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H6 Review Sheet Chapter 31.

Social Studies Department

Geneva Conference, Viet Cong, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, escalation, Ho
Chi Minh Trail, Tet Offensive, saturation bombing, napalm, My Lai
massacre, Pentagon Papers, New Left, teach-in, conscientious objector,
deferment, counterculture, Woodstock festival, Paris Peace Talks,
Vietnamization, Vietnam Veteran Memorial


1. Describe the background events leading up to war between North and

South Vietnam.
2. Describe the Vietnam policies of President Kennedy and Robert
3. Explain how President Johnson changed the course of the war.
4. Describe the conditions under which American soldiers fought in
5. Identify the effects of the war on Vietnamese civilians.
6. Summarize the impact of the massacre at My Lai.
7. Describe student activism in the 1960s.
8. Identify actions some people took to resist the Vietnam War.
9. Identify the social changes promoted by members of the
10. Describe the music world in the 1960s and how it both reflected
and countributed to cultural changes.
11. Explain how opponents of the Vietnam War helped force Johnson’s
departure, and describe how they reacted to Nixon’s policies.
12. Describe how the American troop withdrawal came about and
what it meant for South Vietnam.
13. Identify elements that make up the legacy of the Vietnam War.