To The Hon.

President United States of America

Dear Presidnet This is a part of a series of letter I am writing to call your attention to the endangerd state of Earth and Humanity. Ever since I first wrote to you we have seen some of the worst natural disasters. I am writing this in the wake disastrous hurricane and flood in US and other parts. I once again state that Earth is going fragile and climate is becoming violent due to our reckless intervention in to nature and its working. We are linearly doubling the heat of earth and interfering into Earths¶s functioning to sustain the temperature within some limit to help life. Unless we become aware of the simple realities of nature and its functioning and take guard of earth, nature and her forces are bound to destroy us ruthlessly. I am not the only one with this opinion Noble laureat James Lovelock has spoken it very clearly in his book ³Vanishing face of Gaia´. In my previous letters to you, I did share briefly the New Reality to which the world should awaken to survive the catastophes coming our way. It exists on my site. It is the product of over two decades of selfless research Please take steps to save the world and humanity Yours truly date- 29/05/2011