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German R.

11 Serviss Ave.
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
(732)-937- 5173
Cell: (908)-227-3470
Objective: Position in laboratory work using current knowledge, experience, and
skills relevant to chemistry and biology.
Radiolabeling of antibodies for bio-distribution studies.
Sample preparation for analytical radio-chemistry.
Familiar with Waters HPLC, reverse phase HPLC system, Packard beta and gamma
counters, and Packard radio-matic systems.
Supervisor of radio-pharmaceuticals production.
Experience in the recovery and purification of radio-isotopes, Te124, Zn65, Tl20
1, and Cd111, for Cyclotron.
Manager responsible for the use of radio-isotopes.
Directed radiation safety committees, and compliance with NRC and DEP licensees.
Researched in technical manuals and consulted with professionals in the field to
resolve technical problems.
Interacted with departmental directors and companies on the acquisition of equip
ment and supplies for related projects.
Working experience using size exclusion columns for the separation of antibodies
, and reverse phase systems for the separation of peptides.
Maintained records for uses, distribution and safety disposal of over 20 radio-i
Used Microsoft Excel, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word and Power Point to generate sp
readsheets, correspondence, and presentations.
Working experience with light microscope in the preparation of clinical and hist
ological slides.
Employment History
1991 2009 Immunomedics, Inc., 300 American Rd., Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Manager Radiation Safety, Radiation Safety Officer, and Radiation Safety Supervi
sor at a Bio-engineering Co.
1980 1991 Medi-Physics, (Now General Electric), South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Production supervisor, Production Chemist, and Production Technician at a Radio-
pharmaceuticals Co.
Education and Training
B. S. degree in Biology/Chemistry, Rutgers State University, New Brunswick, NJ 0
Occupational and Environmental Radiation Protection, Harvard School of Public He
Radiation Safety, Cook College, Rutgers University.
CGMP Regulation Training Program, GMP Institute.