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Second Coming

THE prophetic SIGN

Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire
POSTS OF DANIEL SEVEN Feet of Iron and Clay Little Horn

Rome - Iron
Rome - Beast

Greece - Leopard
Greece - Brass

Medo-Persia - Silver
Medo-Persia - Bear

Babylon - Gold
Babylon - Lion

Babylon 605 BC
Medo Persia 539 BC
Greece 331 BC
Rome 168 BC
Holy Roman Empire AD 538
Second Coming Soon
Head of Gold = Lion
Chest of Silver = Bear These great beasts, which
Thighs of Brass = Leopard
Legs of Iron = Beast are four, are four kings,
Feet of Iron and Clay = 10 Horns
and Little Horn which shall arise out of the
earth. Daniel 7:17 KJV