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Seeking a position in the film industry specializing in motion media design and
visual effects.
B.F.A.: Motion Media Design, Minor: Visual Effects
Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia, GPA: 3.3 - Courses in dra
wing, typography, motion media, visual effects, and sound design.
Graduated May 2010
Motion Media Design Techniques, Time-Based Typography, Multiplatform Media Brand
Became fluent with the Adobe Creative Suite.
Realize concepts through advanced motion techniques.
Studied the purpose and creation of network identities.
Visual Effects-based Cinematography, Digital 3-D Visual Effects, Photorealistic
Rendering, Procedural Modeling and Animation:
Explored the foundations and concepts of film and video relating to visual effec
Introduced to workstation text editing and LINUX/UNIX shell scripting.
Learned lighting and rendering techniques to create the illusion of a real world
using 3-D graphics.
Create scenes of limitless complexity by defining them with relationships rather
than singularities.
Color Theory, 2-D Design, Drawing II, Life Drawing:
Learned the elements and principles of design and developed an understanding of
the various organizational possibilities available for a flat surface.
Acquired a practical awareness of color properties and relationships as well as
the ability to utilize color in a variety of mediums.
Developed an understanding of how to judge proportion and render drawings that s
how depth, form, and space.
PC and Mac - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe After Effects - Autodesk Maya - Maxon Cinem
a 4D - Adobe Illustrator - Side Effects Houdini - The Foundry Nuke - ZBrush - Ad
obe InDesign - Final Cut Pro - Boujou
Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America, 1997 to 2006
Crew Team (Rowing), SCAD, 2007 to 2008
Firehouse Subs, Savannah, GA, 2008 to 2010