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1. A 12 meter A36 fixed-hinged WF column is subjected to an axial load of 120 KN and applied moments of
80KN-m (about its strong axis) and 40KN-m (about its weaker axis). A=14581 mm2, d=419.6mm ,
Sx=2202000 mm3 , Sy=439000 mm3 , min r=62.76 mm. Assume compact section. Investigate the section
if it is safe to carry the given loads.

2. An A36 W6x20 steel column is loaded with an eccentric load “P” along the plane of the web 750mm from
its centroid. The column is laterally supported about its weaker axis. Using Fb=152 MPa, L=4.5m and k=0.7
and with section properties: A=3790 mm2 , Ix=17232000 mm4 , Iy=5536000 mm4 , d=157 mm , Calculate
the maximum safe value of “P” that the column can carry.

3. A simple beam 4.5m in span carries a concentrated load of 300 kN at its midspan and is subjected to an
axial compressive force of 250 kN. Fy = 248 MPa.
Use k=1.0, Cm=1.0. Assume compact section with Lb<Lc.
Check the adequacy of the following wide-flange sections below:
a. W24x55
b. W21x62
c. W21x68

4. An A36 fixed-hinged WF column is subjected to an axial load of 500KN and an applied moments of 60KN-m
(about its strong axis) and 30KN-m (about its weaker axis). L=7m, Cm=0.85, A=14581 mm2 , d=419.6mm
, Sx=2202000 mm3 , Sy=439000 mm3 , rx=178.01 mm, ry=62.76 mm. Use Fa=0.6Fy and assume
compact section. Check the adequacy of the given section.

5. A cantilever steel beam 6m long carries a uniform load of 32KN/m and an axial tensile force of 320KN. The
properties of the steel section are as follows: A=14700 mm2 , Sx=1921x103 mm3 , bf=280mm , tf=16mm ,
d=390mm , tw=19mm. According to section 4.6.1 of the NSCP, for members subject to axial tension and

bending, Use
f a f b
1 .0 Calculate the value of the interaction equation if the allowable bending
Ft Fb
stress is 0.66Fy and Fy=248MPa.

6. An eccentric load of 260KN is placed at a certain distance of 180mm from the x-axis and at a distance “e”
from the y-axis. k=1.0. The length of column is 4.5m and the allowable bending stress of the member (both
in x&y direction) is 0.6Fy. Given the properties of the A36 wide-flange section: A=11400 mm2 , d=260mm ,
Sx=1100000 mm3 , Sy=378000 mm3 , min r=65.1 mm. Calculate the value of “e” in millimeters.

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