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1. There are two ways you could go about this basecoat.

You could simply use Bol tgun Metal Spray Paint over Chaos Black Primer, or you can hand paint all the armor with Boltgun Metal. We chose the later metho d as it offers you a bit more control, but using spray paint is certainly a bit faster! Whichever method you choose, paint the po wer armor Boltgun Metal. Clean your water before proceeding! 2. Heavily water down some Blue Ink and apply this mix to recessed areas and edg es of the armor. Use common sense here and don't go overboard; you are only trying to achieve a hint of blue throughout the armor. Next, paint all the purity seals and right shoulder pad Scab Red. 3. Carefully paint Brazen Brass onto the embedded text of the power armor. Also use this color on the backpack, shoulder pad, and selective gun parts. This color goes over Chaos Black much better than an undercoating of Boltgun Met al. Use Boltgun Metal to clean up any stray Blue Ink from the previous step and tigh ten up the bluish metal effect. Clean your water before proceeding! 4. Paint the purity seal parchments Dark Flesh along with any ammo pouches. Carefully highlight the edges of the Brazen Brass areas with Shining Gold. Heavily water down Chestnut Ink and selectively ink the Brazen Brass areas. Be smart about where you ink. Think about where it will pool up for the best eff ect. Next, highlight the edges of the power armor with some Chainmail. Use a Codex Grey and Chaos Black mix to briefly highlight the edges of any Chaos Black areas like the backpack. Once again, change your water before proceeding. 5. Finish your Grey Knight by highlighting any Scab Red areas with a bit of Bloo d Red. Paint the purity seal parchments with Kommando Khaki. Once this dries, carefully draw thin scribblings onto the parchments to represent text. Finally, scrawl the brave Grey Knight's name onto the right shoulder pad. Your model is now ready to face the perils of the Warp!