariq Road. Muhammad Munir M/s.Karaci Tel: 5391532 Fax: 92-21-5687619 E.Switches. Chundrigar Road. M. M/s. West Wharf Industrial Area. Fazal Ahmed Exporter:Fabric and Made Ups Importer:Dyes and Chemicals Manuf:Processing of Fabric M/s. A. Muhammad Haroon M/s.. DHA. Zahid Khan Exporter:Cloth Merchant M/s. Fatima Jinnah Colony.HAROON IMPEX Shop No.Mail haroongarment@gmail. Plot No. Nazimabad No-04.. Manghopir Road. Commercial Area.com Mr.E. Manuf:Lubricanting Oil M/s. Jinnah Road. New M. Cables & Accessories. M/s. Dubai Shopping Mall. I.

Business Centre.HASAN ALI INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED 220-230. Block No. Main Rashid Minhas Road.net.Mail karpak@cyberaccess. 2nd Floor.HARRIS ELECTRONICS 21-Rafiq Market. 5673974 Fax: 92-21-5680969 Syed Abul Hasan. Mohammad Toufiq Haroon Services:Real Estate Consultant and Commission Agent and Investor M/s.com.A. Block-8.com Mr. Panoprama Centre. Mumtaz Hassan Road.Karaci Tel: 5661959.HASAN ASSOCIATES (PVT) LIMITED P.1225.Plot J. M/s. Ismat Ahmed M/s.HASAN ENTERPRISE House No.0300-2141979 Fax: 92-21-6375594 .com Mr. Saleem Y. Building.pk Mr. 806-808-810-812.Mail taufiqharoom@hotmail.3. Fatima Jinnah Road. Tel: 6375594. Importer:General Goods M/s.pk Mr. Suit# 7. Jamshed Road. Near Blue Cross Lab. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.Karaci Tel: 34819995-96 Fax: 34964402 E.I. Fida Hussain M/s.Mail harvester_khi@hotmail. 32425879 Fax: 92-21-3241698 E. Clifton. Federal 'B' Area.HARUM PHARMA 12-F-1. Block-5.com Mr. Saddar. Exporter:Rice Importer:Industrial Machinery Equipment. 1st Floor. Accessoires.com Mr. Rizvi M/s. 32401896 Fax: 92-21-2428243 E.HAROON YUSUF AND BROTHERS lst Floor. Aleem Cenre. Spare and Consumable Stores M/s. Shajani.Mail harrisele2001@hotmail.Mail harumpharma@cyber. Afzal-ur-Rahman. Abdul Sattar Vayani M/s.HARVESTER SERVICES (PVT) LTD. Dean Arcade.M.Karaci Tel: 32423536.I. Aiwan-e-Saddar Road.Tel: 32419353. Tel: 35680284 Fax: 35223066 E.Karaci Tel: 34123011 Fax: 92-21-3412301 E.HARRAM KHUDDAM-E-HUJJAJ (PVT) LIMITED. Tel: 5686766. 5218688 Fax: 92-21-5683339 E.Karaci Tel: 5871228 Fax: 92-21-5870907 Mr.Mail khuddam-e-hujjaj@hotmail. 883 Binori Arcade. 8th Floor. Sohrab Khatrak Road. Navid H.

Mail info@hascombe.510. Park View Appartment Block-10. Red Whole Chillies. Fenugreck Seeds. Clifton..Karaci Tel: 7733938-40 Fax: 92-21-7762724 E. Area. Haseeb Hayat M/s. Importer:Fuel Oil M/s. M. 1st Floor.HASAN TRADERS 308. Chundrigar Road. Masood ul Hasan M/s.Mail arifurrehman60@yahoo.pk Mr. Shah Faisal Colony. Behind Motandas Market.HASCOMBE LUBRICANTS (PVT) LIMITED The Forum. Clifton.6. G-20. lst Floor.HASEEN HABIB TRADING COMPANY . Abdul Waheed M/s.Mail hasanmasood786@yahoo. Suit # 105-106.Mail bhimani@cyber.HASEEB IMPEX Room No.Karaci Tel: 35294751-53 Fax: 92-21-3529475 E.com Mr.com Mr. Chillies Powder Importer:All Sorts of Raw Pulses M/s. Uni Tower Building. Hasan Sheikh. Mumtaz Hassan Khan Exporter:Lubricating Oil and Greases Importer:Lubricating Oil and Greases Manuf:Lubricating Oil and Greases M/s. I.I. Suite#105-106.com Mrs. Khayaban-e-Jami Block-9.pk Mr.H.net.Mail hasbbe_hayat@hotmail.HASAN ENTERPRISES INTERNATIONAL 7C.com. Mohammad Jawed Bawany. Opp: City Court.HASEEB ALI STEEL TRADERS Office # 120.HASCOMB STORAGE LIMITED The Forum. Hussain Habib.Mr. Exporter:Rice. G-20. 5th Floor.Jinnah Road. Fennek Seeds.Mail info@hascombe. Dandia Bazar.Karaci Tel: 111-757-757 Fax: 92-21-3530135 E.1st Floor.A.com. Mezzanine Floor.Karaci Tel: 111-757-757 Fax: 92-21-5301351 E. M/s. E.com Mr. Mumtaz Hasan Khan. 31st Commercial Street.Mail shaikhoo@yahoo.pk Mr. Tauheed Comm.HASAN ENTERPRISES 2/610. M/s. Al-Rehmat Trade Centre. Khayaban-e-Jami Block 9.HASEEBA'S CREATIONS Flat No. Finished Pulses. Phase-V.A. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Tel: 4576056 E. Jilani centre. Haseeba Arif M/s.Karaci Tel: 2411107-9 Mr. D.Karaci Tel: 2410853 E.

HASHAM TOWEL Plot No.HASHIM TRADING CO.com Mr.net.HASHIM ABBA Shop No. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Moin A.12-L-R-7. Food Oil M/s. Razzak Exporter:Towels Manuf:Towels and products M/s. Campbell Street. 2444969 Fax: 92-21-2444737 E. Lal Mohammad Ch. Luxmidas Street. Sarfaraz Haroon.HASHMANI TRADERS . Exporter:Iron and Steel M/s. Fatima Manzil. Tel: 2428803. Muhammadi Cloth Market. Importer:Pulses.Mail mhhashmani@yahoo. Importer:Old Looms and Accessories M/s.Mail hashim_suleman@hotmail.Fire Alarm & Industrial Safety Eqpt M/s.Karaci Tel: 34541438. Mohammad Hashim M/s. lst Floor. Ginger M/s. Hill Park. Hashim Suleman. 2437359 Mr.HASHMANI INDUSTRIES Room # 3. 34521644 Fax: 92-21-4525654 E.H. Abdul Rauf. Tel: 5057896-97 Fax: 5057898 E.com Mr.com Mr..Karaci Tel: 2432949. Off: Shahrah-e-Faisal. 2210806 Fax: 92-21-2625887 E. Namco Centre. 2424957 Fax: 92-21-2410294 E.Karaci Tel: 7733154 Fax: 92-21-7734576 Mr. New Neham Road.20.Karaci Tel: 2623187.C. M/s. Importer:Polyester & Viscose Yarn.Mail faisalyt@cyber.Road. 3rd Floor. 6. Gawadar Road.HASHIM SULEMAN No.Fire Alarm & Industrial Safety Eqpt Manuf:Fire Fighting. Sector-24. Nishter RoadKaraci Tel: 2775945 Fax: 2775945 Mr. Off: Ireland Road.HASHIM LAKHANI & SONS Shop No.S. Block 7/8. Importer:Fire Fighting. Korangi Industrial Area. Ateeq-ur-Rahman Barry. Tasmia Arcade Soomro Street.Karaci Tel: 2477558. K.M. Cochinwala Market.Shams Chambers.9 & 12. Abdul Wahid.Mail hhashamtl@fascom. Garlec. 2. Abdul Karim Bhagani.126. Shop No.Mail asnmcnamco@hotmail.HASHIM TRADERS Room No.pk Mr.com Mr.

pk Mr. Muhammad Zahid M/s.A. North Karachi Industrial Area.HASHMAT TEXTILE INDUSTRIES Plot # 24.Office No.Mail hashoo@cyber.HASHMI ELECTRONICS Shop No.0333-8000830 Mr. Shop No.Mail zahidjee786@gmail.HASNAIN FASHION APPAREL INDUSTRIES.Karaci Tel: 6903227 Fax: 6903008 E.03212384835 Fax: 92-21-32858045 Mr. Shadman Town No.Karaci Tel: 6931334.Karaci Tel: 2725703 Fax: 92-21-2765704 Mr.Jinnah Road. 4912229 Fax: 92-21-4912229 E. Tel: 6991066 . Keamari. Cotton Exchange Building.2. Murtaza Hashwani.Karaci Tel: 4911885. Chundrigar Road.pk Mr. North Karachi.HASHMANI'S ENTERPRISES JM-55. Saddar. Rajab Ali Panjwani. Cotton Exchange Building. Sector 14-A. North Karachi Industrial Area. Elahi Centre. Nasir Mahmood Siddiqui M/s. Ejaz Hashmani M/s. New M.I.Karaci Tel: 2417713.Mail info@hashami-n-company.B-1. Sector 12-C. North Karachi. Madina (BAA) Appartment. I. R-665.HASHOO INTERNATIONAL 106. Exporter:Rice M/s.HASNAIN DRESS CO. Shadman Town.com Syed Muhammad Ejaz Ahmed Hashmi M/s.I. Sajjad Ahmad M/s. Napier Mules Mansion. 2417502 Fax: 92-21-2416844 E.net.HASHMI & COMPANY F-13.net.Mail hashoo@cyber.com Mr.13. Exporter:Rice Importer:Pulses M/s. Khurram Hasnain Amir Exporter:Ladies and childern garments Importer:leather garments Manuf:Garments M/s. CI-86. I.HASHOO INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 2415467. Sector 12-C. Mezzanine Floor. 2417713 Fax: 92-21-2416844 E. Tel: 6920814 Fax: 6920814 Mr. Mole Road. 1st Floor. Opp: Regal Trade Centre. TNT Flat. 1st Floor.2. Muslimabad. Chundrigar Road.Karaci Tel: 32858044. 1st Floor.

Gulshan-e-Wasim. Old Haji Camp.C.HASSAN ALI RICE EXPORT COMPANY 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 6924483-86 Fax: 92-21-6704139 Mr.net. Sector 24. Chundrigar Road. Exporter:Home Furnishing Textile products Manuf:Home Furnishing textile products M/s.Mr. M/s. Cotton Exchange Bldg.com Mrs. Buffer Zone. Off: Tariq Road. Adnan Motiwala.com Mr.Mail textile_towel@yahoo. Industrial Town Plaza. Hanif Parekh.Mail hashoo@cyber. Hassan Akhtar Khan.Karaci Tel: 2730946 Fax: 92-21-2730815 Mr.Mail haree_@hashgroup. Tel: 5062505.Karaci Tel: 8700354 Fax: 92-21-6976437 E. Cotton Exchange Building.HASSAN ALI & CO. (PVT) LTD.HASNAIN TEXTILES 105 Central Commercial Area.406. M/s. 2415284 Fax: 92-21-2416844 E. Plot # 88.I.I.Karaci Tel: 2417713. 106.E. Gabol Town. Sector 16-A. 5062508 Fax: 92-21-5060430 E.HASSAN AKHTAR KHAN CI-9. I.Karaci Tel: 2465388 Mr. Industrial Area.HASNI FABRIC (PVT) LTD.HASNAIN GROUPS OF COMPANIES Room No.Mail hasnifabric@yahoo. 4th Floor.com .H. North Karachi. I. Muzzamil Ahmed. Tel: 2412946-49 Fax: 92-21-2416725 E. R-173. Timber Market. 16B.. Exporter:Rice.Mail export@hasnaintextile.com Mr. P. Muhammad Shabbir Hussain M/s.HASSAN & HUSSAIN TOWEL CO. Farhad Mistry. Saleem Raza M/s.Karaci Tel: 4550618 Fax: 92-21-4554280 E. Exporter:Garment & Apparel Importer:Accessories.S. 10 Sector. Fabric Manuf:Garment Apparel M/s. First Floor. Korangi Industrial Area.HASSAM IMPEX Siddiq Wahab Road. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.pk Mr. Chundrigar Road. Importer:Wood M/s. Nazish Gulraiz Exporter:Cotton Terry Towels & Bath Robes M/s.

Phase-VI.HASSAN INTERNATIONAL L-61-62.com Mr. Sector 11-1.com Mr. Near Risala Police Station.Mail hassan_interprises@hotmail.Mail haihajjumrah@hotmail. 3rd Floor. M.LS-55.Mr. Block-10/A.HASSAN TRADING Plot No.associates. Near UP More. New Karachi. Abdullah A. Area. Defence Housing Authority. New Fatima Jinnah Colony. North Karachi. Asif Shamim Exporter:Garments and Hosiery M/s.HASSAN WEAVING MILLS AS-06.pk Syed Muhammad Shahid M/s. Hashwani.HASSAN MEDIA STORAGE C3C.Karaci Tel: 34131584-85 Fax: 92-21-3413158 E.Karaci Mr.HASSAN STEELS W02/7G1.B.HASSAN INDUSTRIES LA-8/19.Karaci Tel: 34837843 . Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Agriculture Products M/s. Tel: 6341717 Fax: 6367721 Mr. Sector 11/E. Jamshed Road.Mail hassan. Naveed Hassan M/s. North Karachi Industrial Area. Khayaban-e-Nishat.HASSAN ENTERPRISES 14-A.Karaci Tel: 6974322 Fax: 6924849 E.com Mr. Tel: 7762054. F. Shangrila Apptt. 7773908 Fax: 92-21-7735340 Mr.com.Mail fahad_saigal@hotmail. Ehsan-ul-Hassan M/s.Karaci Tel: 5344037-8 Fax: 92-21-5852993 E. Tel: 2621570-71 Fax: 2620826 E. Amin Mithani.Mail naveed@bestwipers. Namco Centre. sector 16-B.HASSAN ASSOCIATES Ground Floor.HASSAN USMAN INTERNATIONAL HAJJ Shop# 5. Zia ul Hassan M/s. M/s. Exporter:Bagge Rice.com Hafiz Zafar Ahmed M/s. Opp: Bara Imam. 2nd Floor. Nasir Ahmed Saigal Importer:CD Pouchs DVd box etc M/s.Karaci Tel: 6972465 Fax: 6313146 E. Gabol Town. Near Banori Town Masjid. Block-22. Campbell Street.B-321.

Mail saleemibm@cyber.Mail hasypk@hotmail..com Syed Zeeshan Hassn M/s. Darul Hina Building. Yousuf Surmawala.com Mr. Arif Hashwani.T. Mohammed Hassanali.HASY CORPORATION 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 2536115-2534728 Fax: 2541332 E.I. Near Burhani Hospital. Jodia Bazar. Alladina Street.Mail hassan. Muhammad Saleem M/s. 2nd Floor. Qayumabad. M/s.204.P. Zhuzar Millwala. Burhanuddin Road.pk Mr.net.Karaci Tel: 2521056 Fax: 92-21-2524960 Mr. Off: Manghopir Road. Daryalal Street. 1. Mehmood Ul Hassan Manuf:Herbal products M/s. Tel: 2627161 Fax: 92-21-2621552 E.HASY CORPORATION 12. M/s. Street-24. Nazimabad No.net. Tayab Jee Road.weavingmills@gmail. Jodia Bazar. S. Mohd.Al-Rehman Trade Centre Shahrah-e-Liaquat. Mango M/s.HATIMI CORPORATION NP 12/97. Items Importer:General Misc.Karaci Tel: 523177.E. Exporter:General Misc.HATUF TRADERS 1-E-4/3. Hill Street. Office # 203.Karaci Tel: 2610146 Fax: 92-21-2628279 E. Al Madina Centre. 528135 Mr. Exporter:Rice. Paper Market. Sector B. Ali Asghar M/s. Faiz Muhammad Fateh Ali Road. Chiragh Square. Saddar.E.HASSANALI & SONS N.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 4536750-59 Fax: 92-21-2573575 Mr. Syedna M. Mr. No.HATIMI INDUSTRIAL SERVICES & TRADING CO.Karaci Tel: 2418720 Fax: 92-21-2414565 Mr. Moazam Ali.HASSAN'S HERBAL PRODUCTS House No.HATIMBHOY ADAMJEE & SONS 1. Tajmahal Building.HASSANALI SONS A/44. 12/94.Mail saiger@super. Items M/s. M/s. Tel: 6621263 Fax: 92-21-7724223 .16.

Deans Shopping Mall. 33/4.Karaci Tel: 5873741-44 Fax: 92-21-5873745 E. Iqbal Saeed Exporter:Cotton Rags M/s.T-39.pk Mr. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s. Tel: 6934247 E. Exporter:Bed Linen /Garments Manuf:Bed Linen and Garments M/s.com . Mohammad Yahya.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 0321-2083534 Mr.HAYAT & SHAH TRADING CO.HAWK INTERNATIONAL Suite No. Iqbal Esbhani M/s. Asaish Appartment Block-16.A. Lucknow Cloth Market.Mail info@hawacables.Mail haya_enterprises.107. Muhammad Asif Ansari. Jinnah Road.HAY'S (PVT) LIMITED A-33(c) Textile Avenuen.com Mr. 3rd Floor. Sector 11-E.HAYAT COMPUTERS 204. Lower Ground Floor.4/2. Phase-1. PECHS.com Mr. SITE. Tel: 2569152-53 Fax: 2568388 E.HAYAT FABRICS Shop No. M/s. Sector 15.Karaci Tel: 5654203 Mr. Shop No.HAYAT INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.HAYA ENTERPRISES B-40. North Karachi. Tel: 5063326 Fax: 92-21-5066008 E.net. Hayatullah M/s.net. Clifton. Sher Zaman. Korangi Industrial Area.E.com. Gulistan-e-Jauher. Saddar.HAWA CABLES (PVT) LIMITED F-2-V.Mail msaleem16@hotmail.HAYA ENTERPRISES A-19. Fatima Jinnah Road. Clifton Centre. M.Mail info@hawkint.pk Mr. Main Tariq Road.yahoo.Mail hatuf@cyber. Shahid Zia. Sikahnder Hayat M/s.pk Mr. Tel: 2574294 Fax: 2574295 E.Mail hays@hays. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4251263-4 Fax: 92-21-4836838 E. Block-5. Wajahatullah Khan M/s.Karaci Tel: 2629027 Mr. Panorama Centre. SITE. Anarkali Complex.net.Mail shayat@cyber.

Khan Afsar Exporter:Fresh Fruits and Gen. itm M/s. Sleeper (Woven/Textile Item) Manuf:100% Cotton Terry Towels. Block-B. Exporter:Textile Waste.pk Mr. Korangi Industrial Area.6. Bath Mats.pk M/s. AzamBasti.492. Bath Mats.HAZARA ENTERPRISES Room No. Exporter:gulfazte@cyber. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Shaukat Hayat. Abdul Samad M/s. Exporter:Textile Manuf:Yarn M/s. Nasiwan Tareen M/s. Muhammad Hammad Yousuf.net.Mail hazrat@sat. Washing Gloves. Bath Robes.net.Plot No. Muhammad Junaid Kamdar. Tel: 32569213-15. E.HAYSONS INDUSTRIES F/554. Street No.HAZUR BUKHSH & CO 125-Hoor Centre. Tel: 32401668 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35381910 Fax: 92-21Mr.Karaci Tel: 5063326 Fax: 92-21-5066008 Sh.32574730 Fax: 92-21-32574731 E.HAYAT TRADING AND INDUSTRIAL INTL ENTERPRISES (PVT) LIMITED 33/4. Napier Road.Mail haysons@cyber. Exporter:100% Cotton Terry Towels. Muhammad Khalid Ahmedani. Lane-2. Shaukat Hayat. Washing Gloves. Hosiery Rags and Towels M/s.HAZRAT TRADERS Plot# 67-68. M/s. Sleeper (Woven/Textile Item) M/s.I. S. Mian Chambers. Bath Robes.T. Baldia Town.Sh.HEALTH & HYGIENE PRODUCTS . Shahrah-e-Liaquat.pk Mr. Khyber Hayat Importer:Kiryana Store M/s. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.Karaci Tel: 4386410 Fax: 92-21-4559817 E. Naz Chamber.net.E.204. Rashidabad.com Mr.HAYAT SUPER STORE Shop No. SITE. Tel: 2433149 Fax: 92-21-2418128 Mr.. Tel: 35213747 Fax: 92-21-35684890 Mr.1. Sector 15.HAZBI CHEMICALS 12.Mail hazur_bukhsh@live.HAYAT JEWELLERS Hotel Mehran.

716.net.fmer@hotmail.HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORATION & CONSTRUCTION CO.Mail htl@cyber. Khalid Anwar Sheikh Exporter:Paper and Paper Board M/s. Importer:Medical. Shahrae Firdousi. Zeeshan Soomro M/s.SB-18.HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS CORPORATION ST-2B. University RoadKaraci Tel: 4965665.Karaci Tel: 32625526 Fax: 32636440 E. 32726854 Fax: 92-21-32726854 E.Farah Centre.Karaci Tel: 35437852.HEALTH CARE SURGICAL Suite # 29.HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT PAKISTAN Room No.C.. Block-6 P. Dental Equipment Material.HEALTHTEK (PVT) LIMITED 41-Q.Block-13C Gulshan-e-Iqbal.com Syed Khalid Jamal M/s. Muhammad Ikram Khan Exporter:Electro Medical Equipments surgical Importer:Electro Medical Equipments M/s.com Mr.net.com Mr. M/s.H.HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS INT (PVT) LIMITED.Suite 1C 1st Floor.com Mr.Mail info@hcmpakistan.Karaci Tel: 5391561-4 Fax: 92-21-5391565 E. SITE Tel: 32560911-13 Fax: 32562570 E.pk Mr.Mail draltamash@cyber.HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS 1st Floor. M/s. Near Anklesaria Hospital. 82-C.HEB INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS . Al-Noor Centre.Mail freedomhhp@yahoo.com Mr.Mail khan. Rizwan Nazim M/s. 2628908 Fax: 92-21-2629716 E.Mail hcs5pk@yahoo. Ovais Shamim Importer:Raw Packing & Finished Pharma Manuf:Finished Pharma products M/s.net.A-17/B. Clifton. 4986321 Fax: 92-21-4821576 E.pk Mr. Altaf Hussain Road. Trader Tower.S. 11th Comm Street Phase-II Extension. 7th Floor. Tel: 2625979.Mail hetcopak@hotmail. Hasrat Mohani Road. Block-3. Tariq Mumtaz.E. Zia Plaza.Karaci Tel: 5874070-71 Fax: 92-21-5874074 E.pk Dr.Mail seconaz@cyber. Mohammad Altamash. Defence Housing Authority. Randal Road. Tel: 4391046-47 Fax: 92-21-4391048 E.

Tel: 32774749. Block-2.I.HELIUM (PVT) LIMITED 2-C.Mail helixpharma@cyber. 1st Floor. North Napier Road.Mail info@karwanehejaz.Mail info@helium. 716.pk Mr.Mail hmsc@khi. Lane-13. Saad M. Chundrigar Road.) M/s.Mail hegge@cyber.205. West Wharf Road.I. PECHS Office Complex.Mail hlnic@cyber. Khayaban-e-Shujat.O. M.206. Ebrahim Building. Block-5. Services:Ship Supplier M/s. Anum Classic.pk Brig.A.net. Faisal Mehmood Siddiqui M/s. Hoor Centre. Umair Yousuf M/s. (PAKISTAN) (PVT) LTD State Life Building No. 32721623 Fax: 92-21-32733327 Mr.com Mr.compak. Bokhari Comm. Chundrigar Road. Shehzad Rasool M/s. Baig (Retd. Nawazish Ali Hakim Exporter:Pharmaceuticals Products Importer:Pharma Raw Materials Manuf:Pharmaceuticals Products M/s. Tel: 4557845-46 Fax: 92-21-4552336 E.HELLENIC MARINE SUPPLY CO.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2418887.net. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal. I. I. Tel: 4381883 Fax: 4321544 E. Phase-VI.net. 1st Floor. PECHS. Uni Plaza.Karaci Tel: 5350020-5 Fax: 92-21-5350077 E. Islamuddin.HELIX PHARMA (PVT) LIMITED A/56.com Mr. Services:Crew/Seaman on Greek Vessels M/s. 1-A. 6. P.Karaci Tel: 2426674-76 Fax: 92-21-2418466 E.Mail info@heb_group. Clifton.HECOTEX Room No. DHA.Karaci Tel: 2310133 Fax: 92-21-2310135 E. Ali M/s.Karaci .HEGGE & CO.Area.com Mr. Manghopir Road. Tel: 2570182-83 Fax: 2564393 E. Shakil Ahmed Khan. SITE.pk Mr.HEJAZ-E-MOQADDUS INTERNATIONAL E/C.HELLMANN WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS (PVT) LIMITED D-38.HELLENIC SHIPPING AGENCIES (PVT) LTD. Box # 4909. 2430798 Fax: 92-21-2420733 E.

Nihal M/s.henkel.HERITAGE D-234. Sector 5. Tel: 111-503-111 Fax: 92-21-5044263 E.Mail info@pak.Karaci Tel: 5422994 Mr.HENKEL INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVES PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED.Karaci Tel: 34989066 Fax: 92-21-4974105 E. Tel: 4949374 Mrs. New Karachi. Kashif Centre. Tel: 5660920-22 Fax: 92-21-5682381 Mrs.HERBAL WORLD 1-6/15.Mail hermainfoods@cyber.com Mr. Fatima Jinnah Colony. Sector 11-E. Muhammed Shoaib Exporter:Towel M/s. Sector 28.CAPT.HERMAIN FOODS INTERNATIONAL H.Tel: 5860106 (6 Lines) Fax: 92-21-5860107 E.Mail info. Exporter:naaz@cyber.com Mr. Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road. Sector 5-F. Shireen Shahid Aga M/s. Asad S. M.net.ORG Capt. Zia Alam. North Nazimabad. North Karachi. Wazir Mansion. Mahira Shafi M/s. Muhammad Shahbaz Sair M/s.No-8. Atir Mahmood Ali M/s.HELPERCO (PVT) LIMITED 701.Karaci Tel: 36998532 Fax: 6998532 E.net. Office 49.com Mr. Block-131.Mail shahbaz.HERITAGE TRADING B-308. M/s.pak@herbion.sair@in. Block-W. Fax: 5065455 Ms.Karaci Tel: 32424429 E. Plot # 30. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.pk .hellmann.HENDERSON INTERNATIONAL PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED B/28. KDA Scheme # 1-A. M/s. Sharea Faisal.net Mr. Nadeem Khalid.HERBS INTERNATIONAL A-42.pk Importer:Toys and General Items M/s.HERBION PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.ALAM@HENDERSONGROPUP. Tel: 6619446 E. Korangi Industrial Area. Block-10-A.Mail atiralvi@yahoo.Mail PAK. Korangi Industrial Area. Amna Zia.

Korangi Industrial Area. Block-6. 43.HI KNIT (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.Mail hesamsons@hotmail. Al Rehman Trade Centre. Ali Akbar Importer:Motor cycle parts and Vehicles part Manuf:Hardware bolt and Sheet matel parts M/s.Karaci Tel: 5689022-66 Fax: 5689063 E.HI TECH QUALITY INDUSTRIES No. Shahrah-e-Faisal.solir.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. . 4-C.Mail hermain@cyber. Shamshadul Haque M/s.2624251 E.HI TEC IMPEX 209.com Mr. Shan Chowrangi.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 2415644 Fax: 2425644.Mr. PECHS.net. St-2/8.net. Civil Lines. 8/2. Raees Ahmad Siddique M/s. Sarwar Shaheed Road. Nazimabad.HERMETIC SEALS 2-B. Block-2. Sector-16. Faisal Alamgir Importer:Artificial Leather & Sports goods M/s.Mail alichongging@hotmail. Ahmed Nadeem Exporter:Packaging & Allied Machines Manuf:Designers. New Challi.Karaci Tel: 34302718-9 Fax: 92-21-4302718 E.Mail hermeticsales@cyber. Tel: 6960500-01 Fax: 92-21-6908373 E.Mail hexengco@gmail. Beaumont Plaza.HI TECH ENGINEERING WORKS 1/6-E.HESAM & SONS M-50. Nazimabad.3.com Mr. Tel: 6685679 Fax: 92-21-6685683 Mr.Karaci Tel: 6608238 Fax: 92-21-6608248 E. 10-Beaumont Road.HEXAGON ENGINEERING COMPANY. Samia Ahmed M/s.pk Mr.com Syed Jawed Mustafa M/s. Fabricators Packaging M/s.com Ms. Iqbal Ahmed.5. Sector 12-D.HERMAIN TRAVEL (PVT) LIMITED 255-A. Qasim Malik Exporter:Dry dates M/s.Karaci Tel: 2044859 Fax: 4231456 E.Mail hiknit@pk. 9-Shafiq Plaza.Mail alamgirf@fascom.net. North Karachi Industrial Area. Tel: 5686165-5682564 Fax: 92-21-5682450 E.

Tower. Tel: 2620387.Karaci Tel: 4930098 Fax: 92-21-4930435 . Hilton Road. Mansoor Ahmed M/s.HI TECH SHIPPING (PVT) LIMITED Office # 3.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2205065 E. Akhlaq Ali Khan.HI TEX TRADERS Office # 111.Near Nayabad Post Office.HI-LIGHT COMPUTER Shop No.HI TEX EXPORTS B-601.com Mr.HI-SEAFOODS Suite # B-109.P.Mail hiseafoods@hotmail. items Manuf:Garments M/s. Saddar.com. I.Mail acc@fspl. Allana Road. Opp: Saint Joseph College.Mail frazali02@yahoo. Estate Avenue.M/s. Exporter:Engineering Finished goods Importer:Tools and Workshop Equipment Services:Engineering Consultancy Service M/s. Cambridge Computer Mall. Kashif Unnoor. Shahrah-e-Liaquat. G.net.Karaci Tel: 32588529 Fax: 92-21-32588528 E. Suite # G-1. Chundrigar Road. SITE.Karaci Tel: 35303026-27 Fax: 99-21-3530302 E. KhaddaKaraci Tel: 2045143 Fax: 92-21-2545042 E. Upper Ground.Mail hitex@cyber.HI-TECH EQUIPMENT (PVT) LTD.com Mr. Mohammad Aslam Exporter:Seafoods Importer:Seafoods/Garments M/s.pk Mr. State Life Building No-7. E-31/B. Exporter:Garments Textile Pharma Importer:Gen.Karaci Mr. Continental Trade Centre. Tel: 2210747 Fax: 92-21-2210748 E.com Syed Amir Aziz M/s. Clifton. 3/49.58-59. Abid Chambers. Ground Floor. Ground Floor. C. Muhammad Razi Exporter:Rice M/s.Berar Cooperative Housing Society.Mail hitecheq@super. lst Floor.HI-MARKS TRAVEL G-81. 1st Floor. Saima Trade Towers.I. Eidgah Dar-ul-Uloom.net. 614. 2633253 Fax: 92-21-2628296 E. Anam Traders Centre. Main Alamgir Road. Jamil Ahmed M/s.Mail amir@hitextraders.HIBA BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS 66/3.pk Mr.

Mail hibabuilders@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 4802235-36 Fax: 92-21-4802275 E.HIBA TRAVEL SERVICES Office # CB-35. Jodia Bazar. Ground Floor. II-B-10. Saddar. SITE.Karaci Tel: 35212749 Mr.HIGHHOPE TRADERS Room-4. Scheme-33.HIGH RISE IMPEX (PVT) LIMITED 10-C.1. New Karachi.Housing Society. Exporter:Garments Manuf:Garments M/s. Near Gulbai Chowk. Khadija Appartments.Karaci Tel: 7705254 E. Sector 11G. Saforah Goth.HIDAYAT JEWELLER Room No. 2569405 Fax: 92-21-5684255 Mr. Abdul Wahid Kath Services:Travel & Tours M/s. Feroz Street. Dagli Centre. Abdul Haseeb Khan Importer:CNG Equipment M/s. Abid Ali M/s.Mail abid_ali_aleel@yahoo.Mail highviewspk@yahoo. Mauripur Road. Main University Road.Mail hibatravel_786@hotmail. Ittehad Commercial. Muhammad Ali.com Mr. Mohd. Hassan Centre Apptt. 1st Floor. VI. Bohri Bazar.HIGH SPEED (CNG) SERVICE STATION Plot No. Gulshan-eIqbal.Karaci Tel: 2577546.HIGH VISION MARKETING NETWORK A-1/37.E.Karaci Tel: 6687539 Fax: 92-21-6686099 E. Tel: 6975921 Fax: 92-21-6931525 Mr.Mail asinjamil@hotmail.Karaci Tel: 35342922-33 Fax: 35342955 E. Khayaban-e-Nishat. Al-Muslim Co.Karaci Tel: 2416410. Real Building.HIGH CHOICE FABRICS Plot# 122-A/17.com Mr. DHA. 3rd Floor. Muhammad Shoaib M/s.com Mr..com Mr. Asim Jamil Exporter:Rice M/s. Block-16.op.27. Nazimabad-2. 2433897 Fax: 92-21-2435713 . Sector 34-A. Jehangir Hanifi M/s.com Mr. MR-7/28. Hidayat Ali Farooqui Exporter:Gems and Jewellery M/s.HIGH VIEWS DESIGNS SB-130.

HIGHWAY'S CREATION (PVT) LTD. Sector-7A. Salim.HIGHWAY ENGINEERS Office No. Plot No. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Exporter:Import of Cowhide Chemicals Importer:and Machinery Manuf:Export of Leather Garments .net.net. 6361138 Fax: 7768149. Zero Mile.Mail trustee@cyber. Sector 27. Muhammad Asif Iqbal M/s. Korangi Industrial Area.39.Karaci Tel: 34557090 Fax: 92-21-34554223 Mr. Exporter:Glass Products Importer:General Commodities Manuf:Glass Balls (Glass Marbles) M/s. Tel: 5054502 Fax: 92-21-5054501 Mr.14.Karaci Tel: 7768150. Muhammad Arif M/s.E.Karaci Tel: 5639700-2 Fax: 92-21-5639703 Mr.pk Mr. Suleman Sadruddin Essa. Clifton. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.net.HIGHLAND ASSOCIATES B-3. 1st Floor.Karaci Tel: 36125816 Fax: 36675655 E. Osif Centre.63603 E. Scheme-33.Mail highnessint@cyber. Rabi Centre. Nafis Ahmed.HIGHSIGN ENTERPRISES Office # A-2.Mail simex@super. Mohammad Danish.HIGHWAY TRADING COMPANY F-21/A.com Mr. Tel: 4131564 Fax: 92-21-5071195 E.pk Mr. Super Highway. Block-13/B.HIGHWAY SILK CENTRE Shop No. 2nd Floor. Block-13-A.HIGHNESS INTERNATIONAL Plot# 187. Islamic Plaza.Karaci Tel: 4991332-3 Fax: 92-21-4991334 Mr. Mukesh Kumar Exporter:Bitchumen Importer:Bitchmen Gold & Jewellery M/s. Importer:Industrial Raw Material M/s. Tariq Road. Al-Asif Square.pk Mr. Korangi Industrial Area. First Floor. Mohd. 347.Mail highsign_eng@hotmail. 1st Floor. Hamesh Gul M/s. Importer:Tyres and Tubes M/s. Glass Tower.

HILAL ASSOCIATES ST-13/7.T.net.507-8. Naseem Ali Muhammad Munshi M/s.HILAL WEAVING MILLS ST-13/7.. Block-2.I. Saddar. Near Abdullah Shah Ghazi. Sanitary Ware. M/s.com Mr. Tel: 6371998. Main 26th Street. Tel: 516516. Nisar Ahmed Exporter:Refactorty products Importer:Refactory products Manuf:Refactory material M/s.HILAL VISION M-II 708.net. Clifton Centre.M/s.Karaci Tel: 5872701-6 Fax: 92-21-5873416 E. M/s. Exporter:Readymade Garments Manuf:Readymade Garments M/s.Mail hilalvision@yahoo. Clifton. Hameed Karim. Clifton.HILAL CONFECTIONERY (PVT) LTD. Tel: 6377347 . S. Importer:Tiles.Mail himpex@cyber. Bath Room Accessories. Kitchen Accessoires.HILAL AGENCIES 18/2. Block-4.comsats. 5210266 Fax: 92-21-5682117 E. Bath Tubs.Mail goldth@fascom. F-195. Tel: 2569186 Fax: 92-21-2581846 E.Mail hijaz@cyber.pk Mr. Street # 5. A. Tel: 2562240-41 Fax: 92-21-2573739 Mr.213. S.net. Scheme 16. Room No. Korangi Industrial Area. Exporter:Knitted Garments Manuf:Knitted Garments M/s. Abdul Razzaque. Shershah Colony. Sector-23.E. Federal 'B' Area. Iqbal Ahmed.Mail zaffar@hilalcandy. Muhammad Hilaluddin M/s.HIJAZ CERAMICS Plot No. Tel: 35050067-68 Fax: 92-21-5206093 E.com Mr. 6326635 Fax: 92-21-6313253 E.pk Mr. Mohammad Jawaid Hilaly. Block-D.Mail ascoiat@khi. Zaibun Nisa Street.HILAL IMPEX F-40/3/A.Karaci Tel: 5823491-2 Fax: 92-21-5823493 E.com Mr. S. Porceline Tiles. Federal 'B' Area. Block-2.pk Mr.HILAL TEXTILE MILLS (PVT) LTD.

Khalid Khan Tareen M/s. Hassaan Iqbal M/s. Shahrah-e-Iraq.HILTON JEWELS COLLECTION Near Murshid Bazar. B-61. Sector-24. Fahimuddin M/s. North Nazimabad. Beaumont Road. Muhammad Iqbal M/s. H. Hina Anis Exporter:Ready made Garments .HILTON INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.com Mrs. KDA Scheme# 1. 1st Floor.6.Mail cyclewicks@cyber. Tel: 35052996/97 Fax: 92-21-3505443 E.Karaci Tel: 2638071-73 Fax: 92-21-2637466 E. Variawa Building. Exporter:Cotton Wicks Manuf:Webbing Cotton Wicks M/s.tareen@hill-assoc. Shakeel Ahmed.com Mr.Mail anjumscollection@yahoo.HILTI PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Plot No. Opp: Lakhani Centre.HINA CREATIONS A-174.HILL & ASSOCIATES PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED. Tel: 34376008 Fax: 92-21-34395835 E. Importer:Pharmaceutical Raw Material Manuf:Medicine M/s.HIM INTERNATIONAL Office # A-147.com Mr. Progressive Plaza.Mail himaliya@himaliyapackages. Chundrigar Road.Mail imranali@panasiangroup. SITE.Mail himinti@yahoo. Block-4. Gulistan-e-Johar. Malik.pk Mr. 801-804.Karaci Tel: 32042497 E.com Mr. Korangi Industrial Area. Mohammad Farooq.Mail khalid. I.Fax: 92-21-6313253 E.com Mr.pk Mr. Block-L. Tel: 2002684 E. Decent Villas.net. Tel: 2568294-5 Fax: 2571814 E. Shahbaz Y.HILTON PHARMA (PVT) LTD. Moaz Mohiuddin M/s. Importer:Electrical Parts and Finished Items M/s.net.I.Karaci Tel: 5656531-36 Mr.Karaci Tel: 35671100 Fax: 92-21-35671200 Mr. 8th Floor.HIMALIYA PACKAGES (PVT) LIMITED F-196. Saddar.Mail hilton_shs@set.

Hashim Chhotany.HINA IMPEX Plot No. Block-A.HINA IMPORT & EXPORT Suite # 721-725. Block # 09. Zia-ur-Rehman. M/s.HINA HERITAGE HANDICRAFTS 670. 4384362 Fax: 92-21-2418337 E.Mail hinaimpex@khi. Talpur Road.T.HINA IMPEX 147.Karaci Tel: 2735757 Fax: 92-21-2227427 . Room # 5.HINA EXPORTS C-84. Rahat Aamir Khan Importer:Heavy Construction Machinery M/s. 1st Floor. Gulbai.H.Karaci Tel: 2411745.net.S. Exporter:Rice & Pulses.Karaci Tel: 6313933 Fax: 92-21-6335669 Mr.Mail hussainaliratnani@hotmail.I. Federal 'B' Area. Exporter:Terry Towe. Younus. Main Estate Avenue.E.CS-3. K.pk Mr. Importer:Milk Powder & Copra (Coconut) Manuf:Processors & Packers of Rice M/s. Curtain Fabrics. Bombay Life Building.pk Mr. Preedy Street.com M/s. Abdul Rahim Janoo. KDA Scheme-33. Readymade Garments.net.Karaci Tel: 4539977.HINA ENTERPRISES 118-A. Saddar.wo1. Fabrics Allsorts.Mail jano@cyber.com Mr. Adamjee Nagar.C. Latif Cloth Market.M/s. S.HINA ENTERPRISES 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 36363504 Fax: 36363112 E. Hussain Ali. Super Auto Parts Market.Karaci Tel: 2594090-92 Fax: 92-21-2570519 E. Beedsheets & Upholstry.net.s. Sohrab Goth. Exporter:Fabrics Manuf:Fabrics M/s...pk Mrs. Dastagir Society. 2415329 Fax: 92-21-2410894 E.Mail sleepnstyle@cyber. Exporter:Wppdem Furniture M/s. Tel: 2436232 Fax: 92-21-2433320 Mr. M. Importer:mtchandiwala@yahoo. Next to Masjid Al-Razak. Regal Trade Square.

8th Floor. M/s. Muhammad Yasin Malik. Tel: 2581302 Mr. 5th Street.109.T. Phase-7. Services:Clearing and Forwarding Agents M/s.Mail hinaimran@gmail. 4th Floor. Manghopir Road. Tel: 2311369.Karaci Tel: 2037003 Mr. 11th St. Uni Centre. Muhammad Aslam Saeed. .Mail hiraintl@khi. Clifton Centre. M/s. Street No. Mehfooza German M/s.HINOVEX PHARMA 801. Defence Housing Authority.pk Mrs.HIRA INTERNATIONAL 76-B/2.Mail info@hinopak.Karaci Tel: 35343988 Fax: 32570519 E.HIRA TEXTILES 402. S. Muhammad Islam Lodhi Exporter:Furniture Importer:Machinery Manuf:Furnitures M/s. Fasihul Karim Siddiqi. Khayaban-e-Badar.E. Machi Miani Market. 1st Floor.HINA IMRAN 75/1.HINOPAK MOTORS LIMITED D-2. 17th Lane.HINA TRADING (PVT) LIMITED Room No.wai.net. DHA.25784 E.com Mrs.HIRA INTERNATIONAL Shop No..Karaci Tel: 5844438 E. 1st Floor. Muhammad Jamal Qureshi M/s.HINAN BROTHERS 8. Zarqa Jawed.Mst. 804 & 817. Khayaban-e-Shahbaz. Bath Island.com Mr. Huang Chang M/s.Karaci Tel: 5656531 Mr. Khyaban-e-Roomi.Karaci Tel: 5360563-65 Fax: 92-21-5360579 Mr. 2202324 Fax: 92-21-2316394 Ch. Progressive Plaza.HING FAT TRADING COMPANY 41-B.1. Gulshan-e-Faisal. Hina Imran M/s. Clifton.I. Exporter:Hino Buses & Trucks Importer:CKD Kits of Hino Vehicles Manuf:Hino Automotive Vehicles M/s. Shershah. Beaumont Road. Tel: 2563510-9 Fax: 2563028.10. Kharadar.

Block-7. Centrifugal pump Importer:Sub Mersible pumps. 2313574 Fax: 5073105. Tel: 2431593 Fax: 92-21-2426624 E. Amir Saeed Merray M/s.HMAG IMPEX WSB-ST-44/1. Korangi Industrial Area.HKD COTTON PAKISTAN 107-C.Karaci Tel: 35060485-7 Fax: 35060488-9 . Centrigful Manuf:Sub Mersible pumps M/s. Bombay Life (Minarates) Bldg.com Mr.Mail hmafactory@cyber. Chundrigar Road. 2413197 Fax: 92-21-2424017 E. Korangi Industrial Area.1-6/1. Jilani Centre..Karaci E. Hussain Ali M/s. Ground Floor. Tel: 5061880. 2nd Floor.net. Tel: 6321488 Mr. Federal 'B' Area. Federal 'B' Area.I. Tel: 6377437 Mrs. Sector-23.HNC CORPORATION Plot No. Ali Akram Sultan Exporter:Sub Mersible pump. Exporter:Cotton Yarn/Textile Goods M/s.A.A. Shaheen Ilyas Sarvana. Sadia Mansoor M/s. Exporter:Tobacco & Furniture Importer:Offset Paper M/s. Block-2. Fazal-ur-Rehman. 2nd Floor.Mail hoosencotton@hotmail.199.2310601 E. Muhammad Rizwan.HMA PUMPS (PVT) LIMITED Plot No.Mail silyas@super.rsm@hotmail.com Mr. 2415329 Fax: 92-21-2410894 Mr.20/1. Sector-5.I.Mail rased@khi.HIRA TEXTILES W. M/s. PECHS. Importer:Iron & Steel.HIRI JAAN & COMPANY B-1. Opp: Memon Masjid. Off: M. Jinnah Road. Opp: Custom House. Talpur Road.Karaci Tel: 2413424.Jinnah Rd.net.HMI PAKISTAN Office # 05.pk Mr.S. Block-2. Ahmed Haji Musa M/s. Off: M.HISSON TRADING CORPORATION 7.Karaci Tel: 2411745.com Mr.Mail amir.compol. Khalid Bin Waleed RoadKaraci Tel: 4525101 Fax: 4520408 E.pk Mr. Jumbo Centre.

Abdullah Haroon Road.Mail hnj28@hotmail.samsong. Abid Chambers. 5050072 Fax: 92-21-5050140 Mrs. Pervaiz Ahmed Tanvir.E.HNJ INTERNATIONAL C-1.com Mr.Karaci Tel: 021-6366321 Fax: 021-5448008 E. 319. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.HOLIDAY GENIE COM S-107. Moidul Hassan Manuf:Food items M/s. Liaquat Ali Jamali Exporter:Gems and Jewellery Manuf:Gems and Jewellery M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Shahra-e-Faisal.Mail habibfoods@habiboil.E-7/C-7. Defence H.com Mr. Sohrab Goth Super Market . Tel: 2621205. Mahmood Hassan Road Block-6. 27th Street.Mail injo@hnccorporation.HOME CARE PRODUCTS 38-Darul Aman Society. Tel: 35654282-83 Fax: 92-21-5655030 E.Karaci Tel: 5050108. Muhammad Umer Lakhani Importer:Electronics M/s. PECHS. Plot No. Tel: 34388295-7 Fax: 34388294 E.Mail import@net. Industrial Area. Dr. Block 7 & 8.com Mr.deluxe-packages. Tel: 2783491. Sea Breeze Plaza.com Mr. 6921357 Fax: 92-21-6954358 .Karaci Tel: 6976206.Karaci Tel: 5876440 Fax: 92-21-5876440 E. 2215745 Fax: 92-21-2633034 E. Tauheed Commercial Phase-V. Muhammad Shahzad Exporter:Specially in Earth Moving Heavy Eqp M/s.Mail nmsiam@hotmail.Mail imranbutt@holidaygenie.HOM QUALITY FOODS (PVT) LTD. Authority. Pak Post Office Society. 42-S.com Mr.com M/s.com Mr. M/s. Imran Butt M/s.HOME & KITCHEN ELECTRICAL CO. Gabol Town. Mumtaz Begum Importer:www.net Mr. SCH#33. Muhammad Rafiq Importer:Kitchen and Domestic appliances M/s.HOME & GENERAL APPLIANCES COMPANY 5/30. 2788643 Fax: 92-21-2788345 E. Madina City Mall. Sector 16.HOME CONCEPTS CA 421 to 426.HOINTRA CORPORATION PAKISTAN CS-19.Mail hgapp@gerrys.

Mohammad Saleem Shakoor Exporter:House Hold Textiles Manuf:Textiles M/s.net. KDA Scheme-33. Gulzar-e-Hijri..Karaci Tel: 5801535 Fax: 92-21-5888833 E. Jamal Abdul Nasir M/s. DHA. Plot No.Karaci Tel: 6338477. Commercial Area A. Green Town. Metroville-III.Mail phil@cyber.HOME TEXTILE A-1971. 24-C. Zojan Muhammad M/s.HOME TEX St-5.Karaci Tel: 32852893/32850967 Fax: 92-21-3285144 E.HOME HEAVEN INTERNATIONAL MC-586.net.pk Syed Adeel Amin Importer:Kitchen Cabnits and Applicances M/s.com. Keamari.Karaci Tel: 35341230 Mr.Mail adeel@hometrends.pk Mr. Shah Faisal. Yusoof Yacoob Bawa. Tel: 2021682 Mr. Muhammad Amin Exporter:Bed wares Manuf:Grey Fabrics M/s. Phase-V Ext. Badar Commercial.HOME PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Metroville SITE. Kothari House. S. 19/2. Rehman House. Tel: 32057671 Fax: 32057671 E.Mail sibte1109@hotmail.HOME FUSION D-240. Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Metroville.. Defence Housing Authority.O. Shershah.I.nt.P. Block-B.com.HOME TRENDS 60-C. Phase-II.pk Mr.pk Mr. Opp: B. 4645035 E. . 174/1. Saba Avenue.Mail saleemst1@cyber.HOME TEXTILES M-II.T.E.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 0321-8223677 Fax: 92-21-2560975 E.HOME VIDEO Shop No. Commercial Block-4.Mail info@homefusion.Karaci Tel: 7735417. SITE.HOMECARE TEXTILES D-115. Block-II.Mail hometextiles@cyber. Fakhar ul Islam M/s. Shafi Tannery Road.E. M/s. 0300-2320009 Fax: 92-21-6761840 Mr.com Syed Sibte Moattar Naqvi M/s.4.. Muhammad Uzair Exporter:Home Textile M/s.I.

Gulshan-e-Iqbal.S.HONG KONG FASHION Miran Naka. Kimura.Karaci Tel: 5804390. T.M. Jersey Bedding. Salim Zakaria. 2nd Floor. Exporter:Home Textile Made Ups. Muhammed Shahid Ansari M/s. Wali Centre.6.Mail happlpak@cyber.Mail hmpk@cyber.Karaci Tel: 32310717-8.pk Mr. SB-6. PECHS.Mail textiletechno@cyber. . Defence Housing Authority. Punjab Road. Towels and Bath Robes Importer:Packing Material Impot against Export Item Manuf:Jersey.pk Mr. Exporter:Import Export of Honda Genertors.Mail homcrtex@fascom.HOMETECHS Suite No.pk Mrs. Street-14.Phase-II.Tel: 2563025. 2563026 Fax: 99-21-3256302 E.0300-2199196 Fax: 92-21-5804390 E.net. Petrol & Kerosene Water Pumps. Honda Power Products Sales M/s. Importer:Petrol. Mumtaz Bano M/s. Block-13/C.com Mr. Petrol & Kerosene General Purpose Engine.com Mr.pk Mr. Bldg. Diesel and Gas Generators. Mohammad Imran Aftab Exporter:Food items Manuf:Food items M/s. Mirza Adam Khan Road.14-C 21st .net. Sector C. Terry Fitted.Mail homtex@cyber. Jersey Sheet Sets.net. 3231224 Fax: 92-21-3231090 E. 23-West Wharf Road.C. Street No.HONEST FOOD PRODUCTS 1.HOMEPACK FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL Ground Floor..Mail honestyfur@yahoo. Abubaker Hashim M/s.HOMTEX INTERNATIONAL 40-F.Commercial St.4.Karaci Tel: 4973406 Fax: 92-21-4969204 E. Muhammad Buksh and Sons Building.Mail info@hotnest.pk Mr. Muhamamd Hussain Khatri Importer:Chair and Parts Manuf:Wooden Furniture M/s. Block-6. Manzoor Colony. Tel: 4520015-19 Fax: 92-21-4532055 E.com. Tipu Sultan Road.Karaci Tel: 5382031 Fax: 5885616 E.net.3.Karaci Tel: 4556830 Fax: 92-21-4550954 E.HONESTY FURNISHERS Plot No.H. D.HONDA ATLAS POWER PRODUCT (PVT) LIMITED 24-A-17. Manuf:ines. Towels etc/ M/s.

HONG KONG METAL & PLASTIC PRODUCTS SD/18.com Mr. Nazim Allauddin Importer:Medicines M/s. 2415180 Fax: 92-21-2421987 E. Clifton.pk Mr. Tel: 5378725 Fax: 92-21-5378726 E. 5881626 Fax: 92-21-5388249 E. Matel Button Buckle. Shah M/s.Mail nadeemkamil@cyber.HOORA PHARMA G-143.com Mr. Eyelate and Others M/s.Mail horizoninternational_pak@yahoo.Tel: 2540187 Mr. 2nd Floor. Phase-II. Block 3.com Mr.Mail salim_horizon@hotmail. M.HORIZON INTERNATIONAL D-34/1. Tel: 4542460.HORIZON PHARMACEUTICALS # 165-G. Abdul Rasheed Chohan Importer:Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics M/s.Karaci Tel: 2419122.com Syed Naseer H. Jamil Ahmed Shamsi. Hakimsons Building.HORIZON INTERNTIONAL T-19. North Nazimabad.A.Chundrigar RdKaraci Tel: 2414473 Fax: 2401672 E. M/s. Plot No. 4524570 Fax: 92-21-4381355 E. Ashfaq Ahmed..C.H. P. Block-2.1. West Wharf Road. Jinnah Road. Ground Floor .Mail info@hoorapharma.I. Defence View.Karaci Tel: 6628738 Fax: 92-21-6628737 Mr.Mail horizonpharmaceutical@yahoo. Motandas Building.HOOSEN COTTON INDUSTRIES & OIL MILLS G-34. Cotton Exchange Bldg.Mail hoosencotton@hotmail. I.HORIZON TRADERS . Importer:Garments Accessories. Shaheed-e-Millat Expressway.com Mr. Gulbahar No. 4th Floor.E.HONG KONG PVC PIPE & FITTING INDUSTRIES.Karaci Tel: 5388251.K-65. Golimar.Karaci Tel: 6688354 Mr. Salim Ismail Patel M/s.HORIZON INTERNATIONAL E-54.Karaci Tel: 32204445 Fax: 32204446 E. Abdul Sattar M/s.S. Muhammad Owais M/s. Block 'B'.net. Nadeem Kamil M/s.

Salahuddin Yasin Importer:Electronic and Copy Machines . SITE. Pervaiz Ahmed. Muhammed Iqbal M/s.pk Mr. Off: Shahrah-eLiaquat. Phase-2 Ext.HOSANNA TEXTILES D-8.HOSPITAL SERVICES & SALES 45. Nobel Heights.326-327. Hasrat Mohani Road. South Avenue. University Road. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. Tel: 34541755-34538440 Fax: 34551514 Mr.com Mr. Importer:Pharmaceutical/Medical Hospital Equipments M/s. Off: I.Mail hotecassociates09@gmail. Block-6. M/s. South Park Avenue. DHA. Sharae Faisal. Saddar.HOUSE OF BUSINESS MACHINE(PVT)LTD 12-B. Darul Aman Society.HOTEC ASSOCIATES 20-C. Younus Billoo. Mezzanine Floor. Saleem Ahmed.Karaci Tel: 4921913 Fax: 92-21-4855225 E.HOTEL PAK INTERNATIONAL Street A.Karaci Tel: 35683184.com Mr.HOTEL SKY TOWERS (PVT) LTD 25-26.Karaci Tel: 5685252.net.I. Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan Road. Saddar. Saddar. Manuf:Gold Jewellery M/s. Tel: 4545570-71 Fax: 92-21-4547493 E.Mail hosanna_textiles@cyber. New Jewellers Centre.Karaci Tel: 2620838 Fax: 92-21-2628177 Mr. M/s. Mehtabuddin Feroz. PECHS.pk Mr.Mail hsc@has. Near Passport Office.HOSPITAL SUPPLY CORPORATION 42.21.Karaci Tel: 5390112-3 Fax: 5390114 E.com. Sunny Plaza.Mail pakbarbq@yahoo. 5675965 Fax: 92-21-5661102 Mr.M. Arsalan Khan M/s.com Mr. 5680820 E.Karaci Tel: 5675211-18 Fax: 92-21-5212331 Mr. Pervaiz Hayat Noon M/s. Opp: Askari Park. SB. Sunset Lane No-1. Masood Ahmed M/s.Mail hospicares@hotmail. Tel: 2584503 Fax: 2582042 E.HOSPICARE SYSTEM 4 & 5 Mezzanine Floor. Chundrigar Road.

Lokhandwala Importer:Hardware Tools M/s. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Progressive Plaza.Karaci Tel: 4520172-74 Fax: 92-21-4550591 E. M/s.Karaci Tel: 4914191 Fax: 92-21-4927873 Syed Salahuddin. Mezzanine Floor.com Syed Ali Akhtar M/s.M/s. Block 7 & 8. Tel: 4383567-68 Fax: 92-21-4315606 E.S.HTG PETRO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.C. Importer:Leather Goods M/s. Services:Trunked Radio Services M/s.E..HR MOBILES (PVT) LTD.Karaci Tel: 5676303 Fax: 5670042 Mr. Fortune Centre. Sharea Faisal.HSS BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL M-65. Sajid Hameed M/s.net. M. Tel: 36690295. Insurance House No.H.C. A-35.H. Hameed Rao.com Mr. Shabbir H. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Imtiaz H. Jillani Centre. Beaumont Road.HRSG OUTSOURCING (PVT) LIMITED 405.U.Karaci Tel: 32477058 E. Tel: 4531525-32 Fax: 4546024.HSA ENGINEERING (PVT) LIMITED 609. Fortune Centre. 6th Floor. Orangi Town. Civil Lines. Mezzanine Floor. Hyderabad Colony. M. P.Tower. Jinnah Road.W.864. Sector 12/L.A.HUB LEATHER (PVT) LIMITED Cavish Court.45352 . Tel: 4315603-05 Fax: 92-21-4315606 E.Mail kss-bus-inter@yahoo..com Mr. Opp: Central Jail. Kashmir Road.com Syed Ali Athar M/s. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 2575205-7 Fax: 92-21-2579339 E.HRS GLOBAL 407. Shehbaz Ali Exporter:Marble & Onyx and Tiles M/s. 0303-285069 E. Society Appartments.1. Haji.HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS PAKISTAN (PVT) LIMITED Habib Square.Mail shahbazmarble@yahoo.HOUSE OF MARBLE House No. # 1.Mail styroking@cyber.Mail athar@hrsglobal. M.Mail athar@hrsglobal.com Mr. K. Block-2.S. 11.Mail karachi@hrmobiles.pk Mr.

M/s. Tel: 2771036-37 Fax: 92-21-2774798 E.com Haji Abdul Aziz Pasta. Defence Housing Authority.net. Mashriq Centre.Karaci Tel: 5891492-40 E.Karaci Tel: 2700977. Lubricating Antirust and Anti-Corrosion Preparation. Saddar. 2nd Floor. Saddar. 202.32204568 Fax: 92-21-3231525 E. Manuf:Leather Garments & Accessories. Phase-II. Exporter:Seamless Tubular Products Importer:Special Steel round Bars and Rodof Non Alloy Steel.com Mr.HUMA MOTORS 04. Kashif Centre.net.Kharadar. Farrukh Hussain Sheikh. Services:Builders and Developer .HUJJAJ-E-MADINA 202. 2700978 Fax: 92-21-2700978 E. 2732976 Fax: 92-21-2762026 E. Frere Road. Shahrah-e-Faisal. Roac Trade Centre Bagh-e-Zehra Street.HUJJAJ TRAVEL & TOURS (PVT) LTD. Sohail Arif Exporter:Leather Textile And Gen.Mail hujjaj-e-madina@hotmail.HUFFAZ SEAMLESS PIPE INDUSTRIES LTD. Kath M/s.2nd Floor. 2nd Floor. Gulshan-e-Iqbal.HUJAJ UL HARMAIN G-8.com Haji Mushtaq Ahmed Junejo. Preedy Street. Centre.com Mr.Mr. Ground Floor. Opp: jilani Centre.Mail huffaz@cyber.Karaci Tel: 323152412. Manuf:Seamless Tubular Products Machinery and Machinery Component and Special Precision Shafting M/s. Frere Business. Mohammad Zafar Maniar.Mail hudaibia@cyber. 207-210.Mail hmkparts@yahoo.HUMAIR ASSOCIATES 10th Floor. Adam M.Karaci Tel: 2767034.Karaci Tel: 34146241-3 Fax: 92-21-3414624 E. M/s.HUDAIBIA TRDING 5-C. Tel: 5652431 Fax: 92-21-5683163 Mr. Odean Regal Chiwk. Block 14. Importer:Leather Textile and Gen.Mail hujjajulharmain@yahoo.05. Prince Centre. M/s. Exporter:Leather Garments. M/s.Mail hujjaj_786khi@hotmail.pk Mr. M/s.pk Hafiz Abdul Majid. Rauf Jamal. 13th Commercial Street.

Jodia Bazar. Tel: 2729019 Fax: 92-21-2733361 Ch. Off: M.52. 2425175 Fax: 92-21-2412394 Mr.M/s. Zakaria Lane.Phase IV.HUMBAL BROTHERS 5. Zakaria Haji Karim. Al-Feroze Building.3-4.HUMAIR INDUSTRY Plot No. Nishter Road.com Mr. Virjee Street.Karaci Tel: 5652431 Fax: 92-21-5683163 Mr. Risala Police Station. Shahrah-e-Faisal.Mail hassan_scorpion47@hotmail. Zia Centre. Humayun Feroze.Karaci Tel: 5873442-5873665 Fax: 5873911 E. Shop No. M. Jinnah Road. Ranchore Lane. Kashif Centre. Aslam Road. DHA. 10th Floor. Services:Builders and Developers M/s.A. Iqtidar Ahmad Khalili Manuf:Ready made Garments .Mail info@hrs-int. Main Gizri Blvd.HUMAYUN TRADING Shop No. Garments M/s. 59. Tel: 6311398 Mr. Humair M/s.HUMAN RESOURCE SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL. Muhammad Ali.HUME'S FASHION 999/8.Karaci Tel: 2444164 Fax: 92-21-5082169 Mr. Suite No.Karaci Tel: 32210951 Fax: 2778184 E. Jinnah Road. Shah Faisal Colony. Mohammad Zafar Maniar. Rimpa Plaza.com Shaikh Mohammad Humayun Importer:Cloths.18. Federal 'B' Area. 2nd Floor.Karaci Tel: 2437228 Fax: 2413408 E. Importer:Marble Tiles M/s.Mail sekha75@yahoo. Eidgah Cloth Mkt Mohammad Bin Qasim Road.Karaci Mr. Azizabad. Industrial Area. Humayoon Saleem M/s.HUMAIR ASSOCIATES BUILDERS (PVT) LTD.HUMAYOON SALEEM & CO. M/s.HUMAYUN ENTERPRISES 1 & 2. Exporter:Import and General merchandise M/s.9. Block-3. Tel: 2424853.com Khawaja Murad Mashooqullah M/s. Hilltop Arcade.A.HUMAYOON TRADERS 619.

Off: I. Tel: 2431918. Hub River Road.net. Business Centre. Karimabad.HUNAIN ENTERPRISE 372.Mail mahtab. Irfan Shafiq. Chabba St.HUNZA EXPORTS (PVT) LIMITED 36/1.I. 2433039 Fax: 92-21-2418382 E. Fish Harbour.HUNZA FISHERIES Plot No.Karaci Tel: 2413016-17 Fax: 92-21-2417607 E. Humera Aslam Manuf:Plastic Moulding compound M/s. Muhammad Imran Qasim M/s. Federal B Area.HUSAIN WEAVING INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED. 5050084 Fax: 92-21-5050078 E. M/s. Exporter:SEa Food M/s. 113.HUMZA TRADERS Shop No. Masood M/s. Muhammad Karim. Mumtaz Hassan Road. Chundrigar Road. Jinnah Road. Korangi Industrial Area. S. Kazimabad. Tel: 2311773 Fax: 92-21-2311772 Mr. Block-3.T. Model Colony.Karaci Tel: 03002090495 Mr. Tel: 5050015. New Memon Masjid..Mail hms@cyber.Mail hunzaexp@cyber. Kamil Jan. M. Hoor Centre. West Wharf Road.pk .net. Tel: 2562878 Mrs.M/s. Tel: 0345-3105154 Syed Nazim Adeel Ali Importer:Old Cloths M/s. Adj Fish Harbaur. Sector-15.422.32. Block-A.net. North Napier Road.pk Mr.A.pk Mr. West Wharf. Poonawla Trade Tower. Mahtab Saeed Khan M/s.HUMERA TRADERS F-91.Mail eljefe@cyber. Opp: City Court. M/s.HUSAIN MILL STORES 14.E. Importer:Suzer Machine Parts M/s.com Mr. 6. Tel: 4511633 Fax: 4514849 E.khan@humasaa. Abdul Gaffar. KPT Boat Building Yard.HUNZA SEAFOODS C-3.Karaci Tel: 32734262-66 Mr. Tel: 6375460 Mr.HUNZA ENTERPRISES Office No.I.HUMSAA ENTERPRISE C-2.

Muhammad Tahir Hussain Exporter:Food stuffs . Haroonabad.HUSSAIN & BROS TRADING CO. Aziz L. Saddar. Bed Linen and Fabrics M/s.HUSAINI IRON MART Jemes Terrace Road. Nanakwara. Importer:Iron and Steel M/s.Karaci Tel: 5018536-8 Fax: 92-21-5018545 E. Habib Ali.HUSSAIN ENTERPRISES 303-304 Queens Centre.HUSSAIN ENTERPRISES A-57/1. Iqbal Hussain M/s.Mr. Plot# LR-6.HUSEINI SULEMANJI & CO. A-38.Karaci Tel: 32578556 Fax: 92-21-32582755 Mr. Mohammad Mahmood Husain M/s.Mail husein@digicom.HUSEIN INDUSTRIES LTD. Kaka Street. HT-8. Off: Nishtar Road. Asghar Ahmed M/s.T.Mail hussainiqbal@hotmail.com Mr. Landhi. Mansfiled Street.net.Mail hsc@super. Tel: 5680336.net.net. Tel: 2731924 Fax: 92-21-2728469 E. Khan Road. Hussain Bukhsh Exporter:Crushed Bone Manuf:Crushed Bone M/s. Jamal. Jabbar Plaza. M. Tel: 34494418-7 E. Tel: 2734190 Fax: 92-21-2725524 Mr. Shershah. Tel: 4574609 Mr. Shoaib Shafqat. M/s. Bagh Anwar-e-Ibrahim.HUSSAIN BUKHSH BONE MILLS D-275 & D-236.pk Mrs. 5671619 Fax: 92-21-5680257 E.Mail asghar_ahmed@yahoo. Shah Faisal Colony.pk Mr.Karaci Tel: 2783967 Fax: 92-21-2783567 E.pk Mr. Exporter:Made Ups. Bed Linen and Fabrics Manuf:Made Ups.Mail habibcorp@cyber. Importer:Iron & Steel M/s. 15-16. Landhi Industrial & Trading Estate. Malir Colony. SITE. Plot No.HUSNAIN AKBER INTERNATIONAL CO. 3rd Floor. Yasmin Mohammad Bashir.com Mr.

com Mr.HUSSAIN LEATHER CRAFT Plot No. Model Colony. P.HUSSAIN SONS JEWELLERS Shop No. Jinnah Road. Khyber Colony. Sector 4-F.pk Mr. 6669131 Fax: 92-21-6666418 E.A.03218211757 Fax: 92-21-32417436 E. Block-6. Sector-7-A.HUSSAIN SONS 49-H.Mail h_h_jivani@yahoo. Bijli Nagar.Mail newerajeweller@yahoo. Mohammad Afzal Hussain Importer:Tyre M/s. Suite # 133. Zaibun Nisa Street.com Mr.com Shaikh Basit Mahmud Exporter:Garments Importer:Auto Parts M/s. SB-6.Mail hakemali@cyber.HUSSAIN TEXTILES Plot # 46/3. Saima Trade Tower-B. Importer:M. Chundrigar Road.HUSSAIN FINE FABRICS Plot # 430 & 431. Mr.15. Orangi Township.21. Korangi Industrial Area. Tel: 5066396-5077714 Fax: 5054607 Mr.HUSSAIN H. Behind Motandas Market. Tel: 2721587 Fax: 92-21-2729451 E. Tel: 352146720 E.M/s. 2217329 Fax: 92-21-2210213 E.Karaci Tel: 6669130. Victoria Centre.H. Ibrahim M/s. Tel: 2217328.I.E.com Mr. Saddar.Karaci Tel: 32414898. Hakemally Hussain. Khairi Market.Mail baassit@gmail.HUSSAIN SPORTS Shop No.S. Exporter:Terry Towel and Made Ups Manuf:Terry Towel and Made Ups M/s. Muhammad Hussain M/s.HUSSAIN MILLS LIMITED Room 808. Abdullah Haroon Road. 1st Floor. Mohammad Ismail Exporter:Cotton Yarn & Grey Cloth Importer:Textile Machinery Manuf:Cotton Yarn & Grey Cloth M/s.Mail iqbal@fazalgraphs.. Saddar. 4. Near Metroville.net.Karaci Tel: 0301-2201669 Mr. North Karachi. Sector 12-D. Tel: 6962765 . Hussain Ali Jiwani. Sehar Arcade.S. Hussain Ali M/s. M.HUSSAIN SONS & CO.2. I.C. JIVANI Shop No. Joist M/s.

03009278716 Fax: 92-21-32200870 E. SB-12. Importer:Hardware Tools and House Hold Products M/s. M/s.HUSSAINI & CO. Containeer Depot. Saifuddin Iqbal.Mail hussainyc@cyber. G.Karaci Tel: 32852501-8 Fax: 92-21-3285117 E. New Challi.com Mr. Importer:Miscellaneous Goods M/s. Rehman Manuf:Textile Madeups M/s.HUSSAINI ENTERPRISES Suite No. A-316.Mail mail@hussainis. Arzo Mansion.HUSSAINI INNOVATIONS 6/12.HUSSAIN TRADERS Shop No. Clifton. Gulshan Bano Exporter:Gypsum Powder.A-3.HUSSAINI ENTERPRISE C-23.pk Mr. Shahrah-e-Liaquat.4. Ali Bhai Centre.Karaci Tel: 4824428-4824516 Fax: 4961935 M/s. Container Leasing. Tel: 021-4301235 Fax: 021-4556489 E. Blue Moon 160. Tel: 32201131 Fax: 32310253 E. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman. Kemari. 1st Floor.Mail info@hussaintowels.HUSSAINI JEWELLERS Shop No. Piyar Ali.G-125.Mail hussaintrade1@yahoocom Mr.com Mrs.Mail piyarali_hussaini@hotmail.com Mr. Tel: 111-506-506 Fax: 92-21-2414295 E. Sapari Wala Street. Jodia Bazar. Block-8. Muhammad Hussain M/s. Allana Road.HUSSAIN TRADING AGENCIES (PVT) LIMITED 36-37-38. Services:Shipping Agencies. Kharadhar.HUSSAIN TOWELS 13-14. Better Appartment. Marine Palace. Muhammad Hussain.Karaci Tel: 34386012-3 . Shahrah-e-Quaideen. Garden East.Mail imranza@yahoo. Plot