1. Safety is always important. You should not use any HAND OR POWER TOOLS until you understand the tool safety. 2. Wear approved EYE PROTECTION when instructed by your instructor. 3. Tie back LONG HAIR and roll up long sleeves ABOVE THE ELBOW when working on power equipment. 4. Learn all you can about the SAFE OPERATION of each machine. Listen and watch closely as your instructor DEMONSTRATES how to use a machine. 5. Only the operator of the machine is allowed in the OPERATOR’S SAFETY ZONE. 6. REMOVE jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces before working on power equipment. 7. Never operate a power tool until your instructor has shown you how. Never use a power tool without YOUR INSTRUCTOR’S PERMISSION. 8. Stay clear of machines being operated by OTHERS. Never talk to, disturb, or distract anyone working with power machine. 9. At any time you are working in the shop and if anything unusual happens, turn off the machine IMMEDIATELY. 10. Never use your HAND when cleaning off machines or benches. Always use a brush. 11. Start your own machine and remain with it until you have the machine off and it has come to a STOP. Never walk away from a machine while in motion. 12. Never clean a machine while it is RUNNING. 13. Always keep your eyes on the CUTTING ACTION. Concentrate on what you are doing at all times and keep your hands a SAFE DISTANCE from cutters and blades 14. Make sure all SAFETY GUARDS are in place. 15. Always keep your hands a safe distance from CUTTERS, DRILL BITS, AND SAW BLADES. 16. If you are unsure of the operation of any procedures in Woodshop throughout this course, ask YOUR INSTRUCTOR. 17. Report all INJURIES, even slight, to Mr. Kuhn immediately. 18. Think, be alert, follow ALL instructions, and always be careful. If you do these things, accidents can be AVOIDED. 1. Never leave the CHUCK KEY in the chuck. Remove the chuck key immediately after installing or removing a drill bit.


2. Clamp the stock when you drill LARGE HOLES. The cutter could pull the stock from your hand. 3. If you are not sure you can hold the stock, CLAMP IT. 4. Keep your fingers away from the DRILL BIT. 5. If a drill bit starts smoking while drilling a hole, DECREASE PRESSURE and wait for the drill bit to be free from the wood shavings and then start drilling as before. 6. When in line at the Drill Press, you may only talk to the person in FRONT of you or BEHIND you.

1. Be certain the blade is properly installed. It should be in a vertical position with the teeth pointing DOWN. 2. Keep the hold-down adjusted so the work will not be RAISED OFF THE TABLE. 3. When the saw is running, do not permit your fingers to get DIRECTLY IN LINE with the blade. 4. When in line at the Jig Saw, you may only talk to the person in FRONT of you or BEHIND you.

1. Never cut FREEHAND on the Table Saw. 2. Always maintain control of the stock between the FENCE AND THE TABLE. 3. Never place your hands in LINE WITH THE CUT. 4. Always use a HELPER when you use the Table Saw. 5. Helpers should only support and hold stock. They should never PUSH OR PULL the stock through the blade. The operator should always BE IN CONTROL. 6. Never remove scrap cuttings from around the blade unless the machine has been turned off and has come to a COMPLETE STOP. 7. When in line at the Table Saw, you are not allowed to SPEAK. All your attention should be on the Table Saw.

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