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Juan Tamad?

They always saying that the Filipinos is lazy. Do you really think that the Filipinos is lazy? I don¶t think so. I believe that the Filipinos is industrious.

In the street I¶ll always see people that is very hardworking. The vendors, the jeepney drivers and many people is working to have a better future for their family and their own country. In our province many farmer and other people were sying ³Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda ³,.It means that eventhough they were old they still working just for their family. They giving their best and sometimes their own life just to have a better and happy life together with their family. Let¶s talk about the Filipinos that is going abroad just to support their family. Many Filipinos is going abroad and suffering in order to gave their family the needs that they cant find here in our own country. Many Filipinos is still going abroad eventhough the other country is treating them in a very inhuman way. Because of corruption here in our country many Filipinos is loosing their hope to our country that¶s why they trying to leave our country and seek job abroad. Our country is very lucky in having a people that is very hardworking not just only for their own but also for their family and country. For me Filipinos is very industrious that¶s why Philippines is having a good reputation to other country. Now who can say that the Philippines is a country of lazy people??

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