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bussiness works -- services

TIBCO admin.
Messaging system.
enterprise messaging system (updated version of java messaging system)/jms.
messages are sent via queue (queue name is unique , messages are sent to the app
rop. person confiqured under the queue name)
queues are created in TIBCO admin , sometimes they are already created by the ag
ent and we just send the messages to them.

monitoring tool --> hawk

used in admin not in design

horace mann insurance

jad --->joint application design sessions
eai --> enterprise application integration
soap -->Simple Object Access Protocol
http protocols
esb ---> enterprise series bus
accord schema (schemas followed accord standard)
sap --> system application products

2004 graduate
(5 years tibco )
Projects handled
single transmission.
annuity contract integration.
auto property modernization.(stratergic project)

jay --> technical architect

thani (6 months back left)
pranith (project not winding soon may be a month.)

project cycle.
production support.