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Published by: EvangelineCoffin on May 28, 2011
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I thought about spelling out how I feel today But then again nothing came to mind I wanted to feel

so happy and so proud But with your simple words You only brought me down I thought about what you had And what I did not have And I thought of all the hurtful things Swirling around in my head It didn’t matter who had said them Or how influential they were Their words stained my mind And haven’t left since Just ‘cos I tell you that I’m fine Doesn’t mean I am But you’ll do anything To avoid my real feelings on the inside You’ll say anything To make me pretend I’m happy on the outside And how can I? When all I hear are painful maiming things They…they just kill me slowly on the inside Tiny daggers are your words, Piercing through my heart I loved you but you made this oh so hard

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