MARKETING The Marketing Division at concern Rgs has a workforce of 200 staff.

They are

concerned with effective delivery of Feed to the farms and also procurement of feed daily. Our feed Division consists of 100 staff who works round the clock for the procurement and marketing of feed. Our Feed Division also consists of 100 committed staff that ensures that every order is fulfilled and feed is dispatched on time every time. FEED DIVISION We have a strong network of over 800 dealers. We have 22 feed depots at suitable locations to fulfill the orders at shortest possible time. However, the feed for the Indian market is made according to the requirements of the layers and cattle in this region. Feed can be made to any specification required by the buyer and suitable Quotations can be obtained from our Feed Division following enquiries. The way we have grown in the Feed Industry is the land mark of our Quality. We at Rgs have all the infrastructure and network to make this possible. RGS Poultry Services and Marketing Centers, the parent member of the group operates 50 trucks ensuring timely delivery of feed. We market and Cattle Feed (Mash & pellets).The packaging of finished product for long distance is made in such a manner to tackle adverse weather conditions. Suitable packing material could be arranged according to the requirements of the customer. His reputation that our field force has built in the industry for over 15 years is substantial. Due to this we have grown over 5 times in 10 years. In the year 1987, we marketed 50,000 layer o the feed and. But in the year 1999 we have marketed 26000 of feed and 60 60,000We owe this to the Efficiency of our field force.

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