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For the last unit of year 2, we have been assigned with a project to produce a 10 second "sting" for the TV channel: E4. This animated sequence is intended to be used between commercial breaks, and will communicate the brand identity of E4 in an interesting and fun manner. The 10 second sequence will be using 1 of 22 sound clips provided by E4, each containing music with additional sound effects. The intention is to synchronize the sound with imagery.
It is important to note that to effectively complete this project,

the finished product must match the taste of E4's target demographic.

My initial idea for this project was to create a 10 second clip illustrating how E4, as a product, changes your life in a drastically positive way. It would be done in a tongue-in-cheek manner, mocking marketing techniques that forcefully associate emotions to products or brands. The intention is to create a sudden transition from a gloomy sad environment to an abnoxiously bright and happy one, hopefully resulting a short comical sting. By adding ideas of rebellion (mocking advertising techniques), the idea could also fit into the E4 target demographic, which aims at young people between the ages of 16 and 34. Within the 10 second clip a gloomy character will be fishing from a the edge of a cliff. The fishing line will hook onto a TV displaying the E4 logo. As the TV leaves the vicinity of the lake, the environment morphs into the excessively bright and positive environment. The happy place will contain happy things such as: Unicorns, rainbows and kittens. These are universally accepted as happy things. Unicorns are always happy. Due to lack of time and resources I felt I would not be able to visualize this idea effectively. Therefore, I opted for a simpler version where the same character fishes the logo out of a TV. The TV would be a VHS combi TV displaying a video of a lake. Although this idea does not carry the rebellious connotations, the visual appeal and abstract concept could create an interesting clip. My other ideas involved more unicorns. Baking.








Skeleton fishing guy


As I wanted a handcrafted aesthetic with the character, I opted to use zBrush to create the skull with more details. The simple base mesh was created in Autodesk Maya 2011, exported as an .OBJ file, and then loaded into zBrush. In zBrush smaller details were added. Staying true to the original design, I moulded the skull using slightly rounded blocky shapes.

The zBrush mesh was transferred to Autodesk Mudbox for texturing. The ability to paint directly onto the model proved to be more effective and less time consuming than traditional methods.

Additional clothing and props were created with the use of Maya. This provided me with greater control over non-organic objects