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Factors that affect the rate which a country͛s population grows: Natural Disasters, Disease, Immigration
Rates, Availability of Contraception, Health Care, Religious and Cultural Beliefs and Government Policies

Factors that decrease a population͛s growth rate:

War decreases a population͛s growth rate due to the fact that people will die causing the death rate to
rise. There would be fewer births because only when the war is over a baby boom would occur causing
more births. There would be more deaths than births causing a decreasing population.

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A dependency load for a country is important because the number of people in a population needs to be
balanced so that people who are eligible to work can support the ones who aren͛t. The people who
aren͛t eligible to work are between the ages of 0-14 and 65 and over.

The baby boom of the 50͛s is when the first world was over and all the men came back to their home
countries. A significant amount of babies were born throughout this time because of the return of the
wife͛s husband and celebrations.