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PassGuide 312-38

EC-Council 312-38

EC-Council Network Security Administrator



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ITU B.PassGuide 312-38 Question: 1 Fill in the blank with the appropriate term. honeypot Answer: A Question: 3 You have just set up a wireless network for customers at a coffee shop. IEEE D. B Question: 4 Which of the following is a non-profit organization that oversees the allocation of IP addresses. A. Using WPA encryption B. and root server system management? A. Which of the following are good security measures to implement? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Using WEP encryption C. Not broadcasting SSID D. A. protocol parameter assignment. Network reconnaissance Answer: A Question: 2 A __________is a term in computer terminology used for a trap that is set to detect. management of the DNS infrastructure. ICANN C. MAC filtering the router Answer: A. ANSI Answer: B Question: 5 Which of the following is a network maintenance protocol of the TCP/IP protocol suite that is responsible for the resolution of IP addresses to media access control (MAC) addresses of a Build Your Dreams . Choose two. A. or in some manner counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. deflect. ______________is typically carried out by a remote attacker attempting to gain information or access to a network on which it is not authorized or allowed.

Flow label Answer: C Question: 9 Which of the following IP class addresses are not allotted to hosts? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. It is also known by other names such as IP Telephony. Build Your Dreams . Dsniff D. Traffic class C. KisMAC Answer: B Question: 7 The __________is used for routing voice conversations over the Internet. Hop limit D. PIM Answer: A Question: 6 Which of the following tools is an open source network intrusion prevention and detection system that operates as a network sniffer and logs activities of the network that is matched with the predefined signatures? A. Broadband Telephony. Kismet B. etc.PassGuide 312-38 network interface card (NIC)? A. Snort C. ARP B. Next header B. A. RARP C. Choose all that apply. VoIP Answer: A Question: 8 Which of the following fields in the IPv6 header is decremented by 1 for each router that forwards the packet? A. DHCP D.

What will he do to accomplish this? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution.11 wireless LAN on the network.25 B. C. Class B Answer: A. Mark is deploying an 802. Choose three. B. However. Class E B. E Question: 11 Which of the following is a digital telephone/telecommunication network that carries voice. PPP D. Configure the authentication type for the wireless LAN to Shared Key. Broadcast SSID to connect to the access point (AP). a malicious hacker. and Web pages. Which of the following e-mail crimes is Peter Build Your Dreams . F. blogs. the unauthorized computers must not be allowed to connect to the wireless LAN and view the wireless network. Frame relay C. C. The domain contains one hundred Windows XP Professional client computers. add the SSID for the wireless LAN as the preferred network. Class D D. X. obtains e-mail addresses by harvesting them from postings. Mark wants to configure all the wireless access points and client computers to act in accordance with the company's security policy. Disable SSID Broadcast and enable MAC address filtering on all wireless access points. The company has a Windows 2000 Active Directory domain-based network. C Question: 10 Mark works as a Network Administrator for Infonet Inc. Install a firewall software on each wireless access point. He then sends large number of unsolicited commercial email (UCE) messages on these addresses. DNS listings. Configure the authentication type for the wireless LAN to Open system. E. the client computers must be able to automatically connect to the wireless LAN. Class A E.PassGuide 312-38 A. and video over an existing telephone network infrastructure? A. A. Answer: B. Class C C. According to the company's security policy. On each client computer. D. The wireless LAN will use Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) for all the connections. ISDN Answer: D Question: 12 Peter. data.

A.PassGuide 312-38 committing? A. Cross site scripting Answer: C Question: 14 John works as a professional Ethical Hacker. return 1. Kismet Build Your Dreams . Which of the following tools is John using to crack the wireless encryption keys? A. E-mail Storm B.h> int buffer(char *str) { char buffer1[10]. E-mail Spam D. SQL injection B. E-mail spoofing Answer: C Question: 13 John works as a C programmer. He has been assigned the project of testing the security of www.we-are-secure. } His program is vulnerable to a __________ attack. char *argv[]) { buffer (argv[1]).h> #include <stdio. str).h> #include <string. strcpy(buffer1. } int main(int Denial-of-Service C. return 1. The description of the tool is as follows: It is a Linux-based WLAN WEP cracking tool that recovers encryption keys. It uses Ciphertext Only Attack and captures approximately 5 to 10 million packets to decrypt the WEP keys. Buffer overflow D. printf("Executed\n"). E-mail bombing C. It operates by passively monitoring transmissions. He develops the following C program: #include <stdlib. He is using a tool to crack the wireless encryption keys.

AirSnort Answer: D Question: 15 Which of the following attacks are computer threats that try to exploit computer application vulnerabilities that are unknown to others or undisclosed to the software developer? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Zero-hour B. Spoofing Answer: A. Buffer overflow C. Cain D. PsPasswd C. A. Zero-day D. C Build Your Dreams .PassGuide 312-38 B. Choose all that apply.