Sliver of a silver crescent moon Shining in the dark blue night The ice crystals refracting in the sky

Shaped like a ring The stars glimmer so faintly So faraway Like dying embers Blazing nebulas So faraway I’d never reach them in a lifetime The birthing and dying of stars Nebulas Swirling gas clouds Rainbow-colored shrouds Where stars go to die Some stars will collapse Upon themselves And destroy all the earth Some starts will expand Out of themselves And destroy all the earth Either way The growing pains of the universe Mean the ends of the earth How can I not feel so small Compared to it all? How can I not feel so worthless To the universe? If there is a God What stops our lives from being meaningless? The universe is so large And I’m so small What about the people on the other planets? Is He their God at all? Hell if I know Hell if I don’t My life is just so spent… I don’t even know where it all went…

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