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Move List:

(P): Punch
(K): Kick
UDBF: Up, down, backward, forward respectively.
Dir: Any direction.
*; **: Can be done while jumping; While jumping ONLY.
^; ^^: Can be done while flying; While flying ONLY.
BB/FF Dash
D, UB/UF Long Jump
U, U* Bukuu Jyutsu
-Regardless of where you are: D/B to move away f
rom opponent, U/F to move closer.
-(KK) to cancel.
a+x Throw
b+y Dodge
c+z^ Ki Charge
x+z/a+c^ Ki Shouheki

x Weak Punch
y Medium Punch
z Strong Punch
a Weak Kick
b Medium Kick
c Strong Kick
F, y Sakotsu Wari
F, (P) Moushin Rariatto (While dashing.)
F, (K) Satsubatsu Geri (While dashing.)

-All specials have an EX variation, which is executed when the move is performed
with any 2 P/K buttons.
-Exception to this: Zugai Hasatsu, Jigoku Wari.
-EX moves cannot be done while flying.
D, DF, F, (P)^ Kikou Ha [Can be done up to 3 times; Press (P) t
o repeat.]
D, U, (P) Bakuenha [Can be done up to 2 times; Press (P) t
o repeat.]
F, D, DF, (P)^ Tosshin Toubu Dageki
F, DF, D, DB, B, (P)^ Geki Kaze
30B, F, (P)^ Tobi Rariatto
360 degree, (P)^ Zugai Hasatsu
-Hold (P) to add more damage. Some power is used
D, DF, F, (K)^ Mawari Ken [Can be done up to 3 times; Perform c
ommand to repeat.]
30D, U, (K) Attouteki Gekiha
F, D, DF, (K) Naraku Otoshi
30B, F, (K)^ Satsubatsu Yakushin
F, DF, D, DB, B, (K)^ Jigoku Wari

-There are 2 levels for hyper moves; Level 1 which use 1500 to 2500 power, and L
evel 2 which use 3500-5000 power.
-In order to pull off any Level 1 super, you must have a minimum of 1500, and Le
vel 2, 4000. Each level has 3
variations, each having it's own strength and speed.
D, DF, F, D, DF, F, (P)^Gekimetsu Dama [L1]
-Tap (P) for more hits.
-Can be perform at any time when life is under 2
D, DB, B, D, DF, F, (P)^Minami Ginga Gouka [L2]
D, DF, B, D, DF, F, (K) Magyo Satsuriku [L2]