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erie took occasion to expres hit afectionate old memoris Ina charntcriicite pec "Gentlemen, L have the hoor of presenting 19 you % very able teacher from. Vienne Mt Bore He hs In our sn rated pupil. You ‘may shorty be thinking that hi pupil tno great edit to iim, but They you to wekome him asi you thought other ‘for dis In any Cae what be hime deserves” “The publ of Lyon wa rdw se hat of Marie Re anything but the saree pices Te sesponded nota all othe Pili March, bat tse to the March of the Fentatgue "The dpothdose ofthe Funeral Symphony —to us the lest in Ccrexing of movements when detached was found subline ‘isto comers fc the nea dene nie oe fd bad serenaded their tener, cried gresterplenore acd ‘ven sted the local gentry to coerain cel flow cous By Joly 25, Berle had jost one week to turn around in ‘back to Pari wo write a few clumnns overdue by reason of is absence, to thank by letter all his fiends host, and helpers in {he provinces then of again forthe great musical event he had been dreaming of the inauguration of Beethoven's save at FAUST AND PHILOSOPHY This word “damnation” teri ‘Faun, shout himself i oc ra oe i feona es Dee oe er ere res te eer Se pe ns ink scree oe Sr icceera me op seep ath he Se etn an te “peace Ae aed i me Oe orem aa me eee Sra craeag ow or ie S ag a ee oe aang a ening, ih he Tair cur he rset 8 8 ENE mae yo eatioz ano mis cxwtuay ‘Becthoven's eminence was far from an established fact Italy ‘sent no representatives, neither did the Pars Conservatoire. In fac, all the French musicians present were there nota “The Conservatoire had refaued fo give a concert for the bene ofthe collection when Lin petiioned for ie And there were ‘ther notable absentes: Wagner, Glink, Mendelson, Schu ‘mann, Marichner to say nothing of the crowd of French and Taian opera mater. ‘The local Committe, itis oly far to say, had ised ts invitations somewhat casually and had made no provision ‘whatever for the reception of any but tied guess. To get 10 Tear the Mass in © im the cathedral and avoid being croshed to death by the Bonn cizenry, Berio had to slip i throught the art entrance: and later, forthe unveling of the sate, ith another, the invites wore, the Commitice had neglected t cll on the best 2vaik ‘ble peformen, and the orchesra purposing to honor Beto ‘en with his own manic was neelemly inadequate, “To do the Fight thing would have Ben mot only posible but ery exy ‘Adis Rerlie, “But it would have meant overcoming marrow ‘adonalisic ideas. which in circumstances of tht Rind can and vy there could. be say illwil against Lie = ‘om the eed must gp for inating ae carping out a has been mace at Bonn * ‘Foust ond Philosophy 298 to am overtre and songs by Beethoven the Weber piano com. (Gao, This was played by Madame Pleyel, Berio# onetime Sincie whom he praised in his eview. Them came VinoO1? Piscs_soaty variations on operatic airt—fmally small ta ate war given at Brubl by he King of Praia, 0 which Berior was invited. There he beard Jenny Lid for tl ; Stetallic mbre, gfe Powe. Soe ee aoe reed Seacrest eaeetees ere tous basaware of ll this homage, and #10 ey mnive town in the dave of ess saacaatelalars found shine tn Pcs ater hia pie ah, etn ed so te tin on tht exe plane Dut is owe aye wEncior Axo mis cxntuRY Poe pect te ee gs ee ees eer aly sects eee ce oer meee hee SESS “2 eee es Sacer et a aes Speeueeeae see he Spee Sets ae eee Se ean ra cele Se Sees eee “ae aes ee ag oe ow Se Sew aces Seay Sa aor al be Soe ‘Foust ond Philosophy 88 ertiou” tn his reply, the composer immediatly awociated ioe (ie Feehan then in Venn cuming Face Davi) av sharers im this token of fret "erie had to exend hin aay. Xn the couse of Be wie the famous hall where Jobann Seaus and his eoice and Frdaced the wats wich hod aed x new gay (Via Eruical renown. Grea imprened by the quality ol Soe erin dd not beste to all ercpemend his rch 38 SS a ea eens me wed ee apa eyo sme om see ee bee craton cra oe ac gs ane th en ime a SREP SERS use opment of ees mons ba Ty sco comes Rin had opt 1 ie soo ia i mm been eagerly taken up. “And all this” as Berioe ‘wrote 1 See Pon Ee dae or tee eros Pam Ee eae in he Cngy ad te Mich fees Tcl ae bas mi A tC neh iS yw ge (a, Sr nd eee Tm wet ac anc et 4 atone om cern tomers On the gh Lael ere 8 oe eT inc wae, docbied in smb, fs ROT Sa SRS mace: or Tar Lamence Thve Sezai we 5 fine wrong a si! P So rong tee cer emer rine {hs fellow a's moe ite aR ce "What is the exact amount of